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    Christ, and how even young schotdrs (a be
loved daughter in one case) had illustrated
the prophet's bright anticipation, "A little
child shall lead them." That we should be
the ripe sheaves in glory borne with joy by
these spiritual hushandinen naturally sug•
gusted a happy recognition in M4iven awa,
" Shall we know cavil other there ?"
was sung with a holy tervor that touched
many hearts. To our surprise. :. late how
was announced, and the Donven Lim) . adjourn
ed in the usual manner to close on Thursday
Tlie following was passed
Resolved, That we urge every school in the
`"Distriht to elect both a Delegate and an
,The following was re-adopted.
‘• NVIIEREAS, - The superintendents of
many of the Sunday Schools within the Dis
trict have liaiiid to forward the blanks as
reque,ted, therefore.
Resolved, That the Preachers of the sev
eral charges be urgently requu3Ced to give
their personal attention to this matter and
collect the circulars sent to their schools, and
see that they are forwarded to the next con
vention in Ulna Mr its action.''
middle of April wns deemed the most
favorable time to distribute the circulars to
the circuits
The following appointments were main
;nude as a partial programme for next year :
Tuesday night of the Convention for the
annual Sunday School Sermon, and Wednes
day, 10, A. M., for the Children's meeting.
The following was - again adopted:
Resolved, That each Preacher in charge
be requested to report to our next Om
Lion the number.and success of the Chil
dren's Classes' in his el urge, as recommend
ed by the late General Conference.'
And now the Fourth Annual Session of
our Sunday Sehool,Convention was nearing
its close, having been a decided success in
both real pleasure and profit, if people
-lizew what they miss in their al Bence from
these meetings, they would seldom deprive
themselves of Such a benefit. glen were in at
tendance who previously workM more or less
by night its well as by day-, hnost, unceasingly,
,irel had been arranging their home affairs
so that they- might be able to leave and get
to the Convention. These rice have been
with us before, and 'would have considered
it a deprivation had they been prey: Med
this time. The social comminglizik , of the
pronchers ; the pleasant :•equaintanes form
ed with the delegates and with the citizens
who so kindly entertained them : all bight-
ened by the elevating consciousness of labor-
Mg for the good of the youth of our land.
made this annual district gathering a deeid
ed feast'--The music itself was quite it
liciou , item in the hill of fare, reflected
great credit on the schools. The Juniata
Whin:town) Tract' Dei.a.n ut 4,1 .1 tine
We con - intend these Conventions to the
c on:duel - talon of every Son day Sullied in the
District, and hope that each one will hove a
delegate to the fifth annual session. The
school that CM' , to lie represented will I.e
deprived of much that i= ealculated to im
prove it and enhance it , general prosperity.
The proceedings were ordered to be pre
pared by the Secretary for papers in the
District, and more fully Os l i psfor general
circulation : bt .1. 11. C. Irish and 0. I'.
Nvi: er for the Conference Sunday Soho , l
C.inunittee, with a request for a reading in
open Conference and for the Christ , in
el .forerun( by tl. T. (gray.
.\ vote of thanks to ihe Pa. and C. V. It.
It eonq aides for into return tickets, was
Lased and ihe Secreiary requested to send
of the sa eto the parties.
lleardv thanh, were unanimously tender
ed with a rising vote, to Ow citizens who so
hospAilily e•itertained the Convention.
d he Set 'lllll.y was hindly excused from
reading up the minutes rroti, his, rotted' , ait-
II" they were alproved. Then
jonn-ned finally with the Diixoloiry and t h e
Apieitolie Liimedietion liy the Presnliini, to
meet t Chainliershin IL Pa., at G I'. M. on
L ND,EY'S BLooDSEAncil E rt. —This modi
cin.. is entinenily sneee,sful -in the perma
nent cure id SCIIIIFUT.A.
Ei et' Fave n Head. ULCERS BOIL. ,
a.k:e . Ti rikes itiimed:otvly ta the re et
nr the disease. TIIE BLOOD, anti eXpVIS it fruit
Th blond is the very flainfain
self. therel'orc if we wish to restore health.
we must first purify the brood, and to in=ure,
coN•rtNuEo health, we not qt KEEL' IT PURMI.
The Itlie Searcher is the safest and most
ePeetind medicine for obtaining this de , ired
:?trect. It is ALWAYS SAFE. find the most
delicate can use it. Prepared by 11. E. Sell
ers & Co., Pitts. Pa.
And SoLD by all Druggists.
'Cob3n anb County, ,q-lattms
VER LL.— On Wednesday morning about
o Hoek, the large l'ap,r Mill of Messrs.
t.ii VI N BROTHERS, situate at Mount
.3prings, about 13 mil. , outleenst of Carlisle,
iva, discovered to be on tire, and before auly
:liing could be done to extinguish the flames,
the building was entirely consumed. From
most trustworthy information, it appears
.h t the fire was the result :if spontaneous
o nbustion in some damp rags which were
tared upon the third story, and the flaw,'
lad consumed the entire upper portion of
mill before the workmen who were at the
ime in the Grst stcry, Itne3% anything of the
The building is a large, 11%c-.storied brick
di rice, built originally for a carpet factory,
iut for many years used by the Messrs. Gay
iir n paper mill. We have no means of as
.ertaining the amount of loss, but learn that
insurance, which is in several companies,
about S14,0:10.
.ther column will be found the advertise
mint of Horace Bonham, Esq., H. S. Asses
or 16th District of Pennsylvania, through
vhich we learn that Mt. Bonham will be in
'arliele, on the 23t1h and 29th of this month
J attend to the duties of his office.
as z „Wm.l3LA!,it &, - BON, Carlisle, offer
teflned Iron at 4/ ets. per lb.,2s
er keg. Horse Shoes 57,0 n per keg, and
sell goods as cheap as the cheapest at all
Imes. A reduction nui eto Retailers.
i3e — We would can the attention of our
•ender: to the advertisement of Mr. W. S.
Aurox, in another column. HeofThrs good
nducementa to young men out of employ
The Great English Remedy
Prepared from a prescription of Sir Clark, M. D.,
Phythdau Extraordinary to the queen.
ruts well known medicine is no itn
p.,sitton, but a cure and safe remedy for Female
leiculliee and Obstructions. from any cause whatever
td although a powerful remedy, It rental..s nothing
artful to the constitution.
To harried ladies It is peculiarly rutted, it will, in
short time, nringAm the monthly period with mu
ri ty .
In all rases of Nervous and Spin's! Affections, Pain
I the thick and Limbs. heaviness. Fatigue en alight
tertian, Palpitation of the Lowne s of Spirits,
!interim Sick headache. Whites, and all time painful
serves occasioned by a disordered qp4ogi. these• Pills
111 effect e cure when all other means have foiled.
These Pills have never been known to f.ll,where the
rections do the 2tl page of pamphlet are er, II observ.
. For further particulars, get a pamphlet., free, of
agent. $1 and 0 postage stamp.; enclosed to any
thorized agent. will !neuron battle, containing over
pills, by return'mall. IV ELLIO TT,
Dec. 2, 1804.; "
At Carlisle on the Itith ult.. by Rev. T. IL Sherlock,
J r. W . 51. 11 tri TON of Shippensburg, to Mice OATH
JUNE 51. SMITH, rf Cuniberiend Co. Pe. -
In Harrisburg, July Fah, by the Rev. T. H. Robin.
n, Mr. JOHN W. ELLIOTT, to Miss FANNT.I.: W.
INOLD, both olCarlisle.
--:0..—. . . .
On the Otb Inst., lA - W[lU MAYBERRY, daughter of
AItTIN and JANE GARDNER, aged six ins ache and
enty:one:daSe• -‘" '
No more we'll hear bor angel volcej ' ..
No more bet cry of pain,
' "Per death bas closed the opening bud,
TO plant in heaven main. •_,
, •
81, a diets.
PI.OUIt Superfine)
do. (Extra)
do la 1, • • •
It ED do
C. .......
Corrected Week!
18-2! BACON SIDES, 17
Is 1C 111' BEANS. 250
17 1 1 1111.11 I'EACIII , S, .01
0-12 0111 Ell A PI'L/IS. 2 00
50 HMIS,
I' A I,LeIW.
"A V.
fT DITO R.'S NO l' Il]
undend,neq having, boon app-toted ho the
I), pm, n , u (Inn rt nt rnherland Connty. An A mi.. or tr,
nouohnl and rlkerP•nte the nneetc In the hanns of
Ilona, Id sr.trnt.or or Nlel , v, tee
..r dre"it hOrelly td‘ ..n •lotiCe
t hot he se 11l attend n. t.O tioth.s nl hls npnolntn,nt
at hlo °fete In Cni I Into. on Sot nrtla , • the nth day of An
gust, I Ant, et In 1. NI., whtro thoslintoreAted
10:10 If they see proper.
