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Tb Rtctut Tiactdlci.
It is the remark of Bulwer, we think, that nt
certain periods, particular crimes "become e;. i-
Ueuiic, or iotiow eacu oiuer m suon muiu suca-
Biua, that oue would seem t j he suested or iu
duced by tho horrors of tht which preceded it
And thus tho question Las been stin ted by some,
poi.ey 01 fcii tne uetai.s.
This latter view, however, is not bated on a cor- j
ect consideration of the subject, for with many,
very fact that the commission of crime wis ht '
take places and yet the offeuder escape the puu
Lshment of exposure and the indignation of the
community, would form a powerful inducement
to plunge the dagger, to administer the poison,
or to wield the bludgeon. Tbe public, more
over, would never be satisfied by the suppres
sion of all the particulars, while a thousand
fnise stories would be circulated fron lip to lip,
and many scenes of violence be produced, which
are now avoided.
The tragedies that have so recently, taken
place would seem, in some degree, to give color
ing and plausibility to the theory of the great
novelist. The excitement produced by oue crime
has scarcely subsided, before the ears of the
community have been startled and pained by tne
details of another. In Philadelphia, as is well
known, we have had four appalling murders in ,
the course of a few months. That of tbe store-!
keeper Kink, that of the stevedore Sooban, and
those of the two sisters, Mrs. Shaw and Mrs.
Lynch. And these have just been followed up
by two awful tragedies in New York. In one
case, a wretched husband rained Thomas Neary, j
animated by the spirit of a fiend, seized a
let, and in the presence of his children, neat his
wife with such cruel feiocity that she died in
the course of a few minutes. The offender has
been arrested, and in this case, as iu that of
Arthur Spring, his own son is the principal and
fatal witness against him.
In the other case, a Frenchman named Mel
ville, called on Thursday morning, at half-past
9 o'clock, at the store of a gentleman named De
Corn, one of a firm of butter-packers, whose es
tablishment is in Greenwich street, and inquir
ed for Mr. D., who happened to be absent. He
vraa told of the fact on appearing at the s1 ore,
also that Melville had said that he would call
again. De Corn immediately went into the yard,
and as is supposed, to prepare his pistol. About
half-past ten o'clock, Melville called again, and
presented a paper of some kind to De Corn.
The latter looked at the paper, and then delib
erately drew a pistol; and as he was presenting
it, Melville exclaimed, Oh Mr. De Corn, what
are you going to do." He had but finished this
entence when he was shot through the breast
with a bullet, and died almost instantly. De
Corn immediately after committing the deed
made his escape, but was subsequently arrest
ed. The following is a more particular account
of the affair :
From the New York Courier, of April 1.
Another Mlkdeu Deliberate Affair. A
shocking and deliberate murder was committed
yesterday morning shortly after ten o'clock, in
the provision store of Messrs. Giraud & Co.,
Nos. 208 and 210 Greenwich street, the particu
lars of which are as follows: Mr. Eugene Mel
ville, a Frenchman, called at the above store
Ja the morning about 9 o'clock, and inquired for
Mr. Louis De Corn, one of the firm, and Mr. De
Cora being theu temporarily absent, he left,
eaying that he would return shortly. A few
minutes after ten o'clock he appeared at the
store, and Mr. De Corn wa3 then within. Mel
ville. UDon entering, handed Mr. D. a letter.
which the latter read and rerurneCTlo hlsvisitor,
saying "wait a little."
r A tZ3 r
De Corn then went immediately to the back
part of the store, and in a few minutes returned
from behind a screen with a loaded pistol, which
he presented at Mr. Melville. The latter, on
discovering the weapon, exclaimed, "Oh my
God, Mr. De Corn, what are you going to do,"
He had but finished this sentence, when De Corn
shot him through the breast with a bullet. Mel
ville fell upon tlie floor, and almost instantly ex
pired, lie did not speak alter the pistol was
tired. The assassin, immediately alter commit
ting the deed, tied I'roiu the premises. This ac
count of the occurrence was given by Louis
Steamer, a lad who was at the time iu the store,
and witnessed the tragedy. - The Fifth Ward
Police were at the scene of bloodshed a few mo
ments after the murder was perpetrated, and
took the above witness and another lad iu charge
and detained them for examin uion.
