Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, February 03, 1870, Image 2

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The ordinary routine ,of - business
- - transactions. and -( iscussions was hroken
in upon last week, by the public recep
tion given by Govsernor Geary and his
estimable- lady, on, Thursday evening.
The Executive Mansion, wag thronged
with fair ladies and gentlemen, who up- -
predated the cordiality with which they
were.greeted, and who will remember
. with pleasure the enjoyment of the
evening. Every portion of the-State was
represented, and persons of all political
creeds were present. Tho aSsomblage .
was a very brilliant one, and_ in all re
spects the reception was' a decided
' • success.
• The Legislature is moving on in the
even tenor of its way, and has made con
siderable progress witliThome iinjiortant
measures. • On Thursday last the xecord
question was disposed - Of, at least in the.
shape it was 'desired to have passed.
The Senate bad ratified the contract
by the eonlinittce vi•ith ilir'Beranor,but
theliOnse tool( gi - rptite different view of
affairs, and infused, by a heavy majority,,
to approve it. Of course, under the
, present vote, the. record is still among
the things that were. There are sur
mises that the project will be revived,
and this may be posSilile. Time, how
ei-er, is rapidly passing, and the most
important nicasnres are crowding them
selves on the Legislature, and these
circumstances may make it, difficult to
revive ther record in any shaPh.
On Monday evening the Senate deter-
Mined to take up Senator Lowry'i bill
for the erection of the new county of
Petrolia. The passage ofthis bill to the
third: reading bad developed the fact that
almost all the Republicanswcre l Apposed
to the measure, and all, the Deffiocrats
in favor of it. Sonic malicious persons
• had seen fit, on this discovery, to inti
mate that the Democrats and the vener
able Senator from Erie bad made it'bar
gain by , 'which they agreed to vote for
the pew county, as a consideration for
Mr. EMU ' S
vole, in their favor, on the
two contested election cases. This rumor
gave the bill a general importance, and
the Senate lobbies were crowded in an
ticipation of a lively . personal-disenssion,
between Mr. Lowry and the opponents
of his bill. As soon as the bill was
reached, .4r. Albs, who represents the
Warren district, from which a slice is to
be taken for the new county, moved to
ego into Committee of the Whole to.rtmend
the bill, which was lost by axote of 17
to 12. -All the Democrats present, with
Low tie and Watt, Voted nay, and the
Re - Publicans yea., This was the test
vote ; the bill was put on its final pas
sage and the epoch making began. Mr:
Allen opened against the bill, and charged
a political combination on the part of the
Democracy with Lowry, and protested
against securing local legislation by such
means. IIe• presented the protests of
the Democracy of that region a,gaittst the
actiOn of the . Senators belonging to their
party. :Mr. Lowry followed -Mr. Allen
in .one of, those rather pecinlia• efforts
which he is supposed to considerelo
• (pent, and which his audience usually
find amusing. As the result was a fore
gone conclusion after the first wife, there
-was no further discussion of the merits
of the bill. It was, however, deemed I
necessary that the Democratic party
should be vindicated, and for this pun
pose Senator Buckalew took the floor.
His high standing in his party, and ad
mitted ability, secured for him, the closest
attention, while he disclaimed being a
. _
invty to any combinationon_tith.
— lion. and declared that no caucus action
hurl Legit had by the Democrats on it.
He admitted that certain causes had
sorted Senators on the subject, and hail
driven the Democracy en norksr to one
side, lint that it was not in pursuance of
any bargain. He further declai:ed that
if any such action had been
_taken, it
would be cause fur him to vote against
the ineasnre, irrespective of its merits,
to vindicate the honor and dignity of his
Senatorial office. This sounded mag
nificently in a speech, and was received
by the crowd with becoming attention.
Doubtless the Senator spoke the truth in
• • 'this individual case, and there was doubt
less no formal action taken by the caucus
in the matter. Tt is too much, however,
for our credulity to believe there was no
concertg . action with regard to the bill,
which every Democrat understood as
well as Ito understood- whylee voted for
Irwin. There may have been Mrsale in
the matter, and doubtless was none, but
irthe Democracy arc not offering pretty
big bids ,for somehody's vote WO. ace:-
mistaken . in the gentlemen. There aro
some serious doubts, however, that these
bids wiltbe accepted. After' the Demo
' cratic Seifators were placed before the
country as models of purity for legislators;
tbe'vote was taken and the bill paned—
yeas 16, nays lit.
• Alter thniew county was disposed of,
Mr. Connell called up the Metropolitan
police bill for Philadelphia, which ho
passed a second reading under tlio pre
vious question.. There was a strict party
vote on it except Mr. Lowry, who voted
with the Deinocrats. This morning it.
was- put on its final passage and we's
carried. This bill and the now county
bill will be the occasion of some lively .
fighting and-,scheming in the Dense,
with a fair prospect of being carried in
that branch; - •
As the coal question has, during part
of this year, excited considerable :Wen
. lion and many complaints, tr•o have been
. led to make a careful examination of the
subject, -in order ito ascertain, if poSsi
, ble, how the supply of this necessary of
. life MAU-regulated to meet all demands.
tind-the following to be . the kmown .
coal bearing territory of the world :
311144 of Col I furl.
.... 00:146
' ... . 7,630
.4 400
• 084
• , . , 800
• 10 10 0
L-. British—North A 111P1411
(brat Britian .•
:•1;11 '
' • ilnlinhilx
Chinn anti Japlit,
koilret vet annum of the prlnclpfll cOunt;lee
MO', ;I Flut.
I;relkt. . : ...
11;lash Nor,lt A tai•rlen
. ... ; ...
It will bo..4:Aiserved that;•althOuglt the
'• United States possesses 0110 hundred and
;.:nirieteen times the • coal ~ forritory :of
Greet;firitian, Ole produces abotit"one:
fourth thp amountof coal. '
In regard to lbe*price of coal, foci
from a' careful, annalysis of the prices
fora nruubcr of years back, that although
it bas apparently ruled very high during
parts lif,.this the average bag dean
IcSs.thanln a' inueber, of-previbu4 s'ea
nojim: The average price of'ivhite, aeh
Irpnp coal: by MO Cargo at 'Philadelphia
had fanged, follows, viz : .
Highest 50.1-1 y
,Averafie Lor,st Yeaq Awing°
i rric" Per I
84 er ;
0.1 . 2 1842 " 4
1808 4 ,27 1843...
a5_41,._.:,1,,. ..., 6•16.1641..:.
1834 • 6:161861:::,
1863 ^ 6 on'
1864 8 30 , ,
1868 . . • 7 80
1806 5 soi •
:,, -
And it is quite a curious coincidence
that • during the periods..of frog traq
supremacy and financial disasters the
highest prices Were reached& (except the
war years of 1863, 1804, 1805,) while un
der the effect of the protectivO tariff -Of
1842 and 1864 the price of coal haS been
uniformly - Qui ; and since the clOse of the
War the prices of bituminous coals; both
native and - foreign, hayo steadily . de
clined, notwithstanding the fact that the
abrogation of the reciprocity treaty,- in .
March, 1866; put ,$1.25 per ton duty
upon coal from British 'Ainerica, that
being the principal source 'from which
we draw our supply of foreign coal. As
there as been a great deal said about re
ducing, or removing entirely, the duty
on coal,-it will be-well - here-to ex
actly what kind of a support , we, 'would
be leaning upon should ,such a course
be pursued. The 'coal area of British
North America, as stated above, is 7,530
square miles ; and under - the inipressfon
that our seaboard could be supplied with
cheap fuel from that source, coal was
admitted free of duty under the recip
rocity treaty; with this result. During
the six years preceding •J 854 (the date
of the treaty), we imported from Nova
Scotia an average of 115,570' tons per
annum, while the succeeding sir years,
in which that coal was minified free, the
average import was only 125,060 tons
per annum ; and there was no percepti
ble advantage to home consumers in the
supply of coal until the general start of
trade during the war, or in 1863, 'and our
average import for the closing five years
of the treaty rose to 202,308 tons ; and
during the two years succeeding the ex
piration of the treaty, arnifiluringwhich
the duty of $1.25 per ton was collected;
the imports from Nov , a• Scotia have
averaged 283,312 tons per annum.
have seen the effect of free, trade and
protection upon the quantities of
ported coal, now what has it been - upon
- the, consumers, upon the reyenuei of
our treasury, and upon the producers of
American bituminous coals ?
The following table'will give the av
erage yearly pries of Piston (the best)
Nova Scotia coal, delivered by cargo in
Boston, their nearest American market ;
al.§h-average cost of Cumberland , coal at
same point :
Pl, ton. Ctool''d.
