Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, September 14, 1859, Image 3

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II , -sviplitin.s, Itr and by nu act,of the General As.
.• sanely Of the C01111111011W0:11th of Penn Sylvania, entitled
- , ant " Act relating Cu the olectlonie . of this Csmnion:
.wealflPassod tho '2d day of J uly, A.D. IBdiLit. is made
the du Of the Stinriff of utery county within this
... , ,.OoratitOowealth, to give penile notice of ,the (funeral
' EluctiotitCatid ill•StleilllOtiolt to. ontlnterato: •
' 1. The ollicers to,l,otalooti d.
. 2. iodinate t i ll" 1,1100 at Which thu election is En be field
1, Itoll"P..3beria of the 'count3 of ,
•,• • Ontuberland,,lo A nrs 01, Dig
tin hereby tn it }l ako known and give thin put,'
. 114 notice to thoolecturs of the county' of Eaniburlantl,
that on TUESDAY, the 11th day of October nest, at:
' election will be hill at the several election districts en.
tablished by law in said' county. at which time thug
will vote by ballot for 7 tho suveral. ofilcurs hereinafter
,natocil, viz: • . . , •
ONE 'PERSON for Auditor General of, tilt 'Conimob
• wealth, of Pennsylvania. , _ .
-ONE .PERSON'for Stit'veyor, General of the Comuion ,
wealth of PutinsylVatiltn — " -- •
ONE PIIRSJS to rem:intent filo Counties Of cumbor.
land, Perry, Juniata ,and 31IfIlin in the Senate of
' .. Pennsylvania.
• TWO PERSONS to represent the counties of Cuniber
• land and liorrtin the Muse of bt:F444entatives Of
I • 03,111VIVIIL114.• • •
' ONE PERSON thr 'filasuror of Cumberland County: ' -
ONE PERSON for Com inissionbr of Cumberland County.-
' p si , : PERSON Sir Dimirlet Attorney of Onmborland
.: County. _
' --- ONSI'VE Itß.sNf..PDlricriiP -- nf tli - e1 , 44 - 4 — dr tiii4Vii 4 . 14'
• ' ' ONE PERSON for Coroner of Cumborland County.
- ONE PERSJS far Auditor of Cumberlai d County.
ONE PE itSO 1 -for Sur toyer of Cumber] old County.
. The said election ill be held throughout Elm county,
G .,....„
as follinvs:, , • .4._
' The election in election district composed or the
borough of Owlish, and. Um townships or ; No, Et 31 kWh, •
, ton, South 311,1,110t0n, Lower Dickinson and Lower
- Frankford, mill be held at the Court /[OIIBO Ili the -Lori
- Ough of Pa - thole, . ' • • - - - -
Thu eli:etien in theillectlon district composed of Lot,
or'llrest Pentishorou It toelinallp, will bu held at the
NortiOSchoul House I Plainflobt. ,
"Cho election in tlto °Notion ill,drlct, coMposed of SD
. 'Tor Spring towns/111,0,1/i no bull at the public - house of .
Jacob Otsttltt, In ilogehtowif In said towtohip.
'tole election in the trioi.titlil. (161.1 a ColllpONl'd of
llamphen township, will 1,0 held at the house hwinerly
• occupied by Henry Mckinnon, in said township. . .
- The election in 0,0 election district composed of the
t,„,„,thip pr Upper Anon, will le, held at the [midi..
house occupied by John Floyd, In Shepherdstown. •
- Thu election In. the election district eon:posed of the
township ofLower Allen, will. be held at the Wagon
maker situp of Jonas ilunebbar,rev, tin Slate . l till: ,'
'rho oin,tion In thin 1110Cti011 district composed or Eno.
Pon it:thorough' LOWIISiIip, Wilt IN) held at the lonise
now occupied by ii.Clity,oit the West 011 d or 110 Harris.
...IAN Bridge. • . . ~,,44;
'tbu'ltli!CLloll lit him 010Ctifli, district •COMPOSNI NOW
-. - Ctultberland, wifl be held 'at the house tbrnierly kept.
by Win. I 1..110111,111 tim:hornitgli of New-Cumberland.
TIM election in oho election district composed of the
1.1 ,rouA it of 3111chunicsbuOrff ill 1,0 !Mid lIL 't,lre public
Louse of Jaines„Melo . y, In sand borough.
..t.. Thu election "in. the election district composed. of
Monroe township. will be hold at the piddle house of
Moore l.lggut, in Churebtowo; lit said township,
. The chili n, In the olection tli.trict cratiposed . of Up.
per Dickinson township. *ll he held at the house for- .
inurly wearied by Henry It. Stbmi, In said township.
The election in the electron district cant posed of thu .
borotult of Sayville, and townships of ldititin. Upper,
• 'Erbilitloril, Upper West Pon uspon_,, and that Wirt Ur
. NOW LOU tOWllhilip not inelutled in t he Leesburg elect toll
_en IWO., AVM_ be_ held: at. the-east shit 01 the Public
Soh ol 'Clouse.,.
' The &section in the electiotilistylYt composed of
• Itopinveltztownship.' will bu bell at the Nov . Brick
Sciniol !louse, in Nowl, . rg. In sold township,
The elect( of to the election district composed of the
lorrott,Ol or si.topooomrg, shipp,on:burg township and
that p irtOf Southampton to iiSliili to' , liielud' ,l Di
11 00 6,.,,,i,„,,, , ~1„tb,,, ,1140,144. wiil 1.4 held at tl, u.
Council linage in the loroitgli of Shippensburg.
1'44 els :ti of in the eleetioa district composed of that -
port of rbmit14,4044 t44,4thip, not mob, IIVIA In the
,Shipponsbur,t - ilfstrict, still 10, held at the house for•
merty oc:opicii by William Maxwar hi Leos! urg. • .
, The eti,tion iiithe chi, tant'distii, t 'composed or lint
ports of Newton township, not included in the Newville '
dietticl, will be held at the School (louse, DI Jackson• '
v Ile. .
That every person except insticie, of tbo Peace who
shall hold any Mike or. appointment of profit or trust
under the_Utilled .itates or or this State. or any city or
Incorporated district, whether a month:stoned °Meer or
otherwise, a subordinate talker or agent, who is or stoat
• he employed under the legislative, ekeentive. or j
Mary departments of this State, or the. United 'States,
'or of a.ny city tar bratty incorporated district: and, oho,
that any ,her of:•Cong ressorhr.thO' Auto lorrisla-.
turn. and of tin :elect or tielllllloll Council of any city,
or commishioner of any Incorporated district,.is by law
incapable ot holding or exercising at Om same time the
Ace or aPOolotnient of judge, inspector or clerk of tiny
elections ul'thfe Cloininonwealth, and that no Inspector.
Judge. orotherrOlfeer of told, eluetion shall be chgiblu
t l be there voted for.
And•the wad net of Misembly„entitled 'an net rein•
tie.; to the elections of Lit is Otniiiiinwealth,,passed Job.
2, 15:01, fortluir provides /is follows, to to :
"That the hispoetors and judgpo ahatil inset
pito, appointed f or holding the elections of the dh,triat
- to which they respectively belong; before nine' o'clock
In the Illeteling Or the :second Tuesday in October, and
earls iif said initpucturs shall appoint - one clerk, who
be a qualitie•i voter of said district.
In case the person who shall have received the sec
ond highest 0 umber or ,otve - for inspector nlrrit. not -Ilt
t. tail on the 4,q• et the election, their the person who . '
shall have received the second highest ounsbur of votes! I
at 003 next preceding election, shall act so Inspector 111
itis plan.. And In ease the perstm , who shall have re
ceived Oho hi:chest number or v ten for inspector shall
not attend, the person olected/indge shall appoityt nn
inspector In his 'dace; salad li, rase the person elected
net attend, thee tills inspector 4 who receiv
ed the highest number of votes shall appoint n judge in
his place, or innY vacancy shall continue in the Io ard .
fur the spare of one hour after the time h ard•hy haw for
the opening of the electien,The .oters of the
Ittelletilip. Wiled air district 0,1. which sitch °nicer shall
hive been elected, present at the atilleo efelrcthou, shall
sleet one of their number to till such vitc . ancy.
•` It shall be the duty of the severalissess6rs of each
di,trict to :attend ilt the pined of holding every general,
spa; inn, or township election, during the whole Elton
said election is kept / own, for the purpose of giving in
famiatioli to that illSnetatelat atel judges a hen .1116,1 or r,
in relation to the right of any person assessed by them
to' vote la such election, 'Sr Hach other matters lu rela•
Lion t t list' as:am:amen iS or as the said inspectors
or either of them slfall fron, thine to time require. -
No person shall be permitted to . voie tit any election
'Os eforitital, 'other than it white frectitatt of the apt Of
- t Wen ty-t it-years or 11101,q1e110111111 have resided In Iho
Sate at least 0110 year, anti in the eicetion district
where-be oilers his vote tit leant ton days immediately
pretettliur such ideetiOil, and within two yours paid
SWIM nr county tax, which shall have been osSefiNed nt
least ten days bofin" the election. hut a citizen of the
United States who has previttusls been a qualified voter
of this State, mid runittveil therefrom and returned, and
who shall iota resided in tho election dintriet and paid
taxes as aforesaid, shall bu entitled to vote after resid
ing fu this Stale siti months: Provided, That the
whit° hem., citizens of the United States, between
ti entyittio and twontOsto years, who have resided In
na tiloction district as aforesaid, shall lie untitled to
vote althoughithey shall out have paid taxes.
