Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, February 06, 1863, Image 3

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    PUBLIC BUILDINGS. 1' Stewart and others, for repairs
at jl,ll,
C. 'Amason and others, for repairs at
, court, house,
.1. Itioehoart, for book ease for Plothonota
ry's ()thee,
.1. It . 1•111:a3, for Look-case for Commission•
ors' Ohre ,
A. 11,ker. rot , repairinK locks, &c.,
(;:., .4: NV atur Coo for gas and water fur court
loow., I. months.
(lorga4, for stoves for court house,
It. Nateher, !or cleaning court house,
I.: Stool, tor winding clock,
N:ltcher, salary as keeper of public
PAM .1. B trltton, for public printing,
A. K. Itheem, 14
Paid Henry Saxton, bills of sundry articles,
C. I aliotT
3. W. Coeklin, .7 S. Dunlap and .7. IL. Ir
vine, Auditors,
W. Patton and others, refunded byres,
E. Common, appropriation to Union
Fire Company,
P. Quigley, appropriation to Cumberland
Fire Company,
of Board of Commis-
sinners, on veUnty business,
(lon. Zinn, postage,
S unary porsoos for lb.< snips,
A. A. Heim, for U. S. map,
A. Sonqmoan. for horse and carriage blra,
It. Nalrher, for puttin..; in coal,
.7. Armstrong, traveling expenses on County
S. Sheafia and others, for corn robs arid
.1. Sbairiberger and others, for sir( veling
tins k%S . :a, Co.. f..r rtsand \v ter for
court honor, months,
(1P... NMI, fur trinunintr tr, , ,3 on eonrt
house square,
Amount paid on Commicq.mer,.. or ,b. r s,
Tro.wun•r'. commi,ton on same, at 11, per
Clollectorg CouNty
nn.l , t.t, Tax,. 3,01 , O,
otis G.llectors . oI Couuty
:111 , 1 St 1t...T . 1 ,,
l'onut, , i..ns Alto wed Collect,rs of Militia
E‘tiniirittions allowed Collrctor. of Militia
titlistatidiruz County and :it ite Dee
_ .
raid Slate Treasurer In full or I,- ,ore of
State Tal. of !sill ..a.l previiius years,
Interest arerueil nn saute.
Slate Treasurer in lull of itate Tan of
A tooont nf poymentq to SLite Treasurer,
Treesutu . , eetomi,ion un mole at I per rent,
Pnid Assessors enrollinz delinquent
militia men,
COMMISSI,II,I•,. end Clerk, for r , rviees in the
matter of II ilitia xe,,,
John 'McCartney, ltri43ii, I m.peet r.
Amount paid nut of ❑ifitit Tax Fund,
Treasurer's consmisslon on F.1.:(11111, at I per cent,
Pap nn orders leSUPwi be Board of Honer.'
Treasurer's room/no-ion on same at 1 per rent,
Paid on orders. Itninty to 6.2 s v.iluntel., iu
U.S pert iet..
T s s' if, ion on curse I per rent
-Total credits,
Balance In hands of Treasurer,
•By Art. of Ac ,, mlilly of Dee. Li, Pamphlet
Laws o f Iw.i 1. riza 1, tho direetly
nponsible far tht• titanti•nt I the lif Staid. 1.0.
fixed hy the II ir I tif 1 00thitseittners,
eolleett,' an.l trea•tirwr s [-tint:llll,pin, whit h are to
he paid out of Ow nlO tax by the County.) :Ind 311
eteeFr ,aid tax lei - le-13nd rollorte I.• •r that atnaunt
nr , rues to the County, and not to the start!, a- hereto
fore : it hi.. theref tlet•tts•-d pr.ipt r it• turn Lino
the two it eitt• t.: anti State Like , in this state
un t.
f Ily 3 . t A ,, oznfly ~f Aprll the militi
ta.xes..'le - tfol tho ~ ..v.•rti count ioq, 3 1p.orola
t o d to tog the I.etiela the
lief fund,' and air, tlivrt•loro, embraced iii this tiatO
Stattan rnt o/ County anti tYiltr TCL,CCS
OWStant/illy ISi JIM. 174).3.
1537 Dam 1 Ilunm, II ntiplon. 5192 00
1830 2eo 13
.1..1. Craurf..r,l. Newt - 111e. 14 13
" John 1W thlm, We, . ' 66 73
1000 Tleenns 5,0111 Middleton,
1,11 N. W. Ws.d,Carli"le, -1.009 51
•• Lewis HIM, Vpper AIL , ,
1061 .I:lnses Born, tt n
28 37
" 3;01
.lobo 1.. Wise, I'vtln, 40 07
.. John 11ihh, Middleton 31, 1.1
John A Du,. Shippenelnerx Ilaron.,,h, 1128 sa
18n John Spahr, Carlisle, East Ward. f 130 no
" It Parkinson.l . lrli.le. We... Ward, 339 60
Samuel Kennedy. Franklord, .I'o . l .59
" 1.131, Kuhn, llopewell. 1 II i 0)
" John Weber. lower Allen, • 41 '.O
" George Morrell, Monroe. 43
" James 11 . 11ara, f '217 "4
Reuben Sensem tn. sleelmniesbug, 311 00
" John Sterirk, Sew burg, e bl 11
• I 11. Woodburn. jr., lewcille, 4 . 29 0 , 1
" John Kiulne,er, Silver Spring,
" James Mathews, Southampton,
" William Strickler. South Middleton,
" (leo IL Miller, Tipper Allen,
.lohn Viatson, WBstpertosboro,
$7,076 $5
Those marked thus* hare since pail In full. 'fhose
marked thus f have since paid in part.
Oounty Debt and Assets On Janua
ry Ist, 1863.
Amount of pi-Irwin"' of County Lon& ant
standin; Jan. Int, ladJ, per lalit annuJl
statement, $2 ,blO 00
Amount borrowed in 1'0;2 on County bonds
and notes fur • !teller Fund' and fur
' Bounty to Volunteers,'
Amnunt. otprincipal of County bonds paid
during Cho year Ibti2,
Total principal nt debt by bond and note,
Jau. let, 1863,
Amount of balance In Treasury Jan. Ist,
Amount of outstanding County and State
Taxes, -
.EICOSA of i Ildebted. leF S (exclusive of seem
lug Interest not dun) over assets,
We. the Commisssioners of Cumberland County, In
compliance with the requkitions of the Act of Assent.
hi) , of April 15, 1834, do certify and submit the fore
going as ,orrect statements of the receipts and °span
diturea of said County, from Jan. Ist to Dee. 31st,
1862. Inclusive, and of the outstanding County and
State Taxes, in the boinbglis and townships therein
named, and hiso of the debt fool assets of said County
on the first day of lanuary, I
.. . . . _
c.....--",, , , , if Ruche our hands and Beal of o ff ice, Ole
---- /Cs...—`)
`24th day of January, A. D. 1863.
