Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 13, 1871, Image 1

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-C.:4 RD'S
• A. Arwoon, ISAAC a. nawiar
AtWOOV - 7. IIANCIt. 06:,
oonmisgioN IapItCIIANU,I,
WilOill3lllo dealers in all kin af
„ • 14bni. - Eti'iiii)TiTitii
- IV - 6.21u
I ocTO rill LADE:T.I9I'A.
Ti 0 ovlr oLES L
AT-crry , PRICES.
"Coriatnntly-an bund,tatob
ncelm 3, florae, tup'entloni. nook Una oud bon,,
.Itlrt trouts, cambric nttlt 111101 illindkerelliefQ, linen
and . papci collarP, eiid cuff , . 'tilmtniagn,
'spool cotton, nzall,ttc conxlm,.stat lonaty, a rapping
paper and paper 1).(1. tlrncq sonpa and perfumery,
shoe black and atm,. polish. indloo, rigors, &to,. he.
COYLE 11110211E11S
No. 2.1 net ut ei,trect. Carl Ide,
flaying recently removed to
,Ne. 61 No r 71 If«naVer Wed,
(in the house lately oceu pied by 1)1.. Mile.)
_ .
Carlisle, Penn' a,
'ma at to tovot tram to 5.20 r0t..., :no Ills
case may regalia. All work warrant, d..
nownov.villiu PHYSIIIAN.
Office In the rump formerly occopiol by Col. John
Leo. • 10,.,W
0111 , 0 in 11nm,, ktr,el,^ opn..lte Bentz's dry
WI olonnio in
N. E Co.r Third and Market it,. In,
Aram SJ:vB AT 1.111
NO. 1-t South Hanover strer-t,
Otnee 1id,j0i1d...111 , 1g.• Urnlntro...
I 011 N CORN - MAN,
t 111 1 ,,, Nu. 7. Hall, in I. the Cwt. t 11,1
ech:Loie-thorg, N. OAR.; Railroad 411,,•1, ttto
.P.ors oorth 01 the Rook.
Bueos. promptly MP:oiled tI.
A i"ron.NEr-AT-L A W..
Practices in ..Cumberland and Dauphin
Opirv•—ltrldg•p art, Pn. po,t ofnc
/1111, 1 eAmty, in IVJRII7 I ly
:111 1 .•• • '•• %' ATTOICV•EI"-AT
Pli. No. 9 I,thernk.K.ll9ll.
JU.:11C11 OF TllI PEAUI.
PlsLotleld, West Venn 611, o' tow o
kit loO.lovvi, 1 . '01 . 0411 . a to 16111 in 11l
tgt tontlon. 290ct10
°Oleo 2'2,..5 . 91111 Iliutover Street, next the Good Will
OnstillottithT -• logiLitt
Otte° in Volunteer building; Curlkle.
NV.:• SI TA R IL E NA - .
Niko in nut thenst corner of the Court 11. MAP. 111.:69
WES,. B. 11I110.Nkl, .
Fifth street below Chestnut,
Cnr. Li brnry,
A i iiß. 021 add 623 Arelt St reel,
_Terms ' $2 50 per day, or rooms with
0111, board, $1 per day.
J. It DE , AV gN, I'hopri.•l
1101011 y
'lllip utiderelgutil having
.tilys.p re
titled ow/ filiuleheit t . is hotel. is p r, .0 v l to lurnish
good accommodations to 01l who dee're In wink , . it
thoir house. A nit ire 111 the petrowigo of the sur
roundingcoontly tr piddle solicited.
Itootrot largo einurertii'ile. Table ulu.ips sup
r,4,l with the lies!
' Fat tirely now. N,lth ornple eap.;ell3‘l.,r . 40 go, le.
Turwx, fn per tiny. Tho ot.Chool 1 , 4 nett ly uwl t.lO
- forniehed throughont, nod II open for the re
.coptiOn of gueste,,by thu 111111013igliVii, 1010 110.10,
bUt cesxfuliy 1011dooled, lot tho p. 31 ten year, the
moll-known ]lPntrlt'l, 110040, oh Cl'o'l36ll Sp :
LI, W. 31111A.1N Pror're.
2.3nlbilain '
rrlll " BENTZ HOUSE,"
(h'ornierly Cdr7)atera /To use,)
The porlohliztthll Ititvlng tiurehosetl nun entirely
re-11116,1,4nd Ittenieltetl anew throutbout, o ith tiro,
:Ilea furniture, title tvell•tcnowit,lll.l estrblleluol
hotel,' rollelte the ettutout df tbe • iountnititilly tool
traveling public. lie, , Is , 1,1 . 11 • proput ell to furttlkli
Oral elm. acvionntothiflonv to.oll who 16 mule
in !lino limeit,ttontlti , orTplewoktkL toutporury abode.
Thu r.tvtom f rout' lino uurrutouli int 4 , 1111t0y I. re-peet-
Tullylioliel Courteont nnd uttuntiver,ervanto ere
011gllge411.t Oils FORIIIIIIIIOIII
- itEOltOE 7. PrOin tetor.
.flrstohroe 11Very IF)
hotel, tinder the to otattentent of Joreph 1.. Stern, in
30111101 y
Cue itmb er •IVoo d in px.
. WERE, sold im,the year 1870,
8,841 - of, Blatchley's
cuc . er.m.sE.R
• .
••• • iPRADE• (13) ' 'MARK.
• •WO . 0;D "P UIVIPS ,
111An'.forIng 213,666:fontin'Itnigth.Jdr solhoiont IS iho
i nalregotu for
ovei•lF 9l l 3 /MilOs Deep.
' A•hlilldinTen% {tnctidiyvd rtaj•'in oPoilttlon—',lfing
zoo . , Loan, to, ottr—llbralleittlinillo - mod
Chong. .
Th'Ono Punips'orb tydr du.), Nit rtroniAloini i I knit
Fora:lld by Deolor,n . 111 IlorAlwariv pnl Agrivjaltoral
,otit the_coulltry,l ,Circnintn,
or ptherlyk . o., -
• Srptcld lump forwnedi.t} to portidn ill'tottnA , whori•
flo , gtzflts ; upuq rtyplptof the r..t;nlnrrytoll .
7.bnylop,.l.4 . olvrfut . (hot r your( Pulp beimy
vr,p, mark gonburo, on I gito.itoteo pp othc.r, f
tiflo3. C. priA.CittEy' Sti:nu6 .
• •OFIcE AND IVAltriloov,
t''Et it
iii: . P. 1, 017. 1011 “, • r'• :••• ;,,,
%ANDS y L4.14D,L,.E59,
r. 110iTES tedit;Tll'libitr.LEA6
rj.ONLY':SI - .,25 1 :1)0i- cre
9arp.pflT ~!,
' Gitivestbn.R. Lint,
Cab ti thAttit:EgOgiivid'lt.4l4Bllfs
Luria visit'uth cblobratect
,;). ONRIMDP P C 017.012 . 11 tf OAP.
• /1,1 tll,, .1 '9 :Is t
• „ 1,,, .
..., .“........ , ~ ~.. ~x..,40.,..2444.4.,,,...................!...M....411....."."....1var, c0eu.1.0.1...a.........................4.0.4.,............1.1640...;
. I . ' •,..... • .i. /..., • v • ''•
• t ':
. , • .. •
. -r - 13 . ' .. ~... •_ - ."‘ C' ‘ ' l.'l ) \ .\,. •‘ ''
\ \ •, '- ' \-V. Lt ','s-V.S..k. - ' -"--.•*",.'•':': f , i d 1 .. :;" : -...•-,,,, :, •:: -"" , ''' :-•-.,'' '': ' - • ' - -"' . •'." • - ' ''• ---- '..-',• ' I . ' .• •'• - 'I-. . ji.1.r.,.." - - - •,.11. - ii.,;.
--:. _l_,_ :_ ••,,••- - ' : '. . '.... f. ': k ., '.‘ ~. I, ‘ ..i,l S.
- I/O , T' , ' , -. . -7-.7 %. , . .7.7 1 .711,1.. :-...: -:--. • • - , 1 1"'
-- • --- -tn '.' • , ; '-• :•' • , 7-7 :77 - ;:'' 7 _ _:_:. r - _ - •7' - : - _'±" --- .... - .7 - _l - 1.7 - ,i ------, '''-- ' ..... ,_.. .
. . .
. •.-.•-•. •.., ':,,,-" .., ' • ~f.'“, • ,• .:•.,,,i
•. ..., I-1, , J.: ~ ,, A, . . ..','! . ,;..... l. —e , ,_I I) •' .
I• •, ...`• • ''.:l. •.. •• • '‘
•'1 r: ' -.
' " 4 .1 . : •,!•••• •, , I . •Ci • ~• . , -• i I t CI -4
.)f ,0 2.7f • • • • - c._ i .1: .7 • :•.I L.! _• I /-:. •• i• , ,", • ; O . : t
- 1 r•.: .' • .':- -,•;' . 1.,,,1A1.1:1.:'' : . .If ,iV• : I . • .'• •••••• 01 41.,..., - •IT
• 1 -,. , - ' 4 . : ' ...7 5'31. 17— J ) 1 7 ! 7. !r ' 7; t,... .• ',! 1 ,, 1 , r.,.,1 , T1T1.1fk -.r.t .. G',11;11 •
I !
