Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, July 15, 1864, Image 1

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1 Squash 1 insertion 76 ctn.
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1. . " 3 a $1.60
For over; a.lilltionsi iusdrtion. 25cts.
Advertisomonts_cotftlining more than ouo square,
11 per Ptquare toeitireo insertions.
Mau Ea Notices. $2,00.
.Auditors "
Protwislorml co without ppm., 6.00
Id orcto tile advertisointint, „wren:alum 15.00
Local notices, 1.0 cts p, line.
Ipß PRINTING.—Our Job Printing Wien Is the
largost and inwt c.anglete e:t.tblishment In till
Onun y. Four good Pressos, and a geuorol variety of
material suitod Gar plain and Fancy work of every
kind, ensblos up: to do Job Printing at tho shortest
notice, and on the most reasonable Coma. Noticing
In want of Dills, Blanks, or anything In the Jobbing
line, Neill End it to their Into rant to give us a call.
Prero.lont —Amy In klt LINCOLN.
\ leo
fi,retary of —Wu. 11. : 4 1,W kltt+,
.....,,tot„tiry of Interior— [No. I'. Until. 0,
ricerPt.try . 01 liriti.ury—\\]f. I'. FENSENDeN,
deertltary 01 ‘Cor—l Owls M. STA NT,.N ‘
Secretory or N.ry•-(1111 , 1 ISt Lt cam.
goat a4a~ter (leneriil—MONTOoME l,l,
' 14 , .1.(J 4E41'00 011.1,0 S 11 'VANE-7
rirvornor—Astm ENV 0. er I:7l`f,
Sofro ury rpf rztair—FLl
Surveyor iienrral—.l , orru.. -11111 H ,
A Ildit./V 0 "I 11 , I. I`,
Attrunny ; 1 11,6,1 i:. )1 . 111.1.Y.DITEI.
Adjurer, - 114•" 'oral—A I, RI
State 1 ruasurvr— II T )10onn.
winfJu tic ortho ziuprono Court—Oro, W.ltionn
Pre•Ciden't Judle—llon James 11. Ornharti.
ARserinle udgos—Lion. Michael C4ml;lln, Hen
/high t , tn.rt
Dbarict. .t tornoy—J. W. D. °Melon.
ProoJuotar.,—alauol Shiretnan.
Cio,rl; no I Roc ,r,ler —Ephraim. Cortionn,
Ruj(lstor—Moo W. North.
Ruth shoriar—. l . Thomp.o.,
Cowl ty arm-- flnn ry S. hitt or.
Cor mar —ll.teld `,,trAtti
C , )1111cy Comm IMX101) era—Michael Kast, Joh° 3I
Cny. •ait , holl
Soporlo , endent of Poor Ti.llce—llecry Snyder.
Phy{l'il, to Jail —Dr. W. W. pain.
Physician to Poor II oiqo---1)r, W. W. Dale.
r,o uu 1 U!'PIUERs
('higf nurpss— A iztrent R Zie4lor.
Am.trl t 0,/ sr t
Wart—.t I). 'Rhin .1 -
J I/. Vlllnlun tecozso \% on zel
We-t tot— Pax E. on. A. ea h
f3rl. Jai. 11 l'trAer, .I.u. U. tl VreAltlept, or
G.,o,lart into.
Ht c ul.Jtourtulo zap) ut.l Olpu Pra Conztablo
A u 1,4' %tart...
autt11:111. A95:9L8 t ASSOSSOI 9, 3110
Mt,/ ./0 , ) 8.
Au lit ramoron.
t ',111,t,•, I:lllpobnart. Wont Culla ,
t 01 rd A 0,101. \\ eat Itl,l, ('htv
A. S altlt. Wo.t, *1 eozunz zltreotlt:Jun
, tpze. \V,I..y II , lutclin no
,lut tz /1 "1 . l//It I, op mnalor, Davl I Smilli,
Abr, Othalf. hint 11 dc Jihb
Luul) Listlcors—.2l.l li. Si n 14..1,,
First Preshytorlan Church. Northtroat nutTle nf e'en.
tru 6.1•11. - e. Ito• Uo „'ayP. Win: 1.a...t0r • - iery tr.
eery Butttlay Morning at IL o'clock, A. M., ant/ 7
10°t..141C • P. IL
htlC.oll I Presbyterlin Chun h. cnrurr of South
over 3111 l't1:11Ifet. JOl/11 U U Its. I . llSii,
C0.11,1401.,C0 At II o clues,, A. 31.. uud 7 rfc.och
Y. M.
M. John's Churt , h, (Prot Epl:coval) nortl;.gt angle
or ,outto 'quart,. ,time'. ttector.
.. t t II .1.. o'clortt. I' V.
1..(11:11 I.uthttrsn Chun I:. l!..dt rd. noisy..,,,
a „ :„ r"•+ rt.,v .11 •an t'ty, our
5 ,, et. t t. II ..'..lock A. 11 clock M.
t1C1.111121 /{llfOrilled church 1.•ottlor. s ottv en lien
nver ~,tPitt. •Irek.a net. ti Pasts,.
ordc u at II to'clovk A. M. t oot s , ~•,.1,,, M.
M nh slit (ttr,t 4 -harp') kkrnor 1.1 Main
ant Pat 'tens IteV. thollletlf
virr,3 it I 1 k'clorr k A. M. and 7 n dock l' sla
tltt,ho 1 tit E Chur, it lerr,nrd char.:.) it ov. S,
r..,111111. l'asinr. so Einar) M I.Churchtti II
o'cl . rer, 1 Al nil 1 . „51.
r!tt ir It or rt S i•st c ,rnor of ll'tott t. 11051
anti t'n.turl Arley. like. It te Itr , k. Pri-ter .
t U.ttholi ki rch Pone fp et near F.artrt
Bev Past tr. :+ertoc.... t •y other :rat;
bath at 10 rikinck. Snort at 3P. 11.
ttor:n Church, corner t Pomfret and
tt n tttr a. Iles ; tta.e, horsicet al
II o'clorl. It. .1.
tl.l/..kt nett elllngex in ttrk n'rrren Ora nneessdry thu
proper persona drat n1.1'104.041 to rn,ti
• lf , u - tnan 11.Julinson, D. 11., Prosi,f,.n. and P r o
mnral ,ciunco. ' '
11,111-no 0. Wilson, A. M., Protestor of Nato, al
8.1..0 co anti Curator o the Mu•outu.
Roy. Ll•lsn . nll, A 11., Profossor of the
ro,it no.] inropto Iron gout,.
Statunl. D Ltalltht, A. M., Prole sor of '1401o:oat-
Jahn K. St.trat , A.. li., Profehaol ci the Latin and
.1,11,1 It. It hrn, LL. I) . PrafeaF., of Law.
