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ing list comprises 'all the names of Ofioeri3
and soldiers froth, Cumberland county,
• who fell ork the field of battle, of who died
- from wounds or disease, contiacted . Whig
serving in .the 'army, (hiring tho war of
the Rebellion, which have beim serit into
the Secretary of the,Soldters' *oTament
Associationi in confdimity witit
' resibest, 'Made through • .th o noWappeAli!pf
the county-nein°
•Tho 4ist ores tit°, names of 11.#miiitai ,
stoned officers and 26i non-emx#ssioned .
.officors and private soldiers, aid-in** Tkfk
list rimy not bo'cOmPletO or gatirely
reet,i The officers of tim,Asioolatieli'etiiii
esti): pesiro to haie, it,coniplete, so that
a siaglt wi3jo is entitled to, appear.
• on the rellcfhonor, on the SOldiers' Monii
mon't ebsil be omitted.; 'riondeof deceaied
soldiers, or officers of coMpanies who may
. .
knot!, ef.„,anyPtAnberland Couety, loon
wh . o feltin battle, or , died of i;ouniis or
disease contracted during , the war,—aro
therefore'speOally,requested to send in all
such names to. flieSecretary, letter: or
otherwise, without. delay_. The Secretary
should. also be promptly informed of any
errors in•tho ,names, so that they may be
Tho bililding of the Mopument - is ••now
in progress, and as
. the engraving of the,
tablets will soon be commenced, all now
names must be promptly sent in.
Corresponding Sect's,
Col TT my J Zinn, 13011, Pa 'Vol ..
Col floors J Diddle, A A Gen'l Pa floe Corps, ---
Capt John It Smead. sth U S Artillery
- Capt Jas 9 .Colw. 11, Co A 7th Itegt Po Res Corps
Copt Thomas P Down, CO II let Beet Pa Des Corps
Copt le m Laughlin, Co E 130th Pa Vol .
. Capt thrall McCullough, Oth - Prt Cavalry -
Livut Joseph Stuart, On Mitt Root Pa Res Corps
Mout deorgo W C. mfort Co H 7th Rogt Pa Rog Corps
Liout Wm A Givlor, Co F 130th Pa Vol
Lieut Immo' P Kauffman, . Co H Oth Pa Cavalry
!dent Theo Mounts Dth Pa Cavalry • . ,
• Limit Alfred' F Lee, Co It 17th l'n Cavalry
Llint Wm B Blaney, 7'd lowa Cavalry •
Mout James A Daw,on Co Blot Colorado", Vole
Surgeon Jno B Coovor oth Pa Cavalry ,
Wm F raw Aat Eng U 8 N . .
Ist I .Regt: Pa. Iles. Corps,- or MR Pa. Vols..
Frank Mint, II Fred Morison; II"
David Askew, H " Jos Buttorf, I
Joseph Ewing, It Chas P Gould, I
Wtn Donnelly, II ' John Mathias, I
Curtis Griffin, H John
,r• Ilistor,•/ '
William Willem - Li, II Christian !Wittman, I
John Black, H ' - - Levi lionnody, I
Frederick Brown, II ' John Lusk;l., ,
Se MIMI Baker II - • Frank Wilson, 1..;
Writ Quigley; II , - ' WM Baylor, I
John Oloueor,.ll . • Win Dunlop, I
John Shaefer, II .. John Baker, L
(100 Norton, 11- '' Wm Spottswood,
7111. Regt., Pa. Rea. Corps, or 3611, Pa. Vols.
WnaM'Honderecin, A, David II Spahr, A
Wm It Ilolmeti, A Sand E Smith, A
Tan.Buron Ehy, A . IG..orgo 1' Widdors, A •
..-Wm Zimmerman, A John A Schlosser, A
Wm Cntp,A Sand Hollillstger, A
Jacob tandis,A - - .100 II Money, H
John It Kenyon, A - David 51 Hoover, H
GoolV Welse.A • • ' (161' II Smith, H.
Chart Ilreckbill, A - ,' J Ritchey Clark, II
John T Cuddy, A John i.ovelrn, II
Jas Miller, 'AJohn Lininger, 11
Boor Havorstick, A ". Saml Wosloy, II
Win A Low, A - ' Max Barahal. II
Joe U Steolo, - 41 - • - - Chas Beare son, II
John Callio, A , John Anthony, II
John P-Adams, A . ltonj Benton II .
Chas Jartni or, A • Michael Hem, II
Fred K•ltmff, A Isaac Seller, II
Edward T Walker, A Thos J Aches, II
David S Walkor, A Jonas !Bosom, II
J Homy Eby, A Lail A Bowen. 11
Hoary Tamen, A ' I) W COurntl. II
Win IlleCietif, A Sarni Cotton, H
David Haymatick, A _.. Foonklin A Smith,Ol
PatriCkfßran no, A . Jon tb A Weilf A -
Lou WFall'er, A' Milton Werner, II
Wm Novi!, A' " Wm II Kline, IT '
Robt II Spottswood, A . Joseph E. Fotight, 11
11th Re:ge. Pa. Vols. - -
Willson Vanard, A' ' Thos Morgan, l
Jos Warden, A' Thor Conway, A
Moses Mao, A . Jett Christman, A
Geo S Reighter,A Wm Fielding, A • -
,98th 'Real. Pa. Volt.'
aeoll Coover,ls
65th Regt. Pa. Vols.
Fred Sanno,F jaeoPanho,
10th Regt. U. S. Infantry
Alfred Webbart, C
- 84th Rcpt. Pa. Vols.. '
Peter Darr. C John•llltson, G
Samuel T Kunkle, a I Den.) 111pple.0
Reuben Line 0 Adam. Shaeffer,
Bleb and Ltfly, 0 Themes Spoddy,D;
87th Regt.
Michael. 4son, R Charter Ilan.,
Johrilm & • !Edward Houveraon;E
Thomas .S rely, E Henry Snyder, It
143 d Regt. Pa: . Vols.
Jelin I
101st Regt. Pa. Vols.,
Regt.Pa. Vols
. .
retort II Ploloe, D
115th Rev,
John Flifelidath,
130th Regt. Pa. Vols.
Geo W Oromi, A D Koerner, F -
Wm E °reason, A Thomas English, I?
A Brownavioll, A • Samuel 31ay...F
Philip Fal.or. A Theo R Zital F
Joseph P Woavor, A Dem.: F Lambereon, P
Marion 8 Carbaugh, D John Flteer, F
John A i3trlcklor, - Keller Bobb, F -
Thad lifeKeolian, E Tutor Y Knisely, F
David E Nilipr , E. Rind F , Barehinger,.F
Wm A IdcOnno. E George Whito, F
Wm Lockery, E John Ilsrhloy,l3l
Wal I! Woods, .E James WI therow, G • •
John'W.Cj' 11,E Sam uel MoNaughten, G.
Jesse K Allen. E Li.v I Bonder, II
Joooph Connery, E Joseph B Snavely,ll
.158th Regt. Pa. Vols.
Abraham Myers, A- • , !lime Boar. A'
David Burn - ill,A . Thomas Cunningham, A
Jacob Brickey A (James MeCaskoy, A
Samuel Idlaols, FP,
187th, Regt. Pa.. Vols.
Pa. Vols.,
Joseph Shay, D
Theo R Boyoas, D
Mc E Plieghender, D
Woo P Gender, D •
1880), Regt, Pa. Vols.'
Joseph 151111ard,4
19401 Regt. 'Pa.', Vol s.
David gpi,
gOOth Regt. Pa. Vols.
IVm N itoa g y, I Michael Groithi
Jainos John Askew, Ii
Lewis DFinkE e , George Wolf, E
Henry Yost, E D Looker, E
7 ' 302 d -.Regt. Pa,. Vols.'
Henry IsTentmaker,. D
Samuel Lu to, D
Urinh Stahl, D
David Sheriff, D
Jacob BUrkhart, II I -
Regt. Pa. • Vuls. .
Thomas limner, A - Tn. Sykes, F
Jobe Lolb, A Bamuol Hollinger, F
210th .Regt. Pa.
Latnual Mlt:holl, I
.• 195th Regi. Pa.' Vols.
John A Plank, I+ I
3d Penn'a Cavalry,
Chao A iroltzmnn, rf 0 Vnnderbll1 1 II
Abdici Trona. ii NdworElTennaii, II
Alex Knaar, U Clod W Trout-
Joelab''(ldmblo, II " Zach ,Mallnughlln,ll
Wm Myer', , • Joelm n !de c oy,' II
Win Ewing._ ' Oullortson Honer. K
Samuol Ooldon, II • Jolni Nicholson, II _
•71h•Petin'a Cavrilry. ,
D Q May, K
11th Penn'a Cavalry •
• . ...
Anthohy Y Hnieely,ll I
nth Penn'a Cavalry.
John Dutdor.f,'
~ _ ...,..
...I. . . •
' 9th ..rentea Cavalry.
Joshua Dunffan, I , ... ' Seabrlght Ifoofauver, r
Cooper Limiest; I ' Homy Shrives., I •
Jacob 0 Croon, I - , ' .Joe A Shannon, I
Samuel McCullough, I Samunl A•Wolsh,l `
If Irvine, 0 Jacob Day, II :
Itobt L Kelly, I . Johnston
.: l Dlehdp
•' ILoAiI Sonnet , I - Jacob Ogle, II
rv F 9di. ' William Delckerj •
~;h littingerii- NMott•Laugl Ih,l
Ciialan Foloingor, I f Samuel
Spas., t '
.. • , . I, 3th . Perlie l et . Cava lry. •
Coors° W idraham, F' John Snyder, 1 , '
Anon Soulth.M , . Peter Huistoborgor, ..:
Geo W Milos% L. John F Capp, P '
David I Hootnor,F Johtt F Iticonower - , P
. Jos Hudyip , Wm D Routh:um, F
Davld W aloHlnnoy,ll , Como Fornoy,F„
Wm IrMilldr, F ' ' Jan Y Munn, F.
Jam 95 A Kolao.P . ,letcoly Blyare,ll .
Henjednin D llohn, P . •
n' • , 'l7t l i;•P4nn'a OaValry;"
Daniekß Hollinger, Jr ~., Amos Horshborger, II •
Emanuel Smith, Y • John W Kaufman,'
SolomoneLovvi P ,:' r . :. J David Rutz, F ,
Jameallueley, Pi ilsorgo W Helots', 71
Robt Holly. F , . . Thomas Speec o, F,
~Wm Shaw. F . Martin P Strnemaker,.F
John forgot, P ' Smalluol Stouffer, P
D0v14.0a_1104.•.. .(. .., Abner W7,ng i V , ' 7
13%.3114 .voit dot tF. it (Po W Wptozol. o t r g i
Campbell Evil hook, 9 ` Samuel 0 Weaallne, P
James O'Dottel, P . , i Wilma Seavvrs, F. ~,
Wne i ti Yllnchbauh,Y Woein Alvinkyorirt , v i :,
p o i. s ohltor; k, , . • • I l evela Rlogeralt, Fi ~ : ...
.• , ' ' : 20th Pentea Cai)alry.
Wm lialgey, I , -, , -,,,' IJAWN kunkle,A' . .
oite A Orli:lath, A. : , • Wirilihelly,D - • •'
' a r•
'. ' Penn a Art:Very. ...,.,
ciao lir We%
.). ',•,' . ,'TI'S' Ohrint,`, I' ' '
rat?!rfay:'...',:, ',,.',,,,tw1ii14!bri.0t,:",:
.a,, t. .. , ',./..o.vaiciery.,,f,,,n , ....
ohaime.4od;iipi . „.„ 1 .,
.k. 1 .0 4,..,., , : ,
wm,00'4.a011..m•.. - ...,..i., WI/ ,r, •.. , Ito!: o I
I r m o Dtinopel, amid Q al Vervalry .., i•
.. ~ .
Wilke Floloot, Plat Illy de Island Cavalry ,
Jae W }Yoh% L 4th illhhoto Cavalry, , tN,, .
84,LE or. • -.. WN,
Tua5.).4 , 7108t,''317. Iptitino;:r ',,
hilt fol . Id enCOWita titapoN l l63t Main;Street ) ;
to *Min', Pqr,p, tox 0T.,100.
