Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 07, 1865, Image 3

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For the Ci;uniil - Yedr 1864-5
JACOB RHEEM, Treasurer.
Balance reteired Dom former treas.
aver, -
Amount - reel:dyad ter rent of - Stalls-A
Standsat Market House,
Heed : wed of Wtn. H. Horn, Clerk of
Deceived 'of •A. k Sponeler, Esq.,
Devolved of Abet°. Debuff, Esq. Ones
Deceived for n LiCellgeP,
Amount of Taxea of 1861 outstand
inn at bust settlement.
Amount of taxes of 1862, onstand
, tug at last settlement,
Amount °frames leafed for 1864,
Cbuttei/ Orders
Paid GeOrge Line and others Inter
ea, on BotoUgh Bonds- and JUdg•
Paid Borough Bond Coupon,
Paid Carlisle
.oas anti Water Coin.
pany, intereet on Investment on
Best pionfret street,
Paid Carlisle Gas and Water Com
pany for Gas and Water for use of
Paid W. IL Mathews Street Com
. inissloner salary and work on
streets and wages paid hands,
Pad Samuel Wetzel, Election ex
penses. West Ward,
Paid James Postlewaite, Election
expenses. West Ward, (Special
Paid Andrew Kerr, Election expen
ses, East Ward,
Paid J. W. Eby, Brooms for Market
Hooke, for 1883,
Paid Samuel Sipe, salary as High
Paid Joe. W. Ogliby, salary as Sec
Feld James Spangler, salary as lamp
lighter, West Ward,
Paid Charles Heck, salary as lamp
lighter, East Ward,
Paid 11m. If. Hero, salary as Clerk
of Markets,
Paid Jacob ltheem, salary as Treas
Paid George Taylor, salary sus Jan
Paid David Smith, qualifying Bor
ough Officers,
Paid Jonathan Zeigler, stepping
stoner - , curbs, &e.
Paid James Armstrong, preparing
Pad Wm. LI. Barn, shovelling snow
and repairs at Market House,
Paid Win. H. liars, for diligence end
increasing receipts of Market,
Pond Jacob Itheem ' percentage al
lowed collectors 1861 and 1862.
Paid Jacob Bretz, serving election
Pad - Acidrew Martin, serving elec
tion notices,
Paid Samuel Sipe, cutting grass at
grave yard and removing nuisan
Paid John Egolt, removing nuisance
Paid J. 18: Ugl iby, , expenses et send
log documents to Philadelphia du
ring rebel invasion and station
-Ilaid J. B. Bretton, printing,
A. K. Rheum, "
" George Zinn, "
E. Corrunan,
" Samuel Wetzel, work,
" Estate Samuel 'leveret ick, sun
Tad h. Shirendut, costs for entering
Paid George Wetzel, work and ma
Paid John Moll, for brick for Marga
ret Storm's and Jacrob Weaver's
Feld Joseph Schumpp, work at bridge
and crossings,
Paid Alfred Brannon, sand,
" Jacob Thudium, supper - for pa.
Paid Godfrey Bender and George
Sp - ,oeberger, eseauing Letort
c o ring,
Paid O. U. Hoffer, painting at grave
Paid C. DAM!, Brooms for Market
House, 1861,
Paid John Harris, sharpening drills,
Paid John Beetem, coal and work,
John Campbell, Treasurer, ap
propriation to Empire Hook .4
Ladder Co.
Paid J. W. 00lby, Treastioy L i c ioi
priatlon to Uo cUo.
Paid H. S. Ritter, Treasurer, appro•
priation to Cumberland Eire to.
Paid B. Comma, t'rend ut, appro-
priation to Union Fire Co.
Punt June Fredericks, stone fur.
'lashed fur pour Douse ru
Paid Nm. Lyncu, plumbing, Ac.
Delancey A Blair, piano boards
Paid James L. Swigert, hauling,
" Andrew Herr. work,
Peter cpahr, hauling,
" E./Ace', winding cluck,
" James Loudon, stationery,
8. Wetzel,J, Matcher, 11.ilyers
*treat regulators,
Feld Henry Saxton, powder, nails An
" Lewis if. Lyue,
" A. Rinehart, collector, percen
tage va llorough tax collected,
Paid Wm. P Lynch, plumbing, or
der of last Council,
Paid NI kilolch, atone,
J. W. Ligilby, fur preparing an
nual statement of receipts and ex
penditures for auditors and for
publication and extra services,
By exonerationa allowed A. Rine
lion, collector Ut no.ough tax,. by
Dy amount of taxes of 18 4, out
Balance in Trea.surcr'a hands,
JACOB RIIEB3I, Treasurer of Bounty Fund,
To Balance on bands of last
To amount of Bounty lax received
from A Itinchart collector, 18(.4,
To proceeds of note discounted at
Carlisle Dcposit Bank,
To procaadsof Bounty bonds taken
by J. W. Eby.
To proceeds of Bounty funds taken
by J. W. Eby.
To proceeds of Bounty bonds taken by
C. M. Chamberlin,
To proceeds of Bounty bonds taken
by C. Moore,
To proceeds of bounty bonds taken
James Sites,
To proceeds of Bounty bonds taken
by Mrs. 8 0. Wild),
To proceeds of check of Wm. M Bee
To balance of proceeds of notes,
TV amount paid as bounties, $8,853 33
Dy amount paid Carlisle Deposit
bank on note and Interest,
Ily amount paid Carlisle Deposit
bank on note,
B. amount paid Carlisle Depo It
bank on note,
Paid John Lee for services in pro.
curing credit's
Paid W. L. Cornman, bounties,
Jacob Ithaca', Treasurer, com•
nilsalon 5 j per cent. and stamps -
for checks and notes
Paid A. L. Rinehart, percentage for
collecting Bounty tel,
Paid Rheas Ec Weakley printing bounty
Fold J: W. Eby, inters on bounty
Paid John Campbell, telegraph messa
ges by, bounty committee,
Paid J. P. Bixier, expenses tallarrb
, burg on bounty business,
Paid Thomas Paxton,
Taylor and O. L. Couches
posting bounty ordinances,
$14,812 04
Bondy leaned for Gas and Water
stock, id oubscrlptlon,
Bonds bided fur Ciao and Water
stock, 2nd pribscrilition,
Bonds _lssued to George Line and
, °Mani
judgment of Margaret Warden use
t P. Quigly, .
1000 'hares Gas and
Water stock, Ist
a Ozer! ptlon, at
par Value, 20,000 00
1100 Auras Gee and
Water deck, 2d
par value
1;4 Aimee, Gas and
Water deck at
, par value,'
Outstanding tax for
Pavement liens,
EiceeserXidebtednees, $6 4 360 46
• :'lAtipiLlriliiii4oll. BOUNTY PUBPOlitEis: •
dbcfpiee4; r4ostt • •
ilanii,topay,noanthrs, ' • „' $25,597 46
041044.111, Eby '
• w .-zoy and otter', payable in
_,l;lurayears, • •
bioridit Issued w ' C. M. Chamberlin
•• and ethers, paysble In ten years,
• • - • ABB=B.
.oatatandlng bounty tax for-1804.,-
Excels of Indebtedness lb, bounty
V/0 the undersigned 'Auditors of the boroegh of Car.
„lisle, hetes Ores dply sworn, have this day . examined.
' the eteepint and vouchers of .3aeob Plasm ' Treasurer
'of the Dciteegh of Cirlisteinnd of ,the Bounty,Fund of
said Borough, for the term commencing 'Mach .22d,
leet,'ard ending MerohlBtb, 1805, and find the same
cerreet as set forth above, and tbat tbere Wile to the
0670 79
047 25
10 00
2 00
43 00
204 44
194 9
6, 1 4 0 4
$8,025 66
$1,936 t,2
30 00
799 64
2,12; 61
11 00
250 00
100 00
notes forwarded at once. The Interest to 15th June
120 00
next will be paid in advance. Tide le
120 00
now offered by the Government, and It Iv confidently
100 00
100 00
expected that Ka superior advantages will make it the
Great Popular loan of the People.
