The Columbia spy and Lancaster and York County record. (Columbia, Pa.) 184?-1848, October 23, 1847, Image 4

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Of Three firat.rate Plantations in Manor nionslap.
TNETERMINED to move to the State rt 11-
liaois, 1 will sell by public vendee, to the
highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 4th day
of NOVEMBER next, at my residence, one
mile west. of Millerstown, in Manor township,
Lancaster county :
to wit :—No. 1, consisting of a Tract of Land,
containing 140 acres,
strict measure. bounded
on the east by little Conestoga creek, on the
North by No. 3 , on the west by a public road,
and on the South by No. 3. The improvements
on No. 1, are a two-story stone
Dwelling . House,
50 by 30 feet well finished and roofed with slate:
a stone Swisser Barn 110 feet long, also roofed ,
with slate and has a large arched cellar under
a wagon shed and corncribs; spring
house over a never-failing spring of water, with
fine facilities for a distillery, in a well built still
house, a smith shop, with other convenient out-
buildings ; a pump in a never-failing, well near
the house, an Orchard of every kind of choice
fruit trees, a well watered meadow, arid about
8 acres of fine timber land, besides different
Locust groves over the tract, so far advanced
as to enable the cutting of 300 posts yearly
without injury to the groves. There is also a
good Tenant Elouse and - stable on No. 1.
No. '2, consisting of a tract of land, contain
lag 61 acres and 113 perches, strict measure,
adjoining No. 1, on the South, the Little Con
estoga or. the east, land of Jacob Brenner on
the north, and a public road on tire West.---
The improvements on this tract arc a two story
Dwelling House,
4 rooms below and 4 above, with an arched
and another cellar; a stone swisser Barn about
70 feet long, with a shingle roof: a spring
house over a never failing spring of water.
with a dwelling above the spring-house. Of
this tract there are about 6 acres of fine timber
and a fine meadow: and has the advantage of
a road through Jacob Brenner's land to the
Blue Rock road, which is a very short distance
from it.
And No. 3, consisting of a
T.R..4.01 Cr 14-111:),
containing 881 acres, strict measure, bounded
on the north by No. I, on the east by the Little
Conestoga creek, on the South by land of John
Lintner, (miller) about 35 acres are woodland
of the best kind, and on it are to two never
failing spring of water, and this No. 3, is a line
situation for buildings and for farming purpo
The Land throughout is of first-rate Lime
itooe soil, the most of it on the sun side, and
the whole in the best state of cultiTation.—
There are two Mall near the premises, one of
a male south.
Persons wishing to view the premises will
please apply to the subscriber who will show
the some and exhibit a draft thereof.
Possession and indisputable titles will be giv
en on the first day of April next.
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock in the after
noon, when attendance will be given and terms
make known by ABRAHAM HE RR.
October 9, 1947-ts.
ADEAD the following Certificate in favor of the
Extraordinary Virtues of DR. CULLEN'S
SCROFULA. Messrs It owand 6.:. Walton:—
Gentlemen—Feeling deeply grateful for the extra.
ordinal y cure performed upon me 113 } our Dr. C.d.
len's Indian Vegetable Panacea, I cheerlully fur
lush you with a short history of my ca.e.
About seven years ago, [when only eleven years
old] I was attacked with Scrofula. which increased
in its ravages, till my throat was titled with it leers !
the bones of my neck laid bare I lily palate destroy
ed, and a large piece M une of the nasal builw car
ried away. My head ss as also so much diseased, that
in drinking, the tea or calico would frequently tines
out of my ear! A mass of something which the
Doctors called n tumor caine front my nose.
I was under the care of physicians of the highest
distinction in this city, and at one flute pronounced
cured, and by request attended a lecture,
where my cave, together with the methed of cure.
was explained to the students. 'lto Lecturer said
You are now but if the disease should
return, you cannot live lung. as it tt uuld soo.. de
stroy your wind-pipe."
I d:d not believe myself cured at the time, as I
had much d:stress in my head, and other disagreea
ble feelings, and alter a time the ulcers re-opened.
In January, 1815, my mother called with me upon
Dr. Mutters fur advice. Ile said I was a very stck
girl, and said it was doubtful whether I would ever
get well ; if ever, it would be a Ling while. The
disease grew so much worse, that the physician
who then attended me. said he could see mt• wind
pipe 11lv face was also swollen, highly inflamed,
and very painful, and the Doctor said alai:raw.a was
I was m this condition in January last when I
commenced taking your Da Cum.c.N's I `MIA
VEGETABLE PAAZACE A.." The infiamatton we, vuon
removed. and the decided ulccrai ion in the lace
prevented! lam now well! 1 have no tilcerel
no pain, or any theng,reable sensation in my head,
and now feel that I ant cured. 1 shall he happy to
give gray further information to the tatted im will
take the trouble, to call upon me at my lather's
house, West Spruce betueen fleach.and Wthow
Streets, opposite Spackman's Factory.