I) Ilil. MILLE:II,
!11. !COST.
Atteet—J. AIIMSTI/Cie, Clerk. Coll)missloners.
We, the Auditors of Cumberland County, having
been duly sworn and affirmed. met at the Contmisesion
er's °Mee, to Carlisle, on the 6th day of January. 1063,
and pr •needed to audit and adjust the account of John
utshtll, Esq., Treasurer of said County', from the lot
day of Jammu to the 31st day of Decionber, A. I).
1862 and do certify that we find a Jahn , e of twelve
thometno eiebt hundred and sixteen dollars and fifty—
eight cents due by said Treasurer to sold County, as
Will appear by the foregoing statement 14 said account.
We have also I,2linined :uol compared the foregoing
statement o: said assets of 1..a1d County, v. ith • the ree.
eras, 111111110 eertlfy It to be a correct exhibit of the
same on time lot thy of January, A. D. Lim.
In lvituess whereof we have hereunto set ourluntdr,
tha'2lth day of January, A. D. 1863. "
" " '
A udituro of Cuultralautt County
Carlisle Feb. 1.1,
Aneat and substantial 2 sto
itrleit Dwelling IfoOse, with a 2 ar.llN
story !trick hock building and Lot of kali tail
ground, containing ;lb Pet In f, out and Ii
240 fret irc",lepth Sittiate nn fhe touts
side of Pomfret street, bet worn Hanover and Pitt
streets, In the bhrengh hf Tforo Is likewise a
good 2 story Brick building containing 4 rooms, on the
font of the lot. Alen, bake oven, smoke house, and
other convenient out buildings. A good garden and
choice ft nit trees, and nutter introduced on Om premi
ses, ell of w hich render It a very desirable private YON.
idenee. For terms and ['Luther particulars, enquire of
Feb. 6,150,3-6 w. Heal Estate Agent.
32 (»
11 2,
21 40
10 oo
15 00
SD 00
10?0T i ICE.-I,etters of Administration
on tin.r.state of ;;arat•l Eberly jr. decd., late of
F.ast I'ennshorough tap., haying linen rosined lrc the
Register of (Minh,lend County. to the subscriber.
residing in Hampton t ormthip. 11 , 111, is ino ohy eiv•
on to ell per•ons 'wielded to sold estate to make iin•
mediate in . ) went, nod t hoot hating claims to present
I h e m duly authenticated for settlement to
Feb. 11, 1563—fit Administrator.
11 , 4 01
774 to
rl on
1, 60
TOTlCE.—Letters of Administration
on the estate of John Stoner, doed., late of
Lower Allen, having been issued by the lit:Oster of
Comb Co., to the subscriber. residing in IlaMptlen
toWllll , lo. 1101110 In hereby given to all parlattlS indebt
ed to said estate to make payment, and those honing
claims to present them duly authenticated for sAtle•
50,00 I went to BEN.I. Eli it.
Feh. 5,1453—1 it Administrator.
1F 40
or nor.
1E0.IIANI , 11 • 1 , 1, BA SO. I
FebrUary 3. 1NI;3
1 _.l
leans Dlsoount).
,tork of Out Colotnolovoaltli of Penna. '20,.100 11)
Pwritg), 11,011:1 lG r lon n 30011 0 It)
U. S . 3-10 per cent Loan ..UP,III/11.11,1
U. S . 5..211'S ii pee rent Imam• S,OOO
Cumberland i'outoty ar Lunn:l.lo 1,1111
DM' IQ, nth, hanky :1,111 b:1 , 11.•1 , , U1727:27
Nutt, and Checks td ta ber 1.111,8.
U S. lantal Iduttler uutus, 10,2 , 0.110
specie—tint:l anti sil,er, tt,tts2.t
Personal ptoperty and Iron Sabo
CopitAlStnek paid in
Trnsient. 1,11)//wits ;6:,1,1.111
Spec/Al Dtpuhits
$l/19 , 0131
1)//p/—it Commo//wraith of l'entut. 1,115./ 1 0
1/11,i.loncle. Unpaid 12.01
1)111) to Banks and Bankers
2.40f , :.1 19
Th.. ahoy° statootoot lc corroot, to Ono Itt.Ft ,r toy
hu ix Itnlgo nod belief.
4.n'4 72
11. A. STURUEON, Cashier
S,sjrn and subserlbed
3 , , 3 '7
ES' l' AT 1 , 3 N o'l'lll
Letters trstannintary 1111 the estate nf iiiiiihoir
late id North lli i I rtun tup., C1,0..1111,1
Couoty, 111,11 issued by the Register of dil
aunty In ilio subs, 'hers resiillng w I lie ton - nsliiiii
.111 per.,lS illtllrbteil to !All 1,t3-te ore requested 1. ,
11101. e. 1111t11.• Hate I,tynnolt, and those 11:11 . 1n. claims
sill present them properly authenticated for settle—
70 00
80 00
50 00
icc:\ry lIIIENN
ELIAS ICI N 101.1 N, '•ALzoCK
aa. ;10, I 4t1:1--i.IL
,t) uu
2 au
OTlCE.—Letters of Allministratimi
11 . de bolds non - on the rotate of Dr. A tigto.!
lan Hod, late of 11orlinniesburit Culoberlnod County,
olet'd . ., hare been iseued by the Iteei..tor of said Con o•
ty, to the, subset - dew resolin_t• in Pork cotiiih
All persons Indebted to sal I manly ILrE• requested
make Immediate lonyntonl, and there having alai nip
will preeent then pr a a katell f, settle
ment to II EN Ill: It .I.llnr.
*2 - ci
.140 i) un
114 if/
121, 444 '4
11:, Ira vs of corn ns food. 114 val tta
Li,. I , any !amity.
11. 'clse 11.lilti, ain.etn.,t I', the Len..
isentaissit,s: 94 p IC:1111, 11,, whisks ssre
tiesstikor this , hasel-tl, rr n,in g 2 , 11,1111 WO /111 /10 all
111 TllO s.pirit et the I the piehsriml ventent,
hsch sess.l.. us trk.spet le.sro. All 111111,1 Ir.,
1,1•111,. or,sy to
r lo IVNI.
No I,', ilhatn St. Ness
$1 1 So
Report of Poor Rouse Visitors
T"111.. 11-ri..r.t1.1,. (hr./ ild•re, ol of l;tvir
1111i/e1,1,111 , i ~ 1 .111/1111, e apionntatd I.V tho Cuurl.