}tor. Ilonly C. ell.ita,a, A. Lt Itclp it ,r the
grata 'tor ,rllO , l.
Johu (loud, .isstatant In the Grammar 8c11..01.
BOARD t ) ! iluol, DI REcTuas
Jame, .I,niltun, Pro!daunt. IT . Snxton.
E. Gorntu in C. V flunwrictl. C. Wu...11,4rd, du,.
W. h;by, l'osasurur,lotin r4Jh.r, :11e/umngur. Mei t on
the I.t ‘1,11.y of udeid Muuth AL a o'n luck. I. 31, nt.
Edurition 11,111.
C V. 1.141. DEPOVIT llork rt. M. dander
n , n, W. M. I.l.,teuuClinh .1 I'. 114,10 r and C. 11. Plehlt.r
W. M.. l'ltlalor. Clerk, J no. Uwierwoo.l .Nun
von ogor Diruu into. It NI 11
Wout ward. Sklles Woo.nuru. Mon., Bricker.
Zut, W. W. Dale, Jana U. litr,ta,s, Jo,opu J. Luz/0 , ,
Jur, Siu.trt, jr.
Fla .r tit ills 1L O Otst..—Prosi dent. Samuel II oph urn
Ca 41rr. J . U Holler, roller, Abner 0.
le • ger, J.INNO Brown Will Her, J.phu
Wuuds, John C. Dunlsp, .s lee lift,. 11e141311, John e.
BLoriett, Licphurn, Direclura.
CLlMaallti ND VALLEY 10011.1t0 no COSY
Fratiorla:k 6uvrotar and haward
M. 11,d .apelintuodont, O. N. Lull. Pass,ngs
trains three thaw, a day. Girlish , Aceoultna atiun..
Etstward, leaves Carhiole 5 %5 A. arriving at Car
lisle SDI P. 31. Th rou2;11 trolo E.Lward, lu.lo A. M.
and 2.12, p. 51. Westward at 9.27, A. 31., and 255 I'.
CARLISLE 414 AND WAI En COMPANY.— Prenldont, Lon ,
uel 't'reasurer, A. L. ; rS uperili tuudopt
U.orp N lee: 11, reeL F. to, W In. M. Ilne tool,
Pr, NI. 111,15110., henry Saxton. it C. OS ou.iwArd, Jtdiu
Jr. dratwa, F. Lextrauur, nu,' Joins Clauyboll.
soci ET IE6
Cumberland Stu Lodge No, HIT, A. Y. M. meets nt
Marlon Null on thu Ithl ulna 4th toustltipt IA et ery
ht J ato's Lodt:o No. 260 A. Y. M. Moots 3,1 Thurs
tl.ty of onna nthith, at. Alarloo Itch .
e.,11,1. 6.1,0 ul t. U of U. F. Moots Mouthly
evoiltug, u 0'd
ThO VnlOn Piro Company wa organized In 179'1.-
110os. 111 lmuthor between 1.1 , t and liamovur.
'fan CuuloormuU Fire Comp Ley was 114l , utsed Feb
itinr. I.l.Juso iu LimitUrU, netamau alaln feet
Good WM Fire Company was loatitutod In
March, 1835. !louse In !'omu.•t, mar liana or
Tun ampito IL ma and Ladder Cumpany was institn
tud 111 18. d. Mouse in Put, tutu - 31.1111.
Peetage en nil totters or 0110 half ounce weight or
undoy, 3 eooto pre old. ,
P , otalt , On he Lie:KALI) 'el thin the County, free
'Within thu *tato 13 tout% per aunuut. T. , any tout
of ttio United St.ttee, 21 emits l'ostage on all trait
Flo it ptpors. 2 cools per ounce. AdY ortioud lottery IA
with e,lot, of ad vortiel ag•
AirG 11E101A N, Attorney at Law,
uArnme, ro. Aort dont to the Ileratld 0111 c
o 1.1804-Iy. •
,T,AAIES A. DUNBA Attorney at
01 'Law, Carlisle, Pa. 011irn on the south side of the
t Gunn thaws, adjulhhi% the - straw Loan Priulluv,olllc,o."
1, 1%1-Iy.
M. NVEARLY; Attorney at -Law,
j • myk u y ou y.outb, Uauover otruot, trlJololuit lb
.1 udgo tluthoot. All prOteraional buoluoa on
trustod to blm Nlll bo promptlrottuuttud
July /,
`AbIUEE:•L V 147.1 . N, Jr., Attorney
a, Law. -Hike with Hon. &Mud Hepburn, Alain
tit i.;arliale Pa,
July 1, .18e4..
IJFIJS. E. SHAPLEY, Attorney at
he w„ Carilsio.Pa. Attends to 'securing and
)eoto So:diurs' Pay, Bounties. and Windom. Mee
on South Hanover Street, opposite nouta's Store.
July l, 1813.
1 1 .A.W OAltl).—_CH A R LES J. MA.-
ottuthit,lN, Attornoy at Law. Wilco la labotra
buding,juet'oppealte the Market Ileum°.
July •1;• llittie—ly, - 1
frtnirgaroti, Attorney at bay;
Om on North Hanover stmt., a foti doors
north of 011 Pa hotel. All bualneue outrubtod to blw
.will ha Promptly attended to:
July 1,1864-
4 -05.,„,,11 it ITN Ell, Jr. i - Attorney . il.t .
Law and Surveyor. hb.ehanleabur,{, Pa: Oldeion
Y 11 Itoad Street, two doors north of the Dank,
.tim.llualoaa promptly attended to, ' • •,:
July 1,1814, ' .. • • . .-- • • , '
romlialitroot row doori, •
b io ui
ow Bth , ;
VOL. 64.
RHEE . k & WEATCLEY, Editors & Proprietors
The scar poetry ban prod aced few, if any, n,r re
tmli.tilug hea t h at M 141,111011 A, :111(114 . 1.1163 nna
tr urlLl ly illus tla tled 111 .• 11101,1'a Weulay."
A, Plt I L 20, ISCI.
Throe years ago to-day
Wo raised our hands to Heaven.
And 1111 tile relic of muster
Our names wore thirtN•Ceven,
There were just a thousand bayonets,
And Ch., swords were thirty•seYeu,
As we tools the oath of sei vice,
With our right hands raised to Heaven
Oh, 'Owns a gallant day,
In memory still SAO/ oil,
That day ol our son bright nuptials
Ilb lb , tuu4ket and tbo sword!
Shrill rang the tiles, the buEles blared, '—
And beneath a cloudless Ilcayen
Twinkled a thousand bayonets,
And the sw ,- ;,41.e. earn thirty-seven.
Of the thoczt,nd stelwtltt bayonets
Tiro 111211W - 0d march to d.ty
Ilund,vds Ile in Virginia swamps,
A Lid hundieds lu Nary land clay t
And other hUlldeedi, lose happy, ding
Their ,hittored liml s around,
And envy the deep, long bles,ed sleep
01 the battle-tiald's holy ground.