The body of Mr. Melville was conveyed to the
Filth Ward Station House, where a post mortem
examination was made by Dr. Finnell. The bal
let with which he was Shot was found near the
right shoulder-blade, it passed through the
region of the heart and other vital parts. It is
cot known to a certaiuty what prompted De
Corn to commit the deed. The latter is a French
man, and said to have been a physician. There
are sjine circumstances which would make the
fatal affair appear to have been the result ot
jealousy. Melville, it seems, was married about
six mouths ago to a young American lady oi
pood connections. She was in the habit of re-
. ceiviug a small income through her guardiaus,
and he received about fifty or sixty dollars from
bis friends iu France. They lived happily but
for a short period.
It is said that Melville was in the habit of dis
sippating, and tnis and other cause resulted in
a separation between him and his wife, it is
ulso stated that the deceased was jealous of his
wife, owing to an alleged improper intimacy
that existed between Mrs. Meljiile aud De Corn.
The latter heard that Melville intended to uttack
him iu consequence, about two weeks ago, and
armed himself with a pistol. The letter preseu-
. ted to De Corn at the fatal meeting yesterday
morning, was to the latter fioiu his mother, who
wrote that she had just sent his wife many
presents. The reason for his showing the letter
to De Corn is supposed to have been to inform
Jiiia of the good circumstances aud stand oi' his
relatives iu France, and the painful condition he
was placed in by being separated from his wife.
In the afternoon Mrs. Melville appeared at
the Station House in compain with some friends
and exhibited much grief. She became almost
frantic, and had td be secured in the parlor of
the Station House until those re atoning with
her had managed in some measure, to sooth her
affliction.- '
About four o'clock in the afternoon, Captaius
Carpenter aud Hutchings, after a long and tedi
. ous search for De Corn, found him secreted in
. Mrs. Melville's apartments in the Franklin
; Square Hotel, and took him into custody. Cor
, ner Hilton held an inquest on the body of tho
deceased in the afternoon, when the following
evidence was elicited. The prisoner was pres
eat during the investigation, and appeared very
, auch depressed. He seemed to regret the act
bitterly. j
Emma Eugenia Melville being sworn, said I
reside at Franklin Square Hotel ; I know the
prisoner Louis de Corn; I am the wi e of Eu
gene Melville; I sawim last on last Tuesday
week; it was at 50 Lispenard street; 1 was board
ing there at tbe time with him ; I left .that house
this day week. Mr. Melville was absent from
- the city at the time ; 1 think he was in Connec
ticut; he followed no business whatever; I saw
Mr; De Corn this morning about 'J o'clock; I
saw him again about half past 10 at the Frank
lin Square .Hotel ; he remained there for some
- time ;' he was in a great -state of agitation ; he
.' seemed very much troubled ; he told' me that
-he had shotmy husband, but did not know whe
ther he was dead or cot : he said he thought he
would cot have done it except it was to save his
own life ; Le said be was very surry, but did it
totave his own life; Lc did not request tobese-
crcteu;iie rtmaincu iu me rouin imcn it was
not locked; tut when I left to come here 1 lock-
tu le uccr, auu as in uij wick room; wuen
. - T I ..;.... 1 i
i cj.Te out 1 lueuoU
the uoi-r.
lociciiiir him in : I
Mine wuu .ic;une iiarscr; v.nen we left the
it xtrnj l...lf r..-t tlx-,. . . .1 .-. . .1r . M r
I ii .1.. i i
(ii'-'lVL lit ?ww hi j v' , .Ht , UKZ VjOI li
I '.Y.-iii iii u i-ius'.i iii-'jui.-i.iig Liy r-jom ui me nine ;
i t!.;uk- Mrs. Barker took cbiture of the Lev ol
n,v ,oom door ; 1 can solemnly swear that I heard
m'y hUSurind s:iv, if he could ever meet Mr. -De
n. -..- ..i, .. ... ;,i tin
mid' kill him; he pave no rea
son, but I think he whs jealous ; he said that he
never wished hie to speak to Litn : 1 beard .11 r.
De Corn any that he would always be -on his
guard for juy husband, but'.that he,-would never
injure him unless he would attack him hist ; he
did net say he would kill him, but would defend
himself ; Mr De Corn was a good friend to my
husband, and loaned him money; Mr. De Corn
was a witness to our marriage.
