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TlitU'scIny, April 12, 1 849.
To The Public.
With feelings of pleasure, and bright hopes
of future success, we have ngain taken hold of
the "Moi'ntaix Sentinel," and rcassumcd our
former position in this county. We have done
enattho solicitation of u large portion of the
democratic party in every section of the coun
ty, and the many assurances of support which
wo have received fro n various quarters have
induced us lo believe that we 6hall be sustained
in our present undertaking. The want of a
Tress at the scat of Justice must he felt by
every person who takes an interest in the wel
fare and prosperity of the county, and when
properly conducted, it is believed that it cannot
fail to meet with that encouragement and pa.
tronage which it deserves.
Custom has made it incumbent on every in.
dividual assuming control of a paper to "define
his position but our long and intimate ac
nminlanci with the people of this county, and
out well known- adhercco to democratic men
and measures when we occupied a similar po
tition on a former occasion, scarcely renders a
compli nice with this old established usage ne
cessary at this lima. We deem it our duty,
Lo.vevcr, to say a few words in reference to
certain mat'ers connected with the party in this
county that may bo deemed important, &. which
tmy have a tendency to relievo the mind? of
furue ofour friends of all doubts in reference to
rur future course.
It ij a melancholy fact that for a number of
l12laniire''n" runcorous animosity has
's,'llvr imt it a number ot our most
, tl jr lh3 beauties inference to men, and
r I r-- Tnif nnJ to exercise such an
t ' ioa i'0'et, ilrncir support of county
If. 7 'AJalatdj, shfas invariably effected the
. SCdi'C ten -'ie democratic ticket
f oTting s ixien permuieu 10
jrinciplet and men, w hose
vvac uicwm a v uv
-sj hole ticket, nave been active in
Qjeirtsto defeut a particular individual
r ticket against whom they may havecn
- V
tuined a feeling of personal prejudice or
ponal animosity. This has been a matter of
i ... .
vr!y occurrence in this county, and we have
' of5 .... .UUH
far tiia truth of, oi;r . asser ion. . A
a, llcuVy wrong, and so derogatory to
-'l'ch:iracter of democrats, it must be evident
.j tvery man professing a common understand
ing, cat net have any oilier lendency than that
v j . i reaping us cotisianiiy in a minority, anu
I ; i . I - i
I thus preventing our little county from occupy
ing ll. at position in the democratic family of
the State to which the is entitled. We cannot
review the policy that has boen pursued for
scleral years past by democrats, or men pro
fencing to democratic measures, with
any other feelings than those of unqualified dis.
!! roba'.ion, and whatever maybe the course
pursued hereafter by certain members of the
parly in reference to particular men who may
lo placed in nomination, we can assure them
that no other course than that of giving a
v. arm and hearty support to the entire ticket
shall ever' receive any encouragement at our
ii-:-ls. This 'tule or ruin" prtnciplclias had
its day the people are heartily lirea
tnd we feel assured that the natural good sense
of the masses of the democratic party will pre
vent a repetition of its dastrous results.
In speaking thus plainly, it is not our inlen.
lion to wound the feelings of any man or any
ret of men, or that our remarks should be ta
ken in any other light than that of a general
one. It ii our intention to publish an inde
pendent journal. free from the influence of
any clique or faction and wo deem it our du
ty to speak thus f reely upon a subject of such
vital importance to the democratic party.
It is the duty of every man, professing at
tachmenl to the principles of democracy, to
support the nominations of the party, without
reference to the men who may compose, the
ticket; but so long as private or personal feel
ings arc permitted to influence their support.
juat so lorg may we expect disscntion, disunion
and defeat. W o havo the numerical strength;
we have men in our ranks well qualified to fill
the several county offices, and all that is requi
red to make the demociacy of Cambria trium
phant in every canvass, is the will to bo so.
