Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, June 03, 1864, Image 2

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Vii. ole
Friday, Jane - 3, INC
S. M. PETTENGILI. it. Co.,
NO. 37 Park Row, New York, Aral 0
State St. Boston, aro env Agents foe th, it,, A ,
In those cities. and are autherize.l to talze Advertise
ments and Subscriptions for us at our lowe4 rates.
The People's Choice for President,
Ile" . GONE TO THE FRONT —The Provost
Guards hitherto stationed in the various cities
.c.and towns over the country, have been ordered
to the front. This shows that the Govern
ment is determined to put the rebellion
through now
ONE VOTE. —ln Poster's Lives of (lie Brit,
dill Statesmen, occurs the following passage:
Cromwell hail oflitirod himself as a member
for Cambridge ; his epronent was John C!cve
land. Tie now t si iilatinately fierce, and
ended icimin, at last, by the
majority of a single l e. "That soft," ex
claimed Ca reland, "tilat vote—that single
vote—bath ruined boll church and :4111 o."—
Everybody the lon-t
knows to whal cx'ent tho In icej as ft i
filled. The vine ca-t nlnries 1. hi s hut].
r,-‘ , Drx. Ilon. R. Uir r, of
Ohio, 15. S. Con-a.l 10, d0..11 ,(I.ldonly
ict l iNfelttrenl, on la •L ,y evening, at thp
ap e l . 3dfG9 ye r.:••• `.[r. (;;1n.n.n..; wo, I
n ' i ll
adford Cou:dy, I [:t al
the early al:o nI is ar- Coon
ty, Ohio, iii tl,e Wvsto:n fAttto..ts lor
its devotion to (ho 1111111 H. Of teti at thtl
hula❑ liberty. lit. 1.. w with t ht•
coutinued uli ri I H'
years. Ile was tii rc i
Lr - •.r'i t w ~tl
ponent e of !-!ft vcry
attached to his c I
of petition, tidy,
very and the rave
Columbia, :led. cl, t:
',..3outhern Ci ar 11 t!
ly male to crl,ture
manners of the el,iv
loyal ell men 11,- 1..
just as his r 2, eq
a Le I u 1
the Fran',
Jud;cl,kl,l ut7, t n 1
by "tho
Zinged, a rem v•
lure ; bat he 1C: l. I
to t7./111 , 1 , 11 , , t
Htand ill Euiport
r;:bellbya !lb 1 i'f+
lected by t!u L
ISCA, nnl rvls
cot per.,:eLa
whence ou I
much trouble, is as i
land Conventic,n, c 1' 1., a,
r , ,litical \
'ivo been thruwn to
the in u
li6hes the
exclusion i p ; fro.:(c.i.
(1:I I' ent-:
arc extreme! , s,li,!tiet:t
cociternpl:l:i.l gmlicrio;;
cans, nal I, lrful till: it taig',lt I,L a fziINIFO
licit to it, time an I
deed, so strangely solieiton-' 11:,ve the corper
beads become on this sul.jrzt that it H darkly
hinted that tl,e copperlitool ennven.i,n d
for Chicago nl ui letwd, lind the
prciceedil,gi of (he CRIIC:IVO nt l'icve:au 1 a
dopte 1
The victor
sad dilemma of the co i Tt.t!teti
every blow struck by utll' V:cl o. uns tru line
death to coppt‘rheAki
- li.~ i!H%S.':r
Iteligiou3 Intellig3nce
The following elc lnrel p-r:.g•upli is taken
from the addrei , s of Rev. Mr. m the Ai
rican \I E. Chinch, one of flirfie I
the General Conference or the M L: C,ttlt
now in beees.ion in Ploi
Church of Christ oitt•t take her place ns the
vanguard oh the mighty Lost el ( of in the
reformation of the world, and ad ether ap
pliances will follow in Om ;rain. Our Con.
ferenco is pleased, (Lore] re, to learn this
tendency of ye ur Church, Om :\ killer of 1\ loth •
odism iu (his country, to the recognition of
this principle su long Irdinplt in tho
We pray that wo may prove onraelves worthy
of this recognition of manhood. It. is our in
nate being to Le grateful for invocs bestowed.
Favors we engrave upon the imp:id:di:l'ole to.
blots of our hears, while injuriei nvitin too are
like sentences written upon tile drifti.. i ; sand."
This indicates that n coLre 1 man's wind is
capable of mental culture !
The Lulepend,nt says the we:l huowu :11 eth -
odist clergyman, Rev. John McCiintock, D.
D. who has spent the last two ycais as ins
tor of the American C , .apel has re
turned to New York ; and we should be' glal
to hoar of him as ovel-whelmed with the
thanks of his fellow citizens, for many ;Nod
services to the American cause while abroad.