Ciro of Philadelphia, as
This seventh day of April. A. D. ei2htern bun.
dyed and lorty•sis, before the eu4s, race, Mayor of
the said city, personally appeared Coristiana Sand 4,
who being duly sworn, depoce. and says, that the
facts set torah in the foregoing aflidivit are strictly
true in every particular. _
In tectunony whereof, I have hereunto cot my
hand and fixed the corporate teal of the said city,
on the day and year beloro written.
S „lop , :
We hereby cernft, , that the uhove , tateniente of
our daughter are true in every paroettlar.
Wholezale and Retail, by ROWAN!) & WAS..
TON, Proprietors, 376 Market street, Philadelphia;
WM. A. LEADER, Columbia, Pa.; J. T. ANDER.
SON, Marietta, Pa., and GEORGE ROSE, Eliza.
both, Pa.
Oct. 2d, 1847.-2 m.
The subscriber is now manutticturing I . tintling
Ink of superior quality, sod offers n tor side in
large or small quantities. upon occommndat lug
terms, in any instance where the ink sent shall not
answer the description, it will be exchanged or the
price refunded.
A Ilberal Maccenut will be made upon large Pur
chases ror cash.
The News Ink is put up in kegs of 12, 15, 20,
16. 30. 50 and 100 lb..
Book Inks in small kegs and in lb. canisters.
Colored Inks also in lb. canisters.
LiZTA 20 lb. keg of the best news ink will ho sent
to any point of ihe Penn'a Improvements at my
rlsk free of chnrce. urinn receipt of 95.
COPAL VARNISH m blrrel.., kegs. and can
isters _ J. 11. \IIFF LIN.
VIETII ITE Teeth, foul breath, healthy gums,
, f Yellow and unhealthy teeth, after once
or twice cleaned with
Jones' Amber Tooth Paste.
have (he appearance of the most beautiful
ivory, and, at the same time it is so perfectly
innocent and exquisitely fine, that its constant
daily use is highly advantageous, even to those
le, th that are in good condition, giving them
a beautiful polish, and preventing a premature
I decay. Those already decayed it prevents
from becoming worse—it also fastens such as
are becomin g loose , and by perseverance it will
- render the oiliest teeth delicately white, and
"DONNE? RIBBONS. A good iusertment of makes the breath deliciously sweet. Price 25
win I ter trimmings at or 37i cents a Box. For sale by
cic247 PRY & SPANGLER'S. Aug. 17,647—Gm. R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia. May O. 1R•17
WILL be exposed to public sale, at the Tan.
nery of Joseph Rougher, Fountund.le.
Adams county, Pa., on Tuesday, the 16th day of
TIME WAGONS, one of them a Broad Wheel
ed Road Wagon, the others Bark Wagons. Also,
two pairs of Ladders. The horses aro excellent
team banes. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock A.
IC, when the terms will be made known by
Sept. 24, 1847.—ts BAUGFIER & CO.
.lb. 40 Front St., Columbia,
Sign of the Big Hat and Cap, directly opposite
the 13ii,Ige, and adjoining Black's Hotel.
The subscriber begs leave to return
his thanks to his friends and the pub.
lie generally, for the very liberal pat
ronage heretofore extended to him,
•=4 , • and hopes by strict attention to
ness, to reeetvea continuation of their
favors; he goes upon the principle "a nimble six
pence is better than a slow shilling," and to carry
out the principle, makes quick sales at small ads
sari, es. His place of business is not a brick front,
or of great splendor, but he flatters himself that
he can suit customers better, and sell cheaper, than
persons who do business in big brick houses, and
make a great fuss about goods at cost, he
does not sell goods at cost, but sells at a small ad
vance. and by so doing expects to please all that
may favor him with their patronage. He requests
all poisons, after visiting some of the showy es
tablishments along Front street, to drop in at No.
40, (sign of the Big Hat and Cap) and compare
the goods and prices of the different establish
ment, and he is satisfied he can sell them a better
article, and at a lower price than any other store
in the borough.
Hats and Caps,
Of the latest style and fashion alwayv on at
very low price., and warranted equal to any man
ufactured in this State Also—Gentlewen's, La
dies and Children's Fashionable
Roofs, Shoes and Slippers.
which have been selected with great care, in re,
gArd to quality and matte, and will he sold at the
lowest totes.
Just. yourself - by calling at N 0.40 Front
street, Columbia, oppoqte the Bridge.
JAS. H. HUNTER, Agent.
11Tay I, 1847.
The subscriber respectfully informs his
ft iends and the public generally that he is now
rea.'y to supply them at his NEW ESTAB
LISIEIf EX T, the three-story building in
Front street, Columbia,
on the lot formerly occupied by John Enney,
as a ropewalk. ;le intends keeping on hand a
select assortment of fashionably made
He has just returned from Philadelphia and
New York with a new and splendid assortment
of all kinds of clothing, made of the best ma
teriais, and in the latest style—consisting in
part of superfine blue and black cloth COATS,
Frock and Sack Coats, Pelisse Cloth and
Tweeds of every color and quality.—a large assortment of plain and fancy
Cassimere, Cloth, and all other PANTS, suit
able for Spring, Summer and Winter, of every
size and description.