It is gratifying however to perceive that a dis-
position is manifested by a large number of the
prominent men of the party to make concilia
tion and concession the order of the day; to le.
by goneo, be by gone;" and in short toturn
a new leaf in the political history of Cambria
county. .Let this be done, and all will yet be
well; and whatever of influence we may pos
sess will be cheerfully exerted to bring abou1
a result so much lo be desired.
In conclusion, rve will only say" that we
hall endeavor to reader the "Sentinel" wor
thy the tupporl of the public. Our columns
will bo filled with whatever may be deemed in
teresling i0 our readers, the earliest news, for
eign and domestic, and more especially what,
ever may have tendency to promote the in
terest or welfare of our country.
rrThe , bill to create a ncw county out of
arts of Jefferson, Indiana,. Clearfield and
imbrui, to be called Pne, has benn defented
ihe Legislature. i
The Domestic Creditors.
The sufferings of this class of our citizens is
intolerable. Their treatment, by the State, or
those in power, i to say the least of it, highly
censurable, and the more especially so, as a
majority ore laborers, men who are dependant
or. their daily toil for the support of themselves
and their families. The payment of their just
demands have been postponed year after vear.
and many have been compelled to dispose of
their claims against the State at a great sacri
fice in order to obtain the money. This state
of things should not be permitted to ex ist, and
we hope the evil complained of will be speedily
remedied. The State demands cash for lolls
from all those engaged in business on her trn.
provements, and itis nothing more than jus
tice that those employed in making repairs and
keeping the works in proper order should re
ceive their money whenever it is duo. The
credit of our good old Commonwealth demands
the adoption of this course, and we think thai
our Legislators, instead of consuming the whole
session in legislating for particular friends and
granting special priviligcs, had much better
have paid more attention to the honor of the
State and the wants of their constituents.
VVe learn that the liabilities of the Slate on
the Portage Road alone, amount to about tev.
icnty. three thousand dollars. As may readily
bupposeu,, u,o non-payment of this large
amount is severely foil in this county. Money
is more scarce now than it has been for a num
ber of years, and consequently many of our
enterprising business men are cramped for
means lo carry on their operations success,
fully. It is earnestly desired that an appro,
priation bill has passed the Legislature provi
ding for the payment of all the Domestic
Creditors, and that will abolish the odious
credit syote'm that has been practi ced on the
public improvements Tor a number of years past.
We shall refer to this subj eet again.
A .New Law.
Many of our readers will perhaps be aston.
ished to learn that a bill creating three new
Judicial Districts, one of which is composed
of the counties of Huntingdon, .Blair and
Camoria, has passed both branches of the Le.
gialatuie, received the sanction of the Gover
nor, and ie nf.flaw of the State. The bill
had scarcely got through the Senate, until tiie
appointment?, already "cut and diy" in the
hands of the Governor, were sent tu that body
for confirmation. This is certainly one of the
IinnfAtt rklta.a r. C v J L' i f ,
U iuviu lur luvoiiie menus.
at the expense of the tax payer of the Com-
mon wealth, yet devised by our slutwd Gover
nor, and we think this circumstance will go
far towards satisfying tho people that their
interests meet with lml.i consideration at the
hands of the present Administration, flad
such a measure as this been adopted by a dem
ocratic administration, it . cu!d have been
heralded forth by every whig paper in the
State as an evidence of "Lutofoco extrava
gance," "unparalleled abuse ufpow-r," '-hor
rible waste of tho people's money," Lc, but
when wliig ate permitted lo re..p Uio benefit
of the 6poils that are thus placed at the dispo
sal of the Governor, it is all perfectly right
and just.
George Tavlois. Eq., of Huntingdon, has
been appointed President Jude of this Dis
trict, (the 24th ) lie is said to be man of con
siderable ability, and that he will make a good
We have not seen the bill creatinglhe new
District, and therefore knew nothing of its
provisions. Should any charge have been
made, however, in the time of holding the
Courts of this county, our readers will be advi
sed of it at the earliest moment.
