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FRIDAY, APRIL 21), 1866,
O. 37 Park liow, New York, and 6
IState St. Boston, are our Agents for the nERAI.I ,
nod are authorized to talte A dvertise
n t s and Subscriptions for us at our lowest rates.
\Vhen HE.IsTER UI,YNER was here last
week he said, in is little speech to our cop
perheads that Geo. W. Woonwnan was
honestly elected Governor of Pennsylvania
in 1863. We do not know how to charac-
terize this statement in any other words
than the plain Anglo-Saxoritbat it is simp
ly an about nable lie. Everybody knows that
in 1863 the people of Pennzylvania by a ma
jority of 15,325 votes said that Woodward
should not be Governor. The clap-trap
about fraudulent votes etc , was well enough
just after the election. while the sore beads
and pockets were yet cilia rt log ; but for
candidate for the Chief Magitracy of. the
State to boldly reiterate such a thread bate
falsehood at the opening of the campaign in
which he is to stand or fall, is a melancholy
spectacle indeed.
The New York Times enrnestly urges th,
iwportance of harmony between the Presi
dent and Congress. This is very well
Co-operation and tnittu , ll confidence bet wren
the executive and legklatiN I• branches of
the government, is of prime consequence.
Wherein our coteruporary fails is in urging
Congress to recede instead of the President.
or in not in pointing, out slime satisfactory
middle ground on which both can meet
witfrout a sen'e of personal humiliation
If Mr. JortNsoN would realty indicate n dis-
position to harmonize, on any just and rea
sonable basis, Congress would be constiain
ed by public opinion, and we think, by its
own desire, to act in concert with him
The Civil Rights Bill
Lawreme. I' Uhi in
speech on the Bill ~n sniilrda
brietly the prineiple::
measure. 1-10 snit' lintt the 101 l \Va . '. 11. ttl
sigred “ny 4 , 1 . 1,0 , 01)14', 1/Ili I
protecl llir cn it right - 1
,carct•ly 1110 iloOldt . ut . Ciollll
try Ihun the )1:1 . 41111 \\ th, pe.,
plc of England. It did not affect any l a,
lilicnl rights, ,titirtign, the right t.
lipid (Alice, or to juno . wnr
lilt, it far lit this I 111 wa- ~ i il•nrned. th
State,. it lid not, in t, r any eixi
rights, but it pi.,,vidod that, u.. 0, li .vu
weritted civil
Contracts, b, , 11 , , ;01,1 be sued, to givo evi
dctiev, to buy, lelt-0,11. , b1 and ~•11 proNrty
and to 11 Ow of bkm.s
curia}' of per ,on and I,l,perty---ev cry citizen
~ .liould.have them in ery ;•Ntat, Terri
tory. Thhy beh , rigyd ery citizen,
that the bill yea , laiator\ Th.?,
Nvere regarded as inalienable t ights.,
the government t Willi n , t take away. It
they could be taken li w une citizens
there would 1)a no piott,tion I r the nigh
of natundized citizen , , 4kr 401' Ili,
any race or creed th:tt might th,k vt2t
It ttan became
the,: rights tvcri2 I . nj (1 11
of the South anti
that they were ehrorceil Lc military tottliiir
ity. NCI; it lit buttir tii priiloct tlictu b 3
civil law than by tnilititry
Death of Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson
The telegraph announces the death .1 lion.
Daniel S. Dickinson, of New York. Mr.
Dickinson I elonged to the race of elder poli
ticians now rapidly dying out. It one time
he disputed with Mr. Mercy the, control of
Detim;:ratic politics in New York, and in
Itss2 he wee a strung candidate for the Dom
oenitie nomination lur the Presidency. De
tilled various oldies. , in his own State, a n d
served in ('oro4re , s es 11 SVII:It,Or from 18-14
to 1831, and thu- serving introduced
two resolutions substantially embodying the
doctrine of "popular sovereign t) which
aft.vttard formed Judge Douglas' Kansa,-
I.Cebreska act. At the bi caking out or the
rebellion, Mr. Dickin , on it—tinied a deter
mined stand on the side of the Union and
the Government, O hich lie loyally and stead
fastly maintained. Mr. Diekinson W7l, in
the 66th year ut his age. 111- death was
sudden and unexpeeted.
Bunks and Taxes
It his been conclusk ely settled by a de
eisiun of the Sttpreni Court, that theshares
of any and every stockholder in any Na
tional Batik are subject. to State and local
taxation, unall'ected by the fact that part or
all the cApital of said Bunk is invested in
Nati onaT ob ligal ions. Those obligations are
not locally taxable as .such, but their use as
Bank capital is. In this decision, the Su
preme Court has affirmed, ne believe, n de
cision of the Court of Appeals of our State.
We reiterate our record of this importune.
decision fur the guidance of assessors and
tax-payers. Hitherto, if wu mistake not,
owners of shares in National Banks have
felt justified in omitting front their return
of property subject to taxation so much of
their capital invested in National Banks as
they presumed to be invested in Natiollll
securities. Thus, if a Bank, having a capi
tal of $300,000, had $200,000 invested in
those securities, each stockholder felt war
ranted in returning to the assessors but one
third of the amount of his stock. This is
justifiable no longer. He must return and
pay taxes on every dollar of his stock ; such
being the authoritative exposition of the law
of the land.—N. Y. Tribune.
Adjournment of the Pennsylvania Leg
HARRISBUO, April, 13—The Legislature
afjotrned sine die yesterday, after unani
mously adopting resolutions of thanlcs in
behalf 6f the State to Governor Curtin for
his fidelity to the interests of the country
during the 'recent rebellion?! Every mem
ber voted aye, and the result was received
with loud and prolonged cheering.
Before you buy " foreign perfumes," tisk
the dealers b 5 show you their European in
voices. They can't do it. Reason why':
Importatioris have ceased under the present
tariff. The articles are counterfeits. Phu-
'lon's " Night-Blooming,, ,Cercus," a liner
4 , extract than Paris over produced, now
reigns suproi!/e in this market. Sold every-
The Prompt Refutation of a Copper-
head Falsehood
One of Senator Hopkins' attempted points
against the majority in both branches of the
Legislature consisted of the charge that the
Republican Clerks, respectively of the Sen
ate and llousb, had neglected to employ sol
diers to discharge the'SUbordinate duties of
their departments. The charge was plain
and emplintic, and therefore it is not neces
sary to multiply words to refute it. Nothing
but fact , -; will serve in establishing the truth
in such a dispute. and we therefore publish
the following list of soldiers employed in the
Senate and lions° of Representatives by the
Republican Clerks thereof:
COI. C. I'. Rogers, 83d Pa. V. V.
Eh. Williams, 201st P. Y.
Capt. S. M'llenry, 105t11 I'. V.
Adjt. A. B. Al'Clain, 135th P. V.
S. C. 111'Creary, 100th P. V.
John Twiss, aged 70, Tyler hospital,thron
years and live months.
Janie. C. (Indian), I'. V.
L. Rogers, :;Bth \
Ethan Tulle, Pa. Reserves.
.lobo Burns.
oFricEltqw , THE Wllil SERVE!, IN
F. C. Benedict, 12th Cavalry regiment.
J. P. Wilson, 62d P. V.
\Vgn. 11. Dennison, 95th P. V.
Thomas Martin, 1750 1 P. V:
Frank Penk, 193 d P. \'.
AVm. D. Frank, llth l'enna Reserves.
Mcgowan, 76 I'. V.
George Bak coven, 72d P. V.
\Vim Johnson, 1-191 h I'. V.
INlcAllicter, 110th I'. V,
John Sheaffer, 129th P. V.
George Dar'in, 110th I'. V.
Henry Schreiner, 127th
James Keyser, 9th Cavalry
Saltine] Nace, 9lst P V.
- Comment i-- in II 11100
thi,lo , ol. li nt o eCann,' refrain friMl add
ing that the entire declaration of Mr. Hol,
kin:' tit adc a kind with that in refer
ence to the !Mita, to employ ,ohlicr:. Tin
Reptldican leaders are the only and the hes
friend, the soldiers of the Union ever Lad o
eye,. \N ill have.-- I .
Tut. I'll E,"rici• 11/N --The
1.111“..1%, 111:t1l• 1 grolit
hair urrin.. 111 th , 1 . 01 . 1•111 Elec.
