Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, August 21, 1868, Image 1

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one Insertion
Fornath additional insertion, ,
For.Atereitin ply Advertisements,'
Copt Nnticis,
Proteiodenal'eaids - without paper,'
Miltnitry Notiees and.-Communlem.'
tionitrelqing, to mattei not .ori.
vote lliterentit alone, 10 conts
.101.1 ptintlng Office is thir
'11",4234 . mast Cniniiieto nstablishiimn't In An
'ntn ( Y• Four gjOilPrirsses; and # variety of
0 ttertil sultrni for plain and Fancy Ivolii.c2l over;
riJ t enst,lcg us to an Job. Printing at tho s'llortost
otlca, tin.l most reasonable terms. Parsons
111;inlis, or any ihlitg In-the—Jobbing
net' will Had I L'i.o their interest to glee us . a call.
P Ft.',sSl O r llrA L C'A RD&
8. l'A T E '.l` AGENCY:.' C. L.
2.1 - Main Street Carlisle, re.,.enueutes
epsenicatielis kn., :1111i procures patente
sr Inventors.
Pi IA•1,
t TroItNEYS AT 14,W;1s Office No
It_ Srmph tlauo ,itrvet
'l"l'()lt.iNt I Y 8 AT hAW, Office on
11.111, CarllHlo, Pn.
joriN conN:m AN, Attorney atLayv
otit,o in Lnlidin,, attositeit to Friuli:lln lipase
Apposite tile Court llourte.
tintity ti'elY• •
"I' .V( )11,N 1111' Al' LAW, anti Real
Ldutr Agent, Sly plterd4Lown. Wok.( Virginia.
ALI vilron given all l,usinras
count, .111t1 Collittlt....ljuilklut . : it.
- , s. -
;,;r - 11 E IAT 00 R, Attorney
°Oleo in,South Honorer street, opposite
CM thy gootl,stort, p•
• 9,1814,
AN ES. A. DUNBAII, Attorney at
• l'Ar11•1”. OM, in Nn. 7, libeeniq unu
' ll ()ENEI'--111'--LAW.—GEO, S
i Est DI. Cnileo, in Nie. , Ball - ding, with lc-
Egti. 1 . ( 1,10pt. ztt.llloll 'paid to 11,4,011 mi.
ol 01l .1,00-4.toino.
I) _1 ft% TR, tionrey
r ilaln--11g.....3.1111ta,-..1 , -h IL po. No.
.17 :101111, 113,
11`c I 7 .-iv
us, , ;l'll °I{I'FNEIC., Jr., Attorney at
$ I. r A ,11.1,11rv0y0.1 0 111 , *. en
tcl two awl, wren, rvi
prom pl k 011..10,1 in
•)1 TrA E it - At t,,,r0c..y
-it. i,ul:,rir•• , • , .Tv np
•,t, t. 7
\V a. l) —( I-1 Alt I JES E. AI
f. , rlnr;fl,- rr.rntp;,ll..y .I . o4l. ,, Arnhaur
dily 1. 1.5”1--ly. ,
C II P 3 It M Al\;, tur no) . f .IAIIW,
1.1,10 , 1,
`(TI 1,1,1 .1 `.l K I';NNE.PY, Attorney
at. C.trli.l6,
11. s
\ 1 :,, 1 13 . 1:1 E , I; ( , „ Attorney at Law
C . 111111, 1 rino.r C. mar, lin.
Mick Pay , ppauptiy
•.t. will
•fiwt ion; nnil the prop, Ill\ etts'forivar nitt.
\•n re.. required u•ttil thei•laini rieLtled
K. (3 KO 1iA311.1 S. SEA
/i; IG II nal ti
• _ _ 0t.113,;.. DLltit;d . .qlil2 , lly. •
.A. 41111, the rt,itkovt• ni4.thvr. Kant.
I 1 '•;( - W. NEIDWIT, D. D. s.—
ii,tn.otitilaa for of I t I E. I Jout 1,1 ey .;the
l':11I Ito., Col t.f
MITI' a I, , or7cry,
Sz 4,11 1:..11.1
t',l) Li.; A
(I 11 11 1 , 1 I{
'I. "...11111
l.t 1.. Ili.• (.1,11.11....-Irt,. 1%
..1111t . i%
2 0 1 1,14;1
\4 I 1,10. N El: & ICI:.
No. 19 't .4 .ott 11 Pill i-31reet. ( . .; 11.1,i l l';1
N. fl. .I.,ipt 1... St Att.r. 1 , 1311.1
“t. C4,t.r.Et:E
Sel(.l.:Ry I)I:NTH,T,
Iliecpuctfully inforoot the i•it izeile 01 Co Ohio 0101
cinity thatclahluts taken Lho alike gent-Niain
Str.t, lately occupied. Ily hie Father, whole he la pre
t,pared to attend to all prorelonal sin.. A rtlll-
clot teeth Ineertcd on ie ba Vulcanite dod
Platinum. Chat gici mtaltritt 0.
• ,
The ,uhs'erifer t vim?, pertnaneutly
Carlisle, respeetfully 'solicit !I shore of tim public pat
trotute. Their .slip-ib situated all the public Sqlltiri•
in Hui rear or the Ist Ihrabyt ibis Chu, oh, hire
110. y ca al ways be tbutui.
Ih lug Ittly al.- prepared to
n...ecoto - ali IMAMS 01::t they may be entrusted with
/.uperior Ill.illlllT,aml at 1.40, pri,
W ATER' W11E111.53,
LIFT k. FOlLtiki
itATlliNti Titus, WASH 13/SINS nod ell other ertl
--1, in the triode.
po•teptly oftended to in the not apprpred
.g Count re
Country wee I; proptl ekteudtt'd to.
410•.111 work guartinfee,l.
thee't toritut the pitten—ineintolitetel3 in the i - eor of
Ftnit ,INteehyterietti Ch ur,ll.
NI I. tile oF 1I EN WOM I .,
.111(1 (4vnts' Furni•lior
- NO: 6, EAST Ai A . IN '.,z,al - ; 1.1 El
Mr.lor. wOuld atittottnvo to the eltizOi; •
Carlittrti titt.trvieltiityi.tintt. he 'low tn ttorf , ,t vory Into!
ruefully tr!ttoet , ol ',tort, of
o,t;f 4 :il,Nllltl'l6,
DIN11:8, .
• ' .IiO3III.MNILi,
" • WATHI BitOOFfi,
!•!i f IT'S. OF :/}4 . 4ii:
.Bolng illtnsolfa prAntleal 'Pallor, a nd laavlug Ole
first elms wol loam 110 . to prepared'
it till not. 4 -
Piecetlnodo of till idadri void by I,ho yard and out
tomeder at o trilling, eott:' ' • -• . •
tbrgot the place, No: r,, Enxt Main Street, next
door to Comeau I•WortbingtOn'el)rux State:,
itetently , orgeolztal, him boon opnoti; for trelmaction ul
;goner& bunking imaineyo, in - 'tb'n corner tenor or P.
Given's now. building. on .the Ninito, West:corner cl
'High otroot and.tit Centro Square. „ -
,Dlroatorn;bopo by liborol nud'careful ; manager
Mont to make MO a popular institutton, and it wife
despository for all wltommy flavor the bank with pair
:Accounts. "
bopoalto recoired nud paid !Ark on detuand, lutor
opt, allowation special dopoolto,Gold, Shyer, Trangttry
Notes and tiorernmant Pondsbought and gold.
Colioetionn krunto ou mil accessible Onto in the
country.,; 'Numbly. tpurn
from 9 o'clock' A.ll. to o'clock P. H.
. .
, -
. - . .
IL. Miran, Prasitiont; lVra. U. ➢llllor r , , ,„,
Thomas Paxton, - - -_, .:. David liallies,
John W. Oralgbead , A.J. Herman, .
.27010.08 tr, . ~ Abrahnln YlimAr. . ,
'PI 00
7 00
VOL. 68.
