Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, September 08, 1865, Image 2

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FRI AY, SEI'TEIIII - Ell S, 1565
0. 37 Park Row, New York, and 6
Stato St. Boston. aro our A irointa for the HERALD
11 I tlt.S.• eti lee. and ore au; lwrized /Ike Advertise
and Sul..-ripti..n. rot a,. /It (1111: ' , M.-ISt nat.'',
AV I) vro R ENEII .L:
Ailaj. Gen. JOHN F. 11A WITINFT
County Ticket
C T. It. k.\ C N, 5.,11111
Distriel .Alturney,
C. P. 111 M I
7, r, /
J , WN HY Ell, Cur
Hai N A. W AUG( IN ER.
C,,oloty l'o7/rn
j).,, '•i,.r'
1.1.1 A\l 11. .\ S,,titlutropion
101 IN 111( pz.“
Profession and Practice
1. Will l'011it.1111,1•1,..1 C het th
bt t(; Kt
plibilelin (.01iNctIlipil 11
II • fi,ilo‘Vilio
hitic n
10y,i V.11:1`.0
111/.1 (ll , ' 11:610 , t , f
nil it, r,“lti,loitt, t,1,1
A 1 5 ,1 1, , 011,1
-1,10 I'll \\'l ,4 P 1
111,0'11 1"y/11 1 \ }ITI.I 11,11;
tilt . 01,• . 1111i
Fht , a1)11%, rl•, , i ',III Nl,ll ,!
101. is In :01 vnn
,1101 , t ftild t ol I
tho t.„ I
~ ,1„ owl f:1111 , ‘k
innttr.r have i, I iwy
1111.Z.111 111 , 110 ., ~ln in
\Om , . 11, , 0111%. 1,11,111 11
1 1 ,, 11. , 11 ,1 1' ,1 1
•z- .1- V, 11
i.. 11
itria t h e 1)01 11),0
rffir i- -1111 i
tion of the Convention 11. ~,,
'I I
1,1 , 1 flue u.
1(1 iii r!thi
set' ~116,•1
1 , D..111
i ..t1 i {~,. i.,11.,a n~c. ~ L.i i
, Durii,L;
111 . 1 1 / 2 1 . 11:1- 11.1. ,
Alt: I:.•t'i Al.:
11,i.1 Ti , , 16. .n •
Just, S,),1,.1111 0 ( • i , 11,V, II :1111.111
RiChnlP`llll , kll 111 , ,t•r
dofiantly hi-
Hood d,.hn-.•11 Ili. 1 1111 , 1 .1: 1 - 1 , I
/11111 % o,tr :ot
h.r 1., ;1111
CIO Illg hill!uli r tlr\\ I.• lel
hr• ‘v;,-
Vire:thirt with r , lrly :in trir rir
and in fact ori.ti 11 , •'v thr, ,f .Ir. !i
th.• 11-.;I
th \ , n•lii () .
t tlie.llll , l r 1 I',inq thoni in thr.
nitinner in iif ili•_
fliince, these thirriii
,vory titio• it •,r
1 . ,,r11. Sir Uit•iclid. •:.•Iy
thrp ill lI 11"4•1'. hi-
W.l'l( at it 1 , 11 , J Th,•lo
isn't tnuc•li cluun Ono Ih4•ir
ftm , ,unt to trrt, h two, [bun it hR• ht
the PX-rviMi Vic(' :I,
l'Olirl.2. , elli.clllls 1,0111.4 in II ir1..•11 I '•I•
1.10:11t11, a C. 011110,1111.0 prIt11111•,i I t •11,% i.t•.,
of pihkial.le Co(:d or kind troHtlo,nt
entertained with conF.itiorntion in hi, ,on.
Hur : :It Futt Warren. The fact is. th•:(
Alo‘iialer 11. Sicilian- 11,1, I/1,11 iu a dyin.4
condition for the la,t lifteNk toll with"
he wa. I..inbe... Cionlves- u. 1 - 11110:.•111,11i•
for his funeral worn twice inade„tiol n ,
tin on two occasions ,
the accommodation of he- le es. II ii .....
have been well fov Stephens hail lie (lied then.
fur hesurvived to t,r , (.0111(' a traitor to a puim
try Which nurtured bi- orphan
favored his sickly initaliood. lI.• b..... 0 0.. a
traitor in the ' face or 11.50rl 1.11 I
the rebellion was and ,
effort of bail crwil to ilestia.. I.
Or ' nlilftlit till . -111010 upon
Stephens! Li \ ing to be raclo , t l.\
ho cnn oely dio itJ 1'0n , 14,11 -, 1 1..
Pi:sislONS Vint TII Los; w• hiri ng.
end appEcations haviug been made n. cli
Commissioner of Pensions under the mi..
taken impression that at the la4l.
Congress Lie rate of p usiuu Iln. Lh 1„,,,
limb or hand beau
nounced that ne >uc it ehange iu :11.:
law has been made. For
limb, the army pension , T
month if he was a privwc, ,n -cno,
ed officer or musician ; F3/5 if u
tenant; $l7 if .a first lieutenant ; j 2 1. If it
captain; s2fx if a rnajoi:, and 119 if a lieu
tenant colonel or of any higher grado. The
same rates, according ta,rank,'are
de to navy pensions.
, The,Oholera, at the foreign dates,
h 4 developed so strongly at Constantinople
as that the deaths numbered trait in 0110: day.
.I:lotilitlesS there is ready 'the malady,
reltS'on of the•inferior +anitiiry condition'_
- -'of ,
f t2Efisteri) th 6.
W)sainrir.a...thoiono hit and
xiOnf tltql7nited,SititT . itntieipattim„.nf
F i : t4i 61 r (!i ; %OA 'eta
.l:igygiiirig giiioEria 'elioired•
nut 4lit4 all 'qol.iit3' :to:Cii'Occ,. it
boliigAirinvikiitig: • ' • •''
Is • giving grant strength to the Union
County Tickets already nominated in the
ditTerent counties throughout the Common
wealth. The practicer fulfillment of oar
to the soldiers in solecting,men for
,andidate, who were in the army—and the
di.eluirg, of our obligntions to the Union
nli.n without distinction of party, in nomi
nating. a War Democrat, at, once establishes
the good faith of those who control the Re
publican organizations. An influence such
as springs fro good faith like this, is giving
great power to our organizatio'n. Honest
men begin to see that the purposes of the
Republican party are patriotic. Intelligent
men are convinced that there is truth in our
principles. And when the clay of the election
come s , only those who are blind to the best
interest , of their localities and the Cominon
wealth, will oppose our Union State and
Count, muuninations.--/Thrritharg Te/c'h.