Verdiet according! y. The
prisoner was lm-
mediately sent to prison.
In the foregoing case both parties were
Frenchmen, But the duty of the philanthropist
aud legislatoi, is to inquire as to the causes,
i direct and ludiiect, ot these deplorable doings,
ftIU thus, if possible to discover a remedy
su0;ec ;s 0lie of too serious a character to be
disposed of in a moment. Intemperance, ava-
I vice, idleness and vindictive passions are evi-
; dentl v anion
the leadinc springs and motives of
crime, ine
storekeeper Kink was no doubt
murdered for rnonev. So also Mrs. Shaw and
Mrs. Lvnch. I he stevedore boohan was mur
devvd apparently in a spirit of mere wilful reck
mal-lussIiess or wouton wickedness. Mrs. Nearv,
of New York, was murdered by a drunken hus
band, while the French cause was doubtless the
result ol a private quarrel. The chapter is a
bloody one, aud it is well calculated to induce
"Scse Dexin Married!" What a commo
tion the announcement will cause among the nu
merous admirers of the talented young lady, ev
erywhere! And what a sudden arrangement it
was all, no doubt, to get rid of the care of an
anxious step-father. The Buffalo Republic gives
the following romantic version of the marriage :
"Miss Susan Deuin, the handsome and clever
young actress, yesterday became Mrs. F. Wood
ward, having been married rather unexpectedly
It appears that Mr. W ., who is a gentleman of
Syracuse, in excellent business and affluent cir
cumstances, lias for a year or more been in love
with Miss Deuin. He has followed her from
place to place, has written her letter after letter,
but has never been able to make her acquaint
ance, and his letters were never received, it now
seems, by the young lady. On Saturday, it is
reported, Miss Denin had some disagreement
with her step-father, and guardian. Yesterday
morning the friendly relations between them
had not been resumed, which young XV. tried to
turn to his advantage. His lather, at his re
quest, called on Miss D.'s guardian, she having
finished her lth year, and proposed the mar
riage of his son and Miss D.; offering, it is said,
to give the guardian a large sum ($5,000 is na
med, j tor any prospective loss ne migut susiaiu.
This was refused young W.tben gave a domes
tic $50 to carry a note to Miss D. during her
guardian's temporary absence. The colored
gentleman proved a faithful Ganymede, and de
livered the missive. Miss D. sent for the wri
ter; she had never seen him he arrived at her
room door, where she met him, "Do you want
to marry me are vou in earnest?" was his sal
utation. "I do, and will," was the reply. "Send
for a ptiest," responded the girl. The liev. Mr.
Sheldon answered the summons; Mr. Warren
and his lady, and some other friends were pres
ent, and the ceremony was performed. The
party, consisting of the happy couple, the bister
Miss Kate Dennin, and the governess of the
young lady, left on the cars last evening for the
east. We learn that the new couple will again
make this city a visit in about two weeks. There
are divers rumors as to the conduct of her guar
dian, which we do not deem necessary to pub
lish, if true, and we know nothing of their truth
or falsity.
.4 Vermont sheriff' recently undertook to
searcu a uwci.nig in .urauiuiu, viun: mc
of the house mounted him with a poker and an
axe. which being wrested from her, she pulled
the most of his hair out of his head, threw a
boiler of hot water upon him, and concluded the
programme of exercise by cutting a thre or four
inch gash in his head wiili a stove griddle, after
which she was secured, and a large amount of
Stolen property found in her possession a par
tial illustration of Woman's Rights."
Thousands of parents who use Vermifuge
composed of Castor oil, Calomel, &. ore not
aware, that while they appear to benefit the pa
tient, tbey are actually hiving the foundations
for a series of diseases, such as salivation, loss
of sight, weakness of limbs, iS:c.
In another column will bo found the adver
tisement of Hoboiisaek's Med
pdicines, to whieh
directly interested
we ;isk the attention of till
in their own ns well as their Children s health.
In Liver Complaints and all disnrders arising
from those of a I tlliou- type, should m;ike use
of the only genuine medicine, Ilobensack's Li
ver Pills.
jgy,'Z'' not dt'cicved," butask for llobensacks
Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and observe tha
e:ich has the signature of the Proprietor, J. N
Hobensack, as none else are genuine
On the 27th October, 1852, in AVilliamsburg,
Blair county, by Rev. J. Thrush. Pastor of the
M. E. Church, Ai.kxanpeu C. Mvlmn, Esq., of
Ebensburg, to Miss Emma M. Kennedy, of Lan
disbui g, Perry county.
