Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, December 14, 1866, Image 2

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AT,I • D ‘ El 9: 14, 1566.
' . .13. 111. PIGTVENGII4I. & CO., •
NO. 3"t Park. Row, Now York, and 6
State St. Boston, are. our 7tgent's for the I.ltnnin,
' 9 bozo cities, had are authorized to take AdVerl Ise.
i onto and Subscriptions tor UP at our lowest rates. •
. .
The Democrats, over since tho,slirrander
of LEE'S and Jour:sores' armies, leave been
discoursing' with-:Wonderful- volubility and
-- earnestness, - of - .magnanitiiity-of-,its excel-
Jones in itself and 10 a moral ornament, and
of its usefulness-in-the conduct of private in
dividuals and political -parties, in obliterat
ing chronic jealousies, in healing mische
vious alienations, and in cementing
solubly the boPds of broken amity and
friendship.- In what they allege on all these
heads there is some sound doctrine and prim,.
Coal common- sense, to which no man or
woman, rightly organized ,and tempored,is
disposed to fiivolously ca'yil, much.- less to
_ - raise,serfeus_objection.l3ut_it• is manifest,
• these IMmilists halo no intention of practic
ing towards the Republicans the magnanim
ity they demand'of 'diem in behalf of. the
- - rebels; and that in - now - sinking - the - claims
-3- of public justice into subordination to the
Primarily, 'if not exclusively, by a .purpose
.to 'shield the giiilty,,,and at some future pe
riod enable them to renew, under favorable
s-1---ispiasTtho-bailled conspiracy against the
life of the nation.
When and in whkt particular did Demo
') • brats over, show magnanimity towards Re
publicans?' Wo remember when the .first
Republican, chosen to the national Senate,
.took his seat in that body. We looked upon
the Senate often during the first session Mr.
Suurtzu sat in it: He was treated with as
much open and brutal contempt as the Dem
°crate now delight in pouring everywhere
upon the heads of black xneeL We remeni :
- ber when Mr. STHINER gained in that body
the companionship of Mr. SEWARD and Mr.
CHASE., All three of them were excluded
- from service on the standing and select com
mittees, with the intention of wounding
their sensibilities and degrading. them in the
estimation - of their countrymen. In debate
i the Senate, in social intercourse in the
Ye:ity, all manner of - indignities Wore Peeped
upen. them. Nor was a decentdr temper or
method exhibited towards them in the whole
round of democratic journalism. On the
Platform -in all -popular relsomblies for po
litical disapsion-a moat unbounded license
of, vituperatign Was indulged and encouraged
against them ) . as individuaLS and against the
principles and organization of which they
were then the foremost exponents. Nor was
this all, nor ,the coarsest - part of it, ' Com
mencing in the Senate Chamber and extend
ing all over the county, violent assaults were
made upon the persons and properties of Re
publieans. The wildest-outrages were not
only perpetrated with impunity, but were
everywhere either excused or applauded by
the Democrats. 'What peltings with rotten,
_ eggs; what canings ; what coatings with
with tar and -feathers; what conflagrations
-- of - tsp.Hirrgsictilrn - h.dia - ena--eitarelies
were endured at their hands. Mr. JEFFEE:
Republicans wore " outside of any healthy
political organization ;" and this dicta be
came the prptmA and warrant for the most
startling excesses. Mr. STEPpEN A. Bono-
LAI, after calmly witnessing ono of the most
brutal of these scenes, which has become
historic, to the perpetual shame of the na
tion, excused hiS apathy and indifference,
by stating that ho "could, not , interfero ,
without -being. misunderstood;" thitt.'"ia, an
act ofcommon humanity would haVe cost
him his emipentstanding with,tho
- Tilit;, - a &reins hed 'TO;C , ..C7iiii his hoTeiiZi .
reaching the Presidency by their votes.
- IsicTrims tWvirulonee - teivards the Repub
licans been nollifLecl by the progce‘s. , _af_.
events. Them
in has been eh !tend
but-tho anim ing spirit 'remains as vigordus
as formerly. The Republicans in all the
Northern States have become too numerous
and powerful to be mobbed. ThOy ore stemm
enough to take care of themselves, and to
. make reprisals, if need be, and hent!ss Dein - =
ocratic ruffians ordinarily keep at a respect
ful distanc . e.- But turn to the Deniocratio
journals, and if you do not hear the hissings
°The old serpents, your cars must be dull
,of hearing. What measureless defamations I
What invasictus .ef the sanctity of private
life I • Whaferiminatils and impeachments I
And those, perpetually and indiscriminately.
A stranger to the men - and" country would
have the- conclusion forced upon .him -that
the: Republicans in 'all , , public and private
relations . vere the very 'offscouring of the
human race.,
On the top of all this, the- appeartcr them - 1
to be magnanimous to mon who havo con
ressealy BO violated the laws as to stand
stripped of all pgilitinal rights, arid to
iy exposed to the sharpest bodily punish
inept, presents e peculiar intermingling of
impudence add hypocrisy... The Republicans
are nut likely to take couiisol oT thoin in a
. matter of-this sort r for.thedetermination of
whioh, both,by natural - constitution and by
habit; thtg - are 'of,•the most unfitted.
In this snm-^otion. his not irrelevant to
repeat thatthe Republicans in their hour of
triumph, and under eircumntaimes of nvtrn
ordinary exasperation, maintained, on the
a: mast comme.dablo equanimity of
--tompor,,.a.Surprising , "-restraint,.. and
large-hearted purpose to sub
.nct the natural
inStinets of revenge tp the higt.,r lhWe
' patriotism and religion. .In the wpr o f re
construction, whatoVer harsh suggestio.„„
_may have dropped from individuals, smart
ing Under a sense of old wrengS; they have
. awakened no
. general response -in approval
incorporated into none _of the
schemes presented for public 'Fatifiention.-- -
- The'prevalent' idea has not been tn_ritort for
the injuries of other years, or to inflict the
:penalties willfully incurred, but so to adjust
the great questions in dispute as to lead if
possible, to ininTediato reconciliation{ and
permanent amity.. ItTi. Suniner;.,notwith
standing' the'violenco done his person "and
"the ceaseless flow of defamation against-his
charitator, has held consistently that-lenity
was the true 'wisdom. What hai appaßed
the Democrats in hie courispis his psistence
- that lenity .towards the . rebels should. bore
ciprocated by simple justice from.'9l69to
the blanks. .Not oven the fresh- , storrajof
.contumoly ;which' theconductrof
dent . has raised ; in the South against the po
publicaTA 'has loft . a trace of malignancy
upon pithei their feelings or purposes. ..Per
. penal and,Partizan,considerations are not at
the bottom of their policy, and. will. not bo
allowed to txort a oinisto; influonco. upon
their measuios. : pianninns of a groat. oausci
in. which the riglibianklibOrtine 'of onlpii
gonorations, for many ages,i,Lro bound
they rnsan, rigidly to subordinate whatevOr .
is individual. and temporary
.to the higher
considerf—thitt whidli is pii6lle, and
permanent, and, thus ipserige tho namo of
their organization among . the lonefaetorS'Of
Irthe human ram. .:
The U. 'S. Senatorship.
—ThA Harrisburg Telegraph, tho Repub.
helm State organ, is earnest in the ,uppori
of Gen. Can for U. S. Senator.
4opublienn ' papers of Lancastor
county, advocate the ekctiOn of Thaddeus
St4vens to the-Sonatoiship.
—The Bradford Reporter ablindons Groty
and declares for qcn. Cameron.'
—The Pottayillo llPliers' Journal Leber' l
Courier, Indiana /leg/sick Norristmv't
publican and' :Village Record, express,' Pre'
mime for Gov—Curtin.
—Tho Lewisburg Chronicp'boista tbo
name fif Ex.-Gov. Pollock fr thu Senator
—The Republican ~ " IFB
of Pittsburg
aro divided between do support of Gen .1.
