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    'vociferous, accompanied alway by the gong, making
altogether such an unearthly din as might have
penetrated the ears of a wooden god. When the
gongs paused to rest a moment, the prayers would
cease, and be resumed when the music struck up.
A. shelf was drawn out before the "Sash," on which
was placed for his specie/ use, roast beef, pork,
ducks, fowls, eggs, lobsters, &e. &c. The royal
god dines ale Astor, and is by no means satisfied
with plebian fare. Having eaten a sufficient quan
tity, he graciously permits Ilia worshipyers to par
'Enke of the remainder.
If the god leaves any. of the food, the natives
regard it as indication that their sins are all for
given. The result, probably, is generally very sat
isfactory in regard to the forgiving disposition of
"Josh." and so less gratifying to the palates of his
worshippers. • The exercises were continued till
about sunrise. A pail containing a large piece of
pork, Toddened by a peculiar procees of cooking
with Josh powder, is suspended from the boom—
object 'unknown, probably en offering to the god.
The officers allow the natives tnctijoy their religi
ons rites unmolested, though frequently at great
expense, end much to the destruction of stock on
board the vessel when these rites happen at sea.—
The public curiosity continues unabated. Yester
day twenty-eight hundred visitors were on board.—
N. Y. Post.
From the New Haven Pallaidum
tors: It is with extreme regret and mortification,
that I have seen circulating in the papers, the—arti
de alluded to in your last, in which a paragraph
published in the New Haven Journal with the sig
nsture of "O," is ascribed to me. The idea that
we shall have no heavy thunder showers, or light
ning striking, as long as we have telegraph wires
spread over the earth, could not, I should suppose,
be entertained by any one, who reflects how small a
proportion such structures of art bear, in extent, to
the grand operations of nature. Although a line
of telegraph wires sometimes undoubtedly facili
tates the passage of electricity from the clouds to
the earth (not by attracting the fluid, but by di
minishing the resistance always experienced by
electricity in passing through the air,) yet nothing
appears to me rn.,re improbable, than that structures
so limited in extent as these are, and always must
be, compared with dimensions of the whole atmos
phere, *Amid, to any great degree, prevent tho ac
cumulation of electricity in thunder storms. One
opinion, however, which I publicly expressed
through the medium of this paper, a year or two
since, may be worth repeating, namely, that on ac
count of the tendency of a thunder cloud, which
approaches near to a line of wires, to discharge its
electricity through that channel, care ought to be
taken, when the poles give warning of the approach
of a thunder cloud to some part of the line, to
complete the conducting communeation with the I
earth, and thns to prevent the charge from explod
ing through the person of the operator. Without
this precaution, I have for some time believed, that
the consequences would sooner or later be fatahis
A RACE WITH AN lairirsx.—On Saturday last a
small party, on their return from a pie nic excur
sion to the Indian village, happened to meet, about
a mile this side the council house, the "last," Indi
an, John Stesprock—(he who came near winning
the great ten mile race at Hoboken.) As some of
the party were on their first visit to an Indian
settlement and were desirous of seeing an Indian
foot-race, John was bantered for a run, and, by the
way of inducement was told that if he would reach
the council house (distant one mile and a trifle
over) before we could drive there with our two
horse team and wagon, containing four persons, he
should have a small purse which was made up on
the spot. John in a guttural " neliwy" consented,
and divesting himself of boots and hat, and tying
a handkerchief tightly around his wa.istan,d another
around his head, was ready for a start. At the
word "go!" and with a crack of the whip, away
we went—team and Indian—the latter "loping'.
off steadily, after the Indian style, and we crowd
ing with our team—a fast one—as swiftly as we
The road was undulating, winding, and in some
places rough. We thought it would be no 'chore'
at all to • distance' him, but very soon discovered
our mistake, and commenced paying out.' It was
'eat use.' Mr. Indian now and then glanced back,
and whenever we whipped up, he whipped up too,,
Sclera! times he crossed and re-crossed the road in
order to get the best track—sometimes taking the
foot path beside the road and occasionally bounding
over a log or bush with a stride that was wonder
fuL At one time we came upon a smooth, 'straight
stretch' of thirty or forty rods, and by a little extra
effort, shot ahead; but it wouldn't do—we were
sold'— for at. the next hill John respecti fully raised
his coatflaps and bid us good bye. Ile won the
race by about six rods and ran it in four minutes
and forty seconds ! It did not appear to fatigne
him in the least.
On Thursday of this week, the 29th instant,
John proposes to be in [his village, and will run
five miles against time, for a purse then to be made
up. He is to run a ten mile race at ButThlo some
time during the autumn. —. Batavia Times.
AND ALL 0711E11 DIATINOVIMIED PEnnONs. wnn mot n•
Toilet emollient. Radway's Chinese Medicated Soap,
give It the preference over all Toilet or other soaps.
