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VOL. 70. NO. 34: ....
McCANDLISII, Arrwriltr.
Shrrig—JOUN FISHBURN; Otrlialu
anummionrr—BENJAM/N ERR, Nem Cambritand
Jury Cbmmissioner—GEO. CLEVER, Southampton.
Director qf the Poor-4 DR.:131 1172'MM Miclalcxes
Auditor—JAMES D. REA, ll'estfienngboro'.
A meopne or tluiStrinainge doninii -
will 1)(3 lid& int Rhee T' s, Hall, Carlisle,,
on Saturday;, Sefiecinber 16, 1.870,
o'clock a.
A full aiterlanee,ie reqUeeted, asbnsi
nese of importanefi will be transacted.
J'' M. WA.I,LACE, .
• .. Chairman. ,
WU' propose to furnish THE HERALD
during tho present campaign, at the lo*
rate of Tarim cents, or for the remain
der of the year-4870-at FIFTY cents. We
do this in order that our friends may
hnve the adVantnge of, a live campaign
paper, at a very low price.. THE HEn
♦LD will contain full information con
cerning the political affairs throughout
the ,State, and will, for that alone, be
worth more than the subscription price.
All the pending political issues will be
discussed, and tio effort spared to make
it valuable as a. arty algal]. , The pres
ent campaign`will be interesting and im
portant, and the general circulation of a
well-conducted and Vigordus campaign
paper will•do much to givueuccess to our
party in this- .county. We ask our
friends to aid us in circulating Tnr, Hen-
ALD, confidently believing that they will
thus greatly ebotribute to the election of
our ticket.
Voluntier takes us to task for
saying that there was not a man of the
Democratic county tieket that Would not,
secure colored votes in any way possible,
if that — Were necessary to his • success.
Of-001 ' .11 , 1313411(111346-noway-Or—prOVITIg_or_
disproving - the intention of any party
with reference to any future action ex
cept by Awaiting. the result. It may be
that in this we were mistaken, but we
beg tcoremind our neighbors that the
Democrats of this county are not by any
'means imbued with suck ideas of pro-
priety as are set forth in their columns
on-this siibjeCt or any other, duccessj §
what their politicians propose,to achieve.
They are - after office, and they will have
it fairly if they can—unfairly if they
must. Of this _peculiarity of their co
, laborers our neighbors have had demon
strations that wore by no moans pleasant.
If the Politicians of the Democracy in
this county, in their race for nomination
-and election, had no greater sins than
inconsistency to.atooe for, they are more
- fortunate than we have heretofore slip
posed, or than the Volunteer has pre
viously_charged— It-wouldbe very-mean,-
very inconsistent, and very contemptible
for a Democratic politician to ask a col
ored man to vote for him, or to secure
his election or nomination by their
j'his is doubtless true. But it is.very
considerably worse, meaner, and more
despicable in every sense to secure a
nomination or election by bribery, coloni
zation, frauduleffilieting or counting, or
any of the kindred artifices with which
theeivorkiiig politicians of the party have - .
been familiar ever since we remember
FOR enterprise commend us to the
politicians of the Democratic party.
When votes are needed .they can-'get
them. Other parties may be able to Make
converts : from the opposite party, and
thus increase their strength. But the
Democracy scorn such common place
achievements. _They can get votes where
there are ,no voters. All that is necessary
is to get all election board devoted to the
interests of their party, and the thing
is accomplished. The number required'
for success in any given election is pro
duced to order without regards to means,
consequences or appearances.
The present 'census ip revealing some
of their rnest brilliant achievements in
this line. In the city. of Now York,
the tenth • election district of-the sixth
ward is found to contain just 870 inhabi
tants, which are made up of all classe's,
men, women and children, native .born,
and foreigner, naturalized and unn atura!--
ized. Now the vote cast-by this district,
in Iday last was just 934, or sixty-four.
more votes than- there were people of.
all kinds and conditions living there.
To show who set up this pretty little job it
is only necessary to say that 884 of these
votes Were given to Democratic candi
dates and .:70 to Republican candidates.
This is perhaps the best cheating that
the Democracy have been known to en
gage in lately, but then they bad a very
large majority to make up; and when
groat results are required we must not
too closctk scrutinize the means used to
secure them.
0* Thursday last the conferees of the
counties composing this Congressional'
District niet at'Bridge port, for the -pur
pose 'of closing up tl,latc,metnitrahlo
struggle for the Democratic noMination
for-Congress. After it . had been ascer
tained - that -- Haldeman's Men - Were
movable, the Cumitcrland cOnforces
withdrew, and declared •they would not
sujamit, to the notion of the conference:
Tho conferees from Yorkand,Perry then
proceeded to declare Mr.' Haldeman the
nominee of the:party, and passed some'
resolutionit ludat.ory of his •action as.
.Congressman. At this- writing wo have
not seen' the Volt/Wee?, and do nothnoW
What eenraoitll : talcit;- hut we- • eouctiitle:
that'it ninst ,support , action of the
conferees add dentine: to - recognien'hfr. ,
Haldeman as tho nonti This:Will give
riso . to a r livelY fain*, .figliC,among Our ,
frierhi, AV - t may continuo,
doeme we were, midaken intlie in
formation 'we 'received ,. . diet $BOO ilea;
been by nur POunty CoinielesioneAi ;
to a:geritionian„ who failed :to get :tile.
contriteeto'bulid a , wooden.bridge,
eailei theta Watinene to build. 'lt, hi now
r sl,/.00. was
burled for this matter,.., cam we never
c get• correetinforniation about tbe doings
at tiklieadquarters? But then r e pay
the Ooiniiiissitsicrs 4n ayerage of ahout
$OO, per yepi:for their services,,aud
else could it‘hey. earn it if they tilting
' work so hard . , to keep . . everything
that Om tax-payers ouglit,te. know? We
do hippo : now , thnt these follOW3 . who,
vulgti the tseeretsof tho maohide
keep kill ;' if,' they' d0...n0t 'oiir County ,
• only 4tire - .i.q:*w,
: how tLis little item
was coverednp•in the actiount7
come UndBr . the' head •Of . 'Cotttingencies;'
repairs; tufenqationtl, Or how
worked. in ? •
TIM - Democratic papers throughout
the State have made the proclamation of
Gov. Gearic relatiVe to th - olaccireemout
of tikeiFiftep4 Amendmept,r.the
sionnif a rel4iff all the penal abus6:'
heaped upon
) Itim during theCcampaigtV
TheY.:,are everything that
daanaths-froni the Cffiiapiagistratei•and
it couldn't be expected that a Oedema:
tion concerning negro suffrage would be.
pleasing tp , them. There must, however,
be considerable allowance made for their
illhumor, The Pevernor has doneinany,
things which have provoked therh greatly.
• *lieu jn Nan Has, he could not bp Osedaa t
"The pliant tool of the borderruftlausi
! the command of the DeMocratle cumin l istration :When':the
rebellion-began,lidentered'ilie Sprvice.Of
ithe 'government;`,and fought bravely to ,
the end of the war. - Since its close : he
)has twice defeated'tlie Democratic party
.in the . tate,
,inspiteef thetlid of Andrew,.