VESTS—Figured, Silk, Satin, Merino and
Marseilles, suitable for all seasons and of every
size, style and quality ; to which is added a
beautiful assortment of fine Linen bosom
smirrs, Check and Plain do.; Bo
soms and Collars, Drawers and Undershirts.
Also, a large lot of Cravats Suspenders. half
Hose, 10. An endless quantity of
Boots and Shoes of all sizes.
TrarsUlna Trunks, Carpet Bags and
a variety of notions too tedious to mention
which will be kept in Thus. Keatings Front
Room, three doors east of my building.
B. Clothing made to order at the Store.
He has a large supply of goods on hand by the
niece and a first rate Tailor in attendance.—
Da not mistake the place, three story building
on the lot formerly occupied as a Rope %Valk.
Persons will find it to their advantage to give
him a call as he is determined to sell as low as
any other establishment in the county and war
rants all goods. tie sells as lie represents
them when sold or the money will be refunded.
Columbia. June .1,1847. If
AT - rim
96 Non:III SECOND Sl'.,
Corner 01
Gold Levy' . Watcheq, fu II jewelled, IS carat
Silver Lever NN au lieu, full jewelled,
Silver Levi r Wotehea, set en jewel.,
Siker Lepirie Watch, ~ jewelled, finest
quality, 13,00
Superior Quartier Watches, 10,00
Imitation Quartier Watches, 5 00
Gill Spectacles, 8,00
Fine Silver Spectacle*, 1,75
Gold Bracelet: - with topaz stones, 3,50
Ladie+ Gold Pencil-, 10 carats, 2,00
Gold Hager Rules 37i cents to s3—Watch
Glasses, plain 123 cents, pitent 11 , :i. Ltinet 25.
Other articles in proportion. All goods warrant
ed to be %%hat they ate sold Cot
0a hand. sonar Gold and Silver Levers, Lepine
and Quartiera loner than the at.ove prices.
Pi.iladelphia, April 10, 1847. 1
V21.1.1.1M SANt,[
riarbwarc Liarbwatc !
• The 5 nbscribers rctipecifully cal
-I the attention of the citiren. gener
an!, , to their us.ortment of
Hardware. Glass. paints, 01ls,
We hive just received in addition to our stock . ,
II I.RD WA RE, CIrTLERY and Building Mate
rial- of all description, Jll , ll as LOCKS, HINGES,
cf { I g,
PAINTS, Linseed, Sperm and Whale OILS,
Dar, Rod and Hoop Iron,
of all ,ivs, ANVILS, VICES and BELLOW,
of the hest quility, all of which we offer at the
lowest prices. Persons wishing to purchase twit
find it to their advantage to call at
Coumbia, April 7, 1817-If. Locust St
James H. Hunter's
Hats and Caps,
I - 1 F. 11'
W 2383 2 23 MU/
THIS extraordinary medicine is founded upon
the principle that the human frame is subject
to ONLY ONE DISEASE, viz : corrupt humors,
which, when floating in the general mass of cir
culation, are the cause of all kinds of Fevers, but
when lodged in the various parts of the body, give
rise to every malady incident to man.
Let it be remembered that the human body and
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are mutually
adapted one to the other, and that by them all
morbid and corrupt humors (the cause of disease)
can be entirely eradicated, and this in so easy and
natural a manner, that while they every day give
ease and pleasure. Disease of every name is
Literally Driven from the Body.
The following highly respectable storekeepers
have been duly appointed agents for the sale of
this Celebrated Medicine, in Lancaster county.
Ashville, Taylor & Pierce.
Bear,ille, Reuben Weidler.
Bainbridge, J. F. Beecher.
Bird-in-Hand, Jacob Bruner.
Bart Township, W. W. Passmore.
Belieview, Buyers &
Bethesda, James Patton
Brownstown, Samuel Hahn
Buck Tavern P O, Geu T Clark
Belmont. F Brinson
Collins Ferry, Abraham Collins-
Chestnut Level, MeSparrant & Housekeeper
Conestoga Centre, John H. Harman.
Church Town, L. & E. Rogers.
Coopersville, E. Lewis.
Columbia, Fry & Spangler.
Cherry Hill, Isaae S Webster
Drumore, John A, Boyd.
Earl Township, George Hochman.
do do We.aver & Witmer.
do do Davis Wallace.
Elizabethtown, Jobn Lynch.
Ephrata, John Gross.
Ephrata, New, L. S. Hacker.
do %Vest, Martin Weidmen.
Fairfield, Hutton & M'Sparrar.
Fulton House, Fulton tp., L. P. ltilkinson-
Georgetown, M'Canna & Buyer
Binge alt & Martin.
Intercourse, Thomas filmes.
Leacock township, Frederick Swope.
