Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, June 16, 1870, Image 1

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582 Walnut 897 Get, Philarelplifa, Pa.
For Cottages, Farm Houses, Vlllna, Coiirt Noumea,
Rath, Churches, School 1.1011/011. FRENCH - ROOFS.
27J ecTUly
. .
- 191tolosido dealora In all kinder of
No, 210 North Wharves,
/Om 'taco &eat,
DR. J. It. ZINN.
No. 68 Haig Main street,
ow doure onetor Gurduar's Ihrlduo z.bcp,)
Carlisle, Penn'a,
Will put is tooth from s'o to V.O par set, at the
Sue may maim. All 'work warrantfid.
from tim Balttraoro epilog° of Dental Surgory. Niro
bt. tho remittance of hio mothor, Boit Louthor Aron,
thaw doom bolow Bottford. 195e69
Has located In Carlisle Moe neat door to St.
Evangolical Church, Well Loulhllo stmt.
Patients from a Chianticu tilollllo toll in thu forenoon.
Ake lu the room formerly occupied by Col. John
I. 'loeuSti
Formerly of Dltlanaon toan.htp. once an tteallaant
af Dr. I/Azar, tot leave to Inform the calm. of
L'arlisla and vicinity, that he has permanently 10.
vied in this place.
)ISee, No.S Now
ldke to South Ilunevor stroot, opposito Bunten dry
(oode store. 10evi'd)
fz W. NEIDICH D. D. 8.,
• • '
Late Donfo.trator of Opnrotiro DontWO* of Ito ;toi
lworn ColloKo of Dental 9urgory. -0111 co ,or big noi
lonco orpoxito Marion Hall, tfool Malta street, C
ba. 10C9
N. X. Cor. Third and Market streetg,
y_Tulißicii Sc PARKER,
Arroranas AT LAW.
/W. on Mulct otrcnlt, In Marlon Ilail, Curllsle-lOontln
No 5 South Remover Wool
No. 809 Market Street,
North Sitio,
Parlor, Tillling 1100 M, and Chamber
I T Q It,
A thu latost and bust manufactyro.
W A 'I 01 LS and JR WELR Y.,
own-1 SECO,tiD • STItIcF,T,
WI. I , er of Quarry, Philadelphia.
oasortotont of Wotobotl, Joloolry, Savor otot
Plated Waro coostootiY oa hapd.
AlliTilopalrlog of Watt), oo and Jowolry promptly
11ttondoti to.
ITBopt GO ly
42' TuatillT _A , V3re 2 4s l ,'Ws 4 '.c
NO. 14' South Hanover street,
.. glic. alito4u1”Olulgo Oruhunes.
ArrouNuy AT LAW.
Ofaco la bull ,ng attached to tho Vinoklip Hotel,
pualta the Cuurt Hunan,
hilCeltoolo.ffiurg, Po. Office op Railroad tdrgar, two
`,. — iloure gunk of tho Bank,
„psalm. promptly ottoutiO to.
fr R..MILLEII, ~
Mica, N 0.49 Hoistlx Itonovor street, opposite Coyle'.
dare. 10d0.69
M. C. HE . RMAN, . •M .
.:urlislo,lh4. — Nu, U Itheom'er 1411. ° Illaubu
. JUAVIS, OF pui PmActs,
Plaiptleld, Weepontivb W 141111114,,
I Comberl9ol Co Co IMO!, P.l/..'4,
Alt Ituotho., uutelEit.fid to 14.4 will reciot. promo
,I.teolluu, 2110470
'SHIRK S: 13110,
,And wholo4alu de*lorw II), Country Prndtpro, Con..
rlgu wanto realm, (Nib' rionritua, quit rufoolKo
No. 1035 Markot street,
Cornanliorp , Al .1 Piit str_eata, ' .
8006CABLI9b{, PA
13114131 4 PS 14.-
.1 , 0 , my, South: Ifiloiaro6r SE., 'ffartiBlB,
Kemp .couetoutly, on hand u. 11411 nesortmuut p 1
at Lilo 'outwit cadi'prlco; j'uticulir uttkition paid
initho rupskiring dt iy,ittc44, Cluok.,tvt Jai!atty.....
N. JEVlCobniiiintly un Lad.
• WEAKLET &SADLtn,' • •
°nice, 22 8001 Ifgmayor Wu% Pt* pJU qq,l4 Wtll
140n40. :. • • Iwo
Office is Yotuutoot, Uulidlag, OaNtelo. :
wait. B. Bgyzio
• X hlladelphta. i 1..• - " ••. • •
Ofilee, 23 Weiff Lohthei ' 9 l i!! ,
mother Carilele: •
• • • • 1 ,'. • ~••
rJ. BREAM % • ~ ;- J . ,
• Artourimewridair, ,,
Iconnortheaq corm's' o 4 Ahe.Cpurt lone& 16060
O[7EB. B. • 01 , 1151 . ; )P. -
CoussurAin - AT ztiv,
Fiftlidrept below Cliotnut,
Oar. Library,
riTgatPaLPLUIL ;
. .
. .;,•_-.- :„ -i. ..,.--, ,-,:, ~.., ',., ~ :,--, . , ~, , : i . A .. ; , . 1 . f'.\:.\: . tk-' , l i'V't...=
.-.- 0 : . ..t i,i.V-0.1" , :. 'tt ..A.Y. . . :' . 1,14%t ri. i .'*.. lith '0 le ~,,
C • , • 1 ,1 !" . •
:12 -'. L.p:,V, ~ ~ ~, -, ,
~ • ~ ~. , .
~..,. .
. ~..
1 . l • ' • . .
.:, ;•• i; : . ''"
' . ' ' ' ' ''
' . ':
.- . • - -
. . ,
..• ,
• .- . ~ , - . . . , , , .
~. . . .
. .
. • . , , ,
. .
. , .
The undersigned baring taken and entirely re
fitted and furnished this hotel, is prepared to furnish
good occornmedations to all, who des:ro to .ntako
their home. Aoh ire of the ; patronage of the sur
rounding country; trivolling public solicited
Hoorn, largo 1111.1 ciiinfortahle. Table al Bays sup
plied. with the boil.
• N. W. WOODS,
- Proprietor.
(burmerly Curniatz
No. 17 AND 19 EAST MAIN ST.,
, The androdirued haviug
, ptirehased and entirely
refitted, den furni idled anew throuirliont with dra
chm furniture, thin well-known eerlbld'establinbed
Motel. nolicite the ruetom of the rommUnlty and
travelling until°. Be la a oil prepared to furnish
brat-clern arrointoodatinnAln ell w denira to make
'a Hotel thoir Home ,o pieneefit temporary abode.
The runt= from thr v.ten try I. re
speetfully, noltritod. Onorieone and ettentive rare
• antit ere eniinged . et thin penu 7
lt. - botch
- OEO. lIENTZ. Prorp'•
N. It. A tent .clear Livery IF connected with the
hotel the management of Mr..IOS. L. STERNER A
30epril 047.
Eight Trains (Daily) to and front 'Phila
delphia and 'Pittsburg, and Two
Trains Daily to and Crum Erie
. (Sundays excepted).
ON and after Sunday, May 29,
N." 1870, Pas. ongei Trains of thu Pen in:Ylvania
Railroad coin, tiny deport frnill Harrisburg Mid
arr.. at rbliadelphm nil Pittsburg
Ii 10-,Philittlelphla Express' loaves Ifs erkburg
daily (except 61onda6) at 2 10 a. rn., mid arrives at
West Philadelphia at 0 3U a. iii.
5 Os-4 . ..i Line lour., Harm.,burg daily (except
Monea)) at 6 2t n. m., and arrives'at West, liliOadel•
Vila at 9 35 a. m.
14•1 l train ioitecn Altuttin daily (except flundny)
at 3 00 P. in.. awl arrives at Harrisburg it 0 1 0 P. ni.
11 12-I'sn4lic Express leaves flarrinhort daily
at 11. 12 p and arrives at West Philadelphis at
2 55 p. In., •
10 45—Cincinnati E;stirsiir leaves Harrisburg dal y
at 10 45 p. m., awl arrives at We.t. Philadelphia at
410 it. m. a •
Harrisburg Accommodation - .leaves Altoona duly
(Snail y en:retired; at 7 10 •. nu., and nrrivt at liar=
midair tall: 41i p. in.