It further says we desire to make a conspicu
ous record of the following reslution adopted
at the Into meeting of the American and For
eign Christian Union, because every word of
it is richly deserved: ''Received, That the
thanks of - thisineeting i as representatives -of
our fellow-citizens, be given to the Rev. Dr.
McClintock, f6r his valuaLie services in yin
dieating his traduced country before the peo
ple of Europe."
A mooting was hell some days since at the
Cooper Institute, New Ycrk, to adopt a plan
for sending ohristian ministers and lecturers
into the Southern country., An-able commit
tee of ministers and laymen, residents in New
York,.Boston and Philadelphia, were appoin
ted .to mature a gam Among the persons
composing. the.commit tee we GbPervo the names
of Rev. hafte Perris LB. D, ROY. John Mc
clintook D. D, Rev. S. 11. Tyng, D.
E. N. Kirk andßeorgo H. Stuart. Address•
es wore delivered by Revs. ICii•k, Lock7ood,
,Duryea, and,llon. Eli Thayer.
Next wet]: the National Convention will
meet in Baltimore to nominate a candidate
for the Presidency. To ono man, the public
mind seems to be principally directed. With
a singular unanimity, the present incumbent
Nvitl most likely Le selected by that body, as
the standard tearer of the Union party in
the con:ming- campaign; and we feel assured,
that his nomination will be hailed with great
satisfaction by the people. Ile has had a
term of unprecedented solicitude and trial.—
and yet, with the most gigantic rebellion his
tory has ever recorded, to contend against, he
has steadily advanced in fin work of its sup
pression, until we can - almost see the end.—
Whatever may be the opinion of some with re
gard to the earlier movements of the Govern
ment in conducting this war, there can be no
doubt at this time about the vigor and on.
ciency of the means employed for bringing it
to a speedy close. Our gallant soldiers aro
rushing to the field with an ardent patriotism
never excelled, and scarcely ever equalled.—
Our bravo and skilful Generals, and other
bflicers, are vieing with each other iri the
peril; of battle to hang imperiAahla laurels
upon the tinudatil of our country, The en
cony is recliog under the strong and repeated
blows of Union fmTes—atel sooner or
I.ter, the IThimi must ',hi eetablislibil upon
the stile basis of 11, , ,11 ers , i liberty.
ith 11;(-,1 p pro;-
p,bl; cif s:;cl t ltt,t, Mil the rtilivc'lca l ht t ut
that Mr. i; lionmit in his to
mai lain the Unio i oven Iv the
ul ShlN't ry, th, ;:t.:llhtwrit I:, that Le
shnnll be cc (,,l—tliat it 1,,r the st
in;( -b; or tin' entry- that to) clnill'n•
,c 1 1:11;:i,11 Li-tory
C t.(1111,11:1!! I
niifi ' •,\
Wit.-:., _-+;-f.~, _ _~.L~:L~ i .1 •~
' ~ i
LII di
i i'~ ~ I• ,r I'.r i
I:llgently in,htle,l in no I very rationtly
10:11 de I, or t!ie w!icrewi[h to , h-e:l,tro the
i:l;er NViii have g,t, up an
0 his 001 kly :se if I er6l, t1;;:t
An 1 t i
ttf fra,:litttlt, into \v:ti,it cu ttro titviae ;, e.ttl t et
3 our :=clv,.- , au.l com, : yutt ict e wooled.:
;111 : , 01 . 1.-3 01
111',11; el' lu L.CU./1110 your prop', g t er in
Filch f orce, arid Llt.ttivirri with co gtttiti reoCon
your ~p pe,trLtice his ctinier, nulhio.r,
sitt,t t uC a big
Co:lect. yourselve.i, I, r valutblo as you me in
titoßiu,~iyyuu will ucvir
tha! the printer way fol:,1 you in
to an,l:iend you l',llll
Ile fur him (11.1 viniicate his ere:l.!.
The lot cif li . ivrrnnient cot-cis, thirty •nine
in natalter, ha c been kept in Southern
California ever• since the reign of James Bu
chanan, were soli at auction at Ilenicia la.t
we e k at t', 0 , 11 •"..t:',9 to tit", - ) enell in greenlet.dttt.
