The Columbia spy and Lancaster and York County record. (Columbia, Pa.) 184?-1848, February 05, 1848, Image 3

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    lIZADAgIt AND GIDDINESS Cr - RED.—Charles Ilawcon,
i o nic at Bedford Street, between Marlborough anti Crown
. Reiriington, had been suffering long with
pu'in in the side and breast, headitch, giddiness, and many
t..r unpleasant symptoms, laud been attended by novena
rC.o%ms, and tried various remedies without the slight
henefit : had been bled, blistered and cupped. anti tor
,,, ever possible manlier a about receiving; other
partial relief At length, hearing Wright's Indian
V'ecetable Pills so highly recommended, he W 11.4 Prevail
upoll by his friends to make trial of them ; he used
.1,011 a few weeks, and to use his own language. lie de
, d more benefit front them thou all the doctor's soar he
ml and r taken. Is IiOW entirely free from all kind of
pawn. and l e i; general health is so greatly improved that
1,. Mends hardly know hint ; rarnestly invites all in
;slid, to tall open 11/111..11 , he think , he. can COIIVIIICe
~,EIL 111,11 Weight'. Indian Ve.gre•llible Pills Will not only
t.r.tort. theta to a Male of health, but that they are
1:1, a•t0111 . 411 11 g M1•111C111e. Offerrli to 1.11.• public.
Beware of Counterfeits: The only original and genu
ine Indian Vegetable Pills 1111Vel the signature of William
%root written with a pen nn the top label of each hox.
o ther to ;yen writ., arid enientrifrit this is Forrer y.
7 . 7,The genuine for sale by FRY & LER, who
are lee si l ly authorized Agents for Columbia. Also, by
Rests advertised in another column.
'Principal °dice, 109 Race Street, Philadelphia.
Mora NEW , FOlt ?Mt Slvir --A}FLICTRI/ ItitAn.—Extract
of zi KM, dated
I.ltrl:Vir ILLIt. C. 11. (So. Co.) May 31. 1-17.
Dr P >1 Cohen—New, fool sonic room for thi, in
loratireat paper:
Pr r.ws3 He .—lo Derenaher last I acerdently got wet
14.34.1:0,11 ierc ..reh . I had a very Silvers pain iu
1..‘ che•t. myiblrlor (Or Rater) said rt a.; con.tzwirtion,
el ad a "mid it,t be eared. Ile 1 till wed Me to try
Dr Ra an Inn Compound Si cop of Wild Cherry;' which
I (.m ••11. ha. I,errectly cared ray, mill 1 lull Ithlft to attend
le ray
it way induce other, to try it.—
110 ira•tl. look upon ttli. 11 , dcud I . trt:lllll—but thank God
II tint IT 111, LIIIED ME. Your,
(r, ne d 1 NI/In C.
7-1-• Tie oriatnal or 11/1, letter can be ace!! at Dr. CO.
nIllrh••1;111, : 4- oath l'arolina.
.\1)V1e1; 'FI) 'rill: A l'Pl.Tel'ED.
IS'hen on., teller? that the C:1,1, of 1•011 , 1117111t1011
:,111.11‘1111g fitaii). hate bail their origin m Ini•gli•elfiii
6,01 - a n to.tont•lting to anniiilly dniolased by
!tit“ottez antler ?Leto. 111101Od1 they may be re-
L n;v,lll a 11.11 to tit ire medical friends: to gnarl] agaii,t
-111141 , n change...if the strnthrr, which by
kin:: the Iti-et,thle pri , psration, ocranotin,
.4. , !• .Ic. their adionatisoto, are often nalteeded. The
..alneet pereeiviaz do had effects ar,ing front
void. a, lie initial it. is lolled into falai., seenray
bi Ili, nun hope that a retort, of pleasant is rather wall
r , all ativlete , nit Hill so tar front being
n'tou, , l. the ...stallion, are generally 11g:4'r:ivied. lie
wet for that relief ovine la might ra,tly have
bon obitioteil at an earlier period. lint. altin ' inc to told
loi• 1 , 11•1 , 1:111 thiTe. nis !Inn hope for mitt?. whom
n..i noel h ,. look tor and. The twos:Taper, teen! so id.
ol tatalitole rernedie, with
" , ti....lanititg, the name of a it F-NVECT
P111•1114N :1,1,4111e . 1.1111% recut ell.eney. 6n tl..9ititr
111 lino inn. lint too of tea solthout reee, mg the
benefit thin there indoed no mnedv.
'orb.? the ..tiplio-ition, as the above so ill
vro.prave to the reader.
Prep:,rtal colt Its 1)11. SW-\Y\l'. N. AN' corner of
1,16 Imod l'lnltodelv.lita. and for -.ale by
ihnlnfifli•ls 111 Hearty all the maenad boost, 11l
r. (nil.
Li:Al/Mt, Columbia. nud Dr. A 11
It \ ITZ. I wk. l'n
%%]l II 111(•1111thsOVS : , 11 . 11111 Fttett.r3 0011,
tilt. I nn. d mte, Nit. 101 Market Street,
r,••port:1111;. Informed ihni I routume! to
11,“ta.t.tere all sir ithytk.e good.. try the toil of %-tition.
ro , ht oltolJeleoe the ete.if oppi,lllolllll Opposed
Ole lian.klet hn,i u 1 1•%ih•loo e ultimo etoeht. Al) --
1-.eteph le. and price. .o huts. n, to give entire
t" ro 1,1,1 l'othrolla Store next door. of ortirly
t noon - taw s •fittl/ili remember
It \( II
tttr . old l'attooto• to I). ‘Valkitoz Collo no
, 12111.1 thr l.:ull root 1:n0v. No 101 liorlott ttrotrttel,
1 . . k, t , H t, olto..fittl to tit, to•lo•Itrottol %N - olltiottz
I tot.rt•tio, ti to to .ttol lootottiol total.; I'ollli/1111134 null
In a Cal.,
Lunatic. Notice, is hereby =it
1 ill, Alta r.att. tatta..ttal that tht , atalt.r,vittal mlt-
app., 11 1,. the Court of COIIII/11/.1 Pl.• 11,111
11/1111111, in Ili , hand% 1111
V. , 1111.111,` .101111 roi. of Colombia. a llama, to
1.. , c 1ll`PI, • 1/1101.. •a al ala•aol parpo.e
Thunala 21a1 tla y of Ala nest.
:•pre•elit•r. 111 UII.t lung , tryt
;r; In o'clock In the tia,aann.
1SIt.11:1. Itr ENTER.. \ adaar.
". I al. e Intel: or the Nlarket flow,
HE 11011 E JOLT:NAL FOR ISIS. Edited by
‘‘ll,l,lS. The. 1111111C11%e ClllllOll. 01 .
lil/1/11.,- lot till. L1111 , ,,1d1y 1)01)111:IT l'‘,lli.),
\ are dt.:11•114 tiring rapitll). Nrw Si 11,1011E11s.
ttl-I1 pre-er‘e all the elmorrb 01 Ow new auJ
I , t miuml
ph” , in the Vlll/1,1 . 01 j111111•11111/11) 111111 tiles of work
nn ...walled .Ith coninlcte
made Thu 'lonic Join nal I> itrects•l
ittiple, • a Joornal for Wane. It 1 . 0111111115
lido.. S. 111,1) of thole, instruciiie. relined 1111 d sit,-
'" ,5 litvr.ttitrt —the and England.
I [sin. .%isers.a. and it chronicle ol for ladie4,
It n 1101..14 o t•e•kll ol the 0 orld'a progrc...,
I 41 it In,hlj ornamental parlor now...paper of I/kill:AM 111111
oi u nhn"lS r,•-1 suit
oj, I ,i•I 1...11111 li) V 111111,4,1111,1 by Sir the iso.4 e/1-
i•Sasilt term. 1111• I,IIIN Pd.2.0111i year.
~ , r ) Morris J, IYdhn, No. In:
I .c.m.-tn u I. \e,, York-.
1 )1 , 111,111ED el ery Saturday.---Terms
yell rdny.Terms r. tit 11.21.?