IL'It is our intention to enlarge our paper in
the courss of a few months, should we receive
sufficient encouragement to justify the addi
tional expense . Our outlay already has been
considerable in the nurchaoc of anew Press,
1 new Type, &.c, in order that we might be cn-
j a'blca j? issue a readable sheet, and we tcel
sured titij?sspajisyeget properly under
headway, in point of mechanical' "eVfcUioji.
our journal will not be surpassed by any coun
try paper in tho State. It is hoped that our
friends will exert themselves in such a manner
as to enable us to enlarge the Sentinel lo the
same size as the "Pittsburg Post."
The Legislature.
,This body was to have adjourned on the 10th
inst. The w hole session has been spent doing
almost literally nothing, if we except the pass
r r , . n i liire nearly au wings:! iot a word a
ajre ot a few bank bills. I he members have' , J , -,,0 Tr ,
permitted their time to be occupied by hyv
legislation, in which the people generally ITa
little or no interest. All the important mea
sures, among which is ll:c appropriation bill,
havo been permitted to lie over to ihe last mo.
ment, when, as a matter of course, in thb bus
lie of adjournment, they must pass both bran
ches, defective and ill-advised in many of Iheir
The truth is, there is too much local Icgis
lation, and this feature in our government calls
loudlv for reform The time which should be
devoted io the adoption of measures of public
utility is wasted in long winded and profitless
speeches about mailers in w hich the public can
have no interest, but which are at the same
lime a heavy tax upon the people in the expense
incurred in their enactment. It is time that
these abuses should receive tho attention of
the people, and that something should be done
to relieve the Commonwealth from her crippled
CWe send thia number of our piper to a
few ofour friends w.iose names are not on our
subscription list, but who we think are, never
theless disposed lo give us iheir patronage.
Should they be unwilling however to become
subscribers, they are requested to return the
0"We loam that Alexander " Irvin, of
Clearfield county, has been appointed Marshal
jfthe Western District of Pennsylvania.
A Triumph.
L. Harder, Esq., Editor of the Pittsburg
Morning Post, against whom a bitter warfare
has Leen for some tune urged in consequence
of his feailcss advocacy of the Ten Hour Law,
has effected a glorious triumph. This war
was carried on by the Whig Press and a few
manufacturing Democrats, who havo exhausted
their strength in the effort to prevent the cir-
culation of his paper and ultimately to break
him down. His course however has been tri
umphantly sustained by a Democratic County
Convention, and by the people general'y, and
his enemies have been taught that the Ameri
can laborer has rights and Krivilc?es which
are nut to be trampled on by the wealthy na.
bob. The time has arrived when intelligence
has been so diffused among the masses the
sturdy sons of toil thai they know and ap
preciate their rights, and they have the ability
and the energy to make the "lord lings of the
loom and of the anvil" understand that they
arc determined to maintain them, and not suff
er themselves lo be crushed down to a level
with the paupers of Europe. IVc congratulate
our contemporary of the Post on his signal
success, and would recommend his case lo the
attention df those who are hardy enough to
attempt to crush the advocate of the rights of
the "loiling'mil'ious."
Elee lion of Judges.
The bill amending the Constitution so as to
make Judges elective by the people, has passed
both branches of the Legislature. We believe
this bill must pass the next Legislature in a
similar manner before it is submitted to llu
people for adoption. It passed iho Lower
House by the following vote:
l'eas Ball, IJent, Diddle, Gloom, Cole, Bull,
Cort, Diohl, Elliott, Eliiiery, Evans, IVusolJ,
Fegely, Fisher, Fuller, Grove, Uampsou,
Ilenszcy, Herring, Higgins, llortz, Howcr,
Laird, Lewis, Long. McCartney, McCulIough'
H-McKee, McLaughlin, Marx, Myers, Peurce,
Pratt, Kobb, Uapley, Ilyman, Schoonovcr, Sel
bert, Sharp, Snively . Steel, Siubbs, Slutzman,
Swaitzwelder, Taggart, Geo. T. Thorn, Nich
olas Thorn, Wattles, Wcirick, Wilcox, Zcrbey,
Packer, Speaker.