For the svr.,r,la—,nne night, a "eel ago,
like remnant jut.t
GanL,•rud 1.1. q u.lnti board
NI lilt ,eat, fur Chilly e.est, ;
Thera wart) i 111 4/11 CrUt
dud ta - tt had atoll but a baud
To p.,ur tho of r FLI d ri co the cup
As e‘• ~tur Flag tied Laud I"
And the ro..rn seemed ll:ted RI h ohlFp,rs
Ax we 1.4.4,1 at the V cant t.e.stn, rho tildn4 to.ll
1140 Lin t:lste 11.1,1 t• :
Theo ill Nilo I,U wo 1.1,111,11 U our gl.o.sun
Ae ne to ,e up ju,t
Au bow d we dr4uh to the loved:ma dead
Who hod wade us tbirty3t,
Light and Shadow.
You WO. jua 4t. by wha' pni rue,
Oltuti latl tojod e te ar! 0 11t.;
Eta, Ltre tt.;:ottily,
lo II u itty ii; Ulu ottritt ;
All tt Lla . ), thol Ito 0 ,,c041,1
Ity tho glory of the n un;
Itut at 000 tlivy 01)11., ruTen.l.l
In tt.c 32110, 01.0 by ode.
tl+ .113 - Il,rht of a sm ile,
May but the litinian face,
lli I log 'Or a lat ,
care. toll toy 's trace;
8", Oh louls (If WW
O'er a happy fare arii.o,
81111 b.•ni.ath bra 0.00 , S W
St. , I joy fU getitla eycs.
Life U arched changin,4, slslog
I:2trell ate they ,Ilat 007. seem,
Smil•s we have nr d al,O
%0 1.114. w, I'll},
Looh henaath the out, ar•l show,
To the ahado, or tIo llaht :
And. hum w hat you surely Luau - ,
Learn to toe and jud.:o
:tlll' , Mll3faß,
It was a tlitittetive title, which was al
most as much her name as the Antoinette
i ns cribed upon her hapzistnal rogi,tter.—
People talked of the bcaut:ful Mit-s I tam,
mend, the talented Mits Hammond, and
the Ober one ; or varied this by the bru•
nette, the blonde, and the other one; and
[ am sure all the large circle or aoluain
tancee who thus di:•tinguit,hed them 'e ill
ridicule the idea 01 tnakin; a heroine out
of "ille other one."
Looking at her upon the dreary Ise
cember night which opens my :duty. you
will see there is but little outivardly to
mark her as fitted fur the post. The plem
der little figure so neatly draped in pretty
blue tnerino; the glossy braid of brown
hair, with no flower or jewel to decorate
their prolesion ; the delicate complexion,
soft brown eyes, and swept mouth, are
each graceful and winning; but glancing
from her to her sisters wbo stand
near her, you admit their advantrt,ges.—
Leonie, the tall, superb brunette, in her
black ;ace dress, gleaming here and there
with crimson knots of rib Lon, her hair
drooping low arid crowned with CHUM. n
fluwers, is Juno like and bewildering in
her regal beauty, while Lccy, the blonde,
tall too, but exquisitely ethereal in her
floating; robes of white with starry jismine
twisted in her short curls, is only second
to Leonia in loveliness. Mamma, tall
and dark, with worldliness written un ertr)
feature of her handsome face, is In gala
dress, too, fur to-night one of the crown
ing festivities of the season is waiting the
art ival of the Misses Ilatuntond, tool Ills.
lathwond ahvaysueootnpunies her daugh
core. Nuttio ut cuurso, was iuvited, but
Nettie don't oaro much fur parties, and
hue chosen to wait at Loom fur papa ; for
papa being:a physician in full practice, has
a fashion of pupping in all sorts of ecaeo•
trio hours, and Nuttie has noticed that he
seems to relish the coffee or dinner wore,
when she hovers about him to pay per,
Sonal attention to the sugar or salt ipies-
tion, to ask questioneol the day's dutiesj
to pepper his dinner with ruffling uneo
dotes of bottle ; or sympathise with him
over some newly discovered case of die•
tress Leonia and buoy have declared it
a horrid shaine that she won't go; her
mother has added that Nettie bus queer
notions,,aud she has her own way in the
As soon as the carriage rolls away with
the party goers, Nettie tidies the pretryi
sitting-room and'takes out her knitting, a
pair - ,of yonderldl crimson and brown
comforts for pa'pa's wrists. She has .not
long to knit, tor,laj nine o'olook she hears
iho gig drive up, and tosses, aside the
needles and wool, to fly down ,titairs to
'greet her f l ather.'
•,,, "Cootie in' tho sitting-1.61am, papa," she
Cries drawing blrn l forward :"it is so nice,
and I have told Martha to bring up. yotir
_ _
ill V . 1,
a (r I
- Ili
„,... .
supper, you won't have to go down again."
"Rost all out ?" nsks the doctor
''Yes ; gone to Mrs. Mosely's, the large
party, yo'.l know, that wo had cards for
last week "
"Why didn't you go ?"
"Oh, I didn't care for it. Three of us
are enough, and when Leo and Lou are
there they won't miss me. Oh, faller, Leo
was superb to night; the had her hair
dressed in the new fashionl with crim-)nn
flowers all woven in aU'ong the braids,
and dooping on the neck. She wore
grandma's diamonds, too, and her dress is
Very becoming "
"You tihould have gone; Martha can
wait upon we
Yet while he slid it, Abe father knew
that Martha's fingers could never arrange
a tray, oqemptingly, never wait upon him
so thou . , ..itrully and noitelessly, Martha's
voice wake such music in 'the day's la:
tigue and anxiety.
''Anil now', papa, while you eat, your
supper, Want to read you a story Lou
wrote to day. One of her gems, with the
ettiest ~ i )1).! verses introduced. I — ou ate
nut too tired ?"
li . .c n twit!...,o
o lain •to rceail to alwr It)ve, or a
it of tt) oat. I unto
[-ie.. liat. IUM al'ru l t.) tas p,ur d
Ain't it lu, cty ?" Ste .saia, far. A stranger''
he i , roud lather Iv:1s never too tired
to adwire Lucy's. graceful :dietches , nrr
the stuffy' was read and udwirLd to Nett:e•r
~ull satir , ;Lic; ion
ded Ihe iipt.;^4. I ttlii So t imud uf Jul )
It is su nice when 1 straugeis wun
\vliu 1,. 11. ia, t.: that's
-istcr, and to have such a &lc:lulls t""1.
itorAtry U Ii
-Ahd 110 W tell we w!iat
. 3-ou Lace Lech
doing ull day
"Ail : , urts of' things. I helped Lou
little by copying her artiele.l (.Jr her. and
1. made the ki.ots of diesF,
111a11111i:L ' S gloves, and concocted
that chicken pie you arc eating, and di,,
a uf odds and cu.'s, nuthiriz, mud/. '
Are 3ou tut (ir,d to•t(ad mu thir,lll
- in the ? fly e}e. arc stiwv
d.zz!vd, and I. shuuld I,ke tub, ar whai
t.hiB fulluw hay to say—lti,, tic
d •
"1 am sure he reeuurucud=greeD sp(c
reeled fur Jucturs who Brno about wi
lit seuit. the w papa, lu you - up
put.° any duetur ever praeticed Nvti
'4l don't know, dear, I'm s :urc ; T h h oU ld
pruLably preach very loudly at any ol In)
patients %%flu salt t.iroog e utioe a,
this in the veninr:, ur who ate ) ht3 eggs'
as 1 au [Line, to peel'; et lulkts.
