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ne Square. One trimeitten,
or easbiaddition el Ineartiou,'
'or Blereantile Advertisements,
eiod Noileesi •
refessiolutt olds erltlicrot paper, •
bitnary Notices and Communion
tipni relating to Mattaisof pd.
*vateluteresia alone, 10 cents per
JOB QIIINTING.—Our Job Printing Otsls
nests d moistoompleto establishm ent in
lonnty, ,
Your ffoodyroesse, snit it general mist y
suitertalsnltedforplalris tidratiotworkolsvnry
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tics, sp ,on the moo to,Pnaig, terms. u s
Wal:00 BUIE, libialmot Intbedonbins
to; will find It tá ttolr katorest to glTif Salk
, 11 D. ADAIR, Attbrney Ai' Law,
' • Carllsle, Pa. Ottlee with A. B. Sharpe, F.R.,Ne.
, South Hanover Street _ _
May IT -47. - - - , ‘. _ ._..
. .
di..OSEPE{ RITNER, Jr., Attorney at
Le* Siad §arveor, fdeehadlesburg, PLOD:loon
11 Road Btreeti t w o doors north of the Hoak. ..
..Business promptly attended to.
. .
13,..MILLEIL Attorney, at Law.
•Oface in Hannon's building Immediately op•
oelte Um Omit Howe.
4ino' .11EitMAN, Attorney at Law,
othuilolo, Pa . ., No. II Rhoom's Hall.
1. 1i164-1.1.
OHN CORNMAN, Attorney at
Law .otlico In tntilding
_lintel:led. to Franklin
jams, oiporlio th e
.Court Hour*.
Rater 6811.
.at Law Mee in.south llartover street, app.>
a Benta's dry good store Carlisle, Pa.
September 9, 1364.
JAMES A. DUNBA.R . , Attorney at
Law,' Clarlteio, Pa. Ocoee In N 0.7, Bloom's Hall
July 1,1884-Iy .
liVr J. SHEARER, Attorney at
• Law, Oface, North' Hut Coiner, of the
Court Home.
I2feb a 9.17.
N 0.16 Booth_ Hanover street Oarllale Pa.
Hain St.,ln,lilarlon Call, Carlisle, Pa.
. ehman, 21 Motu &root, Carlisle, Pa., axe.
a titer &swings, speelUcatfons &c., and procures pat
outs or Ineentors.
14 fob 69•1 y.
Vl' at, Law ,No.t South Market Square, Car
lisle, Penna.
April .19,1807-1 . 7. .
. _
iiciß. . S. BEN'DER.-AOMO3O-
rabic !hpdcien. OMee In the room %rm..
oceopled by Col. John Lee.
Nan 1341.4 y.
ig . a
WM r i t t in r a ;o p- o7t: l ien t' ta f Tll Q a t r h ge e r a ;. l.
01,0111ee at the residoace of hls mother, East
luther-atroet, three doors bel67 - Bedford.
ittly 1,1864.
date D emonetrator of Operative Dentistri oftbe
t. , DaltimorerOollege -of
Dental Surgery.
Oftlee at hie reg
./emu )pPoelte Marion Hall, Welt Main street, Car
lisle, Pa.
' -
lelnly t. PC •
• THE PEACE. Office, No. 3, Irvine's Roe.
tay 17.
In grameriellaildlnir, near Itheem'cliall,Carliale
Pa., hairinet returned from the Hasten:l Ciliae with
ho lament and most
• onaktilig of •
Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c.,
over briught to Carlisle.
.His cloths' comprise '
of the fleet texture and of all shades.
Mr. Dormer being himself ppraetleal Getter of long
experience le prepared to *arrant perfect fits, an c
prompt Cling of orders.
Piece Goode by the yard, or eat to order. Don't
forget the place. - -
16may 68-tf.
Of ali the New Spring Styles of
The Snbssriber has just...opened, at No. 15 North
Hanover St., a few doors North of the Carlisle Deposit
Bank, ono of the fargest and beet stock of FIATS
OAPS ever offered in Carlisle.
Silk 'llats, °madmen!, of all styles and qualities,
Stiff Brims .different colors, and every description of
Soft Hats now made.Tbe Dnnkard and old fashioned
brash, kept constantly on hand and made to order.
all warranted togive natisfitetlon. 4 full assortment
of 8T13.4W HATS, Men's boy's and children's fancy.
11'10614180 added to In,' atOck,Notione of different
kinda, , consisting of Ladles and Gent's Stockings
Neck-Tles,Ponells, Groves, Thread, flawing Silk 6, Sus
penders, Umbrellas, Ac., Prime Snare and Tobacco,
ninny. on hand.
Give me a call and examine my stock, as I feel eon
fldeat of pleasing, besides maxilla you money.
No. 15 North Hanover St.
he subscribers having permanently located in -
Carlisle, respectfully solicit a share of the public pat
tronage. Their shop to !situated on the publid Square
to the rear of the let Presbyterian Church, where
they can always be found.
Being experienced mechanics,they are prepared to
execute all ordere.that they may bo entrusted with
Ina superior manner, and at very moderate prices.
BATHING TUBS, WASH BASINS and all otherarti
los in the trade. •
+promptly attended to In the most approved style.
Alai-Cou try work prouiptly attended te.
AFAR work guaranteed.
Don't forget the place—lmmediately in the roar of
hie First Presbyterian Church.
July 27 MIT . . .
Recently organised, has been opened, for transaction
of a general banking business, in the cornob room of
Glveh's nevi building, on the. North West corner
.f Ugh anent and the Centre Square. '
The Directors hope by liberal and careful manage.
meat to make this a popular Institution, and a safe
repositbry for ell wimmay favor she bank with their
a amounts. . • - ,
•Deposits received and paid back on demand, inter•
est allowed - on special deposits, Gold, Oliver, Treas.'
nry Notes and Government Bonds, bought and sold,
Oonbettons made on all accessible • points In the
country. Discount day, Tuesday. Dinkins hone
from 9 o'clock A. M. to B o'clock P. hi.
• J. 0.1107P8R, Cashier. •
Br Given, President, Won. It. Miller, • '
Thomas paxton, •• David Mitten,,
John W. Craighead, A. Z. Herman,•
97mar 88-tf • ' Abraham..Wltmer.
nuilteturedat N. :cienprixin. &..cds , foundry
end Machine . Ehop, Carlisle, CANT BE BEAT This
le the testimony ofa cores ollamllles In Cumberland,
Parry.and Adams Polll4io/1, who annex, uslog them,
Call and aeo them.' ' • ': ": : . ' '.
• o ' o IT • g it t .E r t Tifilt"o,.. •
'dnfug either by , iawiniir roj hand-eAnetalttly on
tuncd'and for sale Ii:GATIEVIEIt *log. I•Poundry.
and Liaehlne Shop, B'otMalitptreet. ,
- 611:4•41. istettig- raitii , ria:." •
lll.Preared to *eke atfam Boilers 0,1111 sixes
and lands promptly and 'until, herded tering. , A'
ilmolie Innate and in that
in* on EMUS and llngides proniptlY attended to In
the bettletannei.
.T. •1.1 1!` • : •••
~„ go:o,4pm]. a co'. ~
• • ' .gounlig and alathindthOpva •
Fine Lbe of , Dried/30f, IlioPi.Tobgnes, , ,Dinktii
onidete 01441dgC also, a One, iotA Twice yeas„,
Dried Fruits a all'deseripilon,"aatli a* FinlikeHat.
Seedleie Thune,TrAdeNlParedand napated r eboil,.
031111111111 ntail,
. Apples, pared and unparedPeare,,
Ao., with a MUD D& of Oroaeries.ardell7 XdPu- I .e
liretluallq,areeq.B t Ml e ikb . iiy . lieoi d itr:
' • 12WIQ , . ~i ;. :• II Ntirelffilarlbaaltrelliteeett
1.113'" "TAKE' " - NOVICIV.
7_l .4 •,! ,
-mB9,tasToN;s:OilliTI'VATOR <
*TheYnintendittledqate +no* tpreykrodi to Olt; fan
necomnt7 proof that IlleQopmon'a patent CIIILIFIVA.
~ Tons far exoel any other new In um. The many
, Orldwadghtl by tbe,eeey ~ heat flumOntAr,;cumhnland
vino% the. 00ettle Meehmatem bf 'the .. alkohtne,
'NO Infillttlio noisy . they taid,l, IMP In the :an '
plane., meounaend them. Anti theAlttle httart . te•
iTM to. Merk.,lvlth them' 41m Folable work , they,
and tile pasteetinaiditet or; their lideklne.,
w - not NE to to t ea snarl
good Ammo , thee
4 ' are the - bap, 7 ,ih n untuorlrapletteent .now In
Pomona' allehlar to putabieir 1011 please tall
GFIDPIII , it'QQ4' lit Chmilele Foundry MI&
-.".llo=ltiol,l7eoe,er . Air lanipt the
rat , 0k h , , 0,.. Kongo,: 0 :..
- • .. • 11101 M a oci.
41 00
4 00
VOL. 69;
Chartered b 7• Bpecial Ad of Convene, Approved,
July 25,1868
Cash Capital - -. $ 1,000,000.
, Where the general business of the Company is trans
.uebsde.ssete.huothish—srre •ondenee
•honld be agdretuod.--
JAY COOKE, Chairman Pimlic) and Executive
Committee. . .
HENRY D. COOKE, Vice-President.
EMERSON W. PEET, Secretary and Actuary.
Thin Company oilers tho following . advantages
It le a Nations' Company chartered by a special
act of Congress, 1868.
It hes a paid-up capital of 111.000.000.
It offers low rates of premiums.
It furnishes larger insurance thanany other com
ponies for the same money.
It is definite and certain in its terms.
It Is home company in everylocality.
Its policies are exempt from attachment
There ern no unnecessary restrictiorf In the poll
Esary policy la nomforfoltable. r:,
Policlhr may be taken which pay to the insured
their hill amount, and return all the premiums, no
that the inenranco costs only the interest on the
annual paymoutn.
Widen may betaken that will pay to the insured;
atter a certain number of yearn, during life, an an
nual income ofone.tenth.the amount named In the
No extra rata Is charged for risks upon the lives
of fawning.
It insures, not to pay dividonde to policy-holders,
but atop long a coat that divide ads will be impossi-
— olronlars. Pamphlets and full partlclans given
on application to the Branch Omen of the Company,
C. W, OLARIS k CO., PAlladelpilla,
Gamma Agent for Penneylvanta And Boutbenn Now
Ilsep 08-1 y I
his Valuable Preparation is, admirably
adapted to the Cure of all those
eases for which a Counter-Trrilant
'or External Remedy is required.