Nays Cornyn , Courtney, D. Evans, Henry
S. Evans, Fenlon, George, Gillespie, Gordon,
Henry, Kirk, Laubach, McCalm-mt, J. McKee
McSnerry, Miller, Morrison, 0:to, Robert
Rostb'iry, Rutherford, R. R. Smith, J. Smyth,
Souder, Walters, Williams.
Yeas 52 Nays. 2 J
CTIie remarks appended to the following
message of Governor Johnston, which we take
from tho 'Yilkt8larre FurmT," may, perhaps,
be thought severe, but it must be admitted that
to a certain extent, they are merited. We are
not d isposed to say ought against the officers
of the Regular Army, bul on the contrary, are
willing to bear testimony in favor of tin ir gal
lantry and bravery. What we object lo, is a
disposition on the part of those in power to be
stow ull the commendation and all the favors
of the Government upon tiie officers of the
Regnlar Army. Thty adwpt it as a profession
are educated at the expensa of the United Stales
Government, and are well paid and cared fur
wl.eihcr in war or during the "piping limes of
peace." With volunteers it is vastly different.
When the emergency which called them forth
has pasted away they are disbanded and thrown
upon their own resources for a subsistence,
where they resume their several avocations in
private he, and nothing more is said about, or
heard of thciii. If there aie any favors lo be
distributed, we think they are entitled to at
least a share of them.
To the Senate and House of Jicpreccnta
tiues of the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania. Gentlemen I herewith transmit a list of
the officers of the United Stales rmv. natives
of Pennsylvania, who distinguished themselves
in the late war with Mexico, with tne rrgiment ,
or corp3 to which they wt-re a'.tached, and the !
uate ot their brevet rank.
It is believed that other States have taken
honorable notice of their ofiijers in the regu-
or army, who risked their lives and nobly
tiiiiTnWH'rv-h-6. naUonal honor in the recent
contest with Mexico, VnVl'.ci'' example should
remind us that something is dtletift brave and
heroic officers yet livinjr. who. in the salTu'.i-Ca-
ry b illies t;f the late war, signalized themselves
by meritorious conduct, and proudly sustained
the just renown ot our beloved Commonwealth
Executive Chamber,
Ilarrisburg, March 20, lb'49
"OlHcers of tho regular army!" They
are nearly all wings!! ISot a word a
-Soldiers!!! They are nearly all
Sis. 1 his is the littlest, amonor
tie moves, of little Bill Johnston.
Cdx Pltclul implied censure, upon j
our V trtMTleers, because of their politics!
"The officers of the regular army" are
well enough cared for they were occu
pied in their business when engaged in
the war with Mexico, they receive hea
vy pay, and enjoy high consideration.
But how is this picture reversed, when ap
plied to the officers and men of the Volun
teers? They left their regular pursuits
and business, suffered great injury,
enuured equal perils, animated by no
motive bu to serve their countrv in its
need, and at the end of the war were
thrown upon their own industry and re
sources for a subsistence. If, as" between
tho regular officers and the Volunteers,
either is deserving of special praise and
consideratiou at tiie hands of the people,
the Executive and the Legislature, it is
unquestionably the latter. With as much
propriety might you bestow spocial com
mendation upon the followers of any oth
er pursuit in the country, for their skill
and fidelity, as upon the officers of the
regular army. But the case of the Vol
unteers is .different, because thev sacrifi.
ced every thing in assuming the unaccus
tomed duties of a soldier at the bidding of
their country's need, and laid it dowR a
gain when that need had passed. Here
is the difference. Buffor these men,
these real- heroes, deserving of all con
sideration, which the country has a mo
tive in commending, for it may be in a like
pinch again, for these men, we repeat,
the Governor has not a word, but on the
contrary, casts upon them implied censure
in specially referring, in a special message,
to the "regular officers." Such a man is
worthy to be the midwife of the Banks in
spewing upon the country a reptile cloud
of counterfeit shinplasters, and is a dis
grace to any age, nation, or State, in ci
ther a private or public station. After
such an exhibition we begin to believe the
reverse of the Pythagorean doctrine, and
that a man, in some cases, retrogades to
the condition of a dog and a cur at that.
