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    THE on't RALI).
Volume L.XTII,
1 1 011 PRESIDtiVr,
Gen. Lemuel. Todd, of Cumberland.
Gon. Charlot 3 Altright, of Lehigh.
Hon. Glonni W. Scofield, of Warren
Wm,-M. Meredith, Philadelphia ;
J. Gillingham Fall, Philadelphia ;
Gott. Harry White, Indiana ;
Gen. Win. Lilly, Carbon ;
Linn Bartholomew, Schuylkill ;
11. N. A.l'Cralistcy,.Centre ;
William H. Armstrong, Lyeoudug ;
William Davis, Monroe ;
James L. Reynolds, Lancaster ;
Samuel E. Dimmielc, Wayne ;
Geo. V. Lawrence, Washington
David N. White, Allegheny
W. H. Miley, Lehigh ;
John H. Walker, Erie.
The election in NorthCaroltuadras re
sulted in the choice of a Democratic Goy.
oruor, by a majority of perhaps 1,000
five out of eight members of Congress ;
and a majority in both branches of the
Legislature. This though by no means
a desirable result, was not unexpected.
The Republican party having begun the
campaign with the gain Of Oregon, the
Democra4 were determined if possible,
10 gain a victory in North Carolina. To
this end they exerted themsehieg 'to the
utmost, and had many advantages.
They had carried the State in 1870, and
thus they had the prestige of victory.
The enfranchisement of nearly the
entire rebel population, by the recent
acts of CongreSs, gave them not only the
benefit of the entire rebel vote, but in
fused a new life and. energy into that
portion of the population which had
heretofore been debarred political
rights. This enfranchisemerit practi
cally gave to the Democracy the benefit
of nearly the ontiro strength of What had
in former times been the men of influence
and power in the state. With this
immense advantage in the organization
and discipline of the political force it
was not surprising that there should be
a Democratic victory.
Of course, this result; will be .hailed as
the harbinger of a national Democratic
victory in November, and as an indica
tion of change in, popular sentiment
against the Administration. It shows
nothing pf the kind. The rebel element
of North Carolina, and of the entire
South, never had and never will Lave
any affiliation with a Republican admin
istration. Their votes and their influ
ence will always be east with the Democ
racy. The numbers and influence of
this class gave North Carolina to the
Dermierats, as, it Las given nearly all the
other States of the South to the same
party, and will in time make the, South
a unit for the 'Democracy. They will
necessarily for years exert an influence.
that cannot be counteracted. In the
days of slavery,, they gradually carried
the whole South into the Democratic
. party, and when powiu- dep;u•tcd from
them, into the rchalliun. As long as
they exist, tlrehAtolitical tendencies will
'remain the Hata,. and the Republican
party will never obtain a'suie lodgment
in any State which cast its'fortunes with
the rebel Confederacy, unless it lie in,
States where the colored population pre
dominates. The South ht. not the field-On
which Republican victories are to he
The result in North Carolinatieed give
no alarm nor uneasiness. The Slates
which the Republican party controlled
cluripg the war, give a larg9 inajprity.Qf
the electoral votes. In each of these we
eau point with Zirltla to an a - dministra-.
tion which has given prosperity and
.contentment, and which ,has received
the Continuous sanction of the 'people:
These states which gave their votes for
1, Lincoln, and maintained Republican
principles in the darkest hour of our
national peril, will now rally Co the
standard of Giant, and in "next Novem
ber, achieve the final overthrow of the
THE Democratic „Convention which
met in Perry county last' week, nomi
nated John A. Magee, esq., editor of,
the Democrat for Congress. This looks
somewhat as if Perry county meant to
carry off the congressional honors of the
district at the next eleatiem. although,
there are some rumors that this is merely
a diversion in favor off. lon. Richard J.
Haldeman, who'it ie etrong4 11mq:footed
has sbmo further Congressional aspire- .
tions. In Cumberland, although ovary
thing *very quiet ou the question, ,it id
believed he will receive the nomination
of the county convention,- there being no
one elso spoken of ;- _aud,the , different
eandidateslor the other-positions are evil
dently making, combinations whieh look
toward mob a result. -Shoukl,Mr. Iterldei
pan . - rocoivo the nomination in tbiLq
county, and York county, 'present , d
~_candidate, it would not reguiro"a-verY
'shrewd observer of ilifiCgiTcrprOdictlll
result.. Still these nominations are. tho
most uncertain things in the world, and
there is no telling who may got it. , We
don't believe Haldemnn's ebaneeti dos
perato by . any moans.
liolv , long is it sine° the Domocratic
journals denounded Carl Schurz as
Dutch infidel, and Charles Sumner as a
narrow-briitied negro-loving fanatic?
Since therm gentlemen have ;joined' the
crusade against Grant, they have sud;
donly become mon of giant intellect and
vrise,''and patriotic liatosnien. Has' the
leopard 'changed his spots, or aro .the
Democracy in most Of new gods?
Buckalew, dug the rebellion, was
not content witlCpers t istently .epposiug,
the Government pall its efforts-to main,
tainlts authorltbut eiidt nowAppearo,:
supplemented' . his disloyal conduct and
anti-draft conspiracies, 'by oycH acts of
treason,- in.hofding personal conferences
with the rebel agents at Niagara, who
were,),lnsily plotting for the dostruol,ion
of- our 'commerce, the release of label
prisoners and tMoburningOf our cities.:
Among the, rebel records which recently ,
came into the possession of our - Govern.
rent, is a letter, NoYeMber
, from Jas.. P. Holcomb, who wa'S
the eolleague of, ThompSon and Clay,
sod ougkgecl, with them in all their ne
farious plots, which discloses the fact
that Buck - Mew and Ju'dge Black, 'together
with many others, during the summer of
1801,,nipt this rebel emissary and traitor
on our northern frontier, and schemed
and counseled with him how to defeat
our Government, and give success and
triumph to the Confederacy. This damn
ing fact is indisputable, and places Mr.
Buckalew in a position that must subject
him to the indignation of every honor
able and loyal man. Not only is he ob
noxious to the charge of hindering and
obstructing, by. his hostility, every act
put forth in defence of the Union, but
No. 82
ho now stands charged with actual trea
son in giving aid and comfort to traitors.
At tho very moment be hold a high of
fice, that of U. S. Senator, and sworn to
defend and uphold the Constitution of
his Country, he is found betraying that
country and ;iolating 'his oath of office,
by acting in concert with its euernii:s find
plotting with them for the disiuember
ment of out glorious Uniou, by recogniz
ing the independence of the rebel Con
No 'pctioti.--of our gicat life struggle
was glotinrior than the. summer of IS 1,
during - I,llicli all the elements of Itestility
to the Union ovate concentrated for its
defeat n,.3. overthrow. The Democratic
party were ready for a partition of the
country, and had declared the War a fail
ure—the people . '‘,7o,ll3 growing i't.ustive un
der the great burtheds placed upon them
—opposition to the-draft was assuming a ,
defiant and organized form, the conspi
racy to defeaS the re-election of Lincoln
was active and influential, and over and
above all these causes, a largo bony of
-citizens-began-to despair of erushing_the.
vehelliem , jut, tat this critical moment,
when every true patriot held stronger ,
and firmer the resolution to submit, to
"no peace on e any terms, but uncondi-.
tional surrender," Mr. Iluckalew, the
beau ideal of the Democracy, hastens to:,
the Canadian frontier and confers with
rebel oniistiaries and encourages then'
with ill fol'111:10011 "as to the temper Of
the Democratic party, - and the prospect
of action faN'orahle to the cause of the
Sont&S Is'there a man in the State, who
was Itval to the Union, a soldier who
fought for it, a father who gave a son's
life b.r it, or a patriot who worked and
prayed for il, that can or will supiiort a
man . who Lot only was willing to see it
broken into fragments. but who ;le:Wally
participated in the conspiracy formed to
effect flint result ; " Is such a man fit to
be Calvet nor of the great and loyal State
of Pennsylvania, a State that sent Oren
hundred thousand of her sons into the
fiehrtoThattle for the Union, thousands
, whom proved their devotion to it with
their Mart.'s best blood. At the
moment this recreant and disloyal Sena
tor was secretly cont'-rriug with traitors,
and promising aid it/heir unholy efforts
men were dying fot love of the flag Ito
was willing to dishonor—shot rinwn by
his friends and coadjutors No, the peo
ple of Pennsylt Aida k, ill not stoop to this
degradation and foliz, They will not
honor or trust a .fraerilO-. The memory
of that roll ful st r adgle, its sacrifices and
spire' ins, is too vivid in all hearts to
, permit tiny true man to vote for a tan
-didate whose life is stained and darkened
by a participation in its crimes.
: 4 1.:NATOI1-Se - MNl:jt has written a letter
.t? a corninittLe or colored meerrtilvising
the cohrod eople to \me for lireeley,
histead of Cu iint It Is long and labored,
as ar e a n ti,, srnato,'.; productims, and
is open tit ti,i• obje, tiim that it is like his
spec 1,., piece of special pleading.
He toes out of way to blame the
and inviting Frederick
Ih7legl t ths to dine with the Donting,or
Codii,tifut.ers, 4he 11,,use af
ter thele•l.dillu, 'Ai, is unworthy of
Suinnei, it`.d sod nds lthe one oC nqui",
stdr les., of the matter
-is simply that , the „three' Com mis:iieners,
named CI: (ht . act - of Congress
itin)riPany, on the President after thjir
return and •d ire invited to remain and
dine: Wlnj Mr..D,teidass n'as not
with then:—eunseirdentii !stolid , not,
'be invited Ni Sunnier
this Bt. !could easily have found
it ont,, yet he ti condemns
the PFebident and askif eiolored'indii to
vote against trim nu this account 4Antu
nrents against C.raitt must lie scarce
Mien S t unner resorts to this,
Tuani.: is a ruhor, that: on the appear
ance of a Democratic paper, published
't - a hundred miles. distant, will'• the
names of Greeley and Brown' at 'the
head, twenty-eight of its _regular sub
scribers gave notice tm"stop my paper."
This is only/little incident, but it how
,pretty clearly how big a task the Demo
cratic leaders have on luutd,,when they
attempt the wholesale deliN;ory of their
_followers, to tile, support, of
Greeley., They will ascertain, long be
fore the election, that they have a bigger
elephant on hand than they have ad
carry since 1 . 8.60. Well, it is their. own
GEN. N. P. BANES, of Massachusetts,
is out,in a letter declaring that his Con
.vietiOus of- duty compel him to support.