Abram Marguart, heq., has shown me the re-,
relpt of which hie ,Liniment is composed. From
my knowledge of the Ingredients, I do not hesitate
In certifying that It will be beneficial where an
external application of , the kind Is indicated,.
A. STEWART, 111. D, ,
Shippen sburg, Simt. lb, 1868.
Fully conversant with the chemical co mponente
and medical effects of A. Marquart's !Animal* I
cheerfully commend it ni those who may need it.
Jacksonville, Pa. S. N. EOKER, M. D.
Mr. A. Marquart :—Detl: Sir: I take olea,ture In
saying theit I have used your Liniment for chap•
ped hands, and It cured ;nom and made them feel
soft I think It the bek I have ever used, and
would cheerfully recomnend it to the general
WM. 1:111.A0Y.
,Newton Township. I'a, Nov. 24, 1868.
I heriby certify thin L hive used A. 3lanivart's
Liniment for Scratches sift Spavin on two of my
horses with the greatest stems, and w0u1d..., roc
ommena It to all that are la need of anything of
the kind. C. MELLINCIER,
County Treasurer.
Stoughstown, Pa., Nov. 18119.
Mr. A. Mitrquart:-:-Dilar Sir: I have need
aboot half a bottle or your !liment on my horse
fora bad Collar Gail, which woo the most obstinate
sore of the kind I oror saw: deo on my arm for
Rheumatism, and it has aim entire eatisfaction
In both caws. I would not do without It for ten
times it cost and cheerfully ncomniend it to the
Jacksonville, Pa., Nov. 20, 1668. '
A. Marginirt, Hsu—Dear : had a very
severe attack of Rheumatism luny back, so that
I could scarcely walk, which 'rue very painful.
After using half a bottle of yoir celebrated Lini
ment, 1 was entirely cured. Thb is not a realm
mendation, but the plain truth You can make
any use of MI, you please
Walnut Bottom, Pa Nov.-20, 181$.
Mr. A. Marguart i—Dear Sir I have used
your valuable Liniment In my fully for differ
ant pains and aches, and it has prined satisfactory
in every case. Ido think, as an siaternel • Lini
ment, it stands without a rival. I would cheer.
fully recommend It to the public. lespectfully.
GEORGE Y 001.161.
Jacksonville, Pa„,Nov. 21. 1808.
Marquart, Erg: :—Dear Sir : It affords me
pleasure to certify that I havenssil yen. Liniment
on my nook, in a case of very Sore Thoat, which
was'much swollen and very painful. Aftet two
or three applications, I found It to -aotike magic,“,
and would recommend it as an excellen Liniment.
Walnut• Bottom, Outab.Co., Pa.
For sale at HAVERSTIOK A BRO. Dog Btore,
&snide, Pa.
lldoc 68.1 e.
Wheeler , and Wilson and. Eliptie
Sewing Machines,
:Tits Besi Simplest and 011eapes./
THESE.machines are adapted - tad°
all kinds of family sewing, working ovidly
we upon 1111 k Linen and Cotton goodn. with 131 k,
'Cotton and Liana threads, making a beautiful kni
perfect stitch alike 'on both niden of the artile
sew d.
nachinen iold: are warranted. • • • . • ,
Call and examine at Rail Road Tologranh Ole,
'Carlini., Pa. , •
May 24 1261:4f, JOHN CAMPBELL .
. ,
, ONIOEPAT RIC Physiciimis <land
Medical libictrrcians. Office. and residanc4
od li -South ltancrvar Birdat, Carlisle, • ?nos:
all Aqute ar,Cihrortio diseases successfully treated,
Folmar' Donaldson, Uniontown ,., P. Oirred o f
Ple i rt Disease, of.t*o years standin. Ib - Ilya !oohs..
Ila been given up to die.,
Tel Olard Gilbert, OermaiitoWn, Pa. — Livid Coris..l
plant, of. .two - years, standing. Cured in two.
mo the. • ~
• • Denj.liceeer,.lllihinto ern; Pp: .•Intlamation of the .
.03'0, with loss of the eight of ono ;eye, of eixtaan
yer.tendltig:u Od red' iii'th tee months: .....: .;
' re, Mary Gilbert,. Gonnaptod n,. Pa. Dyspppels
Or en years standing. 'OM eti 'ln two months.. '
Itir••?.;T Woo d, . 0 freed , Ave., , and :Warnock Hp.,
;Philadelphia, Cured .of Genor r 1
al Debility, of, three
years oleo*, -". ,11 : , :: : • ,:• :, : ~..
!Asa grpu;do Motels, 1221 Girard . Ave., Phila. l'a.
Dylspopelo and °betel. of three years' 'shindiag.
Onled In wieweeks.' • • • , ... - • , ,- •- . • .. • -
i • , yrA R Ic Prior, 742 North 13th str,aot, phibiaelphi;
Pa '“iMte' Dwelling" 'of nine , yeah, standing:'
0 d li,st Sivo.mouth4...., . , , - , .
re. 4 .lsignata lirowning, 'Belpre,' Ohio,' Womb'
di rate of 18 years 'Aqua's, °arming at ~timas
Itt anity, so that her friends we re' compelled. twice
toptit her lUid WI Inaline ..I.iyium.; Cured' in Ord
. 111 aoushitlitioil hew. G l ued strictly prliaie. I .
Dru., ilall.respeatiully refare,to the ;following ,
• ladies, residing 10 Carlisle. Mee. Jaa. Masonheimar,
Mra.Vm.,Thist Inge; Mrs.' •Wm.'• Juakeoni ; Mrs. .1::
'.lhillorphira. Dopey Snyder, ,ATli in!ar others,
~ ;Sahib 130-om. • " .
. , , .. .
'P.PU0Y.4 4 40 . ;' •:'' '
. ;
.7 0 ,... '
• L. rebtoved Mir isiablialqtuitit
SPLENDID MTN.; G 1 O . :171.1D gLQ9A.,
r! .- . iGAVIIE Ti . —, ~ [• ~
t it
FOelto iiiiton'e tirdwa, tutors;' whore he o-'
lly lovitaaJthtlitablia ,esoltoine. ahe' owe :Rum
. higiumerops,,lpealpl'ons.i The well knoW a sk ill br
- tha ProPrailme •• .otkailist ' with •a ' operrot f illehtlp
arl entrance 004.441 , 1.4t1it, oja the Illia fl ooltjdr
• fileilgat 10(ItiOtiMetal tor III) public t o pat •
t lifplahllahtoetzt. Ellimplotures 'Aro Agolversl9 ,l Y
aelthowlOseiVto be .Iquel to this • beet •made In
Pbtedelphia or Now , Irtork.'sind tat'irapeeeleela allY.
/X muntirT . Pleas oak .
'1 . ...!• , 2 : : ,2.1 , .1.1•';1'1,1.:1 :,,,
NEI 11l •=,
J.,,,, „
, Pt.' ,
itil i ,
th tri
r Cl
Y. -
Thd _SthoeppelVlutder Trial
. .
, ;
SHEARift hie reMiudd to'
the ury, said in ',substance„„thet : ,.iie
coiagratulated the jury upon the rapid
approach -.of. the; ;termination, ;Isf ; this
trial, snd that . they . p Oti I d',l'bolc' ferWitil
to early - discharge froin
,ditims. The counsel forthe bommen,
weitith, in his opening said ; to' you that ,
if your entertained a reasonable 'doubt ,
as to, the guilt oflirs - Thltent, under, the
binign.provisions of 'the Oritainal liqy a
it 'wail your duty to, acquit.. Such was
the law ; but the Oommonwealth would
show thatlhere could be no doubt in
thia case, which was `one of °lase, not'
pectiliar to the United States. Pole
oiling was a crime perpetrated in Italy,
mange and Germany, and is not corn•
mon to- t imeriea. It was a late Ger
•man importation which might be re . :
garded as,one of theessential-leading
features of this ease. , • ,
If we might judge from the' levity
of the prisoner, and, his gay conduct, it
might safely be assumed that he had
in hie .mind the case pf Castaing his
compeer in gaT,i - hv ere, 6y the skillful
administration of poison its presence
failed to be detected ' Tear by year ad
vances are'made in the science of chere
istry, and the administrations of poi
sons, and now they can be lookei back
pon-and-regaulerLaa-the • = t • •
marking out its progress.
Mr. Shearer here took' up the oc-,
currences the day prior. to Miss Sten
necke's death, the presence of the Doc
tor at room, the purchasaof Prus
sic acid from Dr. Worthington, the
condition in which Miss Stennecke was
'round in the morning of the 28th of
January, the symptoms attending her
death' and the testimony of Drs. Con
rad and Ridgley, who made the post
mortem examination.-
He then said "in laying down the'
line of his argument be would follow
the course marked out by hie colleage
when the legal authorities were sub
mitted to the court. It was not neees
adrylto prove the particular kind of pois
on employed, and • all that is was, in=
cumbent upon the prosecution to show
was, that death resulted from poison,
that - the prisoner had the opportunity,
and the motive to administer it. The
theory of.the detendents counsel was
that death resulted from natural causes,
but this was disproved by the' testi
mony of Dr. Conrad and his aiieisiantii.
The commonwealth contends that from
compound poisoning the death of Miss
Stennecke was caused, following, the
case of Castaiog. The defence say
that death resulted, fro t tn apoplexy, but
weJkliow that the symptoms were net
those attending this disease. e. They
nex say thatit might have been kidney
dikese, as described by .Flint's pre&
Lice; but the symptoms are not those
as laid down by him. Their- theory
that it was from nervous -apoplexy is
disproved by the testimony of. Dr
Robinson, their own witness, who 'says
it is now conceded by the majority of
medical men that there is no such dis
ease. ,
The relative merits of Profs. Aiken
and Wormly were then discussed,- and
the conduct of Prof. Wormly, criticised.
Said the speaker. Truth . is the main
object • of inquiry, yet we find Prof.
Wormly standing here in the double
capacity- of chemist and counsellor.
In his testimony he lays down certain.
scientific truths, but in hie book, pub
lished before this trial he flatly and di
rectly contradicts himself. Medical
and scientific works from which wo have
read, also contradict him, showing sci
entific deductions which have passed
the ordeal of time. But says the M. '
fessor, Prussio aciirmay be' present in
the stomach, contained in the saliva,
lnit Dr. Aikeu tells you that there trp.
nothing in the stomach, and as a con
sequence away goes Prof. Wormley
arid his spittle."
MR. SHEARER here took up the
testimony of Mr ;Burkholder, L.