Moorhead and non. ThOrnas
of that place.
A correspondence of the. Pittsburg Com
inercial; suggests thonnme of Judge Agnew;
of Bonvor county,, for U. S. Semntor. An
other corresponde same paper, th in Its
Gon. Cnmeron - man- ninong-all others
who should be selected.
—The,yellsboro' Agitator, and Blooms
burg _Republican, have. come cult for,clam-
oron within the list few wee ce
tne 01;115.avry — vi - 1.13:0
..... Tyoasury.
In his last annual report, the Secretary
estimated that the expenditures for the three
qufirters of the fiscal year ending June - 30,
1866, would exceed the receipts 5112,184,
947,20. The results have been widely differ
ent. The receipts exceeded the_ estimates
$89,005,905,44, while the
short of the' estimates $200,529,235,30. -T-his
statement is certainly very gratifying. The
receipts .w - ere.rto follows :
Customs, $132,097,068 55.
Lands, 532,140 40.
Inteinal Rerkue, _ '.212,607,627 77.
Miscellaneous, 48,285,125 90.
Direct Tax, 1,943,642 82.
Total Receipts,
Civil Service,
Pensions and Indians,
War Departmenc,
Navy Department,
I uteresi on Public. Debt,
' Total . Eperidi tures $ . 284,325,227 34
Receipts including cash bat- ,
aces, - 482,584 . ;420 88.
Actual Expenditure, 284,324,227 35.
Receipts over Exyfrs, $178,240,193 54.
. ..
The Public debt,lesa cash in Trensury_on
the let day of October last, was t32,551,424,L
121;20. Tho Secretary thinks that after a
carerul revisisn of the tariff rind internal
revenue laws, under a system of econotninal
matingement, the public dCbt;inny be dimin
ished at the rate of louver fire millions of
dollars per month.
Ito also takes occasion to remark that a
national debt cannot.-be .regarded as a na—
tional blessing, and thinks ill:a tinder pro
per management, the entire debt of the - na-'
lion can he 'liquidated by' the generation
that created it.
The Secretary regrets that so-little progress
eie payments, and gives the following fig-
ports for the past year
Difference, $03,987,7Z.5
Which sum must be paid in specie.—The
&mount of .....nierican securities held in •Eu
rope are thus estimated:
U. S. Bonds, $3150,000,000
Brute and Municipal Bands, 159,000,000
Railroad and other . gt!nelis and
When it is remembered that these bonds
have heen sold at most ruinous rates—fee'
they - were disposed of lit the du - mat:Wes
of gold--and that they are redeemable in
specie, it will be seen that the United States
are lari;ely indebted to Europe. The pro
ducts of our gold. and silver mines, from
1818 to 180—a period of 18 yeari, was $l,-
loo,000,000: -
The Secretary makes ilia follotifihrroeons
entytti ons ;Th at -the -Nation al - Bar: Its
be compelled to redeem their notes in the.
Atlantic cities, or better \till at a single
city; 2nd. A curtailment
,the currency
to an amount required by a INitimato and
healthy trade. 3d. careful reNion of the
tariff, for the purposes of har&oaizing it
with our national taxes, removinObe op-
PressivOurdens now imposed uporr\ertriin
branches of industry, androlieving aleeth
er, or greatly relieving raw materials
taxes, in order that • the pioduct of lik r
may be enhanced and :production' and
portation increased. 4th. In the . issue of
bonds.,.pnyable in not ovqitWeatTy years and
bearing not over five : per , cont., payable 'in
England and.Ctertimr.7,
to of 000 b tlio six per cont., bonds now
held in 3iur4e, r and to meet the demand
there for actual and permanent investment;
and 6th. The rehabilitation of the•SouthlNt,
The estimated receipts for the current; fis
cal year are $435,000,000; •ntul the expencli
turei,f6i the same peried,5,360,247,041
leaving' a surplus of $85,702,358 08.
amount'of gold coined durlps.the past year
,;„„ $10,Q900145.; Stiff
Prancisco,.slB,2l7,Boo; of silver, at Phila
.509,314 50.; at Sari Francisco,'s2Bo,oo
ohr•-ffne - andTifFelile coppers; at
$ 6. \204 50.
a return to specie
nit July 1868.
The Secretnry statt.-„ti • • ,
payments is possible on e'
Tile report is exceeilinglY
su.n o very,ifiterestipg statiStical*Kprhsents
.., ,
.D.118E14.."..-...Y bi§cutn.cED..L-thorOnegh.
Cowan has boon 'hoi.,;back ', from the hoed t
the-tail-Of-the Sonatbriat!._CoMinitto 011.11ai
onto. Dixon end Doolittle have been shill
lariy degraded. These men are note reap
ing .thd fruits of • their' treachery. They
must feel — inoanbr than outright RObels.
Their cause, too, is a lost one—and they can
never more hold bp their heads and look an
holiest donstitueney 'tic the face.' They go
back to private life with no hope of over ro-,
gaining standing or po'SitiOrt. Nobody will
trust them.. 'So it will bo with JOhnson two
. ears hence. • - .
, ~.
'--Wo sea , that Raymond-'of the Nsiw..Yoric
Tilltati is ' trying to got back into the Remit);
Heat fold. .flo attended the canons on Wed
' nesday - ovenin g-. and= seemed'. very,penßopt.,:
Lot our small potato CopperL.,Tolinsons, ho'warned,
warned by thp fate of these men,,...toliticlill
tionii . sty is the 'be , .poliay '—much .hatfer
than Andy Johmion's.
policitnan of BostOn hasteeii charged .
With imirglarY, in catering anB,robbing,
hat „
. .
.. Thezlictbublioan Calima.
Tlie citrons of thel a
lopublican msrSd no i:
'the linirio;held at the capitol
Icy evenhig, of last weir 76,i n
g pros
large, nearly a hundred niere',4
ant. The following toeasua .' orted from
greed upon: •
the soMet ICormnittee,/
:r 4 ogulating the or. ,
~ Firsr..—To-mtsnAJO, direang, the Cliiili•
ganii.ation of the 1K the roll. frorri States
'to ,corr no halrgthe preceding Congress,:
not representerbed to representation, aria.
or de° l l° . odx no (Auctorial votes shall lie
providing Lti any State notftept.esented at
counted, ICongress. ', • •
the v , "R' . —To pass a bill'remedying theAc,,
, -cFr the law, :ivach may•provent .any
' ° ,. e, •Y from chnvassing the votes for Prem.-
;;'dt and Nice President. .
Third.—To pass a law changing the tinio
of the Meeting of every Congress, with a
view to assembling on the 4th of ➢Larch.
Fourth.—To`raiso a specifil Committeo for
the rigid investigation of the Now Orleans
riot, the number of lives destroyed, the
property;.burned, and _to - whnt:oxtdnt7(4o“.F.
eminent officials were involved' therein..
The, Committee to, have .powere to send for
persons and papers, to be accompanied by'
the Sergeant-at-arms, and - to report appro—
priate legislation.
Fifth.—To order n select Committee to in,
Vestigate the proceedings under the laws for
the collection of direct taxes rebel
States, and the seizure arid sale of abandon
ed and confiscated lands and other property.
gommitteeon.Pensions to in
quire whether any pensioners in the disloyal
States, struck from tho.pension rolls, have
been restored in violatiorrof law.
Seilept7l.—A special Corhmitteo to invcs
tigatetm facts connected .witli - the
of the inifrderers of the Union soldiers in
Spud) Carolina recently sot at largo by a
Delaware Judge. •
111 f. Henry J7-Tlayinolrdi-of-N-.7-ap
latuo very severo strictures by. topti icari
members for his apostacy.
The Chairman of the Caucus quoted the
" Whilo do !snip bolds out to burn
1 -Tho
applieablo to Mr. Rayinond's caso, and
it wits finally agreed that•ho be allowed, to
'Twain in the caucus or not at his option.