C. P. 11 C'l RI . 11. A editor
Ie t ,TOTD
motion of wave Sr Porker, Atty's of 01m.
Gran v, Executor of lands,. Hannon, deed a rah , ~,
wanted npan the' halts at Law of Ina sal I .In , niwon
Ilan non. ,to appear at theAext Orphan , ' Coort
rf Cumberland l'onuty. l'enna., Tuesday the lath
of A ugusi, to show close why the slid Wm. Ora. y
oh,: old not he diseharked by the fetid C. urn from his
Faerntorchip, he having settled finally his
fruition amount, which notice in hereby given.
JOHN JACffit4,
illh Sheriff of said County.
ul3 14, Imio-4t.
j Testourentriry on the e.trite of 1t..1,1,t
Hell late of truth Torvlrsirlp doe'd 2 haring
h• err granted by the of tbin County to the
Fohrwrilrer rer•lrliort ILI !Mid tClVmdrip. All per,trus rrho
eve indebted to en id er.trit .lie required to VII /140 111-
late rrhyrrient..rod those haring c girt,. to pre,nt
t het. t,•
E Duplicate of School Ts xe, for
a I tlo present tear 6n. been delirerod by the al
I)tuevt, to the I'mt rarer far vollee.lnn, 11 is 111111-
1100 nk,,dt• the dlr , "(said Treasurer In give natio° t
the lsxahle the Bore,ugh id Cut Hale that
h.• will att and nt the County Court !louse tCtarinds
vi , On 'I burs :ay and krHay the 11l and
sib Soloemboir not L. between the henry of fi and 12
in tie f“, 11. 0 ,11. atkd tt anti h in the attern , ,,,n !, , r the
put F,t t .04 T4IN,.
All rrr , hr their Tax,, on at 1 , 01.rf• there
dal y , r 1,11141 , 0 n 4
'l'h.•'l'tt¢r+in thrllll.lllltill, Rill I, roceiv.l by the
i0.vd0...1111”2 in \l'..rt lniu St
J. W. EBY,
rtl l llE l'ennsylvania Aliricultural
•••ii•ly will lipid it , 1 ••r ,
1 ,1\ NIT V 1 O)tINTV
I,ly til , l Lyl , . ex
110 , te, 111111111 or poxter, IF%
.•I th,. II1,Si! he LI vool , . Ole 111,II'I-
I. OS 1;011 1 . 11 \ll I. r•o: i,nst.
:-EvENTH ttl,;1()111
First Na:ioail B ink, Carlisle
)11:soul - lcEs
..a m.e,
N o i.d'.
I.:st .1.- 11.sula .e.
3ti 1 . 1 pt
p• s d lax
I'D pit 11.
thr--”1 tioty
11 , 1 e 111
I,IIIJLS :1101 I'i , llllllnis
11164 i.
II :1 R 1)11r Alt E STO
'Br 11E aid liar] w•dre stand of' LeT‘ F.
A L,ne. 11,0. ri,gorl into the hAni:q ,r W, 1'
A liom,r , Do , I rlns.n•tirilz nn
h ,11. , 1 style
' ch. I it,. 11$,1 1111,ii11 t rettii .4," from the v and
al, 1141 W i red to furnish full. public at the I•.s tct
prima. all kiwis ~f
FW?E/ON ...I XI)
!lard v:are, Coach Trintiug, l'aints,
hr, A lin k into Iludr store will ronvinen all that they
hale onouv,h Of donds to folly supply the (Inman.' in
thl , market. Porsonx wanting mods In our [lnv •I 111
find It to their arlynntn.r , In aloe its a .nll. %II venters
per..nnalk and proniptis at fond,' rd.
.I I, 7.
U. S. Revenue Notice of Appeals.
Con,mising . the Counties of York, Cumberfind and
:St; rICE 1311 E LIMY 111 YEN', That the ROTtIIIIIIPLe
Of Valuations and n'rations of properly subject to
tax nude) the zmt entitled "An Act to pro:ble
nal Ity, moue hI (upport the lioveroment, to pay inter.
rot on the Potill , ii It. and for other Purimm's," RP
proved .10'..' nth, limd, nod amended Match :1,1,11165.
ode and laken Iv the ,veral Assistant As,es.oln of
maid dKt lit. w Ili remain Opeli,lit my Mlle, In York
Prt_ for the examination 01 all persons conam - ned. for
the space of ten date limn the date het (o .nuslve of
Sunday July II) At the expiration of raid ten
days I n ill sit at I ho fidlowlue: tunnel times and places
to hear at d determine sppeats, relative to any terme
nos or e , costdVe vnluru lam, ruumannt inns m ogqes,
nom? rendered on soft annual t
On the 2Oh and 2oth days of Jmy at nt2, ottlao In
Centro Sq ultra, York. Pa.
On the 27th diiN ht July. at the office of Anshitant
Ansi aids Gan , t, In Now pert l'erry l'ohn.y, Pa.
On the 2l(fh 'sod 90tir at the °Mee f ddlllts A. Dui,
her, Et.q e. Cumber:and County. Pa
eto further Oven. that 110 appeal ail! it'ah
lowed b. any party oft •r he ,ha 1 have Le, n duly
Raised and the Mill oat Ilat eon ialnlent the on
hen 111,11 transmit toil to the C. I et for of thin OW rn.t.
All appeals must state the pirticular
or hill, respecting which n d to Tn.., ad, and
tint ground or principla oP t rror eo,uplalued no.
11011 ACI' BONO AM,
U. E A.arFHar 15th lllRtrlrt. Pll
Dltrd ei York l'lt , July 11, 14415
the Post Unice at Carlisle, State of Pl'llll. ,
vania, the 13th day or July, 18 5.
Published in official authority in the pa
per having the largest circulation.
To obtain any or these letters., ihe
nuplicant must call - for •` advertised ,'
give :he date of the and pay two cents
for advertising.
If not call , d for within one month, t h ey
will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.
'' ' GEO. ZINN, P. M.
. - , .
Elenora koehe, Mary
Alesander & Bro Liclity, - Thomas
Bradley, Unit) Low, David
Hai& John Lehman, Mary
Brown, Henry Myers, Mary Ellen
Barich; Elias 2 ' Merrill, Catharine
Bannon, Cotharine Nell', David -
Baker, Sallie Nallet, Daniel N •
Cornman, I.,:vi Pelter ' John S
Coper, Thomas Sipe, John P
Chandler, Chas. Shambaugh, Henry ,
Carns, Mary Sheaffer, Mary P 2
Cornthan, Susan Spaeth r, Jolla W
Carter, Lydia Tui'ner, Mary 2 „......
Danner, Martha A Townsend, James
Dnnwood, Emily Taylor, Margaret
Eberly & Foster Vickeson, Ehen
Pagan, Joseph Wolf', S
Ginger, Jacob Weihley, John •
Henwood, A R Wallace, Thomas
Hurst, Mary A Wetzel, George W
Jones, Elizabeth Weise, Jacob
Jones, Mary Lizzie Willtnms, Chas E Bks
Kennedy, Samuel Waggoner, J S
Kinter, Samuel Whitney, Catharine
Kunkle, LiFio Weaver, George
9138[ L Sine
nuvii upiiptio oqi owoddo SLAYDU R aoAouun tipot4
.?? saiturmuvA 'ssviro Into 's,LNiva
' OPuIN uu °Jump/mil
opsecuoa uVpioa u
.ATA7 sEti oi . ,tr.tossv.King
PORT Folios; Writing Desks, Back
Gammon Boardq, Gamedof al i description at Gay
erstiek'e Drug, rung and Book Store.
Carlisle, July 13, 1866.
0 00
' A
....4 ..0
'... 4
.. 6 tO
.. 2 bt..
July IJ 1,05.
by Wm. Bentz
R;H E It/I, As:ll,Q,;. CP' , MHP,O.U.VD.,
, • tcs'4 `„
CINES now before the public for the cure of the
n Cove unmet disenors. The vast number of rub oil
medtci nor which formerly hare been used fir those
diseases. were merely temporary In their effects end of
doubtful virtue. but
Renehes the suuree all trouble, and a rtually banish•
ea th , disease from the system by its Immediate aelluu
cn Ib•• blood.
Me. AND.. .) 011, , 0N :—Dear Sir: In November last
had n severe attack of Ithenmatism, to which I had
not been subject for nearly three yearn The attack
was no severe th it I could not move my head or raise
Toy arm. After trying different medicines without
avail. I was induced to use your Rheumatic Compound
end Illood Purifier. anti befbre I hail taken three but.
ties I was so Complutely cured that I could perform any
duty to whtph my country might call me. I can glad
ly and ethitidently recommend it to all my fellow eel
dims as the quickest and surest remedy for Rheuma
tism I ever used.
