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11.Vnin amino, January 18, 187{).
laqjltere has been but
Since In
. •
session, but very important and most
unexpectri work has been, done. On .
Wednesday morning, in the Senate, Mr.
Findlay, Democrat., was sworn in' as
Senator from the Somerset district, and
the burden Of contesting the goat was
put-upon Mr.• Scull, Republican. This
was unavoidable after the defeat of the
resolution to admit Scull, on Trietsday;.
night.' The only other important action
of the Senate while in session on Wed
nesday was the passage of a bill - to in
crease the salary of the Governor to
$7,000, by the clots vote of 17 to lq. This,
and the introduction of some bills, and
the transaction of some incidental busi
ness served to occupy the timo of the
Senators until twelve o'clock—the hour
fixed for the assembling of the joint con-.
ventibn for the election of State Treas
urer, the result of which has been the
greatest surprise of the season.
At twelve o'clock, m., the Senate re
paired tethehall of OM RepreSofitatives,
and Speaker Stinson, assuming t be chair,
announced that the convention would
proceed to the election of a State Treas
urer.. The Democrats had held their cau
cus in the morning and nominated D. 0.
Barr, as their candidate, besides making
some other arrangements of a snore im
portant character. The clerk proceeded
to the call and every thing went smoedlily
along, the Republicans voting for "Mackey
and the Democrats for Barr until Mr.
Lowry .,... 's,name was reached, who voted
for Bight)? Simpson, doubtless purely
out'of compliment fOrthat eminent di
vine. As the call proceeded here mid
there a Republican voted for Irwin, ainl
when the result was announced it, was
found that Mackey lacked six votes of
an election. A second ballot was ordered,
and when the name of Senator Beek; the
first Democrat on,the roll, was called - to .
the astonishment of all but those who were
in the secret, he responded°. Irwin." In
a second-the ball which bad been some
what stirring up to this time became
painfully still. It was apparent then
that a scheme had been laid to de
feat the Republican nominee: which iv
lied for its success on the solid .vote of
the Democrats for Irwin. .The call pro
ceeded amid '11C:101114'0 I.:H(211(2V: When
Senator Li wry's' name- was called he
voti;il not for . ..Simi-mei but for Lewin,
having doubtless received private in
structions fis tin the eloquent bishop not
to continue_ his support' after all hope of
election had passed. tgenatAif Kerr "aßtt
voted_for min—Senator-Billingfelt- did
not vote. Of the others the Republicans
voted Mackey and the Democrats I l'W ill.
WheFt'the' roll of the Ileuse was reached
Ilrobst, of Berks, and . Bealts, both dMno
(mats, voted for Barr, but do oth ws voted
- for Irwin solid, as did also ten of the
Republicans. The result was announced :
Mackey sixty-one—lrwin sixty-six, and
three Scattering. There was no ()atom
Rrobst and Beans were determined to
change their_votes but this was' not_per
mitteif. The, ite T temicio, mends..vs, see
ing that their think had libel' turned, -
severely now moved an adjournment,
which the Democrats ..iixdst ed., It was
voted dowm atuhrthirdjiallot .
dered. The excitonteut increased with
_ every moment, and when the result was
announced : Irwin seventy, Mac,koy
there teas very considerable de:
monstration from 1116 Democratic side.
'flee Speaker then announced the elec
tion of W. W. -Irwin State. Treasurer,
declared the joint convention adjourned,
and the Senators returned to their
This was considered a Democratic vic
tory, and rejoiced.ove•by the mtembe•s of
the party. s such. In the sense that it
defeated the notninge of the Republicans,
and elected a man for whom the Demo
crats 'voted, i 1 may be so regarded., in
addition to This it has doubtless much
impaired the harns thatiimuld exist
in the ranks of the party \rho all' respon
sible fur the legislation of the present
session. it was humiliating that a small
faction or the Republican party should
defeat its regular nominee and imperil
the supremacy of the party, and this we
fully feel and admit. MIL it was more
lamentable and degrading to see the i'ep
reseidatives of the whole party Demo
cratic in the State enter into a combina
tion with thirteen disaffected Republi
cans and do their bidding simply for the
purpose of securing a division among
their opponents.. And it was specially hu
miliating to
„Itiobv that leaders such as
Wallace and Buelcalew would not only
consent to and advise such action, but
lend their ability and energies to consum
mate it. We hays seen the Democratic
Party in many deplorable conditions of
demoralization, but never before Wed
nesday werd•tliey reduced to such miser
able shifts to obtain even the glimmer of
a possibility of advantage by electing
candidate \tint their opponents had
On Thursday, at twelve, m., the Legisla
ture met in joint convention to open the
returns of the election for Governor. The
result has been so frequently announced
that a repetition of it would not amount
to news. 'lt did not, how,Over; Verifyit
dispatch,scnt by Asa Packer shortly af
ter the election claiming that Ito had car.:
vied the State. After the joint MlMl
tionliad completed its labors, the Legisla
ture adjourned to meet this morning.
Contrary to all expectation, founded on
the gefierally detestable weather of the'
1 past week, this day_,sipsiliesUealm_auLL
clear, au t with a temimratmo mild
enough for it fair April morning, Dui.-
. ing yesterday and last night every train,
brought soldiers, firemen, bands of mu
sic, and visitors to the city, to see and
participate in the doramonien connected
with the second inauguration of Govern
or Geary. From early morning to 'the
time of Giiswriting the streetslave been
almost impassable. At eleven o'clock' the
.p - rocession, under the command of Gon.
Jordan, Chief Marshal, began tmmoVe,
and,• after piwading the principal fa' eels,
reached tliti.Caiiitel, a little‘acter_twelvc,
when the inaugural ceremonies took
place:. After an eloquent prayer by
,Nshop Simpgon, the certificate' of oleo
' Con was iTelid by Mr. Hamerslay, and the
oath of Mcoadministered to the Gover
nor elect by the speaker of tho sonata:
The Governor then delivered 'his inau
gural address in the presence of the men
' liers of the Legislature, and a vast crowd
pf , spectators,
.whioli was received with
dembnstratisn of approval and sat-
Isfaetion .by all-who heard it. -It is eon- .
(ir".iii,adifiik.uo....sidas that the inauguration
was a success, 41,01 respects, and. that
the ceremonies vlbra. most imposing
- • that have taken plueir for ruany.yeaCs.
. TIM Governor hal; every reason to con
' gratuhite himself on this demonstration
' of the people's regard for ldin, and to feel
' that in commencing his second term of
office, ho , hrts had every evidence of their,
' •Uppreciation of his former services, quid
- of their inten l tion to suppoit.and °actin) ,
ago hiM iu the faithful discharge of
over chilled may devolve on Win: in the
futOtii; , •
FP.LI,OW Crrazics:—Having - .
~ •• • tho-volintai
sidfragCs of my countryineri:•as., their
ehoice feu• Chief Magistrate of.the com
monwealth\ of Pennnylvan have, in
the prescnce - of God; and of this ;issem-'
bled Multitude, renewed ilie . sOlenniand
binding obligation required of me by laW,
to support the State and National Con
stitutions, and to perform with fidelity
he duties devolving upon are as Govern
It shall be my constant aim and
most earnest effort to observe tlid very
letter as well as the full spirit, Meaning,
and intent of the obligation I have just
• ..
Doe Ply impressed with the most pro
found gratitude, I can express my most
hearty thanks to the good citizens of
this Commonwealth for the generous
cenlidench and partiality they have re
posed in me by re-election to the most
honorable and most responsible position
in their gift. But, knowing well - their
exactions and requirements of one wlio
- occupies a position so exalted, it is with
extreme diffidenee I again undertake re
sponsibilities of such vast' importance,
)vhich oven the biffilest - and most gifted
Tight hesitate to assume. And, how
ever determined may 'be
. my endeavors
to realize the expectations of my;friendir
in support of the right, and to battle
against whatever, in toy judgment, may
be wrong, still I am conscious of the
necessities for some 'sustaining power,
and, therefore, I unhesitatingly ac
knowledge my dependence upon the
enlightened support and patriotism of my'
fellow citizens, ''''and my firm reliance
upon the unerring wisdom and 'never
failing aid of Him who controls • alike
the destinies of individuals and of
lad ions.
The settlement of the vexed questions
growing out of the :mined conflict with
treason, 'devolves a mighty responsi
bility on the loyal men 'of the' land.
Armed rebellion was signally crushed h r
the force of brined loyalty, and the
government has triumphantly established
its ability successfully to suppress do
mestic insurrection, however gigantic.