RBEEM & DUNBAR,. Editorgi find .Propr'etors
- -
i11UM1. . ND VALLEY 1.1011$1i;
- , .CAPITAL 560,000
'Flo , al.'. Contynov has been .organited fur the
Insurlng.of all 1.0.41 s of , live steel: against loss by
death, theft or
The I TAPS of lroinrabee:ate as lthr mans favOrehle
is any ColiqMfly of the kind In the United, Slates,
while on abundant tirdtal: and a r: rein manage
,,, t o, t tt_n_lt of t to thOrll
to -11 im'ii. Ironr,
, 31111,1,111.
fresid , nt.
• 17,"Pre$Nrill.
• Pcrrfary,• •
A pplivatiour h r Insin.met can•bo mach to .
411. Co J. Artunty. Sitippenrlnwr lu
ain7 (Amon ai,m illerchrtnts
(I I crlorsort's old stand.
At the bend of . M AIN STREET, earlisio, re
The Itlgbent market urine 11111. be paid P.T. Flour
Wain and produce of all kiwis.
Coal of all kinds, einbravitur
birnebuf nerd' and Cod' conAnntly fn
sale. Kept under rover, dnif.AelWered' dry Counr
part of the All Mod , Of Inunber 111111111111.
.1, III:El:KM &
jr LIN IMPYT ! .
Af tor Fervidyears' or pe Here, with
titre prep:trait., the sunseriltor pine., `a i,
It be-lore,tho.p111.11,1" the theitident- ..,/^-
tellor thht-lt w ill moot every tenor - in, -
_ . erk
Irk ex rieetatitat. .S ntir Cr 1 tlN.ill I ori k 2 -A-,
int , the molt step, it of of it, ttiorits. 'ill, Fil r
For lil, out=, re.det tin, rot; -. iM , " - ' 1,7 ="1-l r
11 , nit. syttirlur t•prtrint., swellintts. t'to , in linrrer, , it
hart Flri.VPti an Ii v/ route till agent. srbilti Di
eillidtty In l'lll ill!, , ii,.., , , ~(- tho basso ile , ll, t troll
3, trent et !helot, vets. sorer tt ritetritortisio. horns,
ills tie., Yoe: It, ir telly toed. - ,
Is,i-F , ., slit. et II ruler, Groot 1:, :Intr •. fin. h's
Crintertotrory :ter , sod Elrod :-. lire t r "dots,
tt2ronty tot•t"1.1
S E K "
Tincture of Roots
...1 , 111 . .13 1.1 .11 - .11,_1 1 ;g1 , 11/..1 , .1 St./11'1i .11d
impurely 111 the Blood, 11.0t
b... Vert
:ITI/1 Nidhtmaro,
t;e:lort1 xlOl ilily, C,1,1). Colds. aurt
Pahl- in tho ih ,tt.l
i< iwl a now
it bun irotn 0P...1y lu
over 1111 t pint , into by . )11, hro 1....41 rt
among a foto of his Chirtioin frionds
who, - finding it td Le an insillual.lo romn:~v-ili a the
wire disease+, rnccinunend , it other, until it
lierame, and still iontinuno, 'CO loi_ n bou,ohotl
int. of it o portion , d' the Of ti•
Tito IlitlucTiot unit IA hoot: ;it, nt
juiros Si 1 numbe ' r vf the sotof t.,lunhl f•
steels kilo, la to the medical P,ruily, witli
oh,. hi sirs old ,y,• whi•loiy to mai, ono of
most iilhielual Tonic 'Fluid twit, 1.1 0r i;lhiYl tlir
publir Lorry poi shoind 000 it every
Sunoner :11.1 Fall to puril l y tiro hie, d, t oo,• i.,,,„ - i s ,
tin rtinntieli uuU hnvis'oratr the ~tehl.
I I. hereby oertny 11ml Lavin!, U 0b11..4.ULL.n1
She, ut , L , I 11.t•t,., I Ito, too LILL II
m:0,4 , W. ft"• the ettonotob end Inovelo. relelv,l
mg. ol Toomen nr2rl =tilr•n_;e' and 1..0,1 LILL
I.L.ll..Kftilpixtito. I eontbb otly 1'01 . 0111,1101111 11 to
1111 ,liablo no Nino. 1.11.;11. 11 l'NTI:11.
,0100E,3 . rzLtne wr0.1.4
ro,tivenno, Into o r tl
1 tz , l!‘l,l - IC , Illt Lot 'hoot tiro of Root,
anWin It
rtbe !nowt on( relieved.
tvg.lL 1.
V.. 111. N. , 1 lb I ILL riovt, •
I 11,0, - . .111 f) /Mt, 1111,
h.,- 1 , unv Imor.l
edg thir Moil, 0, Iv,. ~1
."11 , 1 l S ,1••1011,' .1 NY. SN)II.EY.
I Is it II '4,,,ti,ellOsb loiit 101 , 4
till, I I i Tin •!0.4. ~ f altti
Imv.• 'tit, tor it .•!i1t.1,11. tug It
y 71
r 11,1,
to 4.1444 th0n4444 . 11 , 4441 Ivy 1444.41111 (4114441 4 4 that,
my 1114441 y ty444•444 11 I. 11,4 :rated .In if 1tY444411 4441 t. 44444
1.1444 l w:1 , unlit 4444- 144144:444, I u• 44•4.1 Bit tot
Tito, 4,44 , 4! 1444 4144 for 444 to, :lino, and r:44F 4,414104.h+.
•4t , 1 t,l Ito. 11114: 1 I. rho, this 444,1i441nt. %till do
:th 114 4
4: 14- I jot , 41 11, 11, 414:011 4 ,Y14:111
14.4414-444,411,144-444+44 14 ' 04. • • 44 4
II 44.14 4. a o .'.••,4 It Ills too
and itoligestiori, 114444 41 tlbtirk's hitt,
Tit•th, nt hoot,. :tad tsar,' found It Oh geedingly
I , vm.ncial. riy,.11,1, It to all lit. II rellaulti
. .
nnlicine.._ Mrs.E. Ki.ibLEit.
'Elivii• ib 'aura medical virtue in one of ilieia bot.
ties Linn, in a _allow al loony of OM 131ttarp aini.nii ,
1itt....i.i., nilertia Co 11.-i. nutilia. .
.'.1.0:11F/AC RitED ANDSI/1.1,
. /1 A Lll L A A: U I 1.,
..,No 1;6, South Hanover 6treet Carlisle Pa.
Alto P ,, r S:11 , by Druggists mid all ..ouri,
try lit,ore--_-.
1 3 A1. VICTOR.
Uurea N1.1,111:011, Tooth:10m and pa u/, in the stout
aelte and butrok In ten mLnu Mi. It rievor fails Ca
,no• pulhe In the lorek and lathe liarkx. It Is the
he . for Rheum:alt.°, Sprains Cholera, Mur•
,11 Complaint,
I Mrtorith, Cure, gathered hen: the
habit/ 'kingdom, not a niineral piveon. It bliould
Ln iu every linuse—a- :mil raulaln help in time
of need.
fho ol(fizon3 of Curl loin that Lane ui.okl It tanally
eY kollOol,ti : 1 havo Waal F , lll6vot for the lot lit t , on
rear:; to atfacks of 010111mill:on 1:1111 , :
for the last two"yoarb had huromo so :,11,1.11 at' titato,
that oar entitvly_dhabled 11 r bLainoss, 1 nom) yotil
I,ttlo has entirely cured me. I I'o4ollllllolld It with
couthlenee to other, , 3ACIII.NI A ItTl\,•.
I have used your l'ath Victor ter vi - entheas In my
Inlets, and Lave found liTerbict uru ill a slim:, Limp,
I belitu•e it to be an infaliible ewe.'
'.IOIIN 11. PkI,Ii.VV.
'file lion, Ile A. - Brady, Inblu sg,•ut, sa,)o:
thane nsud your Di. Palo Vielnr in my Gruffly,
and found it a stun 311 , i quit cure for Neuralgia and
cured nu. ~efroethally - Neuralgia. l o rd 'anode
:who •• /(JOHN 11. LANDIS.
Dr. Hook's Pain Vietoi "tired uu Ithoutnatisto
and Neuralgia. - MOICIWIrd:
We eho.rfully al,ll3llllolilrYi3Ur . 1!2t121
IRS athable remedy tier Le/143f411.. '
WM. 11.