/. I the -pint. of 1,11tt•11%. :tht•eilitt 01
I Litt rati:ne (s,l/14 I: Sin. tn.urnliy rec., ett Ls
• / 1.1.b1.1 I.:1 the Ill•i Ist .10)1.::11•1••••.) hut u. it is 2,A1,•••
/1/1•../i.1•• ar- 1/11,11. o e 1101 I.nly e
:. • ,/,•,•• ;4i II 111:01, thing. ‘,.•re 1.N.211141,1 I. It
.1114 int. th/t tcluh OM. eXi..lllllng our ,cupe. uud
reta a greater :uric! mon, tts emery • aro aide
Vthli 11111 i ..ttb...t.lattal part ot oar filer
. 1.1-curial. and polttle.d Itar‘e..t. 114 full) to , att-t)
le the A 1110,14,111 reader.
==nffiMi!lSMS tnZMIMI
P, etr). hoe" pohttetkl (•omment:lnv.. 114.0113.
~ -.oeht T.ll. am! ‘1,4111.••crIptIoll 01 rural 1111,11111111-
~ , n. n . moi the elelirtlotlitin,
1.11.• Iq the• Srechih.r. the
•, , oree I:vaumrr. 111.• J 11111 4 .101, .‘1114.1,a•11111. the bh...y
1 1,4 111•111,41. 1,11 , 1,r) G. , U1 1 ..• the ,L.11.110‘.
und re•Tectable Clutn
. titirrmix.l enh the 31.11thry
litl. I 'lilted Serl. Ice. auJ N.,11111
t, artier., of the Ittritior reitrart,tly. Nets. :%lontlfly•
I r r Tee A m.aurtlt., I I corr.. and of t•lettritter. •
~rill. W. 410 trot croorder tl freirerftlf our
To iael Pl . . MI Will l•i•114/111 114.111 and.
tirpth It etetil e aoktgli. Make 11%e 111 the lillleder
l The Taw..`Alai! Our Vllrlely 1/),
1111111 I Ill` I`ollllllelli le Europe, and troll! The
Mo. lh of the
Tr , e •to.tie.liip has brought Europe, A,in, nod Africa
Ighborhood; real n ill greatly multiply our
tau, :klereleints, Travellers, and Polito:um,
1 , 0- of the is until; so that touch more than es e r
~1 it/4 uwr, m cry Intelligent American to lie inform
. • ..111;” a °minion lord changes of foreign Toiletries. And
' -mn olli) bet,1..1 01 their nearer conneenon w ell our
but bevause the tuition seems to be Inkteeing
a repel ',met, , of change. to -once uctvllntu 01
, hllll the merely political prophet cannot coop.
kh ,
ttt ottraitloval thbeoverte4, the progre4s Of Cololllallllo/.,
Lt . t,t,•nollug user the Ishole ae °rid.) unit Volt ages
.110/ rett K a IlFhts Isivorite matter tor our tutlectuput
I,l` .Lull sleiematieully and very folly
011 f re:1111,4 a ills the great do partment ai Fur
NA idiom entirely neglecting our assn.
" ssc n•pure to mid, the I.iving Age atrurrulrl.• to
1.'41 to keep ILrue•etirn Inform, d of the rapid
• '•ort•• lathe 118/ , 11111811-10 Slllll,llll'll. Ihctnce. 1.41,-
, add Phi •111 . 1811 4-10 Melt 1.1 . 1111.118 , . nnA 181,110 r
µifil n •Iruager olnect to make it
^.<i,. Cul to their \Vises 11 , 111 Cluldr.•u. We I,rdn•vr clinic
um. du %Misr I• ~ ad •mr this and getterntani;
, • •• i•i• to 11811, ilm• ssork OS cry well-
I•A noddy. We sap • tadaspeneable. beeno , e in lion
• d ••c i heap literattim it In 801 p0..11d.• to gourd tignitn4
••. Ibis nl vulint in 11101 111 18.11, and sretuuc in niorrdn.
•i oSL••r ss its than Ls 11,111.11111 g •1111111 y
, Llithi) 011111CILT. The tna•BlBZ nnJ mortd appetite
11, !•199 Clint. 1/) n 'wel11110 1 .1:1111r 111 C Wheat from the
C I , pros tiling abundantly tier the imagination. and
a 12%. collection of Ihography. Voyagen and Travels,
ll,.•ur} mot more nohd 11111111 . 1. See any prodlice a winds
I 11.111111 be popular. a bile ill the .1111/e tits a still
111 1,1,11111 e • Inn! of public taste.
T : — The ',mg Age is publi<lied every Satanlay.
•I. /ATTU!. & cornier of Trelnolit said 131 . 0011dielil
`.• I I • 1 • 4 011—Pries IXL emits a number. Or SIX 11011(11, it
•..r 111 advance. Remittance:. tar any period will Inc
knlll> received and promptly attended to [E, -- r -••
r• • callint) in mailing the work. orders should be
' , Mr. —441 to the mike of publication. a+ above
'al, paying ti ?ear w ildVitilee, still Le SUpplied as
I.oo r copies for COO 00
Nine .• -1(1 00
'b., eh e " - - • 5.4.0 0(1
C omplete nets. in fifteen volumes, to the end of 1847,
•.+ad,oinel) boUlid, mid packed in neat boxes, arc for
in'• In thirty dollars.
, A. •l ti•ltllile limy Inc had separately ant two dollars,
~,tout or a dollar and a half in litillibers.
sillober may be land for NI cents; and it may be
"1.1" for sule , criliers and purelm.ers to complete
;" broken volumes OWN" may have, and thus greatly
C. I.ant e value -
THE Telegraph Office at Columbia has been
I REAIOVELI to the Spy Printing Office, Front street,
' opposite Barr's Hotel, where, fur the present, messages
will be received and promptly transmitted to any of the
following tuitions:
York, Wheeling
Lancaster, Cincinnati,
Philadelphia, St Louis,
Wilmington, Reading,
1 Baltimore.
Waington, .th Pottsville,
New York,
I la rrisburg, Albany,
Carlisle, Buffalo,
Chambersburg, Rochester,
'Bedford, Auburn.
Pittsburg, Ithaca. dc., &e
The following are the rates of charges to—
York, 10 cents for 10 words.
Lancaster, 10 cent. for 10 words.
Philadelphiman rents !Or 10 words.
I larrisburg. :10 Celan for 10 words.
Chainber,burg, 30 cent., for 10 worth.
Pittsburg. 40 cents Mr to word+.
Baltimore. via Phila . 5.5 vents for 10 word..
All additional words over 111 rimmed pro rate. Ail
dee., and signature :lot Counted. iup All Olue , agei
iliti+l be prepaid.
C. WESTBROOK, Operator.
Columbia. Feb. 5. 1=1.4.
\V[l.l.ll M. T. 11".ALTE1(4.
(Late 11n/lehurQt S IVa
No, 15 :Intl I f. Sp,ne, Wharf,
C''4ll advances 'mule on Con•igninent, of all
13:inn/lore, January, fell 5 :3111
1 -11 . 1 STONE Cutters and 10 Masons wanted. For
uk odortnatzon apply to JANI ES HAI - MIEN', COlllf,
Ilia. or C. K ()Id Town. Slur) hold.
Colombia, Fe 6. 5, I
Tim Whigs and Anti-masons of Columbia
ik,r„no, o ill meet at the. Town Ilnit. on Saturday
e‘euittg. the I2th inert., at 7 tielock. to elect Orr. , Bel.-
:ma.. to trivet u. County COlll,llllOl, oil Welille.ll:ll..the
1 1 .111111PAZIllt.
111 1e11 , 11111.: it requested. By order or the
Cot Fell. 5, 1,4-'-`2t.
0111. r K
th G e
nnlr of , LEl , t
it ,the
Tglegraph Ithe roarauthnriird - llr-.• of eTeeiltoll between Columbia.
maad Hohnnore. Here I, an opportnany for a sale and
pl ofnalole inve•aneni. ',graph •noek .eliban )4ehla
ma maul nano than per cunt r 4 hare, $lOO, payable
111 inquinieni. of 5.20
11.11 zit No. 5. I oppo..ite the I'. 0.
