Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, September 14, 1866, Image 4

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    Something Entirely Now!
Housekeepers Furnishing Emporium
Cor. of 2nd and Walnut Sts., Opposite First
National Bank, Harrisburg; Pa.
THE subscriber having been induced
to ontor into a business, the want of which has
long boon felt in this cominuuity, has carefully select•
od a Stock of goods, which for
has never before been equalled in any place east of our
large commercial cities consisting of
Tin Ware,- Hollow Ware,
Toilet Wgro, Pots, Kettles, and Pans,
Japanned Ware, Door and Table Mats,
Plated Ware, Cutlery, Fancy Articles,
Willow Ware, Novelties of all kinds.
Wooden %Vara, Ice Cream Ft eezurs,
Britannia Ware, It etrigeratoe a,
Iron Ware, Watt r Coolers, &e.
In short EVERYTHING required or desired In keep•
Inc house. In proof of which he woMd respectfully
solicit a call from Housekeepers, whether they pur
chaao or not. He hue also the largest assortment in
the city of
Boys' Propellors orarabulators, Velocipedes, Boy o'
Wagons, Canterin Ilorses. Jack Horses, Boys Priv
in Reins, Stick H. rses, Swings, Baby Tenders, Wheal
barrow s, etr.c.
Call and sea when you visit Harrisburg. We do not
expect ALL to purchase who come. It will always afford
pleasure to show goods .
July 20, 1800.-3m*
Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes,
The people are going to Plank's
NEIGHBOR now wo can afford to
keep ourselves and children in good Boots,
Shoos, Hats and Caps, store they are' selling so very
At the sales room of B. Plank. South West Corner of
North liatiover St., and Locust Alley. Plank, bas just
returned Irom the East, and Is now opening in addi
tion ti his Romer stock a large assortment of Boots,
Shoes, flats and Caps, which for price and quality can
not Ito surpassed, indeed It is a blessing to the people
that Plank has opened a
and Shoe Store lo CarMIR. The amount of money,
which can be saved by buyrug at Plank's Boot
AND ,S 1101;
Store will keep a person In pocket money Inc a year
Yon can scarcely name any kind I. n Itoot or Shoo that
Plank has not got, and all sellir a nt greatly reduced
prices .111111 go to Plank'a elii'tp Boot and BMW.
and son for yoursol V OR, and you will Ond that half has
not been told hut who'. has lawn told Is true. Itemein
hot the stand South West Comer of North llanover St ,
and I,oquat Alloy.
Midway between MI udiums and Widaels !hitt&
April T, 181111.
New Spring Goods,
ISAAC LIVINGSTON, at his whole•
sale and Retail elothinit Establishment. on South
Lino Ivor ,treet. adjoinD4t & Bowers' Hardware
Ft , Ir, announces the receipt of a full and Complete as
tines I of
SFR INC- rind S rmivme
and soasennble BEADY MADE CLOTH INtl. Ills stork
rOligkts In part of fine DW< and Moe
Extra Hurry DoeNkin,
Three cut and fancy
Also n largo variety of Cassinois and Tweed, Ken
tucky Joni.. an 1 C•l5 .onntidea, Linens, anti Linen
Drillings, in gn at varlet y.
Also o treat losortment of
Ready Made Clothing,
of °rely eLyle end quality, White Linen and Woolen
Steil to. Summer Urn Were. &r., lutild
hu fus n•nortmeut of Tiee,t!ollars.ll , kler3 and Wures,
Unmf, Silks nod Co lon Ilandhereltiets.
AlFt, u full usf.ortment of Trunks, Carpel Bags and
N'alises,b ovary size.
Clothing made to order at tht., shortl,t 110tiee. Cull
and ••xttadilli thu stock
,iareh 23, 184 lb
1 Challenge Competition
IN the way of variety, eleg.inee of style,
quality and (.11081,11e5,, of my stock of Dry Goods.—
Esnecially would I call attention to In) laige assort
ment of
which I selected with special care la the Philadelphia
and New Yin k markets a few days ,dnee. Also, my
three oblong coulldontion
II 01 3 NKlit T,
decidedly the in“st itepr , ved pattern id the age, giving
thy wearer the most artistic film.
variety of 11 lute Goods, such as
Plain and t , tripod Cambric.,
Phan, 'Maid and Striped 7•iur,oolte,
Swiss Mull, l slip and 1"ia01 . 1:1 Lawns,
Brilliants, Linen Ilandkeirliiels.
Blue and Gold Duck,
C tt ton ndes,
Llingbarns, Denims,
Kentucky Jeans, Shirting, Stripes
Othis Cambries. Tic
'• Blue Gamhri,,, eh, eks,
" Blue Nankeen., Mailers.
" Brown Nankeens, kneasti.l .
13 Ingham, &e., &e., &c.,
April 20, 1866.
IVM. A. IL ES' S roil E,
NEXT DOOR TO Do. It i 191:11.'1: AND Iat.q.ITXER'S
rIEIIS subscriber hereby informs hie old
1_ customers end the public generally, that he has
hi. Family Orocery FROM Pitt Street TO the corner
of Pomfret and Pitt Streets, in the building known..
which has just been thoroughly repaired and refitted
expressly tor his business. My stork consists of a
first class assortment of
Willow, Wooden and Queensware,
un pt fining evury thing is my li ue or trade. 1 nut in
Clllll4llll/. 1:111111k1U1111.110011 With till' I,lsterit ritieh. 11111/
W ill Ito In doily I ueeipt of Lho NlO% EST and FRESH
EST ()Kill:Eß I ES the fnelgn markets afford.
Don't forget the place—Cart's 111,1 Corner
The noted "Dry Good" Store in South
'Hanover SI reel
THE 111061 011'6011/e pltwe In (;urliele
is at A. W. Bentz's great,
where eau be purchased the best, handooment. and
cheapest goods In the Country. We 1111 V, just replan
l,bed our stock with a large Invoke of the choicest
goods in the Market, and will continue to renew the
supply daily, Or an necessity requires.
It would be impossible to enumerate all the articles
in our extensive line Of business.
We have now a floe assortment of Ladle, .Spring
Dress Goode.
A variery of Gee Omuta and Boys wear. An WC con
elvo stock of,
Blind Materials and Carpet Chain,.
" ilopkitie Superior Skirts all lengths and widths.
We shall bo happy to have all call and examine our
" new stock." as we feel confident that our selection
will please all Dolton.
April 11th 1866.
New Grocery Store !
rirll. undersigned hereby announces to
hie old pat rorgto customem, that he has dis
posed of his entire latock of Geode with the good will
of the establishment to Messrs. Niter & Washmood,
whom ho recommends to the citizens or Cumberland
County, as active, energetic and reliable business men,
who willaparo no pains to maintain and improve the
character of the old etand as a fit st class
With many thanks for the patronage be Lae received
he bespeaks for the new firm a continuance of the IMMO
will in a few days receive the largest and best unsorted
stook or
. GLASSWARE, • ' •
ever brought to this Place, and will constantly ltOep
on hand the choicest Groceries the Eastern Markets
afford. A full aesortment of Lampe ace Oil on - hand.
'Call and see us ut the old stand, South ,East corner of
. 2darket, Square
January 5,1806--ly.
'DORT :Folios, Writilik Desks, -Basic
Gammon' Board,. Games of all description at liar
erstick's Drug, Fancy and Book' Store.
•llr . Rose, Coital),
J ..
00 15, 1805
NlllB'Confectionary and Fiuita, at
111111YSICITAN8, will'find it to theii,
vantage to call sad purchase thollataluil,ilL3t
A.TOI.I.ES and ewe ty. rotaure, nt
tag now Jowelry Qtoro., ,
PE/?,AfAiV.,ENTp CC/W/D,
Sheldon's Dyspepsia froches.
Dippepsirt 1-'ermrtilfmt4l,4, cured or The
Mont:y Rol ?wiled,.
THESE Troches not only give imme
diate relief hut are sure to effect a permanent
cure in Dyspepsia They ore not a purgative, and
therefore their use 0,303 pot create at:if:WM.4 , lot the
habitual tiia`oecatiirttch. They raiise-tie eliekneus of
the stomach, or griping of the bowels, and are perfectly
harmless to the most delicate.
Thuy will immediately correct a sour Stomach, cure
Via uloure, Heartburn, Sickness or Pahl in the Stom
ach, Costiveness. Belching of wind, Liver Complaints,.
Headache, and in feet all those disagreeable and diem,
gerons symptoms at thin, disiillsa, vi filch unfit' eikeAte
the 'pleasures and duties of life.
I,Ve,k and delicate persons who have been injured
by the use of powerful 'nem ants and purgatives,
wfil find them a mbd, so fa and sure restorer of ihe
OlgeNtive organs to their original strength and vigor.
Prepared solely by the proprietors,
S. J. Vandersloot K Co. Cho mists
718 Market :Cruet '
hi ludelphia, 1 1 a.
David Ralston—Druggist. Carl lcl o , Cumber/and Co.,
l'a. ;We Agt for C umbor land Co. Pa. Sold by all
June 21, 1556 —an
.10[1N P. KS:II,ER,
2nd & Wnlnut Sin
s,,trm /, 1, di:ll7 S )*.ll'
lAEA LE US in Foreign and Domestic
illautware'•( all Mink,.
North St, nearly ..pp,,sit” Uwe:lolst° Bahl,
.14 . 1 y 7 1855.
E P 1,4.1 Y I , INT FOR ROT] 4EXE4.