Leap; than
~ $3, 0 .000,000 of the Loan autLericed by
66 66
the last Corigress aro now on tho roark'ot. This amount
10 00
10 72
nobseriboti for within four monthF, when the notes
20 00
nrroly been the case on closing' the subscriptions to
othor Loono
heoountry may be afforded facilities for taking the
oan, the National Santis, State Banks, and Private
21 00
5 00
Bankers throughout the country have generally agreed
to reoalvo subsoriptions at par. Aubseribara will select
their own azente, In whom they ha•e confidence, and
14 f 6
23 75
55 75
:24 00
11 33
For sale at the Field Net. Bank and Carlisle Deposit
Bank, Carlisle, and Find. Net Bank, Newvllle.
3 68 I
Feb. 24, MK. S uhaerlpt lon Agent, Philadelphia.
Carlisle, March 20, 1865.
WEthe undersigned Ladies, do here
by certify to the superiors uality of the Silver
Spring Flour, munufacturod by Slogiser Is Manning, of
Big Spring Mite, Cumberland Co.. and sold by Samuel
M. Hoover of Carlisle The price of Flour having como
down some we would advise all parsons to giro this a
trial an it cannot be in rpassed.
Mrs. J. Boas, Mrs. W. M. Beetem, Mrs. S. E. Chasm.
Elizabeth A. Loudon, Mrs. H. Ii Hoover, Mrs. A. Hoover,
Mrs. J. Rhoads, Moss E. EgolfT. Miss E. Bentley, Mrs. 31
Trogo, Mrs. Shire, Mrs. J. W. Eby. Sirs. 11. Miller, Mrs. 8.
A. Senor, Nire. K. Ithrsids, Mrs. Armstrong. Mrs. Murray,
Mrs. C. Itingwsl t, Mrs. C. Turner, Mrs. P. B. Comfort,
M rs. Geo. L. Murray. Mrs. Jacob Saner, Mrs. A B. Ewing
Mrs. It. Ogilby, Miss B.E. Miller, Mrs. S. A. Hutton.
141 14
8 00
13l 00
-- -ilagniflcent, Sale.
4 SO
So is
46 87
14 uu
Y. 3 37
15 UU
3 24
n 00
61 19
1 tli
Ono Gold and Silver Watch Manufacto
ry, Two Immense Jewelry Establish
ments, One Silver Plating Warehouse,
One Gold Pen and Pencil Maker,
To be disposed of •vlUi dispatch
The Goods are of fashionable styles and most enrol
lout wm kmanship, nod are maertfired In this 11111111.0
to eel eve the orep,leterf, (mi. embarrassment ocra
sinned by a distracting eiv I war It should be proud
neatly elated, also, that they are fleetly of
$7,612 23
and therefore greatly superior to the geode imported
from abroad and' hawked about Is the cheapest ever
mold. The simple duty on impcdted coo le, and the
high premium on Gold (all foreign hills are payable In
17,019 69
Jut) 07
8,020 66
g Id,) amount to more titan the entire cost of many of
tat, articles offered by us to the public. To facilitate
the sale
will be charged for any article on our list, and this
sure the purchaser need not pay until he knows whet
he is to get I This plan accords with the method re
cently become an popular for digitising of large stocks
ofJewelry abd similar productions.
$4OO 00
4,218 80
8,055 83
1,500 00
The name of each article offered for eale—as l' Gold
500 00
unti ng Watch," "Gold Oval Hand Bracelet," .•I'ear
Breastpin and Ear-Drops," "Gold Enamelled Ring,"
"Silver Plated Cake Basket," Ac., is written on a card
and enclosed in a sealed‘enve:ope; thesejenvelopes aro
then placed in a drawer and well mixed; then as an
ordtr is received, with twenty flee cents for return
postage and other charoes, tno of the cards or certill
cates'is taken at random and sent by first mail to the
customer, who will see at once what he can get for One
Dollar. II be is pleased with his fortune ho can for
ward the money according to directions on the coati'
sate and secure the prize. If the article awarded
should be unsuited to toe purcttseF—as for example,
a set of Pearl Ear-Drops and Breastpin to a young man
who could not wear them, and had no one to give them
to—we will send any other article on the catalogue of
equal price which may be preferred. Or if, for any
reason, you cheese to venture no further, then. you
can let the matter drop where it is and spend no more.
Examine carefully our Catalogue I
500 00
403 00
997 50
615 50
1,721 47
$14,612 94
1,098 83
1,302 44
2,800 6
200 (lents' Patent Lever Gold Hunting Case $5O to 200
300 Ge;.ts' Detauh'd Lovbr Gold ilunt'g Case 40 - 175
400 Gents' Swiss Gold Hunting Case; 30 - 100
000 Lathes' Gold and Enainel'd limiting Case, 30 - 80
4JO Gents' Patent Lever Silver Hunting Case, 30 - 00
400 Gents' Det. Lever Silver Hunting Cage, 30 - 86
810 Gents' Det. Lever Silver °pyridine, 20 - 60
810 Gents , Patent Lever Sliver Open-face, 25 - 60
3ro Gents' Swiss Silver, 18 - 40
800 Diamond Rings, $4O tosl2o
800 Gents' Diamond Pins, 20 - 100
3000 Gents' California Diamond Pine, 8. 16
8000 Gents' California Diamond Sings, 8 - 12
6000 Gents' Gold and Enameled Fob Chain., 3- 40
4000 Gents' Gold Vest Chains, 5 • 40
4000 Pair Gents' Gold Sleeve Buttons, 3 - 10
4000 Pair Gents Gold & Enam.rileere Buttons 3 • 10
6000 Sete Gents' Gold Studs 8 • 8
81100 Gents' Stone Set and Signet Binge, 3 - 12
8000 Gents' Stone Set & Signet Enam Rings 4 - 16
6000 Ladies' Gold Neck Chain , 5 • 60
4000 Gold (Tval•Band Bracelets, 8 - 10
6000 Gold and Jet Bracelets, 8 • 12
6000 Gold and Enameled Bracelets, 8 • 15
3000 Gold Chatelain Chains.' 6 - 30
6000 Pair Ladies' Gold Sleeve Buttons, 3 • 8
4000 Pair Ladies' Gold Ennui. Sleeve Buttons 4 - 10
BODO Solitaire Gold Brooches, 3 - 12
0000 Coral, Opal and Emerald Brooches, 3 • 12
6000 Gold Cameo and Pearl Ear-Drops, 3 - 8
7000 Bionic, let, lava & Florentine ear drops 8 -
6000 uold Thimbles, . 6 • 10
10000 Coral, Opal and Emerald Ear-Drops, 8 - 10
10000 Mint tore Lockets; • 4. 10
10000 Miniature Lockets—magic spring, - 8 - 25
10000 Plain Gold Binge, 4 • 12
1000 Sets Ladles' Jewelry, Gold and Jet, 5 20
1010.1 Sala Ladies' Jewelry, Cameo, Pearl, &e. 15. 20
10000 Ladles' Gilt and Jet Bracelets, 4 • 17
10000 1. dies' Gilt and Jet Hat Supporters, 2 • 12
250 0)
200 00
63 27
61 00
a GO
2 10
$25,000 00
85,000 00
8,888 80
500 00
$68,883 60
10000 Cups.
8000 Goblets;
10000 Pair Napkin Binge,
2000 Card Baskets,
4000 Castor Promos—complete with bottles, 6 -
2000 Ice Pitchers. 10 -
6000 Pair Butter Knives, 3
6000 Soup, Oyster and Gravy Ladles, 2 - i . Engraved Pie Knives, 3 - 6
8000 Dozen Tea Spoons, per dozen, 5 - 16
6000 Dozen Table Spoons, per dozen, 8 - .24_
6000 Dozen Desert Forks,. per dozen, 8 80
12000 Gold Pens, Silver Extension holder,
,$3 to $lO
12090 Gold Pone, Silver Mounted Holders, 2 . 8
8000 Gold Pene,l3old Mounted hoiden, 3 16
6000 Gold Pens with Gold Sztension Holders 10-
. 26
6000 hold Fetis, - Gold and Poodle, 10 , - 20
6000 Gold Poncho, • • 0 20
35,000 00
B,l® 00
242 85
180-10 -
$63 523 04
9,000 00
1,000 00
- - _
. .