The war itself has served to stimulate our
people to fresh energies, and to the de
velopment of neW enterprise. Our
manufactories have multiplied, plenty .
has fupiled upon our fields, and blefised
-the labors of the husbandman. Peace
has restored our people to . their homes,
and cheered our fireside, The
. rates_
taxatflin reduced, and are
entirely abolished upon re,
Dili use of- the • Commeufwealth. Our
State debt is being steadily and surely
liquidated. Immense sums have been
paid for pensions and other Charities;
The cause of education has advanced,
and the institutions for the support and
tuition of the •soldiers' orph us have
beewliberally snimliedi Railroads have
been constructed, and ne* material re
sources dqvuloped. And thus our State
and Nation are rapidly progressing in
-the attainment of those elements of
greatness which-have alreatly.placed our
country in time foremost rank of powers
time ian ii. The great, railroad which
hinds our State to the Fur West, and it
turn to the ,aent,l nations, as cell
complid cal, and all our efforts to add to
our material in-osiperity have been
crowned witiituipiralleled sitccess.
it was my privilege to announce from
this stand, three years'ago, the principles
which would guide me in the administra
tion of the office of Governor. At that
time I dwelt upon and expressed my views
iu reference to all questions then occupy
ing a share of public attention. I have
from time to time, in messages to
the Legislature, set forth the condition
of the State, recommended such Incas
ures as I deemed expedient - 4A eaten
lat ed to advance her interests, and ex
pressed my views upon the various topics
of the day that were of State or National`
importance. Awl having fully reflected
thereon, I aut the more confirmed therein
:foil know of no reason why I should not
malorse and reiterate them as fully, on
this occashm, as if I again promulgated
them word for wont. And now, ac
knowledging my responsibility in its
broadcgt. sense, as a representative, to my
constituents, and considering the inagui
twle of Ilia interests which have again
been committed to my charge, I feel it
is due to the people and incumbent upon
myself, to refer them to the documents
indicated, for an outline of the general
policy which is intended as a guide for
the incoming administration, rather than
encumber this address or , unnecessarily
delay this audience with their repetition.
I have no new pledges to make, but con
fidently refer to the record of my past
life, as evidence, at least, of my zeal and
devotion to the best interests of my State
and country, and for the rectitude of my
intentions. And, although the ability
which I bring to the discharge of such
duties may be limited, 1 shall confidently
rely upon the bind indulgence of my Tel
low citizens, and, upon a conscientious
effort to uphold, unblemished, and trans
mit, untarnished, to my suceess'or in of
fice; and to posterity, the fair,ifamo, and
good name of our magnificOnt old Gem
Difficulties of no ordinary chitract,4 l
constantly surropnd your Executive'offi
cot in the discharge of, tho 'many duties
devolving - upon him, concerning'each of
which there may ho conflicting opinions.
It being, therefore, impossible to satisfy
all, his only safeguard - is to adopt, and
actin accordance with those sterling and ,
benitleent maxims to which the- early
fathers gave utterance,' whielf have boon
sanctioned by wisdom and experience,
and resulted' in the rapid growth and
prosperity of our institutions; Mid , the
liberty and happiness of our people.
'The Constitution vests " the Supremo
Executive power" of the Stale in the
clovernor, and directs " that he shall
take care that the laws be faithfully - exel
cuted." The supreme earthly authority
recognized by us, therefore, is the law—
the rightfully determined will of the peo-:
pie. " Nocilizen is so exhalted as to be
above,,nd none so low ab to ho beneath
its power." The ExecutiViAs as much 9
the 'subject of the laws, of the State as'
the humblest individual within its ben
ders. In puinuance of these principles,
and in the execution of the laws, I hay!,
endeavored, "during any arm of office,-
faithfully to disc large every official duty
with a - full refer nee _to my sworn,obli
gallon, and as shall answer at the last
great-day till..l_
It should ho our -earnest effort
fully ilikbarge all our obligations and re=
sponsibillties, both as citizens and mag
istrates. : We—should doase to tolerate
anything "as politically , right, • that • is
morally wrong," and actively proscribe'
the -corruption whioh too frequently
Marks the administration of affairs—an
'oval to which attention too frequently Or'
'too forcibly is invited. 'sign mole
certainly indicates the downfall, of free
institutions than tho indifference of the
po - oplo . to the mOral dePravitY of those in
authority. An history warntoloo bold
to our integrity as WO vain° our national
existence. , • Foreilily Anpressok,': with
these ideas,_i_call,upon_all legialators t
- andu onnll Othor-..od'iitizenOttal-es
Peeially:upon the pondOtord_of pu
ho presa4the ever faithful sentinels of a:
frde people—to aid in Osting that to
piddle sentiment which shall PuW,Y our
State,•and relleVe her fiiimiho reproach
of-even countenancing:those who would
make a traffic of their offices in violation
of their obligation. Look to it well and
closely, fellow citizens, and begin at once
to teach your servants that " the public
must be obeyed,_and tho f' public
weal" is the object to be attained iti
free' govermitent. If you permit specula-.
tom to enrich themselves out of the . pub
lic Treasury, and at'the same time to cor
rupt the law making. branch of the gov
oKnnient, yOu have the way to anarchy,
you set the ciartiple rWliiiiii"tempts to
crime, and offer to 'WO world an evi
dence, most 'ConchfSive, that self-goverit-,„
meta is is failure.
Owing to the many efforts on'thO part
of free traders for the abolishment of the
natural and wholesome protection HOW
afforded to our home industry and to la
bor, I consider it a subject which claims
a portion Of (fur: time and attention. If
our national igdustry and national pro
ductions,- represented - by thousands of
factories, mines, and other sources of la
bor, are to be preserved, there shoulll be
no'reduction of duties Which shall enable
the underpaid and overworked popula
tion of the Old World' to flood our States
with the product of their mines and
workshops, at the cost of our destruction.
The articles thus admitted would under
sell. the products of our artfzans'at • our
very doors,and our factories would be
closed, ns heretofore, by similar causes.
This Will throw out of employment thou
sands of industrious men, and entail ruin
upon then, and thciir families, merely for
the benefit and aggrandizement of for
eign manufacturers and capitalists. As
soon as Our industrial arms are paralyzed,
and competition is destroyed, the tuonop-
Olist can command his own price r ,and it
is thus clear that the policy of free trade
can never permanentlibeuefit any coun
try that will sanction its adoption.. Im-
Pelled 'by 'every feeling of ,interest;
manity, 'and justice for our artizans and
laborers we should'unhesitatinglysetotte
faces against this heresy. We should,
therefore, not only earnestly legislate for
the benefit of capital, but for the toiling
sons and daughters of our country. It,
should 'be our constant effort to improve
cOiaition, to adiance their
intellectual status, and, above all, to shield_
them from the destitution which is threat-
cued by the.enemies of protection to our
industrial pursuits.
In my several messages to the Legisla
ture I have taken occasion to refer to a
subject which I regard as of paramount
importance to the, prosperity and even
the stability of our government. No
nation can long exist that attempts to
violate any of itl'Obligations. The most
prominent among these is the faithful
pkyment of all itindebtodness. No good
reason can be given for the rePudiation_
of a single farthing. I said in my mes
sage df January, 1868. people of
Pennsylvania, ever true to the Union,
and unswervingdmtheir_detcuaninAtiomict
preserve its honor, integrity, and per
petuity, are proud and free to assert the
sacredness of the national debt, and that
its nitimate.payment in full must be se
cured." In my message of 1869, I called
attention to the same subject, in these
words : " The voice of Pennsylvania,
as well, as that „of a majority of the
States,' has at the ballot box proclaimed
to tire world that our national indebtgd
ness, no matter how heavy the burden,
will be paid according to the, letter and
spirit of the agreements made and en
tered into dt the time the debt was con
tracted ; and that iii this, as in all other
respects, our individual an national
honor must and shall be preserved."
These sentiments, so clearly expressed,
I have taken frequent occasion to reit
erate,ntd it affords me great :iilitisfae,
tion to observe that many who have
heretofore been hostile to, or silent on
this most, important subject, are becom
ing wm•iu 111 their advocacy of the. prim=
(tildes here enunciated.
Those who saved this government from
the destruction designed .fey treason, are
they who will perpetuate it as a blessing
fur future generations. All that is asked
of the people is to strengthen and upliold
the hands'of the men who have been
called to do the work -of reconstruction,
and when that work is finished in the
spirit in which it hats been begun by the
present National Adthinistration, we will
have a government and a country mighty.
in their munificence, glorious in their
pr4sperity. •
The preservation of the peace and quiet
of our country, maintaining unsullied,
our national honor, and the harmony of
-the Union aro among our highest duties.
