The Columbia spy and Lancaster and York County record. (Columbia, Pa.) 184?-1848, July 17, 1847, Image 4

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The subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and the public generally that lie is now
ready to supply them at his NEW ESTAB
LISHMENT, the three-story building in
Front street, Colmbia,
on the lot formerly occupied by John Enney.
as a ropewalk. He intends keeping on hand a
select assortment of fashionably made
He has just returned from Philadelphia and
New York with a new and splendid assortment
of all kinds of clothing, made of the best ma
terials, and in the latest style—consisting in
part of superfine blue and black cloth COATS,
Frock and Sack Coats, Pelisse Cloth aud
Tweeds of every color and quality.—a lar,ge assortment of plain and fancy
Cassimere, Cloth, and all other PANTS, suit
able for Spring, Summer and Winter, of every
size and description.
VESTS—Figured, Silk, Satin, Merino and
Marseilles,suitable for all seasons and of every
size, style and quality; to which is added a
beautiful assortment of fine Linen bosom
SHIRTS, Muslin, Check and Plain do.; Bo
soms and Collars, Drawers and Undershirts.
Also, :a large lot of Cravats Suspenders, half
Hose, &c. An endless quantity of
Roots and Shoes of all sizes,
Hats and Caps,
Travelling Thinks, Carpet Rags and Valices.
a variety of notions too tedious to mention
which will be kept in Thos. Keatings Front
Room, three doors east of my building.
N. B. Clothing made to order at the Store.
Ile has a large supply of goods on band by the
niece and a first rate Tailor in attendance.—
Do not mistake the place, three story building
on the lot formerly occupied as a Rope Walk.
Persons %yin find it to their advantage to give
Slim a call as he is determined to sell as low as
any other establishment in the county and war
rants all goods. tie sells as he represents
them when sold or the money will be refunded.
Columbia. June 5, 1847. tf
Jas»cs UT. 111 un te s
.Vo. 480 ri'olll st., Columbia,
Sign of the Big Bat end Cap, directly opposite
the Midge, and adj , ining Black's Hotel.
The sunseriber begs leyie to return
his thanks to hi: friends and the pill).
_":4 he generally, for the very liberal pat
-4- ronage heretofore extended
and hopes by strict nuentinn to busi
ness, to receive a emotion ition of their
favors; he goes upon the principle "a ?amide six
pence is better than a slow shilling.," and to c a r ry
out the principle. makes quick sales at small ad
satires. His place of hostiles.. is not a brick front,
or of great splendor, but he flatters himself thut
he can suit customer , better, and sell cheaper, than
persons who do business in big brick houses, arid
make a great fuss about selling goods at cost, he
dues not sell goads at cost, but sells at a small .1,1-
vunce, and by on doing expects ti pease all that
may favor him with their pairimage. lie req.iests
all persons, after visiting some of the showy es
takilishment-i along Front street, to drop in at No.
40. (sign of the, Big Hat and Cap) and compare
the good. and prices of the d.ffl-rent establish
ment, and he is satisfied he can sell them a better
article, and at a lower Enrico than any other store
in the borough.
glints and Caps,
Of the latest style and fashion alwayr on hind , at
very low price=, and' warranted ego dto a man
ufactured in this State Also—Gentlemen's, La
dies and'Children's Fashionable
Moots, Shoes and Slipper s..
which have been selected with great care, in re
g ore to (polity and make, and will be sold at the
lowest rotes.
Just sati ly yourself by canine, at No. 40 Front
street, Columbia, the
JAS. 11. HUNTER, Agent.
May 1, 1847
New Book-Bindery,
The subs, niters reFpeetfully infnrm their
friends and the public that they have opened a
Book-Bindery & Blank Book Inannfictoy
on Main stteet, next door to the Pot,t ()like, in
the Borough nf Yore. a h,re they will be b,,ppy
receive orders Inc every description of w..rl, in
their line, Particular attention ri ill be paid to
the Ruling and Binding of every description of
'Blank Bookt4,
for Banks, County Offices, :11erchant , and others,
and every variety of full arid half bound ks,
New and old Books, Periodicals, Law !looks
Alnvic, Newspapers, &c., bO l / 3 cl to any pattern,
end in any ct le ri quired. Paper ruled to pattern.
stark n-arranted.
CORSET& . 1 13 S T
Yo r k. Alnv 12. 1847.
!SA , 1 11111 EL WI:4TE,
2' , CS) BV2D 1- 1 01 A
RESPECTFULLY informs his old customers
n Columbia, and the public generally, that
hestill continues the Book-binding busine‘s, at his
'ld stand, in Lancaster,; and i. prepared to do al
cinds of binding. ruling, tliesliorlest noLico,
and on the most reasonable terms. Any °rile: s
left with the editor of the Columbia "Spy" will
oe promptly attended to.