111, 1wt(4 . 1 . 1 4, 110',11
i a 1 and di•app,ildniold at 1.11 , 1 r 'lllll
It.ii.:ll EN ery 111111111`,1
/1,11 \\ Hint ill, 1i,t1:11 IMoildican
111 th:il Sint° e , _',(Wt)
lii l I, it ;2W% , :2. Hit;
It -0 lieppetied lu.t yont . that tlir elootiffil
ewe.. Hi the :ird 4,1 .\ pril. the ,ItLy Nvhi,•ll
the new , H . the evaelettien I;ichtleoel
re:i 11,1 the Nerlh. The 1.. , 111111g ..1 the
(;inieoi thr ,, egle.iit the ; - ;hite
:thin e , 41 the .11,erle,e1 titel
that lih their Itel,l frirml , ut
11,1. ni l ;ilettelHl , l the
} - 1 , 11 , . The re.tilt wte: a Itelmfdicati
IMO), ()II OW 211 , i Ctipu
le•:klee he 11
ti 11 r tenj“rit‘. to.t \ville-hireliie4 the
.H1111[1;111 I.ll . H't , Hid , IH . •
111,1ic “nly
:t- vii. "
tru.• 1,, tii,•
Pk 1 . 1. R Fltol 0 , 011p:illy a
2 H)g,•lo;,•Hion, rci.rt—t Whig tirlV,-1,91,ET
tlll4l h 1. 1,H1)1i , 11,1 . , nl Ncw 11,,tc , n
and this itc, pant a \ h-it t. dit•
\\ '"" 1 \ ‘" rls- •
t•litlrt• prm,•-•
into 11:11.or 1,1.111., :Hitt
"'Y \ l,ll-1,,
1,1111,111)g , -
w. ft•atlll ., ! 4 tit , te , n l.s i tLr
nc...1,.1ity 111 tht. 11 , . t 1‘,11 ,1, ,v1„,•1,
\vott,l :tn.! 1,11.11 . 11 11111 , ,
1110 1.111-o 1).•ii.:4 - , •viii ,,, ntling
lit 11g in 2 , ) per colt( 1 ' 1.t . .11
t , ) ii tk it • , lnul t , ) 118
lot .1)4•1• t i.,lj ,, ining lirl.nt
Puiwr 1 1.,11.(1 .
Ith1' . nt.,1n„1111 1 111 1 ,111,1111
evrit. nt ›traW 1.1111,. l'n.lo 12 t , .
„r 1 , 1111, all ,
\Vork , huts I,nt te.,ntly ;4. , 111 . into ,pe
tliti,,ll. pric, iir
duced cont. 1.1 , r p.m.& t . V..11111g
t , Pllll.lllly lotrlttttk
th, Prco,
l'itt,loll.4 (:,,_e./le HILL-
Ilpr. , llltlll , llt Id . F.. . \VIII V..1,11111m,11,
m , 11, 23,1 di:strict :
M r. F'. J 110111111111,-
,d to ill, Revenue
ill tho I)istrict of
nin, in place of Mr. \AI. N. \ViIITE.
Thi4 (.1,81,re mm 11-• 1144 Iliad(' b l, llll-t .
m. nipvl urc or lii \\ 1 , 1'01111c,, in the 111(11111-
ife, ha, performed his dodo. to the
siiii faction both of the government and the
peoide. But )Ir. wttnteil the
e Ino , wanted alinost all sorts of
phiee: for several years, and has been
, •cterything by and nothing long, —
hope of drifting in sionett here. At
lit‘t ho has succeeded. Ili. sole reconinten
dation, in this 111S11111( , , was n speech inade
from the step; of the t'ity Hall
support. of Pri,ident's Policy.
In reward for till; ,orvicii hr has ILo best
.appoinhilent in a diArict of which lie not
re,ident, and 11111. , 112; II },1•0111t. \\Alt)
at tlti. i11t111,i ,, 11 of hint among thew.
'rills iippoii.tinent way talien as the
first of a serie, in this portion of the State,
entered upon for the purpose of so VOlTllpt
inv; the people by it prolligitto or govcrn
pat.ronago as to imlucii acquiescence
in a Policy which is rilitignant, to their
It was stated it few days since that the
passage of Ihe Civil Rights Bill, over the
President's veto, VAR the second occurrence
or this kind in history of the Republic, the
first being Mr. Tyler's veto of the revenue
cutter bill. Subsequent investigation has
determined the Fact that four nt ensures were
passed over Mr. T'ierce's veto in the first ses
sion of the 31st Congress, viz: The hills pro
viding for the improvement of the Des Moines
rapids in the Mississippi, for the removal
of Pass a L'Outre, for die deepening of the
channel in the Sault river, and for similar
improvements in the St. Clair flats. The
Civil Rights Bill was, therefore, the sixth
that line become a law without the Presi
dent'S approval.
—The Policy in, North Carolina. The
Raleigh Standard, Gov. Ilolden's paper, says
the President's policy in Norrtb Onolina is a
complete failure ; that ultra secessionist now
fill every office in the State from the highest
to the lowest, and that the secession leaders
are determined that Union men shall never
govern that State. It adds: "The cause of
restoration has been set back to the point
where it was nt the. commencement. No
one can forsee the result. The generosity
of the President has been abused, and the
loyalty of those People has neutralized by
the love of money, and„ how long will it be
birore they are rebuked, us they should be,
and made to know their Places?"
—About the• Feninns. hd Government
is not unmindful of the Fenian movements
in this country, end especially in the north
east, We are not at liberty to suggest what
course the authorities intend to pursue when
the exigency 'shall arise, but we can bay
.confidently that the Government will" not
permit any combination' of ruen,whatever to
entangle the United States in unnecessary
difficulties with friendly powers. PEesident
Roberts, of the Fenian Brotherhord, is in
Washington. Ho is open in his condemna
tion of the movements on the northeastern
frontiel; ris according to his views, it will
aid the cause of Irish independence.
the Reconstruction' Committee on thursday.
lie thinks the people of the South have not
yet been convinced that they had no right
to secede, or that the war settled only that
the North \\ powerful enough to prevent
Secession. Ile himstilialways dill, and does
now, believe in the independent right of the
States to secede. Ilis testimony is very in
teresting and voluminous.
Reply of Gen. Geary to the Business
Men of Pittsburg•
April 4th, 1866.
ENTE ENI EN :—Your communication,
bearing date March 20th, only reached mu
on the 311th Mt., and in complianee with
your request I proeeeded to answer it With
as little delay its possible.
You propound to me three questions, to
which you request answers, vie:
" I. Will you, if elected chief magistrate
or Transylvania, faithful exert the power
of your a...ministration, so as to defeat any
and every attempt, made by legislation, or
otherwise, for the monopoly and control by
any one corporation ()I' the riiilroad policy
of tho State?"
•‘ . Will you oppo , o and Nyithold your
sanction from tiny Irgielution conferring
upon the Pennsylvania railrothl company,
or any compimy it may control, the authori
ty to build branches, unless the said grant
should be under provisions of general law
regulating the construction of railitawla 7"
:1. you favor and use the influence
4 v,iir stein the -
nwlit of it gviierill null ,miring Ow con
sirtlctiMi and regulation of railroads Nvithin
this Coninion wealth
y 111111 t,1111114111,1 11114,11 t.114,,51 ,
1/I'l, I 11111 free t give poi, and quite willing
to inilieato what action Nvould 1)1',
F 44, 1:11' 11, it IS Ilt 1111 proper tu di, so.