Limpeter Square, J. F. & D. li. Herr.
Litiz, Nathaniel S. %Volley.
Lances:re, John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, Witmer & Cassel.
Alountville, John Devlin.
Marietta, W. A. & B. Spangler.
Mechanicsville, Jacob Hell.
Mount Joy Township, H. G. Clark & Co.
Maytown, John Renal/old.
do Slaymaker & Co.
Millersville, Henry Funk.
Marie:vine, Stoek & Fell.
M ,, ust Pleasant, Isaac APComant.
111111 Creek, Henry Stauffer
Mastersonville, Joseph Alastersoni
Ater tie Township, Hugh Moore
New Holland, Brubaker & Co.
New Providence, liddebrandt & Meyer.
New Berlin, Levi Mentzer S Co
New Texas, Carter & Lewis.
Noblesville, J. B. Thompson.
o,k Shade Milner & Pierce,
Oak Run, john P Harbin.
Oregon, Abraham Shenk,
Petersburg, John Stauffer.
Poplar Grove, E. 11. Paxson.
Peach Bottom, S. W. P. Boyd.
Pleasant Grove, Haines &
Penn Hill, Alevunder Johnson.
P.nn Township, Jacob Singer.
Pequa Valley, G. & L. Lewis.
Paradise, A. P. & A. 1.. Witmer.
Pow) 's Mills, M ih lon Pusey.
Pr, qu Jas C Skiles &Co
Peach Bottom, Wm. Arnold
Rawlinev mile, John Beryline.
Sani'l Hinny.
Safe Harbor, Jeliti Herr & Son,
Sadvbury Meeting House, Sam'l Sellers.
Sandersburg. Chew & GB able.
Stransburg, IVin. Spencer.
Salsbury, II Freeland
Washington, John A. Brush.
Willow Street, Benj. Bower.
Waterloo, Baldaiu & Overholtzer
dero ed exelusbely to the sale of
Wrig,bro billion Vegetable Pills, wholee.ale and
retail, 169 Ince street, Philadelphia; :288 Green
wich Street, New York ; and 198 Tremont Street,
Boston• April 28-Iy.
110VER , S
First Premium Writing Ink.
This Ink has for a long while become esta
blished as a National article, and the following
testimonials from Washington City, prove its
merits to that distinction.
House of Reprearntatires.
Washington City, February 2-1, .1843.
I state that I have te.nd the Ink, during the
present cession of Congress. manufactured by
Joseph E. Hover, Esq., of Philadelphia, and I
have found it to he all arttcle of most excellent
. j2:3,110
• JOHN WHITE, Speaker Hu. Rep.
l'airnt (*cc, IVashingion, D.C.,
rairnary :11, 1843.
Sir—Your Black Writing Ink lias been used
in this Office since October last, and is entire
ly approved. I am respectfully,
J. %V. HAND, Chief Clerk.
Mr. Joseph F.. Hover, PMlad.
Hover~ Adamantine Cement
The following from Bicknell's Reporter will
best illustrate its value : " Mr. Hover manu
lact3res " Admantine Cement" for joining
broken china, glass, &c.; we have tried the
article and found it to be excellent."
For sale wholesale and retail at the manu
factory, No. 87 North Third Street, opposite
Cherry Street, Philadelphia, by
JOSEPH E. HOVER, Manufacturer.
Yf '6U2-10)2o
A N application will be made at the next Seaston
of the General Assembly of the State of Pennsyl
vania, fur the incorporation n 1 a Company under
the name and style. or wended name and style of
"The Columbia Savings Institution," and design
ed as an office of discount and deposit, with a cap
ital not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, to
be located in the borough of Columbia, Lancaster
Couto , . Pennsylvania.
Colombia. Jane 19. 1847. urn
THE Columbi Bank and Bridge Company
intend to make application to the Legisla
ture of the Commonwealth of at their
next session, for the renewal of the Banking, Die.
counting, and other privileges they possess under
existing laws. The Company to be continued by
the name, style and title of the Columbia Bank
hod Bridge Company, at the Borough 01 - Columbia,
in the County of Lancaster, and State of Pensylva
nia. By order of the Board,
Columbia, June 24th, 1547.-6 m.
, A LL yuu who have been sitting in the
DARKNESS and shrithiw of the, greasy
filthy, black COI oil, that is now being sold
throughout thecountry for sperm oil, arc invit
ed to call at Wright's, and purchase a pair
of LAMPS and make use of one quart of the
fluid sold by them, and if you are not entirely
satisfied with the article, you have only to re
turn the Lamps, and have your money refund
Oil Lamps of everdiscription altered to
burn the Fluid. J .D. .& J. WRIGHT.
Columbia, May 27, 18417.—tf
Morning Train Again.
THE President and Directors of the Balti
more and Susquehanna Rail Road Compa
ny having consented to continue the Morning
Train between the above places.
yJThe Car will leave Columbia DAILY,
[Sundays excepted] at 61 o'clock A. M.. and
the Train will leave Wrightsville at 61 o'clock.