Airy 10. 7h2
New rork Store, North Queen Street, near the
Court house, Lancaster,
Have received by late arrivals, a large and ric
assortment of the following Cheap Carpetings:
Rich 3 ply, patterns and designs entirely new, nev
er belbre offered in this country.
Double super, super and extra fine do.
Damask, Royal Twilled and Plain Venetian.
5.8 3.4 and 1.4 Cotton Ingrain and Venetian, front
154 to 31 I ; per yard
Window Shades, Table and Piano covers.
Dreggits, Rugs, Mat% &e. fie.
Moo heavy Oil Cloths, from 3.4 to 7.4 wide, togeth
cr with a largi, lot of CHEAP GOODS, suitable
for the seasou to which particular attention is
Lancaster, March 9, 1817•
C 0311,1 AGAIN:
Springy Sommer Fashions.
JUST arrived, and as the character of a
nation is known by its costume, he in
vites all in want of first rate fitting garments
to call at his Fashionable Tailoring E s t a bi l o,..
ment. in Locust st reel, opposite Mes,rs. Hal
deman ST. Co's. store, where they can have
their wishes realized, for he is determined to
spare no pains in making on all kinds of gar
ments according to the prevailing fashions of
the day. JOIIN JORDAN.
J. J. desires to express his thanks to his
customers ,cnera Ily, for their liberal pat ron
age,and hopes by a close attention to business
and a desire to please to merit a continuance
of the same.
Columbia, March 20, lan. tf
THE subscribers have just received a large and
spleatlid assortment of New and Seasonable
tiOODS, to which they invite the attention of their
friends and the public in general.
Their stock consists of Super and Medium Black,
Blue, Bruvt n, Olive and Mixed
Plain, Striped and Fancy CAS'SIMERES, Mar
seilles, Satin, Velvet arid Valencia V csTiNcs. A
large assortment of Ladies' DRESS GOODS, Ging
barns, Dalzorine4, De Laines, Lawns. Alpaccas, plain
striped and plaid CAM B FRCS, PRINTS of every
variety and price, Hosiery, Trimmings. &c. 2,3,
4. 5,6, 7, and 8-4 Linen and Cotton DIAPERS,
Tickings, Shectings, Skirtings, Checks, &c. Supe
rior French, Thibet, Cashmere, De Leine and
Zephyr SH A NV LS.
Fresh Family Groceries,
(selected with very great care) Loaf, Crusheddrul
verised and Brown Sugars, Syrup, New Orleans S.
H. and Trinidad Molasses.
China, .Glass, Queen's and Stone WARE, Cedar
Ware, Baskets, &c., all of which they are determin
ed to sell as cheap as the cheapest fin. Cash or
Produce, for which at all times the most liberal price
will be given.
Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore
bestowed, they will endeavor by strict attention to
business to merit a continuance of public favor.
J. D. & J. WRIGHT.
Locust, 3d door below 2d Street.
Columbia, April 7, 1847.—tf
C 1-1 EA P
corner of Quarry.
'ehes, full jewelled, IS carat,.
cases. $45.00
Silver Lever Watches, full jewelled, 93,00
Silver Lever Watches, seven jewel., 18,00
Silver Lepine Watches, jewelled, finest
quality, 13,00
Superior Quart:cr. Watches, 30,00
imitation Quartier Watches, 5,00
Gold Spectacles, 8,00
Fine Silver Spectarie , , 1,75
Gold Bracelets with topaz sto n es, 3,50
Ladles' Gold Pencils, 16 carats, 2,00
Gold Finger Rings 311 cents to 38—Watch
piain 12i cents, patent 181. Lunet 25.
Other articles in proportion. All goods warrant
ed to be hat they are sold for
Os hand. some Gold and Silver Levers, Lepines
and Quartieri lower than the al.ove prices.
PLiladelphia, April 10, 1847. ly
77ie Cheapest Gold awl Silver
.0.„,, WA TCES ES
=t)7N PJiII DV:7.PiI7 A.
. 4 _ P. l
Offez s For Sole,
Gold Lever, follies% tiled
Silver ‘lO Ito
Gold Lepines do
,•11ver do do
Surer Qoartiem fine quality
Gold Wall It, plain
silver Spectacles
Gold l'enclig
Gold 13racelets _ _
On hand a large assert went d and Hair Bracelets,
Finger Ring, Breaet Put., Hoop r Brags, Gold Pens.
sliver spne,, Sugar Tongs. Tiimbles. Gold Neck
Curb and hob Chains, Girt rrl Keys, arta Jewelry of eve
n, siVsecilinott, at equally low prices.