.., ifT/TT.I ITT. I-' r - -Tir I , ' pq , .-:. . .• ' . ,-.. , ; . . ,
.- , . .••• . ~ .. , it. !: , :r. :, Tr: 5.... t 7,1,,,, ;...,”, ;., ~,. ',„ • ~,,'.
.: I •;-.. Pl , l 11,.• r(l.ill , i ;NO .! I •
• I '...-''' '• •;, I. •-‘' ' .; ' ;' -;' j "' 'I ;; '." ''
I '
''•: • • r : ;:,•' 1. 'i!V•l. -;,•• ;. , — li 1.1,1 l I 1•31,410'•• ; P '''. l :.!..; :-.l' .' -I:
I'. .".•'';'; '-'ll'. I.r. "1 I 1 1 7 1, • ;;;• l ; ' t
.. ;, .. :., • l:1:1 :;I .;.; : I • • ~. ;,• ;- ~ • ••• ;-.• .:ti.••,l: .:, ;:,:• :l .: •'
I , , , ' , , . , „r , .
111,:. 1,11 1, , ,t £I)
SPON - Siiteit'SCO , eir .
. A . L. SPOSL,Eir t--"-- ,,,,.. •,,
.t.nteal Estate A gentithlvauer, COnvej'anesujlpsuro
Centllna Oahu Agont. Office .Main Ptrvet,, ear
Ceutre•Srpiare. ' ' ' "
moving ni'est, offers at.c . ,EiTaTFAIITit.T" , ;
- Off,-GROUND,.
qtuateil - lleJtottl street, in the borough ,of
11o1e,'toutaluprg C feet front by 108 feet in' it6ith:
and having thereon greeted ft . , ,
- -
ni kb brick i,nok building, wash boner, (with tiger°
therelii.Yrniii'te'llouse, bake°ton, and all necessiry
ontbnildings. The property 'fronting on Bedford
etreet - .13 veer fortify 2.1 feet, eticp; The -bark
building ft oteting.ou Lptinst,,aley is, 2110,01 in front.
The property IA nearly new:.-dontailtut .idoreroont,
now occupied nn n groccrfatore 14 in good condition,
and is ntlinltAbly ,hooted fdr liquotitilesu ktand. Per.
none wishing to view the property. con ,tio eti by call
trig nn tile owner, rt4iiling rnl tho' prod:dial. Pt?
terms and furthertinrtieniliti unquiro of ,
kinh7l • Real
A Tll if , k
. •
" • • • For •Foio,
•, - .
No. SS Staith Ifet!final l t, crintalnlng tWo narTorr,
hall, and kitchen on the first floor, and.throy
laws on, tit° st , cottd story, w tit a finished stile back
silt front, ettilrway balcony to buck. blinding; !Intr.
grape arbor and hydra at to tho md.
A to '
A. Itt'SPONA3.I4It. •
11°170 Beal Ektate Agent.,
T _
.11E subscriber has several other val
naOir propertlira for trait, in eligible partr,ef the
town, which will be i etieonably diejie roil of
" Rral Eatate Agolt.
ATIRGINIA, .1.,A; , 1 . 1j13', in the ,S hertan 7
aooffighl/ Improved farina In . .` s tliti A'alloy2 tiro of
fered for sale The tracts 1110 twin 00 to WO-gcrea
The lAn'' of. the beat YlhdlltV of liinCiftbrin. fhlly
°ton - I t - Al' not euperitir, to the turd In clupborland
will he itteigineil lialraiighingly tort
figure, •exieliairiti of the i('ttloPrOliallil Volley
Railroad h i t.° aiirvirood, will run
itntitediately throngli Illb bbitten of .rflutttf y 11l
which the, lartis gro Irruted, which, ti hen 00111.
pleied, tcgirther n rVitli the itilointorge'of filed Sherair
11001 river trAnerrahttion w111T: ie;'theta lill 1118 ail
vitittageo of Northern and Roder° mar -,
cpirbdid opportunity for locratiOo inveKtidenta In
Itgre tilfered.r - ,
A (lilt alit] 111111tite ileaeriptloir th is lohttidn Gild
tile Haler of the On, ions ti note neny,lie had ; by
1;;;1 FAtiA L. A I eVi Mr I INO.. '
• IlA f llecr's Vitieggy
1 , 1( ‘V!l,g, rate C A LTFI Ct'Nl A " % •
V 1 N E (LA IL
B TT 1E Its .
, .
of Thousancls.bear Testiniciny
to their Wonderful Curative Effects.
Tlovy aro not 'a yll!! Fancy Drlnlc,• ' Ol 1.51
1111111, iii -h), PrOor 'l4 pliltg, and 1101000 Liguori!,
doc!tot et!, 1 1 4 ,100,,, °"` 1,
I TONI!',!.
It kicl:0111.:liff,
'Li., that b... 1 the tippler on to drudtbeiiniuoi and
ruin, but even trw•ylydiriue, niaile'frofn the N'ativ,o .
Route and Herbs at Cu II foriiin', I ITO from ail A leolodie
'St irintlaiits. They are t Ittpreui t Blood Pfirltier; nod
it Wu-Giving Principle, 0 perfect ItoiluvAtor,an •
ild.,.ttor of the syatein, earlylug off all p. ioonuns
matter and r. storing., the blood ton healthy' col old
Mil. Nn porlion can in:.: niefiFTlitl era neciiriliiig
dirardlen renlirin lend unwell, Pmvid s fifl the
hones Into not destroyed by 'mineral-poison or other
Dteltliti, and the v dal organs wasted Itifyidid the point
. _
ItiffiiibiTia(6o - iiiid 'ttiletifiliTsni f and'.
flout, llyeduipsln or Indigestion, Billow, Itoptit toot
nod Ip t erinit ton Fl'verl t" DtEl'lll'e4 of, the blood,.
Liver, li - idneys, and Budder, flibi.e Bitters have'
must sacs wsful. Such Iniciteeif ore citilstil by ,
Vltin'ted Blood, which to getierally proilneiSl by de.
angenient of the Ingest'. Organs.
pystietisin or Indigestion, Iteadzielig,
'Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of Intentidni
flour Ilructatiolid of th, "lieno . neld, rod , testi, in the,
' Mouth, Bilk. - Attnct a , Ibilnilidlon of the
.Inflaromittloo of the Lutigs, , Ptifunn thu 'region of the ,
liiiltieja,ond a hundred othorpuiufnlsymptoms,
are the oils prlogs of dystio pshi.
They invigorate the Steinitli and-elintultile-tho_
torpid liver find ',intits, which Tender, them of un.
eflielicy in cloapoing thu blood of all Int
width's, and initialling new life and vigor to the
w tint, systion.
. .
Bit ions, Remittent, and Iu tprmittent let et., which ,
are ao prevalent In the ealleyx of tan great riven.
throughout the United States, especially these of the.
311ssihsippl, iltrxorn I, Illinois, Tetineesee, Cumber x
land, Arkansm, lied, Colorado, Bravoll, Pearl,• Alm
barna, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke, James, and matt;',
°llona with their ',let tributaries, during the Som
mer und Antonin, and remarkably so during seam!e
of unusual heat and dryness, tire invariably aecom.,
punicd by ex tenaire derangements of the stomach
and liver, aril other aloloodual Thorn tire
always more or 11,1 ObStllletifillg of the liver, a weak-,
nt h . ; nml irritable ilia tit of the idommh, and great'
Ln por of the boucle, being 'logged lip a hit it iattall
sectuntilatlyns.. iq ti el, treatimint, a purgative',
exerting n 1.1401101 lillueneo ripen Cleats Various
organs, is essentially neeosuiry. There is nni•atfar
tie for the purl ow equal to pr ..I. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as they w s emu,: the darlt-co:.
matt, with the II tire'. a;
load. d, at the ware tithe stimulating t h e retldim
of the liver, end gerierall) the hialbliy. '
. 1'11,11'1:010I LI the digesille u. gnus. Thr uniVeraul;
pop clarity of this valuable remedy in regime
fent tri miasmatic inlinences, in - suffielein evlrldnee of
Its prover as a remedy iu such cases. .
For Skill Dler,roee, ,E1 , 1141011A, 'fetter, Sult,ltheum,
Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Nisi oleo, Boil, Carbuncles,
Iling•Wormx, Svald Ilead;'Sxre Cyr., Erysipi:ltfx,l
11th, Seurflblrs'enloratiMig of the Skin,' Iltunory unJ f
Dbmarvir of the Skin, - of whatever mono 'or nature,.
era literally . dug up and curl led nut of rho systoin:lld
asliqtd tinto'by the One of thew Bille Clinholtlei
fir sing, rase, win VOIIVAIIT the m,, t ' 1i,,'1,11 . 1110 Of
their eurhtlre effect..
. Cleanse the Vitlatcd Wood whenever you Mal its'
Impurities bursting I.hyough the aklu In Pimpleah,
Eruptions, or Soles; eltun'Se it, when )tat lind it ob.
stmodetiond ainggish to velour; c•lealule, It when
It ix foul. and iotir feelings alit to 1 yon Reep
,Jhe' hinudpurs umd the health of Ilan aystoß
. .
