The Columbia spy and Lancaster and York County record. (Columbia, Pa.) 184?-1848, November 13, 1847, Image 4

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    Something New under the Sun.
rrnE subscriber has just received the Fall and
Winter Fashions, which, thr elegance and
taste, surpasses any thing which has ever hitherto
been published. He would invite all those who
may wish their garments made up in a durable and
fashionable manner, to give him a call at his Tailor
ing Establishment in Locust street, opposite Hal
deman & Co.'s Store. As he is well satisfied they.
will not go away .lisappointed as he is determined
to spare no pains in making up all work entrusted
to his care in such a mintier as be is satisfied will
render general satisfaction.
J. J. returns thanks to his customers in general,
for their liberal patronage heretofore extended to
him, and hopes by strict attention to business, to
receive a continuance of the same.
Columbia, Sept. IS, 1847•tf
mITEX have come to B. Young, at No. 50.
The Fall and Winter Fashions for 1847
& 8, which, for taste, cannot be surpassed by
the world—they are the most perfect ever
brought before the eyes of the people of this
globe. Persons wishing their garments cut
and made in the most elegant style, will do
well by calling at B. Young's Tailoring estab-
lishment, No. SO, Front street, Columbia,
where they will have their work executed to
perfection and with despatch.
P. S. Persons wishing to purchase superior
cloths. ca.ssitneres, vestings and trimmings,
such as cannot be bad at any other store in
will do well by calling, at Young Sz
Gassers Store. No. SO, Front street, where
there is one of the best selections of the above
goods in the country. They will also warrant
the quality, cut, make and fit of all the goods
they sell and matte up. They are ttiankfui for
past favors and hope to have a share of
patronage. YOUNG 6: CASSEL.
Columbia, Sept. 11,1817.—V.
m , C. WESTBROOK kcc s con
-4137.-IFe stantly on hand a la-ge fail well
selected assortment of MISC EL
discriptions, fruit the small pocket niemoran
durn to the s nbstaßcialls bound d,iny. Letter
and Cap PAPUA:, he rearm (A.:ire, or sin 'le
sheet. SCUOA. BOOKS. Serials, Perunli
cals, New,papers. bir.ple and Fancy
STATIO is A BY, Brushes Combs, Poi .es,
Pocket Books, Toilet and Pockets Mirrors,
Razor Strops, Sims laq soaps; Pasteboard,
Ivory, Marabo and Seel Studded FANS, and
nu nerous other articles, all of which will be
sold very low tor cash,.
N. B. Cash paid for Ra.r:s.
Columbia, April 7, 1647.
ON the 4th of August. in the year 154.3, a
singular scene ocourred in tic Royal Sci
entific Institute of Fiance. The aged, white
beaded President. Lis head bare, Ins arm out
stretched, his face radiant with smiles, (for
science was triumphant,) and his voice with
gratulator3 tone, EL:hi. crcd the following re
port :
We arc astounded at tlik: singular prepa
ration. Where indeed will science stop!—
here we have a preparation made in the form
of a beautiful piece of soap, which we know
by actual practice, to cure es cry cutaneous
eruption, every disfigurement of, and even dis
colored skin! V. hero will its magic and sin
gular power cease? The iXegro, the Creole.
the Yellow Race of the East, and the Red Man
of the Far West, are alike under the influence
of its extraordinary powers of clearing y e ll ow
or discolored skin, and ma kin: , it ,mute_ and
beautiful and of char;ing the color of dark, or
black, or bro i n skin.' i f ;vie several persons
were brought formnd by the President, v. ho
bad used it, in proof of his ar,sertion.)
There are prohahl!, few persons of intelli
gence, is ho, after readms the above, ii ill doubt
the qualities of
Jones' CitcalicaC , 0 30":70
in curing. Punp 5.:4 I:ll , urn,
Scurvy, Ery,ip , ..114, Snr. , 1 i rad., Ohl Sures,
Beard and 13 trber'..: Itch, ap pt,tl and Tender
Flesh, Freckles, Tan, Sonhur n and changing
dark Sunburn or Yellor.• Stan to a pure einvir
white, as sm.:A , : and snit as an Iniunts, and in
fact evo:y kind of eruption and disfigurement.
Read these certificato:
From the New Ot!enn, Seatino:, Octo , ,r. ISii
One o; our. subserCiers.Mr. 11. Leonard, in
forms us that he has Leen cured of old, scaly
Salt Rheum, of citt,l.teen 3e :TS Olt his
beard, (lagers. and ha .ds, by a cake ot an rt
cle advertised 1,te13 —ire t pcah of Jones' t al
ian Chemical Soap. ; also informs us that
he has tried its cf!t•cl on his female slave Rose,
much marked with sun spots, and he fon nil in
two weeks her skin much clearer and winter.
James Elttrun, a painter, in Jersey City, was
cured of cat bunc! , 24, and jitsuples, which he
was affltc led with for many 3 eirs, by part of a
cake of .; ones' ltahan Chemical Soap.