The 1 4 ecretary Trete,tiry I•reseilLs a fa
vorable report'of the cnndition of the Na
tional finance-, on the 31st of August. Dur
ing- the preeedinl , 2, month the principal of
the National lebt was increased ()lily i-1205,-
mai while the interest ,m the debt hub been
decrea-ed nearly 7.1231,th _Nearly 54r),:a 1 )11,-
00 in coin, and nearly ! . ., 4 13,1)00,000 in cur
rency, are 11,,w in the 'Preasury, mud the sus
pentle,.l requisitions amount only to 21 little
over $2,000,t 00. The receipt-from internal
revenue tbr the last two month,, have aver
aged nearly 51,000,000 per d a y—a cunt th a t
should be ailiply sufficient to defray all the
expenses a thi , (;.,ifiiment--which would
110, on tiU• 1 rcaent 1111, , A, of tILXIItioll, tt
soon equal to our entire receipts front customs,
to be applied to the liquidation of the public
debt. Thit- it bee.ines more and more clear
ly evident that the .\lll, , rieen people are
abundantly" able and to maintain
the IPirden of the interest of tie National
..Vt•ii to pay it, oil at no dbtant
period. As it is probable an amendment
ll he 111/01, tO CQll,lltlition, authoriz
ing e x port and a- important reforms
will ~11.11 Le nano orated i .tir internal
revenue ,y4tent. NV.' lilac naturally
1 „.„. ! to our revenue. with
out 11 corre-poinling increase in t h e
of taxpay
PII , II 1,11 iti F.,. ohil r
• •
1,,•••11 ;,n 1“0.1%. ,1,1:1y , • , 1
t•lt.• otiwr.
to ..1
tin.. c,trr..ll,•v ‘,.111
in fr.nn th. S ,, tnllt , rn
of Irnrl.Hod ,
~11 lii.
°tr., it- non.ut th:o it k,
lok 1,:o
Urrn, , rry
rm.! it
••••is. p1,1111%\111 II
dt•111:.. , •1:1101 111.•
;II N... 1
tr o I
I Hi it Pro-i h•IWN. yu. Uoti o IRCH.
4aardial, al ill.. pa! lit•
1.- , ..01-11' Ina \Ail-
~~1.. ~11 ilk 1,, L~•iue
Ili 1,11. it I ks v, l ' rk . -iill•111, 11110 1•21.11.•
11, I II !I r
t•t.. i 1..• ,nd
chnn_,• t. .1 in ..hi Mini,L,r.
111,1111 Witrll 11111.11 1 - 111 , 11 , 11 ) 11 , -1 n, 11-11:11
:111:1 , It1111.:11 111 t• ()1111 ,1 \%llll 1111
Ii- 111: 1 11-1::111-11 \ 114 1 .1' 13i,lrr i , in IN t•rtula
1 1 \1:11:1'1112; , 11V: r 111111 :111(1 t 11:• l ' rl l, lllUlll
.1 1 1:11 , • a -11%111 1111\1 11:4,,1pys
I -I ‘ll , l \ .14d111—In
I. j, I( r\ rill .
I , 'll ill :)..1 :Ii1 , 1• 11A/I.llllin \%,`
. 1 "g'""' " 1. hi ' " 61 h•
, niLit the 1u.(1,.[ mid in Ow vindj,•„_
tiffli th, Cnn•innid,,n uncl I,n‘v., in the el . -
f.irt 10 , Indnin nationid out ImritV. And
it nny man ;IA( of the some v,;ter why hi. , up•
pat, .lArott li. C.\ to Pit 1,1.1. for purveyor
(tenon'', ~o.wer, beenti- , c he wu., ‘vi I ling to
do bottle in fence of
r o . f. "--Th o v,,t4 t o f e very wounded sohlter
have a grew, influence in ,l , ehling %Owl h. r
the la , 110 \l Cr l',llllll
11 , 1 1 , / R 11111•1111 1 ,1% Wl,lllldod
(1 . 1 , T. 111 , I) , 111l , l'rtalt• 11,111 , •1 . , 11,1 V(. 1,11( 11. titi‘.
OM' 111 ,, r0. 1.. inSlir. lOr
ymi 1. pc nsi than pnwrr and t.hnti
will repudiate•'
'Pi/ "f it Ii tt , Say..
W ntoV Pr I nny be.the result to
Heir, w, folly convinced flint it fair trial
will tlioroilejily oxpt,,e the foul elpireetor of
lit , ‘ while it will reflect the
higliesi..ezetlit upon our natural reputation
for magnniiinlity tool justice.,
A w.ntierni3O of th e most undoubted loy
alty, impressed with this clew of Ihll (MSC,
1110, et , llllnt oral I raise 11 51.11.1,1'11,64111 her tilv
purl OSI. of .htl.teling
to confirm the subscription t. to n I own
elusively, and to make it cominion i d op,m
the total .•xclusion op -1 '4lm-rho:ids fn a Ii I
part in the affair. 'Ulm tel in the
slightest degree Byuipatb with NV . 114. but
purely a cltotre to pr, , ,Pr‘o Ow boom of the
country. Already a respectable a Moult t has
been raised, contributed by person=
neve Wirz to by guilty, but-who desire that
it 8111111 be impossible for any one to doubt the
- justice of his :sentence. whatever it, may
th, p
Of/PPE:fin EN - tt re - Yetlt speccl) e 0 , 11
" Gun. Cox has spoken of the identity of I
interests between Southern Rebels and North-
ern Copperheads.. • If. 1 were called upon to
define the two. 1 Allemld mahout - 10 distinction •
other than this. Yn,. Rebri o,oo (igeous
Copperhead, and your Corperhe;zd is 11„ebtv
ardlg Rebel. [Cheers and laughter.] They
agree in pried ph , ; but the One lights for
that which he-believes to be right, While the'l
other sneaks away, and if be does anything, ,
he 'secretly bite , at the'heel of those who are
boldly meeting' their 'Milo.; in the front of
battle. Such are llie. Inca with , w horn we
have to contend.-
~1 p
A. SPECIMATIVR 310V.161.ENT.,--A li4tor
from Now York', dm.qd .}VcArieedliy, sOys:
Upwards, of six tii 3 Otaippd,barrela of beef
have iliOrket tithiit
a' few thistcirkis't oil Val4;liOrlifei'mailt.- •`1.146
is. also an, actlye.sputtukut4pj.p.ovenwrit iu
butt lad 011
This demand crow thei•oiiithiproar
of. tho'eattio ariy Oir! t nglitatt„'tlreat
TIMIT NVII , n .11trg.• it pill a of
Octal(' tin& led last Wint6. for Itratpi cl.tvu .
aynay.oOnstvlution, but the butidoli windirf
up of ,the war. has left a, surplus
, !'P
The Union State Tioket
li.• \ j."
•ri;:•. tvh , It \
Ni ii
iliL•rt• I born much
,t 1 •18 . v ()c1,,6.•1'
y,lll vklly pot , iii pt;l•t
Which will now find a good market. The
news of more favorable harvest prospects, by
the Africa, on the other hand, has, had the
effect to knock down the prices of breadstuff's
in Broad street."
Col. Jaoob N. Campbell.
Referring to the efforts of the copperhead'
organs to destroy' the military and manly
character of the-Union Can.lidate for Sur
veyor (lettere], the Johnstown Tribune says
that. the Leopard does not change his spots
nor the Democratic party its tactics. Down
right lying has always been one of the main
im-trumentalities relied upon In the lenders
of that. party to secure success, and those
lenders will not now in the day of their ex
tremity, forego their ancient prerogative,
To magnify the merits of their own candi
date for Surveyor General, they have simul
taneously end by evident preeoneert Com
menced to falsify the military record of that
giTi'ibdate's superior officer, Col. Jecop
Campbell, one_ s 4 7 .tita. best fliers Pcnnsyl
venia gave 4t, the union Army for thi•
pressictt of Dt3llloCratic rebellion. We
will net timk reply to tbesti fellow's, but that
a tissue of vile fakelneels inay not go un
ednt radieted, «e %%ill state briefly !hefollow
ing facts:
IT Di NOT TRUE, 11 , i111R.4011, that. Col. Camp
bell resigned hiq commi, , ion in the arin.--t.
