Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, January 25, 1872, Image 1

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I.lt_F - NERA.L9,
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tubllshba ovory tire 43
, 3 ; .;,, . IiDITORS''AZ4D PROPtIIETOI6.
Offici• iii larcnes p ! !4, in 7:cc, 2j , fhC 910 Lrouse.
Torii4L-'0 00 per 'annum, in tillyanoe.
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6 761
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II=1! dallier r4otleas, 8 C
For year V Parda. not excaedinity,als linos, , 7 C
Varquirionacernatits. - ..05 eenta pat'llee, nillob tot
trapped S'..r by the year. • ,
, FOr BeNnealihd Spend Frokleea. 10 ceata per line,
Vouble eolturtu adtertleements, extra,
No Or Marriage* Ina "Dentba trrblfilhed free.
TIDE BLEYD B.IEI2,PER, her sleep on:
11,•r henri is weary of the ,Ift ,
be'r ;
drettni%-lati&'Nfle 7 inity si6e
Bright section Hutt in her waking flee ;
So let lice hr.
Let liar slOop on
Her HO ii patient, part in wife
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sight ;
noula• It
Lrt ip the air)
:\iui tilitsc thou rit•es , iit her
reitti:gattit.ii it limy teem,
let her dream.
1n 1 rvt, her hear
hot: rur :
stn. lov.l tin teridf:::
A ti ,1 haply
1.1.1 ~n.
And let lire Arnenli
!-;, pitying' itwz,...l wult , aloud'
II er bolt,le« pain.
eyr.s niT dry of loan.,
Site rood- errr. Qll, twill.
Oh, blessed' drhtti I
,1 Barr not ;
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— .lml ,Inre not ,f:iy
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s,•it it. ti/ittlittiti,
i,4. ( . 7 #,i'f9MY ,
0 i 5
I dtxi reniemb4 the " time when work
was "a dull, meaningless word to,. me
when fond, dOting , vitvents surrounded
me with ovary luxury possible to con
ceive, for my fallier was considered
wcalthy pope, Mtn the min.inificithit honk,
and grounds. costly carriages and nu r
merous, sert,ants, (le'rirtinlyiXetokon , tho:
assertion " what a careloss:happy , -lite, I'
160," till steldehlY my parents were botli
strickOn down by a violent epidemic,
and I was left an "Orfthan at the age a'
Beventeen. I shudder, .even now, as
mentory•rocalls that desolate period, and
the bitter feelings that surged over me,
when the, full consciousness of my be
reavement forced, itself upon me.
My father's only , ihrother, was snm:.
mooed from New York,•and e ta his tare.
and love my father had'con.signed Sae:
I cannot say I fancied my • uncle. He
was a stern, silent Man, very unlike my
father, but there was a look of sadness
upon his face that won my pity, and
tried to like him for my father's sake.
After the funeral, my'unele, by holes=
tigation, fotind that Wo had been living
far beyond., our ineans end that in 'eon
ssquemt we were seriously; involved in
debt. This 'wits an unexpected calamitY,
to me, and it is 'lto wonder my, face,
Itlanbittid•witli; Sadden !liar as I' listened
to my uncle, for the knowledge of my
Weiiititinaile the thought of living in my
uncle's family unbearable. - One:1114'1g I
resoNed‘upon would'not be dePondent
upon tur nricle, either for . my aupport or
. ",flaynaout ,Of my father's O. bts EVery
cent Itlotortnined , to , pay Af?qn rip
emild ,honorably. Carii it, , The . house
everything' of any 'value: ' , ,Ya,13,
'and lafttir distribsding the , proceeds•
among the creditors, we departed for
NeW 'York: ; ". • '
,uriOleqiirild'''en. , --4gi'liontie, 'a
mua ficonA house;-; elegantly ,:furnished
with everything art could devise, or'
• wealth prosureoand yet, there was; a
lifl 3 / 4 6.spliable eVery
'thing that por,ta,bled 'to
My aunt , met us in the hail aS we en
tered, and 'lifter Saluting' my uncle,i
greeted rnii i 'vitit'a fes,+ .. i:Silite worth!, of
welcornd;, yihtdiequite t)M
pretty' littl& 'l , ileech I had"'ilfthatAd . ;tio;
make on tileloceasion, and. 'bitught
hot tears, dtdiSaiiimintment ,t4,miCYCs';
but fobbing, them . inoudly
to Meet
, 00nsin Mabel. ~ thad • heard
my motliate,lift.eii'speak of ,Ir'or'ilißF{ti<y,
.hut was wholly, unprepared for thi.aViSion
Of fCriiiliileaChliiitore'm e, and Stood gazing
liket'.olCti Nd pen can de4-
• eribtrAlres deep violet eyes, the softlY-.
Onted-cheeksior .I,ho olden
that tAieONViti!fo
shoulders. Shs 069 of [podium heigh„
ma could not bRy f tbgan A' 1 1 )1 ;P . Lt l "
mipt , ....lha:voC-paemsu , for
muo,h younger. If , anything„ she mot
in 9a' iathet,
inOlcodt‘tnied, ,
anal itatcil lieterlie'll'9"Plto,-,37?l'm'
' lay auntrank% e hell; aud when the
email hßp;,Vpi4Wita'gpiar.traol . on the
third floor. . .W ton,alone I gave
' vent to m?fileliAge, and Wopt long and
appear at difineq.biiiiicVVrtiAtill; fl,4ria
alt.,t , raco , §,fl i m . y A tears; l i n} p , Alroyfynof rio7,
my eyes were red and 'ewollen,c
6l" tY, loolvlabablutelf , dgly. Tqe`-mlifrOr
s Allaated
ri app \ I ,Fottnedhp i adv-poyp i relilidlippl'
glos,4l.lildr; tutd7 . , i'dP
•prAY,Oa,, an..ordniaryJ iooltinr
'; ',3 '; tsl, '‘ a •Y!
clam,' and hurriedltplMillgVntolletk
Acted ) vb.O F , l;
4 2A
-,YeAe l l f gehtioniktitWo*ibil'ittroductid
tri din . e. iik 9 g.;,ktua mt
on e (l, itta . e'itaa something• ao third and
genial about him. mi wan a iirk;idifoine
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, • „•! •., , 1 - ,y. • ikl ;110 C . , ,C 4 )t),E'14. tpl , lsla -1 , r;;fi • •,,'• " • '''"' L' • ' I '•-'••••
' • •er 1'1", J,Ere, t iv(l '".
. • . •j• •r - i . .• . 1 . 1 r. ;•-
I ' ' 'l4 • „: rOIT /I ,,, t , t+g • .1 .1 .1 , 1510:1(.Ait ' ?f r i• - "' • 1 •` • " • "" " • • ' • ,
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tqr. •,• 4 , ' • ' HT ; , t 1.11.4011,../.. 200 i l uo •11 3••• • Clffi e. 0.1 .„ ,••
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tr;,.‘ " • 9I"'" •10) , I [lo*/ . 1 , '11 , 9 . .EIE„ a Irfr, 1.. Pr:Ali 1 . .1-, tn.) ri t /..1 .
” • " - tr. •..,pt • , I. 117 i I • '"
j " " " 1 I bit': solo; ):( 4,, tit 1114;t1 I 'l'f /if 1.5.t1
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r: •• •1, ‘L • ! : q ,• 1 : • 'Poi) • •\.• • .1.1/ •-t- Est r"" , • .. „,, ,• , • • ' • r, , .
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L „) , „i 31; 33• 3;4 111 3 331/. r• 13331,11! t„ 3 31, 3 3 '• •'' •
3 - 3 3 • ,33 ! ) 3 P 33 )3 .3 1)3 .313. 33 t'i ' 3llll .134)oLgivEtt 01 whiu " 11,41
xv .. n t, . • f'
man,too—tall' arid Well prepertionbd,
•iviih 'an 'aberidance Wavy
'hair, which clustered about a. brdid,'
white forehead. .The :eyes; too, Were'
brown and expressive;while the mouth
was asingrilar comi:dnation of gentlene" ,
and power.' ' 'He waa free and easy in
his manners, addressing hikremarke first
torie and then another, . till even my
atint?s proud fate , relaxed and a smile
hovered about 'the 'lips ' as. if in fear,
'of being detecited: eveitiii'g Passed
pleasantly, and after hisdeparture
trodneed the subject of self support. At
first my undo opposedit, but Mrs. Gray so'
it,, he' Premised ,to eon ,
'iridor it and his, opinion in a feW
- days. But ~ I— w as- n et - idle: loolted ±
among the advertisements in the daily'
papersovery morning, but not 'finding
anything that reached my ease, I Aeter
,mitisd,to visit several publishing house's
and 800 if I could not procure some eopY 7 ,' •
lug to do. To, accordingly, ono day 'I
started witheenfident hopes of a sittia
tion before . night, and, in imagination
saw the heavy debt paid with my earn
ings:, first place on my' list I erf:
tered with a little trepidation, end, made
ylio 7 n my errand. , Very kindly my re
quest was listened to, and just as kindly
I was" informed that thethad ' no-need
of my services. I trisdplaP HO. '2 with
no better. success ; and, in Jest, none of
them gave sue any better oneouragement•
than, , if they wanted' my ' Service 'they
4 x41 01 jal 1.0
4 007li 12 - 00 22 00
5 00 0 On (4 00 20,00
6 00 11 161 16 00 1(0 00
0 75 13 00 1$ 00 a 2 60
50 14 00,110 . 00 33 00
3 60 15 50122 60 37.50
porehoitoo- o
Would let' Me Itritny'
the'last place Ilia editor me the.
address of a gentleman on
MI6 !freduelitly'elmilnyd copyists.
followed the direction,. and was soon
the presence of an elderly gentleman
who, when I fold' Ititn what 1 wanted,
.suggested that Lshould learn -phonogra
phy, adding that, iC I would learn it, lie
would give one a situatiOn as soon as - I'
was top lutten tto,ll.lllt.