("0 Jan.tho.
rro the Creditors of 1111,1,1.1. M EBERTS, Whereas,
w into,onionto• 11l all art 111 the tonon•rill let
Ono I 'ononttoom eolith on Poototo-y tvtatttot. ono loth...thin...ln Itonto
loo•ono granted Ly 11.. ontlo•ettlovr. 1et..0.t theo.ll,io, oo of the
Pe .oco• w tenet tier Inn venom r. at flu- Loonooon,
tot a tt.ntooott Harriet (torn... ot %V.:.1 turret
...hap. ill the • col/III) nl r tere-eild. agoillooot t enillolei Wllll.llll
Eloerloo. Of %, hero en] etertnuo gouel4
nod elhottodo. NMI collect.. eel the .aid ollinon Ebel t. JINNI`
tnittto•to•ot• :mot :or , tow.% tot lint co-loth let .Ito..oplt 'l'-
11 lead Nlllllll,l Ye Ish.r. ii the Itoreongli of Colombo.—
Tilt. tho•ronoo I. 10 gear iloollee to the eItAITO/roo Of the ..11.1
IVilltnnt 1:1 , r1 , to ottnoonor to Ihr ottor, let (otoortzto
on tlio• Inortnoglt en - Cl/111111/nel. all lino 1:nlo otoo, en l'enoroary.
D. 1-I-. Ili. n .11.1 lhool e It. oho-rower nod Imo ke 1.001 of
thont tionotootel.. ot,r .... ablY al 010 olototstoot, tel the act.
(;1:01I(tIo: .olt)Oltl , .. (Stool)
Jou :ht. 1-1 , -31 .111-toon• ot ttoo• l'onotoo.
advertiser is aware that this course mill
',lining 111111 to 010 ...Pt,' 11111,1• talra romantic 111,-
11%. ho think , i,,•11 nuttier% pronoun,' iweret
to all 1,111 tln• 4/111,11441: 11111111 1. 1.011%1111,41 11101.
1.11a111,••• 111 11111/f11114,, 111.4. 1111/11. host..., ninon
inn> 11, , mm 1 ,41.111111 that 11' proolcontinl rourPhlp uuly per
see,- the part e, ho Yligair,i ui
marring,. he could It,. rl.ll/1, rciinv-t the C•1111111/14'llee of
1111114, l%1111.4• 111,11111111011^ 11111, - 11111111 ill 1114. •11111.• 11111•1•••
114111. and in vii.tire n uuly 1 . 1.111.11,4, 111 , er-until
nytionitl,llll Nor 1111 at •11,41 till,,
11111111111 e, 111111 1111111, i.iirll the lady may.
I..2s—height 5 ti,t nppenrmM.• not
olp•cnuunhle—n too-Teri, nor for
To avoid letter: intended Duly In deeeive or perplex 6.di.x Lire r12(111r , li•li to pre-pay b-ti-rn. and
Columbia. January :19, 1.414.—at.
r.,~~+ 44
the •ule , eriber. comer m From and Union nt
111 hog . ..head. Nev Crop New Orle:nts Sugar, a . superior
arlielc, low price%
11 - 11.1.1AN1 J. C. TAYLOR.
Columbia. January .29, —:au
AATE stop the Press to unnounce that we have
I Just recet, rd the largest, richest and cheapest
Of Vlll,llllll, I•ser llTOlight 111 this pert of the
cootory. We hav barely toile to otake this important
11111101111e1 . 1111•111. SUM.. .11101,1 1.011111111,d III . Nt Wevh. Lt
the 'nett. UM, Call ;111114,11111111n the assortment. I.ttiltes,
recollect tints H Leap Venr
Coltimlua. Jan. 22 1-1-
0 0 - ' k
pre-nlvnt unit 1111 . 1,10, IMO` ON II:I) 16,1:1,41
IL ill, 01'1111 I/I he I. per evnt lull 111* . CI1f111:11 , 101 • 6 oi the coin
ma Of profit. lit t h e 1111.4 -IX tnuulL,, U 1111.711 , ull
be 11:11.! 10 IIII• ...tockholtkr. on 11 , ..111.1
.1 \ \ 11 , 1$ VI3IN. Tren ,. .,
,InnOna. .Inn. 17. 1-14.
\V lIER H EI w h i Ilarb ra
urls. tnr ..lef I
rr. and h. is . not
I w ren all per.on•caot to trust her on Jo) aeeoant. as lam
ilo4 nOllO,llOO 10 1.1.> 11Iiy debts that -he contract..
Wu-10-hgton. Jna. Is, tsl'. .10111. 1 12 . 1".-3t .
ET NONE DESP.AIR. Thomson's Compound
imp of Tor tool World Nowlin. for the core of In-
COII.IIIIIIIIOII. (111'0111e Cllttirril• A.411111:1. 131:011C111-
11•. 01,I111:11. • Col4Xll. 1.1,0 f 00111,1111111. Smiling of Blood.
l'olpitation of the Heart. and till kintlre.l ilibeit..e.s of the
'ruts es.tetti.ively 11.4 . 4110, uu par
allel, te. tin ethetent remedy, ut the dn.. of ilketkes for
tt. Melt a is npphen Itlelt- peculiar COMpOFIIIOII enable.:
a to net un 3 , 6uully 11:(11111Of 1111011 tit..a.. , 1 organ..: sooth
ing ~,,, . quinine the eough. sod 'mincing tin enKy
eXiledO01:1111011, :111, treeing the longs and Off VeA , CI. from
toretkive matter. which otlwrtli-e would in:gray:oe dis
ease. tuna nltituntely re.olt ppt confirmed c0...t0m - aim ,
pliblle .pealsert. the. , nThtittine 14 111V11111ablO. render
ing 1110 .On , : eleor and -trong, and removing any redo,-
Ito.ition to di•etkii tit the long. mid Bronchia . .
The folio.. nog is from lilt. Yes xc, the deainginshed
Jimnitry 13.147.
fievd m ray proem . , 1.14 Well ON m WV own
family. -1111 l 1 , 011 . 4 Compound Syrup of Tnr and ' Wood
Nophthu," I have no hr+mason w saymg that it is the
best preparntam of the Ishul ui use for per,ons sutf•nng,
from comma - nion. coughs. colds. and all affections of the
throat, breast. &c.. t.o prevalent at 005 season of the year
Vtlrs.4l. o 0.. I:112. Spruce st.
READ THE 1'01.1.0WINH!
HAroto.m. Eo, Nov. 1 4 , 1.-45.
Ik-n r Sir-1 consider it n grateful duty to publicly - a,
kno, ledge the lieuela I Wive der, ed front the tine of your
invaluable inedictite. the Compound S) rip of Tar Mid
Wood In the sprung of I-44.1 vv.., taken sub
'soh Bilmon , ver and woo very ill for a hum time. Atler
hid partnilly recovered. my ;0.3 .icing Informed me that
MC Moan tnerc affected. end treated lee accordingly
if t .41,16 had Tin for inntead of gritting better. I dad')
gre, ss orsc. I ms an finally informed by 111111 that ••I scan
incurable. rind mint rind that nothing reit - mined lilt
prematittun lot Manlier 'Aorta. - :\ly cc eakitenn inerenned
until I stns Confined to my bed I land spry Mafia:
11l urea-t. sale. and back..llorilleiet of • breath:nod 1 very Itteirne. that my voice could not be heard nu
ear scan applied clone to tiny month. :lly cough
%s an terrible. humans:lig the night rind cony. so that 1 could
obtain very little rent. %VIMe suffering in thin manner.
milli] no relief. I saw your inliforici.ement itt the •• Unapt,"
of slut burring's. a tilt in certificate of a Indy of Philadel-
Mita appended. which no nearly dnscnbed nty cane. that
I reams ...I to try your medicine. and Its effeCiii the.
lieenrilingl) cent Inn sour agent. Dr !11e1Illii,011. and pro
cured a bottle. I laud not tined more than one-third of it.
before the hoarsen... , led me: mid Ikon took it regularly:
die pain in my bream. &c. lett sue; nhortuess or breath
axed cough removed. and 1 ant now able to walk Minot
with renewed health mid ntrength You can make what
one of thin) ou plea., I ant willing to give tiny Kilted-WC
nail that me be required Mine ti moiled on pc...madly.
With great renpeCt. I remain yours Sc.
rr The above medicine prepared only by A.iiiiiNET &
Darin...N. to N. D. corner of Puilr and Spruce streets. Plu
Acen-rs.--R. Columbia: John Gish, Lancas
ter: I). Grons. Ilarrinbitra: It. Aneney, Carlisle.