Greeley , : luiitead of;Graut. ~We 'presume
mir , Democratic friemls ..Will- now • dies.
a. Wise and.. patriotio
statesman. tioino years ago . they were
.plonaed ~ to . spealc of him .4;atf a-, crazy
Yankee fanatic, who !was to .
let .the
'lt Indy' be Niiall'emiughto
, iiotico that gold has tended 'upward direr
'since tho'l3allhnore ConVentioiti . and that
since the Chtrolina'olcction'.tho
rapid, The ele'c 7
Alen •uf 'arooloy 'would . seil it tip
'like a rocket. ' -
An important Item of news to : thousands
of Pennsylimulans is the ieversal by the
Second Comptroller of tho u Treasury,.
Hon.. T n. M. Broadhead, of the former de.'
cision of the. Second Auditor,•Hon. E. B.'
French, refusing to allow' the claims of
the Members of the regiment of the
.PemisSivsniti Reserves—for the $lOO
under the' proyisioha_ of the act'
Of. Congress of April 23, 1872—, This
bounty winnow be allowed and paid.
The Cubans have gained, dallght'cic.:
tort' over the• Spanish troapi.:
The-. Spanish governMent proposes
'raising a loan of $00,000;000 for the Im
provement of the finances of Cuba.
Mr. Gladstone, the English Premier,
bad a very narrow escape on Monday
from being killed by a premature explo
sion of gun cotton.
The American fleet, commanded by
Rear Admiral 'Alden; was inspected on
Thursday by the Prinde and Princess of
Wales at :Covies, -Isle of Wight..
IA private dispatch has been received
id London confirming the authenticity
of the letters and dispatches brottglit.
froni 'Dr. Livingstor4by. Stanley, the
- Americalf correspondent.
- 111 r. Stanley arrived in London . froth
Paris on the 2nd iust., and was received
by a number of gentlemen connected
with the British geographical, and other
societies. His arrival caused consider
able enthusiasm in scientific circles.
MAT Amouns, Mexico, • August 1.-0 en
oral Rocha telegraphs from Monterey
that President Lortlo do Tejada on the
27th ult., issued a proclamatiouNof gen
eral amnesty, pardoning all revolutionists
and malcontents under arms against the
government, and a convocation for oleo
tion for President.,
The Clourt•Circular gives an account
(sf the reception of the party of distio
guished- Apiericaus by Queen Vicroria,
at Osborne ; the marine residence of her
majesty. Among those presented to
Queen Victoria on this occasion were
General Sherman, Admiral Alden,,,Cap
tains Temple, Bryann, Shufoldt, Breez6,
Simpson and Swan, and Bishop
Al'llwaii% and the officers of the Ameri
can squadron wore entertained at dinner
by the Prince of Wales.
Returns from England show that the
wheat crop is middling, the barley'crop
poor, and the yield of oats, beans and
potatoes large. The new crop of wheat
will not come into market until the mid=
die of August, and it is estimated that
iu the meantime the country will require
'1,i00,000 quarters of wheat and dour.
The report from Russiti, whence England
is accustomed to draw her chief supply,
is that the crops are scarcely up to the
average. In Hungary and (iormany,
the Yield will ha fully up to that of for
nag .years, while 'in Southern and West
ern Enrol:Allier° will be a deficiency.
Commodore Vanderbilt is about to join
the Methodist church.
The 'President ot. San Salvador has
whipped the President of Honduras, and
now professes to rule over both countries.
A company has been incorporated in
San Francisco with a capital of $10,000,-
000 to work the newly discovered diamond
and ruby fields near the head waters Of
the Colorado.
George Wilkes, of the Spirit. of the
Tilllo3, is dangerously ill, almost. within
the shadow of the Valley of Death. He
one of the most brilliant' writers on
the American press, and at home in every
branch of literature.
General N. P. Banks is the Nest an
cession to the Greeley and Brown party.
Ile has followed Mr. Sumner and acted
presumably upon that gentleman's ad
vice, but, as he is his own master, we
suppose nobody will quarrel with him.
• A. Gentiles' meeting was broken up by
the Mormons' police, ou the third • in
stant, who wore the principal actors. It
is considered the greatest outrage yet
perpetrated, and shows the Mormon
animus in denying free, speech. The
Gentiles are ready for a light;
BosToN, August 9.—The fourth cham
pionship game between the Atlantics, of
Brooklyn, and the Rod Stockings, of this
city, took place to-day,du the presence
of a large crowd, and resulted in an easy
victory for the Bsston club by a score of
SdarcelY three months ago the Harris
burg car company had the misfortune to
lose their extensive works by fire, but
by bringing into requisition indomitable
energy and preseverance. they succeeded
recently in re-plaeing' the buildings de
stroyed with others far more convenient
and of superior-quality-generally.
been immense establishment had not been
fully under headway until another dis
aster befel it. On Saturday night it was
again destroyed by lire. The loss is
about $30,000, mostly covered by insur
ance. The buildings will be initnechately
ST. Lows, August letter from
Robert Campbell, member tif - the Indian
commission, has been received-here, with
information from Fort to July 24.
Mr. Beetle, Of central superintendency,
who had been to the Wichita and
Cheyenne agencies, reports encourag
ingly. of the condition of Indian matters
in that section. All the Cheyenne tribe,
except a feW old men and women, and
the entire tribe of Arrapahoes, wore in,
and all l expressed a determination to
keep poaco,and would attend the Wichita
cduncil. Nothing Mid been heard from
the Riowas, but they were expected to
be present.
• A iierions accident. occurred •on Mon
day on the Camden and Amboy railroad
near-Florence lleights, N..,J.
The'sub-coulnittee on Indian affairs,
in the pursuit of ita investigations, has
unearthed h largn . irmonnt of fiend.
The city election at Louisville, Ky.,
on Akan) iy, resulted in
.the defeat of the
Democratic and the election of the Citi
zens' ticket.
A special to • the New York Til/a8
from Raleigh, announces that,. ,Lhe 4w:
(aims from seventy-two counties give
(Indwell a majority of 1,096.
LUIS' Written a'
letter to Charles Sumner reviewing the
Senator'fi course, and stating that. ho
(Garrison) will counsel the colored men
to' cast their-votes solid for Grant.:
A dispatch from Harrisburg,' late
Tuesday afternoon, from Wm. D. Hal
bert to Hon. Lemuel Todd, states that
"North Carolina is Republican by 1,900
majority. This is reliable." ,
About half past'. ten o'clock Monday
night a hail storm, the severest probably
that has ever been experienced there,
visited Harrisburg. The tin roof! of
'Bra.rit's hall was blown off, and other
smious.damage done. .
overwhelming authority. ' Our. jurispru
dence was probably on the whole im
prOved' by it. - My mind 'certainly was
roused, and was always kept ardent and
inflamed, by collision.._ .
In 1811, I witi.l4pointed Chancellor.
The Wilco I took with' considerable re
luctance. It had had no charms... The
person who loft it was stupid • and it is
curious .fact that, for the 'due years I
was in that office, there was•not a single
deciSion;'opinion, 'or dictum of either of
my predecessors—Livingston and lan
cing, from 1777 to_lBl4=oited tome,i or
Oven suggested. , I took the court if
it laWbeed a fie* institution '
. and never
before knewn' in' the. United States. o I
had nothing to guide me; and Was left at
liberty,tcrassume all such .Thaglish chan
cery I)i6:hie°, and juriittlietion as I
thotight' . applicable'onder our Constitu
. 'Phis gave me grand - scope ; and I was
only checked ;by the revision of the'
Senate as a Court of Errors. • r opened
the gates of' the court immediately, and
:admitted, almost grattfitowdy, , the first
,year, eighty-five -counsellors ; though :1
found there had. been but thirteen
admitted.. for thirteen years. before.
Business flowed in with a rapid `tido..
The result appears in the seven-volumes
of Johifson's Chancery, Reports. „.
My course of study in equity-jurispru
dence Was very confined to the topics ,
elicited by the cases. I had proViously,
read, of course, the modern equity re
ports doWn to the time ;• and, of course,. all the new ones as, fast as I could
modify(' .- them.' I' remember reading ,
'Poem Williani'S as early as 1792, and I
Mad& it- digest' of the leading doctrines.
The business of the Court of Chancery.
oPpressed mo very much, but Illitiikzny
daily exercise, and my Oily delightiltl
country rides among the Cattskill or the
Vermont nlountitins, with my wife, and'
I 'kept up my health and spirits. .I
alWays toolcup the cases in their ardor,
and never left ono until I had . finished it,
This was only doing ono thing . ..ka-time ,
Itily practice was first -telnalcO 1 - st - olf•
perfectly and accurately (mathematically
accurately) acquainted. with, the- facts.
It was done bY'abridging and the
nswers, - and then the dispositions ; and,
bPthe time I had done this slow and
tedious process;'l was master Of the case,
and ready to decide it. I saw where
justice, law, and the moral sense decided
the case half the time.. And then I sat
down to search the authorities until I had
exhausted my books ; and I might, once
in a while, be embarrassed by a technical
rule, but I almost . always fotnid princi
ples suited to my yieiss of the case, and
my object Was to discuss the point so as
Bever to ho teasild. with _lt agnim.a.od to
anticipate an angry and vexatious appeal
to a popular tribunal by disappointed
- -
During those years at Albany I read a
great deal of English literature, but not
with the discipline of my forme: division
of . time. The avocations of business
would not permitit,!',Thad dropped the
Greek, as it hurt my.*es. I persevered
in Latin, and used to realiNirgil, Horace
and some of them, annually. I have read
Juvenal,. Horace and Virgil, "iiiiiht.orten
times. I read a great deal in Pothier'S
works, and always consulted him when
'applicable.. I read the Edinburgh 'and
Quarterly reviews and Americaii Regis
ters .at initio and thoroughly, Mid voy
ages and travels, and the Waverly
Novels, etc., as other folks did. I have
always been excessively fond of voyages'
and travels:
In 1823 a solemn era in my life had
arrived. I retired from the office at the
age of sixty, and then immediately, with
my son, visited the Eastern States. On
my return ' the solitude of my private
ollice and the new dynasty did not please
me. I besides would want income to
live as I had been accustomed. .111 y
eldest daughter was prosperously settled
___ New York, and I resolved to move
away from AlhanY, and ventured to come
down to New York, and be chamber
counsel ; and the Trustees of Columbia
College immediately tendered me again
the old office of Professor, which hail
been dormant from 1795. It had no
salary, but I rriffitt - de=Scurething for a
living, and I undertook (but exceedingly
against my inclination) to write and do
liver law lectures. In the two characters
of chamber counsel and college lecturer,
I succeeded by steady perseverance be
yond my most snguine - expectations ?
;Ind, upon the whole, the live yea rs I have
lived here in this city since 1823, have
been happy and prosperous. I ffiave in
troduced my son into good business, and
I live aside of my daughter, and take
excursions every summer with my wife
and daughter -all over the country. I
have been Twice with them to Canada,
and we go in every direction. I never
had bettCr health. I walk the Battery
uniformly before breakfast.. I give a
great many written opinions ; and,
having, got heartily tired of lecturing,
abandoned ' it, and it was my son that
*pressed inn to prepare a volume of the
'pawns for the press. I duid no idea,..e
publishing them when I delivered th6m.