Ist Ilsdwny■ Chinese Medicated Snap is the only ar
ticle of the todet po leg medicinal virtues in the form
of soap.
2nd. The 'Medicinal properties are selected from the
most info, rare and efficacious extracts and holm• of
fowls, shrubs and plants oforiental growth, and they are
so scientifically combined with the soup as to borne all
attempts to analyze them.
3d. 'leeway's Soap le the most delicious Toilet Snap
ever used. its soothing, healing and purifying 'Meets
upon the cuticle. in allaying tho Irritation occasioned by
the bites of eolith., cleansing the secretary vessels
from ell Impueities.rendering the skin soft, smooth. pit re.
sweet. fair and healthy—speedily removing tan, sunburn,
pimples. blotches. pustules: transforming dark, sallow
■nd discolored visa:, to beoutlful clear and prepnsessing
complexion. Curing Pallrheum, rine worni.eryilpelas
and rash—proclaims It to be the we pita a:true( soap.
4th. Radway's Soap is equally valcanic as a SMITING
SOAP; it anftens the beard and renders the skirt smooth
and pliable.
sth. Itadway's Soap is entirely free from essential
oils, mercurial preparations. turpentine and other dele
terious admixtures ; therefore, unlike all other soaps, it
doer not irritate or inflame the skin
6th It is warranted to dont! that his recommended to
do , therefore, if you Wish 4 good article, ask for Rad
way'■ Soap.
7th. When you ask for Radway's Soap, do not be put
our with any other. In all caeca go in the advertised
agents, and be sure you see that R. O. Itadway is upon
seek coke. sold fur 121 cents email cakes. and 25 cents
large, by R. WILLIAMS,
Bole agent for Columbia.
Cutts AND Faveas.—Weight's burial: Vegetable Pills
are one of the best, If not the very best medicine In the
world, for the cure of Intermittent Fever, because they
excel all others In ridding the body of thole morbid
humors which are the cause, not only clan kinds of fe
vers, but of every malady incident to man. Four or five
of said /radian Vegetable Pills, taken every night on going
to bed, will inn short time make a perfect cure of the
most obstinate case of the chills and fever, at the same
time the digestive organs will be restored to a healthy
tone, and the blood so completely purified that the fever
and ague, or diseases In any form, will be absolutely im
Beware of Counterfeits of all kinds! Some are coated
with sugar; others made to resemble in outward ap
pearance the original medicine. The safest course is, to
purchase from the regular agents only, one or more of
whom may be found in every village and town in the
The genuine for sale by FRY & SPANGLER, and
Jos. M. Watts, who are the only authorized Agents for
Columbia. Also. byagents advertised in another COMM.
Principal Office, 169 Race Street, Philadelphia.
Pezit...,Dhyrim, Aug. 4, 1847
The flour market continues quiet and the demand for
export very limited Fresh ground Penn'a is held firmly
at $6, and sound Western at $5.671, bet only a few
hundred !Jarrett; were sold. Rye flour Is inactive and
nominally held at $3.50. Corn meal is dull. and Penn'a
Is offered at $3.25, and Brandywine at $3.75, without
finding purchasers. Wheat continues scarce and prices
are finally sustained. SOO bushels Pewee red form store,
sold at $1.27, and 1200 bushels good Western and South
ern afloat. $1.25. part for stuech making. Corn Is dull
and has further declined. 1500 bushels prime Penn'a
round yellow, afloat, sold at '7O cm. weight. Oats con
tinue scarce. Small sales of prime Northern at 55 cts,
NEW YORK, August 4, 1347
Flour continues to Increase In firmness, and 85.75 Is
offered freely to-day for Genesee, whilst $5.87,1 is asked.
Corn la selling at 85 to 70 ms. Wheat commands, better
offers, but there is none of the best sort In market.
There is an Increasing demand for flour, and sales are
reported at $425 to $4 SD. Pennsylvania red Wheat
brings 85 ; white Corn 55; Oats 22 to 24; Rye 51; the
price of Whiskey Is unaltered. Provisions are kel—
t-Jason, sides 9, shoulders 7. hams 9. The Cotton market
exhibts more animation to-day. The river Is still (idl
ing, and we have but 3 feet In the channel to-day.
AALTItIoBs, Aug. 4, r• M
The supply of Flour Is so very light that no operations
to any extent has been made, besides which the Hiber
nian's news has had a very depressed effect. There
were sales of 1000 bbis Howard street at $5 75. Nn
sales of City mills holders asked $6. Sales white
Wheat at 121 to 127 eta and red at 11G to 110 eta. Sales
yellow Corn at 71 to 74 cis. Sales Oats 50 eta. Sales
ltye Flour $4. Sales Whiskey In bbls at 27 as. ; de
mand limited.
