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'Ckgril4E, PA.
Weditsday, .11910. 29, 1859
' - ' 4- PEOPLV,r;SfiATE - TICK# - T.' -
• of York Cost74-''''''
of Berko-County
. . .
The Mende of Judge Douglas in the 'city of
s M'cialtinglowareliispossession of-the-following
letter, 'explaining his position on the subject
of the
, presideney; and of -which they have
. .
permitledn'aopy to belelten for publication.:
WASIIINGTO . N, Tune 22, lBfi9.
. • .
'.My }pear. Sir c I have .received our letter
s inqatiring whether my -friends are 'at- liberty
to present my name to the Charleston conven
tion for the presidential nomination.. Before
this questionian`be finallY: - determined it will
be necessary' to understand fitslinctlY upon
what issues the.cauvass is •.to be conducted.
If. es I have full faith they Win,alie demo
. critic pitrty - shaltdeteiedipe in the , presiden- •
tial election 0f.1860 to adhere' to, the princi
. plea embodied , in - the coati:trot - Oise measures
of AEA. and- ratified. by -the people in the
Presidential election.of 1.862 ; and reaffirmed
• Wthe Kansas and Nebraska act of - 1854 ; and ,
incorporatedlitto the'-Cincintiati platform - of
-1856; as exponededby Mr. Buchanan, in his
letter accepting the nomination;and: . approv.
ed by the people ih his'election. in that event
•piy friends will be. at libeVty - to present my
name to the convention, if they : see proper, to ,
do so: • If, - :on the contrary, it shall become
the policy of the democratic party, which . ..l
cannot anticipate, to repudiate' these time
' honored principles, on which we -have achiev- •
: ed so many patriotic triumphs, and in lieu of
• them the'eonventien shall interpolate into the
creed.. of_” such new issues as the
revival - of the- African slave trade, or a ceri
gressional- slave code for the Territories;
' or the doctrine that the constitution of the
United States either .establishes
,or prohibits
slavery in the - . Territories, beyond the power
of 'the people - legally to control it, as - other
noperty—Lit is due to candor to say, that' in
.such an event, I could not accept the nomi
. answer will be'deemed sufficiently . explicit, I
am-very-respectfully,-your friend, •
[Signed] S. A. DOUGLAS.
- .141. 'Door. Esq., 'Dubuque, lowa.
The 051186E1W° - n, at Washington t ithe
. •
of the Administration, reviews ;Judge Don-.
• glace letter at length, and regards it as a de- .
claration.ef his purpose to oppose the 110M1-
- bee Of the Charleston convention.
P Iptlon of Foreigners
• Our, democratic 'friends have made so much
ado about the new provision in the Constitu,.
lien of Massachusetts, requiring naturalized
'citizens hereafter to reside in 'the State two
years, .before 'they. shall be entitled to vote,-
that it may be well to' inquire what limit re
cord•ia pu that subject;
.At this same time, we do not wish to ho un
derstood as in favor of that provision; we eon
eider jt-unjust_toward foreikn_born _reeident
and uncalled for by any,exigeney of the times;.
knit we . protest against the American Republi
_. eau party of PCnnsylvatiia, being lteldrespon
• slide for the acts of (ho - Citizens of another
• State, unkss the - "rule . works lioth'_wayit-!'
• The_,Wa lingtin Reporter speaking on Cis
subject sass ;'
The Demberats seem to forget that the State
of South carolina - -a State that never swerves
in its devotion to thdDemocratic cause—three
years ago adopted a law hi reference to natu
ralization, precisely similar. Indeed, if we are
not mistaken, the.„Massachusetts amendment
is almost a literal copy of the South Carolina
enactment. •
Butthis is not the only, case that should shut
the mouths of democrats in regard to proscrip
tion Not mafirscars ago, A Convention was
chosen in New Hampshire to revise and amend
the Constitution of that State. Tilt Democra
cy had control of that body by a decided ma
jority, and .although a strong memorial came
in from all parts of the State, asking that the
clauses which denied the right of suffragelo
Catholics, should be stricken out—itlthougli
the Whig'members exerted themselves to have
the restriction removed, the Democratic ma
jority voted to retain it, and to deny to every
Catholic, either native or, foreign born; the
right of voting in the State Or New Ilanipshire !
'Here was proscription, not only on account of
birth-place,'hut on account of religious belief,
and that tIVI) by the very party that now cries
out against the Massachusetts amendment. So
far then as State legislation in regard to for
eigners. is concerned Abe Republicans and
—Democrats may at least play quits.
But let. us see what sort of a record our
Democratic friends have upon this question in '
a national point of view. Who does not re
member the action of the Democratic majority
in the United States Senate, in the case of the.
Act authorizing the 'people of Minnesota to
form a State constitution, preparato.7 . to ad
mission into the Union ? In that instance,
two thirds of the
.Democratic members voted
to deprive Persons of foreign birth, then resi
dent in Minnesota,. of the right of suffrage,
which, under previous acts 9f. Congress and
the Territorial Legislature, they had already
Anjoyed.. • This is certainly a greater outrage
upon the rights of foreigners than the Massa
. ebuzetta enactment, for it in no way interferes
with'the rights of suffrage enjoyed .by those
now resident in the State, but only prescri
bes a new .rule 'for those 'coming hireafter
..whettikeiy,lho attempt of a Democratic United
States Senate was to rob .foreign . rcsidente of,
Minnesota.. of 'a right already rested. With
this record staring our Democratic friends in
~..--tihifface.":we think it hardly becomes them to
. ' make complaintligainst the Republicans party
of the nation because of the action of the state
_ of idassachuiette..
SLIPPING{ ott Iloations.—The details brotight
by recent arrivals, of the sanguinary battle
of Magenta, must be sufficiently ltorribie to
satisfy the most tragic disposition. The mini
both aides, make it the most importrint battle
fought in Europe, since the days of Napoleon I.
As might, be expected the Austrians refuse
to acknowledge theinselies beaten, and some
of the Englieh papers endeavor to make it, ap-
pear, that the French meta reverse: But the .
march of thii Weiler eagles is onwsrd, and
unless the war, should be stopped by' British
,diplomacy; Austria rule in.ltaly,' will soon be
stiong the "things that were." Austria, sin , .
Sic handed, never has been, and probably
never,wiU be equal to !he French. .
BrAviair ix A NprintrAk. r -FrancisHutshel,
'the porter on bo'ard the steamer -Marion, was
arrested at Charleston on Wednesdyi 22 inst.
Just before the departure pf the•vessel for'New
York.. He had attempted tot.abduot a slave,
"rho was found hidden in Nuisitc;rs roam.
" MORE 81110111 AILOAT e 7 The siMinishiP Ful
toa, from Nevi„York on Saturday laet,
for Southanipton and Havre, with 180 passen
gers and $1,000,000 inapeoie. The steitin.
ship Cityof Manchester also sailed for Livor
' pool with 110. passengers and *76,000 in ape
, .
TM* MSTORIO story started
by the Oswego . ralladiqns p ttuit inetorio atone
immuguriag 'Mum 70feet lu dfaMoter; had 'fillon
in Oswego. ,coitaiy; N.-Y/turns out, to be a"
boom kluge number of.pereous - were drawn
thaw from eniy to find ihemetdiai
iwitiatr -gat ^ •
. .
