Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, July 13, 1859, Image 1

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:.•:,.• P• • .1 ,, ••,..••"; •,.... , „:.,1•- , :iP ,t,, •ift.l.. , :t••••• ‘ f • ,
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.. --- -7 ---- - - -; '' " ' ._-'-' • • • , -----r-7.-„__,_ - : •-•,-;- .F•=- , - --. . ;,. ft_ ,• , .•••.:_',..--.,-_--, '', ' - - '.'.. •,•• f; ;..:ii:,.•'. l'i,,"?4'itil94lllj Fn
-•' r '-' •. '', • . .• . ' . ~ . .fr. • ••• • i,i..?1 -•:::,..1We + :.:. I.i . ; ' 1 q 1 ,7 i?f . :1:51 k!)
• , r ., ~.-.- ~
,:., ,__4-_-_-. ! ~., I _
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,-_- - • W 0" , - , ft , t .. , ..,- ~ •",,<;-' I , ,s .1 1-1.,v ~,w, i D.!. ---: • • , - , ~.• ~ 't . 4. -1 :. .=LF. - --- - 1- 77 - _ - - ---. "7: - ,-- __,-_, . •"" -,.,. .. __.l -'. '•_ , :
- - , , ••• ..• ‘ •• ' ' ' •*.••, 1, :.... ~..41, 4 , ,, , , ,Th'K4V., t. .•+ •/, .., c••. I? •
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.;- - ;- - ' l. 2 ,:, ; li.: . -- -- --- - F . •-•-, , , \ , 1 ..., itl io
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.s. - , 1,, .. ,1.. a '• ~ . r... , -r .---_-__-_,. ..';'---..- MU= - 7 r--4 - - - -. -'-'-'----------- ' ' -:-;-.----- '- - - : ;-1--;\ 1 --
- '..-.-,-- . ' '.=-:=-,-.--; .r.-._ IL.
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-^rini tk , k -- )p--4 1 ji rk„:4 _ , • ,-,, . • 1,. . I ...---_-. ; ~ t .. ...-;-.-.-,. : _,...- 1 ,
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w.„., --1. ___. _
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-,- -7 --,
. '
_,• . _
.. :
KIEM ---1 0'. --- ;
IiVILLIAIII M. I,9lll.TBfft. - • , „ •
VOL,: ,
• •
I,.litoney Is, recolvoidevery day, and In antinnsount,
• 2. Pirtirier rOiltlntayost is pAld for . moncy feom tho
daytt In, • • , --
a. rho. ['tunny Is always paid hack In ootoorhonever
is called for, And iltitout'nntice.
4. honey Is rot:Aired front I.:senators, Administratnrs,
tinardlans ' and ',Alters Alto drslrit,-In have it In q place,,
of portoct.safrty, And" whore Intorest can Lett obtained
forit. ' - „
.-Tho money rectif oil frow n ilApectrtors is In6catoli In s
real estate, mortnays, ground ronts, and such dthor
first class socuritios as the Charter directs. • , '
offive - Inursliverritiy !Vole 01111 n'elnekrrind
Mondeys and Tharadayn till It ifelnik in the evening.
110:1. HENRY L. BENNER, President.
SELFItIDUP, Vice President.
• ML J. num), Secretary. .
Henry L. Renner,
lidwvrvL L. Carter,
Robert Selfridge,
Samuel K. Ashton',
C. L. :qualm, •
Fitinut Street, South
Apr, 20, lSfO
H E E'T c -
&IA? , OS,
Sf E
- astßAns,
vto.piiis,— • •
0. C B. CARTBIt.
➢lay 11; '69
. ,
Splondldntock_ontew )Bask Dress Silks—Magnificent
- -Styles Fancy Dross Silks. , - --- ----- ----- ---- ---.—-- - - - -
Well! icAritm ELEGANT!!! ."
— FrioTcli "Foulard Silks, Chinese Silks, Satin and
Striped 'lamps, Valenrins, Duvall., beautiful _ ,
• new printed Chunks. Frencliprinted.hero.
--,-- netts, very handsome English Hell
,. - Danis, • thry handsome I'rench
'''' Brilliants, M du's!' French tlt- ,
. - American prints, &kelt, •
FrtMeitz.and Doinestid .-
Bonn els, Jinn..., •
. .
net Ribbons and - - - '
Drone 'fri m linings,
. .
L . Shawls lu 'every variety,
Silk, Crape. Stella. Cashmere,
. &Z. Embroideries, very low. cont.
- prising Collars Sleeves lion Ili tigs,Edg• 'II
• ngs. Veils, &c. dlarpotings and till Cinths.
' • Vtotillan, Ingrain, three l'iy, lirtnutylls, Cotton
and Hemp Druggcts end Floor OD Clone all widths,'
A compfide assortment embracing all fLeanost celebra
ted marks ' Gloves and ' "
. t- To Hosiery for La.
Wei, Misses and '' ,
• ~.. ' Children, great variety df ..-• '
- kid, silk and cotton Gloves. La
. dies ale ant twisted Silk Mifis.&c. ,
bleached and unltleached,Sklrtings bleach,
val :old unbleached Shootings, .Woolley and
' I otton Flannels. Corset, Jeans. Tickings, Cotton.'
ades, Sattinetts. 'tweeds. Cotton and Linen
Diapers, 'fable Covers, blesehed and brown
, Drillings, and an , endless ,varlety of
. other articles. In fact, this stork
of goods In very itatenxi re, tbo.
. - rough, and,ramplete, ha
,lna been purchased .
with a groat deal , . .
• . ofcare, we feel ' '' ' '•
confident we can-please any one who will.favOr no with
a rid!. All candid :persons who ' heti., patronisctf us
hernittitne, will admit that we hobo sold the best bar.
gains ever purchased in Carlisle. 'MO Coll assure our
friends and all lovers of -cheap goods, that we are as,
well prepared,ax ever to offer superior inducements to
their patronage.
bari tutl 3 l l l , l . n 4 noiz ti Stre4,
Have Just opened, in the room' formerly occupied by
Shrynck;Tnylor 4fc Smith, Bug's new building, Main
street,, two doors east of the market house, n large us.
sortment of AORICULTURA I. 13IPLEMENTS and fee;
Mixers, which they are prepared to sell on the Most
rensnuable terms. • •
The stock embraces:PLOWS, CULTIVATORS. IIAR•
ere, mad ovary othectkirle,ne::_
• reentry for farm use.
They also intend keeping': In : addition, re full'essort,
meat of CEDAR end W !LIMY WARE, Including
Spain's patent Churn. Brooms,. Brushes.
ant, 13utter•Forms, Prints, •Ladies,. Butter Tubs,
Bowls, &c. . ' •
Also, Fcleitrthirden and Flower Seeds: Seed Potatoes,-
beat varieties. They ere constantly making ad.
, dltions to their ii)ork. and will use every exertion to
. supply the wantarof the egriculturni community,
, They have also the agency Tor EVANS &'WAfSON'S
.Ordera left at the store for fruit and ornamental
Trees, Flowers and fertllfzere, will .be Sittended to
promptly.. 51. 13. ST.BILICLEIt& 11110.
April 20, 1059—1 y „ • . ,
"in,o YOU wont to buy a good Piano,
Uf. or Melodeon If so, why don't yon call an John
It.lttleem 1 • For ho can sell the. neatest finished, host
made, purest tutted and lowest prirod instrument that
can be hod in this part of-the country. gitviim bcepit
long time in the buslnoss, I natter myself , on. Ming it
good judgo' of instruments, and will not sell an inatml•
ment that , is pot first-rate: Iwo now receiving a large
lot ofAleltalcons from Bontat, which can be seen at Mr.
A. B. twine's furniture mums, vhlch I will sell cheap.'
or than any other man In the country.
For recorn mendations of toy Planos„Call anti see them.
All histrumonts warranted and koptr.ln repair. Cull
and mambo) my instrunittitti before purchnslng else-
idiom. and you will be satlidled that I Call soli the hest
and cheapest. • • -."•'' ' JOAN 11.1tITEBM. --
To bolound at the house of Jacob Itheetn, W. High St.
:day 4, 110
. „
A full es' sortment;juat received. to which conetant
Zedditiontovlll,be.medu of well as home maaufac.
tore. The stock now comprises .
• • •
of all styles. and colore, from the clamp - oat in tha'lloal ,
quallty: - .lll`ll.lrair - WAT.I: — A - Itirlo"Varlety - of Miran'
aud.stylas tom:flair-with a neat, assortment of , child.
arena' fur sad straw baba. " -
: , 7 A - I.3o.llBN'd; : h iYd'AND : OIIII.DREN'S
embracing ovory'ltind•now:worn, botb Plain and Drce“
Caps, to which the attention of the public le respectful:
ly invited. Mt:TT EURO BT KEGLEWS 01. U. STAND.
