Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 23, 1869, Image 2

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A. K. 13.11tiE11,.
J. A. DUNBAR, f •.. f.,
A 'l4. LIS', PA
Friday 11Lorning, April' 23, 1569
__ALA—Ls...meeting, of the Republican
held in Rheem's
Hall, Carlisle, cn Saturc•lay May 17th
it wai t Resolved '1 bat a
be holil libeerree llall, Carlisle, on
MONDAY, MAY 3n, 1369.
at' 11 o'clock A. M. for the. purpose
of electing a
. 11epresentative Delegate
to represent: Cumberland County - in
the _State Convention to be held in
Philadelphia, on Wedm sday - June ,
in the various Boroughs and Town-
Ihips, will be held on
In the boroughs the hour for hold
ing the Delegate elections will be be
tween 7 and 9 o'clock P. M. and, in
the township between 4 and 7 o'clock
P. .
Chairman County Lommittce
----Our Democratic friends appear just
as eager in the pursuit of oflife as they
ever were. On all our sirm•pi luny he
found •their little cards," annomncing
themselves as: wou'd IT.,candidates fur
office. Nen willing to serve the peo
ple, from the office of Assemblyman to'
that of Register, and we presume Audi.
tor also, are offering themsi h . -es for pub.
lia cobsiilefftion: Well, we'suppriSe .
it is
arThe . Mochaniesburg Journal, in
hoticing• the appointment or Poßtrwi;opr
for this bOrough, say. :
'• Our editorial friend t,t the //,,a/,'
K. RHP,EM—has been nominated
by Presideet (.rant far the. positioa of
:Postmaster et 'Carlisle' emagl:at
ulate our genial frieuil n his sueres
in this spirited conte4t ; and to ' the
powers that he' tir Washington, we
say, 'Well done, good-and faithful ser
,TusTicE T - 0 TN Ft l'ltt , ,Ss..—Tht. Bar:
risburg Tilegt'aph, in speaking of the
appointment of Pustmasters, says :
We•are pleased to animal - ice that the
Senate have confirmed the nomination
of K. llffnem, as Pestmitster at
Carlisle, and of IL REDPILL, as Post
master at; Norristown. These gentle
men R i rd both worthy hiethere _of the
pen t piste and .scissors, -• and emi
nently deset ye - tit is 7 rest him - tit:ll of con
fidetice and Crook of merit.
A DJOUBNM R\ 'l' '1111: LEG I SLA-
Tu E.--,Th c . Legislature of Pennsylva
nia adjourned on Triday last at noon,
after a session of duce months. The
night of Thursday was eon, , umed as
adjournment eves usually are, with
rapid and reckless legislation. and it is
yet uneerylin what has dot, e at: d
what lelh•-pndone.' '
ndyJohnson antainace, , that
he has abandoned' hiF, piopa-ed trip to
Europe, and 'that he will foake a gen
eral stumping tour thretigh all the
Southern Slates, in each which he
will doubtless leave a c l V of the Con
stitutiOn, and inform the inhabitants of
the fact that he has filled all the ofLes,
from Alderman of a rill: e. , Presi
dent. Beyond this it to - say
that his.?peeelies will he of n. account
41.. Tr No appointment by Presi
dent has given greater c?allisfaction than
'that of Mu. Mioi.uer to Eng
land—speakinkof which toe New Yolk
I/41mm j ly remarks. Ilia with him
"we shrill be spa . rtl the degralling.
-'spectacle of an American pub
licly honot log latch men as li'bebuck,
'Laird and Whartalliffe."
!The probable length .d the extra
session of the l Senate - , for the consider
ation of Executive busineA - :: , . is various
ly estimated at from one week to foM,
and it is probable Atm the business
which must be considered will not be
disposed of in less than a I'ortnighol
AO soon.. Bbsides the nominal ions which
are to be made, co'lsisting of several
hundred's, all of which will require
more or less time, there are thirteen
- foreign - treaties,to be To n sidered,
LATEIL—The Semite yes
terday, the.22d inst.
ofixofhe Virginia newspapers seem
to think there can be no great Objection
to the ratification by _their 'Legislature
of the' new Aineadment. They- Amy
coloed suffrage is already an actual
fact with them,.to which'they assent,:
and the 'Amendment will do nothing
more than re-affirm-theprosent shun
tion. So it will pass their Legislature:
Foote, of Tennessee, xeplies in a Nash-
vile, newspapet• to a por.ion of Ex-
President Johnson's speeelt,'.in which
with ingratitude. (Jib truth,
:.of. the, charge, and avers that he (Hr.
Foote) owes nothing to the forbearance
generosity ofJohnson, who, ho al- .
leges, tog tier with Mr. SeNiard, treat
'. .ed. 'hint; unkindly and cruelly. He
'denounces Johnson as a soceseionrst,
• to whom tho people, of. Tennessee are
admonishes the ppo - pleOf 'the, Sittitiiirti:
-;"States riot to-be'control;ed by. him, but
to' accept . :the legislation: of Co'n'greew
and r rely .fyvi tit ,emiftdene'o'iiii
Prant,1?. 1 46401 . 4 1 ,q;. 6 'their
.. crieild,, and iq• to ,rlk%tx!rp
to prosperity' and,. good got:erainof.
• Ha also charges . thrit 7 111 r; Jolweon)
-tegrO inffroge 'arid 'poi Weal
: e4aalityi , and tt,fers : ta J.24nspr_a
i:TititiniiieW:With Fred - .l)Migiss.", in wateb
s • . • d to a
The Elective 'Franchise.
Political bigotry.iS fast disappearing
from the world and men begin to fea,
13011 and act aright on almost every
subject. of national importance. The
tirriud, events Or the last feW years
haye done, much to open the eyes of
the•people and teach them their duties;
and almoSt every one seems ready and.
willirig-to'aceipt the teachingsf those
events. With the disappearance of this
political bigotry, I men Begin to scout
the idea that thf 4 feW should .:gOv_ern
the -inany r . -and--now demand_tliat2be
dee , iv- , franchise - should be open to all
classes, irrespective of creed, national
ment, it is true, has bebn one of slow
growth, but that ; it is destined to be
carried- out, all who run May read
At the outbreak of our intestine war,
the idea of conferring the right of suf.
&age upon 'the colored population of
the free stated would have been laugh
ed to scorn by thol?rtinds of honest and
well-meaning Republicans. who are now
among its wartnestadvocates. But that
war gave rise to many IleW opinions,-
exploded many old prejudices, and
corrected many abuses. At tin . .sttme,
time slavery and its servile lninamaid,
the sham Democratic party, were both
abolished, the one by law and the other
by public opinion.. When the shackles
of the slave were broken, provision was
made for his gradual .advarcement in
the scale of humanity, and the full and
perfect enfranchisement of the colored
lace was contemplated. That this en
'franchisement is almost accomplished,
the signs of the times unerringly
a few years ago bitterly opposed_ it.
now oppose it no longer, and those who
Worked for its fulfillment now work the
harder. .
