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V. ii. PALVER, North West corner of Third and
Chestnut streets, Philadelphia,
i rribtme Buildings, (opposite City Hallo Y. York.
South East corner of Baltimore and Calvert streets,
Baltimorcy and
N 0.12 State strOtt b Boston.
Wicuax A. Pizatt% Travelling Agent.
Divist SEnvter.—The net. N. A. Keyes, for
totem years'a missionary to Persia, will preach iu
the Ger. Ref. Church of this place, on to morrow
afternoon at half-past two o'clock.
Tas-renn. AND Testrvtse.—Friend Slack, in
Shreiner's Walnut Front, has become the special
agent of Santa Claus, for the coming holidays. Ilis
Kock must please everybody—and his children.
Sitterinch—The boys were merrily employed in
improving the skim of ice, which formed on Mon
day night for tine first Lime this season. Slippery
pavements we have had before.
fiances lioaoscore.—Those interested in As
trology can get a world of information, such as it is.
from the December number of this publication.—
Groat times among the great men arc prognostica
ted by the stars. They ought to know.
larrxtes Liviso AG; from which we copy the
article on our first page, is a most excellent cam_
pilatiou of the choice morsels of literature from
every possible source. The "Conquest of Peru,"
although rather long, will well repay a perusal.
Ewnstit's livtinstmics Alm Ittcemoncs.—The
second number of this highly interesting and use
ful work has been received. This work ranks with
the catalogue of "books which arc books." Grccly
& 211'Elrath,New York.
A Goon TELEcinsrit Jose.—A good telegraph
joke—good because it is true, the Rochester Adm.-
tiser says—occurred in that city a day or two ago .
A "professional" gentleman had telegraphed to
13uf1'alo to procure the services of a lady star for a
brief season, at the National, and received the an.
swer through the same highway of thought.—
Opening the communication handed him by the
boy, he thought lie spied the game of some wag in
the matter, and he exclaimed," You can't fool me;
this ain't her writing. I've seen it a thousand times,
and this ain't nu more like hers than mine is!"—
And with a quiet wink at his shrewdness, he pro
ceeded to give directions about the stage.
The manager had not probably heard that "the
news is transmitted in a fluid state;" and was as
ignorant of the modus operandi, as a patron of the
telegraph here, who offered a communication com.
rucncing, "I now tako my pen in hand, &c." and
closing with
"My pen Is poor, my ink is pale.
And toy love to you shall newts . fail."
THE Floon.—The heavy rains of last week
caused a severe freshet in the Juniata, covering the
turnpike in many places and interrupting the travel
for some days. The Juniata mails failed to arrive
in time for a few clays, in consequence of the turn.
pike bridges being swept away. It was feared that
great damage would again be done to the Juniata
canals, but as the water subsides it is found the
injury is not so great as was at first anticipated.—
Dem. Union.
Extensive floods have also occurred in the Ka
nawlia, James, and Allegheny rivers.
Mr. John Means, editor of thc " Wayne County
Democrat," at Wooster, Ohio has spliced himself
at last to Miss Kate Korn.
We have beard of intoxication in lore, hitt
brother Moans has got fairly horned. Mrs. Kate
bemoans herself by such an alliance.
Statement of the Debt of the United Slates on the
lot of November, 1847.
Of the principal and interest ut the old funded end
unfunded debt, 8122,288 53
Treasury notes issued during the
war of 1812,
Certificates of Mississippi stock.
Debt of the corporate cities of the
District of Columbia, J,n80,000 00
Loan of 1842 at 6 per cent, 8,3.13,886 03
Loan of 1843 at 5 per cent , 6,604,231 35
Treasury notes issued -•nor to 4th of
March, 1845, outstanding,
Outstanding treasury notes issued un
der act of 22d July, 1846,
Outstanding treasury notes issued un
der act of 28th January, 1847, 13,887,700 00
Loan of 1846 at 0 per cent., 4,989,149 43
Loan of 1647 at 6 per cent, 8,384,250 00
Loan of 1846 at 5 per cent., in pay.
ment of the 4th and sth instalments
of the Mexican indemnity,
Military bounty land scrip,
915.122,423 93
Treasury Department,
Register's Office, Nev. 19, 18.17.
This shows an increase of 927,333,642 31. The
'Washington Union expects the increased duties
under the new tariff, and (time derivable from the
Mexican tariff, to diminish this sum materially.
SYMPATIIY FOR ITALY.—Tho meeting in N. York
of the friends of Italian freedom and progress was
very numerously attended, and was addressed by
several distinguished citizens, whose appeals were
responded to with the greatest enthusiasm. The
New York papers arc filled with its proceedings,
from a perusal of which we judge that it must have
been a most gratifying manifestation of public sen
After.* the organization of the meeting, the Presi
dent, William V. Brady, Esq., Mayor, laid before
it several letters from public and distinguished gen
tlemen, in reply to the invitations of the committee
addressed to them, to take part in this meeting.—
The letters were then read by Mr. Devereuz, one
of the Secretaries, and were from Hon. M. Van
Baron, Hon. James Buchanan, Hon. G. M. Dallas,
Hon. Reveredy Johson, %V. 11. Seward, T. H. lien.
ton, Hon. Albert Gallatin, Senator Dix, Senator
Dickinson, Hon. Edward Everett. Mr. Greeley
was then.introduced, and read the Address to Pope
Pius which had been prepared for the occasion, and
the meeting was subsequently addressed by Ben
jamin F. Butler, Theodore Sedgewiek, J. S. Bor.
worth, Dudley Selden, Samuel J. Tilden, Robert
Kelley, Dudly Field, Professor Foresti, and others.