In the laic war in the Crimea; and the pree
'mit- war In Italy, freqttent mention' is 'made of
thatimitionvif the
. Friich •troope,- known 'ae
Zoisav#,:for their. 'irresistable daring.aild gal-'
lant y . The 'desoriiition of HAM,
by Capt: Geo.'4l. Medlellen, late
.Cavalry," will; he ironed interesting,, Capt.
- 81001ellarrwat`onty, of the - viimeri - ;sentla—tlie-
Crimea, by thelBear'etary .Of War, in . 1856 to
observe the Etit'opean mode ttrwarfare. He
speaks of the , Zoutiveti as follows • •
"The dregs of! the Zouave is of the Arab
pattern ; the cap is a lose fig,:or skulfcgp, of
scarlet felt, ivith'a tassel ; a turban is worn
over Phis in full dross ; a cloth vest and loose
.jacket,_which-Aeave , the. , Meek,unitmumberad
by collar, stock or cravat;' cover the' upper
of the arms ; the soarlerpants are of thelbose,
Oriental pattern, and are tucked finder-gar
tera like those of the foot'rifies of, the guard;
the overcoat fit a loose cloak with a . hood; the
(Masseurs wear a similar one. The men say
that_this_dressis the most cimVonientliiossi
ble,.and prefer it.tdany. other. • . • .
"The Zbuaves are All French.; they are Se
lected from among: the.old' cempaignors. for
their, fine physique: and tried courage, and
have :certainly proved: that :they aro, vrttat
their -- apimitranco would indicate, most
.80U-reborn, and complete infantry
that Europe can produce.- • . • .
...With his graceful4ftess, soldierly bearing
And-vigilant attitude, Vie; Zouave, at an out
post is the beau ideal Of a soldier:-
," They neglect no opportunity of, adding,
to their personbl comforts ; if there is a stream:
in the vicinity„ the partymarching on picket
is sure to bo amplj , supplied with fishingrods,
&c., if anythifig ie to be had, the Zouitvedare
quite'cfmtain to obfain it. '
"Their movemerts pre :the most light and
graceful I have ever seen; the stride is long,'
,fhe foe!, seems scarcely to touch the
ground, and tho' march is . apparently made
With Out effort:-or fatigue: •
" The step of the foot rifles is shorter and
.quicker, and not so easy and graceful.,
• "the impression produced by the appear
ance of these two corps is very different ;Vie
rifles look like active, energetic little fellows,
who would find their 'best field as skirmish
ers t -but the-,Eouaved have, combined"with
all the activity and energy of the others, that
solid ensemble and reckless, dare-devil indi
-viduality which would-render-diem alike .for
midable-when attacking in mass or in defend
ing-a position in the most, des-PM-hand-to—
hand encounter.' Of all the _troops that
'have ever seen, I. - should,esteem it the' great,
est honor to•assist in - defeating - the Zonaves.'
The grenadiers of guard, aro all large men
and a fineAdokifig, soldierly set, • .
"'The voltigeurs aro entail,' active men, but
larger than the'rifles. -They aro light Wan
Later News fropEarape.
The arrival of the staamei Bremen, on the
2Gth just , brings us news from Europe to the
pe.British filinisfr7 hos rosigneffin conse
quence of the want of confidence , resolution
in the House of Commons. Loi'd Palmerston
is:the new Premier, and Lord John Bussel_the
'Secretary of Foreign' Affairs.• .
The hitest intelligence from the seat of
is 'that the Austrians have evacuated Piacenza
.Pavia. Lodi; Bologna, and Anooria. The cit
adel and fortifications at Piacenza were first
blown up. • •
It is rumored that Ihe Emperor Napoleon
will soon returnl9.,Franeet, leaving Martihal
Pellissier as commander in Chief.
In evacneding Piacenza, the Austrians left
behind their provisions, ammunition and. can
The Anstriane quitted Bologna on the 11th
for _Modena.
The Frenoh troops passed the river Adda
without striking a blow..
Gen. Garibaldi find !occupied Beiiamo, and
repulsed an Austrian force, 1600 Strong, who
were marching-against him_froni Brescia.
_ VANNXA, May 12.-An. official belletin*
states that Gen: - Benetieek again attacked
Melegnamo on the oth, resulting in the loss
of two orThree hundred. " -
- The total Austrian dont at Palestro, -May
81st, was - 16 officers, 616 men killed, among
whom-one .getteral; and 23 officers and 878
men wounded ; 6" olfters and 794 men tuise
Garibaldi'sroorps threatens the soutliern .
'Tyyol from Val Canonica"and Bagsline. ,
It was reported yesterday that 'the Frpnch
fleet In the-Adriatic had received poweiful"re:'
inforoements, ,and it was expected .that the
landing of troops would soon be attempted on
the 'coast between Venice and Trieste. It was
not generally known where General Gyulai's
•headquarters were, brit they were probably at
Mantua. ,
. PARIS, June 12.—The following is a sum
mary of the proclamation of the Emperor at
Milan; e to the Italians:
The Emperor protests that he has not made
war in order to increase, the territory of
He desires to, render on of the most beau
tiful parts of Europe free. sv6 •
He says: My army will place not obstacle
to the free manifestations of the legitimate
wishes of Italians. Universal suffrage has
given freedom to France, why should it not•to
The Emperor line proclaimed that ho is not
in Italy with a prebonceived system to dispos
sess the sovereigns, and not to impose on the
Italians his own will.
.• The Austrians have evacuated all the Statei
of the, Church, including Ferrara, ' •
The Austrian dorrespondenoi says that the
Austrians at Molegnano yielded only to—
cidedly superior force, and retired uppursued
in perfect order. .• r
The Emperor of Austria, it ie gib!, takes
command of his troops in person, acting on
the defensive.
...The Austrian headquarters are now proba
bly at Mantua.
. .
Greene county, Indiana, in consequence :of
the recent murder of a German named Dep
pa, the circulation of unusual quiintities of
counterfeit money, and the presence of a
large nutaber of sus icious characters, have
d s ii.
,Organized; a band "Regulators," and
passed a long seri s of 'resolutions,- among
them the following:
•Re4ived,.That Stephen Seaggs, with all
his goods and elltttels, leave the State of
Indiana within tour days, and that he'shut
up his grocery immediately, and . that he
shall not sell, give away ; or suffer spirituous
liquors to be- drank: about his house; and
that if any mischief or.private injury be done_
in the neighborhood before he leaves; -his
hide shall pay the 'penalty. .
Resolved, That Joiteph Ellis,. with all his
goods and chattels, leave t -- i SiEfe.Of Indi
ana within ten days; and that if any private
injury or mischief be done in the neighbor
hood, prior to his leaving, be shell be, held
responsible for the same.. '
Resolved,That George Burton, with all
his goods and chattels, leave the State of In.
(liana withtn ton days.; and that if any•pri
vate injury or mischief be done in the neigh
borhood, prior to his leaving,-he shall be held
responsible for the same. . • ''• • •
Re.,olvecli That Win. Fields, with all his
goods and chattels, leave the State of Indi
ana within fifteen days. .
Resolved, That . Wai..,Grote immediately
close up his grocery; so far as respects the
sale of spirituous-liquors, and that he shall
notiell, give away, or suffer any liquor drank
in or 'about his house.. . " -
Resolved, That' Joseph Smith, of Fairplay
leave the State oflndiena within fifteen'days,
no . more
,to be Seen in the neighbothood;
. • .