ISA BLED and returned soldiers,
WitliMP and orphans of slain sold (.I'4, and the
iiemplo3 et' id both sox, generally. in want of respect
able and pi ifitable 1331ploymeut,ineurril g no risk. can
procure much by enclosing a postpaid addressed envel.
opt., for pa rtirulf, rs, to
Incorporated, ISSO, Charter Per
.1 A MI.:).) e. \VALI% Prusiti,at.
Policies Issued on all Popular plans
k FEW 111.1 SONS \\ 7 `llY I'EO
ro.l Ih. Clinrter ()al,
I st 11 haLiki v i• I ed. llit• 141,
)11•ht, VOlllllll4l I•V•111,iVel) 1111. ittstlrtm. It t
2.1 --Its ,lost.••• 1 %% it It ,:rottt. cart, litu, iu
:WC, i.ll /1..141 , ,. - Set I it,ir Itep,•rls
:;,41 Ital it, (11 Exp , tkilittlteq. Dvatil
t Lumr 'lnd "t u”1"
leuttqlly 11111 —Stttua
are do hied
thy yrighia) ezipital hell.: Chat ter h ,
'wilt per rout iIIN idoud., 1,111 , 11, it CAI till.
C..IIIIIaIIy :It inlri eht.
tle(.lart. , aud 101,11.1, mit.lly in
CASH. tLus insisting the insured iu Lhu pqmunt 01
tit!, —lt, Irt,iness is ritstrilititeil gear Ana to Ch aiu
twenty Northern Stritetr, umbra<it lorpirssilile to irrurilt
use it, I:114e surplus, set air:11110i ortritnitttrunies,
ereu it. Lire evert 1 it ,r tour nt t'lerlerrt
ith.—lt..h• prompt in the payrneqt ,p 1 lossus, having
pull t.. NVl.lows and Orplinns nvarly IN Ii \II LUIS
U~tL[.:\ltl. tmd has tier, lit waled ft rlftitti.
•th — . I all 11,1 0 '4111 , 1a
—011.1111 n t.) 110.1011 their lain
i1h,,41111101 iit.
Mail M . Cosines insure to provide against
via.silile loss in trade a life being a basis for
h.— Paratal , In debt Insure that their earnings for
Years of toil tuay out Lu saiirdived at death Irmo nant
id ready sash to C;l111,1
12th —all Insure, as tofu toou el thus laid away
is s,ure to coin, I ark largely 111(1 Va,vd to their tami
oath fusing amain to is rue
Ile S. 11. KI I FPNilt, II D., al edi,al Examiner
J. II AD l'a
11. 111-111:.•Jvnt f , r I tu
:sew N,,th Nish
Reading. Pat.
l'i•rnous dosiruti, “( tll Pil,lBo apply to
tho agg•ta. Fot inttm.ition re•1:01,o t., agen, tad
,ns ho State A gt•lit.
.Vpv)ll;',. ihor
sEEL\ - 's
Patent Metallic Sole.
A N KW N , I , ;N T oN.
W E :17; t „,,1 1:11 , E ,
t t i l , l
”,, 1 1 1 0 1:! pr h t, t ,
hem:mit). It almost 'l/n• I'l 10 . 10„ 011 11 cold: 01111
neglected, nod often when not negleeted, old to
fevers hr to cough,. and total eoiiiininiitioos. It Is lit
reonition 01 this rut,. Liao the 101 entiye tgletit of
the c country ha for yegii, liven ileyliiing sunlit 11101,110,1,
01 11 IA,II/pted to devour IL, for keeping the tett dry, end
) that should not give iticonvenien. eto the Warer.
ILlll.lllOr 'hoes, 0110 !titan or 2.110011. 1 r, 11,1 1. 1 hitherto
I .....n out I, li ince. but IL is „ ell 1,111/011,as among
their luau) e) 11 , that it hile the) keep the wet dry
front eNtei nal now-Lute. the) :di eat L don over 11111011.
and hy tild- inducing an undue tendet nee , Inertia, :1
eusceptlliildy to cold, tether that, otherwise 'rho).
are also I uutbereunte Lu the NUL, 11111.1 wi 641.1 err
ex pvt.ive. 'the durnend , is far •outothinir'that, shall
Make the ordinary Ihget nod ohm` lin 11000141 u, to welter,
without :Meeting their eliguttic.. or clotio ility,iitul. It
po,ible, u lthout 11 1 / 1 1/1/1.; 1,01,04 1. • Lilt. root /lb 1.
1111111013 i tole. 'Chest., it d etc inoid im
prt:is 111111i11 . 11S ? 111111 allirio that
the) uhuilittely attaitold In the It/toi l -1 11 hyre
ti eh pies tiled 1 , the piddle
rill• ill VUlltill to lin:4,W,, bet, een the i
and enter solo, when the ha n d is t,aking. n tutu
N1,1\1.1.11 14,11.,exeevtlingly 1111,111 e,
bin with tuughuesn, ,my light, and every iiity apajn•
eit Lo the eu,l viesirinl, while Lilo , X 1.1.115 1, is
111.1'0 . 0 111/111111111 It fnrilltillen n perfect harriet
t ir il:inipnessolintiv,li the Wet way
eviinseil ever nu long upon wet 1111,1111'111,, or
T" Intilox acid childrvil the AI SoLcs still i.e 01
1111 . 1111illh11 . 11,11 Ihoii ha 6 l is ot Ithe 111/ 4.1
01 drew. they arc partiettlarly exposed to the long
trail. Id ills th:u attend tlpott au inadequate protection
to the feet
These soles have alroltly been tried hy the hest
1,1 all testa, /10111,11. 1011., nod the testAttioniak to their
merits, freely prodered, indicate that they must be
speedily and universally adopted by the puhllc The
Patent Metallic Soled hoots and SllOl, are being le
tt minced into the le .ding Med a lid Shoe Stores through
out the United States, and will supplant all terms 01
everidi.,es, except possibly 0. r deep mud or 81110 V, Ito
they become Itittw it. Ito sure to get them anti take no
other. If your shoemaker does nut happen to have
theta, he 11111 pectin, them without difficulty, If ho
will uot;"timii semi yourself to the Inventor out, dollar
anti thirty 01`01s, 3111/ 111 a / 1 111 Mx 10/11/, 1040110 d Steen,
With right to use, which will 1111 promptly for, arded i hy
mail or express Jinn paid, and which can It, made up'hy
any shoemaker iu the country. Agencies o ill lie es
tablished In every city and village, arid iiupplied with
itioltis and proprietary stamps, at schedUle prices, and
liberal e. nunissicn allowed 1/11 sales. Also ti euera i
Agencies for States appointed on
,application, with
proper testimonials to the Inventor.
General Depot, center City Hall Place and Read
street, Nose York.
NEV. Yoww, Juno 1, 1166.
The proprietors of the above paten z, having some in
contact with a patuntKuv.loubly ltismol, to William J.
I.ymatii of'Northatugmit, gats.j:coNerkujOits Mme in
vention and improvement., the elder 'parties inAnterest
have purchased the same, and, combining their in
terests, have organized
Patent Metallic Shoe Solo Ceinpang,
And established a general Manufactory and Depot at
62 John Street, New York; where they are ready at
all times to till orders for soles of all sizes with
promptness and dispatch
The attention of dealers is respecefully solicited.
No person who has once used this nolo will ever amain
odium - it, if procurable, to wear a , helot or shoe' without
It. Special indtMointints offered to , deniers and Mann.
Winters, to aid In their In t ruluctio m 'Price List, and
imneral and special information furnished on applies-
Mon at the general store, to
President Am. Pat. Metallic Shoo Solo Co.,
.02 John Stront,New.York.
April o,loooLom.
Large and varied ateqk of Groceriee,
Sauces, "WI, &c. , lam selling itt Ile 'very
lowest , Oast Prices,
. Those iridebted to the subscriber, and particularly
those In arrears for length offline Will come forWArd
and promptly pay up, 'as longer' delay i#lll.xtot be sub
mitted to
Nov. 8,1805: . WM. BENTZ.
la !lad Chocolate..
ALL kinds of - J6vAry doWat.
short notice. Acconleons preporly !Nared and'
tined, at the new Jewelry Store, Itaat Main Bt. =
A'Vino oßsor,tOciiit' CAndy;.=Toya 'of
Amerlean, lerouctk 4n4 Borman. palm,
00K-CANDY, Secrets Itionoh and
Deo. la, 1860. AT ItAVBASTICILCS.-
Ole- This is a personal lovitat ion to
If`4 t. , ll :,, er t e , a e e (
l' Now k n .
, n , y
Dt t
I. l:g s
I selected with speeial eart, for t h e ; 1 111 ing
M ‘IN STREET, To NoRTII k Nov at
! ERR' 11 k OW AR I; St oRE.
MILLER & 110 \V ERS,
1)r..101IN \1 bIONA LL,
llox 15'3, Itr.o1(1) 11, N.
CASII ASSETS, $2,000,000
CAPITAL-0P siomoo,
Always On hand
The giiiii - Strengthpning Tonic.
• (Isi(We'Riiiigily Proriattiiioiq
NT VI AIM-Litet, E
frtihi - rlnr raiiHo what'vor
~NI)UCEri ni
Severe Hardships,
Diseases of Damp Life
Soldiers, Citizens,
Male or Female,
Adult or Youth,
IVII,I, VI NI) IN THIS 1111 I'Eits
a pure Touiv, not dependent, cm 1.1 liquors for their
miraculous efforts.