—N. American. •
Daniel Webster (says the 'Boston correspondent
of the New York Tribune, writing on Saturday)
arrived at the Tremont House that morning from
Marshfield. His health is much improved, though
he still looks pale from his bilious attack.
We are gratified to know that his health is im
proved, but we can not for our life imagine the
great thinking machine "looking paler'
G, Dec. 4, 1547
A BUSINESS TRANSACTION.-011 Saturday last a
person unknown presented at the counter of the
Exchange Bank in Albany a check for 91,805 97,
which was paid. It was drawn in the name of
Tweedlc & Darlington.
DONATIONS TO IRELAND.—It appears from a
statement in the American Almanac, that the
amount of donations sent from this country to
the relief of the destitute in Ireland, considerably
exceeds a million of dollars. Includin,g all the
donations, in kind and money, private and
for the year, the total value cannot fbll short of a
1 million and a hulf of dollars.
DID THEY ADMINISTER Visr.c tit ?—Mr. House,
a shoemaker residing near Mount Olympus, in
Troy city, died of hydrophobia last week. He was
bitten by his dog some three weeks previous. He
died in frightful agonies.
S.4STA FE LETTsas.—Seventeen hundred letters
were received, on the 18th, at our post office from
Santa Fe. This looks as if New Mexico were one
of our provinces, indeed.—St. Louis Republican.
Snow fell to the depth of three inches in Buf
falo on Friday of List week.
Levi Strange died soddenly last week in Cinoin.
nati, in a lit of excitement, occasioned by going
home and not finding his dinner ready.
ANOTHER CANAL.—TIic Apalachicola Adverti
ser contains a communication setting forth the
feasibility of uniting the waters of the Gulf with
those of tho Atlantic.
POF.TTY COM-Y.—The proposal improvement of
the Osage river, it is said, can be accomplished fur
825,000.—Spirit of the Times.
We should say, pretty cheap. If it does not
costthat aunt to legislate fur it, the people will be
WHAT Is IT 7—An exchange calls the press 'the
artillery of thought,' Jut i so—the 'l ed
The Mercury on the other hand, thinks it the Idark
art-illery. Perhaps it is both.—Du Salle.
OXE AY' SIAM' is advertised in Cincinnati,
by her husband, as having gone to parts unknown,
without the consent of her liege lord. What else
could be expected of a woman with such a name?
—Du Suite.
A FELLow stole a coal grate the other day in
Louisville. lie %I:a , ' determined to be a great vas.
cal, little ones being vulgar and abundant.—Du
lIAVE Annn • Eo.—Copt. Rowley's company of
Pennsylvania volunteers had arrived_ at N. Or.
Icons from Pittsburg.
party of Naval Officers under the command of
Lieut. W. F. Lynch, will shortly sail from this port,
in the United States ship Supply, to the Mediterra
nean, for the purpose of making an exploration of
the Dead Sea. One great object of the investiga
tion will be to ascertain whether this sca and its
shores are of volcanic or non-volcanic origin. The
elucidation of this subject is a desideratum to
science. Costigan, the only man who has under.
taken to circumnavigate this sea, perished in the
attempt. British officers have tried but also failed.
—Sci. Am.
IS 11.1.00 N 111mAon.—Mr. Gate, the reronaut, wit
nessed a phenomenon during ono of his aerial coy.
ages, which is said to be unprecedented in the an
nals of balloons. Having become becalmed and
perfectly stationary, for a full quarter of an hour
he was preps ring to descend, when suddenly he be
held a perfect " cotiotvrleit presentment" of the
machine depicted on the clouds to the southward.
This appearance continued fir about four minutes,
when the balloon descended to a lower region, and
the image gradually faded away.
4,317 4-1
1,320 On
239,f29 30
TIIF: Moos Ssccxes.—French novel writers, even
the ablest, frequently choose very singular titles to
their works, apparently because they think such
eccentricity is necessary to secure them attention,
At this moment works arc in course of publication
called "The Club of the Damned," " The Blue
faced Knight," "The Bloody Shoestrings," " My
Father's Shirt," and "The Nose." Modern French
poets, too, have the funniest ideas and expressions
imaginable. Within the last few days I have met
with the following titbits in poems which have the
pretension to be serious:—"A sound as when the
moon sneezes," "It looked like a ray of honey!"
"The agitated steel," for the ringing of a bell;
" Heaven coughed," for it thundered ; "Great man !
though art not a simple ceiling—thou art the sky !"
