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    Zittt 'Aerald,
Friday, AUGUST r, 1861.
Delegttto Elections unit County Con-
tent lon
The . members of the Republican Union Par
ty of Cumberland county, and all others will
ing to unite with them in support of the Gov
erd'inent-in its efforts to put down armed rebel
lion; 'arerequestml to meet at theirusual places
of holding elections in the several Wr rds, Bor
oughs and Townships, (except in East Penns
borough,township, In which the election will
be'hehl at the public house of Benjamin Clay,
West Fairview,) on Saturday the 7th of Sep
teMber, next, to elect two delegates from each
Ward, Borough and Township, to represent
them in a C.ounty...Consention. to be hold nt the
Court 'louse in Carlisle, on Monday' the 9th
day of September, next, at 11 o'clock, A. M.,
to nominate a County Ticket and a candidate
for the Legislature, and to appoint conferees
to meet similar conferees from the other coun
ties of the 9th Judicial District.. Said dele
gate elections will be held between the hours
of 6 and 9 o'clock, P. M., in the Boroughs,
and between the hours of 2 and 6 o'clock, P.
M., in the Townships.
By order of the County Committee,
GEo ZINN, Chairtllllll
The Delegate Elect lone
Our readers will notice, from the proceed
ings of the Standing Committee, that Satur
day, the 7th day of September, has been ap
pointed for the election of delegates to the
Cotinty Convention, to meet in Carlisle on the
9th, for the purpose of nominating a ticket.—
These primary elections are of more impor
tance than they generally have credit for. It
too oftenhappens that the meetings are attend
ed by but two or three men, who go at the re-,
quest of some interettted- party, and the cm se
quence is a packed Convention, in favor of
some man for a particular office, while the
rest of the ticket is left to chance, or what is
still worse, log rollzng.
This should not be; especially at this time.
This Convention will have important duties to
fulfill, in view of the present crisis in our pub
lic affairs, and it is to be hoped therefore, that
the voters in the several boroughs and town
ships, will send men in whose honesty, ability
and patriotism, we can all place implicit con
The policy now pursued by some of the
democratic papers in this State to infuse
life into their defunct party, is to denounce
the General and State Administrations, as
estravagent, corrupt and incompetent; •al
though they cannot show a single Met to
back up their charges.
The course pursued by Gov. Dennison,
with the Ohio democracy, may serve as a
gentle hint to these party hacks, that gilive
charges against publienfricials must be based
on evidence, or the slander will recoil on
themselves :
MOCRACY.—The Democratic State Conven
tion of Ohio, which met at Columbus on the
7th inst., adopted the following resolution:
"That the corr option, extravagance, incom
petence and favoritism shown in the War
Departments of the State and National Gov
ernments deserve and receive our unqua li.
lied condemnation, and ought to be :noncdi
ately corrected7and refi,rtned.”
Governor Dennison, on the I Atli, addressed
a letter to Mr. IL 11. Paine, suppmed author
of the resolution, in which he says:
These are grave charges. II will founded,
the State authorities, and especially myself,
as the Executive, ought immediately to re.
sign their official trusts. If lake, those who
have preferred-and those who give currency
to them must receive the merited condeinna•
tion of an indignant people. Your resolu
tion embodies general accusations; I call
upon you for partieulaN, and demand the
evidence upon which you base your assn ult
the medium throng i which it shall be given
I leave you to determine.
That you may be prepared for the fullest
exhibit of facts, I invite you to a thorough
examination of every thing relating to the
War Department of my administration. All
contracts, correspondence, records of ap
pointments, and orders pertaining to the De
partment you have attacked shall be freely
exp'o'sed, and you shall be furnished with cop•
ies of whaleVer papers you may designate .
I extend you-also the liberty of interrogating,
at your preastue every officer of -my staff,
and every assistant in My own and in their
Mr. Payne replied that the Chairman of
the Committee on resolutions was thin. H-
E. Smith, and declined to give prod of the
charges. Gov. Dennison, on the 19th, wrote
another letter, declaring that he wished his
first letter to be considered as addressed to
any respectable gentleman who will assume
the responsibility of having been the chair
man of the committee that reported the res
olutions referred to, or any member that ap—
proves them.
No respeetehle gentleman has yet assumed
the responsibility, and the matter rests un—
Newspapers made Contraband
On the arrival of the New York train in
Philadelphia, on Thursday morning, 'United
States Marshall Millwartd, assisted by his of
ficers, examined all the bundles of papers
brought by the train, and seized every copy
of the New York Daily News. Its sale was
totally suppretised. Tho Marshal also seized
all the bundles of the Daily News at the ex
press office in that' ity for the West and South
including over one thousand copies for Lou
isville, and nearly five hundred for Baltimore;
Washington, Al i e.iiindria and Annapolis. The
woo afternoon the Marshal took possession
of the office ofthe Christian Observer, in Phila
delphia; in , .coasequence of ahile virulent ar
ticle on the "Unholy War."
The Postmaster at Now York on the same
day, served the following notice on The Jour
nal of domolerce, Daily .Arewa, Day Book,
Freeman's Journal, and Brooklyn Barge:
To the Postmaster of New York City:
P.'o. DEPARTMENT, Aug. 22, 1,861.
TherPostinaster General directs that
from and after yourreceipt of this letter, none
of the newspapers Publishell in New York - city,.
which mere- lately presented by the Grand
Jury as dangerousfrotn their disloyalty, shall
ble for 'warded in , the mails.
I am, respeeifully,
' Your obedient. servant.
'J. P. TIIOI7, Chief Clerk.
'So th'ese pestilent supporters'of the treason
ft 0,0 miscreants of 'the South . have been of-,
feotually put , a stop to. The loyal people of
the country rejoice at the Bourse taken by•lho
S-oot. owl ivill Fustnin 'the movement.
As our domocratio friends t 3 coin determined
'hold . their regular county convention, for
! - e - ,purpose of-placing - in nomination, an- un
tulterated_demooratio ticket; it may be worth
bile to iniviro, on :what principles they in
nd to conduct the campaign?, the old party
or cries,are obsolete, and the issues on Which
my organized in former years have passed
vay. Will they indulge in reminiscences of
,o late administration, and call on the faith
to vote for their candidates, because they
me voted for James Buchanan? Will they
'orify them elvesover the fact that they sus
:fined the administnition of Mr. Buchanan,
hose timid policy strengthened the rebels of
ic South, and whose cabinet officers placed
to arms and money of the Government in the
aids of these rebels, to destroy the Union?
by the name of Buchanan is a stench ih the
ostrils of the people, and his administration
the foulest on record. It has not a single
;deeming quality. The report of the Covode
- avegligating Ceidarnillee, sliow - ed a wholesale
ystem of frond' on the Government, and the .
vents of the past few months have proved
,ant some of his constitutional advisors only
held their position, that they might betray
their country. Every pledge made by their
leaders in 1858 has been broken. Every
principle loss been falsified; and the' demo
cratic party standar before the world this day,
humiliated, and self"condernned, by its own
acts. Is'this a party to go before the country
and ask the suffrages of the people for what
they have achieved in the past?