Persons in purr:h. - I.u; this must always ask
for JONES I•rAi. Lt.% t. Soar; and per
haps, as many who have been cheated with
counterfeits, will he too much (I:scot:raged to
try the genuine, we say to such, try this once—
yon %vs!: not regret it: but always see that the
name of T. JONES is on the wrapper. Sold
only in New York at Catharn Street, Sign
of the Ame•rics,n Eagle. ['rice. 50 Cents a
Cake. For sale by It. WILLIALMS.
Columbia, Aug. 7, 15.;7-61n.
Vegetable tr7niversal PiIN
Are a strengthening purg . ative and a purifying
TIE hope° of the American agents are far
more than realised by the success of Dr. Le
Roy's Vegetable Universal Pills on this side of
the Atlantic. Nes or slid a medicine sprlng into
such Mina, diate peril irity. In less than three
months eighty thousand hoses have been disposed
of; and cert.ficites of cures performed by them
received from upva ids of four hundred persons.
The cures embraced a great number of diseases%
but those which predominated were Billions Fe
ver, Colic, Ilabttual Costiveness, Dysentery,
Loss of Appetite, Flatulence. Worms and Low.
ness of Spirits. All persons who take them agree
that they a , e `ar soperior to every other medicine
they had used, in the mildness the energy, and
the erfieney of their action; for though they pro
duce neither gripe nor nausea, they act upon the
secretions with great doentness, force and rapid.
ity; and as a purgative leave net dog ti, he d e si re d.
But their gre it peculiar exrellence, and thatwhich
distinguishes them from all otb, r purgatives is,
that hair operation is fellow oil by no reaction.—
Their unrivalled put ify ing aril pergative proper.
ror v Lich they are indel led to the essenc.. of
Sar-aparilla, and other inered.erits,beingeon•roll
ed by their highly toeic virtu , s derived from the
extract of Wild Cherry, they do not strain the
digestive organs into action, as is the [node 01
operation with other cathartics, but on the contra•
ry strengthen them into action. Thus all other
purgative medicines produce more or less subse
tri,.nt rostlvenees, ai.d sluggishness of the gastric
juke, while Dr. Lo Roy's Pills leave all the ma
chinery of the system full of life activity, and the
bowels open and natural.
r . O.Price 25 cents per box.
Agents far ColunitLia—R. WILT:TANN, WM. A
tAtAnlitt• Feb 6.'47.1y
Those Who havol,oettl:ineit!cd With
_ m R. D Ar e a , h v am yo V r
k a n d c e e r r b t
i e fi c e t ,
t o i f ia A t v h e i n s u h e e
a 9 d B
was entirely bald ou the top, and by the use of
two 3s. bottles of
he has a good crop of hair, and will soon have
it long, thick and luxuriant.
Mr. WILLiAnt JACKSON, of 89 Liberty street,
Pittsburg, certifies: On the 3d of February.
1847, that Mr. Thomas Jackson's head on the
top, was entirely bald for fifteen years, and
that by using two 3s. bottles of Jones' Coral
Hair Restorative, the hair is growing fast,
thick and healthy. He expects by using this a
little longer to have a better bead of hair than
lie ever had.
To those whose hair is gray, or falling off and
I hereby certify that my hair was turning
gray and falling oil, and that since I have usel
Jones' Coral 1-lair Restorative it has entirely
ceased falling , is growing fast, and has a fine.
dark look. 'Before I used Jones' Coral Hair
Restorative I combed out handfuls of hair dai
ly. WM., TONIPKI NS, 9:2 King st., N. Y.
M. Power a grocer, of Fulton street, had bis
hair completely choked up with dandruff, and
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative entirely and
permanently cured it.
Do you want to dress, beautify, and make your
HAIR soft and fine ?—Read :
I, Henry E. Cullen, late barber on board the
steamboat South America, do certify that
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative is the best arti
cle Lever used for dressing, softening, cleans
ing and keeping the hair a long time suft,clean,
silky, dark and in order; all my customers
preferred it to any thing else. For sale by
Aug. 7, 1847—Gm R. WILLIAMS.
Ladles are Cautioned Agatnet Using'
C0371:111071 rift EPA IC ED CH .1 LIE
rpHEY are not aware how frightfully injuri
ous it is to the skin! how coarse. how
r,ugh, how sallow, yellow, and unhealthy the
skin appears after using pepared chalk ! Be
sides it is injurious. containing a large quan
tity of Lead! We have prepared a beautiful
ve ,, etable article, which we call
Spawisin Lißgr'Elite.
It i, perfectly innocent, being purified of all
deleterious qualities; and it imparts to the skin
a natural, healthy, alabaster, clear, living
white; at the same time acting as a cosmetic
un ihe skin, making it soft arid smooth.