Per t n. Per tuts.
1601 Prue of dot. ' 9.4 67 ' ' ft' CO
1h62 d 0.5 or
.. . . ..... 0 67
13113 do. 7 4u N 04
10.316 du. 'lO 40 ' 10 88
1,116 do. U tO 10 89
1860 Duty paid 4 , 1 25 per 14/11 h 84 ' 9 IT
1067 do. du. 8 10 - 7 07
1664 du. do. 8i 41 , 770
1860 do. du. 788 ' 742
It will be observed sines the duty was
put on' coal the price has steadily fallen,
both of American and foreign coal, while
the stimulating effect upon the American
production_ hanbeeu enormous. lii.. the
year 1865, while coal was free, the con
sumptibn of American bituminous coal
upon the seaboard was 1,989,247 tons;
in 1868 it had increased to 3,142,683, and
the shipments the presein year will be
about 4,900,000 tons. Notwithstanding
the great inducements that were offered
the Nova Scotians Under eleven years of
free trade, they never produced in any
year over 607,990 toukt of coal ; would
we not, therefore, be - lbaning upon a
very weak reed when wo propose to
suspend-the further development of our
oivn - irast - rninerat - Wealthiaild - ro - ffejie - nd
for our supply of bitUminons coal upon
neighbors who have shown themselves
utterly uniaffe to supply our wants, al
though they had no objection to 'take
advantage of our kindness in admitticii
their products free of duty by adianc
ing their prices to the utmost during the
trying times of 1864 and 1865. The
effect of this duty upon the treasury is
.manifestly to increase its revenues
out adding one cent to the price of coal
to the consuiners in the United States.
- .
It is 'not evident from the foregoing
statement :
'fret. That the United States pos
sesses sufficient coal territory to supply
all the wants of the nation for genera-
tionc to come ?
Second. That coal, like other articles
of commerce, is subject to the known
rule of supply and demand.
Third. That the way to insure rea
sonable prices for coal is to encourage
the development of our own varied and
vast veal fields (spreading from Puget
Sound, or oven Alaska on the nothwest,
to Alabama on the southeast ; and from
the Blue Mountains on the, east to the
Pacific on the west,) with the full as
from past experience, that the
home competition will grout - to Quell a
degree as to preclude the possibility of•
any monopoly or undue advancing of
prices.—The Protectionist.
The Pews in the SeraMou Pretitit:erian
Church sold for $B,OOO.
Kansas- has 3,500,000 sores timbered
In Saoramonto the boot blacks , are
An apple trco in Vermont yielded 70
.busliels last .season.. . '
A Kontooky town of 3,009 inhabitats
fins no schoo) bonne.
Johnstown has an average daily at
tendallOo' of 745: scholars at her public
The bonds of the State of Poutisyl
vaniacOmmand a higher figure than Viose
of any other,State.
A Eitato Temperance Convention will
be held litho court lionse.inparrieburg,
on Tuesday, February 8,
A little four 'year.old, watching from
the ;window 'a procession of children from
.the orphan' asylum, exclaimed "flow
I'd like to • Uo an orphan anil illay 'sol
diers 113 i
• A joint resolution has been intriidneed
into the Kentucky Legislature provid
ing for the removal of President Taylor's
rennains-tOCave Hill Cemetery, at
villo, and.tlie erection of p. Hutt:dile. nitin
unaent over them.
5 . , 100
not rept rind
The Allentown Rolling lifilU.Company
Ims finished rails' on hand to ' the amount
of over s3oo,pob, with no:demand: The
Roberti Iron Company lave about $60, ,,
900 worth of from, laid 'up Awaiting put ,
chasers. : ' .
112,000,t 00
13 000,000
300 000
At Wilkesbarm Jast , week, a young
Man named Veasoy, „while intoxicated,
stepped into the troUgh•of the: great fly
wheel of a rolling,mlll, was caught and
eru'shed ppd thrown fo!M
horn the place, 6o much for inteninpq7,
,A huFbatul 11l Bb, Joseph, Mo., pa,
'tioutly ! lop
~iyhon-, his' ys . r,i, s co do-
SOrtell. him , ' but whim' a goods,
4uod him I'o . gootisibought by her as an
Mittitilo stoutly resisted!.theelsbn, and
Mo Court sustained Lim,'
't A
ground to atoms.
A Pennsylvania editor Lae .been post
' ng his books, and sums up as follows
I .Weathered a three month spell of sick'
noes ; built a now office; purchased a com
ilete-Chitilt*Of: new' tyPs 'the* paper";
adding the names of many now advance
paying subseriberi to bur- list, and an
other boy baby to our Family Circle.
Good bye, 1869." • -
In the the State of Kentuay there are
nine hundred Baptist churches, foitSt , .
three associations, and one tundied thou-
Sand communicants, of whom twenty
thousand are colored.
The London' Directory for 1870 con
tains the names of eight hundred Browns,
niuo hundred Jonesce, while the Smiths;
Smythe, and Smythos muster eighteen
hundred strong.
In the vote on tho Fifteenth (negro
suffrage) amendment in the Rhode-Island
Legislature, the Providence Journal says
that two or three Democrats voted forthe
amendment, and two or three Republi
cans against it.. Senator Sprague was
opposed to the ratification.
'Tis over thus that the proprietors
take the lion's share and the poor em
ployoqa„take what theymay. We allude
to the giving of men montlui' imprison
ment to the owner 01 a French radical
newspaper, while the editor got duly sit
An old-fellow who dwells near Ironton
Ohio, has a portable whiskey shop. It
&midge Of a jackass and two jugs. The
jugs are swung" across the animal, And
thus the propriotortransports them wher
ever there is a ehance . of meeting a de
Kansas his on the walls of its new
Capitol pictures which cost $25 each;
is very much pleased on being assured
by good judges that some of them are
equal to some in the Capitol at Washing-.
ton which cost from $5OO to $l,OOO.
The number 'of births in Paris in 1808
was 55,002, of which 39,258 NV ere legit
imate,- land -15,450 —27,979
boys and 23,029 girls. The deaths were
. 45,890 or 0,112 less than in births. In
the same year 18,590 marriages wore cel
A ToledO German, who has been keep.
ing a saloon' for the accommodation of
printers, has ,been obliged to suspend.
Gillis books were found the following
named members of the' craft : "Dor
Laim l3rinte?; •" "Dor Ladle;' " Dor
"Pon; Puller Brinter ;"" Der Tivcll; "
"Der Brinter mit der red hair ;" " Der
Brinier wit hair not shooed so red."
Some San Francisco newsboys' sell
other articles than newspapers, and as
tonish-. -Eastain visitors by crying;
"Here's yer Evelainb' Tribune and cough
candy cures coughs,colds, and eore-tkroat
latest 'count of. the earthquakes—only
five cents a copy, or six. sticks for a
It is estimated that the amount of
money depOsited in all of the savings
banks • of . the United States aggre
gates 500,000,000. If 'our population is
400,000,000, this sum would give $l3 .50
per.-head for every man, woman and
child in the country. As most of this
vast wealth comes Iron the'earaings of
the poor and middle classe4; - it is plain.
that labor is: well rewarded in - ' . the
United States.
tnCessago was the
seventy-ninth since the organization 'of
the present State Government.
G. W. Haupt. • esq., a rising young
member of the Sunbury bar, died last
week of consumption..
IfrS. Esther Reed, aged nintey-six
years, died suddenly last week at her
residence in Woodward, Chester county.
T. S. Reed, esq., 'veteran Cambria
sdunty editor, is about to write the rem:.
iuiscences of his life. Forty-one years
ago,he printed
,a paper in Johnstown.
Rufus Choato was
, the .worst penman
ever coniocted with the Boston bar. Ito
could not decipher his own manuscript,
and made it out only by recalling the
senso of the subject matter In hand.
After his death his friends could , Make
little or no use of the anahuscript mat
ter which he left and to this circumstance
is mainly due the fact that no complete
volume of his life, writings, kc., has yet
been published.
The Hon. George G. Wright, the new
U. S. Senator from laws, in.his Profes
sion of faith addressed to the Legislature
just before his election, says :
I would stand by. Protection
to home Industry, and ...Manufactures.
This is part of My boyhood's kith, and is
the conviction of manhood ; and this not
to build up the individual, but to protest
and benefit the Million."
Mrs.l McFarland-Richardson is publish_
ng sorno - of Mr: Ricbardson!s works:
the billiardiet, has pur
cha'sed a $12,500 - reSidence in Cincinnati.
• 8. Generals feglellan'etpilettes at•
tract attention at Wa 7 c!hingten. , •
James Gordon Bennett, sr., of the Now
York Herald, is confined to his reorn,,and
too ill to see friends who call.