Observe the following symptoms insulting trout ills-
Orders of the digestive organs:
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of Blood lo the
Head, N tusen, Heartburn, Disgust for Food, Fullness
or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sinking
or Flui,,t,ine st thu l'it nt the Stomach, Swimming of
the Ilead, Hurried and Milieuit Breathing, Fluttering
at thealeart. Choking or Suffocating Sensations wh
in a lying Posture. Minn ens of Vision, Tinto or %Vohs
bethre the Sight. Fever and Dull Pain In the need,
Deficiency of Perspiration, 1 ellowness Si the Skin and
Eyes, Pain in the Side, Bark, Chest, Limbs, eto,, Sud
den F1(1.4110N Of 710/It, Dor slog In the Flesh, Constant
Ini s aginings of Evil-;food Ct cat Depression of Spirits.
i -k:)
11001 , 1,AN1) 4 (lEUIAN
Thh, Ititty,s has
(.TV 13E'1"11.:1; KATISI'AC
-I'l ON,
II”= Into e to vouch tin it, thin any
alter ti, le in [lv. Alm het.
\V e lily nun .111 tun i•olltrm-li,t.
o -
01111 1, 111 . 1 II produce a vertilival, published by
11/atls u/d gvuulno,
.VII,I, EN PRY ( . .1; , 1.: 'F
Chronic or Nervous Debility,
Diseases of the Kidneys
and Diseases &trig ingir a disor
dered Stomach
?hat Pitt,rs
I>l'7' IS 7'llE BEST TONIC IN Till
11 ()/,'/ b
Read who Says So
Veen) the Rev Levi U. Leek, l'itstor of the ilriptis
Chur(q), l'e())1(ertell, , 111nerly ()I the North Bap
Church, pre,elit Pastor of th
thipti,t Church, Cheater.
I have known Iloothind's Herman littler,: favorably
for /1 uumher at years I It., used Omni 111 my own
tinnily. and h.ive Item, vo pleased with their effects.,
that I wag induced to recommend them to mint ,th
ere, and know that they have operated in a strikingly
lament-la! manlier. 1 lake eat pleasure In thus pub
licly pls.-tanning Eli's lot, anti railing the attention
of those afflicted with the distant, for wbirh they are
recommended, to these 11ttets, hlinWing tram experi
rase dm' my rerommemi.ition will be sustained. I
do this nioreeh e , e li t ti, as thc , lland's Bitters Is intend
ed to benefit the afflicted, and is •• not a rum drink;
Trimt N. D. l'aFtot of 'l'm °HUI Bap.
till Ctalt.r
Gentlemen :—I have recently eon laboring under
the distressing ellects of indigehtion, accompanied by
a prostration of the nervous ovotwo. N timorous rem
edies were recommended by friends, and 001110 of them
tested, but without relief. Your ileolland's German
(titters wore recommended by persons who had tried
therm and whose favorable mention of those hitters
Induced me to try [hum I loust, confess that 1 had
an aversion to Patent Medicines !tom the thousand
and ,me" quack •liittes'• dh,,se only nuns seems to
be to palm ott sweetened:, ed ttroggtol I ly nor op.) the
ortmrnio in a sly way'. and the rend e ney e i which,
I tear is to make many 3 1,0 til 111,1 al link:Mi. Uro,,
learning that yours was really a medicinal prepaia
doll 1 tom. it with happy , fre, t. orlLm, not only
upon the st. mach, but upon the nervous system, was
prompt and gratilyit4„ , . 1 feel that. I have derived
great “1141 111,111:11,11 I bent:ill from the ova Of It few
Very rusiwetfully yours.
R. D. ; 4 E101 , 141RD,
Nu. Illurksuutxon FL, or t
From Revs.(. Nee Lou 1 1 ,1,..n. D. D., e , diter of the En
tilupelie ut Iteligi e tte Keololo4o +Alla CliJ lslhm
('hrolitele Phlladelpb
.11t....tigh w t diepu ed t,. 6el mof a 011111,11 Patel. L
edielo to• in general, thrungh discs ust of their Mgr e
dien to and effects, I yet kin w of no huflielent reasons
b ) 3 1111111 limy not testify to the benelifF he believes
himself to have received I'n aim any simple joelelrlit3oo,, teat he may thus contribute to the bene
fit t others. 1 this the more readily in regard to
lloonand's Ifittet s, memo ed by Dr, U NI. Jack
son. of this cit.), to auno I was prejudiced again/,t them
fur 11111.tly )ear., under the imple,ion that Ihey were
chiefly en alcoholic mixture. I inn indebted to my
it4,l,art. :910elon k ye, Esq. for Lim removal of thin
prejudice by proper rusts told roe el/eolliagenlOnt to try
them when ,nliering from gloat and lung continued
'the use of thlee bottles of thl su Bitters at
the beginning of the presort year, was followed by
evident relief and restoration to a degree of bodily and
mental vigor which I had not full for six months be
fore, and had ahnollt despaired of regaining I tiler,
fore thank tiod and my friend flit directing Mu to the
Mu of them..
From tin, lit Ii D. l+midnll, Assistapt Editor Cl,, is
Ilan Chronicle,
I have derived decided benefit from the use of floor
lend's tlerman hitters, and feel It my privilege to rue
ommend them as a most valuable Louie, to all who are
'mitering- from general debility or from diseases arleing
from derangenuct of the liver.
Yours, truly. E. D. FENDALL.
From Itev. D. I'llorrlga, Pastor of Mu Paselunk Bap
Ma ehMTh, 11111 a.
From the many ruepeotable recommendations given
given to Dr. Ileuthind's Um man !Havre, I was induced
to give them a trial. Alter tieing euveral bottler! 1
Mond them tq 1)Q A good remedy for debility, Lind a
most excellent tonic for the stomach.
From the Rev. TIIO9. WINTER, 0. D., Pastor of ROX.
borough Bapliet .10ii-u1;311.
MAK Ent : I fool it due to your excellent preparation
„Ilootliours German Bitters,: to add my testimony to
the deserved reputation it has obtained: I have for
yearc, at times, heed troubled, with great disorder in
my head and nerimus system. I was advised by a
friend to try a bottle of your Outman Bitters. I did so,
and have e*purioneed a groat and unexpected relief.
Niy health has been very materially benefited. I con•
fidently recommend the article when.> I m. of with cakes
similar to my own, and. hav e teen nasur,44, by many of
their gdod elfecth2 ' ' Respeatfullynyours,
• Itoxborough, Pu
, •
oi? couNTERFEns
. .
800 that tho eignature of "0. M. JACItBON" lo on tho
wrapper of each bottle,
Should yotir nearest druggist not hate the article
do not be put off by any of the Intoxicating prepare
tione that linty bo offered in its place, but Bond to UR
r d coil fcirWard; securely paelted by exprcoc.
• ,
• 681
% • - JONES, 4r. EVANS,
I guccessors to - E2l:Ar. Jackson 4 Cci.l
For sale by Drugglets and .Dealers in every town in
the United States,
Dee. 1, 1 . 865-Iy. .
(From Book" Febi•;i'ary,
186 G.)
THE following remarks and sugges
tlons relative to this immensely popular instru
moot will doubtless - interest and profit very many of
ouk readers, we commend the article to their careful
, A hundred and,ene makers of Organs, Cottage, Par
lor, Cabinet, American, &hoof Organm . etc eta., are
each claiming to make the best instrument In the
world. lining comparatively a now instrument. as at
preSent cimstructed, wenn convinced the public are
much less capable of judging of Its merits, or demerits,
than of most other Instruments. If there is really an
essential difference in them, 3f there are come excel,
lent and some worthless ones, the public should have
some criterion for judging of them, some facts which
will enlighten them. We cheerfully concede thespace
for this article knowing that there Is hardly a family,
or church,ur school in all the land, more or loss
Interested in 1 his topic. We are also aware of its be
ing a great misfortune, a real calamity, to any of them
to purchase an inferior or worthless Organ, ruinous to
good playing, and often a source of much annoyance
and' resation. We know this articla to emanate from
a candid and intelligent source, and thus we giro it to
The question is often asked, ts hat are "reed organs?"
We adswer, they are, in most cases, nothing in the
world but the old melodeon in disguise. tinny of the
so-called organs have the same bellows, the same reeds,
and the same g. n.ral Internal arrangement. With the
bellows turned on edge to gain room, they have simply
put an a more pretentious exterior anti in more high
NOUllliing name. But an organ, to be in reality an or
gan, must pare a wind chest or reservoir for air sepa
rate from the hollows, into which wind-chest the roods
open, and the tone has room to expand and perfect it
self into the full round tone, similar to the flute or papa
organ, even, smooth, Orm, and mellow ,• and this tone
from reeds cannot be obtained in any other way known,
thing so annoys a true organist as to have the vol
ume of suund•nwelliug and jerking spasmodically with
every variation of force on the bellows, which Is always
the case where the reeds open direct Into the bellows
or air passages, instead of a wind chest or sound-box.
And.yet some matters even go so far as to claim this
spasmodic or automatic jerking of the bellows on, the
reeds as an excellence, just as Omagh they did orot
know that it must very soon throw the reeds out of
tune, and injure the bellows; and as though it were
not an easier matter to obtain an ninth better and more
easily manage I swell by other methods. Thu truth
is, any organ, so called, or melodeon which has the
wind acting directly upon the reeds, is nothing more
nor loos that, a huge aecordeon, dross it up no you may.
And w hen organists and true musicians become 1021.0
of the fact that they can obtaio those that are organs
In fact as well as In name, they will buy no mote of the
objectionable ages. Then again the swell should al
ways be 1301 , 11149 and distinct from the bellows, so an
not to he acted tin by the hand, or soft blowing, but
convenient so that the player can use it with the knee,
separate from the, hands or feet, and tilos always un
der easy control, to be used ad libitum.