Carlisle. April 20, 1150.
. ..
'4 .
. iLe'leiiiiti esoUrtinout of-flay Iliaui , uturs; Pulleys,
1 pe. hakes, Forks, 4cc, elzeapur than ever.ut , ,-,
miy 26. 17.61), ,• • '', •• • ,U. sollFrON'.B.' '
o • ....
It 4 l / LS I . ..PE
LY'Fara Bon.. pr;;
;he ilhirdlifeire afore o
7310.,,L,8 !
snakes. , Ali e)icap, et'
J. k. bitNB *SIM,
, . ,
rr()i. i46 . l`B . —‘'l'llreeiiiruultre it'o'yv'"n
tptm, for NtlnTheaplbr ca eb. . VCir farther Informi
ti n'o
oppiy tat .1011:q p. LYNX de IS' IN'S,'
. Dley I .so B + s4 —ain ' . , , . NOT ' .11411014 r lit.
. . .
u T
Tlre Carlisle Gerald JOE PRINTING OFFICE is the
in,rgest and most conipleteestablishnient in the county.
yhroo gond Presses. and a general variety of material
suited for plain end Fancy - work - nf everylindt - einiblpr
us to do Joh Printing at the shortest notice and on *the
most renodnablo• icons. Persons ;In want of Bills,
Blanks oCan'Ything in the Jobbing ling, will find it to.
rite Interest to give us a call. • '
. .
. • _
deneraf anti Local Onforirtation.
- ..• ,
. . .
~. .
U. S. GOVERNMENT. • :: .
, President—:.7kMES BUCHANAN.
Secretory of State—Gen. LeWl5l CANS.
. Secretary of Interior-4.0H THOMPBON. ,
__Seeretary of Treasury—lfowstr, Conu, - • .
' herotary . of War- 7 .lorta 11. FLOYD.,
' Sberetnry of Navy.—lstsc TOUCEY. .
'Toot Master General—JOSEPH iiel.T;
.... ••
Attorney 11eneral—.1Ensmisa S. IMAM
Chief Justice of tlin United States—it B. TANET:
V.:Carrell Brearker,
Joseph IL Parry,
mothris Leo,
Joseph Yerkes
Henry Dlfferoierffer.
I a :.
!Ire.o Corner of. Third, -
AP:111A. .
Own:weer—WlLLlS St F. PACKER.
Sorrel-ley of State—Wit LEAH M. MISTER. .
Auditor (leneral—Jsesa FRE, JR;
Traasiirer—LlENeo S. Msonsw.
JurlOs of the Sepreine llnurt--N. Lewis, J. M. ARM.
, • -
Presideet Judge—lfon'..Tivneft II: Graham. - • -
Associate Judges—lion. Michael Qoclillu, Samuel
Markt Attorney. - 11'nt. .1. Shenrer.
, .
Prothonotary -I'lllllp QulOey.
Ite , ortler &e.—Dan lel' S. thoft.
Register—S. N. I:mutineer. -
High PlterllT—ltobt: ZlT:Haney: Deputy, S. Keeper.
County Treasurer—Moses !tricker, '
Coronur—Mttehell MeClellon.
- .County - Commlislonera—An 'row Kerr, Samuel Mo•
A'athanlol.' 11. Edw . 's. Cleric 'to Cominhodonera,
James Armstrong. • •
• Directors of thu Poor:.-Samuel Tritt, Jno. Trimble,
Abraham - Resta, Superintondent of Poor -lleual.—'
Chief Ilurgons—john :cabin.
_Assistant Burgess—Adam Senseinam
Town Courrril—A: B. Bliary..lohn Gut
Bontz. tiordnor, T. B Thompson,. J. _Worthington,
A.W. Bontz, A. Mont:smith, Wm. Loads
Clerk to Council—Thos. D. Mahon. •
nigh. Constable—Johp Spahr, Ward Constables.—
Jacob Bretz, AIIIiII3IV 4artle,
Justices of .the l'esee—A. L. Stmsler, David Smith,
llolcomb, Stephen Keepers.
First Presbyterian Cbufcb„ Northwest anglo of Can Square. Rev. Conway P. Wing Pastor.—Services
vor: Sunday Morning at, 11 o'clock, A., M., nud 7 o'clock
Second Prosbytorlan Church, corner of Son th 1 allover
and Pomfret st, outs. Rev. Mr Lulls, Pastor. Services
iounnotece at II o'clock, A. 31.01nd 7 o'clock I'. 31.
St. John's Church, (Prot. Episcopal) northeast attigle of
Centre Square. Rov..lacoli R. Morns, Rector. Services
at 11 o'clock A. M., and 3 o'clock, I'. 31.
English Lutheran Church, Bedford between Main
vC Loather stniets. Rev. Jacob Pry, Pastor. Burr Rot
At. 11 o'clock A. 31., and 7 o'clock I'. 31. •
Gorman Itothrum! Church, Louther," lautenott lion
ova?: and Pitt , ativets; Rov. 'A. 11. Kromer, Pastor.—
Services at I 1 o'clock A. M, and 7 o'clock P. M.
Muth/Alert. Church, (first charge) corner of Malo . aud
Pltt attracts. Rev. Geo. D. Chenowlth, footer. Services at
II o'clock A. M. awl 1 o'clock P. M •
. . .
Church (ficeond clutrgo.) Ilev. Alex. D.
(111.1.0 n Pastor Pet.lceb In Emory Bl.E..Chureb et .11
chick A. 316 and 7 "I' .11 .
St. Patrick's Catholic Church. Pomfret near East st.
Hew: James Kelley, Pastor. Services every othe
Sabbath at 19 o'clock. Vesper at 3. • .
tierman — lAtherau Church cort,r. of Pomfret and
lledford streets. llev. C. FRITZE, Pastor. Services at
1 o'clock, A. 31., and tly, o'clock, P. 31.
'4jrWhen Antigeti Lt the above nre ilea...tory the
propur PursOns are requested to notify us.
Rey. Charles Collins, D. D., President and Professor of
oral Science.
Rev. I:3ruinn 31..lolinKon. D. D.(Yrofessor of Phllosn
y and Eliglish Literature.
Jam. V Met - Anil, A. M., Professor of Ancient Lao
Auagun. . •
Her. Wm. L. Boswell, A. M., Pitfusaor of Mathematics.
William C. Wilson, A. M., Profesior orNatural Menet,
and Curator of the Museum.
• .
Aloxuudor Sehom, Profeenor of Ilebrew nud
Modern liangunges.
Snuauul 1)
Bel 00l
David C. John, leeistant, in the Grammer Scheel
Andrew Blair, reecident, 11. Barton, P. Quigley, E.
Cornmeal. C. P. Hunterleb,J. Sevretnry,Jacon
W. Eby, Truunurer, John Spbar, Mosseuger. Meet on
the Ist Monthly of each Aloutlica 8 o'clock A. M., at Ed.
("cation Hull. •
CARLISLE DEPOSIT U. , ,Nk.—Protddent, 11.31.11enderson
I:ashlor, W. M. Llooteni; guad. Cashier, J. l'Alasler.
Teller, Jae. Rouey,i Diroeture, Richard Parker. Thomas
Paxton, Menus Bricker, Abraham Meier, Jacob Lolby,
C. Woodward, Wm, It. Samuel Wherry and
Johu Zug.
. ,
CUI;ILIEILLAND VALLEY RAIL 161A6 Conmnir..—Frosident,
Frederick Watts; &mitall and Treasurer, Edward 31.
Diddle; Superintendent, U. N. Passenger train's
twice ti day. Hastward leaving Carlisle at 10.30 o'clock
and 4.0 U o'clock 17911. Two trains every day
Westward, leaving Harlisle at 0.00 o'clock
. A,11.1. 0 aua
2,50 I'. M.
Oilman GAS AND WASEIECOMPANT.—ProsideniI Fred.
Mick Watts; Secretary, Lemuel Todd; Treasurer '
- Wut.
41. Deetera; Diroctors, s'. Watts, Diehard - Parker, I,emn.
nl Toda,.lll in. M. Doctem, Henry Saxton,' J. W. Eby,
John D. Uorgas, it. C. Wooilliraid, and E. M. Biddle
CtinusiuNito VALLEY BANK.—PERIdeIIE, John S. Star
rett; Cashier, R. A. Sturgeon; Teller, Joe.