Johnson's administration, Asa .Packer'w
money, and Mr. , Wellace's coffee-stained
naturalikaticiff Papers: Last winter he
again gave them cause for. grief when-he
vetoed the big.railroad swindle, that was
intended , to place many Millions of dol
lars, belonging to the. State; in the hands
of.Pemocratic politicians, to be disbursed
as best suited - the interests of the party:
It isn't wonderful that_ they should net
have any great mhxdration for the Gov
ernor, although it is somewhat strange
that / they shcaild so long adhere to their
stereotyped for of abitse. '
WHAT has become of the beniocratic
war cries of ;ten years ago? Is slal,rery
still a diviue institution ? Does the Con
stitution as it was, or as the Democracy
would make it, carry slavery into the
Territories of the Union? Should capi
tal own its labor? Is it right and proper
that abolitionists should be exterminated
at any risk, or by any means? Is it con
stitutional for a nation to fight for its
awn.preservation?. can the South ever
be compiered ? Should not our wayward
sisters depart in peace? Ought wonot-to
have these issue's discussed before the
people by our
. Democratic journals and
Orators? Why of course not, those aro
dead issues say one friends: Well than
hat,lincomcs of the p..rty that — risku,
its 'political life on them? If it is not
dead it ought to be.
TIP: Democracy of Delaware are get
ting in shape for the coming election by
nominating a Dr. Ponder for Governor.
This gentleman is a brother-hi-law of the
prevent Governor, and of WillardSauls
bury, the United States Senator from that
State. IV seems that. this Saulsbury
party has, complete ownership of the
whole State of Delaware. Senator Sauls
bury hailbeen a standing disgraAto the
Senate for many years, and We think it
is about time for the interest of the State
that the , whole family word baiihMed ,
frbm polities, and We hope our ,Republi- .
. can friendir will make use of their ad
-vantages to - obtain so desirable a result.-
FRO:4 every county in the *ate come
praises of Governor Geary's veto of the
Omnibus Railroad Bill last winter, and
assurances that the . Republican party
highly approve his action'in the matter•.
It looks now as if the Railroad jobberS
would have less material frona.Which to
get voted in the coming session than
they had in the last._
--Trm census 4-14360-showetl—;ilat7bm7l
tween three and foui millions of human'
beings wove hold in. bondage in the
United States. In the census of 1870 the
word slave will have no place. The title
to men henceforth is vested in them
selves. For this great step forward in
true progress, the Republican party can
claim the sole credit.
A VOTE for the Democratic party is an,
endorsement of all the pernicious doc
trines that haye been hold by it, and
sanctions all the evil it has brought
upon the country. Let no man who over
pretended to be a . RepUldican attach
himself to a party so laden- with crimes,
• and destitute of honor as the Democra...
WE call attention to the proclamation
of Governor Geary, relative to the on
forcement.of the Fifteenth Amendment
which we publish to-day. Itmontains
important information for the guidance of
the assessors and election officers, and
which they are bound to take notice of
and obey.
Tat last reason given why colored men
shouldn't' vote, is, that while men throw
the British tea into Boston harbor, at the
cotnmenceinent of the revolution. This.
is Conclusive, certainly, although the dis
covery is too late for any practical good.
Tim Secretary of the Treasury. pro
poses to purchase seven ndilions of Goy.
moment bilnds during • the month of
September. Thus the reduction of the
National debt still goes on.
been re-nominated for. CongtOss,in the
Chester and Delaware .District.
Alow. C. \Y. Gthvir.AN has been re
nOtninated- for CongreSs, by the pepubli
cans of the Twentieth District,
.. P. GRA . Y MEEK, editor of the Bate
ladle Watchman, has been nominated by
the Democrats of Centre county, the
EX,-GOVlp.liCat. Packer• is
said. to lying in a very precarious con
ttition of ill health, at his.residence- in
JOHN 0. .11a1,t,, eq., :of Elk county,
Las Weil re-nominated fiat . :AkiiAirbly in
the Cleatflekl to-election_lii
_a_ Oregono . concincion.
• Hon. 0. :DxonEY.ban been re-norm-'
liked tier Conoemi, by We Ifuptibliann of
Lanenster eciunty. AteOrs.:Wpity, whit
non, IloiuiiobJ , ninlrElndle have be,* npuni
•tated for Assembljr. l . ;
of stultiqehaiiinr
&may, nt tlelulatoCotinti,penveSini.
,Instructed for. W. J.l,Jeseup for emigres'
'and nominated'E. B. 'BoardAli:niid'
•TIOI4, JUIAN: .I.lproilmi, of 4 Obio,- biu,!
re-uominated by 'tlio
'of ',his diktriet for' Congress.
10 is ono of ,the ablest '#iee the lilt..
thgra for.thejifirwieder °this life. ; -.7.
Tun the „
4 .gteveo son ;bP?'hll9gointiteil:by , the
Vepublienns of the Second Ohio District.
114 mejOrlty 'ago' -Jeer lioiii
the . berpi
I of, tboillattiOagi
'Pairlot . Doniooratto candidata flir
'Op'picressiu'the X\ O,f
sylvo4t, the
johil 00ana, Las'. 'been
. 1-
,ntaninatad 'JOY
as alota, and tlio cOltniat:*in PP;
a fipirite4
_Ex-Gov. Brovan hrui announced that
he . has given up politic,s. If Gov. Big
er has beelfSin - liblitic44vitliiiiithellast
ten yearsklest'O:itionyn penne.thiania
h?ve beett , ,uthlippfnl ignOrece,lof the
Tngßepulilicani'lf Mercer county have
re:notoinated Hom-E:A-.., , Wheeler for the ,
legislature, without . oppositien, his coubfe
during the last session being so acceP-
table • to. his constituents that . no one
cared to enter the lists agcninst WM.
Convention- of • the -
Vermont •Disitilet on Monday at
the Hon:;Wiho),lngtiiri'Sniitli: of
;St. , Albans, was .nomi nat l eS by' neelannt-'
;tion, for ,V,..Mil , ress: The'
majority in the district is nearly:7,ooo.••.
JoNks, , mipo'nSed 'terei;lre
sent. the:: Conety, • ; Dein ()Macy in,
Congress, has for. sometime living
lin . DelOware, • -n something
itnin The' 'oOrnethiiig MOSt
'is the election to,the I..Tnited,.,State's,Sqn`:
Lr.wrs CAni!ntr.T.; a renegade
..talladiglituri used
,to,defeat„for ,Cougress, is HOW .the Dem-
Ocratic nemince, in the Third Congress:-
jonal District in OhiO. - ".lf lie couldn't
beat. Vallstligham, _pars ago, he Woni'
stand much chance with Oen. Beltenek
Tunleadieg Times,says, Hon. Jelin.
.has been unanimously:
ngreed upon as—the Republicaff.,catidi
date for the =Lebanon and Schuylkill .
of ;totialutp,
will 'be the Deniocratic candidate. The,
district is close—bit the proslie'ctS favor
Mr. Killingeios election.'
THE Legislature of Michigan, to be
chosen in November, will elect a United
States Senator to Sneceed HOD - J, -31,
Howard, and the nominations for :that
Legislature are Hoplircing • made. • The
prominent and known candidates for the
H. S. Senate are Hon.- J. M! Howard;
Hon, AUstin I3lail, Ilon. 'TM:Milts W.
Ferry, Hon. William A. Howard.
Holum GitEELEY publishes a card in
the Tribune in which he says that : While
ho is ready to do .his-duty-by his party,
and will take any. place oil the ticket
that-rriv-be-given-hithy-lie , -believes-theie
are live Or - tab - thousand Republicans
who -against him for Gover
nor, and that he would prefei the nomi
nation of Roberts or WOodford.
TnELycoming county Democratic Con
vention, which met at Williamsport, on
last Tuesday, nominated John B. - Beck
as their choice for Senator to represent
the Distria, r
Lyconilog, for Assembly. The
rial District comprises the counties of
Lycorning, Union and 'Snyder,,:entitled
to one Senator, and the same. counties.
constitute the Representative Digtrict,
entitled to three Members. Congressional
conferees were app Muted without in-
The removal and reform Convention
_of Cambria county; held at _Cresson, on
Saturday.last, nominated a full ticket,
with the .exception of .sheriff. H. -D.