To all. woes we charge for forwarding the Certificate,
postage, and doing the Mishima, the sum of Twenty-
Ave Cents, - which must be In the order. Five Certifi
cates will bo sent for jsl. reieven for_ $2; thirty for
$5; sixty-five fur $10; one tundredlor $l5.
$20,597 96
- 241 50
*20,855 06
Throughout the douistry to operate for us. it large
compensation will be paid. Send for terms,. de., en-
Ulnsingstatup. .
March 24, 1866
said Borough by said Treasurer, one hundred and six
dollars and seven cents.
Witness our hands this 20th day of March, A:, D. one
Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-Five. '
March 91, 1809
U. S. 7-30 LOAN.
BY authority of the Secretary of the
rreasa ry, the unTtersigned hen assumed the Oen.
oral Elobecilptlon Agency for the celnot United States
Treasury Notes, bearing seYen and threatenths per
cent. Interest, per annum, known ne the
These Notes are Issued under date of June 16tH
1866, and are payable three years from that time, 1
currency or are convertible et the option of the hol
der Into
11. S. 5.20 Six per cent.
These bonds aro worths premium which tnereare
the actual profit on tho 730 loan, and Its etemption
from State amt municipal taxation adde from one to
I rea-mi . r cent. more, according to tho rate levied on
other property. The Interest la payable In currency
semi annually by coupons attached to each note, which
ay be cut off and sold to any bank or banker
The Interest Amounts to
One rent per day on a $3O note
Two cents" V " xlOO "
is 'j $5OO 4`
" " " " $lOOO ~
" " " ," smooo ~
Notes of all the denominations named will be prompt
ly furnished upon receipt of aubsetiptions, and the
t the rats o which it le befog absorbed, will all be
11 undoubtedly command a premium, an bias MA
In order that citizens of every town and section of
hn only nre to be rerpoeslble for the delivery of the
Oten tar wl inh they receive orders
aro - weir - sr, circo.
The Entire Stock of
76 Fulton Btroot, N. 1.
Litit Of Dedlers
Of Goods, Wares and Maid:andlie, Also,
Brewers, Distlners,lMmbermeo, w!lb
in the County Of Oariberland, reltitaedaed
classified, according to the several Acts of
Assembly, as follows, to wit:
Monasmith & Baker, groceries, 18 $lO 00
. 00
J. M. Allen & Co. do 12 12 60
John Hyer, do 11 16 00
Halbert & Bro., do 11 15 00
William Bentz, do 12 12 60
Wm. Blair & Son do 11 15 00
William Stralley, do 14 7
John D. Mock, do 14 7
D. Keeney, do 14 - 7
M. Myers & Co., do 18 10
Mrs. E. Poland, do 14 7
John Faller,. do 14 7
Zeigler & Stock, do 14 7
D Fredericks do 14 7
A. Monasmitb, do 14 7
John Zeigler, do , 14 7
J. F. Steele, do 14 7
W. 11. Barn, do 14 7
Susan Winchell, do 14 7
G. B. Hoffman, do 14 7
C. P. Eckels, do 14 7
Leidich & Miller, dry goods 10 20
Greenfield & &mailer, do 11 15
W. C. Sawyer, ' do 10 20
A. W. Bentz, do 10 20
C. Ogilby, Trustee, do 11 15
F. C. Fleming, boots & shoes 18 10
Jonathan Cornman Agt., do 14 7
John Irvine, do 18. 10
D. Sterrett, do 14 7
Jos. Sites, do 14 7
Henry Saxton, hardware 9 25
Lewis F. Lyno, do 12 12 60
J. A. Keller, hats & caps 14 700
J. G. Callio, do 14 7
Mrs. S. M. Kieffer, fancy goods 14 7
C. Main, do 14 7
Rheem & Spahr, confectionary 14 7
F. C. Porter, do 14 7
D. Ralston, drugs 18 10
Mrs. H. Haverstick, do 12 12 50
Mrs. C. Elliott, , do 14 7 00
Miss S. E. Stahl. millinery 14 7
Mrs. Anna Schuchman, do 14 7
Mrs. E. Williams, do 14 7
Mrs. S. A. Hutton, do 14 7
Mrs. M. Neff, do 14 7
Miss M. Sturm, do 14 7
William Sellers, baker 14
George Faber. do 14
J. Templer, do 14
J. Schmohl, do 14
Wm. Clapper, robes 14
Samuel Ensminger, do ' '"I4
J. Boas, Agt., furn'g goods 18
Wm. A. Miles, do 14
J. Neuwahl, clothing 14
E. B. Lenard, jr. do 13
S. C. Ilnyett, do 14
J. W. Smiley, do 12
N. Hanteh, do 14
I. Livingston, do 12
H. S. Ritter, > do 14
A Lehman do 14
L Bernhard & Son. do 14
Michael & Ensmingcr, leather 14
George Rinesmith, stoves 14
J. D. Gorges, do 14
F. C. Kreamer, jewelry 14
R. E. Shapley, do 14
T. Conlyn, do 14
J. London, books 14
A. M. Piper, .. do 14
W. H. Common, news depot 14
H. Rhoads, furniture 14
A. B. Ewing, do 14
D. Sipe, fileture & wall paper 14
Beetem & Bro., produce & coal 18
J. & D. Rhoads, produce 14
S. M. Hoover, lamb' & coal 14
Delaney & Blair, do 10
Armstrong & Hoffer do ,12
R. C. Woodward; produc e l'l
Snyder & Newcomer, do 12
W. J. Cameron, flour & feed 14
Peter Faust, do 14
Jamison & Co., notions 10
J. C. Lesher, photographer 14
A. J. McMillan, do 14
Mrs. R. A. Smith, do 14
Filail. Grove & Son, do 14
Wm. Askew, marketing 14
H. Harkness, do 14
C. A. Smith, do 14
D. Fredericks do 14
J. Connelly ) do 14
Wm. Wert, do 14
Atlison & Keeney, do 14
Wm. Brought, do 14
Hippie & Spongier, do 14
Monasmith & Baker, huckster 14
Mrs. A. Von Fleilen, confec'y 14
Henry Brown. dealer in wood 14
Robert Thompson, do 14
D. Gill, dealer in stock 14
J. Thudium, do 14
Wm. Leeds, do 14
C. W. & J W. Ahl, do 14
George Hendel, do 14
1.. Robinson, do 14
A. A. Line, do 14
D. Wort, do 14
D. P. Hazelton, do 14
Jacob Itsrninger, grocery 13
John Johnston, do 14
Yost & Hoffman, do 10
David Devinney, do 14
Brindle & Noiswanger, - dry g'ds 10
Comfort & Son, do 12
Chronister & Brugh, do 11
John Reigle, do 14.