These nnitaad.t, Can road to 1. from
Ledl Ar,2'.01, t , :dall:t - lel ned: ly ev,'try I. Q.-a
an I rett:o ia.y Inel, and uftor their non ai
stm:il: in the piaci), run.iin7, tip a pretty Land
s me bII f d.iniag•S. 'l'ho Original coot rf
the animals, landed in America, was same
$3 , 000 each, and the cost of bringing them
front Lis Angels, ler sale, was only about
three limes as much no th..y realize! under
the hammer. Most of lhem aro to be lotion
t t Nevada Territory, we believe. The sale of
these animals was a grand mistake, in our
opinion. No homes could be male to stand a
charge from them, an l had they been put in
the can of the Army of the Potomac, they
would long since have stampeded Stuart's
cavalry, ang_taken..Rielimpud. As of Ithod•
crick thin, it might be said, with truth, of the'
leader of the flock : "One blast uponhis : but
grelorif Were worth a thousand men," any
time, when the enemy's cavalry were' about.
The late Judge Nill, who died childless,
by a will executed some years ego, made a
liberal bequest to a relative who is a native
of this county and still resides in the State ;
but by his will admitted:to rrobitfe on
day last, ho revokes the legacy expressly on
the ground that the legatee sympathises with
the traitors in nrinb against the government.
Judge' Nill was a War Democrat, ftrid'he
was as consistent in death as he was earno.sti
in life, in his abhorrence of faithleSsness to
our sacred NationaJity.—Clynnbu 2 yr :Re
I (•(''.;\
nl..y Lc
I 1
]. t. Ili;t•I :L :I,',
;•• I 1 ;
t , llr (;:.)Vi r11;11,1
t:, his !mil ill of i:01
Ui la hint in C.. 1131
•.1 I ,t
.:1 I. •
Last of the Camel S)oculation
ThO ' CODVCIIIiOR assembled on Tuesday last.
The permanent organization was accomplish
ed by the election of Gen. J,hu Cochrane, of
New York chairman. -
Gen. John C. Fremont was unanimously
ileciaret i the nominee of the Convention for
Pre , ident, and Con. John Cochrane as Vice
, The following are (he resolutions adopted
as the platform of the new party.
: That the Federal Unian shall be pee
,Second: That the Constitution and laws of
the United States inuilt, be observed cud obey
Third : That the Rebellion mupt be sop
pres&e,l by force of firms, awl without, cum
Fourth: That the rights of frco,peech, free
press, and the habeas corpus be held invio
late, sore iu districts wbero martial law has
been proclaimed,
' Fit!, : That the Itebellion has destroyed
Siavery ntid the Federal Constitution t-bo-.1,1
he amended to prohibit its retltatdi , hotent,
and to Seel2l'e t 0 ull men at, , ohlte equality be
l'ut.e liie law.
: 'l'llsl. Ill: I PP;)11()711y are ;1:!-
01111;104 nt t;'.l I1[11;'-; ;II I ill; nil;u: II r.tunu of
; (jos Pr r11110!11, nnl that 1;1 ;11110 Of 15 Al' 111 U
Nynnt. of them k
r: to , i., a V
c11 , 1•J
t.t it t• intiot,
II C , ll
y 1,;:y 130
Th a the g
,Ihn , to t", t ri :Ind the.
it vi.; '^t!i
( ,P I 1
~ ,i
' .••
: :1.111 or ( - to
v f01:,)%v
, II:
opt ial
am n L. i
\sii, it , ho
I . lipciPP-; IP.t..:11:1-; pH.]: 1,!,p p , •l I pr !
io I o ; ca-t.; to,oli , Ns:CI
t.orirniiv tho :;:irnbler
11. \ lit,AS, I'irl;il.4lt•
I , lt I
111,11 IV 11l ;II
l\li 1. th,
or twr 11• we st,,-,e
t h,.11 111'1 ti , do wnl ut the 1111 -
1:11JV 11/.! forg,uti I,lm•ltwatt,,it
ht, (;):it,lct,t;i:;, 11 ` 11,11.1 11;0111 1111 -
1111 g !..1.'11,11 , 1y tt, 11:Lir 11014 C,)11,11-
:1'1) :IS \Veil ai 111,1'
to litl then- olvn
veil ittrlLW..ll.l`l 4)1 611 , 11 11 11',L , 1 I :tr..
IJle. .1 701.1 y :to.
ttotinced lu In; army the r
it 11.0 . 1111/116:11:1/ tier.
l't :e!). ;.:otsai thal
hit I tlpt t
Tl.i ti u;11 iii ti
1: ; \VC i ;11110. St/I/It3
Mil-J.lllllO CtM!111111 , 1 It ; lir I.
:;fury 11131 lint aside C cal s
C e ,l and cut to it. cei by
01,1i,11.,1rt•licy li,ruu It 1'r"1,•:;,,•
j ,11111,11 , it 1,(1,1 ilot, II
lt,u:ola; jun. ar,ry Lay
or nearly so, or un the poiffi of ca
pital:olll;s, rvrati•dly u
months, 11 reporlS were 10 he
creillieo. A traitorous Baltimore i-heet re:
(mai ) , report e d that Grant's ~ilrinv Ita.i lust
70,000 llit2ll ill lhe combats I.myotpi the E,al,-
idall, and charged the lie to the As,ociated
Press, as Lich never tittered nor eountimaiired
iL do the sky chit-Limed by
atrocious and dishearteni, g lies, in the eon.
joirt, interest of Stool:jobbing and Treason.