I wrote a new one volume and published
it, as you know. This led me to remodel
and enlarge, and now the third volume
will be out in a fe.w days ; and 1 am
obliged to write a fourth to complete my
My reading is now, na you may sup
pose, quite desultory ; but still I dead
with as much zest and pleasure as ever.
I was never more engaged in my life
than during the last summer. I accepted
the trust of Receiver. to the Franklin
insolvent) Bank, and it has' occupied,
and perplexed, and vexed me daily ; and
I had to write part of the third vohnno,
and search books a good deal for that
very object, and I have revised the proof
sheets. II I had a convenient opportu
nity, (I would send the j,hird volume out
to you. ' * k . *
Your suggestion of an equity treatise
contains a noble outline of a groat and
useful work ; but I can not and will not
enter ou such a task. I have much mono
to lose than to gain, and I am quite tired
of equity law. I have done my part. I
choose to live now at my ease, and to be
prepared for the approaching infirmities
of ago.
On reviewing what I have written, I
had thoughts of burning it. I speak of
myself so entirely, and it is entirely
against my habit or taste, • But I see no
other way fairly to meet your desires.
I .am with great respect and good
Your most obodiont servant,
Southern Lain Review for July.
With I la gloomy attendants, low spil its, deprassion.
Involnhtary omissions, lonranerrien,apermatorrhien,
lons of power, dizzy head, loss of momory, and
thriattened impotoneo and imbecility, find a fi , c-
vpEcivrc No. TW ENTY•EIG HT. Composed of the
most_ vainablo mild arid potont Comtism they
strike at own at the wait of the 'natter tota up the
ayateni. arrest tho discharges, and Impart vigor and
n u rgy, lift, and vitality to tho anti. lima,. They
bar.. of elves. Prive $1 per psehage
of live boa/ .1 and a lolgo 12 vial. which
pitied iu obmtivale or 111,1 citkit4, or $1 peas single
box. Pohl by Droaalata, and Mont by mail 00
receipt of prieo. Address, HUMPHREYS' SPE
wiiy, Now Turk.' 2110711 y
For solo in
. Coriklo, by S. A. Havel - stick nod
Comma') Worthington.
il ba I. us a n d ‘l,lightful ,a 4 the Buttoner nnitther,
la, its troptral beitt, trial to the vital pow.
e.t . d. in
en the etrigest att• sometimes pro-id - Med
by Its effects 'rho common ',loam, applitd, to this
condition ot the body Ins ' general debility." Now,
general debility arise 4 lone, and it variety
of aliments. he liver is more or less adectsd, the
tb.v, els are either ermxt !paled or too much
the idoinacit but half tierfni ins Ilie wont of digest
the appetite Is poor, and rho spirits ,1010 . 01000.1. This
i s wh,it, in c a lla,' general debility. -It is it general
disarrangement al all the pliyident functions, and
requites its e remedy it medicine 1101 t will regulate
them all. llontetter's Stoininik speidally
adapted to this purpose. Iti general operation is
not.e4nlined 40.11 single.organ . • if—the liver is la.
Rated, It restores Its tone. If the etomsch in t..rpid,
It regerteratesd.t. If the nerves are trsinuloits 'and
weal:, It braces and reinforce:4 them If the
which ever s)inpattilges nith Jilt, body, Is gloomy
mi , l , l.pondont, it relieves the difficulty, and soon
brings the whole,inechanisin of the body Into liar
'moray with t 110 laws of health.
There is" no eivllir.ed , nation In the Western
Ilendspliere In which the utility of llostetter's
Stotnaoh Bittern on it tonic, corrective, and atiti•
h Mous medicine, In not known and appreciated.
Throughout this tropics It is considered, both by the
people and the profiodon, the standard specific,
While It le a medicine for all seasons nod nil climates,
It It especially stilted to . tho complaints genexatud
by the weather, lining the parrot and best vegetable
stimulant In the world. '
Beware of the Bitters ninth, of acrid and dnoger•
one materials,
which miscnumlotts parties 'are eib
duevoring to foist itpoee the people. Their name Is
legion, and the publiclate no guarantee that they
are not poisonous.. Adhere ty . . tliu tried remedy,
Ilostotter's Bitters, sold only in glass, and cover lit
-kegs Or lthehf. - -
Prices as low as in Philadelphia 'or
, • •
CARLISLE rnovimox isuautra%
Corrected Weedy oy J. L. Meloy, corner
•of Pity and Soutketreete t ,
L4rlislc,lVaneaday. ,7 1.072.
4 ITER , 4
RD •
IVIDTE BEA . .....
• Carlisle,. Wednesday; A ugfat 7, ISIS. '
I\ I OItifErf—IIROOKLIN. 'tho ' thirtieth of
Jtily, in .oerliele, by, Itev. MoutgOmory, Albert
Mount% of Clumberiand coutitx,to Maggie Brook
lin, of flognington cotton', Tortnontr. - ' .
1111bK.—In •Lisburn. on 'Thursday, July 20, Miss
Mary- Ellon Mich, daughter of Jahn _G. and _Jana
Hock, agod 32 years, 10 months e n d 20 days.
DLITT —ln Thooorvillo, on tho twolfih 01. August,
Endo J.,Z, Dn4, only pen Dutt,oged 4
years, Eniontlx4od 20 days:. / • - • •
17 sundry writs of Venditioni E.Tpanas, C ourt
SkLES.-4—By _virtiio of
Facial and Fierri 11.ciat IsSued oat of the Court of
Common Pleas of Cumborland county, nod to me
directed, I will expose to public sale, at the Court
Mame, In ;the borough of Carlislo, on Friday, the
ttrenty-third day of AUGUST, 1672, nt.ten c 'clock
M., thu following doscrihod real estato, to wit:
AIL that certain lot of 'ground. situated in tho
tussled:lp of 'Newton. County of Cumberland, and
State of Pennsylvania, and bounded as 'follows:
Beginning nt a post on Depot street, thence North
six' eon and three quarter degrees, Cost thirty-three
foot arid two Inchon to a post, thence South nes atty.
-thrOn nod one-fourth degrees, East one hundtbd and
ono loot and tiro inches, thenco South sixty-flea and
~o nt.fotirtlt degrees, IVest forty-four foot to a post,
thoura aorth seventy:three and one degrees, West
sixty mix feet to the place of beginning. Seized
and' taken in execution an tho property of It. T.
Welker and Martha A. Walker his wifo in her right
ALSO, all that corhiln tract of land Aituated In
Middlesex . township, Cumberland county, Pa.,
bounded-on the North by lands of Alm. Zeigler,
John Nei...anger, John Elliot, no the Boot by Jesus
Zeigler and J olin Jacobs, on, the South by Conodo
gulnet creek, on oho West by Samuel Zeigler, Aldu
,p. Zeigler, containing 100 acres morn or loSs. of
'Sint° band, having thereon erected a Outdo Twa
t; my ItrlSk M,tnnion Home, log barn, frame hog pen,
brick SITIO ke notn.e, log wash home, also, a frame and
! brick tenant hotiso and log stable. Seized and
taken hi execution no the property of John Schell.
ALS 1, 0 lot of ground situated in the borough of
Carlisle, Cumberland comity, Pa., bomided.on the
Emit hymn alley, on the North by John Noblo'o heirs,
on the Smith and West by the Waggoners Gap rood,
containing acre, mom or less, having thoreon
erected' a ono and a half story lox house, frame
et.blo. Seized nod taken In execution us the
property ol Daniel Oiler.
ALSO, a lorof ground situated in the borough of
Corinth', Cutuneiland comity, In., bounded on th•
East by Weet street., on thesontli by Mary Sipo, on
the North by 2,4-.Felle, and on the West by an
alloy, containidt 40 feet by Ito feet. morn or loss,
haring thereon iweetell i rive-Story Frame Hour°
and frame stelae. Seized and , taken in oxecu Non an
theltrotarty of Isaac. Gorges.
ALSO, a lot of ground situated In the borough of
C,c kale, Cumberland comity, Pa , hounded on Nut
North by Joseph Maditch, on the West by an alley,
De the bast Ly w.t street, null ou tho South by
Rachel Wood, eoutaloinrSu feet by 40 feet, more or
lees, having thereon erected s Two-airy Promo
ilouse. Seized mud taken in execution es the
',report) of ILino,,Oorgas. -
ALSO, all • (hot certain Two Story Lng
font front and twenty loot In width,
locatfol On 0 lot of ground skunked ou tha East shin
of t eon street, In the borouch of.,Shlpponsburg,
Cumberland county, Pa., bounded on 1.110 North by
lauds of 11.1VOIttlUU ,t Stewart, on tho South by lot
at ltuffolnti, fronting westwardly on Penn street,
aluro , fillli-onfloextontling back to to proposed alloy,
the ground covered , by said building, and so touch
other ground introodhitoly miiac«rat thereto, nod be.
longing to Jacob Jacoby, as lUIL) IPO necessary for
thy ordloat. ) nod nig. o l int,po.e.A of said bitllding.
Sctoo d , ft an takon la Liu',, of
the proporty of
Jacob Jo., by.
A I.SO, all that oerinto paten, parcel or lot Of
grund, woofed Ita dot lion ugh of Carl coin
borland county, Pa, fronting on the South on Point
ii/oot, on the North by an navy. 00 the East by
taaf. Lis ing,ton, 10,1 the West by p oporty late
of Conral nelson dacruwed ,01160 d nod titnen
ev.,o uti. , oe the ptopeity ni John Ifil on Leeson
fool So.:melt Agnes 1.M11111.11, h N wifo
ALSO, the following.real estate, to wit:
N. 1. lh fat a lot of grotto I situated In the bur.
°uglier Nowlairg, Ctibiliorinrot r..mitty ; , tonind e d
oa llto Nolth by W. U. Stuart, 00 South by nu
alley, on the 1% est by no alloy. and on tl o Snot by
Smith Illgh street, containing 101 loot 1,, front by
DIU 1. , t doptli, rooro or lo.n, haling Own,.
eructed 'I 'l`wo-Story Mick Non..
N... 2. lh•log a Int of grout .1 situated In the bur
ough 1,l NOWIRICK. Cll,llllOlllllO 100001) - . bounded
oI Ihn Numb by trot. Moron, South by W. 11. Sin
ort, Woit by South High stroot. and East by W.