No persons shall lie permitted to vote whosoname is
not colitained in the list of taxable Inhabitenfk. fur•
pinked by the Commissioners, undoes First, be produce
a receipt for the payment scithin two years of a State
or comity tax assessed agreeably to the Constitution,
until giro satisfactory evidence, either on his oath or off
fawn ion. or the oath nr affirmation of another, that he
has paid such a tax, or on fail OM to produce a receipt
shall make oath to the payment thereof. Second, ii he
claim a of - at lu vote by 'biliag atrelegior betWaall the
ego of twenty•on° and twenty-two years, he shall to
peso uu 011111 Or' nifirllllllloll VIOL he line resided in this
State attit.t one year 1111 X t before his application, and
lorrnoof of it:sill - P.M la ilufdintrsrt nsliirequtr•
oil by this net.,and that he does verily boiler°• from the
0111 a given' 111 m, that he is of the ego aforesaid. and
Huth other evidence es is required by this art. where
upon tau name of the proem thus admitted to vote
ahall lie inserted a the alphabetical list by the inspec
tors, anti a auto 1113de opposite thereto by writing the
word o tax," If he shall Wadi/fitted to vote by reason
,it lavas paid tax; or the IVOrd 1 ‘ age," If he shell be
admitted to vote by reason of surli ego, shell be called
out t., the clerks. who shall make the like notes 'on tile
lints of voters kept' by them
•• In all eases whereat) mune of the person cia'rning
• to vote is ft tied on tho list furnished by the Commis.
sinners aid his right to vote, whether fitund
thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen,
ristotil be the duty of the inspectors—to - examine such
vista on oath as to his qualificatitms, and if he claims
to have resided within the State fur ono year or more
his oath shall bq sufficient, proof thereof, but shall
make'proof,by act Telat one competent solaces, who
shall Ito a qualified elector, that he has resided in the
district for more than ten days next :Immediately pro
coiling suell °levant, and Anil also himself Swear that
his Imo fide residence, in pursuance of his lawful call
ing. is in said district, and that I e did not remove into'
said dist! let, for the purpose of voting therein. - .
Every minion qualified an of and who shall
-make due proof, if required, of the residence and pay.
went of taxes as aforesaid, shall be admitted to vote in
the township, ward or district in which he shall reside
Unity person shall prevent or attempt to prevent I
any officer of any election under this not from holding
such electionoir use or threaten any eiololleo 10 any
such officer, or shall interrupt or improperly interfere
with him ill tho execution of his duty, or shall block
up the window, or tivenuo to any window IVIII4O the
.511M0 nosy be holding, or shall riotously disturb the
peace at such election, or shall use any intimidating
threats, fora Or violence, with design to influent.° um
duly or overawif any elector, or to prevent hint from TO•
tint; or to restrain the freedom of Choice, such persons
ou conviction shall ho fined loony RUM not exceeding
five hundred dollars, and imprisoned for any time not
loss than three nor more than twelve monthr, and if it
shall be shown to Court, where the trial of such offence
8111111 be had, that the persor so offending _wen not a
resident of tilt, city, ward, district or township where I
the offence was committed, and not entitled to vote
therein, then on conviction be shall ho sentenced to
pay a fine of not loss than ono hundred nor more than
onotheusand thlllo.lll, and bo imprisoned not less than
six 111011018 - 110 r 1110 re than two years. •
if If any person nr 'terse,ns shell melte env bet or Wa
ger up-on the moult of 'Puy election within the Cues
raonwealth or shall elf& to make any emelt' tett or we
ger, either by verbal proclamation thereof, or by .any
.written or printed advertliemovt, auditing° or invite
any, person to make such bet or wager, upon conviction
thereof be or they shall forfeit and pay three times the
amount so het or to be bet.
If any person not by law, qualified, shall fraudu.
',idly vote at any' election LC thin Commonwealth. or
being otherwise qualified shall vote out or. his proper
district, or if any person knowing the, want ol.tth
qualifications. shall aid or procure such pemon toVidlo,
the person offending, shell, on conviction be fined In
- any sum not exceeding two hundred dollnrs. and bo
imprisoned for any term not exceeding three months.
• olf any portion shall vote et mere than ono election
dlitriet, or otherwise fraudulently vote more than once
e k the name day, or slialtferindulontly Mid and derivrr
t i the inspector two tickets together, with the intent
_ I legally to vote, or shall procur. another to do 80, he
or Oily offending, shall on conviction bejined in tiny
sum not less thou fne nor more than five hundred
dollars. and ho impiltsAtedWFr any term not leas than
throe doemtSre than twelve months,
If any person not qualified to vote in this Comeau... ,
wealth agreeably trainer., (except the sons of qualified '
citizens,) shall appear at any place of election. for the
purpose of influencing the citizens qtielltied to vote,
' he shall On conviction forfeit and pay any sum not is.
coiding onottundred dollars for every curls offence; and
'ku imprisoned for any term not exceeding threo months'.
Agrecablyto the provisiona of the alitty.first - suction
of the said act, every General and Special Election shell
be opened between the hours of. (tight and • ton in the
-ferenood, and shall continuos without Interruption or
,adjournment until seven o'clock-In the evening, when
" - thelmils
And tliejudgen of the respective districts. aforesaid
are by the said act required to meet tit the Court ilatlFO,
Inithe, borough of Carnet', en , tim' third' day after the
election, (being Frldw), shelf.% day of October.] than
end there to perforpitho thinge required cif them bylaw.
. The teturn Judges tot the Itspresontetive district,
will meet at Carlini°, nt the thun fitedilty • •
alien Under my band, at Caillrib, this IStli tiny r 4
August, 11155.
aeoaf - Noticca.
• . • •
. A IMITOR'q NOTICE. Notice is
rx. hereby given that the account of Joseph 0. not.
ter'adnihdetrator a leeeti F. Honer. dec'd , ban been,
refer/ eel to Clio undereigeed eras A ualtoi to'distrlbute
the beleure 111. bib 11411 dB.
• therer:re meet the pnet les et my office, on North
Ihmw•cr Street, oitirooltO tier Volunteer ( flee, (In SAT.
OA V. lb.! Ist - iloy elf OUTDO KJ:. 1860 i at lu °Week.
•La receive Oar claims and • partiirm the duties medimed
. ,1,1. NENSIIADI, Mulltor.
-Catifsle, Sept 1859—ft.,
signed Auditor, appeibtod by thBoiphens' Court
of l,umberlond county, to mho dintribution of the I el•
once in the hands ofJAMOH S. Colwell, Esq.. Admiuls—.
'crater of *Wilfrid O'Brian. deed., among tho heirs, or.
those Way entitled to it, gives notire that ho will
' attend to that duty, ht Lie face. In the borough of Car—
on Wednesday',the 12th day of October.- A. D„
11159, when and where all portico Interested, ore hereby
I notified it, attend it' they Wulf proper. •
A.• It. 811 A !WE,' Auditor.
I •
NOTICV.—L-The under
-11 L
si g nedA mil Ear, njipnii~tidibytlinOi•j,liuns'Court
gdp ,i,,i„,,d.e.they,- to nmk o dwribution or the
In the twmin or.lames .8. Colwell, Esq., A dtilln- v
Is•rater of 3tra, gllimbeth O'Brian, deed.. among the
loqrsYor thus,' legally entitled toot, gl yea "notice. that
ho ‘Oll attend to that duty - ht his'oftico. in tbe
of- Carlisle; on Wednehtiny, the 12th clay of October, •
,A. IBIS. whon.and where nil partice interacted, are
hereby netlned tp..attend if Om. Minh proper:q v .,
110 Al!. '6/1..1111 . 1. A or.
Carle, Syp.
0 T dE . —The, annual election fin.
Li Officers nod Managers of ibe Onrobilland
hall %load Company, will be WU et tho Compan}'N
110', lu Chainbersburg..between the hours' of JO
and 4 P. M., on 510NDAY, the ffil Jay of October next.
E. M. j11(01.0, Et..retary
Sop. 7, Ipl3-71. • •
4 ' ST ATli NOT It:E.—Leiters of 'Ad.
/ mlnlntratloti,' wltl - . the will annexed; on Elm CP.
"tats or "%Int, JANE A. OAI3 ‘I AN, Into of thp borough
oreftrllslo tlecettrutl, hen been ioened thuNßegbjer,
to thk . , tubseOlter re•blittg, Itt not kittno born .gh. All.
peroollo 1tu1t".144.41 to the ,tate, nro roll ulrtul to mitke•
intomllato pay nluot, and thoso ;laving claims to pre , ent
* them Wl' I:041.001E lu .111,. It, HALBERT.
Aclutirthtrotor of Jano,A. Natl. - num,
C0r11, , .e Aug. 24, I the. tt
Ittrgaret NleFeely, Ad•
rolnlstrutrix, with the
*ill ° "" ° ' l ' d of "e"rg° / Summons II; (1061 not os•
MeFeely, deed., with no
~ e, t , ,, g
.i, , a.m. ,, ,0, 1,,,,,,,i out
I„I': to ~J ' :!"2, Mr „ F " ls ' of the Court or COMM rin - r'
"' h '" ''''''' Y '' ''' °°rg° PleabOf Cumberland county'.'
MeSeely, IVIIIImn Me.
. .
Feely, Marmtret 31eFeely, a
.. .
John S. Rhea, UMLAUT/A
. .
.. r 11e,_41.1 Theo. o. . .. . ..... .... _
- More Prlturnso, and Eliza.
teeth, Ids wit., . .
The defendants aro hereby Muntrumed to appear' to
this writ, mOlonday, the 14th day oh November. 18:.9.
110111.:11.T YIcOMITNET,
erlff of Cumberland County.
' Sep. 7. IF7O-9t
1111411 Sli
bknLu,n, Juno 98, 1859.
'.lCOlice Is hereby given that au aPplicatlou will be
111010 to the Legislature of Pennsylvania at Its next
for the incorporation of it Book or Issue, with
discount null deposit privileges. to to loratrd 11l the
•horou;h of/1:4141e, Cum lowland ('ounty. Paulen., to lot
.ralled, The Book of Carlisle. with'n capital of one hun•q
died tloalsaud dollars. with the richt to inereaau the
same lo One° Inludre,(l thousand dollars.
• (rIIIIN E).)
With! 114.4 .10110 It. PARKER,
TllOll. 1' 0•100, 10110 NOBLE,
(1101.1.11, .111 ~ ENnc•II YOL1011:"
•111e11A11n 1V001.5., eT,I HI IN,
1W11.1,111M•1;1.N . 1Z, • JOHN C. STIIIIILTI,,
, .. A. H. SI, carp.,
:funs U. Dna LA 0 -- .0.111,11 T, -
/11,11111 T 41)11111 111101. AP,
.11MM 1101 . 1 , E11, 110110 T :1101/1111,
IL A. STIIIIOIOO4 10011.11 T Wll.OOO,
S \MUM. 1111.!..10./0. (IEO W- SIIIIAYEP.,
.I.‘ooll. K. 5k.,,,u.Y. ----
June 59, 187.9—ran ,
Notice As - liereliy given
1 - . 1 that op i iiitottio`o will iii't.oloito to the next Legit,.