Vein tom. (fiend.
Reference P. T. Patterson and William Duncan, No.
Nt end street.
I A \ I 1 , ;:- 11. V. I( LEY,
Atiip - ,A•241
tae izAiVOSTylitaiT2i,-'.Ar!,O;;;ViL"Jgr,,
arl1:11A, 0111
.P:l l ".Cyrt.! V
.1u 3, I~G.
sh liar I hirt• }t•:r•+ h ”,, i ‘derl
it.r.11.111.• 11 r I I colt roI Lis
t Con • k Jut fllll /1111. u. Llxor
d bkr th whn'e c hint or diseases
::niii:g rn t I 121 r) den: ngeol. hie.
1 11 4 71
l' A 11
:3;3. , bio
t; 470
b!.11 42. ,30 '2Ol 4C
neneial Ince of app. tile. sietitei.s of the edninach.
pan.. in he ti It.l. samil lair% and sides, oi
b eeples 1,141 is s.•stit H.°, Of hnsels.
I' I r ni in mane eves by 'mistiness; siligho rims cough.
Inc its 11l .1 disizicht.stinzis in ei ery du y hie
proulmer,t Inv,lln afit iliseass,l state ul the Liver.
file Ilier is, hos ever. Idler much deranged whin the
ill tnt friol.lahni 5311111 i ins ale alisenl, end lie,itenes
i1.,113 nut it I,rlor bob to It Is kocwn.
7 )1. ) ) 0
u 46
)2 .1
.r. ~
a:~:t. 1
U uo
t 0
34L 4 7
I 14
1, ,1 0
- c
Great Cure of Liver Cernp . aint,
Rv thr Oripe„nl, wily Trier and
, 1 C. 11O9FETZ,C,111.r
Mr. It 1 . 1 SEIIF.II, Dear Mr—l thin]. it inn duly I
owe to 300 HIM Ulo 1110111014'0100,11), to 1110 Iha 1
k1:1 11. la•im 011111 dial burr implami for a long
tune. and so I,ndll. that tin aksees, hauled and looke,
v. 11.01 le t Ise 1., hOO slate. 11, Ina haaril 4I:
14•01 , v1.• , 0010.1 Liver 1 1 1 1 x, living for I') A It.
?loop, 11 est Libel ty. and revonorlimAi A to toe Ay my
mu, Dr. F. :mith.l 0004 laded to giie (hem a
!air trial. I purchased 1410 PIOX and fauna them to he
Just what they are remunMended, the hest Liver VIII
er used ; and aftei taking four hoses. I find the dia.
ease has entirely lefOne, and 010 11010 perfectly well.
liesportfully yours '
I certif . ) that I am pei,onally acquainted ‘,11.11
Coleman, and can bear testimony to the troth of the
above vertincute.
r. R. E SELLERS: Sir MD out of your Liver Pills,
and should be glad to re,elve n suppl c, ns they give
veneral 1-aiMartion.
I•lesse send me some
'Jr U. S. Ones: Dear Sir: rhave Mod SELLER'S
LIV Ell Pll LS ,uyself and in my family, and Mlle, say,
118 nn alterative and common tandlv physic, I consider
a very desirable pill.
They ere plump!. but mild in their elfeet; arouse a
healthy action el the 1.1 err. carry off the morbid seers
nod leave the system in a healthier conditlou
than any ph) sic I have ever taken or administered.
Very truly and ',pet:Wally
The original, only ti ue and genuine Liver fill x. are
prepared hr 1.. E. r, II •F, /1,111 Lois his n nue In !dark
vex 1.1p1,11 Itio lid of each lox, and hia ,Ignalnre on the
ou onto wrapper-1d , thera are eounterleas or I ova
Jul!, 7, IRO.)
Is psi tli ularly recommended for use dutlng the t , poing
and Salome, when the 11 110 d 18 thick and I treulatlei.
i. 107 ,etm Serf hp uul teltby r seretions This per
reedy note I hough pow in fut. Purifier Wei, ',es and is
s r u t ry per• lon of the 'lntern. 11 la thin only yen
uifie and iirfAllial
which for many years has perfumed the most wonder
MI. yet permanent cures, In confirmed canes of Scrofu
la old &res. Totter, wurme 14, Bolls, and all kinds of
&reinhies Eruptions., 1t is also it reliable remedy Ike
Rug Worm, Beak) Head and kiedro 1 Ma
AN a general Tonic Ite effects
are moat benignant and
cannot fail to benefit where used
according to directions
We make no claim to having discovered a "Panacea"
fn. ••Universal Remedy" I r all the ailments to
is heir; but we do dein' what countass facts
have hdrly and hilly eetalAlehed, thut In the
The afilhled will fled a Standard Medicine;' one
upon u filch hey ono rely oft WV I.puelfic for all the
diseases for wOich 1i is .ocommendoi
I have this day, October 71h, 1.86.1, disposed of my
entire Interest in J. M. Lindsey's Improved Blood-
Searcher, to 11 14. So Doors & Co., together with tt.e right
to use my name In its preparation. The only genuine
article will hereafter bo prepared by them exclusively.
• J. 111. LINDSEY.
Pittsburgh, IPS:
For wan by John - soli, XibllOway 6/ Cowden, Phlladol
pith', nod David ltaistou,
July 7. 1.666-6 m.•
. ,
The Great Infernal Remedy For
The Rh , umatie Compound
Tohnson's Rheumatic Compound
PITTRIIVPOR, Dee. 17(h, 18E4.
All who use It rer,•lve benefit.
It mites when all other remedies fall.
It gives mityeiSit I sadslaction.
The prpof Is ino.t abundant.
It Is the only sure cure for Rheumatism
It Is tht• greatest discovery of the ago.
No id her I etned. has become so popular.
It is pros...vita d by physicians
It is recommend.' by I hi Sklar,.
In truth, It is ti pet feet
Jul, 7, 1 1)
(Tip. rigi nu], (.nly True S Genuine)
Symptoms of a Diseased Liver
Olia, Co. R. Var 211, • 4 a
GR}.ENviLu., Floyd Co., Ind., Oct. 27, 1858
ALEXANDRIA., Lick', g Co., 0 , March 1, 18tio
R. E. SELLERS & CO., Prop'rs,
Pirrsnu UGH, PA
E W'YORK onizdrio
A,wdek Newspaper • devoted' to thi
tlows, A rmy mid Navy matters. Politics, 11,ers
turn and Science, and embracing In Its scope the whet,
ranon Of,eurr -tit evonts iu alt the vs lots department
,rhurnaii life and actlfin. It µlves prominence town
ornmenial abuses.. whether national or municipal. an
forme of polltical.cerrupi ion are fear esst% and It.
pal t.laliy exposed hilts volume, without regard either
• to persons or parties
limultilscencest and Sketches of the War. Persona
4 ketchea of prominent Army and Navy tinkers, grapl,
Ic rehab) , a of incidents, adventures unit scenes con
fleeted wl h our late struggle, will occpuy more or les.
.nave In each number The brama, New Publication ,
Igrieultiiral and- other Industrial 'pursuits. Pleb
, ports, and General News. will all receive attentim
from competent nod experienced bands.
Tag PIIIZEN is printed on a large sized Imports
sheet of a pates. with clear typo and on ,good paper
It will aim not to be surpassed by any other %I eelcij
in the vigor and Pplr it of its editorials--nor in the as
riety and freshness of its readiror matter generally
I . Is nit the organ of any clique, nor he instrument
of any political pasty; but on all subjects which li
diecuonee will elm obe correct, independent, cleat
rprn. , clpottrrup arid fearless.
• . .
Whatever the experience of its conductors—what
over Industry. energy. and a liberal expenditure 0
money can accomplish toward makinga g• od and how
mini paper. are pledjed to the subscribers of The thti
[These reduced terms ere made with a view to a
speedy and Pinto circulation eir•Tho ,, e aubscriberi
who paid g 5.00 and teceired rerelptx for one year's Pub
ecriptinn. wli bare their suharriptiom extended on
our books accordiou to the reduced rxtee.l
For a Moyle number of the torpor 0 cents.
For one copy f..r ono year. by mall. 52 numbera $3 00
F or Fi te enplos fr.r ono year, by mall, to one
Addrogs 12 50
For Ton repine 5,r one year, by mall, to one . .
address 22 50
For Twenty copies for one year. by mail to
one address 40 00
The paper will always he dlscontined when the paid
I.lllQPritaloll ex pi ten.
rttrllemltfances for subscriptions may he madu by
moVI. In Nallonal currency, at our risk—the attention
of the Postmaster being called to tin mailing of the
letter: hut Post Office orders or drafts on Now York
being safer, are pi eterahle.