Provisions are in Bottled request, at former quotations
Beef Is held at GIO to 15 frir prime and mess, and Pork
nt $l4 in IG 25. Keg lord b worth 10e. Bacon is more
active titan other meats, Hems% to 104 shoulders 7
to 71, and sides 01 to 10.
On Tuesday morning, August 3, 1517, by the 'Rev. It.
Owen, Mr. THOMAS A. SCOTT. of Loudon. Franklin co.,
Pa., to Mi.; MARGARET illtaxisont, of Columbia.
With the above notice vrc received a delicious
cake. Our best wishes are, that the bride and
groom may be as happy through life as the cake
was palatable.
IN great variety varying in price from 314
cents and upwards at
Columbia, Aug. 7, 1847—tf
- r_TAMS, HAMS, Jersey cured canvassed
j_AL name, for sale at
WE or a r r e )
re n s o 6 w o o o p o e d n s l
e n
v g e
r tt o ie ire b r e: d t
i a n rs t o h ri
m m e a i r i t
Itci The public are respectfully invited to
see them at 'FRY & SPANGLER'S.
Columbia. Aug. 7 - , 1847.—ff
Cjl PUN Silk - , Mohair and Alpaca Plaids, new
►7 style for ladies' dresses; also a splendid as
sortment of Ginghams and other dress goods at
Columbia, Aug. 7 1847.—1 f
neous liquid human hair Dye, for dyeing
light, red, or grey hair permanently a brown
or jet black color. Full and copious direc
tions enclosed. Sold at the sign of the Amer
ican Eagle, No. 82 Cat barn Street. New York.
Price 50 - cents, $1 or $1,50 per bottle. Sold by
Aug. 7,1847-6 in R. '‘V ILLIA MS.
BLACK SILK and :Mohair Fringes and
Gimps, for sale cheap at
Columbia, AIM 7, 1847.—tf
rpHOSE new style POI.KA Comns can now
I be had at PRY & SPANGLER'S.
Columbia, Aug. 7, 1847.—tf
WE are happy to inform those in want of
a Patent Self SuppAier that by dint of
perseverance, we have succeeded in obtain
ing a small Lssortmont. Those in want will
bear in mind that there is a few more left at
Columbia, Aug. 7, 1547.—tf
Ladies are Cautioned Against Using
frIIEY arc not aware how frightfully injuri-
J_ ous it is to the skin! how coarse, how
rough, how sallow, yellow, and unhealthy the
skin appears after using pepared chalk ! Be
sides it is injurious, containing a large quan
tity of Lead ! We have prepared a beautiful
vegetable article, which we call
Jones' Spanish Lily White.
It is perfectly innocent, being purified of all
deleterious qualities; and it imparts to the skin
a natural, healthy, alabaster, clear, living
white; at the same time acting as a cosmetic
on the skin, makino• it soft and smooth.
Dr. James Anderson, Practical Chemist of
Massachusetts. says: " After analyzing Jones'
Spanish Lily White, I find it possesses the most
beautiful and natural, and at the same time
innocent white I ever saw. I certainly can
conscientiously recommend its use to all whose
skin requires beautifying." Price 2.5 cents a
Box. For sale by R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia, August 7, 1847—Gin
WMTE Teeth, font breath, healthy gums,
Yellow and unhealthy teeth, after once
or twice cleaned with
Jones' Amber Tooth Paste.
have the appearance of the most beautiful
ivory. and, at the same time it is so perfectly
innocent and exquisitely fine, that its constant
daily use is highly advantageous, even to those
teeth that are in good condition, giving them
a beautiful polish, and preventing a premature
decay. Those already decayed it prevents
from becoming worse—it also faster.: :Itch as
are becoming loose, and by perseverance it will
render the foulest teeth delicately white, and
makes the breath deliciously sweet. Price 2.5
or 37& cents a Box. For sale b_ . y
Aug. 7, 1847-6 m. R. WILLIAMS.
oN the 4th of August, in the year 1843, a
singular scene occurred in the Royal Sci
entific Institute of France. The aged, white
headed President, his head bare, his arm out
stretched, his face radiant with smiles, (for
science was triumphant,) and his voice with
gratulatory tone, delivered the following re
port :
" We are astounded at this singular prepa
ration. Where indeed will science stop!—
Here we have a preparation made in the form
of a beautiful piece of soap, which we know
by actual practice. to cure every cutaneous
eruption, every disfigurement of and even dis
colored skin ! Where will its magic and sin
gular power cease? The Negro, the Creole,
the Yellow Race of the East, and the Red Man
of the Far West, are alike under the influence
of its extraordinary powers of clearing yellow
or discolored skin, and making it white and
beautiful and of changing the color of dark, or
black, or brown skin." (Here several persons
were brought forward by the President, who
had used it, in proor of his assertion.)