3 55—Harrisburg . Oar •mmleitti m leaves 11..rris.
burg nt.s 56 p. ni., and writ , n at Plti relelphin at
060 p In.
11 0 —Law aster Trott, Till Iloarit Joy, leaves
Harrisburg doily (except :outlay) at 8 On a. to ,
arrives at W. at Pllll/111•1111/ill art 12 55 p. ra.
4 13—Mrla ?att. I.ote wedt, o,r Itrio, 10ttvon filar
hbuig daily (excopt Sunday) at 4 05 p. m
t ftria at 7 23 a.
. .
I 2 10-,Clnclinal expretal li•nrrx liarrltiburg dilly
scent Sunday) at 12 10 a. in /1...1V. nt Aitadnn al
01 as in.. und arrive+ nt Pittslaura at 10 (6.i
___2_4o—Pittsbotr{ Extra. lenges Harrisburg daily
— ffitai i at Sunday) at 3 30 a. in., lariVLlg nt Altoona at
00 a nt . takes breakfast, and arrives at Pttliburg
at 2 40 -
4 10—Pacify Express leaves Ilarriaburg daily al
2 02 A tn.. intl.,. at Alto , 1111 at 0 07 a. m , takes
breakfast and arriviis at Pittsburg at 10 20 a, 111.
Vast Llna canon 11 . 1, 1 / 1 111IN , YfludilY
at 4. 16 p.m., arrives at Altoona at S 12 p. in., tulasit
supper and arrives at Pittsburg at 12.12 in in.
Hail Train leave. Harrisburg dilly (except Snm
day) at 1 00 p tn., arrives a' Altoona at C 30 p. m.,
takes supper and arrives atrittatiurg - at It 50 p an.
Way Pnastinaer Train loaves Harrisburg doily (ex
crrit ittoiviay) at 7'45 a. tn., arrirt.ts at Altoona a t
2 20 p, ru.,atl at Pott•bar4 At. 10'_'0 p. m.
Supt. Mull le Ulr. Potena, It. It.
Iltirrlsburg April iO, 10711.
It R4.-DING-R-A-1-1,--litrA - , 14.
Monday, May 16, 1870
North. West Nov Teel, Roadlna.
Potaaville, Tamaqua, Ashland, Shamokin, Lebanon,
Allentown,, AVllratet, Litla, Larte.toer.
lambi•, Or.. Ae.
Trains leave Harrisburg . for New York as tollniva
at 5.35 0.10, 11.25 A. 0., and 2.501 P. lonnecting
with simlivir tramp 'on Pennsylvania Rail Road,
and arriving. at New York at 12.10 - itoort, 3.50. 0.05
and 10 00 r. oha. r., o ,,tivoty. sio. o lo o Care aeona4,4
pony tho 6.35 and 11.25 A X., trains without chimp,
Itaturning Leave New York at 9.00, A. a , 12.00
noon. and 5.00 P u., Philadelphia at 815 4, 51..
and 3.30 kt. Sleeping - cars accompany thi, 11.09
A. n.. And 6.00 P. *: trains hem New Yore.
without change..
Lal,e if. 0.46.40 Pop 000,110 g, Potts - villa, Tama.
qna, 611moravdle, 4.shledd, Shamokin, Pine Grovel
Allentown nod Philadelphia. ut 4• 1 4•/ 2 40
and 4.10. p. 14., slopping ut .Lebendtt lo)y principal
way stations ; the Lin 4 r tt. train connecting tor
Philadelphia, Pottavllle. and Coluotbia only. i'or
Pottsville, Schuylkill Haven and Anburn, vi•
Schuylkill and Susquehanna llallrovd, leave Ilarria
burg at 3 40 P. Y.
East permsylvanid Railroad trains !wive Reading
,for Alisutown, Pa..tou, end New York at 7.2.1, 1. , 30.
41., 1.27 and, 444 T. M. Itetulning. leave New
York at 9.00 A, SI., 12.00 noon and 6.00 p. N., and Al
-Ipntown at 7.20 4. m. 12.25 anon 4.20 and 43 1,.
WRY Passenger irain leave. Philadelphia at 7.30
, connecting with similar train on East Peon
sylvaula Railroad, returning from Reading et 0.55 P.
X. PlOppiMM, lit all Station.
baser Pnitsillle at 5.40 and 9.09 A,rnd 2'pP
n.,;llortulon at 9 30 A. 5.. Rhemmoklu at 5.40. and 10.-
40.0, 0.. - Ashland gt 7 05 e,,0. and 12 30 noon, Ma
lintfy City of/ 51 •.mid 1.11 it.; I%.llpqna at
9.33. 11. X sad' .20 p , fur µ l. l l New
LIMAIO Pottsville via Sehayikill and Suettunhanna
hall llond at 0.154. 0. for liarrisburg, and 12.08 no
fbr Pine drove and Trent pt.
Rending Acennunadntien Train, leavich.POttsvillu
at 6.40 • panes Itendin. at 7.3 e A. st , arriving
at rhllittlelphin at 10.20 livturning • ivvvee
Philndelphl. .1 6.15 r u . riming ItendlnV at 0..0
p. tl , arriving at Pottsville nt 9 40 P. a.
Puttottown Aretnniumlatitm"Prnin, tearer , Putts
town at 0.25 4 k returning Ina roe l'biladripitin ai
400 p. k.
Colonbist Rail Rood Trains learn itea.ling'at 7.20
•. ON MO' vR. fur Ephrntn, Lltla, ' , tura Mar
Columbia. Au.
Perkionien !tail goad Trains iel*e Bur , legoni Juno.
tint At 0,00 • g, (11.1. nod 0.30 p. k. rot wt.
lug, lnarr ralimon*ApillO AV0,1.5 4 kr • 1245 Hooti,
And 4.15 r eennen Ling with nljnilar traitor on
Reading HMI Bend.
Odebrookilille Mailroo(ltrnitni Mu)* at
040 A g, And 11110 P./.4 learn Mt. Bier,
ant 01 710µn .11 25 A. 01.. connecting with dinllinf
100 1 90 on lioldiag Mail Mad.
Chebt.9. Yajlry Mailridid 'mind learn Bridgeport it ,
0.30 0 at.. and 2.05 anti P. m.. retarding, leave
pen lit 0.20 A. 1.. 12,45 moo*, u,13.16 0. m.,
CidiarFerlig trojoi on rendalg hall i.oad.
on NunduyA Leave New York at 5,00 r.
kr., Pitlindelphin4t *. p ?;a/o
31. tr.ito pom.lop'oolp to Building.) leap/ Po6A.
•Ille 91 0.004 m ; lean. 11ArriAllunt nt 5 39 4. u • find
4.10 p. a.. lopri Altoolool) it 7;25 A. Y.. ni0141.45
plosyn lloaditiv at 7.10 o'. m„ and 10 03 0. 74.
fur 4111 riAburg, 7.24 4. u. for,New Yuri., x 14.45
p.Lf for Allentown, nod 0) 0.40 4.25 p St
thr Phllridelphla. ' •
.13omtutM0tiou, Mllunge,-Sennen,geln9 , l4 o tl 01xelit•
4 00 .1.10401,. band frnal. 411 Nil, rpdared rate,,
110gglign rianduid Ppouglii gmundr *Mowed nncl,
it D NOM
❑, A. N.l 1 )01.1.S. (1.1 up't,
JOudiug, NV 10,-1870
• On and after Multday, May 2, 1070, Passenger
Trahutwill run daily, nsfollowe, (iiundaya excepted):
• ••
ACCOMMODATION Tit AIN: loWea ithrrislawit
0:00 •, tl ~Modinnicuburg 8:35, thri to:111, Nowvillo
8:41, Shippeusburg 10:20. Chanibersburg 10.44, Green.
egstla 1 1 11 1 6,. a t irivlu at Hagerstown 111 ) .•, N. • ,
it iri 1 itia; Ithrripbuyg lI,J
Ve l nel d il:. !1 .1 1 .45 ' : 1) 011 'Carlo telsl: 2 ll l t:'4N " ),ll °t Cas "
lla 4:50,
atritilat at itllVTlftatta arl.4, i' a y , ,
ExpREM4 ',TRAIN loaves Harrisburg .4:15, 1.44,
.Mochanleaburg 4:47;Cardisto 5;17, Nowvillo 5:60, biltip
pensburg 0:17, arriving at ehatatutrourg 6:45, p
' A MIXED TRAlN,RavoaChouthersburg 8:00,a at
Orsoneaatio.9:ls, arriving nt'llagerathwu 10:00, • a.