• 3011 N .1. vALLEir.
and cold tithanblv 4, Co., N0.:36, South
Hanover Street, Cathsle, Pa. Whore every person
',Meted ultlisNeuralgin,.
Teothaeli.e. lleadtheho,,aml
'pains. In the etomaelb lx illNitea. (IW‘ll and Iwi rUIC It
in fun tulnablr, fine of-rbali-e. - 1 •
For MOO by Druuelets and all couul ry sthrtu, ,
sjune `v.
, .
V.A 1,1. E V; ,- CA
' -
On'ami after . Jfent , ; AIEtV 11(, PasgoAagqr
Trnimi will/run daily asvfollown, (SitnAttys excupte"ol):
S W' A II: p
AIICOMMODATION TRAIN lORVIg , liarrlnbuig.B,os 'A.-M.
.14robanIc61 urg H,31, Oarlista 0,16,14.1wv1110 0,200414 in.
in,unburg 10,24, Chnnybusburg 10,16, Gl'llmcantlu 11,21,
arriving at, Ilitgarstorn 11,22 A. M.' • - • •
iiarriLburg Xl,lO I', II.; Mintint
icuburg 2,13, Carlini., 2,40, New villn 3,20, ;311ippopr
buig Chamborsbnrg 1,10; , U dame:LAW 2,05
Arriving nt Ilagarntatvn 5,135 • • • •
I.IxI,IIIIKI—TII4IO Harrisburg 1,15 ;Lk 'M
Alachaniehl,urg' 4,47, Clarliglo 2,17, Nuvrvlllo. 5,20,
Sbiprasburg . 0,17 1 arriving at Chataberi.burg t{t ,
A . 1121:1, Uhalabernburg. 8,02 A. 31.,
ruauca.41.1.1r,26,41141,v1r.g.1,t ..11agfmco,syn_10,1441..,111. ,
• S '. .V.IV• -
. ,
'AccoataranatioNut r loaves etuunivaburg, 4,45,
A M., Hilppunalirc, , 5,14, Novvillufv.4s, 135rilniu
Morbriniraburgo,l7, Arriving at Harrisburg I',l6'k
- ,51,1 U. TRAIN lea Vex lizigerviolvn 8,01)
Cliniuberaburg - 0,15. Hilpfunaburg 0;10'
5103vv111,510.19, Carlisla 10„53 % Meehan Ira/Axil; 11,211,
arriving . Harrisburg 11,55 A. 111.,
llavaiss TItAIN Wawa Ilagontown 12,05 P. .. c 4.`
Grainva'stlo .11,33, Olniiiitirraimug 'l,lO, ,Shipperisburg
1,43, Newyillo 2,15) Carllsiu , 2,50, .51evhanicabur6 3,20,
arrivipg nt Ilarviaburg :3,55 P. 51. •
A Isia.P3-/Pithim learea , TlagoialnUrri %
3,15, P.
..or..encoitlo 4,22, 'arriving at Ointinburaburg
'P. 51,
• • g .htnldnlq i• lose enninistioll,9 ntrl lh
trop hluiv • Yoch,
, Riots, 'Washington am! Oil 'WSot.
IiPERI NT I:rl,deli 1,111.1,. • ~
glininbotsburg, 18th. ;,t
-16nohy-08. • • • • •.1
DOSII . has- le' iiiiiiidlllgar
for Ave conto. TrOlioto.
/- ..% ',- ' ''';
,/l . . 1 1
( ,44,f) : - . 1 , 1 '
~..." A ~e...
iR ;
'fA 1" , , ,Iv
ki YT (I
T,ocup•is Morns:TAT:I, • • '
A IV 111.N . 1 Z,
Ilat , oxer 81., (2:trltslo
); I
• ,•
We haTeirtst redurod, tbe erleelt -of OIiC Immo:lee
Dll Y 04) () PS ,
cArtrEl's & e
lickmnr., Crap° Mont.
r.enailithl'F, Filk .and R'ortf r,
Floren N1A14.4 ,, ninth
11,1 , 1111 N. 111:4131r , Np4i Ellip Pop Unit
Iv a full lint! it
Figired, Plain and Plaid at, greatly
reduced prices
Our ',took tor the rrthintitoge ff :t ItLP xtntrnt
of all kinds ol•lhwhr to , to lire
earls port of the se:r•e•ri . •
CAll and examine the tine,agsortni tat viii udin .1
H I 'ln 0 0 I)
vnail,, snrh,rn• im.•na which run, I.,tnkt
In atnl 51"-i
Nann.ooa,, vvory grad. , and Aylo
". , • 4 1^ ill :110 •
iatorin and 10,11np
ti nll and' roneh 4u+li ii. NVunk tnl
'author, Elnlrtiol , l,li, , , 1./ y
A'l . 11111 ( SS I :111‘;
(Molt's uud
E9itlo,o. e:tylt, hoof ootlitic.. At. pt lees defy
competition. IF.nitn. mode to order hp the boo n ergo
men in the IOW!!
A R P.M - 4! A 6 VE
eeele, Three Ply.
If empe;',Sellhout ogf•1.1 et W Vol
Oil elotlo lu Q 4. 5:4, 1114,'5:4 e lf qumitin,,
Itur ,
Mattintrs any
.I, 0 V I+3 S
N oTto N S &o
lib present to 13111 c11:4(.0111ME rareo.lo.llfOn CM . boy
~, , IM: Mid W 4,0,11,137 hi 101, ,•311 ':$11,1 itX:11111,10 111
birgit Alta varied t(1,0( , of .
..._ .. . •-
sii;AsO.NA 1314 E oo Ds,
an ! lcOpj,rire oite: l 4l ? .;;ll7st,,
Ey. ti ' le 4 it ir &I N i - iN.l ., '' II 0T.4,. '
Str 1 14.!; PN STA '
;Ali who, wixh phcaji
All who MA :cheap . t
• Alrwho Widi I'till'at,O6l( of . ,
l '' . 'SiMISO.ii'A 111:1( 600DS;
ngil,Ottem,l . 1? al
t;iAwYER - &
r A5T' a~
I .
Carlisle; 1 , 64 Friday August;, pi, 1.863.
Hoofland's German Tonic.
Prepared . by Dr. C. M..'hoKSON,
----F~xian nic~,rif rn,-pn~-
The Groat Remedies for all Diseases
Hooflaii - d's' German Bittels
In ropiponed ot the purl)
.Inlern - teros they nre medial-
nally named, .Es r --- ,-- dr ank) of R 0.0 ta,
11 erl) H owl itarks,• . - ranking a prepara
tion, highly enneen ' tra, and 'entirely
free (.41 .41,:0h,1ie r - ' ' adiniahmc of any
ika.conit , lindian of all tlioiligreilkail.s of [ha Bitter?,
with it' pur7•Pi quality of ,Cu oilrt griv.Cntint, Oraiige,
tie., taming nun of Ihv lunar lilt Rxaul and agrevablo
Icntvtliel efer oflot of to the public.
Aledlan, free - frCall A Iroliolleral.
mixture, Will aae. -
Iloofland's German . Bitters,
In ewes ofilersiouß ilepro=plon, v:llen Porno nlcnLoge
elymulus In tieryAsury,
The Itittere or the Toltic me both equally good, nod
contedurle• moo ntetlielital Trtttlee. .
Tili• otettdtell, ft.ol, t.. - ,riet or ea o,.ee, 7oall no Indl•
getdion, Dyettopelo. ' .--- ... Ner..tele Debility,
0 ,:
etc., in very opt to ( . ' 11:vve Ito 1 , 111a1611.
a,,fig(o. fri,t , result ;1_ ) of reltlth In, 11111. the
-I)llLiellt.aulfdra frodr.r.l._ . revered .or-tottre -of
the tett, -rein,,: d',t'ite; t"
Constiffittioo, Flatulence, Inward Piles,
Fulness of lilood to the Head, Acidity
• .of the Stomach,- Nausea, Heart
, burn, Disgust for Food, Fulness
or Wets ht in the Stomach;
Sour - thaletations, Sink
or Fluttering at. Ihe Pit,
of the Stoma th, Swimming of
the Head, Hurried. or Difficult
Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,-
Choking. or Suffocating Sensations when
In a Lying Posture,
Dimness of Vision,
Dots or Webs before the Sight,
• Dull Pain in the Head, Pen' •
eieney of Perspifation, Yel
lowness of the Skin and'
P-a in in
--• the Side, /C): Daok,Chest,
Limbs, etc., S u d d, o n
Fl uS hes of Heat,'Burning
in the Flesh, Constant Imitginin gs of Evil,
. and Clreat - Depression of Spirits.