Woodruff, of the Johnstown Detnocrat,
was nominated for the legislature. George
Wit-ltd - rs for contrithisioner; Hiram Friti
for poor house director; Wm. Flattery
for coroner; James Cooper for jury com
missioner and 'Henry Walters for audi
tor. As no nomination was made for
sheriff it is reasonable' to
_prestune that
the removal party has accepted as its can.z
didate 3lr:B9nilter, the -regular demo
• Tim Chicago Republican says:, "The
Democracy of the Fourth District of
Wisconsin have ' re-nominated Hon.
A. Eldridge for Congress. The selec
tion indicates a•lack of material in the
Distrih, or a lack of enterprise on the
part or other candidates. Mr. Eldridge
ha's already served four terms, and the
Only speech he has made having any
point is in these words. ' Mr. Speaker, I
object.' This speech haibeen .repeated
so often that the reporfors take, it for
granted, and insert it as a kind Of break
line; in the speeches otother members,
whether Eldridge is, present or not. The
Congressional Globe bristles with it."
WHEREAS, The Fifteenth Amendment
of the Constitution of the United States
is he follows :
"BrecTion 1. The riglitof citizens of
the United States to vote shall not be de
nied or abridged by the United States,
or, by any State, on account of, race,
color, -orpreviouti condition of servitude.
"SEc. 2. The Congress shall have
power to enforce this article by appro.:
priete legislatiouP ..... ,v „. . -
AND WHEREAS, The Congress of the
United Statqs, on the thirty-first day of
'March, 1870, passed an sot, entitled
"As, Act to'enforee the right of citizens of
the United States to vote •in tho several
States `3f* 'this Union, and for other pur
poses," the first and second sections ,of
which are as follows :
1 , "SECTION 1. Be-it enacted by the Sen
ate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in
sembled, ,That all citizens of the United
States, who are, 431: shall be otherwise
qualified by law to voto at any election .
by the people, in any , State, Territory,
district, county, city, parish, township,
school district; municipality or other ter
ritorial, sub-division; shalt be- entitled.
and al'owed to, vote at all such elections, ,
without distinction of race, color, or pro,-
vious condition of, servitude ;.any Con
stitution, law, custom, usage, or regula-
Ilan of, any State or Territory, or by, Or
under its authority, to the contrary not-
Withstonding.' , ' '• ; •
"SECTIONS, And belt fartherenactedi
That if, by or undorthe authority of the
Constitution or, laws of any State, or the
laws of any Torritory,qinyact is or,sliall
bo required to no.. done , as a, prereqUisito
or qualification for, voting, and by 'suck
Constitution, or: law, persons or officers
aro or shall be charged with the perform ,
ance of..didies. in furnishing to citizens
an importunity to, perform such , prole
-quisite, or to beceine qualified to vote,
shall be, tho duty of every such person
and-officer ,to give to all citizens of the
United States, tho same and'egnal,:op,
nortunity7o perflon - !such - prorequisito, -
and to be,conie
distinctimi, of race, color, orprovionseen.:,
ditiall'ef servitildel and if. any such per
son or offieor shalrrofuso or -knowingly
omit tei.give-fulleffoct to. this section,
shall, for every such ; offenceaorfeiCand
pay to film of „fire., hundred dollars to
:I.l,l6porpoiraggrioyed , tboreby;' i ttrbry'reo
mimed - by an,,gotion on.the cake, with
toll costs MO Snell inllerennee for counsel
fees as the court, shall ; doom ,just, and
.shalf,tilso, 'for SIMUMrODOO,,ihe! doomed
g uilty, of., a inisdetimanor, and :phalli? cin
convietionAliersof,,,,ho Cued - not lots than.
live hundred ',dollars,' or , be, imprisoned
-nut lose, A ban, one tmonth and :not more.
"than ono, par, ,pr i lroth, at the discretion.'
of tlicrcourt:? ) ', -,• • ~
, .
," ANDIVn r
ijar;ls,kiri • declared by the'
seeend section . the XI ; articlo .of the
tionstllUtiOlia a rpited,States o .that
",hisT Constitution, and the:laws of the.
.UnitaStates ,widoli shall made iii
ionsuance, Aber:6oi' • the supremo
la , of, tho ;*!, *, anytbiok . in. l'ha
( 1 0 8 0 1 410,,I.V.;/MD.roif •Tip State to--the,
notieitnekintitng r ,, •
(4.o?, , WnliumitS,,Tho Legislature ofthisi
,Cominpriwordth,- on, 4.4 ;141xth day , of.
:A., , ,14;,1 an.act; entitled;
1 ! Alto ad}ati ,
rug 'plec O oTp3 iq t,l4o.Powoonwealth,
the tenth} slotloo.o,f:;.lllNolkprOvides
followp : = . .
,"131ccripNt10.. , ',ATI* *o; much (Koury
'oot ApsOoll4, - piii; MOOD that , Ortly
!white, , frePOaeny),Mtitled. :to vote,,
or:bp reifigterkkap,roo
,to isite.cit : Rßy,genSia Or Spacial election;
i?Zthis Compiwealth, be and the same °Tana will be two sessions of the poli
likihereby r riled ; 'and that hereafter Ho schools bereafter. commencing to-day.
,a 1) freemen , ,., distinction of,eolor,- 9t4x7
Alan be ended and registered iatcord
om 2 un 'afternoon,
:ii,lg•to-the—pr,Viii3ions of the firstriaiation
.ofg the set approved seventeenth` Afiril • ' F. 7, •
Ag 62, entitled,l , An Act further, supple- 11.ovJ t IsTo
Intel to the #ct relating torthe elect 198.1; 0 1 li, from lrra
'o ..tbis Commonwealth,' and when oth
„etwlse qualified , nrider existing HaVis - he - ” 840aulma,-"L a1).3494994._4f
entitled to vote at all general and ape- the third,,,fl,ssFOQho Volunteerbuilding.
cial elections in this Commonwealth.." - - - Thistfra very desirable change.
AND WITEREA'3, my. constitutional
and ellicial4tity yo `ttaico;aaro thptt too
laws be illithfullyoxiStad-r antbitiluts:
,corne,to,nmkrieledge „Oat etindry4s._
sessorii registers of ioteis: hire re,
fused r ancl are refusing to assesemul reg
lbter'ffiVerilPeolered eitiketla ot,latv;
,ful ivise onalitled as
NOW ConSideratidire.e.
ihe premises, the county coininissienetkor
said dourityar&lierellir .
!recta() toitiserhet-theiiiiVeral''aheedsdrii
and .:regiSte'rs of voters therein) to'Obby
and MuiforM to , LIM require nerits'of said
'constitutional ainendineht ;tail laivs ; And
;the' , Sheriffef that! cetintris-lierebrah
tlibrized "awl reMiireilt to pnbliAli in 'his
election preclamation for the next cnstf
iligeleetionS,llie'hereiii recited coniifitu
tlonai'aimnidirient; 'act of ~ CongresS, 'and
act of the'Legislatute, to 'the end that
the same may, be known, executed and
obeyed, by all " , assessors,' YegiSteis of
voters, election officers and ethers ; htid
that therights and privileges guaranteed
tluitehy may be :secured to •ftfl ,the Citi
zens or . this Commonwealtif'entitled to
the same. •
Givqn ender my Tianii 7 aiiil the
.great Seal of th6 , Btate, at Hailiabpat
the day and yeartirst written.
Jo.nN, W. Gt:Any..
.14 . :ITR6PEAN. WAR: ,
Ditailecl'Reportof German' Operations:
HOp? the .ereneh'Position' on,qie' Moselle
wai'llirneclqO.??lfilele,'Rifee'ess of Van,
. .
`Moltkes'Stratday. -
Tho follbning is 4 raume of the ino T
gress Of the German 4tms sine° the com
mencement of the. inv4ion giatice
. .