U. Lloßer.
Directors, John 8. Sterrett, • Wm. Her, Meichelr Drone.
man, Richard Woods,.John C, Dunlap, llobt. 0. Sterrett,
A. Sturgeon, and Captain John Dunlap.
'Cumborlawf. Star Lodga Nn, 107, A. Y. 31, meat!, at
Marina hall on tho 2ud and 4th 'ruesday# of every
Month. - •
•S. Johns Lnd•ro No 260 A. Y. 31. Moots bd Thurn
dny of nosh mouth, nt Murton . • . .
Llarllsib Lodge No 01 1. 0. of U. Y. Mean 31 oudny
nvening, at, Trouts building. ,
The Union Fire Company was . organized to IJB9
Presieut, }.. Cernman; Vice President.. WlDiem M.
Porter; Secretary, Theo. Cornnum; Treasurer, I'. Mon"
yet.: Company.nieele the first Saturday In r illaretuJuno,
deptemboO, and December.
.. • . .
'Rho Cumberlaud Fire Company 4antlastituted Nehru.
dry 18, .1808.. Preslihmt , Ilobert , AteCartney; Secretary,
PilniP Quigley; Treasurer, IL &Ritter. The company
meets on the third Saturday Cf January, April, July,
and October.
—.The (ineditli I ilose Milli it ralifilla - _rcl . l,
185 b. Prealtlent, 11. A. urgeon; President - , James
O. 81 , 01E1410 Serrefary, Samuel `ll. 4 Ginild; Treasurer,
Joseph" Halbert—Alio- cumpanr meats the .second
-BaturdaelBtJariunry, October. .
, AVES,OF „POSTAGE... .• •
postage oA all - letforsof,obe.;balf entice weight' or Un
ler.. 3 cents pre paid, .except to' California -or Oregon,
• . 'w filch In 10 CO,!11 prepaid... ' .; „ -.. • •
it4oda' germ Within the C it untY; _free..
Within the State 18 cents Pei year. TAtfyintrt, Of the'
,United dtatca :Meant*: " Postage:on alllnthalent pakcs'
under 3 'ounces In wolght,4 cent nrelpalti or, two rents,
unpal4. • Advertised lettere, tube r i . Frip3 , 4 with the,cont,
stilvertlsitig..A . - ' • •
. .r.TNlntsre, opPrdif"-- 2
80 E. ,Cor. of the 'Square ' ', Main. st:
v irzr neatlj.oieatiied
11EnaiD1s published weekly on ...large
sheet.coutaininetWenty eight columns, and throbbed
to subscribers at $1.50 1 ..pald .etrictly In advance:
$1.75, If paid within the 'year; or Pin' all. cases 'when
payment in delayed Until after the explratio i of the
year. No subscriptions received flogy less period than
six months, and none discontinued until all arrearages
are paid, unless aft. the option of-the publisher. Papers
sent In subscribers/living, out of Cumberland county
must be bald for in adrance. or the payment assumed
by some responsible Person living in Cumberland coun
ty. Theto terine wiJl ,be rigidly 'adhered to du;-all
'Advertisements will be charged $l.OO per square of
twelve 1111013 for thre6Ansertlons. and 25 cents for each
subsequent insertion. All adveetisementa of less then
twelve 111111 COMilddreii as a square,
Advortisetnontainserted before Marriages and deaths
15 rents per lino foe first insertion, and 4 cents: per lino
for subsequent insertions. Communications on sub.
Jects of limited or individual Interest will be obarged
cents.per line.. The Pniprietor will -not be "responsb
bin in damages for errors in advertisements, Obituary .
notices or Marriages not exceeding fivelines, will bot
inserted without charge.
11111inan, A. N., Principal of Um Grammar
The trembllhg fl;w..droPa'fall . '
Upon themiKthagilowora—llke eon's at I .: ent— '2
• The mare shine glorloosly,-and ell
' • , Savo me le blest. ,
. .
, .
Mother! Move thy giarel • -
The'yiolotorltluitt bloOsoms blue and mild,
Wave o'er,tlmlmad-r-when shall It wave,
• .•
_ _ Above thy child!
'Thi a street flower—yet must '
Its bright lenyen to the coming tempest bow,
Donr mother 'Els thy emblem": dust
as thy-kqw. • •
• •
And I could love to die--; ..•,' . •
To leave, tuntested„ life's darr, hitter iitreams, .
Ily thee, so emit In ehildhood, Ile, •-.--..- ..
And shorn thy dream.
And innst7 linger hero, ,
-To stain the plitninge of my elnietwycam
And motirn the hopes to childhood . •
With hitter tearit '
Ay, mupt T linger bore,
A lonely branch upon a landed treo,
Whose last,lrall leaf, untimely sere,
Wont down with thee?
Oft from llfo's vvllhered bower,
In still communion milli the post, I turn
And muse upon Um only floo:or
- - In momoiy's'urn
And when the . evening pio •
Down like n mourner on the dim Mao wave, heat tho n1010011(1/I 'lvan
- . Around thy grim.
. _
'Where is thy spirit tinwnl
giii.aobovo.-.thy look is !Dinged there;
I listonond thy goal° tone
Is on the air.
- , -Oh come—whilst hate t tireirt
My brow upon thy, grara—nod ihrtholio mild
And thrilling tones ut tenderness,
• Bless, bless thy child'
Yes, Liens thy Ireopini! chill,
And o'er thy uriirelli.Tion's holfieSt shrine—
'Oh, git'e this !spirit undcglnl
To blend. ith thine.
A ll . ttlo word la spoken, •
A motion or a !var.
Has often healed a heart, tht's.brokou,
And anode a frloOd kitten)...
A word—a look—haseriAkott to earth;
-Pod man . yrt budding flower, •
Which had aam lip hut owned 'lto 1,,1rt by
7, lVould blcan darkest hour. -•-
Thou deourl 'not an Idle thing, .
A pleatioint word to speak,
~The face ieu 'roar. the thoughts you bring,
A heivrt:%ay heal or break.
• • • For the Ilvrald.
GENTLIMEN : —YOU are on the verge of IL
new life, anxious, no doubt, to cross the Ito
bicon that. separates'y'ou from the stern real,
. hies of. the world, Before you are. fairly
Intinclied; - "may I not be periniftedlo present,
\ negativelY, a few suggestions for your
Istly. Do not fall in love unless • you know
to a "dead certainty," that you. have the.
Wherewithal 'to support. a wife in a station
equal to the one from which you are. about to
take her I am afraid. tllit this advice to
!some of you, is a " day altar the fair:" for
my own: observation has impressed me with
the idea that many are already worshipping
at,t he shrine of Cupid. If such can, CollBiBi
oak a v th honor. retire from I heir "girlarkies,"
let them do so.; for ylettliful love is incompat•
ible witlisoumf discretion anithard study.
The sfudi'fq.ll4.4lollC half of his pre
cious timeirl- - flrl g sentiment to his sweet
inamorata, er her ambrotype,and the other
• half in building air-cilittles_peopled-With a
fairy wife and'a bevy of snub , nesett children,
will have little left, for the pursuits which ,
are .to tit him for a life of honor and of
. fulness. In feet, boys (under which proper
head I beg pardon of the class for including
'them,) When in love, are—to use one of Dow
Jes. similes—"as irregular as the movements
of a dog's tail in a beer fight. " Therefore,
avoid the soft delusion until youarevready,and
able to stand before the ininister, and go
through tiremarriage ceremeity with ilia firm
and happy conviction't hat yen are conferring
upon the tender plant, commuted to your
' care, a sufficient endowment, notsnly of true
affection but, also of the world's goods to make
her life comfortable and joyous.
Ildly.. To you .who are about entering the ministry, ministry, I would say—do, not carry your
schisms into thepulpit. Dear always in mind
that no man ever w 9converteq by a co,ntro
versy, or Il h is soul to nedto the contemplation
of ',heaven •bY a seri7on politics, or.l hat
Alever-ending question of slavery. Preach
only "Christ and Illin crucified," and you
i ... 0.„,
have done your/duty to yourself, your coun
try and your God -' Do not wasleyour breath
Insenseless discussions as to whether sprink:
ling, pouring or immersiomis-the proper mode'"
of baptisni; or any other such questions. It'
'is my, candid opinion that' hie Satanic Moles-
ty stands at the elbow of eiery pulpit - poliii-
cian and .controversalist, chuckling at the
number Of souls they are preparing for an easy,
descent to the Shades of :Pariah's.
'llldly, To'you .who are about starling on,
the well beaten. frock' Of the Law, I would
suggest— do - not Study with a view to political
preferment` Many a fine intellect lia4 been
swallowed up in' the dissipatiOn and trickery,
of polities. - - AbovOall, let'it be Your highest
aim to , W -- and.l do•not think it itnpossibld—
tin honest lawyer.; ' -
If you enter the field, of politimi,let' bp;
rightness and !unswerving coneistency.mark
your . course. De true to •your country and
; your country will.. be true to you ; and re,
member' that it.iKillipeat as easy•to be, in the
eyes of. the Repoli:, In denn:yod as a demagogue.'