Price 50 ctn.. or 6 bottles for *2 50.
March 6.1.47-1 y Jan274i-Im
TRE Canal Boat REOKUCK, in good condition,
will be sold low if ;Tithed for soon.
January E J. SNEEDF.R.
np JACOB STRICT deceased. Notice is here
, liYgiven that letter. te.aitinentar; upon the estate 01
Jacob Strickler. hue of Faimew, West liempfieh town
ship. Laile...ter county. deceased. he,: been grunted to
the ..tib.,riliers. executor. kin 11l ed in hn will. 'rhey there
tor.• request all ruu , oies having claim, or demand,. acaiwt
the estate of said deceased, to make kiiown the %Mlle
Out delay; ninth all pel , olla indebted to it are required to
make payment forthwith
JACOB NEFF. Manor tp..
Jan. 15. le-19.
olde-t \ loga/teelli the United Sitter. Contain, month
ly) gixt page.; of reading matter, by the fir.t. 3.vriterg in
tin rountry.—twelve more than tile New York Maga
zine,. Two epleudid gleel enemy/egg, an lenitthle
nulin•nuc colored monthly Fabian plane, Model Cottages
and Chore her, I'roeltet SN'ork, and other nunters tor the
Lathe, all Illn.trated and well explomed. 8c , &C.
Price for one p.•ar which include, the 1,:o1}%;
IMllnr New4paper, I/104111g three pubheattons
111 one month. 81 00
Two:eopa, ithout the Lotly'A Dollar New-paper, 3 04)
Five 00100, with one to the per,un sending the
10 00
Light copies 15 00
Twelve eopte, 4)0
A %permit, of either the 11.trily*.i. Book, or the i.nrl
Dollar NeW.lnillPr •selll to Wry per,,ort paying poi..tritte or
the reitire.t L. A. GOI.)EY.
Jair! . .!: No. WI, Che,.trort Street, Phila.
VNGINE FOR SUE. A five horse power En
gine. %%lit) a Im horse boila.r. of good rupolog order.
tt ttlt twits mid .haiung• all at complete order, for stile t ery
low ii applied our arm• J
CWI.IIIII/111. 15, lat , —.lt
TZUSINESS STAND No. 1, Mechanics' Row, now
I oevnpied by Joilll MCI,IIIOIIIII.
13u•ine-. Stand :No. 3, Front Street. near corner of Lo
cu,t Street.
New Ds% ening llonbe No. 1. Loeto.t Street. near Front
Street. Inquire co' lIALDEAIAN.
Columbia. Jun. 15, 1.1.--tf.
the extrn.t yr Alachua, Shop lately occupted by Mr.
Thoina, Cot,OH the Callal bt1•111 tat Int, ',hie, I. prepared
to lit tip and now ear, 11l the inn.t durable. and
netite.t mama, al, prepared to do till kind. of
rep:matt. h.oth of wood and .tinth w ark. m rt Why to give
Columbia Sanitary 15. 1.14.—tr
. .
N. IL A. Food 11.10 Steam I:41461le of four 1101,e
poser. for .a. 11: by A. AI OM, C.
ANTE would again urge upon the heads of fain
t I I 1., to C:111 11.11,1 lc P.S.V trmaimug copies 01"
our .rl,odul
Also qrn.• lit,lllllllll VU101•I hound. richly gilt rind
d mi.,. it Jew copies oi uhlch
Im.t hem, rveei‘ml limlns nt
December t 1.5. t-17. •
A TTRlilhirr, Amon , the hundred Medicines
r••••”,,,,n,„1,•.1 ror 11 - oritc, 111,1111.1 . 4
abate. It, faith In public ritittabtacc Im. III•1•ii
ell lN II lii tame caw , than ally of h., %Vona itactlattac
tt, (/it cit a trial :1/111 )01INVir. Sold mil% by
Columbia. Jan. 1.1, 1,1. —tt W. A.
OH! lt/ZY BEAD!!
- A Y lIRUP.:!--Well, what's the matter Why,
111) hair i. all ninon; out. and I
.111111 .1011 Lr 1111111.
110 mutter for that—)oil Juts. mil) 111 use Jayne 's
Hair Tonle faithfully, 101(1 it sa ill not only stop Our hair
fromfillinga off. and re..tore your scalp to a health,: rout.
lilllll. 11111 elm, your hair to grow again more
that ever. For ~ale by - W. A. LEADER.
Columbia. Jan. 15. 111 , —tf.
Tentby on Tiles-
AN/ ILL BE itnnTr.o
tho tiro 41:1% of Jr.
how. , of J . Ol. Barr. Innkeeper. in the Borough 0i Ciddttt-
b ., Lot.: No. I nurls ()lila,. Public Ground 010111 Colum
ba:l. to he rented for our your from the 20th of March
o••xt eit.ttiutr. The routing to cr . titt!:t . ti . ut ... 7 . o' clock P.
M.. of that tilt).
D. F.
.101 IN VC. Si rmAN,
FRANCIS 1111.tD1.C.4.
Columbia, Tan. R. Renting Commuter,
rilirE President mid Directors of the Columbia
.1 %Vrv-holgtoit 1101111Comptloy hove ati4
day ileelttrett It clivitteml of eo...hty cent. oil each t.lotre of
.tork for the last nix mouth., pa.) ttble to the ...toehhohler.
Or their It v;al repre-r illative.. oil demand.
.1 W. C0TT111.3.1.. Trer.orer.
Colombia, January a I ',17.
A T COST.---As the subscriber intends leaving,
t slur pi., .0011. IV' is now roli•ring hie roan., stock
(ODDS. ot
1; Meer. , nod Lititin, 11ff Quit, ul curl, ss uhmu rear e.
i. the season 01 the 3 ear Nsbrot cvory one feeit
ntts.lotir to has Cilellp “0011, tune are to% iLed tin etll t nt
the NI'AV YORK S'11)111:. si.lo•re then 1.1111 hit} ninny
kind- of good. at len.t :20 per coolt lots Or thou nu nn} other
<or.. to Coloothin. n. "1,1,,,1 the collie rn
on or bet Ore the fir.l. fill) Of Sprit ell.llll,
11.\ CB.
rolultibm. Jan. 1. I-3 tf
TRY the New Light.---M1 Families using Can
or Lamps a; any kat.l. are informed that th.•y
etto stool all the trooltle to the hr-t. alai the nai•onee of the
latter. ht 11-1114 Ethereal Lamp, tt loch are fr.•e
from •na>l.e or an) thing olien•ice. 011 ti retinue nn trim
ming or totalling. find ILO, so eon-trnetr•d that a tett-poon
all of Ethereal Ns [II horn It hoar, Gelatine Ethereal
omnatiu•tttred mid -old only by Ehas Ranh. NNIIO 1 , 4 11111•
atathortietl. No Fluid -old as I:thereat ui this town is
Col lan. Jan. I. I=l--tf.
THE - highest price given in cash or in books
tund stationer). for all kook of roe, nt Wegbrook &
Sponzler'.. oppo.tte the I'o-t Office. Locust street.
Cottonton, Jamul ry 1. 1-4-+.
OF BENJ. MEY LONEY,Der'd.--Letters of Admin.
i.tration rat the Estate of Loney. late ni the
borough of Columbia, dee'd.. hosing been Framed to the
to . ..wiled All permits indebted to =tad lil , tati; will
make immediate pa) neat, and tho.o having claims vs dl
present them alai) authenticated to
A LONEY, Administrator.
Columbia, January 1. 1.1.+.--tit•
QALOON. The subscriber having erected a very
ki neat Bowling . Saloon, Front Street rear the Canal
and Railroad Hotel, invites gentlemen fond of this healthy
exereke to give him a call. The rules mid regulation% of
this Saloon arc strictly conformable to law and morality.
Columbia, December 25, IPl7.—tf.
1111121 - LLIAN Nair Curling Liquid. For sale by
j soll2 I • .17" -t
DOCTOR. T0WZ153310213
COMPOUND Extract of Sarsaparilla nevrr fails
vi to el.:WlC:lie entirely tilt 1111* 011'04 of mercury. nth
solely .00111, than tiny other metficute. night .Weat+, tier
vom4 atervrou4 complatob+ of sill kinds. neurahmt.