Ile wn, im , ater,at oat under a general order
from the War Department, his term of ser
vice having Itxpirod, precisely as hundred,
of olio'. good officers. hove been honorabl‘
discharged from the service. lle could Th,t
hove longer emiliimed rn ,rrviee as
had he su elected, the regiment organizat
being broken
1T TauE, as alb_ 1, that Lieut+oi
ant'Colone.l Linton led the Nifty-fourth iu
the battles of Ne , win:,rket and Piedmont.
Ile wus flat the LIIILIe of Pil4llll ,, nt,
Col. Campbell himself gallantly and well
led his own regiment in both the hnttle s
named, :old in every other I ngagement
with the single e‘ception or the affair at
Snicker', tlarin which that regiment par
ticipated. during the whole period of his
three yean,' service. After the battle or Sew
Market, lienoral Seigel per , onally compli
mented Col. Campbell and in , ight of the
whole regiment
11 t. Not"l'ltr Alloge(1, that Lit ut.
r,ll. f, nt n Wu_ lbly in I•1/II 1111111 d
of tin. rifty-nmilli hor, r l'otor.d. org , or
An . % wl,r , in Ihnt n0n 4 111,0r1i0,,.1. lln was
not in ,snt. 1.. the in:iny
tiraht ., splendid canomitrn
The Late Got , . Brough, of Ohio.
. Bnoroit was born nt Marietta, Obit),
in Ikll. He was self-edoeated, hr.el 2 -111
lip :Is II pr/tetielti prititor. I. which
\VII. appr ,, titicod !It ttn ..firly II ••
t•ntered into Hilies. and bvetim.• v,.ry
11111covz IL, It I.llNit•
I ti(lood. in 11. W. rtkrik..d to , x( 1,, 11,m.
o , rwin :4r , nt nun nat r it
t :111(1 W4l , 'I !2:1 . 0:11 11 , 1-
lit it'll! wilt lierimz in hi- , .ern Twif2 - 111“ , ring
di.l ii.• Nv:l , A tt 4 lo , w f 1,1,1 INK)
r\ inure
1 8 4, - , ftl 111, r ••:tr lac ..k
11-IV,•l\ if, II:tirl.1,11,1
I .l.nina Tidy. a,tivoly, and
,•••--d'nll,‘ nnwo•rn , l X% itil \\',/,
t. , rn I,tad,. tn.- at lion, "f
Aradi,,n and 1 idiannl,, , li , and Ilia I{,ll
- It:inroad,. in Indiana. had ;d
-n.% ay, hevit llonc,rat until the la
ginning , rl . ti, wia;ll he t,H,Ic very
stung , natn,l- for tb.. I.tov,rnnn , nt, and in
186:?. 11, , ca- nt,natnat.4l by Ow Unimi l'on
vontb,n a- their candidata for (;overnr
agaiti,t ‘•allancli2hani. 11 , sva, plo,tod by
litindr. , .ltl)lNand majority. Until
i nave to the (_;.,\ .•rtitnoni
the aid and t•arri. , l 'n ii. g... 41
V.,1( GoN. IL•nni , on tl
"i hi
1111,1,11,1174 I.OIIV i,t,,11 , ,,,11‘,110 011 t. all thr.tigli
hi.; lire. but n4.v, , r whorl he. ex
u;tlb,.rnat4.rial Secrotary
Stant..ll particularly attuvhrd ttl
and had orn , a the best Stirge,,ns..d . tit.. army
t , 131•,,t1gICS priVlllo
111,ditill 1016,01 , Th, ~• r vice t.." 1:
pine(' at tin Lio‘rernor', re , idulkeo, in ('Levi,
land, i n Fr,dny,Sept,mber l,t. Lientonant
(;‘ , vt•rnor ('lnrlt.s brother of (en.
ntleNon \ IS Ha ha, hoe!)
, ddier. a , plotaral ,rat,tr, and \vitt ha a
Nkorth th, I.Luenhal dead.
'h. 11",~.n•r"
ET A} }4l'll E R Art' LM PT
Thy future of the Atlantic Cable has not
yet been decided up o n. It would be dittuss
ed at a public meeting of the shareholders
of the Atlantic Telegraph Company, to be
held in London, on the 21st of this mouth.
(laptain A NnEasoN, the commander of the
Groat Eastern, has publish i ed a letter in
which he . putl:n strongly' and hopefully of
the undertak nix,. lie declares that "it will
roqUire. ten 111011d1, to provide the proper
gear for lifting the ,k.thint e Cable, and to
make the 11000STIry repairs t. the Great
Eastern ; " and the suggeNts that the next
attempt to lay the cable shall he made in
May. Tien (thief difficulty, it scents to us,
will be 1 ite..lie'rnlll1 4 ton 1110110, after she
cable broke, the precise spot in Atlantic
where the accident occurred. The approach
ing equinoetiTil gales, and the nsual winter
and spring matpusts, may dislodge the float
ing buoy front it , present place. If so, the
prospect of raising the cable, there, will he
slender; but it may he recovered, we sup
pose, by winding it up from the l'alontia
F. x tui A Nil HI o F'Pa 'sou tsar.—General Hitch -
cock hue published a letter on the subject of
t h,. ~., ci ci r ig c of prisoners, the Calls() of
:m.Apen:iion mid the intromanity of the rebel
government and supports the policy of Sec
retary Stanton. General Hitchcock says :_
- As long us the cartel fiir the exchange was
rf•9lPCtOd by the South it was faithj i ly ob
served by our government. There wi, no rea
,to doubt its fnithful execution' by the
government until th e and pf tiro war. Li 11 -
1 - properly revoked by competent atitheri
t. if the rebel authorities bud not distinctly
viiiiited its levies under eircumstances in
deed ol' great aggravatien." He .adds :
" Tie: day must come when every true
American will be proud of, the reflection
that tfie government was strong v.:MTh to
ialisiiili l' li:bullion withoutloosing its lin
nilini.y ir .1 . 14 . 1)it. .
NU,- ,JM1ZEL.:111511.16,04..rru,...
l .
vu 1 . ; 61 ) 1,,NT. jOWNSON O'N PARDON BUM( -
li Rs. - The Washington Ohre/tic/a or Sati.-
dii . morning says:
We hear that among the crowd of appli
cants for pardon 7lio thronged the Presi,"
dents Mansion yestqday, was a man who
bore' a lettdr'tci tho 'President from a distin:
guished politician to the following purport :
That the hearer was a path m a n Who was -ot
possessed.of the live , hundred dollars which
- he understood was necessary to obtain such
a deeitmeat, and trusted to the generosity of
.the President to grant the pardon: In lan
goamand manner never to be forgotten by
those who witnessed it, President Johns , it
declared that the letter was :ngroSs and tit
telly AMWarratitable outrage, not only. upon
himself, L•tit upon every Member of his house
'll'o4l,l6%lM to the lowest page in attendance.
Yla ordered the man:to„be shown tint door.
flow, any, gentleman could so , far. foret him
self fo 'extiose. Min elf and. probab ly inno
;emit client 'to 'sucti . :desarved and. stinging
;dna°, we are at it /983 to imagine.
County Convention.
Pursuant to the call of the Standing Com
rnittee, the Republican-Union Party met at
Rhenm's Hall, on Monday morning; last.—
JACOB EITHER, Esq., electeXChair
man, and Prof. DENt.INGEIC and Josm , Lt
W. OonmY Secretaries.
The list of Boroughs and Township;
. IVlll'e
celled, end the folowing delegates presented
their credentials, and wore admitted 04 mem
bers of the Conimntion :
Carlixte: 1 1 ...1frard---.laeub Zug, Jr., J.