Departed this life, March 20tb, 1853, Walter
Scott, son of Benjamin F. and Anna Davis, aged
one year, 8 months and 2G days.
Sweet child, it seems but yesterday, thy little
heart beat high,
And we had aim st scorned the voice that told
us thou must die;
We saw thee move with active bound, with spir
its high and free,
And infant grace and beauty, gave their glorious
charm to thee.
So gentle in thy loveliness! alas ! how could
it be,
That death would not forbear to lay his icy hand
on thee ?
Nor spare thee yet a little while, in childhood's
opening bloom,
While many a sad and weary soul was longing
for the tomb.
O Father of our spirits, we can but look to thee;
Though chastened, not forsaken, shall we thy
children be.
We take the cup of sorrow, as did the blessed
, Teach us to sny with Jesus, 'Tiur will not
An Irishman comparing his watch with the
town clock, burst'd icto a fit of laughter. Being
laughed at, he replied, how can I help it ? Here
is ray little watch that was made by Paddy O'
Flaherty, on Ormond Qu.13', find which only cost
me five guineas, has beat that big clock there a
full hour and a quarter since yesterday morn-ins.
li'olice to Irf liters -
I MEETING of the Printers of Cambria Coun
ty, will be held in Ebensburg, on Wednesday,
April 20th, at 1 o'clock P. M., at the "Exchange
Hotel," to appoint delegates to the Printers
Xational Convention, which is to assemble in
Tittsburg, in May next.
April 7, 1853.
Teaclsers Wanted.
fpHE Directors of the Ebensburg School Dii
I trict, Cambria county, will employ three
male teachers to take charge of the schools in
said district. The schools will open on Monday,
May 80th, and will continue nine months. Lib
eral wages will be given. An examination of
teachers will be held on Tuesday, May 3d, at
By order of the Board,
April 7, 1853. 21-St.
I ETTERS testamentary having been granted
jj to the undersigned by the Register of Cam
bria county, on the estate of Samuel McMullen,
deceased, late of Allegheny township, said coun
ty ; all persons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make inimediato payment, and those
having claims will present them properly au
thenticated, for settlement.
Allegheny tp., March 31, 1853.'
Sever ratlins Daguerreotypes !
HIE citizens of this place and vicinity have
now an opportunity of having eood and last
ing pictures, taken at the Academy Building.
Ladies and Gentlemen, whether, you want pic
tures or not, call and examine specimens and
references, and see the greatest variety of ca
ses ever brought to Ebensburg. Our instru
ments are entirely new, of the first class, and
you caunot but admire the Camera ; and the
pictures taken with it. Call soon, as futher ar
rangements prevent our remaining here but for
a limited time. II. G. FETTER.
Ebensburg, March 17, 1853 tf.
SUJUIIT, C A 3 III 111 A CO., IA.,
AS the pleasure of Announcing to all who
would secure the best bargains to be offered
in this county, that be is again m the field with
one of the largest, cheapest, and most carefully
selected stocks of '
1 all and Winter Goods !
Ever brought to Cambria county, all of which
i have been purchased within the last few days in
Philadelphia und New lork, with particular re
gard to the wants of this Market. 1 again fling
my banner to the breeze, inscribed with my old
motto of
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
I confidently invite the attention of purchas
ers to my stock, which will be found unusually
large, varied and attractive, being full and com
plete in every department. Everything new,
fashionable and desirable will be found embra
ced in my assortment. Particular attention is
solicited to new and beautiful styles of
which I have just received of late importation.
In Gents' wear I defj competion, and confident
ly invite an examination of one of the largest,
cheapest and best selected stocks of ready-made
clothing, cloths, cassimercs, &c, ev r brought
to Cambria county ; comprising all colors and
qualities, which 1 will sell cheap and warrant to
give satisfaction. Also caps, bonnets,
of the best qualities and latest styles, together
with queeusware, hardware, groceries, salt, books
stationary, &c.
BHirhe highest market price paid for all
kinds of Produce.
November 11, 1852.
Administrators Aotice.