Then° ror, e,lme will eo ' eetiill.l3, etile CO/nlaint,
Jaundice, Dyspfpsin, Chro lie or Nervous Debility,
Diarriaca, &yak , of, the Kidneys, and all
Diseases arising from a 1 dere., LAver, tilotnacb, or
Resulting from any Canso whatever;
induced by: Severe Labor, Hard- -
ships, Exposure, Fevers, eto:
There is no InCtiiClll, eltant equal to these remedies
In such cars. A tone and vigor Is Imparted to the
em, TtWo" w 4 VppeliteltiSir6itgth•
e — rred7TOW‘liiinjoyell;' digests
promptly, the blood- - .. Is mailing, the-eom
plexion beco of e sound and healthy,
the yellow tinge is erapleated from the eves, abloom
I. given to the cheeks, and the 'weak and nervous In
valid becomes n strong and healthy helm!.
PC1 . 80218 - Advanced in Life •
And feeling the hand of time weighing heavily upon
thorn, with all its attendant Ills, will find in tl ose'of
this BITTERS, or the TONIC, on elixir. that will
instil new life Into their veins, restore in a meatnte
the energy and ardor of more youthful dove, hued no
their shrunken forms, and give health and hanpine,s
to their remaining years.
It lea wolketablirlird feet that fully, onti-bolt of the
female portion of our
iomln the njoyn . lent of hood 1,,,,,;,, -. er,
to nee their own' ex .. presHiot., , n,,, . I
well." They ore Inn 1
-- wild, Ile N a , iti • of . 0 '
energy, extremely nervolei, and have no npl,oito
To thin, claim of pni•-vnn the J3l 1I or thr
TONIC, fa oopeclolly osc•oonmmdod: •
Are mode strong by the use of either Of these 1.
They will cure, every rase of litAlbAtatilS,'„wlthout
Thonsande of certillcatea hat 0 - accumulated lo the
bands of the proprietor, but opoOe willallow of the
publication of but n few. _Those, it will be observed,
are men of note and of ouch standiug that t her moot
be believed.
Hon. Geo. W. Woodward.
Chio . ,./orlic.s tzfirte .Supreme Mort of i'a , , rites
Philwlelphlrt ; Marsh t 6, le ,- .'.
- . ,
"I 1100d.,11 - unflotoicroolioortiori
, --
.4%. n lALtit,oo 'lo
irgootl. tonic, uncrol / In ‘lll,,azios of tire
digestive °root, , tool , , of •great, I,..liviii in
easee of debillt.S., tool F • warn of nortot is 31,
lion to the oystoto. Yours I n, ly, r
CORM 117.- - WOODWARJ , " -
Hon. James Thompson
Judge of Mr Stoprem, ancri ;1-.PenueOveinO,Y.
cooßhler ' GoliorM '
medicimlin Cape of aitacktfof 1 ntliv,tioo or 11‘,1, , •1,,1a
I can certify title from lily ex purl, pt
• with rer , h,o l e j 6,
Prgm Rey, ,Tosei)ii, K ICenr_iao, P, D,?
Pint, gf the Terzys. Illittreh,
& c
hr. ./ae1...,.--I)eikr Sir:. I dove been ft t. , ,t0 hi IS 1 . 0 ,
11U,MtQl1 tlClCOntat:illy radio %yin% roeunint iodations
ofilinoront kinds Of ioolicinv.i,lnit. WV:1111111V tilt' 111 lal
tie,' :eti.Oilt of my nip. r ' --- .. ~- pi .pi t:d‘• ,p1,..e, 1
imv,, 1.61; ~,,,,, do • ,;;,,,t; .I.t. wltii, 6
altar pion!' in viari. ' , .. ~.' • VIIS Anstatives 31110
11:11'111•111ally, ,ill. 1,13 r. ' ( . A.11111.11 . 111111y, Of iilll
.11Ft•I'llI11 , , albr. ttobrt,,,,,n Ge.,..6u ritier,,-1.,-dc i tnit
for tit.,i."ft y. ,
oin-ininiiiiii cutti PP, 1.0 {,ilCl`,l nun full
c „„ vi , :t i r „, (loot, fp,. 0 ,,,,,i ri,q,iltly , V the ,yrlent, rail
esp,inityfor I,loor Onopbinft, it 1 . 4 ll SOP tl,ei t.:M7,llde
pr , pop,qi . on. , In row, etnivtl,i , e,“6‘y full; bill Tiiiii,li.YD)
doubt not, Ai Will tin Vet v benitliviiii to titoile ~.lo roill'iir
from !ha :.i.lovoltittimniL ~ . • .
_. _
yeuv., ‘ei:v regpectrully, -
fT.'ll.lCliNti.ltb, • •
, • Atlghth s 'below Cdatun tit.
From-Dev. D. Pendall,
..;43sirtant Editor I.7lqrtion Chi•oniele,'Phitaflelphirt.i
1 have derhol I,ent , llt from Um, pf 'toot.
land'a WWII., and fm.l W nritlltdar
poniatond. them na a ald:t datdo tt'allo, to 411,,tv1i0
salrefing from Oneral dainty or front IllneaticA atiklog
%from deranitenleai of , no': Ilvtr,i!,Ytalrii
43A.. * •
, 1 I (ice
IllUnlgnature p i - -N. 4.4o.Ktiozr
0,. w , 01, t 0 .
. II slt !de 4..010 n " d t,,f tcrfelt.
Prlnelpal 0114:0 'e I tifid , l•.r Manufactory
01 the (lerinan 1'4.1101m , Store, All.Oll
• r Goininii 13ritgulthi I'dw r rlrtor,
tigglgte r n i VigO i tirti a lft7l3hrti o eti.
lion,i.litpe• • : *l-00
I • i%l
,',{. 5.00
:I',. , ltly,ppt. up In biittien ? l,6o
pit bottle . , otnlinit dozen ... . 7,61 1
th; 'not fotgut u'rc;ltiit.;t;strilele In nnler to got the getaltlit • ' ! ,
4,^,27,74fi,,0;,-,t11,,i-',' r'
r"..";e.. W . 14. i =v.---,4.4,,,,,
f;t"lL.,,-....4't .Pfxlo-i_-"TF.Ir---
5.7 ,:,„ 4 ;,..,..
~....: ,to,il
/1 • . .
~......Z•.:r_. 1. 1 1. '• A2in • f
rfF:Li:c,: ete::Cfr-4-1 fret
;I,g 101460 0 6...1t I_, i ,
, _ ,-
Z 7 ,1 uz
:E, y1:11.1,3,9f1.14f,
. 4
i ; „
the Denwerdtte.•l'ri)4,ll
i.•fA9 MADI UP' • •
Or( the 30thof June Just prior to tlie:as-. „
, sembling of the Dbmooratie• National Con
vention,., Mr, F. BLAIR Wrote from
Washington a, letter which at once folind
its way into the' neWspapors. This letter had
evidently been prepared upon free concert
with friends, and was designed to indicate
the 'policFthe Convention should adopt,. and
to hold mitinducements to Inuit° him one of ,
its, nominees: That letter containeethese.
paragraphs:, .
.• !‘lf- the President elected by the. Democ
racy enforces or permits otliors Co
these Reconstruction acts,' the •ItadicAls y
the accession of 20 spurious' Senators Auld
00 Representatives, will control both
branches of 'Congress, and' his administra
tion will be as- powerless as the present- one
of Mr. Johnson.