He recommehded a teacher whom I
engaged on my way home.
-1' shall never forget. the first lesson;
the alphabet and outlines, curves and
hooks, looked like Greek to me, and
believe I should have given ur,but .for
tIM fear °film ridicule which I, knew
would he showered upon me at home ;
so, with 'this stimtilative I persevered,
and at the mitt of a year I was able to re
port, I presented myself before the geu.
tleman Who had offered me the situatioii,
and my labm•s commenced at once. I
received larger wages Wan I es - Peeled,
and carefully hoarded every cent with,
only one thought of
,ambition—to free
my father's name from dishonor.
A year had passed away. Dr. Clifford
called frequently to see us, making the
sombrt; old house bright with his inte:.
Bence. Ho always treated mo with a
great deal of attention, and when wo
Were alone there Irms a tender &formic°
in his manner towards me that 1, could
not account for. 1 had never tried to
define my feelings towards hiin. Tt was
sufficient fur me to know lie was my
friend, and that in any trouble that might
T had one who ) - FolUil support
and comfort me. .
It may be imagined that .but for Dr.
Clifford my sojourn there , would , have
been anything but:preasant, My uncle
and amkt rarcly ; spolce : to,, ; Mabel
never, unless to , ridiculer. and censure,
So the days passed on.
. _.llly salary, had been increased, and I
had economized so closely that already I
had discharged a portion of the .debt ;
but such close application was fast
breaking down my constitution, , ' and
though 1 blinded my eyes to the fact, it
still ieinaine:d a tormenting reality. At,
the close of a week of excessive labor I
was suddenly taken ill with ; typhoid
fever. Dr. Clifford was immediately
sent for, but when he arrived I' was
unconscious.. I did not see the anxious.
faro that bent over me,:or hem' the soft,
cridearilig words ho . 'tittered. I should
have been a, happier Wetiiini if I had:
For manylveeks my lite Was despaired
of, but with constant and skillfutatten
tion 1 was scion prononeced out of
ger, and. things glided back to their," old
routhre, with ono exception., Dr.,Olif-`
ford no longer treated the with the shy
deference that.. had 'so,loug ,marked his
cooduct.„Love allowed, itself •in every'
slight caress 'rend lingered In every•look
and word, and thongli: be, bad. hover
!spoken of asiced he his wife,,
I - read "the
.song witbont worclii,” and
I •
its glad niusio filled my 'heart with joy'
hajniineSs, 'making My which
had been so long dull ,and
blOSseun \Vail strange' beailiy and fx3-'
"Mt11)131, T ivant to 'tell' stinletti}g,
I think LlttNhSr:dlidihFcl regretted the
qucstieni ra•;! al; ltiastr•ths nianr,hii•,, in
which At arrivs, wolded, the,n
,ext, Ininut4,
when ho saw this
lboir. , •npoll.the fair
1 :4°,.. 6 f1 4 4 1 ?010rrtY 1 i`..:' • ,
••uertaird,y Harvey,. awl alway,s
.listen,te'llou," and the 8 94,
musical voice•wat tretnulpup
tion, anti the wliito , 4dvvoill3d the di:cop- -
ink oyes'as'Sho'ftifswhied ' Y..
" Well Mabel': I ,liave len'rued to love.
thhOittle. cousin., of yours, or rather,
haVe fovea li&r,sifice,' tioi iiilit:iiiiia ,I:saTi.
herr and , ..k.srant -yew , to"tell - Mb" IT* tlie
field is oliklil'iir-ii. tioni'd • 11a py man has;
already woulimantige I cotatit* .1i i
lfi l
This, Was said, with all asstmied 'pray
fuesl, bit' Ogiq 44 fl, lurking earnest-,
noes in the Volae 'aiiii'llarvey Clifforil
whited iiiiiiiduAi l foV 411e'. 1 a,AVidit!' "' • • '
1 cat 4 inel:,‘ ,tole yon,, e garvexi. y fba r i e
rci'' ihiTiratO'"OW6iii r ii'.fer 'Me to ino,
.1), Ideiinilit''.thieli(444ef iMitnichl. r epine d -
, tr, 101 1t,,?Y9Pf"5t9,0,tigt„1,849 , 114 , .,14., sor 1.
to see you betrothed to such - a woman. '•
~,It What [do you rimEtanirMabelly. , and'
, i.u.his .eagerness lie took lic , r.r , lprdyit . 4 ,
lliindht .r eki'shed the riiliOle' 'jeweled 11
g'ora. l'or a moment Nolo; liesitate ,I.
! f .,, i 'l.6., tr ': fl .l... C ff s 4)o ' ;!Til,',o4. l ollitt i ltilit
lest, to; nonestji , aufi'. , there ,, :was. 3 stnti : .,
ilillikqh a' 'told . di3llheratW&B6lll4&lslm.
- 114Wi l ltr.#!' But agllj!'o kl 4 ;? l ol9Ening,
oo icy and crafty -reason she had. given',
'3 ' e '4 l d lh 'l4 l , l l l ,.:Ti 6 Rit l MM; l tla di'll j
..acepiniplaMiniit andldayolotteditcny,
' tci t ‘ir4l ;040 :..V4.Fl.',tiiik;,TO:93lWrM'id Of
, 1 141,',' his,: great Iregi T 4 f' ' I N
integritY.and-truth„..and:the'..temptati if'
N eaktir e . g iiiari. , :f .:, , ,i..' , ..! a . ?..1?1, , f,,-, .A\ u ,
F;;Mi'iwttiliiliot tal, t .ii;i ' li:! , lVl9 " oslld I ,
'‘ilq,MOM:,'KVsSt;l4l43+;:,„*lla,i,;'nioiWit o,
, do might., 1.! dare tayebifene , tvairt !trill, iv
• .fall'AndbillaWiiiiii ' h.4,VOljOsWil l at d
Wlth lier',utliiid tfirragain; it picenlii,,t,o . o
no good' and mamma has actually for-'
.., •
bidden ,
.me to have intereourseiovich
e'ifctlicat oyes met ins witlieut:wav
IlaOY'Plifford wad vey i 4ale
she' aaki 'i , 5 0 ng, anti, fora ne
''' 4 6Ocitnli knowsdisPPPpir4nekt
and "aiigiiislr your words havo caused me
:iS , l4el, there thing, DIA
revere Moro than another, it is a ,truth
'loiing woman: A. 11.!
holy - cRuIA.YOU clO the
strong man wept liken chil
' :1 Is there no woman you .e,au . trust, itervey'r , :
- And the voice at that. rnomentlad,a.
powerful, fascination in it. llar'Y9i Cti
ford 'OOO
. power, end ioohipg at the'
fair girl, beshie him,
— ho th~ughtih3w
prowl any limn' might `be of hey as his
're " •
ltl 'Weald havo trusted' Alice Gray
ii'efere proof,
!have I that inyjedgernent : prightp , ot err ,
s of her .
faisbbess you wetild riot condemn t;"
And' the gOiered. in her violet
eyeti,"adding new beautY'l M il"tendernedS •
to, Hie fe 6 'of.,ol9 ' l , 94Prt • •
It was a dangerous moment for Har
vey "Olifforef--one'Thi • could not resist,
'and Vilien' lie loft' the hbuse, 'an' lour
later,lie,.*as the' betrothed hnSband of
this Weuntin, who, for Ilia salce;•ba'ci • per : .
lilted her Soul.