TEI1S of Administration have been crant-
J ed to the undersigned, by the Register ofjbraij and ,ac
ambria county, upon theestate of James Khey, j, - wil
eces.sed. All persons indebted to said estate;,,,.'
ueces.sea. ah
are requested to make immediate payment to
us, and those having claims will present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
SUSAN HHEV, Administratrix.
ANDREW J. R1IEV, Administrator.
Ebensburg, October 21, 1852 tf.
Orphans' Court Sale.
j E)Y virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
! ) Cambria county, the undersigned, guardian
of the minor heirs of John Duhii, deceased, will,
on Tuesday, the lid day of May, 1853, sell a
piece of hind, situate in Carroll township, Cam-
bria county, adjoining lands of Joseph Eckenr
roJe and John Eckenrode, containing thirty
acres more or less.
The sale will take place on the aforesaid pre
mises, on the above day, when the terms will be
made known. JOHN ECKENRODE,
Guardian of John Dulai's heirs.
March 24, 185322-4
Six Cents Reward.
I1AANWAY from the undersigned,
II aner Ebensburg, on the 21st inst., an inden
tured pprentice, named Joshua Thomas, aged
18; said Thomas is a good looking negro, com
plexion very dark, had on when he left a large
fur can. about half worn, black pants, and a
pair of coarse boots, nails in the soles, one ot
the boots ripped on the inside of the foot, lie
had also one pair tweed pants, two silk vests, one
black the other purple, and three muslin shirts.
All persons are c.iutioneM acamst uarhonng or 1
trusting said Thomas, as I will pay no debts
contracted by him.
Ebensburg, March 23, 1853-22-3.
Commission & Forwarding1.
THE subscribers would respectively inform
their friends and the public that they are
now prepared, to receive and forward all good
consigned to their care by any of the Lines, or
by Central Railroad, and hope that by strict at
tention to their business that, they will be ena
bled to render perfect satisfaction to all that
will patronize them. ' All goods will receive the
greatest care and attention.
Jefferson, March 15, 185-J.
Barrels of Salt for sale by wholesalo o
retail by IVORY & CO.
Summit, Oct. 7, 1852.
' have jus
LOUR aTTd Bacon always on hand, and we
st received V.U barrels ue&i wnistey
- . 1 1
for sale on commission lVOHi & CU.
'resh Shad, Mackerel, and Salmon for sale at
the store of
Harrisburg, Ta.
MAJ. JOHN BRADY, Proprietor.
April 10, 1S51. ly
J. B. lliles, ct
M A C II ETT 13 c r? AKltirL,
Importers and dealers ia Foreign and JJa.-.ctUt
II ATI D WARE ard CUTLERY, No. 124 North
Third Street, above Race,
, PZiiladclpXiia.
April 24th -1851. ly
Wholesale dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Kails,
c, No. 203" Market Street, above 5th,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 10, 1851 ly
Successors to Rodneys,
Wholesale dealers in Hoots and Shoes, Bonnet
and StrawjSoodf, No 17, North 3d Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 10, 1851. ly
Wholesale Tobacco, Snitjjf, and Scgar Manufac
tory, No. 173, North Third Street, three doors
above Vine,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 24, 1851. ly
Wholesale dealers in Wines and Liquors, which
they are prepared to furnish cheap to merchants
and hotel keepers. Warehouse 208 Market St.
Philadelphia, Pa.
July 1st, 1851. ly
Has reiuovfi j his olfiee to No. 14 South S ev -enth
street, above Chestnut,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 26, 1852. 7-tf 20
Wholesale dealer in Qucensvare, Ch'inaware,
Glassuarc, $c, No. 245 Market Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
April 10,' 1851. ly
Justice of the Peace, and Scrivener, Summit, Pa
Will attend promptly to collections, or other
business entrusted to him. Legal instruments
of writing, drawn with accuracy and dispatch.
January 1, 1851.
John. Parker. James H. Parker
Wholesale Grocers, dealers in Flour and Bacon,
Foreign Wines and Brandies, Old Monongahela
and Rectified Whiskey.
Ho. 5, Commercial Row, Liberty Street,
littburg, Ia.
March, 11, 1852. ly.
Have constantly on hand a full cssortment of
Teas, Wines, Liquors and Groceries generally.