"Fairy Betsy" is the name of a•Pawneo
belle of Omaha. She is an ardent ad
mirer of whisky straight.
. Mr. Burlirigame7s mission has been ox
tended.fOr two years more, with $70,000
in gold' per annum for. his travelling ex
penses,. „ . ,
Donn Piatt writes that any one pos
sessed of a whole coat and a clean shirt,,.
and who is a member of Congress, oats go
into Washington society, at once.
The Hon. jorehaialt S. Black is writing
a history of Buchanan's administration
from November, 1880, to . March, 1.801.
He was Buchanan's Secretary of State
after the retirement of Cass: •
Jeff Davis is hard at work as President
of tho . Carolinti'Life Insurance Company,
of Memphii, 'Term. Gen. Braxton Bragg
is the Company's agent for New Orleans.
' Alexis 'St.' Martin, whose side was idiot
away in'lB22, in such a Manner 'as to
nose the action of the digestive organs to,
the surgeons's eye, is slilyolive rind well
in Cavendish, Vt... •• •
Bill Childs, a notorious • busdnvaolcOr
during.tho war,. recently hung in a
barn on tho . farm of his. mother, in La
fayette county, Ifo:, by !is party of citi
.zons Nyho knew Wan and appricb
:Mod his dame.!' •. . •
tiorioral 'doioribed aa
loOking.aa bright and young eat' worhark;
of forty. Her, arm '
aro clear, coinpleo4;.
Lion fresh, auditor:stop elastic: flaving;
after toilseme yearii,', a vast es
tnte, she announces that tlio bulk of- it
'shall be OinepdOd.iti pulilia chart toe. "
,A diyhtity,stuflent recently sahl i te • th 6
llov. Wray Wartpleeehor tlo Yois
,the, doctrine of election?"
/ 0 Well;" was the ronlY, "whoa alniat is ,
soundly converted, I toll WI ho. is eleete'd.
I riveach that aftttr,the fact rather than
1 11 v;.
•'.;; • .
f ilikrrin_Death'!'livos in • Warren, ;Ohio.
When he.. m-ntinister,'-aaid,-
Vion dolt this woman for thy
wife, to tiratelti over .hor in life Orrin
Death." A iiekt celebrated tho event 'in
linerbegining, "Thou host
sons for thine own, 0. Death." , •
Colonel Jones, of Monnioirth, N.. 3.,
owns the original. topi• of z the famous
Lecompton ConStittition'ovOr which the
tho . eountiyhoursuch a wrestle. It is on
a square yard of pnrchment,- - was twice
captured during the Kansas troubles, and
went safely through tbe•, sacking of
Lawrence. '
A Cuban grandee, who-died seeently,.
goes on tho mortuary record as " tho
ExcellentissiuMScnor Don Pedro Pablo
O'Reilly, Count of Santiago, , and Mar
quis of San Felipe, Colonel of Volunteer
Cavalry, andtlie possessor of five aroma
andgcat crosses of an many different
Spanieh ordera." Poor old roan I ne
wonder he died.
Ore rarli,slt
VOL. 70. NO. CI
The harmonious Democracy aro in
trouble, and this time strange to say,
the nogio is at the bottom of it. In
Philadelphia they are' having series of
meetings' at which their great men it're
expected to instruct their followers in
the pure doctrines of Democracy.. The
first of these meetings was hold some
time since. and the speech_ making for
it was done by'Mr. John O'Byrne, He
certainly took new ground for the party.
Ho' advised the discarding of 61d issues,
and declared that ho personally wanted
no restrictions of political rights on ac
count of color or race. As Hr. O'Byine
declarei to be a Democrat, and as it is
quite probably he is an 'lrishman by
birth, this was being as liberal as any
ono could desire. Some very credulous
people supposed that this speech indi
cated. an - abandonment of their old ideas
by the Democratic party, but thin proved .
're mistake. Their papers didn't very
heartily endorse Mr. O'Byrne, although
they wore prudent enough to denounce
negro euffragoAn as strong ternis as
formerly. They, however, wanted anothe
oracle and got one.
Hon. Richard "Vaux was gently. re
minded by sonui body that the country
needed a speech from him, and he forth
with, got one up. It - did'nt surprise
any body on account of the progress it
Indicated. Mr. Vaux don't believe in
„negro voting, nor negro citizenship, nor
the coLercion of States, nor any. thing
else that is contrary to the ancient land
mark of the Dcmo - Cracy.' , The' Phila
delphia papers used to get off =MY
jokes abontati old hat that Richard per
sisted -in wearing long after -it should
have been laid away, but s his political
ideas aro more antiquated than any head
piece he ever wore. They belong to the
generation that sold men for money, and
robbed other men for being abolitioniits.
Yet doubtless Mr. Vaux is regarded to
day by his party as , entirely orthodox,
while Mr. 013yrno, is. considered almost
heretical enough to be excoliamunidated.
• There is no use fora man who is will
ing to believe in ,progress of any kind,
to allow himself to remain in the Demo
cratic party, in the hope that it will ad-
The great mass of the party now believe
that the institution of slavery was right,
that the rebellion existed in the North
and not in the South that the men who
maintained the government wore .disloy
al, and those who fought to overthrow;
were right in principle,' and, but slightly
wrong in action. They dream to-day
that some lucky chance will some day
take the ballot &mane negro, and drive
him again into bondage. It is hopeless
to attempt their conversion. Good men
tried it at the commencement of the
slave holders troubles in. Kansas, but they
were turned out and formed the Repub
lican party. Again it was tried at the
beginning of the war, but the men who
attempted to teach the party patriotism,
found they had attempted an impossibil
ity, and some gained their politioal for
tunes with the friends of Union and Lib
erty. And now, when for party and
country, and individual, it is necessary
that the exploded follies of bygone years
should be dropped, 'the men who had
brains enough to .realito
,this fast, and
honesty enough to admit it, need n't
waste their energies on the Democratic
party. Lot them come, and from it ad
Senator Buckalow has introduced a bill
into the Legislature which is intended
to develop his "
pot theory of minority
representation. It relates to county com
missioners and auditors. It provides for
ttio elvction of three commissioners at
the sable time to . servo for three years
each, this making•an eistiro new board
.every third year, instead of putting in a
now in
pomissioner oach.year. Tho same
provision applies to the auditors. The
bill also abolishes the office of jury com
missioners. Those are some very impar-.
tial 'Changes, but in tho minuet of elect
ing is the great feature of the bill.
This is provided for in tho third section
whieh.reads its follows :
Bac. 8. In the triennial elections of
county commissioners and county audi
tors provided for in this ,act, (com
mencing with 'the election of county .
commissioners, at the general election in
October next,) each 'voter duly qualified
may distribute his throe votes to and
among candidates as he shall think fit ;
may bestow them all upon onti candidate,
Or may give ono vote and a half .to each
of 'two candidates, and the candidates
highest in vote shall ho declared elecied.
The intention, of this is to givo ,the
minOrity,party a chance to elect a, por
tion Of'the Board by combining their
votes on one or two candidates instead
of tho•wholo three. liThen tho Lill comes
up . llr. BucicaloW , will doubtleds speak
to it at length, find tho matter will then,
be pi:for general discussion. The
mount:o is somewhat novel in its nature,
but'any change in this county must bo.
an improvement.
dolui Ledig, eig„ our Repredenta
.ibio'at Idarrisinirg; has presented a re
thoistranoe from the citizens of this bar
oUgh, againet the passage of an act
lowing this",authorlties 'to dnoreass ihn
ratO of taxation. Ile had' also "preionted .
a, remonstrance from the <Aliens of Bast,
Pciphsboro township, against tlic pFssage
ofin act to prohibit the male of iiitaiica
fiatiorr in the Said township:" Mr.
Leididaleo imireaso
the pay ofjurcirti;and . witisessei
berland.cminty._ di,givesjardis two dolL^
lars per day, and witnesses one dollar
per.dity; The bill Ilhould pace,
[Von, F. P. Blair, rebehtlf n, candidate
I:9i t the Vice -Presideniiy-on the.,treino
ciratio ticket, *u; rifulle4 ;his vote; in
]liesoUrf becaieC he take e
oa;th pOracribed : hy the Constitution of,.
Hm litigaled the Matter arid
the Shprenie Court of Missouri decided
he could vote. An appeal was taken
to .the : Supreme Court of, the United
States, and that tribunal divided equally
on the question,-T . he decision .9f tho
Missouri Court therefore stands, and Mr.