Returning, the Train will leave York at 8
o'clock, A. M.
April 17, 1847. Supt.
from Baltimore regularly, hereafter, on Sun
ay, at 9 o'clock A. M., and RETURNING will
tart from Columbia at I P. M., Wrightsville
2 P. M., and from York at 3 o'clock, P. M.,
as on other days of the week. The mail be
tween Baltimore and Yorw 1.-.3 carried by
this train. No other train will run on Sunday.
D. C. 1-1. BORDLEY,
Superintendent of Transportation.
Oct 27, 1846.
Baltimore and Susquehanna
273' -
Pare Reduced.
T HE Passenger Train runs daily as follows
Leaves Baltimore,' t 9 o'clock A. M. and arrives
at 63 o'clock I'. M.
Arrives at York at 12 o'clock P. 111. and leaves
for Columbia at 1+ o'clock, P. M.
Leaves Colutnbia at 2 o'clock, I'. li.and leaves
York for Ilaltimoro at 3 o'clock P.M.
rare from Baltimore to York, $1 5l
Wrights.llle, 2 00
Columbia. 2 12,t
_ .
The Train connects at York with Stage - s
Harrisburg, Gettysburg,Charsibersbun, Pittsburg
and Yott , Springs.
The company is authorised by the proprietors
of the Stage Lines to receisethe fate through from
Baltimore to Gettysburg and Harrisburg.
Fare through to either place, $3.
D. C. El BORD LEY . , Super't.
May 9 —tf Ticket Office, 63 North st.
The subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and the public in general. that he still
continues to keep the above establishment.
Every pains is at all times to render
this one of the best, and, from its central situ
ation, it is one of the most convenient Hotels
in the city.
His TABLE is furnished, at all times, with
the choicest delicacies of the season.
His WINES and Liquons are not surpassed
by any other establishment in this city.
His Servants are careful, honest and obliging
Terms of Boarding to suit the times.
Country Merchants and business men will
find the location of the CHESNUT ST. House,
in the most business parlor Philadelphia.
The subscriber pledges himself that every
thing in his power shall be done to give satis
faction to those who favor him with their pa
tronage. SAMUEi MILLER,
Piffled., Sept. 27.—1 y Proprietor.
Take time by the forelock, is a piece of ad
vice which is suitable to all seasons, and appli
cable to a❑ purposes ; though there is no
instance in which this piece of advice is more
valuable, than to persons who have a cough or
cold, for if they neglect what may appear to
them very trifling iu the beginning, it may lead
to infatuation of the lungs, and finally con
sumption! To all who have a cough, we wou Id
say, procure a bottle of Fiances' Compound
Syrup of lioarhound. The medicine is'pleas
ant to take and it may save you years of suffer
SETH. S. HANCE, 103 Baltimore street,
and corner of Gila: les and Pratt streets, Bal
AGENTS—G. G. Claiborne. R. Williams,
W. A. Leader, Columbia; J. F. Heinitsli &
Son, Lancaster; Samuel Ensminger Man
helm; John Stouffer, Mt. Joy y, Roads ; James
Bryan, Elizabethtown. Oct. 24-'46
Hance's Sarsaparilla Vegetable, or Blood Pills
For Purifying the Blood!
ITANCES' Sarsaparilla, or Blood Pills.
What is the principle which we call the
blood? The blood is that principle by which
the whole system is regulated. Therefore, if
the blood becomes impure, a general derange.
ment of the system must ensue ; and give rise
to coughs, colds, influenza, dyspepsia, dropsy,
headace, fullness of blood, billions, scarlet, ty
phoid and typus fever of 't :,finds; indigestion,
weakness of stomach, rheumatism and rheu
matic affections, nervous affections, liver com
plaint, asthma, pleurisy. inflamation of the
lungs, low spirits, fits, measles, small pox.
who ,ping cough, croup, sore eyes, inward
weakness, worms, quinzy. broochitus, choke,
dysentery, gravel, salt rheum, deafness and
other affections of the ear, St. Antony's fire,
scrofula or kings evil, ulcers, white-swellings,
tumors, biles, suppressed monthly discharges
and female complaints in generel eruptions of
the skin, habitual costiveness and all diseases
depending on a disordered and diseased state
of the blood, or a suspension of the healthy se
Therefore, on the first appearace of any of
these symptoms, fiances' sarsaparilla or blood
pills should be procured and used according to
the directions. Price 25 cents a box of Pity
Pills, or S boxes for one dollar.
Prepared and sold by SETH S HANCE,
108 Baltimore.
AGENTS—G. G. Claiborne. R. Williams,
W. A. Leader, Columbia; J. F. Retnitsh Ez:
Son, Lancaster; Samuel Enstninger, Man
helm; Jacob Stouffer, Mt. Joy y, Roads; Jas.
Bryan, Elizabethtown. 0ct.24-46
Notice to Builders.