11-1 E v111111,1..1,1- 1.14 111 , ..1e
lit.tniz.•inelit of Ilii• Poor II .nlso4if this oaillly rel-pe•t•l
-tully report
That u, the dbcharge 01 the dittie, a,e.igned us. w ,.
have frequently ten , aid I nst flute, .1111111'4 11.•
1.1,1• I ea/ It Int wet. ,de a thin e 00 , 01-
nation, of I Ito 1,11 •n 1 011 irtmclit...ol aro ,nttine , l
h c a bl e to that and the r. .4..110t to mob , of
111:111.1Z••1111.10 /-14hkptc:i I.y 111.. t or
,her. elevtiline.,,ll.ll ant-rt ale i. 1,1•11.11.1 1, in all of
them, with the v....ldiot] hcreitvilt ettiotioe.l. The
well w hit c .,,,„1.0,1 cle-in .crubned floor, the rent.
In atrvnged and tidy iirrevra !lee h 1 the hod., aunt ho•ii.
ditl4. id i, lum, the goo.rally ebeerfol
21”. i rotitotited ~..ante.. incr. or the initiate, with their
pre.onott—l grat, fol aclotow le Igeolent
ate-f 4 u., that poVe.ty. filth :1111 dc21.1,111
are .. , t tithatssary r,. r tint:tuts 01 lit, instil taititi, but
by iodic hot, nvituteittent, it may be tendered a eon,
tunable home for the reoiptetds it , . charity.
The intnateh are ttipplied with good and 1111.11esmit
food, a nd comfor9/11,1e chttititig. thOhi• who I,n fitted for
it, are I equired t., Jab, and their pint ,bat and mental
!tenth in thereby int iterated: the sick [Live
Able and commodious rooms. aro waited on by careful
nurser, and 1 ,il . O the attl'lltioll of a judicious phynl
ian I 11.• kter prssents theslug the nom
her In the limos.' Vll dantivry Idt Pht2, was 111, of
hum 19 wmu colored, a111111Li.•11 mare, 2;19; birth., n
molt ittg the number prof for during the year. ;
of these 21 have died, of .11.111 5 W 1.01011'.1, 2 have
been bound out and 21'2 discharged leav tlrl,
ing In the tutus°
123 of,witom:l4 are colored ; the out door paupers aro 07,
making, the whole number ehargeable on January Ist
1003. 220., In addition to the above, the large number
0(2691 transient or traveling paupers have liven re
'reload Into the institution rind provided for short pa.
11. 7
lih I 1
2-J 21
We arc) also much pleased With a well I ., nanoted
R•h,..1 2.2 poplin, from sto 14 years, taught by a
member at the Steward's family. Also, your commit
tee have conferred with the present Board of Director.,
as it, till hilitriVolllollt in the premises erupted at
present by the Insane attached to the institution.—
Meat might he done to :Illeviate their Ur/happy condi
'ton, in erecting. tog, sized and better ventilated
apat tments for their ocrupancy But the necessary
inereastne expenditures of the coming year have, no
3 et, left the Board undetermined an to the carrying out
of their contemplated improvements, for'the benefit of
thm pitiabh, portion df their charge.
In conclusion. me would say, that we also, at differ
ent periods, during the summer, panned over the fields
ledoneing the Poor House Farm, and commend the
mode In IV Well the 1 - Wllllll2 is carried on by the pro:.
tint Steward. All of which is respectfully submitted.
S.l V' M. It EN VON,
Lan 00
(10111slo, Jnn. :10, 180 R. _
511.,Stei og
9111-lOSE two large and commodious
Brick Houses, on West it., opposite IL C. Wood—
Warehou 0.
7,07:, R 5
10,8 , 12 4
Also, the west Fide of the large Stone House, on
Main st., adjoining Dr. Mahon's residence. For parti—
culars apply to
$37,6,10 s':
Carlisle, January 23, 1863-1 m
!I t izg a t i, h ,r e eat b ly a r la .a n n c ee e a
p o r f ,,, o:r
W} E 'urs are d 'l B t e
Now is the Unto to got bargains in those goods. IVo
have on hand a large stock of all kinds of Goods.—
Please call at
. .
January 23. 1863.
91111 E Store Room now in the occupancy
of Greenfield & Shoafor, will be routoi from the
Ist of April next. Apply to
Mrs. OEO. W.. 1 41'N1111.
Carlisle, January 0,1803-3 t
rpHE subscriber offers for rent, the Store
Room•nnd•Dwolllng nous°, for ono or moro years,
situated In Milltown, Minn township, and at present
occupied by George Russel. It in an excellont country
stand. Any parson wishing to rent will apply noon to
Spring January U, 1863—;1t
FU RS I FURS ! Another- fro's!' lot
of Puri just received. Also CLOAKS, 8114WLS,
lltess - Gbods, a - great - many Idnds - of - trauey tloods7such
asAiloves, Gauntlets, Collars, Scarfs, liaLdkereldefs,
Ilalmorlas, Neck Tics, Gents-Collars, &c
Now Is tho tlnfo to. buy your Ilolyday Presents !
Please call at '
. .
Docombor 10,1002.
$ 1-,79;:•
n pil
~ttß 2 - 5 (0
A ssi•GNEE's •
Notieo is hereby glyon that Proctorlett Seidl°
andS 3lllll t . Lberlit,-aa'adlint-itiid--alsn
have executed a dead of fthitutarritsslioindit for _the
benefit of creditors, to the Othiarsigned: -All persons
knowing themselves !odelaid to ttuijatid parties as a
limn, and as individuals, are requested to make immO
diate payMent, and those having clailos will present
them for settlement to
ROBERT WILSON, A, s i g „ aos
.70:7EI , 11 LEAS,
Mechanicsburg, ;TannAry D, 18(13-4t
Must'less tEarbs
WN. I'E'NItOSE, Attorney at Law.
o Oflire In Rheum's aim. Proresblonal busi
ness promptly alleinied to.
February 21, 1'612. •
J)UI"US E. 811 A I'LEY, Attorney at
isi Pll. A Hoods to Sorer,,, and col
-1.6•1in,, Soldiers' l'ay. Bounties. and Pensions. 011ie°
on South !last, t..:'t reel, opposite I:entz's stole.
Dee. 27, 1861
• LAW Oilleo with %V. M. Penrose, In ]themes
1 Iza I.
TM. WEAKLEY.—Attorney at Law.
• oake on south Hanover street, opposite Bentz'
Di y tiomdq Stllre. All nrofessionsl business entrusted
In hits will be promptly attended to.
it d ,11, 1a1111,1 , 1, Attorney at LINV, Mitre Itt In
holl's Luii lie. J t•I onp-Itt. the Market Ilousn.
hooch 14, 'nn-I}.
d ---1 P. II I TAI It ICH, Attorney at. Law.