All kinilg or Wan he- and ('larks repaired and
wdrrinited in keep gnni tinie (or one year. Old Gold
unit Silver bought nr taken in evhange•
. .
For sale eight day and thtM hoo r bra.s rlnekg at
Watch. neck and Jewelry Store. No. .1132, Market
street. above I lin, North side, philadmphm.
'N. H. I have some Gold and Silver Levers still murk
cheaper than The above prices• A Illtertil OlSCuillit Wade
to dealers. Call a 4,1 o re tier yourselves.
Philadelphia. Septendor,l2.ls46. 5.51.4 f
above ITheironwood Street,
A T this establishment may be found the
Ik. greatest variety of Plans and beautiful
Patters for
22,011 mazurzsa
in the United States, to which the attention o
those ‘n want of any description, and especial
ly for Cemeteries, is particularly invited.
The principal part or all the handsome Rail
ings at Laurel Hill, Monument, and other cel
ebrated Cemeteries in the city and county of
Philadelphia, which have been so highly extoll
ed by the public press, were executed at this
A large Ware-Room is connected with the
establishment, where is kept constantly on
hand a large stock of ready-made Iron Railings,
Ornamental Iron Settees, Iron Chairs, new style
plant and ornamental Iron Gates, with an ex
tensive assortment of Iron Posts, Pedestals, Iron
Arbors, ,S.c. Also. in great variety, Wrought
and Cast Iron Ornaments,suitable for Railings,
and other purposes. . .
The subscriber would also state that in his
Pattern and Designing Department he has em
ployed some of the best talent in the country,
whose whole attention is devoted to the busi
ness—forming altogether 011 C of the most corm
',tete and systematic establishments of the kind
in the Union.
ROBERT WOOD, Proprietor.
Ridge Road. above Buttonwood Street
Jan. 30, 1847. Urn
THE SUBSCRIBER of the late firm
of Bock & Moore, takes this method of inform
ing his friends arid the public in !general, that
lie has bought out the interest of S. L. Buck,
at the old established CLOTHING STAND,
No. 1254 Alarket street, Philadelphia. end is
now prepared to furnish all kinds of READY
MADE clothing, at prices which cannot but
secure to him the patronage of all who wish to
purchase CHEAP clothing.. I have splendid
French Cloth Dress and Frock Coats, from
$5,50 to $lB, do. Pants, from 75 cents to $5;
Vests, from 6 cents to $4 ; suit of Summer
Clothing for $2,9.5. Also all kinds of Gentle
men's Furnishing Goods at extremely low pri
ces, cr.l,Vholesale dealers in Clothing would
do well to call at the store of
May 2.24. 5e211.1 254 Market st. Phil.
Sperm. Whale, Fish and Pine Oil of the
very hest quality, always kept on hand YOUNG
& CAS9£I:S Cheap Cash Store, Mar 27
Q TRAINS Improved Perfumed Sand Balls for
1.7 cleansing, whitening and beautifying the hands,
to prevent chapping rendering the skin soft and
pliable. For sale by R. WILLIAMS.
Color/IMR. 1 pri I 7. 1847.—tr
2:1111:.% ',91WW2,1111.
TAMPICO, Ma and Cape Bora SKINS,
Dressed and Iflndres.ed Morocco, KW, Lining
and Binding SKINS,' alwaya on band at the very
lowest. price!.. J. D. & J. WEIGHT.
Columbia, April 7, 1817.—t(
Or Physical nothing, to make their Liees in this
World Long and Happy, by the author of "Edu
cation Aa It Is, Ought To lle, and Might Be,"
First American Edition, with Additions:
Being an elementary and interesting treatise on
Self Knowledge. Containing short and entertain
ing articles nn
Food, Heart, Glands, Strength,
Eating, Stomach, Nerves, Recreations,
Digestion, Liver, Brains, Old age,
Blood, Lungs. Mind, Man,
Secretions, Arteries. Senses. Woman,
Head, Veins, Health, Disease,
&c. &c. &c. &c. &C.
Together with the Great Secret—Success in
Life how attained—How to do Good—Causes and
Effects of Error—Habits— Passirrns—Woman de
scribed—Man described—Alan's Errors—•Rir h
a nd Poor—Sexes—Virtue and Vice—Youthful
Errors—Woman how made delicate—Woman's
Virtues, Ambition, &c., &c.
The whole designed for the noble purpose of
improving and extending edurailion amongst the
people, imparting valuable knowledge on the phy
siology of the human frame, and the lows which
govern mental and bodily health, &c., &c., &c.
(tom' Any person seeding 25 cent., enclosed in a
letter shall receive one ropy by mail, or tiae copies
will Ire scut for ;":1, Address. postage paid.