," ••
"'Jane; waS rctriely 'Upon us Before the
fanillY had 'Made any definite Mh•aegc. r .
ments ifor their' 'srminier trip. • T "had
regaitied'my usual' ltdalth and luta re-.
shined my. Fork' •My uncle and'aunt
had invited' Me to accompany . theM on
their' fon te, which' had been decided to
be Saratoga, Newport, 'hod the White
Mountains. '-.My-heart -quickened at the,.
very possibility of such a ideasure, hut
pitting 111 k tenfptation fur from the, I
htfelide'd'Yffoil 'eve - CEAtoy '
T had Met Dr. 'Clifford, but once since
uty recOvery, and the cold' indifference,
with' whin he greeted me, sectined to"
crush My very soul: 1 - noticed lin; atten
tion to Mabel, but - l - wits net awa - i;e'of
I their engagement,. till the evening before
their, departure fur Saratoga. T -was
I sitting fit my room wondering what had,
produced the ,change in Dr, Clifford,
when Mabel entered soft,l), and draw
ing a chair up close to mine, said gaily
"i auirtonie for.yOur congratulations,
Alice. lam engaged for marriage w ith
narvey 'Clifford," holding up her ,fore
,upon which rested a diamond
ring which, glowed and sparkled in the
_twilight with wondrous
I listened like one in a trance,. ; My
heart seemedt-to stand still, , mid, any
'tongue refused, to more. She
_noticed .
my Silence.aud added :v • .
"I presume youlre surprided, and I
must confess 1 was a little myself. I
had-thought all along that he, - fancied
you." And through the gathering dark
ness her eyes gleaned , kriumphautly,
and a malicious laugh, rung out upon
It. grated harshly upon my ears and .
Or a moment I kilted tim,girl - who had,
supplanted me in Harvey Clifford's of--,
fection, and I said bitterly
" Your observation Must be remarka
bly keen to detect shell a slight clever
once. Whatever Dr. Cliftoul may have
Item tome,- lie- is - nothing
have my hearty wishes for'your happi-
" I accept them with clue appreciation
of their sincerity." .And carelessly hum
ming an opera air, she depitrted,leaving
me with my 'Misery arid wonnded love,
which ulna ! I'coiild iiotOCtuciner. - "
The tibia Morning 'the'y started.
was to retain the servants and have
charge of the botiab until their 'return in
October. I Went as iMital to my wcirlc,
for the servants were trusty, and I was.
not afraid to leave them. :August' cause
with its sultry. heat. r had not heard
front!the tinnily for soihe time, and' Was
.wondering at- their silenee r for'my uncle
wrote to-me 'every weak—kind, aßoction
ate, letters, they _wore . ; }op, which gave,
wo tr greater itasight .inin his character•
,than I ever had before.
• Ono evening, 1114 P \s i ns sitting in'tlio
parlor reading, tho' bell rang violently,
and a servant lidon entered IVith a talc
grain 'dddressed 'to nio. A eone
opfnre'sced me, and 'my hail&
shook , rie cOul , Acarcoly read 'it.'Mabel:,
Gray mak lying ' aL. Newport, very
and I lutist Como to' fic'z' inireeiliat.'ely::' 1.
went,:aeonbe d• foirn (1. r NViirso'
'alfeadytivon her imp:'' , It
coineidoded Alia it vat; the }Writ) ititior
lvhiob ndirly died' th 'year Vofai.e, ,
anchtlic , liamo physicidii"attCndlnt 11Cr.
She knowldo at' once '1 entered Wed
• • .Id.kosiceo; l o'''4ll'co
the'llbete'r's live, .14n4
cannot 'die without- malting a confessic4i,
'to'Yon—yon following:
the/ dlre6tien"M' her eyeg, inecOised,,
Dr, Clifford: •
the room,' mid' then 'and: thine I 'fkagnel.
the ernel virongivliitli I hadatitfere.iltiiiif.
for a moment!' bit-,
lerneit'of deft i k tb'forive .
me • i teniedy , , the „A ~bayo'.
,causad ? '; and „joining cny ? Mind,
slio hdecli,;:;l i r l itnt
I')c hioi ti'9.. , , 1 • ,!.
'coptc; not }r pjst t t tlll44)lp;y4l)g , i 491 f,
'and , My : resentment ? ", ;I
1t.31 - 11-1* 4 111Y: riltil)? , ,rorgiT n.
and Tdinenilierod' no more; so' now In
like niiiiiiieil!ll6 , liTc;iow..!iii),i,
: vt , ; 7 •,i
1 ,141 '. 9 '6 0 .1 . ' .1 ib i
fully aid ,frooly no)
you; , Maboi, AitidrHuilsoy 'Clifford ear . 1
'oh.ilt kitlitif'
a It . , • .•. I
,:•.Trlie idays bronghtlint '.'llt l tle ',Mario, of
theltryalhilfnriethe'-'itai:"litii" inidili!M 951
',4YI qi.',9 l .fi,YiirWr.iii!ii , .47itifb6W,i444'4ld ,
t3Q O p, r rpgp , iiact , a:,,tolorable degree , i iiifl
health' '.She , .wasl , ,isr f(dliteientr , ' weirigni
` l / 4 ifteflidr'lVeiii3vOrti. i Ni,''ohci' ''olio''' (t
'o3l;'§' , "'gfCiitfe' 'or r idviille bi . iin ' !,4;,„, r ii . 4/
L 441/4)41'4 a Alinistelvinawooed al (1)
woOdier, I was noViiiiriiiioili' ''' "'''''". ~,,,
1. , And , sci,t reader; aribring , lsrott iblisi 010 Q,
7 i , paijwilitititlvov"tni. , ciirtatil :1104e
l l i i i;kP l itith4,6l,ool4474,4 l );VAP 4
c c
VI. yr 1, 1 9441:1)9.1'0:J4 taqcoptesLaiiiihcartilil ej
-lirere , yriuktriedwarceetriliefir , The.ori
'ldii l v i daViioneh'Fodfi l. gyliffg;ty,o . :lAim xi
f 611A''i1hg.47,4:431 ' 4 Ps. &Ain
, , Ji. .. 4 ~,I .......,1, •ll• • " •'- • - 5, 1
dsh of_lhe receding day, wqp,riokflynur
marriage vows, and Moir- up the Old
song 'Molt tea been' chanted and Sung'
pAnE0104647.1 . . 6 ,THURSDAY MORNI
' , f ' -•, I f ;In J11:10,:if I
• lip 11111.1W.7 .lill • '
thrOUgii k So pply AnerptiOß tOf Pithrik
3 1 1 .'Y V MJ ° 2M a YYP'PIXtiPY.W IBI:°/ !?
L tlifi occasion, ead i Myi,ehojess,hoße4d%tia t
, g debt,. ( . :5,q0, 11, tw,Pl99s4ay9,B,tigaL
was fir ‘.11141°-11°.!TIP11q1%g
e 't
at 'supposed,) which" . hed • Sti ,
eloedsdfahea:!a,riareq. „It f waa -ant
'iapxyActed 'tfihate,,fForn, pay
‘ Aucka, land;
I listerie, I',llahlic. Tee 4 41.ffica i ient
re'W'erd:' for eil Iliad, ;undorgol e r ,in the`
da.ik; troubled days, whfcti,e
dream were .remembered,wlth thank. ,
fohieee.tbkt they, were no liaager,psfaieat
Mt. Morlah has been , fdinad to)be
sharp:orag or ridge, witfrecr little stiaSV
FlPSHOhp.:tott at uussately;tolatfOrd room
.for a:, tamp's,. of , lanialVdtmeriiiibria: Ori
fitclP.S r rapidbiraird *cis'
.steoply, except fremtliortheveitto'soutli- ,
oast,,the direction ,ini . which:ithO
ran. ~ The,atieli on.....the..auminit. was §1::
lat:geg Uy wallsiUnilt along:the • deellN;ii .
tics, the outside walls deep JdoWni tlro
yalleys,,from, 100 t0,150t feet . licloid the,
area on which the temple building Abod , , ,
One hundred feet' , Aga this 14 ,
:the on final bed , of
Tho foundations.. bf , the' I:dint - 11 r e,
fore,. wore 250 fbotabotre•tlui"dettp'dellieS
around;- This !tireti;. 4"
Solomon and enlarged by rflit'thl;' still
exists, running on the' sthitli'alehg tlio
valley of - .llinuoin ;1;000 feet," Mend the.