Taye f9F . .y4ur gujdolle. many illustrious cx
nipples who, though, their, bodies have liiiig;
since Criimbled into dust,,willever be remem.
tiered by, a grateful pe9plo:
IVtli`and lastly. - I would 'hay . to, all—no,
matter what your profession umy be—seqc
cminsel froth your superiors in 'lige and . expe
rience; be honest I be opright I be - t4Mperate!
irewor4 „ ,Lbe. , i.obristiands.--Do.noVexpect'i o '
be happy in - the'purtaiit of hdishoneet course:
.• honesty-is tho• best'policy'", -,,..ivoid the
altiretnevdm of ;tlie wine-etip'.'yO4l4ll.neifei
find an'. elysium in. a, r,sellar„ or to
'l' paratdisayegained'tin ti , bar-ronni, • ! .•••
When youdhave.cotnplied with what:l have
said --and a,,striot , 'complianee
~ wltqravy4h , ~ • ---,-,-., ''..
'must bring' y . 04 health :nod propperi!,y.743K
.T , .'iffirille(tippity::iiralwayo,' ; diaginitiiikir':'elz ,
?I ' AIIIRIE1). N. 11.—Marry , her Vvitunt you love .ceps perlmpaia le dttiky 9 4 , 00 4r.e , j u, a , mc. ,..
and hni4iicleh•OSSOi'i \ 'don'i. Marry
,ti• trifOlefa.- man n ,: . :• - ".
1,: , ri,.;, ,,, ,... ,, ;: ,. J:,:.;
•villy. tven a'in'othoi In law in: the house of t . .---' 4l, o' 4 '...i
!./par - - .zev ' e ' nieOn . : tb '' l.l 'l llild b ' si j '''
:yoting couple , is 'So iriiiith 'wTfifteil'pp!l!4'lier were .-'.•• ' ii 9 ' II
ti l!. i . q,,L; R., pie.
11 colideic,"That mile 'wili'be'ceifiiiii to 'tais,ii :1, !dreceived , ( !Yeri, OR r" •,...- I Vf ~ 0 4 , •?•,e,!(••,TP3: l tn
i i si3O„_ii or , iftp,Oe Irf . .' o.i , r :., i '
.:. , -; .• .
.. qt . ! ,
.._ Lirii . %:: : i , b .
r inp , lit . it 9! . NR:, : '. . 0.r ,.
0 0 rO*...ivntl:o6,d'll4 , Siiih'fr,oift'.'''
,i'''!'.`.!' , ', gii.,444iittatit slca _o_pikritiiiik* G Oj
~.. ' ITAsiiiirxrroti;Ju4 , ,qBso- 4 -- - -"-='''''''';';'' -Ikriiiliiiiithe..brrigiluvisklilptiOhigfiktaiti,tlpi
_ ,I,
, g ekr,..' fe , - . 4..,_.. . ,• • . . Rd ut knA-bpev prpytsions. • , f-'' .
Ater. The reason why - Nihnleti frequent:the. . 14r. Prolyprs may pci!,. - 11104, :the -1).114
Arctic seas is pivimillybeco.itse.• ilkey . suppl, wore .willipg' tcf - give; but file u ‘ lukoltie. kinv i l
Iliti " northern" lights' witli 911:L---.' . ' '''-' l'Acatti m6re;worthy to'yecolvo. '
e• . . . . . • •. •
... . . ..
' From the New York ,Tribune-. , . -
' Althoiigh it was intended to havestartad on '
this voyage on ilie - 29c1' of June, we were de- -
layed in. our, preparations; until ;Ile 'flick of
Ally' 13y, 6 o'clock P.. M . .*the air ship Atlantio! . '
Avasidolyinflated;andWhilewe wereptlithighCr,
Antrim with ballastand'provisione.'Mr.Brookit, •
lessee:di" the St. Louis Museum,' who had kindly,:
'volunteered to, escort us over the Mississippi in
his balloon Comet; got ready fOr the occasion,
upon a signal'agreeth. aseendeds•frotit 'the and '
ground... At 7,20 P. M. ,tho . Atlattilo was '
ready,to sail., Messrs. ,La Mounfain.and Ga . - -
ger,--tblithing' some difficulty might arise at
thErstart, If they, shouldtattach the , fon wheels
to the shafts and. wheel-gearing; determined, '
to ; omit Oita
,rintil ire should be fairly under '
way, next morning. Having had much ex
periehee in hard wind's, and the Perila 'of land
ling a balloOn under them, we hale, tuitructed .
,at St, Louis a a-good- wicker.workSar(irliiiih;---
with n'goorl and strong doncentrio.. hoop, 'are '
life pret;ervers in - these perils,) which Was sus- .'
pended between the boat' and balloon,' and '
about eight feet obey() the former, and • Within'
'six feet'of thit hoop; so that the neck of the
balloonthung in the-biisket car, Whenever the
balloon was fully distended. The boat 'eo - n- •
tained 900 lbS. of ballast, one Wicket ocwater.
Mie'bucket of lemonade, with'an
of bretid, wine, poultry and sandwiches, be
' sides.clelicacies too . niunerous to - enuinerate,. ..
furnished by . l; ind friends. Mr.. LaMoun . toin
took command of the boat. and ballast, and.,
took his place - on 'one end; Mr. Gager toe], .
the other efid, and took Charge oftherelinrts .
and compass,; Mr. Hyde, local.edltorof •the -
St. Louis Republican, took his .spat in the mid-;
die, Willi' note-book and,petiCil, as liiitorian. .•
Altliotigh . qdr. Hyde was-not in Mite original
programme, we unanimously agreed tolet him -
accompany uNprovitl,Rd it would net inter. •
fore with our Witiniate designs: and na it was
- arranged that.- ntulr any . clrat'unstanceit u ‘then '
the halloo!). should fail,' the boat and ittenoeu '
pants should Ina disposed of, and, inyself or
Mr. - La Moanfaln• should proceed wide the„
voyage al'ond,• ... ' • .
The basket 'contained 350'pounds, of ballast
il'' barometer, wet and dry hulh,,theranottieter,
besides ',quantify of Wines . Mid provisions;
and I took my pllteeln the basket and charge .
of the valve rope; and, ao dire'cler of the gene- -
rat plan of the voyage, by,the unanimous eon.- .
sent of the party engaged-in-this long dpvised:•
Unteiliris'o. . I - Must say 'here' that Mr: bry •
Mountain took in charge a part of the, pre-:.
gramme, that alone but a cool head 0,64'1 most-', •
acoomplished aer'onau't could be /rested with; . i ,
and especially the night:sailing,' „At. 7,20 r , .
" • ..• •• • . • . . • ,
:M. we se sail the Entiliiton'Sq'hare pr ,
It wasia.the!.,year.illl.92.•that.QtteerrEligil...St. Lonis t
,- and from
orwooßr,peatn. stair/ing'. ' , WaS '•
both; as'representatiyeof the a!establishinenr,' nortliof mai- 511heti-we got tirralfrever 'the
persecuted the little rtheitius of the 11-0 W Inde-. Mississippreitrwerl under wax,. we -IMW . Mt: .'
pendent Church 'ln : England.' becties - e - thei llyooks land in a•clear plebe, about sunset;."
Would hoyeher ox, .any ~ cuenarCli,;enter the At 8. 30. P. NI., the she es of eveniog4hut .'
church as any otittot„,manor,wontimall nun one front our view the.hoble eit of St. Louis and.
under th'e eye of - clrod ovhile the , homage the the father of waters..thoug it continued light
sovereign i shbuld'eldim:they.*OUld consider until after 9. Mr. La, M Main having.sulf.•
to•be excludiVeli'efas'..teniporal : iniiiirii, Ihe ered from siekness,o hurtutay;land-being
lelflirell haying **wawa ne.Xlititi iw.itiolks . Biate:''. ;too:linWell to .work lard .under a: eturtzingeun ~.;
. There were; iniprisonanints and death . ; ban: 'At thbiliffs'tii;i6;Je t • mush bard labor: for ,m
inihments. - 'an'd emigration Ili:Holland. Then at that 'work. 'I sithinitted the whOittohing to't . . - `,'
'set said the May plower froni . Holland,Jolning his charge for the night, with the - understand- *..
the Speedwell at. Scutliantpton: The ?day ing to have me Waked whenever be wanted the -
Flower, landed at Plymouth, and the Pilgrittr valve worked . ; and he took it with alaority. --
Fathers have become immortal I-. By the way, Beforer Went to .sregp we hail -mounted to a.
a Memorial Claire)) Is to be ereoted,in
,London . height at - which the indloon 'had become Com
in•contmemoratio'n nf, that*first independent rdetely - ilistended,'tind where 'we found the
Congregation of Ibo 2. -,. * '' • .