G. 13. ZEIIIER & Co.,
Ally 221, 1847. Philadelphia.
valuable work contains (in duodecimo
form) 177 pages.
Vegetable Universal Pills
Are a strengthening purgative and a purifying
. .
TEIE hopes of the American agents are far
more than realised by the success of Dr. Le
Roy's Vegetable Universal Pills on this side of
the Atlantic. Never did a medicine spring into
such immediate popularity. In less than three
i months e:ghty thousand bores have been disposed
of; and cert ficates of cures performed by them
received from upwards of four hundred persons.
The cures embraced a great number of dist ases?
but those which predominated were Billions Fe
vete, Colic, Habitual Costiveness, Dysentery,
Loss or Appetite, flatulence. Worms arid Low
notes of Spirits. Alf per-ons who take them agree
that they are Sr superior to every other m edicine
they had used, in the mildness the energy, end
the efficacy of their action; for though they pro
duce neither gripe nor nausea, they art upon the
secretions with great ditectnes-, force and rapid.
ity; and as a purgative leave nothing to he desired.
But their great peculiar excellence, and that which
f di-tinguishes them from all other purgative's is.
that thair operation is followed by no reaction.—
Their unrivalled purifying and purgative proper
ties. 'or which they are indebted to the essence of
Sa r-aparilla, and other incredutirts,being cont roll
ed ley their highly tonic virtues derived from the
extract of Wild Cherry, they do not strain the
digestive organs into action, as is the mode of
operation with other cathartics, but on the contra
ry stremplian them into action. Thus all other
purg - awe medicines produce more or less subse
quent costiveness, attd sluggishness of the gastric
juke, while Ur. Le Ray's Pills leave all the ma
chinery of the system full of life activity, and the
bowels open and natural.
otPrace 25 cent- per box.
Agents for Columbia—R. Wti.e.l AM S. W. A
LE. t y»rtat . Fe.b 6:47- I y
VI, 00
^1 00
30 no
First Premium Writing Ink.
From Dr. Dare, the celebrated Professor or
Chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania.
"Philadelphia, Do. 11.1843.
"Dear Sir—having tried your Ink, I will
(hank you to send me another bottle, as I find
it to be excellent. I am yours, truly,
Prom Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, distinguish
ed fur his numerous scientific researches.
"Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati.
January 17,184 , 1.
"Having used Mr. Hover's Writing Ink, I
am satisfied that it is the BEST which has ever
come to my knowledge, and especially is it
ExcEr.LeNT for the use of the Steel Pens, and
will nut corrode them. even in long use.
"JOIIN LOCKE, Prof. Chemistry."
Rover's Adamantine Cement
From a well known scientific gentlemen.
"Philadelph a, Feb. 27, 1846.
"Mr. Joseph E. (lover—Sir: A use of your
Cement, and some practical tests of superiori
ty, has induced me to recommend it to others
as an invaluable article for mending China,
Glass or Cabinet Ware.
"Analytic Chemist."
For Sale, Wholesale and Retail, at the Man
ncactory, No. 87 North Third Street, opposite
Cherry street, rlidadelphia, by
JOSEPH E. HOVER, Philadelphia
May 8, 1848.
THE hest article ever invented for giving a fine
keen edge to a Razor, or any tine Instrument.
To shave, not to shave, that the question;
Whether 'tis better, on the whole, to suffer
Th' outrageous scrapings of an etirless razor;
Or, buy a box of HA lIPEIG ' S RAZOR Powntn,
Wherewith to set the edge 'l—to buy,—to use,—
No morn for in its use we surely have
A sovereign bairn fur all the barber-ass shocks
The face is hear to.—tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To shave;—to serape; .
To scrape! perchance to scream;--ay, there's the
For in that horrid scrape what screams may come,
(Particularly if the face be tender.)
Must give us pause. • * Who would their faces
And grunt, and sweat, with a villanous dull razor,
When the remedy, that renders shaving p as ti me ,
May now be had at Westbrook's? For want of this,
Men sometimes rather wear the beards they have
Than undergo the gobbing operation.
Harper's Razor Powder is warranted to give a
keen sharp edge to any razor (that has not been
used fur quarrying stone or sharpening crowbars) in
a shorter space of time than would be required with
the best hone. It supercedes the use of the hone
altogether. _ _
Sold by C. WESTBROOK, Locust Street, Colum
bia, where may be seen numerous certificates testi
fying to its excellence
Price 25 cents a hot.
Columbia, April 7, I 847.—tf
Coral Hair Restorative.
Its positive and real qualities are to force the
boniest hair to grow on any part where nature in
tended hair to grow, to stop it falling oft; to (ree
and cure the senlp of scurf or dandruff; and to make
light, red or grey hair grow dark. naturally, train
the roots. For dressing the hair, :t tasks linrsh.
rough or dry hair by one application. soft, tine,
clean, silky and heninthil. thrice as long as any
otter preparation. Fur sale by
Sep 19 R. WILLI A NI S.