I.s it tut high Ilan:: an example were made ul
sonie among their Fabricators ?.
feel that the Opposition Press lends
-itself too easily to the circulation of these" de
pres,ing, injurious falsehoods. Wo allude
not alone to the avowedly "Peace . ' oracles
that proclaimed themselves hesiilo to the
prosecution of the War for the Union ; for
we find those that profess to support the War
scarcely less eager to magnify the losses
and exaggerate the mishaps which may at
any time befall the Union .artnies. Surely,
no ono whose reading was confined to these
journals would infer, from the tenor of their
editorials, that we have long been steadily
gaining on the Rebels, and now held, bes,do
every foot of the twenty . States that they doit't
claim as adhering to their Confederacy,
nearly if not quite halt of the thirteen States
that fluty do claim. We do not expect of thede
journals any manifestation of partiality to
the cause of the Nation ; but ought they not
to treat it with common fajrncss I—Tribune.
The Cleveland Convention.
: It:011.1111 11 . 8
! ahtl
y IL
•:Lti 1 , .) a L N.Jia
1 \ ,
tho ;;; : ,!; I;
l r,. of 1.1):),:-..old
. .
From the New Orleans Piray m1(1,1'4113 , •4.
Wo have 'received a private letter, dated
"U. S. steamer Argov, off Fort Deßussy
April 30, Mil," which contains the following
paragraphs of general news :
One of the most barbarous .acts which has
happened during the rebellion, transpired
near here a few days sinco. There has come
to us for pretection, since our arrival, some
twenty•five Creole citizens, natives of the
parish. They have organized themselves in
to a "Horne Guard," for mutual protection,
and have drawn rations from the Government
to meet their immediate necessities. The or
g taizat ion is in cliargo of Capt. P W Mas
ters anti Lieut. Cease, both native of this
(Avoyelles) pat ish.
On Wedneday last Lieut. Cense started out
with twenty-two men, with twelve United
ltitates muiikets, with the intention of hunting
tip seine mote of their members, wh o I nt d
been frightened by the ba rbarit ice of the goer
and had tomidd, conce Omen'. in the
The s y 1111111 CA about during the thy,
and at night arriste 1 in the vicinity of a broth
er of Luttit. (lease, end went into trmitcr.4 in
co-.lnt. hot He. \t tut. three o'clock on tho
morning of Thur:olty they were ,mrprh,v.l by
about. forty or fitly rebels, and without serene
ly a struggle, twelve of then: were taken pi io
Toe h. 11:e °lily one Nvllo ti n• 1
alp! Lc ..-_ , lmeec I in roll:log CS
CAN: till' . 111'4 (11 , 14.'1 u:1.1 111111,*0
in Coe :',i•etcon. ..Araw.lg the pri-ompi,
!, nt,,l ttJtl%,t
long 1,) the trtil two heytt.
two :are :11!,. , 5vi, I to leave, allot
I• I I;.r iii n b itliL u , w 11,)
cit stir I t 'l"de
elk; tliun t,li , iml to lio; Rlll itt
I i ' l\ ~
11 oulr
La:; 6J.12 al 011.
I k :01 /,,t`.,
i s i
, L i
t•• (11
r; ,;,,.
•:;:i I ;,
hls • , ifiptr,• tiy•
I 1111, NO,
11.;v•o; T(rrii..ry
n • : Li
\ hnile=io
N • i:''r
'fc•l Jur
I 11,1,1,!1
T.. x
'fen i'-ry
not. ()Hen Cdat )ve fitl.l anything, in 1110
clit,n:s.l column; of Ihe Now lock io
e (!%.:1 but the 1,1-
1:6 tal:o Il•otn it It t. ieruc, ii
:u:: !tt °, tt:l I oo•thy to 12c idlrro,t3c I
' tin. ennn.i, , ,,l (.1
tins rJk.p.,ry al Grant, it ‘voni,l
crnnina 11 , liwantiott-, to inculcate upon 111 ,
p;.l.ito luln , l Ino L Ihal 0111 .
C.lll4i` iI -1,1%,1;11,.11 'lie ru , nit et this elm.
print. 11 it int i . ,ni lull r.kol-
LL , I i o I 1., do•
that, 1),3 req•llt of no battle can
be n triumph for peae.o party."