Let us encourage every' branch of home
industry, advance the true interests of
moral, physical, and intolleotual labor,
and reaching forward to the prize of the
manifest destiny of our glorious Com
monwealth, we may hope for her increas
ing prosperity, and, abovo all, for • tho
smiles of an approving Providence.
I earnestly invoke a continuance of the
blessings and favors which we,. as _ a
people, have long enjoyed, that Pennsyl
vania may be over ready to extend her
sympathies to those struggling for liber
ty, to succor tiro. helpless exile, and ho
an asylum to the perseciited and tho.op.
nessed • and thus orover ideutif hOr,
self with the cause of equal rights, and
With the interests of maerstil 'freedom,
justice, and huinanityi:- Then can we with
truth and pride proclaim, "Long live the
Commonwealth," whose guiding princi
ples aro found in the motto of our State,
!!). 7. IRTUE," LIBEWft, AMJ
A lady 84'years of ,age, died in New
Haven, Connecticut, 'on Christmas day.
She was married op. Christmas day, .63
years 'ago, her husband died on Christ
mas, 23 years ago, and she has often re
marked, " I wonder if I titian. clic pn
M. 011ivier is fitti.two yoga old ,
• l
• Grisi's coffin ' cost fifte'en thousand
fraitico. . .
Mr. Disraeli's lifeloug mortilicationia
said to be his ignorance pf his, birthplace.
Brigham Yoking is negotiating for
nhothor wife from lowa.
A Laporte, Ind., doctor has' discov
ered a remodyfOr opium Habit:
John C. Rreolcinridgo 'attorpoy for
the Cincinnati Southern Railroad. r .
An editor in Greene ociunty,New York,
is n genuine bdron. „
Prince Arthur has added a ball room
to his litontroid residence,
Trio Wolskfasting girl died, after being
without, food for oight days.
Mrs. Julia Ward Howo has been chosen
president of the Boston . Radios! Club,
in place of 130.,Bartokilossigncd,
Thp milliner :at Fort Edwards whose
English. lovet l6ft hor $17,000,000 bas - ro4
ceibod the first instalment of $5 4 000,000
---Vaupmann, -tho-Pantin.assoisin, de
clayes that he can - never be l killed.on the
sage . 6m, ash° possesses meaUs 4:suicide
thaecannot bo•taken ftem
The Democratic edit Or. of the Boston-
-POlit:Says the DemocralYe - editeref
Memphis Avalanche ought to ho "scalped ,
and supplied with some respect ahle ,
brains." •
Toni Thumb lets brought a suit :against
the Adami •ExpreSs Company to recover
the value o£ a quantity of photographs
lest in transportation.•
Tho Mas Rurgrave, a,miser; Who pas re
sfded in. King street, N: Y. city, for the
past fifty years, died last ‘yeek. He was.
worth $150,000, and had alease of Trinity
Church property in'thuvieinity of where
he lived, but existedin great'penary, ana
died as he had lived; alone, with no one
but an old maid servant. He left ndwill,
has no relatives, and who will 'gct the
$150,000 is not now known.
Thomas C. Smith., mail agent between
Boston an'd New - Haven depot; found last
week a package of $2.000, and after
much searching found the owner to be a
soap manufacturer at Boston, named Lat
son. When Mr. Latsen"received his lost
money, l; generously gave the honest
finder '52,000 and a' valuable diamond
Ulrich De Fouville, wile,' fortunately,
was not killed by Pierre Bonaparte, was
in this country and served in the Union
army during the war. lle was an aide-de
camp to General Custer in the Shenan
doah Valley campaign, and was afterward
transferred to the Topographical Corps,
serving under General Warren to the
end of the lyar.
Forty two hundred Germans landed in
Now York last week.
Ny is co n sift absorbed nearly twenty:throe
thousand emigrants last year.
A. Mexican lion, 60 , 7011 feet seven inches
in length, was killed in MCLennan coun
ty, Texas.
„ Hartford, Conn., has•been under water
four times in nine months.
A Rhode Islaud preacher declares that
no Person virTio uses tcIiREE6 afitio - haVed. -
‘Saii Francisco is to have a grand-hotel,
which is to occupy two full blocks.
California has 800,000 peach trees ; five
to every voter. -
Ridhmoifd, — Va:, — hits a society called
"Knights of the Rod Bog."
iii — GreiTßritain are taxed five
shillingS. Those not worth five shilling - A
are exempted.
Chicago had its soldiers' monument eta
by a London sculptor, and paid. $12,000
for it.
All the Boston wholesale branch cloth
ing houses in Chicago have settled and
closed up, with a single exception.
Ninety-six pounds of wild honey wore
taken lately from a tree in New Hamp
shire; the comb was six feet tong:
Twenty-seven thousand six hundred
-railroad lanterns were made and" sold lay
one firm in Hochester, N. Y., in the last
four months.
Elyria, Ohio, has a newspaper carrier
named - Alexanda - Drimas. AlexafickftlM
Great should look after his namesake.
A boat's crew of the Nitval- Academy
at Annapolis is to have a race with the
new crew of the junior cla'Ss of Harvard. ,
New ii'ork has opened a home for fall
en Women, and it already. has twenty-four
unfortunate inmates, victims of man's
There were seventy-four steamboat dis
asters on western waters last year, involv
ing a loss of over $1,000,000.
The monument over the late Marquis
of Hasting is a figure of Hope clinging to
a cross. Hope has his wife's' features..
The cost of printing in congress a sin.
gle Contbstcd election case by the House
is nearly $O,OOO. The cost of l'n•inting'all
the cases is Ira less than $30,000.
The color of a certain clergyman's eyes
has never beendeterinined; When heprayii
he shuts his own, and when he preaches
he shuts other people's.
Two entorpi•ising California millers
went to Lapland last spring, and succeed
ed in discovering gold in considerable
quantities. Their _summer's work net
ted them about
,$2, 000.
A free soup house is to be ppened in
Albany, N. Y. Eleven firms in the pro
vision business offer to give the materials
for soup, meat, vegetables, S:c., 'and a
steamboat steward is to superintend the
At the inquest held upon the body of a
Hoboken 'Tan who died from lockjaw
resulting from injuges received a a rail
way accident, the . jury found: " That he
died . from lockjaw, and the conductor of
the train was to blame for it."
61jt tjt11:1
'VOL. 70.• ,NO. 3
The election of General Irwin, as State
treasurer, over Hon. R. W. Mackey, by
a combination of the entire Democratic
voto in the Legislature, •witlithat of thir
teen Republicans Was very unexpected,
and is very annoying to all who desire har
mony in the ranks 'of our party, Mr.
3,lackoy had received the nomination of
cumbont of the office, and had dis Charged
•his duties faithfully, and with ability.
lifgainathim„personally, or officially no
wo r d' had Wien raised, excepting the
stand ingcbargo against all State Treasur
ers, that ho had used the surphis funds of
the State for his own personal profit This
may have been true, for aught . wo • know ;
bat it is supported by no better evidence
than is the samo charge repeatedly made .
against his predecessors. WO do not hold
tho position that the caucus nomination
should bind members of the party under
all circumstances, 'but we do
. inSist that
unless that nomination be•given to a per
son who is Fonfossedly unworthy,'itshould
not be disregarded, - particularly by thoso
who owe their own, positions largely to the
pressure of party discipline. , It is neces
sarily part of the creed of 'evoiy true Re ,
publican that the success,of tho so called
Democratic party.viould 'cause injury to
the best interests of the State; and if that
bo so, it follows that any action that
tends to disorganize ourparty. and make
opponents, is a wrong of itself. We think
better the chance's of the triumph of our
this position ;will not bo Seriously dispu
ted oven by those Who felt it their duty
to join hands with the Democrats in their
efforts to defeat the man who was fairly
the representative of our organization.,
If, by reason or any ill feelings . or, jeal
ousies, growing 'out lotthor - election of
General Irwin, we should be in a minor—
ity In tho 'next , Legislaturo,: or, if, our
roajorityin the present Legishiture should
Prove, powerlesii to carry put • the views
and &sires of the Majority of the people
of 010 State, tilos° who contrib,utod to.
produce this disorganization will ho hold
accOuntablO for the ,mischief, and
Put Any professing.Republican,wlio
bringti defeat - and_disastOr_onthOnartYto
which ho ibolonA will occupy a . Very
.unorniablo the patty
or 04 of it:-
3 1 N hallo new -Only . heen''Consid4v
'the effect of The action °albs bolters, and
not their motives.