HE undersigned is appointed agent for
I the Peach Bottom SLATE QUARRY,
and is prepared to Slate any Roof, either of a
house or Barn that may be wanted in the
County, be baring on hand at bis yard in Co
litsnbia, at all times, the best article of Slate
and can furnish workmen of thirty years ex
perience. All roofs warranted not to leak if
the Building does not sink or give way. Char
ges moderate to suit the times.
for the Hon. Jeremiah Brown SZ Company.
Columbia, June 12,1847. 6m
Those Who have been Deceived With
Should read the following statements of
respectable persons.
Nr . R. Abraham Vanderbeck - , of Avenue 98
D, New York, certifies that his head
was entirely bald on the top, and by the use of
two 3s. bottles of
he has a good crop of hair, and will soon have
it long, thick and luxuriant.
Mr. WILLIAM JACKSON, of 89 Liberty street,
Pittsburg, certifies; On the 3d of February,
1847 ' that Mr. Thomas Jackson's head on the
i top, was entirely bald for fifteen years, and
that by using two 3s. bottles of Jones' Coral
1-lair Restorative, the hair is growing fast,
thick and healthy. He expects by using this a
little longer to have a better head of hair than
lie ever had.
To those whose hair is gray, or falling chq . and
weak at the roots:
I hereby certify that my hair was turning
gray and falling off, and that since I have used
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative it has entirely
ceased falling, is growing fast, and has a fine,
dark look. Before I used Jones' Coral Hair
Restorative I combed out handfuls of hair dai
ly. WM. TOMPKINS, 92 King st., N. Y.
M. Power a grocer, of Fulton street, had his
hair completely choked up with dandruff; and
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative entirely and
permanently cured it.
Do you want to dress, beautify, and make your
HAIR soft and fine?—Rcad
1, Henry E. Cullen, late barber on board the
steamboat South America, do certify that
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative is the best arti
cle 1 ever used for dressing. softening, cleans
ing and keeping the hair a long time soft, clean,
silky, dark and in order; all my customers
preferred it to any thing else. For sale by
Aug. 7,1617-6 m , R. W ILLIAMS.
Ladlea are Cautioned Against Using.
IFTIHEY are not aware how frightfully injuri-
JL it is to the skin! how coarse, how
rough, how sallow, yellow, and unhealthy the
skin appears after using pepared chalk ! Be
sides it is injurious, containing a large quan
tity of Lead ! We have prepared a beautiful
vegetable article, which we call
Jones' Spanish Lily White.
h. is perfectly innocent, being purified of all
deleterious qualities; and it imparts to the skin
a natural, healthy, alabaster, clear, living
white; at the same time acting as a cosmetic
on the skin, making it soft and smooth.
Dr. James Anderson, Practical Chemist of
Massaclmsetts.says; After analyzing Jones'
Spanish Lily White, I find it possesses the most
beautiful and natural, and at the same time
innocent white 1 ever saw. 1 certainly can
conscientiously recommend its la all whose
skin requires beautifying." Price 25 cents a
Box. For sale by R. 1V ILLI AAI S.
Columbia, August 7, 1847—Gm
Meanie., Meanie, Health.
Pubnaxirry Consumption Chrome Brooch:W.ond 5.,.
Throni,,loihnin, Chronic Catarrh, :spumy of
Blood, Pain an the Side and Bernet, Dip
eulty of Breathing, Whoppine Cough,
Croup. Weak Herres o lid -Vernon,
Tremours, Pulp:tattoo of the
Heart ; also hirer Con:-
plalntand.dffection of
the Kidoreps.
- -
O .
F all tire diseases incident to Our climate there, I. none
so universal and at the saute triune SO 1111 , 1111.10 US and
fatal as Consumption. in thi• roinitry especially Pul
monary Consumption is emphatically a scourge and in
its resistless career sweeps o'er the land as a destroy log
Angel, laying low north relentless hand the strongest and
fairest of our race: Hitherto all efforts to arrest this
dread disease have proved vain, mad all that seemed
o 'atm our power was at hest the alternation of suffering
rendering somewhat smoother the certain progress to the
The proprietor in offering this preparation to the public.
would embrace the opportunity to state upon o hat
grounds it puts forth its merits • and the reasons upon
‘vbielt it fotlntlfi Its superior clams to the attention of the
afflicted, that nil who re a usrequisite mop repose full
sonfideuce in its curative lumen , . Since its first prepa
ration he has had the pleasure of witnessing Ile hippy re
sults lit numerous insiances; but he was determined not
to offer it to the public until he had become thoroughly
convinced of its eilicacy. lie now confidently offers it
a. a remedy without a parallel for the cure off.III.MUN
ARV CONSUMPTION and its kindred diseases.