°rpm.. atreettons, &C. For untie by.
au14.17-if. R. 'WILMA:US.
TO your Coughs and Colds.--Dr. Javne's Ex
pixToll ANT. for Couch,. Colds. Aattona, Panting
of Blond. !looping Cough, Croon. linarseneaa. Pate and
Korenrae or the 'tide and Hack. Conaumplion. and all
dlaearra of the Lunge and Masai, ace., &e. For rale by
N0v30.47-if W. A. LEADER.
ALL kinds of Molasses Candy New York Cream,
Coconut. Groundnut, manufactured and for
sale at the lowest price.. at No. 154, North Fourth at . 2
doors below Vine. Philadelphia. Shopkeepers and
others dealing in these articles are respectfully i n vit ed to
call. nov3o-im•
A. M. ErAirims.
FAMILY 13161di~
=GUT !
'+S' 4"x'3' ~ !'~
piazze GOBBLER,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Columbia, Lancaster Co.,
Pa.. moll practice in the several Courts of Lancas
ter and York counties.
Orricg—ln Walnut street, adjoining the 'Washington
Hotel. :third. 6, 1117.
OFFICE -.-South East corner of Locust and Sec
owl , treet. 131)411nrso /101... E—with 11 is. Swart,.
door. his late re•itletice. April 7. 1.-17.—tf
PORT FOLIOS of all descriptions; and Ladies'
oondoir at
T EE Bt, WALKER, No. 120, Walnut Street, Phila
j 111'111M. and Retall dealer:.
Aluoe decl-'47-11
ALBUMS of every size, quality, and price, at
decP-'174( `III.:STI6ROOK A. SPA NC.I.EIIt. S.
Q 01,111031 of JET, an instantaneous liquid lin
k 111:111 hair toi 44 ring light, red. air ore) hair per
notneally a brown ur jet black color 1 , 1111 and copion.
direction, gado-ed. Sold at the negn of the American
Engle. No. •••.l Catlman street. New York. Prier 50 cent,
SI or g 1.50 per book. Sold by li. Wit.l.tANts
Atopl.4 7.
AND CROSS-CUT SAWS, of Roland's best. For
"1, at taatitithetares prices, by
April 7, 1 , 17.---tf itrwt.E
13.9.CHGAMT1%EOZT .1308.131/S.
J.J Jcc., at WE.' BROUN & SPANGI.EICr,
ERR'S Celebrated Lowden Fifth Chains, Tra
ce, long and short. double um! .tagla I.iul , broant
cam mg :“111 halter Clania4. all of winch ‘se tali, at Tann
allacturt, up 7---11
LID Purses and Bugs.---Just received a moss
911,•11111i1 01 110
In hi: +urpa+-rd iiy ally. Al , O Kneel hind, ring.
r1111:i. is i• 0114. ela.a, acid t,51.1 01 Jillrrru
shack, ria sale by 1101:20 \V. A. I.6ALiEII.
_LAand It icy 241 Ir• 11111 Pilr.. j,,t the Thing
merchant, at WESTBROOK S.. SPAM:LEH:S.
` {ILLI•.R'S Celebrated Odom 1 algir Drops, will
Ili. ell, lisp n10...1 mretcrntr 10.411 ucln• ill OW' IttIIIIIIC.
WOITIIIItOtt Out to 111.11111 . t h e teeth in the lit•gl For
In• nov2o \C..\ 1.61111:15.
I'JW Slthscribers have constantly on hand a
lull a-Nortnent of woof!, rout. and cooking SIOI of
cvcry stir and tic.cripilf.ll. CllllllOll stove, lno. I lend
,•nbnrg', Air-Tpght Parlor Sin i•n. which /MS limn
•attisinetton in all imlan• Ills ntrilsd IT ,
cull and cxantin.) for thcnt-circa. nt the Hard, arc ,•tore
& f
pups, for Cloaks, Dresses, &T.-4 large and
well ,rl,•ctrri n•Nortment. emnprffing new owl
bennotill -4)le, tier elahlren*4 ,N 1•11 1 ., now 011 , 11611 g of the
New York , tore. Gutt.r- llorr S (InAteirr.
BLACK, Blue Black, Brown, Green and every (Ml
pr color. front the he,t French arid Engli.ll innualhe
tore, from 01.7.5 per yard upward., from the Boston and
New York Marker, now opening at the New York more.
Latleu.ter. Oct. ili.,r Gmxy R Alm
14 ,, vr-1-I.o+"!mr .0 • t
SATINETS, &c., now opening a splendid assort
plam and Ione!. JJJJJ `Pr ••
CM, Hit.l4eauttail =tt les. alt.. Snattet , ... etw mm
ter ia.
at the Nets:York store. all winch we oiler low
Lnaenster. Oet. (antra. Ilene zt
0 :I. 3-r=i--i
A ND Fancy Goods, Super all wool Cashmeres,
11 sr. D.: Lane:. Oregon ca.lonere Plata, +r -
tut. atnprd, ro> ❑I. purple and !doe plual :dime.. -trilled
phial mad claoweable Sulks. cul.l •re. crape awl sulk
Scarf, Gloves. Itubbon , .., Lawns. Kr., &c., now opening
nt the ew York •u re.
Lanen.ter. (Ict. thar.r.. IIA ILT & GILBERT.
QTARCII POLISII for preparing starch without
the tltltittteth of any gr. a..y and tbr pro
ducing n brdhnul pearl) gtus oath.; lane.. Sold only by
ritr.2l'l7-If. It. WILLIAMS.
TOIINSON'S Super Essential Walnut Oil 'Military
• .I.a, mg r.ottio, sttperior In ttll otltt.r, for •Itavtio:
For loy talr2l'".] R.
T OOKING GLASSES of all sizes and at redo ede
ror ot FRY sI'ANC:I.I;It'S
NIII AN VEGETABLE PILLS, or Indian Purgative,
alai ladaut Vegetable t 4, nip, warranted 'rename' ror
sale li) R. WII.I.IAIIS.
TIXTBE.--A Warranted ewe for Fever and
JA.L.Vue. For bale by. H. WILLIAMS.
Nfl. There is Hone genntoc but that bold by tile.
1.2 r 17-ti.
cLOAR FRINGES Fringes of every variety of
to ulth Mitt ruler to thittell Freheti Mt•rwo+ at the N.
York atom. Ocil6--11 GRIEL. 11A lir & t-t
PIPOUND Extract of Sarsaparilla, for sale by
1ate.2117-ii.] IL WILLIAMS.
r IIE subscriber would respectfully invite
tiles alai I;entlentrit 111101 a visiting Pillaalt.ll,lllll-aati
in want of FANCY FUlt.A..ncli a.. Alta, Boas. Tippits.
dr . to give us a rail lames purchaqing ekewhere, as
they will find it to their advantage and no unmake.
All orders reward %hall be thithlully attended to at
N 0.93. North Third street. above Arch. Philadelphia.
fErBUFFAI. O BMWS' alwaya on haunt.
Philadelphia. Oeioher
.... WE have just received from the
1t ... -: , Publishers, a• ery large: I...wai:id of
- -.... choice and elegant NI usu., oe
Waltzes, Gallop., Polkim s o ng,. n 1 , ,,,,.
Dliett.. tintirtett, Piano 'Artiste. word's and iteCollll,ltlll,
Meta, with variation... Vie lire onpared to well Alusie
lower than the city retail prier. and invite the amateurs of
Columbia to call and examine it. I
1.0.11.[ at ~ oppo.ite. the Po.t. Office.
The cold winds of autumn sigh sad o'er the lea,
&tut the Storm-spirit (rubes I. horrible glee ;
Ou tile breast of the flood the acre forest-leaves float.
And Nature's voice whispers '• Nan, buy thee a Coat ,"
What, limiest by my faith 1 seem turning In stone
The Cnat's n gnnd thing, but Is useless alone,
N o g ong , to siiiiimpr's light livery dressed.
I timid have ;Slater Drawers, Pants, Shorts and a Vent!
And now. where to buy cheapest, and where to buy best
And where can I be most becomingly droned:
Ay there in the rub”—let nin see : In the ^Ppy."
ParromAr looms up the tallest, go there and try!