c hambernthiri
5:00 • al, Bhippensburg 5:20, 'Newt/1110 0:00, Carnet°
0:33, Mechanicaburg. 7:02. arriving at Harriaburg
MAIL TRAIN leaves Hs gotatown .7:00 • w, Green.
eastlo 7:35, Chantheriburg 8:10,- Shippenebtirg 8:40,
n Nuivvilhi 0;10, Carlislo 0:48, Mechanicsburg 10:7.:
arriving at liarrlaburglo:ss, A, x. •
RRPREBI3 TRAIN leavos Hagerstown 12:00 at,
Grooscaello 12:28, thinuthuistairg 1;05, SION/ono lung
5,37 Nowvilla 2:10. Cannata 2:6U, Mechanicsbilrg 3:18;
arrlVlnt at Hanish') qt. 8:10,P H. •
A A/101: 7 T . JIAIN 'saran Hagerstovrn 3;55 P-31,
' Orenncnstln 1:1
, arriving tifelauribersburg 6:05, P at.
,—.4ie• Making Moo commotion. at Harrisburg with
traittpto and front Philadelphia, Now York, %thing
'ton, Ilaitimoro, Pittsburg, and all points West.
Q. N..LULI... Supt., ithpbrinieneitint's Office, Cltutleg, April 30, 1870.
101 Cor.:lianovor and Pomfyot litre eta..
• '(¢ feii l doormaoq . pa IlOntesgtore) ,;
Pure Rye Whifik t •['•l ' •' "
Beet Commo nWilleyty t , • ,;•; •-;;. • ..ol:
al7g‘ aPt r ei ' ? 4l i d „ Y o' • •••
, • • Bllerry'l•Viun,
•• - k
~-k ittiop'botry Synip;
• Obampagno.
arr Ens• INIIOIF,EO And CiLAngl'a
, , ,
• Real kstate Agept,iolltVener,,,Oonveyeueor, lusu
nue. awl Clalm,,Agent. Oract,Nfelu Street, twer
Oeutro a tuars. •
VIRGINIA LANDS in the 'Ellienan:-
dealt Valley for sale.—A number of valuable,
and highly Improved forum in "the Valley“.tire of.
Werner ante. The tructe run from 90 to 40 acre.
The tend to of the beet quality hf limiatono, folly
equal, if not aupqrlor, to the, land Anumberlend ,
Volley, and will hu dummied A' at aatonishinOylow
flgurce.• Ihe extension of the Cumberland Valley
Railroad into Virginia, es now eurveyed, will run
immediately through the t&.tion of country In
which there lends are located, which, when com.
plmed, together with the advatOnge of the Shenan
doah river tranapertatlen will give them all the It&
vantages of Northeln and Eastern. markets. A
aplendid opportunity fur lucrative Investments lo
here orro r pd.
/iron and minute deScription of the location and
character of the val lone tvacts may be had, by op-
Olying to A. L. t:PONSLER,
limit7tl' Real Dante Agent, Carilide,
ORE RANK F 0.4 SALE.—A rich
depos'it,of.the Teat quality flermatiti Ore
yleldln4 611 per reuti,eotuprlnisig about la ACHES,
loaded In Monroe township, about 2 miles tram the-.
Iron %Yorke of C. W. &I), V. Ahl, nu the south side
of the Yellow Breeches troth. There In a stream 01
water runt4prg through the 'tract atifilehnt for
*milting the ore and furnishing water power be•
. .
Pe'sons &Arlo. of vlcWlng Out bank way call
upon Ouorge W. Letdlch, at ..I,ldlclt'a lot'•
werly known ea Briekeen mill, Monroe .towushlp,
Combo, laid county, or upon
A. L. tirONSLY.II,
Real EFtate .egeut, Carllele.
30J uuebo
collent OreWoher, or the Ore Bank of Geori;e
N. Loidich, nearly new. W 1114.10 nold ♦ory low. At:
ply to SPON:ll.
t.8n170 - •
FOR RENT.—The brick residence of
Janice Bentz, iltuntid on South Ilanoyes
x reel, nearly oppbsite I:wily's hotel, will be lensed
for coo year fi um first of Anil] next.
. Also, ft colonlisbous two story brisk residence, on
Bart street, between Maio ro.d toothier streets; And
u lot of ground on the emit ,Ile of the tetort Spring,
belonging to the heirs of Joseph Shrom, decsa•sil,
will he else icon ne'yes.r limn the first of
Ap,ll wont.
The lenbeeriker offers ni pflinto. MI, that well
known ..
qnd Dwelling house, ititnated on North ' Hanover
etroet, t ton door' , nun hof It rlialo I),4rum Bi t
now In the occupancy of 11. Pokily.
'Phis peopioty it 41. feet boat On Hanover street,
by 228 feet inweptli, ton 12.t00t alloy
Tito front howr moaning the larveat b-et lighted.
and first .sp.rmettivnt btore Roots in Carlisle,
the Pc.ißbn in coneetind on all hot do to be most
cgotriti. 0001 prominent.
Thu dwelling house is hirgo and cornotodintut. and
19 oeti adapted to the 0-00 of a that clot's ry Pfate
Boarding Bootee, the need of which I,ato thtittly
I4lon I, alike to our ritigett, and Nieltors tent
rib rnatt.
There la a'. on thu font the lot; n tivo .tort'
har..l)nal that ly too, winch ren.s readily, at $6O
4n IMM.
'1 hi s prnp.rt.y Iv tdivro t at a low price, and OD
quite t.any, tom.. Apply to
A. L.
hergl Ent4e AA,,111.
2j. - tt
We are non' building. nod will b. leg out for the
ha: vont of 10;0, the New Pat rut Comteenuol Volley
Combined REAPER AND Idolyt.ll, with ANIF
RAKE, and all other bite moot. It will be
built in the beat ttyle, and warranted to wort path,
turbidly. The want of a home anode limper lite long
bearrfeltrrod nt MIT/ c o o or to tho
fartoern of Cumberland and adjoining counties
machine which 01411 be a complete andfMrfici hal--
venter, equal to the hmt brought front a dlatutice
Fut mrrt are regoratild to call and 1,41111110 it.
We are building, thin neuron only a limited uwn
bar of hey halloo'. The Nove:ty.bas the Yell Acting
I,rrangomont, or can be worked by hand, on the old
primly!. It will be made bt the bent material. In
handsome otyln...nd wroranted to giye antinfection
Saud In your order early. •
' We routing° building the original Willoughby
Patent lima-Spring.Oroin—DrillTetryrril - iructwur; ,- tid
popular among farmer,. No guud. fernier cm .Rod
to do without the Wi•lougtolty, fur it loud)• in.
creo.ror, and Improves hie crepe, Lind lio.ur pip fur Wu nueko it n n Orain and Gram, Serder
alone, or with Penn t Guano Attoobipool for toeing
iili,y(ilistru or boii4 too Within/oth)
with the allure's lo etritight runk or gig cog, at
lumen, mug proler.
We art, manufacturing a variety ,•t agricultural
iplenicritn, much nn horse powers arid three here,
der mills, Stir corn nLellure, tll,O nizen, Cannon
rat nLulirre, Eureka fodder Cutter, and keep nlwaax
hand the National Fodder Cutter. than Oars,
Ith cm ions other farming implotnent, Wo tibo
ate Fortier's patient Tire header, nod Porter's pa etth,
yore, ivokh every blockateith should have. Also
tot Inn, CYO] crinitier+, ktoth kettles, four Move, eel
r grates, tiro ititierent patterns, plow Callings rind
her rust to ga l Opt olnityo on hand.
• •
'The CAII.4IBLE COOICBTOVr., ..s.r ow. , o.tiog, fa
to or the heot Owl qliettpott ettete,, um,*
Au. het etofotr e we-glen. ur latent'. to
Lufkin. STE s.SCENQINES, and furnishing :HAFT-.