Leidig & Mathews, stoves 14
Wilson & Son, do 14
Dr. Ira Day, drugs 14
J. J. Clark, do 14
M. F. Geyer, do 14
J. B. Herring, . do ' 14
Boyer & Eberly, hardware 11
George Bubb, do 13
George Koser, marketing 14
S. Chroniater, do 14
Elias Hoffman do 14
J. D. Raffensberger, do 14
Marshall & Bro., do 14
George Stenour, do 14
J. Mil'igen, lumber 14
Zacharias & Sou, do & coal 18
M. C. Eberly, dealer 13
11. H. Eberly, do 14
S. Eberly, do 14
W. Brunner, do 14
D. Spousler, do 14
Joseph Totten, do 14
Jacob Neinley, do 14
Wm. King, do 14
liira. A. M. Gross, millinery 14
Mrs. J. Berckhead do 14
Mrs. A. H. Meteor do 14
David Miller produce 18
Levi Brandt • do 14
Bryson & Son do 10
Singizer & Brandt do 18
Johnson & Sons do 9
J. .1. Smith confectionery 14
S. Rupert do 14
J. D. Ratliosberger music 14
George Hummel coal 14
Jacob Sheeler segars 14
John Rupp furnitute 14
S. S. Worst do 14
L. W. Abrams clothing 14
L. D. Kieffer merchant tailor 14
Levi Reigle shoes and hats 14
Andrew Myers photographer 14
T. B. Carden do 14
J. Bates
J. Swartz
C. Kelm
Stough & Elliott dry goods 15
lileCandlish & James do H
Klink & Bro. do 11
G. W. Mull
S. Cloudey
J. J. Crawford confectionery 14
Lochman & Bretz photograph's 14
3. R. Miller drugs 14
Mra. M. B. Reed du 14
S. G. Wild do 14
$2 to $2O
3- 12
2- 10
4- 16
John S. Hayti groceries 18
S. M. Glauser , do 14
R. E. Sharp tobacco and Begets 14
John Bricker furniture 14
L. H.'Raodall merchant tailor 14
J.' A.. Kunkle . hardware 18
J. Dougherty merchant tailor 14
L. v. p. Soper Jewelry 14
J. Leughiln clothing 14
John Hard , marketing 14
R.liinaley dolor in stock-14
J. M. Woodburn, Jr. do 14
P. A. AM & Bro. do 'l4
Stevick & McPherson dry g'ds :l2
Rock. Kunkle & Heck do 18
J.-lk J. W.' Reddlg do 11
Geo. H.-Stuart
P. Keilin
B. K. Keller
J.. T. Altiok
A. L. Sooddy photograper 14
Robuck & Alleman do 14
Grabill St Harper hardware 12
Forney &McPherson do 18
Class. License
12 50
7 00
12 60
7 00
12 60
16 00
12 60
7 00
10 00
12 50
16 00
do 14
jewelry 14
boots sod oboes 18
20 00
5 S Keepers ' Carlisle 8
7 Mrs. R Pilimy do 8
7 John Low do 8
7 Jacob Hipplo do 8
7 Jacob Stratton do A 8
7 John Meloy, Mechanicsburg 8
7 William Dunlap News'lle 8
7 4 P Wagner do 8
stoves 14
do 14
12 60
10 00
16 00
0 11
-- 14 -
16 00
12 60
/0 00
James Kelso , atationary . 14 • 7
Grabill Or Ste . Wart groceries 14 .. 7*
H; J. Wenn° do 14 . 7
~ S . 0. Holler do
. 14 -7
P.S. Arta, dol - "14 7
Tatman & Beater do 14 . 7
J. R. Pogue do 14 '7
Peter Miller , do .14 7
Mrs. P. Deitrieb - do 14 7
0. Pasnacht, ogt. do 14 . 7
-Mrs. M. Davie millinery 14 7
Shearer&illiair merchant tailor 10 ' 10
J. Bridges do 14 7
G. N. Grayson tobacco a vegan 14 7
Isaac Landis jewelry 14 7
H. Heysinger do 14 7
J. A. Wolf stoves 14 7
Janne N. Ilykea do 14 7
G. B. Coles bate and shoes 14 7
G. W. Croft boots & shoes 14 7
B. J. Sooddy furniture 14 7
D. Criswell do 14 7
H. Duke do 14 7
Soirer & Angle produce 14 7
T. P. Blair do 11 15
El• Ruby & Co. do 10 20
Samuel Myers marketing 14 7
Benjamin Biggs do 14 7
D. Rupp
D. Rupp
J. H. Johnson
George K Duey
dry goods 18
produce 14
dry goods 14
marketing 14
EW & G Wise dry goods 14
T Willett do 14
A Brower do 12
Jonathan Boisley segars . 14
William Colter do 14
Eberly & Lee prod ace 14
C Eberly marketing 14
George Brubaker do 14
James Davis do 14
John Young
W Gran
0 Sherrick
Jll Gnaw'ler dry goods 12
J Swartz merchant tailor 14
A Orris dry goods 18
Jacob W Simmons do 14
W H Eckels do 18
J W Leidig. do 14
J B Leidig produce 18
George Duey marketing 14
F Breckmacker do 14
Fisher & Houck dealer in stock 14
L Capp do 14
J Brenneman do 14
John Fought
~•,,, do l4
S Ileinmingdr ' ' do 14
D Denlinger dry goods 14
W 0 Banks • do 14
M Free produce 14
Patterson & Myers do 12
D Ling[acid do 18
Jacob Benninger groceries 14
Jacob Longnecker do 14
John Glesnir do 14
George Graylin do 14
David Brown marketing 14
E Ebner furniture 14
Mosser & Coover lumber 12
Lee & Eberly 'do 10
V feeman do 14
J G Miller dry goods 14
T Willett do 12
Samuel Plank dealer 14
D Dovinnoy drugs 14
George Brindle dry goods 12
H Spahr flour 14
M Landis dealer in stock 14
Katiffman & Webbert dry goods 12 - 12 60
A M Leidich do 12 12 60
Alexander & Mullah do 18 10 00
S N Diven do 13 10
C Heip torniture 14 7
1' Clopper confectionary 14 7
John Hartzler dealer in stock 14 7
U Strickler do 14 7
James Stuart do 14 7
W Saxton do 14 7
John t 4 tuart do 14 7
Jacob Zug do 14 7
J R Swiler dry goods 14 7 00
E L Shyrock grocery 14 7
Samuel Jacobs huckster 14 7
1) Ringwalt dealer in stock 14 7
Jacob Ringwalt do 14 7
E Brenneman do 14 7
Harry Brenneman do 14 7
C Durnin do 14 7
Bowman & Diller dry goods 18 10 00
1) R Burkholder do 12 12 60
G C Carothers do 14 .7 00
J IV Ilanshew do 14 7
.1 Watson dealer 14 7
Jacob Enamingor marketing 14 . 7
James Bishop do 14 7
William Goodheart do 14 7
William Bishop do 14 7
Peter Hess do 14 7
Thomas Hess do 14 7
John Groaaon produce 14 7
Hoinsher & Drawbaugh do 13 10
dealer io stocic 14 7
do 14 7
1) Givlor
D Ileike
Alexander & Bro. dry goods 14 700
John ill Wegner groceries 14 7
Shoemaker & Elliott dry goods 13 10 00
KoontA & Stevick do 11 15
A High marketing 14 7
David Hoover flour 14 7
C Steviok furniture 14 7
D McCoy boots and shoes 14 7
Jacob Bomberger dry goods 14 7 00
George Cleaver do 14 7
J 3boch & Bro. do 14 7 00
Coffey & Strohm do 12 12 50
William Clark do 14 7 00
Henry ?dyers , marketing 14 7
William Hawk do 14 7
John Finley do 14 7
E Russell dry goods 14 7 00
George Russell do 14 7
1' Garber do 14 7
Jacob Beetem marketing 14 7
H Coakley dealer In stock 14 7
D Baker do 14 7
S & B Coakley do 14 7
B Plank dry goods 14 7 00
J H Murray do 14 7
H Warner huckster 14 7
Myers & Son dry goods 14
John Minnick do 14
C Mellinger do 14
Newcomer & Co. do 14
Miller & Son do 18
Cleaver & Ernst do 13
Snyder & Newcomer produce 18
Lewis & Bro. do 14
Henry Snyder do 11
J & J B Hersh do . 10
Smith & C 0... do 11
Walker & Sanderson grocery 14
Green & McClure lurn'g goods 14
Jacob, M Wagner marketing 14
P Segereis huckster 14
Noaker & Peokard do 14
Gebbert . Sc:Richter
David Black •
WWl= Alexander
Abl, Snyder-W(7o;
VT Early Carlisle 40 00
All persons feeling themselves aggrieved
by the above return, or. classification, will
have an opportunity of appealing, by calling
on the subsCriber, at the Court House in Var.
Dale, on the tith, 16th or 22d of April, after
which time no appeal will be beard. •
March 15,1865. Aferchentge appraiser.
Lettere rof. administration with the will an
nexed on the estate of Joseph Shrom, late of the bor
ough of Carlisle, deed., beve 'been issued to the eub
scriber 'residing in the same place. Notice is hereby.
given to all persona indebted to make Payment, and
those having claims to patient them for settlement to
ItELIIOOOA. 81111011,
March 17, 1855-6tl. Adniinistrattlx,
CAPITAL, 810100,000.