No. 17 North Water Street, and
Ko. 10 North Delaware Avenue,
Janury 27, 1853.
Wholesale grocers and dealers in Foreign and
Domestic Liquors, Rectified Whiskey, Flour, Ba
con, Fish, C'kces. &c-i &c- H. Liberty
Mreet, opposite the head " of Srn.ithfield, Pitts
burgh, ra.
December 23, 1852 9-tfj.
155 Market Street, N. E. Comer of 4th,
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in all of the
various new kinds and stvles silk, fur, brush.
wool, Panama, straw and chip Hats : silk, straw,
e Bonnets; artificial flowers, turs,
ill be sold cheaper than the cheap.
I est. x cb. -o, i-iy-
Wholesale dealers in Boots. Shoes, Bonnets,
and Palm Leaf Hals, No. 13G North Third Street
(opposite the Eagle Hotel,)
Philadelphia, Pa.
February 2G, 1852. ly
James Dougherty, at
Wholesale and retail dealers in Tobacco, Snuff
am! tir:irs, waretiouse at me c-ouiu v. est coiner
0f Third and Race ttreets, Philadelphia, lately
j nffimio.i liv bndwir. Kneedler & Co.. keen con-
- 1 . r-T . .. . - . .
stantly on hand a large and well
selected stock
of the most celebrated brands of
Domestic cigars, and Snuff, which they offer for
sale on as favorable terms as any house in the
city. Orders promptly attended to.
September 23, 1852 4'J-ly.
The Subscriber having leased the Public
House, formerly known as the American House,
No. 18 S. Sixth Street, between Market and
Chesnut Streets, has changed the name of the
same to
Begs leave to inform his friends and the Pub-
lie, that this house has undergone a thorough
remodelling, repairing, repainting and repaper
ing, from attic to basemen:. An entire new out
fit of furnitnre, bedding, &c, &c, has been pro
cured from the most celebrated Manufactures in
this city.
From the central location, and its close prox
imity to the Railroad Depots, Steamboats Land
ings, Places of Amusement, Fashionable Thor
oughfares and Public Squares, it offers induce
ments to the Merchant visiting the city on busi
ness, or the Traveler seeking pleasure. To fam
ilies and females visiting the city, every facility
will be offered, and every comfort regarded to
make their visit agreeable and pleasant.
A share of the public patronage respectfully
Superintendent. Proprietor.
October 21, 1852 52-6m.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
B. CRAIG, agent will forward all packages
of coods or money, daily except Sunday to
i nil the cities in the Union, and all the
1 - . Tl !l. J.ll .1
towns on the Railroad Between ruuaueipuia auu.
kacs aesortcd nails for sale at the store
Just Recelx ed,
At his Store one door
Cfist of the Sentinel cf
fce, a superior Rort
mtnt of Geld and Sil
ver watches find fine jew
elry. Geld Lever WRtchcs fu'.l
jewelled,. SOO;
bilver Lever watches full jewelled. Ki.'.O
Silver Cylinder 12.C0
. .Silver Quartiers 6.00
Also a fine atsortment of eight day and thir
ty hour clocks.
N. B. Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry repaired
at shortest notice, Mid warranted.
April 29, 1852.
Attorney at Law, Ehecshtirg, Ta.
Office in the Court IIou6e, up stairs.
January 1, 1S51. ly
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
Will practice in the several courts of Cambria,
Blair, and Huntingdon counties. Germans can
cor.Eult and receive advice in their ownlangnnge.
Office opposite the ourt House, formerly oc
cupied by R. L. Johnston, Esq.
Ebensburg, February 3, 1853 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Will practice in the several Courts of Cam
bria, Biair and Huntingdon counties. Germans
can receive advice in their own language. Office,
on main street two doors cast of the Exchange
May 8, 1851 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Will practice in the several Courts of Cambria,
Indiana, and Westmoreland counties. Office on
Centre st., joining Gen. M'Donald's dwelling.
Jan. 15, iSol. ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
Office on Main Street, in the ofhee lately oc
cupied by Gen. Jos. McDonald.
January 15, 1852.
Attorney at Law, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Will attend the several Courts of Cambria
county, as heretofore. Office one door west of
Wm. McFarland's cabinet ware-room.
January 1, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Johnstown, Pa.
Office on Main street, two doors east of the
Echo Office.