Dr. James Anderson, Practical Chemist of
Massachusetts, says: ' . A fter analyzing Jones'
Spanish Lily W bite, I find it posses.,es the most
beauttiul and natural, and at the same time
innocent white I ever saw. 1 certainly can
conscientiously recommend its use to all whose
shin requires beautifying." Price cents a
Dos. Poi sale by R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia, Aug ust 7, 13-17—Gm
Pv./4/4..;.ary Con, It biptlon Ca; 011 ac Brunrharn and Sore
Carame. Catarrh, Spitttng of
Mord, Pala en the Side and 11,7. i,
caltu of Breathinz, Whapptnx• Congn,
CI unp ah,.%erven and .Vcrnaus
Treniollnd, of the
/rear! it Iso Lever Com
idatatand!ljrceinn of
!Le E.tdney,
(\l' all the incitlem trier climate there le none
J F011:11%1,-41 And al the saute true xo lit•ultion4 and
fetal as Con.aimpt ion. In flit- country ..specially Pul
monary Pon.uniption In emphatically n etrourfr and in
iti rests:lo,4 career ,seeps o'er the I Intl as a do ilro) trig
ah 11:111,1 the 4trouge.t and
tatrt•qt nl our rave ttlterlo all ellort.s to arre,t thir
dread ha. e pro% cut lain. and all that s•ttimtl
v1,11111;1 our pnWer flat nt hoot the rl.llElVlntlmt GC-At:tenet.:
rentlttrtit;4 somewhat smoother the certain progress to the
rde proprietor in el:Tering pr-patntion to tire public
would einbrace the utiorntintity to matte :Ivor O hot
cr Imo!. tt pair. forth it, ntern•a and the Ica-lies upon
V.lin It r. 6 , 11111 . + It .,, lrterlOr elan, to the alloatitto
altb, tett. that. all who re v urrequodte tarry repo, fo:: , U. I Ili il.Chrotrt e loro err. IT, pre,'
rn: ion he has 11.1,1 11.4 . 1.1ea•01re nr‘Vitoro•don,7 IS hl pp: -
,I:•••• In a 1... droll • 11,—olt,•.; hat deterii matt not
01:1 r it to the fordlic Ire 11:14 [throttle norollahl
eon , . toe,' Or Its ellietcy. tae now rnnfulmnit ”trer.. It
as d pal allel fan the r lire of I'IILMON-
Al! Y et*, ~ 1 4"1P atnl ite kindred tlisearer.
Cototuinpt ion 01 a tither uluns charllCter Troll, 011ie 111/.
memorial has Itern deemed Incurable and considering
rand Lttrl%lt , . It le ont sllrprislng that Ile, relo
cation dud new t.)...ae100 rat lredtiOent Stlollttl I'l'ollll.llhr to
Ono: he brought Wader the rode e o! the pr0t0,..1 nod
lit public. .11111 ,4 its er, orgaltlc and ittorg tole soh
'lace^. 111 as tootle, roam, of rr.mtinm tom, i nns b e ,,,
,p.. , 41 a, till 11, hOpo. 01 do:thing than senome of oar r.rre.
oldnytlt - dliltleas nig in tile pro_r,s of medical
l s od,le/tee we rdelold at l ott rd•t tie Itto 10,1. oser
four Olortino , drol. 111 tin,ta of rah - errorpoonrd c
op of I'm: and %Vottli 3,.tt!ttllts, thts ohj,t to Illip
tl.lV allq.noth
1..' I p dt is at , ents employed In the composition of
I+ n•me,lt, are ~ I 1 II us en ittle It to prevent the a,cre
t ton of Olin., ittous mater in Ihe liings and to cause alt
and esorot ton a COl/11111•11CI•a,
41:11, :111•VA run nth, lava i. roe, and tilt
~ „ , ll.c/Mtn Will at "thee pert, ive
or de ease. hitherto I.r...flawed
entirely Control. 'I acalitntea• 111001 ii,i
Illtt'tatva llte mittlstlntat,tlloll ..f 11115 InttitaTatattl IS ilailara
tlllt.lted ii. tt c records of medic at somice, in confirm,
lion of wbn It, the proprietor is mild ask a careful peru
sal of the statements of a few Or those rs he have been
restored to twain, by tta powerful agency.
1.. t the futon (lit
Syrup of Tar and
%Wood .'s.ipth.t for some time w my Pratt!. 1.. and have
found it the most ;fait remedy • I
have el ,r 11,d in
Consumptive c rhinioe ratan.h.olc, , when Crest
n tth t. e.iktn , a of the pulmonary organs, ex
isted. The rapidity with which It Jets is greedy :n its
ayspim, or app revs ion altalS, AV Illat is
u,Cdi.ltJp relies, 11 by it.
co...mamma it can be used with eon
fidet,,,, being applicable In nvo•ry troll of That ann.a.n,
Sod I consider It ittialatale well worthy the attention of
swans, and exempt from the notintation tf einpiri
5.15111 'n ClfAllJialB,.ll. U.
Philadelphia, October it 1011...
17 - 1 The above medicine prepared only by
ANGNEY DICIiSON. at N. E. corner of
Fifth and Spruce streets, Philadelphia.
AGENTS—R. u.t.t Ams. Columbia; 011 N
I,ancaster; Ross, Elizabethtown, 1).
Circoss, Harrisburg ; H. ANG NEY.
Price 50 cts.. or 6 bottles for $9.,50.
March 6, 18.17. 87G
Salamander, Pire and Thief Proof
Warranted equal to any other make, and have nee.
cr been injured by Fire or Burglars., in a single
instance. lie also keeps on hand a fill supply of
Common Chests, made of lighter iron, at lower
61 South Second St., below Chesnut Plulad.
rnr Cooling and Preserving MEAT, BUTTER
NI I Lis:, and all articles intended for culinary pur
FILTERS, for Putifyinv Water that is brackish
or muddy, whether by rain a, minerals. or otherwise
can be had of all itizes and prices, at the Ware_
rooms, No. 61 South Second Street, two doors be.