The large divided bellows, or double bellows, is also
a very important Improvement. By this means not
only Call the 'Willa be supplied morn evenly, but with
far greater ease to the performer from the fart that
either bellows alone will he numb lent for the lighter
melodies, thus permittiog the player to change about
and rest the feet at will ; then. if the bellows is of
the requisite large size, :and having fits wind chest nr
reservoir, all it ill be 'Null. As to the I . l.,titi, they must
be scientilleally tuned And voiced, or all the other good
qufdilles in the world cannot produce a good totted In
strument. The Inquiry now very naturally arises,
where can the organ he procured romldning all these
essential entd delsirable qualities': There Is only one
possessing :di these points, and thatis tine All , :RICAN
WM AN, made & 11. \V. smrili, of Boston,
SnlElllet OTT 11 holesale Agent, 581 ~ r oadway, Nose
York. 'I has to gam. ha , e binding the
whole length if the instrument. and so couStrUCted as
to act at the Santo time as a reverberating sound-hox
or board. anti having the saute Important relation nod
pat 1.• to pet toam thattine sounding-board has to the
piano. This Malmo the makers have patenteil, and
to it ate ow hid; in a great 111441SIICkl tip entirety tlte
quailed fullness and rid, ass of tone hi, highly priited
by all v. Ito have used these organs They also bah
the largest and best divided bellows in use, which is
am - ohm important teat are. No part of their wont is
blighted, 110 expense or pains spared to Make the A
merican tlt gam: perfect musically. as well no muchan
i ally.
and, j u ,donr In,m the 1111111 cum, sale of them at
pr gent. illoy bid fair to long maintain the proud posi
tion they hate area by / ,, /l/”I'l01* merit alone. We
would Most heartily ad, 1, all interested to call upon
or address Ms. elllElUs (ITT, the W 11010,1,11, Agent. at
SXI Broadway, New York, and c assure them he will,
in the moot it'llmo:tidy and truthful unmoor, Impart
to them all the int, ntation they nay 111,111 , relative
to this truly delightful instrument.
The sill is fully piepared hi furnish Sher
'dusk, Strinas, u,ival I nstrunionts, and Music 14°,k
of all kinds at the ',west trade rates. wholesale and ri
tail, kern the largest odd rtlons in this rountry.
Irders putietualls faithfully attended to.
Address all orders
age” , y. The Flthherilier, late a motel.,
t 11 eII lanavii lain eiditliiisheit
aiiieney 1,41 litnailtiay. Nets. Yl.,k (it ) , wher e I to
t- e the of his blends and /hi
i••reeitilly hear Irian L 6• ..• .%lin have
lit eralli I, , tniseit their the bri t , here; , .
fore. Ile , u1)1.1) - the, instratnentr
the trade hikli.ale the very [Ames
Prises, made %Nall the ini-ulated Iron Rim and Fran
etat in IMP sa.li4l They exiiel :ill other:, in 11
•tiperiia it y lit LOllO, anti elegance at' extortia
All lhese Pianos have overdrung Scales, giving in
e•aui eV( 1 4, 1 l wit), the paten) inf) Jim and frame. Full
Round, Pouerlul.and Sweet Mellow Tones. The
e egant iu appl,ranee, and easily and safely hat;
died. Warrantel to prone ,iio,l,Tactney.ce the muney
returned, Addre , b all ordill's to
S. D. L' l / 4 :, 11. \V. SMITH'S
FOR 'nrn
mow, heme nt tractive, relines, and elevates taco inlnt
of all, beautiful In lippenraneo and Weds.
The Mulleins) popularity of these Organs, and their
superior Musical Powers, is last bringing them before
the public, as the Instrument so long desired in A
MP:RICAN :led although tho cost price jo
hut It trifle oyes the Melodeon, yet the !flushd advan
tages, beauty of tone and quickneeil of tourb ned
tine aro so far superior, that they are fast supe, em ling
the Melodeon and the call is now almost exclusively ler
It. adapted toAny Music from the gull:hod and most
lively, to the homy tone of the Church Organ. And
almost universally thoy are preforred to the Piano, by
persons who have them, yet costing less than ltif,and
only tatting a small amount of room.
Saud for'iloacrlptlvo clroulara giving full partleula
and prlces.
Excluoive Agouctos ooeurod to Dimlore, and large
dfseounte to tho trade cud Teachers. Address ell or
Whole:ode A gont,
681 Broadway, Now York
March SO, 1000-Iy.
DRESSING; OASES,, Ladies' , anil
Chmtl omen's.
Doe. 15, 1565. , , AT lIA,VEItSTIO
Mint, Chocolate, Cream, Lembn, Orange, Vann
la, Stone and Mess.
Doc. lb; 1800. AT ITAVP , IISTIC/CR.
preferred by all practical Painters I Try It I
you will have no other. Manuthqtured only by'
ZE101,4111 /z
whotosmo , Drug, Paint 4 Glass Dealers, •
No. LIM North Third greet, PIIILAD'A.,
Jun. 22, 1806-,ly.
$2,00 A YEAR made by anS , '
one with Toole. No
exPerioneo necessary. „The Pnisidenie, Cashlure, and
Treasurera of 3 Banks indorso the circular. Bout free
with samples. Address the American Stencil Tool.
Works, Springfield, Vermont.
July' 7,1856-3 m. ,
'VIOLIN and 'Guitar Strings, violin
y 'Bows, &wows, .&0., at tho now JOwoky Moro,
East StS
QOLE Agency for the: solo of Morton's
Gold Pone; Th 9 now Jowolry Storo, East Main
rt. -
VAMILY DYE - 00140118r
" • -
PFIOTACLES, of all kinds and prices
to cult All nos, at tin now Jovially ktort, ,Elos
ila Bt.
581 Broadway, N. V
SSI Broad, ay Now York
581 Broadway, Now York,
ILTAVING just ()pond a large assort
" L• Inent of Importod and Domestic Dr,ytioods,
wero all purchased at a further decllith in pri
cos, I have command this day tr, sell all Wi l ds of
Goods in the Dry Goods and Fancy Line, arliliot prices
than thoy woro KM act) days ago by 1111711°ns° in the
County. J
Ladieil Dress Goods,
aud 6-4 Fancy Cols atulollack . Wool Dalanai; at Old
Pr cos. New Style Strlpo Lustres, Mozambique!: all
Stylus at Old Prices, Now 6tyle Mena Poplins, all
Shades, at Old Prleas. Shaping& Plaid iliohaini and
Dahlias, all she Natant. Old Prices ,pluck and Colored
Alpacas at lowest pii6Rl,l4wils In all tlia new Styles,
Bator and cheaper • than had boon sold for Pico years:
White GoOds.
Nalusoolts, Canebrirs, Bishop Lawns, Puffed
hiuxlins, Striped Swiss and 'Nnlnsoolcs for Dresses and
tlaribaldPs nt prim; that will astonish all.
Kentuckey Jeans old Prices 25 eta.
All the celebrated makes of Castatueres. Cotton
Goods. Linen Drills and Ducks at lower prices than
have been bought for years.
1 am selling Coed Calicoes at 11, 12%, 16, 17 els.
I am selling (load Muslin's at 12%, 14, 15, 16 eta.
am selling the Best Unbleached Muslin to day at
24 and 25 MA.
I :tin soiling the Boot Calivecv to-day at 18 and 19 ets.
I receive every Morning the Philadelphia and Now
York Domestic Price Lists from the Principal Muses
in those Cities and F ogulutu
E t 'Elt Y DA I'
the prices ofnil goods accordingly on a declining Mar.
kot all will see that they have the advantage of the
decilne the very day It happens. This being the only
lair way of doing, 1113,1110E5, I will strictly adhere to
regardless ot the opinion of other Houses.
A tretnendious stock of Ginghands, Pickings, Chocks,
Flannels, Blue Drilling he., all at lowest cost prices.
In all the endless variety or Rant') goody too numer
ous to mention I take pleasure in saying. our stock no-
Ilesor more complete and at prices tint mu at satisfy
Balmoral Skirts and all the 111111, es of floo r , Skirts at
and below old Prices. :ilk i , llll Unite atlas and Para
solo. Bibbons, laces, Edgings, Table Cot err, (Dress
'Buttons by the ThOusand) Shakers, Latlies.G ruts 4,1,1
Children's Gloves and Hosiery all sines colors and
prices. Linen Ildkfs km, at very low Prices,
Alto /I full new stock of Ladies and Children's Shoes
of every description. I soil ne•auctien work and eau
warrant every pair I sell and being at 110 extra ea pen SO
the keeping the same am enabled to sell cheaper than
any Shoe House In the (bounty. call and see them all
who want good and nest Shoes.
Thankful for the liberal patronage wlSOhlhe public
have long accorded me I hope to be able to merit a con
tinuance of the same.
Itmm•mber the place on the Cornet opposite the
Itost Office and the Methodist Church.
Come Ono and All and convince ynurself ImMre pur
chasing elsewhere seeing he believing.
'rho the most durable and t h e moss
,4•,,, , thit.a1. Try It' Manutavtur. , l only by
Zieglor & Smith,
Wholesnie Itrtw, Paint t (1:1‘,.,,
1:;7 Ni tit Third St.,
Of a highlyrespectable citizen, well known
to the Mercantile community, by
• 1, a. .1 It t• .
Url.:cr. N. V. ANP Co
2ti SL.. Ness Soak, J on, 1, 1,115.