Pennsylvania po sos,e, iinnwnso 11'1'111,-
111'k, 4,1' 11110T:11 W4•111t11, 1111,1 9 1114,4 eXtt4ll , lN'tt
nniurailorie,. 'l% , do% 01, , p tlie , e, to fo,ter
vi , TY I - 11.1 "g \vbi'•l' toad?" to th'ir (lev''l.P
-unent, and 111 vheri , li 111111 i11',,1114,1.0 1',111:111y
till' rights 111111 intensts or all
1 11111113 it' lII` the higlie,t duty of
her ..slale-nu.n. 1 regard . (•\ pry hind .11'1.111.-
11C i1111.1,V.•1111.111 r.0111111•IV, (hi'
:I:111 I 1:11,11' 441 . till' 11144-1
C4411111111' :11111 1•1:11 , 01':111. It 11111.1,,,1
" .11" of
1.111.0111• 111,111-11 y, :I`. a. 1111.511, (if
eon \ rting .41r va , t 111ole1':d agri
-4'llllllra' 1 , 1'04.1114 . 1.-. Sill! 114,111111 . ,11•1111'4,1 11rtit•1444.1
'llll ,, 1 . 111111, NV1 ,1,14. ‘' .1. Chid) .o 111,111 olr
our eoinno.ii.•ilil 11111.1'1 , 111r,, 4•11:11,14, 4,111'
11111111.1111,.1.111'11 . - 11 , -wild OW 1,1'444,,41 , - of their
lllll' 5411114
:11 11,, 11,01 441 . Oo' 1111111111:14 1111ing 1111t1 pr 44-
41114•11,:, of the I . loon, -Wall
eordial s -t-t ouv 51%1,1%.1,5t10n.
og;11 , 1 44111' 111111,11,1 e 1 ,14.111 n. Iho 1,1•-t
111,411,4 4,1 1•111111111•I'l 1111 11111 54,1•1,11 111111 11114 l'-
~ 1 1111111111,1114, 1 1. In W 141111,111 t,, 1111.1
11141111 1111,,, 1111' Stale i. viiv‘.lop.,l in 5 n,•t.-
%\ ort 111111.11' 111.•11 111. HI-
Cr. 11-114,2: '11C:011"r 1111„1), r,
, t44, - k, 1-, and tho
\vor ol 151,441', Illlh,e i1i,t1 . 11,11-
ling point-, and I
, u 441441, 4,111'
1111, at.t
tlwir Hirt :I- 1011,10.,.! \ - 3111-,
Th,.v L ntlil i „,t
I Ow ,11,11 Id
I all-VCer 1, , 111 , tired int, , ria , ,4alory, that
1 III•In•Vi• it 14 , I,
t, I ),partin, ut
t,, IT ,, lii• in anti, 'pa
lm!, of it , zi, in the V.a\
; I II) h,
the creati, , ll ant 1n ,, 11,,1ady in 11 1 ,
th , gil ii':; all}'
uruittud I t tin. Ltw, \\*l.r6
Pia" it uh,n e and
reach the Lo iantnrr.
TI, tho ,I.CIIIIII 1111.1.1.1....41a11ry. I say, that.
•.\ '4,11 51..11111 1.1,1
(•1.1111.1.1 . 1. tu 1111 :1 ' , Mild 1.1111111 . , it illll , l
\\ 1111 1111 . 1111 d until it
hull he In httc,
luny la , pr,ilwrly railrmuls
Itrailuin— it hen th,.t by OH ,
11.•. , 1111. i111111111i,(t.• . 1\ 1.111.
111:111 , 1', 111111 111.11111 111 , 11111.1.`11ii.111.Vl•11.111111•111
111. it pr.,porty. 11,111
Such grannt . ru,trictr,l
I intlit idiot' right- ~r
1 ,, thiul hich
,thors, I , Ity,
that I lwlievo law
lug iLIII grant,
tol t.r f,Fr 111;tt purpo-m. (,) bl• 111„,t
\Vitt' public :Ms! I.IIP 111t1 . 1'1. , 1
; Itit(l int,rlaining
vin•w:.: I V. talk] ccitninly
ithd E x ,• L • ti t iv) •
t „ n.,1111
"fln• i.l ;mil iittwr
tnnllrr -1n n;LI Lo ili,, , Ltrzigi.4l in ;1 E,Ttibli
-1•:111 and 1 lunyinput Ity
witli Nkk lila I nay bk. kik.k...1.,4 Bed Gn•
its encotirngetnent.
I ntn, gctill4•lnett, with high r.,prot your
“In•ditlt. ,cr\ ant, .1011 N NV. l; EA It
Ti. )11.- , 1•-• ( 11 1, 4
(•11;i11,13t L\: (.“ ,
From Washington.
D. C. i‘plil 1S1'.1;
()II Stalin'lty lilt' 1 - Ills 1111111VIT
s•n• \ id . I'l . l` , l,lcllt
dilly this city. By directiiin
ill' the (if the [initil Statiia
g,•11,1 . 1111y, \Vero in 1 . .1111111'111 ,, 1'11ii,01
ii , 01 tlf theWMlllo ' lll Senate
1..,•0g11141112; till' ,t•l . 11 4 i(111, Iltii,Jllllled IoVIT till
I\liiilay and the 11.11.C1' listelling to 1111
1:1.111 , 11t trihuto to the meniiiry "r the Ulu,
trioti.cleceivital by the I 1 ei \lr. (;Aavi
..ritting for Ilia day.—
Probably in no other section of the country
could such a deep appreciation of the loss
of A nami.% Ids.col.:. he observed here.
Th, q uimm,s the city ; the sad
dened countenances of the people; the sup
pressed voices of those who, congregated in
knots, revived the recollections of that
fearful day, the anniversary of which they
were observing, all strikingly reminded we
of the time, %% lien hut a little over One year'
ago, we were so suddenly apprised of the,
dreadful deed by which a whole nation was
stricken with indescribable woe, and like
Hachael, refused to be comforted. Nothibg
in actual life ever surpassed the horror or
enormity of that tragedy ; and romance can
!lever he made to equal the awful reality of
the crime. Not only earning the respect
and admiration of his country for his innu
merable virtues, and noldopersonal chructor
Alta AII AM LiNcuh*. electrified the world,
by proving the S'ucCess.o.l high moral cOur
age and undeviating integrity. It can be
safely Assumed that no other American,
since AVAsntrucroN's time, had won such
tender affection and earnest love of the peo
ple whom he served truly
"Ills life wassgentlo ; unit tilts eletnunte
So mlx'tl in him, that Nature might stand up
And say to all the world, This Wan a man I
linswerved by misleading influences ; im
pervious to the machinations of corrupt men;
prompts d only by a ehrisitan desire to
maintain the unity of the Republic in an it
honor; ho purslied^his flrm, hut always con
ciliatory course, discarding the wrong and
adopting tho right, and lived to realize the
al of his ambition, in the re-establishment
of the country on the basis of human free
dom and civilization. And then when all
was juy ; and the hosannas of an exultant
people were ringing out from ocean to ocean
In thankfulness, that this the greatest civil
war in modern times had ended in national
triumph ; when victorious - armies wore .re
turning home, their tattered banners pro
claiming the ferocity of the strife, and the
deadly cannon had ceased its hoarse rever
berations throught the South—came the an
noeneemant of the murder of the good and
great President, which flashing across the
continent, hushed every voice ; changed the
anthem into a dirge,; changed national
gladness into national grief, and the habili
ments of joy with those of wall Then the
darkest hour in history, and tho heaviest
task of human faith came to us. What a
wail of anguish went up all over the land
Millions of patriotic eitizens, who never lost
heart, oven when the safety of the Union
seemed trembling in the balance, shuddered
in their grief at the ine,.,(plicnble mysteries
of the deity, and ono inanimate corps seemed
to hold within its cerements the throbbing
hearts of the people universal—seemed in
death, what it was in life—the Keynote of
all their hopes and fears.
It is not difficult to divine the cause of
this great ebullition of popular feeling ; this
sobbing over his departure alike by the hum
blest and highest; this reverence of his mem
ory now, even when the prairie flowers are
blooniing over his grave. It is because
A 141(Al1 AM Ll scoLN, was 'and will ever be
considered the unquestionable exponent of
that attribute which should lie held sacred
ly inviolate by every American citizen
PatralliAm. That was the pervading ele
ment of his nature. The clue to his great
ness, the source of his power, and the secret
of his being embalmed in the popular heart,
can be found in his spirit of nationality, and
pure, unselfish devotion to the country of Iti . s
birth. For that his life was so distinguished
ns to ninke hereafter 11 test of greatness in ap
proaching his standard of excellence, for that
he died. I t was from the purest motives of
patriotism that consistently avoided to the
last hour, pi,fliinl resort to the arbitrament of
arms ; and with the same lofty spirit, when
the Into of war was inevitable, lie used all
the means which the vast resources of the
n ation placed in his hands for its preserva
Let us endeavor to emulate his virtues,
and revere his memory with a deeper inten
sity ns each sad anniversary of his cruel
death glides into the past. I cannot close
the subject without the addition of those
golden word, the utterance of which it
seems to rile, Must have been prompted by
heaver lv inspiration if looked to as a crite
rion in the adjustment of our present diffi
culties, how speedily would that happy con
summation be effected?