Frank do n't vote. : • "
Tho Washington correspondent of the
New York World interviewed Mr. Rev
els, the negro senator, elect, from 4iss
issippi, at the house of cleorge F. Do •
ing, another negro,. at Washington. IS
this social equality, or how is it 't
Mr. Morton has introduced It bill forth
admission of tho State 'of Mississippi. It
contains about th'o same•• provisions as
the Virginia bill.
Senator Cameron in a recent sieeeh
contended.that a resumption of speak)
payment is what the"country needs more
than imy thing else.. The Senator is ex
-actly right ou the subject, and wo hope
that his fellow Senators will all see the
matter in the same light. Within, the
Ig - eat-six months gold has declined half its
premium, and - no body . wai hurt particu
larly. The remainder is n't much of a
dose. Lot us take it at once and be done
with tlifthuspoilsO:
The New York Work/ like other papers
gets sadly mixed at times. Last Mon
day itlisd two editorials on the' negro
'Senator from Mississippi, one insisting
that the Radicals in the Senate would
not admit him on the ground that he .
had not been a citizen nine years, as
requited by the Constitution to be eligi
ble. This article was show
that the,Radicals were, anxious to .have
an excuse to keep hint out. The other
article insisted that they would override
this constitutional question in order to
force him into the Senate. This wins
written to show their determinalion to
override the Comnitution. This is hedg
ing to some purpose, even for a Demo
cratic paper.
The - Hon. Richard J. Haldeman, mem
ber of Congress from this district, saw
fit to vote against abolishing the frank
ing privilego. Of course it is much
pleasanter for Mr.- Haldeman to have
his letters and papers carried at the cost
of the people, than at his own ; but wo
doubt if the people will - thinle — it — so
pleasant for them. By the way, the
Volunteer has a first class chance' for a
fling now at the Democratic member
from this district, which wo hope it,will
improve. •
Gen., Franz Rigel has Veen confirmed
- Assessor of Internal Revenue for the
sixth, district of New York.
The investigations medo concerning
the great gold conspiracy of last Sep
t4mber, entirely exonerates
,Gen. Grant
or his family from any eonnection with
them. "Will the Democratic papers
pnblish-irde facts now, as they have pub
hailed-enough of their own shitements
of the matter.
• Secretary Boutwell has ordered the
salo of four millions of gold, and the
purchase of two millions of bonds, during
February. Why not purchase four mil
lions of bonds, instead of two?
A bill is before Congress to reduce the
salary of the members to $3,000 par an
num. That sort of bills do n't usually
pass, but as the franking privilege has
been abolished, perhaps there - nay lie a
possibilityof this going through.
Democratic journals now concede that
the Fifteenth Amendment is virtually
carried. Pretty soon they.will also eon
cede that Samba is "a man and brother."
Times change and men clump with
Judge Woodward, of Pennsylvania,
voted against abolishing the' franking
privilege, and also against the purchaSe
of League Island. The Judge regards
himself as the State of Pennsylvania,
and that may account for his vote on the
franking ; privilege, but the other vote
seem inconsistent with that theory.
CAP. 1.101,11 I . IIODUCIS
. Weekly 'by R. C. Woodward.
CAZLIALII, Yehrtury 2, 1810.
$5 20
: 00
1 10
1 03
ccovznsnien, •
Correeted.Weekly by William Wathmood.
c.ll.aux Pubroary 2, 18T0.
11 66
)101{Ey, MARKET.
cr:osixo PRICED or DR irkram t •NIOTELHII,
42 . 9 Rduth Third Eireet,
• ' iu•, • WoUrusri 1,1840,
44 4 . V :
• 11 4
'l4, • • • • 115 .. 111
• ,lie 115
'O5; tor,- • • 'll4 • 114
1 3 1 111 5 11 4 4
• " • '4l, - •
" 10-40'e, • ' • 112 • 112
1,8.'50 Yeer,O per ceuegt. f_•.• 111 .111 •
Due Compound Interest Note. • ' 19 '
(told, . •,•,„ .1111% 12i,t
811rer„ e. • 118% 111
Onto. Taclfle•• 11. • let M. Donde, 970 lBO '
Netts) l'aeltle It. /4. • • •,• '945 990
Unto. DeclOo. Laud. anuatliunds, 510' _ 700
tiotzn—ISEPWORD.-0i the torentreereetk
bolo,- to koohoetooturg, by_ Rev. abbe Ault, lt.ft.
Slim Moyer , to Ml es mete .Eeproxil, both of Silver
Elprheit tureoblp. • • .
111011bIEON-111rtLAN.--Ou Tuesday, theilrst to.
ate,. by J. A.; eturray, Twormorrhion to Mies
Plahll In. 'Lhasa. ' • •
911/11111AU411.—Os DeesMbar, 14, 1609, In Obass
filgn• county,"llllnolcintanda Shambaugh, wife of
Ithutasola. Y. Woonhaugh, formerly; of „county,
.`id twinity-sOlrell yams., , • • • •
Wyrrsahtsase of Lir =calor, Yrs.
Washmood, In Malls's, on Thursday raoroing, Janu
ary 511, Mrs. - Anna M. Kollar, mita of X. X. Lollar, et
Velpplinsburgouged about 0,04'440 yams.
• • W . WOIK:WoifirD.
Dr. ISPArrell 'Areaiican Dympoiala Pllbs arid
Plus *4.3 aria paeltivo bad naallibla
sure (cer:illyspepaWat its ratet aggTayatid fermi. and
iao mat tea , if ataialleg. ,
Thar penetrate the secret abode of this terrible
Madam, and exterminate If root and - branch, forever
They alleviate more agony and silent euffoting than
tongue eanjell. • .• ,
They Faro Doted for.cdring the most deuporato and
hopeyss case,, When every *min mom fail to of
:No form of Dyspepola or indlgoalon can • retie
ttpar penetrating power.
Da, Pine Tree Tar Cordial. It is the
vital principle of the Ono Tree, obtained by n p
ortlier process in the distillation cf , the tar, by which
itellgheet medical prapertioo aro retained. It invig ;
orates the digestive organs and restores the appetite.
It strengthens the defAlitated system. It perinea
and enriches the blood, and expels from the system
tho corruption which scrofula breeds on the lunge.
dissolvee the mucus or phlegm which stops the air
pa !ages of the Wage. Its healing principle acts ,
• Irritated surface of the lunge and throat,
enetratini to each diorasad part, relieving pain and
subduing Inflamation. It Is the result of peace of
WAY and exporiment, and It le offered to the afflicted
with positive assurance of Ito power to cure the fol
lowing diseases, if the patient. has. not too long de
layed a resort to the meoo of mire: Conettniptleu o
the Lunge, Cough, Pore Throat and Breast, Br:.
chine, Liver Complaint, Blind andliceillng lithe
Alpine, Whooping Cough, tiptherla, he.
A Amities' . expert, holding honorable cellegloto
Diplomas, devotee his entire time to the .RUIIIIIIIIOO
of patients at the °fere parlors Associated .lth
him are three ooneniting playetalatm of acknoivledge/1
eminence, whose servicei aro glve• to the public free
of charge, •
,Tbls opportunity le offered by uo othor !tallithim
In tlio country.
' Lettere from noy part of the country, ne4log ad
.Ice,.w 111 lie promptly and Er ra!utlonel y roe, °tided t
- Where eonronleut, romitteueee should take the !Mop.
of Drafts or Poet (Mop orders. ,
Price of Wight& Ve American Dyepepel a P1:14, •$1
ox. Bent by mall on receipt of price.
Price of Wiebart's Plot Tree Tar Cordial, SI,MI
Mlle, or $ll par &moo. Sent by exprces.
All .mmunladions should to addreonod
L. Q C NT, M. D ,
No. 232 Ndrto Second street,
Two scientific pub:kaftan. ■ru In the Held against
the hair dyes of which 1, ad Is the bas'a. The Now
York &fad - tell °rosette" and "The Journal of Chem's ,
try" bitterly deo••ouce them .. `fiit the hair may be .
safely dyed. nave you semi' fief. Chllten's teal
re ony, founded en a careful analysis; and certifying
that Chrlstadoro's Isselsiiir Dye Is not only a Met
class &Well, for changing the color of the hair, hilt
abeblately safe.
Chtlatadore. Hair l'rerurvaltre, as a Dresaing, act
like a antral on the Hair after 1))6111g. Try It.
ejan7o-lm -
And about itio Kitlne)e, aro relieved at once hy tit
application of onirol t Al'cock'e Porous Piasters.
Meoero, I hos. Ancor& & Co.: During an ',tenth°
pn dire of ten years I hare t.•en a (nu:tool Witllo-o
of the trinicol qualllea of your Porous Montero. I
can certify that they aro ell yen chain: f r
Nouour I: Caolruzu.,ll. D."