Perhaps, like some bf their file leaders in
other sections of the State, they intend to
take the ",.Union dodge," by professing alle
giance to the Government, while they oppose
the measures necessary to sustain it against
treason and'rebellion. In that ease we shall
have a "Peace party" concern, who glorify
the "stars and stripes," but denounce the
men wire have its honor in their keeping. Who
lament about the Imes of the war, but have
no word of censure for the Confederates, who
have forced this war upon us. Who hunt for'
precedents to prove that the President has
comMitted an unconstitutional net,- in calling
out troops to defend the Capital, but have
nothing to say against the unconstitutional
acts of the rebels, who made that call a neces
sity; end who are Union men end malcontents
at the same time. Will the people of this
county submit to such lenders? Are they in
favor of dissolving the Union, by'permitting
rebellious States to secede? Are they in fa
vor of an unconditional submission to the will
of Jefl Davis, and the "rattlesnake" Confed
eracy? Will you not rather rally together
as unconditional Union men, in defence of the
co En p'elle - a. to
wage war against southern traitors? Honor,
gratitude, interest and duty require that you
should stand by the Ong of vyour fathers, and
discard these corrupt leaders, who prefer their
private interests to the publiC: good When
the country is struggling for existence, loyalty
demands the sacrifice of party feeling on the
altar of patriotism and we therefore warn
the people of chi's county, against the derna•
gogues, who would embarrass the Government
to secure n party triumph. Let your motto
be— The 'Union as it is and the evfo reentry( of
the laws, until every rebel hilts down his" arms.
Nu compromise With armed traitors. No
complicity with thieves. Vote for the men
who are pledged to uphold the administration
in its noble efforts to sustain constitutional
liberty, and maintain the integrity of the
LThiiin against the assaults of a W iclied and
causeless rebellion. Do this, regardless of
party ties, and party leaders, and you will
have done your duty.
Ter MS of Enlist nu•nt—lnmport ant De
The question of the terms of enlistment
(which has been the source of the recent
thsturhances in several regiments) has hero
aad Gnnlly settled.—The Govern
1111 . 11 CS right to hold the soldiers is tionelusivel )
sustained, and the fallacy of pretences orig
inated Ity mischief further , i effectually ex.
posed Li the thicisitut of the Supreme Court
of the [tined States. Th e l o lly \‘ i ng is a
copy of the order:
Ex inirt,;. In the — Ma/to. nl L',lward A.
,',let'' is, i far a tent aJ hapeas
corpus ad sahlicrindnith
Unkred, that the grit uflurbors• c/iipits ail
sublawmhtm awarded by me on a prior day,
l 0 oil, on the 10th instant, 1111011 theapplica
Lion of E. A. Steven, the petitioner,afore•
said, be, and the sanmis herily, discharged,
and that the aforesaid Edward A. Stevens
Le and is hereby., remitted to his military
duty in the First Minnesota Regiment, coin.
mantled by Col. Willis A. Gorman, and that
until then he remain in the custody of the
United States Marshal for this district.
Associate Justice Supreme Court G. S
True copy.
Test: Wm. T. Carrol,
Clerk Supreme Conti United States
A DiscancErm. SCareNuEn•—Accounts
received here, through the Santa Fe mad,
confirm the report of the surrender of Fort
Filmore, Texas, by Major Lynde. Lynde
abandoned Fort Fomore on the 26th ult.,
and marched toward Fort Stanton. When
about eighteen miles from Fort Filmore, he
surrendered his whole command, numbering
some 500 men to 300 Texans. The Texans
afterward took possession of Fort Stanton.
700 Rebels attached a small body of United
States forces in Mesilla, A rizona. Capt. c-
Nally and Lieut. Brooks, of the federal army,
were wounded. The fight was stopped at
night by mutual consent, the Federal forces
leaving the Rebels in possession of Melilla.
Fears are entertained that. Fort Union may
be taken, and the,Banta Fe people are some
what alarmed on their own accoutit.
WASHINGTON, Aug. V.—Mr. Adams, Minis
ter at St. James, writes that in the British
mind the independence of the rebels is fully
admitted as a military and political necessity;
that their acknowledgment by England is but
a question of time and prudent• courtesy.—
:That_while Great Britain is impatient to get
cotter,' from the South, in exchange for manu
factured goods, she is anxious not to lose
northern markets, and is unwilling to part
With her hopti of breaking clown the Morrill
tariff by the same means with which she
ehained the North with the Walker tariff ; and
that two or three mord 'snecSases like that of
Bull Run, would entitle the slaveoorooy to
immediate reeognition.—Spccial Dispatch to
N. Y. Tribune. •
_ •
BitAnrottn, who was nominated for
Governor of Maryland by t - ka 'Union Conven
lion in Baltimore, has aee - epta the notnimi• ,
mit in a-letter, in Which he defines his po'
ition aMI• the platform whiFh Ite in*
Mida to enter the ennviml. Fle-anys thjit
:1e inte : rdsta of Marylon d find their . •uureut
- uariintee ..Under - the Constitntion -of • th'e
inited§tates,•atid that ihd 'salvatiut' of the
;tate itangli on Ilie.uppoq . ,oc, the. govern.
tent, and adherence, undek'alt :4tireti:ristan' ;
es' to . the •' •
Tlll3l WAR.
The news from the seat of war, up to the
present Writing, developes nothing new in the
movements of our grand army. The suppres
sion of the movements and plans of our army
from the newspaper repnrters, and the ener
getic, action of the Post Office department, in
preventing the heretofore daily communication
between the Northern spies of the Rebels and
their army, are already exhibiting their salu
tary effects, Sn the better discipline and in
creased efficiency of our troops,
The lesson learned at Bull's Run, although
severe, is not likely to be forgotten, and our
youthful commander, knowing as he thies, that
the eyed of the Nation are turned hopefully
to him, and feeling that an initial reverse
would prove his ruin, is carefully weeding his
command of every inefficient officer or soldier,
and by precept and example, is imbuing them
with that esprit do corps, which -will make each
man a host. Wo feel assured then, that when
again our soldiers take up their march, wheth
er io meet the the open field, or to
beard him behind cordons of masked cannon,
they will return crowned with, victory pur
chased at any cost.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 26. - Commander Porter,
who was recently deprived of his command of
the sloop-of war St. Mary's on suspicion of
disloyalty to the Government, voluntarily re Washington, and to-day, it is under
stood, presented to the Navy Department an
elaborate document with proofs in refutation
of the charges, showing that forgery has been
resorted to for the purpose of injuring and
dishonoring him.
The results of Gen. Meigs' administration
of the Quartermaster General's Department
are astonishing. The very large number of
wagons, horses and mules, and the immense
amounts of crimp,. equipage and other army
supplies, afford direct evidence of his vigor
and efficiency. The soldiers on both sides of
the Potomac are not only premptly but saris
fact wily furnished with everything necessary ,
for their military, as well as domestic wants.
and this attention to their int crests has largely
contributed to the present tine and imposing
condition of the troops.