"heaven—God's blue carpet !" "Those tender
' fowls with heavenly wings—Angels !"
1,079,900 00
361,516 7.1
71,625 00
KEnruso ToKm nA.Nos IN.—Wc copy the follow.
from the Puebla Flag of Freedom of the 20th ult.—
Michael Leonard, a Teamster belonging to the
train which arrived here on the 12th inst., was
hung yesterday morning in the Main Plaza, in
pursuance of his sentence, for the murder of an
other Teamster, named William Hampton. The
murder occurred on the road the day after the bat
tle of Huamantla. Leonard bad previously quer
relcd with a wagon-master named Boulct, and in
tended to kill him alone. Roulet, however, escaped
with the loss of an arm, while the same shot. killed
Hampton. An immense crowd assembled to wit
ness the execution. Leonard expressed no regret
at dying, and said that his sentence was a just
one, but that if he had the thing to do over again,
he would avenge himself on Boulct.
ANoTurrt. Mt:Rom—Juan Mose, one of the most
active of the Spy company, and well known to our
readers as the little Frenchman," was shot dead
on Monday night, by a soldier or follower of the
army. The murderer was intoxicated at the time,
and perpetrated the crime without provocation, and
apparently without motive.
From the Saturday Cleaner
REMINISCEi4CES or INDIA.—On the first establish,
ment of a judicial department in a colony that has
been accustomed summarily to regulate its own
disputes, the colonists themselves arc generally
averse to the introduction of laws curtailing their
natural liberty. The island of Pule Penang in the
Straits:of Malacca, had, for a considerable time
after its establishment, been governed by a species
of lynch law, administered, as it was termed, by a
Penang lawyer, alias, a thick bamboo cane, which
grows in that island; and so many knock-me
down arguments had occurred, that it was neces
sary for the preservation of the brains of those re.
sidents who had any, to institute a secure, perfect,
and justifiable mode of settling disputes. A regn.
lar judicial court, with a recorder as judge, accord
ingly superseded the authority of the Penang law
yer; but from the conflicting elements of which it
was composed, many ludicrous scenes occurred, of
which the following is a specimen.
A young midshipman, a native of that ;island
which is fumed for the Inca the same instrument,
only under the more euphonious name of "shine.
lagb," preferring the original mode of decision, had
been exercising his talents with such success, that
the native police, after suffering much from the
toffectiondtet mode in which they had been knocked
down, secured the gent in the chokedar until the
next day, when he was brought into court under
charge of a Sepoy or native soldier, and arra igned
before the awful tribunal. The Sepoy kept close
to him,standing as stiff as if at drilll—not yet
perfectly satisfied of the pacific intentions of his
Now it unfortunately happened that the judge
himseil was from the same country, and having the
prescriptive right of reversing the order of in.
terrogation, instead of asking " what induced you
to commit this assault 9" put the question thus,
,‘ Mr. 1)., how did you do this 9" with the quickness
of thought, he answered," I'll show you, my lord,"
and, suiting the action to the word, chucked the
starch Scpuy under the chin, at the same time,
tripping up his heels, so that he made a most un
expected somerset, alighting upon his head, with a
ringing sound; "'c'hat's the ,:.ay I did it, my
lord." The whole court was convulsed with
laughter, affecting es en the gravity of the bench,
and it broke up its the must admired disorder ; the
merriment being not a little increased by the en.
ragcd look of Sepoy, who could by no means com
prehend why he had been made to reverse tho
order of nature, and stand upon his head instead of
his heels. I'.
• Comes nut —l - 11,•18 friend—
And Ihr lore knneka him down.'
NATUR tr. lLe roil Y.—A paper was lately read
before the British Association of Geologists by E.
Vevian, which gave an account of sonic recent re.
searches on Kent's Cavern by the Torquay Nat.
oral History Society in which it would appear that
our forefathers were at one period unacquainted
o ith the use of iron.
In one place was found a layer ofdark mould, con .
taining burnt wood or charcoal, with recent shells
and bones, resting on the floor of staglamite, and
below this, a solid bed of red marl, full of broken
bones, and teeth of extinct animals. In another
place, below a floor of staglamite, which was care
fully swept and seemed never to have been disturb.
cd, they found the same red loam, with many
bones much decayed, and a flint knife. In another
place where the staglamitc was about one foot
thick, the same loam contained a bed of Ihssil teeth,
principally of hyena, many fossil bodies, and
among them another perfect flint knife. The
author thought the cave was first inhabited by bears,
hyenas, and other carnivorous animals, by whom
many of the bones were carried into the cave; that
those, by means of a flood, were mixed with the
red loam, and that men sub,ermently inhabited the
cave, leaving the flint knives now found. Then
came a third period in which the staglamite was
deposited; and last of all, that period in which the
British contains found above the staglamite were
deposited in the cave.
Tut: PATH lOT'S Don Ix Bairns.—A letter from
Capt. Merrill, of the army in Mexico, gives the fol
lowing witching incidents :
Among the brave and good that have this day
fallen was my friend Buroen,nr the .sth Infantry.
Ile fell early in the action front a wound ir; the leg.