WHY DON C Mi no Ir.—When a farmer
knows that winter se ison is the time to pro
pare liar.po•ts and repair all kinks of farm•
ing 10014, Why don't lie d) it ?
When a farmer knows that wagons and
sleighs, and other earriage , , will lust a great
deal longer when properly housed, Why don't
he do it 7
When a farmer knows that cows will do bet
ter on a lesi quantity of feed if properly 9th._
bled through the winter, Why don't ho do it ?
When a farmer sees boards dropping from
his barns and outbuildings, and knows that
it would take only a few minutes to nail them
on again, Why don't he do it ?
When a farmer knows that a good part of
his farm would be improved by plowing it in
narrow lams—thus giving the water a chance
to drain off, Why don't ho do it ?
When a farmer knows that his plowing land
would be greatly improved by sowing clover,
Why don't.ho do it?
When a farmer knows it would be to his
advantage to tealst the Herald, Why don't ho
do it?
Barbarous Act
it H CHI :L
i• t, i L. 4
1 I i
1l , ,
it, n 1
NV' C7l
I` - )u
1 , I
TllO Tl'llo DOCtrillo
, 111)lio viii
We have Richmond papers to the Ist inst.,
inclusive. They contain little else than war
news, anti do not venture much in the way of
comment; upon that. But they manage to
make every collision a decide I victory for the
rebels. Tracy put the Union losses; up to the
llth insL. , inclusive Ohm was before the
great battle on Thursday,) at the moderaie
figure of-20,0,10 their own at between 5,000
and 6,ooo—both
of which statements are un
questionably owl ire. They will not believe
that "Butler the Beast" is in commend below
Richmond, because they say he is too great a
coward. They are evidently not we ll no
quainted General Batter. The death of
General Stuart, is acknowledged to be a se.
vere blow. o.her deaths or wounds of lead
ing &dicers ar c recto-Wad, shof,vi ng that it' the
rebel loss It is been no morn than they say,
the 1 r fpartion olliners lolled or hurt is ou
a scale rover before known in wart:lre. It is
just possible that the rebels have put their
losses at one-filth the not 11.11 Minilier lining
their good nova IS 1110 de oi-tit:lion of a large
portion of the llfiltimore and (thin int:road
wiother hoax. The raids of our c4v tiry both
'there and blue Riehnomfl give the rebels
great deal of uneasiness , WhIC!I nil the pre
tendf.d victories so ininurrly recor.le,l c moot
c,,Eiccal. 'Dr! ,mptore l'unke..B by eiti
cone of Fre,lohck,burA . id gloricil over. nes ,
111,11 weer 1;11 Mil,' V e ,4, but
cot , :, 111:1( 1 ' tri 111, !-S , ry.
Or. L. A - flftallf.,lfd,
I.if led on the 9. 1 1. liffmati PAH .leolnos'a
Lo iy I rite 1! !,,
1- I
; i
it n•:11 I; of: 111
I !WI,: • Or II 1!II.II
I jos,( 1 ) ,,n
N I ~ l IL
11, ,'I t ' • ' II •
1., it I" 1.0, 01
11 Ht . " , I I, :1N : 4 111 1 i111 , , ni
Jaril I t'l I'li•cui
UV:A, 1 :t , geuoi..ll a 3 11.1.3 t
1.1 I
1 , I
(,1 i l
I i;..
T_ • tk_
01 ,,, y. 'rho
1- 1, (
II i
If) , 1
\.I 1:t . 1 k , lll It•
town, tl o'tot nt, p m.,
.lint Iry I. It ri Llos hut ,it iy
.\ rhlll', 1:1i0VV I L,11%,11'.1
11, 1.: IC,
1-;:o.1•1 1 ; VI! I Ill.! t. t w.l :2
L)IVI is kJI (: I )•,,
1.0 ur rct .y I ll.L.:ovci ,N.l. li,ole
only It It 1. , •1 TIIJ 111 1);vt1It;11 ol Iltu
11111 I' ' IV,' 11.,
the 1 , 4te0 r,HI luroo t.f cavalry, in
t:miry an , i;:r.ill,ry to re-ki ahy of tack 1 11;oly
to 1.10 11111 do 11 111;11 him. Tho toniqin , lvr ~r the
forwaid with tai i.llly.
1_ , (1111 0
10_ tot)
71 AO
A later ei-patch, d .lel at, 7 u'c!ocic thls
morning (l1l5.1)), front Headquarters, 1c)
g 'hick ('hotel:, [l.Ol alto Legn received. It ro
p.,rts that ever:, I hing gore un finely : weather
cleat and cJul ; the troops canto up rapidly,
and iii great, spit ils; tn,.l that; the uruly Nrtil
bt) [ , [.•yon [ due l'nt.ut.:lt, ,by uuon. I;lue;.in
at II . .,Lot er Pllt lletsu , ri,ltit loce
vetialated nt 110111 lu,taa).