Dr. M 3 ore, of Farallon Go.. says they are the beat
mechanical supporters for steak munches et er di,:
encored ; that by thou worming properties they Ming
power rend health, until the strength of the :metrics
are .nlirely restored; that tin knows s rim whirr
Alleock's Plantencured a galitlernon eta weak spine
that he daily prescribe them In Ms priortiel3Twith
tho happiest results. Ojen7o-1
We have Just receive& a large lot of finest quality
Glassa - ure, comprising-several of the !stew t and moot
popular patterns. Wu have very greatly reduced the
prices; 'wholesale and retail throughout, of both
Glasa ware and Queensware, and are now offering
complete Tea and Shiner Set t‘combinril, coin priid
nearly 100 pieces, at the unprecedented trice of pi,
which setts are similar in quality to the Philadelphia
$lO Dinner Botti that cqntalu no Teawaro. 'Wo have
also on hand a full tine of Groceries, Tobaccos, Fish,
Salt, Oil., /kr., at seceedingly 104 rates, both whole
eale and retail. riell11; All and see and ho convinced.
Des 23, 1509. Wal. BLAIR SON.
P. S.—Another car had Goal 011 just received and
for sale at quite low rite,.
Their great value consists In thin : They may be
used no long as any discuss agesta any of the organs
- ortwbayr linirrynatrretarror
the disease will be cured, and the tody reattn , ed to
beslth, fee from every taint and Impurity. Their
reputation preves their merit.
, Tbomaa 6mtth Cornier-and Juat Ice of the Peace
!feelings-co-the-III:Aeon, eay a ilrandrotlem Pills cured
hlm of Dyer*.la and 11amtburn,whon every other
medicine had failed to ralieva 41m. Coitificato dated
♦pelt 2, 1809.
Dr Jffrner, of SarannA, Ueurrla, ..yo Its hoe, (or
nearly forty years, rorommandeo • Bouldroth's
WI a spathe lu yellow fever; thrt he fotour knew a
Natant to die who took thous fur this malady, being
otherwlso sound. Their prompt use takes nut of the
body those matters whirl, f.vJ the fatality of the
dl . ♦s a aensral family mudlelne, b. sottnidtm
them far In atlsan . se of •11 others, and here he
speaks from sersonal 41u,vrienco of %Ink qualltho.
26u0l m
Table' Derby Condition Powder. nrr•'o.lrrer'e,
animator to any ethnic, or 110 pay, fur OW rote of Uie
temper, Worms, Ihn,Couglin, llid,ubunnd, Cobb..o.
In Mows; and :Colds; Conga., lens. of 31 lk, Black-
Tongue, Ilan liateurper, Ic, 10 Celt!, They are
perfectly safe and Innocent ; no need nf•elopping tilt,
working or your anlmnlr. They Itc remit Ihroprollte
glom • lino coat, thane° the NU 'ranch nod urn ivy or
gnus; Moo Narrow the run of err • o. Try 111.111 and
you will never be without thuil. Tile late Intern
Woodruff, colotrated trainer r f trottleg 11111'd
(loam for yenta. Col, I'hllo I'. Duch, of the Jerome
Bate Count, Fordkone, N. Y., well not uee rtrur
until he was told of w hnt tluy are couipese ', entre
which he le riavar without them. Ile lone over twenty
running horses 11; his 'barge, end f r the last three
years has need no other media! no for Drew. Ile bas
►lndly_perndtted nos t i refer any one to Wm. Over
4,000 other referee car can be aeon at the Dep •t.
duld by Drugglats and Writers Price 25 c.nto per
box. Depot 10 Pak - I'lece, NOW York. fJer.7lilltn
JACOB beseare--nem Eir: I hove been afflicted
for the lent te■ years with the ititeutuailstu and
Gout. Your 'flitter, woe itootuutended to WO. I
bare used it, and I ant glad to to: It her effected,.
perfect cure In a Tarp short time. Therefore I re•
commend It to all persons afflicted a Ith the Brune
diseases. I consider It the beat Cure lu use for any.
disease the human'bedy le nuipecta.l to.
The Adrertlarr, having been reeler ed to Leal
in & few weeks, by a very simple remedy, after hay
leg Buffered several years with a seem lung Milts
tier , and that dread direase,Cenaumpti - n Is armletm
e lo make known to hla fellow•enhvrere the means o
To , ell whe desire it, he will sent a copy of the
prescription need (free of barge), with the direction
fnr, preparing and using the some. which they will
BRONCHITIS, etc. The object of the advertiser in
sending the Prescription le to benefit the afilicted
and spread infatuation vehicle he conceive. to bo in
valuable; and he hopeo.evry sofferer will try hie
remedy,. It will coat thorn nothing and may proro
YAW. ,wlehing tho preocripOon will planer, nd
drey• -
' Willlerriokurg, Hints County Now York..
2077 047,,
-mut! itittal,u), mitt: ausaus; for , Store
staylums,to. 'lron Bedsteads, Wire 'Wel.
blAgis fur sheep and pAallry yards, Bras. and Iron
wire cloth SlOYfiitelatiOrS, B.lleens fur coal, ores.
gaud, Ac„ . ll.avy Crimped Cloth for spark Arresters
Landscape Wire for' Windowi de., Paper Makers
Wim,Orrlimetatat Wks , Works.. livery informs
thin by addressing ths'inanufarturers, M. WALItEII
k (WNW No sll North Oisth street Plilladolphia.
1111.2feb .
' gentleman who suffered for years, from Not - et:lei
Debility, Premature Docay, and 'all, tho' effects of
youthful indiscretion; will for the saki of suffering
hnumbity; send free to all who need It, the receipt
for 'making tka simple remedy by Which ,ho 'Was
cured.: Sufferers wishing Myron by the adiortlq-
Qr'o' experience an ylareo by mddreaslug, In perfect
confidatteo, ` JOUN DOODEN, '
• ' ' , No. d 2 Cedar St: New York:,
May 7-00:11tr.
• A toll stock of Nolloni of all kiodi. A largo, Ilao
. oblldron'a 1111,111fle sod Ladles Worsted and florin:,
at greally roductid prices: - I!.lerobnntar will do
',Noll by calling to info for thorned:rim, of
• ;PROTlfilld; -
.v • No.ll, lloutlillanovor Biroot,
'10doc61) . Carlialo s r 4111 1 .4..
- • • .•
Brlttnan C IT Shale, Willima
I'o4l. r, Eire J IS Sieunger, Chi Winn
Cou• ea, dearer. Scutt, Lawi•
Caroilie e. M e AM, Slander, W WI..
Clifford. 3114. A.. ni• Flienfet, llenry
11,y, 31 ad 3147 Stephens, Robert
Diller,'Moi Mnry Ii Seifert, Aaron
Deilen, Min :11aty A r hepley, I N
liilier, Mies Annie Srliltirnherger, J
l lien. Jrxelill ' Sponnler, .1 S
D./lir-. [lurid ' :menu, it F
1.0 . f, A I) - Selio. k, M P
link, Jahn C einyer., Grore•
II Iniog, Mine Alt ' S Ilenhergier, .1 1)
Fleming, hi if. I , I' Steafick, Jnaapli
Aral um, I ekkAAln J .1 Schad, Philip
(Inward, I, Stenemifer, Mn Out ..
Ilopplo, Ilanjau.ln eirough Eli.. Mary 31
Ilarinsn, lain.: Stiough, 31re Mary
II ugheA, Jain. 31 Firirere, Mr. X
Morphine., Min J A 540114, MIS, C /
Ilyken,'3lrs Fannie Fiber', Misr!,
'Jew di. yrank Straer,.3lrn II
Ii ankle, St inual Swartz, Mr. 31 J
lilisingier, Thonile II ' Thonipmon, MitStArdid
liitner,.Mrn Ann 1 „ 'remit, Mni Ir .
Liter. Mr. A C a Tripper, IV_ A, W 1 ~, Turner, William
Lbw, Prldul 1 k 'hustle A tot low
Lunr, Puler Upelinrek, .1 .1
Lehman, Sainii;l, • 1 Ware, IV II
leilllnger,ir s . i ne - Weary, • ninliel
Maier, Davit 111 en .1
, Chas
Altirlatt, Le uel 1 erre, John '‘
Matthew, John II {Talker, Richer]
3111Ier, 'John W Wulf, T li
51arlIniMargerel J - Wiriteel, lleorge
Mennta• Mien 31 J Weitzel, Jureti,,'•3l,• 31 J , Whitcomb, 11.1.i.1
Miller Mr, 31n:glit . Wagner, Or C F I,
Naylor, Elre II Wilgiler,'3lisr 31.0 '
Neteher, 31re Chaile4 Wroriell, 31103 -Annie
NPkey, Andrea/ Yoh, Daniel
l'rele, Edward Zug, David '
reffer, ilk. Mary II Zeigler, Jelin D
A.. K. lIIIEEM, P. M.