—A large ddlogation-'of the northwest
tribes of Indians are to be sent ns acontri
bution frotn the United States to the Paris
—Sir Frederick Bruce writes to Secretary
Seward that the Fenian prisoners in Canada
will not be executed on the 13th of Decem
ber, but the j sentencei will So reserved for
further consideration.
$395,4104,905 44
$30,485,600 55..
11,01;1,285 7-'.> Y .
—The Governor of Alabama has sent a
-message to the Legislature recommending
favora6le action on the constitutional amend
ment, as that seems to" be the cardinal *prin
ciple of restoration. A majority of both
Houses aro ojiposed to the.amendment, and
the message created considetple excitement.
119,080,464 50
29,802,716 31
99,89.1,260 19
—The transports to take home French
troops from Mexico aro now ready to Bail
from France.",
—A railroad accident in Eloatucky, on
he 7th, cost one life rind wounded several
—The Board.of State Canvassers of-New
York have declared the result of the late
election for Governor as follows':—For
Reuben E Ferita, 369,3151 for John T.
llofTmnn - 352,5201 - mnfOrity for Fonfon,
—Captain Fox, Assistant Secretary of the
Navy is now visiting the BritiA navy-yards.
-_:—The--Londom-Times agrees !With the
polis,x_of President Johnson,_ s-set_tor-tit-in
his 'annual message, and admits that the Al-
and amicably
—The New York State press anethe press
of Georgia and South carolina havt resolved
to continue their connection wills the New
'York Asdbiated Press.
—The Alassachuset4s Attorney General
has given an opinion that it is the duty of
lie Governor to award a certificate of oleo-
tiun to Congress to Gen.. Butler, Iva ap
riZiirs that he had received a plurality of
votes. A question of, residence has been
raised by ituroppbsing -
-The Tennessee Legislature has passed a.
bill appropriating the Hermitage property
andiiirullin - dred - ncres - adjoiping - to - General -
Grant, to be used ns el branch of West Point
Military Academy. The bill provides that,
should the government refuse to accept the
gift before the 4th of March next, the Gov
ernor shall dispose of all the ? proportjokeept
the hohse and fifty acres.
—Governor Poirpoint, of Virginia has
sent his messageto the Legislature, The
- public debt is over 543,000,000. There
have boon 107 regiments of militia organ
ized, and 27 are in' process.or organization.
The adoption of the constitutional amend
merit is favored.
—The election return judges of Baltimore
haie signed a petition to be - presented to the
40th Congress, declaring their belief that
Many votes - received by Charles 11. Phelps,
and Stevenson Archer were cast by persons
disfranchised for disloyalty by the constitu
ii?ApjAarilanq, end WM; JOseph J. Stow
crt and i jOhn L. - Thomas received ernajority
the legal votes: - This •is supposed to be
oi,\of the preliminary stops taken towards
colAsting the seats of the Congressmen elect
- freni‘o Second - and Third districts .of
Maryla •d,
—T l l,o s ponians paraded with banners and
music at snifelo
=The arms seized' by tho United States
last_aiinimer wore deliv
ered t ° `be ownMeyesteklay.
'IS,' of the bridgebridge n ef the Con teal
.Ohio Reilron.over the ltuskingum river at
-2enesvi lle, '9 4 \gave way yesterday morn--
ing, as the easterrN einc i ex
press was cross-,
\ --- r i g, - iMa"eaverel cars'
`ere precipitated a dis
tant:o of sixty feet :
. thiL nersen WWI killed,.
and ten seriously injured. . • -
—Six atores r in
6bil° Ivor° -lestroyed by
fire on Monday Morning. 'Loss *309,000. • •
—Peter B'ota was executed atliVilliams 7
port, Pa.,lyestorday,.for the murder of. his
stP,evoral building's on Canal and wator
iliq .11 -I . o . Ncr To,rk; - minra;bildl4 - iiantugod 1 1:,S ,
somo thir,„ ihly ,
nftor'noon. ' , Tlldro NV, ro-
S6OOO to o,ob-. whoso lossokrango front,
nlvictedi2et:,;6ofteir,iu,....„Tu Ito total lass is (Ist •
t . 'who inanranoo
lie and Equltalllo, and. 4 •,..„n, Raptb-'•
r tan' InSurafico Companin47.,,_
,po t •
. " .. • 1
o suppOsnd to iket.47l
. P 1
o h s
b . y — F
theol dour
COLORADO JWETT has addressed h mom
oriel to Congress , rsking' Wet they , declaim'
Mannibal Hamlin
_constitutional Presidontq.
of the United States., Misiiigturientiithat
"the oleo:Aim' of Lin'coln andJohnson.was il- .
legal,tlirough the non-partioipatikM of the.
rebel States * and that thoreforq'Lincoln and -
Ilainlin, or : Hamlin now, hold. over.' It is
nearly identical with that which Mr. John
son talked. of using, against the, legitimacy.
of Congress. If. Mr.; Johnson was right,
, right likewise.' But it is under,
steed Andy Is opposed to carrying tiio'argu
milt ao far. , . . . ~ .. ..; :
Arrest of John H. Surratt,_.
The United States Consul General at Al.
erandria; 'Egypt, sent the following die
iiateh, dated last Sundny; Dee. 2d,' to , Boom-
MIT Seward, vialitlantie Cabe : •7 ,
I.huvo'arrestod J John ll.eurritti, one of
Prosidtuit'tilicoln'o aseassins.,Yl7o doubt of
- 4 , Alexandria, hgypt."
Another dispriteb, by Atlantic Cablo,
ebi'veil: last Tuosdoi, - td'tlm following of=
effect:— • .. •----
"ROMIti Dec. 4, noon.—John 11. Surrait,
Implicated ,in the, assassixffition of. the la
mented President Lincoln, 1.2 been rear
rested in Egypt, and will be forwarded 'to -
Vie United States, under a proper guard, as
soon as possible."
—lt is stated' in a dispatch from Wash=
inglon. that; our Cievernmentrkt - WW Surratt's'
'whereabouts as long ago as last winter. The
fact was communicated' by-a person who
travelled'with him across the' tlantie,-with
-whom-no-talked-freely-about his-cminection.
with the ansiosiniation of Mr. Lincoln. the
dilatory action of the GovernMent
gloating to attempt' his arrest'so long; needs
_explanation, 'even though it; be not sufficient
to justify'the remark of Mr. Boutivoll, in the
Congressional enuctui, that he had good_reit,
lion to believe that Mr. Johnson know all
the" time where Surratt was, but had not
only made no effort to arrest him, but, as
appearances indicated, had connived at Ins
-• An investigation of-the matter will . .doiibt
-less be ordered by Congress, and probably
all the circumstances connected with the as
sessination of President Lincoln wilt ibo
brought -again beforo-tho-notice of-thir b
ile and the Coats. Surratt alone, o all
men now known to' be living—the other as
sassins were morelynagonts, while ho was a
principal—knows all about tho objects and
abettors of that
act. It will be
. a " i7know .,'l"'',s".".—'-tell iii S.