The wind thunders " Go!" end the storm-spirit prances
And the eddying flood with the forest-leaf dance.,
And Nature applauds—while in elegant dress.
The hard hi • PRETSMAN, and PRETSMAN, the
Columbia, Oct. ilth„ 1837 —lf
CABINET, edited by FHAACIS C. Wootiwortru. is a
Repository. its its name imports. presenting the richest
literary attractions for the young The contents are most
l original, and unwearied pants are bestowed upon the
editorial department. It aspires to be. both in the char
acter of its articles and in its nieehanical execution. a
modle of taste and excellence; and it is universally con
ceded that it stands at the bead el all works of Blass
The third volatile commences in January. and the
increasing popularity of the magazine warrants the pub
11,4her ut promising. that this %ohmic, shall be minx 1:81.1 - 1-
nix IN EVERY Ille•PeCT 011111 either of the preceding ones.
Several Ile, - contributors are engaged. among whom .are
T S. Arthur and Prof. Alden. whose stories fur the young
are excelled by no writer 111 the country.
YEARLY stn 22 , RIPTIOS, P..q. ONLY. (,rent inducement.
are offered to those who take the work in club.. and now
i• the time to form CLUES tor the new volume initial
or January number is now ready. It contain. A ~.m.nNtati
Poltramt ON eTEED. and it great variety of engraving. on
wood. raepared expressly fur the Cabinet The, en
graving, alma. eo.t niore than
>early vnl for 1%4, besides containing nearly
400 large octavo pages of the choicest reading. ssnd ap
propriate music. will lie richer in embelli•litnelit. thou
ally at its contemporaries. a bother the, appear 111 2112 ori
ginal Amerman enstulla, or uu Uric horrors ed man this
other sine of the Atlantic.
line %oleo of the public ores.. co univer,ally rood Cc.
w•nnnl}• 1+ Certain!, IlicheitlVc that tint. magi—
Intro hoc won it. Wile to in Inigh place no popular
The pubb•bcr two or tune at these ntatx:e....
, JWCIIII ,. II of more ;Imo a hundred.
_ .
, Thi4Lfa/me t. 11 model which we could u i.h were
follua ed by all work+ of lip Cla , .. It
iallo,. or melancholy: cheerful. but not frivuloua; re
halo.. but neither ee•tanun nor dogmatical; uhile tt
num, vet . ) happily the winniuz grace of 111mill:tray in ith
the &gutty of .eh = re.ln•rt." [N. V. Dolly Tttlame.
It Manual. to preetmtn ytrm.. mid m•lllollllippeltr.,:Wilit-
Ora a _nod Nupply Of -ohid uml valuable wren' [New Or
We do not know of a more elegant and beneficial
work for the young. - [Nonii's Weekly
It illantrated. and evinces great ability
and interest. The editor has a fine tact for such a work."
[N. V. EVII/I,Z.
-If any of our juvenile filen& win), for a niatm7ine
whirl, to entertaining. and richly worth its cost. here it in.
I'Ve do not know a better work for their purpose." [Mu-
Journul. N V.
`• Thy 0411110( IS One of our bent writers Cur the young."
(N. V. Cow. Ads.
linieies a, original, and the tout fresh and live
le." IN. V. Christ. Enquirer.
•• We van but express again our high opinion of this
nionild). - IN. V. Chnst. Adv. A: Jour.
mine:vied that the Cabinet is one of
the 1110•Ientertaining. instructive. and ',all/air) periodic•ah
for eluldren." [V. V. Christ. !melt.
••It. editor goes In work the right wow to tank., cld.t
rnt ti) nap:ming io,eful kunwledg.•. and inieresi.
no them in ,111Ile% c•r ie good and beautiful.' 'Charier
Oak, Mulford, COllll.
TERs7.---ro ••en...•tittiwits IN ( [AM.
4 collie, one ) var. w nth
7 cop., ••
•• ••
mono y ran be •+afely .ent .
tantl. The pub.
lisher mill pa) the po.tag.: under, on Si and ups‘uni.s.
1301"N7) VOLUMES OP •rife CABINITr
In preparing the monthly titittitter.great prim. are taken
to mithe a tableful tool ezeellent } Monte Mr the library
Lt Ibis particular the Vootli••4 ealtinet has. to. }et, fin
truer.; and it believed 111 no other COIIIIIII., Cal, tie
found. iu ••0 eouvemeut aml elegion ti form, and tor the
exPea.e..och tot amount of entertaining koowlellum
a. in the ) early }gnome-. of tho, stork. 'jury are pro}
with n yea, ly idex. and are partieillarl) adapted 10
SC1100) Tho , a intere•ted to COIIIIIIOII . 4 2 / 1 001.,
are iovitell to examine theta
THE o! ('(VD VOLUNIE. I'OR 1,17,
t. tioo• ready and may la: hail ,eraratelv. or ill Conner
twit NA all Ow fin.t. It 1. coatiol,te la Itself: and cannot tail
TO he limoslg the ino.tpopalar Jul the any or A .11,-
a•.llres hi. lialronc that there be no
delay iu filling their order-I.:I+ !here
atill.oll A moil 6 larger eililloll I. bolllld.
iwu voliiine.,
111 guile edge., I .Al—tl., Iwo voltl 75
vrlititrit, 1 00_4 31)(1
130111 vo/urue. in mu.liu , and UM, year'.
: 4 :3 IV.
IN,TAGE Pura:.—The initial eilttwit tiara lie , •itt to oily
!Ica 01 the rioted Stoir s. lor evil'+ pu~t:lge. Thus
who recant :6,2 for two coot:, Alan receive the Stlllle
age fr.,.
Aotr. , re. gratlemen of ability nod
good toldre..s are wanted. to obtain subscriber, tor the
tang s a,itte. and to sell Ow bound volume.. Application,
s:andil be atrompanied ssit It rt,porieible teAlintonialA a.
to character. nod all lettere poet paid. The 1.i . .1
meats s, dl be °Werra to good agent , . A small nuptial of
-.nee neeesettry to he invested in 1/0111111
which foul n reedy sale. Ilia* is the Ica eeesott tor the
rmstinnsters nre authorised In net ngents. and
nay avail them..elves of the priVilllllll. Offered ,11.101. C. or
serve to per eent. m the 111011 P), collected 01 new -oh
craters. Speennent. sent semi:. Address
1). A. WOODWORTH. Publisher.
Chown Huth:New York
the ditferent grime. el' (1e..... uud
Block Tl:_ S. pat up carenilly 111 Tl' FOIL. in
ipinfoer uud hall pound pnper., for tiuudy
decal it 1111111,,,th, Io ether tutu delltIle• .thle
riortty Oler oil other as lin. been our tested t) the
jute Tensing 11011111111 tar them.
Prim:mat Depot. No 21. South Second street. Milli.
For sale by FRY & SPANGI.EIL
Win, arm the only nutliorked ugents for Columbia.
DeCeIIIIMIT 1,17.-3111
ANNuALs ron 2848
FirOLIDAY PRESENTS: lire have just received
troll. the eity the ino-t superb and elegant u-tort.
mein of Animal.. and other fine book. for the Militia!, s.
ever offered to the good eiti.len. of Columbia. We give,
for the information of Owrn alto love to celebrate the
annual return of Chri,tnia. and New Year by exchang
ing token. of Itieo.l.l/ip ur e , teein, tt catalogue. from
which we are confident. vi cry our may -.elect n [took
,intable tor Ike seto.on. toot expo...kit, 01 all the feeling.;
•. wood 1,1,1411.10011 ed dui C' our \\arm!) iii.pire.
Among our Animal. ma lw mood the follnaa fug. which
tire elegantly bound. mid tall of .plentlid engrai:ings and
intere,ting matter:—
Leullet. of Meat. for 11-1 4 ,
Souvenir fin 1.4',
Mirror of Lite,
Gent of the Sensors,
Forget Me Not,
Frientl.hip's Oifering,
Odd OtTeriag,
The ;Cal.
TO}rether With a large
style nil an /I`. l l nml l l'
mini Ref. and Lutheran Ilya
dal pre,eitts to church men
gilt edge , . ke Poetien
Slial,pettre, Cni t
mlllOll, Sun
Ityron, Rog
Moore. lion
Mr.. Hein:inc.
Superb Turkey binding. and
Girl', Own Book.