Anil what good reasim can be ad
vanced that the right ofistil-Wage should
be longer withheld from the colored ! ,
Inae lie for the most part is as moral,
as intelligent and as law-abiding as his
neighbor, and is at least as well ac
quainted with the workings of our free
institutiods mel men who ha% %been hut
a tew years'in !" This is
the land of his birth. and mill his hopes
and aspirations are centered here: In
the war of fileiievoltitian, mon of his
- color - fought - to - achieceth e -liberty
now enjoy, and in that of Islt-2 many
oft hat •race aided us in maintaining, it..
In the rebellion. thousands of colored !
i;oldiermi were tbund in the Union ranks,
'and their gallantry and faithfulness
have been well attested. - • e
In the early days of the Republic,
when Democracy was pure, many emf
lima members of that party would
have elevated the colored - man
to all the rights o' citizenship. and it,
was owing; mainly to the hilluence of
interested demagogues that those eights
have firer( withheld from him And
nliw. the doctrine - of, tutivers'BLeijnalify•
is milking rapid progress, Djinnanats
as well as Republicans acquiescing in
its justice and expediency. And why
should not this be done nt once? What
right has one portion of the community
to claim and exercise privileges which
they deny to another portion ? None
I that we can see : it will take more
special pleading 811,1 cunning sophistry
than all the orators and party editors
in.the land are mantels of to convince
the people of the justice or propriety
of longer depriving the colored man of
the right of suffrage.
We have said that many Democrats
are even now willing to extend to inen
of every color`. creed and race the right
of suffrage. Such of the party who do
so know Ilse true meaning of the word
Donorrfy; and are intelligent and
consistent. Those of them who would
any this extension are bigoted and
ignorant, knowing nothing of therprin
elides of the political creed they pro:
fess to liolieve in and. praetice. For
ir enlightenment we will give them
the true meaning of the word. • \‘'eb
siolr's Unabridged IlietiouriV—the
tioual standard of our langnage—gives
the following definition :
" D 111012 RAT, 9/. One vie adheres
'to a government by tlni people, sir fa
aeons the , XIITSIOII of the ?ffhlQf
(rage to all classes of nten:J
No mail, therefore, can b e 4, Dem
! 0 , ..',/t," in the trite sense of the term,
Who is oppos'ed•td tilt) ex4tosion „of the
electiv'e franchise : , Lag ' I . Democrats"
everywhere ponder this tact. But
with or without the aid of modern De
mocracy, the Fifteenth Amendment is
-destined to form a part of our funda;
mental law. That amendment, rap,
" The "right Of citizens of the United
States to vote' shall not be denied or
abridge'd by the United States, or by
u,ny State, on account of race, color or
previous condition of servitude."
That such is the fact,' we will state
that New York haS fully ratified l , the,
Fifteenth Amendment. So„we aro well
on the A way toward :the iticorporation
of that Amendment into tlo,...eonstitu
tion. .The States whielilit'Ve ratified
according to count, are 'as follows :
, Naine, Alassachusetts - ,.. Now. Yorlit
Pennsylvania, 'West Vireinia':-Isinetb-
Carolina; South Carolina, Alabama,
Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Illinois,'
Wlseonsin, Minnesota . , lowa, Nehru',
Itti; - Nr6l a, ATikansks, Lanier/inn, arid
Kansas.-L--20. . • I: . . .
• The following States are. morally
certain' to ratify beftme the year closes':
Vermont, Connecticut, New Ha'inp•
shire, Georgia, ~11.istMuri.-5:
Rhode, Wand, Virginia, Ilississip..
pi, and Texiis,' give
'''''''' residue
that we need., and' more,' t 0 0 .;., and we
ii'efor help also froin.OhioTdudiina,
almost beyond contingency.. tand:ho I
hon `thin Shall; come, to pass, then .
'Will:Our fair land' be . fiend: Ora. the'
blight _Of caste as well as slavery,, aril
all: men being:politically , equal, then,
rvill otil4oiintrytruly'be free 4nd our
people s united and many,.
t.; dI er propneee set , .
ithiOng )li , r
ossessions - oA fie continent. in
Closing up the TFoile; •
Congress has wisely devolved on the
President the duty of proViding fok .
clectionsin the three States not yet
reconstructed ; are 'Sure the
work will' be -aeasonably andfitly-at--
tended to: Let the crowd ,of office
seekors, at Washington be allowed a
feiV days more for final dispersion, and
we — shall then — ime - iiroclamations ad- -
dtepsed to the People of Virginia, Mis
sissippi, and Texas, appointing a day
of election in each, and. prescribinvhe,
!Mntier or voting on their pending
it, will be rendered practicable in each
to vote or IttlporiptrlletioP nPdagabbst,
Disfranchisement, BO that illollßll - 611ET
will vote to return to selfLgoverntnent
and representation in Congress WIM
would -refuse, to do so if they were
obliged therein to vote for the disfrao
ehisernent even of their friends and
neighbors. _
ste Nvtli regret, though with Out
surprise, that many of the Northern
journals which justified and applauded
the fatal plunge backward taken 'by
Georgia last slit - Miler .itrthe
of the colored members from her Leg
islature, are now trying to " fire the
Southern heart," and impel it. to 'vote
down the new Constitutions, thus pro.-
tracting indefinitely, that anoMalous ,
military rule which they affect w much
to deplore. Because * :. chngress _ has
prescribed a ratification of . the XVill
Amendment and reserved the right to
review •the action of the States shout
to vote, they would have those States
reject their- respective. Constitutions,
and thus remand themselves into
-tary Provinces.
This is preciscly . or a piece with that
suicidal action which did so much to
justify distrust and severity en the part.
of Congress. Republicans cannot lie
expected to forgo . , that the Blacks (and
even the Yellows) iverq expelled flout
the lieorg,itt Legislature: after they-had
served therein without oljemion
months, by the votes of men themselves
expressly disqualified by their own
prominent mwticipation in the Ilehel-
B oo — mll whir awed their WWII
to OW fpriwarati.e Of the very men OWN'
thus omracised. Nor can it
forgot ten that the States of Georgia and
Louisiana were made to vote against
Gen. (;runt last Ndvember by tern-alz
ing-a majority of the Blacdt:s into voting
against their own enfranchisement or
not voting at-all. In thirty or forty
colla ties, containing at least forty thou
sand colored voters, who had already
exercised the Right of Suffrage in
unanitnans alliainative of their own.
right to Int regarded n n 1, :retind . as
men nail t ILizens, hardlj' a dozen volt
per county were cast foiprato. sod
Colfax, :nid the , retnrn were :Lade to
show a preponderance of a hundred to
otte .. l . or Seymour aim 131:M-, when every .
one knew that :t majority of the voters
- desired =lie defeat - of - those candidates.
Iternocraln have .tio notch forgotten
thin monstrous wrong. perpetrated as
it was through'Rebel conspiracy and
perroMann, they Surely cannot :xpect
that Republicans have done so We
could wish that Cougresn had been less
exacting, and susPicions iu its new
terms of Reconstruction ; ycr We CAP
noI dent, that rhose terms \vere abun
dantly justified by the action or the
Rebel Democracy. Oven ~‘ lately :IR
We hope to hear flint et ery lover of
Peace at t he South now takes Ins stand
'firmly and opimly in favor of b r in g ing
each of the outlying
back loin their old places in the Union.