" NViih malice towards none ; with chari
ty for all ; with artioness m um right, let us
strive Tio to finish the work wo are in ; to
hind lip the nation's wounds ; to care for
him who shall have borne the battle, and for
his widow and his orphan—to do all which
may achieve and cherish a just and a lasting
peace among ourselves, and with all nations."
For tho Herald
C ,, ll', , pHntlent C. has a happy I:w
-ilily for•ctitig such points in my articlis
and .Sit may suit lii, convenience lu
Itii,wrr. If it had been his object to relirve
v interest ilk
111 ight have ,par..d himself much of his htht
arindo. N.. information WaSa.,l:Nl or lit,tl
- 101 repent.anc,, hapti,rn,
tine, and the -clionte salva-
Among the nine que-tion , , he seem, to
h:nr npent time in counting than eon
,idering them ; 1,1'01.011d 11l
te-tver 7 Inquirer will 'lever have his
reliev , d mulct' an \vim is
too undisturbed liv any questions,
and ean speak of nothing but it, hat i , inter
c,titi, to himself.
NVitlr - respect to Acts t 4. 11-17, allow me
lu 1,51:i1.0 101,1 . 11 , 11 , . lied not the men
and Ns omen haptkeil receiNed the
1111111,11(- 4/1010 Spirit 1/1•1I.1,1 t h e
a tot lit ,:1111,. ? What eVilh•n,
have we 01111 they reci , ived any thing from
the lipt.tle, inipo , ition of hank, beyond the
iiiiracillote3 gills of the Spirit ? not
thi-, and the authority are , --new the for
mation •,1 a elitireli, the only apparent rea-
SMI for this the apostles?
IC there any I W( . 1t , i1 , 11 Hick all.llrll
- 11 151 , 11. , 11
(0/ . 1/ u../ . in 1111 i
will 'lllll,llll whetli'er
it i , one on NVlljell a ISiJto l , (1,1krovIii:11)
not be And is it one, so
a. di , t;oitinion grace of tie 11o1) Spirit after
effiiv , r,i4 , ll? th , HIV
1:1I iii, ,m 1 of lho ,ip“stlo's hands wa,
thing Simon immediatelc;atw, and
coveted as an of power, was it
II 1r1',1111.,' 111.,. Bi-111 , 1)
1111 . 1111: could ct.11101'?
NMI, it iv,.11111 gratify 5. , 1110 of you"
er- if out; eorr.,-puitlent confine hi, at,
tention to such .itte-tiolis as 111,e the
pie-ent. There arc connected
1 / 1 11. Toasts u, find
it C“i1V,.11III111., to attend lit it few hoist- :it it,
time. AVe tike are troubled with an intir
iilit3; which belong , to Prote-tauts generally,
t\ -hieh, h a . no great I'vl.•1•1 ally
~11 ,IIVII 1111111er, but 111:11, of the lloly
Scriptures ('. will therefore d , it, hut lit
tle sewn informing us that
bo lit ut•-,211.e list• settle gotal tt-cs" tfor
we never thought so inemil\; of them as to
doubt thi , ) or by -bowing that the 1101
Nltq'ka ordinarily, according t , the up
point merit, ..f God. - Sincerely tarry 1111.1
many of its \\'li, 1111 , 1 it hard to be flied \vitt)
the Holy ( tho , t, and if \III 111/11-
N Wt• could by the
4.111 , :tp prtict.,, of pa,-ing under a bishop's
if is.' long disul,poiutcd in seeing
one in our town, Nl,' alight he ivilliag, to
tat:, a journey to t'apetotvn.
Hitt the most preciott, gent Nvilich C. has
vet put In•fta, tie, is the closing sentence of
hi-, last article. \Vitli abut unction he (le
e:int, up. , 11 the evil, of and the desi
rableness of union; whatkindofunionispus
blo with 111111 or his church, without an tin
conditional,urrender, shouldering his -‘ /Air
ht Saints days" and Prayer with
out ivincing at an article or a canon. Inter
preted by his prtrtttice theonlyschh , tit to be no
;2,retted i, a failure to conform to his church,
and the anion tm Li! sought IV.IIIII/ be Ite4 se
cure.' by beguiling a: many unstable souls of
other , •horcheq. to h,•ir own. It
~uhl bunurh Union 11, would 10110,V " upon
is - /dhing parl.r, - 2111(11A, the wolf giN
to the lamb ; and the prayer lie would of
fer ismild be inspired only, by his keen ap
petite for proselyte,. 11 Tint, 111 : G---7.
A tat' ANX INt/i,litElt.
CA RLIS L. IC, April CI. 18861,.
The Teacher:4 Faculty of Carlisle COTIVCII
. Prot. Echels in the chair. Selections
from the I-:eripture road by the President.—
Roll called. Minute , read ardi approved.
The torte of officers bade;; expired an
election tins held With the following ro alt.
Pros--1). Eckels,
.'l'ei's—Theo. Corn man,
R. Sec—J. C Stock,
('. the-- li. 1). Cameron ;
'l'rons—.l. Thisonheinter,
The lesson in arithmetic being recited—
Till! committee's reports received—A now
one appointed—The faculty adjourned.
J. C. STOCK, Sec. of Faculty.
Tor thu Herald.]
The Bt. Bev. T. 11. Vail, D. 1). lately
consecrated Bishop of EttllBllB, but olliciating
in the Diocese of Pennsylvania, by requomt of
Bishop Stevens, who is absent for his heidth,
is expected to preach and administer Confir
mation in St. John's Church, on Monday
evg., next at 7,1 o'clock. The public aro in
vited to be present.
Cfnban ma) Gault! Mitrs
Fait SALE.— An Othello book ease in
good condition. Apply to this oftl
SERENADE --The Rev. Jacob Fry, of
Reading formly pastor of the English Loth
ern Church of this town, and now the guest
of• Henry Saxton Esq., was serenaded last
night by the Carlisle Band. The band
played several appropriate airs and we are
happy to notice a great improvement in
their music.
SUDDEN DEATU.—Mr. John Piper one
of the oldest citizens of Newville, fell dead
in his dwelling, on Saturday morning last
Mr. Piper was highly esteemed by all who
laiew, him, and his sudden death will he
deplored by the whole community.
last Mr. Guonair. GARVER bought from
Mr. • JOSEPH HEISER the fine brick hotel
so long kept by the latter gentleman, 'Mr.
GARVER pays $ 10,600 for the property and
gots possession in a few weeks.
FRESH' FISIL—Our markots are now
supplied with shad, pike, halibut.&c., from
the Eastern fisheries. Tho fish look tempt
ingly fresh, the figures at ; which they are
hold:oro - mooi ropugnanpy"salty."
FATAL AOCIDENT.—On the 7th inst., Mr
John Spangler, of Leesburg, was accidently
killed, Mr. Spangler was a railroad con
ductor of a freight train .-,n'the Pennsylvania
Railroad; and it is supposed that while at
tempting to couple some cars at Cameron'
Station, in stepping from ono bumper to the
other hi) missed his footing and fell 'between
them. The cars ..passed' over him severing
his legs just above the thigh from the body,
and also one of his arms. lie was a single
man 44 year of age. His remains where
brought to his hoe for interment on the 9th
inst. •
—Ot the first Tuesday of May next the
SchOol Directors of this county will be call
ed upon to select a Superintepdent of Com
mon Schools to serve for thrde years. This
is a matter of no small importance. Consid
ering the number of children to be educated ;
the need there is of a careful and disinteres
ted selection of teachers; and the necessity
of securing a person, nOt only fully instruct
ed himself in all the branches embraced in
the Common School System, but endowed
in addition with excellent administrative a
bilsties ; it is of much consequence that
those upon whom the duty of selecting the
Superintendant is devolved by the laws
should make search for the best obtainable
man to fill the position. We have no sug
gestion to make of names ; but every parent
who has a child to educate, has a stake in
the matter. So every tax-payer ought to be
interested to see that the money that ha is
annually called upon to contribute for edu
cational purpose is so applied as to yittid the
largest advanta-es to the community. By
all means, gentlemen School Directors, give
the matter full find careful consideration.
R I -1' his celebrated show will be in Carlisle
on Thursday, the 2uth instant. Dan's rep
utation in the roles of clown and trainer is
world-wide and needs nu pulling. The,
general "get-up — of his circus and mena
gerie is unequalled. The celebrated horse
Excelsior is with him and his education has
been so improved that he can now do every
thing but talk, and he is said to know oven
enough about that accomplishment lo lie able
to say nay (neigh) decidedl y .