,Ked red 1 4 500 feet, • ' ; ' ':.! t' .4r
This enclosure c titiSred
with, splentlid.Jedbletts . ...'..lPirst were "the.
porticoes or coverell'willotk'bnilt
,the outer walls, and' .ovAgoolt big the
Kedron, and Maori I. • They , were • mag-.
niiiceut , structufes, resembling' the nave
aisles or. ElOthie 'cathedrals.. The mid-'
die walk, or nave., was forty-five-feet'
broad, and the tWo aisles .thir6l. feet:
The, aisles wore fifty , feet blob, and the
nave, rising like anlear story.boty;een
the two, was; more then. .100.fent high. •
Add .now terraCe. Walls -to the height !of'
the porticoes, and wo !hale a. solid utnd
continuous 'wall of. t 'masonry' 250 loot
But these were only the miter
:fogs of the tomple , Larea, Tlie porticoes
opened inwardly , upon a court' phyed
wikh.iparblo and open to the sky.' Steps
,led up to a second Leourt, ~.Boydrid this
again, through beautiful. gateways; was
a-thiyd, and rising • above them alfwas
fourth, in which stood the temple proper,'
ascending story abOve st,My; and said toL
have been 100 , 0r.150 feet high, Li • -
These liorizental theaSoretnents bait'
•been verified: If one 'Mcleod iipoit Mount
Moriah from the gtfornit-otOliveS'oppo
cite; coining round••the'''bi.oil orOlivet
05 the way from Bet:Natty, / as 'otir Lord'
did when beholding' the City; it' must
have been a sight - which, for areliitec-: ,
ttiral beauty and grandean', perlitifis; has,
never beetricqualed, certainly 'not. stir=
passed. It•mag an 'artificial' Mountain
fruit' the, dcop,raVities Col:
num, roof, pinnacle, culminating iii the
tomple„within and abovo.all, and' proha-1
lily measuring from :iOO :fad 000 feet:
The, palace of Solomon, too, added to"
improssivondss of the sight. It is
',settled by, ;recent disciiVeries thlit this
pile .of buildings was on the Koutheast'
corner of the area, joining on the Ifonse•
of the Lord above, and. extended below
to the King's gardens, 'where- tho two
valleys. met and "'the waters SilOah
go softly." •
'All theali buildings, porticoes, columns,
pinnaeleti,'altar and temple have peiish:
'ed. "'Not one stone remains upon an
other *hi& has not been throvin
The area alone remains,' and the massive,
.stibestrnatures thki for 3;000 yenrkilmve:
been .sleeping in their cofirseS. The
preservation has beeri tco the
Buildings 'so 'vast ha'Ve 'been
ddiVn.the slopes of thOltiorinli that the
original defiles and vaney's havi;'been,
almost obliterated: ' \That' lipOri re
garded aS . thei . kurfac'e, has been
found 'to be . deb/iiA froth "sei%eiii,jr to nincey,..
feet. ' • "
• With pickax, and 'shovel ..131*itiSli
plorers have bethi , ,tioaiii.'to
foundatiOns. , Fallen , columns have bed'
met avith, and avoided, or a way blastelb,
.ciudors. of bitiuf
Jerusalem :have beds cut thrOugli;
tiirned up, Co the
posited by the treibuirciworJOVidskiriO,
The seal of, 1 laggai, 'in ancient :13.uhror.,
,characters,. was picked up out. Of Ike,.
- siftings of.tlibi deposit. - The
of stones, deposited by- Phrenicittp
Crs, have been re:felled, dying: in • tile
. .
leg rock. • -•
, the bollqr of Ake area,;
debris 11;14 fccumulatea. to
. a d e ptliaf: not:
less than 123 fe,et . ,:.-the.
ages, ma4eiip , of
Jerusaldin 1.,' and • here aome. of Oa tiOst
interesting .discoveries. have been niailt):
IXero is ilic,:ij•aii l o.yo,...A.,o) . ..o.ll6liiiii;on,
shOtsn na4iNo be . an - areb,9lglie,eoo„jeb-:'
turf d, by the diSCOVcrY. of-the pier' dp4t
mans os;,11,/bridge•••whicir • cixiSt!pd",tli&
valley C . :ming:tad Mount'
141Criali '-44111.. the' fukiiintain''OppCialee.4 2 :
the. Inodeith' Zion. It is the sleortlnlok
abutment that trop - a to receive the-etjd
stonesnre'l . or feet thick and 20 - to 4 5'
fee lon e' s , • , . 1
~ t):frikee i6y Itis `bii 0 Tde:wide, : luitf
thidAdastAluifirl bdedif ith et lb trgtlic tiST tbd
ilreldgo 4 ocainter.tihg , 'o6 -trdiriple •ivith the,'
..aoptibpf,•4l4tfeet: pa,voindritAii§",
I'odild)triyot,ol.l)) , , , ,f r opt) tambiparieddAhver
wept yaw* p0,,i1/081101173 0 ( dr, wddgli-aied‘
pave infln iripd f•th rough 0
•Aeithorviiyiult, •bduentp,9they/foundraiit:ill i
ilFidgo,v3 nit JJ/d bon n
3 2 ‘tllntnTAnnittonbcd advoontei 6flNolihi
• aonntyolll44,l h aNn'. Olnrn ad sthoir
3bahvakknoll tlitilfifolvoshiA
•opslrhascuthOi ,litosecutottotherirse.ate
rtinigit Itithdrttbthntlndt
listsid+tioroduntygloulitill4 Artt !fighting
ntin agliittsttho 31ifohind tlioldoorllklitud
{population ovistr i oiloo itoftfaa titimlcrtfeltolt
tits b cinfocaumit i tdafbc I toPyosrty nand 'the: -
ibusinoss.o4 lo*Erctraigliptinitoforytotal
nbstinOnce could not be found than exists
in this froodom from crime.
7_ lv i A t-.II*IT ..,:-..t.A.;t:.
(' , i 1 1 .171,176.4!1 7 6.4! HE .BP.Ii.B:JebirTZI,
Siiiii6*-"L'isol - tic iltiiieT" l ii:Oin‘ 'this sta ll
:!.:" , ''''ilibiild' dr diti'ili , ), " " ''''' '', ''''.",,''' ., , „
'l;7 (V iildtc f sta' graWir its tlifilA'.4 ViiiirLit's 1
,0 , v,,, I
~,,,4 ef - i :,,,,. ; ( 11 ~, v._ .4, /01.p.p: 1, iwa 1 , c
, . „
allo iii6i4 , ..', t&liiiietti , )iiliNflillniiiti6hYtiii friwst
. I "fildepil. Ju'r•i , . , , u it, , ,ti:limtoluli ,
• I 0•,:i
f‘ , 'Vhdfi, , qiii irli'!liaiiiitY,rdeatliN'lfikeli aro
-,rmir d 4' , 1:11 fah , ' ..J:!...0 MI, .141.! ,111 I
Well'il n iVitip ! intiikiiilk l itie'h '' 'bllte . i . Intl, ci
I ~Rl e t : ji t•.,iiii•, , ,i p a', r,itnai -,ll' i. --
Weary with parting, and never to tfiedt;"
Sonic-One tins .d.nid'tii''itie'biltgiit i , go t i,cn
~,,,m.„;i.,,, , .'; ..,.nity'ltn,t ri: •, l , i • . il %
, Ititig . tht) .l Vdll'it 'ftlY; ilike'it ' Ottlie'iiii too t
LI •. , ;11. , )1 ..;. , , tli 10 111 , 1. 1 '. I il . , lt.) , !:',l:l'ilii ll' . t
,4'. PL: V i i.r7iFt nr.i?,#inifflgi ?,0R,1,.,5),1ite
,1 1 1 1 12/ I l Y r tlk a l b 17141.1V t i t P I PAR APR T E°-5
.. ". .Y... i :?*rt1 3,t . r i 3,1 ':; , :11 10 V 1;1, o , ,1,1, dAI .1, 4: f ' T ‘ f
1 .- ?r:flC/..9 1 .1P1 ' .1!!'Y5; 17 44PMPY941. 1 . 0 9A19 Pnii
la1 ? ) #,!!: l ' ; ', l 10 I: :0 priq J , : v '' '
.Frqe frotl enrcteo t i ;labi Alm?, taliing -8 aet
rest— • I .•Z to I
"5 ell
there ono wore iqi Wel •!,
( ?9)!P9r
„, •''
l ing
ftPP,'IM)/' .9 °.f,t 1 3" , e,t4. 1( 1FRc grc , 1)°,9 1, - ; Puf
.Sthno . one is rtsting , feetir litt'si 1{
linpplir: where kitrt Ititi . :eut'ilifets'Offer!'ildil
;Joyous :as
When. the sweet' 811711)01111&
us their .Ln,;.1,1;
Aqv . .it4g pildint!xelf :t
o im r,te c t tor. rienvbaccoo
Ridgitili , 411 , 00ftIY, liatrO'b orapron
, Ir,?
, .
lfi •- • D. , . ;:c• •
tIVTOIt S: The, iettoi,rcintinc•
fh 'aneie`nt tariitiTo ivllicll lippaiied in
yonr'liapet the n foul tb,histant,
to " have h'eetiii,ipatlY misunderstood.