LOW Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
October 2d, 1847.
Should read the following Statements of
respectable persons.
weak at the roots
Morning Train Again.
T" President and Directors ot: the•Baltt
more and Susquehanna Rail Road Compa
ny having consented to continue the Morning
Train between the above plices.
KJ - The Car will leave Columbia DAILY,
[Sundays excepted] at 6/ o'clock A. M., and
the Train will leave Wrightsville at 61 o'clock.
Returning, the Train will leave York at S
o'clock, A. M.
April 17, 1997. Sup't.
i s
from Baltimore regularly, hereafter, on Sun
ny, at 9 o'clock A. AL, and RETURNING %yin
tart from Columbia at 1,1 I'. M., Wrightsville
P. M., and from York at 3 o'clock, P. M.,
as on other days of the week. Thin mail be
tween Baltimore and Yor..;:: carried by
this train. No other train will ninon Sunday.
Superintendent of Transportation.
Oct 27, 1846.
Baltimore and Susquehanna
rare Reduced.
MilE Passenger Train runs daily as follows
below •
f ea‘es 13a1iiroorc it 9 o'clock A. M. and arrives
at GI &clock P. :11.
Arrive.; at York at 12 o'clock P. M.nnd leaves
for Columbia nt o'vlocl. .I'. M.
f.eaves Columbia nt 2 o'clock, P. M.oncl leaves
York for 13riltiinore nt 3 o'clock P. M.
l'Are from 13alt imam to York, f.. 1 50
I ,Vrividsk tl!e, 00
Ccnuin; , in. 5.1 12i
. .
Tbe Train connects at York with Stw.Tes for
13.,rri%burg,(4ettysb“rg, Cittimbersburg, Pittsburg
and 1r.',,t4
The company is authorised by the prnprietorq
(lithe Staze Lines in rceeivethe fare through Irmo
Baltimore to Gettysburg and Ii rri , burg.
Fate through to ettlicr place,
D. CAI. BORD LEY . , Super't,
M,mv Ticket Office, 63 North st.
The subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and the public in general, that he still
continues to keep the above establishment.
Every pains is at all times tal:za to render
this one of the best, and, from its central situ
ation, it is one of the most convenient Hotels
in the city.
llis TA BLE is furnished, at all times, with
the choicest delicacies of the season.
His Wu:Es and Liquons are not surpassed
by any other establishment in this city.
fls Servants are careful,honest and obliging
Terms of Boarding to suit the times.
Country Merchants and business men will
chid the location of the CHESNUT ST. HOUSE,
in the most business part of Philadelphia.
The subscriber pledges himself that every
thing in his power shall be done to give satis
faction to those who favor him with their pa
tronar,e. SAMUEL MILLER,
Philad., Sept. 127.—1 y Proprietor.
yeas experience has proved that for
the cure of coughs, colds, consumptions,
astilma, spitting of blood. pain and oppression
of the breast; there is nothing equal to Liances
Compound Syrup of floarhound.
This medicine has now been in use for six
years, during which time there has been a con
stant demand for it, and its popularity instead
of declining, has been always on the increase.
During this time many new medicines have
sprung up for the cure of the above complaints,
some of which lasted only a few months, and
others not as long; but !lances' Syrup has
readily gone on gaining favor with all classes
of society until it has now become identified
by many families as a
To those mho hare never the Compound
Syrup or I loarhound, this notice is particular
ly directed to, as to those %rho have once ex
perienced its happy effects. any praise of its
merits would be super (loons. Price 50 cents
per bottle or six bottles for .92,50.
SETII S. HANCE, 108 Baltimore street,
and corner of Charles arid Pratt streets, Bal
AGENTS—G. G. Claiborne, R. Williams,
W. A. Leader, Columbia; J. F. lieinirah &
Son. LAncaster; Samuel Ensminger Man
heim; John Stouffer, Mt. Joy'/, [toads; James
Bryan, Enzabethtuwn. Oct. 2.1-'46
Baltimore, July 29,1643.
rpIIIS is to certify, that I was a ffl icted with
a violent pain in the breast and right arm,
which I supposed proceeded from the impure
state of my blood. I was recommended to take
liance's Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, and after
taking one box, the pain was entirely removed
from my breast and arm,l found them extreme
ly gentle in their operation, and would recom
mend them to every person in want of a mild
purgativz. PArnrcn Ruciii,
No. 23 Conway street, between Howard and
KTIn purchasing these pills, let me add one
word of ca ution, always ask for Hanee's Pills,
and purchase of none but those advertised as
vents, and if convenient, call and see the pro
prietor himself.
Prepared and sold by SETH S HANCE
108 Baltimore. a
AGENTS—G. G. Claiborne, R. Williams,
W. A. Leader, Columbia; J. F. Heinitsb
Son, Lancasfer; Simnel Ensmimzer, Man
beim ; Jacob Stouffer, Mt. Joy 'po; Bonds: Jas.
Bryan, Elizabethtown. Oct 24-16
Notice to Builders.