"There is tail ono way to'rostoro theVoy
,ernment and the- Constitution, and that is
for the, President - elect to declare, these acts
null and void, 'compel the army to undo its
icsurpVidn at the South, disperse the carpet
bag Stec 'Governments, allow the white
people to reorganize their own go VernnieniS and
elect Senators and Rtprizentativcs. Tho
House- of- Representatives will -contain
Majority of Dernoerats from the North, and
they will admit the Iteprosentatives elected
by the white people of - the.,South, and, with
the co-operation. - of tbe*President, -it-. will
not be difficult Cu COMPEL THE SIdNATE
to submit once Moro to the, obligations --of
the Conittitution., It will not be able to
withstand the public judgment, if distinctly
invoked and clearly expressed on this -fun
damental issue, end it is the sure way to
avoid all future strife to put the issue plainly
to the country."
"I repeat that this is the real -and only ques
tion-which we should allow to control us:
Shall We sfibinit to the- usurpations by
which tit ii - Governinefft - has been overthrown,
or shall we exert ourselves for its full and
corn plete restoration? ft is idle to talk of.
to-ink greenbackC, gold, the piddle faith, and
ihe !addle credit. What can a Democratic
President do in regard to any of these, with
ingress in both branches controlled by
carpet-baggers and their allies Y. Hewitt be
powerless to stop the supplies by. which idle
Degrees are organized into political clubs,
by which an army is maintained to protect
these vagabonds in their outrages upon the
ballot. Thesi3, and thin* like these, eat up
the revenues,and resources of the Govern
. •Tet T -4.lestroy its credit, and - make the di r ;
.felienee be:Lween gold nod-greenbacks. We
must restore the Constitution before we can
restore the linances, and to do this-we must
have a President who will execute the_ will
of tife•pe ,, ple by trampling into the dust-the
.hsurpatiolis of Con - grilss, kitcfoin its the lhi
e.enstrection acts. I WWI to stand l+croi•a,
the Caurehlion upon this issue, but it is one
which embraces everything else that is el
io its : large-and-corn p reh ens i ve-results
Ii st our thing that includes all Maris worth
rollieSt, and without it there is notlgng
that gi,ves dignity, honor, or value to the
This doeunkent contains, among others,
the following declaration or principle=, fol
lowing Lilo direction indicated by nr BLAIR:
• 1',,. , 1 .-=lmmediate— i restoration. of all the
- , tatcs to their rights in the Union under
the Constitution and of civil government to
the American people."
,Y,,,ead—Ainnesty for all past political
oiletice,.,- and the regulation of the elective
franchise in the St-des -by their citizens."
We do declare .and resolve that over
since the people of the United States threw
oil' all subjectinn to the iiritish crown the
privilege and trirt, of :suffrage have been
grti,led, regdlated and•controlled exclusive
ly tha i r dincat power of each state res.
pucti any attempt by Congress,
on any pretext whatever, to deprive .any
Stare of this right, or interior with its ez.erL
is a flagrant usurpation of power which
can lied n 0 warrant in the Constitution, and
it sanctioned by the peopleovill subvert our
l'opo of tiovornment,. and gin poly end in
a single ocniraliced and consolidated
011inent, in which the separate existerree of
the states will be entirely absorbed, and an
unqualified . despotisin be established in place
of nideedural Union of co-equal &Ito's; and
dna sae tegaid the reconatrublion acts (so
edit d) of (fungi . ass, as usurpations, and MI,
constilji nn rcoolatioaary and VOID.'
}Vh:kt., Wade IlittkiptOrl
When Gen. WADE HAMPTON • returned
from the New York Conyontion to Charles
ton, he Wtt'S WOlcometi ar iiitirniTioloto Demo
credo mass meeting, called to ratify the
maid nation ot . Sn - moleall and 11 r„s in.
To this meeting Is 'said ;
O , As it was toy good fortune to boon the.
.Committee whichfrittOod..til is flotrionont,.
[the Platform,3 it ;nay. be interesting to .you
perinwsrtfs4samn-bhas-elets3 , --:010b , ; 44 4 ,, fwee.
pcirfucted„and the views of those who made
it. .:-As you aro aware, the Committee on
' Resoluti'fins consisted of one member -from.
ouch State. :lln assemblingltwas,Rifinff that a ;
very groat ditYdrence• of opinion ousted.
Among other resolutions offered, were some
deohnung•that the right of suffrage belonged
to the Siatesould • th is -was announced—W.4 '
gddd llomocratic doctrine. .1 agreed MAIM
propositions, -- bUt at the same time . said that
it seemed, to me they lied omitted ono rerj,
- iinil - ffoint,:-Which "w is to 'declare: to what
States Out doctrine mplied. I thought it
'very necossary u uard and limit that dec.::
! - !matron;arid ~ ,c .., end that iYeinir,ht know
at'what:timeiveSnught go back and say who'
were " thdcitisces of.,the States, 1 naked
that they-would declare that thesesjusistionS
belonged to the States',under their Conslitu-
I : lions up to the year 1/6ff. Geritleinen . wore,
1 tlwro'froin tho , North,. -Senth; 'East and
I West, ancbby all WO WSW() met with .extriime
I ciirdiality.. 'Musa i; I VID, Tiiinr , wElfr; wf.f 4 ll-
Atit, we of tbb - South must :remember thait'
they had a great lightto_make, and it would
riot lot policy' to 'place, ripen the platform,
that which would engender ,prejudice at, the
; Noth. .They,quiwever, 2dedged theorelves•
to do all in (heir iionter to relieve the 'South
ern Slates, and restore to als'iqed Comdtintion
as allied e.viBted: , Ae we were met. ig;..such
a' kindly.sfiirit, - .1-vould,mat but, eeeipreeat ,
!it.. 1, kncw.l wise re p res e nting. the Melte s
oil' any poaple when 1' did 80, Mid T. to di
0'13103 would wtihdrari all the rosiffutiens.
I Fula offered; and -no doubt othor.Southern •
.delegation. Wouldilo the same, , and.. wtfuld , .
oteimp; the resplutfe_us offered by,Alon. Mr.;
.313aymd, .the, Or from
.Dolaw,are, which
'declared Abet re riOit'ef suffrage TAO:gaff'
te'theStldeS.,' I said , I.Woidd , talfe l the TOBT:
:iltiOnSir. they - would allow me to. oda ;but
'throe words, will find onlho4leff
in, the. ididform. „I- added :'• "And ',14 (MI
bare iltartke Rectina'6itetion• acts- ary i6ct
lutionariji nticonsadntional and vOld." • Whojt,
I prOpbs . ed that,.oyery singlmMernbOrolliffr,
.Committee7-4,,tubi the: warmest mmt t ,ln :it
, were the men from the. North--,caine -for
ward Mud otmlci they ,Wotild - e l ffir'Y.:it 66e , t0 th6.06a.L.
th6.06a.L. - Hitviit thks.jiled gq d•'thern§ellies,
11:fefff...assUred•'lliat when' !,he.1,./emoc,rat;g
.I,nipli:illpy will show ns if
.remoily, forolir Oinisfortnpea in,ilicir biNtf.
'40,1. thne;Tor whichl EMT perfOctily 14111iiip;
to' l iniiWt. '' ' 5 .'!: ' •!:.1 . ..1: ;,.: i.` . :. , i1:''.7.21„....: 1 i
VAlZl.:DllMOoratßliarSonth J.Carolinfeboatt
State Convention. at Paillalida a 114 days
_ .
. .
, .
01 .
'r; •
after,lO ratify the non?ination,•:of l3cynopr
and Mir. Gov. - Perry, who • had been a
delegate; said that "Wade.- Hampton• wive
the lion of , the' Convention." , And ho add
ed: •
• .Jiarnpten was eotlrteid by idl:partles;
North, South, - East and West, and whop; as
a member of the Coinmittee - dri Platfdrtn,;
ho' submitted that - seetion.,hicb„:_,OclareS
the recenstructio acts void, and - revolution?
ary,.._the 2.C3tlc the Coininitiee, told him
to' made it as sti• ng as he pleased, they would
rudOrso it. . •
The Mobile Register, edited by,. John
Forsythe, 'a delegate to th'd Now York Coii
nention avers:
" ."No men reoeived.nwro , hospitable and
intirlsed welcome in the Convention, in the'
citified in the North,' than Gonorals Hamp
ton and this, net only from a
genuine IMO - lir:Alen of the heroic character
ettlieSe greilt ertvalry idllters, but in-order
to- signalize: 'and -mirk-the-truce that-has
been-modOetween the friends - of liberty, in
the North' aind intho This - act broke
- .
the spell Ora doubtful policy.