,e1.11:110 . 5 and I. , inax•s brigadei 111 cm: dry
are stko there. 'file di•patell further'
111:0, titter Ilanover Ferry 3 ii:ter.lay,
11,11. Tot beet Capturni 75 cavalry, includi,:g
. ers; 11191 the 1,1,w1 cavalry [-esetn2kl
- [l,[norn,l[Zu[l, oath Ll,•[•6 bg[kil:n cure on
t2Vciy oc.‘a,ion.
A i-lotieh from Gen. Sherman, Msy 2FI,
a.•m., near I)dia'3, rs , ports [hat rha ne my,
discover log his move to torn Altoona, moved
to nmet our tot cos at Dallas. Our columns
soot the enemy about, one mile east of the
Puini kinvine Creek, and wo pushed them back
about three miluq, to the point where the
ruals fork to Atlanta and Madetia. !lola
John,ton has chosen. a strong line, and made
hasty but strung parapets or tinnier :Ind earth.
(len. ,Shertnqu's right is at Dallas, the center
about thr.'n miles north. The country is
Ale❑3cly u o dud and_troken..; o _roads. o-a uy
consequence. We have had ['may sharp en•
counters, but nothing decisive.
No dispatches from any ocher Gold of opora
tions hay° been received io•day.
EDWIN M. 6.TANToN. Secretary of War.
COUGHS, Bnosquiris.—The entire freedom
from all
. deleterious ingredients render
Been's Bronchial Troches," or Cough and
Voice Lozenges, it safo r.cmody for the most
delicate female, or youngest child, and has
caused them to be held in the highest esteem
by Clergymen, Singers and Public Speakers
generally. 'Sold et Ililiott's
kW T-'s Al married monster lately said. ho
dreamed he had an angel by his sick ; but
upon waking ho found it waa only his
1 4 =1.111,0
r.uL li 14 ~i~~
,I , I
I ~ l
II 11,,
The draft for the Fifteenth Congressional
District to fill the quotas duo from the sev
eral sub-districts on the several calls for
troops, took place at the Court House, in
Carlise, on Monday the Nth Ikfay. The
draft was conducted by the Provost Mar
shal Col. HendersonYassisted by B. Mcln
tire, Esq., Commissioner of Draft, and Dr.
Wm. S. Roland, Surgeon. The following
is the result :
Tuboyne Township.
118 enrolled. 33 quota. 22 drafted.
Thomas Lacey, John Barnheizel,
John Gable, John Swartz,
TAnimas (lector, Andrew Shrilller,
Simon It titshall, David Noidieli.
Hart is Findley, Joseph I). Smith,
Jacob Ito Trier, Wm Mnmper,
Wni. It. Iturdge, Geo Moreland,
11 - 10. Skinner, Mtimper of Henry,
John Sh dto, Geo R Ryno
Henry O'Donnell, jr. Abraham Snyder,
George flierilr, Jeremiah lintshall,
I I:I enrolled. 41 qnnla. 11 dr:lrted.
e rohn ll.Heohatigh, .1 , 111111.11 , tt. , 501',
1)1111H S Diniol I,
Vl'il!imns, Isaac 111
.I,lln 11.11111:111, .I.trnes
Fred (Itilshall, Hunch,
rotor A lialcor,
(;,.() \V Huss
John II
iihn lekor, David Swat tz,
Stvuticr, Sam IV
(;.•0 JI \ er, IZehditgvr,
1 )1 . 1; IVin T
.1 n ,h I, 1:1,,1er,
EIGIf I ,"11 , 1 , 1 ST'H ItN'FIZTCT
I .
1 It -i:l,;llThf 1,K11:1C1
1 ' 1
I.' .;rii.
, ;',' , "" - 1 DT,
tyi I I.r. iv lit In,
Olive! h ititoclz,
Isaac I
11 I.tit
It 1111
',•l t , i 1:.1(21
L11...11 I
' i i,II
I.ICUi L,.1
o N T 110.3 N. Itcti.lar
.; t/' ls, 11.,2eny,
Jab. C. I„ttett, tinmuel
SEVEN ri•:'1:•170ND SUP, DI6TItICT.