BOA TER 1141a..—Tbis invaluable preparit.
Hon' has given e ditiversalpatisfection
over it has, been._introduced, and zcs:lled
forth the highe'st:encomiums frograll thoie
whO have been. ao .fortitnateJts to avail.
thelnablies . tie Itillen'efleial 'effects; The
manufacturers,HWatddieusly, eXneritntint
ing,. have ',succeeded in • ammtining - with
trleh`ple'etY;dii..the,Virtues.. thelugre-;
- dlents7crtreroref , thevicriourrHair : Henova7
tors:and Itenewora extant, and suCcess u
dilllculty Of selecting, ibe
inndcuemeingredients Which - will restore
gray,hair - to its • origipal color an us re
and at the same time performs overiindij
cation of a perfect Hair Dressing, which
neither injures the texture of the hair, nor
colors the linen or skin. ` A fon , applica-
Ilonslaipart, a lustrous brilliancy and soft
silky appearance to unsightly, brasb and.
wiry. hair. Faded or gto.y hair is restored
'to its primitive color in a few' 'days, and
bright red' hairls eliapied to 'a beautiful
auburn by two or three applications. It
supersedes hair dye. As,a hair dressing
it has no successful rival, by its property
of preVenting and removing dandruff, and
curing the various diseases to which "the
scalp is liable.
- . Sowards Cough Cure is. pleasant and
reliable. 4 ". • ' ,
Goons.—W. C. Sawyer & Co., will offer
their large and'elegant.Slock of Dry floods
at auction, commencipg July 21;G5 and
continue ono week, day and night. Their
stock consists of every thing found in a
Dry Goods Store,..Silks, Poplins, Grena,.
dines, .Lawns, Alpacas ,Carpets, 'Oil Cloths
Blinds,&c.,' Sack and Cloth Coats, Shawls,
Lae . ° Points, Cloths, Csesitneres;,FlannelS,
' This is the finest 'stock of Dry Gooc6,
ever offered to tso public, at Emotion.—
Don't fail to come and .secure some of the
great Bargains, that will be given away
at this sale. A credit of four months will
be given upon all sums of twenty dollars
and upwards.
Sale to commence at 9' o'clock, A. M.,
and 2 and 7 o'oloeli P. M., of each day and
evening -,-Comfortable seats prepared for
ladies. W. C. SAwl'En Co.
—Be it known that the undersigned,
manufacturer of Mineral water, &a. &c.,
in accordanbe with Act of the Assembly
appro'ved the 20th day of April, 1863, has
filed in the office of the Secretary of the
ComMonwealth, the following description
with the mimes and marks of the bottles
used by him in his business.
. _
200 Gross Marked,
150 II /I
A. B. Zeigler,
A. K. Zeigler.
Z on the bottom with red
paint -
20 Gross Marked o•
10 I ,
60 ‘•
P. Conway
M. Greplo.
Peter Mallet'.
Geo. w." - Ifilinat.
" Dyetville Glass Worke.
Any person retaining in their possession
- any of said bottles after this notice,-will,
if detected, be dealt with according to the
provision of said Act of-Assembly,
CAUTION.—The Act of 25th of 'April
4853, imposes- - afine of $5 - upon any - pers - my
who shall soll,.dispose of, buy or traffic in
any bottles so marked, and registered, and
the penalty will be-enforced in all earls. •
July,2, 18,69-6 t,„ , A. If.. Z.FUOLEIL
Choice Family" G.roceries; .Finest
'quality of Teas. Choice brands of Fami - -
iy Flour., Buckwheat and Corn Meal
and a fine assortment of Qucensware and
'Glassware at
J. M. 31AsormilixmEn's -
South-Wast Corner Pitt
and Pomfret Sts.
f late
J. years gained rill . feliyitipitbiliesilin4lott and are
far more generally (deployed by piet-Claiik'phyalclan,,
than t hey ortell vire. The veasati tot t ols that
it is a' generally ; eateiblislied iAct that - erholesome
tonics used' In *Meretied daily for, yearti do not
lose their virtue'', neither dolhey Injuie the nys-
em. They actin fact like elk and exorcise; and
ot as "Modish:1010 wlilch . .eroinfornled eololy for
tlaclis of fitness. The BITTER PRINCIPLVI, bspecially
Bose of vegetable origin, all possess the_ common
property of stimulating the appetites strengthening
the nervous system, and of imparting strength.
Women generally 'derive benefit froin them oven
more than men, their system being_mcalleto_
treTifitiiiiiireihaust lon. We have again and again ,.
in our eipetienCe * seen the good effects of tonics
where the eyes had grown dim and the cheeks pale,
and the entire frame showed every. Indication of
exhaustion, nervous'auffering and debility.
The best established bitters before the American
public era buyoud qmstion those of Dr. Stcever
and th to is equivalent to declaring that they 'aro
the h. st, since among the. scores of really excellent
Litters now current, a poor article has no chance of
succors whatever. The most hinorant person can
tell at once by Its effeets, almost from a single dose,
whether any bitters are gool -or had, These of
Bttever have been sem, for thirty years, are com
posed of sixteen of the'safest roots and herbs of a
well-known tonic virtue; so aklllfully 'Selected and
compounded ;with (cgoied to tbelr mutual effects, may be doubted whether any more perfect
term of this medicine can bo'Mathi.
Thousands of persdna aro exposed to or 'afflicted.
with fever and ague, billions ague or other results
of malariri. Let them remember that these bitters
are admirable In such cases, as fur diarrlnna and
cholera morb no, or any"ordinari derangement of
the stomach. Try them and be satisfied that they
should he In the stores of every family, and the
trunk - el:every tawnier.
• .
• It le a faVorrible fedture to the advertisement of the
ntoprleters of Dr.Steevors's Tonic Herb fitters; that
no elalins are made that'they will cure every 111 that
fleelt to heir to. The weakest Intellect can hardly ho
Imposed upon when told.tbat this or that rem dj . wlll
remove every form of diseitio In every stage, and yet
we enn not take ifpth.yinajoritY of jiiitrnals without
encoun'arldg an adver tisoment declaring that this
or that medicine is a nostrum which is a perfect
apothecary's shop, a whole colhige 4 physicians in.
Bed( rendering all other 'cures usol use. What is
learned for Dr. &cc vac's Bitters is al nmly that they
will adt is a geed tonic, aid are capable of doing no
much ! geadan a proparation.of bitter principle' can.
Tifey',7lll not cure incurableediseeses o buttife - nvilt
often 'prevent it' certain class of disorders from he
cornhig.locuratio. Tho preferences and r ceetificates
issued In their friv'oF'aro all trail' and honest, and of
these tbrA's ore hundreds.
Friim flie‘ editorial columns or Forney's Phil/Wel
itOrr: ' •
From the Medical Profusion
Lafadasren~;7uly 2t 1A69.' ,
Kranen A Co.—Cientleino9 t In reply , to yours of
the 22d Met.; I would 'say) that I have 'ussd , Dr.•
`qtrever'n toele Herb Illtteritettlenelyely in iny'Prae•
lice during several years past. ; Idcrnet4iresitate to
say,tlmt J have found it to prises romaralmie
racy .In cased of Dyspepsia, Indigestlon, Loeser No
.vous ea well as 'orer taidrigne, Diartbrea
Ileidnehe and othor dieenass proceeding from a die
ordered itomach ; and especially nes It project di in'
OStiralkbjo value in general debility, of . the system .!
when ether tonic medicines have falied te , prelim
the desired rothiSh• • ' .
Though roluotont to appear as iocommtindlim any
particular aleprttsegniedielne, ampule ql ,duty
the pithlfgar4 the -medical. faculty tenni:lot - allow,
no to orlthhold my testimony • to the merits of the
Blttore In'Aneetton. Yours, teepectfully,
T. D. PARKER,..M.I7,.;
11.1anufocturere and SoleProptlotore,
_ _
121 NORTH Brd. 82'11}1Er;.PIIIi.ADELVIITA.
80LD,• Evlinywii EMS
Chine 2al
, OALDWELV.- 1 11ENTZ.—on itul dd . July'lB69, at
flarrleburg.' by Rey. R. - J. - Reeling, Rector of St.
Stephen'', Church, Parouel.B, Caldwell of Washlug.
too, D.. 04 to'rale, Rate 111. Bootr. of Carllelol' ,•
. .
SEIDLEv-ROMERS.-9n the 16th lust by Rev
Wpf). Pardee, Mr. Allied R. Peddle got Mechanics
bnig Co MOn Myra Roams . , daughter of D. M. tt,
Rodgers of Cumberland County, Poi i' • ' '
• ,
.'it .
--...-- 1 . - -i i:i- '-• ". '. ..,' d
. 4, ' : - .)..!.ic.x..i5ir...1F)Fia0!131,9F.,.1!.t.4.14,K1G L 1!
. ' Carlialoi July f.d ? 1860'• rr r.
Faintly Pion ,
S up eifine' db. 1.
do RYE .Y
. r•lir ..!!!•!if
19111 TE WILEAT . •
•lt HD do ....
OATS, (now)ii• :;.,60 o .
riIitOTLIESESID • • •• ••• •
FLAXSEED':.:..:.:.4 W. I'.l
...... 600
.... 100
Icl to
..',:.. V.o' 00
„c.,,,4„;,, 2 . 10.
.... r ip: -A 70.
Xener al
rrou ce -, f :
e l . - 4 piarkt, •
1. 1 4,
, ~. •, •,.: ,, ,,b(RticeAii> 22,4 Imo. :.,,,,,
nirr . ted ..E11,147.1: IW, Minima . lirammood
lii IglP, , . ~' 20 nACON 811011Lligiti, 10
• , , 06, , _
.I ,20 13,100 N BIDEd, ' '.' ” OSI,
ARO; :,f ' - ~:'• , 1 20 imp: 'memo -31 p '
yAbLoW, ~ .• . "., • • , ti vAREDTHAIJIIIO3, ,- : 26,
loAp, ~ • . 81UNPARED PEAOII.BO , 10
.1828 WAX• • ',,. . 1 " #6 DRIED .11P11,112, . , 3r26
8110015 //MO , - ,-- 18 84.20,....... t '' . • ~: • e' , - .. . 8'
SPE.°M , P)X O T I P.
We!beirlf,',Kiet reeeivedi.atid:oifirAie ' horep*
'Teta; d ftillekoitmont of veY% choice,Tede.` A lo%gf
the tory . finest, tygai' - cured Hams. A hit of the
linnet • "Factory Chute" at .11:ono reduced prlcee,
.Irho!eFale cud rotalt.,
. , .
'" A 10t..0f gonulno Cider Yinegor—very sorir`,and
put up in spleudld barrels, whichoffor at ei—
obedluglylutr.Prices, wholeealo,und re 411 . -, A lot of,
ithe very cholcoat genuine Ofd •
Giriernme74 Java 'eaf-
H,fcc—hroutucct_er_arein. Also • choice cope. A'
lot of good browned,qiilto a reduced price
'ln full Back/lots.. : BLAIIi & SON; 1. .'
215 Juno "South End" Carlisle, Pa.
. •
• •-•phs : •
;.. haring beers• restored toblooth
la a few' weeks, lira very simple remedy, raids. hay
'lre suffered several years with s severe lung. area
and that dread disease, Consumption is anxious
to make known•to his follow.sufferers the means o
.T 6 v 1 who' ddlialt, he-wail send - bop! et the
prescription used (free of (MATO, with the direction
for preparing and using the same whirls they will
BRONOLIiTIS, etc. The object of, thendvortiser In
:sending the Proscription is to benefit the dinicted'
andnpread Infos nmildn which ho conceives to bo in
valimblO ; and ho hopes every sufferer will try hie
remedy, sit will cost them nothing anti may prove
a bliirsing.