W. Ogi Iby .
West It , -/-._,Tneob Bretz, George Zinn.
Diekiitsee--S. W. Sterrett, J. 11. 71furrny.
P0?,1.4,,,r,1---1-1. 111sser, I). Den
P . l. n ol n 1) . .11,•r, S. ._l(l.xlinder.
11 m pil en—,Sninuel :7; hopp, J. B. Re(ser.
Lower .4//)n—.l,,hit Sheriek, Benjamin
Mee h.ap eslm em—Robort. H. I'holllllß,
e—Wlll.llengy, Jose:th Porter.
Mouroe—Jacob S. Shopp, John 'Lutz.
Noch,frp J. U. White, Isaac A. Quigley
New Ovp,eh•'rfund--.hlflleS
A'f,Nohm--John Reddick, S. E. Piper.
N , terili , —Col Joseph A. Ego. Lieut. S
A. Sollenberger.
Penn—Sikinuel eoover. Jamison Ewing.
Shippen,b,i ry Awough—Stephen W. Hay , :
Alexander Stewart.
Silver Spring— Nlichn , l Darr..l.U.Samp r.
Wi Iluim 11. A.11,).111,..tria ,
West I
Vpi)er .111rn-
(ill 111.6011 Of GEORGE ZINN. 01)10-
mitt ,, e of live were npprdnted to prepare
serio, expre---ivo of the view,
of ti: Conventio: . The Chair appointed
Nirs , rs. Ge“rgo Zion, J /,1 • 1 Pii !tit
A. Ego, Stephen \V. tiny , . John ('. !-tarnple,
to con3tituto said ooniniit toe.
The Convention then in,contleft to n‘nni
mite canaidnte , for ()filen,
For As,rtnltly, (i T. H. linufm;in,
Smttli po..oived 3.; v,)te,, (Thrt. I'.
1). iolior. I,f W o-t t. ,, w1141111,,
i; ',)1, , ri0l T. li.
t" \I \ N Ica: ,iockr. , .l It , h. , I
tilt! I' iic fll , ut , 111111 Iqloll in
11 ,, 1111i11:011 , 11 I,lllllp linaitini,.l:6l.
A/t , ,,•00‘y. C. I' ton; - 4.11,
receivelt 27 votes., n od
W. tl . Fount, (:n. 11,1 e, received. I .-,
votes. w lion Ir. Ilt • tnurn wtt< 41,,1,11 , 11 the
noinin, , . ',tot
For T,•. ,,,,,n
r. , •civ, , l 22 1/,:111,,V
()Irii-1,•• it %. WhOit Jolts :I_
nuul • muuii n ,u
(i,,, i
AVA , 44a)N 10011111/o , d I
acclaunau nit
I i I IN
I ' l 'l- "I.
For p,
h arrinni:tti ti
Vta• .Irnis
w'lls 11.011111:It, I , V :I,
)[c.-N. ()won
John Kur,k,d, „1. .1„1, S.
Si• 'Vii h
the ; t o e
tirtt2l 'I 2222- 1... F.. ••I • \'i• 22
The 0.111111111k , t.11 u.11„•n r.• ”,rt-
shout , of applati, untitutte.) tatti
dent, in the tiltiluy tuttl it.ttritubut ttf
dent .IttliNmtN, at"! that
of the Itrltteiltltt. ;t int I y
WI in r.2-I,,rlng the /kWh! Irity
,f ti; [mutt, :tub in re-eutt-truetitt;:, the re-
(i. CuitTlN,
throughttlitht, r‘ltettitt-trtitt,ltt. it.e. exit . ' titled
the ettptte.ty .ti - It stttte-titttit, :tell the Ii elity
et . it Pot 6,4 ; tune thus It s t unit-0 ;,tire silt ..
ees-ftt: etlurt- tut bHhtlf ,tf ttt.r citizen -ol
diers, and the 1/o,t Intolt•-IN
our highest idinir:ui n told a} 11' c:11
That the 111.1 , 111 ht.:U . lllg
(11 . tall 01114hIll 111
goring tho n.i.v111..11, 1111 , 1 nrninLunul ;11,1
re,1.01 . 1114 the 1i111.114/I'll.\ ~itr ‘,l 111 tv . :,
COllllll4illd grntitudo. HAI
(ye WIIt, by till the mean, in I , lll' pto \‘.•!.. n -
cog ni, e a nd cwilpeilate their ittbur nod t.te
rifle,: tit our nuti then ottontry', bohulf
i?c,,,oicod, Thai t he late Cop . perhead Coun
ty Convention, by wholly ignoring the claims
or (Mr hit \'l3 ahuwu their continued
hostility to the war for the billion and it ,
bravo defenders, and their blind adherence
to hyiejatthy wall treason, and upposit'.rn to
the (;evernment, wlriell characterized their
action during the terrible struggle fir the
preservation of the Nation's life. and should
consign thorn It'll' their to ut
ter overthrow and defeat.
Gen. Toon was then called upon to adds es
the Convention. The Crenerai responded i n
his L 1,1.1111 happy and cloy)) ut •rn
viowing aCtioll .1 4 010 C011Vt . 116 , ,11, eon).-
plimenting it upon its wise action, and the
.admirable ticket presented by it. ex
horted the members to increased exertion in
the good cause, and upon the encouraging
prospects of the campaign; he inspirited hi s
hearers with the true feelings of confid e nce
in the juStice of the cause, and determination
to work etu•nostly for the siligie , ,s of the State
and County Tickets.
foll9wing Stu taling'Coininitto , fnr th
onsuing •ani• was appoiatod, Later N , ,hich 1111
Con velltiMl aniOurned aim , die.
Carlisle, East n bar
osopls W. ()gay.
Ortrtiste, brat Ward--
K. I heetu.
Sturret t, Ed ward 11
W&dt ley.
East Pei? osboeu . --Daniel .1. sty, Jacob
Frankforii—David Darr, . P. Blosin
Hampden— -.I Erb.. Uyrui Tem pli a .
Hopewell - J Sri os hinn mar, D. Lecher
homer Al but .101111 ShOriek, Bonjanii,
MeCh(tniCSIMV----L_KilUifillail, . Miller
Mu ttbow Thompson
Middiesiiiv c -- A brilliant Witmer. 'Thomas IT
_Monroe-3 Shaap, Daniel Richwino.
Newburg--Jaaeotniela Bricker. H. 11. Me
New Cumberland —J . C. Icirk, T. Willot.
Newton-101w R. Sharp, Samuel Sharp.
Newville—H: Hap. J. E. Ferree.
North Jfiord/00 - o —Solomon W. Seitz, H.
Penn-,-John T. Green, Samuel Couver.
Skippeaßbarg Barouqh 1).. E. tlays . ,
Capt. James Kelso.
Shippensburg Toundhip—John Matthews.
, Siiver..S:priiag—Martin Mumma, William
Southampton—Aavid Clark, W. Pilgrim.
South Middleton —Win. L..Craighead;
. Upper 'Wen—John Swartz,. David
tire'at Penitsboro'—:-,Tits. I). Greason t Cupt
Geurgo .
Tiolv:' LindTy, of the Methodist
Clitireh itt. S hiirluttsvillo, has.'been elected
Ohttpittinnt the Virginia IJaii , ersity , for the
next twia. years. ,••• . ,
Tnenl, Ititner, Sunmel
r. I) Itt.a. ,1 : I ms I)
Watt: .1. L. Z.. 1,
\\' Nl. I I. .11 1.1 •
i•\,. Cllllll,tl'l,lllil
John M Gregv.