THE undersigned is appointed agent for
the Peach Bottom SLATE QUARRY,
and is prepared to Slate any goof. either of a
house or Barn that may be wanted in the
County, he having on hand at his yard in Co
lumbia, at all tunes, the best article of Slate
and can furnish workmen of thirty rears ex
perience. All roofs warranted cot to leak if
the Building does not sink or give way. Char
ges moderate to suit the times.
for the Hon. Jeremiul. Brown St Company.
Coluintiia. June 0.11F1.37. Gm
TN Croat variety varying in price from 311
j_ cents and upward, at
Columbia, Aug. 7, 1.947—tf
crir2lllll2ll TEVIEB
3. -
ins eziraordinary medicin e is founded 'upon
the principle that the human frame is slihject
to ONLY ONE DISEASE, viz: corrupt humors,
which, when floating in the general muss of cir
culation, are the cause of all kinds of Fevers, but
when lodged in the various parts of the body, give
rise to every malady incident to man.
Let it be remembered that the human body and
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills ire mutually
adapted one to the other, and that by them all
tuarbid and corrupt humors (the cause of disease)
can be entirely eradicated, and this hi so easy and
mural a manner, that while they every day give
ease and pleasure. Disease of every name is
Literally Driven from the Body.
-The fallowing highly respectable storekeepers
have been duly appointed agents for the sale of
this Celebrated Medicine, in Lane sorer county.
A..hville, Taylor & Pierce.
Bearsille, Reuben Weidler.
P,ailibridge, .1. F. Beecher.
Bud-in-I - Luid, Jacob Bruner.
Bart Township, W. %V. Passmore.
Belieview, Buyers & Umbels.
Bethesda, James Patten
Brownstown, Samuel Hahn
Buck Tavern P 0, Gee T Clark
Belmont, F Brinion
Collins Ferry, Abraham Collins.
Chestnut Level, INLSparrant & Housekeeper
Conestoga Centre, John H. Harman.
Church Town, L. & E. Rogers.
Coopersville, E. Lewis.
Columbia, Fry & Spangler.
Cherry Hill, leaae S Webster
Drumore, John A, Boyd.
Earl Township, George Duchman.
do do Weaver & Winner.
do do Davis Wallace.
Elizabethtown, John Lynch.
Ephrati, John Gross
Ephrata, New, L. S. Hacker.
do West, Mait:n %Veldman.
Fairfield, Hutton & M'Sparran.
Fulton House, Fulton tp., L. P. Wilkinson.
Georgeioo n, & 13uyer
flemplield,Ringwalt & Barton.
Intercourse, Thomas 'limes.
Leaeock township, Frederick Swope.
Lainpeter Sipa' c, J. F. & 1). IL Herr.
Luiz, Nathaniel S. %Volley.
Lancaster, John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, Witmer & Cassel.
Mounts ille, John Devlin,
Marietta, W. A. & B. Spangler.
11Iechaniesville, Jacob Holt.
Mount Joy Township, H. G. Clark & Co.
May town, John Ilernhold.
do SlayinaLer & Co.
Millersville, Henry Funk.
Marhesille, Stud: & Fell.
Mount Pleasant, ham ill'Comant
Mill Creek, Henry Stauffer
Master,onville, Joseph Masterson
Min lie Towirehip, thigh. Moore
New Holland, Brubaker & Co.
New Providence, Hildebrandt & Meyer.
New Berlin, Levi INl‘tozer &. Co
New Texas, Carter & Lewis.
Noblesville, J. B. Taompson.
Oak Shade, Ali Iner & Pierce,
Oak Run, oim 1' Harlan.
Oregon, AL,raliain Suenk.
Prter'burg. John Stauffer.
Poplar Grove, E. H. Paxson.
Peach Bottum, S. W. P. Boyd,
Pleasant Grove, Haines & ArCallough,
Penn Hill, Alexander Johnson,
Penn Township, Jacob Singer.
Pequa Valley, G. & L. Ll!Wis.
Paradise, A. R. & A. L. Witmer.
Pu.ey's 1%1:11s, M ih lon Pusey.
Pequa, Jas C Skiles & Co
Peach Bottom, Wm. Arnold
Rawlin,ville, John Rawlins.
Springville, Sain'l !Limy.
Safe Harbor, John Herr & San,
Sadsbury Meeting [louse, Sani'l Sellers.
Sandersburg. Chew & Grable.
Stransburg, Win Spencer.
Sal-bary, H Freeland
Washington, John A. Brush.
Willow Stieet, tit Mer.
Baldwin & 0, erholtzer
Otliccs der() ed ex 'lush ely to the sale of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and
retail, 10 Itire street, Philadelphia; 2.38 Green
wich Street, New York; and 198 Trernnt Street,
Boston. April 28-Iy.
This Ink his fur a long while become esta
blished as a National article, and the following
testimonials from Washington City, prove its
merits to that distinction.
House of Representatives.
Washing,ion Coy, Feb.:wry 21, 1813.
I state that I have used the Ink, during the
p r „,„ t 3,..t 0n of Congress, manulact tired by
.10 , mpli E. (lover, h.q., of Philadelphia, and I
have found it to be an article of most excellent
JOHN WHITE, Speaker Ho. Rep.