Oa Saturday, the mail messenger of the it h
Pennsylvania (Reserve) regimen 1, came in and
received his mail nt the post office. Neither
messenger, horse, nor mail has since been
heard front. The Pennsylvania regiments are
peculiarly unfortunate in reference to their
'nail agents.
POINT or llocKs, Md., Tuesday, August 27,
1801.—We have just received important infer
illation here, stating that an attack was made
on the Tammany regiment of Col. Stone's till
. de_t en 1 , 111e9-bil./..kaillt.pral...lPSaakiiirAS
Ferry, early on Saturday morning.
We have not received full particulars up to
this time. We di,tinetly heard Mid counted
eighty-four reports of shot and Sun
thi'y morning we heard' the reports of about
twenty shots, which Came from the same place,
and yesterday morning the firing was still go
ing on, apparently two miles nearer this way.
Company A, of Col. Ovary's regiment, under
the command of Lieut. Col. Dc Korponny, Lad
a skirmish last evening. It commenced by
tiring across the river, between the itehel and
Federal Piel.ets.
Pt irate John Fatkin, of Company A, killed
a rebel dragoon, at a distance of 700 yards.—
Sergeant. 'Mar shot one of their horses froM
under them, and another 'Of the rebel dra
goons was wounded.
We aim now watching the rebel movemeMs
very closely.
A- telegraph line from Washington to this
point was completed on Saturday. Work was
commenced at Tenalleytown on Tuesday hd,
and run a distance of about 30 miles in a lit
tle over five days.
The Surgeon of God Geary's regiment on
Saturday took his :del: to the general depot at
Fretlei lel:. It is Mated that Clo Geary has an
ticipared an attack (rote the rebels.
The Surgeon reported that Ito heard Iteavy
'firing near Poolesville, supposed to have been
i between Gen Stone's advance guard and some
of Johnston s forces.
The mail messenger from Poolesville also
reported having heard firing in the same di
rection, rind believed that a tight was going on
near Edward's Ferry, but up to (his present
writing our correspondent has been unable to
learn any further particulars of the affair.
Ilv.vrisTowN, Md. Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1861
—A iieneral Court Martial for this Division
Juts been organized, of which Col. Biddle, of
the lot Pennsylvania Rifles, is l'renident, and
Major Majilton, of the 2d Pennsylvania Re
serve, is Judge Advocate. It is not known
that any officers of high rank r tiVe to be ar
Desperate Battle at Cross Lanes
A battle took place IL t Cross Lanes, near
Summerville Va., on Monday last. The
Seventh Ohio Regiment, commanded by CM.
Tyler, was surrounded while at breakfast,
and attacked on both flanks and in front sim
Our men- were immediately formed in line
of bat tie, nod fought bravely, while they saw
but little chaotic of 'success,the enemy prov
ing too powerful.
Companies B, C, and I suffered most se
verely. They particularly were in the hottest
of the fight, and finally fought their way .
through fearful odds, and Making dreadful
havoc in tlm enemy's ranks.
The rebel force consisted of 3,000 infantry,
400 cavalry, and 10 guns. -
The loss of the Ohio troops is about 200 out
of 900. The rebel loss was fearful.
LOUISVILLE, Tuesday Aug. 27, 'Ol
Gov. Moore, in the New -Orleans Ptedynne,
calls on each family to contribute blankets for
t ho• soldiers.
The Savannah Republican says that the Con
federate authorities within a week would eons.
pleto the defences so that no Federal fleet can
enter a harbor or inlet, or land troops on the
coast. of Georgia.
The Vicksburg IV/4 advertises the maeufac
ture of cottonseed oil ferburning, the block
ade having deprived them of• material for
The Cloarlestop Courier says that an iron
clad Eteatner„patned Randolph, of 155".t0ne,
has been purflinsed at Shvanuali for the coast
of South Carolina, She makes 13 to aknots
an hour. • -.
The Little Rock True Democrat of the 22d
Jpoins . tbat the Missouri State troops, under
the'command of ben. Prico, loft, Springfield
for Camp Walker on the 10tit, and that Bon
McCulloch 'and , forces bad gone to Camp Scott
..„ .
A second battalion o l f cavalry„ has just 'or=
~ganized' at Knoxville, Petinessee. — • ':-. ---
"The ..Fort . Staith Tim s says au abiiiii - claiiiiiof
Military stores, are boii}ge.ortveyed, : to Ben Mo :
Cullooles army in Missouri. ... . •
.. :
___ T he.fifonphi.il4. - ppegl' a corrvp_pn dent afltigli_-_,
mend says there is Much siclineSs aniong the.
Confederate troops in tbo.neighborbood a Me.
mums; that the hater le fall of ..Virginia rod
-mud, and that ice. is extremely .Bc/ire at 10
cents per, pound. ' .
.'... • .
' A' Third TtixaS regiment is, eh .;'ou teio join
AlecOloch 11011S.P0111j..
. .
Sr LowS,_August,2o o -1861.----
Editors Allisouri Denincrat:
This morning I received on invitation from
an attache of, y,our paper to give your readers
an :lac:4)nm of the numinous of the Kansas
regiment , in the- fearful battle Wilson's
On the night of the oth inst., at sunset, we
left Springfield for the enemy's ,camp The
match was marked by nO incidents of interest
except the good humor and enthusiasm of the
men. Soon, however, curses, songs end chal
lenges gave way to an almost unbroken silence.
Nothing seemed tobreakb ha stillness of night
save the heavy tread of 4,800 men marching
forth to battle. Probably all were speculating
mentally upon their individual fate, and the
result 01 the coming engagement, and when
brave men think upon a subject so moinentous
and so di uhtful, it is not strange that, silence
clothes their thoughts.
At 2 A M. on the 10th lost , we arrived
within two-miles of- the rebel pickets, when wo
were ordered to lay upon our arms for rest.—
As the first rays of light streamed up from 'the
hot the assembly was sounded and the
coin mand again en route for the enemy's camp.
We fell upon their pickets by surprise, and
only one discharged his-piece. Advancing
about one half mile, and within a mile of the
main body of the enemy, the First Missonei
was deployed as skirmishers. From the time
they were ordered forward, for ticilr a Ina
hour, the firing was spattering, indicating an
engn gement wit h the rebel skirmishers. Soon,
however, a battery of two pieces was brought.
forward, and the First and Second and
First lowa regiments ordered to advance, and
front the moment the head of our column pass
ed the battery the battle become gentind --
Thus file I have connected the Kansas with
other regiments, for the purpoi.e of ell .wing
our lull strength in this portion of the battle
The battle field was very' witch hr, ken and
covered with fore,t Irt!es and heavy brush, so
thick in many places as to iillow tho
1111 , 1,11 We within fifty yards before being titycov
cred. Upon the/len of the whole line was a
large corn field, which extended to the base of
a hill spoil which our left centre won' l linvo
rested if the whole command had been drawn
up in the line of Matte east and west. It was
at this point that the First Kansas commenced
its work Tire cast side of - the - hill being quite
steep, enabled our men to P e rin seven lines, one
in front of the other, and lire over each other
without danger The First Missouri regiment
were draw - rrlop in advance of the First Kansas,
the two Hues rusting upon the hill side about
five rods apart. Four companies of the First
Kansas were ordered to support Totten s I,at
tery, which was Oanted upon the summit of
this eminence, and playing with terrible ef
fect upon the enemy, who were drawn Up in
line at its hose A heavy infantry , fire was
then opened by both our regiments upon ,he
relicts, who replied with n pet feet hurt icane of
hullos. For half an hour this firing was kept
up on both Si , Ui, WllllOlll intermission, when
the First Missouri fell back to the top of the
hill, and were followed by six companies of
die First Kansas.