.Whilst we say unhesi
tatingly that they have done wrong to
the party, and condemn their action, we
have no intention to ehargellern with any
thing beyond this, until - we'know where- .
of we speak. Many of our. jourfials in
sist that this ism corrupt arrangeinent by
which the Democrats are to receive two
Senators, and secure the defeat of cerr.
taro Republican measures, in censider
ation: of their solid vote for Irwin. If
these journals know these things let them
produce the papers. We do n't' believe
the statement and do n't kropose to be:
lieve it, until we see some evidence of
the fact. Men frequently do • many
impolitic things, without commitiug or
intending to commit any crime what
.ever...- It is also possible for men to com
mit one crime, without committing half
a dozen more.. We do not believe that
the gentlemen who voted for Irwin en
tered into anycombination of the kind.
The names of many of them are a cull ,
cient guarantee that this is_not correct.
They doubtless allowed personal consid
erations to overcome their fealty 'to their
party, and for so doing they are censura-,,
ble, but it is unfair and anj list that they'
.shouldho denounced for any sins merely
suspected. It only widens the breach
and increases the evil, to denounce; in
general terms, and for all imaginable
crimes, those who are only known to be
guilty of a breach of party disCiplino.
I.E is necessary that there should be har
mony instead of discord among our
friends during the present session. The
bolters inthe Treasury light have done'
harm enough. Now let thoSo who depre
cate their action refrain from aggrava
ting it.
We hope this'may be the last time a
Legislature is entrusted with the dirty of
choosing a State Treasurer. The evils
attending this contest, to the State, the
party, themembets,. andmvery one at all
,interested, aro certainly now apparent
enough to cause ( it to be transferred to a
different — arena. The suggestions that
have already been made with regard to
salary, restrictions, penalties for abuse
of trust, and, are eminently wise,
and idT Slialighe resorted to. They are,
however, not sufficiently radical to extir-
pa c to evil. It will e impossible, un
til the entire debt of the State is obliter
ated, to prevent the accumulation of very
considerable balances during the year,
and it will be just art impossible to frame
laws that will prevent this Treasurer ma
king some handsome little profit oil these
in addition. to his salary. •It is easy
enough to'enact laws for the punishment
of those_who attempt it, but the convic
tion oflhuoffender is quite another and a
different . thing. We have a pretty well
grounded-belief, resulting from sonic ob
servatiomin these inatters, 'that trustees
of all Welds, are given, as a rule, to han
dle funds for theii own particular advan
tage, after having rendered to the ceslui.
gits_trust,Jw_hat the law actually compels
them to render. This is true of a very
large number of people, who are not, and
never will be politicians i and this ten=
deny is one, of -the infirmities of men,
It can never be wholly cured by' any leg
islation whatever. As wo said before,
there always will be available balances in
the Treasury; and whilst every-thing pos
sible should bedone to prevent these being
turned to private advantage, the thing
can never be wholly accomplished. The
great . evilia,the,ddemoralization which it
is made to prodnce on the Legislature,
and of which the Oroverar so forcibly
complains in his message. There .is a
cure for this, easy,simple, andißrective:
Hake the State Treasurer of Pennsylva
.aia elect ire by the , peiTte:
When we asserted last week that Gov
°ruby Barman had stolen the idea:4.'6f
liepublic'an statesmen to make up ills
recent message, we merely stated a-fact
perfectly well known to every body. We
were not aware, however, that lie had
taken up any particular speech and
stolen not only the ideas but almost the
identical sentences from it. Some indus
trious fellow has • been comparing the
Governor's message With, Senator Mor
ton's speech, and gives the following
specimens from both.
I du not believe that the I
exigence of our bonded I
dobt has anything to do
with the depreciation of!
cur currency, Tho taking
of the gold in the Treas.!
ury for too pneeliaso of,
the Londe put! Ole , re•
suinVtion of thu green. I
backs out of tho power of
thu lioTernment, end pr
claims to the world that
It dote not Intend to ro.
turn to specie payments:
The greenback circuit;
tion is a part of the public
dobt for the redemption of
which the faith of the" no.
Hon in !solemnly pledged.
Tho redemption of thle
pledge le not - only de-
Mantled by every princi
ple of national honor, in.
lly fixing tho period of
redemption no far off that
the'llovernment will have
time to collect the antenna that will be nec
eneary .
To r..tnru to epee lo pay
moots without a,craesk lea
great desideratum, and
(hi. can only ho daub by
making tho process grad.
It is a delusion to nut,
pole that t • payment of
few of our bonds before
they ar• due mstertely
helps the piddle credit;
the Treasury is not
bankrupt as to Its bonds;
It Is paying theJnterest
ilCeOlllillg to contract;
ktid the principal Is lest
yet due; this iv not the
point where the public
credit needs to behelpeil.
The Trewntry is bank
rupt an to Its legal ten
der notes for a failure Co
pay a prOnlau when It is
du• is bankruptcy.
The lirst duty of the
Govermnent Is to' make
legal tel4lets MI gond as.
!gold. • '
It hs the spatial duty of
tho Federal 'frcenury, the
Issue of 'whom, redact..
blepaper as' brought 'us
to our present condition,
to see to it that there In
on ample supply . of cult,
retained in the country,
mu nil to make the trausb
Lion from our present
currency to gold both
I easy and permanent.
I do not believe that
any 'contraction of tt o
legal tender currency le
❑eeetmary—in__onler_ t
I reach tpecla payments.
The moment that the
peepio see that the Goa
-1 ernment le. ready to, rin
deem Its paper by pre•
,Itling itself with the
only mean. of doing It,
the appreciation lu the
actual. Tattle of the le•
gal tender note. will
Contraction is no,t a nec
eaonry preliminary more
wont to a return to o /ad -
By fixing a period of re.
demotion the. century le
notified, and may be pro.
pored fur a change. The
people will ham •it In
view In eon..
trade and arrangements
In business and debtors,
fearing a decline la prices
of property, will malty
haste their debts
Tho Demirratio party are very fortu
nate in every respect. After they had iun
the Govormontal machine of the country
until it commenced falling to pieCes, the
.Republican party took it' off their
hands, and aftor a good deal of trouble
put 'it. in , running order again. The
slavery question. had split the Demo
cratic party into two irrocsnicilablo fac
tions, and the Republican party, ob-
Mended that institution and gave. them
a chance• to unite again. - The Demo
cratic party set up , a 'very but
very' Pestiferous nation down South,
which very span run into bankruptcy,
starvation and ruin, and the Republican
party . knocked, the rickety' little concern
tcr smithereens, and setup another which
clad, fed andsprotected the peoplo there .
until they had life enough thorn to
walk to UM and veto the Demo
&ado ticket. - .find finally ;whOn its,
loaders haven't brains or sense enough to
Originate any policy or any measure that
would command the rospopt of the pod
plc, Republicans, make speeches, which
Abe - little DenMorntio \ fops, like Governor
Hoffman.'steal to make mossageS out ofy
in order that their Monde may thiolc
them statesmen,. Tow. partiOs have .so
L - -
much kindness extended to th'em by their
oppononts, and fewer'ofton in such
,nood t : , ,°:- . '
. • _ , •
.0m Tuesday morning the Houso Saw
fit to veto clown a•resolution_tOn'ereaso
the Raw of the Governor for his second
term to $7,000. We - beliede
_it" is
featly well known and' admitted by every
meMber Of the Legislature, and every one
el*whO'liMows anything, about, it, that
impessiblo7o, Goveinor Geary, or
any othiii person. Who MaYlo elected lo*
that office, tosupport a family at Harris
burg on the sum now paid him. If this
be to we can't understand why the Leg
islataire should r'efuse to increase it. We
certainly 'approve - every thing' that loops
like economy, luit then a man has some
rights, even tf ho is Governor, ' and ono is
that lie should not be asked to perform
very important,dutieswithout,receiving
compensation sufficient to defray his ac
tual expenses. The matter is, however,
settled now, as the Legislature cannot
increase the salary of • a Governor during
his term. / •
It is rinnored that'Cyrus W. Field and
Wni. Orton are about to 'purchase tha
French cable for $1,000,000 in gold.
The Legislatures of the following
States are now in session : Maine, Ver
mont; Massachusetts; Now York, Penn
sylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Now
Jersey, Tennessee, ,Kentucky; North
Carolina, Soutli Carolina, Georgia and
Simon -Mountz,, West Pcnnsborough
township, sale of personal property,
March 8, 1870.