.Country Printers.
The following article, which is copied from
the 'fiiad'crc Reporter," gives such a correct
discription oj the difficulties under whieh the
editor of a country paper labors, that we have
adopted it asour own, and recommend it to
iho attention of our readers. Large numbers
of the city papers are circulated throughout
this countyJxnd which are supported in pref.
crence to one published here, merely because
lliey are furnished so much cheaper. We do
rot wish tojsay anything against the excel
lence of our city coiemporaries, and would
cheerful.y jcommend ihem to the support of
our friends, but we do think that every nun
ought to feej himself in duly bound to take at
least one paper published in his own county
before sending his patronage abroad. But to
the article in question:
'No trade, or profession or occupation, per
forins so uuch labor, and expends so great an ofjcapital, with as little remuneration,
as the Coanlry Printer. The interest mani.
ftfsted byny Uncle Toby, when he said "I pity
the Printfr," was not misplaced. These facts
are a general rule. There may bo oc
casional J instances, where Country Printers
have succeeded in gathering together the vani
ty which1 "takes unto iUelf wings." but hey
aro few j and far between. Most generally,
tney sufler all the inconveniencies whic neHi
gent patrons (!) and unregarded labor bring in
their wajte. This should not be. There must
be something radically wrong in lbs case,
which i( worthy the serious attention of the
ckss ofpersons we are writing alout.
'Ono' great obstacle the Country Pi inter has
lo contfnd against, is the application of ma.
chiuer which reduces the cost of the city co
temporary, and whieh is not available to him.
Then, again, how many of the numerous Dol
lar prints which come so directly in conflict
with tim, are but the reprint of matter which
has already brought a lirge profit in the daily.
Most of our country rea ders do not understand
ihis, and wonder why the city paer can tc
furuished so much cheaper than in tho coun.
try.j They are nol aware that the news, it?.,
which has been printed for them, has before
bees furnished in a daily paper, and made up
.njiA week's end, into a cheap weekly, costing
the publisher little or not hii-g beyond the mere
prife ot paper and pr.nting by sleam. This is,
in a great degree, the case w ith that excellent
pajer, the Dollar Newspaper of Philadelphia,
which, with its 50,000 subscribers, must be c.
trmely proS able to the publisher. To at.
teinpt to enter into competition witli such ad
vantages would be a piece of folly to a Coun.
try Printer, who is fortunate if he can nnmber
one- thousand subscribers. It is evidenl that
lie must depend upon the necessity there is for
the dissemination of local papers, and the gen.
erosity and public spirit of the popu'ation. If
they should expect him to be governed in his
t3.-ms by the example of the city papers, they
must expect to rely on the cily alone for iheir
information, the circulation of the former,
Le ng, of necessity, limited to one county,
v. bile the latter have the entile Slate, or the
who e Union."
On Tuesday evening last, by the Rev, Hen
ry Mrllvaine, Lieut. John G. Given, lo Miss
Margaks.t Wherry, daughter of U in. Wher
ry, Esq., of the vicinity of this place.
ILTTherc! another officer of the 2d Penn
sylvania Ueirimeiil is eone. a.iother F.ditnr has
sot sail down lift's stream with a Wherry, that
we lir.'.""ly mane 1,13 voyage prosperous and
happy, "a'1. hand's in the office are in great
glee at the iSJJL appearance of the Sentinel
and Ihe good chceV-gccived f
whose gallantry has proV4 nir
from the Editor,
DroVs mm uiwavs icauy
: i - i..
whether in Mexico, or on tho)jJlVf Cambria,
to respond to the call
- v ui ma. .
hope oti rcnunlry may have lots of such soldiers
given to it. Printers Detil.