The Nlissouri regiment then rallied nod
fornided_in.,ptulttet. , —order.._Tlte__Kausas boy.s.
formed is hoe upon the right of the four com
panies which were covering Totten's battery,
when the column Wile mdered to right•about
face and ill Jelled ikbolll. twenty rots, to 1110
rear, where they halted Gen. Lyon then or
dered the hattallion to charge bayonets. and
Company A, commanded by ('apt. Chenoweth,
and E. commanded by Cap( Clayton, charged,
the others foiling to ``upport them. 'Chu eight
companies or the Fir!.4 Kansas and the First
:ffo:souri again engaged the enemy upon the
hillside tied routed them completely. Whikt
this lit-t fight was going cin Company E, of the
First Gnu-as, had advanced !atom fifty rods
utli into the enemy's line, not having heard •
lieu. Lyut.'s order to fall back to their origi
nal position upon the hill. At this time the
Filth Missouri legiment, Otelnd troops), com
manded by CUI Clarkson, were ; 1 1'1.11 advanc
ing in line upon the left of Company E. Their
uniforms being nearly the same ns (ten. Sei
gle's troops they were taken for file men. and
supposed to We retreating from their pmddion'
upon the left of the enemy's rear, which was
the post assigned` them,
. The enemy alqo - suppoed our mon to be a
portion of their army and marched up upon
Cilir left, and thus aligned we npirelted forward
ten or fifteen rods together. Col. Clarkson
then asked Capt. Clayton where the enemy
were posted, and the Captain pointed out the
rebel forces still south and west of our line,
when We again :ItiViltleed together. Soon. how
ever. Ctpt CM) ton de-emvered the red tlorinel
bodge worn by the re! els upon the left .`dloul
der, niol immediately rompl,ined to his com
pany that they weie crowding upon the line,
and ordered his men to t igbt oblique, which
they did. When about twenty or thirty yards
from Clukeuu a loice , , the rebel Adjutant rode
forward and commanded us to halt_ We did
so, and brooght the company to an about face,
when the Adjutant inquired what troops they
were? Without answering lusquestion, Capt.
Clayton and Lieuts. Stafford and Spalding ad
vanced to the stile of the A tjutant, who was
mounted, Won the Captain demanded of the
Adjutant his colors. Ile reported that he was
Adjutant of the Fifth Missouri regiment.
Captain Clayton—` ((I the Southern army?"
Adjutant-- Vii, sir: C'Unfederate troops "
Captain C. (seizing h the coat collar,
and polling liuu from hie
1 y our sword." (After being deliv
ered)—" Now, sir, Li d d—n you, order your
area not to tire upon us, or you are• a dead
man," at the same time presenting a revolver
to his breast.
The Adjutant turned partially around to his
men, and seeing his Colonel advancing, re
plied, There' sir, is my Colonel ;" but no
sooner had he uttered these words than the
rebels tired upon us. The Captain then shot
the Adjutant, and Sergeant Brennan rushed
forward as he fell and pinned him to-tire - eat th
with his bayonet, leaving the gun sticking up.
right in his body and the ground. Captain
Ciayt on themordered a retreat, and the com
pany fell hock upon the lino of the Second
Kansas Regiment, about seventy five rods in
the tear, and there remained Until the enemy
made another formidable advance
In the meantime the First Kansas had
marched from their-'position on the hill Side,
and were drawn up in line of battle upon the
left of the Second Kansas As the rebels ad•
vaneod upon us they ripened a most withering
infantry tire, which Would have been very fa
!al had not our men been resting upon ono,
knee and secreted themselves by the bushes.
The rebels still continued to advance; When
Capt. Chenoweth, seeing their line,. ordere
two pieces of 'artillery forward, which cut up
their ranks most fearfully. At every dis
charge whole companies of the enemy seemed
to fall,,but with a courage worthy of a batter
cause they closed up their lines and advanced
Not a gun had as yet been discharged by our
boys, but when within forty 'yards' of us the
whole line assumed the standing posture and
opened a terrible infantry fire upon the enemy.
Tide was continued for five or ten minutes,
when 010 rebels fell back and forthed again at
the base of the hill. At thitt time the regular
troops, who had been held it reserve, marched
forward and farmed in allonlloo . of us, but the
enemy, concluding they had .got grape and
bullets enough, failed to rally, and the firing
Proolmntatloia of Gov. Gamble.
JEFFERSON CITY, August 2b_—The fallowing_
proclamation has been issued:.
The power of the civil nuthorit es being in
sufficient to protect -the liVes'aud property of
the citizens of the State, I, Hamilton Lt. Uam
ble, Uovernor of the State of Missouri. do
hereby coil into the active service of thd State
42,000 men, of the militia of the Slat-, and
a , sign 6,000 as the quota fur each military
district, which is, the same as a Congressional
district. The force thus called into service
will be, as far as possible,*a volunteer force;
and will-consist of 10,000'cavalry, and 82 1 000
. If the number volunteering exceed life re ,
quisition, the excess wily be held as a reserve
-corps,----- If there_ should
.he.a deficiency, it
may bee - eme necessary to. resort to draft. The
Adjutant General will issue' to the Division
Inspectors of the severalntilitary.distriers the
- orders necessary to carry Ilthi requisition . into
-- effe7.47-:- - The 'fore° called out will' be for six
Inentlts • unless peace in the State shall sooner
be restored. .Arms.ivill.ho furnished as rap
idly as they can belted.
Given , under my hand and the.seal of the
;State at Jelfersonitrity, _ this
,24th . day of Au- I
gust; itt . ho yearlB6 I. ' -
By fho.Governor, • U . G4tou'r.r.
- -01"01 4 nit i .Fseorelary. of the State.-.
Intuit •an Count) Riattns.
• ADMITTED—OUriIIOtiOn of O. r. Hum- .
rich Esq., on Monday morning last, A. J.
larshall ESq., was admitted to practice
AW , in the several courts of this county.,
We congratulate our young friend on his
Omission, and ivrsh hitn a prosperous career,
in the profession be has chosen.