Patent Office, Washington, D. C.,
rebrutny '2l, 1813.
Sir—Your Black Writing Ink ha. been used
in this Office since October last, and is entire
ly approved. I am respectfully,
J. W. II I N I), Chief Clerk.
Air. Joseph E. Hover, Philad.
lllover's Adamantine Cement
The following from Bicknell's Reporter will
best illustrate its value '• Mr. Hover manu
lact.ires " Admantine Cement" for joining
broken china, glass, &c.; we hare tried the
article and found it to be excellent."
For sale wholesale and retail at the manu
factory, No. 87 North Third Street, oPPailte
Cherry Street, Philadelphia, by
OSEP 11 E.IIOVEit, Msnufrocturer.
mayß 1847 -if.
aj THE subscriber would inform bis friends
Cc% and the public generally, that lie Lars remov
ed to No.':, Schreiner's Row, between Burr's and
Black's Hotel, Front Street, where he will con
tinue to keep an cleg int assortment of Beaver,
Otter, Fur, Silk, and Nutria 11ATS, and also, n
I irge nssortment of CAPS, all of which he will
take pleasure iii showing to those who fator him
with a call.
Don't l'orgmt—Selireiner's Row, No. 2, befi , re
purchasing elswher ; as 1 am determined to sell
cheap. WM. TEMPLE.
Columbia, Aug. 21, 18.11.—tt"
AN application will ho made at the next Scanlon
of the General Aasembly of the S•tain of Penney'.
vania, for the incorporation of a Company under
the name a nd eiyle, nr mended name and sty le of
"The Columbia Savings Institution." and destgn
ed as an Ake of d.senunt and deposit, with n cap
ital not exceeding ono hundred thousand dollars. to
he located in the borough of Columbia, Lancaster
County- Pennsylvania.
Columbia, June II). 1947. Gm
THE Columbia Bank and 'Bridge Company
intend to m the application to the Legisnt.
lure of the Comm inwealth rif Penitsylmnia, at their
next session, for the renewal of the ISanking, Di.
centring, and other privileges they pi-110. s Under
existing laws. The Company to be continued by
the name, style and title of the Colu ',ld a Ra n k
and it idle Comp Thy, at the Borough of G.lumt it,
in the County of Lanraster, and Slate of Nosy lva-
Witt. By nrikr of the Bo wit,
Columbia, Juno 2lth, 1847.-6 m.
James H. , Hunter's
Xo. 40 Front ( st., Columbia,
Sign of the Big Hat and Cap, directly opposite
the Bridge„ and adjoining Black's Hotel..
The subscriber begs leave to return
his thanks to bis friends and the pub
=X lic generally, for the very liberal pat
ronage heretofore extended to him,
..„7.•&'s. and hopes by strict attention to busi
ness, to receivca continuation of their
favors; he goes upon the principle "a nimble six.
pence is better than n slow shilling," and to carry
out the principle, makes quick sales at small ad
vert, es. His place of business is not a brick front,
or of great splendor, but he flatters him-elf th It.
he can Out? customers 'niter, and sell cheaper, than
persons who do business in big brick houses, and
make n great fuss about selling goods at cost, he
does not sell geods at cost, but sells at a small ad
vance, and by so doing expects to please all that
may favor him with their patronage. He requests
all persona, after visiting some of the showy es
tablishments along Front street, to drop in at No.
40.(5.i.5,r0 of the Big Hat and Cap) and compare
the, goods and prices of the afferent estahltsh
mcnt. and he is satisfied he can sell them a better
article, and at a lower price than any other store
in the borough.
Hats and Caps,
Of ihe latest style and fashion always on h Ind. at
very low prices, and warranted equal to any man
ufactured in this State A Is.)—Gentlemen's, La
dies and Children's Fashionable
Roots, Shoes and Slippers.
which have been selected with great care, in re,
gird to timility and make, and will be sold at the
lowest rotes.
Just ..alisty yoarself by calling at No. 40 Front
street, Columbia, oppo.ite the Bridese.
JAS. If. HUNTER, Agent.
May 1, 1847
The subscriber respectfully informs his
friends acid the public generally that he is now
reas.!r to supply them at. his NEW ESTAB
LISHMENT, the three-story building in
Front street, Columbia,
on the lot formerly occupied by John Enney,
a ropewalk. lie intends keeping on band a
select assortment of fashionably made
He has just returned from Philadelphia and
New York with a new and splendid assortment
of all kinds of clothing,, made of Lite hest ma
terials. and in the latest style—consisting in
part of superfine blue and black cloth COATS,
Frock and Sack Coats, Pelisse Cloth and
Tweeds of every color arid quality.—a large assortment of plain and fancy
Cassiinerc. Cloth, and all other PANTS, suit
able for Spring, Summer and 'Winter, of every
size and description.
N'ESTS—Figured, Silk. Satin, Merino and
Marseilles,suitable for all seasons and of every
size, style and quality ; to which is added a
beautiful assortment of 611:: Linen bosom
SHIRTS, Muslin, Check and Plain do.; Bo
soms and Collars, Drawers and Undershirts.