COnslll.lpliOn of a tuberculous character from time im
memorial has peen deemed incurable sod considering its
frequency and fatality, it is not Ulfpripiltgll.lll new rem
edies nod new eqstems of treat ment should from time to
time be brought under thin nonce sit the Profession sad
the public. Alenmt every organic and ittorgaltie tub
■tauce. in an endless round of combination, bus been
Wed x• 1111 the hope or checking this scourge or Out rao e.
ninny doubtless believing that in the progress .I' medics I
knowledge we should at last obtain the mastery over
Untinituiptlon. and, in the lire of the comp° ISy I
Up of nr and Wood liaptha, this object is imp
dily attained.
The therapeutic agents employ ed in the composition of
ibis reniedy.:, re Filth as enable it to pre. cot the sects
tom of tuberculous matter in the lutigpited to cause lie
resoltition nod absorption after deposit has commenced,
use object achieved by no other medicine. and the import
' once IP r which the professional 111.111 Will at once i/cll'uiVe,
since it brings this form of ahem, pent ad tired
hopeless, entirely within control. The Furcrss which has
attended The eihniniurat ion of this preparation is miner
allelled in Ills records of medical science, in confirms
tuna of which, the prupnetur would ask a careful peru
sal of the statements of a few of those who hare been
restored to health by its powerful agency.
Let the fob - ovoid speak fur itself—
,•lhave treed Thompson's Compound Syrup of Tar and
Wood Naptha for some time 11l my practice. and have
found it the most efficient remedy I have ever used in
Consumptive gale!, dal/tile catarrh, &C., us ken great ir-
ritabillty, with weakness of the pUilllMlltlfy organs. ex
isted. The rapidity with which it acts is greatly in its
favor where tlyspiimo or oppression exult, which Is im
mediately relieved by it.
..In Polnionary Coneumption It can be used with con
fidence, befog applicable to every form of that disease,
and I consider it a medicine well worthy the attention of
physicians, and exempt from the ice putatino of rnipiri
_ _Ns :• Clle,lllSETtit,'Al. D.
_ .
Philadelphia, October ii . 1544:"
KrThe above medicine prepared only by
ANGN EY & DICKSON. at N. E. corner of
Fifth and Spruce streets, Philadelphia.
Gisn, Lancaster; Ross, Elizabethtown, D.
Gnoss, Harrisburg •, It.,
Price 50 cts.. or 6 bottles for .1(2,50.
March 6, 1847. 87G
Salamander, Fire and Thief Proof
Warranted equal to any other make, and have nev
er been injured by Fire or Burglar', in a single
instance. He also keeps on hand a full supply of
Common Chests, made of lighter iron, at lower
61 South Second St., below Chesnut Philad.
For Cooling and Preserving MEAT, BUTTER,
MILK, and all articles intended for culinary pur
FILTERS, for Purifying Water that is brackish
or muddy, whether by rains, minera/s,or otherwise
can be had of all sizes and prices, at the Ware.
rooms, No. 61 South Second Street, two doors be.
low Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
October 2d, 1847.
£t the Columbia New Coat Store.
& S. PATTON have just received an
assortment of New GooZs consisting o f
superfine Blue, Black, and Olive Cloths, Plain,
Striped & Fancy Cassimers, Ceshmerets, Tweeds,
Croton Codrington and Summer Cloths, Linen and
Cotton Drilling, with a variety of Articles suitable
for Summer wear. Marseilles, Valencia, and Satin
Vestings, Black Silk, suitable for Mantillas, Fan
cy, Sniped, Plaid, and Plain do. for dresses.
Merino, Mohair, Mons de Leine, and Silk Shawls,
Corebel and Marseilles Skirts. Lawn and Lawn
Ginghams, Alpaebas &c., Bareges, Silk and Linen
Pocket Handkerchiefs. Cambric, Earlston, Man.
chester and Domestic Ginghams, French and Da
mask Table Cloths. Hackaback, Birdeye, and lit,,.
sin Towelings, Mull, Cambric, Jaconett, Swiss
Plaid Striped Muslins.
Best quality Rid Gloves, Silk Mitts, Lisle
thread, Fancy and Cotton Gloves, Palm leaf Hats
&e., c. With a complete assortment of bleach
ed and brown Sheeting, and Shirting Muslins, Car
petings from 10 cents to $l,OO, Plain and Figured
Matttngs, Floor and Table Oil Cloths, Looking ,
Glasses, Queens-ware, Fresh Groceries ' Hams,
dried Beet; &c., Mackerel, Pickled and Smoked
Much care has been taken to secure for custom.
era a choice varies) and the subscribers having
purchased their goods for Cash are determined t.,
sell them on the most reasonable terms,
N. B. Country ptroduce taken in exchange for
goods at the highest price.
Columbia, July 3rd, 1847.--tf
C. WESTBROOK keeps eon
/ ,47 :4 staidly on hand a large and well
imm - ,to.W selected assortment of MISCEL
discriptions, from the small pocket memoran
dum to the substantialls bound decoy. Letter
arid Cap PAPER, by the ream, quire, or single
sheet. SCHOOL. BOOKS. Serials, Periodi
cals, Newspapers, &c. Staple and Fancy
ST A T I ON A RY, Brushes Combs, Purses,
Pocket Books, Toilet and Pockets Alirrors„
Razor Strops, Shaving Soaps; Pasteboard.