AllLusincss in the several Courts of BJair In
diana and Cambria counties entrusted lo' his
care, wjll be promptly attended to.
Office, opposite J. S. Buchanan's Store.
April 12, 1649, if
C, II, MR,
OfHce one door west of J.S. Cuchanan's Sto
April 12, 1849. tf. ?
Ot5ca on Main Street, one door cast o
i Blacksmith Shot).
Aiirll IO Km ,
r r,;j
1 L
T 1
111 1'
Ofhce ina door west of J. S. B-.j'
i; fiiirrnimifimT in
i . . .
April 12, 1319. tf.
7 I
THE undersigned having associated them
selves in the Cabinet Making Eusincso,
under the firm of Lloyd d Llttingtr, beg leave
to inform the citizens of Ebensburg and"vicin.
ity. that they intend manufacturing to order
and keeping coustanllv on handeverv variety of
B UREA US. TA Tt I. rv srivho o t
TEES, BEDSTEADS, dc, tj-c,
Ahich they will sell very low tor cash or cp
proved Country Produce. All orders in Ihcir
line of business wilt be thankfully received and
promptly attended to. Persons Ues irinr cfican
turiuluie. are assured that they will find 11 to
their i.-.terest to call at their are Rooin.oppo
site Litzinger -Sc Todd's Store, ai d examine
their slock btfera pu rchasing elsewhere. They
hope by a close i.llcntion tw business lo merit
a liberal share of public patronage.
All kinds of Lumber taken in exchange for
April 12, 131927-Cm.
f EpHE undersigned hav;ng associated ihem
JL sehvs in th-; Saddlery Bisi.ivss in the
building formerly occupied as a Printing D-lIco,
respectfully beg leave to infoini their" fiirr.ds
and the public generally thuttV.y wii!kcp
constantly on hand a large and spL-udtd aMrl
neiil of
Saddles, Bridles, H arness, Col
lars, NVmrs, &c, &.c.
All of which they will sell as lo.v fir cash or
country produce as any olhar csublih;ncfil ,n
this county. Any orders in thr-ir l.u-a of busi
ness will be promptly executed at tlu shortest
Farmers and others desiring Vhea ; bargains
will find it to their interest lo cull ut No. G,
ami examine their atock bc;o c pjreh
The highest market pi ices will be given
Lumber and Hides in exchanse for hjruesi
April 12. I813.27-bm.
The following property has been purchased
by me ot Constables ak, and have been left
by me in care of Henry Learner. AH persons
are hereby cautionel against meddling with
said property in any way against my consent,
viz: Three Gray Horses and one Cow. Sold
as the proper! v of tiie s iid Henry Learner.
J.ACOii S. liUUKIl AR T.
April, 12 lSi').-3t
To the creditors of the Huntingdon, Camhria
and Indiana I urn pike Road.'
That the Court of Huntingdon counly at
the January term 1349 directed to be paid to
creditors three and one half per cent on the
amount of their claims on which former divi
dends have been declared, which I will pay on
the presentation of their certi.icates of deposit
by Iheinselres or tl eir ajent.
JOHN S. 1SE T T, Sequestrator.
Spruce Creek P. O., April 12, 181 9 '7-3t.
A Tract of unimproved Laud, covered with
val.iable Timber, lying about five miles West
of Ebensburg, enquire of
Ebensburg, April 12, J349. 12-tf.
frfifiiit istrnfor's Notice.
P LL person indebted to the estate of John
Morun, late of Washington township de
eeubed. uie reqi.ele! to make immodialc pay
ment to the u.idersigued residing in Washing
ton township, C'aiiibri i county, and all persons
having claims against said estate wii! present
them properly authenticated for settlement.
ALICE MO MAN. Administratrix.
GEO. BUKUOON, Administrator.
April 12, IS 19. 'J7-6t.