Stuart, containing Fat porolo-o, more or leas having
there..., root' yd It Two-Story Ftarna llonsu
.'0 11. Ueingrt int of ground shunted In Ito' bor.
mtg. of Nom burg, Cumburintoi county. Pa., hounded
tot the South by W I Stuart, Mo-t by Water
street, E lit by South High otroot and North by an
$.llO, ontaming twu to. tee, tour° or lona, having
I heresy eructed rt Tannery an•l Amble Soled anti
Mk ...fin exoeutlon . the pr• party of MOS, Kunkla.
A I.NO oil that comm.. lot • I ground sittlated In
township, Clllll berland county, P., bound.'
.11. the Vogl by Samuel Iluieb ugh, on the North by.
John Snlinnborgors on thin Wost by Phillip Reed, on
ho Punt it I.y John Wolf, containing 8 acre., mono
lo's, having thereon erectod a Two-Story Promo
House and Stable Sieved mill takou In nambition
tho property of Sarsh Rieltabough.
A L - SO, that certain lot ot ground situated In West
Peonxboro' township, Cumberland ' younty, Pa,
bounded on thy Nortlmtaxt by Sonmel
Ilia South by Jane Palm, and on thin West by
Om. go Da, idiot,, contoining two norm, morn or le.,
1110/Ing Iheronn erected n Tom-Stor) Pronto 111000,
orol other outbuilding., :Seized and laken in execu
tion the property of Pot, r
,ALSO, ail (hot Two. Storied Frame building, 24
fey; hug nod 'l4 foot wide, having it baounteht,
hooted on a lot or piece of ground In Nowton town-
ship. bounded nod deocritied is follows: Ou the
Yorth and West by the Sidi pensiourg rood, on the
SOUlll arid East by street+, It being the lot of
ground n hick defendant purchiiird of Alexander
Waohingion,and the ground covered by Kati' build
lug and so touch other ground immediately tulitcent
thereto and belonging to the 9.114 Nathaniel Wil-
tam, nsnvrimary for the ordinary and ti
ouroori ' Sairt2 and taken
.11,, lON on. e 7uport ) of tiaihattrit
ALSO, a lid of ground situated in the borough of
Now N ille, Comb,laud county, ' bollll4od nu tiro
East by - High qrcot, on tho North by Dr Ahl, and
Sn the Won by thu First Natianal Bank, and on thu
outh by Dr. Alfl, containing '24 feet front. by an
" ,1 in &yd., nl,O or Dos, having thorn n erected
a Three-tory Bradt llwn lling linunc, with Store
!beim and Bank Building. Seized and taken In
•xeciiii•in an the propertl LI Job. , 11. Miller.
AU: I, the iietenihnits' Internet In a lot of Freund
tooled In. the of Carlisle, Cumberland
• nut), I n.. b anted on it l•Ilud by dan alley, on the
onlh by Main street, on the West bf James Ham
iltiol,•and on the North by West I wither wireet,
feet In front by :WO feet in depth, Intuit
or los, liatrlng thereon raveled a Too-Stroy !tong ,
rest lia.,llltre Hon,. Solved and taken In eserl
U.ll an the property of William L. liallor and Al
Wm. L 11..11 •
And all to he hold by toe.
CONDI ['IONS —On all doles or $5OO or over, $5O
NVi I In required to be Indd when tho properly
trieken off. anti fdo on all malts( under $5lO
SinJorv's t
• August 5, D . / fd
punLic SALE or
Valuable Real Estate
win ht , ~1,1 nJ pol, , fe nide, at the Court Ito
t the boroligh of Carlislo, •
Oil Friday, September G, 1872,
01 11 a. the following doer lbed valnah
In Middles,x township, on lho road flow Middlone
to torrett's Gap, ohont ono 11111” North of Mllll
evntedning talon; LIJIITY FOUR MIR ICS, In
high date of ; has Lyon rovently wo
Dowd. Tho iudirovilipnts aro a
Good Two-Story Brick House,
Frame Burn, and neerstory on tbuildings.
IL A trot of land emaitthlng moot TWENT -
TWO ALIR I'4 on the Slerreithi (lap road. itiljolning
CLr k neg o of Grrl 101 , , And o short iliotthee North
of the. Agrleu!tuna hair °mond, 'rho land in of
the boot quality of. Limestone. This tract n the
divided Into lots of from three to the acres and sold
atipi.rot,l3o, nr 113 n WllOlO. to RUII. 111111/1110/11, and
will tooliii ilediraLlo hu lldli.g or posture lota. being
0011001110111 to the 111.1111 plpeo of tho Carli3lo Oat and
Witter Collll/1111y.
3. That very
Desirable Private Residence
on the cornet of North Hanover and Penn streets.
The lot contains ihl feet front on Hanover alma and
210 in Reply to a public alley. The holm 1100 all
the Modern improventents, and a handsome. Iron
fountain and ornaments In the yard There is also
on thin lot n large Barn, and all necessary out
buildings, and a.variety of choice fruit trees. This
property Ints a psrp.ittial seater right.
Persons wishing to purchase are,inifted to ex
amine these properties, Attendance given and
terms made knondx•on day of sale by
AttorneY in fart for Led Zeigler.
o I'venlity,. September 17, .43n
Will ho sold et publip selo on the men:leis In
IMilinion township, Cumberland county, ono half
wilrt Noith.East of the Stonu Tavern, on the road
leading to the turnpAo, the following described
real estate:
containing a4p acres. of Ilia atone land, Int..quality,
• having thereon erected n two-story Wrnt,lierboartied
holm. bank barn, wagon ehed,.oorn crib and other
outhulldlinnt, nil In good -order. bore are, two
cisterns, ono at the house and one nt the barn.
A oholco applo orchard,, togethor with ponchos,
litmus and other fruit. The laird to In a high state
of mittivation, and a very destrablo,property. •
Any porenno wishing to view thu property. can do
as by calling upon Mr. John Darla, residing on tho
Halo to continence at 2 o'clork p. m., when snood-
once will bo givon and terms mode known by
liang72ts • • '
•Lancastor Inquirer insOrt and
solid bill to this office.
Arm 0
be 61 mm
iic me on ono ' , returnee, on
Friday, Soptember4B,, 111 . 72,:a1.11, (NOCk,
n. Oh., a flo.t.rato farm, containing about 114 anew.
It ie ltniated 'in South Middleton township. Omni
/514,1 milad Sinith,of Intiloboutquo wit° Rant
of Moult Holly Spllngn, and within-ono miltfirf
Cralehendln Station; on tho,Bonth Mountain rail.'
road. Tim farm In In tr good elate ot,cultivation,
and Elio toll in very productivo and rurally Workod.
Thu improvements nro •
with a woll of never falling motor at the door 004
1, 0 0 . 0 00 CY ent-bUildinge. T/mala also a largo
2 00 to 2 0 )
lltitig.l4 3,3.119 C .111ailb,
with Cliieirn 'at (itch cif,' Coin Crib, Wagon, Bbed, ac,
horn 0 a
Fltl.ll oncono) OF OtIOICLE FitVIIT Tttitlls
on no PlRre, in . dop4 boittng condition.
Alm, at thu num limo and pioco, out 74 acing
of •
111.03 N T A IN, IL AND,
, .
. .
11l mono ldwmilifp, nbonc.,l mflo from tin !twin. •
' • Terms mad° known on tiny of.oalo by ~ • , •
B. N. unkb.tatsoll;
, A.lgnon of abbutclnnoh
. ,
4 75
1 05
Thursday August 1, 1872.
Trains leave.llarrisburg for New York, as fellows :
At 6:00 aid 8:10, amt, and 2:00 p m, connecting
with alirfilar trails on Pennsylvania Railroad, and
arriving at Now York at 12:10, ' 8:50 and
9:40 p. m, respectively.
ged,eave. Now York at 0:00 a - 12.05
and 0:00 0 p r4D , tale) plil , at 7:30, 8.3 Q - a m., and
3:30 p m.
Lonvo Harrisburg for Reading. Pottsville,Tama
gun, bllnersvllle, Ashland, Shamokin, Allentownaad
- Philudolphia, at 6:00 and 8:10 s, m, 2:00 and 4:05 p-m,
stopping at Lobanon and principal way stations; the
"4:00 p ta train connecting for Philndelplda, Pottsville
and Columbia, only. For ,Pottsvllls, Schuylkill
Haven and Anbnin, rota:Schuylkill and Sununu:matt
Railroad, leave Harrisburg at 3:40 pm. ,
East Pennsylvania Itadroad.trains-feave Reading
for Allentown, Eneton, nod New York, at 7:00, 10:40
a m, and 4:05 p m. Retufoluct, leave Now
York - at 9:00 a rn, 12:05 and 0:00 p m, and Alton•
town at 7:25 a In, 12:25, 2:15,4:35 and 9;35 p m.
Way Passenger - Train leaves Philadelphia at 7:30
a ni t connecting with similar train on East Permsyl-
1,0014 Railroad, returning from Reading at 0:20 p m
stopping at all stations.
. Leave Pottovillo at 5:80 and 9:00 a m, and 2.30 p
Herndon at 10;00 a ta, Shamokin, at 6:40 and 11:15
a m, Ashland, nt 7:05 a m, and 12:43 p. m., 51ahnnoy
City, at 7:51 a. m. and 1:20 p. .m., Tamaqua at 8:31
a. m. and 2:10 p. m, for Philadelphia, Now . York,
Reading, Harrisburg, &e.
Loavo Pottsville ~in Selnly'kill and Busquebann
Railroad, at 8:15 a m, for Harrisburg, and 11:45 a n
tot l'ino Grove and Tremont.
l'ottavido Accommodation Train leavesPottavllin nt
6:30 n m, passes Reading at 7:05 n m. arrlving.nt.
Phillutelphla at 9:35 a in. Returning, leaves Philn
dolphin at 5:16 p m, passing Reading at 7:10 p m, no
riving at Pottsville at 9:20 p m.
rottatawn-Accommodation Train loaves Pottatow
at 6:45 a m • returning loaves Philadelphia '(Fiat
and Groon ,) at 4130 pm.
Columina Railroad trains. lonvn Itonding at 7:20
m, and 6:15 p tu, for Ephrata, LIU., Laucii,ster, C.
lumbla, An. ; returning leavn Lam:alder at g)2.0 11 n
Perklornon Railroad trains leave Perklronton Junc
tion at 7:35, 8:55 a tn, 2:05 and 6 40 p in; returning,
leave Orson Lana at 0.15, a in, 12:3.5 and 4:20
p nt r mnecting with trains on Reading Railroad.
Pick lug
tug Valley Railroad trains leave rheerdx a m,".1.10 and 5 50 , p in retnrning, henna
Byers at 0.35 a ro, 12.45 ,Mild 420 p to, connect
ing with similar trains on Reading Railroad. -
Colebrookdale Railroad trains loaro Pottstown at
0:40 a In, 1,2(4,0,25 and 7 16 p in, returning,lcave 51t.