—Pour hundred denths occurred among
3000 negroes in and around Noble in 40
—The port of Galveston is now reported
open to trade.
—Papers throughout Louisiana speaks of
a heavy mortality among the freed nogroes.
—Pardon Hanks, printed on gilt edged
paper and handsomely engraved, are being
struck eIY by the ream at the Treasury De
-L,=-The Huntsville Advocate states that
the crops in !myth Alabama, from rill an-
CC/Link, had been cut short by the tiff yore
drought which has pr veiled generally
during the summer. Corn will be scarce,
and in m ny localities high.
(4mvention adjourned
111, , 2it Proviou, to ml -
jolt rn motit tolograto w n , tram
Prosidimt Jnlinson, eimgrattilating tho
inembims on thi•ir progro4s; in tho or
reStoratit.n. Judge E. F 4: Pisliar was thin
nominated for Governor.
--All crops in Georgia, except peaches and
apples, are very poor. Nearly the entire
State has suffered from a protracted dro.lght,
not enpogh cotton being made for domestic
—The friends of Alexander 11. Stephens,
now in eon finement in Fort Warren, are
p e r fo rms endeavors to Seetlto his
pardon and relea=p, IT is brother, Linton
was at the Whit,. Ifouse on that errand
Tlmrc ar, now, in and arnund ‘Va,hing•
ton, rit!. , :'( lll 11 . ,2:11111`111S of Veorran Itesurve
C‘orp , , numbering in Oa but 2-10
men and vomnAdod by 2 10 corini:simmd
olrlo..r:z. A emiAMidutimi of li,onrganizu
tiun, wuuld rosult in the rnastorinw nut of
at han.,t 150 (dlicers.
—A young woman naunal.',;arah Svhwarn
jump , I from t h e ramal bridge, on Second
Ilarri-lairg. Tne-41ay, and drown-
Cami.--ruh0.,116• a y,mng man
who aft..rwarils rofu , nd to marry her.
4 If tlo• North vonrity.res,:: <aid Thotna,
Car/ylt , . a pair or two ago, " F.;naltttid will
go to dtonocracy by (iN FOSS trill.," rri.
o•th oon , itwrml. and in the late I , :ng
oloct ton, III:. aggrea;:tto I,ilwral vote.
L , 1.92{; :11.• ,tll:grt,4n
735: inni.oltv, 16.187
'rho xvt• , • ~t ) th,• .1110glip•11,. VII I I , •V
It:OIroad, Lot Kill uia !Ind Ih• 111.0 l'll
of 1,1•444rP,01g
nnJ will ht. 1'11111101 , 1141 in 11 1 . 0% , :
•Ill'Vt . \ 111.• Haul hu.
hrrn r~uu~J~'~~yl
11W 1,1 , 1111111. , 11 11111101 , 6 , 11111
. 2.121)1,1;00. 111,11 Cllll'lll4, 1.1;11Mq
177.9:0;, n,111“:
r ho ;no.: ;,, ( . /I , ohnq au 111-
e 1 .021-, 111111 71) )I+ , l' I' o lll in Vi.V.
1 . ..!k• , 1111%
11 , 1111”••i • .1,1111. - !II 11.. tVit4•ll ili
ond ili Li
--,‘ ..11 111.. \‘l II Ii hlt 1
\1 , 1, IL.,
I •il
;I , —tl.l 1,1 , 11v11:n111 ..t
h:t „„ uu-. It I- -itt:llott b\ .\n.
turV \'‘ 'I
het svhnlin4 roo.Frd
:-.'ha• ha, h.,•11 hcarh Ir,aa II !-,t
II il I \
NI , Vit , ILEI , II:IIId. \,ith
trig %1 I
It i, 11 , 11.,t• I (;,twnil
vt•hr, th, `,l t;,11 ral of
(; , orgia, that brit),
or ;7;2 by 1,111. id 1,4,11,1.1
C It/i• a la v ,, ritl/le 41,ci , 1,at t,
!wilding la , forc that (;,11:al. (icio•ral
I).•ing 11111 It' :I,lli,titii4.4l nhla
Ow 'act. Inunihcl th.•
conli , catod 111 I , rti n f th,
h t , ol i i„
I . .gulur at (
11.. r W. 1,.111:2; rt,r
Suit , • i'l . 4.2i•kin•r„ffid
I). .\1 h , r .\tturn,•
the f11.111,111S ‘•
til ei'innn
I)tliawar,. I
wivr ,
ti,,nninutol the foli“wing
ropre-ontative and
Tyswi and
Fitiplainb; l'n , thon.qury.
&.,• . U I'. "I'rea-urer, Willi: on II
I{cce: Willinni D. 11. Serr,•ll
1)i c,..•t,r, P. .1.
litgby (`.nutty'
Tit V i.)r.
Sur vt , ,or. .1,,
nimiubtei ore of col ton goods in the
tohl(11, Stab-. i, tho, , •xhihib.d by the bi”;
een-o-.. and i ,hownto br about. eight mil
lions of dollar. in exee, , 4 of the aggregate
01 till. woollen product for that see -
tioo. Annual value of ninnutheture:,
031,649 ; ktiolber of esbibliAnnent, , , 2.70
noodier bt . employes, 1.1,2 )2 :oaks, and IJ , -
5G3 tomale,„; oo,t of labor", :55,025,83(1; vo , l
of material consumed, : ,,, 12,507,907 : eapiod
trusit.,4 nppoi II tlqi by Judge
For Ihn ntating,onent or the now Polytovlinb•
School lunc adopted Ow nbllll3
tritivvrAty," by which the institution k to
bo known. Coilegtt - wne
of lin. h iUrd of
Lt donor forbade. it. eltiet,ioit of "(Boor ,
ul ti teiok plum, and tim folio wilig gentimititti
wort. •tidoctoil ith,
D., L. . 11i hop , I tlu Epi,,,,rui
I . . , n,, pri , sid.tht; .
Al. Polly. ,i•orourrs E. P.' Wilbur,
tyvaiturtir, -
—The live leading editors of Ale w. York
arc• of Genic origin, Raymond k of Welsh
descent.; Greeley is of • Trish stock ; Bennett
is a Scotch Licit; Bryant of the Post, kof
Irish origin. Charles Morgan, of the ceht
ia,eical Advertise, , is also of Irish lituck.
--Tho win) of LowinWashing ton, a rela
tive of the Father of his Country, and a
resident of Virginia, is in . Wash,
ington, willearoring to bavo her farm,-which
was confiscated by thugoyerninent, roturno'd
to her.
-- Governor Brough was a practical prin
ter while at college he is said to have put up
as much type every- week as a hand constant
ly employed,-and kept at the head°ol every
ddpartment of study in the'_ college.
—Clara Fisher is the name of o uew
m. hielll' prodigy; who has appeat'ed itt . Ro
chester, NOVN Turk, displat,Sing,
,Kreat vocal
pOwers. Slm is but t‘s; . elve year old, and,
with her.
,mother, As ai refugee front the
13otith, ' :". .
—Attorney Ge'neral Baldwin, of Alal?arnc ,
is dead.
—iffajor General Mende, accompanied by
his staff, arrived at Port_Poyal, on
Monday last, on board the steamer W. P.
Clyde. '
—Gen Hatch's cavalry eninmand is grad
wally leaving \ fr bile.