12,000,R.14RE5, AT $lOO EACH.
Six 'Thousand Shareq>iti the TreasOl•
to be sold, as.requlred; to raise the. necessary working
melts'. The mine la now being partially worked, with
the most promising results. .
of the Company's Stock. or so much thereof as has not
Already been been sold, are offered for sale, to raise
Toney fori_thelnipoodiate purcbaseof the most ap
roved machinery.
Pric?e .forty Dollars Per Shure.
Full Odd, and not subject to assessment.
No more than this amount Is for nate below par.—
Tills stook la offered In the utmost confidence:
, That efehave ono ef the richest Minos In Nevada;
That every share of the Company's Stock will be
worth Its time in gold within one year from this time;
That we shall be paying large monthly divldeads In
gold before the end of the year.
That there Is nothing offering at the present time in
which dellitateith and a more ado or profitable Invest
meat ; and
That !hi, funds to be raised will be ample for the fell
development of our absolutely inexhaustible mine.
leaving two-thirds of the Company's Stock still In the
The management of the Company has been commit
ted to a Board of Trustees, composed of energetic.
Christian, business meet, In whom the public may re
pose the mostimpliclt confidence.
All desired Information will be furnished upon per or written application, either by the President,
0. S. Brown. at hie oMce. 117 Front Street, by the Sec
retary, A, A. Post, Cashier of A merican National Bank,
70 and SA Broadway, or by Herman Camp, at his °Moo.
100 Broadway.
es,. Stork for sale at the American National Bank.
ALFRP.D A. POST, Sea'y. and'Treas. BßOWN. Pres't.
March 31, 11335-3 t.
12 60
7 (10
No. 709 Chestnut St., above 7th
THIS old and popular Hotel is located
in the immediate centre of businesa, and to per
sone visiting the City on matters of trade or pleasure,
It Is one Of the most desirable Rotolo In Philadelphia.
It Is convenient to all the Rail Road Depute, and easily
accessible by city cars from all parte of the City. Its
rooms me airy and spacious, and the Larder will' lie
unexceptionable in every respect. The Manager as
sures the public that no effort will be spared on his
part to make the Washington House, in all respects,
pleastint and agreeable to his guests, and he will be
pleased to Bee his old friends and former patrons of the
"States Union." Philadelphia, and to welcome many
new ones. Mr. L. R. Negley, the former office clerk atm
the Staten UnlOn, will be glad to see his old friends at
the Washington House.
I 2 50
7 00
10 00
7 00
12 60
10 00
Will cure the Diseases of ttia - TEIROAT & LUNGS,
Such en. Coltlr, C agile, Croup. Asthma, Brom:Mike
Catarrh, eore Thrum , I tom-senors, Whooping
Cough, &c. Its tamely use will prevent.
And even where this fearful disease has taken hold It
will afford greeter relief than any other medicine.
Miss Kate Vanderslice of Pottsville, says: "1 wee
benefittsd more by using the.Plueulz Pectoral than
any other medicine I ever used."
Elise ()herb oltzer, of Lionville, Cheater county, wee
cured of cough of ninny years' standing by using the
Plireolx Pectoral.
12 60
20 00
12 50
7 00
Joseph Lukens. of Hall street, Phrenixville, certifies
that he wsof cured of a rough of two years standing,
when all other medicines had failed, by the Phomix
12 60
7 00
Jac6b Powers certifies thnt he has sell hundreds of
bottles Of the Phoenix Pectoral, and that all who used
it bear testimony of ila wonderful effectli in curing
John Royer, editor of the "independent Myopia,"
having used It. has no hesitation In pronouncing it a
complete ren.edy for cough, h•arsnnoss and Irritation
In the throat.
The West Chester ".Tefiersonian" says: "We have
known Dr. Oberholtser personally a number of yearn,
and It gives us the greater pleasure to recommend his
1110(11C11,08 inasmuch as the public rarely ha , r the
benefit of family medicines prepared by a physician of
his acquirements and experience.
Dr. Oberholtser is a member of the Alumni of the
Medical Department of the University of Pennsylsa
nla, at which Institution he graduated in . 1854."
The Reading '•Uazette" says: •• This cough remedy
Is made up by Dr. L. Oberholtsor, of Pimenixville, Pa.,
and it has acquired an unsurpassed reputation in cur
ing edin;lin. It is 'cart-fully and skillfully prepared
fr. m N lid Wherry Bark and Smoke Snake Root."
Dr. Geo. B. Wood, Professor of the Practice of Medi
cine in the University of Penntiv.vania, Physician to
he l'auciVgnie Ifenpital, and one of the authors of
the United States Dispensatory, says of Sooekn Sunk.,
Root: "Its *ellen is npeelally directed to the lunge."
The proprietor of thin medicine has so much coon
& ace in Its curative powers. from the testimony of
hundreds who have used it, that the money Will be
paid hack to any purchaser who in not satisfied with Its
It IS FO pleasant to take that children cry for It.
It rests only Thirty-fire rents—large bottles
It isintonded for only ono class of diseases, namely
those of the Throat and Lungs:
Prepared only by
Phoenixville, Pa.
Sold by all Druggists and Storekeep r rs.
Johnston, Holloway k Cowden, No. 23 No , lb Sixth
Street, PhOadelphia, Dent:rat holesale Agents.
D. W.'fiross k Co., Wholesale Agents Harrisburg.
Haverstlck's Drug Store, agency for Cant to
N 11.-1 f 'your nearest druggist or storekeeper does
not keep t hrs medicine do not lot him put y,.,11 Mt with
sous other medicine, because ho mak CR more money on
it but sand at once tootle of the agents for It.
March 10, 1063—1 y
WG"itArnTlAmIrAS the
t lort Judge Icon .tthe 'IAE
severalCBo 11.
of Common Pleas of the counties of Cumberland, Per
ry, and Juniata. and Justice of the several Courts of
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery in said
countlesond Michel Cocklin and Gogh Stuart. Judges
of the Court.; of Oyer and Terminer and Jail Delivery
for the trial of all capital and other offenders, in the
said county of Guinberland, by their precepts to toe
directed, doted the ilth day of January, 11165, have or•
dared the Court of Over and Terminer and General Jail
Delivery En be holden at Carlisle on the 2d Monday of
April, 1865, ()dog the 10th day.) at 10 o'clock An
tho forenoon, to continue two weeks.
NOTICE is hereby given to the Coroner, Justices of
the Peace. and Constables of the mid county of Cum
berland that they are by the mid precept commanded
to he then and there in their proper persons, with
their rolls. records, and inquisif lons examinations.and
all other rem. mbrances, to do those things which to
their offices appertain to be done, and all those that
are bound by rerognizances, to prosecute against the
prisoners that hro or then shell be in the Jail of said
county, are to be there to prosecute them an Final be
March 10, 1865. Sheriff,
par Gare of this Line leavo the Depot 811 Market St .
Daily, at 4 o'clock, P. M.
Leave Carlisle, Daily, at 7 o'clock, A. M.
Goode Intended for this Lino should bo marked C. a
P. Daily Freight Lino, and sant In by 4 o'clock.
July 1, 1664.
7 00
GREAT Trunk Line from the North
and North West for Philadelplda, Now York
Reading, Potisville. Lebanon, Allentown, Easton de.
'trains leave Harrisburg for New York, au follows:
At 8 and 8.15 A. M. and 1.45 P. M., arriving at New
York at 10 A. 51 and 2.45 and 10 P. H.
The above normal with similar trains on Penney'.
Tanis Rail Road, and Bleeping,Carearcompany the first
two trains without change.
Leave for Reading, Pottsville, Tamaqina,Plinorsville,
Allentiown and Philadelphia at 8.15 A. M. and 1.95 P.
M., stopping at Lebanon and principal stations only.