X, W. W0,Y139,
end othre''''Wqin., liwkieg" I.; the sye•
OM of an ilnuly thousands, 11111 4estynyl•il
acid removed .For fulddlreetiens,agndaorofully the ;
clreolar around each Indtlo, .printed
,ht, fraf hot
gnagen—Englidt, Gel !nun, ,
.1. WALE Nil , l'irti4lotor. B. If. Sfel/ON 11,1/ S CO
Drugghlts and Oen : . Age. ts, yon FrAneliteo, Oal.; ;
and 32 and 34 Commerce Street. New Volt
Sold hs allflenagista told 110‘1 , 44.'
if lee7o-ly
Bartipi .9. )6 -4(tvvrtisemi•iit.
prouTANT NO rIcE
TO b 0 N't , U M.F. It s , b DICT 0,0
•R II ltetall Ordortramontillog to V2O nnJ ortfr'dt;lltt
er ,1 in any pal I of limit:,uotry.
-kep of le.rp!'ess Chartip. 3.
ll'A Al I 1. T 0 N ' S 0 N.S.;'
of .11allimore,
In order the littler to most the Nvnntri of their Retail
Customers at a dlidalice,,.Lave establlthed
s ' P it U It /1
and will, anon upplleaVan, prompt!, taut lqj mail
fall 1111'08.ot' thtiliplen 'of iltlwtilf mid moat Vieth
donalile-Sjoada, . of ,Uyetyli,,Thighth, pod Dolueptloo
Man u faatiire, gunialiti e ng at 011 tfinen to sell as feu,
if uotlit Irre.priers,llnui Any haulm in the culinary.
ylng (Air Kootllrrtin the large9t and 10011 cul¢
Lenten tmer* In the dlffu'retitladiel'Af linrope,
,and linnortlng:thrrnaliin by Ntoni era ,Ittect .: lo lluttl
intire, oar sleek'nit all 'IlloNt•
rata the:nov(4On/ ortlK , 7Lamtylo an& ParlB intirkobi.
A ti we Ito) , and sell only for ehri,, and lash . t, 110114
1101:111 ' we are able and willing to Adltnir [MOH nut
froin ten to Ant:o'lY' per.eent Jun, piellt than It vi r
gave erttlit, , ,
ln Houdin g'forltsialdbif. 0(101241 MO fond or, g001f.4
lye 1r9e11,t14 0 111,g f .a11...1
400 a x,trenvtlit. !won to ile COAT i). I
,t 10: doll' nnadoomfinitild-PY Olt dual, Tont In.
Q. D.- P s t rempt-pay4 ir. boleti:lop , Invited
to.l,l4pild tuck Q odr , 'JlAiblilli , iinilnYhbkhge
vb l .lo oo,
. LIO 1,. . ,
ar2Ll , 4o3ilrget
20uet7041. - . ' Balt inure, Dld.l
` , :c• Ertv'eriranit , NakiStiib.l.esty , ;
• i
' •
tI C STEtINhj.i,'
I"l , Tri , ,telb Of
1 1,,v; ~ , p ., g ii), . s:i f
-.! ." c 11 q 110 :AN F , ', P i "IN+ I I:YP •
itEASONAIILeTERMII, AIIIII,A qti owratj ~.j.!1,!1:1-11 ~04 1.11 y1 „Inv I
.04111I,IAGES FOlt 771.111,A138 ,
kcpp r .
,T t lo t aj t clmrpiltput, i r t .e ib ucal i ca7.llAelgt2
[ - T trinZtlytiliiitat4.Balob4hivia '6 2
i fo C o
I ,lr i • .1-:edo o ,fl 4 qd I'vith 13 tudootpo Cluiryplon Qua ,
pr - R
-N sl.nbie sown for GO band )IN . 1 3 on •C 11 6 ,14
• • " " • I mliliaMA79t. 'may ;
. 1 •
/ 71 " 70 • ''"i r r r, elidr rv,!)- t ,:l 00nyni6v)4t m& r rt r,
•Itricntir , A Pf 4
• -
0.•.1 e/10 ' •i? ,
15,fr,r!:1.icrEGAIr.,X0170J3S. •,,ti
ltdt•o of% ittholOtotralrolcion the [eatat r o dt
•10. 1 Dlllvr, Ar:,- decomod, luto or..,Weetpoonsbordugh.
towdfiblp;•lti'd bdorleisliell'bSr‘tho - ROOtor':Of 'Cum
berfOLd coortty, the; OOLocrlbet t
townAltlp. Alt porgons intlebto4 t 0 Ostotb wilt
1110AO thnke'-paynabilt, nOd•lbogo Cbriviroiltlolmoao
prefelA,thomluly notlionticalpd, to themuleroignod
'.• • • • " •• •
I,to , f i•fr 3 , (3 11 1 X 16 DILLER,. i 1
Ottp7l ' Actmlnletiritol:
,I;o ! irkllsTxtA.l'Qß',S C E. 7r ,
Letters 'of tobillnlstratfott ttifitle of
Jbdeplillthln Anil; lute of Bblitlolltltilotorutownsbipl
ticueasell, bayp been Issopti h e y the,lteglstets,ol,Cl.lll-,
fiefltititL.eriuttty to' fifetitti
- stierlb6r Yesidliig. 'the
ttprottgit of. st•lilile."" All ,putpotts, ludobtoti to sold
estate will pleat,o mltlio.ltotnealati poyn eat, utul
tltombsoilfigiclttiottiAvlll preL'out•_thelp,4troperly , ,te_
tlt entluutuiltfitr, etnttle
e ALFllfltt
.gutputlt . .; A tljrtlolt4rut9r.
'IMOrs of, adikiltiletratlou!bay lug bean teKoii
out by the undersigned, 01 the personal property of
Willteth lieheni, docetitid;litto uf the borough of Oki
litile,j t•puttrat all those indebtokto , game , to
ebmo Sod soak! 11nnieilliiiely, All - 'Dinh hityinVde•
minus against him .to hrtmlln 'their:l4llB;4Y set,tlo7
meet. ADAM 1101'111AV,
• * iiiitrilitif , l r.'" r: n • t
tott7stlBTßitofte 'Nott .`!=
: , 2—liiitters of administration the ediato tifnk,
K. Kheeni,•docoased, Into of the hprough of Carlishr,
hirer 'beet limbed I,y the . Itegliiter cif
coonty, to the subecrlbars Xelilding,ll3 sold hOrqugh.
All verso. Indeoted to sold estate trill. plan} make
phyntentYnnit tbbsri Wilting 'to pre4ent them;
duly ,noineutinoted, to the moderslgned,lor settle
nnint. L. 11.111:P.M . • '
‘ r
ltlailinat' " •
.l:ettet the — eel - Mb of
Lqeoloremedrlale -of --tht,horynoh
ofee.nriisle,have been !tiliusl the Ite.lieter of Cum,
eOuntg,to the 'ettheeriber, reelding, In hold
borough. All 'peteetie Indebted to said cent° will
Initko :not these having 'elninth to preebrik
them, t bent it•rOpd, 40, theuttmlf , P 3 'o.4fP 7
settistner k t.
•, •. Jst; 31: I,VEARLI7
. 4tlntit. Litrator,
Let tere,,,14,1m odel ratio on the oe,tute. of 4911 n
Wryol, Fee 'Sinnli • Millilleant'
tlereatut4 hide Leon issnearby thq nr,f3tuti
-I..l.‘ll,lvounly,te Fuherribe.r reeKing, in
br tongh.! 11 , perno n indulge& {tall esintiPtvill
plfese tnk9 „Amyineo t, nod those haying cln y on to
present the, duly ntitentieofeci, to the Laidet ,
signed formsttlement. ~•.•.
"fitull7llll •,^ •' Adininistiut
F: o~tero ormhniuletr.,t ou ,on the .q: lute ,qt Sni eel
ity the Itegisterot CoutboOtud'eounty to . the
iniqersign l, resitting in Wl.9lotlto4borougit
.pi.rtion. Indebted to trail eetnia will mane
holot dint., payment Mud, thole honioir, 1 . 1111111.1 W 11
jiresha them, duly in tht•ntihtt4,ln'
,1011,N1_110NIi 0,
9n1117 . A thuloistrater,
NOTIcE.- r. ,Notice ,
hereby given that Job. Weber, or., and
mire, of Lotebr Allen' .I t oeltip, haring ox
waited a deed of assignment to the undersigned, re:-
41,110,4'in Tramplenicetiddilp, for iliMbeimat hr cred
itors All per, out liar log elnium imagist -,1 ild estate
will press of thein,properly ,kuthentleated, or pay
11-moll and tboge lade:bead .will ukuke payment . , wltb
outdelny, to
SA ‘I 1111E111,Y,
AUDITOR'S NOTICE.- , :de the teat
for ul the estate
Om undersigned auditor apt - minted )py,tho Orphans'
Cattrt of Ontubotintol entintr,-tr, ditallbutt'tho bal
ance in the hands of o. p,
traMC M.Crahed; - 411atmrltn the
duties td 'his appointment at Into other, An Chillialo,
cn Ttairsihty, the twohly.sommtit,dry of Aprll.lBll,
at 11 o'clock, A.l.lll.,laliett till partieklntorested siill
presout their ;
F. V. I.Iiii,T7.TIOOTER, • '
30111117/at ,
. = of.Particl,3leCuy, - deceAsed.„„. „..' -.