(attire of Penneylvenle. to alter the idler:yr 01 the ('ar.
lisle Deposit rank, located In the heroogi, learliele,'
c0 n ,1,,,p4,,,,,t v einty, so 1 1 0 to roll nor on said bank the
righisalfil bank nt IN$4lO, And to thongs
its 1111011 . it. the Varlixh., Bank also to ieerlmvo the
repital.of said hank tividelt is et present sweaty-100
Mein:and dellert, with privilege of Inure.inK 0 0 . 0
Ito prrxt.ot charter, to one 11111.111'd tfifilfifitifii,)
t•tto'll hundred 'hot fifty thousand
IV. 31. lIEETEM, (feeble;
June 39, ISll9—eirr
- • IVe. the undersigned ritl.
Dickinson and West Ploinsborough Towoslai.r
bellavhrg that Ow dest,ortlon of folitls is lojtitioun to
the Interest Of Um car:ohor eoleolunity. take [him toelh•
al to Inform DUNNHILS AND SPORTSMEN ; that we
will net permit hunters to tresiets4 upon our un,weiser,
elther•lo shot birds or other rwowt—but wilt et,h,reo
low agnlil4 01.1 Itl all rases.
Jorkunholi Nolhungor.
Robert Orea)ou,
John Dantar,
thivikt Err,
oll), riary,,
P.Gibl. Ir..' .
antuel lifer,
%Vilna,. thick,
David I' 1,0,„
.1„,,,y„ ~D. tlrehoon.
IlOory Hear, •
'Pohl Line, fir.,
Daniel P. Hoover,
John 'inona,
Janiex M. horhmood,
John Elliott,
tleohro Line, Jr..
David Line, Jr.,
John Ilu.ton,
'Photons Lee, ar.,
John huffy, .
Dar Id Illaelc,
John Plouch.
hudolph Flaltburn,
John Z. Paul,
John !Mark, jr., • .
Adam Flshburn,
John PelTer,
J sr,,
ifinek. sr -
.1.10. h MJe,s,
AII thony Fithburn,
J. 811. foul.
Henry Line,
James AL Ralf Jon,
George L Line.
John ' . Lindsey,
George Li 110,
George C. Carothers,
Charles W. Weaver,
Jalik3l. Catet het s,
Jacob Rhoads,
Henry Paul,
Peter Kilmer,
Henry Carl,
Andrew Ralston,
Adam Wolf,
Janus A. Davidson,
Andrew 11. Young,
Samuel Newcomer,
John Greasen,
Josiah t'arothers,
Charles hey,
Alfred F. Lou,
Silloeshl her,
'l'. A It. Leo,
John 'Fishburn, jr., .
George Kissinger,
F.lllan net Line,
Samuel Kenyon,
Itotilmf, ,
Peary Bushman,
Samuel Stuart, jr.,
Samuel Stuart, sr.,
Z:5/11111.1• I G r03 ,. 011,
Aug. 17. 11;59-2,0
NOTICH 'lO SPOItTS lf , ', N. —ll'e
lino undersigned eitioune of North 511.11110t0n
Township, believing that tin, destruction ,of birds Is In.
Jurious•to the throning community, take this n0741t0.1 a
•• To. up. ant, iblft no
will not permit hunters to trespass upon liar promises.
either to shoot birds or, other gams, but wit enforce
the law agallint than.
. ,44
Also,lhose of us liming along tine Letort Spring. givo
notrce that au will allow no FISHING on our premises.
PSI Boar, • Jesse Ithuhl,
Samuel Boar, .1. E. Coble,
Joseph F. porter, • A. 'locker, ~ .....--
Nun'. S. Troup, W. D Wunderlich,
Johnirr, David It into, ,
Win. a . , Jacob Kum, • ,
lilies. ladreltur. 'Daniel It Os,
Henry r;itytier, Jacob it itinor, • _
Jonas Albright, J. K. Alesserannith, a .
Jacob Albriebt, . A Monate'',
Jarob It, Nhloy, goo. Nuts, , .
Simon, Tobias, John tiladfolter,
Peter Stock, . . Justus lif n7,eriing, ,
Ruben Kemper, A. Soldrubler,
Win. Natcher, Jacob Hartman,
W. 51. Funk,. ' innate' 11,11bion,
John 11. Paul, David 11 011; .
Elias Ilartnnon, John Wolf,
A. liettrick, 3111701 Weary,
Philip Zeigler, ' Jacob Lay,
unhurt Ileagy, Stun nul Weary,
Amos Wabliey.. . - . .
fopt. 7, DPO.' ,
the miderktned cilium, of South Middleton,
North Itliddlotoh and Silver Sprtug Townships, iu order
to prurout thu entire destruction of Birds and other
gotta, which we remitter a Venetit an well on an ergot
moot t., our properties, caution all persons against
shooting or knitting ou our grounds, no' we
will unfury thu law against all olTunders., •' •
Daniel Lehman, ' Daniel Horror,' '
William Bentz, George Eppley, •
Philip Brekomaker, - John linker,
Samuel Williams, ' Peter Trestle,
John Buttorr, . Ellns Brenneman,
A. AS. Witmer, , Harry Brenneman,
John Miller, John Richer,
Augustus Paulo, George Gamer,
Jacob Horner, John Hoover, .
.Solomon rites, Utricti Strickler,
j,,yotyers. . - Frederick Williams,
..I . oa, lit:rill::: SambelllolTur,
Timothy Flemming,
David Blisgwal t, Peter Albright. '
; Wm limnitemuu, ._ Fredericktllg..frits.
Thos. U. Cialbertson, , Thoi. , ll. Chambers. •
Sep. 7. 18511-ht. '
15thMILtPARY NOTICE.—The uni
formed companies attached to the first -lidded°,
llviniont,P. V. will Meet at theii respective A 1.-
modal., on SA3UREIAY, the 17th ot SEPTEMBER, be.
tweon the bourn of 9 o'clock, A. M., and 7 P. M., tooled
a suitable persor for the office et BRIGADE' ,IN•
SPECTOR, to 1111 the vacaney occasioned by the 'death
Of Major 30IIEfl 11. 51eCARTNEY. The eenunanding pincers
amid companies will superintend said election. and
make out a lint id'the voten..polled fur each candidate,
pad forward thelnatoe to the Commanding General,
within five dayetißei such election shall have been held.
- 1. M. AMAIN,
Brig. C4nl. Com. lot Bilged°, 15th Id!. P. V.
' Tuns .1. Mean, Aid do Comp. • .
Aug. al; 1059 • - ' - ' . NOTION.-
• •
, ,
TO Capt. Vidtdburn, of the Adamantine 0 uP rdP, Copt.
R. McCartney. of the Carlisle 'debt infantry, Lit'ut. C.
Kuhn, Commandlna Slitunrrlllwc Capt. U W. Crop,
of the Crittehdeu 1110.41,.Capt. Kull, of the Quitman
tiunrds. Capt..). Bowman. of the halloos' Blues. Copt
James Ewing,- of the 'Walnut llottoni Infantry, and s ;
Capt..). °waren Stevenson, of the Juntor_Cadtta,_Yrill,
melke - out - completirilatiCll - 7111 - the - Arme end' public
property, which may, be in possession of paid coal pito lre.•
and forward the samp to the Commending General. be.
tbre theddth of ShiVitllliElt, entire Mama command
hue paid companies will be "equlred .scut., thelde,
before the first dity of October, for the sale {welling of all
the Arms and public property In their - po.eoPelen. • •
• .1.. M.
Brig. fleol. Com. 14 Brigade, 1614 Div , P. l';
:Teo& .1. Kam,
414.81,185 R., . • . •
__Otate sairs,
orc74i.kurad.y., tiotoiber'Otli t. 1850.
' viitmO of an main . of the Court' of Common"
Pout Of CumbeciliTiTroontv., I wl.l eacnose to Public
cab, on tini promises. at 'the %Tension linusn, at 11
Ai %I, otroald day. Alm followlrig deserited
veal Estate, and well known Fitful of Peter Zimmer ,
ioni4aTutite in Low, Alien Township, Cumberland
Cini.ty, ALMA it milt+ , wret 'of Now Cumberland 'and
about 1 east of Milltown.
Tho Jtanslon Farm, containing 117 Acres, and
111 Cori:hint, Iw the soma more or less, Of good'
• •
nhosi..oo awes ore cleared anti under moo I stato of cul
ttrotlen. nnd thin resldu'e In Window. Thu improve,.
.11101110 consist. isf stsubstan
STONE 11111.10.1NG 1101.1.9047, I
Dark Darn, Wagon:Shed, Corn Cribs, a
Wash - llonsoi with nrchod cellar .74,44,1, -
underneath, nod all other necessary .
out.buildingss.nisn n well oLwatar tit She .do,r;_und..a_
_neverfalllosrEpring of goodnosterabout edit} , rods from_
thin house,. Inch has sulnelont foil con 011 k !Min
e:coon:se, by laying'pipes.-bo convoyed Lutists second stn.
'Ty or thd - bmp0.:361114 blirtOW any 44.1.1nrplocaynit-Wlsh
to have it, which odds eon lhososantl dollar o to any
Form Also a large APP W: 011011 A It D with choice fruit.
No.s2. Containing 114 Keres.and 75 Pereh'es, 'more or
icons tho 001110 being* divided off the . 51ansion Form.
'Moro aro no Improvements on this tract, but n beauti
ful situation to plaro them on, about 00 Acres ape cleared
mid In a high state of cultivation. and the reshiustin ex
cellent timber. There are el uniales4sf that best kind of
limestone on this tract for building purposes. silisosovar•
ui siwingsnf,lvater. - It joins land Robert Itsiss,
Christian Zitntro , rman, and lying right In ahem' of tho
YellOw, Breeches Creek, whore you will generollY find
goad and prod nctfro land. It olso fiords o good situation
for is Saw 31111 sr anynther thrtOry, as limp creek has n
fall to got suMrient water printer. All flits intsd,in both'
tracts hos been limed over within thin few last years.. It
will ha 501 d .% limo whom°, or in part, Os nbovo sot forth,
In stilt purchasers.