Smith, Mrs.' Parker and other witness
ae, as to appearance's of bliss Stinnecke
when they were summoned to her room,
arguing that the symptoins and appear
ances did not indicate apoplexy, but its
total absence; the testimony showing
the conduct of Dr. , Schoeppe about
the hotel, the different hours he was
'there ; MitteStinnecke's weakness on
:the_evening_lcif_the_27_th_of: January,_ .
when she could - not "he 'kept awake
by the chamber maid,• D,ollie Tur- '
ner, that between 9 iindl. o o:e'ellick the
same evening she could-note aroused
by loud knocking at her door, andlet
under these circumstances:the Dr. told
some of the witnesses that she talked
to him about the eclipse of the moon,
and. asked for something to put her
asleep, When she • could , hot be , kept
awake. The Dr then put Her to:aleep,
and she never awoke save in' eternity.
On the subject of poisoning. by Prus
sib acid; "the poesession of it by the prie
°tier was proved, the defence say that
hihpromwed it from Dr: Worthington,
it was not good, and,
that the
had, ,giveri• 2,6 and ,;10 dioris • to seam:
Wetly and, it did .net .Preduce eleep„,that ',
be called at Dr. , Worthington's and
said it wee not good, that the , druggist
Would'send,lor'sonia if lieWishedit, but
saying' thatan agent 'rebid be' itrinind s
in a few days,.tite prisoner 'remarked he
, could wait 'The singular fetiture about
this was; that 'a•wontiett who' hildhsese .
tinting to go slaelVas allagbd, by the de:
ro4o; 4ad tskouthis, aPtml acid 4iidl,!.
iiilod in, its intended Offeatai.andyet , the
trisoner could await an iridefiriate ; tithe, , :
fir ditlejnritillii;;dinggitit 001111.417dit
tlit'' arrival Of ari agent. '),li r e,Weifilinl •
isiuul 04:44 ba4 , t4en'ilt;,,wa B 10 . ''.
ed end, notaske& if Ithe,thad ;taken.
PAlssio . acid; : or if gibe -Wauteduany;
thittor . Make' lier Oleerit'JNci oho , did
uoitiqe",l l rubsikaelq' ? but
foimi it • iii tile stoxna4,l,,rxii,.§,ipiii ;
,p0g0.:,. Vire ,prove. that , ,iliO . prisener
weal" to. 'Harrisburg ie . & , art udditional•
Aii,lyi liiil'ais'iin eildenee a Wreak
.40 30.:0t.'014. 4 , 1',T1M . f.° 6 0 1.6 4 66 1 r.
ifilia.Y4l4 ttie,Vo,'Wh* rte-3Y4 O,V,
'Herm , says i be , eau ,rug le, n 24444512,
,as . to' ;hi prim arts, ideutity,:tbut , did
not" k e- him :WithittiV hiChat. l % Th'e
' , 4ifferg 'Oe behibeil % . ",t,bei,:'fiiii s aiiiiit:
k t
vitiii..a i t;'9A. 04 ,witkApg; ~ii?4.,v4
te. to Jilt. \ amain g-pf' , another.,king Att . ,
ht.- ', :alifi' defetiethsabirbaq had noVith
jiigle bat 11ff e rti be ;V,tent t crlikltimorili ,
. b4'*04.0 .. ::if TAO ow, it d'.
ibio,lery, , ,gulip.c.r„,p9ri49,o 1 q. 1 34 - 1
biro whewlnadiCJlga , ,ealcuJatumilti*,
liergletratit this.tliirder. . ,01.-1 , / .4,..,: Eli
: :is 'ie 'th YribtiveadONtlieVrilioilel'
they wore car. The temptation 104 1
t!id. !liebeif'6 Wed ' OteUrieelte r roa, , ,4ll
:v.v11406.91 4.Pllifi' 6 f litlie.:ooo ,3 A i
*a l produce) terio mrittiuti. l 4l ll M-94
'whit& he Ws to iispress qualms kis
o.mcni-Ci4 ''',,,:. 4, ,?. , ib11t......_.....,i,,,„.t..,....
-, •:: - I'i ,, F* . •T• d kik.,
, ,1 '
.., , .iv
~.. ,
i , t ( 1
r) ,7 . 10 (01 fan • .„
t: fsfin i lid . 7,..11:•': 1 4
......) A
1 '„,). (._ Ilt -(ir :•V ' ' , II
o• - !F ;!: 1 :1 - .;';. ' Ili 1
11 'III i(::~
Tlf ~~1 .' 11 f~'!~
7: •;c
- t=l
.111: a `,ll
• I tilA
'Afistk i ft — io " ."
~„ r 1•. i.; ' „,
, •
religionqcluggi.i9ri,'l ll 4.l l , l o4,raffeletir,
for' her,; that. he, had, a will
'prirriortini'te than , th at;
Made liyt 'her;-
giviag hitt' 'llll' ' ilio 'ilioportjil"What .
good is . Willduritig life I • His; conned
say. the will was. and that
it ' would show,a et s rongor motive, . dint;
if a forgery.; were not .permitted to
choir it ioas a 'forgeri; hoUt' 'We 'take' 'the'
urgument J. thej opposing
Qtnin .the, reeeipy, it :appeared that:the
'Piisoneri 14'441'44 1 900, ".so part of,
,0590) ) in considgation of a einitraat of,
young' 'maii,lajvilioni 'AO 'pia:along Of
'youth'. .strotig'v(;Want 641 old ;
man's, body, or that money ? Was his
oonsluet that of„, a lover,Y Did••
Smirks and smiles duriag the
. detailing .
of the evidende Of' the posrialortins ox,-
amination; indioati the'"affection .of' the
• Do not allow. justice to be defeated;
YOu have the intelligence, and discrim
ination to track the prisoner through his
Mr. Sbearer closed , his' remarks 'by
adverting to the' clicumetancei of the'
case, showing other striking points,
which in his opinion, indicated the
never presents a more soleinn duty
than the one you have now to peiform
It is the more imposing from the fact
Litzestaatnon. • . • • ;'an r.
leaves ire power to place the responsi
bility of a fatal mistake on others..
A yoing man, far from his nativ.
land, has come - to us full of 'health, ea
ger with the hopes of lotith, 'to meet.
for friends, country and home. Add:
from a trembling old hiller; he stand
alone. -By some mysterious Provi
deuce' he is thrown into your hands t.
say, Whether h'e shall live or die. Th:
scene is witnessed from Heaven, au.
an All-Powerful. and Righteoue Go.
watches your deliberations with a jeal
ous eye. Can, you present YouVerZia
at his throne and say, " this man has
sinned, therefore he shall die ?"' The
jurors ought to be clear and certain
beyond all doubt, who utter such
judgment as this. Life-rashly taken
besmears the hands with blood lndel
jbly and forever.
' After referring a to life as the gift of
God and that He alone has the right t. '
take it away, and that this right ha
been - delegated to, man in bat one sic- 1
gle instance, as a punishment for ,the
crime of murder—that at first; afte
the production.ot the wilrin Baltimore
clamors were raised, and a theory pu
fortb-aa.tot,be guilt of the accused,
and expressing the 'hope that thee:
clamors had abated, he referred to th:
clamor of the multitude foilhe bloo.
of Socrateii, quoting bis sublime fare
well "It is, now time that we part , 1
you to live;, Ito die but which ha:
the better &gin; is unknown al
except - God." ester-By ,has judge.
'him as innocent and' that hie tralge.
were murderers.
We have stilt a greater example..
Whilst I would. not compare bivinity
with hnnianity, or in any wise weigh
the srifferings of a God with that of a
sinful mortal, , yet nothing illustrates
the results of the clamors of- the mul
titude as the scene on Calvary, when a
pitying and. dying Savior looked'down
on His murderers and prayed, "FATH ER
forgive them for they know not what
they do." • That blood still clings after
1900 years, like an eternal curse, to
posterity. Pilate might well wish to
wash his' hands of it ; but, oh I no,
no. The " smell of blood" is there,
and " all the.perfumes of Arabia" could
not sweeten ahem.
It, your minds are now guarded, let
us prpcepd, referring to the rules of law
which are to govern us in our inves•
Mr. Miller here laid down the-rules which governed the case. Efe
said the charge naturally divides itself
into swo branches.
Ist. That Mise Stennecke died from
the effects of Prussic acid, morphia, or
Prutisic acid and morphia combined.
2nd. That the defendant. was the
guilty, agent in administerin,g whatever
poison was the Amuse of death..
The first - charge, rest entirely, on.'
the indicatio . ns of neture, and must be
determined •by eit examination; • Ist.
of the synititoms ; 2d. of the post mor
tent examination ; 3d. the chemical
analysis _of-the-stomach
The Cominonwealth have been ram
bling wildly 'over the whole field of
poisons; assisted by guesses of •physi
cians. to find a canoe Of "death, Na-•
ture's law are oortain,tut man's:knowl
edge is limited., As the laws of Natu ! e
aro harnionious,lill bran Chen of science
must•approachlO absolutely certaintY,
although that can • not. he attained 'be
cause. of the impert n eWons of. man
Let •us proeed to refute ,this ,oh4rge.
Ist. la there any y triideace that
sic was given„ ''.lshine what
ever that it wes'givt4i...•Coniintinwealth
say he honght•Prussietioid', but the in
ference Awe. thin is lessened • When. we
!liamenaber thnt . the,prispneyis Eiractis-,
„ •
ri 4 h orc i was no evidence-that P Su sic
acid-'was'-'found.' This breneli, of the
'arganient"led iii"a generii`• disnuasioiij
'of ' the?chemicariesM of P~tof.-'Aikpni
It :was iargued ',that they were
•eious ; rind that its 'errors ~Umre e•putteld
by Prof: Himis SndWorucley: They
, are 'equals' b£ Prof.' Aiken tpeeVaika`
upou the mune footing. es' be "does.l
Tboititeitimotiy has abowic, ,, thitt •there.
, 4 0, 1 411 1 }9iPPii.. the
'A ib 94 ° '°l , 4 / 9'. tr° .,Y,9A • it!P,i v 4 l 4l„
•• ..• ••1
!i• -23 w
gath,-Erussto act as not ountl,
because the'
'Presence. Again.) . lllitlitigth lofittOYO
; I!..lfiss Stenneolte.diiet-ofterthe
:ar~'was ? lent known to ihofh..batio hOf
rociva,:abao.ll:ll6ls.lprOoludOettcho ifies :of
death, ffonk r c UAllHO,aoi r j v i ,Again.!tllhe.