Ina J. 11. 30111,:ii . K-10,11 1. 61rt—For over fifteen rears
I have horn trould. d w tth :1 severe rough, and usually
Lao or tint 13 110110; n t ear with inure or less homer-
I liege, which to,utlit., for the knot h tl tonic, has kept
me thin hi li, sh :tad too weak to do husitiess ol all)
kite w ithout nuffel lug. la A egos! 1 had u very
ookrere 11t11101111:1140, furl, !1VA...Y.110g 10 1110 jlolgllll,ll of
a good New Vora physieittu, 1 aWI CLAI•I•Cd 1,0 . )0101
the reach of medicine, and WOO advised to he prepared
so far as property Matters nese coneerriert, to leave this
world at shot t uotlru. 'rho phy..ioian (and my good
friends) wild that tile Mat cold I tool, moat prove loud.
harly lu Jallklary I took a severe cold, and fortunately
a as occupy lug rooms at Ni'. ,t 2 10/N1) It I. EIT, direct
ly over your office. 1 think about the if Lb IA January
I procured a bottle of your Pulamnit• Syl up 111,1 0 10, 0
111,01,41 taking, It freely. )lye leet and limbs were very
much SWIIIIIIII, mud all the 1) inplonts of a speedy Moult
seemed to accompany myssa.l,l. 1 sent tor any torniel
101 l y.i1•1310 turd - /.111 ad to him that 1 was taking 3 °Or
11111(11611,S, and atter shoa lug theta to him, and having
tasted ot them, Kr , In, replied; - you call tall, tht•lti tf
ou like, they a ill do )nu no harm." 11„ said •1 ou
know what I told you last smuttier, and 100) the same
tino, it you hat stay businesoko close nip, do hot pat
It lie said totolter ft Muds that he • . 0011,1 sue no
hope An me, - and my friends mud relations I . onCinliatt
11,3 time Mid come, At tilts time I was taking freely
your medicine, hut had 001 SOOll 3,11 'line 110e101 .
Called a ten times, 1110110111011110 (nlllOll to his sur
prioc, lie said.) Improving and Inteould not understand
why. 31y Mitt' was iu yoUrilladieilleh, and
Lad a wish to have you i•Xalll I 110 my eine. and see
„ hat you hod to cut) . 3% h e n you !list came lo my
Sill and made the examination, you gave MO hut lib
10, •l
~••11.i.i.,,•111••1it. lint an the mincer . ), expressed sad
dmibts •
ut my ever holing halpl•d out of ill 3 thee seem
ing difficulties. The second time that you called, find.
lug 1111• still galniug, you gave 1111 enoourageinent, say
"ml) symptoms acre improi lug , the Puha:tide
sup, Sent-need Toni.. and 31andrake Pillo had
ated like a charts." My circulation, my cough, my
appetite, all began to Improve, 11.1111 I could walk. about
1115 room a little. You t 611a,i mo urn rly every r i
da), and ono loon., lug, and told 010 11101 to go
001 ol my toot. uutil the first day sit May. I took no
cold while uuder your treal1111•11l, lay a 1•110Lito became
11, at-rate, and you told am to oat ever) thing 1 0 (cued
Of a 11 uLritioue nature, and to exorcise /theta the rooin
:10 1011011 as possible. I followed your advice, ind to
the surphe of my old 1•11y6i,.1lla Mal friend, 1 Seolll
winch better than 1 have been for several) ears, nod
hotter thou I es, I expected :I. person could NIItII
00c 11111 g, Ole loft being completely orird 'up. I teal
my grateful to you, Rod considel your advice alai
medielliev Invaluable.
- -
Pit. S , :ili:NCK—Dear Sir .--.About two year, fig" 1 it,t
I • tilth it very troubitaume cough and a pain In
in . , !freest ; norm or eight months passed away with
toy doing anything tot myself. 'Phew I applied to
a pity f intl. who atten ded the for about three 111011018
0 11111/11t rendering 11111 any to, siro. I also uht a in t A tho
adf Ice and tteatmont of n physician in one of our h.
anu elan had the advice and treatment of two
ether phybietans but all to no purpose. Dui ing this
long space of Unto 1 w as nearlv dead; twveral times my
ads came to 800 1110 1111t1 witness my exit Into the
spit tt-world. I was ounfined to toy b a d 1 00 ...ti t , a t
oae tiuu,. My breathing Wllll eYelltollllgly shod. 1
gait. up several times all hope of getting k•ettn ; and
timt getting well, that, 0118 0111,11'14 out Of tllO
1 10 1, 11011. And to think this day lam well :old heary
advised b 1 smile of 10) friends to try Dr. ftitifffelf.
o •,:•• nes. d
accordingly bought bottle after I fa%
WI I 1 onoliod the ninth ; then 1 bend 11 decided
I h 0111 01) •• ugh for the better. I suffertfd 1101 or
e tt , a, palpitattou of the heal 6 , and two V.CIIkS
I taking yoUf niedidne this difficulty
I 1 inn, 1 tire) met to lir. '.. , chenck'b It Woo With
i 1 , •• y that Iro old get up into his reception room,
• • so ttl colt and so no, oiled ; skin was its s•il /OW
I had the jaundice ; 1 molt dull heavy anti
• ... nr.i(clienck, after exaudni ii me. sold
tai „qs a., affected, and gave me but little hope;
b•t. his medicines, in about two reecho, took right held
to to• ; It bconed to go right through my whelk. sys
tem The Pulumnie Syrup, Sea-Weed Tonic and Man
dl 4:•., Pills, all took right hold in the right place. Mc
rills brought away gloat quantities of bile and slime;
the Syrup loosened the matter in my lunge, which
tans. olf very true ; the Sea-Weed Tonic gave me ap•
pot lee, and everything seemed to taste good.
show rebut great power the medicines have in
put II . ) lug my system, and to show how bad I was dis
uaes d, all the bile that passed my bowels, and
the treat quantities of phlegm and matter 1 expector
ated, I broke out all over in largo. bolls, Mit Weold
centrum, to gather and run for about six weeks, and I
had at ono time over twenty-fire bole. have noth
lug of the kind tow, and feel like auothdr person al
together.. I can salbly say that I •Itavenot. onjoysd
such health for live years as I do nos; nod ~' eanuot
praise you and your tuedichica enough. May (I , d
bundmitly bless and preserve you! is the sinner° de
rby of one who bas been F.O wonderfully relieved
Lb! ~itp It your agency ; and Harty one desires to know
with Bard to the truthfulness of this report, if they
will mall upon any of my friends, or upon me, No. 4
Dryden Place, near Thompson street, below Cmitrald
dor, l'ldladelphla,lhey will be perfectly natlidled with
the validity of the cask.. Yours, with much respect,
The above mine, as described, Is perfectly correct. I
know It to be true. Yours, T.ll.
s Pastor of Hancock 11. E. Murat.
Ur. 6(.111.1NCK will be professiothilly at his principal
Mike, No, ld NOIITII 8/XTII Braecr, career of Q• AMERCE,
PIIILAMLPIIIA, every Siturctair, from 0 A.M.., No. 32
Bond street, New :York, every Tuesday, from 9 to 3 ;
No. 38 Sulumer etreet,"Beston, Mass., every' Wednes
day, from 9 to 11, and every other Friday at 108 Balti
more street, Baltimore, bid. All advice fro°, but for a
thorough examination of the !hugs with life Itosoir
°motor, the charge to throe dollars. '
Price of the Puhnonlc Syrup and Sea-Weed Tonic,
arch $1 50 per bottle, or $7 60 per half dozen. Man
drake Pills, 25 cents per box. For sale by all Druggists
and Dealers.
r 1 .1 11.111 Mason & Cabinet Organs,
ll w ty different styles, adapted to scrod and sem
lar music, for $B6 to 0600 eagla. FilaY-0.1411 GOLD.
or . SILO DItIItELA LS, or oiler Drat premiums award
ed them. Illustrated Catalogues free. Address,'. MA
SON t DAMLIN, DosToN, or MASON imonuats,
Sept. 22, 1866-Iy,
all Bleu Rua stylui
all Roils obnpus and else&
ac.. 15,1865 , ATTIA.II.I4II4IOKB
rtomicuimunAL sox:Ione:
1 P«11 1865. •
. . ..
T" Farmers ' - and - Members of the'
• • Agrlialurill SOciety ' will remember that Our
next fall meeting and Exhibition', will commando on
Wednesday' the 10th of October and ciantinue , three ,
days. The grounds have been doubli.enlargod and
the track for the exidhltlon of lioraea.gfcatly Jenith
oiled, anantalla loon need 111.1mo:ibex', And it in con.
tranplated that wit'wlll, liiiietEe:.theet'oxtfinalve ' eXlll._
bition that boa . boon held, - '4l.llpereerrelat boon
and abroad are 1 . to participate as °Matters rind
spaatators, ",11y.aido ltlmi Freeldent.. ..
p it
•,•••" .• •••% • •••, oAtaor4 0;,040rr, .
July 20, laoG—tf. - ' •,, ` ' ' - 13ticrotOry. = ,
IN and after MONDAY, May 21st,
kjrlB66, Passenger Trains will run daily na follows
(Sundays ascoptod):
ACCOMSIODATION' TRAIN leaven Harrisburg 8.40
A. 51., Mechanicsburg 0.18, Carlisle 9'57, blowy'ilo 10.34
Bblpponsburg 11.07, Chablbersburg 1.10 I'. M., Grum,
cantle 1.43, arriving at liagerrtown 2 10 P. M.
MAIL TRAIN loaves Harrisburg 2.00 I'. 71., Meehan
fesburg- 2.33, CarlifliO 3 00 5 Now ville 3.40, Bhipponsburg
4,10, ChamberSburg 4.50, Greencastle 5.20, arriving at
Hagerstown Mb P. M. •
EXPItES.3 'TRAIN leaven 'Harrisburg 4.15 o'. 51 ,
Mechanicsburg 4.51, Carlisle 5-21, Newville 5.53, Ship
pensburg 0 21, arriving at Ohara bersburg at 6,60 P. M.