Any person wishing to,invest money in )trsl Eststo,
will find It to their oar:lnt:we to en nod exonsino for
themselves, 0114 call on Nomosiel.Zionnersonts, residing
rut said firm, whin sill Wee 011 this neeessnry Inform
tints. . The Intention 'to sell under almost any. dr ,
',Met meter. 'NW title will bo good and the terms, will
les sonde known on the day or sale by •
i 4 r, .r.1111111X;
Committee of Puler Zimmerman,. Sr.
August 31, 1815.
A Lso, the $ - a.m. time and place. viU\ to, .otd person
property, emiglsilog of Hods nod Bolding . , Clietit,.
Dresxe. 'Dlltheii. - Potp,`Stove mid pipe, - Clock. -
s!oblle, number of oilier lirticlus nut
m 0,10011,41.,
7i SALE.—On gATUlifitir, the filth day or Slit',
TEIIIIKIt t 183:1, will be sold 1,11 the premiers, nil that
valuable tam, situated In Upper Alien Township. Cain.
herland County, hounded by hunts of Michael Cock
lin, Ilobt. Ilrysen..losiah Nelson, A. Miller, Uee. Lantz.
Jxtol Coeitlln and of hers,
innre'or lass. ;raid soil. part Ihroadoirri nail part red
m i l. of which 101 l ltrrox nra eta:veil arid In a 111:511 state
rf tiltivatton; nod the residue In entered with Maher.
The huornvetart at s are a two story
,140 . • •
Brick• Dwelling House,
brielt Bank Barn, Ira ton Maul, and
other ont.buildings. node tlirivingilltol I kit 11 ntyliole(
fruit, comprising A pplcs. Ponchos, Pent, ' Plums, &c
Tho r , i s s m,,, n ijoo gpriog of running wntrr, with a to
slraUlu wott.r power, and too LIM KI I,lt l nn the pre
1 , 1141.4. The tivilowllreerims pi,k th,
land. . .4'
. , .
The whole tract VIII be sold togothe. ° or lo Thartß; es
WAy Lest 01111 porehasers. 1 . . 0140,1S Iv WI i Flg to Vie W thin
,roperty, call do so, by calling on ilarbani Kroll, lobo
Ives on the pli.o llses. .
• Tho 14 . 110 Will 0,11101011 CO• nt 1 o'clock. P. ..kt., when
eritis, wlilill will Lo ro,oolllll,lWlVill he Win& known by
JIM ti" It. 0.1./I'Elt,
' ' Age.lf. iiir Itarblra !it'd'.
MICII %kJ. 1,.1 1111 , d1T, •
. . of the elillaCen of.losepli Knell.
ISAllltAlt Kit Al.l, '
'Widow of Joseph titill, dee'd.
August :31, 1559.. t R. . ,
)U 13LIU SA vi
der , •f the ()reliant' Court olltuatherland moray
trill estq , su to public salt, on the thtoalon ;torah the
if,, reskteneo 01.10111 Ili, WllllOl no Fit IDA V.; the
'lid day of eIIiPTEMII Ell next. at 11 o'llorlt. A. M. "
All that: f l'f_nt}' UIGIU\U, eittettit In tipper Allen
rthenship. I'oati...o3nd County. bou fidod by David
`ooyer, Loogneeker and fah;
.rr, I,llt3lning abont. half an ova, /SA
larl'24.ino story and a hallllOUSSl,ding
nut thereon eroded. 'lll 1
' Also. A THA(.7 OF. W110D1.1.1, In Laver
Town/thin,Wilma Gounty, bounded by Al•rnllnni
Frond, 1101. McK.lnsoy,,3ll.olnro'n flnlrs and others,
TERMS OP SA fourth, of the liurelmou ninn
y to ho jolt oL tln confirm:lllv of the olio mid tllO
ooldno o tint lot of Aprll, • ltino, when' title mid ppm.
ossion will be given
Al u dolstrator of John Bowman, deo d
Aug. Rl, s.
FL SA be sold nt PUblic halo. on the pre.
mcrii tiItSDAY, thoUth day - of S :PTEMItEIt,
185:1, at 1 o'clock, P. M., a
situate In Neirtln tosvnnhlp. Cutuborboul onnty.' Pa.,
about 61,1, rant qf Shlppensburg;nen the" nice
4 prlnus. ' and the vlUar.te of .Inck onvlilw n the south
Ade of the Walnut Bottom Into the property of
Samuel Valll.rollolecenned. cell:doing
Thom, Ix 'dent) , of good Timl o on the promlnegfor
118.1 of tho Farm . Tito gyrator part of tho land in
',ow doom), and In a good state of cultivation;
dis naturally of nn exeallent II iialltv. A pparantly
ere run lir) 3 good 11.111iSTUNE QUARRY opened on
e premises. ". .
rho buildings are a .Hunt and con.
Brick Dwelling !louse,
goad Bank Barn, Wagon Fled, Corn
rih, Mao, a Tenant House, Sta &v., a %roll if
nod and ~over-failing ,Water ,near the door of
thu 31nnM,m, also n tzprhilt hoar thu Tennut House.
There to 11.1011 on dm titrin thriVing . Or Nord of ehuleo
Fruit. Thu Farm adjoins Huth, Kyl e . Il i ,
hairs of t ❑arlen Dnrhur, deed., Sonvern. David
Demuth, and othorm. The Inentlon to very desirable •
Vellums wishing to view the above
3*, FAO do cc, and can have all necessary informatlon;•
ly eirmllcation under,,latied who reside In the
unnedinte vicinity.
.The terms. which will be reasonable, will be made
- flown on the day of into by
• DA VI D nEmuTit,
Executors' of I , amuel Caldwell, dee'd.
. The undersigned oft: re nt lento Palo, that enle•
able F.trui, belonging o the Ileire of B. in •inon dee'd
•.0 lnl el lilt Hlil ll 011 11, 11111 nor mild eollllty,
,1111 11011..ded 1, the lands of C. Litayinati, J. Ely.cly,
Ind otlntrs, containing
If which, shout 154 aro Inn high stato of cultivation
uni the balance In enveren with Timber sufficient f o r
the non of the Farm.
Thdlinpro,einents consist of a substan
Wentherboarded Mansion Hotme, sg: 1 1
wrosc TENANT HOUSE, a largo BANK
and 'all other necessary nut buildings. There
are two WELLS of good water. one at till, HMIs, UV,
•dlier at the Barn ; also two 'Attic ORCHARDS of choir°
trait, nod aPe son 0111:111RD. The fences are In maid or
der; about 3UU panels Or Wits post and rah, and la,ard
fence havingjust lawn put up. There is best lege great
•luantity of excellent yellow locust growing on_the
to: some 16110posnoare ready to be rut ; about tales
the number required to place the entire property under
pawl and rail fence.
, The Farm Iles In one of the loops of the Conoilogninet
Crook, is bounded on one side by It, and' has running
water In several of the fields. it is within 4ine mile
from tho Carlisle and Harrisburg Turnpike. The
Bridges at Bryson's and Itupp's Mills. render It of easy
access at all times: It commands the best grain market
In the county, being only one mile from thu aforesaid
three,from Mechaufcsburg and seven from liar.
• :The SOIL Is of first rate quality, consisting of a rich
BLACIL SLATE, very easy in till, nod exce,edlnglS• relia
ble and productive in lie
As a good and deArable Forel, the above property Is
worthy of the attention of those wishing to purchase
Persons desiring to make further Inquiry, will please
address, or call on the undersigned, at his r %biotic° In'
Joll.!.rii gTAYIAN,
Carlisle, Aug. 10, 1850
0 11P11 A N COURT SALE. 7-- By
,virtue of nnintier - of the Orphonfi l mutt, of Cline
borland olonty, I will oull.nt Intblie Sale, on tho nteml-
PeR, nt 1 o'c'ock, P. 514 MI SATtllillAt; the 17th dny of
8111' I'llM RH It nest. Tho following deecrlted Tent din
All that certain tract. °nand ;limited near Plainfield
on the State Hood. In West Ponushorough .Towieshlp.
and late the property or William E. Lindsey, deceased,
hounded un the south, by lauds of .lobe Elliott, on the
west end north by lends of Margaret Forbes, and the
east by lands of-Margaret Forbes and John Dunbar,
and having thereon orouted o n two story
Frame Dorn, and the, out buildings. 3 "
There Is also do tbroproporty a young Or =
chard oftihnire Fruit Trees.
Attendance will be given and term mndo known on
day of aale by
4Amlolstrator of Wm. E. Liiidsoy,
Aug 17,1050—t. x. _
JL ItNAL liSi 'T N.
WILL he offered nt Public Salo. on the prom : lan op.
- SATURDAN,lthell.ltiilay bf SEPTEMBEit, lake.
A Small Farm. Containing, 88 Acres,
ha the same more or less; situated in Monroe township,
about 8 tellea Sinn .Mgehaniesburg, and two miles from
eburebtown, on tho road lending Dom Loidicit's tavern
to Chu rentown, ilOilodud by 1411,180 f Mighttel L. Hoover,
David Moth] and others. . .
The imp, oveinenta are a large
711'0,470 1 4. 1' ROUSE,
nd sr .frn,o
a t
retEr-ffleTr4dfliiiilitrilillatgniltD; Gear atTaMter
two•story 'Wash 'loin° and a Bbeg, Nome Muir,
Corn Crib and other naeveletry outbuildings . ''ktt laud
Is under-good fence and In. the Wheat state of cultiva
maion, which them billiards ORCHARD of the ehole
eat vtilieties of Apple's, Warn,. Plums and. Cherries.
About ley acres is covered with thriving yopttg tiniber.
Thu sale will comutenreitt LOAM*, when the condi
tions will he made known by • . . e • ,
Aug: 21,18p0=50
Ltcxl estiikSialts,
. liy ilrtue'of nn erthir of the Orphans'. Court-of Cum
berland County; will ho Hold at public-Bala:oh' the pro.
mito, on TICULDID AY, the 211th tiny tilt EPTEMDEIt
next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., all the -following. detetlbed
item Estate,
.11M yn operty of the helre cirrVeter - Lohn,
deed.; and altuale in Not th, Middleton' township,
hour ded and-described no Polimv is en the nertliby the
North Mountain; on the oast by David Zeigler n beim,
on the-south by Dr. W. M. Dale, and on the' west 'DY
John Barley and John beim; • ,
• - Containing - alioni 268 Acres.; :
There being two sets oritnprosemenis on this troct
°flood. It niirdivide to adsantsge and Will lib sold as a
nimbi or in parts to snit:purebsedrs. IFt, •
containing about len acres, of Which nit 40 acres are
good.iIIOUNT),IN Tl.3lllEit
- eioprovementware I
- TWO:STORY ioarrousE, '''4;(ll I zToiait-Ilon f o 7 "l3Thlfßarn_ u lidOlf 'i, .