,'.li•ffer,ejlt: 44. 1 ;0 ißi..4lle,•pr.4gross.-.4:the.
efr9Pta.9.;PPIVAP t1ie431463,t40,
Affl iZitZgr.rOz i g l !!' 4994 ,
feratesses, of ; death from,PrAtlisio,,acid,,
thitt427ies,,nOt prOtmt, :r heeamso,
different* st r iges, absent, ,
' Sedendli; "Is. there,
;thtinifitichitt;"oi l eeisitini;:-Umsrgii:M„or
!foetid'? Neither”'aougliE
Ifor - it; , Eat 'did "riot' fin d " 4 2hri!Wytali:
toihil'of it<wdrd , ' :
'nffit#4'itnhfii4ll l eiphia
tiefinitia4 o " Itititizakfig
*o* viiislicOttnh 'e;ridencii*:
db 86, thliPtiointin li bBd=bo('
,administered, the next sub)&ittrdhlotig:
ohd was, What was the eanunielleitht
Tho ClommeinveaTtfilinfi a their
j:' . t" ,l t •;"!
let.iftelfslbOhieciP aia thi r ameAst
any meignattlo. natural manse of death!
~ tiT • ,
. 1 ',
f.c00: , .7 7 4,11'9
l]f: tr,
9 ' :1r 9..
r to
12682 l ' hwa ikatice krUsaie acid
I . ll ° stpma c • loth; it wae'argned,'
inorte4; thanntnat alone. °The peat
Were false',
was then taken
up; and it Waii , arg . that it ita ii too
vague -to allow I ' m° 1 man to base
an,ppinion upon it.
t might have
resulted t from ; urtniN, from , apo-
Pli34, and as Prussic aCi't ol „
ed 'to have -been '
absolul, ran a
.„, . • cer-
tainly . present, its extatenc.
r i ga at least
doubtful, 'and' if ' it' ' be the
inqUirris ended:-.Yon cati o y er
-tablish-a.restdt.from r s..partica tmum
Without; drat proving•the cameo
been present. , , A slight, harplesa it ,„ ,
as it result 'of the, atitilyaie, is
;tame indiCation 'of a gieuter quantitS at
the time of ileath.l. •If it was, or'
the representative of a; greater, but. an
'known .quantity, there is no proof, that'',
there was, a'fatal quantity present. , An
dncertain' quantity,'unsupported'' by
dynaptoni; . 'ditia never Prove,' that it was
a fatal quantity, •afortiori, - it cannot.
;prove it, when, death from Prussic,
'acid is,, ,the, symptoms,'
'because it is uncertain from what slip
died.' "This is ilidfaetteni probadurn:
The Casminwealth-saythere was •a
sufficient quantity, because she died ;
'They might as • mrell say there-wars , sufficient quantity, to cause death, and
time argue around the circle contin
ually:. ' •
, ;Finally; the symptoms and appear.
duce of the body at the time of death
.. •
contradic cd•leatk from Prussic 'acid.
Having failed to prove death from Prussia acid, have they certainly
proved death frem Morphia? - They
have this aleo . oti tivo propositions; the
absence of any assignable — Cause of
death ; the symptoms, they said, indl
cate it. But "indications" will not do,
and the inferences of the medical' Wit
nesses are drawn from contradictory
The question- "was there any evi
' donee of death from a combination. of
Morphia and Prussic acid 1" was then
argued. The, 'Commonwealth base
their theory upon other propositions
here, the absence of any other cause Pe
death. and the combined evi3-
the chemist who , mad- analysis
and the opinion- physicians based
upon the hypothetical case.
It was then argued that these opin
ions were had Apia - . contradictory
symptoms,-and that all II& symptoms,
as well as the scanner- of Miss Sten
necke's living indicated and invited
. As tb second charge, was the • pris
oner the guilty agent in administering
poison •to Miss . Btennecke P. This
charge he would leave to his colleague,
Judge Hepburn, to re
ferred to the prisoners conduct as Sri
' dence ---- Of innocence, remaining in the
community, •ivhere suspicions and
anathemas were ringing in his ears,
The remarks made by Mr. Miller
were 'closed by„. saying "that he had
done'hia duly - and laid before you the
points - of this case. -If will soon be
your province to 'take it .in your
hands. Let Mercy go with you lean
upon, your arm and, whisper inur ear.
There is a beautiful allegory that when
God - contemplated-the destruction of
rrian, He called around him his minis
ters, Faith, Justice and Mercy. Truth
' and Justice sternly demanded his des
truction; saying, "he will fill the earth
with blood,-and with - widows and or
phans." God arose in his wratti,"and
was about to deitroy,when Mercy said
"spare him for my sake, I will watch
dvier. him ; when prone to error ' I will
lead him back," God said, "Mercy,
thou art My darling.child, for thy sake
man shall live."
Take this case gentlemen ;midi give
it your calm and serious attention, so
that when you render your verdict you
can bear through your lives no re
proaches from a disapproving • con
Judge HEPBURN opened hie remarks
to .the Jury by saying: " I have no
appeals to, make to your prejudices or
your passions. Standing in the per
formance of my,Auty, it' will be best
performed bkidverting to the evidence
of the i enee, • yours by taking it into
Your careful/consideration. Let thent
be one :mot upon thia,earth where a man
'Can escape from' the dangers, which
prejudice throws around these who are
to sit. as judges of hie guilt or inno
cence in. the • trial of a case, the issue
of whichinust result in•restoring
to liberty, or . in the , forfeiture of ,bis
life. Tried by the rules of law, this
•defindent bae nothing to fear. Wig 'a
principle of laiv,.'that every man is into :
be ;presume& innocent rintil proven
guilty. In my whole. experienne, I
have never seen ft paso tried, as this
hue been.. We appear to be 'called
upon` to prove our innocence, end •the
• PommunWettlth Appeare• to 'be. relieved'
from:that rule ovhich requires it to es
tablish.our. guilt. We ask you to give,
this defendant the benefit of no doubt
+that ie net given to the 'heieblest` in'
the land Every single,'stokur in - the
Ccimmonwealthre arch has 'been- taken
frnm„it, and Prof Wonnley, removed
- the keystone. .Prof. limes stood he
fore"YoriiiianfullY, arid' although'llo'
IlutiV,tie.'en.'referted to ',as teaching boye,
I„Ms laughs sit older man, before his
ptttrued Ilaltimore, principlen,of the
science of chsmistry,w,ith which hp, was
befoO f itnackutiinted. - We do licit, liter,'
iel With - nehmen, biit t we do qUarrel With
those : Who prove themselves behind the
, thiaeu,lp 74040ra:0f stiienct. Professor.
4, 115 m;L: 1 1 a10Y 13 ,4/-Ir.,4°•qg•h P°ufar. 4 8 •
Vlpt, bpt it din not go fir enough. So,
Ito ogiketia
thin 13t4ditifitialwit
tuichratkeitentantrwortldrp`drmit any one
o,,ey Ono deat t h: 4id not vpult from
• '
TIC tura!, Prof.'Wornaley,qs
guitleman of,u%erld-wide reputation, a
to rider fdeldnid Of iewis'Ttnid
'titetidePbeforerynikadtho r ui , faitirejudiee
4ti ebie owle,,andleimplyan a(witneba to,
apagk t t 9 Y•9 1 .309f'
tginear in tho:chemical inalyids as coil
:8,00' "'
!f: II shall now. takl,e?hifiliter .111 Ce •tht:
'testimony, tommentingurmilvithont '
,ipertertiug,figt wee :don% ffyisb e tt goptlot
. n1O11((/141)8hooror) min! Ant.Addrofivi
TYPILA•mi t. do( , - : i t ,11.
WAQiitotlimmy,7Pf. IMP .utitlleldFu'l
greifferker,Alectlj,!.iilineheinni mut
f2lll6 , 4ltruq, Ate . sew=; q u ot e d:, j by,
_,lle,c9utteeli,46d,l l .l B 4rgtlMPAt, , NVOr
,40 %,fiymporoqi.tuiit detailed:, by :
Atintel Witi:teeeee..4l l / 09.04 nottelttekff3/Y ,
,tlAtroleutlf gageAclAYintoplaYA
a‘PAP)IIOO.4f, revl49iii x I YI4I I IB,,WAT4
elltib4iogtibq symptom( Pf AcAthfrq%
PrAtPie 4c h 9 IM4lo.o9P.tkfmtbPil , do4o:
fiem:lppopitxxit iwittinghlokllottg,
*au a'r'gued, that. those atimilhig,,t,he
Ototh' of Ipo Idtenneeka fully Gimes-
~(>:ii~ ,' ;! Ali ,;~1~~•~
pqadedi • The Opinions of tlieinddictil
tvinessei were them referred M o und in
the exiurse of the 'argument the ;testi
mony of Dr. Herman 'lves thus referred,
the . awful picture ern nlanof standing
m the community,' of lorig - experielice
in his profession, the family. physicith,'
of Many of-, nu; placing-himself in ,the
disgraceful position
,pf,. perverting the
truth for, the, purpese• of securing the
coltviftion ;of thaerendatiL his Corti:Mil'
•frien&'-' I A-tinoie-hlimilitititrirsPeetitelty
w±4: neVelutipr6sentedp • Dr. Herman;
awlrier,to swhat;vr,ae not. , true on., tho,
hearkv, of tke habeas, , corpus, ,he
swore.,,, before this . Court . feel for,
(him, afibiwy tigiel; that 'he' should'
have pla l, 2d hiniscdf before you in such
a Pesition;' 4 lie' has. ' , testimony is
incroithj Ayotte credit, and ire have:
tameathe Ob,rt instinct you to die=.
iviard it-in te l ease involving the life,
, t ,the differerAeinical testa for the
Aeteetion of, Pruq c meld ,beta then re
viewed; the line bf argument being
that the 'aealyais incomplete, be
came of the omissioro use the nitrate
of silver test. The tetimony of Profs.
- filmes and Wormley -- :e --- again - com:
pared with that of Prof. 'liken.; _
That'death could not %me resulted
from'.morphia, was the nett point in
tile argument. The sympt4s ae laid
down in the books were totally differ-1
out from those attending the death of
steEiret. •
After an elaborate review of the tea- 1
timony, in which'it was contended that
the moral evidences of guilt were of no
weight, that as arghed by the counsel
for the CommOnwealth, the making of
a will and the reputed` agree
ment wore of no importance in - this
case, "as showing a motive; " because
if followed to its logical conclusion,
every man having a rich wife, every
son of a wealthy fitther,,wouhl be in
terested in getting rid of them for the
.purpose of procuring their _money,"
the ansel closed his.reinarks, stating
.e Jury that there could be no con:
Motion for manslaughter, it must be for
murder in the first degree, or'acquit
tal,madlrom.all the testimony, giving
the prisoner the benefit of all doubts,
an acquittal must neeessarily,follow.