Plemant at and 11:25 a m. and 3.25 p m., con-
netting with trains no Reading Railroad.
Chostar Valley Railroad intl. leave Bridgeport
8.30 am, and .2:40 and 5:33 p m ; roturniog, Ina
Downingtown at tkoa a in l2:30, and 3:40 p
connecting with traina on R ending Railroad.
On Ptindaya: Learn Now York at 0:00 p m, Phil
dolphin, nt 8:00 a m, and ;Ho p at, (the 5:00 It In, train
running only to 11.1.1111Ing,) leave Pottsville at 8:00 a
m; leave Harrisburg at 5:00 a at. and 2:00 p to;
lenvo Allentown at 4,85 and 9 IS p to ; lenye Heading
at 7:16 a. in, and 10:65 p to for Harrisburg, at 7:00
alt, for Now York, a' 7:20 a to, for Allentown, and
at 040 a. m. rind 4:10 p at. for Philadelphia,
Commutation, Miloago, 5..16,11, School and Excur-
A0111.1 , 1i01,K to and front all points at reduced rates.
Baggago checked through; ouo hundred polio
lowed each pliesenger.
A xxt Supt nod Eng lar..l3'ry
Rending, Ca., August 1, 1872.
to • vount with the Board of Sohool Dirortors of
the Borough of FerllBlo. for the year COIIIIIIOIIC ing
on the beet Monday of Juno, A. D. 1671, and enrliog
tot the first Blonilly of iluria. A .14 1872, the I itt ec
day Inclusive, viz.
To lialanee In hands of Treasurer itt lot
3111111111 toddle:tient
Amoont outxtnnd ing taxes Tor i• r 10711..
Ana - punt of Duplicate of ghoul Tao of
1871 • 12,911 94
Murton t nt State A ppropela tem for lel I .. 7116 01'
Tuition teen receloo.l from non resole:it
Flue received front E. It. Slit purl.
y Salty WI of 'forbore for pawl 3,,r.
chnlivr or 524(1,n0 paid r r otv.t koinoO . c 9 559 hl
y Fornituru. Etuttoinirr, .40n
,Hasa nul
der forobiliorl the sever II n , lnu.t mains,
kc 1.4)) Ott
'y Moot, Ilepoiro, Sr 214 314
En. , ! "11 t ingi , Th 472 hi
3 interest on itolrloovinr, to Jane I
341 1 , l
Oci arCoUlif nt l'r °mum! . 1 011 J
p •Itsu.l att....Blllqt la us 1.1
ly Janitor Anil 51endeliger
ly all °thin. °spell., inclinling
By Taxes outstanding and due by Na
tional 'twig Otock In rourse of litlgn
teou 30
By sildltionnl nxoneratlunu ou doplleste
01 1070 135 13
Ily abatement to prOmpt too pay ors and
collection feet IIT 21
By lAlstien of ontstundlng taxes of 1871_ 2,938 5S
By hallo, In bands orrrensurer ou Juno
1, lON 11l 22
Juno 2, ISt 2—To balance cools in Trioomry $416 92
Indebtednoon of D'iorict..
Valli° of School Property
CARLIM.E, July 5,11,71, •
To ILo Board of Dlreclori of 1110
Your Financial Secretary hailing examined the
account of J. W. Eby, Treannrer of theiFribinol
of the Dorongh J C.11.11411+, fur the your and hi ;
on, the dent Monde) of Joni', A ii. 1072, no
above, nod having compared Ono name with the
original ionchers. bilk, rte.. si elllll,Cell 'lO 'Frew,
urer's book on pinee 2 7 to 212, hicluslie, I do
pinrefore certify the above to 110 U. PAL uud trap
exhibit thereof, and that ti balance of four Itufinired
arid nixteon dollars ,Aid ninety:two eters ($llO 021
remain, In [holland,. oil d 'ft - e nsurer i ntiol 1 °rile , ,
that t ,sea to the amount of 0:1,071 L'S retalln oul•
otandlug ea shown lib ye.
July 8, 1872 Financial Secretary.'
Pi/lunch' report read, approved, and old. red to
te entered on tin minutes of the Board and pute
iched in the papers of the district. Ity order of
he Beard U P. lIURIIICII,
August 5, 1872. relay
"PRO C LA MATIO N.—Whereas the
lion. Benpir Junkin, President Judge of the
anteral Coutti of Common Pleas of the enmities of
Cumberland, Perry, mid Juniata, nod Jostire of the
several Courts of Oyer and Terminer and Oanerat
Jail Delivery In said counties:and the lion. It.
Montgomery and the llon..lCliindenln, dodge.. of the
Courts of Oyer Mid Terminer and (lenient Dliv
ery for the trial of all 0010101 and ollnr flandat, In
the said county of Cumberland, by their pitaapt toe
directed, dated filth of dprll. /K 2. latio ordered
the Court .a Oyer and Termind And 0011,01 .1.1
Delimiry tiv_bc_hulden al Carlisle, an the f loth
Mobday of ling,ust,' Oicing On. I wanly-sixth
day,) at ten We milt in the 10,1104111, to condone ono
Notice la holeby 0,, In thy iir„loNtiret of
(ho Pear°, tool eiiimlablet 01 ihe emit' comity iif Con,
berlimil, that they ore lir the 5111.1 10 01 . 01115 rota
be (him 51111 11100 In I.llolr promir pawn.,
with then roll., records, owl inquisitions, exunillitt,
I leas, nail all onion remembrance, in It, t th i ngs
which to their attires appertain to ha dorm, and all
(nose that too loopoil by reel Ig 11;5101004 11 I 111,1 . 01115
51,151. t Prbionem that ore or Own sh.II tio In thy
Jail of wild vottnt, ore to be dole to 1110.511111.0 /110111
t e Juni . ,
Shea I'n Office, Carli,de, l Sheriff.
August 0, 1872. J
List of unclaimed letters romainlng in
the postoilice at- Carlisle, Pa., for the
111..n0n Mary
Orirr Mary
y.eteler Maria 11
nolgler Bella
Nlintrullor WI)
Jeu Z
Overman Ileury W
Shearer .1 It
&Indere B
Suloff Qoo
Stouffer George
Sullivan Levi
LI entail, II
Lognn Lp 110
Bowers J
Cocklin IC II
Crisu'ley Wm
Downy Samuel
Elden It IC
Yid... Mark:
Fltapatrlrk Wlll
Hayek; ---
Kniner Ink L
Kline Daniel
• [Reportedfor The HERALD by Alm Itustelt.), ,
irahrint's Drove lards,
Nakimore. August 1,1n72.
Number Chili° received during the w0k.,... 2,400
Hoge " 7,237
" Sheep " ,„„ 3,724
Dent on sale per lb growl
Ordinary "
Average 16 11
Markot more active:
Iloge nulling at, nett
and Market firm.
Shoot, par IA gross ....... . .......
owl Market having a docil tang tendency
All Who mobil loge amounts of Envelopes will .10'
woll, to coil.' at the HERALD OFY1CI: end inspect
the stook,: ''Wo ash Sell lots 'of 1,000 et the' same
price 'totally pull per /,000 (or lots of iq,ouo, in flat
,9nu72tf Flunua Onnon.
Notice to hereby given that the Annual Election
profiteers of the Carlisle Building and Loan Aseocl
- to mare for, the queuing your, will be held on
Saturday, September, 7, 1572,
at tha Arbltiotlon Chamber In the Court tromo,• lu
the borough.of Carlisle, botwoen tho hours or 0 And
o'clocklU v. M. 33 7 a ra j. Fg wash,
ri . STATE 110TIGE.—Lottois of ad
...aza•sulnletratiorron the imitate of Merge A. Kock.
ler, late ,of Penn towneldp, deceased, Imre been
Issued by the Itegleter of Cumberland cotinty to thin
undereigited, All persons indebted to held estate
will Wane 11110“) brunoillido payment, Aul those
•harlrwolublicwlll Fein t thorn, properlyWitlien.
tlcated;to the uuderaigned for settlement.
lisurAt " Adnilohitralrlx,
• .
--112.4 testamentary on tho estate of David Ferguson,
Into qt Ponti townehipoleceaserli have been istmed
by the Register of Cumberland, to the subscriber
residing In Dickinson township. All persons In
debteiLto said estate will please make imutodiate
payment, and those having claims to present them
duly authenticated, to 'tho undersighod for settle.
'merit. TAMES D. 111ILLIIIt.
hereby:given to all persons interested. that
the .following accounts having boon filed id tins
Wilco by the accountauld therein wanted for exam
ination and. confirmation, will bo pie.ented to Iho
Orphans' Court of -Ctitnbarland county, fur confir
mation and allowanco, on 'En eadny',' August 20, 1872:
1. The administration account of Gee. Zinnaer..
man and Henry Theo. Darr, admlnistratore of John
11. Darr, deceased.
2. Account of Jacob Rhoads, guardian of James
Elliot, minor son of John Elliot, late of West Penns
boi o' township, &nomad.
it. Account •of Jacob Rhoads, guarSlan of Clara
Elliot, minor daughtur.of John Elliot, Into of Wont
Punnaboro'. deeessod.•
4. Firat'and final account of Dr. Goo. Fulmar, ad
ministrator, and Maria Gregor, atiminixtrattrix of
Michael Gregor, decolood
I. Firstllremtlit 01 Goo. Oyster, administrator of
liattiol Into of East•Punitaltoro' towtpliip,
O Tim 14,1 at,) flit) account of beano Smith, ox.
eel a k.f tho • ••.•luto of SII.OIII Ithinehart, late of
Nliodie-ox tom 11.111,p, clot
7. fire! lots) tiontl :Loroual. of .lotn, I.lnlnger
.11 , 1 John Its ehore, nlsl I tors 61 Pot, Ilashoro,
1.4 of tbw township of
..'llls It, si 111111 fool ..unt of Daolvl Foglo-
. .
[..lllgOr. wholokrafur of Mary Nuflaker,deceaaed
n. ll,t dual aee,ont of Michapl Iforhunn,
a.lnivondrat6,.f Cithnriz, Broophcr, Into of South
hliddh.ton rlut
10. FitAt and ul 1111'0111a of John Morrh.on and
Jchn extedturn of Ileury SheafTer, de.
. First and linsl p . iconni hn B. Couver, or,
nom Junin) e)`)
12. J'hot nod final account iif Jaeol, Coover al.-
niiidetrator of Nlitiy Comer, d eeeitsod.
12. Aet•)unt of 11.11, 11-100, now deceased, ono .01
the adininirlrotors of Christopher :Bellinger, do
noosed, or rioted by It., J. Binh)°, adinin into at tr of
the Held ti. it. l'lslee, deo:tared.