SONAL Pflorratry - -= , - - On Saturday, the 14th of
September, Ilt;Ntiv G Peer, wilLsell the Real
nod Personal Propel ty of DAVID G. lrurr,
dee'd., late of Lower Allen township.
On Saturday, the 21st. of September, DAVID
(IVCI ' d, will sellon the premises, atJacksonville,
'Newton township, a valuable fain' containing
'about 40 !WITS, with good house end Barn ,
anal all other improvements.
On Saturday, the 2Sth day of September,
IlusJAmIN Ellll mill WWII the Mansion Farm of
the late JOllO Mutuu, dee'd, Si ttted in Ilainp
don township.
TN TllWN.—Licut. Cul PENROSE or the
7.11 Regiment I'. R. C., at. home, and quite
ill. I\ lei 'fei n t, and Capt. MCCARTNEY of OM
let Regiment, aro also lucre, but will return to
Annapolis, after the Coml..
Er ;r We piint, with pride, to the bills
for our own. and the Atbun* County Agricul
rural Fairs, recently urinted at. this office.—
We challenge any printing olliee this side of
Philadelphia to produce their equal for typo-
.fraphical elngnoen. 'lllO 1..1111' of our own
county is 10 'on hold on 11ndonsday, Thursdny
Ind Friday, 1,./ctolmr 1)H, 1 1 / 1 11 nod 11111, nnd
that of Adams county, on Ton,lny, Mnlons
l'hortolny owl Fri , ltly, tho 21th, 25th,
26th and 27111 of Septotoltor.
( '4 iNTit A 0111:Mallifile
our fellow-euizen, Itontint lotota, 1•: , 9 , on
his good - forronr - in Feturwrg rvennt riter trrfur
nitdi the army with 20,000 pairs of shoes.
Thenmout,t ot work to be done. riaploy
meat to so large n nllEllll°l' of men, will give an
impetus toThat hrtnch of hulu.try here, which
will he duly appreciated in these doll tittles
The well-known charater of Mr. MnaIRE for
integrity and hone,ty, will ben sufficient guar
antee that the government will be fairly dealt
We notice thut Mr. Moony. haq advorti..ed
for two hontlre,l,journeyrnen, to whom he of
lers inttneainte eitiplo went.
VI :\ 1...A1 SAM BUN. —We would direct
the attention of those of our readers who are
fond• 0 f so meth u",gtb.) I.lle—wirer: konLeut.
in another column, of 'Speer~ Sambuci Wine.
We know that whereof we affirm, when we coy
that this wine is a good thing to take when
you are sick. and equally good when well.—
We have tried it hot h ways. Reynolds S l'eif
fur are the sale agents.
POST. —Aceni,ling to a recent ord,..r of the War
Depart mont Carlisle Itarracks lias been made
a Chaplain Post, and is now entitled to that
officer, who.e pay is That of a Contain in the
army, about sl4t) per month.
FINE PEACHE - 8 —OM' worthy friend,
Squire Vot•No, has presented us with a basket
of the finest peaches we have seen this year,
and we 'return him our very best wishes. Ile
will have an Hundred Bushels of these extra
peaches, which can be had on application to
him at hie residence; at the western edge of
the borough.
Tut: eltoPs.—Our country friends tell
u s that the fall crops are safe. The corn
looks well, and the product will lie a fair ay.,
crags. The yield of potntoeo will also he good
111,th having neatly ceased to grow, their busi.
Hess now is to mature before the frost catches
them. Our farmers have reit-ion to congratu
late themselves on their products this year:
their barns and graneries will be full to bun•st
ing, while ready sales and fair prices will um•
ply remunerate them for their labor.
There is a Boron
j rh Ordinance which imp
ses a fine of five dollars on any one guilty
of hitching a horse to any tree growing widi
in the Borough limits. • This ordin ‘nee is
daily violated, and a number of trees have
b een barked and killed by horses, and a
greater number have been injured. During
imirket, mornings scores of ii rses can be
seen hitched to the trees. Tilos,. beautiful
trees in front atilt: Court !louse are already
nearly ruined, and it is time the or linance
was enforced.—We do hope our Chief Bur
gess'and Borough c.) 'stables will see to it.
collect the floe oil every one who may
bitch a horse to a tree. Oor trees are the or
nament of our town, and must be protected.
Any one hitching it horse to a tree belonging
to us, had better look out for we will uot only
cut the horse louse, but ne 'Rill prosecute the
owner and collect the line. We hobo every
One ownin trees will do the same.—lldunt
Board of Belief, for this Bounty, as constitut
ed by the late out of Assembly, will meet at
the Commissioner's t.llioe, on the first Monday
of September, at which time it is expected
that the several township committees will be
ready to report.
This is an important matter, on which do
ponds the health nald comfort—nay, the very
fil/bAstenoo . —ort.he wives rind children of those
who ere in the field b tutting. for the Uaion;
and no reflecting mind c in he insensible to the
claims which these helpless persons have now
on the community; they have lost, for a time,
the support and protection of those on whom
they worn dependant; and it is incumbent on
the people at home _ to see that they aro well
oared ftir.
TEMPLAR.—The following
narned„..lNMOns bare been installed as ofli
cers of St. John's Commandery, No. 8:
Eminent Commander.—lle. Geo. Z. Bretz,
Genet'atis.s:imo.—Dr. [I. M. Johnston,"
Captain General.-.-J. P. Bixler, •
• Prett/te7=-Joirn-IlTer,
Senior Warden.—Dr. W. W. Dale,
Junior Warden.—Johp
.4ceorder:—Jaines M. Allen,
TreasureiJohn Campbell,
Standard Bearer.--E. Corn man,
Sword Bearer.— Dr. A. J.
Warder.J. D:'DOrgas,
Sentinel.—John Harder.
~ A SOLDIER.—One of •tlicl
soldiers of Company., K, Capt. L , Nib
Regiment, who was.left, here-sink--at-tlie:hause
of.Alr. Myers, died yesterday.' name was
Win. Backbones, tod•he belonged to Alleghe
.ny county;
..ztei^ A question lor the :Hors . °
NV,hrit is the went a setiuoi . war to a'standim::.
rr •
Couit Pro ccedings,—August:Term, '6l
Con?. : vs. Abrabom KiWaa:Assault and
Battery. - .Continued.' ,
Corn. VB. Samuel Thompson—Larceny. Tho
defendaint plead guilty, and was Bel:141111CM to
24 hours imprisonment in the jail with the un
derstanding that ho should immediately !tiler
go In the Ilar ( racks and enlist.
Corn. vs. Henry , Pries!, Lewis Gardner ,
Francis Willey, Stephen Wertsburg, William
Jones, and Charles Focht.—Murder. Todd,
Smith and Carden for Ihe prosecution. Mid
ler and N'etrellam for the defendants.
These six soldiers were arraigned for the
murder of Robert Noble, of this place, in Mrs.
Lobach's saloon, On the night of the Bth of
July. On motion of the counsel for the de
fm4ee, separnte trials of the prisoners were
granted. Henry Priest, against whom the evi
dence seemed to bear most strongly, was first
tried and then acquitted. There being little
or no evidence against the other five, a jury
was , simply called and instructed by the Court
to getout them, as no evidence was submitted
by the prosecution.