Open to 'it 01.6 inly, Nhs, but
hhidlY : to such i soi:Tre Oint
to t'reafiilf 'UY 41e. :
mint' Oct very
torMith the " signatinn"
cOneenled)in6cW•alid' disiekayd of
‘‘ Vs sayv,,
" the ''lett•Ci'i:s to a
friend," and
," its eiPot ;c ad'ths tS to,
Now to. disabuse
this of
such of 'yeiii• roa'ders 13cen.
ea rid ed ;:t‘w ay byliS
pdsc 'to telt 'just' and
to th
in a'clean •InsortA or it. it le
aiittini'if that let'tdr!,'''' - '4'4 , ;•'otq
iunoeeiib f e of my: ti'oat.' Thei•ii. was
iiothiu~''"'C'OnCeale'd''''''iib t o,a,. if in - iv 6 my
tiaYne;' and in tliatii'Csp4edinut on,
'With my eeilsor.. ftnii;"
Como from "the
'Stoi•Y of his Visit. ""thb''tiiii'ntatils
Wait' Wdscate'd andTtlie'Waters'l3nb
blddiii' and hntibie'd' u`t without ,'trey
' Volt ttou the, 1 . 949: 11,
utinon'spi Ali at' what
was saying' slitidtdt:4 eyes
a'holic'that 'soiree other oxitC; who like
inyself,"finini - WitkfonducCs Eo his enrly
home, would be moved by a hiciilininitse.
and would give to Tan.rrearlers" "the' bene-,
fit of his hr moier inst,rliotive
1- • • • ' '
My " uurpo'SO" primarily Was to
please ; myself ; and that,, is my, puypoo.
flaky" in resuming my t li . Vlson the
iitiiikor (if 'talOng about CarlMle „aelzes.
me, it moat ..4ave some, mitlet,throtigh ,
which to veat. iteeii*,,,Yaiii• paper,
,dlatant, . preserita, ,the. , one
which at thiiimomentlesiimit, available,
I opeis ?sluice's upon it. I shall
rna4 , , it came. ot ;to IlAtter, : the self
iove of, 'your town pßoplo . ; the, more cc
pecially as l ".PoiTor
1 1 1 11111111111 1 11 l says it
` . :th.:eady A n ordiu.ate,"„ If.J . ,should•
4,l)94Y.,„in.te i sTus,of strong atleotiou
lunne of,, kay, boy,lmod, ilenjp„ let it, besot
49.7)3:,to,,4 . 1h — PKPFe§titnate,gf,ths,',,,place. ,
T4O ;titS9l9r4ilitllPlll.oSllpd,;tud
eKesl,,Carll.sle'..,!f Pig ,g,lrdpn ,spo ,of
WOOdt bit.L 1 . ‘i,alß ,:cured, I bothp.f. the
phrase,. and, thii,,C9nyietiou .utore.,,thatt
thirty, yuam Ago, add:, that,.,by a!ktitling,
,i4ohlflut•! ..sitting , ono Sunday;
morning..lp ,Itotel IR-front,ofa elletel t hr„
9e.orgetopir,i4, rem tkt, ; glut mo
.91W : gre UPI lllMoStilhati4let.`34llA4 East- .
urn, shore of•garyland..! A.11:0 %vete,. wsit-•
! lug for, ;the serviess'lto,;.O . PDP , l- 3 0 ,1
IYPOgiPg.; 41 . We , ii:KatiPi Wawa: rgreto of,
.yming,MarylantleyeAlineu!ising:the merits
sof and / tine, of tbent
Aid, tlig .appenr s nogro f
,glo Sax,on,„peenliar, , the,t tegion. t ,! I;
,qpniddivit c GeaVgetlil,Cro4B bd
.the goardsn spot, of
AUXeci• baler ~,Tile /0841011,3 t ts , U,g,ht ,, mrArs,
that ill instructed yOung mem who , ltave
naturally regard their birth-place, Our .
matter . 'bow menu as ono of the world's';
‘ - ge'atitell."''''Sjides'." i itdo Alhio Ii
to ,
e altqf . oarlthle rfUEPO editereSt i in a-
Still" 11
1 1001 ( de ill,' 17 fi Mid" hilrf is erdil ts
Igrf 16 1 i IlltYyBslret
iii , iitAtlitab;i. l •
kd a . ' It,
j?: •
Olk4l'itifil4s,7%4' `l't tb
tawitleestrotayalats.kiedy , togrArefiritiag
111,90111 AithltiiVitmniffihsArdivilviai l / 4 4a,
lenftli44Bll3 116tifttli yiBvr lustlt
slldSq eiti lu xsanisltts boa 1,,
Proceediw eiti'llsy Way leisurely,
course, as 4011;1 1 1Sr itto . th'i4if old, I onistr
othevietritet andristepstithlitrete.P.eitilion%,
'lt alai tit° ia tf Witt* ofilnatexlideAviusepwrithi
closed windier shittters • nearthe egroer
iploble4i7or,into the y#d Isketuniftiny
the boys itrcrabout:, or back into the gar
den and wonder if that la the apple tree
..`..'?V1.31 , .11 k.. 11. - -:"V Y.'fo t,i›.`, 3 ,'A''‘ ~ IV?
G , LlANtrAltylo • ex B 7-4 .. • I
)4:0.1111 ; ti I, r :i! ttift It
• i•
rromti),cl9ll29,l 43;ioh
'ltra.'f'aithidn;,h,PA?„way, w;at ode of
Carlisle. -T o r,11P05910119119.r
evep h9arhi,J,lnpracpp::
of, but she ! , Was.,,nevpFAbehllp, a,1 ; ; ;
monly Zr00,k414:: sensible, Womn, ;
;. tow .
do I ICELOPT that?, ii9r ; ibuy, ; pncoi!?,,
'ingsaiy abed 014419, ; !t0n.i3, ,and
~Ysli"` way 's ii",bTouglit t11*:,I 41) .• '
osam lea,of,ntimliou,s 7
ili :4 good til,iiey`F,e . uolinti
•Mionl..t9,trp,or ; ..
tardcT `‘11421314 fto - kund : 17 their
tifferwuM, itonest; Tesm pp/km(l
'iloillitUe,t , kn44C6Fr.gnorilysood.,Spd, Seel
albie rPtilll I. II OA 5 9 1 . 4 ,
° l 4 0 6, 0 0 i 6 ,::! 1 4a;itini#0$1.theif:
"liiiii) is—or glieulio eile 7T es4le4,,f4u*don t
hiiibi•eary; . '9 ; r ; tl.ip*J.t, : ?rpsp,s 91 qiiiit,a,tiop.
(4°Fi9v,i;vbP°, et , nn a rental o,
On '44:?: p,kii?.tfßglPffic9o. P Bo cl.
t9'6out,:t:?;th? p9iistrr ; ;
; a:p4., ; ba Cont-oF
iheliVa&pl/2aces, deliver imformult,.n
in favor „of, school,doarßing..,„llis chicti
ajitlbjp ; ct,.,t,p
000'4' 041, Ile
Gallo MW: 1 o11" Ma(? (ilppas:Mt! . , at,
`rilit3h4'"Zire *l•etS ,than thine irninutc.
cA,nto he had
prOcce4l;as was his wont
`tai'sll•64i!hiik itclowlofo was power', Ind
biadiriVA!' ~ 111- d rigl li nie, out hiy , case ,
" shgvi: 7.pti„ huw
shako 'pdir oC shoos in le4„thap. three
tniuiites : Take a p sir of, hoots and cut .
the: legs oft." George hecUfno the editor
of 'i'periocratic paper ill Indiana, and
frorn'liiin'Originated the once, well known
usity phrase, "Tell Chapman, to Crow !!"
Passing from' Mrs. Pattison's, I daw
dle on lip cap sfreot flopping here, sow
ing g,.4e•-seed' there, and hob-nobbing,
overyi, where the. eh'l niny. 3
get •otiporturiftyl. Brit' ghall Id take,
the render withibin in 'an'th6se'rn'eailor
ingsl. suflico it tlint• T ed.:ill-UM hs from
this, imint of virei*, find. in'd *kiiernl Way
!an 'llooolla • er-tlib persons 'and . placer
Which used 10 'take Yny attention ztlj u.
out on my rambles., ' •'
ivinSitiTe (in th 9,
* .i;trietttnid' (thick Itonl:,
null-looking stone house; frith I,c tau ti ivin
ninl ay,
of Ole HI .
d t' iii•OCee r ded
the ,onnd 01 .Irum-and . f re . . it.'Wa's a re,
The'' 'at* the
building AVan f ,' cetztiied by a vitrli , (l ton
nutrr ire6lllllm:ter in . lt'eipin'g 'that
'eislnng as.
, it 'nore t lie torote iced
hock, WAS never;v : er3',.gncld.'"'