March 13, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Johnstowni Pa.
January 30, 1851 ly.
Attorneys at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
AVE formed a partnership for the practice of
law in the county of Cambria.
All professional business entrusted to their
care will be promptly attended to.
Office on Centre street, adjoining the dwelling
of E. Hutchinson, Jr.
Ebensburg, July 29, 1852 41-ly.
David T. Storm,
Notary Public, Scrivener and Conveyancer,
IFILL also attend to his duties as Justice. Lc-
gal instuments of writing, such as deeds, a
greements, Foreign Power of Attorney, &c,
drawn up accurately. Collections entrusted to
his care will receive strict attention.
May 12, 1852 30-tf.
Justice of the Peace, Ebensburg, Pa.,
Will attend promptly to all collections entrus
ted to his care Office, adjoining his dwelling.
Decern. 24, 1851. 11-tf.
ExcEsange Hole!.
Hollidaysburg', Elair Co., Pa.
The proprietor assures the public that no exer
tions will be wanting on his part to render his
house home-like to those who call with him, and
solicits a 6hare of public patronage.
April 29, 1852.
ILL kinds of Lumber taken in exchange for
1 Furniture, at the Ware Rooms of
Ilollidnysburg, April 29, 1852.
Carrolltown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
The urn
in th
undersigned is prepared to accommodate
e best kind of style all who way favor
him with a call, and hopes by strict attention to
business to merit and receive a share of public
patronage. HENRY SCANLAN.
may 20, 1852.-31-tf
Fashionable Barber and Hair Dresser.
Ia the basement story of Davis & Go's., ware
Ebensburg, May 1, 1861.-ly.
N. B. Shampooing done, and razors honed in
a superior manner.
George Rhey. Levi Matthews. William Ebbs
Merchants. Dealers in all kinds of Produce and
vjttsVmrc Manufactures. No. 77 and 73 Water
Pittsburgh, Pa.
April 3, 1851. 6m
Just Received,
rtiTiv Tln?r I.aee. and Pedal Bonnets, Pearl
N and Pedal Flats, Pearl and Palm Leaf Hats
and for sale by DAVIS & LLOYD.
Ebensburg, June 17, 1852.
2000 pounds wool, butter, eggs wanted by
A general assortment of BOOKS, such as are
used in our common scnoois, lor saie Dy
anted by J. MOORE cash in exchang
for goods, or otnerwise-
lass, Pils, Paints and Drugs of ail kinds
at J- fiaoTc .
Star, Sperm and
at the Bricu: Store of
tiild Candles for aalc
1 hils rRcn Tin: cr:i2iiT. tio.ccu
Wiiolcsale and Rctr.SJ Cry GcoJ
HE Subscribers hive just recivcl from th
I extern citis. tni are now oCtricgfor sale,
the It.vgest ar.d test sekcu a stock of Goodi
ever shown in this cr the aJji ing counties, th
tock consists in part of Lry Goods, euch u
ritnch, English, ud Am. nv;w;, cloths, casi
uicrs. Satinets, Tweeds, pilot clvtls, et.c, Va
lencia and ctber vestings, alipacas, tnous-de-lahis,
bombazines, and ladies dress good of
every description; shawls, hanukcrcDieia, scraps,
cravats, tibbets, ribens, gloves and hosiery of
all kinds, table linen drapers, crnsn, rca, wul
and yellow fiunnels, linsey, cr.ctcn flannel, blan
kets and coverlets, hickory shirting, Irish linea,
and white coeds cf every description ; laces.
edgings, 'inserting, &c, &c. Hats, caps, Boa-
ncts, boots and shoes, hardwaro, queensware,
glassware, nails, Hour and salt ; fish, and iron.
Also a splendid assortment 01 grocenca, uruRB,
paints and dye btuSs. All ot wmcu we oucr
at lower prices than goods have ever been sold
in the country. All kinds ol country produce.
lumber, railroad tics, rags, flaxseed, Slc, 4c,
taken in exchange.
We w ill wholesale any of the above splendid
selection cf goods, to country merchants at city
prices, putting only on a nominal figure for to
cover freight.
Section 104, November 4, 1S52.
Ezcliicl Huglics,
Ebcasburg, Pennsylvania.