The corps of performers is cnimplcle and
comprehends a numb,r of the
arena. ur course everybody will go to the
—This is the great memorial year of the
Methodist Church, the centennird anniver
sary of the origin 01 American Alethodism.
Let ail who love the memory of it past and
hope for a correTondent outgrowth i n the
rume ,, ,b n in inakoig it a time that shall lie
remembered with thanksgiving through a
hillidl ed years to corer,. That this may be
dune with daity and that the strength or the
church may be increased, there are dcdlnite
objects set before the public mind. For
most in the whole church i, placed the edu
cational interest as the ,d,ject for which the
gift , id . the public he appropriated
during this their great memorial year.
The conferences throughout the land are
c-pecially directing their ell'orts to the en
d, their in , titutions of learning
and the conterence, patronizing the ‘•ollege
in our town propose to raise S:',on,Uno for its
endowment.. To aid in accomplishing this
object the conferences have authorized the
formation of Ladies Aid Societies in every
i-tation and circuit. Hne has bee'n formed
in this town, and tin v bespeak liberal' gifts
from the friends of learning . . This is a
nut anent of the Methodist church, but a. ,
the endowment of this institution would be
it hrneft 11,11(1 an honor to the borough we
confidently o\l, et that not only :lletluali-t
-but all interested in the, advancement of
Yearning and the prosperity and reputation
of our town will help on by kindly words
and generoun deeds, the object for whieli
this Ludic- .\ -hociation has been tornied.
Corttr PitOcEEDlN(is.—The followir
iS:I ColltillUttli , )11 of 1.1141C01111
l~l~.\li'l'j. It
( . 0111T11(111W 0111111 1 . 8. r 1'110,)(1,,n. 11 et) w 4,(rd
1111(1 Edward Arnry. Charged with 11,,r,ie
larceny ~nd can l iracc. Verdict
.Nlotion entrr,l 6,1. a new
INlttglanghlin, 11 ,, pborn, and
or for Ccmitil,)liwoultil Sharpe. Torld, Mill-
New,hain anti S. llopburn, dr., for de
Coin. rs. ,Ja, oh Windetnaker and
Larceny of a pair of wool
en stockings. 'Verdict not guilty, and de
fendants discharged. 31aglaughlin for Corn
rininwcalth ; Shearer 1111(1 Butler for defen
(','in. is Peter Diller, henry Goodyear,
Samuel 1)iller, Samuel Bricker and :lulu;
\V. Leidig. and assault. Julin \V.
Leidig guilty in manner and form..isnd sen
tenced to pay a line of twenty-live dollars
111(1 costs prosecutien. \laglaughlin and
11,•pburn ; l'enro-e turd
Tedd for defendants.
Com. rs. Edward Y. - W at k ns. Larceny
of a emit. Verdict guilty. Sentenced to
pay a fine of one dollar and costs it
to lie imprisoned in County jail
for lire months, Maglaughlin for Com mon-
Weal : Beltzlioover fur defendant.
Com. T.l . Richard 13rown. Larceny of
.-100 note. Verdict guilty. Sentenced to
onpri , onment for two years in the Eastern
l'enttentiary, to pay a fine of one dollar
fool costs of pro:zeention. Maglatighlin for
C'onitnonwealth; Itunbai: arid Sadler
d ef,nclatit.
Con. vs. .Jacob '.llark , , alms James Mead.
Forgery and passing a forged promissory
note upon Robert Diven.—Verdiet guilty.
iiientenced to four year:, imprisonment in the
Eastern Penitentiary, to pity a fine of one
dollar and costs of prosecution. Maglaugh
lin for Commonwealth; 'BeltzhooVer for do
li I 1.
Com. rs. Thomas II arson. Larceny of
je we Iry , &c. and receiving stolen goods.
Verdict not guilty; defendant discharged.
Maglaughlin for Commonwealth; Sadler
and Gillelen for defendant.
Com. vs. Joseph Windemaker and Au
gustus Snavely. Malicious misehief - L
Verdict guilty. Sentenced to undergo an
imprison montin county jail for three months,
to pay a line of five dollars and costs of
proiccut ion. AI aglaughl in for Common
wealth Shearer and Butler for defendants.
Com. vs. John 11. Gross and Margaret
Fagan. Larceny of money and butter, and
embezzlement. Verdict not guilty; defen
dants discharged. ➢Liglauglin, Penrose
and Shearer for Commonwealth; Hepburn
for defendants.
Coin. vs. John Scott Green. Larceny.
Sentenced to confinement in Eastern Peni
tentiary fir one year and pay costs of
prosecution. Maglaughlin for Common
wealth ; Sadler and Dunbar for dofindant.
Corn. vs. Jacob Symers and Hannah
Smyers. Keeping a disorderly and bawdy
house. Defendants plead guilty. Jacob
Slivers sentenced to pay a fine of six cents
and costs of prosecution ; Hannah sentenced
to imprisonment in County jail for three
months. Maglaughlin Shearer and Butler
for Commonwealth ; Smith and Gillolon for
Cum. MI. John Rudolph and Charles
Sherman. Burghiry and robbery. Verdict
guilty. Sentence deferred. llaglaughlin
and Graham for Commonwealth ; Penrose
and Shear for defendants. .
Corn. vs. G. Washington Gould. Arson.
Firing this stable of Abraham Philips in the
Borough of Carlisle. Verdict guilty. Mo
tion for a new trial entered. Maglaughlir.
for Commonwealth; Penrose and Sharpe
for defendant.
William Musser & Co. vs. Archibald
Bricker. Proceedings under warrant of ar
rest. After hearing the evideries, the Court
directed the dofontlant to be 'ebmmitted to
jail, or enter into bonds with 'security to
apply for benefit of the insolventlaws;or enter
into bond with security to pay, the judgment,
interests and costs . .—Defehdant gave bonds
to taito bepollt . .of ipsolvont Jaws, and was
died drge4 . froi4 • .
411 d
Weakloy for plaintiff Sharpe.nnd Humrich
for defendant.
StoWart M'Gowan vs. Carey W. Ahl,
Daniel V. Ahl, John Musselman, J. J.
Fleming and John Wolf. This was a case
of trespass quare elausum fregit against the
defendants, for entering upon the lands of
plaintiff and cutting timber.--,Defondants
claimed the land as their own. The case is
still on trial.
Eipecial Noticcg
More Carpets I more Oil Cloths, more
Dry goods, going to W. C. Sawyer & Co's.,
there is only one opinion—that is, W. C.
Sawyer & Co., keep the largest and cheapest
stock of goods in town—go and see them.
AT CosT.—We must make room for a large
ly increased stork of Groceries and Queens
ware, our jobbing trade requires it. We
therefore oiler our whole stock of lron,
Steel, Nails, Tlor, , shoes, Horse shoe nails,
and steel toes, at strictly' C o st pric e s. Ple a se
call soon--Prices of Grocorics down, Wm.
BLAIR& South End Carlisle Pa."
Coal Sold lower than last month at
A. 11. 1;1. a's, yard
Feb. 1 fi , 1 4i;i
llaveistiek has just received a large
rid fresh assortment of all varieties of gar
:en seed,.
or Coal roducod again at
A. 11. 13LAHC: , ,
ISGG. Coal lard.
Notice -,-No ii:ore orders for Coal will
Uc rocoiv,ki at I),!laney,V rm.
Dt•lnney t - :;llruin. But at )lone-mil
roc•ory, et Irc:Liner, jewellr .
Iliu•ns Grocery, and Panel's Gro ce ry ,tore.
where all orders , left will be promptly at.t.cry
eel to
!I A Grand Epoch in Mcdicino !