" liti•gi, - 4eJni - e”)e
,I j
large. ratn-
di. evening, might In: seen « gentlrtnan
walking up and doom, whom uo passer-ht.
cannel rail to"ncitfil.:' liis rOW(ter . ed. hair
iintl'neattjttette, : 'ltis . Lull yltitenravnt. and
iiaid:etnis, fresh from the
n•on, resting 13:pet:folly on htssinap, , : white
Ftoolchnis anti munpi, tparlios.ll)iinln a rel
ic, of the uld e t .hool awl one of its bust
8110111111e113. It was Captain John Smith, a.
,Reyoku4onary.ollloer, and. t.lion.ri member
of • gr. a'homptam's family, and a gentle:
man wbo,. jp the: etiocesive...capaoitiea .of
sehOolmaater and justice of,t,hopeaceaertod
file geaqration with honor and fidelity.
;'Nut to Mr t ,Thompson'uwas an old red
house, without °special claim upotvone's
mentory;. but whicKl recollebt frotn'a•i.bry
gbaurdiditc.ident; not worth minting, hut
which, having no wtinlludeti to it; toust.:re
,pent.. it. .ataa a:cobbler, and
my elticed,brntlier. and Pwent !there early
!olle,inur min ll'he shop \mt .
. nut yoLopteb nett we wore shown 'Din; the'
,Nitti Lig= 1:00111. :w hi h the dining"
room and kitultru., stuall boy.sat opPoir
sit, Xl7 bp.,ti.kfa , d.,,withl.nrc.feet.„ttspended;,
r:. Tiny n roust p4 . 9,1,tL tlttd;"two,largor,,boyfi'
i!DlI111‘00.i 1 . 14 V . )llDqli3l : g . rtc . the,tire
; I „Mid!: l..ltcl9buitig,turnA to.
WI. could not Si,. Directly our.atdfn
,tkopqyas,,qallinl to tliNstoall..boy o had
,;,s,ot r 9 pippopl, hot potato in, hia,inouth;otf
..lkolent tubttlations and.
,mtbliptir . ,.,likti . Sgel ogother,to , At
this moment our of the urchins at
(.),,,„tganotty }.: tognnny I ±.Jerry ,
it .12:.Y!-; 4 [NAV; 05 tt 1 '
fseircd,i •fo r ,our
•10t.,,y4, qoogno,clodjrorn,, the
treble pitch.
,uul , ,• „ „,,, ;,,
Above the red"Wefitherboard stood a (Intl!
gy howte which mbry4
tin rpoie atafraq oft , a,: aemitiley
. r ati d s tairl oft brika:shoitl`
.•31;agterioDoagitorty,,Ilredithidh..iih ye;l and'
war Jlnfae, oko e tcthet:co[tntbr,` auk
p{t,saing:uner old it
p‘v,e ; ncalld , 1104 f th tobiletimhuhrtv 8 Ail
ik44 ll ,ty;UOl:goillgvout itultingrnehoohtdonr. ,
,V, ( N0..w 4 •• tynpr''
places.. Less noise in that corner ?
(4 1 1 4 ktMs!0 1 1lh4 1 trlf akin g . .t.1)0 initiative in.'
‘ l ,! , •SlOPOl.9o4anYteento4 t' , froiti , rattiAir.Yotlr'
VitttAPP , :tbe ItoMato .41 Fh4lCtlt , ftl ll '
louder: I! UOLD UP YOU'D,q, , Alitm
,00 , ..!PANkr
A Sigco,./quij: 0rt.1.1/0, 7 .0t , t linen:APl:4 4 4a.
APit4PII,4IP tyk4l92 l ,,A44l,ttlotrn!eglit4atigallYo
to the word :t;Sttryt k .je,,
•';t4cy Oil :151 ICLD:MIi u.
ant Motile
niniiquaryntidefibetuttldiltditolha - varimitagi
mi , rochorelidnbonk n aiailopy;bolrtiwniAld;!
01ktA9P144'141 1 .11l iois
Ill%,?in , PlYins 4.419,4) 1 00 Ef73kbnot.t;tv.livit
41 1 6 c, P.CPPt.j OPl:iittfttitikti ‘ ou.
above-meat ioned,,hgying,hoesoAqigoa by
3),4ol9rt,Witx4l l WW :liPtYSI 01 copy '
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it t hit . pll,l2,D*ATAt wits Ip,gookto„.atullt
tni9P a htill9ki l lt7.9 (i tt Mr 434? 10,94;1 , K1i.01ibt
manner. mot! .11
Attdorva4imtilDittitiimin YMud os i to
TrtliOnFor:Dbdgliqiiy 'rilinvtaunitt oWothvtlilto•
tUn Jain at'
family. In was' a Jorge family, amixiiip
nwifo a - oltnioni?jidwaitbaltaltbri(ttilarylmtieltif
if glice,nountroltbLiVillia'itlolitiMongt remoilfoo.
digilisdnnoniedazia lyttryilibittifit;3lMt,
Vgliaritmeoinl eddeptaillsvatrawf
Oramatbta n illait tmrittahignatttliiiitmlilest
,Eoman, of them all.' If over film teas
mon born to bp ; n aoldier, Eilwirril Armor
.'was at; tiara,. !Akough I believe,
.ho aeyOr,set
a # 6l g, a.; : 9pP.C ,ll Para . ciP.
44, , :''" . „.#1 . 11af.1 as, icon a,reliph the
Seqpos a war as he had for its,,
r a u n
97triOtap , eo, ktpd. was Wit Mal,
~1 1 ')r,avo man. Ilia hearing !index,. the, torri,
bl9wou , nAvoceiXed,fr . cfrn thb butatino• of
a canno'n Nyi,llbo welt romembered,.as
ama 1?orao, home Oat pax,ffn itAittor ,raisod,
, aiVoye,t,ho herlPof an, 'ad,aliOng PPP Gyro'
•Paiqißg do ,believe felt in
his own'soul samething 'of the stera joy,
~which warrior? feel" and, that this, it,',Nyaa;
thtit SaPP:priod and made 0'8811;44 his
raeovery, In tacties, Gonoral Armor iWga
E llie J . ciirnini of his daY,md,iti
etiquette, oyr, 741,1 . 0 nju z lye wap Po Tor
. .
the j thext
fiedixt or as as !OAP
phrase WAS , p,lli9tl 'thrptigtt
')~egnvo to Carlisle, tNa'i noLle sons,`llolaes
nnd, (jeorhe by name, who iu their di r
were' 'widely, known; and . reTeeted.
l e t neretiq inen of b,isino and genllr;u en,
and no
~ 11 r t: I
Sci.giyo came the
Jacob ,Vogt. , That
was, not, the. way, his name was spoiled on
the sips it,,Nyasflioro Foggia, , But this
was,a inlatakn. Vogkwas a German,
ATA, such diphthong as o pi,. in
,the qe ? 4 - 31 language. ~was, and,
y,et,no : nneommon thing .for immigrants
to . this country, 'to „have' theilr -names
spoiled; wrong hy,.ignorant, or careless
olOrks,. whose, businesn,k is to make out
the Ship's register. Iu this way a,falso
,haa crept into and„spoiled
some of the, beat names that have been
brought to our shores, and one of theist,
that of honest old Jacob, is a - specimen.,
Vogt (pronyuced 10e74), is one of the
best German names, either in this
or in ptrope,•and my adtdce to
jacOts grandchildren, if, they will excuse
the liberty, is that they get back to the,
original spelling as fast as they can.
4.nyltow, V.pgt's.' tavern was a jolly
,on fair, days,-- There too Dutch
girla from the, country, sported their new
chintz's, and black Jack made grimaces
and played the fiddle. The tavern sign
was a Jfarrow, rampant; which was well
int boys as-the sign .of the
..„Across the street from the tavern was into which Edward Arthur
,nitived„after" recovering from his juju
i.,and next. -above him, was .Dr.
Actostrong's—afterwards Geo. A. Lyons.
A tblehed:tb Dr. Armstrong's house was
,o, remarkably, fine garden, and in that
garden -grew, I believe, the first toma
toes over raised in Carlisle. They Were
not, grown for use, put. as curiosities,
and were called by some love apples, by
others soup apples.,.
:Across &dm' Dr. Armstrong's diag
onally, was m blacksmith shop, and the
mini. at the 'anvil' was - Johnny Otto, olio
of Carlisle's most useful bitizdns, and a
Very Ave.rthy . person. • John niliad a way,
whichlialong,ed to hirlcraft,'of utilizing
the.ouriosity of any boy who might stop
'to watch him, shoeing a horse. "Take
tis. and , brush off tho flies' ho would
say, handing over, a, horse tail with a,
baadle : to' it. ilia. voice was a little
thick and his.articutation slightly,pecu.
liar, :Schnsideriau membrane. was
also weak and the karl, drop used to
interfere , somewhat with his practice.
The ,back of his hand, however, served
a good purpose, and a better shoor than" .