- tulidiugg:Lc — Viiii IST g ood Epilog ' ''',".'
of water and running stream, nod two Orctiarde of
. •
2d. This trite!, contaloVabbut 50 nrreS; 'nwt hig•strk
r.y VIt.UIIS 110IJSE, Book Thais lea good
(n.t.hard, also a, Well of water and muting *strealn . on
this tract. -This is an•elear laud, and a tract of MOON.
TALK lAN 0, of 10 or mime wares, ulli ho sold with Ii if
~ • ..
thi. A tract of about 80 acres of CHOICE MOUNTAIN
LAND. Th 6 offered kt 10 nare tracts. .
• Attendance iv ill bo given And terms wade known'iit
day-orkshrby . thwuntiprsigned - georilinna of the minor
. childron of Peter Loin., deed., and the valor holm will
Join in the solo and convejglien BOAS to give the per•
chasers the enth•u title. •
Aug. 24, ISsg—t.'s
Ax Attorney In fact of Jacob Newcomer, Idly ap.
pointed by power of attorney,' 1 will expope to public
sale, on the prendaes, being the reildence of John Fry.
neer. In Fishing Creel Valley, Tye. Town/1111p. Perry
Ceti I, ty:1141 SATURDAY, the let tiny of OCTOBER. ISbll,
at In o'clock, A. M.
All that Farm on which the mid Jnhn Fryneer.
11011111IMi by Alex: Hartman,' Johoph.,Dyainger, Jacob
Mych.; and of berg,
. .
, .
more or less, all of which Is cleared, -
and having a two story SVEATIIRIb•, ....,, -,
BOA !C HM 110 USE.; and A good bog 4.,c: , , ; : .
Barn, a I OXelliheit water at the , ~V:. I . ar ,,
door, a thrifty young ORCHARD, and ~..0,., .... st .
in a good state or c uitivatioo. Fishing -s" - - • ,— • .
Creek rues Ihriiinth this Farm and heaters it compietely.
another Form, near to the above, bounded by
.h ,rob Eshelman, John KITI, Matthias Binger, and
more or'less, about forty acres of, which are cleared,
limbed and well eullivaled, and luring aiinwitw.story
IP)1161.i. and l Lug
Barn: therenq
Ing Creok in slimtjlo 11111.111(iltry of this farm In part.'
Also, a tract of laud in the same township, adjoining
lipbert Bryson, John elendunin, tOudosideld,
and othels,
morn or icvs.Aurring i donLlu geared, now SAW MILL
thoreon eroctud, witha circular Faw, pmpolled by tint
waters orliountaiu Creak, whioh hint upwards of twou
tv feet of hem% tual.fall. ,
• •
- ii heavy timbcrerl tract or W6ODIAND, In the
N3lllO towohltip, bounded by Itobrrt
1110118, • Voter Ibtrubart • anJ otberA, coutklularg Forty.
three Acres. more (Jr 1.. x.
Moo. atiotber tract or CIIESTIsaIT TISIDRR LAND,
In the stuns township, I,ouroled by John Foulk, .lobe
Crealoor. Fraurix Idle, nod othw, containing novouteon
AvreN, more•nr kgo.
bto, w tit be miuto cagy to the purchaser
will be mndu know:, ou the day of onto '
- . 311(111AEI, L. lIOOVEJI,
,Att'y, ih fact of Jacob Newcomer.
Aug. 21, 1559-t - . -
4 .* e Perry Freeman and Democrat Insert till sale and
II 'No this oilko,
R I V-ATE — SA LE - -
, • op
1 1, 1 110 sobscrillor now offer, encouraging inancernants
to Hmmel' lint Red means, who desire to ;nit elleapand
desirable home in one of the most healthy :find enter
prising places In the State. Three Paper....lllll.nope-at-.
hand, and the lout lately tweeted. is new In successfni
oparati....-ron-theomitar F tura of one paper. In
aver Ida hands. Mlle and female, arejunployed. Besides
Mt. linltySprings,.at.the Leto of the South Mountain;
it muted Watering place, being unusually pdtronined,
adds materially to the pecuniary Interests of the people
The felinwiug described property. Is adjacent, and In.
tended' an nd addition to the Springs, and also to the
beautiful village of Papertow le;
4 0 - T T S
are Moir In 10Cated nil the 'east and went
sidesa the Itnitiniore and Hanover turnpike, 5 miles
muttittit lute are an average 0f.40 feet In
front and gun feef in length. The ben titifatitroant,
:%lountaln Crook, Mows pant a portion of them. Alen;'
the large
- 7—n , and oneAcie of ground, gattlen, and
firm yard, fruit I reen In altundanee. Thin
house enittfrins I I names, with large
"basement kitchen, well of water n
the'dnor, and acknowledged to be a' very dallghtful lo
cation for a private residence. Also, a two-dory
and lot, with a Sinughter boup; thproon
erected, holm; o good Ideation
butellor—thlt, busloutm having boon
profitably egtabllsiled—or n good bush.
oosx Maud for is touch:tole. Also,
~ ~ ~.Ci11;:;.
well timbereil,pitlilMlTTicriftwik, wltidu
a-tho aburo proportY, baying
geo.l water powet for a I , IIW will.
The terms will bit made very accommie
dating. and great biirolits may
espitela Ily 1110 building lots, lo
loht,rll,ll,:toual enterprise.
Plaits° address or so me pe4trially, at Mt. holly
Springs. Cumberland county,
.1 ttly 20 , 'l'o Li ALVI11:11
e . 4 11.
jy "
Lj Tho durslgned as attorney in flirt for Johnson
Martin. of Monroe township, Cuaberiand county, will
sell at private sale,
of the best d'dahty.of nun:alone laud In said townshlP,
being a part of the farm on which Mr. Martin now re
or the part for In cleared and In a high Mate
of cultivatihn hut about ten acres which Is covered with
~, .
~ sr,
. C , 4 t ~,
• Mrs. Martin will Join In n deed to the
• _ .-.... purchaser.
Persons desirous el furthvr Information, will rail up.
on Mr. Martin. residing on the prodders. or on the mil-
Father residing In the hOtough of Carlisle. • •
txg. 1 - 85!
1. VATEmt rirlime sALE.
The underFigned Anahtnees of 11. H. Kleffer„ wil
offer nt publf• nal° on TIIUIO.4IAY, Fentember 291.. h
1869, n vnlunble arm, co,utaluing
- -
Afoot. on the Poor boon Road, ono half mile east of
Carlisle. The farm Is In a highstato of cultivation, and
under good fences. Tho Improvements •
consist of a largo now BRICK lIUUSE,
Built In no Born stylo. a Bank Barn. , Lit
now Cottage. Tenant 110500, Ac.. 1 1 , 9 1 , •
Ono of the finest Springs In the county )2-I ,
rises near the house. This property
will be sold in parts or as a whole, to suit purchasers ;
Any parson desiring to porches.. at-privato sale prior to
thin day of public sale eau do so.
PersonsAvishlng . to view the property ern requested
to rail upon either of the undersigned residing In' Car
lisle, or upon D. 11. Kieffer ou Ulu proofs°. -
Aug 17. 1859.
DITBLIC SAI,E. I ---Under an order of
1 sale from the Orphans' Court of Cumberland
County. Iho nuodraldned will expose to Public Selo on
the prionlaeslon 6ATURDAI!, 4th day of 41'-
11:N111ER next, at 1 o'clock, M. ' the REAL ESTATE:
George Flnkenbluder, deed. bulng a Tract of Land In
krauldbc'd Townalup, Cumberland County,
more or loss strict-measure, bounded by the Conodo.
goblet Creek. la ndscl J. Elnidlobluder, Israel Hickey,
and Henry Mentzer. This tract Is Slate Land, and has
a geed LOG 110U811. Frame (tarn. Wait , • ' .
on Shed. end Corn Crib upon it. There ~,„, '.=
Is a good IVELIA of water near the door. 'r. , ,‘ ! 11 ;
and et small ORCHARD of thrifty apple li ',I: , ~..
trees, with other Fruit Trees 'around ;..,.:'±, ~. •
the house. It is situated on WClnro's .. - -e ,-- -""' '.'
Gap toad, about 8 miles west of Carlisle, eon mile from
Pillar's Bridge, and opposite to Frehn's 81111, on the
Cotiodegulnet Crook.
'forms and conditions made known on the day of
sale by
Administrator of OnArcoVinkonblottor, doc'd
Aug. 24. •
IVIII be offered at public solo' on the premises, ati.j• hiking
Paportown, Cumberlrmi Codnty, on Saturday the let of
October next t n tract of land
basing thereon erected a good ~, ._ •
Stable de:, and will ho sold entire or in
1 its to inny.hosf suit the purchaser. One half of au ex—
tensive wider power Is also attached to this property,
w hich may be secured purchnsiAcin the other
side of Mountain Creek.
A Lio:' at till, same time anttplace a lot of =mita%
land situated near Pepertown.. containing 20 ACRES,
ALSO, two building lots In the villageof Paportown,
which will be milt: on the prentlidis, after the safe of the
other properties:
--Pee eons wishing to clew the property:be:biro irof
or sato ran do FU by calling on SAMUEL 14031BAUG11,
who resideson3ke first named tract. n•
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock I'.
ju t e E r s ra N ti,rwTiirEldZAlUlch
w i ll be reasonable, will ke made known
Executrix of Jasper Bennott, deed,
E5'1 . .tf12 4 2, 4, ' Pl 9. VA'.1,13
.Tbu stabacrlber ottani at privita sole it - mritugibla tract'
of land. cltnat. d. In !Amer Allan t,ownshlp, ragout (bur
tatlca'fri g•
nre. Or leFs;l2 scree of irbleli 18 cleared and !unlash
state of Cultivation; and the balance Covered'wlth good
tlmbrr. Its convenience to mathet, rondera it a de.'
skald° locailho rpr-a small fanner.