IJ. is n the ,,, fo r u h n . d i
, o l f a
Vt . lit 111t,11:11 11n51.4 enfeelllo (Ito Flo:molt nod partly
ttlkl luovels, and with who., external remedies tilt
at d and eruptive sot laol, are dolugod in 1,111, nn
gi '0 pia, and ineverlenve to the man V.llO 11,1,01
11 ,11111 and appetite with noon ono to tine° II:n . 11114
p Ils, and cures the most viruloot and wee Illutio di.
dors tvith vne or twol,oxes of Ids soh, Nlagglers Pr
and Salvo havo ushered in a now Inelkal ern.
moru nonspatitPt avalaprhes of linulir pill , used
pound tkz)w n sirk peopitt's till cults. 111..
fills rectifi4 s the disordered I . l.llliitioll
and II”,VOIS, It nil makes lwaltll return i 1 here it has
In fact ipl's 11m'tpepl lr
Pill, curl. ,lioro all others fail \\ hit. ,
'Wills. SCAMS. (11111r11011S, Cuts. allll all 211.,":1 , 11h
LIP` Ma viers Ssivo is Iu Lllll tip 5.,41 by .1 51
girl, 4 t York, Ilat eti, k, rarli
mitt all
April 21, 1,114
g.•[ II 1.,111.1.•.1 I/
II lalt.o. ill 11111 it
111,,11• , 1111.11.10. A ti, 111 It,
s. hal 1., .1., 1111,11,11 li, 1110,1, 111.11 11.0 1.1
1111111.10. 110 ..i1.10,1 1110111 1.1 ',II 1..11 It, 1.1 111
11111., 14.1 10,, 111.111 I. 11.1.111111" 1111.1 I,' 11101 , 1.1 11, 1
1011 "till 1 . 1111 1.110,1..10 ‘..11 1.. 111.11111 11 I" 11.4
It/111‘,10 . 11 1t.2.0111mg fill,. Thc. u. sO/ 1011 1., t.lfo,
I 11,•. 41,111,• t•II 10/..i13 00.1
. aply 1.01 .00 100 "
1001 1010 0 .1...0 ..01. 1..1.s 01, 111 .11111/111,101
11/111,01,1 , -1‘ "1 1Z:111‘,10•, 1t..1,111,1111,... Pill , . 11/
1111., 1111111,1 11111'11110 111 lit,' 01 "is 10.111'. 1,1 101.0.11
1•1, 0 41..40 111 11. , .11.1111 1., 10...1111
110,010110111•11 Nll 111 . ..M1,11,111, 11.1 111.111,1101, ‘llll
111,, 1110 .1111,1111.1 t 10,0 Pill, Th. 3 1.101t1....• 11,1
1.01111. 11111 , 11111110111 0. A- ,, 1. , .1 u,. 111.• 1'111" 11111, 1.1.11
rJ 1110 IP:1111111 1111 , 111. I Thal alr.•
000.01., mg: Fr.ol 1., 1.4011 dos 101-I
itltlr..ol.l. untll
1411.1 I , ' 111. , rkti.•lll 1111 111 .111 0111. 11,0
gilhiting 10-1..01 .1..1
to 1.. 01/00.1..01. ‘V.. 1.. g 11, na . , I
t 111+, 11.111,1111 Mid I, f.ict -111.'111 , •111 111
ski-h it . .• 00! 11, 1 0 1
1'111"1/1 .11.10 01 11111..11 , 1 o‘. 1
11.1 S 1 ...mid doi.i. 1. 1 110 It 0111. 0...03 o.oy I.
o In, Its xlOlll 0101.1 01/00-1
1 1'10.0 1..1 110 T
1.1.0 it s 1100.1 .•011.13 purl, 3 . 01..
00.1 11.1.00, hi.
13- 1/r0g,,....h.
N. It N fill , um tl
1,311.,p 1 .NN. 1 .
1•‘11 . 11,I 1 . 111,111'11. 1. 111•1 I. •Inll,oll
iklol punt "Owl I)111.,11 lOn 11 , . ,till' Illn
t” 111.1 p lAu 11..11.1•1+. 1,01. ti,
and I, how II 01111 . 1111gh pug,
1.11, fit, f.l nk 11 , 1111411
rn 11.t.1,1% A
'2.11 C -Uu, nl 111 . 11.0. 1,1 111, ...11..1
I' ,1 ..1. NI, 15.1111.1 Hutt It.. 11,1 It ..Ittt. 1,..1
fl•st, f r iss ..Itt I woo Ittitt
)..111 vs. Is km' g. 11... 111111 ,Llllll
L 111 LS, I ILI) IS.ltt 11..111-• It. N% LI, "
r coN Ess i()NS .1N I) EN
iti ExcE
Puldklied lid the benefit and` a a CA CI'D \ )
rot: NO \I EN iii Wll,l run Net e,ais
Premature Decay of \ IA111)0011, f.uppl) iug
at Ilia s.tiae time 'l'm: Mi.res 1,1 Sit.] ape
a lin has aired after under pain, - table
quackery. Ily enelohing a postpaid addrehaed erie l
opo, single copie , . free of eharge, um) , lie had of the au
thor. N ITU A NI hi, A YFA IR,
noyou NY lilt Wilkki , r, or Mousta , hest OM
Compound will lorco them to grow ou smooth
e,t Inert• robin. or hair on bald howls, In Six Oh volts.
Pike $l,llO. Mont by 1111111 an), hero. closely scaled,
on rocolpt of price. Address,
WARNER h , lix 135, lliiwklyn, V.
Mc eh :11,1865-Iy.
The Long Looked For Has Come
1)11. C01,T,1 NS'
I N DIAN Pain Killer.—For the quick
Rat la of Headache, Toothache, Itheums tism, Neu.
might, Pain in the Stomach, Back or Side, Painter's
Cholie, Cramp. Frosted Feet or Ears, Burns, Fresh ('uts
Sprains,, I/hurtles, Sore Thrust, and all sled
lar complaints. Toothache relieved in eight minute,
Earache relieved in ten minutes. Burns relieved from
smarting In !Moen minutes. Cramp or Cliche cured In
tee ui lout's. Spraii, relieved nit twenty minute.:
Sere Throat relieved in thirty minutes.
I have spout years in selecting the belle, teem the
vegetable kingdom. ;it lied lint the kinds best adapted
to suit diseases of the human family, and nosy I 1.1 . 11
It complete. Every Bottle Warranted. Try hi! Try
These things Ile promo on the , pot, awl Islet ti Tour
eye , ., only bring 3 out eases.
Dr. (21/1.1.1NE: has also lit i n n Ss m up of 11, 0 t,
B.A It 1::-; AND II GPISS,
ludhw Eye Wooh and roultotton Salle. This St nip
lure:.Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Croup. Bronchitis,
Asthma, and all similar complaint., Also ;wallet, 1110
Hood. 'l'lll. Solve heals Sores or Llreakines Out lil the
Furs, draws lire from Burns; warranted to cure Ilealed
or Sore Ilreasta. The Eye Wooll rums Sore 0 , I nll:un I.d
1)1.. Collin. Valley Herb Pill.,
For the euro 01 Sisk or Nervous llead.whe, Venial° I r
regularities, Dropsy, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Ilia
eases of the Kidneys, Fever and Ague, ke.
Dr.tiOLLINS eon ho vonsulted at his 0111se, on Uis
oases of various kinds.
Medicines are prepared and sold by
SAMUEL COLLINS, Indian Medicine Man,
71 iarltet street, Ilai risburg
Also, for bale at lI.IVI4ItSTICK'S Drug And Bonk
Store, Carlisle.
All orders should be addressed to Dr. S Collins,
Harrisburg. These Medicines ate purely Vegetable.
June 16, 1865.
HAIR RENEWER has proved Itself to be the
meat perfect preparation ihr the hair ever Owed to
the public.
It Ix x vogotublo compouu4:juil rout:dun uu iujuri
nuo propertlus whatuvor.
It twill keep tho hair from"falllng, out.
It cleanses the scalp and makes the hair soft, ius
trolls and silkon.
It ix a splendid hair drestang.
No person, old or young, should tell II) nun It.
,Bp-Ask for Marx Vegetable Elielllanlr Renewer,
and take no other.
IL P. HAM, & CO.
Nashua, N. 11. Proprlotors
For sale by all druggists.
Nov. a, 1805-13 m.
51mtennu.'s Catarrh Snuff, is SUN cure for that
bothersome. disease, Catarrh.
Jan.l2, 1860-Iy.
WE call attention to the advertisement of Oscar G.
Moses & Co., beaded"LlFE-11EALTII—STRENGT11."
Jan. 12,
Remedy an sold by all Druggist. Bee Advertisement.
Jim. 12, 1806-Iy.
advertisomout of Sir Jamen Olarlce's Colobrated
Jan. 12, 1806-Iy. -
BMITII—WAOOONER. In this place, at the rest
donee of hor uncle, D. Sipe., on the 12th inst., by the
Rev. Samuol Philips, Mr. William 11. Smith, to Miss
Maggie A. Waggoner, bpth of Carlisle.