A N excellent lot of Locusl Posts suitable for
JySk. fencing on hand and for sale by
MI1IH IV . '711 l
KemaininJm the. Post Office at EbcmA
rr I sit 1 IO
Joseph Huut
Thos, T. Jones
William Logan
Willi.iin Lister
Abraham M.ikin
William Morgan
Enos Mc.Miilien
Hev. S. Morcland
John Moore
Robt. MtCombio
Siras Mode
J. E. Montgomery
Michael .McCuc
Joseph Mcllwain
Chas. AIcDermil
John McGaughey
O. Price
Elisba Pratt
James PiIkmto:i
John Painey
Mrs. M. A. Sitman
James Spanccr
John Rowland
Geo. W. Rhoads
John Wilson
Win. Wi!hain
David Wright
Silas G. Warehim
Jauoli Wyroch
Wjllian Wceltly
John C. Wisjurrn
Elinor I ies
David Derltr
Abraham Uuck
Elizabell Blake
Thomas Crown
David 4f aw ly
Mrs. fowinan .
Josef h Cnnningh'in
Rollrt Clark
Fr:cis Curran
yiliam Dontlett
tm Uavis
luxander Davis
Vashiugion Doti"Iass
.Margaret Durbin
Hugh Edwards
,Miles Edmison
Evan Evans
Jacob Farinoalt
C. Fullmer
Wm Gardner
John GIhss
Abraham Ivepper
Thomas Hushes, Esq,
Thomas Hollin
Hugh Hughes
Geo. Marncama
Thomas Jones
List for Jlunster.
F. Bradley E:in Fost
Felix Hanlin Sim-iei Rmdr'
Paul Gsurgs'
Apri i 12. I?t9.
The Largeu, Cheapest and most FathionahU
Slock of Goods, adapted to Gentlemen's
Spring and Summer Wear, is just
receiving at
fKMlE Proprietor of the above establishment
M. would respectfully inform his nnmeiou
customers, that bo has just returned from the
Eastern cities with the most splendid assort
ment of goods in his line, thai was ever brought
to th:s city, comprising all that is now fash
ionable, elegant and cheap in Cloths, Cassi'
meres, CashmercHs, Drop Pe Fie, and every
description of Cotton, Linen nud WoolUu
summer stuffs. Shirts. Cravats, Ildkfs, Sua
penders, &.c, of the newest styles; which, to
gether witli his very laro and fashionable
stock of Ready-made Clothing, he is prepared
to offer at his usual low prices.
Country Me: chants, Contractors and all
who purchase largely, are particularly invited
to call and examine the stock which is deci
dedly the largest end ir.cst fashionnLl.s iu ll
city, and great attention has been paid lo gel
it up suitable to the wholesale trade.
Urdcis in the Tailoring line executed in tho
most fashionable inannsr, and that nothing
may le wantinj to ensure the newest and
best style of cutting. A gentleman who has
had great experience in ihe Eastern cities,
has been added to tiie establishment.
April 12, 1549. 27-3m.
r5? H E Subscriber will attend to Receiving
Ql and Forwarding Goods on the following
conditions, viz: All Merchandise iu boxes.
Liquors, Groceiie., &.'., five cents per 103
lbs., (including storage for ten days, loading,
&.C .) except hogsheods of Molasses weighing
over 1200 lbs., on which pay for the "extra
hands required for loading Ihe same will bo
added: Salt, five cents per barrel nol stored.
Flour, Ured for a term not exceeding ten
days, ten cenls per barrel. On all small lots of
goods not amounting to 500 lbs., from persons
not in tho habtl of receiving goods, to 25
cents will be charged. Unless a bill of Jading
is furnished previous to the arrival of tho
goods, he will not be held responsible for any
error that may occtirr in either freight or
goods. Freight must in all cases be paid with,
in tw elve djys aiter the delivery of ihe good ,
"therwisi ihcoe per cent additional on the
ai.iouul advanced will bo charged.