I'lll.l.lEa, nod every n art of tho
machinery connected with Papar bunk, Flouring
mills, Saw mills, Tanneries, Ate, Oar p. tto us for
ileum 01, gill,ea are front two up to twenty free bin be
power, combining sioiplielty of consirmit ion with all
modern improvement, nod furnlilted at no twinoi
dating pikes Or A i,h, build portable unglued 01
hone power for,limuirtir printing pr.sats, &c.
Wa Lave an extensive Variety of vitt• run for mill
worn, to whirl, we urn conatantly 1114111 g add,tions.
and Mil MI contract:l for engin.o nod motile at oh, rt
tkir Two. tipw tiliktfol.nry cugjnox IlEny apilxvi .1 and
far hallt
Attached to our establidlonrnt it MI EXii•IVIIVII
PLAN Nil 31114, and SABII •nd 1/0011 FACIVItY,
with all the notelthiery t 1 r uuuuft taring door and
frames, eu•11, abutter- sad b•lnds brackets,
inonlaln,s, cornice, -and Oral) drkpore, rail
and L tilltlleie, flooring-. siding and rvepAtAlier wells
In Elio line or bundlug natt.rhila (rota the lowest
prl..e to 1104 cl ins titllli I iy: contractors
in r out nil orders, Inry or small, bviug vfomptly ,
h it-ti
, 1 10 1/%1011.1 Vll onTlity pi rypaulli'll ,11111111
1111 talk tinatavr etatatantly in our mower yard
vditly for use. 7nnlll sires or lath tool law priced
II ors alw,ys on hat and other .rittliaittaidu to
All onirra rr N . poll, or. o l or rixr , lo
, unnealyn ult., an. 19,001 ql truklnern will ba
prinntnly altrutled to
AB .
Cabinet Maker and Undortalrar.
West Main street,
Premium. for Best . .F'ltilsiture awarded at
ull Cuuiaty Pettis 'twee 1857.] ,
• ..Ptirti Mire -of all _verhtijee...l bty lee of ,Verpign
and Dotnewle toonlikettiro,li,,u) the Nonni rbFewood
an4.4llithogeny to the lowext oflrleigTl pine
, 1
Dinlhittriont. " •
Pl.llOl . ITtllOl, '
Icltalion 1601
• - Ambrailog every article axed by Ilnuee and Hotel
ammo's. or. b a most approved acid Mobtunable deelgu
and Ilnluh.• Including also Cottage furnituen In cotta
Inception and Camp Chain, Mattraesex, alit NM./
pInSUSUS. Aeo ka ,
~tapParticolar attenti4 glean RS usual to htnnrala
order, from towt acid country, attonted to promptly
■nd on moderate term,. .
• iattrvh2l. 64; • ° .
J 0 EP 11'11 - A.L ONh Ct),
.• . .
Cabinet Makers ;. '''' ' ' l t ''
. .
. ,
..ur eettldishosont le ono cf this oldeS. in kiledol•
phis, and nom long oxperionco and soperOr Iseitltioil
wo are prepared to inruiell gotid work nt'lentonable
We nnuadacturo fine furnitore, id also rocdiuril
priced furnituro or lamellar vullt ,:' A llarga stock
of furniture always on hand. . Goo s ntedoto order'
Counter., Deeic Work, and Office Furniture for
Banks, laces and Stores made tolnler. . , , e . , ~/
Joe. WALTON I I J. W. LIPPINCOTT. Joe. L : Scoir.
.10feb70-ly . '
' :
. , .
, .
:Arch Btreot, •Plißadelphirt,
offera,for tho Opiing Trade a splendid yeacortpient.of
'Nottingham nod itonl.Lace OnTtaGni. WiodaW:Blindp
and Blinded, In tbo newest colon' and designs.,
t Cornices in Gilt, 'walnut and Itatiewood ,
lard •coVeht Matt, cut iondd
• ' tiprMiltnalletir hfattresses mado, to order.
Agent fur the Petexit eletallid Elpring•Hed, aturfor
,The'Patoot Opting Platufafer Window phadow
6liatazm"•'• '• ••" i• ii• lira , ' 1 %
,• , '
" .•
In the early &bleu morning, :t t .
Waking at tim hr. alt of du y,. •- • '
While my little"yolingstee darling t
• Close heilde Muftiestllpg• lay,
Footing to dad'', ttble sleeping— ' • ,
; Yearleg huy,pq dreams to hreett-=;
- Lay I tlrere arid eoftly•watthed ti
Nre from elerabor he should wato.',,`
. .
One small hitiad hie cheek ..unnprted,
Ono was thrown across my hreasi;
Soft and gentle'veas hie breathing,
Myn zephyr sunktu rest.
0,. thu cloak; fair, eilkon lanhes, ;
On the lid, teitallo at light
Acorn veins,' fondly noted,
Noble Law, and tyiexem •
As 1 looked ho sudden opened
Eyes that laniard.' nought my own—
Eyes th.t ailed with tender luie•light,
While ho spoke in cooing tone.
Fat her miulO a g Ood
When," said ho,'• ho Wit: Led you!
Pori . ho added with deep fervor,
"You are good end pretty too.",
Little heart, xo fund and faithful
Other lovers, where are tLoy.
Who woOlu think it naught; that locality
Time ix stealing fast away l—,a
Nadi!,lit the oyes despoiled of brightness
Naught the chock less ruuud and fair!
Naught tho fuutttep robbed f lightness?
Nought Tinis's powd.r u the ha r?
Oh, my little I
• Oh, toy little lover true
Always lindingla his 'mother
What is beat andialreat tool
Caught I him with italics sod kisses,
Clasped I him with kprloging tears,
Thanking God for such affection
To enrich my future yea, B.
(Many such, thank dud) there hr :)
ynur fe trent, ronieet I hood
Fonder lover, did you ere !
Chive lb oy deeper admiration—
Choker, tenderer, or more sweet—
Thou you lien hove from your °Miam,'
Than your lone Icy et your (out?
For ouch loveis (lod bath }deco me,
And I own him fourfold l reiliel
Tranquilly, thus love-anslroned, ,
On the future I eau gone—
the future, when If e!ti ism
Shell be flickering dime nilledv,
When the autumn tints hots faded
Into wintei t old and
Alt. try sisters! sh ray sisters!
I Jule know ye what Ye du;
Who refuse the joy cod being• . .
Of a love nu pure and true!
whose stran4e, pereerted vision
Chlldles , wifehond seemeth good— _
Who despise that frown of aweetneis—
Nol.l • eraau ut Ilu thertnAnd
0, ! he hew drock uric glens too much!
So I hear the Jeering !while soy,.
A, a yuong mon from the her-room door
Ours reeling fin•ch down the drunkord'e oy?
At d I wonder—W.l he eleggerw on— !•
114” v many, niutiy thouvinJe ouch
The snow flail: rood to ruin hove gone
Ily drint.ingjoet "one ytn•w too murk:"
A Ina Hen alto at the banquet board,
Her 1...) 1, aflame and her cheeks adttah;
tier dial have go .11ed of the Ilerydraoght
That drives torr putro in a feverish gash
Noon •hd daahUgh.ALthe....rihadsles.A;
She .Itrinks nut (rum the :rebore. touch
'the neuduil olefin. In thiki m n iduu•n brenst
Alen! elle hoe nip ul m e Ott'. too
A plidt el ands at the quivering holm,
While the waves with tierce and angry roar
Are drifting his bark, tkrouch storm and dark
To rocks that frown on a dangerous shore.
Lt onill do his as evolves, tremulous hands
chop the tlllei rottu riutFh;
wrerli on the recto!, a ellrilMe OH the eandn !
That eallor had drank r ghnin two much.
A thousand patriot• curry 11. it nigt
In the fight for freedom, hold_end_higtki
With r, lofty cow [age t he) 're rt,ing - hock
The legions that strllte
And n shunt of On Id put.
The covotodipriire they atheist touch—
When, alt from his horse their captain reels,
And the - day It I. et by—" roe glens too notch!