There are probably few persons of intelli
gence, who, after reading the above, will doubt
the qualities of
Jones' Italian Chemical Soap
in curing Pimples, Blotches, Salt Rheum,
Scurvy, Erysipelas, Sore Heads, Old Sores,
Beard and Barber's itch, Chapped and Tender
Flesh. Freckles, Tan, Sunburn and changing
dark Sunburn or Yellow Skin to a pure clear
white, as smooth and soft as an Infants, and in
fact every kind of eruption and disfigurement.
Read these certificates:
Frets the New Otienns Sentinel. October, ISM
One o: our subscribers,Mr. H. Leonard, in
forms us that he has been cured of old, scaly
Salt Rheum, of eighteen years standing, on his
beard, fingers, and hands, by a cake of an arti
cle advertised lately—we speak of Jones' Ital
ian Chemical Soap. He also informs us that
lie has tried its effects on his femaleslave Rose,
much marked with sun spots, and he found in
two weeks her skin much clearer and whiter.
James Eltham, a painter, in Jersey City, was
cured of carbuncles, and pimples, which lie
was afflicted with for many years, by part of a
cake of Jones' Italian Chemical Soap.
. Persons in purchasing this must always ask
haps, as many who have been cheated with
counterfeits, will be too much discouraged to
try the genuine, we say to such, try this once—
you will not regret it: but always see that the
name of T. JONES is on the wrapper. Sold
only in New York at 82 Catham Street, Sign
of the American Eagle. Price. 50 Cents a
Cake. For sale by R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia, Aug. 7,1847-6 m.
Those Who have been Deceived With
m R D . A N k r e a , l 9. la
y m o N r r i r d e e e r r
t b i e fi c e ic of
s ,
Avenue his he
a 9l
was entirely bald on the top, and by the use of
two 3s. bottles of
he has a good crop of hair, and will soon have
it long, thick and luxuriant.
Mr. WILLIAZO J ACKSON, Of 89 Liberty street,
Pittsburg, certifies: On the 3d of February,
1847, that Mr. Thomas Jackson's head on the
top, was entirely bald for fifteen years, and
that 1)V using two 3s. bottles of Jones' Coral
Hair Restorative, the hair is growing fast,
thick and healthy. He expects by using this a
little longer to have a better head of hair than
tie ever had.
To those whose hair is gray, or, failing di' and
I hereby certify that my hair was turning
oray and falling Mr, and that since I have used
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative it has entirely
ceased falling, ie growing fast, and has a fine.
dark look. Before I used Jones' Coral Hair
Restorative I combed out handfuls of hair dai
ly. WM TOMPKINS, 92 King st., N. Y.
Power a grocer, of Fulton street, had his
hair completely choked up with dandruff, and
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative entirely and
permanently cured it.
Do y-;: want to dress, beautify, and make your
HAIR soft and jine . 7—Read :
I, Henry E Cullen. late barber on board the
steamboat South America, do certify that
Jones' Coral Hair Restorative is the best arti
cle I ever used for dressing, softening, cleans
ing cud keeping the hair a long time soft, clean,
silky, dark end in order; all my customers
preferred it to any thing else. For sale by
Aug. 7,1847—Gm R. WILLIAMS.
SKIN TEAS of all kinds, to be had fresh
at YOUNG it CASSEL'S Store, No. 50
Columbia, aug. 7, 1847—tf
P. SCHREINER has removed
1 / 4 a his WATCH and JEWEL
LERY'-2S Establishment to the
WAL.N FRONT Br, en - , recently fitted up by
him, hetween Barr's and Black's Hotel, Front
Streetorhere the public cao be accommodated,
as heretofore, with all articles io the Jewel
lery line, at the cheapest rates.
Columbia. July 17, 1847.—tf.
Estn tv of Paul JOHICS Deceased.
LETTERS testamentary having been gran
ted to the undersigned, Executors of
Paul Jones, machincst, late of the borough of
Columbia, deceased; all persons having
claim 9 or demands against said decedent are
requested to make the same known without
delay, and those indebted, to make immediate
payment to
JACOI3 EHLER. Lancaster ciLy.
PETER KIM BURG, Cola. Boro'.
July 17, 1847.—Gt.
Agency of the Canton
The undersigned being the authorized
.11,; Agents for the sale of the SUPERIOR
TEAS, imported by the Canton Tea
Company, of the City of New Yok, invite a
trial of their Green and Black Teas, embrac
ing the best selections this side of China.
Every Package Warrented.
J. D. & J. WRIGHT.
Columbia, April 7, 1847.—tf
Hanee's Sarsaparilla Vegetable, or Blood Pills.
For Purifying the Blood!