If um Su glad you urn gLitig Out
ttlid -Nettie, as 11-1- lather donned
Bret lull utvn „,„i s lp r and snuck
an attitude, peuuliar to tired decturs, up-
on the sulk--though,•she added, thought
fully, "it must pay for being tired, to
comfort so many poor sick folks as you du
“.Ind to have such a nice little girl to
make one lazy," said her father. "You
are light, Nettie; the power to soothe a
SUilrl or, to cow fort a mourner, to aid its-
Lure to res:ore or smooth the Lath to the
grave, is a gift Cod sent, fur which I give
him humble and hearty thanks. 1 was
sent for to day to the C lluttl, to
prescribe fur a gentleman, a stranger here,
who fell upon the ice, wed has gut an ugly
cum pound fracture to keep tutu a prison
er fur a limg time Ile is all alone, his
family being in Calif,miitt o and I really
think was more grateful for an hour's
chat than for all my bandages and splints."
"I should say the chat was decidedly
the wort agreeable. Pour fellow %V ho
Who is he?
"You'll find his c trd in my coat pock.
Not that-1)0r that—ilatt's it:"
"Leol.sra Why pp, that's
Leonard Williams.
deur ?"
"But., papa, you remember Ilarriet
imp un ?"
"I es, dear," said the bowildeted duo
or, ;oohing at. Nettie's flushed cheeks.
"11 ho went to. California three year,
ago with her father, and married John
Cults. Well, her father inurrica the wid
ow of the great banker,
and she wrote that Leonard, the only son,
was cowing here on his tour through the
States. You wust Lave heard Leo talk
you know, dear, I don't hear
Leo talk touch. As she never owes
down to breakfast, and is out every ci•cu
ing, and as I um away all day, there ,is
not lunch chance of her telling we the
news. that l renuetober Liattie very well.
So this is u connection of hots."
sue him. Ili.' faiherleft him un immense
fortune, and he is ,ono of the moat suo
cessful lawyers in San Francisco. Hattie
describPS.hiin us about as near perfection
as one of Lou's heroes."
"Ho s rather uflne looking fellow, with
large, 1 rank eyes, that look straight at one,
ari'd he !las. 'a good, clear voice, too as if
he was ashamed of nothing he had to say.
Ho a hero! Well, ho won't captivate a
heroine just yet. Nettie, for his arru is iu
a bad way. Now, - the - liancei,"
The long, able 'artiele . wati road and
criticized, and quite ti; perceptible iinpres
sion wade upon the knitting toforo the
doctor'and INTettio concluded tesoelLtlioir
respective apartments,' and if there' had
beenonelingering regreton"Nettio's wind
gar ty 'she bad, lost, het.
father's warm kiss and "God bless you,
darling," quite' drove. it away. •
"Why, pa,pl, all the gide are °rev to
The next morning, Leonard Williams
was fully discussed attho brealrfa3t-table.
I,conie and Lucy were still dreaming of
the conquests of the previous evening,
but Mrs. 'Jaen:mad decided that the
mt:st, be their guest. The doctor
was only too glad to offer his hospitality
to the stranger, and :11rs. Hammond Pally
appreciated the' "chance" • thrown in her'.
way. Leonia and Lnoy were much toe..
fascinating for a refndent in the house to'
leave whole, and visions of the sttani4-
cr's immense wealth danced in fascinat
ing profusion through intiallna's bran
asshe dressed fur the ride to the C
Hotel to offer her motherly care to Lem
lie was up and dressed when the doc
tor entered the rooin, but there was a eon
traction of 1:p and brow, a deadly paller
and weary expression that told of acall
pain, bottle quietL. To say that he ac•
cepted the doctor's invitation gratefully,
gives but a feeble idea of the glow in 1)3,s
cheek, the light in his eye:: that es.pres.l
- his pleasure. A hove.
"We can all feel independent enoty
when wo are 11.211, duct, C," he said -
-Not ar ull, the wfluen lo!ks have
CP. , :red ;ffi old Iriuu 1. You C,y Ii
Coles spea!: of the 11..T.t.-
toU'i la."
urtlion ! I.).)vcci!. !ii
[Arun! 3.1 h-s
lnnrcd cve:i to 1131lie ' S evutent the X.
btOreti 31i-s. Lucy. :111(i
.ire really Dr.
" tin,l
in the Niloi to ritld her invitation. (t)
rune, mi . ,' to sue (ILO p.O hive the pr,,,per
iJunlUer of' :!1 earriip4e "
, 1i rct. , ,ptb‘n an I tit.,t
Qui . E el . ° arc best his o.,vn
in a pile of letter; t:0,1 with ribbon, -:nti
itickei away in Co:o's w,,rk-tablc
.Irawtr. 4 ,=tho::o is one wh;ch roali
Dr..ul : l'eu were very anix•
ions to Live ine write as 111:K1 seen ytiqr
car friend Le•niie Hamill mil, an I to!1
you how , ho iml r s r..l me, here
ror a 1 )11,2; le:ter. Fit and foremDst,
4,' , )1.1 11111.,.... :.',/ to mother for the de:ail,,,,f
a lucky call 1. 1.1...,1. tall the subs.criurt.
~..invi•ALionto .1.11:11i.o i )r. I.lanononi'll 44-,
lb ) boru,2 ; then, r.,n ~ y 111.3 ilti,.;y ciCii.. 3 ,11...-
tica h;e in a charniii.:l,. T.:on], wt'll
tied uidger,Lleinan tJ 1 413 -Inc (Jail) vi l'i.
hit ;.ta..ely wife to Ft.(' 1.11.1 t. I have every
c)inrort,:tul the f1,.1.,]ng
or out as the wlthil t.zkt;.i them.. I hdv
never been too i,lek to come down stairs
but appear daily in a ch,irming erlm , on
wrapiivr th ,ttit:i nie l•tlpalli•rili
tJ a nicety, and lipperi-; that would
make anybody lazy.