Parties wishing the prescription will Tier's° 'ad
Williamsburg, Kings County Noir York
LINIMENT Isns been tasted by the Bret Horsemen
In this country, and proved to be superior to any
other. Rho late lllram Woodruff of "trotting fame,"
wee never without:a bottle in hip etahle.. It Male°
need by Col. Bush , of the Jerome Park Course, et
Forham" N.. Y., situ... hoe over:. twenty runnin#'
horeee r undor his core, among which rank some . of
.flnoet stock in America. Tt le warranted to cure
Lameness., Sprains.Boratchee,•Brulsee, Gape, Cuts
Wind OalIs; Colic, Sore Throat, Nell In the Foot
and Overolleatlng, when used according to the dl.
All who own or 'employ Horses amassured7that
tblaTeinimont will do all, if not more, in airing the
above named complaints. No horse need die of
Colic, If, when first taken, tho Ljniment is used ne
carding to the directions. Always have a botttlo
in your stable.
Price in pint bottles, One Dollar. The genuine Is
6lgned 8, 1. Tobias on the outsidd - tfrnpper, For
sale by the druggis te, Saddlers, and Storekeeper
throughout the United States. Depot, 10 Park
Mare; N. Y.
.18 June 1m
'Wo see that persons of strong eonatitutionfi r and
'young, suffer for days *with pains of the limbs, loss
of appetite and fever, who suddenly get well alter a
°belie followed py slimy, bilious stools. The relief
produced by these evacuations were the original
to the idea and practice of purgation, and
Which, w . hon oof.r ced by Ilrandoth s Pills, plwnys
benefits, initially cures, and often' prevents disease
especially Scarlet Fever and diseases of similar char- .
LT,. Cook, publisher of the 'Sente Danner,v Den
Yt., telys Brllll.lo - 11's "Pills cured him of Dys
' pepsin after being ntlileted whit it over five years.
Ills friends null doctors considered his recovery
possible; but six boxes of Brandeth's Pills restored
his hedltjt perfectly.
A young lady of .711ourtt-Plensant .was sorely trou
bled with Tape-ii orm. Ail advises and medicine rail
_ad Co help her, - She had no rest Thin, careworn
and unhappy, she looked the picture of misery. At
leaf she concluded to try Brandreth's Pills. In one
year she took seventy two bocce. They brought,
away, ecordlng to her computation, over two hun
dred yards of tape.wortu.l - At, length all her laid
aYmlitmns left her; she slept and 'ate naturally, and
her health beano° fully restored.
We are now daily receiving from atictlou Chen,
Lots of Dress Goods of every stile. Striped and
Figured )Thite Piques ; Whit!" Quilts, lloslery,
kaloves, Handkerchiefs, and all other seasonable
goods which ire
_will warrant to sell cheaper than
any other house in the county to which we ask thO
attention, of buyers before purchasing.
A largo lot of Parasols of all kinds. Now
light Button Boots all sizes, Musiins, Prints, &c.
it roduced prices to ault.tho times.
, Ton SkteaPARILLA Dmosns eP YUOTAI , I._.I,IIIO sin
gular set of people are' descended from tho ancient
Artzecs of_Snuthern Slozico;and still_retale somo
of tho peculiarities which Stevens and Preseoft
gave of their ancestors. Dr. J. C Ayer ct Co...em
ploy a small army of thorn fn digging Sarsaparilla
root. Provided with narrow opal:Mao coil of rope,
and a bag of wnter o they aro ready for the forest
- whore - lho - wlittlitilllinirriwntsbes 'Mira
and thich-leavedtreds, their only: Opener. Few of
those *lto flpd thems4vberrejuvanated by this pro
duet, know how much they are indebted to the toil
of these hunVileishorersi - wheidig hbalth for thous
ands of Dr. Ayer's patronsOiblio they sometimes
lone thelbown.--113oston Commercial.
A Great Political'EtavOlution
was accomplished by the' election of (Irani, and a
revolution of immense social importance link boon
effected by the general substitution of that hornless
ORISTAptiRO'S Excusron HAIR Dye,
for the deadly compound of lead and brimstone,. of
which, according to tie "Journal of Chemistry" and
the "Medical Gazette," moro than thirty varieties
havohe - en totaled upon the public Cristadoro's Dyo
to the only 0 40 Sling
and Professor 'Chilton, over his own signature, do
chores that It Is perfectly NVOkOIIIO%
Dressing, acts Ike a damn on the Hair offer Dyeing
Sold by all Druggists.
.entlernan who solTered for yeara from, Nervous
Debility, Preritiduro
• Decay,• and all tho effects of
youthful Indiscretiop, will fir tho'ealrf of suffering
humanity, sond4yeo to all who
,nood it, tho receipt'
for ranking the remedy, by' which ho was
cured. ,Eludemo wishing to prrifit o.who advortia•
er's meneriermo can do eci bind : dressing, in pollee!
a.'fideitco; : ,
4 , Toi 42 Oedai'dt; Now York.
the Lathes; • •
We are now selling out at 'greatly reduced prices,
all,. kinds of. Suthmer goods sueh ae ,, prelisdhies,
llernannies, English Ilaragisi, eawas, Peftialles, Par
as° la icldritres /Pc. .N . dir le thutluni to . Secdie gtitd
bargliing W
l• 'aro deterinl !led o\t our
stock at universally low ritoli,
eated with th.uhnost 'euecOiniqii, J.. D.
And Professor of Dkealu of et lye and Ear in Um
.d!edlial r cydrih of I .. ansydrapia,ld di s
ta4 dtdiaritnc4
(fornair4 dnydon, Holland;) No. 805, he'ol.l!,
Millen • .f'eatlmonlals earibe soon at ti Is office. Th 6
dedienl 401110 inn IRYHodldl'itecoinpAny theliqft.
tients;fte Re'hawno aeOrats In lila kaettee.
eyed ItdiottedVlttled tAlogno'rNq sbarif fOr t e.iaml
12 14r.1: 0. 3 ; 1 ; 211 '
eorsraz—D .• oor .
. 8 1...; awe -boon . affil ted~
ihr the 4 Ithuuht
t our:Cllttere.,ltas. , .tocomttiodea• Cam? I ,
,have usedlt, 'lsl.r . tgltid; to !itt7 i tllearatOd' a
'perfect via, Ina.very , short time: , Thbrefori. l ie - -
icounflond It to all pareoay etttletpll.mith-tho . riame
',dieetiais') . k: ecnieller 1,6 the beet Ouid irAteo (80sny
.4ilsease the human bo dy lietaittio6ted to.
... .
Da YOUNG, Philddelpbla
Thollrookl,ynLifelleitt;anbo floinitatlY of New L'aik.•
&elm to mako arrangemontswith . oFpitritintlad
Life Inotratico /mint for F a
ranklin nd Oumborlond
counties. • All • COrniuunications should La aildrmied to
eirELpox:& FLOYD, ,Gail, , Aganta," • :
637 • Cheatnut • St., Phllddelphin, Fa,
July 16.2 t
Fronts, AeyNnia, Ac, Iton Iledeteade, Wirlo.lYetc . ,
binge foiebeep and poultry yards, Preis and . Iron'
'!friro cloth Bieves,.Fonders, Sereope Ifqr coairoreso
licavy. Crimped Cloth for spark arre . atera.,
Laradapo'iViie for Windows Ac., Papicr UnicOri
Wirer, corn emeutal ytre . ' Works.' , lived I nforren: ,
by. aq ofie tvo InAntir;i'dt iirop; - N . ;p7Al4tF.ll,
8 9 .F'.11,11 Phirth, Sixth'atreot . Philadelphia.
. •
' it
.wonsis. AND PIPLIpLES; ON •TDD:
P u b. lB .•/4 11 4T ,
„preparea,qoly, by.p.A.IP.,D. Perry, 49 Bond Eito,Ne re .
Porte Sold eyerptherel; {rho . tretle.eupyllil: bye
WDgili4dleNe4leplioD . elore; •
To;, ,`PATiNms,, 411,E01cLia
and {Tan..ftord . tha liked) Ingo. pEanY'd - Moirt MI6!
I,ti ,
ul.orq .• ,• - r 4
go:o1lk,Oi '641 oili44,l9)i . ;9lll4'nqi;'lollttirdtl
In tin; itpairnn'ati i t phits"'
is nnido • '
60.` "'"1
. •
800, 1 .69 . 11aei; of dry p!oe boards fire Peter ~olillp it
now le yor , tiTty bollders,"rii tba
"? 1 0°0. 1 9j, / , 'kaYeA,W.; f;le. wit r. at ta'i
I 60,0
- .
tu.!'. • 4kilbandlithro
P-Ov Ag... 410
. .
1 VALVA/tri-Eltr.OTirN" *
;', V - TT AT ,1111.V.47 '; Z - , , , , ,......... • :.,.1.,
'.Tho ouboClibavplrere avrilf fir goe r ~tpu 1f9 . 178eD.
doott LOT .01,0:011011St#:t1UV,97tokkct-Iltbltttleund
oleo thulo,loldltig.';v utlot. Vt Ov.plure 1.0914,9
,50; footi-twcUund.a.,b I ;,stillOS4blghi4oUistlfuilltuu
roOma` lll4 lo) ,.. thoaktthliorivaVOt.hts.rfiv:ttra.llll;l4,
uuklbriiittrl t YtiuditksW awl ~ couvoulancoi i tolvltt ;
TuWllutrOtle til'Aii 4 1 1440. ';l:tut ,{tud".co d'.Wittor.
Bath Vihp.,. gttoi. olo o,tei , p.oll:l94llolYO AttUdii.
or 0 v„,,r0ugh„,„„it,.40..dt.Ngh#11,,„p,,,,, fix,
to V -.5, , ,.Zga0 T. , ,Ot,ttati afrorati orp - vrot.l6 thottotu.,
an , •to 4,thbro.:olloy4;the,lotuht:a4u,„,
. hilhohi,ol4,l , lmo pp lii 0 01401•48toplfo 1 4 d.%'
.nll otholLiitilite;.' DUalluto,iyUlD)r.4l!'.s.°4C°
Bbillatdr,iialllNlkijaDttlalltai i peft 1,, tj, 5,
ho 0 0V001ti0.,111 , ,b6 poippogg );TOtiPhylAbY
Os tu Autem,Ypiy,deolev.;..,To,ool 60111. 1 .0 1
+ jul butt ''' , ...: , . , ':;! , ,,•t' ,- .,.;l..LitktOST. TODD.
. .
NOTIO - 8' TO .00NT.11,10'1 1 011.S.—
Tropnito.,: l ynu.., roite4l4 at Eha ofiloornf the
Chief linginoor•at Ilageotown,' Maryland, anti] 12
O'olbeki hi.oaf Wednesday tke dither Atiknotl 11691
tho olearing, oloayail A in hankme aeonoy.
andiradlig of .tho aztonklan of the Franklin Rail
Rprd 419 C continuation Of the ~C oniliorliaid
Rail Road, froth, RaForatonol flip FotOnnia:River;,
a dlaiatieb abilt Eight mug' • :
Tho lame
,yrill be ler In unctions of about one roil°
received.for' doing
1nA11,,r4 rtimrialloje,hf 9.1e,,w0rk tittuhrh -
T 4ineer; Edward Watts; E,sq.,; at 'fagots
town, will exhibit n progionf the sec:.
Mons Into which It bee been divided, nod glvo any
other Information which, contracture may :desire.
.. • WATTS,
hake, Carlielu,,Jnly 21, 62. , Rrealdent.
23July 69.-26 . .