'eurrent.due east, . Hy it became chilly, and '•
Who, has not heard of Plymouth Clthrefi, in ;„Air. La' Mouatain, es ell as all of us, suffer- •
Brooklyn, low,. York, -,rendered so . .fimons I ed from the change of' ' air, and with all -the .;
by its unique pastor. Henry Ward Beecher- 7 clothing we could-put on us it was still *nu,' ' '
It was one of the lovelist Sabbath mornings ootiffortablo, though the anemometer stood at '
of lovely June-Blacked yet Hoar an, hour to 42, and Clio barometer at 23, and thiswas the '
" church time," but I ...r fore warned' t0....g0 lowe4t of both instruments during the whole
early" if . I would get a seat. .1 ;went, -" I .roynge., except the crossing of Lake Ontario.' - I
will sent your - lady," said the gentlemanly ' Mr. La Mountain proposed to take the low.:
uglier" to every one Of the men, .• but beg er current as long as it would. take us, but a -.
ta request to wail awhile till tte pew.; few points north of east, and I told him to do ,
holders "are all in '•"„ and then . ... we 'men" aS lie.diteated•besti'and report his reckoning
waited like a flock ofi4ek alteepJrnm.p.hitiLiturto morning After bidding' the party-!n
the white ones had been taken ! But tin dire the boat a good night and God speed, I coiled •
course of waiting," we'''ll had pleasant seals myself' rip in_blanketse-and-laid-mown-ns ; best•
the - elfuroli - leR in regular order, as r could, intl. in:a few Momenta • was' sound
you' would pack a carpet -bag. ort trunk, and , nsleep; tint' knower nothing but repose until
when tire Pews - aro all 'full, folding seats are 11,130.P.M.' '' ' ' '
let down' at' the end • of every peekand the 1 ...At thislimd Mr. Ltiliountriin . agniti rnOu'ti-_..c.
aisles are packed illsOlLwltile•the stoma !Cad, =', le - d•for thaupper. current; being. desirous of
ing to the -desk are literally crowded with ' making a little more eastitig,thn thailestvs Irt
boys! The .. galleritck•with •eircling corners.• open the valve,.nstito halloen had becciimelso
protrude fat thwarilthe e entre of the audience tense, and the gas was rushing from 'the heckcoom, broad and hirge, find still above at onel with a noise, but finding no answer from me,
end is, another gallery. '. • . '''. - he suspected that I MIS being smothered: in
The congregation came:scattering the gas, and he admonished Mr. Gager to
for - a full hour in ndiance of the time-- but, mount to‘tuy ear by a rope provided' for that
when the' church-bell rang . they , came in' purpose; and Mr. Gager/mind time breathing
Crowds: There wins a-confused Murmur; hilt 'spasmodically ; tut n gdoct. - shaking,
a respectful and
.nlmost silent sweepingin of removal at' the. neck of the balloon* 'from My ''-`•-
nit xious seeking faces-the sound nnd the flit:. Thee, with plenty of pure cold air around me,. 'f
ting of variegated colors before the eye,seam.... soon brought inc back to ti, knowledge of What.
ed hike standing in n'dim wood after I Ile grearl wits , going on. and I resolved to qleep no more
Frost-that prince -imperial •.-of winter-lead fdtilitig the. night. t'' • t
't .
sent his legions the night before to loosen all At midnight I felt qiiite•well, .with 'en in-' "
the forest-leaves. which the breeze of morning Ivigorated spirit of,observatiun and interest in -
swept Whispering thickly around you--weaving our eiperimenl. The whole dome.of heaven .
that rich enrpet that lateGetober spreads film% was lit up Whit a Mellow phoSphoreseent light;
the vista-aisles of Nature's great cathedral ; the stars shown with a chrystaline brilliancy,
so, .a few moments the rustling of silks end land the milky way looked like an-Illuminated •
bareges, the fluttering otribbons. the tossing stratthn of cumulus donde. Whenever we
of tleWer-wreatheditats, - 7 GUI li, three thousand crossed water the heaven-lit done was as visi•
liad * Pntered•-4thd Plytneut It
,Hlturch was full! blu below, by reflection as abovo,.,
Beside the good Oil deacon S---• of N.--- *So remarkable. was' this phosphoreedent.:
Mill / 4 •planted himself ;". turning to me..= light.. of the atmospherethat the balloon look
.. qttitett concourse of people here,” remarked' ed translucent, and looked..lthe light. shining
the flencen. Deacon. 5 7 ---• is a man. of fine through oiled paper. We could also tell pr 0..., ~
feeling** and leinieriensihilities; and I could. iris from forestoind by keepingille•eyS for a • .
see that the seenee itinalOitored liiii..lie had' moment doWnward, we could ace the roads ; -
'always lived in the , little `country parish - of , fences; fields, tun! even houseit, quite distinct.:
'N---,-, whickilesja-the midst of thaCtin- ly at any elevation not over a mile. and tiro: ,
dulated and rieli rural scenery, west of the tattle greatest elevatibnwe could discern pew- -
T---:= range of ever-green heights that divide iris freni , woodlond-and frotewitter, •
Alibi diversified and pictubruSipie parish from _ Whette;thr we Indloett it was followed by a
the low lovoliptloS,liordering.the-Cenneeticut' distiticieche; aUd'oienthis aerved_ada differ
river, in the State, ef s t hat 'namp. , ..And'noW,, ential index' to 'height.' We nlithys foUnd /1 .
when the nlaj4tio 'iorgan•sivells railed iheir. response -in' numerous bow-wow-wows, and •
deep thunder...way - it on Wti+e/ifi upon:hie soul, these too, were always indicative of the full-
I auld , see thotears;:oneafter another iiriekle 'ac's'-'arid sparseness of,the.halthatlons below, .-
doWn the good.eictileticen'tit, Moe, as he leaned 'as wo could' hear, diemfor Many Miles around
forivaril, With every scuba alive-=he, was us.. Mr.•La•Mountaiwremairked thtitifotody•
thinking how near ~hi e sounded to - the cousin lived -in that country, but dogs; lie having got
of his own native mountain=side, when the a. little out Al humor because nobody :would:
winds roli!deep„ thioUghVille 'reeiing'ill , nad' tell him in what' Sfate.,we were sailing, and
cedar slAde--,all these gray
.rocky„ . beights ire gave nip thankfully, With tlie remark that . ,
now start Out bef . bre - him ill it beauty he had 'it muse be :over , some ‘, et her •eotintry ;Mu t;
never realized tieforer and" When, froni'llie Ainoricd,,as, we . Lttd. been i moving along , nt a
"Prymouth,colleCtion." almoimetiery c ieleein' 'rapid pace. ' . • -., ••• • : - --` t , ''"
'• '
aththe three thous:Ml . joint:ll:An .ona:grand - -At 13 A 'llf.'B4tuidti; t
*e came to a general, ~.
chorus, the good old &Wear ... JAW: to his sent. donclusion that we were somewhere over' the
Weeping and tramblipg *ith.:,emetiott :, lie, State of Indiana or Ohio. -.94- 4 - A. A.T, We
thought oflltar.‘ new kiing;'"sriiig'in Tletiven. pnssed a pity , but could not make it • out, but •
by ... ten thoueenCilmeir terOhouerind, and at 6.A. M.' we discOitercd hake Briff - ahend of
thetisandsofthousande:" .- , •i,' -,i,' ;.. ;' ': '. ' tic , and then concluded , the 'city •we 1 ft' :
Ifeweliailletteopt,,fo,doq.Wbe the preach- /1; little senth of our., track ' ozUst . , hove pen '-''•
ing of Henry waialVeeqlirll Let me only.. Fort, Wayne-.At , - ,6 -AL4'-we , 0 4 0 . iltlL3o-'.
say-that the-light -of-the, rflifeleepthieeittiry „. and about'aa hour afterWards, : we lowered PP
beans from ,bis,:eye,,ned its- - .prophetic lan- 'the margin" of the lake;'alittle 'north 0f .. 5am_....,
tlar) e
gunge: t r embl ei c ha..electrin.Opehea,YrPM Ilia; dusky ___ .- After' a , fevt 'tnontente - coinsidtniion,L
tongue= lils - ithilliathrea'a - tolYinfithitil and MY. and areview.of our.ballast, t we detertiltied'terto
appreciation tortlieth 'id tia i greatifitit'll'oan , M:it' 'risk' the Teligth of, Lake..,grie, and to ~ t eSt. the
now say - lend on mere. ' r . ..
ik- ',,': ":' :'''-'" •= '' 'within that . bit:Hoene cannot, be kqtt .up ;long ~..