C. E. it Aat.Aucnn.ttg, TO Tin AMY
—More than 1800 years ago, He who
died for , a - sinful world, laid down his'
life on Calvary. Time has rolled
around, and now a world gather around
the altar, and their worship goes up to
the Divine Throne. Tb ose days *hen' ,
violence was
_rife; it - ave given pluee'to
better and happier ones. Under the
influence ofthe -gos'pel;•the'world has
gone on itstnareh of improvement, and
Christianization.. Laws' have t been,
enact' d fixing just penalties for the
-perpetration of crimes, yet when ‘n old
woman iermurdered' and the murderer
is brought before the bar of justice,
this enlightened, intelligent communi
ty is compared to the rabble that as
eembled,around the foot of the crass,
and: the murderer to Him who died
upon it I leaie it td you gentlemen
to say-whether this comparison is a
just one._ If there is donor in the
community it tells the counsel for the ,
prisoner, thaf there is a deep interest
in the punishment of the Offender.
You hear, day after day, theohum of
busy industry, as' men' seek' by honest
labor to earn a competence for them
selves and families. -To originate a
a false sympathy for a man who seeks
to acquire a fortune by foul means, is
to close the door to justice: The pois-•
.oner, if this mock sympathy is to pre
veil, will then be busy with his subtle
cup, and the crack of the pistol, and
the gleam of the knife will be heard
and seen on every hand. Judge Lyach
will then take the place of your Courts,
and every tree become 'a gallows.
But our Courts'are open . ' for a far
different purpose.• Here criminals are
awarded a fair trial, before an
jury of their countrymen. For
the earnest effort to perform my duty,'
as tho .Commonwealth'e . Attorney, I
knew I have been denounced and tra
ducgd. over the counters of beer shops,
butg hereby say to all, that I despise
and coutemn• these, attacks whether
they are echoed in beer shops, or' find
a mouthpiece in the counsel for the
prisoner, before the Court and Jury.
.The Commonwealth does-not seek the
punishment of the.prieonerbecause he
MLA foreigner. Our country invites to
liberty, hnt it iy liberty.,,regulated by
law To those laws this , defendant
mnst:coaform, 'or be visited with pun . -
.ishment for'their transgression. 'The
,fact ; that he is a no evidenCe
of hia . guilt,' yet it, is ;not, on the Other
hand as argued no
. evidence, of his,
innocence. • • .
',Alth'ougli . the Chourisel fdr the - de
fenstij have: consumed: four hours ••in
their :addresses; they. have said riothi ug,
but appealed to you: to, give thum,thp
benelt of the doubt-7;doubt-7-4,0 1 , 11 )t - 7
- and remarkable fact ' Is, that:noeone
of them has • lusidted upon :the
cence of tii;ritedised:' •
The two • 'questions that,ariae , ewe';,
Did Mies. Stenneeke dio from natural,
'dioeiiiie Oifrain:,,poieton 7 '. If. fiOni: lice
nou;:did } the-ptheinei adniinietei it ? , ; '•
, , ~. The •eViii;ipel (here' took I itr) the' , 'hy i
i po!hetical ,ediolei , ai?d in .=-Anewor tV, the.
.allogittione". of ,:,tho.,pyieenei!s,,conmph
that it did not 'oplbodi the facto •as
roved in thTigiil, - ieterred - tii - ttie tee-.
linviV ofliftt, Itaiiiiiiiildi4, M 14., Piiile."
,t#;, Mm.. -B`nhindle, Dellie .Tiirner and
IP , - Mktg wjtrittsi3el3,liand, coutparingi
t . ptit i 100p,1.,3i . , Thr:9o, i thitt the; ,cp‘inolti,
. nltt
. tp' : the ,mecocia. , sv i itneicans, )ins,
r i
-4rit 'fi.fealit'itilPiOltimiliii,, arid 'Nilaii 'i 4 -
nil iinp'ePtli,liiittiitligt &me toll* 'Otii
,t, f , In ilia cfflitreationi thqi4iiiiOne
0 449,:blfidiFf41Wittlit 3 .8§f4PF,1 , Dr.iKiP&q ,
.DriPp.l, prt,p.eninn, pr, Zeigler a
1 . .: ii
04% H, ennin 'that detitii pit
was not tiom.
idlitniat : . 'ditneeei'"' s eitiii''' "e' th inii•SiNed .
Allicim . 1 4icili • hid , -i7etolcinibn'to • , hlipAi
rt i lie,vtedtirdliny;:: off I:or.tiiilli . effer;hlei
.'4(147C 1, tk,,t110.,141e.0,01 3 t9Ak , p0,0,,ttg, gm,
' l n . ' a B , t ° 2l 3 'liPPPil i O,', 0 -1-r-n.l7l l A9'' ,
eleditiOn opunon, on i Aimklatried'
to the' jeiialiiit'WeeVidoneriAliiifillii
aiOhtotcWief•netlefinittett 9 to Poiliditei;
tivpilttbat , l ulitin : t villa Iht3y)wOttla g t be i
leV44l4)oo4 3 4;4ol9R9ntiotiTritjttimi
,ntlipt . ,,tpatimmy r I,lq#llrit i tl,Aptiq*
,t 4:: 't h e , fact Anti, iittliongl ' *l6'6.T/ere
A miiiheilegef. pViiielitill'ihteilkfinitt 'ti:A is'
Audi adjoining r:tionntierliiitlidq , filikillint,f
Alio** . 'land) ;•Iqf9 0 initi,ttierY .9.f,i , 41 . 1e0e •
• I'
' Ol, i t9,...0104 ,o4oAidcp9i,
[Mk'texestion, aw etuerMica en r
inimilig atellflotWiniaratiiiieOP"Oi i V , '
I •IhbriOlkylVei , ORlioded iiioihicliv.
NlV.liiidtv6Otiiiti to cwriteilat h,po din or
itiitlfweli.i flioi , tiritalti.- .
~ , x tnoliktlf4h
igietidal cage whet ilfri ? AWlbmittelo7.4o;
lie has travelled all over tha,. country
~ - 47'; i
,i .,-i P,:i'i ,
. . •
ItO \-"T. • 111:N\'.'
r '
. rk .
. - . . i •-.
' . at,
u 1!: bix'i
I;;;olftrool ""'I u7' ,
I u;4 iL
i 4 L; • 1 , f• ! ! r i r t
It fi! ' , ..; 1 ) ;I! lio •
• ',
.4[l 4
A% .;
1,1 .
( 1 1 ; . , 1 'I
t 'I 1
.::,.4,\ . ,...u, -,• 4 HI ~. ,!''" '-'
, 1 1111/
:?-fh j05 , A.9
0. , i- :- rcii ,,, . -..,!,
'consulting chemists, and 'yet he could
lust find time' to write this form of a
question I" ,
the theory of the ;defence' that
death rerulted' frail p'oplexy L was'
tGpn -
dieensesid, araihe
used was that the symptonuf,' we're•to- -
ally different . froth those 'ad described '
rn medical works: 'The' , theory AS' to;
death 'from urtemia, " moo, 'then:
.attacked, and the testinieriy of'"Dr,'
cowdrey, a witness' 'for the'defence
Was skilfully and' forcibly used,. as Al
tuts the argunient' advahced% by the.
,counsel for the defence. "The'speak;
ef said that "Dr. Zitzer, who.' is styled
an old physician, *as notisked'wheth:
er death resulted from urahnia, but they
'ask Dr. Citirdrey who Says thtit ie
,an infallible rule that:itt ideath'froin
urtumia the blood is pale and • etietnic,
where'& in'the case of Mies Simi:Lecke
it was 'clerk and fluid."
ask, Dr: Zitzer this•question, , bieeittii4
they knew- - his' tinsWer ' Would' -helve'
gone crashing . likd 'a' .tlrtitiderbolt;•
througly . the 'stiperstruettlid of doubt
which they were 'attempting - to bitild:'
So• far they have . not 'dated . to Attempt
a refutation' 'of our' theory''As-tti the
cause of dea t h."
The • attack upon Prof Aiken wat;
next met by the argument that if Prof:
Aiken'received i1280,' for his IServiees;
it was a P:rofessional" fee,"Which he
would; have received whether poison
A ;
..una ,r not Whilst Ir`
ormley the Ajaiior the defeileT, Fe 7
°rant witness, received $2OO for his
Mary attendance as a Witness, and
although he claims to be a phisi-' ,
the question 'as to the cause of
I was not asked him. 1
argument was then' confined to
, earance, and 'softening of -the,
hich the counsel for the defence
tight have caused death, but
Mug, in a 'pail, as Dr. Con-.
,ed, was bit Mortem. The
of Dr: Zitzer; who when
Ire had been' general soft
_ ._
this sell
rad de
asked if'
not have minsedltnnie
dfiitedea' remaiked"that had it been
ante niOrt , . u She Would not ,have
walked far,. lly confirms Dr. c,onrad:
._, The rem of Prof. Aikens Lanalksi
mid his tee.onk; viers" neir com
mented upod he argument:being that
the Prof. de kted the Prussic acid,
frointlModrtr, tli,l the use of the iron Mid
sulphur telitAA high tribute was
here paid to rof. filmes f6r his
straight forwar nnee in delivering
his testimony, are a. criticism gasped
upon Prof; Wortiv "with his basket
full of licirikS,"Wp did_ not dispute
that. Prussic iicidlrs there, 'but :said
that the'use 'of Su uric' acid' or' 'the
Presence 'of chemie uhslances hi the
stomach,' from a osit of 'saliii,
might' have produc it. 'As to 'the
presence of Morptil id the possi
bility of its- deteeti whilst Prof.
Wormlk cited a case vi-r 6 it had been
detected thirteen montt after death,-
he said that in a vastrity of caged
from three to four,daYS re sufficient
to dissipate all traces o t, and cited
a' case where it bid whol lisappeared
in four hours after death • -
. .
In reply to the rilliision the testi.
mony of Dr. Herman the c nsel said,
"An attack' has been inad pod Dr.
Herman, by one ofzentlem
dressed- you, but Dr. Herin stands
too high in. this community a n hon
cat; truthful man, as ii skit , ex
perienced physician, to he inj d by
an-assault from those by wh side
he will stand in no unfavorable ht."