But all this time you arc malting to
hear of your friend, Hattie. the is be
‘viltlerel,' even vohr cle.“,•riptions fall
hunt, of the reality, end your uotte
,ortrait i-i a rusr-er.ado
—now full rat' fire, now beaming with
mirth, now melting with pathos—such a
queenly tigure,such beautiful, rich tre , s-
C 3, stle a sunny complexion—well, words
do her no justice. the is the most won
derfully beautifully woman I ever ra w.
Of Lucy I see but little ; she is ab
stracted and self-containecl,spends whole
days shut up in the doctor's library, and
seems to pa=s her whole time in dream
ing out her new stories or poems, which
are certainly worth the trouble.
But, Hattie, why did you never tell
me of the other one; Nettie, the houie
hold fairy, the wee, witching, graceful
Cinderella to these lovely sisters. No,
not Cinderella for that heroine was new
le3tel and abused, and Nettie just wraps
round her warm heart the love of the
whole fam3y. While Leonie is riding,
driving, dancing, skating, or sleeping,
and Lucy is shut up in the, library be
wailing the sorrows of Aramenta fur cre
ating a sensation ,for Clemcntina, Nettie
the home litiry. She appears in the
sitting-room daily with delicious com
pounds which she informs me she has
manufactured for my especial delight,
though I notice there is always a dupli
cat° dish for the doctor's dinner or.sup
per. She comes in demurely to sit
down tO groat piles of white stuff which
she gravely states to be "week's mend
ing," and shoots a long thread in and
out, reducing a long thread to miserable
inches in loss time than it takes to toll
it, her tongue all the while keeping up a
merry rattle, or tracing out deeper thought
m the whim takes her. The others aro
very gay, and daZzlo um night after night
by coming in to twist round:l4Al) the
pier glilss as they aro starling for alarty;
eomaimeS dragging Nettie off too, spite
of her reluctance, to bring Ili:x.110=1.1111
of pleasure at the tuliniration lavished
upon her sistere. But the most charm
ing time of all is the evening,. Dr..l.laan
mond is generally at home, or whoa ho
is out, one of the sisters remains. On
the latter occasions: we have musio and
small talk i but when the doctor presides
then Nettie lets all her hidden inner self
. ,
out, and:a:charming self it is, so wom
anly, •so true, and pure, and good. , -No
deep thought to startlo,.but • the quiet,
roliablo intelligence of a child, frank and
questioning, • yet full of - .beauty. sho
roads '.boautifally; and wo have 41 4.4uOy's
'stories, as. she writes tfito,' varied' by
tho' articles ir4llle . La4reet, the n6ws .of
the day, poetry, fietion, history, anything
that one of the Sria _witt,.............--4-,;41/0
seldom plays when her sisters are pros=
ent ; but for the doctor and I she will
accompany , herself to simple ballads,
which she sings with taste, in a clear,
sweet, but not very powerful voice, of
ten giving me the use of her fingers to
carry dot the tenor you are so fond of.
It is very beautiful to sec how they all
love her, and rely upolis her. She can
always produce the doctor's lost specta
cles or , instrument case, know.: exactly
where her toothier laid her fan la , it eve
ning, is always ready to trim Leouie's
dresses, lend her finery, or braid her
magnificent hair, Las time to copy Lucy's
articles, hunt up her quotations, pet her
headache, or find oat the complimeotary
notices in the papers. and feel 3 amply
rewarded for being kissed, petted, and
imposed upon by members of the loving
soh, Lennie is superb, Lucy has won
derful talent, but, Hattie, fir a home
bird, fir a companion, friend and wife,
grve me the "other one:"
t created saute flin t ; of an excitement
in the fdmily when the milllondre, the
gentlemanly invalid who had won the af
fection of all, made hid sentidnents pub
-I.c, but, when he announced 111-i inten•
tion of takini;an; I.l.tmA and
settin;s ullic'e in the city, the (Le
to;*e a ir'a to take II m fir
a wh'le Leo aid Lod do,:!dre 1
he would malt:o the aunt
Lw ha
Toth nk,":-;01.1 Lea, LioLthing, a 3 SLe
stood c.mtempiatiag a pie of iik and
lace, 110.11 o 1 up in the sitt*-ro•ond,
that the Lit. weldirr o 7 !he flintily should
carry oft-----"
.Not. the heau•y," said Lu. 7.
iSN'er :he au -11.'1e ~" Fitid he: mother
Elf.," in ch.n.u,, -the '..;.11:n. one."
t h„ 2.t I,'l I 11,1i,11
Ju'y 1, IGE
July —Subb.itlt 1,,r the Ilepre6tAita
dice , “ n d Of the XXX VII •1,
Coo;_r t,s to I . L:qtfijiTy rfreir labor,-4
theL of A
These weary - ter,t'cFC'ritut. t yes (tithe :ten
tle throng ILL ir 11.11!, 11111 ;110ir lic.i thruurlt a fact of 11111 vehitii it,
tcr,st aad o On; law,t
It 11c, k:fiorao.ffil
“t' %shi!e tumble, licru Vilna a
t:: , (A'C 1.1 'a) n, is , w..i. 1-Cl . Ol
an niche:Ara turcrol
irtu flir.ted colunifis of the Corinthian or-
lies thtJu•Ah a ‘vide d.fllliion of
and ina,se, of ( 1 .1. , rri,,,1,t0ne,
fetched and d e ar-bought, nine which
every steci tuol Itnuw,i to anuii i.
tstal,ll.s in the liAndi of skilled and
Flew.] wut Innen, that ce1,2.-tial
era; the woi - :hip of tho gods in the con
uez:un of the Pat thunun and the build
rig of the Tvniple to Minerva —lies
thrue.l,ll ul the unint, r l!p•. I , v r k of the
Ibri;rint tit of the The rt ,
has nut stopped this. o,l:er n tu
would have paused I . l'olo Such a wo:k
while rro•L cuting wars on the ordinar . y
suale It Eurktpe.itt n.varfal e. cu:ny or
.1 V7,11' east et' [lieu tIlL! hue ct Cr met 0
.` - it:ch rver.
—wore woro
;old t svu do Hut Fiu , e LIIe•
cuilipletioli which the
legi,liition uP Aniiiicit is to bo dune.-
11'e do nut reduce it, piuporlidits, do
not chenputi its plat), wt du out abate its
expenditures, Wtl not ;.:iaduats any of
cost to thu chail:red values
which the Rebellion has eau:,ed. Th.•
Ca pi, 01 rxtension gees beau
tiful titian .1 the cuti tin (I an; devel,paront.
of the nation. It goo.) On,
to the world I hat our life' is vigor
ous enough, resolute enough, inexorable
enough, to construct while. WO deoloy:. - _
that the ritulity of the Ee l ) tblic over
flows froJt a war that would exhaust o r
destroy any other people, ihtu all the
pa ha of peace, and into the pleasant. wAys
or oiviiiz.o
1 he Representatives go to their Hall.