U. First and final account of J. Y Ilrloilloold
toloistrator of Nary V..Crupp, lab of Hui borough
of Cariltile, d.•crnacd-
14 Fitst anti filial hectosto of A. SJllenberger,
executor of M. Seullo,e4 Meeltatieslottrg.
11. "First accolini. (,0,. L. Ling, odwilliplt;>t•.
of Mrs. Mary MeMath, late of the lotrough of Car
lisle, tleceancd.
17 First thrount of Athol lloborlig, administra
tor of 1-ttlomon Aunty, tato at ilupowell township
art vaned.
Fata 1.11(1 iiolll /I.lllllll6iratioll .CUIIIIII. Or Job
Cis hrl Lrn~ r, ilnneased, wlin In 1114 I ift.tinln
Inhibit tutor of Calharini. En linllnq gnr, Into of lAlivor
1101,1,1,1, 11, Iltait•ii Lc W It. tier
toxet.lo., ol n 11r1
Ito , tm)cl.ll, ht•llrel
10 Fir•d dud 111.01 adtiwthdllit••••• n....attl• of .1.
M. Weakllly, •••Itoililitt et.a tf thr i,xtat.. of 111 rs
11... d...
‘1111.411•11.1 fin
, al •t.'• .Ittnl I M.tria •rn
t rlx ..11V1i1•11111 1.t.p,1•., la .11 1111 , r .tikti t.. 11
21. ell:011.1.111k! final ..., 6 .47.t of 211 ,
110.1.1•HVOil.'on.• of 11, xt. of .110 "II Tr tilrip, lalo
itr F.,nth foto. town-011p, ~ ,, , ..ed. :ilea fry
tivot. , .• A {Volt,
Fir+t .D 1 I.oul .k.11:1 M. 3 , 1-
nii....d.rat, of the ....titte imt
111...b0r0n It
• 21. First tool 111m1 at`t . o.tfit of It. VV. Thru.ll.
1..1.• of 110. , 1, I •
slily, 41441e/wed
:25 The fits, 111111 fiAnl ~2111/, ~ f 41, lil4l - 4,leimin,
4,44-4 - uter of the last will 'ail teat/1110, I 111 etilnuel
halt: Ot 1144 i •
1:11 'I hr nt of John Itratolt, mlminmrator
the ekkite ol 114444141ims fm Sini
gh of Ott.rg, dun. am , l
27;1 'reit no4l Hoak of tite{.l.4.4 A F ' oolk,
/el eluisimmi um. on lat. of the
I•nronith of Carlisle, t 14.1,1,1141
linal scoeuoi vl .1414.1.
air! Jacoti reimmr. executer• of the lavt will auil
testament. of Ix - Melia Ilotima, late 1 , tit.p. , .1.11
township, 11.. wised
21 1 Fll,l limit a, count et 1)1,011 Janic,„olloin
iiitroler, Mr, l i vetuan, nill i vuer
Allen 41444,44-4,1
%' I I 4 45
1,7 iJ 27
13' JO
1 60
li9 00
16 70
$17,0,7 Id
X5OOO 00
3 500 00
Martin .lonnio
canon D,I! A
A the request of many fri,ends, lam
XX. Induce,' to offer myself 0$ a rntilltdato fur
ItEtilkyrrnt ov WILLS of Outdoorland tottuty, titth,
Jert to thu tlecitilutt of the Itopoblicott Coottts C tt.
0407? . .i , I 11Junte TIigMAS
4 G0%
Register's Notices
31. II At Sati.ll.l se, tatar of
ronlb Altolelloton
:lit. filet tte.t.itut of lulloll, rot,t, ittl
otlltt•ttt.ttt. tot 1.4, ,tt , “%t.t., I It.• tor
tlot I , otortgli 1.1 C`l
'II. Th. ill , I.llllt F.",
~1111 I, nil •of
th .1410. m 141,11 b 1.1 1., 1,:1,•1/
F final .•pmat ..1 at, har, ad
tatal+trato, at Conrad 1ta1.., lat. oi atom - ao LONII
olvot, los
The - arrount ot \VT, l'orkor, gUltrdlnit of Davi.l
F. Lamb, a whor child of .1111.11P1 A. Lamb, decongud.
34. The u, count of Ilutlry Saxton ? e‘e. etur .11
David Ala. I.• Or the te , rougli ,4,` •
Car I,le, de
:15 'rho hral and final are , :sunt 01 Siawn W.
11arly, sosnowlatrator 01 the s.•t.sto Jahn Early,
lat Ille tslosonzli ./.
all Th, first and final sto,ssonnt. of .101.1 1.701c1a,
tsseellil, I/I Ansltew 1 1 oilol, ‘1,4
.s 7. Tito assosonst 01 Jocasta 17 1 ay. asltnlnlattolssr 01
Salattel M. Lay, late tot Silver Spri rig tom
Firit nr , nont ref 1:11o1 I). 111...0n mid NVEn F
01 A. K. 11.11,..tia,
39 ill.. hrgt are not of John gulnlinn or
S Alcht.le. Carl Frt.ctel iek A whole nu.l John
M. A I( ‘.lFro.l..rn. not Can,
lino A Jebel,
In. l'lto rotroffut of I) IN i.i Lt..lztoao
flartzlut ~, , o utort lyeltnton. I tto f
totvtiAltlp, det tweed.
Tlot uunit of Ilt Dry Pon!, exoen tur of tip,
t nit nn i tottttniont of ritrielthin Trill, lase of
Pooti tket.a.ottl.
t m room of W. Blair, ptordlutt
, non of Atimn Horn
-1111n..k. and I, tlet, undor thu
. I thr 1,, .n.l, ot Nrilslo,
t 1
NV It!
- llor Ad“.
1 , 1 I r•I I.lllt, ./ t. 1.• l'ar.lnle,
.14) , !.:P:
N« I' 1 - (»•!, Adrertisements
Sir ,lames Clarko's Fe-
J 01" 310 S t:S'rualo fills
ur, • ,,,, srmr , .o
, m..,
, I/ ~,tio, e rfeifs mak , ' greater
7 Ile qemtine 310.•IrlS
011 I • 11 . „, art sipe,rthl, .s rinien
faifiu The me unfailing in tint cure
of all those painful danger.. 11.,a-es to NVIIIOII
fenicte romititutiori 'They moderate
ull 0001. , 013 tint remove all iinstructloni, fiom what-
they are pi‘rtiohlhrly stinted. 'rhoy will ill A short
Wins lir ihr. on !h. uointlily pet l,t with gulatily
and vety powerful, contain nothing hurt-
Nil to LI,» riii.hialtittli n. In ollol'Na - soda and
Alfa 111 Kirk »nil
Fltigulii on nlight, »on, the Ile t,
113 II alp», 555.1 0 (11 5, 111110/
r memo+ lime :rhohirrulars mound
rai gisii lull 110 vrtionit nod iro. or toll
Vie- mint free 1 , . ull orating Sro flu in, authill from
titian vil.,
11.-111.111.a5 ,, 11o , NU, ,111/ 1, 0
.htn/rii , ll,llno Dollar OM 1.1, 1 1.11 to the solo Proprlo.
Nit):ll..s. (10111.111 , 11 St, Ns w V oh, , 1111
t1•1‘10 0 bottle of 110. fooonw, Co1.1 . 1:111 /1g FM)
by return omit. oror/17 „lest I,mn any
41, ol n. ~ ,t its tits.
ClllOl Clllllll4, C 91.1.,
Tlll , IT, - Ullllll T 1,T111.5 , /, iNeSI . I-
I.N r CoNst,Pritis /Oil. St; lIIPEINIb. Thoy hetvo
h.; tunic limnetite, unJ 1111) . rllddl‘l/i tails ti 11•111.
11101..1111b 11.1NN 11 , 1.11 l'Oltr.ryi 111 health th,t
louluru 11 , erkictql TeHtlio..) pi, ell 111 }lli ilLii of
rtist, Anlt f. 41. 1111.YANO I'I'LNIONIC All:Mi.
renit prr /w.r. JOB 310,E5, l't (gala°, ,iN
Corthinat r trt,t, Yu: h.
The Great French Remedy,
uropa o ..l by J. OAIIANCIIIIIII,
No. 211 1100 Lonal.ord,
Thaw pill, are Manly rerominaottuti by the entire
Med hit nu,Ey 0, Franco an the very Ilene towed).
In till court of lim,tuatorrinea, or Seminal Weal,
noun; Nightly, Duty or Premature Emission, ; M
nal NVralt Uor Impotency ; %Wok n • at Isi ng (rum
Ferret Habit, and Sexual Eat:unto.; elaration of
the Genital Organs; Weak SrsllV; DI 'win, In the
Urine, and all the ghaetly train of ll.laranes alining
trout Overt.° or k xcellsoo. Thoy core a hen oil
other remedies fail. Pamph'ut of AthIVO ill each
box, or will Ito bent Free to any athlred,. PRICE
El PER 110 X. Soot by mail, orromly r. aid iront
WI oml - ration, on r..elptor price. OlOAtt G.
MOSES, lti. Curtin:op Wert, New lock, Solo get,
era! Agent V.I . America.
1: 4 1 0.12 PIi()TLIONOTARY.—At the
. rarilot retiovst of any Republican frlottls,
otit.rmyttelf so n candldote fur to 011100 or Protliono•
tory of1(1 Rl,lll,lleitai
totem. DAVIIt) RHOADS,
' At tltoeurot t Bolicitatton of 11 number of
friendr, I hereby ittotunnee mynelf ea a candidato for
Om °lnce of CLEILIf. 01 , TIIIS COURTS, of Cumber
land county, t to Iho ticeini.dt of tho Iblnibli Comity Convention.
1), IS. BUILIS1101.1)1I11,
11)nto Carnal°, Vit.
1: 1 10 - 1t l'eRG I kTlif? WILLEI.L-At
..arnort Wilitt.oll u(r nuolbnr of (donde,
otleit4 hot,n• ho
anlon ItEiIISTER 01A 1911 I Ouniborland
cony), iu the thThiloit of the Republican
County Convont ' I'ARN I:AT A. 7111 A DY;
,•,. $ Curlisln.
t.,10,1, -on. the'lerner 'or South Hanover, Street
oppw.lio the Market I ham, .:flown DR
.Prlvatu reeittence . with all the modern hapro,e
ntontd, Alen a
Storo Itoow;•
"haul:lt:ciao tiallory,
• Law Offices, .