.—omve on North 11(lourer street. n fur, ( lo(aa,
mouth of It llotol. All 1 / 1 1Sillehs entrusted to him
will be promptly atteltded to. I April lb.
- -
()sEPII II ITN 11;11, JR., Attorney at
PF : , 111 - I,•y or. Nleulutnie(Autry Pa. (Mit u nn
IZAiI r a.l Street, ttto (1.,. 1 . Tour 11 of the hahlt.
IS attended to.
DR. I.C. rAO( ).‘1 I efC97 , ,
Soul 11 Minot!, struet, .•t(
Oppo,it, Bentz' do gals
7~R. GI , ;()1{ G 1 , 3 S. -
1:D1 11'I', DEN Tl ST, from the Dal
r-f _ levP of Dental
t hi= Inutile, past 1, , ,,the,
Evd s,rd.
Thkr..ll t f.
). W. NEIDI('11, 1). 1).
Latt• DetnotlAtrator (,f :Olt, D 01111,41, to the
l ')'.111 T:LIZIrlf( t :; 11'"
- Offire3t hip I:P.idener,
opmsite v.arli,t, flail, n rat Main street, Carlisle, Penn
11111(1:01'A'I'IIIC PHYSICIAN,
rocently lncttlotl in (
A t,,4 too, a•lj i, ifi r II ,11•11.', II )(1•I,
•••,111••• r 1 1.11.2
:t I • ki• ..r 11,1 Hi l.t than Ilt 111 ,.. 11 .
h.•I 111 nlt• I,Pit 11 in 1,11. y
iii' '2,
The Magic Time Observer,
'I HE 1;1,'
I "DEINI; a 11111)ting and (Ipcli Fat:o,
A ) G.•llf 11'111311 NS .0,11 1"i...114;1,1.
1,10 tho pretl 4,11 t ellien 1. 11••1• e .11 e
.• , 1 3n.1 lie 1:.••-t liill. pi, ••• 411.1 rclla
or , 11 , 1,1 It 111 , 1111 111 1 1111,1 Ted
w ith Ite r. 0 .11 leimli n^_,,t1a.1.1,11 1. rl'll
Th 4, 1,1 , 1 , of
ri . k. I eitti•r
v. , II It
k a 'Mllll' -
7 , 11. I II : 1%11'10V 1‘ I ill 111.m.r.
pII , I. - ry
nit 'rt . % :id , woe.. Nvi
Ill'lt 1: 11:11 1:;;i1 C.l, Imprirters.
Na•. 4111 ./,.1111:+ts
.1 11111 In 9, I `,2.1
(111;1 NI SIIEAFEI?,
beautiful assm-t
;It EEN I'l E. LI) E.l F. It ,
1,,.;.1 .f \ \ th It will I
(I, .1:1, 11/ HIV ~1,1
Shawls of every description,
al IIPkV 1,111• , Ili I•S% 11 :11,/ 1.11,1 , 11,1 \II : 1 1,1 NS
111 id .•a.. ..I.•seller.. 11.. a fill! a. , ..r11111,1.
1.1 th.• 1.411.1,1E11, in t 11.• c..nnty Inin.l at all !wines.
11c:6,,ti t,• am 1111'1 Lit mull
1:110 , 1 ii Iy iu .11.1,1 , 1 111.,
Carpets Carpets!
At rho i~l. Icivalit hero, the rice,
re hir tliii :it the iilil
. 111
1.., I . .1 r yl It
I: , '1: p. t at ..,i)
F.Nt,a 11.,t,)„,k1 rh.,ln dn.or,
1,,,1t i .1 ..r. le, Ho 1,, I. d Carpet at
All w0.,1 1,2 ,k
.itullty 2 pl.y iu 11, a Lrt from
d .‘.r Elri.•.• ply,
all . ;1,25
The above druids most he sold. They were bought to
sell. and ns we titer a dislike for book keeping, we pro.
for the cash In exchange for Goods.
tluo ihior west of the County l'i
Carlisle. Dec. 111, 11.162.
Digestfon Is the great essential,, primary and prepa
ratory process of lint, and therefore to keep In repair
the digestion organs should Le the great business of
life. The Stomach, n Melt is the grand digestive lola,
ratory, and from its groat anti essential function has
also sympathy throughout the whole body. Moro na
ture concentrates her powers for the formation of
nourishment, and here It is that
Steps In at the thud of need to assist tho process of
Dr. 7,n10c Porter's Stomach Bitters strengthen the
system in an rstrnmdivary manner. They are of the
highest value In nalifiell of the Stomach.
Weattlleht4, Intligestlon, A gno,
on oral languor, Dlarrlirett, Teething, of Cbilign.
Dizziness, Summer Compl. 'Worms,
Isms of Appytile, Waterbrash,
Dyspopsia,,. Skit ileatiaelie,, Jaundice.
They correct the 111 effects of Unwholesome }hod,—
Children when musing munch fruip limey lie saved from
volts told alarming affections of the hoirels". by the Iron
toMot Or. Zaino Porter's Medicated Stomach Bitters.
Those OM net` ardent spirits alit find the stomael,
corrected-In n most remarkable manner by lids prepa—
Whonevov chore is um Imp leolirlgju the Sto
matth lions anvtliln4 milon 4 , 1•71 - Erilc use Dr. l i tirter's
hitter's. shut roller soon be had,
Price 15e. and .25e., govortnnent Inehided.
FOr sale by all dm •glsts. "
HALL t It IIIU I , lh, Prnprletors,
ilreoowlell Street., N. Y. I .
Fur sale to Cat Huh) by 6.IMUIIL ELLIOTT.
Tun , undersigned bus just ppened a
now Drug PtOro, hi South Ilnuover street, next
door to I nhoft's roeery Store, where he has just re
reivo and opened a large stork of
Drugs Chetnicais, Dye-Siutrs,
Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, and l'auey Articles. .Also, a
Largo lot cd
Tobacco and Segars,
of the most favorite brands; Coal Oil Lanipsand Shades,
iirlibiot P 151.1. Coo foetionaries, Fruits, Nuts, CnalCil,
Alcohol, Stationary, Patina Medicines. ,and 211‘oihor
rH4esrohneete:l mill: our line. All 0r ' N.:bleb we will
sell it prior , to suit the thorn. Preset iptlons earetully
eolupon .:1:::1 by a ant drnaalst
Ca: 11 , 4 e, Poe. 19, ISW-1y
91 1 11 E InCersignci would call the at t en
imblie, to the feet that ho srill keeps
011 !MIK( un OXLvusive assortment of
on the South-east corner of the Puhile Square, where
the puldir are invited to call and examine a strck of
floods, which, In elegance, varkty and extent, will defy
competition; comprising In part tool. I ump, crushed and
brown : CU A Pd, Java, Rio & Roasted COF
FEE. Every variety and quality of 'I•M.I.
i 1
Spires, (grnund and unvround). Pickeis. 1 1 1 1 .'7
Sauces Table fdl • Sew ,h leans and Sugar- -="it II
house Mnia,ses, Now Yof Ic & Phi,,h.lphht
.i rV', ,
Syrups, Cher,. Corn Slar , h, Fa. Ina, Cho
I.l\ filet. of roller. Relined Sn,ir. \Vashlne: and
of the finest linallty.