. .
Perfiellff ivisbtilg to slow tho promlies 'can do so by
Applying to the subscriber, on the ndanlnlnts form.
' •
4iity 29,1851:c
.20 A 0,9„E
gjal estate salcs.
virtuo of an Order of the Of photo.' Court cif ,Cum ,
borland county. under proceedings In partition, aveled
to no to Sell a portion of the Real elitate of (Norge Snob.
-sore let,, of ,-the -, Borough of Mechanicsburg. - deed, we
wllh expos° to soh, on tha prenilsen, on WIIDN ESDA
OCTOBER, 6th, 1850. that valuable ritisT
. .
. t ,
.eontaining Int Acres ernl 21i Perches. situate In Mon o
township, • Cumberland county, I ounded by , lands '
(leo. Myers, Joshua Myers' heirs, Dr. P.M. Long. Soto
Bishop, Daniel Markley and John Dernhtiogh; basin '
thereon erected a Il6ft rate twoottory -
FRAME - DWEI,LINO, a - large and .• ,
commodious Bank Darn, and, Other
nocessary out building:ft-11ov ire nho •••''
two excellent Wells of never failing w, 'se.9,7:sw- •
water, and two thriving Orr:fiords or choice fruit.. The •
Whole is muter nest mitt fences. and in a high state of
lemom _FRlDAY;_Octaber:7:3B6o,:wlll-lie Sold on
premises, the followingileseribed .propertles
A.1.0t of Oround elf/late In tho borough of slechan
lesburg, bounded by thi,"C V' Itaiirmul on tho ffortli,
other property ofilecedlkt Orithitiiiii.d7StiliiiilFeifYalley •
on the south. and In lot Day no the. wtort..Antalillog
.21123ii,'.11,et along the railroad. on thn'east 21% feet, off •
Strawberry alley 2'7 feet and ou the west 70 feta, ha
• 'fog thereon erected a Two-story
- .11,10E 110 TEL, a largo Stable, d
j..-isr d l itir ) other necessary out buildings.
h CI Also, Two lets of mu nd, situate
' - wif insaid borough, bounded on the north
I ythe U. r. Railroad, on-the-east- and west -by -other--
- Iniperty 'of decedent. and on the south by Strawberry
alloy. containing respectively 20'feet 4 inches, and .20
".feet CI inches In front, fund 00 feet 8 inches In depth;
having thereon erected .111 0 BRICK DM ELLII‘GS, ; •
with the necessary out buildings. .
Also. two Lots of Ground, situate In said boroitgli,
• bounded on the north by the Cu V. Railroad. on the rant
by the Union Church lot on the south by Strawberry.
alley. and on the west by other pronerb , of decedent, .
containing respectively-2034 rem and 2h% feet In front,
and 70 flirt 10 inches In depth. having (helium erected
. TWO BRICK pwgi.raNqs, with oitt,
Alen; a La of Oround, situate 11-3 sold borough,
b01111(11!d OD the' south by Locust street, 25 feet:. on tba '
east by n Int of fielded's. 104 feet 0 inches, mill. , t ors h •
bY Stouffer's Alley. 25 tout, and oft the west by a 10! of
I'. Oriel, 152 feet 0 neltes, ;baring' th3Peon erected a
Also, a Lot of Ground situate I n•sald boiough, hound
orlon l e east by Market street. '2O feet It Inches, on Thu
°until . ti.Stottifer'sa/1ev.650 feet 0 Inelnis, no Um west
by Dr, . urrlng, 20 feet S Inches, on the 'north by
Wm 51e .et 0 inches, having thereon erected a
FIRAMI3I it rLuNll,
Also a Lot or Ground situate in said borough, bovind
od on tho north by Orben tame, on the east by a lot of
Catharine Scheidt. on tho south by Samuel Chamber
151n, Ind on the 'West by other lands of decedent, con
taining 1 acre and 58 perches neat masers.
• Also, fiLot of Ornund situate In sold borough, bound
ed on the north by Orem Lane, on tie cost by other
property of de ;Mont slid Samuel Chamberlal n, on 'tin, '
south by a lot of L. Shutt and the lloguestown road,
containiog 1 aced 01•111 75 perehes, neat measure.
TERMS (IF SALE —The widow's thirds to roman In
each property, during her life. secured by recogoicances,
In the Orplana Court.: ono ball of the wpm.o of the •
nu whose • money to bonaid on' tho'l at of A pril, 1800,
when deeds will be delivered and possession elven, and- •
the rem:andel-on the Ist' of An111,.1801, without, Inter-'
'eat; to be summed by recognltanees In the Orphan s' Court, with approved set:tufty. ale tocommenee each ,
day nt 10 o'clock, Af 51. _ . .
Administrators of Ororgo Slogisor, deed.
Sept, 7,1859-t s.
On SA TURD.I Septem/ f er 17M, 1859.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans'Cd r urt of Cu m•
berland County, the subscriber, trill offer nt public wile,
ou the pretaine., the fiellowin,g described (teal Estate,
late the propel ty of David
_Leslier. deceased:lo wit:
At 10 o'elhek, A. M., of !Mil day. WV No. I, being a
tract of Laird, ottlinto In Hopewell township, I nille
south ens! of Newburg. bounded by lauds of Robert
lion, Godfrey Itriek or and others,'
and +haying tilereon erected a tfr0.....
story_ double 1,0
Baru, mid other out
is nil excellent Spring of' Water 110.1 r
au Apple Orchard. null V"
variety of other choice Fruit Trees, on the preoiie e s.
At II o'clock..A. M.. of said day, PART No. 2, helot . ; a
tract cf Land, adjoining . t lii,lllK.Vl7; rentntii lug
I.vlng therema rrecireul n douldo LOU 1101ISE, Log Barn,
Spring Moro and other buildings Thole I.r - thriving
young Apolo Orrliard, with n variety of other Fruit
Proem on UM premires, and a never falling Well of ult.
tor near the toms°. .
At 12 n'elock.-31., of said Any, l'AttiSO. — ii,boitig
et of Lima adjoining part No. 2,. Nituate on tlni mond
. . .
leading from Shlpirenefinrg to NeWhurg, on the horth
hank of tho CJIIOIiUg filet Creek,
having thereon eructed a two story 1,00 JIOUSFy and
Stable. There are a variety of Foul, Treeti on the
phoolsefi, and a nover.fitlllng well of water near the
house. -
in- Thu Mane, it... Tilled Vracts arii Inn coed state et
cultivation, and each of them lists a aufliaiont number 01
acres in timber.
At 2 o'clock, P. M. Of said day, PART No. 4, being 'a
tract or 31oun lain land. "situated In llopowell town
ship. 3 miles north-wont of Newburg, bounded by land??'„
ofJacob Foglesonger and others,
he greater portion of which la covered with good cheat.
ut timber. Any nmon wishing to ceo any of the
nets nforegnid, will pleave'eall on the subscribera, re.
Mogen the premices. Terms made known on day of
le by
Athninbtraters ut Darld Lecher, dee'd.
.Fih. '59-t a. '
On Priddy, the 7th of: October, A.P.,.,,1859,
COMMENCING AT 10 O'Cliyir, A. M.
In plllol3lleo of on order or tho Orphans' Court of
Cumberland f'ount). to„ toe directed, will be sold at
Public Sale on the premises, about five miles east of
Shlppeosburg. Cumberland County, Va., on the south
side of Um 'Walnut Bottom Hood, bete 1 . 011 the village.'
of Leesburg and Jacksonville, and - near Park? Tavern.
Thu following described '
late the property of Abrainun SeAver, deed.. to wit:
;a bout 10n art es therrot are Mountain Land.) divided
Into are or OM, rat•tm. Lot will be sold ell hOr the whale
together, or In Lots As 111 iy hest suit purchasers.
Thu Deprovements are a
A large portion of the land Is roe it:
!red with thriving Chestnut, Oak and ~turf tim
ber. A part however Is cleared en+ fenved A large
ir , rtinn of the whole pill! make good farm land when
cleared, and is susceptible of a high state of haprme
at There lo an
ta n u, n gind I) of
Iron Ore. which Is being worked, being near n th iron
Works, the ore Is valuable.
This property do bounded by lands of Dr W. W. Ne
vin, Ycltorh, Sons &Co Buchanan's' Heirs,. John hes.
sell, 0. Foreman. J. iVashi inzer; l'arks. Clever and others.
The teen o l. which are easonable, will be made known
on the tiny of sale b
Admhds rato 4 i of Abraham Beaver, deed..
5ep.7,1855-4 R.
The stdricriber offers at private sale,' a
HOUSE and LOT OF 11ROUND, situatu in ei
Dickinson townbhip, near the turnpike, a
little and It half east of Mount% Bock. Thn House In
Frame, Weatherboarded, two stories in height. and eon.
tainting Btu rooms and kitehen, with waslehousu,and
cistern attached. Thu lot contains TWO ACit ES of the
best quality of fined, with a VIII I lety actinic° Frult.and
having erected thereon a FRAME STABLE, Wagon-
Shed, and other out buildings.
Persons wishing to view the property can do on by
calling on Jacob Black, on thupreutibes, or on Vie sub.
scriber, residing near New vine - •
A HOMESTEADS FOR SJOOO and over,kituated on
and lien' Rappahannock River, above soil -below Fred
ericksburg, In Virginia. . •
A new town: called itapaltanuock, has recently been
laid out, in Culpeper county, in the nutlet of the Onid
!legion of Virginia. surrounded by mines and mining
companies; and fa:meant, town • lots In alternate di vb
dens or shams. can now be' had for a - mere song," to
induce settlement In this desirable region. *154,900
worth of land is to be divided Amongst purchasers or
Oven away on an inducement to come on Wild 11111k61,111•
movements. and the land Is of the most improvable
quaint.. klapy have alrehdy settled and Freres of
others are combat , . Good !arming land. In &mist° suit
purchasers:can be bad nt from - ten to twenty dollars
porkers, mat to in easy quarter yearly instalments.
Unquestionable titles will In all rases he given.
4D - Agents are wanted eveywhere to sell these lands;
liberal inducemenlAwill be given. .
For particulars, address • ' •
E. BAUDER Laud Agent,
Port Royal, VA.