News Agents sopelled nn libfiral terms. Citizens of
Boston, Philadelphia and itaithnote will obtain the
papers earlier through the Nowa Agents than by mall
For each hue, every Inset (101 l 15 cents
No advertisements Interred for less than 50 cents
Leaded advertisements are charged for the actual
space °coupled. t
Advertisements of Patent :Medicines are charged
dnul le rates.
Avertisements of Quack Doctors excluded.
Wo have no travelling agents, nor has any ono art
thority from us to collect ummuy for subscriptions;
but Postmasters or others who may interest them
selves in procuring subscribers at our advertised rates
n• d remitting us the money, will receive our thanks
—sand an extra copy for one year for every club.
All rommunications and letters relating to the
Rorie. Department tnu..t be addressed to. Col. C. H.
HA 11l NE. Editor; letters en business to
Tih)M M' E Lit • Tli, Publisher.
40 Park Row, Now York.
POST OFFICE, Carlisle, Pa.
Juno 22, 1865
NIT 1111 a view to bring into general use
I tamped Envelopes bearing requests for the re
turn ~ f 0 uelainied let tors. It Is p °posed by the Post Ma -
tr r tienettd to furnish the SUM, with the names, bust
net, And Post I thee address of part,es printed lu lull,
uol exce9 lint: four lines aero-a the end of the tinsel
Including the request w 1 bout additional charge
t nw authorized to rt calve orders for envelopes. of Let
lvr 01111 ulflri.,l site. on which it Is desired such re
k , hould hr pr,n
It is believed that the provision made for returning
o nebula.ii lett, rs t grater with t r low noes et
hi, li OTC tun,2 , MA. cannot lull to
mend their use ,u all wlions ooreqaindenee le ex-
h der, must he ire. In writing. and 1n nn case fer
ban /l 1//,Lt.../1/11 envelepeg, aecounpauled with o
ef need and ?Mu. , Mg thenumek. the parties alai
iheir P/0•1: (Alto odd, 000, 011 01 /..0 I.,revenl snistAM s.
\ , I'. NI.
June '22. IOCt.
To the Late Patrons of the Carlisle
'111+: bills bpi riiiw prerisie.l fur set
tltnient, till perso. a In .lel•tit b. thu late
.„ei ea," I lin 111 udtntinty le Jo • o urk
..ant. ' Atiy 111.11 S I. pa went
t the 110 Thu a. conche of
lent huln~ .'tt Ler.,l nvcr C u, grutt , an eXtt tit if Leiit
t•ipts.til. I lie exp. hnu ui n r.di .att , . C./Ilrat.l,
autlltirits settled bin nix ty da I.i this tin
•l , ill the handa ut a Justice of thr
Peace for collect lon.
.Inne 22, 1g66-3t.
4.TIiAVEI) oli STOLEN fruit' the
premiere of the subscribe, tat Tlll,llliq the Ott
th'lr .11 It Eli ll IFEit, of the Durham breed. Ile,
!lee Is white with rod rings ett.und the oyes. A lab r
al reword v 11l be paid for her returu to
June 22, 18113-31•.
I...tters of Administration on the Estate ofJohn
ealtle3, late of ‘lltrea,r, Ilourock Couitty. Minn,
. haring been 'molted by the iieeister of this
cont.ty to the suh.criber melding In South Middleton
Fejt All persons hnving 1110111 s nunimt on d estate
trill present them tor nettleinent, end those Indebted
will tont" , immediate payment to
Dissolution of Partnership.
ri `he undersigned having sold their
stork and good will, and leased their surd to An
drew 11. Blab. hereby give notice t at the partnership
heretofore existing between them is this day dissolved
by mutual consent. The books of the firm will be kept
at the residence fiche ArmstA cog on Main street.
utu doors r• set of thy railroad depot, where both part
ners wit' be In attendance to settle accounts. It Is
alefolately necessary the. the firm books he settled in
the ehurtrot possible time. abut we now call upon all
persons knowing themselves Indebted to us to rail at
once and make payment either by rash or note.
A RE the only Instruments constructed
fl . on a truly scientific principle. They have gre.t
er strenath , and wit remain longer In une than any
other Piano. The construction Is simple and natural,
ail the extraneous lumber in the body of the instru
ment is dispensed with; the sound boards aro merely
tee arched planks of thin wood, like the front and
bark of a violin ; the strings me attached to a strong
Iron frame, which Is sepatated and entirely Independ
mot of ,he case, thereby dispensing with the old harp
form 21 stringing, by substituting straight bridget,
preserving at th r tl same time the Over Strung Bass, of
which Mr. Briggs is the inventor. By these Improve
ments we gain much more vibratory power, at the
50010 time pfeserving all Its purity and richness of
t. ne.
'they have received the highest tectimoniala from the
Preiw, and all the principal artiets in the country,
among uhich are:
Harry Sandervon.
Max Maretzelt,
Iltritin lonhaupt,
F rmate II Brown
tI to. Henry Fry
Mr, Hal Sa3IIUND TIIALISERG, the great playlet.
says :--1 bare examined your new Plane-fortes, e nd 1
cordially approve of its system of construction. Its
yi inclpie, by whirl) peat increase of vibratory power is
el-taint-El, being very simple nod perfectly pialosopla
eai, The tone is grand and noble; )t has glens caper"
its for sustaining the sound or singing, and its volb
owe fbno or power I have ate er belied excelled in
depth purl y and e,)nipathetic sweetness.,
W to. 111. A LT late musical el tile of the N: Y says :--1 have examined your newly invented
Plano-Fortes. They merit nit the praise given to theml
by Illetsre lbalLerg, Uollecbalh , Strackotch, Meson
and tALers. As it Fordt ,t, name, they are origina
and phliort phlcal ; In purity, volume, and continuity
of tone; in vocal verehntlitude, that crowning excel
len o which enables the planbts to "sing" on the In
struntrut, your Pianos ever deserve the highest rank'
Your invention, in my opinion, Is destined to work
a radical change In the ninnufactureof Pianos through.
ont the world.
From the N. Y. Ileraid, ept 14— Upon a careful ex.
amination of Prigg's Piano-Forte. we Ond the ueaults
obtained are a eery fine singing tone. great ittrlt.y And
brilliancy ,Throughout the entire instrument, not often
sound in Pianos cot struCted' upon the old plan.
The N. Y. Times, .July 12. saya:—We have" now an
instrument without an equal. It can sing with a
smooth delicacy, perfectly unattainable on any other
instrument: an ordinarYiplay er"Obtains with uo exer
Moo, V °fullness of a Grand PlanmForte; , and they
must speedily supersede the old styles.
GRN TLESISN MeV ing thoroughly examined and
tested the Flaw -Fortes invented and patented by Mr.
8. B. Briggs, I am of the opinion that the tone result.
lug from his improvemente, as exhibited to the
struments under examination, in yolut of richness,
depth and brilliancy, equals that of the best Grand -
Piano Fortei, and excels them In pure, musical inton
ation And , actual tone, power thus approximating
closer to what I consider perfection in the instrument
thati bas yet been achieved by any other system of
mannfacture; ,
WM. HALL & sox,
• 694 . nioUdway,
. Before putchatilen.seradliw a descriptive catalogue,
with price. •
June 16, 1805-Iy.
Invariably in Advance,
T Rll
Notice tc the Public
IVILLIAM 1.. UltAloll I AP
L. M Gottschalk,
S. Tha Iherg,
Wm. 1111 tau n,
.1. Bert/I,
M Strfick.sch,
elms. Frntiol.
Yours respeolfully,
C. S. 7-30 LOAN
By authority of the Secretary of the 'Treasury, the
inderslgned, the tioneral Subscription A out for th.
ale of United Stateti SeruAtles,offers to the public th,
bird serles of Treasury Notes bearing seven MI
three•tenthe per ant.interest per annum, known as
7 - 8 0 ,LOAN
These notes aro tainted under data of July lb, Ins.
'lid are payable three yearn from that data le currene)
or are convertible ut the option of the bolder Into
U. S. 5-20 Six per cent
These Honda are now worth a handsome premium
and are exempt, as ate ell the Government hoods,
!rem State, County, and Mutilcipal taxation,
adds from one to throe per cent, per annum to their
value, according to thßrate levied upon other prop
erty. 'i'he Interest is payable soml•annually by con
pens attached to each note, which may he cut off and
sold to soy hank or tanker.
One eentvper day on a $5O note
Two eento $lOO
Ten $6OO "
• " $lOOO
*1 " " " " $5OOO
Nolo, [ - Iran the denominations Samoa will he prompt
l3 furnished upon receipt of subscriptions.
he Notes of this Third Series are precisely similar
in form a• d privileges to the Seven-Thirties already
sold, except that the Government reserves to itself the
option of paying interest Iv gold coin at O per cent., in
stead of 7 3-10ths in currency. Subscribers will do.
duet the Interest in currency up to July 15th, at the
time when they subscribe.