Summit. April 12, 1343 27-3t
TilMliBR & TODD, "
Hive on hand a good assortment of
IS a Is, fVrj.v, tSoois a tohocs,
3ruv ii roc i ir, Iail
GLASS, ITSH, SALT, &.C., &.C.,
w oli Id respectfully solicit the patronage of
their old friends and the public generally, to
give us a call and examine lor tnemselvcs.
Lumber and Country Produce of every dis
cription taken in exchange for goods.
April, 1319-tf
Dr Clickener's Sugar Coated Vegetable Ex
tract Pills. I hese ci lebr.ned Pills have ob
tained nn enviable iioti-r'cty in the Uni'ed
States as a curative for giddiness, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, headache fevers, pile, costive-
ness, coughs, be;i:t-burn, liver complaint, scur
vy, soic throat, inward weakness, palpiialion
of the heart, indigestion, and a variety of oth
er diseases to which tho flesh is heir to, ts a
medicine for the mi lion. In all seasons oflhd
year spring, summer, fall and winter, and un
der all circumstances, they can be taken with
perf-cl safely and success. As a Vermifuge
und general medicine tor children, they are an.
rivalled. Ceing coated with pure white sugar,
children will easily Like them; they neither
uripe nor nauseate; are gentle bat thorough in
I heir oper-ttioii . For adults by increasing iho
dte, they are equal'y beneficiil. Asan.lnii
Bil.'iius 'they will be found without asupe--rtor;
ask any ona among tho thousands who use
them, and an unqualified appioval will be the
certain result. .
Kemember Dr. C. V. Clickner islhe original
inventor of Sugar coated Pills, and that uolh
ing of the sort was rvcr heard of. until he in
troduced him in June, 1543. Purchasers
should, therefore, always ask for Clicknor's
Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills, and take no oth
er, or thoy will be made the victims of fraud.
Pi ice 25 cmts per box.
Dr. Cliekner's principal office for the sale of
Pills, is GG Vesey street New York,
WM. JAl KON, 89 Liberty st , head of
Wood st., Pittsburg Pa.. General Agent for
Pennsj Ivania, Noriiicr.i Ohio, and iho river
counties of Virginia.
The following are the duly appointed Agents
Litz in:er &- Todd Ebensburg; A. Durban &
Co. Munster;G. L. Lloyd Jefferson; R. Don
carter Summit; E. J. Pershing Johnstown;
O'Neill &. lib. v Plane No. 4.
TAKE NOTICE: Litzit gei Todd have
been appointed general anu supplying agents
for the Ciicknei's Sugar Coated Pills, in Cam.
bria county. Aeents requiring further supply,
ami cr.-uiu wishing to made Ag-nls will please
apply lo them.
Anril 12 1849 27 ly.
itToivRT S'
J nc cheapest and
largest .fcH
'tW "lntsofGldtd
3 Silcer Watches in
Gold Levers, full jcweLed, 18 carat
cysc. S39 and over
Silver 1 6 and over
Lpi.ies Jill ad over
Q.iartiers. Solo 10
Gold Pencils, SI, 50
Silver Tea Spo:i ns, equal to coin, $4.50
Gold pen, silver holder and pencil, ?,00
Wiih a splendid risortmcnl of all kind of
Watches, both gold -and silver; Rich Jewelry.
&,c , &.c. Gold chain'.of the best manufactures,
and in fact every th'ig in the watch and jew.
Iry litioatuiuch Icssrices than can be bought
in this city or else hru. Please save this ad
verliscinent.' -and ciltif t either
Xo. J 13 Markcl"slrefet,bove eleventh, north
sideor at lACOB LADOMUS.
21WLirket ft fir
fir store below eighth,
b:i3 gold and silver le.
side. -SCr:1".
vers sli'l cheaper tjan e above prices a lib.
oral iliscount nnde to 15 trad s.
Sept- 2, Ib4-S.-6in
4Lar-e lot ot N .ils and S,
received and fcr y 1 .,j e ,?0,e
Ml' R RAY .V Z
G.asi N'. ils
and Salt, jot
e o
1 :
f. '
f !
1 .
: F
, , ,
- :;