July 20, 1859
ort RENT. The' new • c ._
BRICK HOUSE, No. 0, Wog Bt., ,
below l'omlrot and South streets, It bss
floe lame bank bull logs, nod is BUT,
plied with gas and, water. For toms, -
apply to
• Auz. 11.
. •
' ' A 000 D BUSTESS, CHANCE 1 . •
VENUS PAlD—Agents wanted in eve.'
ry-town and etninty throughout tin United Etaten to
engage In alight hnd easy business, in obi& too
above pnhat 'may certainly be realised. For portico...
turn address will. i•tatnp, '
, N0.•21 Grand - street, Jersey
Car. of Ohambeis de College Floc°,
NEW Y . 0,111C. ' •
J. R. fiTIIIIRUG, Psoiwtotor,
Late pf the klightizan Irouae,'!,
ing.31.'60-633. ' . •
tionlicr St, drool, 2
ilil at the Old Business..
. , • ,
,On tho Railroad, oast of CCellsie, ih thil'lmmettlate •
slanity of Cm Oas liouie. .• ." .-•
. .Tho suhseribers harm entered'lnto Partnership, and
aro dofnir Mishima*. the old stand of Shrom & iloifor,
.whuie NI , 111 he found, at all times, LUMBSit and CUA I,
In all War varieties and, qualities . • •
I: U Pli B • E R
BOARDS of evcry,kin .ut .
, ,
' SCANTLING.' . . • •
....; FRAME STUFF. • • '- ' • '
. .
SHINGLES.; . . -.. . ~...
• • --• LATHS.. ..
• . 'PALING. - • . -
. • POSTS. ' ' .
. _ .
• 'RAILS, &c.
Arid in - liet eveirr Id rid — o - erann venally liiirnici n, a
well. stockodyerd...,,,— . • '...r. - ,
---- /Oriiii'lrn one own Cars, we aii, enabled to furnish
bills ot . Lumber of any requked length - , at the shortest.
poeslble.thno Our Flouring, Weathetboardlng, 4.,• I:
always housed, micron be turnildwil dry.
-.- :(3 OAL ', (Undei Cover.) •
No pains- Will ho spared to furnish Coal Or family use,
dean and dry, of all elms and qualities, among which
'will be toned; .--, , •
„ „ ._
. - SUNBURY wiliy.F. ASH.
TREvoItTON. , . • -
: ....
. .LOBBERY, &c.
And to our islino hurnlnrlonds and to illacksmitho.
we would say, we can int will furnish an .cheap as the
cheispost and of host nuallty. • 1
The senior partner will. ha on the yard as usua l to
•attond• to tiltlso who may farm: us with a continuative
al their patrolingo.."Thonkful for pant favors, ho solicits
a continuanco of their custom at the old yard.
Wu intro a large stock on hand of Lumber and Coal.
anti are continually receiving additions, whirls we.wlll
sell as loselik any. other yard In the borough.
Don't full to call at this old yard .near,theOns Mum
JACOB Sllltot, • •
N. B.—A dupllcato of the hooks of Bloom & lloffer.
nra in my hands; those indobted can coil on the sob'
norther at the old yard and pay to JACOB snito.m.
July 27, 1.859.
,Tho Hubscribers hal, thin day onterodinto putt
nerslllo to Undo In,
We will have ontiatanlly on hand and furnish to order
all kinds and quality of seasoned '
LUMBER, • • . ,
!, • •-• -FRAM; STUFF.
• •
Piling, Plastering: Lath, Shingling Lath, worked Floor
log and'Weatherboardlng. Posts nod halls, and every nr
del° that belongs ton LUMBER YARD.
All Kinds of Shingles, to wit: Whitepine, Hemlock.
and Oak, of different qualities. Having Cars- of our
own we can furnish ,bills to order of any length and
rile at the shortest notice slid on the most reasonable
terms. ,Our worked boards will be kept under cover re
thtit they can ba thrashed dry at all times..
— Walleye constantly-os hand all kinds of Family Coal
under rover, which we still deliver glean to mix:earth,
the borough. To wit :
broken, Egg, Stove and Nut
width we pledge ourselves to sell at the lowesrprleva
Best qualty of
. 13tacksmit s h's Coal,
,Iways on hand which we will null at the lowent figum
Yard west side of Oratmuar Sehool. Main street. •
July 20,1850.,
UMBER YARD.—The ,imbscribers
having purchased n lave tract of pin° titul a r
land and saw 111111 E, on thu went branch of tho
hanna river, intso"okinacil otit,a lumber yard at '
on pa railroad, corner of Allen nod High streets, near
the steam NM mill of Subtle, EherlyA Cu., and also one
near*Plainfleld, where - wo sill! be 7tido to "sell lumber at
N . llOl prices that will he to the In tl°rest of builders nod
others total! and see us before buying tiseivhcre.• Our
advantages pier other deniers are that our lumber dons
not pass through the hands of non two or more sprou•
int Ora WON wo oPt it, and that will enable us to sell
lumber elf.per than-iny others can sell at these places.
. -
We will also wholesale lumber from oub Harrisburg
yard. and will deliver lumber at any point along the
.Cumberland. Valley Railroad. It (Jodrell, builders eau
barn lumber sawed suitable for any nine of building, or
fir other purposes, by furnishishing us with their or.
ders in season. SHAFFNER, ()REASON A CO.
April, 13, 1859-1 y
NT W C A.I.Y Ait 11.-
AT Tilt. wttT END or VAULtriLt.
rho subscriber. would respecatilly call the attention
or binneburners and the citizens it Carlisle, and the
surrounding country generally, to his. NEW COA I.
YARD, attached to his Ware Muse, on West •Illgh xt..
whore ho will keep constantly on hand a large supply
sr the brut quality ot'COA 1,, to wit:.
Lykens alley, Luke Flddler, - I.lne Orore and Trevor.
ton, Broken, 1.:14g and Nut Coal—screupAd and dry cool,
which he pledges himself' to the'lowest poxriblu
prices. Best quality of LimOhurner's and Blacksmith'.
Coal alwayn on hand.
411" . All orders left at the Ware Muse. or Cl his rest.
denco In Nom th Hanover street, will ho promptly at.
tended to.
April 14, Vi—tt. J. W. HENDERSON.
SION 1101.11:.
The sulwerlber would respectfully Inform the eltzemi
of Carlisle and - vicinity, that he has lensed the large and
commodious warohouno of JACOB 1111E1.31. and having
repaired nod tilted up the ears In a superior manner,
he la prepared to do freighting of all kinds, to or from
all points, booth, Ztst or Vest. All goods ordered to
t. BURK 4it EincoLDs,
812 Market Street, Philadelphia; or to
/ 203_21'04h Street, Baltimore,
will be promptly delivered in Carlisle. .
The highest market price paid f o r all kinds ofyrain.
Don't :ingot the old btandeeorner of Main ankiVett
Succeksor to Jacob Ithucirt
Aug. al. 1859.-ly
11--Ile4-qtraiity - or - FL - 0131,, or am y use, •opt
constantly to sacks or barrels, for solo wholesale or re.
Tho.subscrlberg haring taken the warehpuseicars and
fixture, of Wm. 11. Murray's rid I known noilablislimen tr.
on West High street, oppatto Dickinson College, would
Inform the public that.they have entered into a general
Forwarding and Commission I usiness: i.• .
Thu highest market price will be paid for Flour, Drain
and Produce of ell kinds.
They arealso prepared to freight produce and atork
to Philadelphia and Baltimore, at the loweat rates, with
safety and despatch.
PL STEIL AND SALT kept constantly on ha'nd,-and
FLOUR AND FEED at wholesale or retail. -
, .Cool of all bionic, embracing
Limeburner's and Blacksmith's
and delivered dry to any part of the town
Aug. 17, 1859. .
. 131111 SON, if, 1)., Emeritus Professor of Sur.
SAMUEL JACKED; M, D, Professor of Institute Ziledlelne,
Ow. u. WOOO, M. D., Profusion. dr Thcary and Prudes,
of Medicine.
❑omt L. !Iona!, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and the
Diseases of.Woraen and Children.
J 081.1.11 0011/30N, 31. D., Professor of Materia Medico and
ROBERT E. ROGERS; al. D. Professor of Chemistry
JONETII LEIDY, M. li., Professor of Anatomy.
lIRNRT 11. 6141T11,14. D.. Professor of Surgery.
IV [mum Ilumf, M. D, Demonstrator of Anatomy
Tho Lectures of the Session will begin on the Second
Monday of October, end close ou the let of March, •
Clinical Inatructlon Is given throughout the session,
in the, Medical Hall by the Professors, and at the Pent,
sylvanta and other Hospitals.
The dissecting Rooms, under the superintendence of
the Professors of Anatomy and the Demonstrator, EN
open from the ml Ale of Septeuttier.
The Rom lie Operative Surgery and the Application
of Bandages, Ac., Is open early In September and
throughout the Session, under the thpervision of the
Professor of Surgery.
EithitiCalliemonstretor. C. &limos, 111". D. •••
Feetifor the,Lobtures ((each prefeseorslo,,__ :
Mritriculation Fen(pitid °nee onlp, a
Clmduation Fee,
ft. E. ROGERS, M. D., Deeh of the Medical Faculty:
• University
F. D. WOK; Janitor, University Eluilding:
P.S. Rased may to had at f .02 02.19 to s6perweek.
. July 13,15t0-tim.
S .
IfiCillifA2oB - Arotirotypes art NU - UMW slid
_LOCUMAtilfi_klairabeingrdpbaaralocAs steel plates._
LOCUAIAN'S colore¢ittotographs aro unsurpassable.
po:not neglect the opportunity of socuriug a flue,
faithful and cheap likeness.; .Ainbrotypes of A superior
:iqualiti, are made as cheap as in ariyAlallary in town,
Carlisle, Aug, 8 1339-4 t.
• •
lliuffer's Patent Washinc• a . Machine just
• .
ieeolvia by
Tki. 1t..531U0KLY.8...5,14.0.- , .
— ll7l'htilliilieblidiYt6O beet Machine In use,
Sept, 7. '459. .
1•1= . !11 .. EWE
T ftE.