—Referring to this arrest tho Boston Ad
vertiser makes tho following startling -Aid
Significant comments:
" If osf,or Amariefinlands again hold con
tteil-ortlttilittitd-jffiffiTE-Stittliltrwe- true
that:the coot nay be more skillfully managed
than at the trial of his follow-assassins. 110
stands as the only known representative of
a conspiracy - vhichrtliTaigh it was - fornffid
and culminated Within the last two years:
though. six or, seven of its members have
been arraigned and convicted, though the
most acute legal minds have been employed
to sift it to the bottom, is to-day wrapped in
as dense and unfathomable mystery as covers
any similar plot in the dimness of the Mid-'
Mlle ages.._Tha_extent of the ignorance about
it may Well bo gauged by the fact that of tho,
two well , known gentlemen who were put in
charge of the case by thdHovornment,, and
studied it long and closely, ono still declares
that Jefferson Davis was the chief conspira
tor, while the other stakes his reputation on
the shocking and incredible accusation that
the present. President of, the-United -Shdes
was an accomplice in the plot. All the facts
in the case aro known to John Surratt, and
to no other 'man who can, bo named; and
with his person in our possession the nation
could well afford to offer him his life, hes
liberty, Or any other price which might be
sufficient.,to secure it, to obtain .from his lips
the it which will shod the light of
day upon tho most difficult as well as the
most ihterosting criminal mystery ..of our
Limo. Hitherto the policy of those enttlisted
- with - the matter has been to'disdain all-in
formation in elucidation of the problem-from
those 'Mid' alone woro'hblo to give it; and.
Mrs. Surratt.and the rest lie in the endless
silence, of the. grave,. while our record's are
defaced by tho testimony of. facile perjurers,
like Montgomery and Conover. While
John Surratt survives thore is yet a chance
to repair the evil which, if he dies withhis
lips sealed, may be irretrievable.
In the Senrito, on Tuesday, of last week,
Mr, Sumner gave notice of his intention to
introduce i bill declaring- the jurisdiction
of Congress _over the whole subject of -recon--
-struction,--theßlegality-of-existing 7 govern
ments in the rebel States, and the exclusion
gross. A motion to take up the resolution
of inquiry relative to Mexican affairs,
offered on Monday, failed. A +motion ' to
take up the House bill to repeal the • not
which gives the President power to grant a
general amnesty to the
,rebels was likowire•
rejected. Adjourndd. .
The House of Representatives took up the
bill to amend the 'national currency act,
but after some discussion the bill was post
poned until the third Tuesday in December.
The select coniraittee on civil service renert
ed a bill to regulate the civil service of the
United States, and to promote the efficiency
-thereof. - A
,resoltitionleforring the Soldier's
Bounty act of last session- to the Military
Committee for amendment, and the increas
ed pay of 'members of Congress to the Ju-
Aliciary-Committee_for_repeal,_was. adopted.,
Mr. Wentworth offered a resolution that in
the Many acts of disloyalty.which have oc
curred in the lately rebellious .States, addi
tional reasons are found for insisting on the
adoption of
,the constitutional amendment
before the propriety of giving such- States
congressional representation is considered.
A motion to lay on the - table was rejected—
yens 32, nays 110. The resolution Was then
adopted. By resolution the.Prsident was
requested to communicate information rela
tive to the,_ attempt of Santa Anna and
Ortega, to organize.armed expeditions with
in the United State for the purpose of over
thowing the national _government of4h - o
republic of Mexico. Mr. Lawrence' infra
duced a - bill to repeal the increased cowmen- '
sad on of members. Referred to the Judiciary
Committee. • Mr. Broomall offered a reso
lution instructing the Committee on Terri
tefies to inquire_ into the expediency of
,providing territorial governments for the
lately rebellious States Adopted—yeas 107,
nags 27. A resolutionfor a eerirmittee - of
five tslnquire into the relations existing
between the Federal government and the
railroads in the south was adopted. Mr.
Myers offered a resolution .asking the Presi
dent for information in reference to the ap
pointments to office made since the adjourn
ment of the last session. ' Referred. - A
. solect committee was ordered to inVestigato. ,
alleged frauds in' the collection 'of internal
revenue on distilled spirits, tobacco, Sm.
Mr. Darling offered a hill to provide for the
, 4400tion_of_aAejegatelorCongrass-frora-the.
District of -Columbia, and for impartial
suffrage in the DiStrict. Referred.. The
Committee on Ways and -Moans was in
structed to inquire whether the agricultural;'
commercial and manufacturing interests of
the country would not,--be' promoted by a-
repeal of the tax on cotton. - Mr. Boutwoll, --
ofMassachusetts, made a personas statement,'
. and charged that the governuMnt has had ,
for • soberal Months a knoviledgeof the,
whereabouts,of_John,ll, Surratt; one of the
assassination conspirators. -, Adjetirne ‘ d. ' .
. In the Senate, on Wednesday, Mr. :Wade -
introduced a bill for 'the addmiseion of Ne
braska into the Union.. The Standing - Com-
Inittees' Were chosen. The Retrenchment
otninitteo was instructed to inquire to the
Ptwor of the President to restore property
coruscated -under the- laws, of the United
. Stat 4 to its originalm - owners.' ' The House
bill terapeal the act which givds the Presi
dent power -to &clam& general amesty_was •
taken ull, and Mr. Trumbull moved to re,
for itto He Judiciary Committee.. A dis
cusplowthet ensued between Messrs. Chan
dler, Doolittle, primes; Henderson, Dixon,
and Trumbull'': The motion to ,refer was -
then agreed to. , 'Mr. Sumner 'offered rose- .
lutions declarinitheierisdietion of Clonffross. 1
oven i the. whole 'subject of reconstruction, ,
'the Illegality ' of I'm existing governments
I n ' M ut! b o ' y n' W p
in the rebel States,,and the exclusion 0f,. 1
;h' States froniroptVentatioh i,n Clongrose. 'I
ex a brief discussion the rth4olutions Wore ,
, ! .. i-, ,t,: ''`it nar k t o i..ito b h.aiwmi lt r,o r is i irt:t e ru d et;ioc.
mr a oa ri iisni m n g g oT th ' to d o - •.'
, iichtry c o s ynited-ataten- inologible I
referred to liftkl motion was agreed 'to
-then referred to aeforred to the Ju.' t
Mr. Morill,gave oNdifforant subjects :
•lii) . f6t: , action, on onig '' urieseng9 were ',
,uraversal suffrag 4,h o Digoiiimittees.
bia. Adjourned. , ''''‘lohltl 'call 1
' ' .
Tye :Hoe's() of . ogen ,„ y - ill for i
bill kit. the tollul • 01 .7 :ea tooktkrt,i' '
and . r Oinoittle fro co ppointmor
, and Mr. Ivi . 1 ',
road' a lengthy , ar ne In it, f , saw
4 ''', - ~.....---- . ' - . ' • 4= 4 '
discussion 'ensued7upoirit - Torerence - of - tho
bill; apd several atnendmenta wore offered. ,
Finally tho bill and amendments Wore - post,-
period for a day.._A bill. providing that
where a citizen of the United. States
,who 1
always remained loyal shall bring an'action
.to, recover' dama,ges, for injury to poison' or
'property, tio such action shall be defeated
or any defence allowed. by virtue Of -th° rut
thority of tho late so-called confederate
- states, - Stittardbelyitod - lq — roballibii, '
AVtt,S, 'passed. Tho Committee on InValibi
.Pensions. reported -a bill authorizing the
President-ta establish.agencies for the pay
ment of pensions by.,,the United States,
whoneVer in his judgment the public -inter
est and convenience .Of the 'pensioners re
them The ',bill' • Wlll3 recommitted.
'Mr.. Miller gave notice of a bill granting pen
sions to the soldiers of 1812. Adjilkirned.
Tho United States Senat(iiii — Thurliday,
received from General Jeff. O. Davis, -and
others, a petition for increasing the pay to
- army - officers--TheJu'diciary.ComMittee re
ported favorably the House bill to rep i eal the
act giving the President power td - grant am- '
Mesty to the rebelS. laid over. The rose-
Ititionsof tli_e Vermont Leglslatmein favor
of protection-to American ihclustry, and WO
resolutions in favor of impartial suffrage,
,presented, Mr Poland gave notice
that_lo would callip.the Bankrupt, bill on
Monday.' Mr. IWilson'gave nopee that next
-ire* ho would call up•the'resolution to pro
hibit military organizations in the late rebel
States. Tw6 bills relative to the payment of
owners of enlisted slaves were iotrodneed.