Pa., at eliao-u: !Amnon, January 22, ISN:
.:1' '' • RESOURCES.
. _
I.oamio tOl,l/ . . *1011,1121 EL
thei ariltlA ' ' 2 173 13
U. S. Bowls for elrculution 50,030 00
on hand ' 5,000 00
Other .looks, hoods, ,to ' 10,000 00
Due from r. tleemlog and re;er r o neut.. 11,101 110
Dm/ from other Nmtlonat Books • 000 07
Due from Other Ilulata /MI Bunkers ' 7,140 12,
Booking licuso and Dieurrmeo 8;002 17
Furniturs and 'Fixtures 1,0;18 45'
Cortont expenses - - 2,000 00
TRIOS paid ‘ 1,077 52
Premiums . ' ~- 1175 00
Cash it me' ' ' • ••
.., 5,785 PI
Bills of National flanks 075 00
Bilis of Mato Banks - - 11 00
Fractimfol Currency, 1,870 50
Legal Tender N010..g o 17,414 03
Protest nreoust - .
capital Stock paid 1n..'......, $50,000'00
burping yund • • . 2b . ,000 09
DircounCand intoriit.., 4,480 52
Profit And lam ' 3,1107 Rd
National Bunk Circulation dirtatinallog.. 45,0c0 po
Individual Nowlin. 80,142 03
Duo to National Dunks 7,105 09
Duo °that. Banks and Bankars - • 9,030 43
Dividends unpaid ' _ ,
-• 40 CO
Safe of Pinnryisonia, &unlit of Cie/;erlonsi, is:,
The inhere stetansant to trna to the beet if m,
knowledge and LAW •
CRAB. Y. luriwitzi, enabler.
. Sworn • and lioribedT , baioro Ina this twetni
ninth : day or Jon lary, 11570.. .
COB FRIDLEY, NOtaryPublie,
• " •
SAIJ'L . • ••• .
Correct " JNO. 0. ORR,Dlreefors,
Y; 111tP11UltN, On, •
Step by step tide commodity has attained tts unpro
lade — rftell fame. They. are niftersally approvl. T'Wy.
support, strongthen and ald the growth of tlntscles .
They appear to have a peculiar effect apoallenervi.s, ,
allaylnglrrltabillty,'while supplying warmth. They
seem to abeuntutate electricity', Mid aid the circulation
of tho blood -through the part where applied, • by
which healthy actions aro Induced.
Even in paralysis, where articulation was suspend
ed the use of the l'orousPla.. eretato the spine restored
the artleulation, and materially reduced the paralysis
In fact, the patient could help herself while before
the Porous Flatter was applied she was es helpless as
a baby. We refer to Mrs. Sidly Elliot, Fpringlleld
Mass. .
Bold by all Druigiste. Agency, Drandreth Timm
kow York.- 26uolin
are supplying storekeepers with everything In lb eir
Uric, In large and small quantities, at prices that will
&Turd good profits. Coal 011l'duwn In price, three
rents par gallon. Everything wanted by hucksters
attending eales,on hand, at low prices. A tiles ar,
tide of Usury, telld cheap. Our st9ek of Queens,
ware, Glassware, Tablo Cutlery, nod Tense Fltrelsli r l"
log Goods Is full, mid comple'e, and rill Its sold,
wholemle and retail, at prierkt quite low. Fish and
Full on hand, a' all limes. .
2ctian• •
At last the people have gat the fact "through
filer hair," that hair dyne hapregnatyl with acetate
of lead, and other metallic astir, tire la orderoUs
prutinrations. When they son the n o sediment
ut the bottom of the bottler, tiny know that the din
gurting- stuff Ic literally - thickened with poisou.
They a'sk, therefore, for n harmless vegetable dye
and find If, pore and efficacious, in Cristadm Ws Ex
celelor Heir Dye, offered antler OW enaction of Pro
fess. Chliton'a guarantee that it rental,. "codling
Crirtetfloro's Il sir ITvorrvative n It Drernittg, arta
liku s ft clown) tin the hair afttrAlyviiig. Try it.
ker-DEAENtIii , S, BLINDNESS and CATAlllill
heated with tbo utmost auccees, by J. lesoi . s, M.
D., and Protbssor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear (his
speciality) in the Afeilical Collegi'of Pennsylvania, I.
years experince, (lormetly of 1,3 den, liollaud.) No.
803 Arc:, Street, Ithila. Testimonials inn be coon
at his office. The instil.' Dimity are Invited to ar
company thelr'patients, as be lion no secrets In Ills
practice. Altlfrdal eyes 'tweeted o ithoot pain. No
dharkto for examination.
oJuly GO ly ."`
Farmers, families, and others. can purchase no
remedy equa to I.:r 'robins' Venetian 11ninient, rot
the cure of cholera, diartliten,ll3 aentery, croup, collo,
Innis. sickness,. takeri.`.inturnailly—(it is perfectly._
harmless; sea outh nef.anpa uy ing rod. bottle) 1111(1
osterlfally.for eirrealc rbenniallani, lwailachs, tooth-.
Arlie, sore throat, cute, 1/11.,, awaiting - a, bruises
tinniquito bites, old son e, p:tizi In limbs, 'hal:kola'
cheat. The Vani ( tian Liniment non Intiodui NI in
1847, and no one ulwrilsoi 111(01 it but cohtlitnea to do
so, nanny a tilting, if its as ten dollarsn bottle they
would not he It. Ihi unintis (1 • certificates
can lie seen nt the depot, speak h g of i.s n onclerrul
crat .se proper. ire. Vcice, F1J1) . .. Cents and Oita
Pe u lla, hold by the Druggist/. and Stoteliespers
throughout the Unite , ' Depot, lo Park
New York .....;111,1 ill
a inksned at the laid ended leveling
at 'he iOIIIICI/ 1.. Cad Ode. on dr et:111...M.1i be
held at the Cadet Ilene on Sinirday. ben ire 2.
JBiu, between the homy oft., 0 . C.00K all 15(0 u eta
p. m, by the qualified to ern of Fail 4.rough, t d—
termano whollier the police Piece slut I be connailed
or not, Atoll rote 11, dokiroil. -
Pre•idont ..f II C.llll/.11
C. A. Cotxv "i..vtury.
NOTICE OF pissoLuTrox.
Notice In herehy giar•n. that tfie , o-pattotr.l Ira
,-jatnetottle rahttlog mlt, tlitt .0110 of Jl,.L',nnl•,
Cl.llll,ers k Co., loot diool d, All I art.os in
terested arlll inhale nonlethal° Ito oho) to .1. A.
Sletzgar, nt that old atom], cormur etreet and
Clair It alley. a
Not Ica Is hereby given, that J. A. NI etsgar, II
Nagle, and H. Stuelta, have ntsbe'ated Midas' hes In
the Carriage bust itessoirel tall eat, y ou that bushiest
under th , 1191111. of 111147,1 u, to g'., A Co.. at . the old
stand et Alefllnals, Claawl,e,o A Co. at the term' of
Fitt tarsal and Church alley.
B. hurz.
‘..)Thn stiTutUribeiThu
carload, to Iltuebarcui a, nod °Or
itte !it, of thu eutoburlat.d Va:luy Railroad, the cult,
Thin c. al la of every impair, quality. and nil be
farniebed at la heti it Inch ant del) an competition
The sal...Mbar n til dent, c. of at Cartnile, hf the
tar load, (Minh' 110' .1.0.11 t an ulh. ILt the lia.ka lag
prices,' per too 'ill 2. 10
And to °tin i lomat 1.1 lin. rnad In• will , 1. , 1:t0r it.
ndJlnit 4...till:ling 11, 1.X11 . 100. tot In
ilium run, mill lir 11 1 Pfl it; the rko ur fill
of pricus, notntli, ut
itllleo—miner of Main and Pitt etr.telei.
List of unclaimed Tetters remaining in
the postoiliee at Carlisle, Pa., for the
Aveek ending Fe.bruary 2, 1870 :
• rtlistnmt/ , obe ••n Itirkahaugh, )lira M.l
.Curt. • rl ratli:krin• 14.1, :ills ihn
ii Ii; Alin Moths Ickahno. It, Slim tiel
O} CUNIDERLAND COUNTY, from tho find
_4l,,y_LL.Scomary-to r iloo-thirly-finit—dity-of—DereMbor,
180, IncluCvo.
m lu account the
County of 'Cumberland.