Alno envoi,' 1 . 06111 H occunloil by tillforonf.: floc:ldles,
All of whlchnro In gopd ordor. • •
I will also ilinpose, of nt PIIIVATE BALI , filo
STOOK of '
rbtoridp ari -1/iipt
with 000 P uovi doing a. splotattl HII
BUSINESS. Hatincarkory taltloll9 gluon for moqlng
oat. frnialte . of
• Having dedormlued to withdraw from BUSINESS,
I invito tho attention of thokoiblic to my largo nod
Stock of Goods;
061 , 18ISTINO OF
..,ell Ah_t (oc:›si.t_
The most liberal holuremutita will be held out to
ally one desiring to purchase the •
3Mar3t te,t4cool.
and rent the Store Room, with a I . lew to carrying
on. the L i miness. To such purChaser, immediate
posgession will In, given. Otherwise, the storrtroom
wilt ho for rent, possession to ho glues April 1, 1073.
Cllll au I el ,
Thu oudereigitud, assig 130,.6 ol
sell, on
Thursday, September 19, 1872,
0 ,, the proFLONch, situated in Savillo township, Dorry
county, nth. IcitoOburg, u tract of land, coutolulug
about one-half of whieh Is under eultivathm. the
balance covered with vato Lhl4, and thriving Chest
nut, Oak mud Pine timber. The improvemonta are a
3102; foot, xillt Spring Water curried m piltrit to
the 'door, n lltiok Smoke, Inv nod Bake 11,00po,
ItAnh Barn, 10lix:11.1 toot, (Incloiling Corn Crib nod
Wug , tl Short holler 11141r1 truss',) Folinhtntlally
hour, with gird htablinir 12 feet high; main frame
Att,l/PPor //tory 17 feet 'Thor' Is an A 1.1 1 1,1.1
011G11 01111 peer the hull tinge. 11'41 prriptihe tn intl
'nit Inn nor, with the Im lrnv"rn.•nte, outfit 130
nor , x of which hi cleared and in it ;rood store, of
cultivation, divided Iwo 10 Ileitis. m. , 11 f'in'ed and
Williirell . , 14 loins Inrio viol flint land, portly holed
over, it Mach, , ir 2,000 he, thole of limo DOW burnt no
the• tarot, te. ho pitL :he land le.corn ,"'ling
In F,li, 111 n tiolanee, elotlit r ie tin ,
Iteted. The other 107 tier., will be “0111 no whole
or ilk h
Idea into minim it, II snit poor briers
nix property ii I.l . ltlttlV the othn,lino of
111I t t, end q lei to Id together
i,opitieto, n, meat
li, r Ury I it.) 410 by
011 21r. Minh Jet LI rty r tutu
lib, IS, 5.4 , I. 1 / 1 /.1. 1 111 . 1 . ti t o'. li, wiwn
att. tidal. o VIA •,j •malt , :in. uses'hy
RCM 111 N,
.1161:011 A. i• 1 FIVA IZT.
Litreoleo En.lll Vitt l'onn Is Di tinicrot end
I. I 1. , I/ta, illoort ICA :id le
to the et 11 11 .1.Corli•li
N. N10()1tE,
p17131,1C SALE OP
35. Buggies,
and Spring Wagons,
On Wednesday, Sep't, 4, '72.
C , iN , I;eIING 01 ,
Two Two-seated Phaetons,
Finished in Best Style.
One Gaffe - I'y Carriage.
TIN o Squavo liothed Carriages,
Three Coal Box Top Buggies, FoJr
Yacht Top Buggies, Two Top Spring
Wagon. , „ three spihigs, Two Spring
\ agnne, three Sprimzs, Two uo lop
Buggies, Six - Second-Mild Itockaways,
some two-seated, Six Second-hand Top
Buggies, some as good as new, Three
Second-hand no tops. A few old Wag
ons and Carriages. Also, a lot of ..fluggY
ii.l I IL. 1
I Lt f
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock p.
when attendance and a
langT2ts A. 13. SII 1313 K.
"South Encl. ',
The unile'rednued would !roperly Inform rho
cilhoint of Carlini. and vicinity, that lot Int.
10.n,d the ..'ark of Ito, !olio Ilc Anion, end hat lon
added largely *hetet°, 0111 at ail tint.s keep a gond
tool tiodoilatt
.ti '1
('R - f ie. 0 (2/:;11! lES
hand, 1 which he will mill 01 A ery tnntlitd
on tiro c.o.d. II .111 voniost of Sugar
of all the variont grade, 0.11,0 id nil prires, Otto
lattite, Fyrote., Trim, 51i11,4, 411..4 , 11411,, Itlnu.swrirn,
St...moor, and Crockery. But halt. TOO.,
Critckert, till kinds, 'll tekoral, Stool and Herring,
Toloritio unit Sent's, Ititetheit ot all thocriptint,
hunt t'ootn And Cloth, 1.'1114,11100111, I tall alto
hoe!. tiouttantly on hood a fine onalitt f
htlllillt 1 1 7011 , 1' ( /..1111 Fced
of all hinds; alto, a 'Argo 'variety of Cannot! and
Driti.l Fruit, tionostlng of Peaches, AptilcA, Oranges,
Lemont, Tonottoes, Ar, together ti lilt a gentiral
tortment of
lath lONS osuolly lit in Stunk.
, itA cousTßY PROIO'CF: of nil hinds taken in exchanno
for nools, at utArkiit toil,. !loping that tir Al. irE
' attention to 1.'1.41111,s lout the 0110Ig id nll' that
limy floor hint u ith their Not, in, he trill reci ire rt
IdeirAl thato ot the patronage Haying every facility
tool ads Wane In the put elution, nl my Stork for
CAtill, I hill mit tin t01d...01d LF our in 1110
Romero liar tho place—No.7li Stottb Moonier
at corker of deg All t
.11311 ti A. 7111 A\B.
11402. ti
foot and Shoe House!
11,0 j.,.lSp, Intr, stoLk gwels
111.• Etua,rn ei awl 111 11 11 1 1111 N% 4414111 114
11 44 11114I1 444• 111 . 111 4 Mt I 14: 4 .. 4 1t% 4 T 4 4411011 1111 4 111
41 4 14 4 11, 11 1 141 :It lON I'll/1,1 Our ,lork
iir It') 1 :mil Children In
c‘cryy dt)le in Ha.
I and La. rd Calla... in grrut
nti id% en, linl,
moi end I,cud Itontx ;
and YoutlC., llovis nud lhw a nl evury
;1,•,‘ riptita, fn , . I St. , gV tO it Slipl .1 . . 0111 . irt
t ,, ch Iln, liven t.l, 1, Inl
Bargaine will be givon-to Purchasers
11,1 1116 116 n 1,11.
Thatikfttl iast patron IF., 0111' fri,nds,
aka the 1.111.11' C1•11,111i. arc cordially In, itVli to
oat stock.
11r111,9111FtIr the phro, No. 1:1tiou111 INtlover xh vet,
flour tunth ol C. JI. Stuiley'x Clot Mpg litoo
1113 ppp.itr• the Fiablilin
21na721y 61110E111 & CO.
(lOW tonx burl,n—ll,ooo h. p-varh.,.
Sailing from Nita• York on SATURDAYS, from
II vrryttol cal THURSDAYS, and Cork Harbor tUe
tiny following.
Krum Use Whito Star Drek, Dl,llllll. Forry,lerray,
l'atmatgar 11cvint.notl“tions (ft r all (Swart.) unrl
tatikty, Speed and Comfort.
smut—, moklng-room, nail bath
rooms hi lultlmltlp 8,0011. IVIIVIT lefl'tlion is 1011.
Boriool. uud etvwante,seo tmcrmptuty 1111. htuniti
It AT CS—Saloon, volt]. Btoorage, varretwy.
T1,80'1,11114, 1 ; to Newt for tylendo bout tho Old
Country catirtkOw obtalt,utot•tinge prupahl cut Uneaten,
$r currency. ,
Paw:wort, hooked to Cr from ports of America,
Vartv, 11,oulotrg, Norway, iiwadult, India, An ? tralta,
China, In. •
- \ curaion• tick eta granted at lowcut rated. "" • ,
Dralli lima upwardx,
Fa . in.cpcctiou ut plallll Mid other Information, ap
ply to .1. H. SPARKS. Agent.
No. 111 Broadway, New Tod:, or to
TO .
Constitution of Pennsylvania,
Joint Romohition Proposing' no 'Amend
, wont to the Qonstitutiou of Pounsyl
vatiini •
lie it moirell by, and Boos „ lierre.
si»foeirrs of the tlmposontueolth qf ,Penoryirania. in
General AnenthlY met, That the folitoi,log :intend
ment of the Coostitution of this esitunonnoolth tic,
proposed to the pondo for their adoption nr rejee
tiottonirsonnt to tho provisions of tho tenth artirlo
thereof; td colt
Strike out the oixth iieutlon of .tbo sixth urticlo
of the Nuntitution, and insert in Ilea thereof tho
'following: "A Stub Troll:otter nlmll bo tinffnat by
tho qunhlird oleolprn of tlio Motu, at thikes nod
for ouch turn of Hon boo iv shall ho pretrotboil by
law." '•
SPealtor of thu House of Itopresufilativos.
speaker of the Venom
Approved—alio toreutydiecond day of March,
Antal Rotolo! one thousand eight, hal:Arbil and
Dontiet's Office
I'rei.oo.l Rua realfloa for pohilentloo porloolot
to Ow Tooth AITIolu of tho C'oortit talon.
FRANCIS .101t1iAN,
Secretary of thu thontoolminit h.
011h:o fhCerofory of Ow coronothwvalth, 1
11nrilabolg, .111(10 2U, 1U72. J'• ,
, .
No. 4. North• Hanover Street,
Opposite Carlisle Baltic
11=21 ME=
Roofs awl Shoes
.1011 N W. f3"I'1ii)1131
Steamship Line
Carll 10, Pit
An AMC). a Melt t.
Viliegar Bitters
NINEO AR BITTERS aro not a vile Fancy Drink,
made of Poor Rum, Whiskey, Prool Spirits, and Res
fuse Liquors, dmfinred, spiced, end sweetened to
Picchu the taste, called o Tonics," Appetizers,"
Restorers,"- '
that lead the tippler on to drunk.
wares and ruin, bill Are is Von Medicine, made from
the native roots and. herbs of-California, free from
all - Alcoholic Stimulants. They are the Great
Blood Purifier mid a.l.llmgiving Principle, it Perfect
Renovator and Invigorator of the Syt.tem, carrying
off all poisonous matter and restoring the blood
to a healthy condition, enriching it, refreshing' and
invigorating both mind and body. VI,
of rOulinilstration, prompt in their seller
their results, sale and reliable In all
ruse "
°Ming to lirectlinny, and, remain long
d their bones are not destroyed
10i8011 or othor moan, and the vital m
neyond the point of repair.
n the Shoulders, Canal., Tightness of Ow Chest,
)izoioeav, Sour Eruciatnius of the &marl) , Bed
'mite in tine lniouth, bilious Attacks, Palpitation of
he Heart,' Inflammation of the WIWI. Pain in Um
°glans of t fie Kidneys, and a hundred other painful
yuiptunia, aro the offsprlngs of Oyapepyia. In these
ompinuntY It has do equal, and ante bottle will prove
bet ler outdates of Ito merits than a I enghy advert
FOR FIipIALE COMPLAINTS, feirtningi or old,
manic single, flit dawn of ten einhood, or the
turn ol Illy, those Tonic Biter.
an intim:ere that a marked improvement in soon
ATIk a! and tient. Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Bil
ious, Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, 1./Mosses of
the If lie el, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters
havo been must sueeeasful. Such Dlseases ere caused
by Vitt:did Blood, WlllOll In generally produced by
derangement of the Digestive Organs
AS A TONIC, pessessing
_also the peculiar merit of
MAIM!: us It powerful agent In relieving Congestion
or ',inanimation of the Liver and Visceral OrganA,
auiFin Itilnins titmouse,
FOR. SKIN DEIKAS ES, Eruptions, Teller, Salt.