"{Va.' , Trains stopping at all points, at 7.25 a. m. and
4.40 p. m. Returning. Leave New York at 0 a. in., 12
noon, and 7 p. m. Philadelphia at Ba. m. and 3.30 p.
in.; Pottsville at 8.60 a. in and 2.25 p. Tamaqua at
8.10 a. in. and 2.16 p. m.. and Reading at 12 midnight,
7,55 and 10.46 a.m., 1.38 and 6,05 p. m.
An Accommodation Passenger train leaves Reading
at 6.80 A. M.. and returns from Philadelphia at 4.32
P. M. ,
6 ('M
Columbia Railroad tralnaleave Reading at 6.40 and
11 a. M. for Ephrata, Lints, o.lunibla, le.
On Sundays i Leave New York at 7 p. ru.. Philedel•
plait at 8.15 P. M., Pottsville at 7.80 A. IV., Tamaqua at
7 a: m.ilfarrlabtorg S. 15 a. m. and Reading at 12 mid.
night for Harrisburg.
°amputation, Mileage. Season. School and Excursion
Tickets at reduced rates to and from all points.
luggage attacked through. 80 Pounds Baggage al.
Iciwed each Passenger.
General Superintendent.
25 CO
25 -
Nov. 25, 1864
, .
, ,.
- m Letters testamentary on the estate of Jacob 'N.
Miller, late of Upper Allan township, dec'd., have been
issued by the Register of Cumberland county, to the
aubscrlher residing in thee:tom township. - All persona,
indebted to sa'd estate will make immediate Payment,
and these having claims will present them for settle
ment to r ' - ELI Z !MUTH
rdi api,Ll3lt;
M a 10,1805—qt•
„tettoii. Teitmactiin t y MIMS° e'stitteof , Nr:Wil-
tam Meatier, late of the borough of. Carlisle, dined.;
having been 'senate the aubscrithir,• residing in the
same place. Notice la hereby given- to all persons to
make payment 'and those , having claims to present
them for mitthimentle • " • • "
~• • •
March 10,.065:.-41t*. Executor.
N. 8. , The Books belongirg to Odd., have been loft
in the hands of David Erolth, An, with whom settle
ment will be made. •
Tarshisk Sliver Mining Co.
Washington House.
Atarch 25, 1865.-1 mo
44.0.“ Fkgat-
Corner of Hanover and South Ste.
Grocery and - queens Ware Stare.
US T opened with fresh and good
Cioeds, a choice variety of every thing usually kept
In a first class non. Particular attention given in the
selection of nice eats of
China and Granite Ware,
___FibevortniG =TRACTS,
Canned and Pickled Fruits, Worcestenthire, Comber
land, and other Sauces.
Cheese. Crackers, and every thing else In our line that
a discriminating public may require. Full assort
ments of Writing Papers, Coal Oil Lamps, Queeneware.
Willow, Cedar, Stone and Earthen Wares,
kept constantly on hand.
Goods will be replenished frequently E kopt.ciean and
nice, sold at the lowest possible prices, and delivered
atany part of the town.
Please give U 8 a call. Cash paid for Country Pro•
duce. WM BLAIR & SON.
Carlisle; !Garth 3,11865.-1 m
Decline in Gold !
Decline in Dry Goods at Ogilby's Cheap
Cash Store!
AM now opening and selling Calicoes,
Mustlins, Tiehings, Gingham, Drillings, Shootings,
rabbi Diapers, and all kinds of Domestic Goods, at the
present reduced city prices and much lower than here
tofore. All dose' iptions of Dry Goods at tho very low
est price for east'. C. 0011.131 f,
February 17, 1865. Trustee.
Browning's Excelsior Coffee
Whilst trying Coffee of all the various brands.
Remember "Browning's Excelsior"—at the bead it
True, it's not like others that are " Sold Everywhere."
A little stretch, we ail tio know, good. goods will easily
(But a stretch like this—" sold everywhere"-
apt to tear )
Now, I can safely say, w'thont any hesitation.
There's none like "Browning's Excelsior" In this en.
lightened nation.
Skilled chemists have not found a Coffee from any store
Possessing the same Ingredients as "Browning's Es.
Nor in there any ono, in or out of the Coffee bade,
Who knows the articles nom which "Browning's Ex
ceisloo'S" Wade.
I'm told it's made from barley, r e, wheat, beans, and
Name a thousand other things—but the Bight One It
you please.
But with the Coffee-men I will not hold contention
For the many, many things they say—too numerous to
Whilst they're engaged in running round from store to
To learn the current wholesale price of "Browning's
Some who know my Coffee gives perfett satisfaction,
Have formed a pies by which,they hope to causes quick
The ease—'tie with a few; no doubt 'twill be more—
To name their Coffee after mine, (Browning's) Excelsior.
Some say their's the only brand that will stand a ready
Now, try a little of them all—ere which you like the
Three years have passed away since I first sold a store;
Never have I in your paper advertised before;
Nor would I now, or ever consent to publish more,
If like soma used by " everybody," " sold everywhere,"
in "every store."
A trade Ilse this I d not wish; the orders I could not
The factory all Jersey's land would take—leave not a
foot t, till.
My trade is not no very large; still I think I have my
But, reader, you may rest assured, 'tie not soil
Manufactured and for nal° by the writer,
No. 20 Market St., Camden, N. J.
This Coffee Is not composed of poisonous drugs, It
contains nothing deleterious; many persona -use this
Coffee that cannot use the pure coffee: It takes but one
and a half ouncesito make a quart of good strong cof
fee, that being just one-half the quantity it takes of
Java Coffee, andjalways less then half the price.
Retail Dealers may purchase it in less quantities than
ten gross at my prices from the Wholesale Greco's.
Orders by mall from Wholesale Dealers promptly at
tended to.
February 17, 1585-3 m
Ts fully organize() under its charter
I s
thu followinit assistant teachors :
Miss A. E. DONK F.T I BI,FIV. Assistant in Languages.,
Miss t. L. WEBSTEII, Assistant and teacher ot Vora
Mrs. K K. Ea 11, Instructor in Nl uok.
Nliss E. GRAHAM, Instructor in Drawing' and Paint
The half-yo•rly session will begin on Monday lb ,
11th of February. Terms for hoarders $lOO for 20 weeks
payable In 81.11131.0; for day pupils $12,00 for 10 weeks,
in advance. No extra charges for the languages
Music $12.00 per .p..arter. Drawing $5.0.1 per quarter
Err admiaaluu apply to lain
_ _
I=M , lll
Letters Testamentary on the estate of Mrs.
farm Kline. deed.. late of Sliepherdstown. Comb
having been issued to the sobseriber residing In Di11,,-
burg. York Co. In. Notice lv hereby given to all per
indebted, to make payment, and those having
claims to present theca for settlement to
March 17, I'ls—pit
A Le, ters Testamentary on the estate of Win. C.
Wilson. 'lced Inte of Carlisle, having been Issued
by the Register of Comb , Co., to the subscriber. re
siding in the same pine, hence Is hereby given le
all per,. na indebted to said estate to echo payment,
anti Om, hi, ing claims to present them for settle
immt to
11Inrch 17, IR(ls—fit
4Q- i• c) c e is 1 e ss
F T AVING just returned from the
11 Eastern rifles desire to Inform their patrons that
they have laid In a lats. and varied stock of New and
Fresh Goods at the lowest cash prices.
'their assortment is thorough and complete, contain
ing everything uecessaay to constitute a First Class
In greatest abundance, and at lowest rash figures.—
Syrups, Spices, Canned Fruits, QUBENSWARE and
Crockery, Salt and Heil, llama. Cheese, Crackers,
Brushes, Baskets and Willow Ware.
&gars and Tobacco,
of the choicest brands. Broome, Buckets, and a com
pleto assortment of
Don't forget the old stood, houth East corner of
Hanover streets.
Fch. 24, 1644
THE complete success of the ORNA
MENTAL COOK STOVE. warrants the subscriber
In calling attention of ad who may want a euperior
Stove, to call and examine the only Stove that has
given universal eatistoction.
let. A saving of from 30 to 60 per cent. to fuel.
2d. A.hotter and quicker Oven from the came lire.