DaAmu Or Dn. , J. D. P. HANK :,- WO learn
from, the Virginia Star, that' J. 11.!'P.
Manki-died•atlifergentewn Va. on the-16 lest:
in 80th year' °fills age, Dr. 'flank was. a
,kraduate 'of Diekinson 'College and . Radio()
niediolne at. the NationalUplversity;;lyashieg
• Duliek the war betivden Ruiala and the al.'',
lied armiee,of„Pngland,4"eanoe and Turkey,'
De. Hank meet Buroile, ae bearer Of de ! ,
spatohes to ilie'Runiau goverpment; laid' re:
ciehizeteeton'aa Surgeon'lwthelteesiee:
Ho afterw'ardsilavelle'd tliie h ghturope and
Palestine,. pad .rettir,natilto 'the Uetfell:Statee
in the gwe Lk hi,was, en •
the menegeteent'it th li
e onaptcirm
Owsle!,4tosilinv., . ,
•Prom taptornliiL;
•The steamship Mosei Taylop:arrived:from
californiaon the 26th inst. wjth 600 passen;
gera and over-two millions in gold. - • •-•
The, new's is of lifilo iniportnnec).
1 , The goid, yield i was most promising. The
late viet , weather,-,Vhd the disappearance of
the large Amount- Of,snow iwthe mountains
.was very favorable to the miners. ,
7 - Tholiedealltrfrent - Fraxer , rivervelttore
eneoaraginvihan these lelegraPted 'from'
New Orleatui ; The-express companies had
sent to thiliferpist during the past month
$195,000 gold dust,ifictit least 'half as
much more was taken away lin' the - hands ,of
passengers.- This is considered a large yield
,for the,few miners, at, work; The great - dra*-
back_iytheitven( e (provisiOnsapd ale necerk :
Barrimplebients ,to workqbe taiiterr. - The
these defects. Roads ; aro being opened, and
every facility for the successful working of
the mines,and the beds of the rives are being
Fourteen.'notorious convicts recently es.
coped from the ,California .State prison. A:
among themit was Joseph . A: Stetrit. a native
of Virginia, only twenty-four years. of age,
who was senteneed 'for fifteen year's former-
der ; Thomas Lawrence; a sniler,and native
of Tenesylvania ; William. Scott, a.native of .
Ken.tucky, sentenced to fourteen years ; John
F,Livingstyn; a native - pf New York, for five,
.yeers ; James Garvin, sentenced to twenty
years rS. D. Thompson, sentenced for ten.
years;' Alexis Orlinski, sentenced for fifteen
years.. Stdrrit and Scott • Were afterwards
capturedmin San--Francisco. ! • ' •
An Indian boy who_wes ,arrested on the
charge of setting fire 'to the house of Col.
Stevenson; at Red Muff; therehycausink . the
Areath of bars. Stevenson and three' children;
and sira. firoic end two. children." ! , He was
taken 'from his place of confinement on the
21st. and hung by the Vigilantes. _
Further accounts of the murders by. the
Mojave Indians state that endong.the killed
was a German family, by the name of Bert.
Der, from Illibbis t _but latterly from - .Kansas
city, and ,father, mother, three
daughters and two- boys. Mr. Brown who
was superintending the cutting of Homo tim
ber at the time, was literally filled with ar
rows' atul died almost immediately. The
fightiasted. three_ hours.,.._lLis_supposed_ tn.
be a party' of the . same Mejaves_who_fired
into Lieut.. Beal's camp on the 28th.utt; The
emigrant families who escaped are very pro
fuse in, their thanks to Lieut. -Beale, who
they state, Jinni enabled them, to get safely to
California. .The Indians numbered 70111'er
800. ' • .1
The Apaches ate very troublesothe in SO.
flora, and have recently committed a number
of outrages. :.- --., . -
_.__. . -
- Letters from -Utah,- in the' California—p a- 'pers. Speak of a rebellious feeling there:
which threatens to break-out into open hos
tilities. (---- . 4.. ..,
Mlts, PARTINOTON AND IKE—lt seems we
are to have•book by Mrs. Partington,
whose •'sayings and doings," have occupied so
large"a portion of the public papers. The to bo called "linittihg workin web of
many textureS,'! and is soon tote published
in Boston, by-Brown, Taggart & Chase.
'.The following conversation on the subject
is said to have taken place, betwOon the vene
rable dame and a prying neighbor: . •
"SO,you are coming before the public again,"'
said The inquisitor, looking into llii.e.,rarting
ton'ti little low window, arwliich the dame was
knitting, She pondered his Words a moment
before replying,- "1 am not a publican,'l she
said - at length, ; "and though Ileaven knows
we are done of us not, too good, the publicans
are best,
,and that's,gospel truth." "I mean,"
said the qnbrist, "that you haven new work
on the catpet,!.! "Not on.the.carpet, exactly"'
'replied . she, • "but something that's cognac le
it—knitting-work!" "Crewel l" be pefsisted
in- inquiring. ."No," was. Ike response;
"there isn't nothing cruel tit it, like a satyr,
to wrangle likebaibell arrow ; it will be
pleasant to take,' like a lucubration for a
parched tongue, and will mate people happy.
But there'ino knowing who will be governor
till after election, and whether a book
well or tiol..depends upOu
,tho number thltt„
buys it." The in q uisitor moved.' along, and
Mrs. P. kept on with her knitting. ,
SWOOPING APPA . lll.,—.BeVerld contradictory
reports havkbeen in circulation relative to a
shooting affray in Chambersburg, we give the
following correct version from the Tranacrt.•
"On Saturday night bail, after decent bed
time, our quiet borough'wns startled by the
report that a man had been shot; ea.-repair
ing to the scene, a Inger beer liooe, at the
extreme North end of Main greet, a young
man named McLaughlin was found weltering
in his blood. lie had been shot in the neck,
by a pistol in the hands of some person—sup
posed to be another young man named Glenn,
who gave himself .up into the custody. of oiir
efficient sheriff who was attracted to the scene
of blood, soon after the shooting, by the Rounds
proceeding from the riotous party,. as well as
the pistol shots. The cause of the • difficulty
appears to be all about a "wimmin." Anon',
er party of our fast young men were endeav
oring to take the "attractive Miss" from the
man Glenn, when he bred upon. them, not,
however, wain they attacked him with stones
—as he alleges. McLaughlin was hissompan
ion, and if Glenn shot him it was an accident.
iffeLaughlin• is n plasterer by trade, and is a
native of Gettysburg—he is something getter,
though dangerously wroundetL . Glenn is a
steno cutter or marble-worker by trade, and a
'native of Baltinwre. lie is now in jail.
An Unfaithful Wife Killed by her
'PITTSBURG, June 25.—About 9 5 4 61iick lavt
night, policeman Richard Jones, killed'his
wife by stabbing her several times and then
shooting her,, mutilating her body in a shock
ing mariner:_ He immediately surrendered
himself to the public authorities, alleging that
he had committed the deed while she was in,
the act of adultry with, a butcher named
It is said that Mentzer was also shot; and
had fallen into the4iver, the affair having ta
ken place tiler Monongahela bridge..