.CORNDIAN—LINE.—Id the swim place, on Eh; same
day, at the Reformed Parsonage, by the same, Mr.
tVilCorn, to Mrs, Ann Lino, both of this
Family Flour
Superfine do.
do RYE...... ....
RED do
Correded Week?
EGOS, is
LAID, 15
Lm"rEits 111'.11AININ(1 UNCLAIMED in
the Post Office at Carlisle, State of Pennsyl
vania, the 20th day or April,
Published by official authority in the pa
per having the largest circulation.
yo - 1),,,T0 obtain any of these leiter+, the
applicant witst call for" advertised letters,"
give the date of the li: L :tint lull' two cents
ll' not. called for within unr month, they
will be :suit to the Dead Leiter (Mies.
Albert Sarah liuntz Levi
Albright Stl,an Riehl
Burkholder (' A Levi Samuel
I.3ingainan Leidy - Mary
I3arr (lisirgo M'Elroy Henry
Bear Samuel Win
Bower John A M . Glatighlin John
Babcock Albanan IM'(.onii,r ' al Mary
Buchanan !kn . ') NoggleJolin
Dyktir llathiu
Aim Duke, Win i
1)11 .1 tunic,
Cornwall trNed Jelin
Davis Thoina, Paul )V in
Dc\Nalt tin uu Pepper--Saddler
Donnelly )I:try J Alaggie
Eritsberger, Sarah I', Itingwalt
Fields Daniel Toiler Anna
I'i her Isaac lerich ti 11,11.11
Farming John Votiglli Margaret
(.4tiove .\ britham IVilliains Julio
Llartiliar '.llltria Wertz Mary
Hartman Libby Zeigler
llowly Patrick Zeig,lor Nlitry
Hanley John tolui Zeigler Annie 15
Iltndle Jelin %e ter Sat.iti,2l
\\T )1. li, PARK F,ll, ttorne . y at
I Iflict, oilh NI
ll'ittluerslilit Notice.
\IA-J:TICE is hereby L6 - ‘sen that the
I ' s 1•111.1.11,i i td , 11/11itell part
pet,hip lii Op. in.inulti tut,. Ciirn
mph, Hp. limp , . rind , tylp Ilutchinsim
LII; subFeril•ers in form the public,
th,,t t I.Usineccin
tht •1101. ,, 11.1 'What's Lit cry. atht a tee.
,lino, sent It of the Matt-hell herethey ate pre
tt.l lii inn ttattet
Ilat is 4, reside) She rest h o st eht sto si, the ptthlis.
In role ess h in II r seest fash
ion:Oslo 81111 .ulstantial 11111,tter
Ito ,iii t sit ten thee to lessisse, Sirs it determination
to Won... the ellet, hops. to revels s. ss liberal
sh tie sif pulilu pot tonsure..
irlislo, April 10, 1860.
li o I
i lk
. . . . . . 6 50
2 40
April 19, 1896.
y by H'm. Brniz.
35 HAUS,
',Ail 1`k. , 1- 13
.11J1IN i;.
FAF 1.1'.Y.
\ COCK N",
\\ )1 \I. ,i111;1 1,1;
,n 32.
- , G
131% lES,
'`.1" 7 .! '
(;, /1)1 , 011,Pil d•e
Th.•y .It. , l.l,pttlt-.11 , ..1 , ...:1 hid- i 6 :di 111.: tlic
tt,t 1041.
(!alli,lo, lid
1) EMOV,II,!
l'ltt• Ilk. 1,1-.41, lotilt• to tulttrut ht•olt1 ou , Lotti
.11,41 111 V 11411 , 11 gulierlll3, 04.n6 II has ,1441111.1
4) A I) U L F., A N I) II .\ It N
`1 , 1 , 1i-111111 . 1.1 till' I/
Al 1..1 . 1. 4,1 , 111 , i1i , 11,0 t .,, i 1 511.11.-%%i1l
hot.•ti.( ro, 64411 ..“1,1.111t1:,
t, or) thing ill ill, 111,. a
H.\ UN I:Ss,
(.( )1,1, \
WI I 1 I. ,
II t- viii i up 11 1,1.1. , tiprrli , i..ll„lll,
lock sN art th 3 t a okrk
111:111,11111 and thiralolity, a i, 'llaukfu
far past la rt—ituvt uliv wlivit< a o,llti 11 11:l111 .
id I Ile ',OH'
Singer's Letter A Lockstitch,
ml $.(l Sell, lig .lietchint'S
ri l llll best and Strongest in the :\larket
They Hum, Frll, Braid, To, k and 6.. d.
all hind 4,1 fin.; and Stitt h kather I,ettot.ful
./I /CE', Ftio PTo $150.,
Call and e• amino thunl :it Ih.njainin
)lain Street, nvall3 opp,ite ;Ai cinur , Machin
Orr 'I hip , a petto ittv.Lati.ot to
tile reader to exatnitto toy tart!, assort.
lllellt DRI:,
ith Speri:ll f'aro tor the :"1 , 1111 ,
Eli it, ru 1T I u Icre 1t1.N.V1.0 FltoM
f k I,IIILET, To il II INol'
Sila- ET, NFAI 1104.8 To 11n.I Lit A lull-
TM' 11..11(1111111, SWIM
1% \I A. MILLS j
Va'.uable Merchant Mill Machinery
and Distillery at Private Sale.
FOR sale on the premises, formerly
knoaq :LH lieu ~m's Al ill, II car Mi.clutnlesburg,
(Inn therland Co., in.
A full and complul act of
.11 I L L (I A' A A' I
with two pair of lino Merchant Boris and t wir Chopper
and Corn Screen Volts, to.
And also a largo Worm and full set of Coppia. for a
AH of which w,❑ 1.9.4,01,1 low for cash, in the whok or
part. Persons tlesirfius 01 Information can roll upon or
addross any of the following persons. David Brandt,
Jacob Niesloy, 11. H. Rupp, and S. U. Bowman, all of
whom reside In Mochaulesburg.
April 20, 1800-2 t.
FOR sets:.
The underrigned will sell on r try reasonahle Term
all the Machinery lailonging to the Mill formerly owl
ed by William Brosium, consisting of
Bolting Cloths, One new Smut Mill,
Packing Machine, and Elevators,
and In fact everything necessary for the erection of
first-class Flouring Mill. The Machinery is all now
and in complete order. Those wishing to purchase,
had hotter examine the Machinery before it is removed.
Hagerstown Md., April 20,1806-3 t.
LUmber! Lumber !
T the Dunonnnon - Union Lumber
num 4 Milos north ea of Storrott's Gap, WI
int es west of- Duncannon, 1 mile south of Billow's
Bridge near Grlor point,
100,000 ft, Yellow Phu) flooring, dry.
GOON ft. ScantlingibotirtWt and Hue, all sizes.
40,000 ft. 2 Inch Barn flooring, Yellow Plne, 10 to 18
feet dry.
20,000‘ft 1 1 . 4 in Yellow Pico Boards, Dry.
&largo lot of Weatherboarding.
largo lot of Oak Boards. -
A. largo lot of Sealing Laths.
A largo lot of White fine Shingles.
Poplar Boards, Plank and Scantling.
Oak Boards, Scantling and Plank. - -
Sawed Oak post and fencing boards.
Chestnut rails and cord wood, $1,40 per cord. '
The above wo have always on hand, and arcipreparod
to saw all kinds of bills to order, such" as Machine and
Car Lumber, Wagon Maker Lumber, we can saw 47 ft.
in length, and are so fixed that wo can fill orders In
the very shortest notice, at any time also so prepared
to deliver Lumber at 'any point by ralbroad or, by
teams. •
Please give us a call before purchasing elsewhere,
we aro selling at low prrcos.
Dunconnon, Pony Co. Pa,
April 20,1806-Bml
The subseribor has leased this commodious Hotel,
and has bitted it up with new furniture. Many Im
provements have been made and it is now one orthe
most complete Hotel.: outside of Philadelphia. The
travelling public aro requested to call and prove filr
themselves the advantages which it olTers.
The Table will be supplied with every article In sea
son, and careful and attentive servants will be In at
. .
The Bar la furnished wi'h the best Liquors of every
class, and patrons may rest assured that no Liquors
will he offered which have been adulterated.
Residents of the city, who cede the country (luting
the Summar months, will find this Hotel n most desi
rable place. Located in the beauliful Cumberland Val
ley, mid-distat ce between Carlisle Springs and Mount
[lolly, In the meet beautiful town of tbo State, with a
society noted for its refinement, taste and_olegance,
niece inducements are offered than any other point in
the State can offer.