William. Natcher will sell at public
sale, at his residence in North Middleton
township, near the reservoir, on the
twenty-fifth instant, his entire dock and
farming implements. Solo to commence
a:Cone o'clock.
HORN—CORNELIIIti.--On the ninth Instant, by
Roe. Wm. Trtekott, Mr. Wilbur Fish horn, to Mine
Etta Cornellus r both of Carnal*.
FETTEIL—In Chnulberßhurg, on the thirteenth
instant, Mro Ititirin Fetter, •ifu of Jacob Fetter. for-
. •
erly of Oarli 4 in,ngpLoixty-nine yeare, one month
od thirteen dnye.
hIeGINNIS.—Onethe morning of the thirteenth of
'January, Colonel' John hleGinok, in the eutenty
seventh year of We age.
Carlisle, Jaututry lii, 1670
F•onII) Flour
it 1;1) do •
tdIIN ......... ..• ••• •• ••
•11Tr.00... ..............
rlNtoTil leBll 1.3;
BARLEY .... •.• .
General Produe, Market.
Carlinle, January 19, Ib7ll.
Co,ra,rted Weekiti by IVilliam Washmood
BUTT}'t% :10:11ACON 9110U . LDER9, 16
1,11.1 q,
I %ItP,
35 DIElb/1/ APPT.X.S, per It OS
IS ICAO: , 3
A X,
. .
DENTAL -NOTICE.—I have .t. ken
notice of H cord in our Carlinty papers, call
towing the , public from employ log nuy dentist to
make or 14'11 artificial teeth, on platen of hard rub
ber, who is notlieonnod by the company, Ate. 1 tabu
this method. to' inform my triends;an'd the public
ttentriilly, that 11.0,1 mad* arrangements with Jo
tdalt Itne•at. treinattur of toe Goodyear Dental Vul
canite Company, and have taken out license up to
•danuary 1,041. I stn, therefore. legally nut hollreat
to nisi, artificial teeth on hatd rui:b••r, in nil SIISPPM,
Rllll forma. .1 turtle my friends, and the public( in
gluon iti,to gine tank rail, where they CM, kern.
11111111 . on Rubber plate, an ,heap as ever. Office No.
25, High streiO, opposite the Fit - at NaCional Bonk,
Clffiilll4, Pa
J. C. NITF, Doupet
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of Chihli.°leo Al Wen' . and ladies Wututed and Meriou
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u ell by calling to Neu for theuoAlres, at
No.ll, South Hanover Street,
Curnode, l'efau.
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teptiou alba. //Ado t pfk..4
of 1. \ 311.5. AND ()LADS \VARS.:. Alm, In tha large
Binh 01 0110 g0....14 that wk.are nou oftering. Coal
Oil 4/1 ilittt:st quality .4.1 y, mill in sun oil lit trek,
at lowl•Ed
Still /mother in 1.0100 41
pi,D 4 ,l,9phia rbuLU 4.014 or 1/1 h
14 0 044, patl<4.l up free, uyd 41011VCred Itt our leure,.at
K\l. ❑LAIR Si)g
Dr. WINUART'S (heat A I nerle,n Dyspepvia I 110 rI d
Pi. 'free Tar Cordial aro a imentive and Infallible
corn for dyspepna to Its nault a ) zgmvated farm, and
no 'natter of how long standiug. •
They penetrsto Abe soeret abode of this to tibia
disease, and egterminate if vot and branch, noon,.
They alleviate more agony and nil. at manning thou
tongoo ran toll.
They aro noted for cuing the must desperate and
hopslov eases, when evory known menus fail to af
ford roller.
No, form of Bydpepiltt or Intligettlint can' resist
their penetrating power.
Pino Treu Tor Cordial. It LB the
vital prlnclplo of the Pino Tree, obtained by a pa.
culiar process in tho dietlllullon of tho tar, by which
• its highest medical properties aro retained. It 'twig l i
orates the digestive organs and- reslores the appetite.
It strengthens the debilitated., system. It purifies I
and enriches the blood; and expels from fly at stem
the corruption which scrofula breeds on !lie lungs.
`a dissolves tho mucus or phlegm which stops the air
pesioiges of tho lungs. Its healing principle seta
upon the Irritated mutton of tho lungs and throat,
penetrating to each dideased part, relieving -pain and,
subduing intlamation, It Is the mutt :of years of
study and oxperiment,and It Buffered to thenfilleted
with positlio 11.311M0C0 °tits poWer to cure tho
didensesTlf -tho-patfent-hornot-tocriortg-d
-bayed a resort to the means of sure: ° Consumptlon of
tbu Lungs, Cough, Boro Throat mid Breast, Itten
dais, Liver Complaint, Blind and Bieoding Piles
Antitma, Whooping Cough, Dlptheria, &C..
'A medical expert, holding honorable collegiate
Diplomas, devotes hie entire limo to the examination
of patients at the office, parlors Associated with
hini nto three consulting physicians of acknowledged
eminence, whose services nra giien to the publio heir
of charm,
Thlsopportnnltyin offered by no other histltntlon
In the country. ;
Latta,ls from any part of tho country, asking
ciao, will ha promptly and gratuttously ros;.onded to
convenient, ramlticinees should take fin abapo
of Drafts or Post Wilco nrdora.
['rico of Wisbart's American Dyapopsis Pills, $1 a
box. 'Bola by mail on receipt of price.
Prlco of Wishart's Dino, Tree Tar Dordlid, $1,40 a
bottln, or $ll per dorm!. Dant by express. '
All communleallone should bo addressed
311 . 1 t Ni.
gives, mu pleasure to certify that' bir,l3Aheets'e
Mena CDRPIAL to toy - opinion 1d purely vegetable
. n :Its constitution,. and 'an excellent tonic, being
heatless In Its character, and not being an alcoholic
Ursiul ant.. .ELy STODIsT6N, U. D.
. atop by step this commodity has ethaed Its insp're:
Coilonted fame. They aro universally approved. They
summit, strengthen, and old the growth of muscles,
They appear to have apecnilar effect upon the nerves,
allaying Irritability, while supplying warmth. , They
seem to accumnlato electricity, and alti thecirculation
of the blood through. the part where applied, by.
which 116E11013%4'1000ne are induced. •
,Even in paralysis, where articulation was suspend
edits, nee of the l'orouells .etstato thenpine restored
the articulation, and materially reduced the paralysis.
fact, the patient could help hared!, wide before
'thaPorons • Pitutter wan applied she wao as helpless as
abmiby. We rotor to Airs. Bally MII6t, flpringfloid,
Maas. ,
flotd bj all tienggiste, Agency, Drnudroth'•lloneo,
Now ' 20po1m
Two melentific publications arc in th 6 field against
tho . lolr dyes of which latiltatlip Gaols. Tho 0 Now
York Modica! Gazette" and "The Journal of Cheiniii
safely dyed. Ilavo you seen Prof. Chiltoti'm testi
mony,founded on a careful' analYslih and certifying
Unit; Christadoro'a Excelsior Dio is not only', first
clastiartielo for changing tho color of tho hair, but
absolutely safo.
Chrlstradoro's Hair Presservative; as a Dressing, acts
like a charm on tho Hair after Dyeing. Try it.
And about the Kidnap', are relieved at once hp the
application of ono of Alicock'e Porous Planters.
" Gain.towa, Ala., Nov. 27, 1868
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practice of ten years Ihapo been a frequent witness
of the magical qualities of yonr -- Porous Planters. I
'can certify that thay am all you claim for them.
pr: Myers, of Farm:malt, enylf,they are the beet
mechanical supporters for weak munch•+ ever die
covered; that by their worming properties they bring
power nod heahlt, until the strength of the muscles
are entirely restored; that IM "known n case whet.'
Alicolee Plasters cured a gentleman of n weak spine!
that ho daily preecribee them 'ln his practice, with
that Jhappiest maul te. fiJan7o-1
I am now getting up the largest 100 X -wink ever
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fn. April next. •
Call at the shop and examine the work before it to
finished, so that you may he satisfied that I line noth
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ferry style of
ready Pr 'myth , to order. All 110 W work gptran
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idrict attention to buidnesit to merit it condom:ince of
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CJ n7O 3co
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l l Osiparatioun. Vheu they see the metallic sediment
gligthig sten' to lltmwlly thickened with poison.