Between these t wu culuions lying on their
sides : walks quickly FcNTON of ChlililllC,
115 We cull Litt in New York. The ex
pre:•sion of weariness in his handsome
,co is blended with a look of pationm:,—..
110 that walls by his side nod talks ca
gerly is consuming the last 111011112106 of
the legi:datur's time, tool buidoning him
with cl;actious of pt Estoril Smvieu and in
fluence. Yet his answers are kind,. and
not a chord of irritation is in the musical
sweetness of his voice. And as he goes
under theda`rritig;t3 arch of tho Sou: h Wing
he is in, his lahorS, his talents; his tact
his experience, as nearly an °who'll
.ment of the legislators of the house as
any man in it, save perhaps THADDCUS
STF f VENB, the leadOr of the House by
position, and
- its, :Nestor in all respkts by
a concession of , his follow !numbers, in
whioh respect and affection vie with each
or for tispression. And .I.LiwEs comes.
the Qhairniun of-- the itnportank 00altnit .
teeen Elections, anti to whom is bentinit•
ted the keys of the g!tteti'of olio Lower Gllouso:ofingret3s. ~ThievesdoWt
through that way. - Ile walks wearily ',urt
thip puth--- 7 and well he, may ba4. 4
(manheod and.(3laposel.). - of 'wfotrty nofitost.S
'iicf Pates , orthaioleid actita;, siyikr4;:to each'
the conoeiontioue 5a ra•oe dthernegb searoh
,which diaftoiniah lii work— this
tahf.ii, beside attending to regular Coo •
gressional dutim+, and holding not bank
his hand from the aid of every measure
that hesitated on its way to a sneeessful
vote. And Iot:T7.TELL, comes admirable
in his aanguinc nervous temperan.ent so
adapted to the wear and tear of parliament
ary life. This is his first term in Con
g7e9—..but his first spuch and his first
da)'s service on Committte, put him at a
bound in the front line of the men wlt—ni
talent and experiance in Washington have
mode fAmous. A practical, matter of fact
man. A dark chinned man, dark-eyed,
dark-haired, thin in dm fink, ei~i ant
self cont. iined, ; gi‘ing you the
pression that he would walk rip quick
and in strength. A :-pcceli from him is
premeditated logic of ia woven facts and
wed in a It aguctie curret.t
which flows lo th EICIVLS of ever; 111111
audience, haweve.r great it luny he
an I which penetritte through and throu: ! .l).
It i, imp ti-dblero est: pr fhpi,
lhmU LL's debate. As au athureary
he wuuld be fatal to a bad cause, I ' o
go.AI unc—as au ally hu in a
tower 9f sti erigi h.
It) the Itei,res•ettlittirt.t3 11tt',1 tLe welt)
her. oft to [lief) of un.i t!,e
till t‘ at) .o.j,
weal. A IL\
h v 1 vi
r,cil irtiuti uC t!ii, e.l
cl..‘rtAl IR•11). INt.lll !IL
in Cic r•Ln,i
nekc! hi., tv.,
u•zi p
p.110.'11...1. 1 .1111 i-ca..,11 10 hilt'.
tuft, CAA! ;..IF Lill toe litk,lne,l
$ -i, , fl t ..11:;61, Oh.; ic. ;col
V Ill! IV r, nu.l 111311I;31II it
ice,J) 1,1
A , ll yr I It) Atr t r
a. i
,1 / 1 , 1;:.0 deret.,c , , Iv
..::wary th;:d Jr, a , s
fie:ll vc,—;;! .. ./ yOU'..
11 CX
ti, ( k ai3O\ e t 1,2
y wuiks
the (.! A a youiii:
bro•A I/
I'ulueaill trvoJ'hen; l.
C Skein kJ' .lie••,llt,i
V‘llllo :Ile lil. icL,ll—;lll./
1 ‘.•1 tl cart. In.J t.l;,;s.[t;,;,.tti car,
w.tliuut (luVe, ill
quick :ylop,ith
tiro I,,Le. of a Vil,e /iIJ I II:4;11'111:1i uto.
It it. SCHUYLER IW :AX, it e :"•i•coker
‘Yity tultirci InteiriptLd
out,troeht.d haw.; ant
V , tit every ti.eittlyt.: - ef the llout-.0
SCiIUI Pu lit. F.1,17:..F.,
aud 11,,t
Caltit,t 1,0 111 .. -13keli fur :h 3h1,(31
St ❑u 1 . 1.! A COLLtX t7ery
o,.goniz .1;o:: I to
u:,:11)1eLl riccuil,Vo:,ll j irtitan work
with a parti-a:i . , dcterwil:vion ar! , l a pur
6uceb hoot thu n
pathz.iii—tuhlve ra!k2,!C•:if . ul'y repreliented
the a pol-itie
lidtu v,ith ;hc hay
„ i oni o f t h e n oii„ l ity wjlicli ;1 1 ,1.
taus pviucip:u old /if-
icy:card ,i,-tztittud a b:uwl) u'.,l 1 . 1 ffitiSlltcc
ry, and ti tittt have the .etttno justice
thu Lt novolcovo, told the Loam
ly love of 11,,y butt or ovel
of ;iii ,Ipp,,nent cf . the
ou this fl ta• tl,Ht c, 11.4 ro
spect Scuult.tit CuLt•wx,cui , fide ill lii n.
Again, happy organ wino Wilt habit., I
what a nxieties, what sharp dralis on the
resei voir of ti.rvoits vitality has not this
frell cud buoyant boy-lool,ip;.; lean un
dergolie and endured since hu took ihi•
:::'l . ,eaker's scat 1 Alia they not
I , ft a trace beliir.d thew. lie is as glee
t'ul sod us strOle r t us a collegian retullled
frulti hi; And yet lie has
nut fur six :nun: lis Itst -the thread of the
vast and ecuiplicated business of OIL
House of kepresentatires; the machinery
of its eoniplieatc , l iideaneverforamontent
hiteliC4 or st pped in his hands; ho nev
er lust his head; never lust his temper;
his memory was never übsourod ; ho nos
er idit;:ged front weariness; ho nuvur, by
ioatteution or inability, ell/baITUSSed his
iriends or wruusild Ills advetsdries.
In an outer circle of seat, is JzNcKts
of Elude Island, who will after the next
sesziim of Congress Le iho,t henural ly
and must etivi,bly assueiamil with the
A inerioun I:ankruptcy Sy•tow. This luau,
is the great law)er of his State, and _lie
gave five months of the best labor of a
first class intellect to the perfection of the '
details of a wea.mre of outimial ou,notny
and betieVolenee that should hero become
a law this ses'sieu, and eertahily will nest.