A provide, for the defence ofthe north
eastern frontier 'was referred to the Oemmit
tiii di . F6reign.Rolatiens. - Several amend- -
ments to the bill to regulate the selection of
jurors,in Utah wore offered. Adjotirned un
til Monday.. •
• ; -The-House-of , Reprbsentatives -instructed
this Post-office OomMitte to inquire into the
expediency of conferring - on the Post-office
Department theiamejurisdiction over tele4
_gragh_lines_thatis_now_exercised over plost
offices`mid poet roads. ThA hill to regulate
..voututmonts to andremovals from office
-was postponed until Mouilay; A., a k..1.41141,011i
for the appointment 'of a committee to in=
qu'ire into the facts relative to the murder of
three, seldiers in South Carolina, on October
5, 1865, and the subsequent iransfer. of the
-murderers-to Fort--Delaware, and their_ re,
I . saffell.parrhub's., c °rims ' -- T was-adopted,_',
bill fixing the.first Monday in November
1 0s 1 the day - for - election etniemb - ers of
Ocmgress_was_intrOduced, and was referred
to the Committee on Elections. Sir. Miller
introduced a bill granting - pensions - to the
soldiers of 1812. Mr. Eliot proposed the ap
pointment of a committee of three to inves
tigate the New Orloans riots. Agreed to.
The Judibiary Committee was instrus.tod to
inquire into the expediency of passibg a law
to provido more perfectly for the punish
-ment—oi-bribory at eleations, and - to -make
any person ineligible to ale° who shall be
found guilty of purchasing votes, S'esferal
resolutions of instruction to committees
were 'adopted. Mr. Myers offered a resolu
tion requesting the President to communi
cate the names of alliperSons reappointed by
him after rejection by the Senate, etc., adopt
ed:- - Mr.-Sch - enek's bill „fixing thb time - for
the regular meeting of Congress was, !liken'
up, and was debated by Messra.:Sahotreiq
Bingham, 2Sorrill, Davds, liT3 Blond,
and others. Several am An, An, mnran were of
terea; out'wttore not finally-acted upon-:----Ad
journod until Monday. • - • -
The United States Senate, on Monday,_
received from tho Now York Chamber of
Commorco a memorial for the employment
of a portion of the navy to' ascertain, by
soundihge, the.facilities afforded_ by tho bed
of the Atlantic ocoan for laying telegraphic
cables to the western coast of Franco and
of southern Europo'. A memorial from the
;citizens of Colorado, denying that the popu
lation is decreasing,-was presented.
The bill to admit Nebraska -was roportod
with a favorable recommendation. • The
'Committee on I.telrenchniont reported a
substitute-for Mr. Williams' bill to regulate
the tenure of certain civil offices. - it pro
vides that every person, except members of
the President's Cabinet, appointed to office
-by and with the advice of tiro Sonata; shall
hold such office until his successor is like
wise appointedi and in case of misconduct
in office or crime, or legal disqualificatiVri,
di - thy --e orihr Presi-
during thT) recess of - the - Sonata; the
- duntis - authorizeil to- susp l ehit Bah antler
1 3 r 'llll,ll
ffg.V..93, i ilutfirETlVs t ellie7 - 11. bill for
the admission of Colorado was introduced.
Several resolutions of instructions to com
mittees wore adopted. Tho bill to regulate
the elective franchise in the District of Co ,
lumbiry was taken up. Mr. Willey offered
a substitute for tho bill, and the subject was.
debated by Messrs.' Morrill, wi I loy, Wilson,
Saulsbury, Anthony aii'd Brown. Mr.
Willey's substitute was disagreed to; but no
final action was taken on the substitute re
ported by tho Committee on tho District of
Columbia. Adjourned.
In, the-House of Representatives Mr.
Ward introduced a bill to. grant certain
States that have been in rebellion iLliepub-
Bean form of government. Mr. Rogers,
a bill to 'repeal the neutrality laws. Mr.
Fiirquhar, a bill to'malco treason odious by
6dfsfranehising - within - theDistriet
all Psl!Aons . who volunhfrily bore arms
against tile United States., Mr. Meitner,
a resolution authorizing the Secretary of the
Treasury to purchase a suitable site' tor a
brancli'mtnt at San Francisco. Tho Naval
Committee was instructed to report - n bill
pinking tile appointment of the herids of the
different mechanical departments. at the va
rious navy-yards subject - to the approval of
the Senate. The Committee on Ways and
Means was instructed to 'inquire into the
expediencey of abolishing the five 'par cont.
internal revenue tax on manufacturing, the
products of mecbaniCal skill, 'or in some
other way relieving those' interested from a
, portion of their present burdens. Mr. Kelley
offered, a resolution, that the proposition
that the war debt of the country should be
extinguished by the generation that- con
tracted it if not sustained by sound princi
ples of State economy, and does not meet
with tho approval of. the House ;Referred,to
_the. Committee on_Ways_and.,..Mcans._:The
Reconstruction Committee was directed to
inquire into' the expediency of. reporting a'
joinktfrosoluticin declaring the purpose of
Congress to admit - thirgoutlfern - ropresenta--
fives before the constitutional amendment
is adopted by the respective States. Two
resolutionelooking to tho withdrawal of the
national, bank currency,.-and the isitiiiTa
•notes by the government, were tabled. The'
bill to fix the times for the regular, ineetingi
of Congress wastaken up, and passed. It
provides for 'an additional session on the
- four of _each Year.- The Senate
bill for the payinont of pensioners was pass- '
red. The Judiciary Committee, was instruct
, ed to inquire into the,,dotorition of 0..13,
Culver, a member of PenneyWaniii, now
under. arrest. in Venango county. MessageS
'frorn_the President relative-to-tho=occupa,
Hon of Miecielin soil by, United States troops
and the arrest of John'll. Surratt woro
'presented. In Committee of theivlioreMi:
aine made a. speech on 'the state of the
eountry. - - Adjourned.. ". ....,_. _ _: -
'ant Count Matters.
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---- LEaruttE:;=;;Rev. - 0. McOLEA - N .
will deliver a leetttrelif the Court House,
oriTifesdaynvening next. The subject will
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their stock Before tho Holidays. ,
OICIL—On. Monday night last about half 7 pasl, ,
nine o'clock, officer Mco)mM - ex On
his_ way home encountered a man enveloped
in an army overcoat. After passing tho
flcor a few- paces the
.would-lm murderer
turned upon biS 11'41, fired a load of thirteen
buckshot at officer M., and then ran ahray.
Tivo of_thilmissilos_passed_lbrough_the_olli,
car's coat sleeve and the balance lodged in a
woo nlntlr occurred
on South Bedford ‘ street near Chapel' Alloy,
from which the assailant issued. The escape
Was n very narrow ono.
BTIP.OtiARY.—As a variation from the
urns' routine. ofdiiviltyy our town has pr.
(Mine time past been cursed With, it see-ms
we are to have a little burglary. On Saba
day nigalast the warehouse of It. C. WOOD- .
wenn, Esq. was-entered through a small
door on the west side, which had evideutly
been tampered with on the inside, previonS
to closing up on Satuiday eyeuing. Once
in the warehouse access to the counting
room, where the vault is situated, was easy.
Thin vault is builrEif brick, and its walls nro
eighteen inches thick..the burglars were
supplied, with toolS, and succeeded in dig
ging through the wall when they were'-con
fronted by ono of Pllies combination 'lock,
burglar proof safts.-,.After.-nn-attempt--to
force the safo wh ch niorea_uii...iy.r.ttte, cue
burglars seefired about eight dollars' worth
of postage and revenue stamps aitd-deoamp
od iz disgust, leaving behind them the tools
used in their work consisting of two chisels,
mallet enw, bitt for brace, about seven yards
of black muslin and a sperm .candle.