Also, a large lot of Cravats Suspenders, half
Hose, &Lc. An endless quantity of
Boots and Shoes of alt sizes,
Hats and Caps,
Tont.? ' units, Carpet Bags and Vatires.
a variety of notions too tedious to mention
which will be kept in Thus. Beatings Front
Room, three doors east of my building.
N. 13. Cloitium made to order at the Store.
He has a large supply of goods on hand by the
niece and a first rate Tailor in attendance.—
ho not. mistake the place, three story building
on the lot formerly occupied as a mope %V
Persons will find it to their advantage to give
him a call as lie is determined to sell as low as
any other establishment in the county and war
mots all goods. Ile sells as he represents
them when sold or the money will be refunded.
Columbia, June 5, 1847. tf
. • ~, 96 NORTH SECOND ST.,
tiersstsmstr ,a corner of Quarry.
Gold Lever tVatches, full jewelled,lB carat
cases. $l5 GO
Silver Never Watches, full jewelled, 23.00
Silver Lever Watches, seven jewel., 18,00
Silver Lepitne Watches, jewelled, finest
quality, 13,00
Superior Quartier Watches, 10,00
Imitation Quartier Watches, 5,00
Gold Spectacles, 8,00
Fine Silver Spectacles, 1,75
Gold Bracelets with topaz stones, 3,50
Ladies Gold Pencils, 16 carats, 2,00
Gold Finger lingo 37i cents to 39,—W:itch
Glasses, plain 123 cents, patent 18. Lunet 25.
Other articles in proportion. All pods warrant
ed to be la hat they are sold for
On hand. some Go!Eland Silver Levers, Lepines
and Onartirry loner than the a.ove. prices.
Philadelphia, April 10, 1847. ly
ijarbwarc ! ijarbware
e t • The snbseribers respectfully cal
Ar,,,,a the attention of the cittzens gener
ally, to their assortment of
Hardware. Glass,_ Paints, Oils,
hsve just received in addition to our stock,
lIARD IVA RE, CUTLERY and 13uilding %t ae
rial, of all description, such as LOCKS, HINGES,
of sileo.
PAINTS, Linseed, Sperm and Whale OILS,
Bar, Rod and Hoop Iron,
of all 4zes, ANVILS, VICES and BELLOW,
of :he best quility, all of which we offer at the
lowed prices. Persons wishing to purchase twll
find it to their advantage to call nt
Counibia, April 7, 1817—tf. Locn,t St
MITE Teeth, foul breath, healthy gums,
Yellow and unhealthy teeth, after once
or twice cleaned with
Jones' Amber Tooth Paste.
have the appearance of the most beautiful
ivory, and, at the same time it is so perfectly
innocent and exquisitely fine. that its constant
daily use is highly advantageous, even to those
teeth that are in good condition, giving them
a beautiful polish.and preventing a premature
decay. Those already decayed it prevents
from becoming worse—it also fastens such as
are becoming loose, and by perseverance it will
render the foulest teeth delicately white, and
mattes the breath deliciously sweet. Price 25
or 374 cents a Box. For sale by
Aug. 17A47—Gm. R. WILLIAMS.
Sale bir . Ofdet AA' the "Orphhits' Court.
VALUABLE property in;the Borongl?' of Co.
'fuinbia; Liocaine? County,Penint., late the
estate df Christitin Breneman, deed. - '
In pursuance to an order of the Orphante court
of Lancaster County, will be exposed to public sale,
on Saturday the kith day of November next, at 2
o'clock in the • afternoon, at the Public House ;at
Joseph .Black, in the 'Borough of Columbia; all'the
right, title and interests of Christion'Breneman de.
ceased, in following 'valuable real estate, situated
in the said Borough, to wit :—Tivo large FIRE.
and Lots of Ground, bounded East by the Penn.
sylvania Railway, and extending to the river shore
near the Susquehanna and Tido Water Canal, and
Front Street, and between the Columbia Bridge and
Pennsylvania Canal Basin. The said Lots are in
width 117 feet, more or less, fronting towards Front
Street, and 293 feet in depth.
The facilities afforded, by the various Canals and
Railroads for the transportation to the markets of
Philadelphia and Baltimore, are equal to any other
locality, and the advantages and Intl* of this prop
erty for the purposes mentioned, it is believed, can'
not be excelled.
Also, at the same time and place will be sold in
pursuance to the order aforesaid, the right, title and
interest, of said deceased in and ton certain Lot or
Ground situated at the North-West corner of Fifth
and Union Street in said Borough. The said lot
containing 204 feet fronting on Union Street by
1314 feet on Fifth Street.
Attendance will be given and terms of sale made
known by ABRAHAM ZOOK,
Administrator (le bonis non with the will annex
ed of Christian Brencman deed.
By order of the Orphans' Court,
Clerk of Orlibane' Court
'Oct. 2(l,—ts
The following papers will please copy till sale s
and bend bills to this office ' as also a paper with tho
advertisement marked to Abraham Zook, Colum
bia, Pa.:
N. American, Phila.; American, Baltimore; Em.
por, um, Pottsville; Telegraph, Harrisburg; Com.
mercial Journal, Pittsburgh.