3d. A large° Oven than any other stove pt the same
4th. The preservation of the centre piece rrom Ank
lug, saving repairs.
6th. The best Baker, Roaster, and Cook now In use
oth. A superior arrangement for cleanimr the flues
The Ornamental is warranted to give satisfaction in
in every particular, and will be shown with plosion, to
all who may call. whether Fearing to purchase or not.
Any quantity of reference given In town or country..
A few other good Cook Stoves on hand and foi sale.
Job Work, Doppor Steithing and Sheeting, promptly
attended to In town or country. All work warranted,
at she old stand formerly occupied by Mrs. Mary Moe•
ris; Ninth Ilaribver street. '
Old Copper, Daus and Pewter bought, and the high.
est price paid in Cash or Goods,
March 3,1805-1 m
We can conscientiously recommend to those suf.
ferlng from a distressing Cough, Dr. Strickland'e MOM.
fluous Cough Balsam. It gives relief almost instan
taneous, and is withal not disagreeable to the taste.—
There is no doubt but the Mellifluous Cough Balsam Is
one of the best preparations in use, and la all that Its
proprietor claims for It.,
,We have tried It during the
past week , and found!relief from a most distresalng
cough. It is prepared by Dr. Strickland. No. 6 Ease
Yourth street, Cincinnati, 0., and for sale by drugglett.
JUST received ,fro m the• great New
York Auction Salts -
3000 yards Calicoes.
2500 " White Muslims.
600 " Spring Delsinea.
8000 " Brown Muslins.
800 " 0 loghamil.
5000 " Carpets. •
011 Oloi bs, Looking Glasses, Shades, de.: •
Great Sargaint lu lloop Skirts, Linen Handkerchiefs:
Spring Mantles ' Dosquinen. Dress Goode , Drees Goods,'
&a, . 1,19111 sell the abash Goods and many others at
small advance on cost until the let of 'April.' Please
call, one door below Martlies'lntel Main street—
March 10, 1865. , _ , , IV,
_ElPlilS;;Tikiiero;• - (smokitig: and ohewi
po 04id Seger •Ilevomtlotes,Drpg .apd Book'
Notice is hereby gives that letters of Admlnise
tration on the estate of David Martin, late of Monroe
township, dee'd., have teen granted by the Register of
Cumberland County to the subscribers; Peter 'Martin,
residing in Hampden twp., and Deems Hoover,' reel-
Meg in Sliver Spring twp. All persons knowlug them-
selves Indebted to said estate 10111 make psymentand
those having claims wlll present them to -, ,
. .
March 17, 1865—et.*
11010 E SEGAREI TobAccto,,
—le Very
Rev. P. J.EitC, ltlctor or to
Mrs. A. Ii SMNAI), Principal
J. M. 811 EAR
Successor to Mn.e Morris
100,000 WATCHES,
Challis, Gold Pens and Pencils,
WORTH $500,0001
1- A LU E
Ault not to be paid until you know what you
will receive!
All to be Sold for ONE DOLLAR Eac
100 Gold Hooting Canes Watch. each $lOOOO
0 o.od Watches 60.00
200 Ladles' Watches 3500
500 Silver Watches $15.00 to $25 00
600 Gold Neck and Vest Chains 12.00 to 25.00
1000 ('hatelain and Guard Chains 5.00 to 154:0
3000 Vest and Neck Chdln■ 4.00 to 12.00
4000 Solitaire Jet and Gold Brooches 4.00t0 8.04
4000 Coral, Lava, Garnet. Sc., Brooches 383 to 8.00
7000 Gold. Jet. Opal, Sc., Ear Drops 3.00 to 8.00
5000-Gents' Breast and Scarf Pins 8.00 to 8.00
6000 Oval Band Bracelets 30) to 800
2000 Chased Bracelets 5.00 to 10.00
3500 California Diamond Pins and Rings 2.50 to 8.00
2000 Gold Watch Keys 2.50 to 6.00
5000 Solitaire Sleeve Buttons and Studs 2.00 to 8.00
3000 Gold thimbles 4.00 to 6.00
5000 Miniature Lockets 2.00 to 700
3000 Miniature Lockets, Magic 4.00 to 14.10
2500 Gold Toothpicks, Crosses, &a 2.00 to 6.00
3000 Fob and Ribbon Slides 2.00 to 5.00
5000 Chased Gold Rings 2.00 to 5.00
4000 Stone Set Rings 200 to 6.00
8500 Seta Ladies' Jewelry-Jet and Gold 5.00 to 15.00
8000 Sets Ladies' Jewelry-varied styles 3.00 to 15 00
8000 Gold Pens, Silver Case and Pencil 400 to 8.00
4000 Gold Pens, Ebony, Holder and Case 6.00 to 10.00
6000 Gold Pens, Mounted Holder 2.00 to 6.00
AU the goods in the above List will be sold without
reservation, for ONE DCOLtAR EACH. Certificates of
all the rations articles are placed In:similar envelopes
sealed and mixed. Thetu envelopes will he sent by mall,
or delivered at our office, withent regard to choice. On
receiving a Certificate, you will see what article it rep
resents, and It is optional with you to vend one dollar,
ond receive the article named, or any other In the list
of same value.
By this mode we give selections from a varied etork
of floe goods, of the beet make and latent etyles, and of
i ntrinsic worth, at a nominal price, while all have a
chance of accusing articles of the very highest value.
In all transactions by mail we charge fir forwarding
the Certificate, paying postage, and doing the business
26 cents each. Fire certiOcates will sent for $1; Elev..
eft for two 02; Thirty for $6; shtyOre for $10; and
One Hundred the $l6. •
We should supply your wants; our 63111011; are unsur
passed; our work of unrivalled excellence; our promisee
punctually ob d. Our central location brings no
near the most remote points.. Our goods are new from
the manufhatnrers, and of the , latest and most desire.
ble styles. The goods must be told, and the terms are
unequaled. All articles oradred are forwarded by return
We guarantee entire satisfaction in every initance,
and If there 'Mould be any person dissatisfied with any
article they may receive, they will Immediately return
it, and the price will be refunded.
'..ACIENTS.+Dre allow those rioting as Agents Ten
Cents on each Certificate ordered, provided their remit,
tame amount to One Dollar.
They will ocilect 25 rents ror every Certificate, and;
retaining 10 cents, remit to us 15 cents for each.
Addrear p.
Mu. 8.-4 m
203 Droadwity, Now York
passed for Whiteness, 'Pine Olen, Durability,
iririnness, and evenness of surface.
PURE LIBERTY - LEAD—Warranted to weir more
,surface for same weight than any other. Mini— , '
Try it and you will liana no other!
selected Zinc, ground In Rallied Lineeed 011, une
qualed In quality, always the same.
warranted to do more and better work at a given coat
than any other—Oet tho Beet!
Menniactured at Pennsylvania PAINT & OOLOE
WORKS. Orders executed promptly by
Wholesale Drug, Paint and Glass Dealers.
030, Store & Office, No 137 North.THIRD Street,
Marsh .24, 1865-Iy.
oficoffer for sale a valuable farm situate
within two miles of Carlisle, containing 176 Amos
late Land, of which 40 acres are meadow, well set
with Timothy.
The improvements are a new
.. IttV irai ' , 70 by 40 feet, a two story plastered
.. '"iz , ...,-..,:-- -House and out•bnildings. The land
is in a good state of cultivation, under good fences and
well watered.
Terms to suit tho Tiurehoser, and poseeesion given
immediately If desired For further partfoulara in
quire of
O. P. 1111MRICII,
March 17, 1835-3 t. Carlisle, pi.
air Lancaster Examiner copy 3 times and kind bill
to this oMce.
Important to Millers- and Mill Owners.
yler's Improved Iron Water Wheels.
Patented July 1855-56-58.
THE following are some of the advan
tages over all other wheels:
eying the beat percentage of power for the Water
lie durability, and it is not likely ro got out of re•
Wrung In all Pella, out of hack water with tlie eame
It is not obstructed by anehor.lcoor other substances
with a suitable raok.
It is adapted to high heads !LP well es low.