Notice ie•hereby.glArn, thiCi, the unnihicned Air
ajmninted by the Orphnna' Court of Cumber
land cop et)°, tu marshal no d dietribo to the pssetN ln
the band; of 11. McCoy, laud olafrakor of cold 'ex.
.tatd, end' persona intereated in tboaaid•ed.
JAW, at his office, in the borcugh of Cariisic, 4 It Fel
driy; afaye, I c71,-at one o'eloeh p.'in. '
. C, ,
Uap ,
NOTICE.. is . , hereby giveh that the
co-parf nership herettifere existing between
N. B. Moore and o.illtlim 111cleo,-tiadlng cc .11. , 13:
Moore .b lb 0., it this day dieeelyed by mutt 4 con
sent. All 1.1 - smut }Poring dahlia' togaltnit his hite•
Jinn and thot.o Indebted , therclo, , ,olll present them
to N. B.Aloortt,Mt„),lollyprlngo,for ,ye tletnont.
A. B. Carriage Factory
CA R 1.? IA Cl AC T 11 Y.
A. B. S II E R It •
• •
Hat 11.5 W I n Imi d onv tht<en SLRIGITI, 61 the Inlet
%tyke: 011,1,
Cd II It I ABE+.
• •
on hand, et made 10 ortler 00 elt e et,
I have prni.brod the Fl'lll6oB of n next elitSfi
111A1 Into bought the brat "haul do e ', i n the
market, hal I feel tnnildentlool glvln. , entire
AM) Intro 00.1111.1
. „
The irda Ilattgo annind the huh 111111.11.1 111 wheel
Oldie IIIII . 11)010 11011 lilly oilier.
I It 1,N,p..4.,11•1r• PAINT/NO,
titlonded Il';rollo.ationaltle
A lingo lot pi SeTON B-11 IND 1111.111 in 11itn1N,
tvnljur pale•l.Nettp, • r ' /9.1111171a,n,
I"'To•the ronna . Alen.
Ifo4osir; 110 W REsToll'ED
~..t.putoithod, ne - tv, ion , orcl)r. Oulvorvien's
Celi , brAL d ~I•say rn tho railicac'ettre Niihnot tuotl
Iritio Yofßjini nYtdoriqcoosi , 'nr Fcirintnl Weak
Impotency, 51vnt,a1. nod
Tii.ole - ar do)..ity. nlpe tithoifts't o Marring° •f
n!ho, .R!bntn j,l Ion; lipnipsy.o nod -Fibs, Indueeilth
S‘4l - od p , grne,o or Spnal rink v • apoce.
- " . Price, - ru .•chied env649 . lsh,'''; "'
gilietttiebrated quithor, in . UCH -admirable ocsay
el, arty (I.loqnstr.ttes from it thirty y,,nrs' towco.tfol
that tll. I,llw:hint; of Het &nitwit.
may: but tolically rut, it, without iho ~ IPAJoryn. u. ph
interuil 'thedichth r the a; p . ileitlon' of' ihu knife ,
,juiti fug out a ,- int)ibt of df unca 11111111111.,(111 . 111111
1111111411/1•111/11, by 111 1 11111114 Wllllll every thilfer,r
. un
mntOr ,
.cheaply, ultra elf, en.l
Zu•Tith lecture thouli he In ti.,. timid, of evoty
youth 111111 reary man to the hu.4l.
Sent tivolvr .:11.1,111.a plata Imreluoq, oily odd, 4.1111,
on receipt Alt voiltA, or I.lvii Boat htas.,o,
Dr. reweln, rageo 25
l ol i e Si v } ll.l 4 l' l ) •I ( t. ' sji: .
li 2.1011070'
mid 'Strew. Goods.
LB 13: .N S •
IK, 9, 0 0b,9.
lArmstrong i Uator , &Co:,
lintitoill ("try And • Julib . eru I bl i 'Boom t;
relrep .Itibbow,,llooll9t, 89)0, §at.loti,,it„ttd, voi a,
Ithltitlit,"l4tl.ln, Cisi,ll,rn,. It 'idler, Cower,i, 1 , 1.11:11:
r. t , rg..tciY}Y,/ 3 9!1nt4 1 00. b4Flieo'4 l 4 B ,
'rtlnimed oird lintritopte4l,Sltiolifr If
". ' 4 • ..j.31
'"" 'Brt.nii . Y , r I ts t lt Iktp•
Offer the larebgt t. lock to be frond In thbiColiniey,
mxl unpfluitllfil In ORO, ydriOly r cpeignirfq••
ednlol4l4vlbeihainiAlllrupCnn bovetilti '"—
1: 13 ,4q 1 :4;1. 8
Fl, 1) 6,
Ildd.i 1 dldAki(i,uolol",i'
.40 14 t , v ,t i o'r t nt 4 .' y1... 115"1 1' 1 1'
,tfrtr: "' A C j,,.'...„ r • l Thif
cioth., an a g ' g ",t`. 1
,!,t4;:m ft e"tiii r :
&r„ which• 1111 Ivy 14
IWO! A larisoitli
11t2p'Pe d i ,V2, t ill,',VIVAIA: TI VIIt I OTT .. ... f-.1,r0 1 •
- j ; SA
• • E ,:[:- • • A rivr.
' '
. • • .• ~•
•Oihdittli 1
TP°P9' 6 lvaPl°C.'YtYl'...!Vq.P4 l Fl!"l!i" l l;. , •
2 0,. !5 0 rhou w e ert there;
The beer 6y.,' It tit' reit dad' ,
• 911 , 1 t r'.1 11 q0PilltDe' , i144vL. , .. -,, 1;1 „1 f .
roifillialKettlhrifmts;ibt; gleveln; eteep: -
Though retry] of two relllvelturts went It deep,
E3f6liettii It yett' , P' ;
: . .•• I 7' .L.•
Stilt t 9 tho'Cl ardc t ;l'vr the, brook,it .11.11 dis, ,
• •
H.fma..ii,phoeyrthesitephaVd o e itlfrvado , -;
,•, • , •; 1 4!,514Vt!,tt1g.Y. 4h9 , , ,. .ffti1 I i I
The I%IW-fit ihrOwlibroad•shodeng oar} It
P,4lfinhtn go - liErile of eveiblhlf ill. flod Lill
1., 'To BithrinY. , "'i •
And as, when gnzing, Thou didn't weep u'or them,
reonl 'height to '
I . lo„whito route of ills ea'owned Jormialm
Buret on our sight. , ,
,r 5; ,nd
Tli.a . ,,:thrcrugli.Tllittlutn f al Oil Tilllii " irl ' it,edift; ralm:
The weVeitt.hut'd washed fresh halide Upon 0., bore
Of Galileo; '
But chhoeledon (ho hilleldcy uyeriuwe . ~-;
-. Thy path; ero ere.
Man hen not,o,anged them In that nhnoln
14ar time effacqcl;
IYhore tines we still way stlir.
CA, be tt:nred.' ' ' '
Yet WO i1Ay ' 6 . 1 : 4;4./ of T l; : letstepn 'fur
Tranir than diesel '
!borer theVorantl tried and anireeinge are
Tiy stew faith at
.; •
Nor with fouktia , leigtdte'Thy rti•l,L rrir truer
. , Il,uykr , t uut dual!:.„; '
Our path to onward, 11 e,Titytaue,
• "And Thy prl;iul.
And now,
,whepeyer.umq. W I 1.1.1 Mid ,
pr'jse and pr Yer,
Thu. Thy premru, thuro Th) Holy- lama
', • '
•It was while the Arderictni army was
freeiing and stowing at . Valley Forge,
and::thirlhitish army - iris rioting and
luxuriating in Philadelphia, that alarne,
dirty, beggarly-looking fellow, walking
With a drittcli, approached the' Northern
outpost of the Royal forces, and, with a
simple, ididtic laugh' ankteer, announced
his intention of entering the city and tak
ing the British general prisoner.
"Indeed? Then I. shall be Under the
necessity oferresting you 1" said a young
Subaltern, icinliing ;it some of his coin.;
pinions, and asomning. a serious air. ,
"lb ! he 1" laughed, the idiot . ;
"just you try'it, that's
"Why, good fellow,. What would'P' •
"Do!'' exelaimed: - the other, drawing
kiniself_up yid ,an air of defiance :-!‘lyhy,
I'd 411,the;groat General Washington."
A "anrafraid to venture on your.
arreiit, pass on-r-yqu will probably
The idiot suddenly looked troubled,
glancing about him wearily and suspici
ously, as if he feared-he might meet the
genoralho was so boldly, gqing to•capture,
14104 . 111a11y hobbled .0f towards the , eity.
With some such.. silly dialogue•-he got
past..the digerenCklentries; who: seemed
to give him no thought beyond the amuse
moot of the -.time. Hi night ho was
fairly withiu.the town, and kept. on his
'way, sometimes humming snatehes of
old songs, and in •goneral not noticed
much by any. Through one street to
another he continued to hobble forward,
till he eaine to one of no great length,
Pntaivipg a block of throe-story, re
spectable •looking houses, which• might
be occupied by. persons middling cir
cumstances. This street was not lighted
_and appeared deserted, so that when he
stopped before one of the dwellings •he
was not perceived. Ho knocked at the
door, and a woman's head appeared at
the second-story window:
" Won't you give me soinetbing to eat,
? I'm 'nearly starved ;" stud the
"Yes, poor fellow !" replied the wo
man in a 'kindly tone ; "in a minute I
Will hand you soMethind."