They ask,Ahereforr, for o harmless vegetable dye
and find it, pare and effoinchm, in Cristsibilo's
ruled°, Ilairllye, offered ittichir the sanction of Pro
(limier Chilton's guarantee that it contains "nothing
L O l
Crlstadoro'h Ilnlr Prroorvalivo n n arts
liko n charm on tlin hair after • dyeing. Try 11.
Their greatvalun eottnishi in thitit They may be
aged Ni) long; re; any dinea.earccrt.n any , :f the hrgan4
of the body: and bi perseyet log In their uso
the disemte will be cured, mod Iho body rtwtoz oil
health, freotfrent,yvay taint and itnittnity. 'lie it
repntath 0 pi, e+ (belt met tt.
•Thonmo Smith Coroner ice of ill.: roam.
Ilrontiroth'm ralx,anvJ
Lim of I/pimp:Oa nod Ilmti thorn, tViir•ll to.ory othor
ruotlicioe hod t• &I:'a
Atoll 3, ISIi.
Ur Jortior, of PS vanuall, bo ha
nuarly ll;fl3_pire, forommeolled Ilialidionlk o I'lll .l ,
as a aperifir ill 31.111, lover; thot 11i111 . 1 . i• 11 In
taitiout in 11i, s in took thetn.thr.thlo malady, being
othemi, oa m o i, 'choir prompt.ilso , talit.o.t. or the
body tbovo matt-nn which .food Um fatality or the AS a pellets/11 funnily ihedlelno, he enadil. 1.4
them for in adraltro of all others, and hole he
slant. frond ior.itmloxyorloova of their
05j-DEA BLINDS Er , B %/OW
11.t01.1 With the lltrll/114 1141:011.8q, by J. 18.01.111., M.
IL amt Professor ttr Diseases etj U,. }:ye and Ear (his
in the ilstlical !lolled; linmylooliio, 1;2
years experince, ( ;Lantz. ly ar Leyilcn,lloilited.) •0.
805 Arch tttri. t 111,11. a TrBtinoonialo ca. lei ere.
at his oflice r rectilty Ric i ylltiii.Lo nc
company thc.r AN Lc liaz . tct h 1118
practice. A .•11r.tial t pa: lei ela et
nd itliceL pule S..
.tharecf .
2•101 van porelia , t. 110
110lielly 1 qua . , I 1 ." roili:In . V1•10ti:111 Lilli 1114•111, fu
the 1n.1r1., lava, wry, croup r0i1.%
1,10 ne3 I.lh Inter y la part et . y
°Alb itrininipany ing 4,11 . 11 111.111..)
e,lll Anil) for rlinionallain.lneniele,
thNiat , 11111 . 1. M, broken
tlii I it tia 1.1.1 pain , In limbo, U rk and
e l ..1.• V. net Lin WWI 1111.041. NI Is
I . 17, tool Inn roe n ilo ho,, need II but ronth. no+ to do
0.10011.3 slating, if it was too dullard a IlOttiO lbey
ouu I.t out l e \l,llllOlll it 11,1141,11t1.1
lin lir en al :lie depot, gof i w,lnlil•rlul
enrol properi lea. Price, Ploy Conte soil One
!wino Pala by Ihr I)ritaglele and Storelicrill•ll
111/ . 0101011 lulu United ritaire. Depot, 111 Park Place
Nrn 1 k
101 t, I i
Tobine' Derby Condition Powders are warrinte,
sup..rior to any others, or no pay, for the eine of Die
tens' er. Worms, 11, to, Coughs, I Colds,.&e.
in ilor , es; and Colds, Cwtgue , LOil3 of lljlle, Black-
Tongue, Dorn Pis temmir, de , in Cattle. They are
perfectly cafe Mid 3111106 e ; no need of stopping the
working of y or animals. They Increase the appetite
giro a fine coat, cleanse the stomach and urinary or
gans; alsoinereMie the intik of cuss. Try them and
you will never be without them. The late Ilintrir
Woodruff, ccialrated trainer of trotting horses, used
them for years. Cut. Philo P. Dash, of the Jerome
-Dace Coors°, Yonlhime, N. Y., worth' not use them
until he Sops told of o hot they are eotionsed, MM . :O
width inc la limier without thorn. Helms over twenty
'running horses in-his charge, nod for the last three
yekra Inns need no other medicine for them. lie has
kindly permitted the to refer any one to him. Jiver
1,000 other references can ho seen at the Depot.
Sold by Druggists and Saddlers. Pa Ice 25' cents per
box. Depot 10 Pawls Place, New York. tijimiDlin
JAcoh . licriierz—beni Sir: I holm boon afflicted
for tho loot ton yonre with t.l o iliternentioto and
I . Our I O. WWI ft:WM:11111CD P to me. I
have used It, and I am glad to ear, It has effected a
perfect Cure In a very 'short time. Therefore I re-
commend It to all persona afflicted nith the same
diseases. reouslder it the hest turein use for any
disease the human body hivulneet..l to.
E.:LEMON(' Philadelphia.
The Advertiser, baying beets restor,ed to heal
In a fowweeke, by a vAry okapi° remedy, after Env.
ing etifferod eoveral yeas with a ouvere lung Riffle,
Coe, and that dread diecaeo,Cousuniidiett to bath
to wake known to bin liOnOW•llllffererb:tilo cornea
To all who desire 11, ho gill fiend a • copy of the
premeriptinn need (fret of charge), with this direction
'for preparing and tieing the mune Which they will
BRONCHITIS, etc. The object of the advertleei In
sending the Preecriptiou le to benefit the afflicted
and spread infatuation - which ; he Coueolree to bo in .
valtiable; and lie hopes' every eulierer will try his
remedy, neat will cot thorn. 11 - ailing and may,preve
o blessing.'
Nato, wishing tit° peescdpt.lon will. pinnue m 4
Willlatztabqrgi Counly . Nosy York
Nuy7.69.1y. •
WIRI RAILING, Mall aumws,S tore
Fronts, Asylums, &c: 'iron 'Bedsteads, Wire {Vol.
bingo foishoellyd p o ultry yordo, Bras' - and Iron
wiro,cbith Slaves, Feudere:Scroone for coal`, arose
sand, /M., Heavy CrlmpOd Cloth for spark arresters
Lai:asap Wlre.for 'Windows c., Paper News
Wires, Ornamental 'Wire Works. Every Informs.'
Con by addrosslng the manufacturers, N. WALIU hIt
A SONS' No 11 North Sloth ',kept Philadelphia. -
12fob.alby. , - -
• i'lltltOßS OF YODTu.,
gentlonten who suffered for 'yearn from NorvoUs
'Dobllltir, Premature Decoy ; unit till tilo effects or
youfatful builders tion, wilt for tho sake of suffering •
humanity, Sand froo to, all tvlati . toed It, no resslA4,
for tusking tho single .retnedy' by which ho *as
euistl. Sufferers wfsblieg to profit by abe rultidrtle
er's experlonco can doSo by tbtrossing. Ite•perlSot
coalldone, —• JOHN 11.0111:41N,
e ' • No. 42 boar fit, Now York,
151477.00 17.
. 11 10:11 - meeting of iltie-us9oHrttion-will-bo
held at the Council Chuntbor t in tho Court Ilous_o,,on
Om- fira - Pathruny of "February, it bring the fi lth of
that month, nt 7 o'clork p. tatouloncia of
the mettiknre Is eiirtiently rorplested. '
20Inn8t C. P. 11U311tICII,'Sr.crohiry.
xter osLy FIRST GLASS awns.
AN rmidENen.YARTETY ou
All persons desiring really lino artich 11, reliable in
quality, and moderate in price, nra csrlaiti to be
pleased by our exceedingly largo and varied roller
lion. Our stock is kept always ft, eli by tolditlons
from first sources.
Our gore Is pronounced ono of the moat elegant IR
the world; and ally Nell. Oohing the city are rot:-
[holly invited to call and Inapoct it at their leisure.
Fob, 17 Messrs. Alolteelotu kDO t Pen nebors
ougb twp.
" 18 W. n. Rieo, Dickinson twp.
„ 28 Thorn. Shover, Wrist Penosboo o' p.
Mar. 1 J. 11. Lnugaheelter';•West Pen oshrro' to p.
•• 3 Oert.llnliOnthver, West PoonstonV try',
" 10 O. M. Soso:, West Penosboro' tvrp.
" 11 Christian /71419, Front, fro it top.