And near him walks a Minnesotian
whom Minnesota..should send Leek here
and keep sending back, Wii,ll4lu
nom, the Chairman of therCetutiiittem ou.
Indian Affairs, lle is ORc -of the must
popular 111131:1 . in . the I.l.euie—an experi
enced logililutor-7carries: '
triboi iu his head is well Lis in hia . heart-!
a just,: l?rave,' yenevylinit consorvator of.
interests too . apt' . to,'he negleetcd;, too liable
• tes'i;ci ebnied:
' fa ita'ho..eoat near by, another,
should again. batik, horejeztreuielyyptig,
universally popular., • Lie never , neglect's'
duty, yet h*nover'esoited ti
TERMS:--$2,00 in Advance, or S!?,,GO within tho year.
) 1,/,1
r 0 1,,
nith tho anti 1, }et
Ilis near conneetios to Secretary Seward
by marriage is generally known. It is
not prierally known that he frequently
differs with his great relative on matters
of public policy, and independently acts
in siittiti.e opposition to him, and I can
to's tint in the reporters, gallery, where
Oar() is a stria!uni of Jariobinisia, this
squarenein of oppasiiion has entitled Liu?
to ft aternity, and already won love. Mc::
of Massachusetts, is on the floor, careworn,
tinter than in January last, whiter than
when at g-eat saer . ficii he reluctantly lett
a previously neglected biksineSs to come
a second tints to a tlon4ress to which h e
was the only imi:11) IIN COl/71(HltI1 TS (20:11,1
clect llc i, ilie Chaiiiiimicf the Iluuae
Naval Catini.itteL, tlme business be
Las doer Lea been a load for the stron;,zest
inAn the ol'iun to ~ t aggcr under. T
rt t,f itou war ship-i---the puriod ni",;itton fri,:.;atos to wool
tor-4, fr uu e ikon seventy-fours to iron
dads, or thep riod of return from no un-
ma!ig:aut , iry expiTirl) 'tit it) iron t.)
All dtz , pu 0., uli
!zr ouo .
\Lit Lmid,ried ,
ho,t , lit. 1)i pPc! , ..,n1
•nl-t•11;;:lli . ,:• 01 lIIC tut
(It II V ;
I/ IV Zi e
1, , t1,:11t t L 1.J . 5 ~ y %yin
i;1 1;10 c r:I11111.e.;-' , J11) ; aL r.O S:1 - 11 , 1r ,
, VQII .1 11.: 1,12 1/.4d, TC..I thus
11,,e1,11 , ._: in t! e Lot.
in rLc :.Fit
IL:I 17 , 11 , 1 10 17 tr UII tho riveu; Ulit:
11 , 11::' (dated
I Le. (,htilt,..
1 di '
i w u! I
(_,ipe Ilcnry
Asti C'111,;, w;t11:1 brown
irl en;y, :ilrcady iu
ut u s %,te.,:i•ru Crow hurki
• :01 of tL,3 Cuwwit-
Luo 0 , 1 T:r.i . ,foti 8 111/.1 It•! 11A8got
flit S J _
r.,,...1, , uw_tutry 'revireo -
vc 1.1,1a.t bu'rn
Situ sL,„. au, an,l nut Man-
Auci CI ir,2:11 CCrtC Cfi, (1)e.
1 4 ,cal , t u 2,ll:titty .tuittee, with
ai.Ll z: awl
t , ruihted debatcr,
wi‘ii rim t,C a true Nchich tiler
Itritvivo: of ;1.1 tv.. , und Ce
cei% ul t!,3 uev -tuna!ly r•murtd into
u:p:it rica ur
-od tnan, who, with
Li collcarluel
‘:rCO wa I of th,s , ~ r ,:try fur tlleir Uu
ce:t-ing Lbur rt,tl p l,t4Li;)g to enlarge
lie armies and increa-e. cflicieney
And nchr VJC%I t seat of
su•; of low a,a witcrh! born legislator,-and
t,) anti dktinclion. Ile
muper..3.3i the p ..c•ar and habit of labor
talunt t rhiuk c l 2..trly and Li COUtitill
u-ly on blested nit)
seit,pti,n fron: the vaulty to produce
holcal (IT cts. Ile r , , -, :tiks right on
what lie with se•tairted nervous
Quincy, nn,l wi!ln a voice whose volatile
and cut to und Ell all pirts of
Lcw ion is a bw , inuss willt hint
nil lie works ht at it for permanent re
quits Few men on the ©,or arc listened
wi h more pleasure than thha young
lotran, and if his Pisiriet is wise it will
reasuro I , n.:th of his t,.±rin of amvice
ui C.mgre-s by his term of lina.
And tin ro y WINTER DAVIS.
yoon a ! man, :,et of national fame.
cub on the reeonsti aletion of the Uftion,
I. li , ;ered wi , hout notes, but with an un
intellilP.ed flow of law and reason, was
one of the most comp! , te exhibitions of
parliamentary oratcry of the highest older
hoard in !lie llott,e in the last twenty
Sears. When the politics'of Maryland
luso their Itorder.State iaolation and sal:-
aze, y, and the Ettite's po;ition in the
Cinian is without fermentation, this man's
consequence rillitutuediately become and
will retuain, nations].
KELLEY cf Philadelphia stands read•
ing an open lotw—slightly noticeable for
a di:-fl,, , ,oreinent of the lid of ono of his
0) ea, rceei red in a machine shop in which
hi, youth was educated—a roan who lit
rally his way up in life, and
who is capable of hannne.ring his repro
t•entativo way through 'life, on vitiate°•
ever paths t.uoial tyranny or political in•
khaki) seek to bar progress to
pure deinottracy. lit:LbLY is an orator of
rare and marked qualities. Ile is,•pecu•
liar in a thoroughly distnatio intonation
of his ariger, pathos, his defiance, his
'itchy--an intonation which is the pti , reat
and most unounsoiousnature, while seem
ingly a studied art. Ito enjoys, far oat
bidu of Ponnaylvania, the reputation of
being a usolul legislator, a loser of art
and of l,terature, a fiery hutnanitarian,
and an honest wan. It is said that his .
District is going to honor iteelf,by
Su , hear that
he. is' tube re•electeci: Qatf it be mini•
hie tbilt, the North : is nt iast, learning. the
wisdom that Was intnitWo with Ow:South
—41 . 0 wisdom of continuing Cungresa
Men in .otTico.? tdono•ressulan, an,
effteient;:tisOfpletingreetinian,ift a n t:ll ; 4;4
like a, lac engineer,,,a 0'444' 'a
DiceslAiattlq' Ts carefully traintid : tifeet) teen
NO, T. 9.