ASSE PT'S Remedy for the PILES, a sa re nod
jjefrectual cure for the Piles, if used ac•coding
to (lin ctions. For sale by R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia, April 7,1847.—tf
TO. 1. 2 & 3 Mackerel, for sale at
W. & S. PATTON'S Cash Store
Columbia, May 26, 1847.—ti
do , r l
generally,het citiz e ns ha t.i,
o a f T i ot r i vi m , Art r. ,
Ell his Drug and Medicine Store, two doors East
of his old stand, to the building lately occupied by
Wm. Wiggins as a Shos Store, which he has fitted
up entirely new, where he will be happy to wait on
all those litho may favor hint with a call. He has
received within a few days a general assortment of
TDrugo, fNeDisints, VBIeTA 141stitital,
anti a splendid assortment of
Perfumery, Brushes, &c.
of a vety superior quality, which he will sell whole
sale or Retail, at greatly reduced prices. The sub
scriber holds himself responsible for the purity and
genuineness of every article he sells, which will be
a guarantee to all against :he purchase of counter
feit or worthless medicines.
In coiscicsiun, the subscriber returns his most
sincere thanks fur the very liberal encouragement he
has received, and flatters himself by strict attention
to busir,ess, he will merit a continuance of public
patronage. R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia, April 7, 1847.—tf
Mills extraordinary medicine is founded upon the
I principle that the human frame is subject to
ONLY ONE DISEASE, viz: corrupt humors,
which, when fleeting in the general mass of circu
lation, are the cause of ail kinds of Fevers, but
when lodged in the serious parts of the body, give
rise to every malady incident to man.
Let it be remembered that the human body and
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are mutually adapt
ed one to the other, and that by them all morbid
and corrupt humors (the cause of disea , e) can be
entirely eradicated, and this ut so easy and natural
a manner, that while they every clay give ease and
pleasure, Disease rf every name is Licerally
Driven from the Body.
The following highly respectable storekeepers
have been duly appointed agents for the sale of this
Celebrated Medicine, in Lancaster county.
Ashville, Pennock & Taylor.
Bareville, Reuben Vt. eulter.
Bainbridge, Beecher & Draught.
Brieltersville, Samuel H. Miller.
do J. & S. Miller.
Bird-in Hand, Jacob Bruner.
Bethania, John Allen.
Bart Township, W. W. Passmore.
13elleview. Buyers & limbles.
Brownstown, John S. Shirk.
Catfish, Abraham Shenk.
Conestoga Cet.tre, John H. Harman.
Centreville, John Pur,.eys.
Church Town, L. & E. Rogers.
Cambridge, W. & G. W. Compton.
Coopersville, E. Lewis.
Concord, Gee lA'. Hanes.
Columbia, Fry & Spangler.
Drumore, John A. Boyd.
Earl Township, George Hochman.
do do Weaver & Warner.
do do Davis Wallace.
Earlville West, Samuel Hull.
Elizabethtown, John Lynch.
Ephrata, John Gress.
H 1 brats New, L. S. Hockey.
do West, Martin Weedman.
Fairfield, Hutton & M'Sparran.
Georgetown, J. W. Fox H Co.
Hernpfield, Ringsvalt & Martin.
Hanstown. Z. Killian.
Hinkletown, Wickle & Gross.
Imercourse, Thomas Hinies.
Landisville, John C. Landis.
Leacock township, Frederick Swope.
Lampeter Square, J. F. & D. H. Herr.
Litiz, N ohmic! Wolley.
Lancaster, John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, Witmer & Cassel.
iWountville, John Devlin.
Marietta, W. A H B. Spangler.
Mechanicsburg. A. D, Whiteside.
Mechanicsville, Jacob
Mount Joy Township, N. G. Clark & Co.
May town, John Reinhold.
do Slat maker & Co.
Millersville, Henry Funk.
lartieville, Stock & Fell.
Martic Iron Works, H. Coleman.
Mantic Township. Joseph Engles.
Mount Pleasant. Isaac s. M'eaniart.
Mill Creek, Joseph Cooper H Co.
New Holland, Brubaker & Co.
New Providence, John Bair.
New Providence,ldebrun & Myer.
New Berlin, Samuel I Cahn,
New Texas, Carter & Lewis.
Noblesville, J. B. Thompson.
Oak Shade, Milner & Pierce.
Peter-burg, John Stouffer.
Poplar Grove, E. H. Paxson.
Peach Bottom, James A M'Conkey.
do S. W. P. Boyd.
Pleasant Grove, Harris W M'Cullough.