Amerwitit Girl'. Hook,
Ibeik for Girl.,
Talk tor Girl.,
Mother', Leo.on to Girl..
Little Song. for little folk.,
Parley. Pet Hook,
Idle Hoar hook,
Valli,ee Starlet,
Mother (;(10 , e'l , Melodies,
Rh nme Book. I
These book. have all been gotten up expre...dy ibr the
Ihrilitlay.. In in neat and beantifill Mita la•r. 10 please TS
well an in.lniet the young. .t. most superior lot of later.
Cameo. and Gilt edge Note Paper. Ens elopes. beautifully
wrought to sort. French Letter Pout, do. gilt edge, and a
large quantity of ST.VfIONEItY of every ile.criptimi.
All of which can be had at the Book and Stationery De
IN•e. 100 m.% nt., oppu.iu• the P. 0.
rrientl , hip's Gift,
The Rainbow.
1111141M:1G 13104.0 MR,
Bomiet. huge sue,
Itn) Firmer.
The Snow Storm.
umber. and richly gotten up
`re.bytertun. Metitodist. Ger-
Book.t. quituble tor Both-
TUrko•) 1,0111111,
AVorL4 of
they, t 'owner.
Nirn, rkwhite,
tdon, Bossitt.
gilt cdtreq.
Book for lloya.
Own !look.
Country Hook,
Talk for
I)nyK. of Boyhood,
I lonic Story Book,
Theory Langdon.
Boy'. Book' of Fun.
Alnico for the Million,
Comte NVorld.
.f.‘, raw, are prepared to tunnel, at •hort notice. e Very
article m.ed in a Printing OM,. and have reduced the
Prices of Ty Pc upwards of 18 per cent. They tiow
charge Mr
Pica. 22 et.. ct...
Small Plea. 31 - Nonpareil,
• Long Primer. 311 .• Agate.
Bonn:erns, 411 8 'Pearl. Ft tilt
41; DllllllOll,l, 100 4
D e termined to spare no eXpeane in making their estab
liethment ns ealiallete as ponnittle• they are genial(' up a
uniform Seam la the celebrated Sear n ilea v. V. hid. are
nnemialled or beauty and iluratilny. and which they feel
assured will meet 'Alta general approbation. Several
sires are now ready.
Having recently visited Europe for the purpose of pro
curing every improvement in their line of business. they
now offer a greater variety of Policy Type. Borders- Or
naments, Ac., tee. than nny other establishment m the
rimed States: and their 'martt ed methods of casting. and
of preparing metal. enable them to 1111111611 orders It a
manner to enmre satisfaction.
Printing Presses of every description. Pruning Ink.
Chases. Cases, Brass Rule, Fitranute, &e., at the lowest
Second-hand Presses and Type which has boon used
only In siereoty ping. generally on hand.
Books. Pamphlets, Monte. Xledunne Directions. Labels.
Cheeks. Drafts, .te., correctly and elegantly stereotyped
an heretofore.
N B. Specimen Books will be rent to Printers who
wish to make orders. 1.. JOHNSON at Co.
Phila , Dec. 1.8, 1r..47.—tf. No 6, Little George at.
BEM 321:111771 STORE.
This to an excellent motto, and should always he
halo, ull conditions of life--untler all circuit.
ntanec 1. it t, useful—lint how much more to to those who
are in -,earth tit GREAT BARGAINS. lit the nliape of
Let then, find out ult. re the ••liEL HIVE" a loemed—
kt them ...Moil them-eh,. that thee arc actually in the
then—and then only--east they goubeed and buy. forlhcy
set!! be rum to Vltt. C111:A OND 0000 000113.
of i with tile above
Encro- and truth can :done •au,ly the wants of the peo
ple of enlialitened age.
11'c :ire reeetvinc daily
Every nither. 'Mother. Slier and Brother. and all those
who have neither. 41tould at 1,44,4 cull—it mil) to please
tilt IDLE CI'ItIO , II DID! we Mr beautiful g00..14 at the
•• 13EE DIVE - North (Wen Street 111 door.. north of the
Yost Oitir•e. CHAS. iVENTZS. & BRO.
Lanett-ter. December 2.5 1-17-11.
$500,00 REWARD.
T IFF, are Hereby Camtioned arainst re—
Rum:lo.s (our tOrtuer ageat)
au) 0( 11, , ~, tea, k"... Nio , ltected Worn/ Syrup. it.. he haoi
~,,, th.eharc. II tram our eitapluy. No Ille4ilClll , in grit
ttioe ssithol.l c.rifien , 101111111, Of J. N. & 0. S. the
hereaek on the label ui 1,1.41 !Joule. 'Elie alms,: reward.
ill Le paid upon the COIIVICIIOII of 3113 per , on counter
feiting ,Lel ntore 01 tt lurk the puhlte ha,. notice;
rind are r agattet valour the above 'ta
med Je ,, e lA* motley WI our account. nn he has
1111 nilthorite to reeri‘e the ,1111 e.
newt Ow rtilwale• lr n. 11. highly re4pecta
tale grear pleatatre in intbrm
tog )011 01 the gr.,: 111111 C) ut )our WOlllll Aly
daughter leung afflicted tor a Ions! time, I teed all flat
rentethe ... toe leer toy tyro lair to. it ahout receiving
ally benefea ....a wive the cant: up a, hopeletet. when It
13,14 1111110,41. by one of toy unruly. to try ) our Sy
and 111.11.1 .at. notelt ugaiout toy %sill. but stirproMig
to tell, loutore taking the whole of one bottle, it brought
the large-I quantity of %%ono,. I have ever 41,11 1 ;rl.l
from it cloud. 11. all toy Kurile, and nlato.t ittqtantly rear
tonal the elithl to health. Ltet.peettolly )(MN. Sc.
11 /SEP)! ELKIN:TON. )1.11. VIIII•elitown. N. J.
. .
Prepared only lq J. N. it G. S. llohmentek. 2nd and
Coat- mai tor al, I.y all revdelable storekeep
er- in tin-:met .
umg alto tree have author,-
/ed to pen Lark the money in e‘ it tint! in
!ovum -am.mennu—Priee2.s em. Alms, llolten , rtek%.
elm Tooth Arlie Drup, a certain cure liar tooth oche—
Pnee 11; I token-ark's Rheumatic Liniment—Prieto
1101.en.n.ek'. Cure All Sake.. Mr weak hock,,
-prams. are-b until old -errs. burns. .S.e.—Priee 12; eent3.
!!okra..eV- 'Tenter Mintment—fore 25 Celli,. one but
mammon:ll to dun: all eruptuu, of the For sale as
above Pluludelphia. Nov. 4 211. (-47.
S. PITTON. After rctnrn!ng thanks
t' 111 thy 1 . 01/1•1, 10 - el/11001011 ..111:lity. for the
very liberal .Lune ot patron:me,ed upon them du
rum the ',mu sprang and out •r. Wolollllrlllll call their
attention to their new Hoek of 1'.X1.1. AND WINTEIi
(;001”, eon.t.tiug niOlalage.lgll.ll rate(
rierman olos—eoloirg'4 Paramount. tool Plaid, Drmou
Mod, Plain. Pllllll a n d Pitney colored ettodamore+. Cali
fornia tool Lama 1 . 1:1111 11101113.1/111e, Alvan - ova, Nic•XWMI,
11111.1. :0111 Cern, roordo \Vooleit do. Sum,
rim tatals London (llitsooy Allotment.. lowan, Plaid and
striped do. : 4 1 1.1 X% IS. ea-bone re. 'Perko. rra. l'anbronde roo
(e. Pllllll T)01/11. 'Silk and \l'oril Fringe, Blanket,
Plain :11111 I'lloo CllOll 110. New et) le Belgian Shawl,
Cm m,% ASI) tneonlrlt}›.—A large itou.ortmesit ofelothe.
\Veod of I . ..gland and ("rend, Cloth. stud Ittnennt,ms. ru
n• fine. and extra ,solth—Blitoo. Ii ut. Dral,. Ohs, In
vt-thle Green. 'Mixed and Blank. Britedi rind Amerman
Cloth--Ploin and Ptoncy Cu—Mimes. Samurais. Kentucky
.111111 , .1401110:1111 al111•11111.11. lie• 41,11,01.. Velvet Coarold.
roar-, Cloth. :tool -satinet, so r) low.