-• Opr opinion is that the operators in this
fiasco are novices in the all, as the facts
that Mr. - WOODWARD'S safe is completely bur
glarproof and thatho never keeps large sums
ofmonoy in his counting room at night, would
have protected him from export profession
als. - •
6 o'clqck on Sunday evening last our citi
zens were alarirfed by the cry of "fire." , It
was soon ascertained that the magnificent
"double decker" barn on the farm belonging
to Judge WATTS, • situated on the Harris
burg_and cliambersburg turnpike,nbont ono
mile west of town, was en firs. The barn
- with - its - contents - was a tOtatloss. -Irr.
R i.-4/ortoooot. of 4lao-11.-1., 11.1111 105 es
all his live stock, consisting of six horse's,
fourteen head of horned cattle and spven
sheep, Re loses alsci'all his farm implements
(save a wagon), including a grain separator,
-which cost quite recently $3OO. The barn
was filled with the- recent crop which con
sisted of wheat, oats, corn, hay and- corn
fodder, At the discovery of the Jiro ; .111.
RAILING observed a man skulking away
from the barn and running towards thiS rail
road. The scoundrel was pursued for a
- short distance - by ft son - of Mr. RAIIIIi(4,
Who might have apprehended or identified
him,. but tho latter was called from the pui-
Emit to assist the father in saving the dwel_
Zings Which was then in-greut_daLi ;cr. There
,can bo no doubt, but that this fleeing villain
was tho incendiary._ This, barn was one. of
the, finest andmost- expensive ,in this State.
It was built in accordance with the views of
JUDGE VIT-rs,.as sot forth in an article on
that subject from his pen, which • WO copied
fsom the Agricultural, Report of 1861—
Neither the barn nor its contents were in
sured. -
The Great. Family Sewing . Machine.—
The Wheeler Si Wilson leek stitch Machine,'
Making the stitch the same on both sides,
are the best- and cheapest in use. These
machines by iproper care will lets
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being superor to all for, stitching' hemming
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cotton,_linon end silk threads, sewing the
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Wheeler & Wilson Machines are warranted
to , do for which they, are -recom
mended: '• 1 - • .
-,MAR or CAnueLs.:—W-4--are-glad-to
see that our 'town ;fathers" encouraging
the project of Mr: §Tnoria,- who is 'hard at
work surveying our town for the pufposO
Of- making' a ookreot map-and directory.
We append an 'extract from: the minutes of.
lad Council meeting: ;,; • - '
Extract erom minutes of tho Town, Council
of the • Boro',:ot,Oarlislo, ,hold 'on
ride evening, December, 7th
" On motion,_it Wits
Resolved, Tiint".,(4 - no 311 . rip, 'Eb Plot or Chart
• has.ever.been riltaoo , 'which oWs the pres
ent limits of tholloro', the streets or town
lots as they.are now owned, 4nll-having,ox
qunindd tho prograibmo of T. G. Strong.,
who has undartakeni the , 'Work of making
and publishing a Map and Directory, com
pleto therefore be it, ',
.4eso/o4d, That we. approvo of hie.. enter
prig° 'aid rpepminend the same tiiiho citizens
of ,thp town as-worthy' their anedtirago
inont and-patronago... ,
Truo :Copy .
S. D. /,11.411ITTON,
' Sect ,. Corporation.
• • Communication.
Claims for 'Damages.• •
:Editor us to
:c oat attentiOn - Orthck. cations of,C am be r Franklin counties tp tho propriety
Of calling 'a gonoral cOnvtinthsn snail placo
as :may bo Acumed nioat conVenient; with
the viow,of ;adopting. knes.sures to petition
th'e!Legialaturo of tho Statir, .cvinoll will con
'von° allortly to !Italie some proviaion for the
Payinont Of clidmi that many of our citizots
hold for - forego - furnished our - troops, and
damage's oustained in Various ways by' them
Sp. panning to and fro froth tho float of war.
Thorp aro' olatino man3r of oar oitt.
iliOns'AehO 'cktdod - our traoptbY furnlobin4
thorn -witb, forego iS:e.,.that aro kept out - of
their just dues for some reason or other, and
unless some action is taken by the people, it
minuet, be, expected that these claims will
over receive the attention they aro justly and
equitably entitled to. Lot the people speak
and tlioy will'ho board. .s.lArrv.
l'Etz IiA.T.E WM. K. Di'nutrartn.—WO
find : id- tk e-Doily--Winneapolii-Chro,nicie-the
hrinexed ohituary.notip of a former citizen
of our county, and &valued pernonnllriond.
From an intimate acquaintance with Kr
O:FAIMAND'EI attrihuies of mind and heart
we can attest the truth of our cotoMpFary's
remarks :
. It Was our sad duty a 'fovoveolts since to antionn'eo
tho death of ono who did sti much for Minneapolls- , - ,
William Kilgore alTarlano. Seldom well a man es uni
vorsolly respected by a, community es "Ur. MT. was
in tide. Identilled . withthle, his - home of adoption, he ,
mooted to ho a part and parcel of the city. Amiable,'
kind, genii : o; there-wan not a child but what balm-
Wed by being In his presenon: - .As nn energetic, thor
ough and effective ()milks Man, ho hod tow superiorp,
Ito bellovediu Minneapelfs. The groat 'cataract, ho said,
was* made for mills and 'lhelories, and tho
Wino of manufacturd and tar seeing bucineel Men, Who
walla bo bound . to build up-a-city of - mammoth - proper- -
110ns at no greatly distant "day. Ills Judgment upon
matters Wlll9 clear, quick and correct. Ile possoesed
moro than an ordinary mind.
Mr. M'Farlatio'a ancestors were from Scotland and Ire-
- land. Thoso from whom ho was a branch loudest in
Nov York tts-oarly,llB 1730,- and settled in Newville,
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, throo yearn offer
that period, and wero amongst the founder of the big
Spring Presbyterian Church of that place. Those IW
lfarlanes wero stern, just men; strict disciples of John
Calvin ;. they were industribus, frugal, nod wero the
principal men of that soetion of the State. In MO" old
Wove -yard nt lids church Ilea burled many of the name,
nod nmonglit them thii father, mother, brother and only
sister of Mr. Mlfarlancywhoso fothor wits married tutee
Tho only remaining member of thw family le
our friend Joins Geddes WForiano, of this city; though
sister-in-low and step mother still tiro pt the old boom
of the Driarlanes.
Iterwm only twenty-ono years of ago when lila father
dint: In selecting a business to follow, ho ombarhod lu
mercantile pursuits, but that life proving to bo too con
fining, ho rotiro d, and in company with hil; brother
built a large papor nrill,..which.busineas of nutnufactor
"lug paper they prosecuted with n great deal 1311< . .CHEI
An n. several years; Litt ho heettmo l le i sirous
L i giwgs , t.
a 8 .52 ha t
t ] 11 rt. Anthony'.
floe 4,alahr,%4 ‘ ilil ' iottnt . titates, ho selected
neseta as his fir nee home. Ito Immediately, In connec
tion with Simon P. Snyder, 1.4,, opened a Mud agency.
The firm having a area deal of capital, they did 00 ex
tensive reel estnia lousiness, amt soon Opened a bank in
• connection-with thole other•exteimive operations.- They
wore successful for several years, but owing to tho finan
cial crash 011857, they lost vast amounts of money
which they 1001 - loanedent - overlitoland: Bather than
dlstriiss those who wore indebted to them, they wound
up their hank in 1859. Inunedlatoly• the house of
Farlano ' lord Co. lens established, which up to the
- presMirtimei - hnslmon one of our most useful and pop
Ho was never married, Tut surely a mot. never was
more entitled to the comfort and happiness of domestic
life than 7dr. 3Plfarlane. Ile died in the belief of• the
religion of his father. Lillis last illness ho Font for
the pastor of the Westminister Chui oh (the Rev. R. A.