Soon after a lower shutter was pushed
a little back, and a hand, containing
some hi end and meat was thrust out,
"Mother 17said a low voice.
" Gracious heaven I" exclaimed ,the
;female within, in an agitated ,tone.
"Hush I" returned the beggar in
IParded whisper... , ,
naorpoutafter the door was, thrown
, Yeso ,mu'api-7theiik yen- 7 J don't
; cake, if ide,',eaid. the homy, as i f in A
reply to , an iiivitatio to come in; at the
same, time erossing the threshold, with
an appenrance . of deep humanity. ,
The Moment the,,door closed behind
lthp,,'ti,lre ; man dropped his ,crutch ; Auld
throw. ids. arm mound, thp..other, ;faiy)y
. .• ••. 4 - • • 4 .• • :
.'‘,31,0,t40r deSt, dear, mother !'!;.•
" William !", exclaiMed. the other,
pressing the ragged mendicant to hor
heart; my, dear,. Acar,
What. is the rueani of' this ? and how,is
itifind lon here in OW 'sad plight
disguise, playing the•foOl to the sentries.,
But toll moliep;,you,are,! ear .mother,'
and r how you ?fare in, t troublous:
. .
31.01), F,nly,The
'British are our masters, here, brit so, far'
1 have little to,eomplaln of in the - .way. of
personal-. !, treatment, „ ,Proyisioas ; nro
sears° 41111 , an,q;, only , by, the
:strietset,eseeemy,sitall T. )Jl3,
througb u irtliep,continup„to . .rotaill: pus - ,
session of the city aiiY eonsiderlible
. l y e g i u lg:l m i l o 4 l.: 44 l B :l; ,p l;i l t: l ; v s to ist a e n r a iN ly fa u tiy og i Q s p a iy. t,
regret tltat,',:she)ins nlhissd.this Aolmori
rD,;I,; sot;
f v9, (T, 411 alynei rootlawr
flPu 0 0 4 ,0 1)04(1-:.
ing,w,i4lljn9,l" .ir n b NI
41Ar.i1)91qIN to „gip, array : ?''
qaired, the ymung man, Auk:4)y and, Itui.
ICP§ibr auciA , T4 , PYl l 4 O3 v, t.4O.IIOaSeIVI
I: l .N9 , 4lllnraiWilgil tORTFIV.atO 4(( 1 1 t IP!
r1944:14P f 4 4 .91119 , 11 , Ntruhcr suldr:.neitharc, is
iPlltYou look troubled;
0)9,0409 bar,i .rny sow ?!.t,
_:_.:diSif:dettetg,d ) r.linay huhg s;spy4'!
4 tll3lrd lidavbn :nx.Ohtim odr tilts "mis
ti l os lira warm ptf.l youjiYyrifpr
~ ., y ou flier° . ..itithgrit rmlbsion'2 l xvi Shout) 4,
ce.!l; 114 11,07;
'2 , 71:oto+411:1,1 nOtiottly plead , therf6ol
to tliasorittlekNond so gilts paist:thelnu";
r s v 4 4 4114 thouilit :that (was for !vim. , o*n
il , amilitpefitl6 DrilsWillimppifr you should
.bo , liiistbkefetip,-.M by x 11111 5 ,611 vont?a, roin .
"this.desportittbitionopre,'r ll ' l
49,t w FpasiOnnilornWafrrtsO
aniions'tci Seel You and Mary that • I re;.
I " ' ' • ,
..??4147.i hen, bencio,ni stairs; ; Us
Ida, upon' a , hiding+-place once, before
.an3rthihgliapptins-1 , •011jWilliatn, I tun'
4i:Airs, u • to-. the third
story, Land 1-after i considering : several.
;placesofeiiidedithat the loft, close under
thpir rieof;'
~ i( i ;iglA; 'Ye' the best place for, atm':
doiv;leading it :
, could be latitencd underneath,.. which
•Nvoultt-tenirto blinds search ;- while the
yolrng ain#,.. ,. if_preSScd,_ could escape to
lio, roof; slid , by means of - a' fOig—ropo; the ..ohimney, bould lower
him Self into the yard Or thoi street: This
Wetild not insure rqs escape, bnt it 'was
igiTtiegi'pllan the two could thinh of,. and'
served to render both less fearful', of do.
tectioa , . and , the serious consequences._
Having pi;ovided the rope, the mother_
!hastened to bring aP alarge:quantity of
fOod, which ler son, began to devour
with a ravenonsiiinis that showed he had
told nountrutli;'when,. in ther,eliaracter'
of a beggai he had declared himself in
a stato:bordering on starvation,:
While ho vas eating, iris nibther' Plied
him with questions concerning the' army
at Valley F'orge,, in which he had hold a
Lieutenant's commission, end. which he
hadleft-on-a-fitriough ; and the. answers
of 'the 'young, Seldier depicted a, state' or
destitutien and:suffering thatsaused his
hearer toWeep Tor very sympathy. Three
thousand soldiers-had been deiiin on' the
sibi'liSt'at one time,' and 'Without the.
'corm - non, necessiti4,of life, 141, norished,
by hundreds ; while• of those Capable; of.
doing duty, scarcely. one lied a
Oyer hini l at night, di foOd r enOughto.
keep _sort mid bOdy together:
emaciated, ragged anedirty, many with
bre feet upoh the fi:ozon earth, they
walled 'shivering through the, cater, 'all
day; and crowded ;themselves together ,
at night, to get the little warffith they
could from each other's bodies; the MOst
forlorn, and wretched set cif beings that
ever a nation called 'to arms,
" God help us all 1" ejaculated themo
ther, in al,dejected tampion I suppose,
after all our hardships, we stall ho com
pelled to succumb to our tyrannical foes."
"Never," cried the young Officer, ,
" while there is a thousand , men left in
our country to make a desperate stand.
We can only be conquered by annihila
tion ; and if it is God's will that a tyrant
shall rule over this , broad continent, not
a single true heart will live to feel_ the
oppression and degradation. 'Ere that
time,' dear mother, I for ono shall be be
yond the reach' of earthly monarch."
---_-‘-€God bless-you,--William !'-'_.cried the
mother enthusiastically, grasping his
hand : "your father's fiDir'A speaks in
you. He died on the battle-field with
those sentiments hi _liis-.heartl=and,-1
freely giVe , you . —Ay enlysen and hope
—to the glorious,cause which his blood
and that of thousands of others has
hallowed." " .
For several days the intrepid young
officer remained'eonebaled' beneath his
mother'S - roof, his preamil l,. supposed to
be known only to •,.But one
evening, near the . end . of his furlough,
When he was beginning to thinl2 . about
preparing for his secret departure, nn
officer with six mon appeared at the door,
and said ho had orders to arrest one Wil
liam Ruggles, supposed to be somewhere
iu the dwelling.
" Why, that is my son .1" said - - the
widow in great - trepidation.
"So much the more likely that he
Should he hero then," ivas the unfeeling
"And fur what would,you arrest him ?
and what would Lo done - with him if
found 2"
"We shall take Niue as a spy, and if
found guilty, he will be hung of course,
ns every rebel Should be. Here Badger
and Wikot, guard the back door; you,
Bent and Walters, begin the search ;
and you„ Jones and Johnson, remain
where you are. Sharp now, all of you I
Let:the alive if poSSilde
—but, dead or alive, let hint be taken•
Now, good woman, if ho Is in the house,
of which we are very 'strongly assured,
let him, appear and save, yourself much
trotibld, „Otherwise the consequences be
upon your own'heitd."
"If you think my son is in the• house,
search to your liart's content I" re
_the mother, externally calm, in
? Cruelly suffering, .
.A.,nct forthwith. tho'Reareli begun
•lleantime the - -young lieutenant, Who
had heard enough 'to doin pielie, ntl - hi's'
dangep, ...hatil...set_about effecting his
escape, but mit altogether in the 'manner
first intended. Ho want out on the roof,
it is true, and tied the long rope to the
chimney, ,easting one end down toward
the street, but this Was only for a LAM.
to )
Ile had seen that the Wel of the livid,
ing wall between the bin's° o eupied by
his mother ;Ind one of the two adjoining
buildings, had beep looaely t Did up tinder
the ridge pole,, and his present design
was to remove a few, of these, crowd
throughAnto-theloft of the- other-house, -
and then
. replace their; 'This purpose
Ite' . effected before the 'soldiers searching
fin. hint came up near, enough to hear the
little noise he - was eompellini to make.
The open trap-door of the .roof, and 'the
rope around the chimney, served to mis
lead thent,''apkbe had hoped ; and-it was
with 'a feeling'ef intense satisfaction that
he luaild theMmuneunce the manner of
his , eacapei'' Immediately - after; the
lirluile party left'in baste, first threaten
ing Mrs. Ruggles With subsequent von
geanee,, fop harboring, concealing,*and
. coneiving M the escape of a" rebel spy,
oven ; though the,iiirin was her son. , '
Wheu fully satisfied that' all tbe-sol
;dieN had gone, .youngituggles attempted
to return into his motheeir dwelling by
,the way , he .:had
.lofrillutt, in again; dbl..