Rumors that Mentzer' was seen this morning
unhurt Sick confirmation, . 4 ,
Mr. Jones' wife had been a notorious pros ,
titute, under tile name of Mary Delaney, an.'
had served a two years' imprisonment in the
State prison for stabbing a man;
Mr. Jones has highly respectable conneo
tions: • —.
CIIABED BY WOLVER.-A parts of young
men, who were out on a trouting
near the waters of
_Big Run, In Antzon's
Gap of the Shade mountains, about five miles.
from MeAlistersville, wore chased by U,pack
of wolves, and were forced to '!,cut and run"
for their lives.• • AOr an exciting chase, for a
mile and a half, the opeti country was.gained,
and the .iyolves abandoned the pursuit. At
one • time the foremost t. ',wolf was not more
than 50 pirds In the rear Of the young men."
An exchange, speaking of the affair; says:
"The cause the attraction is alleged to
be; and doubtless was, 'tits fast of their hay.
ing the grouitd.haokle," used for,ontioing
the finny tribeirom thetr_native element, ukt
'arated with asafinti4. In
.tbeiri piscatorial
exorcises, such as re•bititing,thrir. hooks; they
managed to drop soMe of the highly perfumed
Worms on the ground,\AtAidhilie wolves scant
ing, started them in the direction, of the.ooh
ertoenrwho,''to.eseapethe-fury•or thelmvage:
monster, fled in an opposite coursq."
Served them :right, Fellows that'would at
tempt •to 'fool trout into' their baskets by
raeatis.oresufietida, deserve to, be , chased
situriki as melt, as waives. , „ ,
Lieutenint•colonelltritteSdetiiotthe IT. 0„
Army,. Oita (lilts *tied .Capt. Todd, "Of the
earns service.' iirere at Itlerley's Hotel, Lou'.
don; at the liegietting et this mouth,'
Brienee, Esq.; hile Uttiteri'Sratee.lifiniitter 'at
Qctesteetitiople wee also in ',London at that
fitae•zr''' • .
goitu - tll4 iron* alattiii:
A :BA'xs oit•le6UE. - It-will be,seen
'by a referentro„bur : , advertisine columns,
th4nOtice been: g iven ,' by two separate
:parties, `,btiention - te%apply:terthe next
Legislature,, fur:a .•
-Think of= Issue,. and. we
-,olleer,%,*:l464tbattine_ortither - cifibese - ap•
plicetliins itill be innicessful..
. Eyery:beSine'siMan admits the urgent .ne
c ssity ofea Bank of issue at Ca*lisle, for the
ull devalopnient)of the agricultural, mann•
featuring ,ond.tiercantile interest 'of' this
county. is true. oar banking ,institutions
- havelteretefore-stpilied:nsafe-Mtd - --relittlfle
curryncyl but, why shOulitte:pcoplehere i
be forced to. depend forkAbeir currency Ot'
the paper of distant bank's, when by a em
mon.: effert,`TheyMay secure a bank Mime'
at hotne,' . centriiiied By met, whose wealth,
characteriandinfluenceore_ so well known
as to command' cOrifidence, vrithout any mis
givings as to tip solvency of the bank, or the
prudeneecif-its management ?
The .character,...:ef the gentlemen o• whose
nettles :lA - . attached to these applications t
afforA a•sufHCient-gttararitee of their ability
to' conduct an institution of this kind :With
.profit to the - stochholdera, and advantage to
the coinnstinity, and as the mind.s'of the no,
ple are 'now'ronsed to the importance.of this'
suhjeet, let them press it on 'the attention ';.3 - f
the next Legislature, with suchfoice and in
fluence, as will secure an object,so justly due
to the position and population of the county, ,
and so necessary to'mect the rapid increase
of her tattiness relations. ,
THE . POLIO ScgoOtti.—The annua
examination .oftbe : public Schools, closed yes
terdriy. Na^togret that other engagements
prevented us frtim attending those eiereises,
so plermunt and interesting to parents arocell
as pupils. -
TertiorroW evening,, the High Schools will
give an exhibition in Education itall;_in Dec
lamation, aminsition and other exercises,
with vocal and instrumental music, at the close
of which Diplomas will be awarded, and the
sclioolidismiesed-tor the vacation.
The citizens of 'oWn h lasting debt
of gratitude to the Board of School Directors,
Who, at the e.tpenlie of time, and responsibility
.are doing se much for the youth of etii• !?or
ough, Without fee or-reward.
_ YOUNG . AMERICA.—CoI. Vedder, of
Philadelphia, has now on exhibition,:in Maim
street., •opposite the Road Of ce,tho great
est specimen of "Young Ameriea"now living:
Ile is a littk? .boy, Mx years of .age, and n
natio of Beaver county in this State. From'
his firms -across - - the - breast, ho measures 32
inehes,•and 56 inches around thk; chest; his
limbs and. thereat:of his body aro in propor
tion, with theenception of his glands and feet.
which aro about the' average size of boytt of
that, ago-. .11184ecight is over 206 pounds. '
Ile enjoys good health, is very playful and
quite intelligent, His mother, who bi a lady
'of -ordinary size; accompanies him. He is
certainly nyery grcatcuriosity, and well wor:
thy a visit. . ••:.
afSr'A. young woman, named Kitnor,
formerly a -- resident . of this - place, died sutl
'denly-in-York:lionie tie - weeks ago ; and . her
romains.wera brought loiter friends in , Car
lisle,forinterment: In consequenoo of several
reports in circulstion, as to the,cause of her
death ) het-faker : induced coroner McClellan
to hold an ingu&firi , ber. Accordingll'her
'body wan ettle'r ap, pnd bryught to tile jail
yitrol,Vhoreit4o-iitortan 'examination was
made by Dra.'lfOritaan ami,Zitser. No marks
of violence Were found on her persen,nor any
evidence `of depth from other than natural
causes. -We understand however, that the
stomach has been reserved for further exami
nation. '• •
the most miserable abortions of the kind we
hare ever seen, 'ulna the Fantastic Parade of
Saturday last; they fairly liurlesqued a bur
lesque. Formerly those plrades were got up
as a caricature of the explodeamilitia system,
at that time considered by some as the bul
wark, and by 'others as the 9 bull-work" of
Pennsylvania. gut not! they have lost
semblance of a mclitary,display, and have be
como.nn irregular squad of mounted mounte
banks. The Cavalcade of Saturday, looked
liken party-of escaped lunatics un*a pie-niq
excursion, and we advise them, unless they
can getup sometlAing better, to consider the
fantastic game asinbout." played
4Tft OF JUL. Ne fin* that the
birth-day of our Natldnal, Independence is
not to be passed entirely without notice by
our citizens. Mr.? Light, of Lebanon, announ
ces that ho will intLlce a Balloon Ascension on
the afternoon of the 4th, and in the evening
we' are to have a brilliant display of SreWorks.
We hope the committee, who have chorea of
the fireworks, will give our citizens due no
tice of the time and place, so Omit all who
wish', may have an opportunity orwitnessing
the display.
CHANIFSBUDO.—The citizens of Mechanicsburg
intend to celebrate the coming 4th of July;
with 'a military and 6ivio procession and a pub
lic dinner. Sol t companies have been in
vited from a ' 'co, including the "Old
Soldiers Assoointion" of Harrisburg. The
arrangements are . in the hands of an efficient'
committee, and we have no doubt they will
get up a brilliant:oelebreition.