Baltimore, July 29,1843.
rrtH IS is to certify, that I was afflicted with
_IL a violent pain in the breast and right arm,
I which 1 supposed proceeded from the impure
state of my blood. .1 was recommended to take
Hance's Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, and after
taking one box, the pain was entirely removed
from my breast and arm,l found them extreme
ly gentle in their operation, and would recom
mend them to every person in want of a mild
purgativo.. PATRICK ROCHE,
No. 23 Conway street, between Howard and
lain purchasing these pills, let me add one
word of caution, always ask for Ilance's Pills,
and purchase of none but those advertised as
agents, and if convenient, call and see the pro
prietor himself.
Prepared and sold by SETH S HANCE,
108 Baltimore.
AGENTS—G. G. Claborne. R. Willams,
W. A. Leader, Columbia; J F. Heinitsh
Soo, Lancaster; Samuel Ensininger. Man
i beim; Jacob Stouffer, Mt. Joy 04 Roads; Jas.
Bryan, Elizabethtown. 0ct.24-46
Should read the following statements of
respectable persons.
weak at the roots
PERSONS afflicted with Scrofula, Kings' Evil,
Cancer. and Erysipelas, Old Sores. Ulcers,
'fetter, Mercurial Diseases, or any other com•
plaints arising from impurities of the blood. are ro•
quested to read the following testimonials. tit proof
of •he wonderful properties of the above named
We. the undersigned, having visited ',Mr. Isaac
Brooks, jr., at the office of Messrs.atowand and
Walton, 376 Market street, Philadelphia, consider
his case the most remarkable one we have ever
witnessed or heard of.
His disease was SCROFULA, and terrible ma
have been his twelve years' conflict with the des
trayer !
His Palate, the entire roof of his Mouth, Nose,
Upper Lip, and Lower Lid of the Right Eye have
been destroyed, his Face nearly eaten up, and part
of the Jaw Hone carried away. iktid yet we can
give no description of his case.
Mr. B. informs us Mat in January last the whole
interior of his mouth, as well as most of his face,
was a mass of deep and painful ulcers!
On [lie 14th of January last, he commenced
which checked the disease in a few days, and Irom
that lime the cure has progressed without inter•
New flesh has supplied the place or the deep
ulcers, and though badly disfigured, his face is
bound, and his general health is restored
e are assured that in the treatment of Mr.
Brooks' case, no illercurials, Ointments, or Caus
tic applications have been used—in tact the Pana
cea alone, has wrought this wonderful change.
J. W. Jones, NI. U., South 2nd street, Phila.
E. %V Carr, 440 N „Fourth, above Poplar street,
N. Liberties.
S. McCullough, Lancaster. Penn.
C. W, Appleton, M. D., 46 South street, Phila
Wm. Sieeling, M. D., Camden. New Jersey.
3. IL Potter, Man Illacturer of Mineral Teeth
109, S. Ninth street, Phila.
L. A. IVollenweber, Ed. Phila. Democrat, 27
N. 3d weer, Phila.
A. D. Gillette, Pastor of 11th Baptist Church
Jahn 13c1!, Erie street, Phila. (North American
John W. Ashram', GO South Gth sr., Philp
T. SI Wagner, Lithographer, 116 Chesnut et
Peter Siren Smith, Editor Native Eagle, Piffle
Joel Bodine, glass manufacturer, Williamstown
Qew Jersey.
L. B. Coles, M. D., Boston, Mass.
Russel Canfield, Physiolof, , ist,
Thomas I'. S. Roby. M. D., Harrisburg, Penn
JVm. Urie, Pastor saint Paul's M. E. Church
Catarina street, Pit la.
John Chambers, Pastor First Indp. Church
Broad street. Phila•
T. L. Sanders, publisher of Pledge and Standard
F. P. Sellers, Editor Olive Branch, Doylestown
Bucks county.
The above named gentlemen, (constituting but
a small portion of those who have visited Air.
Brooks ut our office in Philadelphia. and would
certify to the seine 'acts. if necessary] are well
known, and 'heir high standii.g to society precludes
the idea of their lending their names to carry on en
Wholesale and Retail, by ROWAN & VIAL
TON, Proprietors, 376 Market street, Philadelphia
WM. A. LEADER, Columbia, Pa.; J. T. ANDER
SON, Marietta, Pa., and GEORGE ROSE, Eliza
both, Pd.
July 31, 18.17.-2 m.
By virtue of a decree of the High Court of Chan
cery of Maryland, the undersigned, Trustees, will
offer at public sale. at Forney's Tavern ; in Reis
terstown, on SATURDAY, the seventh day of
August at 12 o'clock, M., the following valuable
A Farm, containing 130 acres, more or less, lying
about nineteen miles from the city of Baltimore, and
a mile and a half from the filannver 'rurnatke.