. After the cheek endountered by, the
Freilell vanguard near Saarbru'ck, on,
August 9, followed bi.the ,rout of Mae-.
Mahon,' the French main body - reared to
the line of, the Moselle:, The fortress of
Thionville . and.,Metz—defouses of the
first order and swell supplied—and 'the
entrenched camps which were coristr4
ted, gaVe great strength do their now
Position. Direct attack would have
been difficult. Therefore the • German
armies passed to the.soutli. of,. Metz, to
ward the Moselle, to cross it above the
city and discover the enemy's move
1-tuentsuch great-masses--of--troops,-
covering Ovid° region, reqUired spedial
precautions. The first army was to
flank the enemy's lino of march, Rd
Was directed to take a new position near
the River Med, In the meantime, the
first and second armies approached each
other, a passing overthe /Moselle.
The palm division on the 9th took part in-a
light in which the French Were repulsed,
and' pursued until they reacheil•the pro
tection of the guns of Metz. This coill
bat resulted greatly to the advantage o
the. Prussians ' as it retarded the French
retreat, and the .advantage was, easily
folloWed ,up,. Two roads. cOnnect, Metz
with Verdun; and..Verdun With Paris.
The 'Second arinkreTraiiiing from the
passage 'Of the Moselle, and Paris being
thus threatened, the Frenchwere obliged
to withdraw from the- right bank of the
Moselle before Metz, not being strong
enodgh to stop tho Prussian movements..
The advance of the first. army, observing
tiMmovement of--the Frond', attacked
on August 14 the French rear, throwing
it upon the:Mein' body, which was corn
-1 palled to send back Several divisions to
support the rear.
There was a brief delay before the aS
to make sure that the
enemy' had' stopped his retreat on the
northern route. The combat which en
sued was long and terrible. 'On the-left,"
the Guards and Saxon troops fought at
St. Marie, St. Privet and. - „Doncourt.
• Meanwhile , the other wing was engaged
~,, the 'La Cuisso wood and:
V. errierVille, al far' as the north:side of
the northern road froM Metz ,to Verdun.
:to - WithjanA-Ninth-Corpaparticipated
in the action at GravekAte, and the con
test spread from Vanx to, the Moselle,
where a brigade' of the Third and Tenth,
with artillery were engaged with the en
tire French army, 341ae4nhon's Corps
and Failly's Division exdifpted. After
sundown the Prussians took the heights
of Gravolotte by storm, flinging back the.
French along their entire line to the
shelter of -31ett-----
Items ilbortt Home
THE leaves: are falling. fast.
'THE number of cases ofrsickness 'from
the fever' and ague is increasing.
INDULGED in by our young ladies—
llorsehaelc riding. '
TrinFa.rmer's and nroVer's hotel, on
South Ifnover street is about changing
SEVERAL communications and other in
teresting matter have been unavoidably
crowded out.
WE notico that a great many'students
have returned. The boarding houses are
filling up rapidly. , •
were visited, with a heavy storm
of wind and rain, accompanied by thun
der and lightning. on Monday last.
Tnn Buckwheat is now in hloSsom,
and looks
,very promising for n bountiful
crop.' Or l'erry county. friMuh.i so . inform
us. , „ .
Tut; corn extractor and the medicine.:'
inan,iveroih town the'otlior 'day. From
the number of individuals 'patronizing
them, we think business was very fiat.'
SrcnuilAs prevails to do alarming ex
tent in
,different sections or the county
ar t iging . frniu chronic 'diarrhea. and dys
entery: •
ANCE will resume its regular meetitigi
.On : hiphday :oyeedug, *cptetilbeT ,5,
at 7/ o'clock, in. the, lodge room over•
Tun'irillatie of Oakville/on tho Intent',
the.c. V. E. 11., ,: s visited 1.7 a IiOaNY
hailstorm on Monday evening, lumps of
hail, the size of a hickory nut s Tell 'du=
:ring the rtivaleneo of the -
. . . .
M& n of our Citizona nnitn
asserting that Ttn.trzciay . , • oc week
was, tho hottetti.,thwitilis; Sunarner., The
`thermometer "staiiqing at 'ninety-two In
the silage, at Rik,, o'clocic iti tlio evening:
Tilt:members of ,t4e ,ilni2n Fire Oem:
pany exemised their. eteamor : at the LOII- 1
then street bridge on Satiii'ilay ,
Thh 'ln'oved ''srith3faetoi. to'
ihe company
monde, colored,Livaa
iilg i4q:ilititlllllll4 the
J,ane'vvai3,committeil;to,i)rition , by Squiro
:,.:• ;
' Aithemxrr .ICuthi. a fdrinor citizen
, plqno, was very,epr,9ly brutio4•o4;
• l'iird4y . )witpo t ' attpiiipf
ipg to, jurnpon Pie ~,C tuoborkind,-,ilnlloy,
train na it was leaving tii&iiippbt 'iti
' • '• I
dt tlr conctuoion or .tlio mOrniuporviooii.
, tia Bone .patiidio! . Cntyolto Cliunplii , on,
abl?ath Roy. j • :vg,tiat
AlWi ll : 4 *!f° l 4i/Pf... o lo , !ilbaribkg: , 'thiAte4,
In holy bondo..or . matrintouy;;
'Goorio and. , Mary Ann.. Murray.
bot 4 ',`The'
0 4 ,44 w 1l P 11 49 alu4encevattra.qell
thither toiltuosotko!narriago oorgranny.
7xsiTo4 , ::lave/te - ard
nothing regzirdink 'the . intended
What is the Jnatter 2, Has the, proposed
visit flzilexi bet, or' do they - still 'intend
tifo etinii3 2 , ' • • 11 "
Er.; At Siv,3rEir . has ,Mkt .ieturned.witlr
now: stock !ofr Fall and'AVinter Dij•
Goods. We athise all iririVant of Dry
'Goods to gii?o him a call, as ho is gain
ing quite a reputation of selling goods
:cheap, . - " , • „ , •
Fame the:Olympia 'Daily ?Tribune of
'the eleventh of 'August,; Nye notice the
names of Asq,, and lady
Of our town among-the list of arrivals at
that place frOm Portland via the steamer
• IN DAnrcNEss—The citizens of Harris
burg. .The gas company having shut off
the supply. We . extend the hand of
sympathy, our citizens having been sub
jected tb .the same idEonvenienee last
sprink. : ' •
Mr: Yard-of ono °four prominent citi
zens was entered a few nights since, and
pair of ehickens and ...some potatoes
stolen therefrom: Oar-citizens should
be on the lookout for. here persons, and
be prepared to give them a cool reception.
PROGItAIrifE of the U. S. Bair:mks
Bated, for Sunday evening, September 4,
870 :
I—Echo Quickstep.
2—Finale from Lucrczia Borgia.
3—Railroad Galop.
4—Polka Mazurka. -
SALE or Bolins.—Robert McCartney,
auctioneer, sold at public auction, - at the . .
Court 'House, on Saturday morning last,
Cumberland' Valley Mutual Protection
Company. They were purchased by Mr.
Robert Given, at $20.50 per $lOO..
BUSH MEETIICG.-A meeting of this
kind, will be held in Miller's woods, on
the road leading from Sterrett's GaV'to
Harrisburg; sherd two miles north of
Now Kingsfon; - commencing on the
eighth instant. It is held under the aus
pices of the denomination known as the
CAMP MEETING.-A. carp • meeting
commences at Sadler's woods, in Hunt
ingtOn township, Adams county, on they
road leading from this place'to New Ox
ford. Persons attending can obtain
boarding and lodging, and horse feed on
the pound, at moderato figures, from
Abraham Meals •
not, George Emig, esq., is prepared to.
insure all persons so desiring, iu the
Empire Mntual Life Insurance Company
of New York. During the first fifteen
months of its existence, this .company's
issued 4,500, policies, insuring over
000,000. We would advise all persons
contemplating life insurance to call on
Mr. E. at his office on East Main street.