SUDDEN DEATu.-4 gentlem a n n amed
Jelin.Jaques, died 'suddenly , of, apoplexy, at
Glasn's Hotel, on Thursday evening last, Mr.
Jaques, was about o 0 'years of age4pative
of New York State, and of somewhat in
temperate habits; lie was well known'to many
of our citizens as the owner ,of an 'extensive
44: of land inz Western Virginia.
• Limn . FAIN—We.' learn from tho
Itlect!aniasburg :Tharnat,, that the Fair held in
that place, for the benefit of the Trinity Luthe
ran church; has been 'profitable fat , beyond
thotr•expectationa, iktul, every thing Passed off
with entire satiefacfion. .• . '
, •
SALE Or REAL Esnierg.—We. halm
JuOieqrnt4.o4,ogr.frionit'VO•Adiol)l%. to.
sold Ida l a rge and highly , improved farm situ
ated on thB Conodogninet creek; known aa the
Ringwalt Forth, containing 800 acres, to - 111 r.
',Moot, Grove, of VVeit rencieboronghtownship,
for 8175' #cre-422;000;
NORTfe:: MIDDI*TON, A =AI?. gen
.•• . •
‘lonuii, loft our liOolc*lro4 of
clover,. one oOrhiel;',-Fnenouroi:ll,feet 8
inches, ,8110 othere . .speraging 5 foot:7 filches:
,o!.her,royrnol4p:Oan - biiiit this; song it
'BANKS CLOSED.--In'tioeordance with
the.utival dustom, the Carlhale Deposit
and the Cumberland :Pitney Bank will both be
closed, on the 4th . of July. ' •.•
As it is unusual for tjto'Banks tot be olostit
two days frysuOcSasion, peraints who -hay,
'notes maturing about that time, - Will tiuthe'
a note on't."
Ping to the Tribune, ,Irom,!4l.tohislih;
girts the result of observations oh farm
ing' on hie line of route. We quote: . •
' In Chicago, ho says, the country was, never
'no liars of food for man or beast. , , Flofir is
higher, and wheat and cork, scareiily , lower
than in New • York and, Liverpool. Vats • are
'n early - tha sautt - Thousandirof
out the prairie Stiles have died this spring'
re - Chia&
thousand barrels. •Dt.lllinois,..lowa and Mis
souri, whole
.nnighborhoods nie' destitute of
bread, 80 'the. means to purchase it.. 'At
Quincy,. however, 268 miles from 'Chicago the
farmers are resolved to lOok starvation in the"
face, and are busy . . putting-ig t
and lowa they are doing.their
iittormost to grow more .
giain than ever. They.
are, however, out of money and out of credit,
'and in-'debt, and hardly - ado to keep the
sheriff from the door.' Despite the bard times
Illinois .is' growing. New blocks are being
erected ift her cities, and new.bulldings in the.
:villages. .Cultivation is generally extended--
a great deal of work being pone by oxen. The
State ia rich. coal—far. more so than any
other Stale, but she locks 'timber, which is
obtained chiefly from Michigan and Wiscon ?
W: Peterson, briither-in.lati pf
the Into H0n...1 M.. Clayton, died at his esl
dence in Guelph, Canada West; on Sunday,
the 12th inst., in the 66111. year of his
:Mr. Peterson was formerly editor of the 'Chris.
Jima Circidar, a 14ligious paper published in
Wilmington several years ago.' He. was well
known and much respected by many of our
citizens. He had held the 'responsible posi•
tion of Register of Crown• Lands in Canada
West, for'moie than fittern years, and by his
unwavering rectitude and punctuality had
retalned_unimpared-the confidence and regard
of'-the--government- and -of hiti fellow-citi-
zena. • I r'
Mr. Peterson was, some years ago, a -resi
due. of Carlisle; and it is but a- . Taw months
since he' was here on a visit to some old
friends. •
A MAN' KILLED.—On Wednesday list, an
accident, which resulted in the loss of life,
took place oii the Penn'ti. railituid near New
port. A coati named H. Nipple, 78 yenta of.
lige, residing about a mile. above .Newpm,
while'crossing the track, in going from his,
house to the barth.was . nut down gy the lo
comotive and instantly The accident
occurred 'about 4 o'clock on Wednesday af
ternoon as the fast line was going westward.'
There is a 'curve litthat place, and nantities
of wood piled up aloft Ii r which pro
ventathe engineer from seein,gylipple.
Soniebody.atcounts for Western hospitali
ty by, enying that whePdhouses are so far apart
as in that part of the country a .stranger is
as welsame nUn newspaper, and is-commonly
Used as ono. The moment be arrives lie is
put in press,' and whatis.more. kept there
till all the news' that has happened In the'
last str.montha is thoroughly squeezed out of
Lim,-and bottled up fiir future use. A man
that tuna a good murder story could travel
from one end of Indiana to.the' otheeviitliont
- a'sixpence. '
A man named- Onts was recently arrested
for btaiing his wife and children. On being
sentenced to imprisonment; the brute remark
ed that it was very hard a man was not al
lowed to thrash his own oats. Pity some
body did not thrash him.
•' Mae. Slincxxs.—The Utica Heraldceports
that Mrs. Dana E Sickles has taken rooms
for the season at the Clifford. Springs Hotel.
and that she will resist any application of her
husband for a divorce, and will furnish prpof
of infidelity on his part which will prevent
any decree in hie favor.
Mr. Henry Buehler, an esteente l itizen of
Harrisburg, died at. his residerge on the 22d
'inst. He was for many years a director of
the' Harrisburg & Lancaster Railroad, and
was prominent in the important coal enter
prises in,Dauphin county.
Winan's experiment steamship sunk nt her'
wharf, Baltimore. in consequence of a work
man neglecting to close a supply pipe. Steam
fire engines were engaged in pumping her
SUICIDE IN PRISON.— A worthless German,
named George Leine, committed suicide in the
Berke county prison. Pa., on Wednesday af
ternoon last, by banging himself in his cell
with some carpet strips.' Leise lived in a
shanty on the Neversing, in the vicinity of
Heiner's Spring, and was noted for bad con
duct generally. , Ile was committed to prison
for threatening the life of the Ilon. J. Pringle
Jones. An Inquest was held by the coroner,
Linda verdict..raturned in accordance with. the
'fable: The deceased was interred in the
prison cemetery.
Was born April 2d: 1808, and is .now 51 years
of ago. • Victor Emmanuel IL ' the 'Sardinian
King, was born March 14, 1820, and is 89
years of age, FranciuJoseph I.,.the Emperor
of Auelria, is 29 years of ago, having been
born Aug. 18,1880.