A general argument sustaini the
position of the 'Commonwealth to
death from a compound poisonin vas
now entered into, in which theco ;
hable manner of its administration 8
carefully prepared n
sketched, the
for the perpetration of. the crime s '
vSyil, and ' the argtiinent 'used th '
from the knowledge the prisOner po
sessed of the effects of poison, h.
would'administer nothing which won'.
be instantaneous,
ari . 'd lead' tb inimedii
ate. suspicion,, but that froin 'the
counteraction of poisons by which all
the symptoms of death from any one
would be changed, death_ had been
caused. •
The argument thou turned upon the
moral evidences of guilt=closely 'con
necting all the facts of the case, the
attention of the prisoner tolls 'Patient;
his want of m6ney,'his allusion to the
interest other than 'professional which
he - pretended to have' 2 , for -her,his
mockery of 'making professions of a
christiati hope for her recovery;“the
production of the will wheiehy'.s4s,')
000 in value of property was bequeath
ed to the, prisoner, tbe,pinjoblise of the
,poisoii at 'Dr,' Worthington's in 'Car-.
lisle; ilUdl)r. Herron's atliarriehurg;'
his prosenee herroom differeiit hOuts
Of the day' and 'eVening pidceding hbr
''disath - ; . 'the receiptflit' $l,OOO, in ,which
a contriet marritige•ivas mentioned;'
The . driee is lib.? in . yourdoes not
tion if you entertain' a reaSiiiiabl4
doubt ns
,to the•gUilt 6f 'the ''prilieliers
clue`• , of 'the' 'collude] ' for the' 'diiihnhe,
criekout tb you !nothlbgt but! .doubt;''doutit; deribt "Ithi,',Otfi t er &Updated to'
iyon'foi ruhrey t s an" rilleigOfy.ln',
and lefty'' WeriiVp'O'n"te '34)64';
to the destruction 'of lllari.:ToiflitiVe
nothidg to a6' rifiestioii"'6l l
mercy; arid '1 'tiorild 'retninol 'Me 'cowl. ,
selfor the'ddfordo Of that i copPlet'whicli,
/I ;, 0,1 •
12 , f ?t:WhotOVorGY./: tp
;.: Th l o, 4L9F 0 ,9 4 14 0 vri tft P?P-I .‘ ;
If the prisoner is wroilte'd upbn this
has his remedy in - :the Suprom6 I
with thkollardohiug !power Uquid- high!
Whinier 'AIP theilGrear Tribunbefore
which 'you' will 'gave' n'o thin 4.. tc, &Ili it
;frord'allithe cir'ciitifitarkes of-thiVelidd,
you:ifind-the liurisoner ghilty: 4 : The •
punishment is death, biit Withiligyoh
'hdreltiothirlg • tor: rlo 'thdl prisone4 4
pass in td , the bands ;43f: tli e tlottroilan ;
:be dcialf with uti thd• larra,;commandil.
,Liia3l4l3tilip.iitiailleir,;OUt.of Your view,;
and give this• case your serious -cow;
dodo' drit 4 , eftuth'
) 4 ifro:doetli'lill Whigs 14011. T'
',tangs Or too covirr Nos Tics )11111 n;
unitePa ? tie r ° ,lt l Prlliggi?egitiit'
✓ Aitiiiivit , caiiiik4;
. t.', l :eggefitmorp= f 4mr,!'lll74
AtediSfAnbliet . will tatilt!';%lslllll4M
r:VICIVS1,117V1 1 1. V i hoZl
t o?, &M i r t TIFp cb
A0r5340,142118 ot.Putdouurtioritiburgraor
uq common awM,, wharq 4 p0t404 t or muu t t
Mama , y•ttizullirdistlrotrolVntaittormuy
.111;ty -roll4onab/0 creature to being, and
r 4 N NO f 24 the 'limbo of CtherOmmenWetilti 'With
. malictraforthotight; either• Ottiresa - orrlM ,
'plied." In'Pefiresylvanie murder ht comitis.
' l9 O ldof two grades or kinds,-Murder of the
first and murder of the second degree• ' The
Act of '1791, ee-enacted'. in 18110;
".MMG all murder which shall be perpetrated
' bY "Ineetur:of, poison,' or' lying in' watt', ' of
-I,TI-ritay-otherirttid - of"Wilter," - Zeliberate•
and premeditated.killing; or. whieli shell be
eonimitted ih - then 'peimetratten; beaten:4st
to' PerPettnte'onYnnion," rape, robbery or,
burglarY;•;shall , bedeemedl murdof of the
,',Met degree,and"all other kinds' of Murder
shall , be deemed .murder, of the second de
gree; and the jury' beforewhourany person
indicted' for nicirder,shali he •tribd, Shall, If
they find such Mullen guilty' thereef, ascer
tain in their, verdict whether'it be - murder
Of the drat or Second degree." ' •
,Manslatighter is the • unlawfhl ;killing, of i
'another, without malice,Leither...expressor-.'
implied. .'Frem the language 'of the Act'of
'Afisembly,Willoh Wetter° read, you will see I
,that mardet perpetrated ,by••• nelson Is .mur ,
der, ciUthe nest degree,miless It'is given
through•acoident,er mistake; and then it
Weald not borreriniltial °donee. But where
poison:4Bl willully' administered with the'
intention ,to in,ll,'lt' is 'murder of the lifte } ,,
degree,"it • la nseetisataly - wilful; dellbarsta ,
;and' premedita ,for the victim's seleeted„
the ,mein' proo ed,'the Mae and.. plecel
to perpetrate the t 'appointed.. ' To'cortati,-.,'
'tate - murder In - th rst degree' th ‘ ri'Mutit',
he an iritcietiOn' to ill; to' cohistit tetnin ,
der In the second kree the' into Oat - it.'
'lcill' meat be wantin and' this 'le'lhe die
tingnishing feature b noen'the two grades'
Of murder: 'bleeder o he, effeolid* degree is,
Whore there Is mil/4W tion to, kill, but4he .
,deatit of another la tri d • itt ,tlie commis
'side of an mita, 'act. Bee' Isiniptied.„
from the' -ittria l q 1 'net 0, of the'. ,or,
from tlitruseof a Wegener . weapon' tiSed In
the beat of blood isithohth elentproVoca
lion to reduce NM' grade '. ,crime from'
niurder,tO Manslaughter, where there is no
intention to kill., Han lutentl i vii. to kill, ex , '
feted at the time, the'erkee"ca ot be, ninr
'ilerattitl-seermirdegrec-,-,'lt tv bireitlier
murder of the first degree or ma i nerghter.
If Yon find death was caused by t prisoner
by wilfally.guinainkitering , poise to • the
deceased, with 'the intention te. bill, this
Would ,be murderer the first degree. ' if
poisonous niedieleeswiirelgivewto lire de._
ceased by„the
_prisoner. but not withtnten
tien of causing her death, then' the prisoner
may be guilty of manslaughter, or ne , 'way '
'not,Deloll,lby of any crime. as.wo will ex alas
oo you In a sfiblitqlierrretnt - Ortfterefirit .
The , Cominoewealth ' allege that ie
death of Miss Stinneeke, was . caused v
dangerous and pidsonous' drugs, by pruss
.acid or_by_triorphle,._or the_two combined \
'administered toiler by the prisoner, with
, intent to destroy , her life. ' '
From the evidence it appears that Miss
Stinnecke 'was' an elderly - lady, probably
about-sixty-five yeers °rage, who resided in
the city of Baltimore. She was possessed of
a considerable- estate, amounting to 8401)90.
',ln the,summer of 1868; she visited Carlisle,
'and was at Mrs. Woods, a distant relative.
The office, of Dr. Sehooppe waswithin a few
(bore of Mrs. 'Woods' residence, - and ..the
.dootor and Idles Stinnecke became 'acquaint
e,d• daring , that time.• From the, ace nairit
' arida' formed at that time, Dr. Seiroeppo
'addressed a latter to her after her return to
1 Baltimore, which is dated 7th of November,
1868, elating that he could make, an ad van
tegeems : purchase of Dr. Herman's , • real
estate and good will, if ho could procure
82,000, and 'other adVantages he considered
Ire. Would derive, from the purchme.. Slim
Sthineeke returned' again to Carlisle. in
November,: and Aout up at Mr. 'Hannon's
Hotel. She left Mr. Hannon's and went to
th'e Herndon House,dreptby Mr. - Burknottler
on: the 19th' of January, 1859. Oil the
morning of the 27th January, (Wednesday,)
she was athrealreist, and on the street that
morning, at Bank after 0' o'clock signed a
.beck and received the money. r. Smith,,
'the teller in-the Bank,-saysche appeared-4n,
her usual state of health.. .0n that, day sire
was not at 'dinner. Mrs. .Packer, a boarder
' at the 'house, states that she missed Miss,
Stinnecke at the dinner, and went to her
room at 2 o'clock. She Ibund her complete
, ly prostrated, and seemed very languid and
.very drowsy. Witness was not In her room
again until Thursday morning, a little 'after
, 6 o'clock. Witness dam then foetid
been:'SfirlAseke lying insensible, breathing.
rather heavily:. Thought her eyes every Intl e.
bit open, in the morning . when she first'
saw her.' Whiles's saw her again at 12 o'
clock, her eyes were closed,and there seem
ed to be a perspiration on her face. She
back to Miss Stbniecke's`rcioin 'before
-0 o'clock In the, evening and remained to
. her death. Witness nether stated that de
ceased was lying on her left aide, in air easy
position. 'Her forehead. -and • .harids - some
'what clammy, rather.cold. was under the'
irnpres ion . that they felt natural and con
sidered her under the Influence of morphia,
and when that wont ofe she would. be well.
No - unusual odor in the room, - no - odor of _
peach leaves pr bitter almonds:. No froth
- ab.,ait her mouth.. Her' breathing did not
amount to a snore but made quite a. noise.
-No distortion - of features; nothing like con
vulsions. Her breathing not regular, ap
parently- stops for a while, no rigidity of
- the muscles. - hirs - Parker' states that she
saw Dr. Schoeppe the day of Sliss .Stin
-necke'S death; and-asked him why bete:re
'her the:vomit tire day. before and he said
he only gave her two grains of tartar emetic
'and cm:Cot °picric. Witness said bliss Stirs.
neeke had told her that the doctor gave
her sothething to make her sleep. That the
doctor shook his head very much' and said,
not no 1 I did not give her anything to
'make her sleep. ,
Dolly Tumor, a colored girl, and one of
the ehambermaids attire hotel, who attend,
ed te Miss Stlnneoke's room, Pays, that Dr
Sehoeppe came to see .Mitis Stinnecke
pretty often: That he was there the morn
ing she took sink between 10 and 11 o'clock.