And now,,so far from adv'sing these gen
lemen,. including Admiral, Bemnies, not to
appear-in public as the advocates ofSey
motir and Blair, if we had our way, we
wonld.put them in the field of campaign in
'the North, and lot them 'Speak and'eanvass
and utter the boldest truths that they fool,
from every, stump in the North and West.
The period for sparring has gone.past We
must gloves offnow, and with bare
lee, aye tvidh-majled '
hands Nye must nod
at" the enemies of our liberty."
The Montgomery (Alabama) Mail sup
' , When tiio t'oleMittee came to consider
tile reconstruction question,
was doomed
proper-to simply declare' the present Gov
ernment at the South "unconstitutional,
- null and' void." But at the the
CoMmittee, with buta single -dissenting.
voice acknowledged' that the remedy foi the
Unconstitutional proceedings 'at the South
-would rest with tlia .Executive, .- Tht seno
ment of the Comnuttee and Convention upon
the question of the remedy agreed with thee
declaration of,,Genr:Blair,wed was salltlae..
tory to every'S ontherli delegate."
tkni nempbis'Cronn.) Avillunelte, in quo
ting frbm Gen. letter to Col. Brond-
head takes occasion 'to say:
— ''it was the publication of thibrOttaFtliat
secured-Mr. Blair Isis nomination' for the
Viee,Presidoncy. Thus it will be soon that
the North is far ahead of the .Botitb. They
are ripe for ):evolution."
The Augusta (Ga.) Chro?acle, n'bitter an
ti-reconstruction journal,xquotes Seymour's
peech'ficlivered en his election as perinn-
vent President Or tho Non' York Conven
tinn,-and Blair'F infernoul letter. It then
7, .Th0 E.ontimonts expressed by both
dictates are consonant with the Vio WE end
wishes of the Southern . people. Gen. Blair.
has only one way in-Agileh these - outrages
on the J3onstitution can be checked and
remedied and imGo.vernment restored. It
is this; -Tho-President shall declare there-
construotion ants-null and void, ebriapel tho
army to undo its tis'urpations at the South,
disperse the carpet: bag Statp Governments,
allow the white people to reorganiie their
own governments and elect Sonatora add
timi of principles broad enough and com
prehoroiVe enough for the people of the
South: It retiecte the eenti.nents of the Dion
acre tic party:
FORM. _ .
In New Voriz i. the evening after ho , was
loulinnted, Mr. Blair rindo n speech in
which he said:
ac.opt the platform of resolutions
passed by the Democratic Convention, and I
- accpt their nomination with- feelings-of the
most profound gratitude."
'What avilit.ted people on the earthild
refuse to associate with themselves ih all the
.4ghts and honors and dignities of their count
ry such -Ines as Lee and Johnson? (Voice)
.Noue' .Niinti') What eii7ilized country
would fail to do honor to those tuhojighting
foe an erroneous cause, yet distinguished Mont- .
selves bygullantry serer surpassed (applause)
in that contest for which they arc sought to
be distn franchised and exited front 'Ad?'
ht hilhat contest they, •
prb'ved theth-
selve. , to hp user A kers. °'
110 AV T 72 SOU TII ti.vrnannnas r ri.kir,:AcTiom
The Richmond Examiner; commenting - on
13inirie speech and letter of acceptance, says:
„Oar - i N - ohio candidate has placed himself
a the sinn- of the ceusikdo which is - to deal
derftlf find destruction to the miserable men
who have made our. halls of legislation-the
dens of' 'thieves. 'Ho .shows himself., welt
qualified by _'wlso, istattainariship.- and . by
courage tOtrid us once more out of the wil
derness-of Iniquities."
The.Rielimond„ - Divatch, in alluding to
lie delay oT MPe'eledtititial "6&ndidate to
tempt tho nomination,..malatains that: ,
Governor Seymour , .shoUld undertake
o smooth off the rough aorriers ;of
Blaii's platform, he will only ..hvjura• the
cause.he desiyes to 'promote, :and
,lesson the
cliiincq of his cwn success. is'no tiin6
flOr' ternporithig.‘ Lot is of thb South know
what wo to expect.. -Let us :know
whotlier we ‘iro to bo proseribid our na
call themselves. our ‘liprthern.brothron,'.
'PAR ritoNouxeit p.tiYMOUR ALL
,• The "211Obile''/Ogistin",. °nista the earliest
And,bitterest or*lxt rip of this, Itobellion,:raised
the names pf -Seymour mid 11lair with ti
shout eitiltntion.',OfAkrmenr irtistifd;
"UpuriAlie;qtreStiOnsoil the tlaY::.q_ i
ocularly the,ci on-which with the South s
all overshadoWlog y ,his pesitillnis snfilelent=
ly pronounced to be 'ilittnistaltahld.and:Un}
objectionable:...4l.o,has.....daulared' emphatic}
ally his agreement with that decision of thb
Suprotne Cluert'Whieh 'adjedged tho:ltecon}::
gtrtiction acts.ol :Congress 'outside of. thb
Constitution' and tv,ithout validity,' and 'lib
foyer of tiv pr th row I ng 't no - Roconstita4.•
tloMmensures,•with mongreband ills
inho Southern Statos,tby
promulgating that 'decision, which would
letiVe them without foundatiomin laivi.and
Witlibut the moral support.of any oxotipt-thh
-hromoters of arairtlty and the 'arehitectO of
anarchy.' ' • • • •:
IN011;.! The Supreme ~ C otirt Inis7 , l l "PinP•
"sorb deciSien.—En.j
" - --.Croneeraing'Frank this- Clontildt
orate artielolis minis more onthusittstle,anyi•
"Of th'e'seleclion'oT
•for•Vico l'rasidont , nothing.need to be said:
at present,wowint a letter dolln!,
fay (tip position in , the molt - erOphatic lain;
pesition:to:owhioh,the South :can
have no possible. objection, as ?
atfertieraw of tf4iZ
recon;iiructioli ath had 'MI6
rastoratitm Ofi.• the Southorn Siatos to their,
,Gonstitutionat ; rights, ,t/ik root an,(l, on/1) issO,
en this comest. , • } '
rx•GOVerrint• Printer ) of , SOfithl
.i,'rt pomouratip meeting at Coluni
bitt, said.: -•-
- "With Bath - men. as: Horatio :Seyniour
and Frank-rirrillairasour,statidard-b,parorq,i
l ta e n rl d er g t o ie n i p l l 3 W otrrui i
ti p o q p r ti6odi c
• York'. 'potivontion,;; viryqmuzit:lnv Btio'pesq
i,l:o kn f idko, l'remd,gp t ial elc9l,lon,?.'t,
4 • • iii platiVr of - 'tlo l
41e9)111144 iminfOlato.i!osomtio,riof: 01,flo
r 14111,8 titt qv
'111(1' Voii.4titkiticint,q
:lattst plalfo4ll4.rs4, kho
net.e,of Congrnss to nnseinpillotis.nnd un
uonstitutibniii And -votiLLTho
.Istenr:Arirrir/.il3,4nyontioll-AO.l-40rniolii914.1 tp
its action tbugh W
out Its session. There AS'
• -
t - • J.. „•
,;S - 1
~'L si.)~'-'
Advancer & .$2,0 within _the; .year.::
.no difference , Of - opinion on, any siubjectAit
. twain Northern and Southern .delegatii
They were: united as a .band of pats eta {
'Whose solo obj eat .ivne , to &Touts thmri:Gov.