The DeForest Prize Medal of the value of
$lOO, given to that member of the Senior
class of Yale College who shall wAto and pro
nounce an English Oration in the best' nein,
ner.,was awarded on Friday to Mr. Robert
A. Stiles, son of Rev. J. 0. Stiles. •D. D.: of
New Haven: Subject: "John Calvin and his
Doctrines, and their influence upon Civil Li
The Philadelphia Enquirer says: Rem•
bront Peale'and Thomas Sully,., the eminent
Philidelphia artists, aro engaged in painting
each other's portrait., Mr. Joseph Harrison,
a wealthy and liberal gentleman of this oity,
'originated this enterprise, and 'has commie
atoned each of the venerable artists to do this
service for the other. Mr Peale has recent
ly entered upon his 82d year, and month
The Albany Journal says that Ex-Presi
dent Van Buren was in the' Stare catttal to
day, looking as youthful as 'he did twenty
years ago. Mr. Van Buren is reaping in his
old age, the fruits of a well-regulated .early
President Buchanan will. make his annual
visit to, his favorite .summer retreatoinr Bed
ford Springs, abriut the middle of July, where
be will abide for about tiro weeks. Ind few
days he will go to the Soldier's Home; to es
cape the beat of Washington, until ootober.• •
BUDRING.—The Germantown Telegraph
reminds us that this is the period for ." bud
ding" fruit traes.. Alter July it Hill be too
late. The Cherry - especially is edsily propa.
gated by budding, and many whb failed to
graft the pear - in the spring resort to this
substitute. Indeed, during the last two years
eherry k grafting hi this neighborhood has af
most entirely failed, from .what cause we do
not, know.
The President. it is stated, will make hie
annual, risit to his summer retreat, the Betli,
Trird . SPrings, about tfiit'middle of
he will abide. for nbent two weeks. - In aline
days he will go to the Soldier's Botha, to es
cape the heat of Washington, until Qctober.
Cllolll3lNcl I'd /AOARATALLEI 'ON A TWllir Rom'
--Blondln, the celebrated tight-rope perfor-.
mer, is to try to arose Niagara 'Falls, , Just in
front of the,great Heise Shoe Fall, on.a tight
rope; Sixteen hundred feet in length„ and six
inches in eircunference, which has been pier-
Ohasettexpressly; limits now being inspected.'
the tent 'will tyke placein about' two weeks.
.The crossing hoe be effected front ,the lower
enikof peat Island to a point hs 'Canada, I
;*-!' .--The London Timei Makes -a happy .allusipS.
to-the United States 'Minister, describlit . g .
the opening of Parliament, and is satisfrort.-
' ly personal': 4 •21.11• the apace, allowed to eDi
plomatio Corps is,full; afid blazes at: every,
point'itith rihands; stars and Orders Of every
kind . Conspicuous "strong them all, :DOHS
. ..plain 'evening (Iris's and snow-white -Intirae
- the American Mlnister, 'Mr. Dallas, d striking
type, if '®e May so, call him, of tine simple iu
St hulking' of the:great Depultlic 414'
-. 1 AS old' nitin who Said Ant a
entered the Meelmnios' and Farmers' Bank,it
Albany,"New York, on Monday last, and de.'
minded $lO,OOO, which he claims-watt justly
due hini, having . hpen stolen-from under Niag
nra Falls, in 1809., and threatring,' if the
money was not immediateTy f rthcoming to'
entire,DrltishAtm_jc_get 441-
the point of the.bayonci. Ile wasinsane,
fififirciliftiV-Baptntit -Jerome BonaptaW'
ftecol Baltimore) was attbe battle of Monte
— lino in command of a pelelon of mounted
Chasseurs d' .Afrique: tielielonged to the
scouting service of General Forey's div.•M
- ---- - - -- 111101.111D11 REOTYPES;—In -beauty' and _du
. rablilky, no " Sun drawn" picture equals a gooddaguer,
' ' riiotxpei . this ii, the opinion expressed by the landing
PhotoaraphicJournale of the day, both .I,merican and
English; these army be obtiined at the rooms of Sirs.
' Itep,n&iii, lAuther Street, two deonfweat Or Ilanover.
' Carlisle, June 116 ISO9- 7 tf -
{lV; 4 o;kkllkk
The great standark medicinei of the present
age, have, acquired their great popularity only
through years of trial. Unbounded.' satisfac
, lion is rendered by them in all cases; and the
people have pronounced them worthy. .
Complaint, -Dyspepsia; Jamoilce;
Debility of. tbe v .Neryotts System,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a' disordered
liver-or weakness of the stoniaelCanii:digestive
orgcms, are speeddiandpermanenilycared by
The Balaamlo Cordial has acquirsd a
reputktion surpassing that of any similar pre•
paraliop'exlant. II will citreorrrpour
the most Were and ighg , stuacliny -
Cough, Cold, or Bronchitis, In•
fluent!, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
anci.has performed the niost astonishing ewes
ever knoWn of :
Confirmed Consumption.
Ajcw doses icill also at once cheek and
cure the most severe Dlatrrhqm4roceeding
Theie medicines are prepared by pr. C. M.
JAcKsoN & Co., No. 418 Arch Simi,' Phila.
lielphia,' Pa., and are 804 by druggists and
cledleri in medicines- everywhere, at 74 yenta
per . boale. The signature of C. JAOICBOX
seal be on the outside wrapper of egeh
Issthe,-Almanac published annually by the
proprietors, called EVIIITDODY'S ALDIANAO,
• you will find testimony and commendatory
notices ficui all parts Uf the country. Thus '
Alma `r are given away by all our agents.'
or - riuTO by S. Elliott, S. W. Haye,tit.Car.
. .
DR. CIIEESEMAN'S PILLS.. prepared by Cornelius
L. Cheenrinan, 11. - D., New York City. The combination
• of ingredhinbrin these Pille are the result of a long and
-_catenalvopractica They are. mild in._ theirr. operation ~
and certain in 'correcting all irregularities, Painful
Menstruntioni, removing all obstructions. whether from
...cold or, otherwiee, headache, pain its the side, paipltat
of the heart, whites - , all nervons affections, h • • Yics
fatigue, pain id the-bark and limbs, Ac., distu ed sleep
• which arise Dorn interruptions of nature. • •
• Ti) SIARRIED LADIES. Dr. Cheeseman's Pills age
invaluable, an they will bring on the Monthly period
with regularity' Ladle, who have been disappointed In
• the two of other Pills can place the utmost confidence in
Dr. Cheeseman'a Pills doing all that they rinurteni
do. '
WErranted purely vegetably, and Dee from anything
injurious. Explicit directions, which should be read;
accompany melt box. Primsl. Sent by mail on en
dosing $1 to any authorized agent. Sold by-one Drug
. gist in sorry town in the United States.
It. IL lIUTCIIINGS, General Agent for, the United
Staten, 105 Chambers St., New York, to which all
wholesale orders should be addressed.
DANN WERT & PINNEY, Wholesale and Retail Agents.
Itarrifiburg, Pa. IL J. KIEFFEII, Carlisle, Pa.
Pgitept Champion Sate
Late Fire .nt Dubuque • lowa
DIJOUQUE, Jan. 7, 1859.
flentti , : I em requested by 51r. T. A. C. C,ochrane,
. thin place, to any to you that on the morning of the
4th Instant, shut 3 o'clock, blest ore took fire, and the
entire stock of kcoude sae' destroyed. The heat became
so suddenly intense that none of,tho made could
bly be saved; but fortunntely bin hooka and papers
which were In one of your Champion Safes, were all
preserved perfectly. And well they may be called
Champion, for during the whole conflagration there wee
' ono incessant pouring of flame - directly upon the safe
which coaained them. And stlll, - upon opening it,the
inside wait found to be scarcely warm, while the outside
was moat aeVerely_scorched. Yburs truly,
N. A. 51cC5,U1tE.
W- Herring's Patent Champion Fire end Burglir.Proof
Safes. with Hall'. Patent Powder Proof Locks, afford
the' greatest security of any safe In the world. Alm
Sidebbanl and Parlor Bares, of elegant workmanship and
-- finish. for plate, &c. - _
lAttltEla HERRING & CO., have removed fmm 34
Walnut street, le their new store, No. 629 Chestnut et.,
(Jayne's Ifs 11,) where the largest assortment. of Safes to
the world eon ho fOund.