7 11l
10 0I
Coinpleit• :I...orttia.•lll oI 1203 Via r. woolen nod WOTA
velvil until 11111111 1111 , 1
1111111)11/1111g 4 . 11.111111.1.. Gans 111111 nlllllllcllllol' I ' llll.
fia•aorled Color, lb - 11114,11V 1111,1 v1111:011 I'lllllllOlS. 116-
n 0,1041. COM e. :11111 1 - 10-lery. kid. silk. Lurk end woolen.
Glove. nod .aool 0.1.1 cotton Home,
Frenelt fawn Cambric. Handkerchief., veil low. I , ls,
111.11111 g 1/11l111.1•1.. R ' ool 111111 Rag Carpets of the
1.•••.1 quality. !lour and 111Irle 011 ClOlll, Feather... Looking
Fothrells.... Chinn tuul Queettsware. Pre.ll Grr-
TI•114..111.1 imported. Comphene and Lamp
Murkerel by the barrel. Salt by blue sack, IleW crop
Sonar.....orioned Efoney.....ce
01 (k)041-• have ht•elt .1.11•Cled With grrnt core for cash.
la•-ale. lurk lull 111'W 111111 free, front tooth eat or damage.
NV.• therefore feel 00r4e1..e.; able 111111 's illiug to sell low
for est.h. awl gtNe every cati.fuetion to tho-e who may
cull to eIIIIIIIIIC our trorat4 at the New Cheap Cush Store,
Corner of Front soul I.oets.t ..treet.
Colotahiss. Nov. ti. I•47.—tf
T{ROM NEW YORK.---Persons of with Can-
Scratult, 11. Toter, Salt 12.11e11,11. IF:r) -
,apelns. Old Sore, Mercurial Di.cagepz. mad all complaints
nn-lug front 2111,1t!ji!::: , ..?! !1 . 1 , e ., 11 . 1??:1 . ...!!! . ..; . r . e!i1tebted to
Row suit k IV 3,To..—Gents t—Feeling grateful for thri
ertrintrillintry eilre performed lipott me by your Dr. ri i.
!sinks V non - rutia: PINACE.4... I !eel it In) ditty to
tiorni.h you tilt!! a short lii.tory of My ruse.
%Vlit, chola I_ sear. el Sigel Sias inillekeil with King',
IT il. 1 Sin. 11110.4 Ole I are oe•—• I , lo,n_und
ofilifAntiti2Er emir, of illeollcal treatinelit. wi. ' prOTlOnit.
4.,,,,,,r0.,,...;;arr.17kArtig,C.14 disease. pronounced by
ill rat age-. MI tit)'throat Sin. 13114.41 Ziltilt l l4YuYA l 2-:"4.
awe wa. et, creel with them: in line, woo Ulcerated
Witt 4N, ollen 10 apparetitl3 four mile- tin !inland size.
133.1 Tinnoll, ill In) and flyers inn different
pails 01 nay person. 1 Wail phial Illitler the care at Ca
nons time- of the itui.t eitillielil 1 . 11 alt now of New York,
nahlitiore. mod %Shp niter liar.
sae tionl their 'Milt, einletWor , to etfret n cure. my Ca,
h. theta usu. , pronounced ineurable. I liner travelled
over it t.lllle. 01 the Utilon seeking, relict; no expense/
War Aptireti, and it large altiontit of ..... ney Wan eXpelideti.
Inn all in vain. I tu t u used large tinatitilies of 5W131311 . 4
Paniteen. Hoer also taken Carpenter's Simmparilla.
Seliesick's Pulummr Sc rap. Townseitil's Sarsaparilla. nod
ilinnerolei other preparation. ,Itliont etrest: in) throat,
nose. nut hire. were still tileemted, and at length. I lost
e at t rely the sense 0(.313,41131g. 1 commun.! in this dept..
rattle enlitlttititi lilt ;detail :I year.. having given all
Lope. of reetl% yr). I resignedii*Nell to the Will of Petty.
saiiitieollti that erery Meant- of relief liticl failed,
Oa the lith Mt) of August last. I commenced Inking your
Dr. Callen's Indian Vu s tattle Plititteen. having but little
hopes of It, heitetittnlX lire. After having used one hot..
tle. 1 it•cutered to nit titter astonkliment mad gratlfiell
lion. that my .ease of ;Quelling Sin= entirely restored. MA
that the ulcers were rapidly duttitti•hing itt Aire. I limo
110 W When three bottle. of the Panacea: my Mee. mouthy
throat. and nose are eatirely healed. I am now 10 years
ui tur.•. find after 4. ears of intle.erihaltle •Utrerltlg. Inv
general health is better.. and in fuel. at an period Of my
late. have I len Os Well a. I lutes nine sour 111,11.
WINO Plititoren. .Irl.llA /311ANCli,
N. York. Sept. 30., No. 111 Cliff:Street
We. the ander.igned. being prr•nnnlly acquainted with
Julia Branch. of No. 11l Cliff Street, and having a
knowledge of her situation tin. be verut yerie, pact. do
hereby cernfy. thin the nil a +tutcna•nl of her
far a' our per.omil kno•vledgr goe4 ; and from
h,•r charamer 1.11! .41111111 , 1 g. a • .: have lull confidence alt
her .tntene•ut.. 311111 ut the eilicacy of Dr. Culluler, Ration
. g .. Mble
Ed. A Ware. lit! I lilt St. S. (+ln.•utu. RooAewelt
Maria Rare. do C. O'Neal, ill chit - Street,
S. Baxter. Itt Malherry St. I:nnly Cnrie, Ilud•.mt Street.
Ye burned Ow, of th.• lealma Art." if ve ran ao far
overcome proli•..umal pride. go a. a,e g w id e? ,
e know mu how to compoand. ye may pre+erve many
valuable Lars ninth wdl °Mem lie be .aerMeed,
ye not pre.rrihe it !
Whole.ale and Retad. by ROW.%ND & NVA.I.TON,
Propra•lurn 3711 Man ket St.. Pluhulelphm, WIT. A. LEA
DER. Culnutlna. the: J. T. ANDI:IL.4,)N, Munetta, Pa.,
mat tilXl.t.“l: DOSE. Pa.
lleeember 1.5. 1-47
route yicihrin of Quackery. an
h} the pre•teripttona continued
in thin book any one may care hitnaeiL without hindrance
to bu•utene. of 1110 knowicrlge of the moo inmwno friend,
and uuh one-tenth the teutul expele.c. In addittion to the
general routine of Private di.ennes. it fiILY exPletnn the
en jar of llnnhnod'r• early decline. with °harry:name on
:11nrring..—.1..-oih, many derangement% o M.+ it would
not be proper to r illimerattul in the publio print*.
I reo.oll/. 1'0..0111,r nt 111/1.01. 1 1 0 0 110 M 1 . 111/11Elphir,
can have thin book leeward to them through the Pont
Oilier, on the receipt of 1N eniy-five 00111. directed to Dr.
Yonac. lid. Spruce,
Jnnunr 22. I -.I
DERRY DAVIS'S Pain Killer, or the People's
FAVOILITE.—The mmbncriber begs leave to Inform
the entrea• of enhimbla and vicinity that he has just
received from Provnleatoo. R. L. three bones of Perry
"L a n len Pa i n Enter, m well known In the New England
Males fnr removing all kinds of pain., nn matter what
kind—Bite.' mat inim, Aching Face, Aching Teeth. Burne r
Pam in the niNrk. back, and head; Coble. Cholic pale,
din , doe and far sale only by W. A. LEADER.
Columlna, November 6,1847.—1 f.
HOGSHEADS, Pipes, Tierces, Barrels, of every
knot for sole cheap, at E. RA Ulll4.
i'olwohia, Jau. 1, IS4t-tf. New York Store.
'ourself for ti rents.. By
litmus of the Poelet A.eula
or. Every One his Own
l'hysirian !—Sevmiteenth FAi-
Mil. with upwards of one hon
ked Engravings, showing pr
rair .I+..•u•rs 111 •very shape
oni form, and malformations of
he generatise sYstrm.
By Wm. YouNo, x n.
The time line now arrived,
dun persons suffering from cc
•rot disease. need no more be-