A MIXED TRAIN leaves Chambersburg 8.20 A. M.,
Greencastle 0.80 arriving at Hagerstown 10.16 A. 51.
5.15 A. M., Shlppousburg 5.15, Nowvlllo 6.10, Carllalo
0.50, MoeDzoOesburg 7.21 an Iving at Ilarrthburg 7.50
A. M.
MAIL TRAIN leaves Hagerstown S.lO A. M., Green
eal.tle 8.45, Cluiniliersburg 9,25, Shippensburg 9 15,
10.29, Carlisle 1/.03, Mechanicsburg 11.87, ar
riving at Harrisburg 12.10 P. Al.
NLXPRIISS TRAIN loaves Hagerstown 12 00 31.,
Greencastle 12.30, Claunliersburg 1.10, tibipponsourg
Ll 3, Newville 2.15, Carlisle 2,18, Hoellaniesburg 3.20,
arriving at Harrisburg 3.55 M.
A 31LXRD TRAIN leaves Hagerstown 3.05 P. 31.
Greencastle 4.00, arriving at Chambersburg 4.50 P. M
.@R-alaking close connections at Harrisburg xrith
Train to mid from Philadelphia, NOW York, Pittsburg,
Baltimore and Washington.
RAIL Itoni, OrricL,
amborsburg, Nlay
JUNE 11th, 1868.
T t JNK LINE F110:11 TilE
North and North-West for Philadelphia, New
York, Reading, Pottsville, Tamaqua, A , ldand, Lebanon,
Allentown, Easton, Ephrata, II tie, Lancaster, Colum.
'Trains leave Ilarrisburg liar New York; as follows:
At 3.00, 8.10 and 0.05 A. M., and 2.10 and 0.15 P. M„
connecting, with similar Trains on the Pimosylvania
Rail Road, and arriving at New York :it 0.00 and 10 30
A. M., and 4.10, 5.20 and 10.15 P. M. Sleeping Cars no
eempanying the 3.00 A. M., and 9.15 P. 31., Trains,
without change.
have llarrisbuig for Reading, Tamaqua,
Mlnersville, Ashland, 111;1+1:rove, Allentown and
adelphia, at 5.10 A. M., :PA 210 and d 10 P. 31., stop
ping at Lebanon and principal Way Stations; the -1.10
P. 31. Train making connections ror Columbia and
Philadelphia only. For Pottsville, Sato. /kill Haven
and Auburn, via Schuylkill and Susquehanna Hall
Road, leave Harrisburg at :3.20 P. 31.
Ileturning : Leave New York at 7.h0 and 5.00 A. M.,
12.00 Noon and 0.00 P. 0 1; Philadelphia at 8 15.1. 71.,
aod 3.110 I', 31., Way Passenger Train Imivrs Phil t
tleliMM at 7.30 A. 31., returning from lii Miog 11.:10
I'. M., stopploz at all Station,: Pottsville at 845 .1.
and 2.45 I' II.: Ashland 11.00 and 11 :10 A. NI.. and
1.1)0 I' 31; Tatommt at 0.15 .1. 11 , had 100 and 1.5:1
1' M.
CIIAIMES 0011.11 Y
l'uttsville for IlarriKhurg. is : , chuyllcill and
Susquehanna find Road. at 7.00 M.
. . .
iteadin-4' .1, -, ,unnindation Train: Lrates Itnading nt
0.00 A. n ag troth l'hiladolphia at : , -00
Columbia Rail Road Trains lons, 110.110 g at rl4 O A.
01., 120. Noon and 0.15 I'. M. fur Ephrata. Litiz, Lan
caster, Columbia', Se.
00 ,- 'un.l2k3s I,ltvo \,-w Y., at 800 I. 11.. l'hila
dviphla fi 00 A. M., and 3.1:, I'. 21., the 8.00 A 11. Train
running only to Reading. l'uttoN ilk 0.00 Tam
aqua 1,30 A. NI , Harrisburg 005 A. 711., and Iteadinz
at 12:, and 7.30 A. 21.. tar Ilarrishur4, 00,1 10.5:: A. 11,-
10r NOV, Ynrk. and 4 25 p. 11 fur 1'1411:n11pm,
tathm, Milnage, I. 4 easou, .001,m1 and Eslll
- to. and f 13,113 all p"ints, at ruds,,d Itatus.
Ilavcage chucked through : 00 pound, all°, ed each
l' tl . A..11'111,1.:.
Hennral Sup.o - intendvut.
Ileadill4. Pa. June '25, 1000.
Am , . not only IlrloXvellt,l, Lot tiny are abrmilnloly
0111,1Un11,1, by any other !toed Itt,trument in thy
.uuntry Deigned expressly l.rtjhurrites and Sellootte . ;
they nn• 10111,1 Lo Lo equally well adapted to the parlor
and dr.ticlu...: i 001 n. For Pak illy
nh-Al,, 11RA DICURY't I 1'1.1):0,1, 3 complete rts
wort ment of the PERFECT ME1,01.11,1,1)1.
The Family Grocery.
rum.: subscribers, having taken the
Irrocery `trot 1 !rdnorisnrith rcr.
on arljoloing rrairdnor & Machine
:shop and Foundry. hairs just opsned n to,' nod (do
v.rant assortment ot (1101 C Eltl e.s, ti LAS,: rind QUEENS
WAItE, sehreted ,‘lth great tar,! Col 111 lly Vll pp) ieS,
WM/11 t t-011 at Ors very lowest inder•S fr r
rash. Every artlrds In the line of Family ihrorreries
111 ah,ays h r • kept irosh au.] r heap. 'l'h,) , ars, , all
irrudirolar attsntion to the
t, EU:, 4Pri nitrnt Cift,X I•'rvtii .J',,u,
of which they have the exclusive agem
r, f•r Carlkle, ami shieh his proved
o •. Its super ority ..1..i all Other VIII. or
• - 4,010:
,-... -...1. jars 11.1 - M ill US , ins its ,rl,lt simplicity.
'. perfect reliability in km•piim Front, and
\ y R Ezr therarnordinam ease will'. Ali l i:
j il u, l r l r lt :r:sj i , , ,,
, ic.,,„.„.,„,,,,.,,,,„:„.„,,,,3.,,,,.:,,,d,
other j tr. without ilmt e,amining the
• We hire also ftNi/X*:.6 i'A9 . EN•i' FTEI•
P A T E N :
11''.':I. Lash':: :'11):': I : el . :::: r ' l ' :: e :1,.. 1 11 't.
t l
V"A rich
S l : N : :: :1: :{ 1 1 ; A : :
; - CHINE, only Five Dollars, and the
Aniition t..LOT II ES WIRING Eli, both of ski in they
vonfidontly recommend to Rive entire satisfaction.
They have also been appointed .arum for the salvia
to which they would 1:s11 tbe :tttent.lon or Farmers and
others needing 01,11 :It the bust and eheatiest article
Is he found for ,un,eylug water 111,1101 ynnin and
barn-yaule Alto a variety of other antieleF, such as
1/001t MATS of several kinds and price,.
.Vij. Just opened v supply of Fresh furring and
all kinds of :MIT Fish. put up lLis Spring. Also
Floor In barrels and sacks and Peed by the bushel.
mnivriN (lARDNE/t.
May ;IL, I qud.
(Succes t zor, to .) . D. (:orglts.)
rII I IIE subscribers rospect fu Ily in form
the public. In general, that I hey have purchased
the Tin and Sheet I rnn Flstaidihinnent of Mr (iorgas,
in rode of (he Court !louse, where they nra prepared to
accommodate the patrons of the old entablishment and
all others who may favor them with their work. If
you want the vary Lest
at the lowest prime, come to us. All Insured for six
months or longer. We have nothing on hand but the
hest bakers and Warrant them to ho such, for no keep
none tither. COI., and sett the great variety. We can
give hundreds of testimonials if desired.
our Parlor and °Moo Stoves for wood or COM
Stationary and l'ortable.
M W WA.3E1...M,
of all Muds In great variety, made from the very best
tin-plate. All you need In our linsi eon be had from
us at a saving of 20 vilit cent.
at our Store and Wain RUOLUR, In rear of tho Court
House, and you will.savo money In your purchases.
It will fully pay you to come.
Tin Roofing and Spouting done at short notice
llq strict attention to business the undersigned
hope to merit and receivo a liberal share of public
June 20, 1802.--3 y.
The Carlisle Cook !
A now and porfdet Air•tight ! Gas Con
101,_ mining Cooking Stovo for Coil oV'Wood.
At our Fou2utry and Stove Rooms, Main St
The patterns of this Stove aro now and original in do
sign and gotten up oxpressly for our use. We there
Ebro Pall it
It combines every new and Valuable Improvement
In Cooking Stoves. It le exceedingly handemr oin ap
pearanoe—lo a perfect Air-tight and Gas Consuming
Stove, and may safely bo pronounced the cheapeetibost
and meet complete (looking Stove In the country. ' We
cdst two sizes, adapted to the' wants of both large and
small jamllletc. lixporienced Rousokoopere will find
uponift. aminatlon that the
comblnos every legtilolto for oco lomy tool ofilolonoy iu
cooking; Tt o public aro spoolally roquoatoyl 0411
mid see it, as yro aro conficlOot it folly room/mond
ltoolf. " •
March 28,1800.-Iy. , ' F. GARDNF.II &
. .