Com. vs Obadiah Loss.—Fornication and
Bastardy. Newsham and aillelen for prose
cution. Hepburn for the defence. Pound
guilty. Motion for a new trial.
Cam. en. GilbertSenright —1 7 .1-nice( ion and
Bastardy. The jury found a verdict. of guEty•
Miller, New,hatn and 'Gillelen for the prosecu
tion. Watts for defendant. Motion for a new
Com. iVright (ccloretl)—Larceny .
Iht'Cwltint. Grind gui!ty and sentenced to one
year's imprisonment, in the Eastern Penitem
vs. Wm. Gallagher—Horse-Stealing.
I)orott , lnnt plead gOilty, un,l toutcoced to the
PiAittetittAry for threojenrs.
Cow. c.v. E , lward Shut., ers Selling liquor
(.1 an inh.tnin.rale man. Acquit Lad
I'mti 13. 11 . l'lrt.--I,arttetty. Referred to
t , ut i . .. 111't On a Jill of law
. . .
071) C 4ti itt ttS.
,vveltly for. the Ilea - old by
and ar at.rtl Seitot It.
II 2 7',
1111111.1111' Vl' 1 iIU
.4 .
\ .......... ....... .................
........ ....... ........
)1'1.1;' , 4 El • ....... ..... 4 00
T I NI , 1 . 11 1 :0
... ... • 4:1
‘1: \ PXI.I.
Special Rottces
'Flit: ti NO EMPi/Illt - 31 Or THE
po, , e,aes the m“at
in, Pippo, theeelitiiry. I ttigi , pleittliri aa ratrard , .
the p - dathil slrilatitte 1 lie I:111,111 , e hostel
of thi• .-Hl.ti , liturtlt i. 4..1..111,E,1. rll,l it i 5
slit in rr,p , •it to it , areat radio ten mad a,t
hut to its pair,. It I !lief aliractiiii,S
i.r the I;riitic invil itycl
Youths. there: wilily. the krauts and
durability I the materials. :mil the , 111 , lii r e,i
of the lit and la , tly the doiderate prioi , tit
..,nods are rob-, ill to
utter I bail 11, tithing Hall of i;o•4hilt
ikon. N 0,1,1,0:; and lills Cite:Anal Strait. a hove tith.
Philadelphia. j. 1p 1:2,'1,1-Iy.
the drowns for hostel ter l s cele
brated Stomach Bitten, luerv:nr,, It is found tote the
only certain prober nation rd to lily vtleogill during the
period when the ikttiooplltre n calculated to produce a
tkielhkg , rh—itude and uhligemi , h. The worst iaiis of
Ilion Mel and Dysentery. glee way to its potent intim
ewe. Innumerable persons who are too, alive and - sell
!limit thm,k the diecmerer of linos prep:nation that they
have mkt taken v vopt away in the harvest of death. 'rho
'title, in rkk.mtionenklett by the beet ph:. shaans In the
land. Thhs in the bent evidence of its left 1:11111.. I
croon as a general thing. they with nut Filtikl:la - workl in
fa ot adv ertigeil preparatiun.s. They ha, e been com
pelled to aektikkoledge the claims of the flitter , : upon
the community. Sold by all druggist s.
7 411 - tinges.
On the . by Rev Dr. .T.ehn , :orn II 11111'
Ht Lsq.. of , on of Ex (iox moor
Porter, 1., 11,, V 11:,; IN IA ALLEN, daughter of Gen.
.1 II A lon , of tI m pia,.
lhi 'rue,l3y..ltlly. )Ira SUSANNAH HUTCH
I NSt 11, the •Tth ,0* h v r “go
un t '21.4 lot , 1N). 1 I' dou_hternf Alfred
S.. and Am, E. 5 month:, and 2ti &Qrs.
A II I It, ch.sed
Thrit sip 11.1 a. Itaq fled—
Tiwir hisslst 14.5 , eyps at , •1v4 . 16114,
In Ow ot the 11k1:11I.
Itut 1111,1• Is I.orms her
tin thr v,ing, i i Ii 1.1 and v,
To dw,ll with chrkl
In th:IL blvst
New Jltmertieinclits
'll It I_ \ 1:1'1" . The 11114 i-signed
1 .11111(01111" , Id lII , ' It 0 Pa tl.fhlato
100..i•L tit I ht. ti1.0i , i. , 11 , 11 lif.• lIt•pttlt11 , 011
(%tittay et it, t•titt.m. mid 1.11.tt1i.1.•.., II elected, h , l•••rhkrtu
thtt Mahn, 111 that
Mang ~n, 1 , 61. HENRY 11. 1101'11.
- Q 11 R I 11' ' S OFFICE.-- FELLow
f•IIIZENA : 11ior vliy i•lfor Inv-pit /IN
the.'lll , •r of SHERI IT. g'uldert thu duribiou of thu
County COnVeIIG,II.
Aug 38.1 oq. •
1, 1 0 R
,S II RI Fl".—A9 the names of .
moo nrr bring brought pi oniluent ly brio, Out
epuhlipoui of l!touborland rou,iy. tor the Alth`l,t.ut
file,. Which lire t i it. filled this fill. we me. autherizi.,l
(0 aot,ono. the 11.toic. or COI; ItELIZIIO,)VEIt. of
I:,ck. as n ennclidnte fir hu ~f Sitricurr,
t.u1.j,..•t. A° the kleci,if,ll of the ltvpublican C”oreotion.
Auk 122, IS6I
(„„111 V. I 1 F•—lVe arc requested to an
u)IIN NI WOODBURN Mgr it 1111dhlr'in Toe
(hi , SIIIIOI r. of Cumberland ,ounty, to
the :lotion of the Detnovratie COUllty Convention.
And 2:;. 1861.
)15 T 1".1' It I , : A SURE It —I hereby
01 ,411 lIS e.indi into for the ,Allen of
of Cumbelland county, and tolleit the map
port of Illy fi'lleW citizens
Aug 23. 1861, C. IN HOFF.
E —The creditors of I)A.v I n
TAYL.II., lately of [liver' A !Inn los s
are notified that the ass, ts of his eAlate roinaining
the hist. dv of .folni (I hum, lii , ' administrator, still he
marshalled ;unongst. thous at my stile io Carllsl. , on
FRIDAY til 'loth of SCPTIIIDEIt, 1061, n here all claims
against the estate may be presented
Aug. 23,1..61. Fititll 16. WA T rs. Auditor.
ti)l l' K INS ON CO LL Ei".; 11; =7lle Fall
Term op.,:ns on Thur,dny. the 1:I1h of Septpmher.
1e specially recoenneett the iirromenr 6.111., I, under
the rare of A. F. Mu LOIN, A. M., to lhosc prepurin; fio
th'e Coll.oe classes ..
Aug. 23, tit. ' 11. M. JOHNSON, President.