On the slight repuloc of our troops be was it,hu
manly murdered by the enemy's lancers- His
faithful dog—a beautiful pointer, had accompanied
him there; he was also wounded. During the ac
tion he became separated from his master. After it
had sub4ded, the noble form of Burwell, manly as
in life, was discovered, and beside him, and licking
his face and wounds was his poor dog, who regard
less of his own pain, had sought his generous mas
ter in the hour of danger, there, upon the same
field, to die. This affectionate scene touched the
hearts of many.
Again, after the fury of the battle was over, I
saw a camp-woman, of the infantry, who came
upon the field to look for her husband. Almost
frantic with despair she ran from one to another to
enquire after him, but getting no information she
immediately went to search for him among the
slain. Passing from body to body, she at length
found Trim—dead. Kneeling over his corpse she
endeavored to raise it, but finding life extinct, slie
gave utterance to shrieks and lamentations, truly
touching to hear. ller all had fallen. She con.
tinned to remain on the field, (under fire of the
enemy) until his lifeless body was carried off, which
she followed in the deepest grief. Such is affec
tionate woman !
ELECTRICI TY UNlVERSAL—Electricity is difilistil
through the entire mass of this globe and of the
atmosphere which surrounds it, and it may be re
garded as one of the must active elements iu all the
works of creation. In every chemical change with
which we are acquainted—in the various pro
cesses of organic life—in the mechanical move
mcnts of particles of matter—in any alteration of
state, under the influences of heat or solar radiation,
it is by mere contact with solid bodies that electri
city is developed. We learn to know it as some.
thing fearful from the irrcsistable power of the
lightning and the thunder from its terrible explu.
Bien. We marvel at its influence in directing the
needle of the mariner, and we arc astonished at the
rapidity of its thigh!.—Sci. Am.
rom Mexico, dated the 9.01.11 of October, and pub.
Fished in the Tampico Sentinel, states that Santa
Anna has taken up his residence at Tebuacan,
whence he intends to defend himself against the
charges brought against him.
It is not only alleged against. him that he aban
dondend the city on the night of the 13th of Sop.
tember lest, with his army, in a most cowardly
manner, leaving the city without protection; but
that previous to his leaving, ho robbed the treasury
department of all bonds and every other species of
available means. And to cast off all suspicion
from himself, he then ordered that the prison of the
Accordada he opened, and its eonvicts let loose upon
the community. The hall of the house or Repre
sentatives was entered by them, its chandeliers
broken in a thousand pieces, the rich tapestry torn
from the windows and strewed about the fluor, and
the residue of the splendid ball mutilated, if not
entirely destroyed.
THE CANAL is closed at Buffalo, and we have
reports that it is also closed at other points. The
weather the whole of yesterday was very cold, the
thermometer raging at a very low point, the mid
day sun having scarcely any effect on the snow
which fell on Sunday night. At this place the
canal is still open, and boats are arriving rapidly.
The quantity of produce arriving is very great :
and is probable that in three or four days, should
the canal remain open until that time, it will be
pretty well cleared of boats. But six boats cleared
westwardly yesterday.
An avalanche of produce poured into the basin at
this city, from the Eric Canal, between 9 A. M. on
Saturday and the sumo hour on Monday. Amongst
the quality were 47,000 bbla. of flour, 52,000
bushels of wheat, 20,000 bushels of barley, 20,000
bushels of oats, 360,000 pounds of cheese, and
160,000 pounds of butter. We shall not starve yet,
—Albally Argus of Tuesday.
Pi's number of "hunters" from Day.
ton have been in the woods this full. Their success
generally has been very encouraging. lint the
finest "sport" seems to have fallen in the way of
Jim Davis. Ilc "bagged" five deer, and a bear
weighing 426 pounds 1 The bear was shut in
Paulding county about three quarters of a mile
from the camp of the party, with which Davis
went out. When first seen, the bear was standing
upon his hind legs nearly erect—pawing at some
! thing on a tree. Ire soon came down upon "all
fours," when Davis fired; the ball struck the ani
mal in the ham and ranged through to the neck .
This was emphatically "a fire in the rear !" The
bear started oft with a terrible howl, followed by
Davis, and was killed by a ball in the brain, the
third shot.
Davis shipped his prize et the junction, and it
arrived here on Saturday in good condition. When
erect the "varmint" was 81 feet high. 110 must
have been an old settler.—Dnyton J(1111 not.
Frntn the C:inclunat Inrnittg Sizn.ll
must he a sad picture to look upon the laboring
classes of England and Ireland—that empire of
aplen dor and wretchedness. The recent arrivals,
repeat in doleful and afflicting acecnts,the accounts
of their increasing want and woe and misery, and
as the winter advances, their condition must ine
vitably grow worse. There seems no relief for the
destitute—no hope but death for the suffering.
A late number of the Westminster Review has
a long article that speaks in tones that should, and
must eventually, be listened to. The upper, and
even the middling classes, says the writer, have
been so long habituated to a knowledge of the ex
istence of misery and want and privation, that
they ask with indolent or vapid indifference,
when pressed upon to consider the whole question,
"what is there new that we have not heard of?