I V Guariats, Tresidbti "Jail° of ' several
'Courts of CoteirriOn Pleakof the counties of Ounitsir
inn d, Petty; and Juniata, and Justice of the several
Courts °Ulm Ord ?Terminer and fienoralllatllielivw
erY In' said counties, and Hone: Thos. P.:Blalr and
J udgssAttl_o_ditentOyorend.erliii-1
noi• and Jall,Delivory for the trial ofall capital and
ottOroffeinlera, In the' said county of Ototriberland,
by,thelrprodept tr dliected, 'dated 21st.Apt11,
1866.. hays, orderies the Court ofpyer and Tormineri
AntlilinerolJall 'deliverytb bo holden' 'at Carlisle,
owthe 4th Mop day. of•Auguet,lBl)9, being tiro Ord
day, et lOO'cloalt in the;foreadon. „ •
.140110 H Is hereby 'given toth eCortiUoi, Juat lads oi.
the Peace, Ain' Conelablen of the saldroutift ofCum•
behead that tliby are by ttio.saidytrecdfiticommand
editoliethen.and there In their proper personernith
their rolls ' records, and.ingulsitions examinations,
other reitirmlirlinces, to dotho'se thlnga whlob
to their ofiloos.rwertitin,to be done;and all. these
that 'itiethriund by rorognbiandos,• prOilicuto
the prlsonera ,that. h mop than n 111111,60 .101
the Jail et Skid' eatinty; aro tothe there 'co oroseciaro
thus:l,ns shall be just. • r
Rheealls Hall, Carlisle, Petti6
Brilliant and Unequal Attraction
Positively Two NigliW Only`'
JU.L.k,2B,and 29, 2.69
N E L Ili :WV A S . K E. L
“Thoarout Iturjqqilo Extravaganza,
Brown Aniongst the BRAHMINS
ATOM:, Idaskoll & Valentine-Lci've--
Banjo 5010,.°- Alissit'ate Partingtait
ID Inr.NVll,l•tenownett Imltatai; of all Mu prlnr
pal Comic Vta,lll,l.s of the Day, Ind odlog songs of
'!,Raekety_ .Jacic,r--'tUp --in _a Balloon,
-Tassels on the Boots," and
• = He's a Pal o' Mine
Characteristic Entertain Thant I
T6o Sinus,- :3ALLIE nu& HATE'
The pirfornkancE, will conclude* 11 'lljtau'il
lturlesquo Extravagania, - untitled
oi, The LOvei., The Lackey, cciad
The - 4,4ttle Glass Slipper.
entlro NowSconory, le*
fiat . roEluclug the
Imported exiiressly for this Ilulleklue direct fro..
• London
Prince Pompetti, (with OrlginniSongs.)
Miss Nellio Maskell
Mies Jima tlngton
The .1121;13
Oiorinda (his Original CharacLor.)
Mr Valentine -Love
Cinderella, - • Mlbstiiillio - Pdrtiogtori
The Fairy God-Mother Mr W A Whitsear
lionuify Dow, (Fairy Queer,) Miss' EIIP Deavouo
At tho oeucluOon of tho Burlesque
An entire chango of Programme
, Positively the Last Night
Dooie Open at 7 COmmenrie at S
Admission 35 cents
Reserved Seats, 50 cents.
Tickets can be had at 14.e0's Store ; Piper's
- d er scle s -Bo o tt.itore
S. D. PERStIE, . Business Agt.
FSPECI,AI.; NOTICE.—This. Is tho only Oonujno
Eng'l2.llCiin Op , era Ti , bupu now trayelag
Tito sliblicrlbOr 'Offer at pabllA Nolo, at Ids
stable, North I,l“Vord ;:tr . oet, Carl4lO. on . '
'SATURDAY, JULY 3.lst, 1569 - ,
all tbo stark and fixtures belonging to his Livery
'1 2 Hs 0 -R, -6-113 S
Ten TOD liuggies, two Troltitig llueglos, one Coach,
Germantown Wag oils, (two and three seats,) two
A m tm an c o t("Nrons, two Spring Wagons, 010 singlo
and one double S'eigh, 13 sets of 'tarn ras,..(daublii
and shmle.) Blankets, Robes. Fly-nets, Hell ore,
Combs, and everything bolos ging to the stable.
Polo at 10 o`rloekorn said day, when tern., will
be made known by
20j u 1.21
DUBUC SALE of Valuable Real
On Saeurdn'y, 'August 14, 1869
Tho sullwribetovill offer at PubliPal o, on the
premises rituated In Mourns toivoshlp,Cumborl and
ecunty, on the York road and the road leading
. 130111 PV ?print., about 3.‘ mile Smith of Churehtown
and aboilt Ii milee East of Carlisle, the following de.
scribed Valualla Real Ekatu, TPA
A Tract or Land containing 1D ACM., having
tlioredn nreaad a ' • •
..4.,,a-Two-odiy 'LOO trbOsg, hunNe'afii,:rko
Alva a largo HANK AMIN. gor,t Wall 0t . ." . A.TE.11
at the door of Lila Mugu. An excellent - YOUNG
Tao RAM>, w it II a variety of Cho(ca Fruit.
Tha latid-isaaood , hrid undil
a hhal stilt° o , cultivation. '
Pale to eammeenee at 2' o'clock, A'. Zik., n sald day,
when attendant.° will Lo given .and terms made
known by MAtta AR NYVA DARR;
On I'huPsday, Aukusr 6th, 1869.
I will expos° at public sale a vahiable place of land
adjoining tho village of Crimson, on the' Cumber
land Valley ithil Read, 5 1 4 miles West of Carliolo,
containing 40 ACRES more or lose, about eight of
which life covered .with 'fins time er, tho balance
nbeing'in a high Out° of cultivation.' It will La sold
err as wholo or to, parts as will Net edit .pUr.,
Also on'the same day and alba sAmn_place the,
foljowhA'ilescribed proportion:
_ _
of pound rceutelotng yorty Foot Tfpn 0,
add One lile'ndrterplefellioty Foot In depth; Ilan.
1 9 njethereolferebted a TWO.STORY , FIIifM r. OWE LG.
INO 110U814L4 I , mine
ing , geral Cistern ton'lt.'' • • ••• • •• •
•/,'row of lilr'Trid.story F,RAHE'TENLI24I3MT:
itoop . Es with Lae at:tabbed; epof es a'rrholo' or
J. 'eV Orouhdt hite i lhg thereon eroded olio"
of' the • moat , conlmodlotte and 'IVOII eonetrtfctod
SOHOOL LIOUSIIS too the 'county,' thelot Whig ft
feet-deop and forty feet wide. Thu Ilulld'hig I 9 rbll
oultedidtheir SoS a'School lloustit•Tor a meet oval.'
lopfUhurobj hold Ie filled trial a fell mot et Ito hpab'
ltdprovod &tool 'Piirniture, width:will be sold 'Bop.
arately or wlthltie building,
• 4. Two vacant 'LOTS Of GROUND Forty;
'gent frdot r ind, Oho aull'Nlnety Foot &trap,
the !Bloke Of (treason.. '
. •• •, :,•• , • • JOHN MIMIC •
' , Trustoo of Margaret 0 reason.
,9N" th 'same : day, and ' at.the &trio
Once the heirs of ' John DU ober, decoasod,'w, II
o er at Public Sold tho followlrg.doscribed lioal
Ilstato : ' • • .
A magnincent Lot of Giound the village of
reason,:Twollnridred Feet Squire, ',lardy:ft thorOj•
.on oreatEd a 'Moat exdollent 'and•comtdodloula Two.
:story_ DIVIII,bIISO DOUR, Nook Rouse, Wood
:•11ouso, Ico tloo o, Make 110uso and"'Stablo. Thla
td pprhaps the very fluent country property to the
~valley, the lot being divided Into a most' beautiful
.yard, n niagniflcemt gardun, straWborry patches'
' , sweet potato patches and apple orchard, tho 'ULM
ranee helot - cover° t with •Inoatiprodtietive '
,trotia and most'hcautlful ornamehtel oude. l "
i 2. A Tract of,handadJoiningloads of 1./Avid Wolf,
Robert Groaron, Sarnind'Otcason and Clio: Lino, Jr.,
, containing Seventeen and One hal ,Acros woio or.
flees, al , bot , tiyo . or/. OS )thich oiopoieroo with aeg.
colloat and the halatide high lakto',,l 4
cttlllw iou.
Tho oats of Jpbi iitocisAi.riai46,l to; emit
%Hoc° at 10 o'clock on said day, when attendance
, will,bo give4And tortne lamp/00,10w
te' • "'
, .1
.131 t(
( ' 1
Titit '"
Male lo hoioby.kleesi to ellifpcnhisisi.lntslet,'
co teal. that rho following trust accounts bait: need
tho„,,Protisonolary'e Office for • elsarialrttlan,*
awl.,lsAlV' 'the,,CouSt. of,Oomiunu,
• Piens - of bona orlono ("aunty forgonrpisllog'o7l ,
• oilln'olulai,thognth day of Aliguitt, 16 60, -
final account of J. 13.1/ 1 0Yerr'0*
In Itteo of -c athorino Bobroll. a lonkilo. • •
2 ,lrballrstosalGoal tICCOMA Of JO RNiller,:com.
'iniqsl9 orpimity. tirtell;a, lunatic, ',
• r
. " '
Mias Sallie Partington
1 , 41 u n
111 r Spencer i'rlecharli
Mr J .14...Arinstrong
- 11 1
? ItEGIpTER'S NOTIOn.--11cigao,
I is hereby given to nil pennons interested, •
it et the following accounts have been Bled in this
oplob llytha:accoun tents therein namadJihr:exami;
l uaton, and' will be preionted; the Orphans'
i ob flomberland county, for confirmation Ind
lalloneocOL'oritudsdayi, August IV tb,IN.D.I; ism r
1. Tho Brat and final acbount of William, Fought,
;executor of David Foluglit; latd of Silver Spring
, ;township, doe'd. •
1• 2 ;14 1 1*.li JOI I W Antler,' ad bi'l , rl4l'Aferi;il4ll . ,
l'wllll3 - who daughier - iif - Qiorgo Braniter,
Ibite of Silver filming-township, deed:
3. Tho Bret and final account of Jobrrltowniiiti — ,
!eicoentor,of, OW/not will and Miami; of
4. The first and final account of pr., Seoul Myers,
adm'Of Mb ontlita - of Bievidlltyeria tarn of Frank
ras Pli w o P A l tit . “do
deed. nistratrix of , John 'Mir,'late of Middiesoi
0. First'and Bari aoo' i tritof
- adm'r., of Henry ltlllhnlOer . dac'd. 1 •• 1 o
Tho Oral and final ace( put of -John Goodyear,
'Jacob Goodyear, Samuel Bobtlidor 'and Benjamin
Goodyear, executype of the lastoyill,aud testament I
of Jacob tioOdyoaroduie'd,•
8. First and final Account of Daniel Kocl i andar.
far; - kWh - N., de bonds tibn.culn! fesioneenM annkti
of finnlol Bender, eels of Alien township, dee'd.
0. Account of Samuel M. 'Wherry, guardean of
J. Bobbins, Wm. Lloyd & Anna M. J.Dmlth, miner,
children nod heirs of Elninuol Smith; late of 'Tops.
well township, deed.
10, The account of Pores W. Quigley, executor of
Dares ilowerd, dee'd. . „
.' 11. First and final account of Ephraim' Common,'
adm'r., of Mrs. Catharine Gilieleo, late of the bor
ough of Oarlielo, dee'd.
_12... The first and final .ftocount-of.Jl- , A..--Eaufman
executor of the lost will and toetanlont of, 1600 'Kaufman, late of Louth Middleton top., ,
13. The'first and final account.of Jacob W. Ilam
!eller, executor, of the last wilt,,and testament of J.
tP Blutnereldno,"dec'd.
14. Ent AN final' account - Of John' Fosnaught
!and Nol. Y.Boyd, executoto of Jamoo Boyd, lato of
.No*tot township.- . . . •
N 3322
inatrd unfiohdl accotiritofl James B. Brown,
.executor of the estate of dolin 0. Brown; dee'd. • '
16. Tqd account or John Q. Dunlap, guardian of
,„fleo, 0. Matas,., ,minor • Child il,d• Wm. :ii:Nlatoor,
Ore' ' us settled by Joha O. Sax.on ono of aduers,,
'of Job% C. Dunlap, now dge'd • • ••
. . .
; 17. The guardianship account of Sane] Graham,
dec'd., who was guardian of Samuel A. Shellabarger
minor son of Jacob Shollabarker; dec'd., sotiled by
'James 0: Graham. execut, r of said dec'd.