001' SKIRTS ! 11001' SKIRTS
laWet noyo.l s. and pi.lres in defv empo
thm V.:11MCII, SA WY ER & i J
A Good Route to -Rent Cheap.
r subscriber wishes to rent the
lonise In Minh ho -osidos, 1n woot Prnpfret at.
for Nix tointhe hoot the lat of October next. Tornio to
snit the iintea. Thu privilege of rooting for next year
may bu lievured
Aug. 2, '6l,
I offer ropielf am a candilitte for the office of COUNTY
TRE,it..llltElt, toiljoet to the derision of the IteriO,ll.
cnn Conyoution. .1 ACOII SRN ElI, Sr,
CUSIIIERLAMD COUNTY. The unduralgri s ed oth re
hlx 11111110 to thu conslduratlon of the eltitend of thin
County. as a nantildato inn tin °Dire of Silt:RIM and
if elocted,loll poribrui the duties with liability and 101
partiality' JON 11U3Illit. -
Carnitle, July 12, 101. ' H
.ESTATE NOTICE —Notice is hereby
1 •
given. that Letters of Administration ou the Es
tate of Joho Highlands, late of Newton towuallip, Cum
berland County, doe'd. have boon issued by the itegis
tee-oi said coutily„.to I.lto subiierlher, residing to said
twp. Nalco is horoby given to all porsons indebted, to
stud estote,.to union immediate payment, and those
Mogul; claims to present:Wnn for sal
July 10, 1861.-0 t. Admlnlstrator
200 Minas Wanted •to work on Army' Shoes, to
Zion) conotant employment will bo 'given for at least
months, and libentillyngee
Aug. LO, HOB KILT M 00111.1.-
.(11,A110111.1N, Attorriey nt Lew 01110 In .11.-
oft butiallig,just opposite the Muria /loos o. •
Oarthle. Altreh l'4, • '
The Best. LISINgSIT for MAN and BEAST
Is a Fare nod reliable remedy for the pure of ltueuma-
Mom, Painful Nervous Affections, Vprains. Burns,
Swellings, and ell ,dibettses requiring the external
pileatlon on Min
On Horeee it will never fall to cord Pull Evil, Fistula,
old ruhulog Sores, or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Sprain ltruhtes, - Seratelion:Croliked ITrinfe; Choice.
tile or Collar null. Cute or Wontids, it lo an infallible
remedy. and he convinced or its offloory.
Persons afflicted with this disease no 'mat ter of horn
long otandinz. ran be promptly and ellertimlly cured
by using thin Mixture.
There lo nothing in the world on sure and on gnarl to
tulip away Bad Citrus, and curd Fink Bites an this pin
pArtftion Try It and satisfy ,1)11 locket, Trice :trt
oo eenis per bottle. Prepared by S. A. FOUTZ, West.
For tatle I I REYNOLDS & PEIFEER, Carlisle. I n.. nna
by all noun try storekerpors. [Auk;. 2:1,18131.
Horse and Cattle Powders.
Those Powders have prove.), after a trial of several
years, to be superior to ant prepare tine of the kind in
not. The chief superiority of these Powders in Imis firm
the fart that tiny are composed of Medicines that Inns e
Laxative 'Dinh. and Purify ing propert h.e. 'the 1,,,,,ti r0
elects cruilitles from the stentaeh and Intestines; the
Tonle gives strength to the system of t h e If orer, and
the pee if, ing medicines contained in them elven, the
bleed. and 'lay the foundatiqn for a healthy and vigorous
circulation. The use of them improves the tr lad,
~trengthens the appetite and give:, the horse a flue,
smooth end glossy sitin—hamving the appearance,
Vigor and spirit of the nettle animal.
' rhese Powders are net intended., fins! Powders are,
to blunt the animal, so no to give hint the appearan, of
WA fig ra molten not really FO—Mlt, to remove thh(IISCIIPU
and no 11,0 f, 111, general health.
[ P owders will o;oly:then the stnmarh and th
lf,tlM,S. rl4,use I hem riot offenvlve limatier t and bring
thoo t.; It healthy state. 1 hey are it sore feel ention
of hum", Fever, and a certain remedy f..r ell 41150,,r1t
11,1 , 11011 t toOr 1101,1“, AV '/handers, Yellow Water. 111 s.
t•mmers, Founder, Ilim.mves, tilaverhur. Congho. Lisa of
Appetitu. and Vital Energy. be 'Flo se /'lily de ex. i f
tiro o` . line , (MIPS n week. tbrntigh the ohnlor nett
splint!, mom, horse will never get the 1.11,!: Fever. relic
or Bot is. A lOW nr these IMIV,MrS I remove the
t'oo't on any 11,.. WOre owners ~t ' 11,-e, In
feed a few of them,. Powder , : every year, they might
MBl . O the II) es of ritany V,11110.141
thin pewder pms. , ,, in liirronsing
tlio Tonality of Milli in Cows. OA es it an inrtlta,
and vitine n'llidl , hnuiri pinrr it In the Initnth ry
i.,•ryon n Cosy to fittnning
thorn nn :ippntite. !omens their ludo, turd makes them
thtive moot] Punter.
In all dienaqe. of Swine. ay l'nrig.hs. tllrerq in filo,
1,111,111.1 I Iv,. frnin Pal/ . n paper to
"I Lilo'' , 11l a lariat of Su ill. Lilo °bolo
1,11 he erir,l r nnlirelv prevonte.l. Ily using
rowile•rs th•• 114.4 (I)..lern rfln ho procentrd. Pre.
parn.l 1 y S A 1 ,1 11"I'Z. nailti-ter
Si,r %ale In' II 1,1 , ; ,, 1,1/rl
and IFy nil n..untry slntel<oepnrq, p,•I ~,tt per
1111p,', /, fivo palwr, 02, 23, 1,61.
on ,\','/ '''p, Ihr 2801 tbry nf- 5•v , 1 , 7:1',,r, 18
Ilt of JOhn 11.1 d .
I; Vlii 11 1'01:111S' (:01.11•I,
V,..11 SI II :It till!
.1/.1 .\"SI OX -I' A .1I
nt \had,. . ,tuato In Ilmnprlt,
(,(/ II ill.!'. 111 . 111• , 1.( 1
11111 V, C" 111411" C . 11 0, 1qt - 1 - 111 Slllreninn.t,wr, hounded
I, hum r 1\ illrun 1,u%•1n.e , r1 , 20 , ; . ‘o•aver, unit
who., uutnmiuz !nun• ur lurk, Lut,lng
Ilune• u.i rrucli.4 n <u,tl
wt. wtoRT
tak tiara. It L, , ,•1 tl•elittrd. Slater colt litchi
to III , :old all r
iv it I.ltithkh.o. , Quarry. Al , r, 41..11t aerva rl ,- artsd
had. Hod, r,sidav is
I.v, Tip., I,ry Iwen I tk, fr• to tLe larth THREE
TRACTS %VI I,A \ vont dog. al, .11... tie. , arms
thigh. sl it nIII I, told separait,ly to wood Its upon
which thele is
GOOD 11./111, TIMBER;
Sale t,,annlenro at II o'elaek, A. M. 'Perms: The
AViiit,W . 0 in teri•st to It It in the 'nod. and the ititer,t
paid 11, hl , r. Five per veld. un the ~ ,i ihrin-oth.n r - t tho
sale: one hilt the rettidatt April lot, ISa'2, and the
Italahre Apt ii let.