Bum= n 4 laciirrnina.-During the
prevalence of- the, storm on Monday
evening last; the - bank barn of Mr. John
Nickey, in Frankford township, was
struck by lightning,, and burned to the
ground.. The loss was 'considerable.
The fire was plainly visible front town,
so Much so that the alarm was given,
and the" masheens" were out ready for
livaloton,q t —Rev. J. S. Foulk, of Bal
timore, the newly elected pastor of the
German - Reformed 'congregation of this
place, will preach his-introductory ser
mon on Sunday morning next, at eleven
o'clock. The installment.of this clergy ;
man will take place on'ilie evening of
the ninth instant.. Several ministers
from a distance will be present on the
LEFT rpn 0)0k111"-Ou Monday morn
ing last, . Chickering left for
Omaha, with 85 recruits for tho Second
U. S. Cavalry stationed at that place
They got on board the train at the June
lion depot, tho Barracks Band cheering
the " recrootsr with the soul-stirring mu
sic of the !',Girl I left behind ino." We
observed many of the' fair ;sex on hand,
bidding•..the "bold .sojer boys" a long
farewell. : •
, IIUNAWAY.—L4st evening; a horse at
tached to a - buggy in vrldcli ' was' seated.
11lr. A. B. Ewfiig 'and little daughter
run Oft; when in the • neighborhood of
Louther aud Hanover streets. Air. E.
was thrown out of the . Machine, sus
taining several very severe, bruises. A
'soldier rushed out • and checked the
frightened animal, being . considerably
injured in so doing.
,The littlo girl 'es
caped Unhurt:: '
Incus. 7 -On Friday lagt a fire broke out
in a" building on Locust The
ilamig, wore tlnickiy extinguished with
out, any loss being sustained.
TOE' • alarm' of tire “la'st'evening was
occasioned liii4'buimind of ionic, coin
bustiblo materials in 'Mill. Noble's yard
on North, Hanover street: The flrenion
worp:promptly-onlaud; and "_oagei.i.ror
the,lfray." . , , •
ON Friday evening after the Curnher.
land, Fire Cornpauy'left their house, la.:
dies living in thO adjoining building'dip,
_covered a 'very bright light, and on
tering the engine'rooni' a -bunch of rags
diatoly extinguished; Cara should •lni'
'taken,. altout the; engine' rontna
there is so mach combustible matter.
ing round loose. '
Tug ilrit on Friday evening
'last was occasioned by the: burning of a
blind in the window of one 'OOHS rooms
in the anston„ sus
' PO lOas - •
as.:„thO4 macs, wore speedily eir
Tho' fife department' To:
siterido it"-pniiptlfte . the ;Wore
o,ut;lll'ilarge: action.
services,illowevore Wain not called.
eil(Fens linvin foi,dlieid to - Olean; edit
Laud ')reei!idlyn'httti , pcleil to by 1.11...
8 ta}d r , ,of, the, idrit Peale; aCII vBtalil.
Melly perecn3e,have already atlailed,theni•
eelve,Ei ihe'ekkcrtuility aftertied!of her,
lug tio4
tad, to their entlip , :netiaraetioni,
inodus operandi can be witnessed at their
44aeo9f,bitelnesei trgr:
. 111 8 ; 1 ,1, To: , bd.:Zest .rolr!frot 1 4reeti
eard r 'efOrtid .
O t ** ,4
re,ttte;, , titit 0'11 1 4,0 ; Of.
, OIOROO/Og foetlierpr, • '
Misiwcw.—We were in , enwr' in our
last issue, in slating that the South
Miitatain was 'Onlite. We hive since
th4t the smoky atmosphere was
he4ntioned .- -iy ilia!: in theArus,earora
Mountains, ifbet;'veeit twentf-five. and
thittj mileaAiStanifrom tkin4thtee‘ •
Daniel Kauffman, residing. at Boiling
Springs, had his spring house robbed
`o'n§ night . list*eh, of. **lnk of butter
and-a -conaidernble — quantity of "{mesh
meat:' No,'bliio to the thinie'n has yet:
been diseoyeyed: keep .your ,outhouses
undei 'and key,` as the .ecitititry is
infested .With this chi 4of persons: '
VISIT- the schools, and encour
age teachers 'arid Pupils. Our schools
are among the very•best in the State,
and our, citizens' should, at least, pay
them aq,occasional . visit. Wo have
'heard the remark made frequently, that
the school-rooms are seldom visited
except by the school director§. Pay
the& a visit,' and you will never have
odasion to regret I.
PErisowar..--Rev..Jacoh Fry, .of Read
ing, for many years pastor of the
lish Lutheran congregation of this place,
paid our town. a - brief visit the present
Mr. A. MauTiN,. Assistant Superinten
dent of the Western House of Refuge. at
Allegheny, dropped in to see us Tester
day morning. Ho is looking well; and
is much pleased with his preSent
'deuce. Al was formerly devil of•the
Volunteer office.
On Friday morning last, officer Sanno ar
rested Elizabeth' Chestnut, a young girl
about sixteen years of age, ona charge
of baying approp,t J,..t0 'her own use
certain articles of female apparel. The
charges were preferred against her by
Dirs.' Neff, residing on Liberty alloy, in
the rear of Gardner d Co's. Madhine
works. A hearing was had before
Squire Smith, when ;the was committed
, to jail for trial, -nearly all the stolen
property , having been recovered.
Mr. — Hemp; - residingthree -- milos uUltllof - 1
New, Kingston, had his leg horribly
lacerated and torn from the ankle to the
knee,' by being caught in the wheels of
a horse-power, while he was driving the
horses. He wits conveyed to his residence
in an insensible condition, and surgical
aid summoned, when amputation of the
lower part of the thigh was suceesifully
performed'by Drs.. Crairi and Whistler.
Ewing well advanced in years, the recovery
of the injured man is very doubtful.
WE have before us ono of Lloyd's
Topographical and Railway Maps of the
seat of war in Europe. It is pronounced
one of the most accurate yet produced.
These maps were photographed from the
Govern_ment survey of each country, sev
eralyeare ago. Theyare issued in sections,
sike 30x40 inches, colored. Price fifty
cents 4 copy, free by mail. We are also
in receipt of one of Lloyd's new maps of
the United States, Canadas and New
Brunswick. The publisher offers a copy
gratis to any -person finding an error in
the latter map. Agents wanted.
DSTAILED.—John Roney, engineer of
the Accommodation train' eastward on
the Cuinberland Valley Railroad, has
been detailed to take charge of the en
.girtpactw ppedonthc . Aouth Mouritain
road. Mr. Roney is a. safe and reliable
engineer, and will give satisfacbion
wherever he may bo employed;
LurE CAMERON takes charge of the
engine lately run by John ;Roney. This
is Mr. C's. first attempt at running the
"ingine," and so far he has met with
SEVERE !teemENT.—Jonathan Pritcli
ard, a young man in the employ of Peter
Spalir met with an accident bn Saturday
last under the following circumstances :
He had taken a wagon load of brick to
Davldyiller's living in the country, and
was returning with a load of wood, and
while descending the ridge the mule
team became unmanageable, and started
off at a rapid rate, throwing tbe young
man under the saddlO mule. lie received
a severe kick in the breast, and sustained
other injuries in his limbs. Mr. Miller
-conveyed him to tom, when Dr. Dale
was summoned, and his wounds-properly
dressed, so that lie is now getting along
as well as can be expected..