Hitherto, thousands have 111+1 off, be
cause they hoped that the l'residentiar
Election of .IS6S Would result in a dem
ocratic pro-rebel triumph; but that hope
is now dead 'l'o stand out now,. in
fond expectancy ,of a difillrent result
in 187 . 2, were absurd And suicidal.
Let us have each State back in her
place next winter. and 411 proscriptions,
and disfranchisetnents must - vanish, like
the dew of HURIVIII?C' Every 6nerl;6ll
soon vote ; and he government of
each State,' and its represfMtation in
Congress, must very soon be such as
the will of a Jrajority of .her people
shall chooseto have it. Nothing is to
be gained while every good result will
be - impeded, by -voting now to keep
three 'States indefinitely under pupil
age. Reconstruction is the door which
opens into every possibility^of meliora
tion and improvement ; let it not- be
sullenly ejosed by those to whom it
affords the only access-to self govern
ment and the full recovery of their for
feited rights Tiirk ribfitire.-
Speaker of the Senate
.The election-by the Republicans of
C.H..STistsoN, of Montgomery
county, as Speaker of the Senate, was
a prudent - choice, and a.mark of respect
and AistinctionnVorthilyhestoWed. Mr.
Stinson is a gentleman of ability add
experience. a faithful repiesentutive of
the Fifth district, a• watchful guardian
of the interests , of the State- arlarge,
possessed- of fine executive
and exceedingly courteous and pleas
ing in his mariners. A better selection
could not have been Made.:
--Mr. WORTHIkrtOy, who so ably
dischargrd the duties of Speaker dur
ing the session; vacates his seat iu the
full enjoyment of the respect and •Con
Guati.r gaire a, signal proof
of Wisdom and fletertnination to keep
.within the plain line of his duties, in
refusing to nee :any personal influence
with the Senate for securing:the, con
firrnation of Messrs. Oarlile, Sanford,
'Jones and Pile to the, important
matie posts for which they have been
tiamed„ The
.Prenitot was eonspipu r
orally • sagacious in insisting:that. Wei"
HA'gst , upon Ala S_ , ; Ile; may have
- been .-ieceived in ;appointing them, - as
be• has ,been, one .or , two other in-,
Bianco; !Ito certain y, wits deceived, as
to lsitet,pne 41in nominees above
~rsete, With, Alio ,Senittn,.
,knawing„ t t itie,fact,, to accept its, just
and ,contititn4opal dtqy, In ; the pretaiiut.,
'MPulfil: l l4,4;,orpe rejoice . ahat,,rjn,.•atiy'
event,i Nye. bßock. Piim
i n lattweett p q ri g ca ha inber
AV bite - 1 1.14ifse.,
at act n ; , :. rostdent i wltc,r,
.povo,„3l , at, 8
duo to is office and We countr
1 ' Senator Sprague.
Senator Si:wattle,. of Rhode 'lsland,
has:been giying:lgreat comfort to the
Copperheads for some time past by his
speeches in the Senate, denouncing in
the-most-extravagant - terms - the - policy
and the leading_men_of the Repuhlican
party, but in
a such vague tn 4 ,general
terms that no one can tell just what
his.:ground --- ,of -complaint 'is.—or what-,
remedy ho proposes. On' Saturday
week, in the Senate, be made a speech
.toyepel the , affacks which, it seems,
had been made upon him by certain
newBpapma on'acchnrit of 1118 previous
speeches"; and upon this occasion we
ber--Im fn, iNbath Inc: to - his re.
cent very Straggo s end cecentric course.
lie commenced by
,_denying that his
former' speech Imo been_sia-reetly re
ported, either in the telegraphic sum
mary or in the Globe, and then without.
pointing out wherein the errors con , ,
Fisted, be proceeded to assure the coun
try "that my words and courage do not
rest on-wane or whiskey, or any other'
stimulant, but upon knowledge of the
shrinkage of property and the loss of
virtue going on around me !" With
out any definite explanation by which
any one not i n his secret counsels could
form an id( a of what was the matter,
or what of ight, to be the remedy, he
proceeded to praise the State of Ken
tucky, wit ich he assured the Senate
was the- m ost prosperous farming-State
in the li;ni an , and which, he said, "had
adopted , yidern similar to that I have
advocate...l " then _declared that
the' pros eot danger "is greater that;
when th ,e rebels' fired on Sumpter or
marche , i oh WashingtOn,' and that he
would wage war on the legislative
lnihex•ccutive power as exercised by
this body, and on the disastrous re
sultk of its action. ° followed by an un
reference to "those who think I
ant et-sized." . This last word; and his
referent:eat the beginning-of the speech
to tho inspiraiton of wine and whisky,
evide•dtly furnish the true 'explanatirin
•e,f his -.x . traordinary course. It has for
while been- notorious Wash-s
iegtot, that, ;11. : 4ragne w as addicted
to the inntioderate use of intoxicating
drinks. and his late action and utter=
alleys leave little ronnyfor doubt either'
tbaL hi intellecc.has 'medley perman
e.n thy affected hy their 'anfion, or that'
he only sneaks whin lte is-under their
Milner:co Additionbl 'evidence, that
such is t h e case, is found itsa' letter he
has reccntly . writteo to the editor of a
Rhode island paper;filled with billings-:I
gate-pluases,calling the editor it "lick
spilt le, - ,-.tod other terms which I'M per-
son lif aiO• , AC-revert - Wnuld use.if he'
were ill Ighr •, Md. gr. 'Sprague
has heretofore done %good service for
his country, but ; like many strong and
brilliant inPu who have gone before
'dm, we are cmnpell (.4 .to believe• that
he has t axe conquered, blighted and
rtunedhiyoyer-indulgence in'the inmx :
healing cni•.—La-waver ExpeeBg.
roogressionnl Omissions
There wt.] , numlier of important
measures lett undone by Qongre'ss,
among which we may name the hill
for inking the censu4 on iM improved
end adequate plan. The national sta
tistics must now a-ier;rtaMed on the
plait lind down by the law- of ;Sal.
The bill legaliziiq ;hi present ratik of ,
naval staff officers was not passed. and
con-iderable dissaitisi*tion has already ;
made itself_ known on this ;Memo.
The bill defining the eight.hour
tem was not pass6l, and the- workmen
in lii Navy Yard me therefore work-
Mg for at less "sum than they suppose
Themselves entitled to If this bill
had been eiihor pitssed or conclusively
det'ented.;the que'staon would have been i
settled. The Georgia bill. the omnibus
disability bill, and that for the red's.
tribution of the currency, were also left
among the things undone. As for the
new Pacific Railroad, hy - the way of
likmphis and El Nso, that can wait,
we sllppos,:until the Government is
-either better off in. ; regard to funds, or
ready, to own the railroads it builds
Among the treaties that-Vero rati
tied, securing the righb i t-of naturalized-
Ann citizens abrothl, were several
that will, doubtless, prove very advan
tageous, but, we believe-there were no
such treaty made with Spain, and as
''liappens;;iVe fioiV"waut illarantees
in regard to the just treatment of our
citizens; from that country More than.
from any other.