Is there anything pea ticular to which you refer."
Tell them that an agricultural laborer, who toils
twelve and often fourteen hours per day, in cold,
rain, frost, sun, fog—alternately frozen, blanched
and drenched, earns for the week's labor, for the
support of himself, his wife and four or five chil
dren, none of them able to leave the hut in which
they reside, without the mother accompanying them,
the wretched pittance of twelve shillings—and
they will answer. 0, that has been the price for
e long filar." The writer replies :
No it is not all, for these men shall hear how
these twelve shillings are expended; and when
they look on their tables, groaning with luxuries,
land FCC their own eyes stand out with Carless, let
the bill of fare of the insufficiently paid laborer,
stare them it. 1 1 :.?. face:
Cheese, 0 7 Fuel, 0 14
Potatoes, 0 10 Sas p, 0 5
Bacon, 0 8 Candles, 0 4
And this in the palmy days of what England
calls plenty. No butter—no milk—no meat— no
red herring—no clothing—no medicine—no shoes
or boots—no provision put by for the times when
the husband is unable to work, from sickness or
accident; and yet the twelve shillings are gone:
And in what ? In sufficient food for the body!—
But nuw even this resource is gone among the
million who pre too wcuk, from want and starva.
Lion, to labor.
A sets-Nee ro REVlVE.—Pythagoras invented a
means by which everything that. he wrote upon a
mirror with bean.juicc became legible in the moon.
Cerl. Rhodigin, xi. 13. When Charles V. and
Francis T. were waging war with each other to
obtain possession of Milan, every thing that hap.
pened in the day of Milan could, by means of such
a. mirror, easily be read on the moon at nights in
Paris. Agrippa De.Oecul. Philna. ii. 6.
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE.—Wc have been frequent.
ly annoyed by a soapvender in Philadelphia named
Hanel, who meanly copies our advertisements and
applies the same to his own use. Now what prin
ciple can a man possess who will condescend to make
use ("numb means artifices to insure his success, and
make his articles sell. A man's composition of
or his stereotype matter, is as much his property
as his stock in business, or goods, wares and chat
tels; if, then, another man meanly adopts such
composition, or property for own use, what better
is he than a rogue who will make illegal use of
your goods'? In &little hand bill of ours which we
wrap around our Chinse Medicated Soap, we have
at the head of the bills a small paragraph which
reads thus :
"In an evil hoer the eepent entered Paradise,
and beauty lost ita charm, but the All• Wise gave
man power over all animal and vegetable matter,
and the mysterious secret of restoring unto woman
her former pure, clear and beautiful complexion is
combined in Radway's Chinese, Medicated Soap."
On looking over the Philadelphia Ledger on Mon •
day, the 18th ult., we were surprised to sec our
matter made use of for dressing up another man's
article, and that man our competitor in business,
and for the public's approbation of our respective
articles. We offer to the public. Railway's Chinese
Medicated Soap as a sure exterminator of all ex.
cresences of the cuticle and a certain cure for all
eruptions of the skin. As a Toilet Soap we can
didly believe it to be the most superior Soap extant.
As a Medicated Soap we sincerely believe it to
possess qualities which no other Soap possesses.
For the cure of Salt Rheum, Ring Worm, Erysi
pelas, Chapped, Cracked, and repulsive skin, we
know it is certain in its effects, and is superior to
all others ever invented. Lastly, we never conde
scend to make use of other men's composition to
make our articles sell. We furthermore warn this
man, Jules Ilauel, not to infringe on our rights or
make use in any manner whatever of our stereo
type composition. With these few remarks, we
leave the public to judge the meritis of our Chinese
Medicated Soap, and the merits of an article cloth.
ed in false colors to make it sell.
. - -
Suld for 121 small, and 25 cents fm large cakes,
by Zaino &Jackson, George A. Miller, and John F.
Long, Lincaster; L'ell & Son, Harrisburg ; Morris
& Co. York ; R. Williams, Columbia.
J. & R. G. RABWAY,
N 0.2 Couraand street, N. Y.
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, is mild and I
pleasant to the taste, perfectly safe and harmless in
its operation, and yet it is one of the most powerful
and certain remedies for Consumption attic Lungs,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Spitting Blood, Liver Com
plaint, Pains in the Side or Breast, and
llehility of the Constitution, that was over invent
ed by the skill of man for the relief of the afflicted
public. Certificates and evidences of ita wonder.
ful curative powers arc daily received from all
quartors. It is impossible to conceive the aggre
gate of suffering and misery that has been relieved
or banished by it; nor can we calculate the im
mense benefit that shall accrue front it hereafter.—
All ages, sexes, and constitutions arc alike affected
by it, and the disease is eradicated from time system,
the constitution repaired, and health restored by the
1.19 C of Dr. Swoyne's Compound Syrup of ll'ild
Cherry. now litany suarers do we daily be
hold approaching to an untimely grave, wrested, in
the bloom of youth, from their relatives and friends,
afflicted with that fatal malady, CONSUMFFION,
which wastes the miserable sufferer until he is be
yond the power of human skill. If such suffiners
would only. make trial of Dr. Swayne's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry, they would find themselves
summer relieved than by gulping the various inef
fective remedies with which our newspapers
abound; the " Vegetable Remedy" heals the ulcer.
ated lungs, stopping profuse night sweats, at the
same time inducing a natural and healthy expecto
ration, and the patient will soon find himself in the
enjoyment of comfortable health. The public should
bear in mind that Dr. Swayne is a regular practis
ing; physician, who has had years of experience in
diseases of the Lungs, Chest, &c. The (original
and only) genuine article is only prepared by DR.