Upon thin Farm is a mill seat and an old
GRIST AND SA W MILL, which if repair
"' ed, would command an extensive country cus
tom. Nearly one hall is in valuable timber and a
large proportion of meadow. It adjoins the lands
of S. T. Worthington. Esq., and the land recently
purchased by Messrs. Barr and Ktndig. Limestone
in abundance is in the immediate vicinitv.—
There are upon it two small DWELLING
HOUSES arid a Lime liila•
Alsu, a Farm, containing 320 acres, more or less,
lying about eighteen notes from the city of Valti•
more, fronting on the tranover Turnpike, and run•
tong down to the Limestone valley, well known
as one of the richest tracts in Maryland. More than
one third of it is heavily covered with the finest
timber. The amble Land is very productive and
more than 30,000 bushels of Lime have been put
upon it within tho last few years. There are more
the:112001mo Trees, of choicest kind. apple, peach,
&c.. young,and just coming into full bearing. The
Legislature lies passed an act for the continuation
of the Westminster branch of the Susquehanna
Railroad, which, by surveys heretofore made, with
tali passing through this Farm will almost touch it;
and which, when made, will, besides other advan
tages. give great value to the large quantity of fine
wood and timber upon the place. There is up.
aon the Farm a small Dwelling House, Barn,
"' Lime Kiln, &c. The terms of sale are one
fifth cash, and the balance in four equal annual in
stalments, with security to be approved by the
Trustees, and bearing interest from the day of sale.
J. J. SPEED, t Trustees.
Immediately after the above sale, and upon the
same terms, will be offered two Lots adjacent to
the last Farm above described. Tie one contains
thirty acres. fronting on the Hanover Turnpike.
with about five acres of Wood Land. and adjoining
the village of Woodeneburgh. The second tract
contains fifty acres, fronting on the County Road
lending to Woodensburgh and about one half tittle
from the Turnotke. J. J. S.
July 17, 1847 —ts .1s 4 t. 53,75. J. C. D.
FOR the cure of Coughs, Colds, Consump
tion, Spilling of blood, Pain in the side
and breast. Bronchitis, Croup, Asthma, and all
diseases arising from a disordered condition of
the lungs or neglected cold.
ouThe following sonnet was addressed to
the proprietor, by a young lady who was cured
of consumption:
Ho! ye who pant with failing breath,
And pine away and die,
Hance shall put away your death,
And light anew your eye.
How sweet it melts upon the tongue,
How grateful to the breast!
A glorious theme fer poet's song,
Soothing his cough to rest.
Hance! favored of the gods art thou .!
A blessing to thy race,
Let laurels flourish on thy brow,
And wealth those laurels grace.
When heroes are foreotten—kings
Defunct—or ceased to reign—
Glory for thee shall flay her wings—
Thou conquerer of pain.
SETH S. HANCE, 108 Baltimore street,
and corner of Charles and Pratt streets, Bal
AGENTS—G. G. Claborne. R. Willams,
W. A. Leader, Columbia; J. F. Ileinirab &
Son. Lancaster; Samuel Ensminger Man
heim ; John Stouffer, Mt. Joy ye Roads ; Jam&
Bryan, Elizabethtown. Oct. 21-'46
This preparation is pronounced by eminent mem
bers of the 111.•dical Profession and otbereonapetent
friges t., be equ ri, in every respect, to the cele
brated Henry's Magnesia. For sale at
LEADER'S Drrg Store.
Columbia, Jana 5,1547.
.70311 N P. HOUSTON,
the Collector's House. corner of Front
and Gay streets, where he will attend prompt
ly to all business in the line of his profession.
Columbia, April 14, 1847.—tf
Samuel A. Black,
No. 55, &mat 7th street, Philadelphia, Pa.
May kh, - 1847.--"3mo. •
Columbia, Lancaster county, Peniz'a,
WILL practice in the several Courts of
Lancasterand York counties.
Orptcx.-,ln Walnut street, adjoining the
Washington Hotel. Mar 6,1897.
(IF FICE--Sonth East corner of Locust and
Ilk_f Second street.
Boarding House—kith Mrs. Swartz, 4 2 doors
below his late residence.
Columbia, April 7, 1847.—tf
Nails and Spikes.
200 Kegs NAILS, SPIKES and BRADS.—
Just received and for sale at reduced
prices by
ATARI 01; S PATTERNS or Wall, Window
V and Ceiling Papers and Borders, of the
most elegant modern styles, for sale by
Columbia, April 7,1847.
ta L n L d c s a nd
best.C R p o S r S - C a F e T a SA m
n ' S u , ra o c f
prices by RUMPLES HESS
Columbia, A pril 7, 1847.—tf
lIERR'S Celebrated Lowden nth CnAms,
Traces, hail!, and short, double and sin
gle Link, Breast, Carrying and Halter, Chains,
all of which we offer al manufactures prices.
Columbia, April 7, 1847.—tf
DINDING orders left at the Columbia Book
More will receive prompt attention.
Columbia, May 19, 1847.
To Carpenters.