~plaeing the.brielcs , for: this. purpose, one
:of-Mord slipped and went down, through
an 9P9n tran-AP9r unclr the - floor: belnw
maklug.a lou,d,poiseL, ,Tmlnorliritnly after
a light flashed up rthrough,tho , opening,
and a timid female voice dernanded,,Wlio
4as' diem'. ": • :::" •
•.` ""
trid;y;" • ho a, tone,
o4lonititadlto, Ind lair hearer,
"bo warmed. • Tam a fiiond in die
' tinha son'orj'our ndit dcior
I' `giiy
and, if found, inyvrlicbo Soifaiied;
If lion'. Siat=pity
_lna; !a , n' dod'e
fitq:fity poor' inothar and !waist rno for
.1: • 1 , , ; .
iiitttnitad liinitfoli at: tliti,a4itining
• tho''roft;:. uild htoldity'• descended 'the
Rope frOp throatily
before the lady,. a lei9t; beautiful girl
;of eighteen, who 'stood with a light sin
!her hand, and 'sietned dumb and motion-.
Tess with eintiniingling of fear, stir . -
'prise 'and curiosity. The young man
; continued to speak as ho deSe,endedi land•
hurriedly Went On to'narrate till.thitt had
,occurred, concluding' with the- editteh of
; the soldiers; andhil . escape into the loft
' "ThanleGod, It is•in my power to aid .
, ytnl,. 'sir!" 'wore' the 'first Words of the
,girl, 'spoken With a lorge and feeling 'or
syMpathy that niado the . heart of tho•
- soldier bound with strange emotions;• • - .I
She then Went on to toll him th
cousin . from Now Jersey, about' his size
and build, and- looking irOt unlike him,
was then on a visit to tliolarifily, having
a paslifrOin"General Howe. This pass
'she bad that eimhing been looking at;
.and by: accident it wasninVln her' POSY,
session,,thp cousin having gone out with
; the rest be the 'falnilY and forgotten it.
"Take. it'and fIY; and niay God pre
scrim you she 'said. "1 cari arrange'
it with kinsman,." she continued ;
"I can 'Mire lost it, and 14 can easily
procure' aniither."
. She harried him down,staiFe, throwing ,
a clo4c over his, shoulders on. the way,
- Which she, upon .wearing,
- shying 'it had:. behinged, tOs. dec94o
.jo:u can return it aVany
future time. She then hastened to get
the pats, which she placed in his hand,
.and urged him--to go at once.
If.,l 4 could see my .mother for : , a
.nionioni," he said. „' „
tlo-,—.leavis all to mo--4 ,
explain . ' all to her—go while you can,
hefore*ie .too late.!'
"God in Heaven bless you, sweet
lady !" he said, impulsively seizing her
hand and touching it with his lips. "I
will never forget you." - -
The next minute he was gone., •He
escaped.. And trite to his declaration
he never did forget the sweet girl, o
befriended him in his hour of +mil.
Years after, the honored Wife Of - General
Ruggles was many a time heard to tell
of her roina:ntic meetingilith him she
loi , ed, then a hunted fugitive froth` the
Continental army. -
(From the WiniblortonSiinday Chronicle.)
The public man with a reputation for
wit is apt to become responsible for all
the best jokey, old and new.. Many a
Joe .Miller was, and is still credited to .
Thaddeus Stevens and Abraham Lincoln.
Things they, never said, now that both
aro gone, are boldly. laid upon their
memories: 'llnt no two men, perhaps,
"SO enfirely—different - liFelfaracterr-eves
threw Off
. niore spontaneous jokes. Mr.
Stevens rarely told a story. He was
strong in repartee, in retort, in quiet
interrogatbry. He • Must have been.
terrible in- the cross - examination of a
witness., There is• nothing finer, es I
think, in the annals of humor than his
: quaint question to David Reese • and
John Chauncey, the two officers of. the
who in his last days need to carry
him in a large, arm-chair from his lodg
ings across the •public grounds up the
broad stairs of the noble Capitol—" Who
will be so good tome and take me up in
their strong arms when you two mighty
men are gone ?" Here was not only
uncommon wit, but a sense of intellect
ual immortality.. A consciousness of
supMiority, of another sort, was his,
answer to John Hickman, who called as
Stevens lay on his bed, when ho felt the
grip of the grins messenger fastening
upon him. Hickimin told the old man
ho was looking well, " Ah, John I"
was his quick reply, "it is not my
appearance, but my disappearance that
troubles use." A member of the House
who was known for his•uncertain course
On all questions, and who, often con
fessed that lie ticifter flay investigated a
Mooted point- without finding himself a
neutral, asked ''fof leave of absence.
" Mr. Speaker," said Stevens, " I do,
not rise to object, but to' suggest, that
'the honorable member need not ask this
favor, for he can easily pair off with
himself." He was charitable, but never
ostentatiously so, "Oh, sir," said a
beggar woman to him one cold morning
as he was limping to the House. " I
have just lost all-the money I had iu the
world.-"•• "-And how much was that?"
" Oh, sir, it was seventy-five cents."
" Yon don't say 81)," was the old Man's
answer, as hp_put aver dollar bill into
her • hands ; " and how wonderful ;it is ,
that I'shinfld have Just found 'What you
had lost !" • •
Shortly after I was elected clerk of the ,
House, in 1136 d, a ladY friend, sin de-,
ceased, called My attention to the fact
that the wife of one of her best servants,
Sam, was about to be, ~pent away from,
her to Georgia, and tliat unless over
eight Imudrodulidlars could ho raised for!
her iu forty-eight Ileitis, her master, a
man-living at Georgeteitn, -D. C., would:
be sure to sell hor - A2 strangers. 'film
case was a torrible'oner — Sani was a tine
fellow, and his distress was grievous.. I.
sat doWn and wrote out the facts, headed;
the snlv,eFiPtion, and in a few hours
raiscdthe mciney, paying over three hun
dred dollars myself.. The papers vvetel
made out to me, and I set the woman,
free. "Well," said Mt. ;Stevens, as be;
paid his fifty dollars, " this ht, the first ;
,tinted ever hoard of a Domoorat , buyiugti
a negro, and then giving her her liberty P''
He attected ,much .indigpatiort vvitem
President ,Lincoln consigned ':RogerlA
.Pryoras . 11. 'Acne bf prisoner-vie/1
in .18115,ttind, regirla:rly:e;yery:, morning
I;votildicreet . tuewith . the„grint remark
PHow.k.,:.y9r Democratic: fliend,lGett.l .
Pi or?: 'I hope yrul are tiotli ,
viatiO)ittle' 'annoyed Whis'Fia.yd*ii; andi
whom an appealWaS Mode in,nie;hy, an
'old..eitizen. -to: aseistrln pardoning an 4
other Confederateii' I . reforked .hint td
,lar:l24,evens:' 114,p9iied thel
great' Oetninoner,, Pad T s* ! ov 9r .,z,
with my lueeeage..•. Judge of ~my
prise:when 11.6.returnte'd - wlth 'tltOro&,-1
that' whatever' I wioto
,1,1 , 901,0'gq.,, clic,katr4 11t0,,,0444vi5q
appeal tOll9.i?rosiileat, and Mr. 84)1.'00
put hisuname to it:: - Of course,:t• on:
dossed the ':potitionEibut I did . not
to.romh id igisift,3igiippr, 'that v iyday'of
.hitrineonsitito toy. not
Anirlledaboul was the , rotoit. "I
save' you vOrf? going it?svily into titp
1).10te, ; 10: 5 i1k044 , 14: . , - 11,*04
Milo, rgui iTnyve.16"1,...);, 1:
i I ' . '
. , .
'• '
416 ITS ,13.6'AU'iTi;g9
! sorth—the aernalsai;th, , 5,,
When In the, Spring time clad
'its groat: 010 eye__
I`: 77 ,Ctitiiialto CAlheart Teel '
1 lore the velvet grasi that:sptlogs. 'f
, ,J.ronncl,tho,sylyan path—
roseate hues and pert used breath
' The llow'ret'oser bath.
. • I 10% I ghlug ,
ThaTgontli inurnereth by--
driteet r'nott.l6f fdutnaged hint's ' '
. ~Clove the mountain's matulfre broW=.
Its towering heights to seen, , •
' The corwslad Mlle, and nearing groin , -
. That brlngeth food for nittn. •
I love the clear, cerulisu heavau„ •.
Ito, bright effulgent train, ,
• The gorgeous Irls arehing o'er
..Pureethoi's azufh plan.• .
. I lore the to lends—the tocetant Benda •
Of . ypuil?!s,uuterniehedhon s,,
*hen (lope ptupltloue toned us 111. gs
-* Iferiathuhlri
b yo,;, . - N fondly, deafly" lave,
heAntleui earth or mre', ,
• Could we; but pluck life'. thorue.sway,
Reserving 'all Ite flowers.. ,
For Joys and,carepond hopeeaud (tars,
'Ft; over And combined;
transfeniltioaeure here enJoyod,
But leave. a Elting behind. '
_ ' ()Or llfe'sitbrAts e4llllll ccoCe, -
:4 , 'Orever varyllig; "_ •
• And every guicic l llllCCianlig year
Auccessive chi n gee bring.