A be.tutittll ~ikittiwllt of 1h Itatnnia e, plain :1,1
geld Land
China Ware, Glass Ware,
RIO I.:11111e, \Var. , . in great vai lay. an
navy St.aps, E,traots and Pei funn,)
ItIl" till.
. I nciutlitpz Prnoltps, Itakins, C.Dt111,1•1 ries,
Dry .11 , 1)1 , ,,. Mang,, Lenimis.
1,1(11N \ Wholes:o, anti rot 411.
• .0111,nring ~,trnon :(1111"1 , 1 his
1111 ti
a.O l'.,rt.
\ I \I i ill's ill and bOt
;S.Lor • •
it \ll/I,l:py, 11 , Hand Oin, and Feheitlara
A 1.414.• , t,or', I, it1,111,1,Ia! Dy,
hartliti, sei , spne .pr clad iso I .tisd r ,, a I Oil, 11 il. :- , ia•ra. and
S(ar ral,4!a,
\\ - ail
o lilu• lett, twto 11 . ..,11 .11i1
..f I,l , trn Il jollier
BLit L. W.., .1.
31,1,,tin,..,f fiti.” In ,v 11,,•• s nods
r Ir, 10111;er:416p lierettderti existin g
untivr ho MOM! 111 John P. I.) PO SOP. R1`...1P.
tt lot dm, \ • Put , r.
h.• I tn.! n I th. I t ?II v. 1 , •:511.,t
in 1,1 Is Lilo "1 , 1 , t 3,1 iii
11 i • 'E I 1.1 — `:1.
)1 \
i./ 111. , Ipt,lolir it
• I...1. , 11•,11 I 3. , ;i
••• ..f 1.111 , :lt•
A I)e , ir.,l;le residence situated on South
tro—err th, r,pr.,lwirr•T
L. .1 0 •,1. 10•0•1.. I, IL,• “cettpanct ..f .;1•.• \V.
I This 1. (M 1...! u.,.•14,11.11,14 ivato
,• CAI •i••!•• :PI, Int "r
:111•1 I . ,111 , ;;1111111 1 . 1
.• ,
.I 111.,1111/un
it•IIII-. t"
for tho•
N () I I I '
)1..I . 1•1-Y ffie., 11 . 1'41 f...11.,-'l' ,, l.lnwnt•tvs
111.• I ,111111,1 I:b.•:Iv , 111-'lO
14,1% I, unh, , th
11 , 1 to I•hri.l,” I !wt . ,. oi
I I,lv. II All ito•r ,
tr. p1. , 1 i,ll
1.•.01'. IP 1,111 111.
h.ll v,.
1.1 . 1 . ...111 holl
Pt-t ttt •,t.i 3131 titt's II tt•l
%till. it 1 I
, 1 .rtlt
1., 11,,n1,4•,
4.41 1 it Ili!? tii I,EiS,
11.,111 n I 'llpl
1.0:01, till' 110.1,... 1.1, pi Iq l•
! c )A lc
11. in.: (Ito 1•,•111 , i1.• 1,11)1 , 1. 1 .1o., I I
Ito 1.11.• , I.llllir y . la--
HI 111.1 "lII' 11111011 t the
b•-.. In 111 iI. • t 1,011 1.1 , i. , 1•1•••11 111111
i• ,k . -011 1.-- Mat, \\ 1., all 1,ift , 1%
th ..% I 1 , 1 1.1.1,, 3114
(1111 , i11,
\‘ c• 1.11 t../Itii.ll
.71.10T.3 . 21N1NG (A-0 °III.S,
all.l 11,4. "II 1.'14 a i
1.11111.•. 11,10 t4i in,.
\1.1,11:11,,, tql,, l'rapt,, , , • tn.%
suppty 131-
,•si 1 . 1110.,1 , 14•11,. Kl,l
lets, 1Vt.11.11 11..0.8.! , enrR . , , 1104ivry 1111
llen's and Boy's Wear,
French Cloth, Casshneres, Vestings, all kinds of Fur—
nishing (ions's, Donivin lc Goods in immense supply.
all kinds furnlsliiii , 4 Constant :alai
ti..o ie 1in...n.411 the
I\l. 01 t I ont pohii, to
oil awl t 1111.1111.1111.. i.
1,E11)1C11, ,AWIEK )111.1,E1t
I`,• 11, 5, 18h2.
Valuable Town Property at Privato
rllllll , lsubseribei• oilers at private sale,
thi. font - ming valuable Tee n Pruperty, em u :Win g
t,I flVit hoTS, I Ito lir,t t.ltuitteti tut the Ilarrlslntrg
turnpike, directly °pp site the residence of It M. lleus
tiet .111. kisit linunded tut the west Ity a lane, on the
tint Ih by .Inlin Noltio, and tit, the east by \Vitt )I. !leo
derson, containing,
S T () ill A C 11
A Vou:elalde Medi
ci'', !I 1111 Sum ro
muds Gar 1111
Bowel Com-
'rho other Lot if, on t ho nnrth•went side of Cat Hale, at
that end of what, I n hi,,,, no '• Logne't, Lane," adjoin -
I ng N-Ide on th e not lh, and lute, z p :t h r
on the south, containing
IC.' ?II '
•I•h'He are very valuable 1.0111, And ore well worth the
al tooth) of porrhio.erx. For terms tool other particu
lar,. emothe or JOS. D. 11ALItliR•l•.
December 5,11162-3 m
ti,t - 7
ri RE AT Trunk Line from the North
North,West for Philadelphia. New York, Read
Pottsville, Lebanon, Allentown, Easton. &e.
Trains leave Harrisburg for Philadelphia, New York,
heading, Pottsville, and all Intermediate stations, at S
AAI., and xool'. M.
New York Express leaves ilarrishurg at :115 A. 31.,
arriving at New York at 1100 the ha ala morning. ,
Faros tram Ilarrlshurg: To Now York $5,15; to Phila
delphia jdl 35 and S2,BU. itaggage checked through
Itetornhig, leave Now York at li A. 31., 12 Noon, and
7 I'. 31.. (Pit tsburg Express). Leave Philadelphia at 8
15 A. M., and 8 3) P. M.
Sleep ogea•x ht the Now• -tior sxpTeesTrahni,through
to and (rate Pittsburgwil heat change.