The Hon. James If. Bell. late nf the Su
promo Bench of Texas. has been made Gov
t eller f-fandituMs Seventary 01 State.
--Gen. Betuiregard, it is rumored, wilt
ask I ' o
r pardon, that he may go to Km
rope ana take a positinn in the French army.
Hon. John S. Millson is proposed for
Congress in the Norfu k District, by ~ M any
Voters of Petersburg.-
--lion. James O. lihaeltleford, of Clarks
ville, has been appointed Judge ( . 1 . the Su
premo Court tor the ;Middle Divitton of Ten
has garrisonvii Vera Cruz,
whom a portion of his forces aro encamped.
and at, small towns on the. way In NI ontori.)'
them ore 400 of hi, forevs.
—Lewis aged twelve years, shot
and killed his mint, Alr , . 'Clara Nichols, a
f•w days ago, at Cured., K. [Lie suppos
ed he did not know the gun was loaded.
Gen. Sherman, Gen. - Pope, and G4.v.
Pletcher have been appeinu•d a coinntis , inn
t. , 'inspect and deeide .m the best of several
plan , submitted far building a bridge over
the , ottri River at St. Charles.
Poubody, th wuinent
runliminire bunker I..ondon, will Ii al:.! n
visit to his ~ ,. t.oltry in t.lto month or Arili
p..0-otp- to 1 , 1111011 perwimently.
(inv. Ilatnilton ill Itt. Austin. Ilc
app"inted IZ.;l'. Elgin l'uni - ii,hitier ul
th.• i.and Utliuu, and Dr. S. Gral.:un Suiwr
inlond,,nt In,no
---(:t.orgo N. Ilitpg4lo4l, uir f th,
t,f . I iit. nc.eire (iii'd
Wf,•k, :iftor 77 Inrir•l' frifin (lysotiti,ry.
.lohrt,m Ink" tolographNl Gov
Sharlirvy that, the haboa , hi. r t .
, tk)ro.kl will troop, withdra \vn ~06r1
anion (•,,ii,itl,rtql
SlD•ruuon and lt,,bort t'.
a..• the “Tlly ill
tan ittirty t;tr tho I.:titled State , Settnie, it
Thp I,eit.islaturr t., will ho
,•11 at tlw uniin, fhll ,lootio,tl iti that SI:04
Itov. t'liuunc•rc littend
:?1 , 2.; I it.. i lotwo , t'lltfc SUlti! ta Trott
t~ui, jai \1'I.(111,—.111y. n= a ,1 , •10gnt. , . Ia I lii
lumkrt picke(l I.y
vidilal 4/falunit Sz3oo
Bill'Sniil, 11\ i
IL I . l . Avlnv uRu Iva '
W t t Wl' lilt t Illy lot 101 l plirt nn.“:
liar of indiu,tint)tly
Billy ; and II! ht. (I-- I I . I r.v.
Nintin 11,-.111-t
t•xpl.wati,ot ..101tooti 111,01Ilis i
111 , ' 4 ,1111 \vicli
Li~•nt S,;i~hlin~
(1 . ..111 41in , 1111 ,
11110 t.. 111 lin 111 , tfi
horet,,Coro their vliwi
AI, lb, (Aid "r I h.,
Sttii,ot l'to 1 , 111.1 . 10,,ken ,111%\
31 NV0 , 11111!2,1 , II , PII t.i a.
I , # , rr,,;(1,,71
- EphriliM lJri \VOki.
1,2,1 y
\on, wt,t Vvrimait
nhom mile:4 from Ilurlington. \va ,
found in 11,T Intim, Thoulay morning, brutal
Ic mortlerod. 11,T !ILI-Wand. wa , : ll,l'llt from
home at time. Tim peri.ctrNbo. ,ff tim
dee,l yf m14.n0 \vn. A 1ur...50 amoitm.c
ii ii WI, 111 WI111•11 IIIIS•1114
swyth ( c:Lii,l,). or Ihihuyur
"I wh—,t stntilr, and
1)..r,.•••• by Opp4:l.ltoffil, for hi lint iui espirit.
a'.•;;1,1,1 find his 10 , -e. ,
di the v,,hinutry his
During- hi , rocvnt ithschye
tww wQre Init uI. in tho
those dOSI.I'lly1.(1. and a c;trrilige
Jacob M. Campbell, and Lieutlin
ant Colonel,,rolin I'. Linton, the lionii-mim
or the two political partie, for Slll'N'Oyi,l* -
onti, fr“ 111 1110 saute county (Cambria
Both brl uitiril to the anu regiment
1,11111 wcrii elinili-
dutt , , their respe,ti vc• distrit , l
th.• nomi nuti,m f,.1. shit, S1•1111ii/r.
\V .lottlit whothor two rnndidntrti et), sigh
\"1.1 . !,•)1'11,1!11 11111101'
--lien. I; rant tuns prodigal of his words at
St.. Paul, Minn., on August 96. Ho made
two speeehos. The first, when In entered
theeown, thee: "Ladies and u:entleinen, ft
'1,4, my habit to make speeolie., but I thank
you tin' this very cordial welcome whieh tots
have given me to I. Paul.' The s.econil) .. i
I. n - , •rei»ide, flies
and firemen of St. Paul : I just :damn to
leave, tine, a very pleasant visit to your eity
and 510 t... Tam much obliged to you fbr,t he
eordi,d velvideotrie I have received. Good
—Thome: M. Key has been nominated by
the I lemoertits of Ohio as a candidate for the
Som•eine Court of that State, lie is n I rot h-
Or Of ti ire)' vii was M ' ClenniCS
St•lff 1862, and di.41111, ,, ed 6 . 0111 the service
by l'ecsident Lincoln for suggesting, lifter
tivta in, that "it wasn't the game" to beat
the robe's decisively, hut rather to muddle
lin war along, and Rive, time for a (4-repro
mise that would save slavery Key deserves
v. to of v er,y_ huelTy c copperhead..
—John P. M. Steen, of Reading, brother
of William y. Lyon, was brutally
murdered in Easton on Saturday evening
last. ,The particulars, RS tar /1S WO were able
to learn, were about as follows : Mr. Steen
wa , ~inning in front of Smith's Hotel, near
Easton, when he was approached by two
roughs—men who had their trial on Satur
day, and were convicted of highway robbery,
but were 011 bail and awaiting sentence. 110
roughs' approached Mr. S. and struck him,
with a billy or pair of iron knuckles, on the
tOMIIIO, Cililding instant death. Iho men
then tuitde their escape, and were not arrest
ed up to Monday.
-- 7 -The Xenia Torchlight reports Hon. Tom
Qorwin at his home in Lebanon, and under ! .
stands_that he is to make his residence pen;
manent in .that place.
—rHott. °Halide Tcellogg, member*Con . -
`gi.vs . s. from the Sikteenth district:of NeW
York; died last week; at Aliabutlitowr,
Essex county, NnWY64... : -
1 iti t r
lii; in tignti n= Ncrn• aniliu
Pr ,, v.•-t- ,r,11:11-1;e11.•i•
—Dlifyor Forsyth, of Mobile, has thus ad
dressed the police of that city : "As Mayor'
I only know you as members of the police.