A .lar g e assortment of the best •cluallty
~c- I L, of
!ailltitg off at the Tory I,oweat prices ruling in the State
: , 0 1 . !°..T7 i rt n i h ; • • , •
. . .
Call ittia.B4,lofiiOiyBelv9 of trko? truth of 04 wiser-
Ve ° 12 1 2 . 8:7.81311: "
NL.,A. • •
Walker & Claudy,
EMOVAL ! • •
he subscriber begs leave to 4liornrhis old custom
ors and the public generally' that ho has removed
establishment to the building on • South Hanover
street, Carlisle, nearly opposite Itentz‘s Store. liu
as huretot re, keep constantly OD hand, of bIN own
make, everything in his lino, such as
WHIPS, &C., &C
All hie work is made up under Ws eapervisirm, and
he tberetban twin warranted In eaying work
manthlp and durability, it la naeurpasscd. Thankful
for :tat favors he reepeetfully solicits a continuance
of tin, same.
41'11 20, 1800-0 m
.I_[ A VING as
1 8 11a1Au:;;
i t inn tll4 old
•-- -
-. Wale, where we will
keep the best and
In the Marlcet, and perfectly dry. Kept under cover.
Feudlion will do well to try us ; as we are doter.
mined to nell cleaner coal. and at as low prices as any
other yard In the town. 9ry Us and be convinced.
We have also on hand
❑sunily kept in a flrvt Mass Lumber yatil nliich ice
will sellas pin-, cr lower than the low rot
Jan. 12, 1 OG. DP:LAM'
O. N. I.Lrf.h,
[Prf•inilon. J'w• Best P'itritihrre aw'aided
u! crll CUUPtII ,111 , •( 1857.]
Fu rolLure of vnrletles and, Styles of Foreign told
Ilotncst i.• Imttittftteture. tom, the llovqt. tosewoo , l nod
:11:thogato to the lowest prim it maple nut pine
Pnrl or,
Dining room, ~' le URN
Kitchen mt
I.:min . :mint; every acticic used I.N . (louse and hotel
keepers, of the most approved ant, hishi.mable design
and finish. Including. also Cottage fur ulture itt setts,
reception and Camp Chairs, %atm.,. gilt frames,
pictures, &e.,
v , ix_Particular attention givco as urnal to funersl,;
orders from town 31111 country, attended tl , promptly
and an 1110 1 11•1311,11 1,11,
F.; Allen and Ett-tpenusburo'
tual ri,-0 I, Finoli, Ciiinlitirhipl
lo„ to I I A s•i•inity iti tin
viii inls, and linvinti r nlii of itn rhurtrr extiiiiii
-1,11 to the )eiir 1v ii. now to :,live vigtirou4 lip•
orntiou th, suporintowtence of the
bard rit 31iiiiiigerp, viz:
IVII111:1111 It. (inrg., :"..t.:./i1:111. Jacob Elierl)
I) holly. Alex. Cothieirt, J. II J”))1, Pilch/Ober
on., Joseph VVielierhliani, :ill,llll 'Berl y, \loses (tricker,
Itutiolph Jael.b er. :111:1 1. C. t)untar.
Tho rates of insurance, ore os an t i
any Company of ills kind , 1151. I't`,ollS 5013
lin; to become members Me ill Vit.'d to Intik t. applica
tion to the °gents of She Ctituli•Jiy. who are aillhig to
1i:ill upon thew :It .1, I illIt•
1.. 4i,
CII II I ' . I'IA`Z F. 7 A YNI AN.
Join ir ,, .1114. s' . 0 .
JOAN I' LA l', Ve I.
DANIEL DAILY, 1/111sloo.g. Co
Cumlwerlati.l county.—.lt.lthA l / 1 .1) 531 , nry
7,eztrinir. r‘hiremanFtown Lat.'. k It.. 1.1‘111.1r, lqi•k;fl r ., 111 ;
11,•tirN 'tow mat, CI) urehtc , ,, • 1 ,, f1‹.
rinmu..lG ratio., ; S:thnuel
Copy,. :o,rlwit lesi.utg : .1.11 4 1,erherlist,lr, /3
1). l'ouver, 1 1i.p..r All vll .5. ,v 1 .11, Sitter
flyer, curlisle; 1"alont.11, I e , inatt. New I.:Umber
land ; .lames :11eCandlish. N..,
York vou . nty--1:'. S. 11,.kinv Jamo, iirinllll,
Warrington; J. F. Dearti,rli. NVasli i neon .
DillF.burg ;D. I; nth I : Juhn N\
Oat ,11.
liauphfri on.—Jaenb 11nu, r. I tal I lot uT g. •
Nlotnber, of tbo Compato b n but polio ios about to
[pin•, ban hay,. [hoot rellOwt..l by tAal.ittr, 1,1 , 1 ient ion
to any orth.• Agenty.
subscriberN inform the public that
thvy still omtillue
tt.\ FIT1'IN(1 ! , I,t;‘lnv.\ t; th..)1 , 1: 4 1..itn) t tin
Chll,lol. Thep Will attend nnAnPt:Y to
busttiss in their line
Lead and Iron Pip Ilydiunts. li t :ma veld
Rater l.itt Puulps. \‘',14,1 4 A
Tut. , Iron ' , Ht. , . Fiaf h ' luha , Bath lloiler4, l'a
ilydraul r ita un, kr , au.l every , I4 , eription O.
and fittin. , ,a fro ene. %toanl water, a.. r l upe,l4,l
kl l / 1 r r heater; .I,lna, fixtures put up 111
1 . 11,1,1105. , loron .! r at, short nutive, in el.
nut 1/I , lern All nrAtorial , and In our
line at low rate , n.l ~arr,alud,
.41% I 1
I E . A ltd I)liir A It 1.4] SiTOItL.
FI 14; old Ilardware stand of Lewis F.
Lyn• haq E. Uillrr
A. : 4 A. ii tirs, wl.f. nro now l runt ting buqiursq uu
Ila1:11. and .I . yle nC
Thy full, 1, r•ojurt rota', efl from Cl,, rih and
ar,, ❑ow prep.,, , I t.. furni,;, to the pnhlle at the lOIN est
prlves. all kiwis at
11:Irdw.tre, Ti l nJne , Paintg.
CLASS. VA ft N S 11,
.tc, A for k into their store will cons hire all that they
have enough of goods to fully supply tho domain! In
thh. market. Persons wanting goods in our line ‘ll/1
find it to their ndrnntagn to gh rno a call. All ordors
person:ill) and promptly uttendod to.
July 7, ho;,-..
ill do more :tnd I•etter work at n given Cost
than any of her S.Try It Nlanufautumt volt by
7.1.1..(1 ;.ER
Wholosal.: Drug. Paha & (21a,
No. Eli :tract,
Jan. 2:2.
Presents for 01 at Haverstiek's.
ivt-r ItYPING Desks, l'apior,
Rommood & Walnut.
Due. 15, 1 bid, AT ILA V EIISTIOKS.
10 Tong Winter head. Nun (helloes of 011 Just
received with It large 100/11.112011i. of
Yuri/1020.R, Piro Proof Paint,
Turpentine, Florence, \) bite,
Japan, Whlta Zinc,
Putty,. Colored Zinc.
Litharge, Red !dead
Whiling, Boiled OIL,
Glue, Lar;l. Oil,
Shellac, 4pe,rut 011,
Paint Brushers, Fish 011, Ate,
Colo, of ovory description dry, and 011 in ettrlH and
tubes at lilt Hardware Store of
July 1, 1864
American House,
North Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. •
THE subscriber respectfully informs
hls friends and the public, that he has taken
the above well known house, formerly kept, by
Shriner, and intends sparing no 'exertions tp accom
modate all who may be pleased to giro hint a call. The
Wise has boon refitted and is in excellent order. Ile
also introduced
Anderson's Spring Bed Bottom
to his Bedsteads, so that his guests will have a good
night's rest, Ills charges will be moderato.
Attached to the house le a large yard with excellent
find convenient stabling. ,„
Carlisle, April o,lB6o—LOin.
Bryans Pulmelda Wafers,
®NP 'good Photograph is worth a doz.
k _you p6or ones. Who Nvill give o poor ploturo to a
blond r All PHOTOGRAPHS mule at • ..
aro warrautod to give oatlsfactlou or tlioy will ho ro
Oat. 20, 1605. • .
pIPES, Tobacco, (smoking and chow
tug) ana Segars, at HavarstielOs Drug and Book
fAMES:--500 pairs Eames on hand'
of ttll kinds. Elizabothtown pattern, Loudon
do., tiorninan do., with and without patent fastoninge
ohesper than ovor at 11. BAXTOPPB, Rest Main et.
Juip 1, ltiC4. . .
pIIYSIOIANS will find it to their ad
vimtago to call nut purchaco their 11loalcluos at
July 1,1064. • • • .
RILEET music always on hand at
.• •
fiarea 00, . 1600, HALM= 86 IMO'S
Plumbers & Gas Filters.
.S' 110) IVER 1? A 171 S,
j to.44niptly :att•lttled t
New Watch, Clock,
lIKYRINGER, rupeetfully an
• flounces to the citizens of Carlisle and the
surrounding country, that he hue opened nn eridre
new stock of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, kc., consisting
in part of Gold and Silver, American, English cud
SWlNfi {Vetches, Ladies Gold Wittehes and hoins, Fine
Jewelry In sets, Finger and Ear Rings, Sleeve Buttons,
Cold Pens of Morton's coletwal tuanufacturo at
his published rotes, Silver end Plated Wore, Castors,
Fruit Briskets. Forks, Spoons, ri‘c.; Clocks In every corio
ty and of all prices. Spectacles in (bold, Silver, Steel and
Plated Promos ' to suit all ages, Aro:orderers, iolins
rind Violin Str ings, .rie. To which be invites Gre at
tention of the people, hoping to receive a liberal share
of patronage.
ltoom in Elsa Mein St., near Saaten's hardware
All kinds of Watches, Cllocks, Jewelry, Accordeens,
Fa., neatly and substantially repaired and warranted.