Chin; while dine continut IL,
world I, 4 ,eeh Mo v ing 00,
Till earl) thieheient we traced,
With ue are fled lind gmte.
04118. "-
Old lins.)lort.on was, it potty tyrant ill
her own,way.
,believed. that 'in .her
own household her ; word should, be, su
preme law ; she, allowed no questioning ;*
she' would listen to uo reasoning, no
matter how sound. , „
Iltisband, ! children and, servants, fared
i ,M.this respect., They ,were! all
made „to, act after her., fashion. .She
! woulcalmost have them• think and feel
as she desired, until poor John Morton
was forced to .leave his own home and
seek for peaco in!the, distant west ; so the
neighbors said.
The Mortons had several children,
among them a daughter about seventeen
years of age, sweet and dutiful as any child
could be, with .bright golden hair that
shaded like a crown her beautiful,
queenly facet cheeks that would rival
the lily in color, touched with• a delicate
shade of crimson. and eyes-of deep blue,
w4ll just enough
.of the star-beam in
them to make them !Sparkle,.
Libbie Morton was loved by every one
who knoit- her—her mother, despite her
stern nature,• foremost among the num
ber ; hut her love was such:as the bear
feels for its young ones—pridC in her
-beauty-inllici-one-ctiserpride'=im their
strength in the other. .
Oue day shortly after John Morton's
disappearance Libbie was called to her
mother's room to receive, as she thought, :
a customary looture.
ner.was slightly gentler than usual, and
she was unable to fathom the reason of
the change.
Mrs:. Morton after a short prelude, In
which she gave • Libbie to understand
that the property she possessed: now that
the revenue from Mr.. Morton's business
had ceased, would not be aufficient . to
maintain them in their customary mode
of living, told her that she must be the
means of rescuing them from this mis -
fortune ; not indeed. by assisting them
with her labor, but by marrying a rich
Poor Libbie had never thought seri
ously of getting married ; true, they' ivas
Captain Halton, who came to sOcher
very often, end whom she had been ac
cused by her young friends of looking
upon With very favorable eyes ; but ho
was poor, and had only his pay to sup
port him. •
"Poor Harry," thought she, when
her mother had finished speaking; aiid t
then the littlo heart fluttered, for she
had never•thought of leaving him—never
thought that a day would come when she
would bo no longer free to admire him
in his handsome uniform,'or promenade
on the parade ground by his . side, And
then she was conscious of 'a deepet feel
ing, she could not lose him. Sho felt the
hot blood mounting to her face ; she
loved him ; and, oh, so dearly, new that
the thought came of parting from him
Mrs. Morton bad tieticed•her agitation,
and, by way of calming her, told her
that it 'was a tut . of a' duty•
marry, and to-aid het family by marry
ing well.
As for Harry Halton," said she, "ho,
is well enough to flirt with, but
never do, for a husband,','
The 'list cloud had lowered on' the
bright morning of
,Libbie Morton's life.
The week after the intervieW 'between
mother and daughter the gossips of the
httiolown were busy with the arrival of
a young stranger. lie Nyap fine looking
courteous and immensely wealthy, and,
what was best, he,had_hought_theLhand . , the place, and Intended
to settle there.
. Ile bad made an engagement to call on
the Mortons, when the Hews name of
John Morton's death ib Colorado. •
The house, of course was shut up for
a while; but after a time the ladies re
ceived company :Tait', end Vydral
Hams, the new' coiner, was among time.
visitors. Libbie' had shrank instinct
•ivoly. froM him • the first Orno eho saw
hinr He was well looking enough ; in- ,
deed, thought She, but .there was 11,
shadow that crossed his face, that made
-herifeol like flying . from his presence. It
was the antipathy Which a-pure soul feels
.in the society of a depraven one. , '
• " flrat asuicam' thou' often,
then 'everf Mrs. ' Morton' had'
'found thelhesbaial for and so'she
told her. • , • •
. ,
'Lilibie'; peer girl w a s horrified.' She
nobler live with or - 10Ve that
'tnaffil therO was something' repalefilie in
his Preirenee she could never overborne.
Mrs.'Morten, in lio'r 'own way;; tried
soothe her. ' She said that tv little inti.
maey witli him mould , wear off this feel
ing of dislike ; that often' - those who
lovedleast when•they married were 'the
,happiest WfterWard.;; but • all was of no .
avaih • 'Ptior And
then'the tyrant (mine ont j 'and Mrs. Mot ,
ton'ordered , her to . accept , when
POSOd. She said 'he' had alreailrlipolten
to`beri and she' had +her eonstinti
and Ulna nOW.,the.duty,cif egoixtdangh
.ter to, obey: ' • • .:• , ~•
"f4itibie was . .alone: , the, :;Payieg,itliat•
eyening„, with., Vydral .
'mother ;had just left the roam, as,,nktidelkt i
inecli,g4,;oftexi, do, ,wlAeri; they ,think. the.
el.iti s. eal, won:rent had .
cc , 3lo"c , p4,MTt,n99TY,
ithought-was-to ardeelaratiori7of;',lo% - ,
when in, walked Cap, ! ; , l - 1a) ton.
' 0,, what a deyilfali look front thp,
oyes - ,of, , siiudde i ked
'with fear., Waa he an enemy :of rapt.
lalton spoke veiy politely ;
and q, what ti sad look was in the eyes,
or ton; When he turned toward'
He had thought
.she loved , limn, ,and
,kneWthat he kivedhei, ' though . thcy had
never spoken of love and now to drid
her:ahine with this stranger in her own•
hcrrise; .a.:;"privilege which he, , and . old,
Triend, • ::liad , lseart4 a ever enjoyed„' lie
.knew not What . to believp. Could a, few .
Wealth' 4Sence. cause her to forgetltim?!
He left in 'a r f'eW.rninute:S;' and ; I ibbio's
heart went our to hint would ~to the
dead. All tb'e love,, ell the,hepe,, all the,
!happiness that tVtts,•and that:might:have .
!lie • pn,- she buried in ; that last g 549419.
!She could:have wept toothing tears then,
!if he; too, had known it was his last
geed4Ye - to their loves ; but his knowl
edge' and his sorrow, was yet to ,come:
:She turned front the door. It .-vas,,-no
thriefeoeare; the eyes-of Williams, was,
MPon her. She had, Whatshe . betievcd,
a duty to petiortn. •.\
Sad result of tyranbf ! .The poor girl,
,hp:a been taught not to question, not to
reason,' hitt with a blind sUbmissiveness i ,
; to' obe S , ev en to the, lv"k•telt of her
. y,oung,
life=edeu `to the de:at.lol4; her foulest
!hopes'a'nd call, it duty.
Vydral Virilli'ams-marked not.. at ! least
it' •seemed not, the forced utterance of the
word which bound LibhieMortontu bitu
litrllfe • ; saw ! i 9 p the deathly pallor, that
spread ever her fair face when he kissed
lier cold hand. But could he have loOlte • d
upon her.heart he '.would have seen a
mortal wound which would soon carry its
victim to the grave • seen the blood which
fell from the wound shape itself into the
word duty, and then darken into death,.
The preparations had been completed .
for the wedding, the little church was•
filled to repletion, the 'minister, in his
White robe, stood in the chancel, and the
bride and groom before him. •
" Who bath aught to say why this man
and wohlan should not be husband and
wife, let him speak now, or be silent
forever ?'' . •
• There was the noise of one in baste en
tering the church. Ladieefainted, brave
men drew pale. John Morton; the dead
man, sprang np the aisle to where tile
minister stood. • '
Vydral Williams turned at the interrup
tion, grow white as a glioSt - , then'started
to flea frolg-ther churelu,bpt tlfe_hand
Morton was upon him, and he'held him
fast Mlle had told those who had gath
ered around that the man ho held was a
murderer and an_oatlaw ; that he had
even sought his death in the distant,
west; that with his Own . hand ha had
struck him, and left him for dead •on'the
wild prairies bob three mouths before.
Vydral Williams was borne from the
church abound Rrisoner; and the next
week the papas of 'Colorado contained
the announcement that he had been
taken from the "authorittes and lynched
by the friends of the victims whom ho
and his desperate band had murdered.
MUM was taken home swooning. - •
The. house of the Mortons was filled
with people, some blaming the mother for
forcing her little daughter into such a
marriagefor Libbio's joy at her deliver
ance had let them into the secret—some
repeating what they had foretold con--
corning Williams, but which uo one had
over heard before; all eager for John
Morton's story of his meeting with
Vydral Williams, and his own timely
return. Thus' it was :
Morton had lived in the west under an
assumed name: He had gone into the
mines, and the little money healed taken
with himltad grown a thousand fold. A
new vein of op was discovered,. and lie,
with a' party, had started across the
prairie to work it.
They had gone about half way, when
they wore attacked by a band of rodialls
-and half-breeds led by Williams.--
Morton's party was murdered 'almost
to a man,- -runl- he -himself was shot by
IVilltams and loft for dead.