SWAYNE, N. W. corner of Eighth and Race
street, Philadelphia.
Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
is put up in square bottles, enveloped with a hand
some steel engraving, bearing the signature of DR.
11. SWAYNC, mid is sold by agents in all the
principal towns throughout the United States,
Sold by Wm. A. Leader, Columbia, and Dr. A.
11. liarnitz, York. 11013'47.1m.
All the fdinw•ing which have obtained fit:-
bounded p.•pnlarny, are sold by W. A. Leader, the only
agent for the get:nine. articles in Colombia, and by .1:1111Vs
Sonth. Lancamter. and Joins J Lihha rt. Nlarietta.
—Boy only of the above persona as all others are,
Ar, Ilixtquitt.t.en Ittimtinv, And an -Minn.,. for ISIS
Gratis --Igt—Fur Colds and revert+ feelingii, and tire
rentinr Fevers .id—For Asthma liver romp! and
Mining alrectiong. 3rd—Fur Martini:l, Indigestion and
If Appetite. 401—For Costivene, to 1.11111011 UM/
1111111.18. 5111 — F 11 , gitioniaeliafreet Dyspepsia and I' des
'floe (7reat Points are, it Is not ball to take, never gives
pain and Wirer /ran, net entire!
For all ilitegs tt is narrnnte.l unequalled, and all
do not 111111 it so may TeL the bottle and get tittle
This medicine, ia1.0.1, - (71.1..73 - S (71:F:Ar 117:.STER-V
IX/11.1X I'.:lX-1 fa:27. Fuller description in an Alma
nac for IS
Atha et - Columbia Hair Touir—Tn the Bahl and flrey—
Ifyiin wish a rich luxuriant lurid of h itr, free from dan
druff:old scarf, .10 not fait lei promise the gentian; halm
of in cases of Inkiness it will more than ex
ceed your expectations. Many who have lost their hair
for twenty years have had it restored to its original per
fection by the use of this halm. Age, stale or condition
appears to be nn obstacle whatever—it also C:LIIsIS , I the
lotil to flow u ith which the delicate hair tube r. tilled, by
which Mean.. thousands (whose ban WWI as grey us 'by
Asia: is eagle) had had their litur ' to us natural
color by 11101141; of this iiivithuttile remedy. In aft roses
Or revel' it nal be found the most pleasant la :roll that
can br• used. A few application. ..lily are necessary to
keep the half 00111 6dlurg out. it Strengthens tile roots
nail lieVl•r frills to impart a rich glassy apnea tame, a tid
as a iierfinne for the toilet it is nuennalled—it holds three
tunes. 0s much as other 1111 , C:111.1 hair restorative. nod s.
MO, Plied! unit.' The grunion manuring tired 0114 Ii; Coin
stock & 110., It, Couriland sire. t, New York.
Conners .Ifatrica/ Erteartor—lt rn rinse conceded
by meth, al men Camel's .1117irelt Porn Erfrat , or,
iounurKbired by Comreock oi• Ca , 21, Courtion t l
Port., is the greatest wonder of the 111111 Lolllllfy. Its
effects are truly :miraculous. All pains ard rrmnved from
burns. scales, 4...and:i1l external sores Ina few minutes
rifler as applientlini, healing the aunt oil the most deli
cate skill, leaving no scar. It is equally beneficial rn nil
kinds of intiainnialory disease.. sin h as sore Nipples and
Eyes, Sprains, nod Ulcers,
Brakes, Chilblains Ilrysiputa..,llite..TlCX DillOre3ll, &C.
e might add as proof to :ill we say the names of many
eminent physicians who use it 111 their practice. nod IMO
11if,(1.4 of Slit clergy who psalm. It to their people. Hind
parent keep it constantly on hand. in cases of accident
”my he loot Wllll,llll It, hilt by its use all burns
are siiltject 10 its control, Holess the vital: are destroyed.
Caution—Rententher and risk for Conairs -Ifoslcia Pato
/:rtractor. mannlactureil by Golost,n4 Yuil.
and lake 110 other.
Flour, 5 0
Praperas Cared—Dr. .11"-Vair's Srrnustic
ilvaffrote old age and from infancy often receive their
betting m a Inept intr.:cub - am manner by the nom of tine
ell. 11 ban tbe cibert to restore the tens lot. and bring into
the triiiirol action tif the parts so nits Direst/we the hearing
when Inst or unpaired. Thii will be done in all sae, of
recent, and many of long standing- All deaf
person, should use this oil. than:dock 4- CO. 21 evert
lard rt. are the Wlinle.alers. Prsee $1 per Ilask.