UST received a splendid assortment of
BRACES, BITS and CHISELS, at reduced
prices by RUMPLES HESS.
Columbia, April 7, 1847.—tf
TjARASOLETTS, &c. A new supply just
opened and fur sale very cheap at.
Columbia June O. 1847.—tf
Gentlemen's Summer Wear!
COMPRISING Castimeretts, Croton and
Summmer Cloths and Cassimers; superfine
plain and fancy white Drillings, Satin, Brocade
and Marseilles Vcstings, &c. &c., at reduced
Columbia, June 23, 1847.—tf
,T.,11•6743, Sa'WWl,
TUST received a lot of handsome Ginghams
el and Lawns at 12i cents, 16 cents, ISi
cents and 25 cents, with some finer qualities at
the lowest prices.
J. D. Sr. J. 'WRIGHT•
Columbia., June '23, 1847.—tf
IIIREBOARD PRINTS. A variety of Fire
hoard patterns for sale cheap at
Columbia, May 2G, 1647.—tf
WRIGIIT'S Indian Vegetable Pills or
Indian Purgative, and Indian Vegeta-
Syrud warrented genuine. For sale by
Columbia, May, 19, 1847.—ti
Guns and Pistols.
TIOUBLE and Single Barrel GUNS, war-
JO rented Stubb Twist, and Patent Breech
Revolving PISTOLS, Brass and Steel Barrel
Pistols. For sale cheap by
Columbia, April 7, 1847.—tf
To Boatmen.
NEW Pattere Boat STOVE. Just receira
ed and for sale by. RUMPLE & HESS
Colombia, April 7, 1847.—tf
More Light.
LAM Ps.—Oil, Lard and Camphine Stand
Lamps, Flanging and Sid.* do. For sale by
Columbia. April 7. 134.7.—tf
removal and permanent cure of all disease ari
sing from an impure state of the blood, or habit
of the system. For sale at Leader's Drug
Store. WM. A. LEADER, Agt.
TUST received and for sale at the Hardwar
j Store of 'RUMPLE & HESS
Columbia, April 7, 1897.—tf
riAMPIIINE Lamp Globes. All sizes of
Lamp Globes. fur sale at
lylo-tf LEADER'S.
Dr. Jaynes Tonic Ircraniingc.
A FRESH supply of Jayne's Popular Tonic
23,_ Verwifuge. For sale at LEADER'S.
July tOrtf
Mutt's Sarsaparilla.
TUST received, another supply of Bull's Sar
t) sepal ills. For sale at LEADER'S.
JUST received a large asortment of Patent
Breach :qui:. Twist English Guns, single
and double barrel; also Revolving and Corn
mon Pistols. For sale at reduced prices at the
Hardware Store-of
Columbia, May 26. 1847.—tf
Agency of the
ri; THE SUBSCRIBER keeps constantly
lit.jklei on band an assortment of Fresh Teas, im
wilt., ported by the Pekin Tea Company. Any
eas sold by me that does not give entire satia.
faction, cnn be returned and exchanged, or the
mow will bo refunded.
—-- Locust street, Colum111;7
April 7, 1847.
The subscriber is prepared to deliver ICE
in any quantity every morning.
r'N. B. Small Ice for Ice Cream and Min
eral Water to be had at his residence in any
quantity. J. H. B.
Columbia, Jude 12th, 1947.
At C
the olumbia New Cash Store
-w S. PATTON have just received an
assortment of New Goors consisting of
superfine Blue, Black, and Olive Cloths, Plain,
Striped & Fancy Cassimera, Cashmerets. Tweeds,
Croton Codrington and Summer Cloths, Linen and
Cotton Drilling, with a 'CM rietyof Articles sui table
for Summer wear, Marseilles, Valencia, and Satin
Vestings, Black Silk, suitable for Mantillas, Fan
cy, Striped, Plaid, and Plain do. for dresses.
Merino. Mohair, Mous de Laine, and Silk - Shawls,
Corebel and Marseilles Skirts, Lawn and Lawn
Ginghams, Alpachos &c., Bareges, Silk and Linen
Pocket Handkerchiefs. Cambric, Earlst 'n, Man
chester and Domestic Gingharna, French and Da
mask Table Cloths, Mel:aback, Birdeyc, and Hos
' sia Towelings, Mull, Cambric, laconctt, Swiss
Plaid and Striped Mashes.
Best quality Kid Gloves, Silk Mitts, Lislo
thread, Fancy and Cotton Gloves, Palm leat. Hats
&c., kc. With a complete assortment of bleach
ed and brown Sheeting, and Shirting Mashes, Car
petings from 10 cents to 51,00, Pk in and Figured
Mattings, Floor and Table Oil Cloths, Looking
Glasses, Queens ware, Fresh Groceries, Hama,
dried Beef, &c., Mackerel, Pickled and Smoked
Much care has been taken to secure for costum
ers a choice variety and the subsCribers having
purchased their goods for Cash are determined to
sell them on the most reasonable terms.