A .Falsehood Exposed
. Certain . ' pereens and jotirnalisCs are
bitterly hoiitile ti Spulit9r-CAntEitoN,
because 'he has iionStantly refq t yeil °to
recognize in them the . high qurtlities-as .
politicians -which they have the hardl : .
hou'd to claim for themselves, indini:
triously circulated the, repott dint; when,
Gov. Ourtiu's name came up in the
Senate formnfiimatiem ho made
n bit
ter assault Upeit the Ex Governor, and
used his whole influence
,W defeat his
confirmation: 'The'y further alleged
that Senator Siiiitt came to Kr. Curtin's
rescue., mid gravely; rebuked his elder
brothervin the Senate.
:`' T rue to himself and Ids friends,
Senator CaMeron at once exposed.tho
malicious falsehood in the' following
WASHINGTON, Ayril N.—Senator
Oaniereti' authorizes an unqualified do
nibt of the published statements about
his opposition, in Exec Wive session, to
the confirmation of ex-Governor Our
tin 1(1 the Russian Mission. He made
no opposition to' a favorable report by
the li'oreign. Relations Committee.—
When the Subject came up in the siln
"iite-,116 aid not; Us • stafed; Make a bitter
while. Governor Otritin was not reconi-
Mended by the Representatives of bis
tate, hntl,in his own.ppinion, Was not'
• 14'ClioiCe 'of :the Republican partt'of
the State, yet, as'lle had beett•nornite 7 .
ted by tlii3:4'residentlier n'ot ore'.-
priellia'cotifiruiatiorCncir 'vote againct,
it; Hu. made no assault upon
ii'OE' l (lllkiii'S'elikr4ettir; as is 'alleged
Ike d'id'iigqt;oph'fo~? kiiiVisionitnid none':
tditij• talteit,:'f-i:l4 l 43hAiditig •ur•other
. had: if •
The :Income Tax
. A circular has been issued by. Oeml
miesioner Delano relative to notice
. to
parties Charged wiilt failure, neglect or
refusal to •make trite returns of gains,
-profits- and---incemerwhich-rniscribee
that before assessing penalty, or ren
dering :of . a fraudulent one, the -assis
tant assessor charged with the duty of
Assessing-taxes -on-gains,-profits- and
in come • Of the - pii•doi — Chitiged; - ibill -
Tause notice to' be served on such per
son prior to the day of hearing, noti
fying him to appear to show cause why
the penalties prescribed-by law-should_
not he assessed on him by reason of
sue neg ec or re pa . Where the
return is to be malls boy a guardian,
trustee, executor or administrator. at-
torney, agent or partner of 'a non-resi
dent, alien, or by a person sating in
any judicial capacity, notice shall be
served ou him: instead of -his* ward,
changing the phraseology of .notioe to
suit the "circumstances of the case.
The New York Sun is very severe up
on those gentlemen who think it no
harm to evade this tax, either by well
timed trips to Europe, a change of
boarding place, or other supposed in
nocent little ruses, With our form of
government, says this journal, we are
all partners together, and when any
one keeps back the share dtie froM him
to help to defray the national expenses,
he simply cheats -the rest of us out of
enough more than our proper quota to
make up the deficiency. and it makes
no difference .whether this comes to
pass by positive lying, or by the silent
trickery of withholding one's name and
address from the Assessor of Internal
Revenue. " We, therefore, charge upon
the rich men-of the country, Wko'either
make no income retrtr'ffS, or make them
Aruthfully f the guilt of swindling
their fellow-citizens. They are ,mor
ally as much thieves as tIM pickpocket.
or the shoplifter."
M NISTER I'. HA charge
against Mr. Nali, U. S. Minister at.
Madrid, for o hich Ii has been -notified
that hie resignation would be accepted,
seems to he that he has taken advan
tage at his diplomatic privilege to im
4nrt into Spain, free of duty, sundry
carpets and other. merchandise, for va
rious merchants The goods were
passed through th - e.t:nsmm House as
far Mr. Hale, and then they were de
livered at the shops of the traders for
for whom they were really intended.
Tfie fact is plowed b'y the statement
of the Collector of Ca.gtome of• Madrid,
and by Mr. Hale's own letters to the
merchants whose accounts against him
he had - settled - by dine 'smuggling
goods - for them. A similar notification
has, if is -reported, been emit to Mr.
Perry, Se,cretary of Legation, for what
reason iisvnot'transpired, further than
that the- persOmil relations between the
Minister and Secretary lire of a natuie,
to impair ate influence of the mission,
and it has been deemed the wiser course
for Government to invite the resigna
tion of both. The Secretary, we be
lieve, has ,openly denounced the Min
ister to the State Department, as ft
smuggler. Under the circumstances,
sh,mfd think, the sooner a change
take place the better.
\ILL ItEvaßov JOHNSON has the cu
rious sensation of reading that, on the
same day and at the same session of the
body of which he was so long a mem•
her, his work was undone and hiS sue
ces'sor confirmed. The vote in the
Executive session rejecting his treaty
was emphatic enough, we trust, to en•
able our friends in- Great Britain to
comprehend at last the truth which we
have for months sought to enforce upon
them. We respectfully commend to
their attention the figures. Fifty-lour
Senators voted against the treaty ;
precisely one voted for it. The in
junction of 'Secrecy having been re
moved, Mr. Sumner's speech on the
subject new printed ; and the nun
-such compliments paid it in the debate,
by Senators rarely complimentary to
anything Mr. Stunner does, will cause
it to be. regarded as in some, sort an
authoritative expression of the Ameri
can view.
THE HA IiIIISBURE , Patriot, State or
gan of the Pennsylvania Democracy,
speaks with some severity of one of its
party, ti certain McMiller, member of
the lower Muse of too Legislature,
from Montgomery county. As they
have been companions in politics so
long no . ,doubt the Patriot speak by
the book') . " It' states that McMiller,
who voted in a certain - committe ag
ainst a certain measure, is a "hireling'
a ‘.`iivretelt" a "treacherous slave" and
a ''traitor" that he was "bought withi
a price," and has„ Peter Hardie's mini
by in his pocket,'-'-with much more-to
the same effect. This rather unfavor
able notice is suffixed with, th'e 'infer
. .
motion, that this model Detuocrat is
-about to remove to MtirPlkand the,
Patriot wins • the colored .cillzens' of
that State" that' they "Amid - tfe-ad;-
vised ih time to keware" of Mc"Milrer
and not chOose bhp for the Legislature.
Upon this point, however, there need
be no charm.'
Recittistrudion .14:11.*
. 'By a vete of thirty to twenty-in the
Senate, and by a strict party vote in
the House of . Representatives, the
amendment offered by Mr "Morton to
the bill for the redi?ristuctim of Virgin : .
in, - and Texas, - was last
Friday so modfiied as t require the
L.egislatureiCrio t ose States to-ratify
the. 15th nmendinent to the .United
_§tql,•l3,_,O9n.ttituOgn.,, Wore , h Pap,
be admitted to"repreigittillim in - &n
gross. By the enforcement of this ire=
portant :;provision, ~t he factious:oppo
sition to the suffrage amendment, by
the DeMocrats Of die Indiana •LiegisliP
,lure and - elsewhere, will be effeetwillY ,
eireuraVetktid: '• •• • '• 1-`
THE COEmilteid jopinale,tike
ing, fa 111 tOPYtht 11 PPPinPrAlt:9f Mr.
goggorty,,a talp,ntkii youpg , lii4coan
who:fought for the
News and other. Items.