The delivery of the notes of this third borleg of the
Seven thirties will commence on the let of June, and
will he ma le promptly and continuously after that
The slight change made In the conditions of this
THIRD SERI EI.S. affects only the matter of interest.—
The payment in gold, if mode, will be equivalent t 4
the currency interest of the higher rate.
The return to specie pay meets, to the event of
which only will the option to pay interest in Gold be
availed of, would so reduce and equalize prices that
purchases made with six per cent. in gold would be
fully e lual to those made with seven and three tenth,
per cent. In currency, This is
Now offered by the Government, and Ito superior ad
vantages make It the
Great Popular Loan of the People
Less than 41231000,000 of the Loan authorized by
Congress are now on the market. 'I his amount, at the
rate at Which it is being absorbed, will all be sub.
scribe.] fir within sixty days, when the notes will
tioulitedly command a premium, as has uniformly it en
the case on closing the subscriptions to other Loans
n order that citizens of evi ry town and section of
she country may he ail 'riled facilities foe taking the
loan, the National Batiks, State Banks. and Pt - trate
Bankers throughout the country have generally agreed
to ',elite subscriptions at par. Subset Biers 55 111 select
their own a•;entß, lu whom they have confidence, and
who only are to he tePponsihle for the delivery of the
n, , teß for w Irh they reeds e orderr
For sale at the Find Not. Bank and Carlisle i)epotit
Bank, Carlisle, and First Na . Bans, fee v.lle.
SuhFcriptiGn Agent, Ph.lgdplphin
June It, 1 Stif)-2inn.
eGr 400 Jr) 2
100,000 WATCHES,
&c. &c. &o. &e.
W 0 Ii T II $:;0J,000 !
Splendid List of Articles.
All to be sold for ONE DOLLAR Each.
300 Gent's Gold Hunting Case Watches, $5O to $l5O
:.0/ Ladies' Gold and Enameled Case
etches, 70
400 Gent's If witing Case Silver watches 35 " 70
tU Dintllllllll Rings, 00 " IUU
3,0x•0 Gold Vest and Neck Chains, 16 " 30
3 000 4 • ti
;',1103 Gold Oval Band Braceletx, 4 " 8
4.000 Chased Gold lA,s 010 x, 5 " 10
2.000 Chaialaine OblllllB and Guard Chains, 0 " 20
000 Solitaire and txuld Broothss. 4 " 1U
:,000 Lava and Flo] entitle Brooches, 4 "
2,1(1 Coral, Opal and Emerald Brooches, 4 " S
2,000 Mosaic, Jet, Lava, and Florentine Ear
Drops, 4 " 8
4 610 Lola], Opal, and Emerald Ear Drops, 4 b
4,000 California Diamond Breast Pins, 2 50 " 10
3000 Gold Fob and Vest Walch Keys, 2 60 " 8
4.00 d Fob and V est Ribbon slides, 3" 10
4,000 Sots Sleeve Buttons Studs, etc. 3 ' 8
3 000 Gold Thimbles, Pencils, etc. 4 " 7
0,000 Miulettalia Llckets, 6 8
4.000 Miniature Lockets—Magic Spring, 3 " 20
4.000 Gold Toothpicks, Crosses, et, 2
5.000 Plain sings, 4 " 11
5,000 Chased Gold Rings, 4 " 11
7,000 Stone Set and Signet Rings, 2 50 •'
r,OOO Callf,nitt Diamond Rings, 2 " lU
.:00 Sets Ladles' JO , elry—Jet and Gold 5 " 16
ti. 01,0 Sets Ladies' Jewelry—Cameo, Pearl, etc 4 " 15
6,0 0 Gold Pens. Silver Extension Holders
and Fein Hs. 4 10
0,000 Gold Pens and Gold-Mounted Holders 3 " 8
6.000 Filvee llublets and Drinking Cups 0 " IU
1,000 Silver °stators, 15 " 00
2,4,00 Silver Fruit and Cake Baskets, 10 " 60
1,000 DOZOR Silver TER Spoons, $lO to $2O
1,00 Table Spoons and forks 20 •. 100
CERTIFICATES naming each article and lie Value.
are placed In SEALED ENVELOPES, which are well
mixed. One of these Envelopes, containing the certl
heat° or Order fur some article, (worth nt leant one
dollar at retail.) will be sent by mail to any address,
without regard to choice on receipt of 26 Cents. 'rho
purchaser will see what Article it draws, and 118 val
ue, which may be from One to Vise liundred Dollars,
nod can titan send Otte Dollar and receive the Article
named. or any other on the list of the same value and
after seeing the article, 11 It dons not give perfw t sat
isiettion, we desire It to be immediately returned and
the amount paid will be refunded
liy this mode we give sotectlona from a railed stock
of fine goods, pith° best make and latest styles and of
lutrlusic worth, nt a nominal prior. while all have a
chance of securing articles of the vary big!, st value.
In all cases we charge Ibr forwarding the Certificate,
postage) and doing the business, the seined' Twenty•
to 1 unto, which must be eucksed In the order. Five
Certlficates will be sent for $I; eleven tor $2; Gilt ty
Mr *5. sixtv-five for $10; ono hundred fur $l5.
Parties d• a lug with us may depeoti on having
prompt t eturur, and the article drawn will be mime.
ditt.ely Punt to any address by return milt or express.
Entire PUtilileletioli Guaranteed In all cases.
Agents wanted. send fur circular
'Write your Name, Town, County and Stale plainly,
and addle..
21 Courtouolt Street,
Juno JO, 1865—nmo. 1, w 1.1,1. k
} The subscriber having loaded the yard f•rinery
occupied by Armstrong and Mfr.,. And plucluscd the
stock or
fn the vard, together with an inunense now stock
will have constantly on hand and furnish to co 4
der all kinds and qu,lity of seasoned
1,13.5111 ER,
Paling, Pleetering Lath, Shingling, I ath. worked
el'•oring and Vt eatherboarding, Posts and Palle, and
every article that belongs to a Lumber Yard
All kinds of Shingles, to wit: Whitopine. Hemlock
and Oak. of different qualities. tinning cars of my
own 1 eau furnish bills to order of any length and
size at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable
terms. Hy worked beards will ho kept under cover
on they can be furnished dry at all times.
I have constantly on hand all kinds. of Family
Coal under rover, which I will deliver cleat: to any
part nf the borough. TO wit:
' Lykene Valley, Broken. Egg,
• • : , tove and Nut, Luke Fiddlers
we T t
l o ta% on,.
which I
toY'sell ple d ge
•Boat quality of
Linieburner'a and Blacksmith'a Coal,
always on band whieb I will sell at the lowest figure
Yard west side of Grammar School, Main street
JUoo 6, 1866.
it quire of
Carlisle, June 2,2 t
'Oxpetings an . Mattings.
I have just opened an assortment of
all wool Ingrain Carpets, Cotton Chain ditto, Hemp and
ilag ditto. bought at the large auction soles last week
which I will sell at astonishingly low prim. Alen 4x4
'and Or 4 (fatting: 011A13. 0G11..13Y, Trustee,
Ap'l 13 'O5.
-WRITING Paper of `all - deseriptionsi
,Euvelopou r VlaltlugOarderat Tlaverstletes Drug
end /took, Store.
CIOAL Oil Lamps; Shades and Chita-
Lneys at Havetattek's Drug and Book Blom
[\ R. J.SHIFF.NnIT the delebrated Ye
Winery Stirgeon,• has permanently. located it
Carlh.le, ter the purpose of operating nee,. disease"
bora a Dr. has had 20 pars experience In trezitl•
•11seases of Horses, and Miring the last four years hat
had from 1000 to 2,0 i diseased horses' under his care
lie wishes it understand, that tel•hin the last 2 ,
years man, Horses h ive mime under his notice Om
have belie lejund by inaltreatmeat from the hand's a
men who hare uo It .swindle of either itrintamy. o.
iseases, or medical treatment of tho Home. A grea
many of these, nor he los cured after they have
been drugged by • ilea. mop.
The undoreigned having trusted Hermes, both exter
nally and internal y titmouse i, to the professional skit
of Dit. JUAN SilISSEit r, concur lu saying that bit
treatment gave entlo mntisfactlon, one no cheerfutli
.ecimimendull persons ebbing to consult or employ a
Veterinnry Surgeon to give him a cal!.
Dr..% C. Itieharde. Frederick 113 era, Dr J. L SUPS9r
utt, C. IL. Messersmith, Peter Drough. Samuel Jeffery.
J. L Shank, Martin Newcomer, Dr. W. 11 Boyle, rival,
Evans Dr. John Limber,. Dr A. 11. Senseny, , Sol Max
well, Jacob IleyserfD. 0. Gehl..