A pril 20, 1806- 01
Groat Bargains at Auction !
I will offer to Hid citizens of Carlisle
and vidnity a kupet of
Dry Goods, Notions & Clothing,
•onrd.,Ling i❑ part of
oflEss 000h,s',
.1 lila ca Lush 4,t, (plain atl.l fancy,' Dttil-M..hairs, Ging
imlns, Cloak' ngs, Flautp.lN. 131 . 01•11111,i1.11/, Is , ke., be.
MUSLINS. Twilled Linen Drilling (I xtin heavy),
Townliing, Cap oninre Shirting, /le.
Bents Fanu CIISHI atom
Shirting, Le.
-I,nclint. unit (;entionion's Hosiery, in grotit, variety,
Ilanilkerdiiefs, 11 hits and Fancy Shirts. Suspondere,
Patent an,tl e•p,ol Threa,W Unui a ellas awl Parasols, in
great V:1 rin y.
Npi ing en•oe ts, Fine Lint, India Rubber Over
coals, I stun, lot water-pe..1,/ `ark Coals, Frock Coats
I•antaloons, SLe ti,•.
Anctiroectininvinelng nex.t (21st April)
Ind Wednesday billowing, at if iiichick, A. i ill ,and coin
tinning during he idnive days in each week, and °Tiny
evening at 7 o'clock, until the whole stock Is disposed
desirous of puichasing at private sale dur
ing the day do so at an advantage of 50 per ( - rot
cheaper than can be obtained nt the regular stores.
My stork is lu the Store-110in of .1. W. kin % :slain
St roes.
1'1111.0., it Ihoti- 3t,
I ('lialleirge Competition
N the way of variety, elegance of style,
lit v my stork of Dry Goods.—
w , m1,1 I call :ittAmtimi m) largo assort-
Immt, 01
I, ADI 1 ) It ESS ( .O111 ) 8,
1%1111 1`.1 . 11 1 . ti•li 1111 . 111,1 11n. h
n,l Itiark..ts f. 11 Siitt 1•. Also,
L 111,.• L..• c.1.1 , 11g
II I) () P S lc 1 11 'l'
II 10 111 •Nt unln oy, .I pattern ttl the age, giving
'lll \,,..1 , 01 111 l%j. t aitl.lull , llll,
3 I ariety of II hilt. (totl- -to It as
I tin 1•Ini.1 ien,
Plaid Striptol oin•ooks,
, t-ts ot I lull, hit,, p anti Viotoria I.ati - tts,
Limon 11:trolltercItiet• , , &.•
otltotytlot., Blue and 1;ttlel Piot,
itt,ltanot, Pali inn,
Kentucky ./...ttly. ,ililting. Snipes,
tort*, l'autlttotn, Tittkino.
ti 11,,,
. • 11Int• N:lnkt•on-. I tiapers.
• 111 L 3111. 3 ,1,
111,113111 , , A.. , . Att.
ttl I,,tt
An Old Song. set to a New Tune
IPA -1.13 oe.-RAD
1;1)(1 W.\ Y:4,
1 1 I
Fl t ,
,n PI
kits" Address, HENRY C()STER,
452 Broadway, N.
eat II , b• luta
Awl all Dru,,,ist,
tr's litlzette (1 , m g 11811) assorts and proses by figures that
ono pair of ItAT: 4 will his u a 1/I . ogetly /11,1 1 108e1 1 11(11 1 11111
110 lies than 051,030 in three year,. Now, unless (Ilia
iinnwilso family Inn 1/0 1,1/1 110,./1, 1111%) W l /11111e011111,0
111 , 1 , 11 , 1/11 1111111 would Fl,lllllll 1111.1100 1111,11111 beings.
Aftl - See - COS'FAIt'S adViTli4olll4`llt
It.l'l'S versus 1311{1/S.—Whoever en-
Hells is 'A' .1,4.1 man whoever
:tel. ui I X lilt, I ills It 3 Ili•ntirit,thit, Wo should
Mit) s,llllO OHO lu gist. ns the henefit or their experience
in dnr ing nut theqope,ts. We need munothing
Ills, nud traps Gee this
• tin. .V.
t - 1.) - CIVT CI 6,1'1/1,11
TOR noed perfect RAT
itivation leveling we hose ever attended. Every Rnt
that ,4111 get it, properly prepared, will eat it, nod every
one that valet it will ,lie, gelleraiiy nt auleo place IN far
dintimt ux pov..ihle Prole where it Wall taken.—Lake
11,1: , .llirrnr.
119 "CO:Si:MU:73 - ad' orti,te slit ahule.
110USEK EEI'ERS troubled with ver
min need be so no longer, if they use "COSTAR'S" Ex
terninator. We ha% e used it to our satisfitct ton ; and if
a box cost 55, we xroald have it, We have tried pUitIUIIS
bet they effected nothing; Ind “Costar's article knocks
the breath out of Rats, 111 ice, Roadies, Ants, and Bed-
Rugs, quicker limn sve can write it. It la in groat de•
mg,' all over the country tbsf 'no Rhin , Gazette.
111)_ See "CoSTAIL'S” advertise matt above.
Speaking of "Costar's" lint, Roach, Ant, Sze., Extertulm
ator—"more grain and provisions are destroy9d annu
ally In (leant County by vermin thanswould pay for tons
of thin tint and Insect Killer."—Lancaster, Win. herald.
0;9 Seo "COSTAR'S" advertisement above.
—should recollect that hundreds of dollars' worth of
Grain, Provisions, &c., urn annually destroyed by Rate,
Mire, Ants, and other inserts and vermin—all of which
can be prevented by a row doll.' worth of "COSTAR'S"
Rat, Roach, Ant, Ac., Exterminator, bought and need
11‘).. Sue "COSTAR'S" ad verihiumuut above
Xiiii_Sold in Car Utile Pa.
1101,333 , Ilavurnfick.
ILnd it.ll Druggists and Dealers
April 20. 1800-4 m.
Newville Stoneware Works. •
r subscriber is now prepared to de
liver to Merchants, the largest assortment of
StMewaro, Rockingham Were, ,ke., over offered in Cum
berlztaci Valley. Ills stock consists in part of
Cream Crocks, Butter Pots, Milk Pans, Spittoons,
Pitchers, Jugs, Fruit Jars, ke.
Spittoons, Pitchers, Nappies, Dakels, Pie Plates, &c.
Glass Flasks, El nit Bottles and Patent Fruit Jars.
Stone Water Fountains Churns, Water Pipe, Drain
Tile, ,te , furnished whims ordered. ,
In facilities for manufacturing, pointy of wares and
prices, ho would defy corupetitiosn. For price lists &c.
April 13, 1600-6 in.
Letters of administration on tho estate of
Esther Hamm, Into of Snout Co., Ohio, have been is
sued by the Register to the undersigned residing in
West Pennsborough, Twp., of - Ctimberiand Co., Pa.
All persons having claims will present tlaean, and those
indebted will mako payment to ,
113AA0 LAMPE% •
April 18,1888. AdraintetraOlg
,1 1(:).t3Lilri.
A uvtioneer
.1. I LES' ST M;
.\()14'11: 1/ . (.10 1 Eh Tie /•;l•: 7
\ it • 1 , 1. Ir. Z:r/rit's.
1,7 s awl liorerlets
FI,.??1, /lir*
I 10/ .1I ,• 'llOl 11'11,
,111 'f: 1 , .1 - 'll,,
(;tiit/ xLrP td,ttrt.
( 1r L'A Evn•Acm I N .11'011S,
t'OST A ' ENT ER 11,1 N.ITORS,
EX 'l' ER \I I NAT( /ItS,
,•, k T wm yroics,
t irsT s" ExTERm N A Tons.
TERN! 1\.11'(/115, '
't IST lll's • \ TER 31 I X ATi IRS:
T m INAtitoits .
It \'r ER \I I X ATORS,
t't tsT A IZ'S' I \ TER )I I N ATORS,
lat.-, ll, , ache,- , , Ants, Bed Bugg,
- Wills in Fur, and IV.olens, Insects
ants, Fowls, Animals, etc.
.1.11114,1,11 , 10 (Ito 1111111:111 F:111111
c. , 1110 old rlio,"
! ' ! I,i all W.lllllll'BB
that "COJI SW," II:11111' iy on r.a.llllox, ISott