1..; ',:' 11 . 0 .TU li.ll4lip
8l curul'c,l
.I tool, II ty,
Le'",tc,-: from England
f.\NclisTEit, .1111 y IF.GI
De to 11 , raid : — The inerdusc2 , l turtle, au 1
the re,o;ittion or tho New York Legislature I')
pay the interest ou their bonds in greenbac:is given list+ to an howeaso amount of
vi:Lipcl;lli. , ll agqiuz+t, our gover,lutent, au.l iu
against 1.11 things Atuerie in. I.:t;lufau
turerl arr, neruitt 141 exp, it their goods :ctrl
hotder , ; of Nov Irk that e loud in
a.Niouncing what Lae). c.,,1 uu —itt:a.t.utH b4lo
Englishmen aro fond er brlggin7 of (heir
w ier is, civil amt teligt ats. Oi the Jailer I'll
give you a few spenitnens taken Irvin the
papers of the day. The first id from the
, •Lthenthu•" and is as tullows :
Ilul , tou, a small farmer in the
parish of, the seat of End Lyttelton
(who is very ',imminent in the Church Da•
tent:Li—associations, and whose brother is the
rector), has just had two beds and a table
teekcu trout hishollBo for a °hutch rate ; What
makes tho thing more cruel is, two children
were lying on one of the beds. Mrs. Ilulstou
entreated that the children might not be dis
turbed, and that something else might be
taken, either a cart or a cow but not the beds.
tier entreaties however were useless, and the
beds, with the table, were carried oil to a
public house, where on the 2:itlx ult., the beds
were sold to the landlady, not by auction nor
was any public notice given of the sale, ex
eept that on Sunday the policeman told
Ilulston Oat tee sale would take place next
day. These beds were worth five pounds, the
landlady bought them for twit pounds tiltceu
shillings. The rate was liftema - shillings, and
the table and the remainder of the money
were returned to the man. Mr. Ilukton, is a
Primitive Methodist and a local preacher."
Poe some time Edinburgh has been the
scene of almost tlai,y "roupings," a manner
of fie [ling peculhlr to that part of the United
(*volt Towish ip
:-sari:fr 7',
I,Ain II vino
51 rlwr 9 Irafic,l
;*:ilci arc sub-
I I I ao I beller it will be for
I .1,1 ti.! rost 01 the world.
ritors aro ivoally all silent on
I I.:Like!. t ali lir, a flow of them that fa
-0 0 ,u ,• 1. tI in their denunciations,
I.•-. ••l can nee nothing
:cly 01 the :tome of the chivalry.-- ,
• : • bow they ii,ed to east slave
...• a tow years ',go and now they
trying to perpetuate
I, It Itlr
1 f icl
A Y. •12.1 , . r,
I;e,, (.1
11 II Lir,
,1, 10 ‘,1 ; 11 Iti;;.;!1,
V; ;II j; ••!,
11, ,1 lI,rI
IS fl ,• , I I \
JuL 1,
1':. i : I::';ll i;
'6'itrritp , l li. :11c,5e,..,
Henry \I
rh V. it I.eicl'
I . 1.
i) 1 1
A .1 .llr.c i.
. 1 1
I is<i II "P
,1 t, I
\ltx 11, kctr,
7 ui IfiL I
w mt. nip, mll:cr,
J o. jv
7 4 ,.r IV
F 11 t't, 1
dr ified
Abrahvn GJod,
.1.,e.10.) tiuydcr,
Kingdom. A number of person's refuse to pay
what is known us the "Clerieo-Police Tax."
In Edinburgh, as in other parts of Scotland
the ministers draw a portion of their salaries
from the muncipal funds. In Edinburgh the
money thus applied is levied in the police tax,
and it is the part of the tax that is appropriat.
ed to the support of the clergy that is refused.
Distraints are daily made on the goods of
those who refuse to pay, and the making of
these distraints calls together crowds of peo
ple, who have in some instances carried off
the furniture io others destroyed it, and in
not a few cases have interfered with the Of:
licers to such an extent that a considerable
body of police have been found necessary to
prevent serious consequences. Are not these
tine specimens of liberty is this great and
glorious country, when a man is obliged to
pay taxes to support the clergy of a church in
which lie does not believe'!
A young man arrived here a few days ago,
who came !ruin America as the third mate of
an English vessel. lie says that on their voy
age over they were boarded by a rebel cruiser
and that they told the rebel that they had,
passed a Yankee vessel a few hours before
and also told him which way the Yankee was
steering ; sonic hours after they saw a bright
light in the direction the cruiser had taken and
they, supposed that, the American vessel hal,
been ca,pl tired and burnt. That is a little bit
of English fair play, sending a pirate after an.
snot met merchant vessel. Men who not in
such it manner are a disgrace to any country,
particubity one whose people aro supposed to
he advocates of fair play. However, we can
not expect notch more from people who read
du') tho croaking,s of the London Times, and
believe in the insane lubrications of that
111,1111:. II itilst "Manhattan . ' whose letters a
dorn 111, , piges t4l' tie '•.l'( , tmlir,land the Mor
tlizzi Herat i," two Tory papers (christened by
"Punch," (lamp ' nod -Mrs. Harris").
lar,l;ely patronized by the aristocracy. The
"I' hi,. -. is in it fright about the rebel steam
er "6 , ...i.gia" being allowed to remain at an
chor in tile river at Liverpool. It thinks that
if their government, (the English) is not ear
ful it will e•tablish a very d-ingerous prece-„
airl that in case of a war with Prussia,
growing nut of the, Solileswig-liolstein affair ;
a thing z,,,t improbable, that many privateers
would s•iil from our ports bearing the Prus
o:an II ig sole lid uring t heir merchant vessels.