No; 708 CIiSSTNU . T Streit, above Seventh,
Thiltqubscribers 'lnvite the :attention of Unite; to
then- tack of Ele,gniat. Garetients, of which be.
lint sriecht , ty, they are enabled to offer the moat com•
plow assortment In the city: . • • -
They will oven in thy-course of Eeptembei and.Octo•
• ,
1 or, their)meoirraTiose consisting, or
oPliltA CLOAKS, ,tc, AC:, •
ritd elegant apecimeits of Rome Manufactur e , will
he added to their Stock tEVERY MORNING
PROCTOft. de
• •_ Importere Seoul Blcittufa . eturee of
—Ne:7oB ; •oll2Bl7 .`ill'EStreet.,:.(abovo-70041 , 1111.:V.. -
'_.L,tegent-311 - ;1859:: • • • • 3 urea.
'Tina Inatitntion, designed for the liberal' education
orYgu.g.LldieS, boo-been in operation two yearn with
thognostitrntifying.results. It In now established on
a torn Niels, and its pal rorage already extends over
several Stair*
_ .
'lt Is located on the Cumberland. Valley Railroad mid•
way between Harrieburg and Carlisle. in the moat far.
tile and beatititul portlon.of the valley, and Is In Close
proximity to one of the most moral, healthy, and en—
terprising towns in the State.
It is central, and easy of n•cess. Students leaving
Washington; Baltimore, or Philadelphia In the morning
train fur Harrisburg, 7111 arrive at Dlochanicaburg, in
time for dinner.
Tim edifice Is largo end commodious, surrounded by
double vorandaS, end will accommodate about ondhun
tired boarders. In its construction, It combines all the
MOllOl . ll improvements fur tho promotion of health,
comfort and convenience.
,In these respects physicians
pronounce It unrivalled. Tim chambers are large and
neatly furbished. Eaeh has its registdr for heat and
ventilation Only two students occupy the same room.
The bath rooms areat all times supplied with warmand
cold we ter.
Thu grounds urn ample and well arranged for recre
ation, and the various calisthenic exercises—so Gann
tial to health, graceful movement and symmetry of
The Faculty of Instruction Is efliCient and experi
In the Collegiate Department the course of study Is
of a high grmle..comprehending all thil subjects belong
ing to a Cite:sire', Polito and Christian Education.
In the. Preparatory' Department pupils will bo carte
fully Inetrueled In those branches forming the basis of
a thorougH English education.
SESSIONB.—First Session, from the Ist Wednesday of
September to the 30th of.lanunry. -
Second Searipm from the let of Februafy to the lat of
Varetion, during July and August. - •
Boarding. SVaahing, Furufahed ltoumey thud
and Light. . . . .
Tuition—Collegiate Depaitment. .. . . 20 00
' t• 16 00
" . . .
12 00
First Class,
Ica.extra charge for Ancient Languages.
Mask—Plano and fl altar. . . • . 20 00
Vocal Moolc.. '7 . . • •
Modern Languages, . . . . . 10, 00
Painting, Unstring and. other Ornametital Branches
art-the usual rates.
Text.hooks furnished at city prices.
For further particulars tm,
Boy. A
, -- • . oy. A nt,Arr, A. M.,
Aug. 3. 1859. President. •
(111.8. LIB 11 S G rEI/IMALEI
• Thu reputation of this insti6tlon fa now fully estab
,lishod, and Its succeis as a first classSeminary—plared
myend..donbt.- Pupils .trill find hoardlunle
psament, home comforts, parental supeHilifUn end
moral influence. in,_the.,educational department at.
compllsbed teachers, thorough instruction, and sure
means of advancement. _ _
CONTENTS op cATALootteiusT-7fisuso
Trustcea Reforonces; Teachers; Pupils In attend-
Miro tho year past, OS; Comm) Of Study; Graduation ;
Expenses; Location; Mental and Moral Training; Tu.
noNIALS from lion. Geo. Chambers, IL 8: Schnook, D.
0.. and others, in regard to the recent annual oxamina
t frohi ,t beThambersburg Press; and from James
W. Altmander, D. D., of Now York, and others.
The no seindon will roinmeneo Saptentlier 14th
.k'or'a attalpaiie address
• Chambersburg, Pa
A ug10,1859.
fp a remedy not:to ho excelled for Cho relief and cure of
LIIUKO 11131.11108 Incident to the Summer Season, via
. _
Diarrhoea, Dysentery. Cholera or Cholera Morbue, Vont-
King. Acidity of the Stomach, etc.
Its excellent Carminative powers, plemiant taste and
smthing influence, -renders it a valuable medicine In
infantile diseases, pecullarlo the second summer, viz:
Cholera Infantum, etc It has a reinvigorating and
tonic influence on the system, allaying inflamation
where 'lt exists in the .stomach and trowels—and on
trial tell! be found indlspensible to the well being of
every family. It will be found as cell adapted to
adults avbildren.—Tar IT. Prepared onlz by
A. ESENWEIN. Dispensing Chemist,
- N. W. Cur. Ninth and Poplar eta., Philadelphia.
- e. Price 25 cents per bottle. -Sold by IL J. Kieffer,
and S. W. linverstlck, Carlisle • Miller & Son, Jackson.
• villa; illegal X Herring, Mecit ' anlaiburg, and by drug
gists and storekeepers generally, [may 2,51 D-17
Imported Mediterranean 'seed wheat just
received end for sale by
Sept. 7.1860. Main street Carlisle.
TOIVN LOTS —Three valuable Town
Lots, for axle chewier cash. For further Informa
t, xpply at JOHN P. LYNE &
Nay 18, 1850-2 m North ljenoirr at.
In sortment I_mLEATn HER. 7 -A full as.
IngtLasts. Boot Trees, and a fugel L r i t fi
a l le u ggloo dll lfllt
•gnd flndlogo of all kinds.
- -
North flooover Street
Oct. 27, ',58
Thls Is a question of vital Importance. and one which
has never been satisfactorily disposed of by the proles
ours who teach the healing art. Some maintain—and
emwelaily the old scheol,l'hysiciaus—that life lives In
Ito blood, and therefore all diseases 'originate in ?C—
-het modern science eve.. hat_aliments-have-thei
n oru on on n ,t the solids and Rinds of the body.
That the latter preponderate, however, is a flood fact,
and medical skill has clearly . demonstrated that at
least two-thirds of the Ills that human flesh is heir to,
have their genre° in an
As, for instance. In the Ins; catalogue. such as Bereft
10, Totter, " Barber's Itch,' Pimples Blotches, Erysipei
lax Ulcers, Salt Rheum, discharges ;tom the Ear, Fever
Sores, or Irruptive diseases of anykinti.—Theee are aa
certained by well known medical laws to arise Bans bed
blood—while : the highest medical authorities .declare
'that most fevers origioate In the same manner, and
mime particularly Typhoid and scarlet—the former be
log an Internal, and the latter en external irruptive
disease • and in all persons attacked by those matadlea,
the ble:td I , e found to be either coagulated, or of a dark
unhealthy color.
. .To ward off a large majority of diseases, as well al to
cure a number which here already seized upon the eye
to., it is necessary to
ndsey's Improved Blood Searcher does not claim to
be e
Cril every Madan. known, but the proprietors claim for
it t be power nut Duly of drninleg out an impuritlea of
the blood, but by the eltlllful combination of well known
vegetable remedies.. it will cure alkdlseases elliPitig from
a deranged state of the liver, drive out dyspepaia, mid
give renewed tone and vigor to the stomach. That the
II main Sonoma Is all that le claimed for it, the proprle
tore can produce
It Is only a few years since it was discovered, and yet
it boo grown Into such a business that a large laboratory
'bon been built expressly for Ito manufacture—a large
number of men emplo7ed In putting it up, and still the
We ask any candid man, could title be so, if the Merl
Wee did not possess ALL the virtues claimed for it?
,The Proprietors have hundreds of certificates nom
man of probity and standing in the community, show
log what the medicine
ANY is doing dully for the suffering
who ha's ever used the Blood Searcher whether roll
who eftparlenced.
Let the edified give It a trial—a Ong% bottle wit
convince the tenet skeptical elite eincary.
For salo In Carlisle by S. W. Harerstick, S. El
liott, and 11. J. Kieffer; Kaufflffilll & Son, Med:winks
burg; lloswillor A Zook, Shepherdstown; Joshua Culp
llogstown p Jacob Simmons. Croon Roads; gums *
Wise, Shiremanstown; A. M. Leldich, Willing Springs;
Mary W. Kissel, Churchtown; Edward James, West
11h1; J. C. Fasnaurbt & Dm., Oakville • Shoemaker &
Elliott,'Newburg; Wm. Bratton, Nowsilla; J. Hood &
C., Springfield; Russell & Dice, Dickinson; Highbind
Wswhingar Jacksonville; Wm. Clark .k Co., Lees
Roads; Wm. 'Eckles, Sporting Hill; D. Denlinger
11; hits Hall ; J. U. &Wok, Shippensburg ; all of Cumber
land county, Pa.
LINDSEY & LEMON; Proprietors;
Hollidaysburg, Pa. •
IiETIC PILLS, ard• highly recommended* eminent
Physicians, an a see certain, speedr and permanent
cure for Grape', Strictures and all otber diseases or der.
rangement of of the bladder end kidneys. Price Fifty
cents per box
. •
__ D 111.4. T.ItAMPTftN &
- -
No. 10e,Spruce Street, Philadelphia.
Also, Proprietors and Mastthietureis or '
Hampton's Anti-Rheumatic Mixture, -
, ...y—Medicated Cough Syrup,- - -
-The Great•Deeideratuin or Hair Restorer:
A 08.2-1,1859. • .
' PHIL -: ..
_Practical Adinstie oißtipttire.Titifses_jud I
cal Remedies. lies covalent's' on han'd' it large ok
'liunulno French . - tresseo, also a 001 APIste Lemtinsut or'
the lost' American,',lneluding • the • eelebmted 'Whites;
Patent Lever Tenter,,belreved bZ the best authoritlia •
be superior t“ any, yet Invented. ' Zegllsti lend - Arnett.
ran,; and rialto; ShoOlder - firsees; Suspensory:,
'Ural/no, Fele triectinfr Pr Syringes. adapted to both seer' .
en. In Ilent, portal) o emcee, French useriesArrinalte, ,
~_Ordere and, letters iir enqub7,,,rlll.lFmt,AttypiAtAlL.
tentloo. - • , • ' • • •. r ;
Augu4t 24,-1850. , •
.• . .