Past.rugers by the llatawleout Railroad leave Port
Clinton at 5.13 , A. 11., for Philadelphia /mil all intecine-
Mato StatlonA: and :1.25 P. 21., for Philadelphia, .Ntiw
York and all Way Points.
Trains leave Pottsville at 0.15 A. SL. & 2 20 I'. M., 1111.
Philadelphia and Now York', and at 5 :RIP. 21., for Ain
burn and Port Clinton only, committing for Pine Grin r
Mid with the Gatawhialtailroad: and returning front
'Reading at 1i.15 A. M.,_for Pottsville.
An .S,:coininuitition Papowzor Train leare,4 'Reading
and rrtwriTlf from 1.:30 P. NI,
All 1,110 trainr run t4utulays exeephal.
A Sunday train leaves Pottsville at 7.3)A. M., and
Plillatolpilia at a lii P. I.
Seat.on, and I`..xcur:lon Tick
ets, at reduced rates to unit rrotu all point,
For Sale or Rent
I! 1;1.\
5 Acres and ]O9 Perches
T UST received 'a large asso' rthient of
ttf elegant new style
Pall and Win(& Goode,
to tvhieh the attention of the public in general Is re
speetlully Invited. In the
Cloths. Cassimeres, Testings, Shirts, Shirt Collars,
Neck 'lies, Cravats, Suspenders, Gauntlets; Gloves,
Pi plina, French :%Inrinns, Du Latins. Floored and
lAn 1 . 1• , 1 help ' , Pllit DO elle,'!ors, Figured and Flaln
Vslonr.Caslnnetus, Varamettas, (Fingitma, F•er
sets, nalinorals, ,ontags, Skating Coals. Nu
-lests. Ar., &v. A roll assortment sl GOODS for
01,11.1.1•111,' wear. of all hinds. 'finking:, Check's : Mos.
Flannsls. Blankets, Cassinsts, •fr:111S,
Cords &cc to.. I.ekt finality null cheap as the shespest.
Il osiery and Mover Of all descriptions andprices.
A large nasortment of Shawls and Scarfs of all de/4
eriptions, and I heap, Travelling Trunks, moll made
and Carpet Bags.
As it Is' Impossible to enumerate all the artieles,..l
would tespeetfully invite all persons in want of hand
some and cheap 0001/S., to call and look at my stork
before pnrehasing elsewhere. Ara- Recollect the place,
West Main street, nearly opposite the depot.
N II Cloths, Cass!mores and Vestirmt, will lin
made up to tiriler,,( if desired.) in the hest nuw nor, and
ii.irritite.l to It lay an experienced tailor and the I est
t., 31t in the Stitt, C. O.
Offico of JAY COOKE,
1 , 1 . 111 1 4) . 4111 . 1'11/N AIJI:VI'
At JAY COOKE & CO., Bankers,
114 SOU'l 11 T 111111) 141.11111 T,
'll nu 10rch.m.1.11.11 . 1.1,! appointed
'PItiN .kU EVI hy I he Se.•rehily nr the Treasury. 14 'no y
furnish. at nm t the
„f lt. 1 1 , 1,1/11i1,1 n.v "
Icouinbl, nt Lilq trit,ll.ll . l. Of Lin, i70V01,1111,i after
o :11101..$ izi•.l by Art at Congress. ni proved
F..brutry 15412.
Thi, 11 . 1'i BONDS are imFIIPti in SUMS of 1.(0
'l5. 115016'1'1,K P.ONDS iu .uins of $5O,
[lltVlat Of Six per rent. per annum will cone reurv~
from datl; uI p In base. 11111 i.
irwl-A nu nail c, %.1.14 ..qual. at the present, prvml
on) ~11 gold, to al.oot 1 . :11111IT CI.NT. l'Elt AN
Fat ufers, Met c'lktilltS. :Nlfichanies. Cnpllnll't.•, and all
who haul• nuy !floury to Invest, should It now n•.
n0...111.1 that thew• Ronde nro, 111 flert, n / 111,1
11,11:1(i.‘111.: upon all 11:Oho:Ws, Camila. linltlt
nod Srrun 1i,5,:1nd the imuu•nre products or all lb.•
(.:mot. lor c.. is the ci.if .11 • and that the
toll a.•I Imple on, 'stun mad,. for the pnitnent f I 11.1.
Interest null liquiftitiou priuripal, lip I'nrtou•c Ilu•
I wise Hll4l I trrnal lit:Vt./111, sul Vet: to
111.11. c• 11.0..1, thu
.11,st r(117(1/,/e mid. Most Popu r
lrr r, men/ in ifc .11ht rkel
ipl inns r creh nt ['All in la,nllnntler
1...10 .104 L. nt 14.nh, 111 pnr iu l'lll'adolphin
In, in I e prnu , pt :it tnni :111.1
0 ill IA: ansidtnl on . p
11l % r r
full .apply ot Bonds will let kept on hand fur Bo
mi late Belli ei ‘.
.I.‘ 1" Fci ipt . A • L
1,1 . ;.,011
Nf , V. 7, I YL62—:lm.
Now Shy-Light Photographic and Ambrotypo
fl 1,1)('
,\ N is. Imppy 0) inform
,',,, and thi.
tlint. 111, o:q.tlolinhooadtt to Ho
SZy- !flit 6'a 1, - r . y,
• • No!l. oo ❑ \ lU:li:cry
i.j. ttntho. - ;:ttol Valloi I ai,.
I. lif .11P1i• ill, hi, .4,41, .1,1
th, I't .. , f ..‘p. \PI:.
111 , i 10 t,,lit./eturo.l.
Hi F.' , VISII I:, A)IIIIt0
`11 . 1.q, A LNElili ,rYLE OF PicTuuEs
ell] till . 11014, m 111 ,. N" , v
,k,ll ‘,.•11 it,
, 1•• , 11
1.11 L., do ‘1,11....
1. - sT r( ceirc,l from NeW Y(irk
(; it 1:1•11'1.1)
1,.1 'll,. ,t,tl4 a ht..tiallul
hi Al will 1., l•prtnr:4l.o t 1 - 1”?
h • sat t , •11,1 N .tr.• ~ .111:1,
flew ( . I.otl. 1 .. klpt i1,11,..1.1.110,1•111•141111,t
II I,IIA . t
11.1,.• I
ntt. , .411,1-• .v
1.. !I,
V/ .011' ..1 . 1 , 11/1 .110111, 1%1...111'111kt 'MI
1 , 1 tile 1111/ . lle tin i•tani.nit mom lit
1,11 unitersi•ll .inn 3 inn On in.