48. First and Inal,accr oat of tkeorgo Hoover, ad
ministrator - df Elizabeth' Witainah,.: Ida 91 . .0 1 / 4
flprinnoOnshlii, drc'd.f9 ' „
19. First and final acd6unt" of Bobjamia
adin'r., of Esther pnderapi, Into of Monroe 0,744,,
orc of
20. Thariconuni of : Rupert Fahronback, eacautor
of Chrlsflaa'9pitznet,yata of thoboyough ofCarllelo
21. First and final account of Goorgo DI, Itupp,
oaecutur of Cater Diamhart, dee'd. •
Int' ttnd final accuunt of 11.31. Cociclin,adm'r.
',Of A: .I:Cocklid, deck,. •
2'.1. First and final account of John E. A. Herman,
administror of Elizabeth Herman, Into of 31Onroo
township, deed.
24. Flrat and final account of Michael Beltzbeorer,
adm lona ra tor of George Boltzhoover, Into of Silver
Spring township, dee'd
- 25, Firat and final account of John S. Boyar,
guardian of Jennie and Mary E. Dellett, minor
children of J. S. Dollett, deed.
2d. First and final account. of David Eborlyrguar
dlan of Esther Ileartzlor, minor child of Rudolph
ileartaler, deed:
27. First and final account of David Deaver, udm'r
of George Denson, -
S. Fist and final account of William D. NlTuno,
adinlnle.rainr and laibolln Duncan adrolulayatrlx
of William 0. Duncan, deed.
' 29. 'The it con tit' of Boni - main Icelaley, guardian of
Nary PloOgh n minor child of John Plough;Jate of
Dickinson township. dus'd.
20 Tho second and final account of, Josopb U.
Eingh,,r and Andrew Singiser, admiotrator of 00.
Fingloor, dec'd.'
at. The first account of Benjamin Stitt, adm'r., of
'J. 3. liolvers, ale of the IN:wow:hp: decbl.
33. Account of William 0 •Brands, administrator
of Jacob Bootlyelr, Ipso of 3lonron township, deed,
33. Fitst nud final account, of. lyilliam 31. Means,
guardian of,litinfrturand Jdh n Piper, tninot rhiltikon
.of John and Nancy Pipor,:deed.
31: The first account of John A. McKeehan, exocu.
tor of James J. Iluttowbato of West PunuaborW
township,- dec!d, • • •
35. Filet nod littal. guardianship account of John
Dunbar, deceased, who was guardian - 61 . John A.
minor Mn of Christian Berman, ns settled
• by .Ins. A. Do 'bar, administrator of said d , •rraso•l.
33. Secen3 nod final accennt of Samuel Spa or
and Benjamin It, yer; executors of Ithillp Spangler,
37. Vint and final account ,of John Paul, adrn`r,,
of NatifY:4ll. 1 3 p.nAt, /Musa' Woroo.t3vp.,,ilac y d..
38 — First and final account of Catharine Bashore,
adminlsfretrix of David Bash ore, dec'd.
iti.Aecount of Benjamin Boodyear, a dmirdstrator
of Pam eel Ramp, deed.
The acCOUnt. of J ohm, S...lcenegyand
Criturnitm, admluistrapors of John C. licuegydee'd
.41. he account q.t.:IV., Eby, PAeFulor of James
Hotter, deed„ late of Oarliale.
42. The account of John C. Dun lap, now daceased
tru.'toe under the will tif 'D. It.' Lamb, .dpern4ed. of
Mrs 6arali A. (Amer, now deceased, as settled by
Jelin C. Saxton and James M. Balaton, adminlatra-
Jars of the said John C. Dunlap, dee'd.
43. First and finalaccount of Jacob litominker,
administrator of David Lehry dec'd.
. .14. Vital and fintil acrOunt'orf. Moriison, adnainla
trator af Ja no:Glen, deed.'
48..Virfeatid final tiBconnt of L. It. Bender, adm'r.
of Dr. J.J. tender, deed..
46' Acenuut of W. F. Smiler, ttlintilisirlitor of fr.
47. The account of Robert Lambetton, admlpintit
tor de bonus non cum testrunento aunezo 4,X 1411114 , 4 ,
Ilentrovd, Into of Mhldin4ox • twnslUp.
I7july 'f9-;lts Iteg4ster.
,-;-;--7: - F.., 797.7 f • 7 1 - rti.'
1 4tr5:9,F `llt E l.iilifOr
..:••r 'Air 1 :' • pTY kri.`
. A 41rd
. .. ro 0 it ,11:::.!;
t„,, tc' ''k --\. ' .
r '•• qllt it ' , :_____
-----3--' t:1 I '..' l . ,-
\NTT would respebffully dall theuttip
v non of the public tb our recently replenish•
ea STOCK OF II Alt DIVA ILE making It now ono of
the largest in Cumber , land. Valley and consisting
In part of lIAILIIERED AND noia.uu_
21Z; 0
9UR061 , 08. • HORSE - SIM OS, • NOR WAT RODS
Cabinet Makers, Undertakers, and Coach Makore
Chains, novels, Forks, Rakes . , do,
Repairs for McCORKICK'S' ItEAVY:It constantly
on and. Wo aro constantly 'ln receipt of goods
direct from the manufacturerr: and are able to fur.
nlqh country merolutats at l'hlladolphlaand Now
York prices.
•100D9 dilltvered to all parts of the town free
of charge.
' Wilcox & Gibbs'
E'4V ITA'an 11V `Ax,
We have secured the ,Agency 'of the Wilcox d
. 011,bp',.iloring. dikehloop*;llttlo • tinnily ortance
,ilonl diti". multi: .willing ' try tin „ without after -
r ii ti, 14 . reatn,,-;:one•in rnpertitidn.': nitrid,Vll/Idr,&
Olidios 11114'4 knee gbrenxi lidacbtiarr4 atA ; realms
enrAlOilLY,lft'fl Alt POi/itilVtateltd3laplqueo In'tho
ful Paving Partiduittya."gitttildlitiPlipilll 'Piss llstilo
to get'—rgut nit'Avigrail: ? : :It la , 0 (*Doe.. : It . line
with loodnidao:i 4t4uOe 'Oaeler..,l4t:rabli ...I . ter,
It hpit.#/):bnet 'daybiar 'Aid' provortiliagjtbo:l,4heal
trontounnlng:backwardii• It - yip:lloi Itiog)neahontn,
cal Oc i II tenOirato - IL:' , »lt ; Carib hoc; lowt,ticia'and •''
idatinctlM2 tolearold .Ifelcit,. It Ig',l4tcoOst
certain and pitiable )rt:lttg'oporittlettet, .It,d,litiotrio
it 'straight anitleali Ilidglo,"," to', ho;:hreltoir 0311111 - It:
rnvpd one "'Olio nectilittil,ayeured,' tut Itti, 'platoBby.
an Ingeglonalii patenlod device which. rottdd kilt tiolt,
adjuitingtictAbdc'utii liorokill-MOr eitieriondir tiro"
requited,iti•drolinglia ,Id,'„ltntirtaidlingt.ty /ctlm the
t il
spool thoe , lokoir! *liyitti4i - rho teatouprvortittou;
or ioi , tbsillog,:ftli ,thyealili tai adjustment. In. llie
'olluttlo• It "000 Abd!Wiligra,& Giblisi,of 4 , twisted
Itionctlttilh" n at ech'''Orldirial'ig , lth' this machine
ebd meat\ by noottic,lll3 . IMAM
, L in were ,olaotlo•
and Artinger than Ihif•Lock tiOch. Ochs '. neo rabl 'lfi pin,
melt tmbh And bditittlibi; the seegi ! Minority& oolt.',
,faateadd thbe tavoldltur a ir'veralblildtd." The lot,
:alort Is iiiereirluiple. and merit caellt, hOdnittd'it` ti,l
motti.poodny 'obengo IV tinier' ohd A giant itielc' •
andtbor,l It dime beautiful canbrbldoill, it bpd le 1
•beit'lietilnifir,it bee tiro bolvtiltOr: it' nee t to' 'be t''
braillbrf, It beer Olt biet Mate lifd Milledi & tillitire
has bron In tho market for A little Moro eight 'feats,'
d,uring wir i lch,tlrue traayda otolaty,thou . sand hap!,
lidos undid anir oald r it Kulpi
l arlYlp ,Irtt
Ihrger then wore spit' pro .
,Irl road Ma
ga.e ifo , l .R i . a iYul `,ltrv .4 1:. •t t I *cloys.
bush at e * sbufficuie to el , .40, Id „c. this
Moiling, h & iire'dgolicY ',without the
doubling ovldepta of tqaty r
oblttle t efMlarithr t ire ate
'enough to'llll'og Mee NI m`ne lottlio2l lid':; I‘.4oki .
'Machines .arel'Ori "exhibit "Ye' litOnue'at to; tili:,2o`,
North ilanover stroot, Carlisle, whore' thity'llisy 'tid
ornxiinnd; end they will take' greed "Oleaouro In ea";
r ''•! 4 P /P it Pnll' hi rK ' fi t ', lll .4 l lS4llliJ ',...l It 1 11. , 1 !,i , )
. II speotfu ly &O, '-. ' '• ''
• , ElILLiml & 11011filifi,' ' •
' I ZIL'2O, ' NOtati!llliniciar'Bi,' '
' ' -• '' • Carlisle 'ili''
J t ,
16:1110i19'.''llreiii4iveri .'iliiii;nn,
appilAtion for •tlio' Inkr , don 01 'l l ol,olSliklibi
LLaaslidonniiiilelopkriaoreinor,otro4l . l.,- ~.'-:„,,
i Widifllißte , ~. ' . ' t'' !
14 9.4 7 , - FA TEAS:Agig-A 7 TS
5:) , ••• • :,•er•t
, 11 i n r i ;••
••• ••,
` o Bke": 2 *:?';. 4o i'
;l orr2g 'Bemharg.ti
• 1 ., • 4 1!
f j '
" - t,t•r+
. .
t ,, : - ---... ,,, -
, .
\ Nc s -' - ',:7:1" . .
I' li ''%?...
. '' .-I :t!' t .iti• o • t ' 1
- •
C:11 , 'X' Y APT.
Rocoptly of Now York, offers those who ore suffering
from weak and dofective sight his
, I sALI-J111;/0 3 '' Lk_
.;, 0 PEBBLE
—tRNHARD uql/LlsTs,oo—
TO A _ _
-AND- •
Superior to any otkor itinay—construotod in accord
n rice Nifilt thb science rind philosophy of macro, In
the peculiar - forth of '
. .
. ,
Adm;irahly adapted to the ,organs of sight, and per
fectly natural to the eye; affording altogether the
beet artificial help to the - Allman vision beer Inyent
ed. Used only by •
Spectacle and Optical •Manufacturer
THE.ADNANTAilli.of,tlioso apeoteare.over ill
others,•are:— ' • '
1: They can bo V11,14s with perfactArisefoi• any
length of (lino it One bitting giving asionislilng clear
ness Of 'vision, by canalo or oche f artificial 'Wit;
comfort to the spectacle?Tonrar hititefio unknown.
How to select Glosses.—lt requires professional
guidam , e, eves when ,s good•sitiele is offered Dr.
Bernhardt not only has Xho best' Glandes that can ho
found in the market, bn_t ;carefollv indispensable nd
vire no.tri the ptopetirdTaipirbf tlihni.i • '
Ilion the Eyes.ache orpain,Ahreugh th e ac
tion of 's bright light, such's., Is reflected from the
foloYersunnY Weallter,s : hina: poper,•and in reAding,
writing, or sewing..or vivid colKed,,bodiss• tiles°
lenses, by softening the nays, end, it most agfeent,lo
sensation and give grdat relief. • ' • ,'•
4: In uli Nero ur; Affections of thetye; canting
dull ancrantraing pains in' the eye ball Or temple;
appearance of luminous and dark spoto 1p thu ntmos•
phero, aelling,or feeling Ilke sand In tho'oyos, the
disturbed nerves are quieted unit soothed.