"floe ginwt . too much:" Aye, toll mu who 4.0
UDR , 111114 any the reolcloes tippler pats
'rho poisonous do p to ills tt,irsty lips
And Rtlll e•cape front oho fateful glasn't
Ynuug man, w strour In a seneronx pride;
Fair maiden, eu blow d wit Itlloality's touch
tnmpor not with the temp {nig tldot
The reryefird gigs n the gloom t much I
-- - •
[Oration., ad.ireanrri, &c., to detail, rrp•trod es fur rut kisttiLmi
The Commencement Gay of 'Dihkim
son College took place on Thursday last.
At lei), the Monity, students,
an visants marched from the College to
Ilbeenes nal], preceded by the Garrison
nand; Tho audience was large,4lie hall
being filled on floor and gallery, and was
largely composed of ladies. • After Mush)
by the band, an earnest prayer wieCof
lered by the Roy. G. Ilattonie, of New
• The Salutatory address was delivered
by William .13, Pishcr, of Wont ,Haver
ford, Pa::, iu Latin, The gestures of the
speittersivas good, and his delivery ex
cellent. " •
Oration by-J. 11. Melioehani•Philadol
pbia.7-Tho Inspirations of our National
Life. ,
.The occasion presents .soma striking
Contrasts. The ‘oliolar who, for four
years, lias been 2-IWy'vvitli the 'dead past,
giving voice to language which, though
once the delight of brilliant assemblage's,
have, with them," long since fled the
earth Voyerhauling systems of philoso-:
phy long abandoned ; cnntemplattug qut:i
tions 'whose life and likspiration :have
;alike : , ,gc . our out, is, ' TOWAY, confronted
with a now and • living rues, with ti land
teemingwith vitality, and glowing with
activity. As 110'0,1111(1s' horo, and looks
out upon the futuro,field of , his greatest
labors, and highest. rewards, and hears,
ringing in his oars,. the divinel:.conim:}nd
.—my- viuoyard—go--Work-,-what' qups : ,
tion bit such engrossing into:lca', can
~ ou-.
gagoliiil .thoughts, as :these which•grow
out of the steno before him? Thii itUdy
of tfiddifftirent nations Shows tiVat, they,
like indlidduitiS, haVO their different char- -
euteriatics, : While nation will bolt°
roprosentative of _ono class, of l ideasi, 9
priext'the cnbbodinient of entirely ,
difforentones. BanietiesiViiiiipulsivOie:
'ttaturc, i 'and . this . divorsity• and differenco
are fognibto havo bad!'lDOMOßn.fillrirelli
iiii3difyirig• the history; and controlling,
the (Y , ltill, iPii.„6:tiiii,4iikind.:; , I tiiei; :04)
greateet ',elements 'or the, hunrau ... minil,
and of nationspa ihO;theoretioal and
Practical, the idealand useful. Looking ;.
back to tho nations of antiquity, wo see
in than the duries of those;,two groat ale.;
ments, WhOsti, rule , was'dOriiined to be 'Sp
powerful tinal(ern)ming.,,,T i lte f3re g lce,p? l
hibited the" highest ilaieloPinent Of*the
:ideal ;, on th.6i `other hand; , the 'Roman
was the utilfarlan of antiquity, In that
nAty . hrize!o lipeenlation which- envoi-
S .
OpeiGormany,,we mark the :4oteitiohli
• propende*de, et: the . lileal ever timpraa-.
tiet' , the-intuitive , over the logiCaL i 'ln
England, on the other' baud; the logical
and 'ill° practical 'elements rule. Her
answer has alWays been to her.mort of
+progtnss--.-" Twice D'aAdo's et den , a, pren
tea." It is; in Onr:Own glorioud country
that theSo great inreinous' Currents are
'first seen - to,come • together, and mingle
their waters; to swell human life to a
,fuller flood; and it 'is here we note the
first• results of their combined efforts.
From these sources - was infused into the
11mo4icor1 the stirring,, force and energy
that.continually urge him on to new cony .
quoits, and- by the further enriching of
life by Beautiful" embellishments and
solidsatisfactiOn ; from: tlicSo Imtlerivad
that high appreciation of all that is bean.'
tiftil,.Pure: and holy in life;. that 'firm
condideime, and enduring faith in the in
herent goodness and true nobility of
man; those exalted conceptions of what
man might .bo and become. It is from
this union that wo draw the inspiration
of our national life, that prompts and di
rects'it's MoveMentsithat tend to the same
great end. That wo take to be the
Unlimited and untrammeled develop
ment of the' ideal nature of man. This
is-our national sentiment, so grand) and
so broad; which 'was breathed into us
from thebeginning; and which has over
been evolving itself. It is this spirit
that has all the while been prompting us
to now declarations of our faith in man—
n& the white man, the red man, or. the
yellow man—but in man,' Without dis
tinction of race, color, or essential con
dition. "flow grand has been.-lts mar&
from. the beginning. In all stages, in
all agonies, through all report, amidst
ups and downs, at times o'ershadowed
and then brilliantly luminous, it has pur
sued its way. So long as any nation
truly lives, it unfolds its specific type.
When it fails to do-this, the sentence of
decay-is already • Thus-many a
nation has hurried to its doom ; and have
we not to fear that it may be so with
ours, because false to its ideas. Bat let
us enquire elsewhere to ask this. Let us
go to the, long muster-rolls, made by the
late war, and covered with the names of
so many martyrs—names gone up to. im
mortality—and ask of them for what was
this groat struggle When they tell us
it was for a sentiment they fought; that
they laid down their lives for the unity
of the Nation ; would it not be wronging
them to further doubt that we will re=
main truiv to our national faith. Let us
hope that the scholar 'of future years
studies the history of the present age, he
shall 'seed not the short-lived contentions
and antagonisms 'Which. excite us now,.
but shall see, standing prominently forth
that all its movements'were,inspired and
directed by a boundless and all-absorbing
love for mass. May this be read as.our
mission, this our greatness, 'our nation
ality, our insist/la/on..
Oration, by, J. Jamen Anus.
del county, 31d.—A Word on Work.
The -- examples of the past, together.
with the broth field of possibilities which
is snapped before us, 1111 the soul With
aspirations for something higher and no
bler than is found in the, humble walks
of lifk Various and ingeniouS'methods
have been adopted for solving the prob
lem of life. The solution which the in
tellect has sou gist in vain, the shout in='
struetionspf nature revedl it'd hay__
teristic simpliCity and beauty. Whilst
the unwearied diligence of nature por
traitures the divinity of work, slow, Ist:-
tient toil, tho true element,. the keynote
of success,' Use Only method of fulfilling
the aspiratiOns of ,the soul, the , only solu
tion of life. Patient, systematic; work
alone can carve out from the unhewn
marble the ideal of our4toPos, the beau-'
tiful statue of success. Work, unceas
tug work is the "sesame" to the .EI Dor
rado,cif life and immortality.' The man
of indomitable will brooks not the re
straints of' caste or position. Every tnan
is a, sellipter, wills Isis life and Mane'
uncarved before hint. The golden ap
ples of llesperidel were won only by su
perhuman valor and pei•severance, ‘ sufd, -
success in 'real life comes only frdin pa
t_nt toil, The lines which mark the
distinction between - fiIIeCOSS anti faiilure
ace clear and well defined ; but the
causes which operate to produce , either
are the same. Tito mind lists caused er
ror and prejudice to down its its bitliliscg,
broken the bonds 'of' aristgermy and fa
naticism, and built up. from the crude,
scattered .elementw of ancient thought
and speculation, the beantiftil temple of
truth. The , charter of freedom; which
the t plos,ldings of past countries has be
(Pleat-led ;the nineteenth, makes ma'n's
success stow contingent, not upisn' birth
cssr position, but UpOn isidiViduat'effort
alone. Man is compelled to battle only
'with himself. Alone and unaided;the -
steadyworker his advanced loins' stage
to stage, casting doubt and error,
culty and scorn from his path Way.
has penetrated the /treana of nature,
threaded the labyrinths of Helmet's,.
lnuned. from the bowels of the, earth, a
glorious _confirmation :of Nse sbriptures,
whitened our coasts with the cauvam of a
juospermis - commerce,• and studded its
shores wip' a, Istpufved cities." per ;
t:liss to greatness, in our, country,, are
'open to a 11 . - Thohumbie,,mechauie, the
doh planter and fag former. slave, in
some q F greo at least, have; equal , •privi-
But 'work, patjent,lyork,, aline,,
although indisPonsable, will not attain for
us the highest success.
most generally attends won the earnest
plodder-4M ed -mot' 'say thAt, angel' is -77
Oration by E. W. Biddle, nf, ,Carlisle,.