FroM w,,a. I know of the enterprising spirit
of :=.'11113 of ley countrymen, I think this
railier pro'i.,l,lo, and sot not slow in inform
lag- my b lends hero of it. They have laid
tn,.;r c,c n tus's' l e, let 111 see if they will fall in
to :t The .•11,ra1.1," man editorial, remarks
C 4 'NIT Ad
.. ',',',31 . ;, ;111.r e,olmi 1 tautrs.
I;eard of :11zioagers of the
i-ty. are roTiested to meet
t ii tt I. tt t f I:ny, on Fri , lay 3.1 inst.
c ric, , rindence with tho Central
J. F. CLEIW, President
L. E .I ,, TINSON Sec
1) remodel
sce•iel• Church, ou West street,
having been completed, it will
1,• Ir Lc lro the worship of God on Sun 7
o Church of God at. Mechanicsburg,
, pre3oh the dedicatory ser-
crop of this county has
1 every seed hai gerrni
att.l, , I s,evpral days, the fartuer3 have
with their cultivators
awl hu• ihirrowi. As "help" is rather scarce,
the 'teams aro kL , pt guinz Iron "rosy morn
to !‘.. \\Vc UV
•pEr,i:.\N PaAli1: , ;(1:-:.—An ad-
Jur column Will inform
lrof. .1. W. Taverner, of
N'.v ;..,
gke some readings from
(11riday) eve•:ing.
( . (0.1c:11 ~1 11', ,• !‘t NVIIII giving but one from
o w I: ,11,a g t,, i , (', , mitt.—it says :
\\ IL;.N. , hear 1 this gent Lectures,
it.,Lt ~ 11; froui tilialiespoare, and
~t. with il , ii ht, lie excels in the
tle• and the comic. Indeed,
we 1,, , • r gm) , l a waster of the
le !if r nt. itiel iir , ill —the truly comic. We
w.llll k. 2 pro.ii Our ailrniratiou of his
sncli pi , ces as "The L'jst Heir,"
• I in: it :Thhirt." His conception
tr lin
uvl '
tlt ti hitia is perfect, and his gestures,
indeed hi , wileie expression and action, truly
E()BBErty.—On Friday morning last,
Janics nm,ly (butcher of this place,) ap
pear k d before Esquire Smith, and made oath.
that he had been robbed of his pocket-book
the night previous, containing some $132„
and he named Win. 11. Smith, Isaac Wheel
er and Jos, ph Welsh, as the men who had
I perpetrated the outrage. Smith keeps an
eating and drinking house in South Hanover
street, and it appears that the four men were
in his saloon, eating and drinking to a late
hour. Mundy became very much "fuddled,' ,
and in attempting to leave the house fell on
the pavement. lie was not insensible, how,
ever, and in attempting to gain his beet was
approached by the three men, two of whom
held him while the third took his wallet from
his pocket. The whole three were arrested
, by ollicer Martin, assisted by Ex-Sheriff
McCartney. On each man was found $2l
or greenbacks, the kind of money Moudy
said he lost. After his arrest Smith gave
the officers the slip and took to his heels.
Col. McCartney followed in close pursuit
end alter a sharp footrace he was overtaken!
They were all sent to prison to await their
trial. Smith is from Philadelphia and has
lived in our town about a year, dealing in
oysters, fish, lager-beer, &c. Wheeler is
stranger, " - Who - bus . - been here but a ahtirt
time. Welsh is a soldier and belongs to the
Invalid Corps.
After their commitment bad boon made
out, another information was made againSt
Smith by Geo. Gardner, of South Middleton
township. who swore that he too had been
robbed of his pocket book, in Carlisle, on
the Wednesday previous, containing ab4t ,
$56, and ho recognized Smith as the man
who had robbed him.
W e cannot too highly commend the efforts
our police officers are making to ferret out
and bring to justice the scores of scoundrels
who infest our town. Beyond question Cat.-
lisle is rapidly gaining a most unenviable
name. Nearly every day and night we hear
A. Swartz,
very highest,
stimonials. We µ•ill