I:\I 1 Vl.l. 11'11'.'..
\\.•st I lts•
l.,cui vol a very larLT stuO: of
\ ER(
\ s. US,,Cr,
at I h.• , ortlt llnt.ovor t.
S 1 hi h tl/.• ,10,1•H/11.1 . 1.,,:11 . ,111 . 11A/ iunp.. Li., of tit. to his lotoo•toN at I.•tt ot
Dien and Boys' Clothing - ,
of all styles and sizes, liarnhents made toor.'er
neatness 1111.1 dispatch at shunt notice and wan:tilted n
tit ~r no Hale. Persons wishing to buy and
wear by the yard. will find a superior assortment of
tioodl., and will be cut free ,if charge if desired.
It A Al; 1..1 I I NtiSTON,
Opposite Auiericati
October 21.1'0.1
BOOTS & SzroEs.
FU LB assortment. of I‘l en and Boys'
Boot. ,o‘d sh ren, o.oum•hh, for the winter. Moo.
Ladies and Minses's Ilahnoral Bootees, Children', hoots
of all kinds. Ladiesand llentlemn'euUM Ores Shorn.
My old eustouleres and all In emit ot good and t ht 1,11)
hoots 11111 i Shona, will plea, call and examine the
stoelt, hrl,,re purchasing. Main street, nearly opposite
the Levet.
OWIAY ? Utit.e.Q
Carlisle, Nov. 21, 10,2.
A 'ATARI: suits of every descrip
ti.ol lIIAU at short netivo, of every style, color
and duality, at moderate prices by
18.11 e LI VINOSTON,
Carlisle, Oct. 24. North Hanover St.
L Oils, Varnkhos, l'orpontlne. We invite the attoi
tion of the ',oldie to our superior WHITE LEAD, put
tip exclusively In Tin pales, anti warranted to ho supe•
rlor to any other brands sold In this market. A great
variety of rotors of the host qualities and selling at Lila
lowest paces, at John P. Lyno & Son's, North Hanover
street, Carlisle. June 6, ' 62.
NEW lot of Carpets, bought for
i l a_cash al auction, now opening and selling low, for
at Um °heap store of
MIAS. °QUAY, TrtlBtee.
CarllF,la, Nov. 21, 1802.
WANTED immediately fifty good
Coat and N'eat :%lalters. 0,13 , those need apply
who are able to make a good job. Liberal wages will be
Clothing Emporium, North Hanover St.
Carlisle. Dec. 12, 18(32.
VOTICE is hereby given of an inten
tion to establish a liank of Discount,Deposit and
dreulatlon, under tIM provisions of the act entitled
•, An art to establish a system of free banking in Penn
sylvania, Ky.." and the supplement, thereto. Said
bank to be called "Tut Pcom.o3 DANK," to be locates::
is the Borough of Merlsinicsburit. Clumberlend COUTII 3',
in., with a capital of One Hundred Thousand Dollars,
to ho divided into two thousand shares of fifty dollars
November 21,1802—Gm
, TtiIJNKS, VALES'EP,S, Ckpot Bags.
French Solo Loather Trunks or all 5141 . 8 nod prints,
Ladles Travellip: Trunks, the largostvl,s, Brass Bound
Can ass Truukti,,Valisea, Carpet Bags. Plush, Oil, e.
North llauovor
Carlisle, Oct. 21
Aft. JOIINSTON has diseoGeDed the
/most cot Latin, speedy and only effectual remedy in
lie world for all private diseases, weak lasso of the back
or limbs, strictua es, allections of the kidneys and Wadi
der, involuntary dischni gee, Itupoteney, general debili
ty, nervousness, dyspeptty, languor, low spirits, confu
sion of id,,,, palpitatitin of the heart, timidity, trent
-1,11 ogs, dimness of sight or giddiness, disease of the
head, Lb railt, nos,, or Otto, of of the liver, lungs;
stonon I, or bowels— those terrible dl,orders arising from
the solitary habits of youth—these secret and solitary
ma. ice. , paws fatal to their victims tlik,n the song of
cos to the err of Li lysbes, blighting their meet
In Minot hopes tar solid potions, rendering marriage,'
,he , impossible.
Ilspeeially. who have heeome the victims of sOlitoryt
that d rmdlul and lesti naive habit which
ally sir eels lo an untimely grave thousands of YoUng.
Men of the exalted tah•uts and brilliant Intellect,
ho might utherwlhe Inure entranced listeui - ngStomtes
',III. the th 01141,, of eloquence or waked to ecstasy the
lir Ind, lyre, ma) call with full confidence.
Mari led persons, or young men contemplating mar
riage, being insure of physical weak ones, organic debil
ity, clef, to it leo, &v.. speedily eared.
e who plai'es himself under the rare of Dr. J. may
religiously confute In his honor no n gentleman, and
confidently rely upon his as a phyolcinn.
ImmeoliAtely cured, and full vigor roistered. This dig
treceduct affeetion—o hich renders life miserable and
marries. , inipc,,chle—lo the penalty paid by the victims
of improper Induloeneea. Young penning lire trio apt to
ennui exeetooes from not being aware of the dreadful
consequent., that may ensue Now, wino that under
stands the subject 0 111 pretend to deny that the power
of proereation is list wanner by those falling into Im
p, tot hthit. thin I y patient 1 Resides being de.
prive.i the plr,,,lres lit healthy offspring, the most
serious and destroetive symptoms to 1 nth body and
mind :iris... The system !Hemmen deranged, the physt
etl and mental ruiwtions epnbeneu, lass of procreative
power. err irritability. clpcpepola, palpitation of
the heart, icon,- Lino, constitutional debility. a west
ing of the frame, rough. moo sump) inn. decay and death.
Left hand side ,:elm; from Baltimore street, a few doors
from the corner, Fall not to observe name and number
Lotteis in 11 t l,r paid nul nmluln atittinip.,, The Doe
iiig in his office.
7717.1.1717./INTED IN TWO
tin Mercury or Nauseous Drug:l,—D, Johnston. men)•
icr of the Ito . . al ('oilt•On of urgeon 0. London, 0 rad nate
Iron, one of the nowt eminent Coib gee in the United
, tales, And the treater pirt of w hose life has been spent
ii, the hospitals of London, Paths, Philadelphia and
clsewheis, inns effected Nome of the most astonishing
•tit c- t hat w t r ea cr II now n ; many troubled with ring
ing in the head and rats when asleep, great TerVollo
- alnnm'd at .111,11,1 sounds,. bashfulnosa,
with freyient attended sometimes with do
r:In:Z.011U mind, were cured Immediately.