General Earl. Via visiting Gen. Loe;'l
There aro 66;000jnvalids in gow York
135 sheriffs in Virginia, are delinvent
in their accounts.
French Democrats — eau the Prince
pariah! "Velocipede -IV.
Indiana is said to have 8000 square
miles of iron and coal lands.
, •
France baa.a corps of 266,166 firemen,
who-manago 12,72.0 tire engines.- —l-"---
Alady in Putnam N. Y., has died of
having too-many teeth extracted at once.'
Somebody has been presenting Andrew
Jbbnson with , a splendid piano. - -
The article most in demand at White
Piing ie hunter, and the :second require-
Four thousand million .pounds of rugs
arr estimated to bo made annually into
paper in the world. -
The curreiley'of Hayti is slightly be
low par. It is said . that three dollars of
it can be bought for ono cent in specie..
A. majority, of thy; papers of Texas sup
port A. J. Hamilton 40 Governor and
urge the adoption of the constitution.
Garibaldi has given up his schooner to
the Italian government to quiet the fears
that ho meditates another expedition.
Mr. W. G. Swan, who was a Senator in
the rebel Congress from Tennessee, died
in Memphis last week, of pneumonia. af
ter a brief illness.
Horace Rubler, the new Minister to
Switzerland, is one of the editors and
proprietors of ,the in:eons/la S'laie Jour
Upon the death of William H. Prescott,
Motley was elected to fill his place as
a member of the Institute of France.
A Virginia farmer in Petersburg the
other day offered to - pay one per• cent. fur
the privilege. of depositina- his extra cash
in one of the banks in that city. •
In walling up a well in Randolph coun. ,
ty, Mu., the other day, a snake dun was
discovered, and one hundred and twenty
live reptiles of various specieS
The brother M Percival the, poet, is
lum, and 1001 . 5, oven more crazy than the
poet dirt. .
Dt.ugiu,, ono of the President's
priVate merutariel, takes the place of-Gen:
Deng ut Lh IVhite llowe in ehargu of
the reception room.
The chirkesviik (va) ToDacco ,Plant
Pays that the purchase of real estate in
that neighbOrhood by northern settlers
within a few days past will reach the awn
of 4',20U,000.
Dr. Benjamin Ayer, a member oi the
Georgia Legblutare, was found dead on
Friday, o toe rad6ide near Louisville
Getirgia. Iniving'been shot, through the
TilolllitC . Dr i!IC, who rlifUSelie yQ .tolitify
hoforo e01.1)m ittop of tho Massachusetts
Legislainro relative to certain rain °ad
matters. has - boon
,committlatto—ja it for
A donkey, in the suburbs of London
has achieved ..reatness by showing n find
-111.53 for,hearing the concertina played.,
At the sound of Elie' instrument he will
gallop toward - the player, braying loudly.
A man applied recently for a divorce in
a Kentucky Court, and received a verdict
by which ho is freed from , the bond's of
matrimony, and "restored to all the rights
ane'privileges of- -an unman
whatever that may mean.
0:110hOrts giVi3 liie daughter,
when she was married the other day, 'to
Amos Van Wart, un envelope as a wed
ding present. This wedding gift was
stuffed with a quantity of scraps of paper
valued at $lOO,OOO.
Mrs. Betsey Dodge, a widow lady of id
years of age, on Block Island, has during
the past your wove, - in an old fashioned
hand loom,- -400-yards -cotton-and wool
cloth, and 80Lyurds carpeting, making in
all 1,201 yards, besides dolog. all the work
fur her family.
A number of men directed by a spiritu
link: medium- have been for sometime
engaged in making an excavation at Dur
gin's Cave in Mt. Desert, after the hidden
treasures of Captain Kidd, etc., which long disturbed ihe dreams of the
money digger's, but no (yellow or moon ::
colored deposits have yeti:leen forifirtl
Wm. 13urke died at Dubuque, on/PH
doy, aged 7i years. He served in the'
ar'My'at the battle of Waterloo in
the capacity or Ensign ; was promoted to
a captaincy, and . commanded the compa
ny guarding Napoleon at St Helena.
Fifteen yvarS - ago he came to America.
During the rebellion be joined the Grey
beard regiment, and carried a musket for
Mut. years.
gown and OTountg Tatter s
You will 'observe by ou advertise
meat in to-duj's paper that. PETER F.
ECM desires, and wi.l se 1 his residence in
West Loather St., Carlisle, adjoining the
German. Reformed Chard: Mx. 'ROE
of this for sale, and it is a most desire.
blo residence. The attention of buyers in
therefore retiuested.
workmen on the South Mounta n
road commenced laying rail ieSterdaY..
and are now pusliing the work forward.
'vigorously. The road bed' is graded al
most' the entire length of the line, and it
bl expected that the card will be'running
to Mt. Holly at least by the 4th of July.
80th of May having been set apart
for decorating the graves of our fallen
Comrades, relatives or friends of deceased
soldiers . mid sailors of our Borough and
vicinity, will confer a favor, by sending
the locality of such soldiers' grave to either
member of the Committee, as soon as pos
sible. ' •
- Information may bo- left at breff's store,
or Elhott's Printing Ofti r ge. .
W. H. - Harkness, • J. L. Moldy;
S. Elliott, • N. • I'. Olsen,
J. P. Neff, . O. L. Hulbert,
P. Bishop, W. M. Johnson.
SPRlNG.—Spring, with its fragrant
blossoms-and-balmy—air ; eems-to .have
commenced. It was a pretty thought
that contemplated' Spring as a youth,
clothed in a flowing, mantle of,green silk,
interwoven with. flowers—a.,:chaplet of ro
sea on his held; and'a naraissai . in his
land, priiiiroses and violets springing rip
Under his feet, and all nature cheering at
his approach..
bloods, and'in fact soiri'e of tho old bloods
of ;our town have become quite excited
during the past week in,Arying to . _learn
velocipede riding.. The sport is.about as
exhilartaing as pUlling o sled up the hill
for the sake of riding down. We haven't
a doubt but if ,tho , young men engaged in
learning to ride the velocipede were eoin
polled to ball itiabor and depend upon it
fur support, they would all 'strike" in
let% than ti week for higher wages,es - bik;
log too laborious.. ; ,
1 , ! ANOTHER CONCERT.—aIEto Garrja
on rAmuteur 31.inalvela, will give another
g r49 l l LCPPO r tin:—A b gf u f l. 4 l - 11 N 1 4' . , Aglf l9r 7
''rt4llatitdratine - v - ciiiiig, -- Innt3rdupiOiS ,
long and careful practice, bow, become
quite proficient in the burnt cork line,.attcf
they - are now quite ' COinpetent,to give, a
really excellent ehteralptriont. .We do
kopeiour' "citizens Will turn; 0ut,.0nd,411
Rbaotn'a Hill to overflowing.!...: , •
gionniciffncA—ln 'our , Ideal'tope°
,if ihesAlp of tiho Eiotel prOlierty,, now to.
tho occupancy of .P1 , 61'8014 . wo
niaddn'iniotako In 'tholainoant , irf thriban;
oldorat,ion- roppky,i 22 - It— 'Oa eighty .two,
ndrkid don . r.