ErEVERNLY INJURfil).—Frauk Faber, a
lad of about fourteen years of ago, son
Of Lewis Faber, proprietor of the Cu
mberland Valley hotel ; met with a painful
accident on Monday evening last.. It
appears that in 'company, with several
other boys, he was practicing gymnas
tics down at 416 Railroad bridge, attempt
ing to jump the width of three railroad,
ties, and while so engagedhe fell between
two of th'e cross-pieces, striking the
ground, bruising his head very severely,
and stistaining other injuries. Re was
conveyed home, when medical aid was
called in. We are informed that the
hoys congregate on the bridge nightly,
and - engage in the ahove-rlarued sport.
Make warning . Lois frOm this sad
CHEAP COAL.—The citizens of Carlisle
can congratulate themselves , that they
buy their coal at a lower. figure than
'other towns not mob remote" from the
mines than this. We have compared the
price of coal at other place's with the
,price here, and find no wizard' is coal
cheaper.than in Carlisle, considering the
post of transportation. , In our 'neighbor
log town of York, LykOns7ValleY lump
ceal, is $7.00, and Chesnut $6.20, 1 while
I I here the lump, is $6.00, ; and Chesnut
$.76; a very, material' difference., INF.:,
:sees vilirz;need any quinutity of Coal for
-nso-durizig-the-coming-wibtor,-would-do 7
'well 'to, lays. in a supplyiat the preterit
time,.as • when veld. : weather sets-in it
willbe sure to.riseln, price. r
• •
Penr,to—.We eall . tlto ttentlon .
Of our readers to the following sales of
real estate end Personal property :.
W. D. , lEtporuddi• will sell, on' ThtiradaYl
tlpidember 8, at hielate residenceoftWost
Lonther street, valuable 'household awl
lateben Ilwniture. Perions in' want of
'bargains slidulti attend tbis sale. 1
i 094frO.Y..Gaielder will , Mal at private
tido ' valuable real estate situated. abolit
tiff t i 'jibe 'finin the.:Court House, ad. ,
joining .4sldand, coal t , i)ry ,The lgt(4oA
tthns nbont'twg and k half notes, linting'
tlieieen ereoted , a two-stf.4 double*briek
,building, with. convoniea " ocitlii4lll4o..
if Irtr.spld- tit,'ilitia Isle, 11:1011:. 1r
`okOial at aubli'a at& at the Colirt.gottio;
' l 4it'. PattFilaY, 9901)Af' gi at. ,fen , 0791001 - s'•
Tito °xi:pants' Of 4tienb Hart/nun will
LIIa atiotilierTri4eli ofi ITetiliesdiiii Bei:
mbar St,' 9n. the P l 7oll63,,tW9valhabla
. tis`, 'of alati , land and. lva tiaotti ,of
inaoatitain land, altuatfid lallottlrldiddlq . ;',
4at and' Middlelam fe l . 3 loFtcl
IStely. . , .
NfrAl3 kallpT ? On. Friday evening
libout ten o'olo9k a light was seen in the ,
'room used bi:tlio Junior Amerlimn
chanies, on Wig third floor oVltheen4,
Hall.. The 'di:killers - fheld their regulai
weekly ?neeilng on this evening, opsinfr
its sessionneabout 9.15, whenoholightfr
. n4inguished and the roomdooked
up in the usual 'manner. The question
naturally arises, whence this light, as no
person had any lawful right to be in that
room,_after it_ kad _been_ closed by the.
Juniors.. The light,,wen ; visible for ; at
least fifteen minutes, when it very sud
denly disappeared: • , Search was insti
tuted,. but without success, and.the un
usual light is still' iirainiecl hinkVtiteiyl
Deliver us from' gliosts; . atut such like
eiridentlY thd most relialda One publided.
It is on ti sheet 19 by 82inch:ea, the upper'
portion - showmg, on a scale of. twenty
miles to an inch, the Prenchand Gorman
Frontiers. This scale is sufficiently large`
to show all the Fortified Cities and other
principal Points of interest, and the Vil,
lagos and Streams that :will necessarily
be mentioned in the war news. On the
'same sheet there is a
. Map of Centraland
South Western Europe, showing all of
Prussia,. France,-Spain, and Italy. It is
handsomely colored, and illuminated with
the Flags Of the Combatants, etc.
"For sale at all Book Stores and-News
Offices, or sent by mail for Fifty Cents by
the publishers, G. W. & C. B. Colton &
Co., Now York. _
A SEItIoUB AccIDENT—A an Fulls
a Dietanee of Twenty Feet.—OaThursd*
afternoon last, a carpenter namecl_Bal
lard Dixon, colored, while
Shingling the roof of Dirs. Fisher's house
On North street, fell and' seriously in
jured himself. Ho was ascending the
ladder at the time, and had reached the
top round, a distance of about. twenty
feet, when he was seized with a sudden
lightness in his head, and fell backwards
to the ground: . He was taken up in a
sensible condition, when medical aid was
immediately summoned, and. Drs. Corn
man and Zitzer soon made their...wear
andaseertained that his spine was
injured, producing paralysis of the entire
oweportion-of-the,body. The-inju
man was then conveyed to his residence
in Chapel Alley, and is now doing as
-well 'caii be expected..
RESIMIED.—This morning the old Col
lege bell, which has been silent for several
weeks past, rung out its pleasant notes
of- warning to• 'Faculty and Studenti. -
Dickinson College enters upon the present
fall term under the most promising pros
.ects, having at least fifty new stu
dents, and, an able corps of Professors.
Below we append the members of the
present Faculty':
Rev. 11. Dashiell,' President and
Professor of Moral Philosophy.
S. D. Hillman, A. M., Professor of
J. R. Stayman, A. M., Professor of
English Literature and Philosophy.
IL M. Harman, D., D., Professor of
Greek andnatin.
Wm.. Triekett, A. 8., Professor of
Modern Languages.
C. F. Dimes, Ph. D., Professor of
Chemistry and .Physical Science..
S. L. Bowman, A. M., Professor of
flebrOw and Biblical .Literature.
Bladenheiser, post carpenter and de
server at Carlisle Barracks, under . orders
front gmerarßlrslre, comm l andant of, the
post, has completed the hand Stand, of
which we made notice a few weeks since.
The total height of the stand is 25 feet.
and 6 inches, the height of columns
14 feet and 6 inches. A handsomely
turned railing intersects each column.
The structure is octagonal in form, with
a Pagoda roof having been substantially
tinned by Messrs Walker & Claudy of
Our borough. The flooring is of yellow
pine, radiating from the centre. )Fine
music stands and seats aro furnished the
members ofthe hand. Professor Con
terno, the leader of the band, i„9 fur
-fished with a raised, octagotial platform;
his stand for music representing a hand
some fountain. - The eves of the roof,
tire ornamented by an open 'worked cur
tain, and vines are planted at the foot of
each column. The outside of the base
is decorated by rare exotics) The build
ing proSents if handsome appearance,
seeming stilb further to 'ornament the
beautiful parade grtmnds, and calls forth
load terms of praise by all who have
seen it s ince completed.