DEALER in staple and fancy dry goods to
ceries, wholesale and retail fieh ; hardware
and cuttlcry ; guns, nails, bar-iron, 6hcet-iron
sheet-iinc, stoves of all kinds, Btove-pipes and
ehset-iron ware, tin ware, copper and brais
kettles, &.c, &c.
Grain, wool, butter and other country product
bought and eoid.
A dealer in white pine, poplar, a?h and cherry
lumber ; lumber always bought, and & large
quantity constantly on hand for sale.
Cash always paid for lumber cut to order or
such as suits the present demand of the market.
A large lot of r.ew goods as embraced in th
above list just received and more opening for
sale at the lowebt market price.
September 23, fc52 49-tf.
To the Creditors cf the Huntingdon, Cambria J
Indiana Turnpike lioad Company,
milAT the Court of Huntingdou county, at Jan
1 uary Term 1853, directed to be paid to Cred
itors, one and three-fourth per cent on the a
nioynt of their claims on which former dividends
have been declared, which I will pay on the pre
sentation of their Certificates of deposit by them
selves or their agents.
JOHN S. ISETT, Sequestrator.
Spruce Creek, March 3d, 1853.-3t.
Cncap Grocers.
The subscriber would respectfully inform bis
friends that he has received at the sipn of tb
Grocery Store, a general assotmeut of Groceries
and Confcctiouaries, consisting in part of Flour,
Bacon, Fish, Cheese, Vinegar, Rio and Java Cof
fee, Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Tmnei, Date?,
Citron, Currants, Preserves, P. Sauce, Catsup,
Lemon Syrup.'Crackers, a fine lot of Sugars and
Table Salt, also a superior lot of Segars.
He invites all to give him a call as he will sell
low for Cash.' w
Ebensburg, March 12th, 1852.
The subscriber would respectfully inform his
friends and customers, that he has received and
is now opening, at the store room formerly oc
cupied by Richard Lewis, dee'd., a large and
General assortment 01 goous, consisting in pan
of ' "
Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c., all
of which he is determined to sell low either for
rash or ai-.uroved country produce. He solicit
pvnmination of his btock, and is confident
can sell cheaper than the cheapest.
May 8, 1851 30-tf
Xcu Clialr 32 a 11 u factory.
The citizens of Ebensburg and vicinity ar
nformed that the very place to purchase
of the best manufacture and most elegant finish,
and at lower prices than at any other establish
ment in the county, is at the new chair manu
factory, in the shop formerly occupied by David
Todd, deceased.
executed in the best manner and latest style;
Ebensburg, Nov. 27, lb51. Cm.
Corner cf Fourth and Grant Streets, rittsburff
THE subscriber has leased the large and well
known Hotel, (late Lamartine House.) at the cor
ner of 4th and Grant streets, Pittsburg, which
has been repaired and newly fitted up ia all its
apartments, so cs to give a larger and more lib
eral accommodation to travellers and boarders.
II is larder will be stocked with the most choice
brands the markets can afford, aud his Bar fur
nished with the best. He would retpectfully eo-
icit a share of public patronage.
April, 15, 1S5. ly.
To the Public.
I LL Freight delivered at Summit froni and after
1 Monday next Nov. 8th, by Pcnna. Rail Road
will be received and Forwarded free of Ccmmi-
Freight to bo paid before goods are takes
Tickets will be sold here, to all stations East
as far as Dillerville, ana . est to Pitt6burg.
Summit Nov. 4 1852 6t.
In consequence of having told our Furnacea
to the Cambria Iron Company, tho Partnership
heretofore existing uner the firm of 1 Sboen
berger & co.,' at Mill Creek Furnace, and alto
the Partnership existing under the firm 01
& Shoenberger at Cambria Furnace, are both
dissolved. The business will be settled by ci
ther of the Farties, or the managers at the fur
naces, who are authorised to use the names f
the respective firms in settling up business. .
March 3, 185320-6.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
W. IP. Ivory & Co., agent will forward aU
packages of goods or money, daily excpt Sun
day, to nil the principal citica in the Union and
all the towns on tbe Rail Road between Fhilada.
and Pitt&burg. Drafts collected from California.
Drafts sold on Ireland, England or Scotlaod,
from XI upward. . Money for drifts tnurt k
rax. ' -.''
Nov. 4
" ' r
v l. ,v" -