629sChestnut street, (Javne's llall,) Yhlladaph w..
Mar. 16, 1859.
Nature, In her great laboratorrhan stored tome remo
dy adapted to every disease which "flesh le heir to."—
But It requires the havestigailpn and research of the
philosopher to discover this remedy. Such researchand
Investigation has efuereeded in diecoreriugh remedy for
that most afflicldve dispensation, the
{Or all Its lesser nod numerous cello; and It nly be
sat y asserted that until the appearance of the Oxyge
nated Bitters, a ease of nyspepsie cured, was a rare ex—
perienecin medical practice. Now nyder the influence
Of those Bitters the rule is to ctur, the rare exception,
failure to cure. Bead the following, which the subscri—
ber requeeta us to publish for the benefit of the athlete
Asi Obdurato,Case of Dyspepsia Cured
by the Oxygenated Bitters
The following from a gentlomau well known In ibe
region-In whiqh hu Moe ought to satisfy all those of
Milo faith:
5 - ITatasfowit, 1:1..1. 0 .1nly 28, 1858.
S. W. Forme & Co., lloston—fflas : Nine yeais since I
was attacked by the curse of all disuses, Dyspepsia,—
which so afflicted me as to cause great oppression, full
ness, and bloating of the bowels iidinediately after eat
ing, accompanied with terrible pains in the stomach,
often occasioning raisers, vondting, acidity, end head-
Acbe, together withgeneral debility and sufferlyg, al.
together rendering life a burthen.
After baiting tried every known remedy without ef
fect,' and despairing of aver regaining my ittpt health', I
was induced to make use of the Oxygenated - Bitters, the
good effects of which were immediately vialble on my
health and uetenr. Before tieing a *hole lx&tie I Van
entirely cured; and I • feel a pleasure in inducing all
like sufferers as myself to make Ilse of this remarkable
'remedy. • - THEO. CALDWELL.
Pekparad by BETH W. BOWL) k 00., Beaton, and for.
Jule by Samuel Elliott and S. W. IlaYeretick, Carpals;
Ira Day, klechaulusburg; Kilts& Wise, Shiremanatoun
B. O. Wild, Nerryille:, Shoemaker &Jilliott, Newburg:,
J. O. Altick, Bbippeneburg• and 'by appointed agents
And dealers In medicine al l the country:,
...1 PREP/NED IIY FL011NG.13613.
'di— The fidioning, (rem d ruetorner. idiom; the de
mend which Ode greet, medicine ban crested irberever
It bee been Introduced: , •
Bt.[mono, Tloge co, Pa, Nerch 80,1850
111zsans:Pummo Eittott.-:flentletnen—ln cot Equence
rot the greatounsutuption your..tiVonn.riPecitin't4trt
this placeand vicinity, we have entirely exhausted our
_stock: it eatiould feel obliged by your forwarding, via
'Corning, N. Y... 20 dos, with your MD, oa.the receipt of
which we Will remit you the owner. ,
'From the wonderful:effects of mid ' , Specific" lu the
neighborbowl, there could be: eoleaunuelly a - large
quantity, if to be baalarbalpaalo epd retail) from some
lecal•ageut..: you would ocimpensatii a person for
trouble lend expense of vending, .1 think I could make
tO'your suivantagelo do - . ,
: • .1 , • 'Yount reepectfully,
. • W3l.`-`,ll. MALLORY,
. •. Der . Donna,
4W . Vurchaseriwill be careful tonsk for Dr. IDLaue's.'
Celebrated'Venulfugronanitfactured by Fleming itroti4,
of Pittsburr, Pa. :All uthor Verutiftiger In, Minparleon.
are worthless. Di. IrLana's genuine Vermiuge,elio his
celebrated Liver Pille,'Can now be had at all respectable
rug stone. None genuine Without theanature of
DYE—HAUL i1Y.1311,0111 ,
'Win.' A. 'Batchelor's noir -Dye,
. _
. 'All others are pre iniitationsi and should be gioldati
yon.Ulsli to ' Dago ridicule. • '
~. GitAlivltßD Olt BUSTY NAIR Dyed instantly to.U.
-beautlful And. "upturn!. Brown or Black, without .the
leant Atijhry to Heir or Skirl. • "
" -919TliEN 6IEDAI,B , AND 0191.031 AS hove - been,
awarded to Wm: Ai Batchelor elute 1999; and over ,130,.. •
900 appileationsitavebeen made to the Nair of Jib pa.
trona of lale &mons Dye. " , • . ': •
not ttibirdistinguiphed from .nature,.aud Is warranted
bot.Ao injurolu the.leaat,bovrover. long it may. hmeon,
Boned, alid.thaill: ell' Dye remedied; the
Hair luvlgorahid Tor Ltfe - by this Splendid' Dye.
Made, sord'or applltel (11 9 private rodnea)pt the . Wig,
Factory, 233 ilmedwaY,Now York. ' ~ • •
Sold in all' cities and towne of thm.Battg Stolen, by
Druggists and Haney floods Dealers, "
per. The Genuine has the name and address oflen a,
steel plate engraving on four sides of each Box. of „ •
''.' '-- ' . .-
" 243 ilfllkdlllaY -New:York
_ ......_—__
lr• Sold by Drugrists in Carlisle. -:
',4.0.1E111.-4- l lrdatatakeinest.-W.lBa..tutd4ou ,
- k 4, llurtlasani., — Ttry - nrelegant - Flightmwrarninunt.-
t ,
hie, •Nittiole to a charm—no, turning - behind—no
shrinking elf the head; indeed, this is t only Estalw
lishment where those thing's am proper y ,underSl.oo4
and made. • 203 Broadway, Row York. n0r1i,6841
. . • -
. TVS know of no Invention Of modern times that do- •
• maw laTiestinedlo
_occupy_a_hlglige. niche._ in.-the
t' Inple of fame, than the dimovery or Invention of 'the
'Vegetable or Epileptic Pills.for curing Epilepsy, or FOP
Ing SIM, Spatula. Cramps. and all .toe curious motile
-eationa I.f ,nervous.olmase. Dr. Seth S.. Hence, of 108
Baltimore St., Baltimore, lid., the inventor, lasertainly. .
entitled to the best %claims of nil the benevelent•portion
of mankind. Who expoilence a pleasure by the eller lailon •
of liumau -suffering , When Dr. Mom first prepared,..,
Ahem Pills. ho intended thorn' Ninety for Fits, Cramp' 1
,Spasanis; but sUbseqUent experience natisfsetorily
proved to - Elul; that in Addition, to their , - remar kable.
mnatimi properties In this clam of diseasen, they exert
ed n perfect contiel over the entire nerioua system.—
He was then Induced to try them In games of Neuralgia,
Tie heloreux, Nervous Headache, •Palpitalion of the •".