Their money and goods were all taken
by the whitp devil, as/Nitilliams was
called, and his band. Atertun had given
Up all hope, when loud cries froma party,
of Soldiers aroused him. It iN , as Captain
Harry , Halton and—friends on .a hiint
from a distant Wt. They had heard
the noise of firearms, and bad hastened
to the spot. ,
Hatton was' on a visit to - spine of his
cbmradcs, and was more than surprised
to find his old friend Morton in that
distant, country, and wounded. almost to
leath. He had been kindly cared for,
and started .in pursuit of
band. ' They succeeded in capturing all
but Williams himself. This accounted
for Halton not knowing hinticir he
met him in Libbie's house. )
Harry's leave of absenco soon expired
and Ito left .Mo}•tou slowly-recovering
promising not to mention having seen o
hoard anything of him on his returt
homet .
Morton tinishe&his story, and, looking
around, saw Halton standing 111 a distant
corner by the side of Libbie, who had now
perfectly recovered. ,He beckoned to him
to,conie near,. and calling , Libbie to his
aide, asked het• if she, would: not reward
with her,hand the man who had saved
Isis life, and, in saving it, had 'wetted her
; from fate.more 'dreadful than death:.;,:,
Libbie lied already promised;
• „Morton insisted that, the—ounipany
should not bo disappointed-411st the:
3yeddipg, should, go, on ; rso,,,back,to the ,
clAnrch went, the party, ajul with,ehanged
grooms, Libbio was made a willing wife.
9Mteral Handel prosented-Ilarry,With , .
a promotion! for ' gallant gout/sot on,the
Kairies,;Spd Mr„Junl, Mrs, Major 'Halton
PiuPP. out Air,,,Pl)p.:lS4,!ss handsome ,a;
p it • '
ain't ho
opportune hour,of,
peaceably over aftor,with his Wife,' whose,
grown.mtfcli softened.
NVe lave oftiMloard him Willis iittle .
'grandchild, Libbio,, hownho came froM
the far west toiled her mother?sinarilage;
how surprised he Was to I find the , Wrond
:man ;by ; side • whoti..aii entered •tit(l
church, and how lietehanged tlOr grotaiis,
iiithmitistotipiiigithe wedding:,
`lf t r I, •.,
-~~.:~,.....,,.~..~ ~...,~:~:a...,.....~.,,,,
'1; I
iJ )
t , d,t
TSR3IB : $2103 n Var.:izglipiurice. , .i.
.,if no Raist Vphlll.lP9,,par•
" •"'"e - kitth' n Et,i2rAikiil , lZ ."
Here is the laMstautbreakaLeocantria
humor f , ~ gtieen' Elikaboth is" dead,
doesn't ' Maid fib 'Matter : lie - Vid'gOt the'
PON;ci Q i i 'ktAgl it 7. - :
this 4111140;betweeri.theasseciatedprotti
and ltd
rival.- , •!We've , reeeivedthelhows;;
fourth of last ;;Slie' . streVived.r W; l 7 .
n:th She.
toy 4 . '6.'4' of 4it i e;and4'4'.4i:
the; mysterielni, -
void, and ,settled , down in , that - bourne
:limn which no traveler rettiras, he;
missiohl,q, jerk; chaffs and: rat.: on,
tables for the , benefit of , mediums i and
other long-halred, , wildteyed , lunatlest!"• , ! ,
ate nty, ;alo Y 441044
.as brightly as ever in her cream-colored: 1
eye,, and the:delicate shrew!, of her finely
tintedmareonnose contrasted aeforelblY(
as in her.yonth with the alabaster other,
' brow ;,and.the,plugs,-in her, teeth Were
just, as valuable as,wheregoldwasat-,10.
She had no -small:VieeS.., , ,Slie(slid,not.
smoke or, chew, qr.belong to ;the society
for, the promotion, of .crualty. , tp• apinnals.'
And, when she swore, she neverdepeended,
,to the. Vulgarity ,of ,Horacep, Greeley,
Queen Elizabeth didn'S.,,, Whert.'slie,,,,
, need .profanity„ she gave it wjth,a,flnish;
an elegance, a- delicate k airy, : grace,. and
infused, into it a luxurious,abandom and.
rounded it off
,and, dressed,,lt .iwith, tietleekts,(ll
, poetical adjectives, -:so,•litat, it ,sounded ,
like a strain Rom soinersive,ei, singer,-
sonie sweet singe)! stritiolligbin>sull; 'in
fact, And slie,liati
' Iler - chignon , waebniglaranoof. Ainh
often, in, the/dim - ,twilig,lit • of-evening,'
when the sun 'had sunk to rest,, when \
the: westesei sky was,filled withciteuden
'radiance ,and. lambent - • light;, and Alm'
b,ulbnl wooed the rose intim .back
she would, .play a few notes npon; hen
harpsichord, or, - write. a ,Latin hymn( or
an :essay upon thediarriscia's boiler. ,She
was supposed to be the author .of "-Rook,
Me to Sleep, Mother,",.and "Beautiful
AONV,” and "Five o'clock in the Morn..
ing." But neverthelessahe was. a very
estimable, woman,' and with all berlaults
we love her. still—better, indeed, : than if
she was still fooling, around, ,
Queen Elizabeth Was not proud: , ' Sbe
- always insisted upon cleaning lien own
teeth, even if she was a .quean.;• and she '
always (lid it once a week,:eVery Sunday
morning, with her own' tooth=brush;
What a lesson does it teach to those who
are haughty and vain, and belong to the
'bon-ton-1 • She:neve'r forgoeihat she was •
more perishable - dust, and that the sheep •
and the silkworm were her fine clothes
long before she( got them. 'She read
- every Stuuttif-Selitiorbookr-lliat'langlir--- -"-
these facts ; and site sonce" trod , on )Sir'
Walter Raleigh's cloak-to maned him of
them, because he was so set up with his
now fancy, eassimeres. She said., upon
her death bed that Lydia Thompson need
not learn thls,lesson, because it had no
molal for those who browsed around in
nature's simple garb.
Queen Elizabeth was not sorry to die,
She foresaw that George .F. ! Train was
doming to England, and-she said, to her
physicians that she 'would prefer the en
during peace of the cold and silent grave
to three weeks of George and the Ala- ,
'lama controversy, and the Schleswig ,
Holstein question' all at the same Hine.
Her last words were;' , "Kill , Horace ,
Greeley before he bits , a chance to'write
' What 1. Know About Farthing.'.'.?
There was not a dryaye in the: second _,
story front room. 'Everybody wasAltink-'
• ing how impossible it was to
dying request, and to - escape so much
But she has now gone ; She lids left
its ; we shall see her no more, Perhaps
it is for the best.- She was a vigorous ,
woman, and' if she had lived slie , miglit
have coins to America, and we might
have given her offence, and she might
have pranced around here and -flogged
us like the very nation. For she was .a
woman who followed closoly in all -the
prevailing fashions, 'And.. so :sve - are
glad she is dead, and has four , tons. of
marble planted on her to hold-her doWn.
Rest in peace, old girl I Rost in:pieces 'I
ONLY SAM, Ara,; ; -llere" is
yery good anecdote, reminding; One
somewhat of Mrs. Stowe's " TopsY."
During, the last winter •a contraband
"came' into in-NOrth
Carolina, and whit Marelibtl;Milhe offi
cer of the day to give aMtiabbunt of hint
self, whereupon the following colloanY ,
ensned : " •
" What' is YQ.kit: '
•-• •
" My name's "
"No, ; uot, Slthi '7Wati . ,' Aist
" What'b- yniir otli6r name."
"I hasn't got no Moe name, tall. Pao
Sa'in—dat'A all." ' •
" What's your linviter's 'name •
"I'so got no "'master now.; masse
ger now.''
"'What's your' father mid • Mother's
, "Pse got none, sah—Heber had none
jist Santsaint nobody else."
° " Havn't yon any. brothers - and Isis
" nebee had none. •.11 . o.brad.•
der, no sister, .no ladder, no madder, no
mastet=nothing- lint Sam. . 'When .you
see ~'ililllo/011 ail all dere is qf,
• A 11".ksictnisErra paper'tells bf,
woman . whb had been . 1:Itely con
vortbd hut. wc,:o unfoaunittO ag'tti fly .
into .a passibb2ovorthe mistibings Of one
`Of . bet 'liar
roinarkod upon tlid'itnyteprtot`y
Of iniblt Otincluat in fhb bitsb of 'biut abdnt
'to 'join tlib
fi tali' respbut;d: ;th I Ita4o . ' l oxvolienCeit
tut' 'l'l4 'to"'jkiin'tlio
but, l 3tia4l.l—`—' §calif
,• •
4 .‘ d:kii . iiiinittn:*,;?l,ool:vo my. pell' olio
?o'NO,.`nuidani," •
.Ayes tho reply., " son stand
110 chance life pqrsisis in
the fond. mamma,: :".it that's oio; 'yeti •
uivei him a prize for, 13ersoveranee:
. ,
'll4 Em 'air II Ice, :co u Iftsffeit o
~do•erin'th{hdeh'Ehem Wing , '6lidtb'd,9l)l4
”sVoinv not , botnicl i
.• '
: ii!,' , . ! -- j ::::•.3!:.:t.
J> 3f!p..1
i 6 i
Ii) 1