He went into bliss Stinneeke's room, Mid
called to witness to bring hind a spoon. The
doctor met her, at the door' and took the
'epoon. After the doctor lett, witness was
called by Miss Stinnecke 'to empty her
bucket. Miss -Stinneeke said he had givers
'her something te:throw the heaviness off
her cheat. , That ehe vomited after:the doc
tor left, , In the afternoon at 5 o'clock, the
doctor told witness Miss^stinnecke wanted
a chambermaid. ' Witness went - to her room_
door, Miss Stinnecke was lying on bed, did
not seem verylll.. She went to her room -
again between. 7 and 8 o'clock,, and found
her seemli'g to, be very sick and sleepy.
witness helped er out of bed and to undress
her, and:When witness would not speak to
her• would doze off Sitting on the chair,
Witness next eawher at 8 o'clock next morn
ng when she did not speak er move. Wit
. ess on cross-examination says she did not
Motice.auy unusual odor in the room, nor
My frothing about the mouth. .
Mrs Spindle , wino boarded at same house,
tes that she saw Miss Stinnecke at break
' ton the morning of the 27111; did not see
,lit; again until morning of 'pith; when she
B her in her own room between 7 and 8
olook; In 'an unconscious state breathing
9 heavily, her pulse strong ,• a little
IP Her hands and. forehead appeared
In hand in a natural- condition. _Before
he aatti, witness states her breathing was
'lon 'nd hen ; not rapid add gasping, ire
quo intervals of Ai moment or so, hiller
brea ing, showed no convulsions, ne dis
torti s of be features. Her tongue and
mow . a little twisted to the lest side on
-'-wiliel diewas_laying.___No_cantreetton or.
rigid', of hands or. feet; no unlisted odor;
' nothi like bitter almondsor peachleaves;,-
no 'ir. • about the mouth, a little saliva
escold .. from- it; . eyes closed; no. spasmod
ic coot .lion about the mouth. Mr. , Loch-
Man ea her oh the morning of the" 24th,
about 7 lock; ho remembers bor. as lying
en side, insensible; breathing slow
-mett latm - •,1; temperatureof her body natu
ral-, skin elst; her hands warm and -feet
'coin ; inn' es seemed very Much 'relaxed;
Mouth - p y, . open;' eyes , closed; :pulse
natural, a ltie excited. Dr, Seheoppe Was
sent forbet :en 8 and 9 o'clock ; Came lip 68
'Mr. liliegm , tea yoririnneh exalted.; leant
'tip to the he. iliehe some .examiurition and
,therrealittio 'net go for his stethescope; 'he
reterned in very:shorttime. Upon. fur
ther examine. ; if; sixiddie`ivould hot take It
upon hie., con hence 1.0 bleed, and: said , he,
would:l4lre ,to ••tre pr. Berman.. Dr, Bor.
ma 'wed' 'Hen' for.' arid get , to' bliss San:
necke's,i'iaohis. 0 .ut it o'clpalt, met doctor
Selioeprie . their. I.m.',llerintin States that Dr.
Schoemar.told: o At. wateit"ease of beini
ortall palsy: r.l. Herniates , Oates the
pat oat Saila' lYin t inclined te her; left 'Biqa;
ho get ( 1 14 to herb: No, font ; both a, Ins•arip
lonian no' nulsat 'l. In either', - lie then
n ,
dea r her ~.eYe" I ..' apart ';:: Toting 'both •
le kiet u e l lnirt- a l lo t e nod eit t l b °l tl t t i o l w e ll i t b s i li s e -
, Wei pastbleeding,' • t taking remedies' . Ire'
- dignot look imenit - howl plegla; was pitz
clod lo 'Ran* What, v oe' Wrong. had never
,seeh . Ilene plegia .in tat etinditlert 'befere;•
when lie opened the .. e It put him iii' rehul
,of ii IMWltthativeris .• (Reined • with' a chat;
pound poleon,,,and.c ,
.arked, that she, was
ratherroVerdosed with o idleinebfeamokind.
The drugs gtvelt todll • hawk wore optima
'pills or laudanum mix°. with, refiderumbs,
prosaic . 'Mid' Mid .corro. e eitbllttnite;' ' her
symptoms indicated, m .. nateral , 'disease
Itratte never' dew it cam of sick ass like it
heforeivoind nobteii. the use op hor death;
It:was. ,a singular forth o sickness, that ho
'Oduldnetnecouilt for at' i '1.•• Mrs. Stibnite
In herteittiuMnY.also State that Iltr:Sehoep‘-
I \t
'pili told her on the 28th, NI av bilse,Btin*
'neck died; betstetene 'arid-1 'doer; that . he
had given her. a,,yonn t the ; y, before, an O.•
when Ire rettined about 12 o' rock ho !Mind
,laerveryanuelopreeitlated,. -That eta wag 'ltt
ill theslClTal Bites ri°,l44l4rrorar-IF
' ' lViii ' ltti l i t e a llot ° A b e ° O v etp s l o t' el tlf: I m i ' s o p ri . 64
That she asked him for something Aci . 'ont
gra I t i ° oTtis P 4 9 0 :1 1eit i lr.g fn ats ° 11eTaftsVa l igi '
Inae: something , hireself,.and he' shOblt 'lna
.1 1 0%gv i, fft I-4 41,r IN4 , t':;' do, so, 'PMMIgt
Parl'. , iihrkhelder,.' theo l prontibtOr ,I fititCiel
4:3VPO s ts,lrli‘kitligleg l ita. t ,pus s,4".:xiT
land,looPolocki.thetrarromwasoponabevo .
'i'llr A l a r d t lg t l i c Sil l esert f i k atc7tig2 l ; ti t ti TA I
Jr prwwir,ao,l,44,theuro44.• , i . 1.; h.., r iirj,
Ia oppneeitlon.wAh.thili mddence yfou ivill,
called! ihy the hti3foralaitt: titte• was 'atp the )
;hotel at the time,She etetes that elle was)
'balled* thiYelititribernatitil le the Manning',
and wanithat,o, Anna; 01,14ppiiiceNsciprn s w at'
Oven b'elcielt, a t - tolled her .In, an unnr
,NlinlseladePlYinglWith liernihuthiopereene ,
V' ''M' toFr.)4k"figipait
t kr,. nose eya . t , .. o 0
blVikat.'"rY t hin' tE h Y
a f t Ing6 X ll ,
'§t i t b ittliliVrhadiiittanam P rghat i
itgr l ifift S AY TATZPal'al,r. MP! a
. 4 . 0 otiou n .btivoiale instepoiouert,hand ,
14geaftiftgiatrolgt i gia. taiga=
Ina ,preepenteNpiretiFßolaVrft relde,
tßiic lt , .'4.W 11 W ns e q . lll24reirdi ht alT , '
not iii•
I mnfratibti.- ty . , ,li v !,
~,„14,,,i'lrffl L
'ive'd' f2 r fa! till .741 1
: ,, T liviiii,tortunamnot. .'
Ala et lett
any )other' part, of We loft old° except the
I , 4 , ! 1 , • ~ 1 1%
. Ace:, Thelattaido.of her , feetrwas 00144 .e.nt,,
the right side of. ftteeMhetvalMLN,Yda\
will Ohio , eontdder statem ent:.i of: - RAM,
Parker, Mna.:Bliindle ' ;21:fre,:;Lebkman' and
Idisegornfort.:Lhirs. - Parker states.-that both,
, her - le t inds , were rrearnr -, and 4 her:Jaen • fe
-natur 'w ith' some'herspiration
Birth e , saya,she felt: her cheek, and:fore.
-head, and- 'her left hand severai, , lirnea •-;
, through: the day', and; -it :was Warn e,-
--LeehMarl , seye%that at, 7 o'clock; -in the ,
Morning.hefelthoth horhandg and =lag, • ,
arid - . they' . - seemed: to:4111m, ot::a :uniform , •
,warmtin Miss Comfort, :who laid her. out,::
laid She found , afterdeath; hot entire:
. warm: and moist; and. her Olt:thing coven&
With , porspiration,:, '-, • •• ,
. Drew, a coloreannan, and matter at.
mr: , Frannon'e:hotel;- where Miss Stinnecke. - - •-• •:
boardedi bolero she went to Mr, - -.Burk; .
holder's, n witness called, by defendant,.
:states' that -he waited on her at table at , the. , • ,- •
.11dtb she, boarded at Itir;;Llannons; .:That
sheeemplained a good deal of, gtdd Ines:pin
her head, That • she wail! a "hearty: eater, .
and - would , take little 'things' from table to
~ i = . l _
I ..1.11
oat between meals.. .That.'he met heron the
street , the day before her. death, between ii)
and+.llVeloelc... Aslced.ber • how• she was,
thatshesaldsho feltdull and.bad Hatt been
eating .beefsteak the evening before, and,
was trying to walk It Off.. . •: •
We have stated the principal facts'dnd cir- . • .•
•ourristance-In evidenee•in-refenince , .to-her.-.:•
health and condition .the , dayl.beforo . her -
death; and her appearance and symptoms.,
the day of her •death fro& 0, o'clock lu the,:. , •
morning. when .she was,fotind,rinconstous.. •
and unable to move and! remained in that
situatbin until her death, et, 0 Welt:telt In the .
evening/ No -orte-sit appears saw lier.from -
between 8 and 9 o'clock , Of the evening :pre
ceding her death, to 6 1 . c.. in , of the. day she
died. The accounts of those who , saw, her
Lag on the evening of the. 37th are contra
dictory, and. to our mind , notmiutily,recon
day afternoop she fotled.her very drowsy.'
Unit witness and Mts. Shindle,.olicred-Ao .
• remain with her, but she refused .to permit;.',
them. The chambermaid states hetWeen
Mad 8 o'clock the- evening, wbon.she . ‘;
went to her room and ass Ist ed to undress and
put her to bed, she found lierseerning; to Isr •
very sick and 'sleepy, and when the witness
WouTiPticalt.. to her., she _would done oil'
sitting on the chair • and •witness. would
'call her• to arouse. her. Mr; Burkholder •
'Mates that between 9 and 10. o'clock of: that -,
'night he went .to her :room, thinking . she
might, stand 'ln need .of something. That,
the ventilator above the door was open, and..
Ito rapped at her door two or three dines,
and called,to her two or three Limos and got
no answer. 'But Mrs, Shlndle .saya i that Dr.
SchOoppe told her he.
roomthe same night between Bund
41 o'clock, and at that Vide, shoves
Ital . sensor, - MM spoke about the !eclipse of•
the moon. •
o body of deceased wan Minna tOßalti- •r
-mcire!on' Friday after her' death, accninpa- •
vied by Mt Itheem, a distant relative, - and
the defendant, who attended the funeral on
*kturdity,ll - 31m....body_was'disinteYred and ft-'.!
post mortem examination nnide on the leflt '
of February, 13, days after her death. This
examination was made by Conrail," • .