,t ( C.~iLiug
qUdi Writ;C:
otlieta, de
by keeping them, in their places torat .af
tur Orin, until they acquired the power
which results sheerly from familiarity
with past legiSlatiomarp year-long use of
the mica, and year-long habit in all the
ways of legislation, and until they bad
acquired, over and above 'the power of
constantly embarrassing and checkmating
the green representatives float the-Frec
States, the mehopoly of that experience
wore cesential than talent to 'the chain.
manship of Committees and the leader
ship of the House, to make no mention
o f t he empire of the Speaker's office.
Yes ! Send back the good members. All
you constituencies that have, representa
tives like l'ike, Blaine, Thayer, Smith
one, Garfield, Anderson, Orth, Dumont,
Julian, Arnold, Farnsworth, Norton,
Reunion, Kellogg, Gooch, Upson, iligby,
Littlejohn, Donnelly, Rollins, Elliott, re
member that you, own the office of Repro
sentative in Congress, and that politicians
have no right or title whatever to that
property. And when. these politicians
hank( r Lifter this ycur hereditament, and
1.:me.1 the ''howl of locality" to make it
drop iota their hungry mouths, I
. pray
you to etop the noisy holes with disap•
pointtritiot and neglect, and to send back
here, amid to keep sending back hero, the
met, ho serve you well.
But t!us Iluuse 6 in session, and how
spcedly it is passing out of session by
t.:Lo cgp:ra'ion of its appvinted time.
1,4 - AstsucttNE of Illinois, a strong, veho•
went, dexterous, experienced, and sue
ce.3jul parliamentarian, save In not
unfielueut moods of passion, le Ad.; the
ceding= with the effective reading of
p , per at uned u iiiiiittirysuug of victory,
u. 13 i:/vocation to culr.dgc Ltiv.l
ljuttLimJui cuusents t toile!) I
to 7i21, r bills fov p az .oze
:tut bird for relic(—,ll
ti,n el . twenty Der cent lu tit 9 ttitt;.,,ttry
ustra of the cruploye,is ua
the that rd• a bro:f moment stai e t--
t lie •:iitue of a few womb rs , but
,;.‘s tau stron,dy pushed by the iu9 1.11.i0
the relation between master and scr
s ant, eiciely 'nixed for six mouths. to to
loa. c ; i e i: tad—this lapse, and then a sniff
lA.t.'y and compensated squelching lii a
plup._-.ltion to increase the salary of rho
C o madssioneruf Public liulldings:—and
thee an unfavorable report about some
thing, and thorn an unsuccessful effort by
tie trU,it eouronitit t.Le House, Mutt
itiLL of 1 7, ricont, to liwit the svasto of
the puhli: .tiou .7in the printing of the
Census 13 t ports—and 1.1:6b a gatituring.:lf
Democrats a a knot of trityconsultation,
of ()lid) in the center of it—fur be is
the reconized leader of the Dcinucpcy
in Con 4 dess. And I will bear testimony ••
that I.c I, as vi g ilant, as sharp, as aggrea="s
:rive, as teaacious, as acute, as.quick, adf:i
dexiorciti t little adversary as any - 11 c - .
publican g,entleinan need care to handle.
W t a sing,li pet sonal vice, neversioir,
never absent, there lie is, the permanent:
and inevitable eul'Oeclitoatit of a partiSati
Democratic loader, who can't help, if ho•
w old. etabarrassinz. Government to
which I a is in oppouitluii;
Tho galleri - A are crowdod. The sum
,..o4tomes of every hue make tho vast
q . , :a.lra9gle of raised scats a flower-gar
den of colors. The sun shines in through
'the vailod glass coiling like a benediction
from Heaven. The scene is peaeeful— ,
gets dreamy soon, under the boo-like
hummity/ of the scarcely agitated (louse
wsit:te4 1.01" the Flow-rn3visz: clock to end
the session. A harsh "I ol•jLet'." breaks
(he p ll of the sleepy scene. Lt. BLOND
0f Ohio, a Northern Democrat of the es
trefeest typo of the Pro-Sl:leery s c hool,
,:toads ri.irrow trewed and black with
hoard and ene-onehinf , hair, and shakes
IA focal flout his d6.terwitied and angry
herd to the requests of numerous friends
from his ride of the House, inch:ding
Cox and l'ENDLtroll, objeet!" In
vain FENro:c endeavors to provide, for a
c ommission to inquire into the best meth.
o! of raising revefr.lo, and the r.-..nst co
eeptablo to all ptirtic.; anti to all inturests.
The Sonata had jit , t pu•;sed a bill fir this .
purpose upon the anxious rertu , st of the
new Secretary of the Treasury, Ft.sstrt.
Dag. :Embodied Copperlicadism Staride
and weaves its wedge-shaped front in all
the luxury of the power of misehief, atid,
hisses its Veto upon a measure calculated
to promote the publip good. .ODF.L.L of
Brooklyn, a Democrat withoiltrep:oaelt,
as without fear,
scandalous sPecitaaftvis.',L teoider' over
bear him. The ratilittjeii-lifiAtred.-.....
BtoND demandsiiiii-YO4S -7. 444:Zra,y5,
and glances rnalignaat:Arlhei44.,),iit':tho •
°look. It is two minutes te4i . '.. ,0;;..E4
breaks out anew, and invok'tS
to burst their trammels 'of plrtNaashii
and to legislate for the country: The
still erect monument of Cepporhoopit4:" .-
shakes ita head anew pia!: savage deter.
ruination—and FErcro.t , r • arses;• With "J.,
sigh t bat is audildc in tbereporre * gallery; •
nod withdraws the resoluilun• sAnd •
there is protraction of the Session hy,ye
tod additions to it',of ten minutes, ',end
tea minutce nor,:, and ten minutes more,:
and the arrival of and resolutions -
from the Sonato by s'yfift•rnaninKeiese4:.
gers—and..,.then lleprescntativois, sa some
,in fun, saute from aseneto o „,
'call fur' the relidirt,g' of the Dooluratiou n a
Lidepondon'ite;eiid •roads
Then some call ferlthis 'reading of Jefrot",_.
son's Inangitral, and ;;some oall for the
reading of. the ,Eineneip - afiehA.lrealart4.
tion—and many laugh•and *SPY .5034
for all ere 'weary, imditheir'fieedern
the bondage of a half year'sservicei, And
froth the. I:lAMeaters hip 'Oeetißee
Wasl ) ingteh . stiniimisr, is , het, ii-SoF
utes rih4 ;: fliey, -greivieg - . to he
. Bat:
boysf',e,pia,clFtp,.eo, e• -4 or, rn,
rils; aril the ;
Nii'ribern brooks 'all,
• IVltretif blow,' ,freta , ,iftet•Plioalter : ": o'
bead":l4,l4e-';olO04•:is:at. the‘'
tatiour 'efeer 12 *l4)3xx,l:sa,