Penn Hill, Alexander J0..„0,0
Penn Township, Jacob Singer.
Pequa Valley, Sidles ..Sr. Clemson.
do G. & L. Lewis.
Paradise, A. R. Witmer & Brother.
Pusey's Mills. Mahlon Posey.
Pleasant Grove. John A. Blake.
Quarryville, Harris & Hensil.
Red House, David Lee.
Raw linsville, John Rawlins.
Reamstown. J. M. Saluda.
Sanel Hinny.
Safe Harbor, John Herr & Son.
Sadshury Meming, House, Sain'l Sellers.
Sandersburg. Chew & Citable.
Siranshurg, Wm. Spencer.
Sporting Hill, John Metzler,
Vv'ashington, John A. Brush.
Willow Street, Benj. Bower.
Waterloo, Robert Baldwin.
White Rock Forge, John Alexander.
Williamstown. R. M. Jones.
s devoted exclusively to the sale of
Thes Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and
102 Race street, Philadelphia ; 288 Greenwich
Street, New York ; and 198 Tremont Street, Bos
on. April 28-Iy.
HC subscriber is the regularly appointed agent
for the bale of the Graefetiberg Vegetable Pills.
These t ills are compounded upon the positive and
fixed laws of nature, and the foundation of which
is in perfect accordance with the opinions of the most
eminent medical men. They will clennve and in
vigorate the stomach, freely purge the bowels. open
the pares, give a pleasant temperature and tone to
the skin, and do all this in the gentlest manner,
without doing violence to the system. Price 25 cts.
per box. C. WESTBROOK,
agent for Columbia.
Columbia, May 20, 1S 7.
Jones' Italian Chemical Soap
Is called by the Medical Society nt Parts, "a
blessing. a miracle and a wonder," to cure, eruption,
thetitrarement nr dn.colornnou et 11 cures
punpleq, blotches, freckles, Fah-rheum. scurvy,
sore beards. sore-heads, tan sun-burn. morphow,
and it changes :he ardor of dark, yellow or sun
burnt skin to a fine, healthy clan nnoss. For sn'e at
Sep 19 R . %VILMA UB.
received at the BEE HIVE,
May B. N. Queen st. Lancaster.
Would most respectfully announce to Ins nu
merous friends in Columbia and vicinity that
he has again commenced the Wholesale and
Retail Drug business, at his old stand. lie has
just returned from the city with a full and gen
eral assortment of
Glass and Dye-Strain,
Together with a most magnificent and one
quailed assortment of choice
, Such as Cologne. Lavender, Flora Portugal
and Baynum Waters, all sizes put up in glass
'stopper Bottles; extracts for Handkerchiefs of
every kind. Beefs Marrow, Circassian Oil,
Fancy Soaps, Ladies Motto Wafers taken
from Shakespeare—Glass Letter Stamps,Scent
Bags; Perfumery put up very handsomely in
Boxes and a large assortment of Hair, Teeth,
Shaving and other brushes of various kinds.
W. A. L. begs leave to inform the public
generally that ht. has procured the services of
two young men who will give general satisfac-
I two both as respects their knowledge of the
losiness and attention to all persons who may
favor them with their patronage. One of them
has hi en at the business five years, with one of
the first Druggists in this county.
Apia 2ntli, 1847. • tf
Palnionary Consumption Chrome Bronshtlis and Sore
Throat, ,r7sthruo Chronic Cara:rh, Sprttraz of
Blood, Pain 17L the Jule and lirvast, DO
softy of Breathlag, Whopping
Croon /Veal:Xeres. and .Arr roans
Trernuars. Palpetatron DJ the
Heart ; also Liver Coat
plaintru dllffecttun of
the finlo CV?
Oall the diseases WIC to our ellinete there is none
en universal and at the same tlllle so imdfluous and
fatal as Consumption. 11l tin country especially Pul
monary Onn.nrupt Intl in emphatically a scourge arid in
its resistless career sweeps o'er the land as a destroying
Angel, laying Into with relentless hand the strongest and
fairest of mir race Willett° all efforts to Ult."( tills
dread de:ease have proved vain, and all that seellird
within our 11/1,,,, wan at hell the alleviation of - sr:tiering
rendering somewhat smoother the certain progress to the
The proprietor in ntTering this preparal(n to the public
Would embrace the opportunity to state upon what
groutids tt inns forth its merits and the ren-tins two.
which It founds its superior rhos to the attention nt the
athwtyd, than re win usesyhotpt het Ii may repose fill
r oolitletwe tti it. curative poweia. Sluice lIS first prepa
ration he has had the pledsure of witnes-ine its 11111111 re
•ult- on numerous der.iices: hat he was determined not
to offer it tO the public unit! he had become thoroughly
collc laced of its efficacy, Ile now confidently tare,: It
as a ',slimly without II parallel for Iliecti re nt"PIIE.NION
AR)' CUNSU3IPTION and its Itietilted dmeaseS.