• Tug, 't BENTZ House."—The well.'
known' Hotel, formerly the " Cormun
"Llolise," located lit Nos._l7 and 19, East
High street, Carlisle, has been purchased
by our townsman, Idtcpiumtaa2. BENTZ,
who has fitted it uiln-a superior manner,
and hereafterjt, will be•kopt by him. and
will be knoviii-by the name of the - "Bentz
House." This house is one of theilargest
and most 'convenient
_public buildings in
the . t.ate, contains 70 rooms, end is sup- .
plied - with:all the modern' iritprotiemants. -
The new Proprietor has had the house re
painted, re-papered, and thoroughly von•
tiigted from.toplto bottom, and has had it
furnistfed with - a
taste and - elegance that a
liberal outlay of money can commar.d,
and 't can
houses in the country.
The central location of the Bents use,
the numbei and airiness of its parlors, sit
ting-rooms, and bed rooms, the superior
manner in which they are furnished, all
combine to render it a cheerful and com
fortable home for strangers and families.
Our acquaintance with Mr. BENTZ and-his
amiable lady gives us assurance that their
house, in all its departments, will be iMpt
in the best modern style, and that their TA
BLE will be furnished on a scale of the most
liberal and hospitable housekeeping.
NORTHERN LIGHTS. —lt is just about•
ton years since we were favored with a
display of Northern lights ahything like
that which was visible throughout a large
portion of our country on Thursday night
the 15th inht. At . the point from which
we observed the display, it was 6uly-rnag
nificentt• 9 1'he whole rortherii heavens
were .covered by a bow of
‘ light, from
which shot up ray or points, visible for a
short time and then fading away, only to
have their places filled by new and simi
lar formations. The light was mostly of
ginenish-yenow hue, though some of it
assumed a crimson mist, and at timulLity
large portion of the heavens was sulftiseti
the zenith, a nucleus formed, from which
long rays or. points.s.ilot forth in all direc
tions. This forniation was of u crimson
this and was a.scene of rare and awful
beauty. Another magnificent part of the
display. was the waves of greenish light
that rolled over the heavens like the wind.
passing over a field of yielding grain.
The display continued, with greater and
less brilliancy, for several hours. There
was also a slight dnplity of lights the Hilt
evening, but it was trifling in comparison
to the gorgeous onent the preceding
itight.—York. Ryptibliran
BusrvEss.—The E!;pring trade- is a
bout opening, and our business men are
'receiving .new-supplies -ot goods. Now
is the time to look `carefully at advertise
ments. Business men who advertise lib
erally aro generally bond to possess tact
and energy, and are prepared to of ter in
ducements to secure custom It you Wish
to make Spring purchases, or deal in any
line of business, look up the advertisements
of live business men.
small supply of early . ' yegetables, which
will be more highly prized than two or
three times the quantity some weeks later,
saw some nail Itegs'in two, knock nut the
bottoms, place each on a small board, 011
teeth with rich soil, and plant 'two or
three seeds of different kinds of vegetables
in the middle of each pot, and let one_plao_t
grow: When they have attained' a large .
size, -- ietnaa tub-in an excavation- in the
open ground, sat' the hoops loose, and re
move thci staves. Tomatoes put out in
this way, as soon as the cold weather hag
passed, will continuo to grow without
showing any injury from transplanting.
A fow hills of early, sweet corn , egg plant
'and many other. desirable vegetables,
may be obtained early in the summer by
starting, one or two plants: h an old tub,
old rain box, or cheaply-made boxy; of
any kind.
WHEAT.—Never, probably, in the l
History of this country, has the wheat
crop presented, at this season of the year,
sue a p
th l a
!rising' appearance. If nothing
,lure it between this time and
herrn „there will be an immense yield.
It is certainly cheering to be able to no
tice this fact, for the last four years the
scarcity of grain and the capacious maw
of the speculator, made it hard for the la
boring poor. Lnkt year's crop was a good
one in the country . , although there was not
the • number of acres that there is this
year. if we have a good crop this year,
and there is every indication, grain eleva
tors and remorseless speculators will de a
small business, Thank God, for the pros
enterprising townsman, GEoitriE %V. H.L.
vox, is orecting'a large carriage manufac
tory-on the old stand on - South Pitt Street,
near the railroad depot. It has been leased
by anew Messrs, McGinnis, Cham
bers, & Co., who intend to do an extensive
bOsiness. These. y9Atag men 'aro frOin
Lancaster, and the Express speaks thus fa
vorably of them :
Messra. McGinnis, Chambers and Metz
ger, three young men of thii city, wild'
have bad much valuable experience in the
Coach quaking buiiness, have removed to
Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pa., and
etiirted a Manuftictory for Carriages, and
Coaches, etc., at that phice. The citizens. of
Cumberland and adjoining coantiOs will
find these young mon worthy of their
ronage, as we dun as . re.them they wore
considered to be a ong the best and
most skilful mechanics "n i latheaster. The
firm will be known • a s CGlititis, Pham
bore & Co.
-pensbury, Pa., April 18.—A tiro broke out
here-last-night, at-Ilo'clock,-resulting-in
'theolestruction of consider'able property.
It originated in the atablo r of Dr. Stewart,
which -communicated to the Sherman'
House stable, both of which mereentirely
destroyed. The Cumberland Valley
road depot, adjoining. tbe — lattei; 'stable,'
took fire ang"was mostly destroyed; The
Netoi printilit•otn4 tooted in the second
story .of ihtfaiiikllll6 was much injured in
presses nd material. The Sentinel plant
office was badly burned in the upper
stories. Tho loss will probably amount to
$16,000, insured. The News and
Sentinel offices will bo removed to tempo-,
yary roma& The MI) is believed to have'
been the work of an incendiary, as it broke
out' in a hay . mow . of Dr. Stewart'e stable.
-=Wo learn that at 1 o'clock this after
noon, as the snail train left Shippensburg,
a garn and a stable holonging to Chris
tian Long, Of pat place, was on fire, with
no hopo of,1?olog paved from s entire destrda
tion.-,./11-41Airg Telegraph' of Monday.
NUM OroODS.—Ony friend GMSRN
vtiran, has returned' from the Eastern
oitiee Witii:l-ftlarge and .elegant stock of
all sorts_ and varieties of, ladies'and
lemon's dress 'goods. His advertisement
in' another column giies a detailed state.
mect :of his. different articles.: Having'
madk g n. examination of his sto ck we do
not hesitate to pronounce, it ono of the
very finest we e'ver had the:pleasure, f
tngJn•thls town. - :Everybody. w d sires
making u : te ,
him a cull at ,his amous and • attractive
. ,
The borough of New CuMberland, Cum
berland,County, situated about three miles
below Harrisburg, on the N. C. lt:IL - ind-
Sitsquehannu" river, was the residence •of
our present Gov.J9FIN W....OEARY'S fam
ily during the war: At 'the out-break of
the rebellion in 1861, the voting popula
tion in • the Borough was eighty-four,
- which was the highest vote ever p o ll e d
there since-it was chartered as a Borough.