For the Preserration, Beauty, Growth and Res
toration of the hair.
rpms valuable preparation excites the scalp to a
new and healthy action, cleanses it from scurf
and dandrlty, prevents the hair front fulling off or
becoming prematurely gray, cures those eruptive
diseases which often appear upon the head, and in
a majority of cases produces a fine growth of new
hair. It also gives the hair a rich and beautiful
appearance, unequalled by any thing
,of the kind.
In addition to all its usefulness as a preserver and
beautifier of the hair it removes all unnatural
harshness and dryness of the hair, which alien
precede its loss, 1111(1 should never be permitted to
continue without using remedies. For the toilet,
Ladies and Gentlemen will tied this an admirable
article. It gives a luxuriant, silky, soft and fine
lAilliancy to the hair and curls, filling the minds of
the beholders with admiration and almost with
envy. All this for only 'X; cts.n bottle. For sale by
oct9' W. A. LEADER.
READ the following Certificate in favor of the
Extraordinary Virtues of DR. CULLEN'S
SCROFULA. Messrs. Ruwand & Walton:—
Gentlemen—Feeling deeply gra teful for the eat ra•
ordinary cure performed upon me b 3 your Dr. Col
len's Indian Vegetable Panacea, 1 cheerfully tar
nish you with a short history of my case.
About seven years ago, [when only eleven years
oldJ I was attacked with Scrulula, which increased
to its ravages, till my throat was filled with ulcers !
the bones of my neck laid bare ! my palate destroy
ed, and a lame piece o! one of the 'Lisal bones car
ried away. My head was also so much diseased, that
in drinking, the tea or entice would trequent ly pass
out of my ear! A mass of sumeilung which the
Doctors called a tumor came Irmo my nose.
I was under the care of physicians of the highest
distinction in this city, and at one time pronounced
cured, and by request intended n medical lecture.
whero my case, together with the method of cure,
sous explained to the students. The Lecturer said
--" You are now well, but it the disease should
return, you cannot live long, as it would soo., de•
stroy your wind-pipe."
I did not believe myself cured at the time, as I
had much dtstr,ss in my bend, and other d:sagreea•
ble feelings, and after a time the ulcers reopened.
In January, 13 , 15, nty mother called with me upon
Dr. Mutters for advice. lie said I was a very sick
air!, and said it w its doubtful ‘t limiter I would ever
get well; if over, it would bit a long while. The
disease grew so much worse, that the physician
w hit then attended toe, said he could see me wind
pipe ! Mg litre was also swollen, highly inflamed,
mid very panda', and the Doctor said ulceration was
inevitable I
I was in this condition in January last when I
commenced taking your "Dc CULLEN'S INDIAN
VLGLEABLE PANACCI." Tic 11111.11ilalloll W86800(1
removed. and the ~i!readed ulceration in the face
prevented! lam now well I ha, eno ulcers !
110 pain, or any disegreable sensation it my heed.
and now lecl that lam cured. 1 shall be happy to
give any further infer:nation to the I/flitted who will
take the trouble to call upon me at my la , her's
house, West Spruce between Beach end Willow
titteets, opposite Spackinan's Factory.
City of Philadelphia, es.
This seventh day of April. A. D. eighteen hun
dred and luny-six, before the subscriber, Mayor of
t he said city, personally appeared Christians Sands,
who being duly sworn, deposes and says, that the
(acts set forth to the foregoing ufEdivit are strictly
tree m every particular.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and fixed the corporate ecal of the said city,
on the Joy and year beiore wrirten,
[L. N 7 JOHN 6wirr. Mayor.
We hereby eerily, that the above statements of
our daughter arc true in every particular.
Phila. April 7, 18 , IG. MARV SANDS
Wholesale and Retail, by ROWAND &. 'WAL
TON, Proprietary, 37G Market street, Philadelphia;
WM. A. LEADER, Columbia, Pa.; J. T. ANDER.
SON, Marietta, Pa., and GEORGE ROSE, Eliza.
bath, Pa.
Oct. 2d, .1.817.-2. m.
The subscriber is now manufacturing Printing
Ink of supermr quality, and offers it for bale in
large or small quantities. upon accommodating
terms, in any instance where the ink sent shall not
answer the description, it will be exchanged or the
price refunded.
A liberal discount will be made upon large per (or eztalt.
The News, Ink is put up in kegs of 12, 15, 20,
16, 30, 50 and 100 Ibq„
Book Inks In limn kegs and in lb. canisters.
Colored Inks also Ili lb. canisters.
QTA 20 lb. keg of the best fleas ink will be sent
to any point of the Penn's Improvements at my
risk free of charge. upon receipt of 53.
COPAL VA ILNISII In barrels, kers. and can.
81015. .1. u.
Columbia, May 20, 1947.
W l n it y bc o c r xpred ri t i o tb o l z ic he e r ale,At ur TlT h a i n e ..
Adams county, Pa., on Tuesday, Uto 16111 day of
THREE WAGONS, one of them a Brood Wheel
ed Road Wagon, the others Sark' Wagons. Also,
two pairs of Ladders. The horses arc excellent
tram horse■. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock A.
M., when the terms will be mado known by
• Sept. 24, 1847.—ts BAUGHER & CO.
I 00 PIECES Alpolwo and Lusi rip, at prices
from 18 cents and upwards per yard, now
pining at tho BEE HIVE, North Qum:twi t
Sept. 24—tt