17 A. SlotnOst Ugh, I,luki orlon top.
•Eshihlt of.tolls r..rolrohl, repoirsothol r‘ti, of the
Caelißle, ;Lod Chain timilittrg.Turopilto
Road Cohoptirty,..frorn tllo flint of tiattuary ho I
titirty.anit of Deconibor,-liio9. inclusive, n• fcllowt,
to wit h
To amount of trllii re‘eiroil at nu leg,' 171,792 U 7
To alllOlllll of toll reteltTd from U. ii. I lor•
tenon t, 7:.0,.9r
To balance at rot ileinonf for 116 q, paid hat,,
Cohort at January, 1164. 472 14
By balance of 1164, paid to rredit. IN, per
art of Atteetzthly of IB•Jtt, 1828, and
1430, $ 47 2 14
By 11141 paid for topah, 011 t•osol for 14111', • 2,1271 411
By .totto Arep rtti sal.tritt, .. 1,3110 10
By inanngers' pay, - • " 375 00
By treto•ttrer'a wino', - • 111 n 00
Ily Stteretary'e nalnry, r, 'ls 00
Ity ito•olent,a expoonett „, 1.4 .50
Ity poeittgo, ntalioltry, .1 ri 10 10
.1,43.1 5:I
c!try r:.~Lun•o paid nI"e ::.L1 : L t:1
i 1 r . 1 , 1
f A:tr.: fSO 91,
L •
1 fy.4,..1
C.,' Med on °Mb O. a Oa', or tho 'f'ourt.
Common l'lva4 I.County,
day or.lanutto A. U , 1570.
MAKE NOTlCE.—'rhat the Court ol
Colo. Pier. of Cllllll.or .Iri.l Comity. b ite
appointed 'llneeilay the liventi•serimil dal et' Mllreb,
Mt:Xt.:lt the Court ithltht, In the It sough of
at, Itm., r hewing awl .1. tirmining the
aims Of the ',rimed re rri.thlois ill° com
pany, ago nobly to li , , mil of Ae.enthl) :nada for the
said ereilitorii on ,
the ?met day nr
Cleo id Al. th.. aforeiald
Iline imil Wave, the pr, 1,1 . ' 111 (it .lilr rm.! 1 . 11. r
eilitorii, are ia. , p4.1
fly g .not luvsen ad. oh!l also
to Inteislila t h e "Ilue (Ito, 0111. , 11, :LIPS
“.,..11 I ...Id ly
original og tier,: and alio woof I eilati the -
p' of thi it 11.1 V
00, A.
20Jatifit • IIT II r. I.IJUILT.
1V:()I'll:E.-- All persons who 1m0 , 4121,
eroil4 111 , 11111'1 , 1g 9,
111.1 . 11/I , lint ',obi )'..1 !id 1.• •••1(1• 1,1; rt.
lit , fir, it F 1.1 tl/..‘, li7l, oil At arroonlii
1.1.41 ..r ~ r 1 (lir prop, ~Ili,, ir fin . roll,
tiosi;_ with excirpturil wi,l es I_ Plen a tier aii.1.,,,Xp..1111.
Dir, Jalinaly 1,, 1,711.
V.00a3/31 e11...1p J.P11,1..
0 Nip: Oh' 43 5 AURIe 8 !
I and in filr rontliolion, of very g it 1 tintolliT• On:
due gon-Ll fonoo. Orrionitt, thor-litit alel_l/1- good ototoll
and rnonforliolito Bovelllng. Stain. Odx:Bi loot, Coin
NVagion Ilnune, lion Ilourn,
Spring iiton tont a roping of good watt r n r MO
I) • e liog,, 0, 0 half in under cult Oval, Ir daunt, on
\Wood and Timber Paid Farm I. nit:mitd on ithlo
miler; no n 1 cry Critbk tPt tin on the Baltimore
d <Pilo, It cool, at wl,i,h th re 11 1. 1 10 r ,, Port
0111 re nod hipregti Ofhin, n help nil hind., i,l Prodove
loin 11. no ' , burg, a lar,le 111111 lliturinhing
Ot lr, milt, &titan:,whir,' :l in potion
arrAi id 10,01 1.1/1119 of Ctnnoiry Product, 29,111111er
01-11111) n tbitirry wheru good Lim roe e raw
hail h r throw yearn or Alit.t t rl, and van 1•1 1 110r111
r 'right rlllll, per 11113..1 'Die Tell:1111 t n atonal
Farm 1,0 nd Oh pant ) .r 500 Itonlittl , 11).00, and in
nlotirt Ainm tl i, nuoitint might bed 1111 ell, Ily . lllll.
1,1111/.. In, It 1/e1 Well 0.1 •11:11 1.1111.1 1 . 111111
Wi I he 111,111011 101101 , on 1.1 du easy
Onions Prine IL:S her Aerto. Also. no,' of
Two Ija faired a rut Fourteen Acres
at ito • p„r Arl o. Itoprovontto to comfit o Au
Two (1 ml Forirteen. acres,
Ar $ 6 Tarr .1 c.v.. 6o Inuirovoldriiii Good rooter
pomrrr 1 °Mi.
no triune hum • is of e,.t d Tot. Ito,
third clewed, red 1.11111, in II Tittilorr,
which irotidliaii•lii a goo I . turir , of a' I'll, ro Iton Stn
tiou Thor, Farin4!are eitontodidiir toil° l'ln cry
oi, (fly thitor...t •• Rot rod!, at
whir/ Shill/111 in more, POSE OM.
rcild 1 nine 1 . 1..du a [dine. l/11.11 . 1,,Wtte • 0
I...ret nur van Igo laud for litre-' 3 6 1 nothior.
61iirtins bore, in 13 lIIIIre 1.1114611 i.
. .
All the above I. rational Ilre iv!, heathy. I Offer
Oman a Itargatln, an I atm old, have na finally, and
001400 GO In Sleepy Criela SI Ilion, can'
the Balaban., St Ohio Hal I , ad, la Fu - e
' , him. Farina,
where Hamilton laano. esal., tenant on farm, Rtu
ti vu all partlcalaint, and allow the Fatima. '
Aberdeen 11,rieni runty, Md
510,000 GUARANTEE'!.
First For its Uniii ; nl.l Wllll,llOll,
Srcaufl. Far it. Unettuntell Durability
TL rd For its Unsurpassed Coveting groporty
0:6-1.101y, G r its Economy; `u4
' crnitx Irmo to onint, with Birk Loivi, than
any other NVidie Lend notnot. .1110 weight
000010 Dl6lll 811011e0, ix 1110111 doritilin nod nialion
BUCK ItFAD In the rhoLtpetit ittrlibttnt
Thin], Yo; inj.; Pr7;iterty
I;nstly, for Its Or of Economy
being the i.heapest, luud•uumgt, null ,neeit darable
%MN, Paint In the wolld.
Sul' ,faction 11‘lut. , apti.1 by tliv \lnnu.fu•lnrara
B UGH OT G 0 L ORA, for.Pitinthig
Collage. Outbuildings", of every detierrption, Pone.,
&C. Thirty-flro oillerent Colorer, Durable, Cheep,
Un !farm, and Ileautifal Shade.. _
Saninlo cede vent by until, it - cleared.
Mailers' Mora %rill be immunity executed by the
manufacturer. "
20.1411701 y
CARPtTING§ . • •
• •At our now nnil oTngngt Moro,
A full Mock for Spring Solon of
AX3l l lN i f v E r. l l l3 B l, , •
• BRUSSELS, • : , ,
OIL cr.orne
035 - 31ARKilT '
29j1111t0:4MO" '
7 t{ oil - 11E , NT - The Trouso
i f .:Tii .4 , li ,, lial.:; , r io ti rr _itlol c . i, oll- t i , l n a t if i l l, : ; i n tr il t , t ;.l l l?7 -oCollpitd-- : -
. Apply nt
PIPER'S Book Store
List of mielaimed letters remaining in
the posipflice at Carlisle, Pa., for the
week ending January 10, 1870 :
Delialino, Mklianh .Tonne, Mr It
Baker, D S. Kremer, John •
Berm., .farob . Lingle, Dr-11 II
Buttorf, It II Luther, Levi II
Drown, Junie, Meredith, Dr J IF
Brandt, Lovi McQuote, Jacob (a)
Beaten', Lewis Miller & Co'
Dear. Andrew lit Udell, John
Breakbrill, II - hicA lIIt ter, Rebecca
Hear, Mien Adeline (2) McGill, Mra Oen
Bistllne, Silos Sophia Orrin, Chriatopher
Clapper, MIN Nary, A Pude ' Jitekson •i ,
CHM, Andrew Plilllipu, Chart.