Pelt v, soreg Genuine Hay's Llnt.nrnt Is an ar
ticle more Justly cchthruted ris a cure for tine above, than
any or all nt hers. Its elites are alnmst innumerable, and
it is only necessary to let those who know the article and
n-ell it with such great success that it is to he hod trite
and genuine of Ceioßteri. Co.ll Courfland strict, Agra
York • sole proprietrira.
Dr. Sphen SnoL Ifenclarhe Rryttrily—Whytv ill you stiffer
with rho. distressing complaint when a remedy is mimed
that will not fail to cure you t 'rho ti nielly n ill effect
ually elevtroy any attack of headache, rittmr nervous or
lotions. it has mired cases of twenty years' standing.
Motltter Erlef—lndian Dircorrry—All expecting to be
come mothers and anxious to avoid the Tains, Distress
and 'Lingers of child-heating, art: enthently entreated to
calm their fears. alloy their nervonstiess and soothe their
way by the imenfthis most extraordinary vegetable pro
duction. Those who Will Candidly oliperVe ITS Vi cities,
must approve of it In their hearts—every kind and affec
tionate husbind will feel it his most solemn duty to alle
viate the distress lilt Wirt, is exposed to, by a safe and I
cern is Meths& .hich is the use of this mother's relief.
Further particulars in pamphlets intended for the female
eye. are to be had trolls where this humane cordial is to
lie 10111141. The 31other's Relief is prepared neli , by the
now sole propri.terz. Comstock S Co. 21 Court and at.
New Tort,.
For Worino—KohnotorVo Vormifiere will eradicate and
cure children and athilre who have worms. Caution—
Ilewnre of all tinli,s the now. is spelled Kollortork, the
old Mitch name of the inventor. Price 25 cents tier bot
tle. .n — lt cannot Injure the child should there be no
%venter, hut It will do it good.
To the Halt and Lem,. Comstock•s Nerve and Pone
Liniment and Indian Vegetable Elixir is the must effect
ual Cure for Rhetittinttinn, contracted cords or MlliCips,
and Is warranted to cure any case of Itheutnatisto or
Erpeciorartt Spmir—flare Faun Cosirk—Do not neglect
it—thousands have met a prema tore death for the want
ofattont mil to a common Cold. Have you a cough I Rev,
Dr. It irtheloinew's E:rpectorast Syrrp, a safe medical
prescription, containing no poisonous drug., and used in
an extensive practice for several years, will most posi
t ivt ly give relief. and save you from that most awful
disease. Pulmonary Consumption, which usually sweeps
Into the grave hundreds of the young, the old, the lovely
and the gay.
All the above article, are sold by W. A. Leader. the
only agent for the gennine article, in Columbia, and by
James Smith. Laneatiler, and John J. Litiltart, Mertens.
Cataron.—lluy only of the above persona a; all others
are eonnterfelt• tiovf.'47-Cm
Comos,Couons AMD CoNevstrrlos.—Wright's Indio.
Vegetable Pills area most delightful medicine for carry
ing off a cold, because they expel from the system all
morbid and corrupt humors (the cause of every kind n(
disease) In en easy and natural a manner that the body
Is relieved of all its eufferinge as if by magic. Four or
five of said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken every night on
going to bed, will in a short time remove the most ob
stinate cold: -at the same time the digestive organs will
be restored to a healthy tone, and the blood so complete
ly purified, that infhiumatinn of the longs, consumption,
or any other fain of disease will be absolutely Impassi
Beware of Counterfeits! The only original and tenn
i ine Indian Vegetable Pills trine the signature of %Villtain
Wright written will a pen on the top label of each box-
None other is gcnntne, and to cativo:frit this is PoracrY •
I:4' foe genuine fur sale by FRY & SPANGLE!". who
are the only authorized Agents Mr Columbia. Also, by
by age me ad seat Hied in another column,
Principal Office. 169 Race Street, Philadelphia. - -
At his residence. is West liemptleid township, on
tVednesday, the 17th of November, Juux PEN ig Even,
aged 61 years 1 day.
rrO RENT, a comfortable two story dwelling
j_ House, in a pleasant part attic to•vn.
Enquire at the Spy °aim
- VO. 251 Market Street. Ninth door above Eiglith St.
1 , 1 South side. Philadelphia. comprises one of the largmt
and most beautiful assortments of HITS, CA & idUrFal
it: the Union, and of tire latest and must apt •iiil stiles,
manufactured under the immediate sopernilentlarice of
the Suliser 'her. in the best manner, of ;mime materials,
and win be sold at the lowest possible prices for cash.
The assortment embraces a splendid variety of SILK,
Mot.bskiv, Ilnavert,Llnusti. RUSSIA, NUTRIA nod nth.,
lINTs, of beautiful tiniph, and a complete Stock of alt
kinds of C 4.01 11, GLAZED. FUR and 1.1.1b411 G. of
the roost desirable patterns, together with a supply of
Wig's, Furs. Bunk) Robes, &c.