Pa.-Sbolt a 13 - atm' Ways
',TliP,teudeney of all soionial ute
that l!as,"PirOx';'il?9`
Plato, who -drat•
gay° expreasion, , ,tO .to Abe
,Pl9polit. the primal . object ef,. '
thiulcara iktks beim so' to correlate physical
;Mid motaphysield' iMeMistri, g4legY,
astronomy aud the 'othe'r 'spionees' into
ono., grancf plrilosophy . ,.thap an Ail ex-.
plaining law, may, ' a Jaw
giimlly'arplicable * to the truths of ovely
ceioncm ,, ,Tho present is the most, ad
ymteed 4figq loge 'the
,9e, ,9elent . lore-dr(' now; ;digested
and. airauged, their elkantio ; oogtsptalron 7
dewed subserifient 'to use:- I) , laa,Lerrors
'llaVe doubtlois:"Oe4iir'ed,'fall,du :theorles
aross,, founded, upon' `JusuffleleUt
bon` but ' . to the
ltnewledge'beclitteidnl4gett'„:6s . lOloutid
fa lse t!' n .°P. / . 1 9r 1 1.141 J 1 ° ,1 , 8 - 8 '19 1 4 9 A? ) Y4 Y
of things , failing, , according
to the olac.Tdatin.iniMePti, ' Psis
diorom Nvo.ltuti' Seek (f bolter vaw
Ebtaicrittisti '6ll tinigs 'reqed
FRLLOW - 6TIZENS: In receiving the
various testimonials of confidence which
have been conferred upon me' by the
psople of my native State, I am deeply
sensible .of the circumstances under
Which.they have been bestowed, and of
the corresponding duties and responsi
_Unities ;imposed upon me, during the
.fulfillment of iny terra of the Chief Ex
eCutivd 'offiee in your State government.
Notwithstandibg a heart animated with
pure and Upright intentions toward the
welfare of. the'COMMonwealth, and with
all the faculties allotted to me unceas
ingly devoted to its service, I feel deep
ly conscious that I stand in need of your
indulgence, while I thus, exorcise one of
the prerogatives of the, positieh of Gov
ernor-:-to address the people when in his
opinion ho is justified by. circumstances
affecting their Welfare and interest; and
to expect from them an honest, candid
and liberal support'in return. . •
With such circumstances now before
the people,of Pennsylvania, I feel that
I would be recreant to. my duty, un
grateful to a generoUs people, and un
true to myself, if I should fail to express
to you my opinions upon a subject of,
public concern, which demands, from
you immediate attention, and prompt,
intelligent and independent action.
The inviolability of the Sinking Fond,
by which your public debt is to . be re
duced and finally extinguished, must
be maintained against all attacks upon
it, whether open or secret ! A public
debt is not a blessing but an evil 1-'-an
evil hot to be measured by the' amount
of the direct pecuniary burden it im
poses upon the people, but by its whole
effect,—the entire amount of all its cw
sequences. These
,Consequenees have
been pointed out so fully by the fathers
of the republic, and by the most reliable
Writers upon political economy; and a
conviction of them, is so deeply bp
-pressed on the minds of all reflecting
men, that I need not re-capitulate them,
nor insist even upon their. existence.
. The State debt must be paid ;—paid
honestly and to the utmost farthing, and
as soon as - it can - reasonably be done,
to this doctrine I am irrevocably pledged
-in every possible manner—and the credit;
of the State must be kept up to its highest
-Point, in order that this important object
maybe most readily, accomplished. No
belief .or. suspicion '6f bad 'faith or of
profligacy, oh our part, should be per
mitted to' get abroad, : or to derive the
slightest suppdrt or countenance from
the conduct of our government in any of
its branches. It should be utiderstood i
eyeryWhere that we have an incorrupti
ble and faithful judiciary ; a. Legislature
and an Executive disposed to work to
gether, and to co-operate heartily in
The operation of the Sinking Fund
was temporarily internipted, or •rather
weakened, by the regent war, but by the
blessing of Heaven upon the patriotic
efforts of the nation the. days of peace
have returned. There can now be no
excuse for diverting from that fund any
of the monies•pledged to it by the Con
stitution and the laws, nor for tampering
in_any_manner.--with-its—regitlar mcbnin , -
But it is known to you that a hold and
daring. attempt was made in the p legisla
ture during its last session, to invade the
Treasury and seize the - proceeds of the
sale of the public works of the State,
deposited there, in the sinking fund, for
the use of certain affiliated corporations
of this Commonwealth, and that that:at
tempt was defeated only bY the interpo
sition of the Exechtive veto. This was
to nio an ungracious and unpleasant'
task to resist the majority in the
lawn composed of Senators and Repro :
- serrmtlees — elfoTigeb tho
regular forms of the Constitution, pre
sumably for their intelligence and in
tpgiity ; and it was inexpedient,. per a question of personal interest
and lose;. that I tthould incur this
ity of powerful enemies by the course
adopted. But lOm beforeme the "open
path of duty, pointed did by the clear
words 'of . the Constitution '.and by my
oath ,of office ; and I did not hesitate to
treat the subject Ntith the firmness and
notion which.the-urgeaey of the ca §o re
The bill to distribute the securities in
the sinking fund 'among several newly
incorporated railroad companies, and to
sulistitilte for thin very inferior, if not
ntterly worthless' obligations, was sent
to me only on the cloy n4t preceding
the final adjournment of the legislature,
although it had passed botli houses
about , two weeks before. llorrow4
time from the usualliOurS of. rest, I woe,
enabled, the next inoadog, to aftliatthe
bill with my objections 0, the H0 . 16e, in
which it had originated. 'Plero its fur
ther consider: OM was postponed,, and
no final judgMent uPoli it \VAS pro= .
flounced. It stands now among the
open questions which may bIS revived at
future session. It May again be ,intro
duced and passed next' winter,or at any
subsequent tithe,- without' eMbarrits
bent front int:prier decision .of either,
llouso against it. A 0 if Ake [member-,
shipflf ; both houses so made up
,ally,thq that alwo-thirdOto'forthe!
measure-con be obtained in Codicils on-,
uctment into a law will . becoMo cortalm'
find the bnrdon 'of your taxeltivill ho in
oVltably'lncrohSed and'iirolongod.,
Au exeoutivo veto is the nature of
au' appeal to tlie'pdoplo, to °liable them.'
to pass upon Contilivertod u, ens
,vOVlihrgravo considerations of, publio
pcilay stir :safety. Upon a, question of
this, kind, in.which everyinall,- woman
tlio Commoinvealtli is Mail. - -
this , great"'prerogative'of - the Ex
ecutive, conferred by 'the Constitution*,
9bOuld . b 9 . ;foarlessly" exorcised.' Is not
-this such : nit'oeadsion?'ls not the sub-'
ject .to he: coiiiiiciercd ,yitally *Portant ! ?
Is itamt urgent that,you .should deter:,
'mine it fo'r, yourselves,
_in the 'selection
of 'Men to'ropreseut you in . the
turo'of'lBll ,
- it may, - this - question is in
fuel, pnbruittea for your judgmint.- The
ffie , o3tinetly.nnd openly'
tondo. , at-the. lust', sessieq ;between .the
iciOlattite', Alla 474 ..Exeontlyer and thAt
issue id nO r irhefore,.you. for, or, : nrhitra
mont i ' Unit you slrould :1118411ot your rep
each. and every C,ouitty .
in necoo4tpeu; r ond4o:•:,
tsrnrilnation 4OtithislroporttibtohlAjoet.,
;; Should., yell, by yo* indiffekepoii. to
the question, or'hy a careless and uneal
culating*choice of the persons to repre
sent you in the, legislature, enconrage
and strengthen the coriabinatiou of inen
who desire and threateu 'to invade' our
treasury; rest assured that the vast fund
now sacredly devoted to thb paynaeneor
the public debt will be seized and car
ried off.