SOCIETY. -,- To therarmeis, Mechanic? and
Artisans of Cumberland and Adjoining
counties.-11 is now within six weeks of
the time appointed for the annual fall
Meeting of our Societj, when you aro all
invited to make an exhibition of your
skill in mechanics, productions of agri
culture, artistic skill iu the embellish
ment of household comforts, and enter
•liriso in Mercantile pursuits. Hero we
expect tvilfbo gathered together every
thing that is beautiful, useful, or other.'
wise remarkable. And here; too, will be
exhihited how much we have improved in
our stock of horses, hothed cattle _auil
Bogs. And above all, and superior to all,
we will' meet ourselves, to discuSs and
Pass judgment Upon the doings of Po
past year ; to enquire what progress we
have made in our onward march iii the
improvements of Our farms, our baths,
our linnse'd, and especially our, own use
'of them. The friends of Agriculture,'
.mechanics and the arts, !aro all cordially
invited, young and old, and let them come
in a spirit of determination to aid in.all
its purposes, and make it a joyous occa
sion to open the safoty-valve of life, an
let off; for a while, the dull monotony
of a farmer's home
WArre, Preajdout
untioriwof the American. - Mechanics'
:Parade, at Boiling Springs; On thelwen
tint!). instant, Boiling Springs Council
:were presented, .by p., Biaglaugblin,
el3q.,'With'the Chatter granted recentlY
by the Court. At a subsequent meeting
of tbls Council the foll Owing resolutions
,tore adopt t ell: •
WIIEREAN Boiling Springs Council,
No. - 132, was the recipient of their Char.
ter ' granted by the Court, and presented.
byßrother C. E. 11,1 ;- • 1.
I AND WII'ERE./..14 We deeply appreciate
CM interest 'manifested by the ladies ;
therefore, he it ,
Reistesd, That We tender our sincere
and heartfelt thanks to Brother C. E. Meg
lalighlin for his address for the different
Councils, and especially for his address
to the ladies; hopingtherinay torni ratio
lidions and stand by us.
-Resolved ? That :VG tender, out: thanks
ittrthei Fritriklintorni , Mid
t ands for the irnusio furnished on the
..00,61011. • ,
Resolved, That we- tender our thanks
the diirerent Councils and visiting
' t + Resorrof I, . Oat we tender our thanks
b thd oltitbAS bflid
by.thensilingkibtitiefOr the
Ahtere manifest 44 ! •
1 st
• , ',. - . Solla‘rg: Fitieus,
' 1 •',' ; i ; ~;.-1 .0. ,...1. MlTax,tors
' ' . conamittto.
meat,—.Th officOes of the Soldiers'' Morn
umout: - Association, acknoWledgo, with
many. thanks ;the receipt of 150.03 from
the,'4 Social Picui“ssocia
fion, surplus 'pa hand after ~defraying
the expenses - of ,their picnic at Sporting
t3reen do the eighteenth instant ' , and duly
- paid' by - Mr.,'Honwood. This "generous
contribution is warmly appreciated by
the Monument Association as springing
from a truly patriotic feeling, and show
ing that amid the gaieties and festivities
of-life - the memory of tho heroic dead is
still sacredly cherished. ..
Although our appeal to the ,public
'some weeks since., has been liberally re
sponded to by a , number of our citizens,
in making new and duplicating former
'subscriptions, our' treasury is still con
:siderably short of theamount necessary
to complete the Monument, Tho die
,docks and shaft are now nearly corn
ideted and , ready - to set, but it 'will re
quire at least $BOO more than has yet
been subscribed to fully complete it and
its surroundings. 'We urgently appeal
to those who have not yet contributed to
'come promptly forward and do So. An
enterprise so commendable should
allowed to languish: Contributions thank
-rally received by the treasurer, A. L.
Sponsler, esq.; at his office, No. 8 West
Main street, Carlisle. These contribu
tions will be duly acknowledged in the
transactions of the AssOciation, to be
iniblished after the completion of the
TEE.—There was a very full attendance
at the meeting of the Republican Stand
ing Committee, held in Rheem's Hall on
Saturday. The Committee organized
temporarily, by appointing Mr. •J. C.
Sample ,President, and Messrs Ritner
Mullin Secretaries. After calling the roll
of members, the Committee organized
perinadently, by electing the following
officers John„, M. Wallace, Carlisle,',
Chairman.; Will M. Ogilby,
Secretary, and I. D. Palmer, Mechanics
burg, Treasurer.
The members of the Standing Com
mittee were rlitected'to pay particular
attention to the registration of voters.
The following additional delegates were
appointed to attend the "Minority Con
vention," to be held in Reading,-on Au
gust 31;1870. Jacob Bomberger, J. A.
SwartZ, 'Cr. - 11. Mullin. Mrs Swartz of:
fered the following which was adopted :
__Resolve% That_theStepublican-Stand---
ing tornmittee of Cumberland county,
hereby expresses its preference for Rev:
Wm. 13. Haber, of Mechanicsburg, as
our Candidate for Congresa in this Dis
On motion the Executive Committee
was authorized to have circulars printed
for distribution to members, - informing
them of the proceedings of this'mecting. -
Adjourned to meet in Rheem's Hall on
Saturday, September 10, at 11 a. rn.,
when every member of the Committee is
instructed to be present.
a movement on foot at the present trine,
among some of our active young mOn to
organize a military -company in our
borough. The subject is now being
thoroughly agitated, and is discussed
nightly on the corners and streets. We
most heartily approve of the movement,
and hope it may succeed, and finally
terminate- in the organi"zing of a-first-
Glass military
. company. Any -Informa
-1 tion desired can be cheerfully - obtained
from Jacob L. Moloy, in the employ of
Wm., Blair Son. -Be has a list of the .
names of twenty-six persons who have
signified their . intention of joining.
think this is doing very well, as scarcely
a week has elapsed since the idea was
that boasted in bygdno days of two mili
tary organizations, have, at least ono
military company at the present. We
should not - allow our sister towns to sur
pass us in this respect, for we have the
material in our midst for a number ono
company. All young men favorable
to the cause, whether they served in the
late rebellion or not; are cordially invite'.
to hand in their names'at once.
As soon as thirty-five names are ob
tained a meeting will be called for the
purpose of effecting an ,4irganization,
electing officers, &c. Whether it will
be a Zouave or rifle company will be fully
determined-in the future.
"Rally round the flag boys," and la
old Carlislo retrieve her former honor of
having one good military organization,
at least. .
school will commence its exercises on
next Monday morning, September 5, at
ten o'clock, in the excellent room of the
fourth story of A. W. Bentz's building,
in South Hanover street, under the man
againent of J. Everist Cathell, formerly
known a 81 ,:" The Boy Orator of the Po
• ' 'lt has long been a project in the minds
of some of our citizens, to establish a
first-class school for yoti. i itg,men and boys
in the borough, and when at the close of
the last session of Dickinson College, it
was announced that the Preparatory De
'partment of that institution was to be
abandoned, More strenuous. efforts were
put, forth to establish a school which
should servo" as preparatory to the college,
arid at the Same thim'addlo the, first-class
advantages of education,. for hich Car-.
lisle is already celebrated. hout ; this
time, Mr. Cathell, in the course of his
journcyings through the State in the_
interests of the Temperance work, visi
ted Carlisle, and was invited to take the
charge of such a school. This
,was con
sented-to, and as before , stated next
Monday, Mr. Cathell will be in his place
at the /schoolroom, to.onter upon the
duties of St: John's school. And now,
after so much has been ditee, shall the .
6'040.1-1m supported? This, of .course,
Must rest' With the parents and guardians
of our children. Certainly this can be
An excellent opportunity is offered
xis, and, if we do not . US it well, •and
heartily support the :'school,- the ro
.sponsibility_Lmust_resto_with u.a . nd_itot,
with the prinCipah or those 'whei haVe
invited hiy labors among us. A teacher
it; procured who has excellent qualitica
don's together with a largc, itinerionee.
in the World, and an excellent school
room: Lot himita ye a largo school. '
,dnnp PormAutm=-17d9Praeidaiim
3•c.-On 'Tlinisdni • last, OM
Oumherland.Guards, of this place, held
Aran(' tournament . and ., harinaM . , in .
Lindsey a Gigve,. 0n',! ..1 !9
Omit distance west of town.