My likes and dielikes will have no weight iii
my discharge of the duty. Where I find a
faithful officer be is my man; whether friend
or foe; when I find one guilty of mmilfea.., , -
mince or corruption. I shall take hie official
head off without a r;iomnent's he : mitami o n,
01011211 IP' oil been my I. friend. I be
lie\ i• I 1111 Vi• uoule mny.melf understood—l
make no change for the preqemmt—you nreLn
probation, amid I (gist will mmo acquit yoursel
vas as 11/ make wilily charm if any, llllllPC
cessnry. kl you do not I -.hall behead you
without mercy."
has been upon Our table fit• some time, and
is its usual filled with choice and varied read
ing matter, from the best British Magazines , .
The illustration •.f this number i, 14 splen
did mezzotint en,gaity lug of the French I to
perial Family,' comprising likenesses of
Louis Napoleon, the Empress Eugenie, and
of their only child tho'l'rire• I mperial.
Anuing its interesting content , are, "Three
Women of Letters," being notice.: of Lucy
Aiken, Joanna and Claroline F. Corn
rWII the .\'orth Br•' I?eviere
'• Napoleon I I I. and Queen ILu•tense,•' from
Bentley's Miseel " Notes and Notions
from Italy," front Blefe/,,,00d's .11nya7ine,
it large number of other selections, pro s/• an d
poetry, front standard work,.
Pub by :Mr. NV. IL
5 Be,knuin strL,4. 5 York.
" HOURS AT 110\11 . ;,' tlHncty and
Mout hly, ckvoted R e li g i ous , Lit i Us,ful
qt,•adily linprov, , in inten ,, 4 and
Th,Soptcnilwr tiumbrr i. illu,tratcd
by lin ,ngraving repr,...icnting Ili -Sl`ll. 01'
Grailik , and Hot Tilwrias, and eon
(din- artier,. un tho ,übjoet, by
\V. k'• "tio'r (:x"' 11 ""
rrmti tin pen, 1)1... If \ ItnAvt.n,
TiloNti•st) . ..4, :cad ILA well
11 , it \ hl , lll .41101' This
Magazin- !kWh,. patn,nagt•.
Edite,l by J. NI. Slmtwooo. l'uldkhed
by C. Switii , ;r.ic A C.... N.. 121 Grand St.,
~- ; (1-. t uli anD (F:otintn I,tiatt.ts
` , l n: 'Fur: k e; (H\l
\ tho Stnnding
tt . t mint) 3Suty kill tion't ttl
1,11 wr , ; , ‘ ;SA rt.lti.A
111 ,, 11111<. 111.. A. .‘I., I ' .4u• 1110 10.11
for th.. oiNtling eitinpnign.
1 1 , 11 , in , •-• will bl•
MI 1.1.,
rol'or ~ i ir road , 1- 1. ,
.\ \-1.0 ml
day Som. '2,0111, nit. r tiwy trill
111 ,,, i1 \V .41iii
1; r,niit I'lllol , r 11.11
N E \.• ;it TII LAT 1. I .() NH. ‘'N
I- \ cry
I I' , ~rt \ ill L.
~•n~uti~nrnl i~L~~~
t .11 i.r
sm). f (14,111‘ifnil lin4l
111411,7111 i to
—()Ti Month v evonim.
1)1 4 - - t a l , n , l inllrnt cn 41 . 1•A'l r l 111 . 11 , 1 in
“t0h,)(144 , it I tat•ll,l (,)
ef Pier. :11:tr , hel, of tLi< 1,,, n. The
„r , \n iii lIIxv;i-
v , dict dont It :irri•in.•
tl e jury flnd rp_t.
frcrn the want ult,q.ti„,, by th,
copperhe.iti vial Confi.H
on‘ 1111.1 at liridg, , port. on Monday. 111H1
alt , r balloting CI ttitlo , ,ly fur iN\ for 11
candidat, , ,ndjourn,ql to meet at thi , rpltte.•. n,ty noxt. 'lllO 110-
1111 11 111 1011 111 1 11. (11. \ l'Z,
and Col. CIIESTNL"F. "r this cotintv.
Fifty ballot,. have uLvudy lwen Iffid--the
(fll.ll I , linity adlioring stub
luo.nly till 101111 of Choir ro:pective
Th, belief hat. , pravalent that on
ho re-a^nibling of the Conference un Tues
day next, CAI E,TN CT will be easily over
thrown. and that the protracted contest at
was a little dodge entirely under
'4...l between the parties , interested, to let
the gallant .Militia Coli; ; ii'fil from Cumberland
Clown u. ow :11y a possible. The facts that
he has been n stock candidate for !Tinny years
--that the only time he ever retail ed a no
ruination he was beaten vicar out tiine
and—worid, of all—that in the fall of '62
after his detest before the Copperimad Con
vention, he made a most strenuous and per
sistent etbirt to induce the Union Cottrell
thin of that year to put him upon the course
and was laughed at for his paim -will, in ow
opinion, do the business for him.
True. he denies the latter count in the in
dictment, but no Ifemoerat who remembers
anything of that campaign w'll credit his
di-claimer. Fur those reasons we are con
vinced that when the curtain rise.; on Tuesday
the first act will be exit Chestnut? - fle
h a s earned a snug place oche retired list.
SAIOUTINIi A FFRAY.—fIu Friday lust
a most disgraceful seene occurred, in which
a man named JollN WEA 11Y--M ore union--
011 F. as "big John Weary"--wa. the principal
aet ,, r. Swaggering along North Hano er
street, thin ruffian encountered W
Jos.D.ts, u out, of our colored
regiments; and without a word of any kind,
Weary pulled tilt a navy revolver and corn
menced'iiring at the Sergeant. Jordan, be
ing unarmed and entirely Unprepared for
attack,, retreated; but his assailant, entirely
regardless of the fact that quite a nun ben of
people of both sexes were upoi. the street, and
sumo of them in the line of his lire, continued
discharging his pistol in the same direction.
- .A - Nr - t hr. colored -man dual- disappea ved nd
p,nehayd. for shooting satisfied, Wedry
swaggered across the street to Wotzers Ho
tel, where he demanded a room and quietly
went to bed. Officer MARTIN„ olio was at
the Limo on' duty in the Court, hearing of the
assault, received permission to retire fur the
purpose of arresting the onnder. This he
accomplished after breaking in the do , r ut
-the room in which Weary Was lying; • With
the prisoner, he captured the pistol-. from
which the shots had been been tired;, it is a
large navy, and when ; taken had two lot ids
in it. four having been discharged. Wetiry
was taken before Justice HOLCOMB, who held
him in ilve hundred dollars bail for his tip,,
poarance at Court..
Our readers will not bo astonished when
we 'tell them that Weary is an out-and-out
Democrat of the Pro-Slavery, variety, who
avers'thitt a man who will "defend n ' nig
gees rights'isn't fit to live in this conntry.”
Of such stuff is the Demearatic :majority in
this county made up of. - •
GOOD TEMPLARS —The regular guar
terly Caventioniof the Susquehttnnik District
of Goo 1 Templars, was held in the Lodge
Room of Letort Lodge, Ni'. 63, in this place.
on Thursday, August 17th.
Delegates were present from a number of
Lodges in the District., which is composed of
the soon ties of Cumberland, Dauphin, Sny
der, Schuylkill and York, also visitors from
Lodges nit in the District.
e Qonvention wus called to order at 9
o'clock, A. AL. by J. LuTHER JANES, W.
C. L., and remained 'n session until 10 P. M.
During the ,ession, tic followirimArrrer.,
wore elected 'for the next Convetitioli, which
it wits unanimously resolved should he held
at Pine drove, Schuylkill county, on the lid
Thursday in November:
.1. W. YOUNG, W. S.