Condit) who faithfully attended him until taw owl
Ile wished to bo borne to the grave by his faithful
friends, Messrs. It J. Mondenhall, R. I'. Russel, Clairlos
Moog and Col. John 11. Stevens, whom ho selected as
his pall bearers. At pedeo with all mankind, with a
lame of a blessed immortality, ho quietly awaited the
approach of his dissolution—for this mortal to put on
innnortality. -
Mr. M'rarlano was a man of a great deal of talent.
Modest and unassuming, ho tre e s disposed -to loud a
hulping band to the pour end needy. Hu delighted to
mai", every ono happy hi the circle of his acquaintance.,
Ito had a kind word and a path, sndlo for all. Ito
could newer du too much for his.frionds.. llo'cranted
to see all prosperous. .Ile was a friend to those who
could not help themselves. Whoulortnne smiled upon
_him, howould falVayS ramembie_tbaga_wlo wereAnse
gospel.... 'That Inbnrod With all of his energy
r the prosperity of Minneapolis, yo all meow; and
that his labors were crowned with success, is equally
trim. Wu belleve be dld - more thaw any - ntliiir — inan - to
attract tho attention of capitalists to the resources_of
Minuenp - clii That thoso who were honored with lets
acquaintance will ever respect his memory Whilo they
are of this earth, Nvo helium ,
flpeciat Noticto
Bargains, Bargains, now it the time to arive money .
W. 0. Sawyor S Co., East Main St., Lava reduced th
prices -of their 'annul.° Stock of Dress Goods, genera
Dry Goods, Cloaks, Furs and nil kinds of Walton Good:
lost receiving a largo lot of Fars, Fancy Goods, Notion
&c., for the Holidays. Givo W. C. Sawyer & Co., a cal
Read their , advertisement on the opposi to nano.
PAPER COLLARS.—AII tizeo and pittt4inn nt WM.
It. HALBERT'S 'Variety Store, No. SS, North Hnuorci
Dec. 7, 181313,1Nv
. 4 SOX ; Carlisle
Pa., Importers of China an 6
Queensware, and NVliolesato auc
Retail Grocers.
The larkest 'variety of the very best, Confectionery ,
Tallow Candles made for our own solos and sold bolo
regular market rates.
Salt at Philadelphia.price3 with freight added.
NOTIOE.-All orders for Coal and Lumber,
can be left at Martin & Gardner's, Horn's
and Faller's Groceries, and at Kramer's
Jewelry Storey which will be promptly„ at
tended to and nt the lowest 'prioes.•
Those in want of cheap Lumber call a
the yard of
Cheapest Pine Shingles in the country n
the yard of ,
A. IT. Bi.e.ra.'s.
Irt Ilona upon thousandif oflproy head!, byundoaToring
to UnitiOTa r thom with motallic tlyon that
sconcri AND BLAST
the tlbms from tip to rol. AO- Avoid theso borriblo
find grout toilet staplo of:Amorlen,
which not only Instantaneously produces all shades of
black and brown, but also nourishes, strongtltons and
benutlSes the hair. Manufactured by J. CRISTADOI.O,
Astor House, Now York. ' Sold by Druggists.
plied by all fair Dressors.
To Owners of Horse's and Cattle
Tobias' Derry condition powders. aro warranted su
perior to any others, or no pay, for the cure of Diatom
Worms, 'lots, Coughs, 111 do-bound, Colds, • &c.
'in Horses; and Colds, Cough's, Loss of Milk, Block
Tongnei Horn - Distemper; ke!, in Cattlm - These Powders
wero fornierly put up by Simpson I. Tobias, son of
'Dr. Toltins, and, sinco his death, tho demand has boon
so great for them, Cent Dr. Tobias boa continued to
mannfitetnro thorn. They aro perfectly solo 'and inno
cent; no need of stopping the working oryonr animals.
"They Moreno() the appotito, given flag coat, donna° tho
stomach and urinary organs; also Moreuse the milk of
oSYS. Try them, and you «ill novor bo without them.
Ilirafn Woodruff,-the celebrated trainer of trotting
bursos, lam used them for years, and reccommonds them
to his friends. Col. Philo.P.-dinsh, of the Jerome 'loco
Course, Ifordhorn, N. V., wouhr.ot non thorn until ho
• was told of what they aro composed, since which ho Is
kierurwtninut thons. No has over 20 runtaug normal In
hie charge ? and for tho last three years MO used no
other Madicino for them. ' llc 'sic kindly permitted mo
'to refer any, ono to him. 000 r 1,000 other references
Can bo soon at thin dopot. Sold by...Drugglate and Sad
-2.5- cants, -por_box.'__Dopc t, ...Cortland t
Street, Now Ybrk..s, •-' • • ' -
Deo. 7, 1.806-7wies. • - •
. .
'Odor must bo adopted to the naturo orilhe fish,
or thoro' will be no inoroaso; the SollanSt ',to adapted .
to tho seed, or there will bo mean . raturni;-end tho
hurnan body Tut contrin impurities , or there will.
lie no sickubss., ho man whoao bowls and blood have
beon cleansed by a few :• • .
may 'walk through infooted dletrlcts • without fear.
" Tho llfo of the Gosh Ia 'in the blood." ,To mum
boaltliivii mUet TIE BRA NDIIETIIII pILL9, bociiuso
wo Cannot bo'elek 'put frOin unhealthy accumulations
1,1 the bowels or the blood, .which Drandroth's Pills
remove; this mothbd le followitig nature, anise 8010,
and hos STOOD TIIE-TEST 01 , TlllO. See 13. Brandroth
I white bettor, 10 the Governmout Stamp. Sold
by ali . Druggtste. " •
_ :Doe:1, . •
it.nlEffectual Worm Modicano, .
Brown's Vormifugo;,
On ilrennitoz'Oxaes. Meal Magmas, undolibteilly,witli
cliildrou'and adelte, attanted to other causes, la 0000,4
atoned by worms. Tho “Vnittliroan COMFITS," althougb .
offectnal linteetroying worms, con do no possible injury
ia ratior.dellalitiiiffillit — tplialinililii - couildnallon
bet boon Opcceeefully used by pbyelolene, , nnil fUund to
Up Bate and nitro in orailicating worms, so bikithil to
children. • • ' N.
Onttnristt ntVitfo Wonlnt roAtiiriklmmodlotO •tittun ,,
tion, aa neglect of (leo tcoublo often comma prolonged
eicknOsa. .
BYIiPTOIII3OV Venus ivr,Omtanutt , t aro often overlook •
eil,''Wortue lit pia , stomach andliciwole catu3o irritation,
which can be.romoved only by tbo boo of ,v. onto roino
dy:combination Thu of ingrddiente used, innuddrig
NrOtirn's &flints" re uncials to.givo the
poeelbie . ,
01.7.11.T18 Y 1311EIWNitropriotoill, Now Vot,le..
.4NDoidert in Modloinoef 26 o ft li boa. - 7" •
TO CURE CSNBUPIPTION, the system must be pre
pared so that - thri lunge Neill heal:' To 'accomplish this,
tho - Wicr- and stomach mustllrst be cleansed and an
nppctito created for good wholesome food, which, by
them medicines will be digested property, and good
healthy blood made ; thus building tip the constitu
Stomach of all billlous or mucous accumulations ; and,
"Ma Wood Tonic In connection, Our nppe-
by using
tile Is restored.
SCHENCK'S PLILIIONIcI SYRUP is rinirftions s ari
wall no moilleinal, dud, 'hy.uslng the three remeges,
all impurities aiampelled from the system, and/good
wholosoule blodlPlSndo, which - will re of c wn.