Vor soma wcieks 'Oast lixtmisfve
dons .quietly under way for
this iwordful , ay., The weather,' which,
gaily; in the morning had I been very
Chraateni.% troy- elFarod, oft; aml
~ imattl. t o‘, 6 ,ldovelyilii:yWare`MivM.
The ',accommodation' train, :,oasV,, .at
. 4.83, 'brought ,9rcono4tlti'b3nd,' acid
qovort4 delegations from . tho'neigkbor-
WtiAme.- „:::
At Mao .o'clock a.. rm ! . . street„'
Pitt 0 6 14'0 1 . WhOW
We parade was tiXfOrta,hocaille.thii adono'l
~ f,:l 4 l lo l l ,aPd 9f9ttgliaeaW:l,4f,Or a c°, ll-. ..
si - dembloAinio . having deadvonsiimmtin
Offilioning of tho different delegation's; tile'
procession :moved Off in the following
order•: „I
Chief Marshal, William Asking:
Assistant Marshal, Charles W. Conn.
- Five Mounted Knights of Honor.
Greencastle Brass Band.
Delegations from
. Greencastle,
berslyarg, Shipperulhurg, New
vine, Mechanicsburg and
Martial Musics
Cumbeilimd Guardi, apiain
A. Jordan, thirty—mon , fully
armed and equipped.
They reached the grove about twelve
o'clock m., where dinner having boon`
prepared, was partake:ri of by the major;
ity of the mirsons partioinating.
About the middle of the afternoon,3he
racing for thechampionship commenced.
This Sport consisted, :in this ease, of four
contestants - entering the field on horse•'
back, to ride a distance of one hurdred - .
yards, holding a spear in the right hand,
and aiming it at the centre of the ring,
the successful person taking it off in
triumph. The victor was obliged to un
fasten the ring twice out of three times.
'The following knights entered for the
contest : Benjamin Moore, Knight of
the Flying Artillery ; Richard Strange,
knight of Winchester; John Meelane,
Knight of the Flying Star, and Meredith.
Lincoln, Knight of the Valley. •
The Jiiiight of the Flying Artillery
proved himself the victor on this occa
sion, being the only ono that carried the
ring off twice. Each of the other Knights
removed it but once.
The procession returned to town be
tween six and seven o'clock in the even
after marching through some
of the principal streets, was dismissed
on North street.
At eight o'clock 'they re-assembled in
Rheem's Hall, to crown the Queen of
Honor, and conclude the festivities of
the. day, an admission 4'n cf ton cents I.!e.
ing required. About nine o'clock the
crowning of the'Queen and the Maids of
Honor was performed in the presence of
a largo number of sPcctators.
Miss Dollio Turner, the Queen of
Honor, - was crowned byTeniamiiiMiiiiin
Miss Nancy Taylor, Virst Maid of Honor,
Second Maid of Honor, by sohnMeClaye,
and Miss Sarah Goodwin, ThireMaid
by Meredith Lincoln.
A large and beautiful flag was then
presented to the egmberland Guards, by ,
the•colored ladies of Carlisle. Mr. John
Brock delive'ring a short addfoits appro
priate to the occasion. The festival was
the next thing in Ord= on the prO'gtapame,
which was brought: to a close at twelve
o'clock. The Ihuir was then taken pos
session of by the dancists, and the light
fantastic was tripped until a very early
hour. The' festivities of the day passed
off pleasantly, no disturbance of any
kind transpiring to mar the enyojmni4
of those participating. And in the man
ner above described, the third annual
tournament of the
borough passiiti
now be numbered al
LlGllT—.Aggfavating Circu m stances.—A'
fiend, in the shape of a human Willi,
answering to the name of Mike McCarty,
aged abbut thirty-five years, and a resi
dent of this town, was :mated on Sat
urday morning last, at the instance of
Mr: Isaac Brenneman, of Middlesex town-,
ship, on a charge of an attempt to cow- -
mit rape. From the description of the
in a very short time be succeeded in
resting McCarty and took him before
Squire Shryock, when he was committed
to jail until afternoon, when the parties
interested would appear. Accordingly
at two o'clock the prisoner was taken to
the Squire's office where Mary Ann Alt
house, a girl between thirteen and four
teen years of ago, appeared again him.,
She identified him as the man that at
tempted the outrage upon her person;
and he was also recognized by Mr. Brenne
man, as having been seen in conversation
with her a short time previous
From what we can ascertain, we learn
that he was returning from Harrisburg
in a spring wagon, and overtook the girl
and her brother, in the vicinity of the
'Trindle Spring, on their way home from
aMr. Fleming's. McCarty stopped her
and engaged in conversation with her,
tolling her ho knew where he could ob
tain a good place for her in town, as a
servant, at $1.50 per Week: He then
invited them to a seat in the vehicle, and
took them home. She packed some
clothes in a trafeling bag,' and in eorn--
pany with McCarty started for Carlisle.
Upon approaching Hamilton's grove,
about 1} miles from town, he told her
ho would drive into the woods •to Feat:
his horse. They then alighted, whole he
attempted to commit the revolting out
rage, but in this he was 'foiled,•by the
loud screams of the little girl, who strug
gled with the monster, and dually SRC,-
cceded in making her escape. Ho then
came to town, and was 'arrested on the
following morning, in the manner above
detailed. •
After- hearing. all the circumictances
connectecliWith the case, Squire Slirytick
committed him to jail until the Novem
ber term of the Quartelsssions, Mde
fault of $l,OOO ball. 011 or Elainm do
serves great . eredlt for . t \el eueoessful
manner in which 'he aoComplishetttlo
arrest of the accused.
TION--Sple:adid Pyrotechnic Display.—
Mr. JamoS W. Boslcr, a citizen of this
place, residing in, the suburbs:of tho
borough, ghvp a grand birthday partY, '
PYrotechnie display, &0., in honor of his
little sou Charlio's,fifth birthday. Tho
largo and capacious grounds which sur
round, his residence, T. wore
lighted up by numberless gas jots, sur
mpuptod'vrith globes. The enterprising
firm of Campbell"& Menwood 'pad. boon
engaged tho 'entity) 'day in laying pipe,
placing - Mioharrfers; - globitsr&c7 - Ifr
poSition, and they deserve great praise
for the, skillful 'manner in which they
succeeded in the undertaking,• over six
hundred feet or gas pipo , 'being ;used. j
The gFOprods wore tluonged during the
ontiro evening,. hundre of our citizens
availing themselves of dit
Pip opportunity
afforded of witnessing tfici grand spec
tacle.' The • whole 'yard' ` ivas a blaze of
light,. boingalmost as bright as day.'
About 0 o'clock tho largo brick man
sion of Mr. Boller, wasybrilliantlY 'Mit;
minated from the•ground-110dr to the
Observatory, NiSible for , miles around.
Shortly after - this there was a grand dis:
play, of firow'orks,'. ,Yvhich;A: for '
cane and brilliancy, totally eelipsed any
: pyrotechnic display over before witiiossod
in this plebe. •
About elevoti , o'olook.tho (bete loading •
to the largo ,dining-rocint waro .thrOyil
open, and the 'guests, invited to naitaisa‘.'
of the repast' prepared for the 000ssiod.!,
Then" wore two tables--oho for tholittlo
folks, playmates, and Mends ,of.,
Pharlos, and, the; ,titbit ;for: ,tho 'adult
persons. FloiVors,w,ore strewn,in,abnii.;!
danco through the dieing ball, omitting
tho most.-fragrant and , 46llelduslothirsl;*
The floral display', had' boompieparod bit
Mr: Lute A. 'Llub'*ho .'exhibited
usual good taste and; akill.; •
I The entertainment 'was
- oloao at a'lato hour, One atid•allegroUng
that it was. one , of' the moat: 0.10140v/is
affairs over given,, or• attempted la the
history' of our boroughi
of our