N. B. Country produce taken in exchange Tor
goods at the highest price.
Columbia, July 3rd, 1847.—tf
ALL persons having claims against the I.l.tate
of James Low, deceased, late of the Bor
ough of Marietta, Pa., will please to present them
properly authenticated for settlement. And lbw.°
that are indebted to the same, are requested to
make immediate payment to the subscriber at Co
lumbia. WM. WHIPPER, Adm . r.
June 24th, 1847.-6 t
Queensware ir Crockery.
The most splendid assortment of the above
articles ever offered to the Columbia public,
just opened at the cheap Cash Store of
March 27. YOUNG & C ASSET,.
For the core of sore, weak or inflamed F.y rs
warranted in all cases. For sale at
LEADER'S Drug Store.
Columbia, Stine 5, 1847.
For the growth, beauty and restoration of the
Hair, sold at LEADER'S Drug St, re.
Columbia, June 5. 1847.
. 7 rotice.
Is hereby given, to all persons indebted to
the estate of Ann Welsh late of the borough of
Columbia, deceased, to call upon the under
signed for settlement, and those having de
:nand against said estate, to present ti,eir ac
counts duly au thenticated.
EVAN GREEN, Administrator,
of the estate of Ann Welsh, deed.
Columhia„ June, 19,1847,
Look Mere.
DR. JAYNE'S Carmative Balsam, s cer
tain, safe and effectua: remedy for a 3
complaints of the Blood, Sze._, Sze. For sale by
julylo-tf %V. A. LEADER, Agt.
OCTOR JUDKINS' genuine Patent Spe.
Mile Ointment. For sale by
julylo-tf WILLAAI A.-LEADER.
Weirs Strengthening Plaster.
T - ,1 OR all pains the Ereast,Side and Back.
..12 Warranted in all cases. Fur sale at
julylo-tf - LEADER'S.
Powder Puffs.
SUPERIOR Powder Puffs in Gilt Bores s, iih
highly perfumed Toilet Powder. For sale, at
lylo-tf LEADER'S.
NrireNctlroili3orDy'fraandaeP. p r i ;n o t e i ce rr t o o m l e a t r e t c li o e u
1. 0 3 7
preferred. Apply to
JOHN McLAUGHLIN. Confectioner,
Locust street, opposite lialdemail'a Rtore.
Columbia, July 17, 1647.-4 t.
IHE' President and Directors of the Co
lumbia and Washington Turnpike Road
mpany have this day declared a dividend of
Eighty Cents per Share, on the Capital Stock
of the Company, since the opening of the
Road, payable to the Stock holders or their le •
gal. representatives upon or after the 20th of
July inst. J. W. COTTRELL, Treasurer.
Columbia, July sth, 1847.
persona indebted to rho sub-
IN scriber are requested to make payment, and
all having claims against him will please present
them for settlement ,
July 3rd, 1847.—tf
LETTERS of Administration de bons non,
having been granted to the undersigned. upon
the Estate of Ann Barber, laic of the Borough of
Columbia. deceased, all persona indebted to said
Estate are requested to make payment, and tilos*
having claims will present them for settlement.
Columbia, June 2Gth, 1847.—Gt.
The subscriber respectfully announces to his
friends and the public, that he has again re
turned to Columbia, after his long illness and
resumed his station: all oustomers will now
always find him on hand ready at all times to
accommodate them. He is thankful frr the
patronge heretofore so liberally bestowed upon
him and hopes by strict attention to merit a
continuance of the same. _ _
Gorden Mortar Drug Store, Front at. Columbia.
Columbia, June 12, 1847.
cox:mama. 11001 C AND
1 , 7 C. WESTBROOK keeps con
-0/../ scantly on hand a large and well
vwf selected assortment of MISCEL.
discriptions, from the small pocket memoran
dum to the substantialls bound demy. Letter
and Cap PAPER, by the ream, quire, or single
sheet. SCHOOL. BOOKS. Serials, Periodi
cals, Newspapers. Stc. Staple and Fancy
ST ATI O.N A RI, Brushes Combs. Purses,
Pocket Books, Toilet and Pockets 'Mirrors,
Razor Strops, Shaving Soaps; Pasteboard.
Ivory, Marabo and Steel Studded FANS. and
nu serous other articles, all of which will be
sold very low for cash.
N. B. Cash paid for Rags.
Columbia. April 7, 1547.
311b3 =masa,
IA MPICO, Madras and Cape Boot SKINS,
Dressed and Undressed Morceeo, Kid,
ng and Binding SKINS, always on hand
at the very lowest prices.
J. D. & J. WRIGItr,
Columbia, April 7, 1847.-1 f