' "Nomura, N. Y., July - I', 1850. ' 1 o ve r watei r , bidanie Of ' , sonic pee'ulttir 'affinity. "
of the two,--a.tiotion that: never liad''ani be
t , :'
i Vet' witilfile,i Alt.t..o4:we' Merged: upon t'thetz ,
lake arittre . titeentaarew .that. was ~ p ropellititg,
urt,tbe riVer.lir, bay track , and, 4o.
' isoinahnittilbcniaor her"' rY.'queint* Oda
illitiitt9olloi , sPllttit , istlie:iitlieabeißllof Yo'ir"..`a'...,'
''sii"l L 4 anil l ; l l44.4.:.' , :Siip ,:buel4,',W4lol,tike -,t
Brie rtapd , the ap,s*Or
~,,,,,.9(. e aff i tf,NAß4p. : ,i
AY. ll tiT4Pleit4l4ol"*,; atie!go'hd, irtend,_ , f .. ,
lifeAiropOlier,,,lindrog, - .thai.- We ~ discarded list ,!,
lindtiess;"rouitiled off
. again. sounded us a: .
good bye with' his steam ..Whistle, and ' wen(
his :way up the 'river::
: Here we usouniell uP until tho..balloon got. ,
full, anti kliebaronibter fell to 28,
e: ;rdaliiJ;'ta ,;. , ;:fzem , l;;;«i ;
~, ;~~".•'. ..'e~'q~~~ ,
.'.~ - i~. 37)J •.:7Ni•'•~~~, Qj.' ~iIWWV ~l~r./~iiV 7p .~:—.-..-~~_
• "One i4'l4lllti
•.; • One lidntloi
-3Vlth truth Andlidetun torihor
Andilndnorw I#,ittch,Opture,
le worth r.o . mint fitPmt . ite than Abld
Of Ind n';l' ,
•Or wenlthN natldni told
. In o,ior-rutttdnititireusuipt;',;; ; ;: '
' ' One rindlAded; tritstintlienit;
V.' • '"
, While joy and trlkdriees"feeti
„ • O NOAJ%
Wlrttever may netidetltee,
• . •
• • • . And nrerdiehilli
Out oulladoee
• L
AWHY'.Witii . fa i
ln.wnuld bleats .
A score of heart,' lltelr altar,-' -
whop they.eannei heal, will break •
And canna true love to. falter, ,
Olee nie Ole heari'tintt bedin that love
naughtUrroarth 'Oat:l'B6l.6r, •
Then Ino wore espy wftlyneei ,
But cherish It forever,
• ' . Prom thp N. Y. Post
The'Undeilkii In tlie:Fighi.
•nr AATIO nansta.• ! '
• .
I know that the trarld,tthag rent •blg world
Frorrthe'pnassint up klieg,
Than diterent tile froia tha.tAle I tell,
And a Otero:lt song.toilatr. , : s ,
.But for mound I care not akinglo fig -
If they gay I am wrong oh fit right— .
I shall , alwaysgolorißis weaker dog,
• For the under dog In the light,
I know that theworld, the.grea , irtatworld
Will never a moment step. ;' •
To see which dog may lailo fault,!.
But will skout for the dog on the top.
But for me, I noier Allllll Pause to colt : •
Which dog may holn, the riot.t.
For my heart will hest; while it bests all,
For the antler dog In the fight.
Perchance what Exit - raid 7lmd better not sold,'
Or, 'tWerebettar I bad acid It taron.,
But with heart and With Owe filled chock 'to . th r e
heron health to thwnarrom deg. .
For Mu Herald
/. ,
- 'TO' p; - 8.
'III7.PIIEOF. O.,(3:;IIFikI?.TT: • "
N U 114.1 , 12 —1
I !) 1851,
The..Cireat.Boillcion.-Vs_ryage4ront St.--;
. 1401018 to . Jetterson'eotinty . .in Eighteen ,
Thrilling:Adventures—A - Things into - Lake . Onl.
torio —Despent, into :a. Tree-,.4- Huge: Limb
Carried. _d teaij—Cellapse :411900r hire"
" Adr:onant's'Neirratine. • .
1 E
inalt„ along eear, , .the.. eduthern . 'shore of the
lake,.but at. Mr, iLa.llleuntain's. suggesticin,
dint we 'coitld' aitalce the city. of Buffalo 'by
sailing but a 'few hundred feet aboie the sur
face of the wateic . r6Petiodthovalve until we
graduanyisatik4o witliih',fliltrlididred feet, of
th - e water. Here .we-fotind u gentle current
of w•apeeckef tvitileperz'tininitte,•-ainl we re
solved to Met oirit until we should help& in
aigit•,9s,Buffale; and ,then riseend - gall 'over it
This was a most interestlagliart;of • our .voy
ago: . 'We overtook seven • steamboats, passed
them flitting tin; the luirliori'in .OUr. rear. • (Inc
of these lonely travolertireibaikedes we lines=
ed him,
,"Yottare,golag it like thunder:"
- •
k t lo 20 A. M. we-were skirting ; aleng.the
Cana Attie. and passed'neailhe mouth of
the ,Welland Catial,.and soati'began to mount
for our, track,' but we circled__np .irdwit
tween Bulfaln awl, Niagara, .Ealls, • crossing
Grand Island; leaving. Buffalo to the right and
LoaliPort to theleft'of is in ourenward course
Fading ourselves in the New York
.but too far north. to make the city of Newl
York, it woe agreed that we should make a
:landing ngri•ltorillester„.delachi,the-boatileave
- out - litr. Gager end' Mr. -Hyde;•land Mr. La
Menntnin•and' Myself litirsuo the Voyage to a
',point at Boston tir ‘ Portitind.'•' Accordingly we
descended gradttally,:but before' we got with
in 1000 feet of tlid 4 parthWe Tolled a- terrific
gale's Weeping along below.' The woods roar
mtlike a host, of Ningaras, thosurface of the
earth was 'filled with 'donde of dukt, and I
told my friends cm:Min destruction awaited us
if we should teach ihe - etirth that'tornado
The huge "Atlantic". was making a terrific
sweepearthward `already Weria• - we near the
',Rips °NAM trees . . Of-a tall -- forest, -and 1 Cried
, out, somewhat excitedly;for .God's sake,
;heave overboald -anything you .can lay yohr
hands'on; La Mountain"
in another me.
meat be responded "all right,"; standing an
the side of the' boat with a shaft and, wheels,
Intended for'the Working.of the fan' wheels,.
and ready„ - to heave it over; should it become
necessary. • •
Mr. Hyde !Milted up to my car, and very
.solemnly said, " an' exciting time,
Professor...What...shall we do l," "Trust to
Providence and all our, energiee" said I. `.We
I were fast. running on to Lake ,sintario, and
0 I how terribly, it was foaming, moaning'and
"La Mountain, I have 160
pounds ofballastia. toy car-yet, - and a heavy
valise, an express bag, (Bent to the. U. S. Ex
press - Company's ode in - Broadway; New
I York.) and a lot of previsions.!'
"Well, if that won't do. I will - cut Up the'
;boat ibr ballast - , 'and we can keep above water
I until we teach" the opposite shore,"which,was
near a hundred miles off In direction We
were then &rig. ..•."-
Here •„,l, handed my-,ballast -doWn to- La,.
Mountain.-as-we Were rapidly mounting above
theigerifie gale, believing that by that course
we' Olioultlet•least git out of its main track.
Everything now ifidlOated._that We 'should
perish in the' water or on the land: bed our
onlY.ealvalion-was to keepatiorihnntil - we g
oat of the gale; if we could'" f said,
I/mat:all get into the basket'want be
saved, should weever renolt the land. And!
truly 'tell 'yon that the perils of the land are
even more tortible than llidse of AiOter, with
our, inachaed: and It 'weird lid easier to Meet
duatlL.UAravinintg-thaa...te haie;:oUr 'bodies'
mangled,by'dashing against reeks and treetr,'.':
By this.tinid Mr.. Gager Ond• Mr. Hyde had
clainbered into the basket Witliane. Mr. Hyde
said very cooly,. "I ale prepared to die, but
eceld\rather.die on the land than -in ;the wa
ter" ledaid,,„,..„7t do you say, Mr. Gager ?"
Ile replied; huld rather meet it on land ';
but do as you," Mr. La 'Mona
, Min was busily engaged 'in collecting what he
could•for ballast. Everything was now value:
ble to isthat had Weight, - Our carpet-bags,
' our instruments, the Express, Bag, our i pro•
; visions, were all ready4o go, and go they' did
one'after another; until' we were - reduced to
the Express Bag—that went overboard MSC
We now descried ;the shore, some forty
miles ahead, -peering bet Weer' a sombre bank
of clouds and the water lorlzon, 'tit: We were
swooping-at-a fearful Tat e•upori "the - turbulent
waters, and in another moment,. crash • Went
the beat upon the water, ,sideways, staving'in
two Of the planks, ,andlgiVing.our whole craft
two.tVarful jerks ,by two succeeding waves.