If pationts will tales these medicines ne ordlerg o di
.rectione, Consumption very frequently I Itslast
yields readily to, their natal, Tabu tho Ills frequent
ly, to cleanse tile liver and stomach. t aloes not fol
low that because Ate
Abe bools aro net c stleo they aro
not required, for noimetin!os In dlnrrlioan they are pe
oseary.. Tho stomach must be kept healthy, and -an
appetite ereatod to allow the Pulmonle . Syrup to cot on
the resplratory ormaproperly lend allay any_irriter .
tier,. Then' MI thntl.:lrroqulratr to perferm a perms- c.,
mint cure le, to prevent taking cold. ' Eaorcieu about
. I
- tho roams;qu muth"bs pliesible, eat all tho riehost food
—fat f meat 'gem, and, in fort, anything ti,o appotito .
crave; but be particular and mastliote troll. „,„...... .
Oct. 20, 1860-Iw .
_... No. 2.
~.6 , A Cough, A Colg, or A
Ot ...''- k d L - Boro Thrbat,
Biltike s .„ . ''„tinzartize Ird,llDl/Tll ARTENTICISI, &ND
.:.. r . ' , . BUOULD DC rirticzn, IF AL
-40 64(': ;OWED TO CONTINUE,
..... rt .,, 0 ,,,.. Irritation of tho Lungs, Ator
attG 0 . manont Throdt„riiioaso,
4-itAti.-47 ' or Consumption.
C"l'P, ,, e , •
HAVING A ninEcT innucxen TO THE PARTS,
For lironottitis: - .tirtrima; Catarrh, Cl
sumptivo and Throat Diseases.
will find Troches useful in clearing-the vole, when
taken before .Singing-or Speaking ,and-rolloylg-the.
throat after an unusual. exertion of tho vocal or
gene. The Ti echos 'ere recommended and prescribed
By Physicians, and kayo had testimonials from
nont men throughout the country. tieing an artlar
or true morit;nud having riroyml their efficacy by a test
of many years, each year finds thorn in how localities
in various ports of tho world, and the Troches aro' on.
iversallk prom uncoil better than other articles,
lisoNumat, Tnoenr.s, , ' and do
not take any of the Worthless Imitations that may ho
offered. SOLO tvtity7nras, •
Not. 23, 15ef.—.6m.
Dr. Leon's Electric Hair Renewor•
It inn positive cure fur baldness.
It restores d ray Hair to its Original Color.
It is a Tonic, not a Dye, and nets upon the secretions.
It Immediately arrests Exiling but of the Hain
It alleviates Neuralgia and Headache,.
Itradlraliy cures Dandruff and humors.
It is an elegant and exquisitely fragrant lisle Dresieng ,
It restores, CulliVates and Beautifies the Hair.
It makes harsh Hair Ile xiblo and Lustrous.
Dr. Loon's Electric Ifair Renewer has, enjoyed a
high local rerutation for many years. Its wonderful
restorative and Invigorating prorerties are well knoW
to the Medical Facility of rhilude,Phla.
Being fully satisfied of the foot Its of Loon's Elettrle
hair Renewer we have procured 'exclusive ownership
and aro determined that every household in our land
shall have - opportunity to reap its benefits.
Dr. Leon's Infant Remedy.
A most dollghtful and officaclow curd for tho varl
ono 11th to which Intents and Young Children are
It softens the gums, abates inflammation, invigorates
tho stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and is a
sure and speedy enro for Colic Cramps and Windy
A most excellent preparation for children of &rod.
frkful habit and in' All LifliAenties;
Griping, Vomiting -or other inward grief, It gives Im
mediate care.
Used for mom than half a century in the private
practice of cue of the most eminent phyktelaus of"
In none placing this artielo within the roach of nil
our countrymen, we would remark...thaL_Tolinowit.
to be a Remedy of unrivaled excellence and that it
it,shall In millions, a priceless boon.
se~eae uy Dr itggistx . 0,7u - iv - hero. A ddrese all orders to
Saves rim]; labor, monoy. Makes washing a pas
time, and Monday a Rstiral. sow overywhero. Try kt
Nov. 16,1866-Iy.
lIALDERT—LINE. On tho 6th Inst., at the foal
donee of the bride's father, by liol. 9. P, Bprochor, Dlr.
Wm. 11. Halbert to Slue Catharine M. Line bolt' of
A. 11. B
- 151011120W—MIBIOno•• On the came day by.thteettle
Mr. David-T. -Morrorr-to-Ilatilde B. Mulch, both of
Perry Co.
NIOICItY-11017211. on tht 22d of Nevem:ll)st, pear
Holly Springs, by tbn Reir.,,William 0. Bonnet, Mr;
90100 nn W. NtanY, to Miss Sarah 0. NOuse, both' of
Franitfordltsp. _ _
LIRDREY. In West Pennsbomugh Twp.,, on tho
Bth Inst., of Typhoid Fever, Peter Wilt, youngest son
of Peter and Sallie Lindsey, egod 15 years and 7 month
erlirg.l9l4lo , PRODUCE MARKErr.
12 50
8 00
.6 00
.2 GO
.2 50
...I 10
Farelly Flour
Superfine do.
do RYE
RYE...... ........
Carlisle December 12t1i - 71836:
• Corrected Weektydy Wm. Ben*.
hurrnit . 36 1 11AGON—SID.ES, 13
CUDIBMILAND County AgricUltural
Society will moot in the Arbitratlon Room in
the Court House, 1q tho Borough of Carlisle, on Tuna.
day, the Sth day of .Yanuary, A. D.,1867, at 11 o'clock
A., M., at which thee an glectfon for Maces wlli take
Dec. 14, 1860
Grand Dispy of Christ i inas Gooils!
At .11ro: 36, - West Main Street. • .7.
-.Vona Parente look to the Intelest of your
sheet darlings 1.
OHN R:.111-1EEM, late of the Firm
It) of Rboemk SPahi, announces to tho public, that
ho boa purl:bleed the intorestwf hie into partner, and
that ho has Just roturnetifrom the City, with a Anag
nlflcant stock of
an 4 fancy articles, consisting in part as followl
of all alioa, sliapas and colors ; Doll Heade, Artnap
Shoos and Stooklnge, Millis, Sleds, Guns,
TRANS gt:)4.Rs, -
Wagons,'Wheerßarrows; Niue .Plus, Tiolips, Furl*
me Betts, Tables, Bureaus, Balls, Monicker on Sticks, /
•d , •
Al a& Lanterns an an endless vailsty 01. othor toys,
euitOle to tho tansy of both young and old.
• • .
hay° selected My stock of Fruits and Confections
with the'groAtest care; and have the tlnest assortment
over brought to Carlisle,' amongirhlebrare
- ALA.G'.A.---GRAPE-144 .-.
'lfarimra and othor Dates, "Oryitallsod 01..111
kinds,' , ,
LA]? GE WRI TE 7'o Y AS' '-•
Candy Apples, Peaches, Pears and-I':gge, Tar Drops. St. ,
John's Dread, Cream Cocba, lir' ofich Creams' of.all sorts. • -
I am also mannfaoturing and havo on head,' °Par . ,
.Candy Toys, such as Baskets, Thickets, ItabletteiDeeno, .„
•Istoomotives, Tubs, Birds, Obletens, and ?easy - FliV•
km. of all deicriptions. • . - , ~ r - ' • , '
~ , Alsoi, a splendid assottmont of trifle's, Of My sari, "
4 ,
,apr,n stare, such el Rods, liniflia r temon; Ileitt&ri: r ;
Caiom illYillita4, Ott.
abet:W*4M/ 011. tfleldli rfd". fp,'
'Otero trill bib o bad An. d iqeolhp.odati elliNto •..
I ! ll ,olEkte.r o6 : . 1 11 4 0 • -
-' - ', '' • •• V r ':,:' ''''O' AZ . :-:' : .
- . '
137 North Third St., Ph iladelpoin.
AVllliffiffaii§, 1 75
RAGS, 4;,
By order or the Preaddent*