When ,- the' - Penna; - ; - Reserve porps---WUS
termed early in 1861, many volunteered
and when Col.. GEAPN culled for Volun
teers for his Regiment of 1500 Alen (the
28tli P. V. which ho had obtained author-.
ity from the President to raise„) mmiy
own hOusabld only_
sons, Edward It. and ,Wm. L.Gea
ry and B. F. Lee. , Afterwards from time
to time during the war as' recruits were
called for, and .particularly by GEAux's
Command, others responded, until this
little town had furntsh'ed nearly 'one hun
dred men for,the field, exclusive of those
who after three years' service re-enlisted ;
rind also exclusive of eleven men froM
Luber places, put into the field by the Bur -
°Ugh authorities by paying bounties. Of
those who went to the field from there
many laid down their lives, and many re
turned bearing honorable scars, others
minus a leg or an arm, and others still,
broken in health: . Ambng the killed was
Gen. Geary,s first-born, Enw . R. Gun
•ltY, a noble youth of loss- than nineteen
summers. lie fell in tho terrible night
conflict at Wauhatehie, command
ing. a section of Knapp's Battery. All
Abe officers of this Battery were-either
killed er wounded. 1430 men under. Geo,
ry here contended against 6500 teen strider
Lungstreet, who were finally repulsed with
a loss 'ot more than Geary's fumes num-,
hered; The names of others who fell eri
Other fields were
John Gustwiet killed to Teiimessee.
- at F'rod'brg,
Max 13arsheiw , " "2d Hull
John Nicholas " N
John'Gstrtner - " \Viiderness.
Frank hs,enherger " M'n Ridge.
. Michael Rahn Sr. " Virginia.,
nibri r ' r - t'bor,cvlio died from - wounds
exposure iii the ihrld spore
Isaiah Shiers Wm. Welt2ell
•'Peter -James-160s
Balsley wa3 .starved to d mth at
A'nderennvilla Geo. Spindler and Geo.
Berm returned minus a leg: A son of the
Rev:-Mr. llrilti.,n lO'st: an oral ; many
more were loss severely wounded.
Without detracting from others, or ma
king any insidMus comparisons,. is there a
town of its size anywhere which has..done
hatter or shouvs-a more patriotic recut
than New Cuinhoriand Daring all this
exodus to the war, industrial pur s uits
were carried on an usual, and the voting
population steadily but slowly increased
until 1866 it numbered , .112 votes 12 of
whom wore Democrats. At this spring's
election no Democratic ticket was in the
field, and none of thatpmanasion voted_
Theyore probably reconstructing them- ,
eilyes. .
Smuttor Duncan, of Franklin county, of
fered the following resonition in tlni Senate,
on Wednesday of lust week, which was
voted dOwn by a strict party vote—the
Detnuerati voting in the affirmative, and
theßepublican's in the negative:
kesolved, That the Auditor Gerieral be
-instructed to haveprinted for .theJtse,of
mombers two 'thousand copier of the re-
Tort of the Board of Commissioners_up
pointed by the. Gorernbr under an Act
entitled• "An Act for the relief of the
counties of Adams, Franklin, Fulton,
Bedford, York, Puny and Cumberland,
whose property was destroyed, damaged,
or apprnpriated for the public service and
in common defen , e in the war . to suppress
the rebellion."
Tlr following result was arrived at by
the Board of Colll inissionerg, by. counties :
Franklin, amount claimed, ,$838.162 18
allowed. t— 788,733 99
York, amount, claimed, 127,668 55
allowed, 1'24,728 50
Adams, amount claimed, 55:,883 97
' allowed, 507.797 37
Cumberland, amount claimed, 2313,41.0 0:.
allowed, 216,724 46
Fulton, amount claimed. 54,921 32
" allowed, 45.60,1 57
Bedford. amount claimed, 7.196 23
" allowed, 7,126 23
MONT,—The subjoined law, relative to
parties in interest giving testimeny, was
recently passed by the Pennsylvania
Legislature :
SEc. .1. That no interest or policy ~f
law shall exclude a party from being ii
witness in any civil proceeding in the sev
eral cities a d counties of this COMmon
weaitli,„Provided, his act shall not filter
the law i las now deoruted and practiced - in
the courts of said county so as--to allow
hu4band and wife to testify against each
Other, nor counsel to testify to - the confi
dential communication of his client, and
this act shall not apply to actions by - or
againa.executors, uOministrators,or guar
diuns,nor where the us-ignor of the thing
Of mmtract in action may be dead, except
ing iniissues and inquiries cavisavit vebson,
and otliers respecting the right of Rw li
deceased owner, between parties claiming
such right' by devolution or the death of
such owners.
Sec. 2. That a party td the record of
any civil proceeding in law Or equity or 31 .
person for whose Immediate benefit such
proceeding in law er equity, urn person
or whose immediate benefit such proceed•
mg is prosecuted or defended in said
county, may be examined as if under cross
examinutfon at the instal - Icent the adverse
party or any of them, and for that purpose
may be - coa.pel led in the same manner and
subject to the same rults for examination
as any other witness, ,to testify, but the
puny calling for such examination shall
not be concluded tnereby, but may rebut
It by counter testimony.
SEC. 8. That the testimony of wit
nesses authorized by , this act may be had
by depositibn or coniinission r issued•as 06'
case may require, with such , notice to the
sarty to be examined and to the-party as
inew or may heriv3r - be — prescribeit - iir
the rules 'of the, reper coons of said
county touching thikeliing of depositions
and testimony on commission. I . .
vviiibe seen by an advertisement in another
column, that the difloftnt Board.of School
-Directors of this county will meet together,
at'the Court ;House, in Carlisle, on the
first TUesday in May - neit, for the purpose
of electing a County - Superintendent of
Common Schools, to servo for three years.
__lt:should_be_hern - O in Mind 'that the va•
rious boards of present Directors vote to
elect a now Superintendent, and not the
ones chosen at the jute election!' As the
now bodrds are not organized until June,
of course they have nothing to do with Omu
settlement of thie -questlon. It is an im
portent. duty to perform and should be
discharged with an eye single to the best
interests of the common schools. The suc
cessful candidate will havii for the next,
three years supervision of, the Various
sehools in this county. and should-be a
.man of integrity and capacity. The ten
der. minds of our 'youth' with receive in
struction in our schools aro filsbioned very
much—after `the .charaeler of tins° who
then that the chief as wall as suborilinute
edueatora'should be' .persons of upright
life,' wall minds capacitated for the work
before them.' • •,
Patent right" men
06 now swarming over the country, Him
the locusts of , the , . plair.e, mocking whom
'they may devour. They have got to he
an actual pest, and ehould recoivo no coun-
Orel:lee from anybody: . .15id you ever hear
of any crick getting hie money,:back on ono
in . venthitie ingot_ boln t , —
peddled aroma the country,t..oalc sharp
'reported --to us
that Mr. CHARLES R. JOSES, mu.o /A run
of 68U0 points in Hippies' B.lliardSaloon,,
under Rheum's Ralf, - in the amazing, small
apace of time of an lniur and a quarter.