TILTS.F. r.e., - itTacir_rx.ssu ZTOTICE•
ho hat clujureil theniselveir
nip:,, ti
pt , l Indulzer•i• t•olital tv
y habits, hich ruin
h i( and uuud, unlitiing them hit either Lus news,
,wiets main's'
itl•Ft• 1 - 11,41111• ',ld :IndIIIi'lall1•1101y effects
111.1110,1 II) 1.3r1y 11.1.. t. t °Oh, IZ: Wenknefei Of
tilt. -11.1 yt 11.-111 t h.. In diIIIIIPFS Or bight,
Io.iil'l.l• lait.ll little hoart.dyspept
i.t the dhset•llve
t1..1:t1 Ito.. ..onstimpthin.
•rr. r I s
I ilii!' LI
111 --'lla. iem nll ellmn, aa the mind urn murk
L. M. Me aim], ha•m n u, mall uhi..n at ideas, do
lal ,I• 1 , 1111 er..11.11
.11 ti mt. ..‘e at .c•,litud. , timidity, he., nra sumo of
the I,
TIIOUS:11/11' 1 1 peMons of nll n;reF ran Door judge what
in the catiNa of their th cliuioe liettlth,l....hqr their si t .-
ar, beemning 'Veit pnle, ou.nnd emnrinted.llnvlnic
niimalar nme.imm e nl alit the e3.,,tough and symp•
1107..11dG MEN
hav, a certain practice
lad ale , in-uhen 1110.4 , r , itio.nitly learned truth
evil c , lnp mini,. or at v !p• a. t lie rllrr In or wlttrh are
ul_hllt I. 11.. %en not roreil renders
rive Anil tr.tli a.nel and tidy,
nhuuld ,11.1,1,1" 11,11:1.
\\ hat 'I pit Thu \omit; man. the here of hlFforin
tit.t .111 i • pal l`llte. 4,, Uhl hue SII/Ituelled front
all n•inici.. iit life. liy the olinerituenuo
1.1 I.lln i the 1.111. ,•I unbar :mil Indulging In
I- o•n. ; , tn h yrivas must before con-
.T P. AC-E
II t "mid :iiht I Ic :110 the most no-
L,• happinessl.
f1. , 1 7 11 t , 11 11 , 11111 uci tale becomes
.1 1„1t 1,1'..1 ll' , • . ' 1 ~; 111,111 t o tho
. I. - ....•1 1.•.• N , ill] th,pete ttutl
WI. st it It hurk I: retteetieh •Itst the 11,tritittess
I 111111os] et, n.
27.71'..7,11T.72 , :r.,111C E
NNI•• a t'e • odlt Intl it:11 , 111.h ~.taly of Wen'
1 , 111.• 11111 , Lb t • 1••• t 1 litt• •tt t•td. t•t thin . painful
•It - •• it•e t 1t t • • itott itopt 11.11 •Itt t hood not no of
:I,.tno t , •Ire'ut t r f tli ,• nyory Onto , hnn fr , ` ll,,
to h o Itt.•it t hot nnd re.regtnlohty. Inn
t tito t e 10, tot 1 hint, dolt toe till the eittot.tdintito,,l
•td Ito to-- of tll. hot rid .1111.0 thoir torpt tittittool
.1 •••• t tit •- to tit, i t. •
1 ,, 4 . etturnn,
Finn,- to I tie itottil anti 11
id , rtiltenn.
tool,— tot 1 10 1 11. lodt•-• atel :tint, I lett • ltee on the
L• ol r tod t:•:., : I.o v dt•,t frightful
ti ttil at. In-L It 1 , 11 1 , iPt I t ,
nit nth or fhn
tod t.l Ild• 1 s• :di titin I the s ntot ol thin Nwful
do-otott• Id • rot— .1 h , n , 1 nit - tontittn, till
doll's got .1 to . 1 , •I 411..1.[11111.1101 . 1i1ie. I.Jttnn,l
- hint 1•• - tit it t tell-tot t i t nit IQ jr• in !Innen
It h 1. , I ft. , : Ili 11,1,1 q 1111 victims to
titi,,tt t Ujr• ' tit •Ittlltttitt,s of it:-
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Ofthe nal tinu,e Lock' Hospital, Baltimore, Md.
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UIE subscriber has lately entirely re
inotliglod and totit;e•l the it'd stand on the el i c i t or of
ilanor er and Lontiter Streets, I arlisle, lately occupied
by S. C. Iluyett. nod is now prep crud to furnish his
old friends pod tho public, with everything theft Is
nica, new and fresh. in the way of
Family Groceries.
ills stork Is In r a te and selected with the greatest rare,
and will he sold at the lowest prices for cash.. It eon
'part. of fine old Gevernment Java CCIFFEE,
Prime Rio do., Primo Rio Roasted.
SY it UPS.—New icrk, Boston, and Philadelphia Sy
rups, of the very hest qualities,
RROWN SVGA ll:l.—Thu.lmA the market affords.—
Lovering's host Crushed, Sand, and Pulverized Sugars.
Air. his A. B. and C. Sugars, which Cannot be sur
passed, and as the time is now here for preserving, In
dies will please give him a call and examine for them
xelves. All his SPICES are of the purest and bent va
rieties. No hutnhug about them.
Rice, Corn Starch, F. mina, Panduline Coffee, &teem.°
of Coffee, comentratedLye, Soap, Candles, Ac.
A large and well sideeted stock of the very la fent pat—
tern, and styles, lower than ever In prier, and bettor
in quality, than was ever offered before in Carlisle.—
Oa II and see. Wooden and Willow Ware, sueltneTubs
Iluekets, and Churns, Basket, of every deneription ;
glilldron's CA It lt IAO ES, Stoneware, Crum Pots, But—
ter Jam Preserve Jars, Jul" all SNOB.
FlEill—No. 1, 2 and 3 Maolccral. No.
MESS SHAD No.l Herring.
A large quantity Of the celebrated l'lxeeleier HAMS.
SALT by the Sack. Bairy and G. A. Salt. '•
The subscriber fooling oneortraged by the patronage
heretofore extended to-him by hie Mende and the pub.
lie, would rehpeetfully Invitd theinjo rail and examine
hie now otuok lit tile new store, corner of Hanover and
Imuther Street,.
July 11,181 a
12. J. D. tIALBIERT.
QUIRTS, Drawers, Neck Ties, Baud-
Okeri:laofp, lliwO, a Vel . y
.:Itga stock and lit toitlit,a
Vllliuty at low
The'lwBt 11 no Sl . ll I 0 town. Six for lot dol la t
Mode to order or ready nun!,
North Ihtuovor
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