- •
. _...Thnso SpectAndes era nclentifically adjusted to
every case of defective sight .with unerrin, accuracy
. ..nether arising frinn':ake;:dpe, strain-overwork;
or premature decayi . Vyllr, hardt ofi a new and
exact principle. enlitely la.oirrrovhich bay acidom
failed to ho correct. ; .7'
a. After novena Years or-public prnctlca,' adjust.'
lPg spectacles to' patients' under Overy.aspeot of de.
bipainess Aii,hlAoptloalt Stores; both
hero and In EProptt,: Dr':''Atorntutrdt 'padsMem It a
sufficient Suarantco,-of,hls l 61110 y-to .aaPply such,
glasses - as aro best carciilatcdfoydto.tolialstance
cover)! of treperfCet slyht,. .;it
7.. M. IlOruhnidt, to-Otig*itto , l.d.toselCfitim the
host of,prtdonders fp hls . ..pmfeoerk.'wl{ll. pride pub-.
-.deafer impectioeicepl.e of testilliOnfaja,helhos Ma
cowed from tne,dlyall gentlinialimf the Mona lingoes
' tionablO respectabllty.antllalont , licAreorlea
number UtCprtiticatcyfc -133 welt knoWn gentlemen re
dtstlitetiou,whe hato.usad-hisaplicukles,..the origin
als of dll , af,whlch lie will;bm haywire show to tpose,
who rosy 'rorpieht Pfhtlbetteef Calf bf ihoTellawlng
1,,?.11 . 1e8 or certlfica: es hart unto affixed, without on
;mewl' posit...don of the same', would be .n foroory,
capitol offence, pooh-Lehi° by Stotelitiptisonment.
"r#s fiz y 'Rebdinmoirtations frani,
Medical gentleincn, Professors of
7iik7ieq!o . p . l.7ii,ny e4t aa,,r
-fislc,,l4inca4ter,-.Eastony and imthe
OAALUILE, Po., Juno 18;1869. ,
I mosteheerfully say that I have examined Prof.
Bernhardt'sqloosea, and ,must say that thoY arei 'bet
ter adapted to my sighethan any I have seen before,
atoll do moat cheerfully and willingly say that every
',mop that limn defects orrision, ought to boot a pair
of MA excellont Brazilian Pebble Spectacles, as I feel
confident that they will render generalsatisfaction."
- 01011.13E4' Pa., Jinni IBth,lBoo.'
"1 havecirefittly examined tha Brazilian Pebble
and Australian Crystal Spectacles manufactured AM
sold by Dr. M. Behhard t, of Now York, and am using
a pair of lila - former, myself with great safinfactipn.
They aro certainly atp,rior (0 any have soon.'
ter a foil 'cOnversation with thu Doctor, 1 regsrd lihn
as accomplished in his profes•ion ' 'and , therelas re
commend hint to my Wu .11% and others fur pdtrorktgo,
ao tar as the peculiar condition of the r sight may 're
quit% his services." • Respectfully, .
b. 11.1Cirnisa, M. D
qMILIBLE, .Tuna 18th, 1869. ,
' r
1, wing ton podia: forma*m of tbd eye, I hove
alcrays found It difficult to,proaurqglassOs to snit ano.
1 am miw Using ft bake( DEllemiliardt'ti, Wltb which'
I am better pleased than' any T have boom hblo for
some taco to procure, aithougl, I- have tried-various
' lB, 1869:
have Just boon fitted *vial a pair of Spectacle - s
by Dr.,}llnbardty•of.NovviY,orli.mtyi tyitir which' I'
IturAbOen ehitblod t tb. trd,d N IPA axtrolna datuktind
cletirnese; greatei than I have over road
,before.. Ito
shows that ho Is a thoretlh unditeeAf his mitotic°, and
adapts his glasses to 1111, iaCullar defects and wants
of those who consult ,ILint,witiknuquest,louablo
I clieddialy e9mthend .XnY,atquain,
tanees who need optical asslntanco."
- • • • •; Itnr. •
Piistor of the First Presbyterian Church._
°ACME. 1 A., Jona 18, 1809. •
"I have, exatn I nod Dr...BernitardVa 1 emelt, and lideo
Ida description of the manner of adlitsting them for
the tolief of aleOntira vlalbh, tind I 'cheerfully cool
niend .Itim to those, mho, ,yty desire tp,tonsttlt , A
*- • ' • ' • • • ••
••• ~ ;Wit. #. Lynam.;
Reef Or of St: ohn'ityluirch t
• • •-'• •
I. CAIII.I4¢,.PA , Juno 18; 1809..
" Having chmorily Imported thp 4.h0. thisdrthient of
homes exhibited to Ino' by lir. Bernhardt, and heard
his description-of the mode,oPtuleptint them' te :the
different wilfits•aud condiffens ht the' bye,..loti par.
suadad that. ho Amseeseen, much -knowledge"- or-the
eetenCe of °titles' dud id the 'itliPileation °Tits .
piiiiciplus to the purpose of hip profession.
• .11.0tonorPthlinig
.1119 . 1xter, pa i l AN 25, 1808.
X have examined n gritat variety of (limas manu.
aerated by Dr, M. Bernfitardy; tog, ti% Jwitlcii . toilful;
must ray, :but 11113 . kliOses aru of . M superior quality,
adapted to meet tl..*Ants ilmoseevery eye,withe
the vhdou Is kV any pay riqorfoqt.,, Tim it/octet...e
lected for itiwkimilt of Ms AustrellaW Crystal Gianni,
which [trout a very superior quality and wet k Memblp
rendering vision very dlwlect, anti almost as perfect
as lu youth, • this testimony lit favor the
Doctor's lainatioal moat cheerfully, as well from my
'We experionen'as from Um lentil:non lath errantly -
ohygolans, `clergymen and other, gentlemen: with
tettomlara personally nuonaltdeab • • • ,
have examined wl,ia i ooneofvu io,bo a compfeto
tuaorintent of ereetablee, manufactured front the,,
Australian Cryetal, adudlaldy adapted to thritvarlotte,
hitlrnittlia of that'oxgrAaltqly , dolleato organ,.the . '
htimah eye, whether tho Inapalred•vtalon nu -the reindt
of dietuaao or inteneturol , Iveakm es-I orldthst to ;Ad
ago... I regard:the epoelnions of Dr.'llerntiortdt the
bent I , have oiror oeon, and toi 001 0 ehyorfolly r,pfort!,..
,mend Walt • • . •
! , Aidirr.T
• '
1 . •
a hieq!Olt , li;tkrliAratkitlti.iliii''
viololluidr( ont,p)f , op 1dKa . 14,( urea) 'firig,,l
.thattfildhilFablY &Id tft ~rdorggrtuch.illi4parlF-_,
awn of won bo Iv ;49
the Optlolf. n'fbatorial uoog du thkPria
turn tf Clia us is, of ranutrkablo F o r, r t ;
beauty yang agdo, vary touch to their Vaitteri .111 4,
corimonEl bin' with great choorfuloroo td.tfid tte
.polyo:or alll4 who rimy rduulro Me corvine- - : --•
• ;.; i r ig. 11 ty.tteuttb7littl#l.los.P.
)17 res V t
• It hag even Ina p oasuro to maga Ibo ac.•
11114111Mtl i tYl k ertA 14 r,
I have ,eyahasaw r aalm. le.ia , scl exiting <Optician% and
adapts big, PI homes. , Vlidaliallriarab 10/1111//tbo
Note conditleqpaf :ths aye.); lie golootelloC e
tokettorpirprutoakalnollo/1,, 01-01P0411..."4.10P
onit oo .P 4 0, 1 1 4 10 wktb or.olklrt• tiIIa,IOOpt•FAVIOVAR•I,
.fort ihan tbosol alrbady - posnees. obeerluilx
compikoti4 bin.toll.l/mbo /. 4 , 0 4 tbo.rir ! rr/p r yp 4: 0 6 144
galtot 4ia149479t/inly • Frlnty.
44 20 Apo;
-• :1 .
, ;
—. .. , - , , ' zi.iadavo•.'eugbet4l.,...,
~- itsOlo•bilfal - P9m44 - N"' - I, 6 k m;so and'
• Talofe roi*P*OY year ] ° t ilt/1 ,7:1 q ' ol )T .o ' f 'power And'
,i alt , 0 tbroyok :fld emuci9g.,,,rwit dilliaity ip,',•Pl..
00 is I hOvor eFPg r il uc P , n r '... wpo or4lng f ...— ''
carfp:c • 4loway,to ..-1. go n't ,, ) 0 Augrfiltan oils:
eoltod frpm.:llr. 0, 10414 t AN.: okToTr an any,
_tot litioc tacks winch 501 . 84 tRy, 4 1 , .
p i b en a rli o lm ver ac u eVkl . lelnfadlrOd:ticlaon ti..'ll'dBGtOticotuty'itnilct"ltf766r:
-e,'- Ac 0. anis.
' rdoyernor of Ponneylv
Feb. 15th, 155 g.
I bale examined, the. :reribus glasses manatee.
tnred'hy Dr. M. Denhherttl;OpHelarki and can tea.
Lily Co the elegantiworkinfinehip of all Isle articles:
Ho hie Droved hlonelf bY1:8 , - long experience
master Isle rofinnnott:t
ram i EN
• .Tesilmolale pinititiiicittitl above may be iieen at
Dr. Berhardt's °Moo, from' the 'moat reliable and
west known gentlemen of the Milted States, among
*hem tw I;
R. B Hays, Gov: of Oblo. ;.
0. P. Moron, Gov. of t Ind.
Richard , Yekto.3,• of - 41108.=-
Aiox. Ramsey, BrAor. of - Afton
floury A. Swift, Gor. - of , •
JohnothiiiiWorth, Oov. of N.
m. Patterson, 60r. , 01 Abu,' • . •
It Y. - .!'Bon'tori 00. of N. Y
IToratlO - Boymovii, - 0 - oviof N. Y.• .
Jame Orr, Gar. of S. C.
OFFICH HOURS 4310 M OA. M., TO 0 M..,
N., 13.--h Owing eagatemerite pleb
where, ,Dry .lernhart will, be able .to
remain iiere,only t.tittil July'
l'Aidel fgliC''' 't')i.y; ! , I.:i :,:i1 !-1,.
VOTIOR-r-Letterd of Admiaistra
-jv tion upon the estatent.Johnlogan dec'd., o
Frankford township haye been granted to the Hub.
wilier 'to whom el ls-Parsons will, make payments
due the estate dnd , all olalme will he presented.
• 18,Trine8k• ..• d. 13. LECIIEY.
J . ; is lierpty.giveii,that, tettere tiistimAnitary on
he est 'will and• testament °Valle:mei Kempt on,
Jr:, late of the'biwnottip of Soup? Middleton; coun
ty of Cumberland, hive boon l' grantedliirii o no Ex
ecutor. All perebrielteiing .clalms apt& the es
tate will please present them ImMedinfoly, and
those indebted ere to vaulted 'to make payment.
Minna 2t+ Executor,
the United 8 tates , for thy Eastetri .District, of
nosylvaola. , • : ,—•- , ~ , -
She Underniztunt hetoby, ; gives notice of his ,ap-,
pniutrnout as ,assigooa of t ;William, Johoson nod,
e..otouel Cattermop Jobnior,,,traUing as Joba ..1 . ,0hu.,
soi.V.A Bads or eeltiuilesbtut,, li,thoicliinty. OS
Cumborlaod au that.) of PoOnsylvailin,Ulthin eita•
District, who bare beim adjudiged . b,inkrupre upon
a petition - filed'aaltit'tbiu by, .thedistrltc Court
or said distriEt: • - -•-` •
' " •' GECh
18Ju no at
OTI CE.—Notice,.
that tha Calll - ela Pilot gitil3acilfW 11 - mike ap
plication , to! the next. Legislature.of Pennsylvania
for tho - inne*al of itki charter with its'presont title
end capital. Juue 16th, 1809.
- 9July ,69.6fn
',4o9l.sianp .con
i_ tetiniAtos a trIP2tO HittOPo'dtkort,ty.'anbf a
tranifei , oPhli Ontuntr Sterol° Mk aOttat;LO la B.
nod Geordp,l,L. Orllrcarrpoh,,thAbu.
'Attend ,dt tha tdd i,tatiMiitt..thiltfmohtqfolftnaree
lion f.all , puraonalhdobtad` to trio' undi• bittriod for
grocerlenodla any ;Way, aro requested , td call frame.
dlntoly add °Mei twit' lanbnolutalY tikessary"to
square up tho old booka. a nd old accounts,
93ufy 13E ' ONO'. B. HOLTMAN.