Johnny Otto never hammered at horses',
c.Aboire the shop was the house of Kre.
.Bitughman, a lady who had a son and a
daughter, and—what Was of far more im
portance to us boys—in whose garden
•grow an apricot tree, the fruit of which
rivalled in beauty, the " goldeii apples of
the:gardens of tile Ilespoibles ;" to look at
this tree:was to break the tenth corn,
mandinent ; to think of it was to ni.e.di
trite plans which only the ancient Spar
tans' virtuous.
Besideil, the thing was impossible. There
'AVall'a high fence around the garden with
spikes on' toil ;- and the tree was guarded
day and night With' a vigilance ' equal to
that;of the Ldonean dragon. There was
no Bounden aiming us to bring away the
golden frtiit ; so_lt was left to be eaten
and enjoyed by its propet, owner's, a re
sult for which this writer for one is in no
*iha reap • •
; Opposite "Mrs:' llirs.': Baughman's, at the
YlurtlrEastoorna'r'of , ijiin and Bedford
liteebbi; it'ah;E'Yello•t'r'ii i ebblo4laslied house
bUilrinany ytifiralbefire,' by ''clee.'John
'AtniSttotig,"the'lierb Of Kittanning', and
qatbSertftiently 'the 'cothniancleil of 'the
t.l:Oops kiiiinti'4!tlie.Piiiinaryl6.tiiii ;tine,
at' ".:battle of;" 13raiidYWine. 4 t It
wag 'no* " 'occupied by
niernber Of the
' 64r1iSIO'bhe;'' abd,;,otte titen
Of, the/ tleiritieratic 'par tj'; I Ramsey.
Wats itifildetift tiy'fill who we're:not part:
.iin'setibts, l •audhlglily'hinlbie'd' by men
of LiiisrOw ti 'poi itiCal The' ion ng
belOw 'My rting , e'l years.'; the'
nett mitts Win 'of my , ciiiirlianidnii; 'Odd the,
third,' 'and 'adtalreil at' dis.
ranee.': The'duo wlnkwak cenipanion
Made"attrichetti'lllrj ilterAnie, *lion
ithatiehtleiniinf 1829, ,, 1' think it'Vrits,,
ivientuaa , iniint;tiir EnglitYnil.';l:liap
' Defied Violie lititgeleftiee . iid W it
:neseed ther.deave.:takinelsetWeen tither
and son, when the lhtter set out :'on his
jo.ttypey.,/. ,They; , ,Neithdee* .froM 'the
icr,pwdy, ane:,ltlie ',former : thlked to the
41attex.kk Isly,,atf earnest • tones,, till AU .
sox'sttFil) need ti3at the! Stage Mas .parted ;AIM / father cover
,with...hisAandkerchief to
tears, and the,eson :;seeking to
onWok,ithe 'hack
~ e omeik'fief t4o...B4l , goi ,, , , ,Theromfasitothing
.404 1 49, IPPKteatt ottb 941 thel, usual course
pf n paturei hut, iti niade., ani iruproseiee
4tPCtaelllo.l and AeVer.rsAntti- that. 'bare I
,bstextpOli,ustilitea,r,thiuk of,eithor: father
kelscitt, ,tvjtu,catitbncletuess arkl'respe9t,
i1,,4P104tv t lowof but 1: Shall I:tpiunto
JieNteMo Oki .1 aUtl.,l4oo,ThOu uirthe street.
Itespectfu4l,y Ardarsi:'l;.;
ta: • 0.
-13 4 fact.;:aiorthy . of note, that, 'in
Itti,ettuiltrY 411to:burSirrtvlaeroilttus 'people
oxi/PaYet 9sehing,poWllneattorksi,thet,elti—
titeAttp•tittNlge,oli,B%instistl sante ti room
tinpv,,,whommtis.boral •,,It
! Ti"
aq'tiNlColo.ll(dtlyfrOhgbitB , littketitratille': 7 ,
Itriatt 3 ;t kitittatiatildati thly
stores a .4e4 j days ago, by iliktifiireg
he had any " yaller developments slob as
they did up letters in." ,
r r SONG. FROIf,CiOET 111.
•Many thousands stnrs are burning,' •
,Brightly in the vault of night! -
'Araby ani.earth4orn yearn*
Upward with a fond delight: •' •
bOiuty; Rtru4 of glory,
RadfiinCri l andereis of the sky
liV4try of ihe world'ad 'story,
'Evo . r Is;ti 'gazo'
f :7V101 - GHT O.F 7'llE
I, More than thirty: years ago the writer
of a paragraph in, The .Phdadolphict Pub
' 44,Ledger listened to: an agricultnrall ad
dress, delivered „by the. late .Nioholah
.Iliadle, , at,theAnntud exhibition •of the;
Thiladolghia - Bftieti ,fer the , Prornot on
of, AgrtAltnro, We „were'. partionhlrly
,Ptr4Olf , Nith.,twe'thinge:lin; then , entinoi-
Jiteo,, One was thatofenoeg weto .made
to!, rotain,..cattle asithtia the pailieOlar
,premises enclosed,. and not to shut them
out from such.onclosed .premises. The
~deo, though, seemingly a very siinpie
„one, 'was new, and against the ahnostun
iyersally received opinion of farrnmS and
, the ,putlic as to the purpose of fencing.
It was.believed up, to that time that the
highway were public pasture grounds,
on a,fi,of which any one and everybbdy
were free to graze their 4tock rit pleasure,
and,,indeed, on the adjoining premiies,
,unless the owner : thought' fit, to protect
_ .
~ . . . .
them by legal fencing, for statute LW
prescribed their height and character.
Ilven then a larger privilege than this
was accorded thepasturers of what used
.to be called "Ater, long farm," - as - the
h i ghways were sometime •designated.
Accident, or death resulting from the
wandering of this stock at large was not
at the risk of the owners, but at the cost
of the railways whose trucks might be
invaded with damage to the roving herd.
The price of the inninal or killed cattle,
was.considered so equitable a claim that
it was paid invariably :,without a. gulls-
I Lion. From the date of this memorable
address, delivered by Mr.' Bidtlle from a I
rude platform of rough boards, to a corn-
I yany of intelligent,_ sunbitrnt_fariners,l
the sentiments to which he' then gave
utterance have gradually spread, not
only over this country, lnit all over the
world, and are now the cogaized law
of the courts as well o . ' the `'highway.
The ccst_of fencing is not. o, be borne to
keep cattle trespassing upon the public
roads; from trespassing also upon private
property, nor is the penalty upon the
railway company when. cattle roaming
at large , are injured or killed. The loss
is to the owner, and 'iu sonic, instances
the courts have gone further, and put
penalties on the owners of the stock for
the damage done to the property "of the
rails ay companies and their passengers
by throwhig the train from the track. It
is a wholesome and most equitable
change, and we can now but wonder that
tlie' old custom was so long endured.
And . Y.ot this great and important revo
hitiOn in;public sentiment was first pub
licly started by . a man made eminent by
his learning and his position, it is true,
but before a comparatively few and un
inflneCtial citizens. The other startling
fact, made by Mr. Biddle irks the very
large proportion of the farmer's capital
that was invested in his fencing.
In the State of Pennsylvania, alone, he
said . ,
_a careful esthun'to._showed. that at
least, $100,000,000 were invested at that
time in fencing. Much .attention has,
since been given to this branch of the
then new thought, and great economy
has been effooted ; but still the amount
of capital is greatly beyond the bstimate
of any one who has not given the matter
special attention. Cheaper material for
fence, has been found, and , movable
fences for the necessary division of fields
aro common. In addition to this, in
stead of laws passed by the Legislature
prescribing the height . of a fence to turn
'outside cattle, we have no statutes Which
protect the farmer's premises in certain
localities from invasion in the absence
of all feneing, Fences cost enough in
cities, but that cost bears a small pro
portion to the charges for them in the
country at large. When city People go
into the country, they see little to ad
mire in the, post and rail, the worm fence,
the rough stonewalls, the slightly. strung
n ire, or oven the white palings of the
'villages, The fence is an American in
stitution and habit, and a costly one it
is. Illinois is said to have ten times the .
fencing of Germany; and Duchess
county, New York, more than all France.
These marks show that these brown and
• dingy dtvi skin manes, overgrown with
briars and thistres, are ..'n enormous tax
On 'the industry of the country, and all
'to keep Stock from trespansing. Some
Of' these Clays, under - the careful tillage
'of the old world, fences' wOl disappear,
and kind Il.)out
ularies will be marked With
fruit and shade trees, or neat hedge rows, ..