To balance In llnndo of trezisurer ut hint
To outNtantling taxra nt hiat mettleinvol...._ 0,272 40
To tioteg Irvird for w« year 1069. 715,677 01
Tn arllol.llll. reeolvol 1111 1011119
.. .
To.subscriptien for fleeles bridge 1,050 00
To subscription for (]lover's bridge. .700 011
To..vert let fees SO Au
To exonerated taxes received 10 84
To fines receive , front .10,tige Siik (----..73' '
To amount received for 111,1 slate 10 7tr
To witnnett received for old hose ' ' . I 21
To fillets st ts eelved on itutftanding taxe. , „ 204 20
To amount I reeivied for Itnekkter liernsrx, 291 St
'To four per cent of treasurer's commission
on State biz', 429 94
Aliaesmora' lay.
By amount fur corrretkg
L1M1,4111..111 St 67
By amount pal. , Ito registeripg
votes 766 62
SI,•151 69
111•51Kos.511 Ronda.
Ily 5000.1 paid for tug/ I.rhlges, 91 ,
Ily 10000t0 140 d lur
oil 1.r012.1 4.5.9 lil
By ninuont pII I for load dam
n 4.1 #9611'1 •
11y 1100001 t paid fir road la w•
ere 79 21
• --}11,91: 7
By 000001( • pal.l ',11:021e0 /1 In
Conlololo%.eal , lt 1.;•1,9:1
MIIOIIIII pall gruniljurorm... no 11
By 010.0 int Todd Iniscrojar: .1.17;1 ill
Jiy 00000,1 1011.1 rm• boordlug •
' Jul ola 11 7 1.0-
Ily /mount paid roort, .71•00...... OY
Ity utnonnt pail jury cola tail
01,0,s 121.1 10
ittdidlid. pill 1 Ili tviet '
my's I,i 64•2 Vii
County OM
' -
By amount pullßrit.' Doke. du. .
dltor $2.:/ «i
B 7 an 11l 01 I aid 8. Disler,
elrrk's forsLl I el .
By amount pad J. I'.. Brindle,
prothonotary s fors .7 71, •
By naant paid J. I'. Britollo,
for ropy log dock« 1.11 CO .0
By amount prld J. Loud... for
d rkels 105 85
By itilamid. pii'd .1. Loioil.o aiid
of liara, 'dal iodery 091111 -
lay 111110110 I poll If 1t lg.. 23 .11 .
By and tint pa d 3.F :deck, ser-
Skii 05 cuu.iiiiidmi-r 40 110
Ily niiii , usit paid 31. 11. 1110 a,
s , rviras nii emidniadiiner .... 470 00- . -
Ily amount paid Allen 110yil, -.
aariie , 0 /11. atintinii,lonar.... WO 01
lly 41110111,1 101111 .1 , ho Harris, .
earl 110, hti coniipla-ionor 670 1,0
Ily npvtilit (11111 J. A imat mop,
clarl, 1031,0
lly nitioinit paid M. C. Hiram., ' .
at turii• y 117 01
. -- 42.712 13
B. nu too, Fula ..,5041,154 ters
tit ellSeY .$11.6 02
Bymoonlit pir.l
quall4rly :Ow • 450 45
Ity ,lit MIA pIIIKIIICIII Il .411, erg
lor Spr n: e 1.., 1. , 11. $1:33 Ita_,
111 - notint pa , 1 elcullot, 1 , 111,,,4
f, ;:rn , :1,1 .1, , 111 n ..., SEll co
litiriitut plimlti
JAlfll I:ttiry
113 Amount p 5 1 ,1 .7, C Thomp.on,
for purport 1/1 prla.oterti, .70., 0,0:6 ft,
Ily ntivatut laid for I to.l 1.113 71
_lty anioint laid for tepalrits; 1
. 1
il‘tu.... 4q .. 00
Ily nnotont pA7.4 for lt.a.te rrnt, 12' L't
By pmnunt tvild - for furniturp, ,
bedding sr. GO 00
By amount rail for 1410 e, and ,
eollt up. 301'.1
By rintotint on I for gas rind
vttter 75 2't
Ilv nziwunt i nod for - ,tl4ry of .
10t..p, 3 41 111/
By 11111141nt 1,4t3 T., I For 7 60
By - antrlttnt paid for -.Cary of
iillyririan . 71) .o
Ity 1111101111 i 14 i.I for ..0[1.. , Kt, on
.F.nbteru Proitoothry 2... 0 1 0.6
. --sl.l7itt 34
J 11.911 •c. Yr.l•4.
nomunt Iril for
1.• oin 01.11110.1/NVVltith XeS, tll 11
03• n 111.1 1 . 1,id 1,11000.0 for
1/0 $l4 0.11 110
Itr tungunt au.t•ol,l . 11:110•
Prat uolint irctl v.•itorl 0)
B:4 00101101 pa , I
;:I 00
It v iinii.ttiet pat I 1 . . r repairs at 4,
J til . 'FL 2.
!Iv it.1,, , ,t i.,t0l I r ti. 1,1- at
i.illitt lon 1.,11 lip
---- $.!,1,3 44
Ay uu nau pnltl K Ilh n , . 5-I t)
Ily muuunt pal.llthooln Dun-
By ;Io oat • paid We skl.:y ,t
Walli, 0 4 1":, t 0
11, atuntint paid 11r.ton .1.. Keit
to.oly ' • 417 "21
11 atzil.unl 1111t1 It .1.1 ,
'..floy ... 1;4 0)
fly alum, ni 11.t . 0 roomy mil
tor, • •• ...... • • f 147 00
Ity nplount 3.40.1 Ti arbor.'
County I r , loloto 00 u 0
Itv auu•aut piti4l
Ity hinott tit 1.,1 1 . 111111.014,11111P1
trawling e.t ponsos 134 4 15
nnir 11131 pad krepvs . town
10 on
Ilp ,noaLvt paid roinn , led taseq, 5.9 :2
111 annonnt •I•mid gam and water
fly am , KIR .....
lty 11111011111 t paid ft.p., ,11.11111011,
To 'nl woonut of eurorniFtioietti nrdwa, $31,003 67
It) IrpotorPeps croimitotion on
tillot , at 0.1 per cent AI ,171 II
ItsStato tax paid to S ate troa.-
orer, so per leveipt ..... ;.... 0,031 2•I
liytreaaun commiticloA• au
pante at a per I,lli tit I 38
Ity 'ttraturer'n c tutnllOnf a 'fur
o II•clIrg conoty tax at 3 p•r
- cent • 1,:173111
Ito t xmlurallons allowed tt.
liv cum in•lon nllun vii eld i4l
t rn 1 040 01
05 renoo or'd v. zuoll.onon ou
.tolulater 11,115un...
By “ItOnfiditi; In•rx
of tliNtAtil or ,
• 'LORI ,
CA'retop . Borongini and ttttt it of
Nuth % Ton'nFhipx. Tax.
1801 - Jo'‘n Mum. r Mmirtm
~ s2r6 46
1806 11 I' ~ in) tier Lower, Allen 39 06
1867 Juin. Wl.Ther IV. IV, Carlisin 89 06
1517 th•cr`en Smith B,lv, Spring 201:7
1S 68 13 I' 0 mu, ,1: 11•4 tur:i.ilo _0619.
1894 Jun ICeef.urvr Dickin , mn . .. 24 61
1864 John Zinn • Jinn 216 97
-1564 JII Cnniumu S. Middleton 04 33
1'69 A.l IVelbla, ger, E. W.. Onrin'e 911 71
106) . 13 Lint) W,,1V., enrl:9ln 037 91
1.'119 E Line. ‘l9llty Mckinnon 108 20
1869 A - Cobln . E. rem& ro' • ' 40; U 0
1809 Jornmik Wolf Irlumlc.ii . 20.) 00
1869 A Dale Moclumie4lmrl4 169 `6
. 18111 , IT'm ligentritr. 761.1,11.9. es • 410 07
1809 a coil unry 51611 in ' :1:17 78"
1809. J ooeph Darr 5198.0 465 88
14 , 11 Wu. Ihmbintm Novion ' 177 76
1869 Wm .1 101 nor N. Mithilt,lon ~. 376 80
' 1069 .1 A Ilungher renn
. 'lBOO W A Heed 011000 Spring , 649 40
11411 J Seams • • Southampton „
1869 11 Sloth ..61.11/m01.',1,19 IV 207 40
44 2,1
ITe. the Conon]!dome of ClimbPrland comity, do
certify,. and submit the.. foregoing as a con etc state.