• " 'Catip) jg „t mpronilsoa o aau scriber, In
Wopt,Pqnneboro' CoWnsliliT , ;
tw o nillSi' eief."pf
vale, .ou ,Iloy, 30114 A YOUN9,, 14,AR,A,
rattker . Xelowopilluro. 'aloe, and. beolliallift.a.p. p744'
(owner, So; r,oquasted to cal{' Iniinedfoielytyp e
property, pay qinonsea sod takt; 'bar awoy.
Ju 11-3 t. , SAMUEL ixx,VFLiimplv ER,
-somgT_HAG -:NEW
$l,OOO Eiery Month 1
Prof.' He,witt's 'English Art of Pairit
. ling -and •Drawing Paintiogs..
By :this simple, yet Wonderful art, any 1 ady or
gentleman, of ktty, bii.y on- glrll2 yam. "old,' can
paint and dos Ve a 111 W-like picture of tit einselves or
any of.the family, or of any general or statesioan,
or scenery, in two ,hopt's Limo. $l2 was made in
one day by an agent at Mitchell, Ind., teaching i t
another agent made $3OO in ono week teaching .4.
Thp best,thlag ,lathe ;world to make money teat
and lionerahlY.lesurimsCE the Giadian - or Orien
tal paintings in beauty, durability - and simplicity;
Whilst tilose„rFquire ,scnne talent, this, does not.
Any pcisou.caii hatSt exhouteleand teach It. Note
le the time to begin. Get randy and I perato at you,
own bonne, in Towns, Schools. Diatricts, Ac. You
can teach it In thSkiliarSitidtvldlialryAnnd make
Hero is an equal chance for both AOSes,
tra.DOlld' recommonoattons
Aguata ' Ga. Your instructions for
,Laudsoape Palutinga Apparatus, &a, are at hand,'
'and Pale given perfeet , satisfaction. Slice Artais
Thos. Chenoweth,,trat''eling teacher, says It takes
like wildfire wheievet IntrodUced,' he Laving made
$l.OO at Bethany College. Va , leaching it.
$3 worth of chemicals, including paints, appara
tus for drawing, etc will paint and draw 100 oil
paintings, or it will teach 500 scholars. 1 shall 'ex
tend the time a low days to thesis desiring to learn
this novel art. I receive on an average 1000 orders
..k. All send letters recommending it, many
' of which cannot be Inserted In an advertisement.
"ITo this nett 1,000 r aiiplicants I will, send, free of
' char. , o; one yoar'a eubscription to tloweit'a Comic
and Literary Monthly" ono of the neatest• add
spiciest, as wall as Interesting family newspapers
publiahed In this country. 4008 not inclvde
,any who have.alrendy abut; nor 2103 , ' teat Mlly sand
atter the number Is filled. Therefore apply In'tfrub:
Satisfaction guaranteed.- Vor,full and complete
strubllorfa fOr pniutipic aiO'hppaitktol,-iiiclow
• PROF. U. W. HEWITT - ,
' Box 126 Alliance.„Statlt C0.,Ch10,,
.10.1uff'2m " " '
- .
ACM' ANY STRXW. • • '•• • • ' •-• • "
' " riC 1 1 •
CABLInt.o #nnAni.s.
"Ohice ,Aollug' A, (D,31 . ., Altnp'4o,;lB . oo,' ,
Sealed proposals will De resolve:a A t pica
until tho 20Ln day of July nexe,lor.supplitog this
Boot lon the liar - ending- Judd BOGI, 1870;. with
, FUEL, FORAGE and STRAW; in quantities as fq
s .
240 ttne (2,2401 b each) Lykeint Valley Coe.' '• •
• 200 tons (2, i 249 lb vackG
:1100 corditlak Wood.
2 10,000 bushpls ib _
oach),Gate, , •
.810 bushel's the ID each) Cbrn. '
• 280 tone (2,000 lb each) Bay.
, 100. tons (2,000 lb each) Strew. -
Tho Coal to be dolivere)l by the I,sth day of Sop:
( towbar Boat. , . .
, The Wood, Forage and Strew to be delivered In
' such inisti tties a ir,rptiu ( ep Li /1)11 ,COVNI1111f)ti0O, /14,
the Acting Assisting Quortetuntilter may direct.
, Rropoea'. ars invitld for pleb' Item reporatolY.
purt . bb , duplicate 'and endorsolf tt Proposals' for
Subßiles'," end'contalli 01,1'114ms:en!' tvvi. responsible',
baconto tur o trlee, fot, the faithful
pbtlititntanco or the contract. '• •.• ' • ,
~' Parties who bid, are.requested 'to :ice present ';Xf
tho opening qf Volt prnposels. • • ' )1:
oiThe'UOvernmtillt Townes' ilia Nedshy
all Mile which may, bo deomod" lop high qr for any
her atitlictent:causo. • ' '
blank prop:map may Do hod
,„no 'apiltcation to`
thAttno. MAIOAP u:keI.OIT,ET.
lnel,l4ll4lll'ClValryl Ilt..Capt. 11. 1 4.
9Jtity 2t ' Acting 4.11.
1)1 1 18111A13111; 1 .13 u
_ r
e'subtonihdr offers for' solo nt thhsdritible • termb
tbreel, Ttir,y deslrikblo Building Lot, situated on
West !Anther. strata in roar pf tlku,gglirge, Thoy
front thirty Met' and eittind baCk-tuti hundred and
forty., 41tvy, *recovered with otteellentScult trees
of a.lllescrlptinlyt.,.,Annly to
,26f ono 4t No. &Test Maln't3 . ' •
TV OTICE to' Restaurati . 'Weeiferti•
OR DENT,--The oplendld Dar and Itetiau
rant, In rtho.'hottament of the • Bents- Holum, now
doing ayqpd 'holdouts.- Na appll.tlanateill he ?JR
plinn compotent and ippon - title par
ties. •Jsign office p r -the
,16Juno er . OLD.
... .. .
tuaby,ourea Gaticor, rind, SOrofolooor.dbrogooli,
1 ,
: ar b ol2t7Onliy i r t i d etr p ol V da r kte,`:L a lleg
a plication tp H, - ', , ,
‘ , otritB/..e 01:11e018;' 0 anotal4iterie"l.
I'. 0. 'Box 1859. , 182 Pearl Bt., Now York.
/ 43 Ju1,*(..01°'.1'',-.l"lrke'r MY, )!,/;..;} ,:i ,'?I
T.A.P.AI4B.T.IntUOTEL Pridp'erity. 12
AR. v ATB , OALEI,OILItXCIIANO), -FOR siirtilh,f
hotel stood Phi,
VI • li 4,14 - IJ'irt
The 'fa icionNsiiich the llotol stands) cohilshairth
.li,ylBoTeat, • andlos addition thorliy rill Im : collars,
excellent GeSlXDilil (Matitildb4Ss 4 00 int , •
The houso Is large and oubstantio ly built of ston
oontaining 8 sleeping apartments, good Daprdom
• Dlnttli VtiPeNjAvkli 1 041kknalvtio1M;
kinca. ' good ' Won of water at t door,
"" XOnnt tt4T ,
lbr forty h xcit . no; a Wood nutty . J ' fra 4 40 • 11 ' 0 1
qou.o ' ° i4 " 11;6.4(.10 , distAulidins#6.4`l4,-.)
The I.ogon House is widely aisdfisprobif kirawn
and ill largely potrbilised:' It has ISO& coat
pt sbiAtis,
onorittedralla . mpakto.. ,
ehroodty: ,
For further Partlaulors,nipply to the
hixabsence to gates. A. 4111, at Noe!
~, „JOkatliPOOillitilitil
281 4 4 . 1. ' •
rfhru A n r d M e;sen D od 3 l l l ll B l i , r 'P et,Urdati fom (ho Eae
torn DINe gareo,tmont of :
p,T. , ,ovs AND WAItES,'
. .. ,
. - ...i; ~. • .
nepiktly kept in a first elms establishment, are ,pre•
meal° Runlet' the,. - ellisens of Carnal., and stir,
reuniting ecitintrforlth the best Cook 13toves In the'
xnarket r eilnsistitieof theJ . , ,
. •
BAILEY 'sailer, • • .' , 146nr.,E coon,
'and others, which they will - gee - sante° to hake and
mud betpw, and, with lesp — fuel,. than any other•
:eaves inahe market: , Thhientock . of PARLOR and
,OPFIOE STOVES are not Surpassed this side of the
cities for beauty, durability and cheapness. ,"
'and HEATERS on hand, ism-ranted to give genera I
'satiefactfon,''wlth the rocomlnimdatinne of klumbere
of persons who have term in use. Their stock of
Tin and Shoot Iron Ware Is large, and suited to the
-wants of all housekeepers, or those contemplating
,the same at rates which defj,competition.
, They hays added Ito their business a largo and
weilkoleredneTtment oft
which they are prepared to put up at the ehorteet
. ,
Spouting and , Roofing
done at the shortest notice. Jobbing and repairing
done with neatness and despatch.
of all Aunlltles ! eOnetantly on tinve4.. .are re
qutlet,Oel re( 44 examloq.khOretcielveit:----j
where they will be pleased to ',waive all and show
their stock, and render all satisfaction doeired.
~1,3 K
have now on band, at hie Carriage Factory, N. B.
• cornor'South and Pitt streets,
'.I 3 T-TOGIE • • •.:
'and everything in his line, on band or made to
order. Ile Is determined to get,up the best work
turned out - in this section of tho codniry ilCoth leg
but the very beet stock gobs Into buggies 'or Car
riages of his manufacture.
Repairing and patting promptly attended' to.
20May 09.6 m
" BENTZ 110ITE."
(Pormsrly Carman House.)
No. 17 AND 11 EAST MAIN ST.,
The andersigned.having purchased dud entirely
refitted, emu furnished anew throughout with first
class furniture, this wall-known and old established
Hotel. solicits the custom of the community and
truvelllng public. He Is well prepared to farnl,ll
accommodations to all who desire to make
a Ifotel tit elf Young or pleneant temporary abode.
The custom 'from the surrounding country is re
speetfully solicited. Courteous and attentive sur
v ants nro engaged at this popular hotel,
OEO. Z • BENTZ. Prorp ,
N. R. A first-class Livery is connected with the
lintel the inanagement,of .I'dt.',loB. L.
30april 09-Iy.
JOSEPIT 'MILLER 'of Carlisle
Springs,Cumberland county, Wax cured of
1,35,aud ODAY'S!. of 17 years . standing by thu
•ticu of 6 bottles of Dr. Campbell's Palo DeArD3er and
2 boxes of his Liver PIM,
- - - - MIDDI.FOWN, Dauphin Co.
Dr. Campbeill lot you know that I was
plagued with Furor and Aguo far ton yoc- I could
not gel cured, I at last come to Ilarrihhurg, I hoard
of your wonderiul magic Porn - Destroyer ztud. your
maple Livir Pills I bought 4 bottles and 2 boxes
and they curod mu in one month.
Dr. Campbell will s-II to all druggists and deal
era. - Price 00 cents or $4 peq doz. or by the 34 grams
$2l. Each dozen hi pnt up In 'Mee paper boxes with
his likenoss and signature on the sides. Liverls
.$l . . pot dorth; 34 gross $lO 60. • - Wo Lotchges $2
'per dozen; A gross $10.60 per dozen.
• All lottora - should be addrosstal to
OlUce No. 130 Third street,
botwaun•Cbostnut and Nlulberry,
Harrisburg, In.
5.14 by all Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
For Wu by 11AVE1t$1.10K iIItOTLIBUS dealers
tin Drtos:liladloinen,do. •'
A Boarding School for GIRLS.
The ninth annual sehsion will Benin on Wednesday,
September Int. For eneulars or furthe, information
apri123.1:9-Iy. carlisla Po.
Dr. Wishart's Pine Tree Tar Gordia
, It is the vital principle of thb Pine Tree, obtained
by peeullar process in tho distillation of tar, by
which its highest - niodkal proPertios aro retained!