Work done promptly.
:day 4, 18 ti.
T W. Fridley's Tinner Shop, "Nast
/ Louth, sr.. Sigu of thi. ito tCr r o t wh ere
you ran ::ur tlto Fint,it, Cho:twst, rind flirt
Ever (dTried in Carlisle he has en hand the latsmt int
proved l'aterns . such as the relehrated
Barley Shea[' Cool:,
Iron .Sides,
11'rarie Flower,
And Conlinental
lied, 100%1 and Office Stove, of the latest Plat, na
and h. sl,lualits, - . The nialaN ware/tut.
oil o entika,..tbfaetion. Sp)uting, 111.3 -
VI work, ni,el an Tin au,/ ;114,.t f eon don, In the
neatest 11l Innor all , t at hie t 11 ,, lirt!, nil 1,j..41,
:111,1,1..0 I ton urn r, u , t:u:tly on hand !I.r house
I'RIII'-I.` C.l. NS awl JA
•Nt, t vt.t. t Hot ell t, Ow
11101 . 1.1 r matt t. Self ttml Solt 'Ft• , titw Oat, nt t •l
aistk, 11-111 r'tt Patent. thi• tt
11 , 11S , ed iu 411 y Inn.t.t•t
Pri'd to ti... I.rt sale {V in,
Loullior zi .
fall :11:.1 ID 11, A Dr. Nr.icll.: T. y
:11,1 (`. )Erin iL. Carliplot.
Tharthrol Iht , I Ito Libot ,lllttroungo how toforo rs
t•ndecl ho hop, by Ktriet :Mnt tioo to lotsito•ss 1111,1
flesh,' to 1,1,,,e all to 11)1 . 1 . 1t n vottlin 11:01 , , or l by s ti le
)larvlt 23, ISCt--Iy.
Cumberland Valley Rail Road Com-
rEI E Cuinherland Valley, l'ennsylva
wa nnl Nrrlllern ~ .lent- a l Rail livad Companiea
Lair uric an arralagealent, to It
Fref'yht rrlel
het, eon the Cities of Philadelphia. Iluitimut e and New
Yeti,. The Cumberland. Valley Rail I;end Coin psn7
ill,.open theh Preizht Depot at Carlisle cm thy lo
Jelin:my I:Me the receipt and shipment of all gooti; 4
,•utru,to,l to them.
Fl,•ight to oc fortrarJ,ll by thin nrrangemm t must
h•ft at Penu , yiranin I4dl Road Comv,ny Depot
nor M . 15th ,rnd Market. Philmh,lphht North
. Co, t '1( Nail lend Company's Depot Int' timore
41,1 Cuml.”rlan, , , C,! . ,,.'. Itait Itoml Cmnpm.y'a
it Cali, In.
The 1,1 , ' N. in fill./ it t.. ship
111. , K iil Et.nd enturirty's hrlght and
.1. [1 ILI
L Carlki
Cll.l PLASTE 1:1'
I 0 a
11F,ET E i ,k.: 13 ROT II I.; It 8 liavitp ,
c . I 1,: , I( I' : 4 11, tit r. 4 N tttat.• a it, thoir atitt•li
',lvo ‘1 Ar,h ..11... t I It•ttitlttr , tt:t'r t l'i ..,1 1.i.)11,1.i r.f II it:h
itt•rt : ~t _ Itt It , . to in:, in tit• itiOtlit [bit th,y viii
. . ... 4.. lb , it', i nal .11,_.: :old V , liiiititt..ittn i1,1Fi11 , ,, , 1.11
m"V 1. 11t.•11 , il I- ,t . :11. , 1nm, llottettrttra.
Th. if,. 1,111 I •• '
pai I ror Flout
.11,1 I . puLt. Pla.ti•r, Salt ;1,1 Ilay,
dutl . i!.•
U~nJ of 311 kind , einhrtvilj,
I, li ENS VA LI, F:
LO sT 1( \'l'Al N.
I,A \V li 1 1 lIV , A.c.,
Idlut , urnorq' rut: It Cott. ronstatttly for
•-alO. Non; Lunt, rover, and dulivurnd dr . ) un t part
of tho tout, AI,o. nll kiutnt 1.1,)11tElt cord-tautly
A Daily Freight Line
will 10a \ 0 thoIY O IVIIIOI/011 , 0 oVl•ry morning tnt 7 O'n.),,k,
a; in at; i-I;urg at 11 o'cl;11..1. and at Howl-lid An
Iii;;;•1.11111;',11anahou,o, ;71N/Iml 'llO Marltat wtreat
t'liniflolinhia. at „'cloak inn tic; ainon.og
.1. IS I , ,ETEM Sr. 14 iltit;
Nov. lu,}Se,.',
I:T the f.t()re of . John Irvine, on th
_ 4 ._ \ T.: c, Nor t tlit• .quaro. i. II p';ioru
1 , 111 , 1 I` I' 11.1 LS t . b(les I hit, :111•1 pri,, • tlott
1•:••,t with [lto itityett
Ie :L., it) 11:,t,,
that i•vor iii•ity.
a'lll t•• at thi•
it, Vl
iii••• • •ii
l'A)1•: , ' FINE ('AI,F li(it)TS,
Kip Ind k'intont. 3t11,1. CAI
;1,1 k:att , : ullifiers, Calf and
Kip 131,,,01,,
Fine Fr:l,ll,mi! ldngiinh Lasting Gaiter., %I,roeeo CNA
and Kid lieetai, Fine Kid Slippers, Miir •
retie , , and h pl 111,0,inc,
MI AA I) (•111 LI/ItEN't , R IsAlt 01 an deserip
einLerVeln Pine I,A,ting liAitets. Nom over, and
tlO, ts, 3iurr ,, ce 1 a e bons of all Id ixds
taLey stones of various stoles slippers. &e.
nATs A: CAP:, SW:. Cass - Jaw!, Fur a n d Wool Hata
I ail And also a i,ge as,rlntebt 0!
Boot • oliO .9110 o te.ttle to oT:lor at the ;lo te,t
ppomptly June. tNontelmit or his uhiltts to
please all clas-, of emzotners. he ,speottully Invites
the putdio I As him a 1:111.
placu, N. L. coruvl ut thu
Jul . ) I, ISIA. '4"
rf ji lllE undersiuned respectfully announ -
cos to the puldie that he NMI continues the flat
ti , u; liusinees ut the old stand, in Wout High err t
and a int a renew ell and efficient elinrt ptodui irti
et, ot
Every Variety, Style and climlity,
thAt Le strictly in isropinc with Inc intrit,lr
mcnt or the .krt, and fully up ti the :tgt. which 11 r
.. ,,, v , •-• ,
.1 ,0 1.1:1, (.I.t hall LIR SPlUlldi Li 4,a
l i 1; •L,S r trn et] t rat
t I
..,Y.4 HATS AND CAPS' -'14:
' '?=•...-
" • • - - •
, °tall deseriptionu, (rein the t,lntu4 , ll Wl,ll
" 1 ” r =UlSt ?tie and nIIF. natii; and nt prince (hot
must sully every uh.,....1tax 1111 eye to getting the
worth of hiR money. The stork includes,
pt every style and color and unsurpassed for Lightness
Durabilily and bulsh; by those of any other establish
meat in the country.
Boy's and Children's list's and Cups. of every
description constantly on hand.
Ile respectfully invites all the old patrons .and as
many new eons as possible, to give him a call
July -1,161 A
4:14- 1? (D 0 40 el 7 e .
SAVING just 1 eturned from the
Eastern cities desire to inform their patrons that
hey WV* , Mid In n larce and varied stock of New and
Fresh Goods at the lowest cash prices.
Their assortment Is thorough and complete, COD ta in
ing everything necessaay to constitute a First Class
In tttentod abuntlanco, and, at lowest cash figures.—
Syrups, Spicos, Canna() Fruits, QIUMNSWARi: and
Cdockory, Salt mid Slab; ILims, Chown), enteltors,
Item,!tete and Willow Ware,
Segars and Tobacco,
of the choicest brauda. Brooms, Buckets, and a coin.
pleto assortment of
Don't forget the old stand, South East corner or
I nnoyer smote. ,
Feb. 24, 1804
Newville Stoneware Works".
THE subseribor is now prepared to de
liver to Merchants, the largest assortment of
St:Mower°, Rockingham W' e re ; ,te„ ever offered in Cum
berlaod Ills stock consists in part of
Cream Crocks, nutter Pots, .11ilk Pans, Spittoons,
Pitchers, Jugs, Fruit Jars, Sta.
Spittoons, Pitchers; Nappies, %km s,,Ple Plates, .tc.
Glass Flasks, Ei nit Bottles and Patent Fruit Jars.
Stone Water Fountains Churns, Water Pipe,
Tile, &0., furnished when ordered:"
In facilities for man Wean ring,,nuslity of wares and
prices, he would defy competition. .For Price lists dal.
Address • ' SAMUEL I. IRVINE,
April 13,,1806-6m. ,
Iron, English Refined. ,
CENTS lb. Nails, $5,50. flora e
5119E5, $7,25:
, •
and everything glee leptopoillon at
rililitX NtiTori , a
July 7,180!
i). 5
301 IN IR) IN I'
J. G. CA1.1.10