La Mbuntain stuck to the boat - like a hero,
but lost his hat. and got a dash of the waves,-
but poolytecovered'andthrewover theExpreas
J'Be easy. gentlemen, I'll have her afloat
ones more.• In another moment-we were' tip
n few hundred feet again.and the steam pro,.
peller,Young'Atuerica was; taoking across our
traok. , ,, • . •
- I now proposed - to swarOp the.bont
Hook in' the latic;end fruit to being picked up,
by the Young America, -but -the desire was
that we should make the:abore and try the
land, nndes, we crossed the bow,of the steam
er they gave us it hearty hurrnh. La 'Mona
lain:Might have remained in theboat beloW;
,andietapett outat,the tiretouching the earth
and I saw rte impropriety in that, as then we
'Might have had another, hear or two. to wait
Ithwielfin g fheNilb '; but he sold he would
share our fate, and' he also clambered into the
I basket,-just as : we-were remitting t lie land.
I saw by the swayiag . to and fro'ofthii lofty
trees into which we must inevitably dash.that
our worst perils were at hand, but, I still had
a blind hope tharvre would bo 'saved. I dr
dered two men. upon the, valve rope, and wel
struck within a hundred yards (lithe' water,
amongeonie soattered trees, ourdmok, which
was'of inch and a quarter iron, breaking '
ajdpe stern at the first catch of it in a tree,
and we hurling, through: the tree - tops at a-,
fearful rate. „ After (lathing along this way
for nearls%a Mile, crashing and breaking down
trees,' vie *Ore climbed most 'fearfully in, the
libtighs of a tall - elm, no that the'beskettieng
Under and' up ;through the' crotch. Of theliinb,
and while the boat, hadeaughtAn some of the
Mimi branches, and this byoughtus to a,lil
but in 'another inatiMiiyiliii'"Atlantic" puffed
tip her:huge liroinirtintinY'and'iit 'one , ewtiop
'away went the limb, banketund boat Into:the
air a hundredleft,,,aml E.waaafraid, soma of
iheorevi Were Impaled upon . thq sums. This
limb; alioureighl, inCheallilek at the butt„and
full 710 t Weighing leis than 'elk tir
eight Imadred.pounds;. proved; too muoh• for
the :" .. pi9o9, „p.lO it brought her soddenly , dawn pen the top of a very tall tree sp ' i't
lapsed 'WI 'lt watficfeartlil plunge, ltut ,t, l
liift„us;dangling betimeitheaVen
-the inost,B9Yrowfut.lookinr;plikht of inaohti••;
nary that can
Norte of,ns were Se9ously7injured, the many
cords,lthe rong'lldopniatle,Of wood and Iron
and the cloie•..wieliedWork"`bifilitit'sitVitig ua'
frami harm as the:mabhinirk Ming to
,gether;''and that , could ; not have :lasted:two'
, nutes;longei.' • - . • '
Weleonae to the land; or rather trees, of Mr,
getudy Now Yell'. - •
W will stma
,have Cho, "dtlantjo",,;rebuilt,.
diddidnitration'Of WhatWe 'Proposed to do on
this IntereSting elionstOni ,
' • '" • ' • • ~';Joatvl Wtae.•-•
rMls.t~uivi.l34llt t Albt►!7~ r ll4lF,o, 18b9. r-
tit's,,QX:', d ittflo.l . B.—Poße,.. one say s, +icfn4OlS , iiintit''.gtfuitsalfYlefe triity'jorit)
llfeY ThinWialta,t it":6l6sVbetoloidgo - litit
Ii 1 - In24ine , 4ogildie• of Iticiride.iietiit;
!pllligcof Etilveg and caPitallt 44104411
)14 l i P4 B Pci'ita r t c u 'rt itr'd
1 4;anfna. 1 %). Nedtqln
t r 141Wift. Cy_..ltgaiti .the-- fun—,
ig yourself up 'for the• night:in tho.foi,
of a rose, rocked to-sleep by the gentle sighs
.of a summerls , air and.nothing to,dO:when
you ,ftwake, wash' yourself, in, tvderw
drop .t 0 and eat your bist olothisi"
Who wOuldint. tie ts,hutitbug ?_ • •
_/ ' )
4 '''": ./44:0
$1 50 peih ilnikinn' 'aiivancet,
. . • From tholtomej;4;iil
• doOtinia ,
FROM RZEFIEL DEtFFOir O' ' o_ , . tßll„o/ . i,M FITCH
.. , 'Smithville, N .11:;. ifitrch , 2?, 1850. •
MY.' Dnin , Ante:—Sitice 'I - last writ,.-I've",
been puttlit• a climax on my life, by 7gittia',
married:•'lkw,you .needn't hoist; y,oproye-
browe and ' Aissel;--'crinciiol,"s:',all ; over.— ' •
When I look back atulkiniler.think of it cool.' -.
ly, Play' it ill' te. my got:Cit . :if:4e , , the, quire; ' -
-Ned-and'Bill 7do
Sims, ande,PiTtston,.arichhalf
a clozeti,'efireth, had 'been at rite inore3tor a.:
month, ruffian" trie to Como , up and ~,belp,f,,, e m
in the bitee; but.' fought shy,. telliti! 'err I
never. could 'sing in meetin"; but tbe;:tritth
was I !filmed Fdleel plagiiy queer, up among
all theta gals, for - female, 'piety,, alwayo,zdid
take the starch out-Orme wondrous: and aunt
Barbara,' you . Hinember, niecilb.ariy-that I
was the aivkwardest feller among the yoppg
women thelshe over . did see — Well; they,pos-
terrd ins 'so - about Froini,.:,iluit.iirli4t did .I , Ao
at last but go. I'd ratliar fild a double : teeth.
out twice nvei„'beTtlion _I venensliamed iTreay 77- 7
-.. no"'atiy - more.-• So, 'ori the neat Sunday
mornin' after I premised 'em, I'llreetied some
thin' smarter than ordinary, and
handkerChief with pepperthirit, - and ,whimal
got to t heehtirch 'I - had,a halte jiiind to give
it up; bot . "juss•then Bill'Elims coma up. and
clapped•the ottlho back..ancleer'he, ." Qom°
&Ice, we're'''going to have liNetiltide. this
mornin':, 'We must turn out, strong on that, `
HO I had nothing to 'do %but - to go along up.— -
Somehow -or Inother we went up the gal's side,
and when I got, to . the top.ofthe stoke, there, `
mire enough,' wanthe hull of "eni, and liearin'' . -.--
nly:now creaky boots, What.clicUliey'-all'da but
torn clean around and look-straight it ni.'",-; ,- ;
I, tell y , ou, I felt streaked, and my headbegun'.;
to gofetinci as if I'd been a drinkin". :1.,
couldn't 'xac'tly ace which way to go, bilt:l, ~.
tried`sepehow to , get, over where `the fellers . '
_was,; when the rust , thing I..ktiow'd I Missed- , •
the seep. and Noiit sprawling head . form mit,
and would. have been down-in the middle aisle'
ifit•liadn't been for the front of the ga11ery..,...
l'got up as quiok as I could, but my.panta.,.
loons was all dUst, my coat Was tore up }he'. ,
back, and the gals was a snickerin' as if they'
would bust. - This made me kinder desperate; - •
so I eat down
.and began a look at a mnihi:: ,
book awful hard, just as ,if nothin' had Jilip-.
pened. But I didn't sing a note - That inoe;nl . 4 ~,
and never was-so glad as when Ineetin'• wp:p - ':,,,
over. 'When the folks began to go out,l'hung
hack a little, so as to get awaytinkeknown ; -
burtlie rest of, them in
_quire mica' - a to be
waitin' for something, I had to push ahead - ,
when I'll be bound if , ther.3 Was ode of them
gals there was a dozen that sez, so provokin',
"Why, Mr. Benton, your coatis all torn," . ".„ine
,as VI didn't know that; o rdid'nt say nothin!,,, - -
'but - hurried out and slipped Mider the Shed
-till the :folks. WAS gone. • Well; Abe. 'it was -- '
three-Sundays . tifter that 'fore I wont into'the
quire again; -for, bylhat time, 1 - guesied it".. - :-.
hod all Mewl: over, and Joe and the- rest, of. f .-. -
'eat were iit' nie a11.....the wbile: 'Thai:Hine I.
ink partickler pains to be on band as soon is
the church doors were open, and get in the''
quire seats fast, so I 'tuk the gals, you see,-,
one at a time, and not all in a mess as beftre. t
'Well, I got atonal:et rate that'da,,,Y;Ned . be- .