Country Merchants and others are respectfully in
vited to examine the Stock, which they wilt Unit it to
their advantage to do before purchasing, 119 It is 1114
determination, having adopted the cash aystean, to sell
tor Cast only, and at the the lowest
251 Market St., above tali st., south bide.
Philadelphia, Dee. 4, 1517.—Gut
r - IN the evening of' Saturday the 11th of De
-1 =ober, 1817, at the I Intel of CoL Herr, there
wall be offered at public sale, a Lot of Ground on
Union street, between properties of Patrick Murphy
and Bridget M"Pague, extending back from Union
to a fourteen met alley, one hundred and eighty
feet, and fronting on Union street twenty-five feet
more or less.
Sale to commence at 7 o'clock, P. M.
Columbia, Dec. d,l S 17.—ts
rpriE subscriber olTers at private sale, rya
I valuable LOT with two DWELLING ".
HOUSES thereon erected, situate en Locust Ntrect ,
near Second st., in the most healthy situation in the
Borough of Columbia. One house has been OCCU.
pied as a Millinery Store for a number of years,
and will be an inducement to a Milliner as it is
fixed for that business. The houses will be sold
separately or together as will suit purchasers. The
subscriber has a large assortment of fashionable
Bonnets, Itibands, Feathers, Flowers,.and all arti
cles in the line of Millinery which will be sold low
for east. ROSANNA M'FAUL.
Columbia, Dcc. 4, 1847.-4(
71IIIS instrument, as its nano suggest", is de
signed as a remedy fur various 'complaints,
dependent on a weakened and relaxed state of the
Spinal and Abdominal muscles.
Mrs. 11. Z. a very respectable lady of the city of
Albany, mother of several small children, of tall
stature and spare habil, Lind been under treatment
for an obstinate uterine disease, attended with :Jr , 3-
lapses uteri, severe pain in the side, weakness of
the back, general muscular debility, lassitude,
languor, acidity of stomach, much indigestion and
costiveness. As medicine seemed to have but slight
effect in affording relief, arising in part, from her
situx.ion as a mother in the daily discharge of
domestic ditties, I recommended a trial of De.
Crain's Spino•Abdomin4l Supporter. In April,
1816 she commenced the use of one, and has con
tinued to wear it up to this date, with very great
relief to all her unpleasant symptoms, and with the
most flattering promise of receiving perinanera
benefit. From the result of this case, as well as
front the excellent mechanical construction and
adaptation of Dr. Crain's instrument, I take pleasure.
in recommending it to the attention of medical
gentlemen and the public generally.
July 91st, 181. 120 Spring St.,N.Y.
For sale by W. A. LEADER.
A rerrular stated meeting of the G. G. will be
held THIS (Saturday) EVENING, at their linit
in Walnut street, at 7 o'clock. Punctual attend.
once is requested, as hnelfC9a of importance will
be laid before the meeting,. fly order of the
Dee. 4,1547.—1 t GROCERY.
Dissolution of Partnership.
ruillF. partnership heretofore existing, be
tween Wm. Beatty and Win. Bell, is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. Those in
debted to the late firm, are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims
against the same will please present them for
Marietta, Nov. -29., 1817. n0':27'47-31.*
Valuable Real Estate, Town Lots,
ac., at Public Sale Without Re
- r N pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Lancaster county, will be soh! on Sqtrtrdap,
the 18th of December next, at the public house of
John Barr, in the Borough of Columbia, the follow.
ing Real Estate, formerly the dwelling of Gcn.
Thos. Boucle, dec'd. :
No. 1. A Lot of Ground with a large Two et t i
Story Brirk DWELLING and back buildings.gz=
with Stabling and Carriage loose thereon erected,
situate on Front street, near the Bridge, in the
Borough of Columbia, fronting on said street 30
feet and extending back about 300 feet to a I I feet
alley, adjoining the property of tl.e Widow Brene
man on the north, and No. 2on the south. 'Mg
house being very large and constructed of the best.
materials, is susceptible of being altered to a first
rate business stand, is worthy the attention of
No. 2. A Lot adjoining No. lon the north and
property of Widow Swartz on the south, fronting
22 feet on Front street, and running back the same
as No. 1, to the alley—on which is erected a frame
office, &c.
The above will be sold separate or together as
will best suit puschasers. Persons wishing to view
the premises will please call on the subscriber.
Sale to commence at 7 o'clock in the evening,
when terms will be made known.
Columbia, Nov. 27, 1847.
At the same time and place will be sold by the
undersigned, those Valuable Building Lots, °PP'
site the Presbyterian Church, the most desirable in
the town of Columbia from the location, being on
the corner of the principal street in the Borough . ,
fronting on Locust street 120 feet end extending
back on 4th street 190 fcct to a 14 feet alley.—
They will be sold either entire or divided into S
building lots, son Locust and 3on 4th streets, as
will best suit pdreliaicriC — X — pirnisi which syil
be exhibited at sale. Terms at sale.
Columbia, Nov. 27, 1847.—ts