It is the ooly safeguard and reilable, remedy
which has ever' Leon prepared from lhojuice of tho
fine Tree, •
It Invigorate . ; tke, cligestlayorgans and restore
the appottto.`' " • '- -•-• ‘•
f t stretgtbens the debilitated system.
It'•pntttee'aal enriches the blood, and expel
from thO system the' corruption Which hero nil
breeds on the into.
' Le healing prinelplu nets upon the Irrritatod sur
'taco of the lungs end throat, penetrating to each
disoafied part„,rojfey,lng pain, and subduing Into
It le the result of Sears of stddy nod experhnen.
and le offered to the afflicted, with the positive es
s unmet, of Its poiverdonure the following Oixenses
if the patient has notion. long delayed a resort t
the means of cure
,Cousumption oflUnge,, , Guugh, Fore Throat and
Brea9t, BronchiUm, river 'Complaint, Blind and
Bleeding PI lea, Asthma, Whoqinq , ,(Cough, Dlpthe
ria, &o.
Wo are,orten asked,why are deft other remedies
in the quarline for,Uonaumption,Voughn. Colds and
other Pulmonary elections equal to Br. L. Q.
Wlsbsn's Pine Tree Tar Cordial. We answer—
Ist. It cures, not by stopping cough.but by loosen
dug and assisting nature to throw off the unhealthy
matter eolleoted about, the throat and bronchial,
tatt;ea, causing iiritetlen and cough:
yd. bloat Throat and bung,: Remedies aro com
posed of anodynes which allay -the cough for a
while, but by their constringing_ effects, the I: ores
become hardened, arid,the
fluids cotego.
lute and aro retained_
- in sxstem, causing disease
Loyond' the control of ear Most enribout physlelauo
• ..1,1, ~Tiro Pine-Tree Targotdial, with Ito assistants,.
are preferable, because they , relnove the cause of it
tritetton. ot the emcees manikin° and bronchial ,
utuwassist .thelutaroto sob and - throw , off the un•
areal th , secretions and ,purity tiro blood, thus scion
thu curefperfuet: • '
Dr. Wishart has ore file at hie office hundreds , and
thousands of Ortificutes, from Jfen end Women of
'unquestionable character who score once hopelessly
'preen op 'to lac, but'thrsiugh the Prorirfruce, of 'Cod
were completely restored to health by the fine 15 . ce
Tar ()ordeal. A Physician In at „entrance who can be
consulted by mall, ;free of, charge Price 9' . Pipe
True Tar t SIM iihr,,bettle, $ll pet do .Sent
'by Express on coo, of price. Address L. Q. C.
Wishart, ii. D., No. 2a2-North 2d tetroot,
• 2.9 may 3m
The Caiiisle Shde , 'Company
1300 'll4 ID'
N0.f.15; Watit , hTailt.. Street,
miiii,tilend7 the •llanu
fadturo of lloote and Slots, tho attention of
hi t trade la invittidlo thelargo assortment ef::
e's 'aVcd_ '.Children's • ' Slto cs
Low 'n store araespebTalll+ittlaptel to the, wants of
the Itt 'tall Trade. We ;shell nt times have on
bawl e, complete agtioßment bt all the •• • '
1)Q P.. iJ j4..A Re - S T :Y . E S
ltade b y Naprktnon or the, neat* ,o:iperleneo, and
0(111. •kletnbe're ofthe undo ivho niay , tavor ua'nith
their;eue ,tom are aequeed Wort on Our. part
*lll - be Ored'to furetahllebtfOoode at" ' ' •
The Lowest .P,eggible,Tricee
• oraiHnh- , 1.1 Id'ATLiebell resolvo the same atten..
an that b.eyoralwould In purson,„ond distant par
toe ran rob . uron Rettlog thole goods on ovillity - ns
ood Weds sending tholr or lore, no by-porsonally
letting us.
.Sl,lOll ,UPPERS FOR. SAIR - •
ji , 1' , , •-• ~,, JOUN, 311Y1,8111, Trepturer,, ,
anilfille&llnij : '''../T 'y
!c! I/ ! 1 / I lll'l
• 1 i ~. 1 ,
1 - L i tx ../......1... ...-..../I-, ii"):-.L4i
GENTS,,NS DI "xxiV,m, uis. itup .
PAItSCiI/VBlLowel behualneee:Akiih full Dl
cottons and, Forme for all llransantione In every
w' 1n ' liven Ulold'orkty.• • .IA 116 w • noon • l'Olt
VERTIMDT Explaining ovary kind of contract nod
° tti a o l ite ittl 4 dillwat hho°o7.l 9 .tioarit7l(l l i'airo .
and. Send Ai: bur liberal terins; also u for ' our patent
ibis ,Etospeciiis:., - bibii% , Y its& ~b , , _ 1./ , 4,/'
rentamtn .1.15 DO., Phila. Po,
20juno 3cu ~1.111 I 1 ,",„1 IV.
0.11.0,0b..TAX..F.0R ..1.8130:': .''' • ' •
. .
•,, 'I vdni.v.i.•. - . - 4 1 :• — ;.!!.
oho Dupllcato of flo not lee ,or tti Ilarough of
Uarliele for 1809 le now In/; ho hole of the/Trans. : .
. V i t trlt e ltitiri s i'.4.,.‘'tilit tii, 'Cienilao ' irtelit
itondht kb.b.Cotinty Colurnl.loulio,(Qomucieeloner'S
% iliN :r, .IP,,i rwsm Ftili' ii.' , 7ri„wo^e , Y,;:rt ,T!, 6 6% 1 1
'. , 01` Cold dawn; I for! the/ purpoie nflroalcloit . .oold
lexes, up to which time an/ofmtemeitt of FIVE Plllt
CENT kill )10, made no ,cd I. taNeopald. ,l'ercons
Wieldneto.fay,thOir'lliznl b efokb3hOjatcAti'dott/c,
:hati,clo eo,by pelllog at the of adoor.residence of the
trOholl l rokt/lo %Marionl-Mill 18911d1n8 , 18194/Ilalo
,Street. . . : .' / . r.ri.a:U4 , ..Z. ' • •
a - 1, 1 . 1 ,... ; -, r ,v... p:ov. • DAY; '-
0 4 09 % 11k0 141 Oib ' ' r
Mi gg iE clN't E fOEP.q , ,S'• -
111- gS , PREL LA X, E Q OO3,, ' - •
31Elt GOODS. to be eland out in thirty days,
If poEsiblo. Via greatest "
over offered
for be vox
oboe out
lo -are now to be glean by no
dap+. Ng are detunnined to
OK 011 SU - 3:311M 11400 S.
No will kcal:. no Recount of. what goads cost. Thoy
must all ho sold without reserve,
aro the order of the day,. Wo lurris a eptsplute fie;
aortment of all kinds or goods yet, at suth wonder
fully low prices as to astonish the moat experienced
.buyers. - •
$5 00 I/loth for
2-00 Ca6slmere,
100 , do
85 Alpa:ca,
"6 do
60 hip.. 51Ixturoa,
60 Granite Poplins
40 I'ungoo do
60 foot Orondies,
40 do .
Good Law.,
15 00 Loco Mawla,
,l 0 00 do
Goad do.
,§onamer ghsuls for sl.'oo
$1 50 Hoop Skirts, ' ' IOU
Carpets, 011 Olbths, Blinds, &e., Twebty t tlt.o per
, rent. lower than the lowest.
Domestics of all kinds exceedingly low
• - We will "Of° yait„naorp` value far your money,
under any and all olrcumetanceß, than enn - be had
olaewhera. Call early and examine our goods.' Roe
our prices, and I)B'v:ravine° d of the fact. • -
W.. 0. SAWYER. di CO
6000 pounds of wool wonted, for which wo will
pay tho highest market price.
( With Dry
Awarded the Prize Medals at World's Fair, London,
' World's 'Fafr,lVew YOrk, Exposition
Universe.lle, Paris. . •
Harvey Gillam, )
Chas Mathews, } 11 - 111L , ..4
ciao. W. Myers.
Herring, Ferrel, & Sherman, N. York.
Herring •Co., Chicago
Herring, FArrel, & Co., New Orleans
Moro than 30,000 HERRING'S SAFES hOOO het-.
and ore non• in use; and over as SUNIMED hay°
paved through areidental fires, rre ,, erving their
conteuts I u soule.lnsllll3COMl 0 hero nvoly othors
SCCDND IrAND nor. or our Own anti other 11111}ietil
harlog boon revolved in part, pay fur the Improved
Ilorring'x Patont Champion, for sale at low prlr'e:
BJun 69.1)
AV /
AD .;
__ Pr'
Having removed from
712 Chestnut Street,
.0 - IESTN UT ST.,
Are opining a largo and now iissortu ni
nt of Dia
mnnil and other fine Storalry, America, and Price
Wittchi, English Sterling Wale, Clio - ham
tail Ware, Mantel Clocks, A 1.., &e.
IS.iuno -ly •
'TVs medical prep:main - els now °detect to the
public sa,n_telloble stihstltute fur the mane worth
less competthds which npw buod the market. ti Is
purely vegetable, composed of vitrtutit horns, gath
ered front the great storehouses of nature, :furl
selected with him •ultrundcare. It Is not recom
mended as It CURE ALL, hut hy its dlirsd and salu
tary Influence upon the Heart, Liver Kidneys,
Lungs, Stomach and Bowels,it acts both ns 31 pre.
volitive and curs for ninny of the dit to s to
those organs nye subject. It is a reliable Family
Medicine, and ran be lidnin by either Infant or
adult wltditho same beneiicial results; It is
certain rron pt and speedy remedy her UTA ut IDEA,
DYSENTERY, Ito lt new' 1.1,‘ T, A,
ACHE, to. For CRILLs ;Ina FEVERS of all (,tide,
it In far butler and safer than quinine, without
any of its pernklinui offoct, It eyeate. an afire.
Cite, provesat poWertul digestfir of food, and will
counteraet elleas of Hum, in a few minutes.
JACOB BOILEETZ Solo Proprietor,
N. W. Cur. Filth mud Rae° Stn., Plllllll'll, Pa
:20nor.c8.1y. s p oo m
All do LEADING STYLES to band or mado to
mrastne. Prices flood at LOW ?MUMS. An Illue•
tnatt.l List with.lustrurtions fur self Ineasur.
.411601 neat ou recount of Poet Bflieo address.
na Borah Sixth kit., ale ve Chestnut,
21aug 68.1 y.
oTicE.—Sealed proposals will
o - i:,:lead at this ofllee. until 10 o'elok A.
tiaturday, July - 04, 1810, 'for famishing tho
"Command" at l . ,;arlisio,Porraelm, Pa., with the
BEST I+~lDill,i l?LOUlt
for (0) months, from and after thd IPA day of An
gina; 1800, or ouch doss time no oho Commissary 000.
oral ofklubsintonce, U. S. At tuy, may direct...
Proposals must be •in duplicate, and endorsed
"PropnFals for Flour,"-unti must contain the names
of too responsible pa ISOM who .wlihsign tho • hood,
and bacoute responsible for no-faithful perforManno
of , tho too tract.
who'bid are requested .to be present at
the owning of tho - proposals. Thu Government re.
tmer \Gm right to reject day, or all' bids which they
may'eonsider unreasonable, or. for 'opy othor anal
ohm t c hues.
' ".;:' 1:11010ND U. PITHET,
14.,1,10ut.,8th ea . v. Brevet Clint. U. S. A., A. 048.
thine , A. U. S 1 Carlisle Illts
26.1uft0 6t s . , ; . _ •., .
A V.
• "
,4;,/ti.o JR girl A R TE Y
1,1%4 4 01.1s patrans and the generally,
id3..Nor' N 04.1920 qUESTNUT
PHILAIVELPHIS; whero 'will find 14
large. and ,well ,aaley.;ad • !gook of,-DIAMONDS
PLATND WARI,Vat, ddderat,i ," ' •
N. 11.-111"0111,4,And J4IVELRY carat
t *
NW lifAtY and, t3iLyp 7,A141.0i,411,
The , Carlisle , iliralil l ,the ad;
vei tieing county•: . .
$3 00
1 25
15 to ^0
10 00
3600 to 5 00