(.3onsiiiiiption of a toberellions character from time im
memorial has been deemed incurable anti considering Its
frequency .2 nil l'atality. it is not eon/rising 11011 11010 rem
edies and new systems of treatment shun Id from time to
lime he brought snider the 110tiCe Ot the prole...Sinn end
the palate. AlMn 4 t every Organ IC and torireanth su b.
stoney, In an endless mond of condonation, has been
used al MI 11ue hope of chucking this scourge of out race,
many doontless believing that in the progress of medteat
knowledge we should Si last obtain the mastery over
Consumption, and, in the use of the C pound Sp s
up of l nr and Wood Ziapt(nt, tills object IS hap
pily attahted.
The therapelltie agents employed in the composition Of
dus remedy. are such us enable It to prevent tile secre
tion of tliberculotth Matter 11l tile limas Still to 0511.11 Its
reeolimoo and abr.orthion atler
line cominelieed.
rin obleei actin:vett Ity lin other tivalicine,unA tine import
ance of which the nroft•Saional man will tit once perceive
011100 It hangs this form n I disuse hitherto promianeed
hopeless, cut trety whhto Control Till., success 'Willett hoe
attended the admint-tratiou of this prepenttran Is tillp,ll . -
1111 Plied in the records of medical science, in confirma
tion of which, 111,, proprietor would ash n Cl/ rVIIII I/All -
of the statements of a few of those who have been
restored to health by Ito powerful agency.
Lei the 11)11110 log envoi. for nreif—
,9 have used Tlintiinsoirs Uninponnd Syron of Tar and
Wood Nuntint fur some time in my practice, and have
found it the moot erlielent remedy I have ever used to
Commuiptive 03.1.., chronic catarrh. are., whet: great ir
ritability, with weakness or Il,e pulmonary organs, ex
isted. The ?Opals{ y Willi w luck it acts IS greatly tit Its
favor where dystniren nr oppression exute, which IS 1110
ihedtately relieved by it.
"In Polmonary Consuisminn it can he 110011 WI ii. con
fidence, being apnlicalile to every form of that utsease,
and !consider it a theft...tie well worthy the attention of
physicians, and eXerstpt front the impure! iota/ of einvirt-
Chen. bt. (311ICIIIIII:11.6, M. D.
Helobvr 11.1844."
lO'The above medicine prepared only by
ANON EY & DICKSON. at N. E. corner of
Filth and Spruce streets, Philadelphia.
AGENTS--R. Vt' ti.r.tAras. Columbia; JOHN
Lancaster; Ross, Elizabethtown, D.
Gnoss, Harrisburg; R. ANGNi.Y. Carlisle.
Price 50 cts.. or 6 bottles for
March 6.1847. 876
Willie Teeth, Sweet Breath, Healthy Gums, 13. c
To be had by using a pot of
Reader, you have only to use this once, to be
deltglued, and to piOIIOIIIICC ti the most beaUtitut
ariicle ever made for the purpose.
Yellow and unhealthy teeth, after being once or
twice cleaned with the Amber Too.h Paste, have
the appearance of the most beautiful ivory; and at
the sante lime, it is on perfectly innocent a d ex
quisitely fine, that its consiani daily use is highly
advantageous, even to those teeth that are in good
condition, giving them a (Jeannie{ polish and pre
venting a premature decay. Those already decayed
it prevems Irmo Lecomnig worse; it also fastens
such as are louse, and try perseverence it will ren
der the !nulest teeth delicately white. and make the
brenilt deliciously sweet. For sale at
Sept 19 R. Vi ILLIA3IS'.
The subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and the public in general, that he still
continues to keep the above establishment.
Ev.'ry pains is at all times to render
this one of the hest. and, from its central situ
ation, it is one of the most convenient Hotels
in the city.
flis TABLE is furnished, at all times, with
the choicest delicacies of the season.
His W AYES and LIQUORS are not surpassed
by any other establishment in this city.
H is Servants are careful, honest and obliging
Terms of Boarding to suit the times.
Country Merchants and business men will
find the location of the CHESNUT ST. HOUSE,
in the most business part of Philadelphia.
The subscriber pledges himself that every
thing in his power shall be done to give satis
faction to those who favor him with their pa
tronage. SAMUEL. MILLER,
Philad., Sept. 27.—1 y Pt oprietor.
i r • :m ti
Balt. & Susq. Rail Road.
On and after Thursday, the 27th instant, the
which starts from Baltimore at 3 o'clock, will
run through to Wrightsville, where it will arrive
at 8 o'clock P. M.