Un Fridny morning, the visiting members,
escorted by the Committee of the 'Lodge.
visited the Garrison, where they were lei
ilre,sed and welcomed by Hey. J. Kea, the
Chaidnin of the -Post.
CATTLE UN RAlLiwAbs. kVe have
~ t ared that tho I'vna4vlvania
semi ha:: given nonuse to owners of cattleand
otln:r live stock, that in all'eases of ii jury to
the propetwy•of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company, or to persons or property in charge
of said Company, in consequence of cattle or
other live elicit obstructing the.track• the
owner of such live stock will be held liable
for all damage that may ensue. All owner
of cattle should shut their animals in. It is
not the ditty of railroads to strut cattle out
front their roads. The owner of the cattle is
clearly lush e h r all the damages occa:ioned
by eattle running at large. As tile live,
or the travelling public are also expo,ed
through the same negligence, it is question
ilde t, bother cattle owners are not indictable
for culpable neglo'ct in the event of death
caused thigli such negligence. If any tee-
Ode accident should ari-e trout II is cause, it
is certain that public sentiment would in , ist
upon the justice of making_ the owner ro
COURT PROCEED! NO —The following
\I4•T, Mal in thii Criminal
t hi- (• , .ti Tit hi-t \VIIIC
I . S. I'e/cr ;al fi)r.---This
d , b•ihirit ‘vit , a Nohlier at. the C;LI.II,Ie Bar
11T111 Wll-. Clllll'l4'oll Wllll tht 1111111 . der of
I ,, .lClic•l' bPitalging tt, the
draft ta.fallszymi• ;11 'dare, rl I.lli. night
:S(I 4J:inn:tr\ hi-t. in Swill]
Tiw I illin , 111,1. 111.111,1 but lir
,11•1',111 1, plallll ptit in by thy.
pri,on,r'soo, , tin,.•l. This ploa had the t•tri.ct,
tin.jury to find a VlT
diet nr in tin.
111 . Sput , scoti Eliqtorri
fin' 1 p.riod fit,-
Ilipplr.-- - R , dilwry
kniinkin g
and 11 1111111 W11111 1 (1 .b , A)/ 1/1
5 1 / 1 /111 Sl - /11, and IVa, 11, 1 111. i, (Sir, yolrA
111110 . 1 , 111111,11. in th.. E:Ntorn
s t
V,rdiet . i , ) 1114,
It %Oil lu
r„„,. Erehr 11., rol, r. - and
R;,10 r Mr,. 1./villing.or
/,i ) jity Sw)tww. , l w ply a lii S 2 and
11:t11..r% h httiler.
r•.s. Richt, 1(1 Mir!,
1.111',11 411
T111'10 . \" , . 4 , 11 lottli L. E. 11.1 , h
guilt‘ and ,ontLtia:cd thrtT IntAttliv to the
--I.arcoity uI
5. ,9 NV illiruu lrhu, lirnnn. Pleatl-
I : N., Awl to thr eo months; to county
(io,ryt: Piprr,
le„ 1„,
Corn. "ii( 1 1 1
Flpigh . 1 urrrl, .4,1(11.1'w h.
11, 17 1 .11,• Flt rg Ire i . qh t,
-.rho H.lO
Ror 1., 1.5., :Mr] iv , I • .. Cillir._l . ll
.11.(1 C.11 . 11 , 1 ,. *M I•k ,f 1 tlm
.1 !a-t Th, kv..ry It.-
11(1111,1 1111,1 111, 1,,,r,,ugh
0. ply the
. P. A. _IN..-- Ass:Hit mid lotitcry,
Slim]) Plead guilty, otid
(iin,ied I, ply ;I tint. u 1 S. -, anti
rJt ,•I
(;cor!p• 11 ,, Imes.—Larceny of: a
watch and pair or Ow property of Mr.
uilt u n.l y.•ur to E:1 , 1 , 111
11 . )11.
,and ~ntonevd ono ear to Ea,t4.rii
l'eniten tiary.
and But-
1,•!•,\ e of ro-ectilor
rx. Scott Taql.r.-'2A , ,nult and Rat
tor) on oath or ,_l,llll Purls,. Ignored and
vn,secutor to fray 01, CO,ts.
nI rs. Leak Reed. —Assault and bettery
~re oath of m, ry Brenner. Ignored, and
prosecutor I'm. costa.
Cum. ts. Gotalter, Charles W.
Lint h ?rest, and Albert Jfewelorf.-31.alicion,
Mischief. ltooml, 1100 county for costs.
Com. ca. Peter Brown —Assault and Bat
tory. Ignored, and Fabny Lioupt, prose
cutrix, for 1.,15t.t;.
Hon m .ngr, , and Jacob it y
rs. —ltefusing to repair Road. Ignored, and
county for costs. .
Coin. rs. C'atAftrin, Alr.i.andrr.— Larceny
Of 1 . 8. Saniorel C. Haller.—Nuisnnee, on
oath of Helen M. Sturgeon. Ignored, tend
proset rutrix for the co ts.
Coo , . re. ibt,oty Poute//.---Abdttetion. Ig
nored, :Ind county fur the costs.
Sunday School ' Celebration
On Saturday last wile the appointed time
for the celebration of St, Johns Union Sab
bath School, at Boiling Springs. When the
time of meeting the
* wagons arrived to take
the scholars 511 d others to Beltzhoover's
Grove, we had all t e prospects of a wet day.
And, all the anticipated enjoyments of the
little ones and others, for that day, seemed
to Lo blasted. The gentlemen concluded,
that we should haymow. "e, lehrmion at St.
John's School Rooms. Tho hullos, h ,wev
et.. were more courageous and though oth
erwise, They tr um plied. And, as we
wont to the Grove 111111 while there, very
litany big clouds were hanging, in all direc
tions, in the heavens. They served, as um
brellas over-our hoods , to keep otr , the rays
of a scorching sun. The dust being laid,
and the atmosphere 0001(0 by former rains.
it become one of the pleasantest days in a
Grove, that we ever witnessed. The gen
tlemen were highly pleased that they had
yielded to the ladies and all seemed to find
the occasion soul-animating and soul re
freshing. Her(!, we took our good dinners
and suppers and had many good things left.
We also listened to short and appropriate
lteechcs from Dr. Mower, Father Leidy and
the writer. We then returned to dur - honies
in - finmspiritsand - without - aecidents: Un
feigned Thanks to Our Heavenly Father for
..uch and all other unmerited blessings and
enjoy ',tient P. W. U. B.
Wm. LLiott. & SON, Carlisle, oiler the
best Horse Nails in the market cheap as the
cheapest at 'all times.
Sq.lrr ScliooL.—Seleot Scholars for
Any and Juno ]BO5.
School No, Porinman, W. Bentz,
D. M. Gritham.—No. 12.—Emma
.Mary DohtifF, Martha Soner.—No. 18—Era-
Leidig,Lizzio Wolf, Mary Graham.-
14,-;..11. P. Laulbertun. J. M. Hannon,
Arthur.—No. 15— Kato*M. Bentz,
Kato K.: Williams, : :Emma ' K. Horn.—
To. 10—M. F. Thomfistia, Loomis,
17-:,-Ella Bp. Jennie
N.l.lsToble; Hal lie 18 7 -H, H.
(11 '0? Th!›!iii)4 ll,.
D. ECkels P.'S. S.
- As,ault nnil
VeNliet gttil-
t. , ; pay a tiny• of S 5, awl
1'r„" till n"i nl