111..nt or the receipts and expenditures of said
county, from the tired day of January, to the thirty
first day of Decernber, 1060, int:loolm., Alan ached..
ale of ontstanding lases to bothughs and town
ships therein stated.
Wittman oar hands and seals of office at 6arlielp,
the' eighteenth day of January, 1870.
.26,061 83
. ,
LS. }A tlevi : • 3, .A11)1.S TRONCI, Clerk,
1.—.,-.... • .
. .
Mre,.the Audit,ora of Cumberland county, met or
cording to low, and having born warn, procooded
amend.° the arcounto and voucheril of, V. Mellinger,
.oaq., it - colorer of eald .county, from' the first day of
hilllioury, to thu thirty-li rat •day of ,December, 1869,
ineln,ive do audit) , that avo - thurtlin cm of nix
thotocind four hundred and nineteen dollars and
twelvo mite duo by said Tronauror to the county
eforioald, ne will appear 'bythe foregoing exlii ilt of
sold account.
2"3,002 83
whereof wo -have hereunto Hot -our
enrltoloi tho twegliolh dly , Jaituni•j,
IMU. •' ' .•
• Audityti.
PUBLIC SALE.--4 will sell s by virtue
of t. e authority lathe will of John
'Friday, the tacnty-fifth day of February,
IR7O, at ton o'clock, a. m,, at Um Court House, In
11, 0 borough of Cdrllale,-lhat
AND LOT OF (MOUND In Tb burotigh of Carlisle,
sitnatsd on the east side of tlonth Hanover street;
bounded ON follous: 00 the ir.rth by Ilon. L. Todd,
on the root by on filley,„on the south by A. W.
nuu Cz, ttod'idi the west by sold, street. rontslnlng
front, tol, sold Street, about 20 feet, and ob .ut 2.10
feet 11111i11111 to said
This longue:Ty 1.110V:111111.1r011kly cltuoted for 1 / 1 1F1-
nC., boring a stare Rm.!, wftli comfortable. dwell
ing oft:oiled.
Attend...l will be giten, end lei me mule kno'wn
an ol,ty of va , ,, by
20,700 00
RIES lb., Spring. largo . atoelt of very line peach
t rees, grape slurs tempi !twinge, of rawborr3 Manta,
a, ormantntal trees, rid general nursery
sleek. V1,031111c plaula, nil tratetplan fed, the boat
vorletl,x of eabbage, tourflu, cauliflower, peppor,
,pert, cadet y, Rhnt4, he. S, cot potitoc, and to.
bacco plants in large quantity. Hardy and green
home floweret, a flue twouttmout, grout hatituattnento
offered t s dim -tone multlug np (quite, for any of the
atom e mock. Puttee Int. ndlng to plant roe itivitud
„to call al the it nrscry, Wr feud, for dub pH,
Indere promptly forea tdcl In leas to.
II ENltl' S. RUPP,
Shirentantlon a, Cum Mello/ft moldy, Pe.
113,102 GI
CTC. -.
W. A. ATWOOD. 15A AC W. 4 4 .!. .ANC1i
ATWOOD, RA i s ;(211 45: , CO.,
IN. the Ita rollegt. of DeaCal surgnry. 0111.. a
at the rettolence of tantb.,•Plant I..mtlant
t 0..)
DR. J S. BENZ . ) .
114011F.1/I.ATfIlt: P111",lcIAN.
th.• 0.1 .1..1.
Only, N. 3 Imam • Row.
A.: • ArritlLS EY AT I.IIV.
little,. ill Routh Hanover ;tile, opposite littotz . s tiry
g.m.obt ntor, ' 10,44
D KNT I 81:.
1,:t.• DemonOrnior of Optint.,.. Ih.ittetty of Ow INI•
tinoot l't.flogr ..f INotal 0111.• at Lm re.•
opprosth• linnon 11011, Kent Stain Oa-
.10111 A. SW UTZ. W. W. 111W11
1111,)1,ES.11.1.: DE,11.1.:W4
N. E. Cur. Third and Market. streets,
C. P. MUMI:1( 11. WV. B. l'A EIL
TT cia RICH - PA RIE1?,-
Art'orltNEls AT LAW.
Ullfuc on )Inln Ptruut, 10,...11u
01Ike in boil .ng ninnlied In the Yra•klin Hotel, np
pcoiiie the Coin t I,enU
111.ritui.+ 1 . 1 :1•1 . 4. ka51...1 L‘k o
dmo, 1,11 h .k: the }lank.
uttooled tro.
e iriA R. MILLER,
A 'I"D 111 NEY AM LA 11"
001,, 1 s i4o h 11,1101, npi.wite Op, Vs
M. H Er A t 'll r l ' lZ N N - 1-:) . AT lAA
I. s,. p 1:11,111.1
IDIP H. S111)113MIGE11,
.a:•TrA.: OF 'nf I.: rnAcE,
ii. •
Metall:ld, W etaptntr.ltotti !tot tolop.
Conitterllisol County. 1 . 1.1 . 11.
All, vutito.o.4l to him tt ill rtt vt‘o. Prof!!
ottvola2. . :tttotio
_ . _
in on
All work guatontetol, SKV W 11l teotive prompt. at
Aeolian. Otalors loft at kin "Ilorald mill re
ccito prompt attention: Oat 211.
14 119
0. , 172 49 r
J. )f. WEAr.I,FIY. W. F.
Oflire ' Fouth glreet, next the timid Will
How Hone,lactill
$11:11P2 fi
Sim h.! CA
. ,
W ILLIAM iI,I7 . ( I ) ( it E m I y N A E T D I T iv.
011ie° In V6luntror budding,eurlbila. 141.410
0111cv in not theatit erottpt . tif th, etoßrti How:, Risott9
. '
Fifth street below Chestnut, .
• .. . Cur. Library,"
A N M .1 1 0 T N
Id. O. HATE,
All persons dthiring really ilno:talleics, rolieltio In
quality, , and .1110dialttn hi price, are certain to Ito
pleased by our exceodingly large and variant collec
tion; • Ono stock Is koptAlways freell.•l4 tiddltlons
. •
front dyed snurcos.
' °Aston, Is pronounced ono of the most olegthit In
the world; nod any psrlics visiting tiro city nro.cor•
Malty iriVitUtifil man and locpect I,t at their Mauro.
• ItglattlolY
• •
fl ONI
J AIeGionDERF dteeam'ol
riNlll I T BRA NCI! 11.1' I: I:N.: VA 1;
S roV tqo
so 40
• 4 75
• Ili h olilril, 2.. criili .At thwylii,l, It
Alt:, lowest pritee
Al tilt. 3strtl. t
Sfub /-
A. II 121. llt
ENNEY, A netioneer.
Februnri I'—.l.n.' Zei,ler, 11ili111141.X tweblelp.
•• 16—John Ilreopor, Tooth 31141116t0n.
•• I 11'. line fion,
•• he 811 pp, .llonroe. •
•• 21 Goodyear, Sln
Weitzel, Fronktord.
2I —lit orge I Vontholll.ll,
2 , —J. K P Bouth middleton.
2n-11. ery lln , .Lullzgq :11outoe.
" Intent Atiu•leultrulori, or .
Morlkon, Munro...
:11nr,ill I—l' K. biller, 31onrov.
•• —John 111i.1•11., x
3—Bolt/to. Repo line, 81Ixer Bpring
•• 1-11111 i Int t lot kf, 31ouror.
•••• Le, i Zeirler, o , lPunee. 511114114 u. x
•• —II F. Eberly, ,il V.. Swing.
K— IKv Kure, Nllddle.ex
" o—Chas. Shreiner, Silver rpring. •
le—A A. Rupp, I,ou or Allen.
" I I —J•-hy Erni; odo t 'r, 110,re
Zneelern.un, I,nuer A
• I .1— 11 While S oarir, routh Iliddlelon.
xy3;3l , thirdiraiffir.
Shupp, 11,11/10,
r Spring..
" IS—,l Br.. 1,h,l , Boiling Spruip
11'-11 II II eL emo, Oilver i
21—. Inert uth Sleblleton.
2.f —C32, en
" 11.ep Foie Nutley. 314 , nr0r.
21—..1")in M. CI Jlouroe.
- • 20-11 u. her A: Bta) nun, Hiler, Fill :op.
Klink. Steer lilngslon.
e P.m!, L'hurrliteue.
kin& or
No. 210 N ith )Vliarves,
C,, m' Not 11, nwl Pitt ntr,uttr,
J E wimuit„
WA DbliillfilLlTHlf
cLocics, 11110V6$,