It is the steadiest running and eissiest regulated wheel
In use.
It Is suitable for all kinds of merckin cotton and
woolen textures, Grist, Saw and Paper &a.
Thesubscriber having the Patent Right for Cumber
land mild Perry Counties, parties in want of a valuable
motive power are requested to Inform themselves f urth
er by applying to my agents, Mr. Jona E. Atiesitsett,
Mlitwright, Roiling Spri age, or Messrs. Gsatorsa & Co.,
Carlisle. Mr. Anderson has put In a largo number of
these wheels, and understands how to put thorn In so
as to give them the most, power.
Messrs. Gardner & Co, are at all times prepared to
furnish (tearing suitable for the Tyler wheels.
It. S. /ILA YINIAR ER, York, Pa.
March 24, 1866
Irenango and Clarion County, Penna
Par Veln• of _Each Share. One Dollar.
Subscript ion Price, ZS Cents per nue
sm. All taxes due the Commonwealth
will be retained in the Treasury—ea
President, GEORGE YOUNG,
Treasury, G. F. WORK k CO.,
Banker., No. 48 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
Mining Superldieudent, N ELSON GUYER.
V. J. Byrne, Thomas R. Bigelow, George Young, a.
Ramsdell, of Oil City, Hon. Amos Illyere, George R. I
tus, O.R. Durham, Eeq.
Office of the Company, No. 632 Walnut Street,
No. 11, Philadelphia.
Subscription. by letter directed to olcintas TOON°,
President, Ne. 48 South Third Bt., will be promptly
attended to.
Each and every subscriber to the stook of this emu
pony, becomes p.rt owner of the lands and wells,
thereby receiving an equal share of all the profits.
both of which are nearly complete, and give every in
dication of being 1110 WELLS, as already several FINE
dently believed that within thirty days the company
will be receiving Oil from both these wells.
trit,. It la a matter of congratulation to be able to
state that nearly one-bolt of tha stock has already Limo
secured einco the firdt a,i nouncement on Saturday
mornin , leaving but a little over 200,01. 0 shares yet
to be taken.
The b-uslp and producing interests of the Public Pe
troleum Company are altuated in the heart of the oil
realon of Vonango and Clarion counties, Including por
tions of the well-known localities of E ct Bandy Cree
Cherry Run, Cherry Tree Run, the Clarion river and
Schull's Run, now under process of successful develop
No I consist. of a tract of 100 acres In fee simple ,
known as the Sigworth Varm, situated bast Sandy
Creek. There are two rune, both tributaries of East
Sandy Creek, passing through it. A gee t portion of
it is flat boring territory, and there is room enough
for over one hundred wells. This track is but a short
distance from the East Sandy well, which is said to
flow two hundred barrels per day. There are two
large coal veins opened on this propertyomil fifty
acres is heavily with oak and chestnut. A.
well is to be sunk immediately on this property.
No. 2 consists 0:124 acres, in fee simple, in Rockland
township. Venting° county, Pa. It is oneand a half
miles from the Allegheny river. This farm has an
abundance of bituminous cant on It. The greater part
of it Is tint boring territory. Scholl's Run passes di
rectly through it. Several oil companies are organised
near this farm, and are now developing their lauds.—
On this tract lenses can he given to responsible parties,
and several wells will be sunk immediately without
espouse to the Company.
No 3 consists of four acres, In fee simple, In the greet
011 Basin of the Clarion river, about one tulle below
the Deer Creek well, and a short distance Above the
Alum Rock well.
This is a very choice piece of land, and It le all sus.
ceptible of being operated upon.
Wells are to be sunk immediately on this property.
No 4 consists of a one-sixteenth working interest in
a lease on the Lamb Farm, Cherry Run, Venango Co.
Pa, on which there is one well going down It has
already reached the depth of 860 feet, and has struck.
.ome One shows of oil. There is no doubt but that
this will be a good well, and the Company, in a Short
time, be receiving oil from this interest
The Lamb Farm is between the Reed well and the
Humbolt Refinery, and Ie the beet territory on Cherry
No. 5 consists of a one-ehtteeath working interest fa
a lease on Cherry-Tree Run Venango county, Pa., 011
which there Is one well going down. It has reached
the deprh of three hundred feet, and promises to be
good well. In a short time the Company will be re
ceiving oil from this interest also. There are good pro
ducing wells both above and below this lease.
The books lbr subscription open at the office of the
Company, No. 632 Walnut Street, Room No. 11.
Subscriptions, by letter through Post Office, should
be directed to the office of GEORGE TOTING, No. 48
South Third Street, and will receive prompt attention.
Remittances can be made by draft. express, or eagle•
tared letter. -Government Bonds and Securities taken
in payment for stock.
GEO. YOUNG, President,
J. HARRY 13011RACIIC, Secretary and Treasurer...
March 24,105-6 E.
Great Bargains In Jewelry.
WFORSYTH . & CO., 42 & :44
. Neuman St., New York, (ed,tolang the WO
Ofke,) otter for Bale the fol lowing Magolaeont Ltd of
Watches, Chains ; Jewelry, sc.,
Valued at $500,0000; EACH ARTICLE ONE DOLLAR,
and oot tube paid tbr onttl you know, what POO
aro to get.
150 Gold and Sliver Watches, from $l5 to $lOO each.
200 Ladles' Gold Watches, 'BB5 00 mud, • •
500 Ladies' and Gent's Sliver Watches, 4115 00 each.
8,500 Vest and Neck Chains $5 00 to' 10 00 nub •
6.000 Gold Band Bracelets, 8 00 to 10 00 - each .
8,000 Gamer, Mosaic Jet Breams 400 to 6 00Warb.
4,000 Lava and Florentine Brochos, 400 to 600 each.
4,000 Cameo Ear Drops, 4 00 to 6 00 each.
4,000 Lava at Florentine Ear Drop, 400 to 600 each
4,000 Coral Ear Drops, 4 00 tO 8 00 MeV
Ma and.
Pine, 2 60 toe 00 eaelk •
3,000 Watch Heys, 2 00 to 600 each.
8,6000 Fob and Ribbon Sltdes, 26060600 each.
8,600 setts of Bosom Study, 2 60 to 6 00 each.
8.500 Sleeve Buttons, . . •250t0 8 00 each.
6.000 Plain and Chatted RIM. 260 t 0,5 00 each.
6,000 Masonic and Stone Set Itlngs,'2 60 to 1000 each.
5 000 Lockets, ~ 260 to 000 each.
6.000 Callfer'a Dimond Plne Binge 800 to,t) 00 each.
8.000 Ladles' Gold Pencils, 2100 to d OO each.
2,000 Ladles' Large Belt Bookies, 200 to 400 each.
10,000 setts Lediete Jewelry, . 00. to 1000 each.
10,005 Gold Pane, silver trit'd holder., 4 00 to 5 00 each
10,000 Gold Pens, silver ext'n Cases
and.Penells, ' .4 00 to 500 eat 4.
The articles in his steak of Jewelry' erect the neatest
and most Fashionable style& Certificates of nil the ca.
.rlons articles are put in sealed envelopee and, mixed,
that; giving all a 41r chance, and soot by,. mall for 25
conts,each; and on the receipt of the certificate, it le
.at youvoption-to.send OI,VE DOLLAIL and take thu sr.
ticlo named In It, or net. Five certificates, $1 ; eleven
..$2; thirty, $6; sixty-five; $10; one hundred.. 4115.
Certificate money to le enclosed with the order. Cof.
respondence promptly answered. '
We wish lt distinctly understood that our business
le no Lottery. The object of this manner of stilling de , -
to give purchaser. the opportunity of buying %Jewelry
et the wholesale prime, with the chance of 'getting a ,
Watch or Some Other valuable • article; and;
sent, not satisfactory, can be returned andllt
wilt be refunded. . •
AGENTS wanted In every totros s #l 4 o*
fbr Circular. Address, 403C,4:,
: ,rstand 44 Nagged 1 , 3 F.; 20'1'19°6
ESORIPTIONg oftiefollyoompoin.
dod ItaviiitioroTrutand Book etrom