The nine and a half millions of dollars'
of securities - In that' fund, - With all Elio
intetest to accrue thereon, will be voted •
away from tlio' peoples' treasury ; the
State oredit will be prostrated; your
taxes will be increased, and your Exec
utive will be impetetit to helryou. If,
on the contrary, alive to your interests
and honor, you sustain the appeal sent
to you from the Executive Chamber,
and you aro now about to select your
candidates for representatives, you should
determine to re-aillrM, with emphasis,
the corny andof the Constitution—that
"no part(the said sinking fund shall
.be used or pplied ° otherwise than in the
extinguishment of the public debt," you
will strike a just, severe, and tinildy
blow at corrupt legislation ; and protect
yourselves against grieVous pecuniary
The lesson will not be lost. Its salui..
tary effect will be great and lasting.
Both for the present and the future it
will improve the tone of public morals ;
. the unblushiirg- 'effrontery and
corruption, of the lobby.; curtail the in
fluence of arrogant corporations . ; and
secure the sincere commendation of all
good and patriotic men.
The assault upon the treasury, in the
passage of the nine and a half million
bill, though the most conspicuous exam
ple of the evil influences of Corporations'
upon the legislature, is not the only one.
It pos'Sesses pre-eminent importance, but
it does not stand •alone. Then, fellow
citizens, has not the time come for de
termining the question of title to sover
eign power in this Commonwealth ? Is
that power , a rightful and indefeasible
estate of the people,' or does it reside in
incorporated companies created by our
laws? Will you, with your eyes ppen,
consciously surrender the control over
your reptesontatives, and give your
consent that corporations shall decide
your laws? Sluill your government be
pure, patriotic, and just, true to-your--
selves, and true to sound principles of
administration ; or shall it be the instru
ment of corporate ambition and avarice,
and an object of public jest, ridicule, and
reproach? Or, in other words, shall
'corporations ,supersede the government
and become the masters of
. the people?
And now, my fellow-citizens, with this
warning, I leave this important subject
in your hands, trusting that you will he
inspired with the will and the resolution
to defend the integrity of your govern
ment and to preserve unstidliathe credit_
and the honor of the Commonwealth.
Executive Chamber, Harrisburg, Pa.,
June 6, 1870. •
At a recent einivention of the advocates I
of female suffrage in New York, Henry
_Ward Beecher_made a : }i i tirring address-on
the subject. His ideas aro welt worthy
the attention of the friends and oppo
nents of the' movement. He said that
he expected that every great movement
in a community would meet with ridicu
lous depreciation, as well as fair and
- honest resistance. We are disposed to
takerour share in the merriment that is
-made. We are not disposed to have it
said that this . is a complaining move
ment on the part of women—that - women
are frivolous, ambitions,-tired of- home ;
that they are antagonising men, railing
at-therm, finding fault. It is - not so, It
-has -long- becw - in ---- the - iHiita of many
that woven should be raised to an equal
ity in civil affairs wio man: But the
question is this: Have they not before
the law equal rights with`man ? Ought
they not to have in the administration of
public institutions precisely -the same
power that men have ? Mr. Beecher
'thought they should. lie proposed to
consider. some of the objections to
WOlllOll . B voting. One was the question
of delicacy. It did not. Make her more
indelicate to go to the : ballot-box and
cast a vote. She went through all the.
scenes of the late mar, encamping with
the roughest men, messing with thon,
yet she came out virtuously, unscathed,
and as delicate as eyer--a true, bonsei
midges, womanly woman, I mean. If I
thought otherwise I certainly should
not bunpgaged advocating her case - as I
do on all proper occasions. Who says it
deterSrates indelicacy ? Yen will find
that it is those who consider themselves
superior. The superior always must
look With disdain' upon the next lower
class. Killgs always ftiar if their nobles
got power that it would make thent
imical to the throne,. Nobles, fear the
burgher-claAses,'mni the bUrgher classes
fear tho pheasants and yeomanry, 'You
never saw au upper class . .that held a pre
rogative that could be'rna6 to - See any'
reason why-the class below should .be.
made equal with them- The. rights is
usually wrested Ahem - there; riot' gained
by Persuasion. But, 'Atori one - moment.
Will it hurt wbman individually, in the
liditsolofid, or in the family? Will it
weaken, or 'in any way `wrong the civil
state to introduce 'WOMIIn as an' ac
'tive.partleipautin public affairs? 'lt is.
this, that I will 'consider to-night,: Point
after point. (4.) • Whet is die exper i- 'endo of tho world irkhis matter? What
has been, the offeet on woman to enlarge:
her sphere 'of influence or aetivitY in. tho
-church? What-has boon her influence
iu tho - neighborhood and town? If there
can - be any question as , to her influence
'since the introduction of Christianity',
the Sphere hio3 been enlarged. Has wo,
man been going ,downin the'tcale for
the last- ° --p,poo. years? . r . She line' been
going up in the, scale of powera. , !-Is she
not to-day moron attentiv6 to several de
-tails'thauwemen who aro hot educated?
',Aro . they,worso than they wore 100 years
or. 80 . years
. or 1,000 years-.',. go, -when.
Christ them ? :YoU know,as well
rtrrdiS they are; better. [Applaium.] lif,'
'when , the little - sprout . springing from;
theapple soed haa'greem only So large,
has put! forth ono blOaitini, and the moSt ,
_exquisitely. tinted, a' aPploliloSsnin, l ,
and titan, after ild*otii*lndre,. that ,tree'
will'put' forth Its - bloSSOms ' again' In
greater. number le not every bloSsofn
just-as delicate aid
7 single .one? lAPplatiati;l
that in politics it is very different from
church affairs. Voting is very different
from ordinary canvassing. In what is it
different ? Do iron hesitate to say "Jane
take this. letter •to the Post-office?"
Your daughter takes the letter. and .de
positiit in the box., There is a great
deal-rnoreArooble connected with doing
it than with dropping the ballot, although
thein are' men there, too., [Laughter.]
Yes, but when she votes, all this rowdy
ism will be changed. There will be the
same arrangements made_ then 'around
the polls as there are now in the churches.
Things will be adapted to suit the cir
cumstances. The remedy is the vote,
and that is the remedy which we pro
pose to,. apply. Did you ever see 'a
crowd of men in a rumpus that when a
lady made her appearance walking
among them, did not spontaneously open
and show her respect and let her pass
through? They ask, Would you like to
have your • daughter go to the polls and
vote ? Yes—on my arm. [Applause.]
Would you have. a woman participate
in the preliminary scenes that lead to an
election? I • will tell you that the mo
ment the . women begin to vote, there
will be no seems preliminary to voting.
There will be a radical reform. I don't
like to charge, any body. inconsistently.
I think a great many-pbople are forget
ful. Detract from her great delicacy of
'refinement. No 1' Whatever on God's
earth a woman's conscience, tells her to•
do, she will do it, though she' sits in the
gates of Hell—and be every particle a
woman still. [Tremendous applause.]
But it is said if women are participants
in politics it must certainly undermine
the family, and introduce discord. It
would do no good, because she would
vote as her husband voted. Well, I am
glad you aro so happily mated. [Laugh
ter. ] I have a large flock, and my , ob
servation has not been that there is
such perfect agreement among them.
Tidings have been brought to me that
there were women among them who
have minds of their own, and I do not
think everywoman would vote with her
husband, unless her hutiband would
make up his mind to vote with her.
[Applause.] It is said : again, that it
would introduce quarrels in the family,
and that a division on politics is the
worst thing in the world. There is one
thing worse than politics. What is that?
Religion. There has never been anything
so implacable as religion, because now our
men are animals, and when they have
anything are devils. If they agree to
Aiffer in religion, it will be so in polities.
Theta is no danger of, introducing such
things by giving womeni' more power in
civil affairs. But this is what I look at,
this barbaric notion of tho-inforiority of
women. Every higher Clatis preaches
about the inferiority of everything below
him. Every_man=considers
best man in the world. The American,
con siders himself superior to the English.
The sane is the casein Trance. Every
Frouchm an considers himself God Al
first favorite. Every people on
the globe is the first people on the globe.
The' highest class all the way down is the
same. If you consider it among men
alone, all men join and agree, Whatever
may be the difficulty; but women hold a
second place—are of second - rate. - -Now
history shows that in some cases women
aro greatly superior to men. - Now, I
hold this, and that on the average she is
fully his equal. It is so, in the provi
dence of God, that where man is strong
woman is weak, and where woman is
strong man is weak. If it wore not that
thOre was a split between the fingers, how
could yetrolasp your hand? This idea
of the inforioiity of woman runs through
all public reasonings on the 'matter.