Cingston, Min Mary Paul, DIC . '
Criston, W,n (2) Real, John
Clark, Mien Sarah .1 r Roberts, Thotnati It
Coleman, Mn Lydia Roddera, Jinn.
Coulter, klra Slake', Wm "
Dunkla,lllr2 Ii Stouelt k Oswald
Fink, Denhitnin 2 Sheehy, Daniel
gooimnger, Dradroril ' Sheibly, °ennui .
Frhilly, Situate! . She:tithe ii, Tempest
HIM. ,lolni C Snyder, "iilia Mania
(linen, James 11 Tlionipaon, John ,
t ? . l i l u l l i;lit ' a h t, n ltev It Thomas, Lucia
Upeltureli, John
GI off, Le lidor I, Wrakley, Nathaniel
Gookley, Noah Wollility, .l II i.
Johnson, D WentfaD, Joedma
. .
A.. K. P. M
Our rtovit romish of all kind. o;
FURS, to.d
20 Patterns Fancy Silica, of all Shades
EV.r. V
I 4 • I I. •
...3 Lt, ou IIL; 11, an,
to...ll;eifl . y :11,.1 night I 17 .,, IS,. tiny mod
mg,111: .1,1 night; .1,',111:111.
By Me npol dela (;/f in pair//
( ihe $2511,1011
vian TirKET I,ItAIVP
gin., 11
10 Ci , ll gill., • ; kelt
I`ll , ll gil
1./ 11
200 gills. each
:11111 C'alh,,ifts 011.11
50 Elccnnl Itttnewi ad 01.10... ell L pliti h, iron
sli 31. 1., •• to 100
50 Sewinc Nlio t. nirto 175
500 “14 . 1111 ' 15 to 3110
ritsh pt Fit vet. Ware,. It• ,all Cilload at $.1,000,000
A e 1.., tu.lrtw tiny of the a bOVP prizes for 25 cox
Tickets al•oo'ril Icy prizes nre sealed In etWelnpes bind
WI•11 , 00 recc pt of 25 relax a sealed tiehet Iy
Jere if without thoice„, and sent by 'nail 1. , any ad
'I be pt ize 0001141 upon II will be delivered to
ticket holder on payment, of one dotter. Prints tun
oliatety rent Ito ally nildresn by ttxproinn or retinal
You Dill iiIIIINV what:your Priv, bi beforo you pay
It prizv exrlgan4l anolhot of some./
No Itianhs. Our PairllllB dep.l4l it., fair
-Ittleratexer, —We seloet the following front many
who have lately - tire - ten rnhtnl•ir. vrte.etr. -- 4mll -- kintlly
Permitted lie to vlOll4Ol there; ti Il Wilt:lnn. Buffe
tt,: {11.000; yit.x,Aneio itlewesto. Chirego. $O5O,
John D. 'noun., Louisville : ll 000 : Mies Ennui, Wel
worth, Mitwittikee. l'inno, $51.0 Itov E A. rigy.Ni.e,
Orhmux, SA,O. We plil.llol 110 11111111.44 .without• per
ntikelott. •
Otainitaiii of Elio ° lin firm 18 rellablo unif
Weekly Tralainr, tact 8, '•
kunt them to 1, 0 fair dealint fit "—N if roll
'A friend a u ra draw' it $lOO bilk., which 004
protapil., recoivoil " Daily News, fI 1 1
Staid f rcircular. Liberal iniltirottleolo to Agouti.
SAllafaelliat cunt-alibied Dockage of
onVtibitifiViiiinttna ono rash gift Six tirktoo for fl,
LI (or S 2; 20 fir SO; 110 fur f la. All lettera xhonld
bo'itililrt“eil to .I.ll'E SON, 310011 E & ,
07N I'.
rhllli GOOD \V ILL HOSE ('631-1_
1_ P ,ottltl ottotturtett to tit° ett
i7itnet l'nriltdt. ttittl • Nit•mity, tllnt wo intent)
(Jodie tAl' llot Oft% on Ilittiover ittruot, Ity tt
I'1:~ 111'.11.,
ANI) 1:X111'111110N,
COllllllO. :./g Jammu 29. 1870. Vt. would
Nirtlesll, ucint. , E rrivild , (41110 111,111011 to 1110•110.
On /11 1111111illg tllO vntel pH.. n litn!ee..
All 3 t 11 1 ,11 1 •011, 1111 mattua how trilling xdl 1p
tlntnkhdlr tnrnici 1 by al* mt • min•r 11l 0111 compnuy.
A nolog tht• 11111113 . 1111 dram nno
WARE, &c."
We NSollid roil speelal attention to the fact that in
addithoe to the G etival in our main hall, wo intend
• .
Folding on tho drat floor. on
to which nil Are requested to contribute. Airy fur.
on losing articles which will odd Interest to this
deparlinek nt the fair, who will mention the mom
to ally member of the rompane, oUI hu waited upon
by r commit ho, svho w ill given written ghoronteu
for the 'aro rdturn of any'orticle oxhibitod, together
with a sewn, Robot fur the fair.
The undersigned, Intending to change his businitss,
Ills entire istocik of furniture
Ito but now i n hand Ihn birgea ant) Mont vorfrd
;.took of fionitnro over offorod for mile in Cumberland
county, all nude of the bent material, MUd iu tine
moot tleAi ra atylea. iloutiek repent, expeeielly
those justsumoieneing, will find it to their advantage
to cell and oannilite the
of Ilia wares Were purchasing elsewhere, ito all mud
he sold previous to Mai eh, at which time all remain
ing on hand will he xlild at puhlio imetion,
Sometime 14 April, f will .11 at.n4el.loll 411 my
come for liardalt. to
North Hanover ntroot
VATE SA I.E.—Situated in Silver Spring town
ship, on "Iltn railrostl, within L half tolls of Leitlig'e.
Station and R miles west trf :Mechanicsburg, contain
ing 60 ACRES, all cleared.. Tito Itnproventents ate'
LARUE sToN 110USII, with all the 'necessary cult
buildings, Largo Bank Rain, Wagon Ohm!, Corn Crlhn,
earring. lions., ke. There IN a Cistern nt the'
also one 01 Ow lean, n well of water in the. wash
house', nil) a never Jailing stream of realer running
through the film, 0 good - Applo Orotund, lately ton.
cured and litnd„'with n entity of other fruit. The'
farm Isla good enhimtion, until molt, good fence, in
II good nolghborlioutl, convenient to school and
If nklt bold beton+ the fillit of lllttrcli,,ll: will tl on
ho' for 11.11 t. Pnrhons dens roue to VieW.tiler property,
;will plioixo 011 tlittlntllA:rilinr, living Ott the faint.
will.lie 101Ote 10!001111110110Ing. • •
(11111170 A.41A1311.
- NTOTICE.—'I.Iy virtue of a resolution of
_LI tin; ste,kieoor4, tho Capitol Stock- of tho
"ear tloreUttpooY!'liti houn Incromuil to
30;,000 POLLAtiB.
Sul,x , :riptio. to the mom 1111'110 'received at the
oflied of Om cozliany, No. t, Mud Maio Stree,t.,
•By order:ol the Board of Dlrectore:
• JOHN T, GREEN, President
Jenalsms,f3ecrelary, , ajanTO
Tho undomignod, whom time to wholly takon
up by bin dullun to tit° Carlini° Shoo Company, 1%111,
in colinegitenco thureq, null bin Store, Winded on tho
'north oiott corner of the Public Equate, whom Ito has
done a imeemsful tinniness for many years, 'A . .., n nat•
lafactory nation 'midi fneillili M (UM ho offered fur the
prosecution of the busittmn an will a pectin , '
only ilealtablo •opporttanity to °oilmen. Cho: Mist
lin Mires of Lim town. JOHN lIIVIN E.
Wan% .
TORE ,Rooni ruid Dwelling for
eplon.ll.l -Business Stand and 'Dwo,llner
House, situated on North linnOver street, now in tho
occupancy - of Henry Pokily, is offered for rent from'
April 1, 1070: The Start) Homo and House will he
rented either separately $r together. • For terms Ao.,
apply to W. F. SADLER:
tljan7o-3t •
a Meeting of the Cumberland Cininty Agrie
cultural boeloty wld bo bold In tho Arbitration
' Chamber, In the Court 1100eo,"at Carlialo ' ' Pa., on'
Tuesday, Illiretary 1,1870, ea 11 o'cloelcin thu fora.
boon. , 'A full attendaueo ie requolitud.
order Of
tit Soeloty. . 1.17.1V10 Y. OMB,
,AjabUt lhorocary.
i 1 Ili iil