.erament from tinfurpers;:and .tyrafits t ., ;anal
'oppressors, and restore the Constitiftion and
the Republic,--amalL3heir , original purity
and freedom to, the Americampeeple, ,Thp
Southern-delegates determined to be ref.':
ce n t in the Convention, and take no promi:.
neat part in its
. proceedingsi while the
Northern delegates said to thorn, ""On ihe
subject of your peculiar grievance and ap
pressions,, draw ypur platfornz,—and_
nurkait - as-scong-ns-youplease,-and
endorse it.' •
At Little Ro6k, Ark.,. Mr.. O. S.' OAME
ON, a delegate to the New York Coreentpizi,
sixty days frOm the adjOernment of
the Convention five hundred thousand soil
diers..w,ould be organized.. into _companies,
regiments, brigades, and army corps ready,
if need bo, - to march 'to Washington. We
will send three' :voters into ::tho' Electoral
College, and three Representatives .te
gross, and if Ben. Wade does not count &O
vote. then comes the military orYaniiation,
with Gen: Slocum a.t. its head, all armed
and equipped."
The Mobile Tribune, in'urgingits readers
to ratify the Now York nominations said :
"Friends—fellow•rcitiiens . of Mobile—
comrades 'of the QUeen City of the , Gulf-1'
let us make ono more effort ins .• behalf of our
rights and liberties. If foe are successful in
Ike approaching contest, eaC shcill figain all
that-we loss in the ,'Lost Paitse.' L'Once more
to the breach -then,—yet once morel and
whim the cloud Shall have clgare away from.
the flaming field, our ;flag—the grand old;
Democratic flag—will beseon in all its glory,
and streaming like the thunder cloud against.
the wind. Lot us - then • rally: once more
around the dear-old flag,
_ilia we have fol
lowed so often to honer and victory. Let
us plant our standard in the midst of the
field, and lot us 071C0' snore raise Vic soar cry
—'ho who doubts is damned ; he who dallies
is a dastard:' " • . .
, The Vicksburg Herald was so excited by
the doings of the New Yo,rk Convehtion that,
Itcould_:not bear to Wait till the election,
but urged:
"Hero is the easy solution of all those
troubles. We claim that we. taw: these
rights secured to us by every lair. Then
lot us executothem;and if they areprovontell,
let the onus rest upon those who
In other words, we owe it to ourselves to
deszand our. right., and endeavot 'to exorcise
them, otherwise they will never be forced
upon us. It is the duty of the, people to
The Charleston 'Courier insists:
"Congress, by numerous nets nra deela
rUtions, hits recognized as legitimate all the
State GOVernmerits existing in the South at
the termination of the war. Therefore, in
efISO two sets. of. electors 'should present
themselves from suekStates, the votes only
of those should be counted who Were chosen
under the GovelTment so formed by t he.peo
pie: The-coutitryshoitidlee-to 'it, that :the
voles of the negro organizations ShOuld not
be received."
'Said the Georgia rabbi, Toomns, in a
sneeeh ratifying the nominations, at Atlan
ta, the other day : . .
"I will tell you anetl fi ler feet, which is
ent,ugli Sur this titne, dila as the late war
was produced by the defeated Democratic
party in 1860, we shell never have peace
,until it-is restored in-1868."
At is ratification meeting held at Atlanta,
Georgia, Mr. Howell Cobb said: - •
I want to express •it, and I urge it• upon
you, until there shall exist in the heart and
soul oC every son and daughter' that walks
'and breathes her-pure 'tiro and lives,upon her
happy soil, this eonyiction,,that these men
of the North, -these Chicagcr'thers; these
Mon who call.upon You to•vote'for.•'Grant
and Colfax, and that ,Grant and ,Colfmx,,whe
have indorsed these tlitpge, ace neither wori•
thy of your votei your 'respeet'flor you). con=
jidence, much less of your kindness and hos
pitality. My friends, they are our enemies.
I state' it in cool and calm' debate. If they
wore our friends, they could. not doubly
wrong us, and if there beat in their bosoms
one single kindly, emotion 'for tho' people of
the South, they'would never have made this
public, declaration to the world of your, un
worthiness and the contempt which they
feel for you. Enemies they, Were in war p
'enemies they continue to be in peace. •In
war we clrowlhe sword and bade them de-
Alone°, in peace-we gather up the' intinhood
of the South, and-raising the banner of
constitutioniles - polity, Mid -'gathering
around it the good • men of the _'North
well at the South,
we hurl into their teeth
to'-day ihe samo clef ianee and bid thein. come
On to thi • struggle. We aro ready fco' it if
yOur are. ,
1 come today to present candidates and
, 'MAW Very good and true maii-in'GeOrgie
to join With me Hi the good 'work,: •Conle4.
teritt*ltifitrWertr - treMtb7OrattV" — Thlt
deors are wide dliOn, wide Onceigli; braid
.onotigh rebeiveeraryfwhite man in Goon'.
• gla, unless you should,discoimr.him ceming
to you creeping And—crawling under 'tho'Chi,
Cap platforms • illpon'•them themiehottldte
no morstsThey , have, dishonored them.;
• selves-and'sotwnt lialonor!You: Anaties
-eaatize -theni,:-'7-bidoe-:theiw-POJii=the,4l,llaLdf
zqcial and political toddy. ,
, 'Come one and sell, and de snatch thb.
-old' beim or:froin the dust,, , ,give: it again tti
breeze, and, if need be, TO - THE,GOEt2F ,
BATTLES, and str i ke one Moroi; liOneit
'blow for constitutional liberty: 1
MURDER SW REPUULICA Nb wwciTheithr..4- -
; •
Albert S. Pike, 'Judge find •Ueigl
Qe . nerali•inys: ,• :'• • , - • .
- °A .1 " ) !/"; 1
,04'c'gr.fc , noir4 4 i
. Northerri
Rulik! Arm
,yourselves dfid organize, and:
ready'ta . *roiiintti pron)pak
<m4 : fight bravely even if yquitef
The,Pitie Bluff "1/?ngicltor;",
• •
, . ,
• ' .'"TETE:SPIR:2I.` 0F.' , 1/71.1.7LES BOOTEE STILT! i
.I.:ol . .ice,,thlink God!" Thorefore, taife,coar
ago! Soyinpqo:llair;lind. -; ruE lIICV . II4L ol'
TOE ORNAT i ''Ulig 'is the tilOteo' . of '6l.
`,:titio'hltllll'! ' : . ..• , :, ..'... • ~ 'r, ~'.:.! - '1
I TAlo„`A.,ll{lntil Intel Aigeneere describes. how'
'the 'nomination of' S';'lnSibillt: - ,Tilid ' BY:thtti
wasc received there: ~, i. :'. •....,' f! • •
- “The entire city beck ma blazing :inonu.•
'inent 'oribeipeolo , e joy; , and 'a etrong an 4:,
: anainienotiniSothnent,: • nlingiod with A con
fidence as true and firm ne-eviir 'filled, the'
Ithatti'of;n4triOti,'"htfifst. tfr ) oni '6ery , Tn.:.
. We fanlike we iberelEath Agetill en, the old Aegs,
,q(,.-ozin countrO fiNry,rtn4 that4ho sesctiggV
wild going 'to bo'one, *Oriliy OVtlie-!caufie ;
and - of the greathisnes at atake,n.:' , . r • •••ii 1 i
'II344IIIOUVI:AT TIAB . .,POUVII. TO, Four.q . w..,
:.• ~ DEnlocitiwib Tiin.ii7ll: : ,
'. ‘Th4CliaideAtotOtieN:tir . yil44ddiefiieiilifi'.
janthorities at (Columbia& • 'i '•:: : I: 1 -.! .. o .1 ` . j ,
141-ceXaxy . we hog _h3e,vo_ to, enhnlit. to Arse •ktf
cclunda organizing negi? rule ' 11'04E1
13tiati-LitliiiL 'ladle' titet , e , In , 'your ' efi3oting!