;resident physician of the Baltimore Dint ,
unary, assisted by Dr. N.' 13.'11.1dgley. ' Wa
deem, it unnecessary th - detttirthe minutia of
the poet mertem, It has peen minutely de
tailed by, Dr. Conrad, and qtabertitely coin
malted on by counsel TitO brain, lungs,
heart, liver, abdomen, chest, stomach,
spleen and bowels were' examined- and
Minh M. rt'"" — nattrral St. neeirin,;;
indicating ' death from disern,e. Dr.
Conrad says he did list ex:it intim tho '
kidneys because he did-not consider It nee... •
essary. Dr. Ftidgley,who concurs with Dr. Co
nrad, that he found no cause from illsease, no
evidence of disease of the braid, did not ex-
zinc the spinal. marrow, some (arts of
Vain were softened. d .
\WIS {rill here state that the theory of the
Ctlnmonwealth's counsel ms We understand
11 " A; that death was caused by a compound
uoiNen of prussic acid and morphia, the
syciim being first roll - Lc - ea by administer
ing tialar emetic. , ' ' '
T 9 'discover If - inifighl 671,11O — cliii - We — Of
deatb,ll \ m stomach and idiCtioini.ol' Into In-
destine w era handed over to Prof. Aiken,
who ha been Professor of Cherub, ry and
Pliarmalu the University of Maryland for •
32 Years. to Professor detailed hischeinical
analysis utuutelY. flu cut the stomach and •
intestines II small pieces, mingled theta lb- ' '
getter and fielded the mass into two parts,
..110 he used b ascertain whether there was
any Prassielibd. Medicare a proper quantity
of water end firiiitirmiantity of but ph tole
acid and prodeyd In tile in:inner desert bed
-by - him to Ob sib by- disti few - --
euncesof I lrinld. Nitst ales that there aro two
modes of „inquiry ; Lo examine for rho ,
liquid, and to exattii e for die vapor prussic
acid, either of which le would consider ro
liable; one is called tie iron test .mid die
',cher the sulphur test. He pursued both
these int-Cs bf - rtrhflirY widen result:cr.(' lit
procuring a faint trace 0' p1 . 11!551P - Miltl, sat is
bed him thatitm tad, neveu•cii present in the
e d m e r 4 f
DickinsonP rtifesscr;
distillate or liquid prodne.d by distillation.
In connection toe evieedee df p r ere s nor
lili li n e e n s e o o t f l e s t, ‘ ,; • 1 . 1 1
r c ,
r C B ll l
College, and Professor Wo niey; Professor
Of Chemistry fn Capital Unnwsity. rol me
•OhM. IProin the-
Pbs•tie•s the. three
ProfessOrs - extunitied - occiipy; itmay he pre- - •
awned they-are all' gentlemen if ,•r d i nen ee
in their - profession. Tito two ster, after
hearing the evidence Cl Professormk,,,, do
,not concur with hint in the (minim ho has -
expre.ssedirom the chemical tinal3lsunothy
by Min.. There is :MOON' tea mentnned
Professor Aiken, celled the nitrate is silver
test. This he did not, apply because 1., ,
sidhred the reheats of the iron and siiphur
teists entirely satisfeetory. Innis Prof isors -
Mums and Worthly do not concur. 'I. ••
rive at that state of certainty requiem - 1 Inca- •
set of this kind, they consider the nitrenof
sliventest ought to he implied, In addltim
- they state that sulphuric acid being used dt
the substances, before distillation, Wont,
prevent any reliable result being obtninett •
from the Liquid procured by distillitt lon.—
That there may be substances in • the stein
rich hartnless in themselves, which will pro
duce prussic acid_ when sulphuric acid is
used in the chemical tests, aS it was-by Prof.
Aiken in this 'case. If you entertain from
this conflict of - evidence, a reasonable doubt
whether traces of prussic acid' wee 701111 d.
by Prof. Aiken in his chemical analysis,
then you ought not to consider his evidence,
in determining the guilt or innocence
of the- prisoner,. for it is -Incumbent on
the - commonwealth to establish the guilt
of defendant by a connected chain of facts
and circumstances, each of which shell ho
sustained by evidence which 'Retisnes the
jurors beyend q reasonable doubt. So 'in, -
reference to thomost-mortem ex am inntions.
ff, from the evidence of Dr. Zitzer, Dr. Con
dry, Dr. Robinson, or .other medical wit
• uesses, you consider that the post-niortein
examination as conducted and detailed tu
evidence by Dr. Conrad and Dr.
Ridgley was incomplete and uncerteln,
and did not Justify the opinion expressed by
the doctors who conducted it, that there
was no natural causes of death discoverable,
then you ought not to consider this evi
dence, if yen consider it doubtful and ri
reliable. in passing upon tile question lof-•
. guilt or innocence. '
The defendant is not reirired to show the '
cause of death, or that t occurred from
natural - causes, He 'Snot required to prove
his innocence. This the law presumes until
guilt isproved by the evidence of the Com
monwealth ; nor Is the Conimonweelth re•••
quired to proVe•what kind of poison caused
death, whether prussic acid, morphia, the
two combined, or other .polsons; ,but the
evidence must satisfy you that death was
caused by poisons or. poisonous drugs of
some kind, administered. by the defendant.
The defendants counsel contend that front
,the evidence of the mod teal witnesses ex
amined, death may `have occurred front
apoplexy or from diseesq of ilici,ltidneys
that the spinal marrow and the Irldneys
wore not eXamlned, end therefore there 10
no satisfactory evidence that :death might
not. have been caused either by apoplexy or
uremia,—that Is disease of the kidneys. . ,
We consider It unnecessary to refer Mere
particularly than we have done to, the - evf-
'done(); tceellow on the one haud that death
was cansed'by poison, and . a t Llte other, to
show tho insulliciencY of the evidence 'on '
the part of the prosecution to prove that
death resulted from nelson. The result , e..f.
- 11Mblieralettrimulysts - by - Profr - Ailteivfalltrig' 2--
to . detect the presence of morphia did to
chow 'conclusively the presence of prifssic
acid. as stated by Profs. Mines and Worinley
Is relied upon to show that there is no . evi
demo of poison tieing deteeted In the Way; '
•of the deceased, and in the absence iii Mich
evidence - that defendant. might not • him bo
convicted. Ott the contrary, the prosecution,
contend that even if there was it
detect, the prestice of prussic field or titer- .
phia the stomach of deceased 'upon the •
chemicaL analysis, this does not establish
the fact that death was noteaused liar prussic
acid Or morphia; on aciMent •of the tImO
,that •ln terVened between death and the
stiheinical analysis., Miss kitinnocke tiled Ou
, the 23th of.Tanunry, Tee hotly Ives disinter-
'red en the 111th of FebruarY,.l3 days after
-death. The evidence cif the Medical wit-;,"
nesses and the meelichl writers referred to -
by ctilmsel; appear to eatablislt,thenict, that
from the unsubstantial mut , volatile tannin
hboth prussic ; acid And Morphia. cases,',;
ave oceurred where no trace of either could. --
Po fouul iu the stonmeh -or MteStines,
' Where to hetnical examination Was trade ina
sub' .
r period of time After death, than •
occurred in this case.' The. defence further
Contend that the symptoms le_ this case did ;
'meat all Indicate that death was caused by
,prosaic -field; and that' the Dino. t _
veiled boforerleath, precludeS thoOssibility,
of death front that cause.. mho ,'symptoms
'described .by -the witnesses Who were •
present during the day Of lier death, do not,:
correspond with those Aided by, the merit=
'cal witnesses, tis those which Precede death
fromprussie acid. ,• Miss StinneelM, the wit- '
nesses - describe, as lying in tin uniailiseßats,'
insehsible state from, it O'Clocit_nitihe
Ink , . When 'the chitlathertnaltr entered:3ler
roan `until 0 'o'clock lutheaVening,'when
She 'died. , N 6 aliasxus; • cloliv 0,101.14; no,,
coirtraCtion of the muscles, all' Of w111611,',
physiciang state flPt3 the syntpluniS prodbeed
join . tho effecte,or Prtissie , ea id, ~Autt.that:
eilhetsino violent Mid ininiediate,tuul.
gelley:caeath th 1 - 1:014; WOO:
minalee: • Beut 'the Connuonwealtii. '
'that; death' oceured' 'net front, pres t o
.atone,.init''frent"the .001111)100d' 01/140lS ,
prtisald'acitland morphia.' .We haVe - tiOnVi-,
dence• of the., Symptoms,that
frointhe Cilbetsot HIM!' coltilintedpOlSenS.,
Thehtielts,Prof. Wormley HaYS,aresticht 0n...
kAhleet: 'BM the. darne .PrOfeSser etatee..'
in his world upon poisons, that DM action OV,,
One poison may Ito modified, hy,tho presence - .
of an other, wlnelt Is illUStrttitt; by+ Jhe case,'
of c persoh who took 3 graillif,or stmelini n 0
brie drablim - ,of 'opium, ' and; n Indbfluito
.qUantity;•ef quinine_ Thadyci 4 hotirs after-:'
tvactlie'crunplaileed, of MOM spribm; anti'
ksurViServo hours' after Itelletl"takee' tbe .
pal at:i
ctrare.''-If • the' a'ction lie„b 1 P1 1 ; MAX ,
hod by the prncept' alibthel and..
,Ifatrytilinine, opirim Mid ineTyOultlnot,
Cattsodeatilin Us Sheila tirtienS OW: iit47bll“
- nine '.•rruty
nytmitentspreidneed freturtisiet (110. p.
and' tl)l3',Britif. periOd',Wr.t Whiolf death;
,w,tinhl oqtrn .. i . o?„?_ll l 44;ber , Iplabko • tct,,ttio '
dern ttforll)6l6,--
.VdTaAPt- ...- ~,,
olie - adi ciroilucetn* tut) • o64ol d pVsons of
0.00110 nolit' taut tinotTlll4:', 00 11l 0100,
F0401.10t tho tn thitt 00 1.0 lO n0,0v1.-
doocb mint ony 0110 tyoo lA,Mtss patoaar..o3 ;
pro u} frmu between 0 frud' 0 , amigalt at MP , ‘,
(w oiCtitd;detelddadit told 1t1414, I-31114410 b
W 8.9 tlVirt9ranttl 0 o'cl001e;IrnoRt MOOS .
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tle. o'4o p riptomnpt , o , 0 a,
,in it to II r dom. ASI 00 , y IA Tut
tt VltetVos et c ‘ tatl „t A, t t tr y i, i s , „ ,
to i: l ooT,Alspc . ‘ ft: i tk I? 1 I. : i d 'lg r r, : : ;
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fttl:„ 4 .• ' yi ta ti : ,
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