Ithemn, Illotehes, :Tots, Pimples, Pustules. Dons,
ourbiiimpis, Ring Women, Scald Head, Sore Eyes,
Ery 11011, Scurf's, Diecolorations of the Skin,
flismors se
int , es or the At., of whatever name
maitre, and liter:My deg up rind 'carried ontof
t lei ryst et in a short time by the lice of these Bit
ters. One boob t ach 1,18, will comities, the
moet I, dill., of thefts .il;,elltrte
on find its input it bursting Mu the skip
in Pimples, Itrinitions, or Solon; cleanse it Ni heno
yl,l 11,1 It Lilisti ocv I .tad sleag,ii 113 1110 ,`1119;
011,1181` it when it is foul; toga o will tell
yen Olen. R.i,11 the 11118111 pure, mei the health of
the spume will
Oli A' EFII. TIIOI:,ANDS pry! , tAlm
.1 -, the 111,1•rfill hhliguraht . thnc.erii
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PLN, TAPJF, o OItM . S, lurking in
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ed and 1•11[110,It. flays a
• ':live t ote an itnlir idnal upon tits Jail
the earili W/10 , 1• lieily in t•xenipt loom the prep, in e
..1,1,111`... It to in , t upon the health:: elements of
ilii• lion} CM-I, 101 l upon the iiimeitseil
1 'MI awl ninny [lint In evil nig
iiionstein r.l disease No spiteni to
lotinif on in. trill ;it t. thy sytteni
Irvin a, on.
M ECII A.I c.u, DISr.AS.ES Pet,ong gng , l In
Pion!. and MIBI4 rnkm,Finch l'y
tern. 1.11.1 1 . ... a M awn., tL, the) lid rata.,,
life., a.ll laeeolleloot to porn yhin of Ow To
•no el lotellt, thi• loleo 111.4.• of Weklke•etl ‘lll l ',
111 . 1 are e•oce or :wlco o reeeek. :to a Prevrotlvo.
1111.1e1U:1, It EM 1E ‘T. AND I,llll'i'T EN l'
1'1.11:11,, aloe 11 we• t xeeloon ill lloe
ourLtcnL riVl2l,:htolighon2.
1 1 11, ' P • 1 ,,, ltee•.;••••el, 0111 e.., 511toantre,
Toalea•aoo. l', At 1,%4, 11,4
1.1. 1;11111111., Pearl, .\ 1.11 , : 1•811 ona. )lee:
leo,ateeeli. ultuky othor,
o 1111 the, ne.l. 11111111.011 ,
.0.1111;(111.111. our aletoo
111144 , 0 my a.... 01 anaaaal la.' hall
.1Q n. ar.. ri1.11.1.1y arratapanl..l• 1y e•ttarsi,
rn,. Is of ;11. sou. :1, and liver, 11111 "liar
a1.d,0u1,” 1 vi•, r,,i Ti,oro :t111,38 moro or Ira
of -till. too, 01,,r0t Irritri to
•1 tho ~tonutl,oool af tali.... of the bowel.,
.1 op onialltioun. ti
Ili a 11,0i..0ut. re„.po, ext rflog—h, powerful
ell 11l
. 11j.,1 sarious'or.itos, ennoulialy
ho 1111 inAt Ler
whit it tht• 11n.,• tit tlo. +Iwo! tnUl.litiuf
111.111111: Ikr and groornlly
re-lortu health) honcho, ot tiok digosllso
Icor, olli IN, ,
I ollnrion ntiong, Brill I StereMILLI
i., Eruption., of the :kin, Sore
oti In In In nll win, u-
V iovii
hiiir vroat rntlru T.Otterrl lu the MOSE eh
,e.,k Mel lifire I 11,ie
121:1(S m t t , 11 . 011 In , t,thar
1. ,,, 3.44 t.h , y rPoto , “ the ud
1.11.,1%1ng, ell, tho tiallatlllo.o.l
hu I U . .,1111111 . dvilf.itY) Illt, att..fivtl parts rel,st,
/1/141 x I.•rt.,j.nt 5.00 , effelAVIL
THE PIO/PEWIT ES /IT hr Walker', Tinectsar !In
tern:sr , Aperient, Ittapanretle nut Caranmativ•
Nnarstenat Is., IN 0, Inuretar, Setlatit e. enunter:
II I itant. Savior - 31w, Alletutige, nest .t nti - 1111rman.
lIIE A Eh ltl ENT told mild Lax at No propel nen of
Dr. IS nllter's t Itittere ore tin. heat safeguard
‘aa all vas.. of erupttens awl 1113111gluant fever.. their
b alsamic, healing, and ....dung properties prntect
the amount, wt the maser. " f heir rs , lntial . ic, °porta,
n 1 Ins rain in the nervous system, ntnitrm•la, anal
either Item fullxuugntlon, triad, colas,
rr,u„x, ete. Their Con nter-Irritant Inilnencr
divan "them the n)awatta. Inuretle.prop
rmtaus net on the at lb correutit,g anal regulating
the now of mane. ' their Antl-Itilloun prep-rink ,
ntitoulnte.lhe ~n the secretion of bile, anil Its
disn large hrouarl, the hilt:try clucbs rand :are P.p.-
t.- all r ' lnneshala alb fccr
a, --ti
~, I •s nt and Ague, etc.
Etalt 111 1 " 111E. Attnr:t-sr DISEASE by
purify hag NA it, 111.1 i wash VINEaaA It
"arm, L. 611 Int, bold .•1 it ^Nit' . lll I ,, rn
'• Ens. heir. Ilia, babas:lb ale t 1.411.1.
~ t.. the net , are rn,,,, 1.1 &sewn -la - oaf I.y
flans gr , at ant ',anima.
nl ItECTION tho III?'. mm to , gttin to
1,°,1 Iti night !rout a half to at,/ oV•half irm
glaAefull Vat ii,lol non, inhlais: twat, rash 11 ad. 11, beef
Hatd.. twain], eh 1,,, rs nal lecef, and yeget,
blot, 1111,1, - take oat dorm exrrelne. They Aro L'•.tu
roam! et lonely ~ ,a;c•bable stint eclients, Mid
J. \VALK Elt,
D. CO.,
Urul;giatrnud Urn Agq:. , N. V
_Farming implements
Ili,- We oiler to l'aronni on - tio• th •
nell.koon i. and popubit 1.0 eon;{ toil
tn./IF, along with other 111 (ide! needed by al
The Sprague Mower
r.hirhPOW g. twroll• rtatutt t., hn the nub" t,
vottipletv All J. 111. - 1.0 Mowittg Mach it ,
iu 111,. c•oluty We eral tlf thew moxr
1:1,1 `gt,..11 1111 d tio•y g.tto pert, t
Price, ;lull Vo.
works ”Itlier by 111.1 a or oil tho 141 i acting priori
plo. The rOrlItAI;011 irr thla rolto Is wig I entablishlbl
Evory Iro lhflr who is not nlr•arly supphe 1, shboll
1.11) .1 Novelty Tiny
The Original' and improved
with Improvol OItAPPLII, r131,1.1iY,,tc. Thly tho
I , 4rk, lu nnu, uon nitL 010 th,rp!e :tad Pallty,
undoubtedly our of the complete 11101.111.. •n
the tun kvt for linntliPvg ],o
ill-TroVelll,l-ItY We isliVe 1114 , 10 in the ronstrut
lion of this Thresher °lmo last semboit, wara
rnt 0,
lu ,diming it to larruers I..! the very !lust 1101
rhinos lit tile diarket. it/ ith the Horse Power:_witici
-goes with J his machine, four horses are ertlettlate.
to do the work, whore !Ix nu ' i eight are.requlstd i
other machined. Cotop4red with nitrite tin
price is solo,. that every Orli* farmer may readily
breolue the owner ( t c himself)/1 a Cumberland Val
ley Thresher land Separatorr permanent tide
hmi i,er floor. Fillllll , lB wou ld do well to salt alt
atnitio it.
••- • •
moth, at our establioltutent, bee Won' the. higher
rwonthkendm lons hunt ell „who have, nerd-1, i
both grinds and gruolhee the itiipteel. It .thererert
requires lighter pressure. mud: trodtigee the !ergot,
quantity of rider trout the amount or apples put io.
Tho Willoughby Patent
Is on well known to farmcrs In most ports - of Penn
nylvania, that NW' uota not fpnak et any ikugth 0
its Merits. WO now, build it with or without noon,
A t tudmient, and with the shovels no attached no I •
wolin In iitralAt rank or I Ig•rag, which ever to pre
(erred. Tito thun.Tribes not also put 0114 our Ile)
patent arranizeinent, which given them ilreate
flexibility and, ,hrnier attachment to ttie Prill, S,
gamut for., can klrord to do wlthodt the Willoughb
(111111 lipring 11,111. Wu have always ow hund
. •
Fodder Cutters,
Corn Sheller
of nil ylv‘g 311 d n vulety of other Implement'. tel
by femurs, of the lowest prime
J0ne,1672. C1J072350
No. 20 Wrav 111m2 1,3205 yr,
1 - s •
The . HATTER - of Oarlielf I
Thu littritll of arllvlo I
Tho lairat stylus Just rocolvolll
'Am latest , styles ftiVlNib on hand
HATS from tlielmet,Alanufocture II 1
outl I 1
J. G. UALLlOtrishes to eall attention to Ida tar,
lIdTe,AND aA.c.9.
i•ninnufi;ctui ea nat,, tt:. order, arta Lite
errnug eirlerlis for coloting ;teas, Wooteti Goo,
and Ovorroata, al olinit, not a.. . .
Tho Idglied CI'ABLIPFO :9 paid pr.
C 0 1J N Y F:U 11 13
/4:a 1 , ) um it aect..o)
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