--This certainly - la - the - largest runon' re
cord. HtPrtEs' tables,are so lino that if
it could be made anywhere it certainly
could be made there'. -
NEW STAWS the new
stamp arean jmprovetnefirZin the °kr°
appearance, their adhesive qualities are
not. We think the Goveimment might
furnien the people with an equivalent for.
Weir money. A stamp that will not stia
is an abominable nuisanecita_an ahamb-
;.` Tor.l ckniEN — Ai;roiNTED.-0 43 -
day night lust the Town Council appoint
ed the following named Persons to serve as
Policemen for the ensuing year, viz:
J. T. Rippoy, Wm. Crouse, R-Swartz
John Croiier. These gentlemen, together
with Peter Monyer as High Constable.
constitute the police force. Theis is the
br,rough arecont,trueted," and nbw let alt
evil-doers ...stand frone - under." •
INTERNAL REVENCE.---Thc firth of
May is the beginning of the "License"
year. Upon that day all the various oc
cupations that are subject to '"special
tax," are taxed fur the emir* twelve
months, and the payment should be made
upon the making of the "applicittion, - end
not at the end of thesuceeeding Month a•
in case of ether taxes. The tax is imposed
upOn the commencement of the 'occupa
tion subject thereto
gad ib such occupation is liable to fines, &c
if - he fail to tary - tlai:tax itt thn time he en
ters upon Iris business, worh, - orprofession
All grocers are obliged to renew their
bonds on the first, day of May oe each year.
PLOUGHING —The fine weather of
tho.past watik_has.dried-up-the-g ndirnd--
put it in line order for' the -print . ; work.
Everywhere the thrillers hay , . been plough
ing, Hll4 liating in their outs.,..ettu.stng the
country to . preseqt a lively sight with the:
tepttris d il.tdore'rs sent ten'd uvur 0112 .11,•rd
Every tittng seems; to bet.ohn a 111 04,1 prc
pvrulN yenr—good crops to luwArd the
iittemt.ny ill the et,. uneik Vi
an _
tire length and brendth ul thy• land
DEMOREST'S 310S1 EILV.--1 his Mag
az ine loti• tho greet loon' of kovionti; ui.
With Iho t itoos o% ory yew-, tool Idinto,t
Ovf•ry nonda•r improvinannt on tin. ,
Just. lis vavitni depart tneni. , fyrni-h ox_
%%lai cv, , ry
compfly. and i , inimen,t•
•Ind great , iiei•e:-.;;.liwx tbul thpy
Tho prtoninent 1 - Quate.i of :11.1,4r,,,
"Ludic,' Club, - tisic. ,1,. ,
of them worth mere that, the pile, of il.e
the reel value that they rept,serit
to the stilecriher. Terms, per yeur,
with in Address
Of nil the juvenile 1111lkllliIIVR, ohildrert
sea' best, 116 d. we roust se:y tee
'Tree with iiom. Its b bright colors, fluid
its - tofs. Mire the charm of being aitforent .
front everything olse, whilo the
end' other rjketches are espeeiailly good,
combining the useful with thd-itnitising
rterernitt knbly Euccessfid 11PIn non. Terms: .
$1,50 annum, with n •prenlitnn. Ad
dresl W. J. - 13-E.Eritt Esi, 838 131.011dWIIA
fot•n.erly a student ; of Dickinson College,
and for the past year pastor el the , First
M. E. C r< h, Oswego N V. hies received
a call to St. Paul's 31. E. Will
minglon Del
Mr. (21.Y.:tEit will enter upon hip lif•W
field ei labor the 25th inst.
- cold - and wet are the most fruitful
calbses of disuse. l lgearly - ill b tlitt painful
diseases man\ is subject to arise therefrom.
Rheumatism, neuralgia, pneumonia
great number of kindred afeetionNesult
from exposing to ibit=it influenc es , a sys.
tent witose vital powers a 1,1 in sonic par
ticular impaired. A system in perfect
health will at 'first • only suffer a priniert
depression, and then if further exposoi
Without repairing the damage, some dis-
ens° mua 10110 W. Perk . et car.
be secured against these dangers by using
the %augur! Bitters. Then• keep up u per
fect balance hutWOell the orga.llB of seer:,
Lion and exereiion
sToBATI V a. —The amount of atter - Oen be
stowed upon the huMan hair is tomething
marrelote; to contemplate. Poets hare
[nude it the burden of many a sweet re•
train, and bltiotning maidens of man . )
anxious thoughts and sleepless nights..
At last, leiwever, the question of howio ob
tain, and once u6tiiinad, how to retain a
beautiftil head of luxuriant pud glost - y
hair, has been set at tet.t . , by tit r e in troduc
dolt' of.,••Barrett's Vegetable Muir Rector.
alive" into general use. This' ad:nirable
preparation needs only to bq tried to be
never denied a plagtbAil:Ahe toilet.—Cin
cinnati Laity G«zeite. ......... .
The age of humbugs seems to be
passing away, and the people are refusing
to buy worthless preparations as hereto
, They now select the good anal leave
the inferior. "When they treat Bitters
they select. Constitutioh, for they have
preyed themselves to he the best and only
Bitters that ought to be used.
Soward's Cough Cure always gives rat
our walks around town for focal items, we
cued hear, of oothilig, but the great es:-
eiLerant, produced by W. C. Soma &
Co's iinnoutimiment.,:--that they intend
closing Out their large and valuable stock
of Dry Goods. This stock is Mowl . Ning
rapidly closed out; 3 •fird soon the immense
quantity of geo i ds on their sholyes will be
.distributed nil 'over onr•val ley;
wish good goods, nod very Cheap, should
call and secure the bargains they are oirt
ing Carpets nod Douse-furnishing goods
nire - oxteedlngly lbw in 'prices at thIS
House, Call and sec. Dross golide, being
sacrificed: •
()Wee Family Gropries, Finest
quality of. Tons. Choice brands; of Futili
ty Ficiur. • Buckwheat and Corn Meal ;
and it fine assortment of Queensware and
Glassware at
South-mist Corner Pitt
nnilroutfrot Ste,.
'ftcptiopßte. n perfect rush . _ at the-hall
'O'er li&'s day ;aid 'Friday evenings, to,wit
ness the marvellous wonders of the Great '-
Jerome Blitz. All Gliambereburg was puz
zled and startlett apdpx,,eit.odot his ruigdit-y,
frets. , The press woe upaninious in his
praise, his beautiful delusidns,'waS the talk
of the town; nothing (lee i 6 has over be
fore been seen. The ladies were eharthed
and tarried away with IPA great feat of
bnguets, his grand f l oat' of UM eluotb.d
kittens, took the .ap.llotMe by storm, in
taut., The Whole ontortulnroeiit WAS
. 11 CO
tO IlUdeetis, or,•
der, so be en hand 4, LaMal this gr.kati:-t