A tioriii.y in tact
1101,1 1 11,1111 ttier. the 1)1111, 411011,11i‘t1:16,11.1,1
( . 1 . 111,E1, at wr.114,1,Ly
1 f A IIIIIght); 61.111.1/1/ : 1. 1/[11111), [he 'lit of
rlyptelnhar. INol.
I'lll-1 , 11111 1 4 at 111 reriral[. A )1 . . by I:, A 1.;
and at I!, by licv. Andrew :%lanstiPp, of Phil a.
del ph ia.
!loos. John A Gory. Win. 11. Keith, Drs. Herman If.
,loin-nn, and other miniThos, hill bo
present. The poop!, irrespertive of depo,oln a tio.,
are cordially I/n . 1[1,1 to attend!
I will nir,.r itt pnhllr •ale, on ‘ l l l the llth
tine o' 1,1;1. on the prrtiiis , ,. iu I.onr r l lien
LOW 1,11 ip one mile north i4l Shireinitio.ton anti 1;,,,
toil., Vpl.St of Ilitrri,hintr. the I'll u_• i1et.1114,1 Real
I•'sL to and periiiit nl sroperty, to wit
21 Acres and UM Perches of Slice Land,
having, thervidi oreidoil a good t y
Frame Ilnuse and Bank Barn,
111111 1111 111,1,1111ry nut bni/tllll,, all of
whirl) Ill'W .0 good 1,11 ,111.1.1 /Jl.lll 1.111! or.
Ali., Irrhard thrl, ing Fruit. sua, Its
p-ars. apt ir,ds and Harrill', This is In
all 1 . 111.p., , t, pri.pert). 1121'1111411 fins riru of
I . llllllponlemil Talky.
At the mule time nod phi,. I Mill sell nll Ihe per , o•
nal pr..pelty on ,111 farm. r-in-i•lnik:in pait of. tior
(he'd lion,. one lid, 1.!
Illllr and other Initnnot ntenells, 1101',1.1101,D
Sole .it one o'cl ell ou .aid dre, tt hen
attendance still I. alien and ter., mild,.
Auq 91. Ictll-:it.
t, II F. It 1F I;.—FELL(m• CiTim;Ns :
of r,r 111 i vanclill.av F r ILr Atli f
or till, 001111ty, riobjert t" lilt. 111.1•itriiin blii
i . " 11111) OM% 4.lltiial, io our
Monroe Tow ukhip, ug. 31, 18111
ri 1 11.1 , .; UNION lq)ItEVEli . .-T,) THE
leittEN or or UNIOS : I offer myself as a hobo
Cued , e for the olllee ut Collll , lr , lS I I, f Cumber
ono ty. tillci r spectfully ask the voter= of the
111ty, r ho love the l nhat, to t.uppott ao ~1.1
Or I pied:fit,: myself. If elected, to discharge the
dull,' et the office tmthfully.
rpm: undersigned takes this method of
annolllllilll4 10 the pnnple
Inn distHet. and Perry otrilln•
an Indeinnolent unnhlnprolluslllg
1.. , ,h111t111 . t., utrd n ill 1 , 0 thankful for the
support of all ( . mOlllll4ll. hi1312 , 01i, tl elnn ti!,
to niseharge the duties h4ltlthilly,llllli to the Lebt
Aug. 3), 1 f:01
Ily orator ul thu Orphans' Court of eumberlanA
( a,unty, tt ill be ntld. nt public sale. of the :11ninilon
on tract NO„, I'UIIII UM% fl.ship, CUM
butlund county,
On Tuesday, .C'eytenti , er 24, 1861
Ilin follpv.lng deseril.ed Real Estat.., lute the p. - oporty
Vtieorge cleveas.!‘l, vit.:
.0 mite at. aforo,aid, about aloft tulles trust of l'arlislo,
iil , llllliCli by land, of
DAN id Lvfever, Coma," lobaston, Noah Cock Icy and
David ttitlttyt., containing about
One Hundred and Two Acres,
In n high h h of cultivation. lutprovennonts aro a
t wo.stury.
LOG lIGUSE, 4 1 rib-3 1 .
Stone Bank Barn, nod all TlVVerFllty Jigs.
Thorn is a an lying (Mohan] of prolltablo fruit trees on
this tract. More are both it !Imhf anti VI Won of water
near thu houso. The Yellow .11reochos Crook runs
through thu farm.
No. 2.—A tract of
situated as aburii, bounded by Idids of Daniel Honing
in's baba andotions, containing TIMM'. ACltlti , ,moru
or lo•n. Tim latter to be iold as a whole, or in lots, to
suit purchasers.
TCRMS or •SALV.—One fourth of the purchasi, money to
be paid on the confirmatlenof thu sou; one, half tho
balance on the let day of April, Itio2,'arid the balance
of the purchaso mono) , on thu Ist day.of April, Hit 3—
tho 'payment j
IMI3 to be toeured 1y udgmcmt bond.
Persons desirous of-shining tho premixes, before the
day of sale, cau call. upon Dental Hollinger, residing, ott
tied No. 1.
. DANIth KEL1.131.,
A duilniAfridor of Georgo Hollinger, deed
Adg.3 , 1861-41*
.17 4 1 _4-111 ER S TAKE NOTICE.-
JOTIN - PLANK now manufactures and keetss con
stant:ly. for 131110 at his shop, on Nortlullanover Street,
rppoelte the residence of tleolgelactzgar, Esq.. Carlisle,
Pa.,,a largo assortment of the best
Horse' Powors;threu and four Horn, Maultittes, elovur
Ilultem Corn tiltellors, straw Cutters, and - -
ILu•ris's improved Cider• Mill,
Iforrown t Plows, &O. Also a lot of- second hand Mo.
chines and norm, Polders. Forme s KAU and ex A ini ne
thu flume. Repotting dot.o
at short notice.
Aug. 30, 1861-3ini,
,'„i1100.14.-'1141/Vill-LE 'W
n 0
Tlidnireetors.o( North liship; wish
to einfiloy three eonipetent totieliora to fill Ow N . :IA . 1111;1es'
in SOIIIOIH N0.:4 3, and 4. 'lilberaktinh . Wei..will be given.
Application hulk be.inailo at Raymond'., in cu
ll:de, on the liest sitturd:fy of October. 61.
Aug. 3), ' P. W. (11J p:y; Peey.
now in Ust
1111 ILC HI COW'S.
H 0 G S
Putqor I n (Slut rgo
1111 \ RV G. 111
Executor of liurid Rupp. 111.1'd