JlllllllB S. Sterrett, David Martin, John II lotion, Al
fred Moore, D. II 081. B. B. Jamison. Wm. W. Dale
Carl ivle, June 9, 1865. -
Strike While The \ ‘'jron Is Hot!
HAVE just received a )arge asssort-
L ment of Now Goods, such as Calicoes, DeLaines.
eballios, Lawns, Alpacas, ehalnbroys, Flannols, Linens
Ilrown and Mooched Shcodmrs, lirown and Monet. d
Shlrtlncs. to.
Also, a full assortinont of
Men's Goods,
such as Cloths, Cassimeres, Sattinett - s. Jean. Cott on
odes, Denims. Stripes, Checks. Ingluding all quality
and stylus of Undershirts and Drawers, Duca. Hdrts.
Shirt Collars, Neck Ties, Gloves, and all other goods
pertaining to a Oevitlemau's Wardrobe.
. • • .
All ni which will be oold at lower prices than they
.• re Belli no elsewhere in Carlisle.
Next door West of the Post Ottle.e, Car Hale.
May 20; ISO.
Reduction in Prices
OF Dry Goods at Ogilby's Cheap Cash
I nut now receiving anothorlotuf Goods bought at
he present reduc.M City prices, and will run them off
t very small proflta.
Cadence from 123,6 to 20ets.
Musllns font 12% to 25ets.
titnahanas tc , at the very lowest figures
much lower than former prices
I will open next week a full aft'smtment, of all the now
tylee of Mouridag Goods. Aa my steels of goods was
my light when the decline In price took p lore, I am
nw prepared to offer great Inducements to pu -rhos
rs. All in want of good and cheap DRY DODDS will
n well to call at the Cheap Cash Store.
[MY, Trustee.
April 11 65
Carlisle, March 20, 18G5.
WE the undersigned Ladies, do here
in to the superior. / utility of the Silver
Spit. g Flour, mini u4urod by :Single, & Manning, of
Mg Spring 1111 e, Cumberland Co., snit sold by Stu
51. !tomer of Carlisle The price of Flour having route
low.. some evir ould ad, Ise all pet sous to give this a
[alai ito it cannot lot snrpnto , el
Mrs .1. Boas, 1, re. It Itoetem. Mrs. S. E ithertn.
Elizabeth A Loudon, Mrs. IL 11 Hoover, Mite. A. Hoover.
qrs..) hboads. Mire K Em.lll, Miss I; 81.111.1. , y, Mrs. M.
ne w , ) 1t..11,, Mr: .1. . hby. Hers. II Miller: %in, p.
teeter Mrs K Mrs erimiroug Mrs Mul re %,
Illugste t, Mrs. Al. • Turner, Mrs P. It. Com tore
ire.tiro. 1.. Mull ray, iris Jaobsener, M. ei A 11. Ewing
Ili , It. thellloy, miss s. Miller, .Ire. .A. llutt.A.
In Eby's Old Stand, Main Et,
I N1...01t:N1 the citizens of Carlisle and
that tiwy have just opened In the above
popular stand, urn itunien,ml Me, k
First Class Clothing,
and Gon , lamen's Furnishing Goods. Their stock con
slats in port or
Coats, Pants and Vests,
for elvilido or soldier, 1110.10 alter the latest pat? ems, of
Goods the quality of Irhlch cannot be questh nod.
Overcoats of all varieties.
Trunks Carnet !lags aild tal Ines. Nr.eli Ties. Scarfs and
Colin a, Skirts, Drawers and ctorkinga
Fancy Growls of all (leseriptions.
In cart a complete and otitis° assortment of Clothing
and Vutruishing bloods.
Don't torget iho place. Eby's Old Stand. "Marion
Hall," Main Street, Carlisle, In.
December 23, 1513.
Orro Atli' «•lion ! Cryit ion
t A. W. Bentz's Emporium which
has a! wa3 s been admitted as being thu Cheapest
: 4 tot eln the County. Wu have recently rmceived from
ttn, Eastern Itytions of the eholeust goods, at
such voiy low figures no will surprise the purchaser.—
We is ill as aerial replenish our stock with the most
seiwohable goods, fuck its cannot fail to grittily the
:nest tastidious Our Domestic goods are greatly re
duced in price, sister than eau lie purchased in town.
March 20, 1865.
The Long Looked For Has Come
INDIAN Pain Killer.—For the quick
Rebel of headache, Toothache. Rheumatism. Neu
ralgia, lain in the Stomach, Back or Side, Painter's
Chen; Cramp. Frosted Feet or Fars, Burns, Fresh Cuts
Sprains. Bruises, Diarrhea, Sore Throat, and all Mini
lar complaints. Toothache relieved In eight minutes
Earache relieved in ten minutes. Burns relieved from
smarting in fifteen minutes. Cramp or Cholic cured In
ten minutes. Sprains relieved in twenty minutes
Sore Throat relieved in thirty minutes.
I have spent years in selecting the herbs from the
vegetable kingdom, to find out the kinds best adapted
to suit diseases of the human tsmlly, end now I have
It complete. Every Bottle Warranted. Try It! Try
These things we prove on the spot, and before your
•H., only bring out eases,
Dr. CoLLINS has also inr sale his Syrup of Roots
Indian Eye 11 ash and Pow hattan Solve. This Syrup
cures Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Croup. Bronchitis.
Asthma, and all similar complaints. Also purifies the
blond. The Salve heals Sores or Breakin, a out in the
Fare, draws fire from Burns; NA arramed to cure Beal. d
or Sore Breasts. The Eye Rash rules Sore or Inflamed
Eyes, .b'.
Dr. Collins Valley Herb Pills,
For the cur. of Sick or Nervous IleMacho. Female, Ir
reghlaritios, Urop, , y, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Dis
eases of the Kidneys, Fever and A•rue, &c.
br.,,OLL lIS can be consulted at Ills Office. on Die
eases of various kinds.
These Alt dickies are prepared and i - old by
SAMUEL COLLIN,S, Indian Medicine Man,
Near tha Corner ol 'I bird St. and Strawberry Alloy.
Also, fur sole ut 11AVEItt,TIt'ICS Drug anti tioAt
J.,. Carlisle.
All olden; sbou'd bn addropsed to Dr. S Conlon,
rrisburg. ItuliOneti :Ito purely Tegetatile
JUIII! 10, 1‘65.
su EltlO It RE NI E
ean conscientiously rye. =lend to those suf
fering from a distressing cough Dr. stricklancrs
110 li
ifuouo Cough lialsani It gives relief almost instan
taneous, and Is withal not disa.fige.tble to the taste:—
There is no doubt but the Mellifluous Cough Bahianr is
one of the best preparations in use, and is all that its
proprietor claim- fur it tt e have tried It during lb..
past week. and fbund relief from a ut et distressing
cou,th. 1t is prepai ad by Dr. Strickland. Ito. ii East
fourth street, Cincinnati, 0., and for wile by truggists
'HAVE' just returned from the cust
om Mils and have opened at their store, In
ntt .. . St.. Herniae. opposite Saxton'e Hardware Store,
au Immense sic ek oY
comprised in part of Coffees, Fulmars, Syrups, Teas, Salt,
Spices, ground and en ground; Crackers, Cheese, Co;feu
Brooms. Bittabes, Tobacco, Settars, Snarl, Matcher
Blacking, Bed Cords, Glass and a tone ware,
,Queensware, Cedarware,
and all other articles usually kept in a first class Gro
In regard to 'prices I am determined to sell'Goods at
the lowest figures. '
and all kinds of Country l'roduco taken at market
Parmorti and Dalryinen aro purtitularly Invited to
caw in Elio celebrated Puctsiit CHURN, which has
been pronounced by competent Judges the superior
Churn of the age.
May 6, '65,-1m
G RATIFYING.—It is certainly very
I: rail' fug to know that two of the best self Seal.
log FRIUMOANS and JARS In the United States, can.
be had at Win. Frldley's Shop, East Louther. . St., Car
lisle. Sign of the Itod Coffee Pot, ,
.. ~
July 7,180-3 mo. , .
'd r.A.R.VETINtiS, Oil. Clothe attd. ,Mat-.
‘jtaigig, at Ogllby's Cheap Cub Mora..
0114.13. OGILBY.
July 7 , 1866 ' , •
To kartheis bC Morse .116aLerd.
C. P: M YERS j , SON,
fulpit atai Itoitrum Pamphlet Serial,
OUNTAINS . II4orts of the best Ser.
jmons. Lectures, , (Nations, etc. Twelve Numbers Mogi° Numbers 15 cents Double Numbers
25 cents,
The pitied 'Of this Serial is to preserve in convenient
warm the best thoughts of our most al led men. just m
they come Iron, their lips: thus retaining their ire*eh.