They consider woman a sort Of Tertian
queen. But the household is made pure,
strong, wise, andli*P.P9,.not to_tbre , ratio..
or woman's ignorance and narrowness,
but to the rittio of woman's 'depth, width,
power, enthusiasm, knowledge, and lib
eral occupation. People should not gyaBB
so much on this matter, wondering how,
it would be in - case so and so should
happen. `Mr., Beecher considered the
objections that she might not wish to
, vote, and kindred considerations, at
great length, convulsing the audience by'
his _apt illustrations and exceedingly.
pointed remarks and phrases. ,
MoNEL—Mon, work for it, fight for it
steal for it, and alio for it. And all the
while from the cradle to the grave, na
ture and God thundering in our ears,
the solemn question : "What shall it
profit a•nian if he gains the whole world
and lose his own soul 4" This madness
for money is the strorigpst'and lowest.of
all the passitms ; it As the insatiate Mol
och of the human heart before. whose
remerseless alkir, all the finer,ittributos
of humanity, am sacrificed. 4t melees
merchandise of all that is sacred id hu
man affections ; and, oven traffics filth°,
awful solemnities of the, eternal.
TUE 014 krißenei in the jail at 'Nan
tucket informs the authorities that if
they don't f 1 IT' the jail ao the sheep
can't get. into bother him, ha will be
blowed if he' will stay in, there.' The
firisonerTis the 'fight, and his request
.should be heeded. • • , •
• &MAIER MINCE. PIE.—Two cups of
sugar, one of molasses, *one of. vinegar,
ono of butter, ono'; of raisins, tit° eggs,
threo Boston crackers, ono cup of bon
lug-water poured outho crackers ; cloves
and. other spices to -your taste.. This
quantity makes two large pies. ,
118 a man was driving'dattlo, and wieh
iugto alter their course,* ho called out to
,a boy at a• short. distance to turn them.
Sayis:the hoy,, ''thOy oro-,:right lido out
now." '!Well, head thorn thimi" "They
have heads on." " Whose boyar() you?"
"I don't know, I'll go and ask method".
. .
A. JERSEY teamster has been' inter
viewed bY the ghost of a murdered... girl,
who desires him, to bring her betrayer
and slayer to jiatleo. As:she omitted to.
mention the eulprit'w/laMe, the chances
of doing so aro not good. r •
• Tun flOuth Oarolinat railroad, offers
lands' froS to Iminigranto, and to con
irlbuto $109 4 900 tow•arrds the constrpotion
"of an lino' or litcaers i)otwoon Cliairloston
'And Europe.
*62'411)64 Ildasi3 Do'
- -
meat rare, 01 . 0" 'll . l3ye,.llo3rder-71"kr?,
truidairi, ripi it throe tirnolo day '
' A siarionici dish-Stood-oysters.
ODE to my washerwoman—s2.lso.
A aria'', conveyance—The police van.
4 •
ASUPERIOn corn-extractor—The crow.
Nor a mien—A rich, handsome widow.
Burin money- - -The'price of the family
Tire shades of night—Window our-
Cuarmgrimet.k.x—A. fellow who has
"nary a cent."
A LADY inßusquehauns County finished
a quilt recently, containing 3,423 pieces.
, • PATIENCE -OD a 'monument—A 'slow
marble cutter.
Tun roost suitable labOrers for warns
Awnvox is but ararico, masked; and
Oun reputation doyen& greatly on our
.choice of companions.
WIIAT is the greatest curiosity in the
world—A woman's.
IF you Want to get a ewe crop and big
yield, sow•wild oats.
MYTHOLOGICAL festivity—Hercules go
ing to dine with his club.
Tußnware a great many More bottle
holders than prize-fighters.
A men widow weeps with one eye pad
laughs. ,wielLtho other.
WITAT is bigger than the biggest nut.
meg The nutmeg grater.
POCIIETi are like clouds once again—.
they have a , silver lining. •
Tua European standing armies aggre
gate 4,200,000 men.
ANTYIRACITE coal has been discovered
in Worth county, lowa.
AN . Alabama gent blazed a a turkey ,
and killed two boys. •
IT takes ten bushels of wheat to buy a
pair of boots in Wisconsin.
A. MARRIED c,ouplo in Maryland have
six children, all born deaf and dumb.
Tun city of Philadelphia has appro
priated $16,000 for\publib
A CONNECTICUT woman sat a bushel
of roasted oysters for a $lO wager.
WITT is drawing from nature Infec
tious? Because Its sketching.
LIVE within your means, if you,would
have means within which to live.
THE man who would keep hie" head
cool, shouldn't put a stovepipe on it. •
- Tint most pleasant reflection thatsome
young ladies have is in the mirror.
UNDESIRABLE book-keepers-those who
forget to return borrowed volumes.
• A Mr:iv ALBANY, editor picked up a
sixteen-inch garter in the street. - .
WHEN dOes a men impose upon him
self? When ho taxes his memoryi_.
Franno says man wants but little ear
below, nor wants that little long.
A Quango bank has throe tons of
twenty-five cent pieces in its vaults.
WHY was Eve not"afraid - of the mea
sles? : Because shg'd 'ad 'em ,(Adam).
A GUAGZ that often indicates the depths
of a man's pocket—a mort-gage.
Tara artist who is at work on a picturo
-of-spring f -is-reijilested-to-draw-itmild:
WBEN a large 'Widow weds a little
man, can ho be called the widow's mitoP
-pm English .novel " Cometh up as a
flower' , has been cut down like a weed.
FOUR boxes govern tho world : The
cartridge box, the ballot box,
,tho jury
box, and the band box.
WOMEN and wine differ essentially.
Ago adds to the attractiveness of the
A LOWELL lady is so strong an anti-
Baptist that she won't even use dipped
"Hunny mamma " said the littlo in-
nocent with his cut finger ; " hurry, it's
leaking." .
FABIIIOITAXILB women are like tho con
volitional school-mistress—they believe
in the switch.
As, English tourist thints the most
astcmishing feature of the American ho
tels is their clerks. _
FIE who pokes his nose evorywhoro
will sometimes poko it'hotweon a thninlo
and forefinger.
NEW YORE is to have an immense
musicaljubilee. this month, and . 3,500
voices aro engaged.
WRY would 'Samson have made a good
opera singer? Mouse he oould so easily
bring down the house.
A. cnutrry:old bachelor says 'ho thi4ks
it is woman, and not': her wrongs, that
oughtlo'be ro 7 dressed.
A. Yen= editor says the girls com
plain that the times strold hard that the
young urn eau% pay their addresses.
• A'. FACITIIO#ABLE clergyman in Chieige
warns. the ; sinners 'of hip congregation
that if they don't repent they will go to
the "place of eternal uneasiness."
,• . .
IW.Paris _they dofino a misor as "a
Philanthropist whop knowing money to.
bo the root of, all evil, sacrifices himself
for the good ; aide neighbor.".
- AN Irishman was challenged to fight
a duel, butfloelincil on the plots that bo ,
did not wish• to leave bis ould mother An
orphan. ' ' '
. „
A wart on hearing that a man had
up ohininey swooping, expressed his
surprise,' as irq thought tii. business
Booted him. '
A YOUVG w omanbellyached by a poll
tician which party eho was most in favor
of, replied that abo-loved - a wedding
. . •
A wwry writer •Well soya "a woman
.throw away itOr beet arm when abs
laughs ; 'and uses her most effective
w.eapon whim she ,weeps.
Haiti `is the pithiest sormou ever
'preached : "Our ingress in life is naked,
and bare; our progress through life is
.trouble and' care,`'Our egress out of it iro
know not where ; but, doing- wall More,
we sball do well therm , • .
AS a 'railway train stopped at rianuah,
a station in Indians, , the brake-:
man ihrist his hand inside the. oar door; ,
and called loudly : a - ,
.A. young lady,sitting 'moat tektite docsa,
probably endolyea.with the poetic atipel;
lotion, of „Hannah, ,supposing that, too
inalremaii,mwas addressing her, solt
shocked at his famtharitton so short in
aciilinfidat, l o o , Browned and retorted
Shut yonr mouth I"' . . _ •
/ $2.00, a year.