Mid' the country will present a , Much Wm;
'pioved' a M
Ppearafic...— iller o,i ii lay
(Pa.) Rep!chlica7i. , , ' '
Whose religiod i ever on his lips,
idia . seldona Wily of that valuable treasure::
in liis heart ; it keeps watch, like a liver
red piker at his door, but,there is no
'befliiit home, and there is nothing to
steal ; if it wore well lodged : *in his Sinii, •
'he Would nOt r bo so 'afraidOf 'itS'eSeape,
who vouches for his own' truthful-,
' fleas' byLan ' oath, will' tell a lid the next
Tp.s is the heading of a paragraph in.
- a Western paper, recording a suicide.:
"Ito ble'iv his head , off. ~' B ilious, poor,
and disinqrtened-,--thegun intz?;el in his
mouth, his too orl the triggor, and up
goes his hair.!, , , •
A. Immo `ritts' recently
~prepared by a:
law firm , in :Illinois,' which was thirty
feet long:, ..Iti,ransforred two thousand
piece .4 of land in Itorthweitern 'lowa, all .
owned by one man, •
PEnsiAif 'ithijoiopber beind asked
. I.))fl'ivflut 'Method be bind' acquired sq
reueh — kneiviedge, answered r '" By "lel. ,
being.prevonted ' shame from . askidg
que.stiens'Wlieci I Iliad.
1,1x),141 Buffaro,.atlorn
iiio"c;iii 'Of gioiitlointin on fit!. NV4)10113 . 9 ,
gig p14c40;
i!r i ort4 - throe' t%:)#1 ; (Ivo
"g 4
c4pYl9P9. l nArk ll'Augou..for Guam., ,;.,
h t iq;;l ih"4 Ayp4
u ysim,a Nyithoput.!l, pinalo!day?tiiaisperiP.; • ;
educated the first: . woman litwyot over
nitinittoil to the brie in the United. States.
-; ;
' NUMBER' '4.
• ' ,
,[yrol . l!h?:Novr,c , ol43,lllus i Crenc9kt.]
"44 •;P - 4 7 ;..P.0.X4•1R ' 1 g 1 ", t
- piqat• bit told,. ,thisvatoryi, , on our
'French friend; Monsieur, ~e.4110.5i0,. who
was a passengevion , the , Stradee A few
days since; from -Wert ,Orloars.. lshortly
after leaving :the I:Crescent; city, the
French . , gentleman -was d i n:traduced -to
the jolly Western pastiine:icalled.noker,
a game be - did not - nndeirstand. Never
theless, he proved:to:ilk:An aptiacholar,
and: lwAs BOOn., .0 1 3 . 444," 1 `.bliiritke and
betting with a coprage,quite Astonishing
tO behold. Monsietter Aewever,, was an
easy goose :to pluck,: . 9,34. d, Ai) mill, ;natu
rally be ,inforredl,he , waB.l3,ll9Avy, ! loser
_ before reaeldn: Bt., onto., •
Wo met Awl emhOteed.hint,i4Frettoh
man fashion,_ you . elmttly , after
the steamer had landed at the :wharf.
We saw he was 041 y,) troubled In
mind. At his request, we aooompanied
him to the Southern On our
way ho spoke in,a sad, mournful . tone :
‘‘ Ala, myfriond,.Niat zat, game wat
you pall lii4e zis?"hed hisa
(nd be pushed
cane backward and forward.) .
We. at once comprehended.. r,
" i ) oker ! -- That',a ,;
"Oui, zat is him !" (any} banging the
cauo down on the sidew . alic..) "Pn
him ! Zat game cost, mo ono
. tousand .
Again we comprehended. Our French
friend had, during his - trip rip on. the
Shinier, Wt. too heavily " ry pair,"
and had suffered' we: patted 'him on
the back, arid told hiin riot to 'feet' dis
deal-aged, that he Would hao3 better
hick next time.
saire Mi.Uanneil,' "I no
ask for morn hick. Ino play nO more—
what yon call him—iok4ird?' lito, by
(I—n, no more ! 'no morn wish to hear
•re name of 'pokaire in my 1146 ears !"
, •
wo ~ yeatbed Southern, wlien the--
Frenchman, fat;-red by his journey,
and distressed at, his loss; sought' his
room: Tlio weather wte4' damp and
chilly. Hu rang the bell, when n ser
vant appeared for orders.
I want- you to make ZO 11r0 to blllll ;
I want Inin hot."
"Aye, sir; I can do that with the
The Prenchnthe gioaneti; atid fright
ened the boy with a look of savage de-
"Your C-i' rascal;" lie ie moaned;•'" if
your say pokairo to me, I will cut' your
throat off close to yohr head !"
The servant hastily left, and saw
nothing of the Freridhtnan Midi. 'the
next morning, when lie forma 'him in:
(miring, the way trkthe • dining ball. lie
was not yet. in the best of.humor ;
"'Lis is ze way to as break - fast he
"No, sir, that door leads to an ante-
•oom "
The Frenchman became excited) and
confused. Ho Muttered through his
half closed tooth ;
"By gime, I shall quit zis Louse., I
ask for zo make ze fire burn, and, you
say ho want pokaire.. I toll you,
ze pokairm I ask for ze breakfast, you
show me ze ante-room. J. tell you ,47-. n
zo anti! I lose one thousand dollaire,
and no more anti and zo i)okaire."
Saying which he hurried dowti stairs,
where we met him thoroughly convinced
that everybody in St. Louis paid more
'attention: to poker than to. any 'other
branch of business.
• Irow Mi,. iik:Eciltit ViiitTED ills
FLOCK. -An atnuiing 'story is current
about Beecher's vain atteing at, pastoral
visitation. 'His average congregation le—
immense—nearly 2,000, we'believti--and
they live scattered over a large city. Last
December, just before the close of the year,
Mr. Beecher announced from his pulpit,
that us there had been 'noel' complaint
about his neglect of his Acicial duties to his
congregation, he would attomPt eale.on
all of the church membeis in turn, on each
Tuesday, taking those in a scertainsection
of the city on tine day,' and annonneing
from hi; pulpit Poch week,'whiclr:distriel
lie would visit :the stweeedingTuctfday.
The congregatitM fitvored firOposition',
and accordingly Mr. BeeOftr liegtin en
New Year's day and 'Made visit=.
Everybody' was at home to receive him,.
and no time was W-asted, so he iot'titi"otigh
very •Wtql. The no.x.t . weitk 'hit made thirty
which - u:10 it COll . 1 , 1011 1 / 1 0. fulling otl'.
The third' week he only - only - got Are'itgit-Alvith
folirteeil, and then 'I helll,tve he stopped
nd abandoned the 'projeZA iii
''xlilaili"d :to Limn
k op , by hulk:: U , il4', 'we're . hot . t'eady
to him when he called, duil %vim In
s ist.,l on dres<ing to receive hint ; while
they so tletainid hint_wheti:theY 'did corm,
down, that it was useless .tp . , think of call
ing on nio , r9 than a fraoiionof ;.flock.
Besides, They all would ialk,of nothing.but
servairrl . t liihlren a ailments and familv
genealogies, ,until got, to .
monotonous, ard . he thotight unproditeiiro
of spiritual or ?therlnmelit to or
'any Mu; has been snld lie • o v
tip the,scheine; and his 'since ionc, on just
aS before.
. 7
A" , r closa 61'1116 Yeae th6 i 'stathities
of the , Pealigylliabia.,`dOal trinici . .iliew
'total p . rodue,tien'e . f liiiiife'be'aar for
Week a'atoto the
i 7,454,70 tons, aiain'ai' '17;40b1869
ttins • ' caiiespindin lagt Stbar,
.aliowing a deerato3a cif 11,188 iona.: l "'l'lio
. •
' The trade l aeti ' d °inn& ti c
tise ? oli'9loAiiiiis of
eariying' i caniiiiiiiieW'iiiin is'a 'g'ood
'doniaitd tftiii6 l '•ii' l laiie"Zotiduiiiiiiion
of s, The iiiiin4iteitikth r ' aro
stimulated to acilviti'br.iti4
profits they the 'be reali3..
ing on theiHron
'tripod the'4stoOk'
with the 'laht t'wo" Weeks 14 , iebli f tni 'of
al:Nttiietiati . )If;the
froia 5 '7'14 deiviii . 'ilreCal
an'' ilia; h Mai at
about- '1 fo; 060 kite: l l' l 'lll'lP lee 'eritittrge
'lireiti`ts;ell"VeifitiV6Vl;i'th.' &dors
fo btkilty
Beall litcisuPP rled' ' - biJe. Wdell deal
•of • n nitiety ifesteel iihrticet
s'o,4eal bold
11611 ) !s‘3ehici"to ho
tto,'Procitle, the
• ttitintie,'"aial in 'thief,
tife ,
'6inittgei tittai',frMel 'aitiigos.
'TM) Vl3frY iSiabgbY; gffl3ot' 'over
itt JaOiri`oCcon
-131111701113;VIVAi thit
whole inovoment ending in strikes and
('r. .:C~ it: .0