...sit and personmity. The proofs are always correct.,.
the authors. Great favor has already been show,
she work. The successive numbers will be Issued as
lien as Discourses wore by it place In the Serial ran li
fund. Thir.3-six numbers have already, been pub
Oohed. A complete list will be sent when applied foi
with stamp.
List of Numbers Already Published.
1 .—Chrlstian Recreation and Unchristian Amuac
moot. by Rev. 'l'. L. Cuy ler.
2.—Men tat Culture for Woman, by Rev. H. W. Beech
er and lion—lames T. Bnidy.
3. Granctours 01 Astronomy, by Prof. 0. '3l Mitchell
4 —Prom—, a d bomando of Ohl-lethality, by Rev
Wm. H. Milburn.
n.—Jee.l24 the Resurrection, by Rev. A. King
man Nott.
6—Tribute to Humboldt. by lion. George Boneroft.
't..v Hr. Thompson, krols. Agnssiz, Lieber, Bache; and
'roping to Mist, by Rev. fieury M. Scudder, D.
D., M.D.
o. /nude] WebsteA Oration by lion. Edward Ever
ett, at th. inauguration of the statue of Webster. et
9 —A Cheerful Temper, a Thanksgiving Discourse, by
Rev. Wm Adams, D D.
10.—Dcat hof Washington Irving, by ion. Edward
Everett and Rev. John A. Todd.
t.--tieurge Washington, oration by urn. Thomas A.
S Babcock. at the Inauguration of the statue of Wash
ington, February 22d. Ma.
12.—'rraVill, Its I , :easurss, Advantages, and Require
ments. by .1. 11. Slddous.
tidependenco, by Rev. Ilenry Ward
Beecher, Pe, Ileury W. Pell, we, D. D.. Bev. Jos. P.
Thomps , n, D. D. and Prof - 0. M. Mitchell.
14—Sneers. of onr . ltepubßc, Oration by Bon, Erl•
ivard Everett, In Boston, July 4th. 1860.
15 end If —(('wo In one. 25 coots) Webster's Speech,
In the United Staten Senate, on the Force Bill, nod
Jackson's Proelatna , ion to South Carolina In 1833.
and 18—(Two In one, 21., cents.) Webster's Reply
to Llayne.
—,..leyeLto, ()tatlon by tlon.Cbzirles Sumner.
20.—The Causes of the American Civil War, by .1.
Lothrop Motley
21 end 22.—(Two In one, 25 rents.) ”The Quastlons
of tlin Day •"r he great oration of Edwin d Everett.
21—Providence In the War. A Thanksgiving Din
rourno, by the Itev. S. D. Burchard. D. D.
24 —The Southern Rebellion. and the Constitu'ion-,
al Powers of the Republic for its Suppression. lly the
Hon. Henry Winter Davis.
25 —Thn War for the Union. An Address by Wen
dell Phillips
213 and 27.—(Two In one, 25 cents ) Three Unlike
Fpeechea, The A Militionists and their Relations to
the Weir by bm. l,yd Garrison The War not for
Email cipation or Confirm' ion. by Hon. Garrett Davis.
of Kentucky., Aloe African Slavery, the Corner. Stone
of the Southern Confederaty. by Hon..A lex. H. Stevens
2R—The War; A Slave Uni u or a Free? . By Hon.
Martin F. Conway.
2l—Oration by Hon. Oeorue Bancroft, berme the
citizens of Now York. on the 22d of February. 1882, to
which Is added Wa.hington's Farewell Address.
The Sabbath. and' Its Relations to the state: de
livered before one of the largest religious audiences
ever assenibleu in New York.
31 —A Sketch of I'areon itrownlow (by Theodore
Tilton). and his Speeches on the Sufferings of Union
men st the South. fled t 1 e Irreligious Character ofthe
Rebellion, fully and correctly reported, with tho ap
pinune and observations of the nudienco Inserted. giv
ing a life-like 'dew of the enthusiastic reception which
the 'Pars , n" received for his unconquerable devotion
to 'he Union.
In these Speeches Mr. Brownlow narrates in his
most eccentric and israphic style, many and various in
cidents of the Rebellion, which came to his personal
Snots led:a. As a record or the tittles, these speeches
are worthy to be read and preserved by every patriot
and historian.
.32.—•'Signs of Promise." A Discourse by 11ev..1. B.
33 —Roe. Ibinry Ward Beecher's Fort Sumpter Ora
tion, .April 14th. 1866.
34 and 3 leorge Baneroft'N Oration In New
York A pill 23 of the Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln:
tho pun s iai 0 1 .1 1 , by Cullen Bryant; The
Hinamiliaition Proclamation, Jan. 1, 18.13 ; Mr. 1.111
role s net I naulural Ad•lress; A rortert Pon trait of
tbo one President (25 et, I
:i.— Iti Nleiniirlain by Rev 11. P. Thompson.
131+1 rend Street., New fork.
.luny2o, tars-2u”
T () L :ilhy's lash store. T ate
erhh. e ..trn, e.t Lire nt, elt ..f I,limnier Goods
al arum rt 4,
,t) 1 , 113,S O e ds, Luiw ns. Tama. tints,
Chalics, Ovnadiers, Poplines,
Barred Imstres DeLain. s, Ste, very hands. me, and at
prices Callen, tluslhis, iiingbam4. ae.. Cheap
r than ran ht, tonuta M Carlisle. A large assortment
arid Hosiery at reduced prices.
very cheap. Nn Is the time fir Barg/this.
throu g hn.; pennsy Ira in New Jersey and
e•iglibori ' , tate.e. fret ions experience as salesmen
not necessary
No pars tally rlimillto4 or dis . rharruqt goldter or active
In Ltdl gent pereou need be without pa rinantait 111311
profitable emplo7, meld. Apply pt malady and at once
North East Corner Market St., and Market Square
June d,
c ."
ALV - Cars of this Line leave the Depot 811 Market St.
Daily, 4 o', P. M.
Leave Carlisle, Daily, ut 7 o'clock, A. M.
Goods intemied by this Line should be marked C. &
P. Daily Prekht Line, and sent in by 4 o'clock.
July 1, 1864.
, 01 , ";
GREAT Trunk Line from the North
and North West for Philadelphia, New York
Reading, Pottsville. Lebanon, Allentown, Easton &a
!rains leave Harrisburg fdr New York, as - follows:
At 3 and 8.16 A M and 1.46 P. H., arriving at New
York at 10 A. H and 2.46 and 10 P. M.
The above conne t with similar trains on Pon syl
vault,. Rail Rend, and Sleoping,Carsaccompany the firs.;
too trains without change.
Leave for Reading, Pottsvillo, Tamaqua, klinersville,
Al lentiown and Philadelphia at 816 A M. and 1.45 P.
61., stopping at Lebanon and principal stations only.
Way Trains, slopping at ell points. at 7.26 a m. and
44u p an. Returning: Leave Now York at oa. m.. 12
noon, and 7 p m. Philadelphia at Ba. m and 330 p.
m.: l'ottsvlllo at 8.10 a in and 2 35 p. m.; Tamaqua at
8 10 a m. and 2.16 p in.. and Reading at 1.2 midnight,
705 and 10.46 a. in., 1.38 and 0,06 p. in.
An Accommodation Papsongor train loaves Reading
at 11.30 A. NI., and returns from Philadelphia at 4.3)
P. NI.
Columbia Railroad trains leave Reading-at 6.10 and
11 a m for Ephrata, Lititz, G.lumbia,
On Sundays Leavo New, York at 7 p in.. Phil:Wel
phin nt 3.15 P. 51 Pottsville at 780 A. M.. Tamaquaat
7 n. m., Harrisburg 8. 15 u. m. and Bending nt 12 mid
night for Itarrisburg,. yr
Gomm utitelon. Mileage, Season:School and Excursion
Tickets at reduced rates to and from all points
Baggage checked through. 80 Poanda Baggage al.,
lowed each Passenger.
General Superititetidynt.
Noy. 25, 1864.
ATA LU ABLE Presents for all at Haver
sll k's Drug Book and Fancy Store.
Ice ! Ice!! Ice !!!
The subForiber is prepared to furnish
In large or small guaranies Contracts for the season
will be made and ice delivered to any mud of town. lee
House ou Locust alley. Apply to
Pictures that should 'be in every Album!
n Photograph from life. Price 25 cents.
Catafalque at the State (louse in Harrisburg, repro
sentilig the body of the President lying In state. Price
25 cents.
The conic In a large sine Photograph 28x14. Price
1,50. .1 ho Fltllle for the Stereoscope, 50 cents.
ricut to any direction on receipt of price; and a three
cent stamp. The trade supplied at wholesale rates.