J aillcerei.oritnietdog lave. o for• the„peoplO,, l' l sf
taoat l 4,,Pnrolina? You kneii that-you can=
'nOttive thein'effleany .by..s7Otii.' °Wm.:pi:o;7 - o
fatialther:iria:n6.hope, - ; of any.? ppLivevqt,o_fi f -
1 1 7 .
yqp Or
nx ; i frothe government zor , army t 0 ,
UM tod Stittok - 4 ~W hy, Watt 431'0 , the farce
fdfiatiltninle tering i and Icaiitrollii)g vklgqyArri,.
hleof supporting itsolfi Would it .not„.he.'
whier, ta wait three,, *Mt,' alo
punivifilitiiktfiliirgfign,Nith frp, ,f 1 ), 1 _1-
ItyJdf its•daration .clr*ive it up•torever.Vo
the Radical party iii•oVerthrown'in'
every'steptaken to set up their mongrel
governments n the 'Southern. ,States, will be
mvset Nal& every:man- WhoAris : identified
himself with their orgabikatione)vill lid held
to resporisiliilitf.",
The Mobile Register thus' cralti-fi3? war— .
so if:niit military-- against - N - eithern
. 111 .06 in Offlotlikliff , :-
"If on W o assails your linhor, slanders your
'character, niteele tqui.mOrkey, self-respect
liis:iiequaintaiiee.' But
here aro paeri,v!hp, ere •Iponlyjobbing:Eyott
or- 79Pr and yetgen.-
glfisSeii< illfalielb r ltridL!.ho'b-nob: 'on the,
streetawitilthenv r We deapunce this facile
complacency as a crime to the outraged ma
jesty of .the people, awe, treasonable corrcs
pondealee With the bliprr . 4s of the CcimumitiJ
wealth. • Thig'iriitirogs; and shoMlii be' ireathi
as dags---dOgs-only'••toldrated"4 now , because
the power of the An-thp, hands of
our enemies in- Congress, liiit.73.lT not he
tolerated Mi . ° hour hfter the' peOplii recover
the libertylto do justice uPon their oppres
sors. It hi the duty „of every Southern man
to cut-these vermin, Excommunicate; tli <IA ;
spew :thern , ,out as & outcasts and : social
'Plirliths, with i'7l . lOlTl it isilisgraceful feAiold
social intercourse." • ,
Mr. WILLIAAPON; a prominent Democrat,
at a SE.Vithint and'Biara 'meeting in New
•,Orleans, - said
..-L 4 tWe tkriltigm them ifs ,the name •of .our
own' ;,dearly. :Veloved Confederate'dead
• (cheers) *hese bones are . strewed all over
the Northwest; killed in battle by the atro
cious cruelty;'of the Radical. `Government.
Again says,the Ortitorzi believewd.will carry
our candidates awfiririly as there is a throne
of God. And oven ••defeat should fall
upon u; do not. be discouraged; the time
Will come whquAyeshall redeem the country,
dot no man.-leave the State—lot us lay 7 our
bones in LoniSittne, 'and if these scalawags
and' cart)et-baggbre remain, t .tis hunt them
from the country." - •
In a simeiM. endoraiiig the New' York
meminees; Mr:lonin,s said.: • '
- "The one:great ; ipestion of
terest to us, which, the Democratic party. has
takeniby the throat, was that military des
-Imam 'shall henceforth and fdresver.cease:
4 ".* Thd'agtioning kleelatons.Whieli'haVe
been set up in our midst as legislators, shall
be ousted by Frank Blair WIIOIM i OUR -
things shall-be swept from the bosom of - the
- country., When the war ceased', the rob
bery 'should have been over and the rights
of conquest liqiited by the terms of capitu
lation. Mr. Johnson's reconstruction was
illegal rind unconstitutional, for ho had pre
seribed,who should vote and-Who- should
not. on a more limited scale, what
successors-havehis.. done; but he had tried
to make the i r/me,* honorable and ought to
be forgiven." •
^ • Adiairal Semmes, commander of ilia Rob
e! privateer Alabama, in a speech at a Dem
ocratic meeting at Mobile, said:
''He•had always been a Democrat; lee had
fought in the war as a Demacrat;_that he
had once despaired of a republican govern
ment in this country, but now there was a
light in the Bak which bid them hope. flr
had drawn ids mom - againse, the old. lag be
e42l3 C he was a Democrat ;and it had! ceased
to wave over a free and ConstßutiOnal count
ry." -
*. * ** '
. "Hogoncludeclo with the'reiriark that
, he there renewed his'adhesion to that flag
provided it could wave over a government
' preiided over by each constitutional Demo.
chits as Horatio Seymour and Frank P
Blair." - .
At Now York, on tho _evening after the
nominations wore made, Wado Hampton
"We (the rebelsleictermined to take de
feat with the Democracy rather than by sae
rifting our-principles to gain success with the
Radicals - . (Applause,) Wo believed that
if we were true to thosei principles, if t -we
were true to-ourselves, that; God would-not
forsake,us: and that those _broad principles
of liberty nderlylng the principles of the .
Democratic party would triumph, and that
wo would at least be free and delivered from
ho ruin that has been-Impending over us."
(Applause.) A
- We van have .no relief unless the Demo
cratic party will coma out and pledge itself
that we shall have a fair election; that the
white people of the South shall vote. I
want you air to register an oath that when
they do vote that their vote,shall bo count
ed, and if there is a majority, of white votes
that yOuwill place Seymour and 131 air in
the.Whito Househi spite ofall the bayonets
that shall. be brought - ttuinst them.
• At the Seine nieeting•Mr: Vallee ; of 11 orth
~;c • -;
019 r, 049 y els ). had bbwod to the
yoke long enot•Oktuid it was now'time that
they -ShOttlti N145(.1 .1 , 1111 asset; their manhood
under the constitution, This groat coun
try must ho riciiiiint6 'l6 - Original position
olgrandeur - anilireatnessi• or else .constitu
tionallibert.y, is: gone, forever,. The Demo
cratic Pti - ay - iStblelo right these evils.' ( A p- •
Alid•the party•noed only putthe
,shoulder t,t, the wheetto help the Sputa out
of the "Slough of Despond" into which at,
'has '
',-Mr. Walk> yco,tt, in the ~Georgia 4ouse
of. Representatives, declared:
"The time WAJWltilin• we ' nhl thought thc•
Nerth vas against us,. and ,that, we Joust
submit: to the terms of We couqueror,e7'how
ever degrading. Thattimo 'has peeled. Al
ready her signtirguns have . been fired from
her greatts.metropolis,,and. their reverbera•
.tioue, no they roll iu k tbuttler r tones from the
'Pacific th the - and i'rdn the sea
board to the molintaing, bid us to he of 000 d
cheer, shind.firtn; dispute every inch or the
constitutional rights left us, 'until the rein
• torcements reach:Am....There is no retreat
..crsttuVentsteitwo-tvt"-tWeit‘tuoe . l - rittiteviafits
herinopylai of our political existence, and
let us hold it till , rolief.• comesi:or, like thr.
,hrave Spartans, die in its defense." ,
f 7b be continued."'
'• TIiH ago of a' yeutig lady' is now expressed
aono:rding to the pyvent style of skirts, by
saying that eiglitteen springs barn' pnssod
ina.) , not he.a gory tercilkle set of
Linnian,' ;. .114 ebori niaifyit
'lBlMary': Officer who; although vain or his
,694.iigs,.nouNn'tiook his tailot in the hie 4..
AN 'aged uiaieloi• being risked' if 11 , „-licoi
eYer!witticAsetk,a , eXcaßtiflNC,'rePtied
—"No ; but I once saw-e. tnarO!tge I", t
' (3i 0110 . E Washington's title (neethqiing to
Aiienina Wata).iyas notto': WINO 114. Y Pukllic
, inel,r of the :presellt•dp,y 'Feqemble hltn to nun
alivrilin' extent. '
-Miss .13.rovanyllaukida.,-, fellow. to a
Igiukbrutictto, have been to learn to tell
fortunes.'' Just- -lot inO.:haye•your'.thind, if
.yoll 7 .pleasd.l: "La I Mr.' Wlllte i : , t:kw aucldun
,inlia.Fo 1 ,Woll, go aud aslc father." . •
, .
• ~ .
'A. ikbunk .1 Ay Wo,l3dificlia'rgdd fr9nt one, ot
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liefitAluilvil egiaiqrom , feinpStiting: -,- A. 4tlur
mOrt,ipfyiA, tmlco,fikylur place,. ~ • ,
A ytount , nbuck, ' ntrsv-aLsinSra, mentions
noinitonaded; tto:bni n.hbaver on his bond,
gpt*oo qn tap; chL l ,,.ldsp', on Isla Laud,
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thankeej t,,playpd polcor an ono.
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