'gun, after a feiv , weeks•to,get Used' to it, whet ' ' •
soniothinenew. turned:up.' One Sunday eve-
ning I. had taken my„ at .tlicten'd orthi:" - '
seat toward the gals; and:juss aorostrthe littlitfv ,:'
Beat the end of the':gal's Beat towards us sat :-
B , etty Burroughs. • Now you recollect Hetty;:•• ',
you . can't skeet up many , prettier ~-:
- faces than she's got any where: Well, that
day ber.ribbon fixins set her off astonishit':• '• •
We were short of music) books,.and so, when:
we was standing up to-sing the lust hymti, '-'. •
'Betty sezto me, sez 'she, "Mr.' Benton, will
you look over me?" I kidder started, but tulr'.• :'• A*
hold. Well, when I b,egundo. sing. 'I found • '''
that my voice was a little,flestiaated, and that .--•• '
' made - Iletty,l4 i ptrait, at me, and then - I'wan•Z ' '
flusticated was, and then' I leoked at -lier,-``. :- - • ,
and then she got to shakin',. and down went-:'-'-` 0 '
the book cleat:Ryer the:fronL:.' ...Keohiiiik" - .• •' ' '
it went, and made everybody jump -.., When: . --
Het ti'saw the book fallosho camo.nighfaint.4 '.; ,r .ing, and grabbed, my arm—not on. purposee"..
you know, but kinder accidental. Well. Abo' "' • .
it was that what did it. For you see, .when-: •"'P' '
ineetile was over, Hettj• soz to me, as we was 2 :: •'• `
goiri''.out, Se: eho, " Mr. Beaton; I was so • ''',.
confused I didn't kno* what I was about. I- - ' .
beg your pardon for takin' hold of your arm. ' • - '
Ler, nia'ani. ,r eez I," why I liked it." Antl: - . •-:„7-
then 1144 blushed, and didn't. say within','
And then pee I, "I only. Nish you'djust: take ' • -
hold of my arm, and let me see you home:" • , :` 70 '''...1 '
Well, do you believe it; there was - Betty and
'' r •
me a walking home that evening, arm in arm '
When I left:her, and gilt to oarliouse,. I- set"'" ~.,`'
down, and it was fur all the world as a dreain."' -'. 7 -'
11.• set tip all night rubbing my' eyes, and think.; .‘ i- , .:: ' •
ing, and then I'd guess* wasn't me but some
other feller.. WO; • the' folks in the-house
didn't Imo* what to-make of inn; 'for I went`
on__mighty curious, and not as I used ta..l':', , ,;''' • '
was considerable 'titre:he'd, and couldn't- eat'
I.nothing,-an broke • a 'tumbler, is Meat'diali• '
and two coups-441:in one day. -- As' this Iway• ,
•' •'
being ,rather expensive, the, folks 'eOuldn't -•• '`' •' .
stand it any better nor me:,,' ' ' •
.Next d.`y,:after our walk home, I' went to ..'" . .
see Betty, thinking Vl:lime a gloriountime;
but when I got to the house I sit like amuin. '''`
my, and couldn't-get up steam to say !Malin' . ''" " -'
nice. You-see-there was nothing' there likei, ' '''''-'‘
music book to start us.. Well, I'sce Betty off '.." ''''••••";
and on :for a' fortnight: onger, and, rill' the ' . i:
town got a talkin' 'how I as tmarkinglletty. ''' ,
' -. :,'' .
Burroughs • and then , I mde up my Mind that '
~;[what was- -was to be, d. ea 'l'eakulli.fdd ' ' ''.. ' r
lon makin" the thing sartin ass on as possibip . ' '''.'-'`'`',.'''
I-seed that Betty:wasn't vexeclat my stiippin'''.' ''..'''. . -
in so often ; and when' alai ain't vexed rat' `-.. 'L:.'"'`
you in snoli , eireurnsmrices, you may be - sure '- ' ''
she's rather taken with you. -.That's my floe=' : •, ',."'.
: Ophy your-may. what t o use it .
admetithes, .
Abp. * onetiveninl as - I watt sittin'ty -Het • ' `'''''''_
ty, anSiNhad werked-myeelf up to' the sticking . "' '`. ' ',
pint, Sea /,'." Iletty,-if a fellerehould ask you ' `'' 7, 1
to Marrylinn; what would you' eak?" Thee '".';',:'
she Janette!, ,and.ser:slie;. "That... Woul- de- '.' '''' r ",'y
pond on who asked me." Then sez IS," efup-,"` - ,
.ptioo it waai ., Ned.Willis." . .::Seit shci:‘ "I'd 'tell .''''4.- , f.
Ned' Willis; but' not yen."' - 'That kiridertitag".. '''' '''''''','
geiall me,.,-;But I:watt:ton cute , to loot* tim, ' ' ' ''
- opportunity ,. and so, I tiez'again,- ..Suppose it' '''''' ' a
~.2 .
WAS "me?" find then youought to have seen . '
,her 'pout out her
. lip, and see„ she, ,4 1 don't, '', 5.
't4o; no '' eniineties.'.'. Won t ' now, you.
.See „ .; :,, , . ‘ ,l
there wab;,nothing far 'nto to do „ 1;4,t0 icioli'''., :i ...i . ., ..
.7ifo#'un alf. "So bangle ir0'.:•13, f ,:, L., .•tc f r„ - ,, ;! ,,,,.., f - tr ,
,Hotty, itv tni: ..wofi.,t You' y•, ,S , bi3,r,',. Ami, „„„ 1 2 1
tlisn. times( Wait ' '
such a• h ullaheffop lti,tnY liaa - 4:f, ::.. ,, 1,,t 5 ., - . ..
i I tiOn't, knoa”einfitlY l liliiit`inCpl . aes q :lntt” X,., !“,,...;
I'thehght riniiirtiii is Whisinirin'io)neWbere . out: ; :., ;,,...,..., 1
,'of the skireitslii'• A ':" . , ~: ' ..," - - ~ :7:3
„ Anyhow; a lter that; Veit; 'it, and'api.Nas on,
~,,,, .
gaged, mitt aix•Monihiafter WO were:nitirried.'' " ;..',.
The day We was, married' we -Wept.' aff..itt:thi5,:..,i.....,;.,..f.„'__ ._lifteilieerrtliAlonleilon ~kerir wo,got, to . -,t: ~.f , 4
Beattletloio , i'HeltY asked rue to . *et her a Vale - ,
.-:,, ''• `;',,.„,,t,,
0 lemonade. 4 Well, While I Waniti fat thiiii.en,,, ~,,z , ,,„.,
..oeado..-Ott" Railed , the'..Cirti,,,and,'When,,.t . .• -• :,; ~, ii: r o s
imit:,Withtheleittutiade In'rril'h4nd, thett•OCY.: •: `',l n0.. 4 . ,•, • . •
Nita, a hundred yerdli'ahead state:" ,or I Aia4:l., ,i..„,,
i:hoiley!-'.. , , sv , :i l ifd 1 .1* ' witti,r,':,,t,;,,y0104:,2 . i,,,, 1 '
Ilia. a, Injuw, Mid' rUn likpaliijitniOe..,#,Vra4 4, t 6,
;wont-the taiii,litiill.felliir'd,„"' soifialatn,'t Olt i ,—; a a .
'tdoWih', and holdine, fl ioleadlide'alt tlietlme.. .1 0 ~,,j ,i
Theixl threw away-the glass . ; -then elerinj. 1.
. •
tiveroCat go; Wen mrhat'blewrtifft and' then '
- I
l'oll I ilownolldawedi 0ut.“14 "the • , tudo," of 0404 3 1%,1T ,-- --
, tlrictit.i The .fipt,tr. thtit ~ t Os, OM, eft4F TV , ifo6tt hirer ed. •
•,t - fir 'voice t ° , • e!kel.`,., Q" MY Zolcol t• are itont,
:tleadr. Feli j snertettYlidliiii* 04 Tata yid
___, -4
40414 r titiirriiicitOtlhinAilfIRS.Sliniionad . ..
got tOutliereelf ortthe other side, and let the -
:earego , withoutAtir ' ,- and so Iliad ' been .1 ',,
chasin' the occrs,:andlletty:bad.been.a chaste'
tine: •,,Ilut; no matter.' We're all, , ha'ppy :nen, •,.'•
Nod , ' rem ain ' onre,' ' '..'• ' .'• ' • '
~, E zpcialk•Birrox
,t :'
T , 7 - 7
NO. 44:'