Address, J. itOSENDALI.4, Optician,
May 5, at. Ilarriabur✓, Pa.
. . N. . E. Cor. Main and Redford Sta.
JNO. G. HEISER, Proprietor.
jubdESTAU RANT in the basement,
which Is furnish , zi with the very best of liquors,
and edibles of all varieties.
lune 10, 1805—ly.
The Greatest Novelty of the Age.
Will ,effeefually seed two bushels per
hour: Also, COAL OIL STOVE without heat,
tubes or militia', half .the ordinary expense.
Cad and aee t..eni E uniler Shoal:0'110i.
J. U, wursomion.
• Agent: -t
, •i; RE FOR
buelnose formerly conducted by Line, 1311vIer k
Co., fo now carried on by
July 29, 11301-4 f °moon, Comb. Co.
(CHANGE or vecezioNs.) -
IN the Academical Year 1865—'66,, there
are two terms of Elm-teen etke each, commencing
>eptember Is fi, 1e65, and March 6th, DAL
For Catalogue and C.reular address
JONI, PA KR Ett, Ithyall - Profeasof.
Cambridge, Macs., July 1. 150.5.-3 e. ,
Iron, English Refined; -
4i CENTS lb. Nails, $5,50. Horse
SHOES, $7,25.
and everything else in proportion at
July 7,1 M
N (Yr I ICE.; •
The subscriber would respectfully in
form the public that he has purchased the entire
stork of
belonging to the late firm of ARMSTRONG 'AND HOB•
VER, and leased the real estate for a series of years,
where he is prepared to aecomm• date the community
alto LUMBER of every variety, and on the most rear
Annabel terms, Having pa , chased his new stock at
the head of the market with great care, by the aid of
au experienced lumberman. he is enabled to compete
with the river market In prices. -
I have relinquished the tanning business; and will .
devote my entire attention to the LUtIBER & t'XIAL
trade. I have also secured the services of Mr. George
Zuloff, an experienced hand In the trade, who will
constantly be on hand to accommodate all who may
fitvor us with a call.
' A large quantity of Coal, also
10 0A Le• a rkr . „ roalior all kinds, under cover,
wooolc 'DOI' kept constantly on bad. Cue
worn can Le su[piled on short notice, at the lowest
pbssible rates. By a strict attention to business and
a desire to do right, we hope to secure a liberal share
of public patronage.
June 9, 1865
N ii.-4 still retain the same position in the Firm
of Deltncy & Blair. which will be carried on as ener
getically as ever at their o'd stand nearthe (but House,
as our porches s will be made together at the head of
the market. we feel confident/by so doing tube able to
accommodate our customers and the public, on the
must reasonable terms.
Ihave just returned from New York
with the latest styles of
for the Beason. Silas, Cloth and Lace Mantles, Shawls,
Hoop kirts, Parasols. Hosiery, Gloves, and all kinds
of v. hite Goods.
Cloths. Cas,imeres, Linen Coatings. dll kinds of
Pantibge de.
A large supply of CARPETS, 01101. tha, Shades, and
Furnishing bloods.
Please call and examine my Stock, as I always sell
at the market value.
Additions of Lineds will be made as the Season ad
One door below Martin's Hotel, Main Street
June 2, 1H(I5.
The subscriber now manufactures and
1 keeps con-tantly on hand. on Nora' &re,. t, east
of I heath urn's Iletol, a large ass rtment of
such as Horse Powers, Threshing Machines with Sep
. rators attached, Cover Hullers Corn
I :•hellers, Straw and 'odder Cutters.all
RR of which are the latest and the best
Particular attention paid to Repair
.ll all k lads of Agricultural Implements at short
uetlee and reasonable PH."s.
Thankful f..r termer moors I respectfully solicit a
share of public patronage.
A Letters Tester...l;ll;re on the Estate of ti illlam
Alexander. deed . late the la;reu,h ;,f ar hm.., lave
been granted II( the Regl;44 r of ( umbetland County
t; the sabseribere residing . ie Carl;rie Ali per.oe
har c laints aenim.t (aid estate will present them
for sc tile,, ent. end those indebted telll make
diate petmant to
Eat cutors
Richmond h a s Fallen. !
A fact that is proven to every person
ri_calllng at the Cheap Store of ieldich & Miller.
Ye i, , e hey are just roe. icing a large supply of Spring
and rummer Go.,ds, purchased since the great decline
in gold
The sloe, embraces in part
such as Macs and Fancy B.lks of colors and quali
ties. new styles Poplins. Mohalts, Lustres Alpaccas all
colors, Slorambiques, Lamerlques, VAIWICIAS, De Lai nes
Basques, Saeques, Shawls, dc, Are
of every kind, consisting of NI ou ruing silks, Alpaccas,
Burnhazines, !Oohed's. Poplinepaingle and double width
DeLaines, Tam's° Clothe Crape Voila, Collars, Hand
kerenkfa, Balmoral Skirls, a new style, black and
white illughams. 44c.
bleached and unbleached Musline from 1234 cents up.
A !urge Assortment of Calicoes trom 12 1 / 6 cents to 25.-
10 4 bleat bed and unbleaqped Sheeting, Pillow Case
Tickloga Cottonadea, Gingham!, Nankeens,
Table hiaper, and a great many other goods not men
tioned hut always on hand. mu. notion department
is complete, embr-cing Cotton Hosiery of every quality
for ladies, gentlemen, misses. boys and children,
Gloves of every description. Silk, Linen, and Gingham
Handkerchiefs, Ereneh Corgetts, Hoop Skirts all sizes.
Balmoral Skirt all sizes, Balaton] Skirts. Neck Ties,
Suspenders. Trimming and Mantua Ribbons, Read
Netts, Sun Urub.ollas, Parasols.
Men and Boy's Wear.
always a full assortment of every description at the
very lowest market prices. Clothing made at very
short notice by a first class tailor
a fun line cf every description alad quality, Matting,
Floor Oil Cloth, Looking Masses, Oil and Paper Win
dow Blinds, Table Oil Chill's, Stair Oil Cloths, and
many other house furnishing goods for the season.
Feeling very thankful to the generous community
for their kind and liberal patronage so far extended to
the firm, we earnestly and sincerely ask a continuance
of the same, as customers know that is a great pleas
ure to us to exhibit our stock, besioes proving that we
always study the interest et our customers. as we are
determined not to be undersold by any merchant in
the country.
Please remember.the well known stand south east
corner 31arket square, directly opposite Irvin's boot
and Shoe Store.
April 28,1865.
Corner of Hanover and South Ste.
Grocery and Queensware Store.
1 S T opened with fresh and good
• Ooods. a choice variety of awry thing usually kept
in a first class store. Particular attention given in the
selection of nice seta of
China and - Granite Ware,
Canned and Plaided Fruits, Worcestershire, Cumber-
:laud, and other Sauces.
Cheese. Crackers, and every thlog else in our line that
a discriminating nubile way require. Full assort
ments 01 Writing Papers, Coal Oil vamps, Queensware,
Willow, Coder, :tone and Eat then Wares,
kept eonetantly on hand.
Goode will be replenished frequently, kept clean and
mire, sold at the lowest possible prices, and delivered
at any part of the town.
Please give us a call. Cash paid for Country Pro
duce. WM. BLAIR A SON.
Carlisle, March 3,1865.—1 m
AVING just zeturoed from the
in Rae enh cities desire to inform their patrvos that
ney have laid in a large and varied stock of New and
Fiesh Goode at the lowest cash prices.
Their assortment is thorough and complete, contain.
tog everything noceesaay to constitute a First Glass
in greatest abundance, and at lowest cash flgures.
Byrups,..lspices, Canned Fruits, QUEENBWAItiI and
Crockery, Bait and Fish, Hams.. Cheese, Crackers,
Brushes, Baskets and Willow Warp.
Segais and Tobaico,
of the choicest brands. Brooms, Buckets, and a corn.
plate akeurtment of
Don't forget the old stiza, - 7 . 6ilth East corner of
Hanover streets.
H.A.J.DEUT & 13It0.
- Dcb.24,
JUST received from the great. New
,York Auction Sala ,
litaG yards Calicoes.
2500 4.,„' White Musline.
1800 ' l ' Spring Delebee.
80e0 ,Grown Muslim!.
800 " Gingham'.
BUN Carpets. •
00 Cloths, Looking Glasses, Sbades,
Great Bargains's' Hoop Sslrts;Linen flandkerchiefe,
Spring Mantles, Minutes*, Dress Goods, Dress Goods,
Ac. 1 will sell VW:above Goode andvuany others at a
small advance on ant until the tit of April. Phil*
Call. one door below Martin's Hotel, Main street. .
'Karst' 10, 18014.. , .W. (7:-/3/IWYRB.
A J KUTZ, Ageto