Ivory. Marabo and Steel Studded FANS, and
nu nerous other articles, all of which wilt be
sold very low for cash.
N. B. Cash paid for Rags.
Columbia. April 7, 1847.
ON the 4th of August, in the year 1843, a
singular scene occurred in the Royal Sc.-
entitle. Institute of Prance. The aged, white
headed President, his bead bare, his arm out
stretched, his face. radksat with smiles, (for
science was triumphant,) and his voice with
gratulatory tone, delivered the following re
port :
IVe are astounded at this singular prepa
ration. W here indeed will science slop
Here we have a preparation made in the fonn
of a beautiful piece of soap, which we know
by actual practice, to cure every cutaneous
eruption, every disfigurement of. and even die
colared skin! Where wilt its magidand sin
gular power cease? The Negro, the Creole,
the Yellow Race of the East, and the Red Man
of the Var West, are alike under the influence
of its extraordinary powers of clearing yellow
or discolored skin, and making it white and
beautiful and of changing the color of dark,or
black, or brown skin." (Here several persons.
were brought forward by the President, who
had used it, in proof of his assertion.)
There are probably few persons of
gence, who, after reading the above, will donl.t
the qualities of
Jones) Italian Chemical Soap
in curing Pimples, Blotches, Salt Rheurn,
Scurvy, Erysipelas, Sore Beads, Old Sores,
Beard and Barber's Itch, Chapped and Tender
Flesh, Freckles, Tan, Sunburn and. changing
dark Sunburn or Yellow Skin to a pure clear
white, as smooth and soft as an Iniamts, and in
fact every kind of eruption and disfigurement.
Read these certificates:
Prom the New Orleans Sentivet, Octnber,
One o: our subscribers. Mr. 11. Leonard, in
forms us that be has been cured of old, scaly
Salt Rheum, of eighteen years standing, on hi..
beard, fingers, and hands, by a cake of an arti
cle advertised lately—we speak of Jones' Ital
ian Chemical Soap. lie also informs us that
he has tried its effects on his female slave Rose,
much marked with sun spots, and he found in
two weeks her skin much clearer and whiter.
James Eltham, a painter, in Jersey City, was
cured of carbuncles, and pimples, which ho
was afflicted with for many years, by part of is
cake of ;ones' Italian Chemical Soap.
Persons in purchasing this must always ask
haps, as many who have been cheated with
counterfeits, will be too much discouraged lo
try the genuine, we say to such, try this once—
you will not regret it : hut always see that the
name of T. JONES is on the wrapper. Sold
only in New York at 82 Catham Street, Sign
of the American Eagle. Price, SO Cents a
Cake. For sale by R. %VILLIAIMS.
Columbia, Aug. 7,1847-6 m.
Vegetal)lp tnivers.ll Pilbc
Arc a strengthening purg,atire and a purifving
THE hopes of the American agents are far
more than realised by the success of Dr. Lo
Roy's Vegetable Universal Pills on this ride et
the Atlantic. Never did a medicine spring
such immediate popularity: In less than three
months eighty thousand hoses have been disposi
of; and cr.:Wien:es of cures performed by the
received from upeaids of four hundred persons.
The cures embraced a great number of diseases)
but those which predominated were 13illious Fe
err, Colic, Habitual Costiveness, Dysi wary ,
Loss of Appetite. Flatulence. Worms and Loss.
ness of Spirit.. All persons who take them epee
that they are isr superior to every other medico e
they had nard, in the mildness the energy, *mit
the efficacy of their action; for though they pie.
duce neither gripe nor nausea, they act u; Oil the
secretions with great directness, force and rapid.
ity; and as a purgative leave nothing to be desired.
But their great peculiar excellence, and that which
distinguishes them from all other purgatives is,
thatthair operation is followed by no reaction.—
Their unrivalled purifying and purgative proper
ties, for which they are indebted to the essence of
Sarsaparilla, and other ingredients,being controll
ed by their highly tonic virtues derived from the
extract of Wild Cherry, they do not strain the
digestive organs into action, as is the mode of
operation with other cathartics, but on the contra
ry strengthen them into action. Thus all other
riurgative medicines produce more or less subse
quent costiveness, abd sluggishness of the gastric
juice, while Dr. Le Roy's Pills leave all the ma
chinery of the system full of life activity, and the
bowels open and natural.
1:: - .Price 25 cents per box.-
digents for Co/nmbio—R. WILLTAXII, WIC A
',LADE ft Feb 6.'47-ly
neous liquid human hair Dye, for dyeing
light, red. or grey hair permanently a brown
or jet black color. Full and copious direc•
lions enclosed. Sold at the sign of the Amer
ican Eagle, No. 82 Graham Street. New "York-
Price SO cents, $1 or $1,50 per bottle. Sold by
Aug. 7,1847-6 m R W ILLIA MS.