This train will leave Wrinhtville daily, [Sundays
exeepterlC, at 4 o'clock, A. M. and will arrive at
Baltimore at 9 o'clock.
This arr inuement will enable the citizens of
Wright..ville. Columbia and neighborhood, to
visit Baltunot e and return the same day, having
six hours in Baltimore for pleasure or business.
May 29. 1847. Sup% Transportation.
Morning Train Again
THE President and Directors of the Baltt
more and Susquehanna Rail Road Compa
ny having consented to continue the Morning
Train between the above places.
KrTlie Car will leave Columbia DArr.x,
iSundays excepted] at 67] o'clock A. M.. and
the Train will leave Wrightsville at 61 o'clock.
Returning, the Train will leave York at 8
o'clock, A. M.
April 17, 1847. Sept.'
t l.l " ' •
from Baltimore regularly, hereafter, on Sun
ay, at 9 o'clock A. M., and RETunivtr,in will
tart from Columbia at P. i'l., Wrightsville
2 P. M., and from York at 3 o'clock. P. M.,
as on other days of the week. The mail be
tween Baltimore and Y0r...;:: .ba carried by
this train. No other train will ninon Sunday.
Superintendent of Transportation-
Oct 27, 1846.
Baltimore and Susquehanna
rare Reduced.
rIRIE Passenger Train runs daily us follows
Leaves Ilaltirnnreat 9 o'clock A. M. and arrives
at 6 o'clock I'. M.
Arrivecs a York at 12 o'clock P. M. and leaven
for Columbia at. 1+ u's-lock, P. M.
Lew:ft:Columbia at 2 o'ckek, P. M.soci leaves
York for Ba , timore at 3 , 'clock F.M.
'are from Baltimore to York, $1 50
V. rights%dle, 2 00
Co.umbia, 2 124
Tt.e Train connects at York with Nt.oles for
H,,rrisburg,Gettyr•burg,Chombersburg, Pittsburg
and Yotl- Sluirws.
The vonipany is authorised by the proprierer4
of the Staze Linos ro reeoiv, the fare through from
Baltimore I, Getrysburg and Harri , burg.
Fare through to eithes place, -
D. C.ll. BORDGTsI, Super't,
Ticket Office, 63 North st
May 9—tf
Freight Line.
N arrau L ternent has been made to run the bur
rw den Cars of the Elsltim ore and Susquehanna
Rail Road Company thr.meh, between the above
places, so as to save transhipment or delay in the
receipt of goods,
The cars will leave each place regularly on
Tuesdays snd Thursdays, arriving on Wednes
day- and Fridays.
Goods will be received nt the Belvidere Depot,
Noah st., Raltimore, and by R. Molldorwen, Lan
easter, They will be forwarded either Way at the
following pukes, clear or commission and all other
charge., except storage, when not remosed within
the usual time:
On Dry Coml. nod articles not enumerated,
per 100 lbs. 25 ets.
G-oceries, Hardware and Queensware, 22
Salt, la r sack or bbl., 31
Fish per bbl. 50
Plaster per ton of 2000 lbs. 2,25
Fmniture and Carriages per 100 lbs. 50
Flour per WA. 25
Whiskey per hid. 1,70
Grain per bushel 8 cts; Oats per do. 6
Seeds ' ' 12 }
Hogs per 100 lbs. • IS
Iron in pies per ten of 2240 lbs. 2,25 -
Castincss 2.88 -
Freights will be taken on other days when not
less than a car-load is ~ f fered•
D. C. 1 - 1. BORDLEY' ,
Dec. 27. 1845. tf. Supt Trans•
' -
SPRING surtimEß, 1847'.
quality and designs. just received and for sale
50 per et. lower than ever offered in this city,
at the BEE HIVE,
North Queen street, Lancaster.
ZES—svarranled fast colors. only 193 rents;
together with the largest assortment of Cali
coes in Lancaster, at the BEE DIVE,
North Queen streer. Lancaster.
Fresh Groceries.
Just re , :eived by the subscribers. a full as
sortrneni of Groceries. such as Coffees, Teas,
Sugars. Molasses, Salt, Cheese, &c., which aro
warranted fresh and will he sold cheap.
March '27, 1897. YOUNG & CASSEL.
SPLENDID LAWNS.—Another supply of
splendid Lawns—pink, blue and buff—war
ranted real madder colors, at very reduced
prices. just received and for sale at the
BEE HIVE. N. Queen at., Lancaster.
Bonnet Ribbons &c.. just recd. very cheap
at the BEE HIVE. N. Queen St.
LA DIES 13eregescarfs—Ladies Summer
Shawls—new goods received every week at
North Queen st. Lancaster.