Heart. Incipient Paralmix, Hysterlai' Muscular Debility .
and a host of Mbar diseases springing from a luck Of
nervous energy, In all of which hie Antielpatione were .
crowned with the most sanguine SUCCORS reitiona at a
distance; by writing and sending A remittance to Dr:
Hance min hove the medicine forwarded to their post '
office Address he paying the postage. lime prices are for
a• single boz,S3, two bones. $5, or $O4 per dozen.. UV"
have given his eddress :they, • 1tnaY2.5;169 '
diseases inflammation more or leen predominaten—no*
An allay Inflammation strikes at the root of Macao,-
_hence and.ithmediate cure. Dalley'n Magical
tractor, and nothing else. will allay inflammation at
nee, and make a certain cure.
the followin; among a' great catalogue or diseases:
• Burns, Scalds, Cuts: Chafes, Sore Corns, Bun
lons, Brulnes, Strains, Bites, Polnon, Chilblains, Biles,
Scrofdin, Ulcers, Fever Sores, Felonn,. Ear-ache, Piles
Screlgyen, Gout, Swellings, Rheumatism, Scald Head,
Salt Rheum, llaldnens, Erysipelas, itingwortn, Barbera
Itch. Small Pox, Measles ' Ranh, etc., &c. •
To name it may appearincredulous that so reany_d len
- ranee sbnieltUtai reached 'by one article; much an idea
will vanish when rolleetten points to the fact, that the
lairs is a -omblentlon of Ingredinente, each and every
ono apt lying a perfect antldtite to Its oppoolte dinorder.
• Dallort, Magical Pain Extractorin its efTecta is magi
cal, bet:tune the time In abortligween disease and a
permanent cure: and Ms an exlmctor, as It drawn all
filming out orthe.alected part, having nature s, , perfect
beforees O
m injury. Ills scarcelynecennaryto say that
no house, work shop, or manufactory should he ono mu
wont without it. :
No Pahl Extractor lx genuine unless the box has upon
It e steel plat• eugrevlng, with the news of. Ileury
Valley, Manufacturer. ' •
For sale by all the Druggists And patent medicine
dealers thromilioutthe UniieibStates And Canadas.
Principal Depot, 106 Chambers Sb, - Neir
n0v.17,'68-Iy. C. F. CIIACC.
TO FA ItßigltS
Vincitura Larma.—The iinderaigned„'is now jnwpaied
to furnish, in any quantities, from 100 to 1000 acres, or
more, good farming and growing lands,: in Randolph
and adJacont COUIiCiON In western Virginia, within 12
or 15 hours of Baltimore, and 24 of Now Yolk. •- '
Tile land is fortlieiumil. wolf- timbered, the climate
very healthy, and so Mild thaLsbesp can ho ordinarily
4vilitered with very little feeding, find whore a cow can
be 'rattled ea cheap as a ehlegen in New England. They
will 1, odd chodp, nod on easy trims, or exchanged for
improved property, or good merchandise.
Address, with P. 0. stamp, U. Franklin Clark, 118
Walnut fittept,Pliiiadelphia. [may25,185.9.
toe adds
Reported weekly for the - Wergild hy--
IVoodward & Schmidt. • •
FLoun 9uperfiuo, per'bbl.' • $ 6,60
do. 'lstra, do. 6,75
do: Family. do. 7,00
RYE • - • do. • 4,25
Plum •WHEAT pet bushel 1,65
RED do . do. . 1,55
Ms., 00.
Coax • do, .
CLovlznstso do
On the lith Inst., by Ilea, I. N. Kaye, Mr..l. O. ELL.(
TT, to !line MARY STRICKLER, all of thin county:
r On the ldtlaintl.,by . tho Rev. J. It. Reiner, Mr. A. ff.
HENDRICKS, of Chlppeunburg, to Miss MARY JAIIE
SHEETS, of Adams ed
On the 9th loot, by Rev. J. Lloyd. Rev. It. S. WWII,.
LIAMB, of Newillle. to Miss EMMA M.. COItSON, of
Linden, Lycmplng co.
- On the 21st toot., at Glees' hotel, by the Rey. A. If.
lilt ESN ER, both of Good Hope, this county. .
On the 23d Wet., et 01114 hotel, by the name. Mr..l.
WARNER, to Allen SOPHIA WAtIOUNER, both of
Perry county.,
On the 19th Inst Southatupto n toirnehlp;i.
JACOB OTT, Sr , aged 75 years, 9 month. and 7 days.
On the 13th Inst., In Nail Middleton tirp., ANNA
MA MIA HET OUTSHALL, aired 5 years and 23 days.
In Dickinson township, on tho 24th Ink., after a
short Illness, Mr. GEOROE LEE In the filet year of hie
On Sunday eveuing last, Mr. §.:,4.31UNL MARTIN, of
this borough, aged about 60 yeaW.,
New inuertiemnts
11_ A &boat Teacher fora session of fire montint,,,/
commencing nbitut the lat'of October, le wanted at New '
Cumberland. Applitatlan son be made personally or
by letter to • JACOB CARPENTER, .„
Pres. of the beard.
R. MARTIN, Fee]. ~
New Cumberland, Ju n e 20, 1851)-2m
That well known Tavern stand situated on .the
1 nut Bottom road, seven mitts west of.Carllsle.
The present occupant having purchased a farm in the
west and being desirous of moving out, would give
possession at any time. For further particulars apply ,
Carlisle, Pa.
Juno p, 18b9
CARLISLE, Juno 28, 1869;
' Notice le hereby given that en application will 'be
made to the Legislature or Pennsylvania et its next
meeting for the incorporation eta dank of issue, with
discount end deposit privileges, to be located in the
borough of Carlisle, Cumberland County, Ponn'a., to be
called, The Lank of Carlisle. with a capital of one him.
dred thousand doPars, with the right to Increase the
sante to tinge h undred tbousand dollars,
T11( " ii -- PAXTON
BENJ. Givun, Jet., .E.Noen Venn.;
A. B. 811ARPL, WM. N. Itnessix,
Itouaixr givm, Joium DoNLAA,''
June 29, 1859-6 m • .
ature i NOTlCE.' Notice is hereby given
that application will be rode to the next Lettis ,
of retinsylsauta, to alter the cliarter of the Car.
'Hale Depot& bank, located In tho borough of Carlisle,
Cumberland county, 60 as US confer on said hank the
rights and privileges of a bank of issue, and to change
its name to tho • Carlisle 'Bank : also to increase the
capital of said Lank (which is at present aasentptwo
thousand dollinve with privilege of increasing the same
under its present charter, to one hundred thousand,)
to tub hundred lead fifty thousand dollars.
, •aW. M. UEETJEM, Cashier.
June 29. 1850-13 m
• . las s s
Jars, air. , tight, (klone's patent,) for preserving
fruit, itc.,..ot the various sixes. enrolfered th the pubilo
by the proprietor., as a Jar that will commend' itself,
requiring no cement, is self sealing, the. neatest, moot
simple ancLeastly managed Jar made, and feeling eon :
fldent when once treed will be preferr ed to any other,
• • . • THESE JAR'S.'
together with e variety of other good Presorting Jars,
are f,,tr sale at the store of the subscriber, where may
also be Shand a large and genentl assortwent of •
of the rarinuaqualities, Ineluding it seasonable and aloe
selection of the beet and finest grades of ,:0 . ,...,,4 4 ..": - ,
1 • WIDTH AND 111lOWN flUltAllgi . e - .-' I!: ' •
7 'eultablefer . pihotritlitg.7We — feillhailkttitnir tthiferil
- support heretlforo extended to tn. end tenet that
we may merit' the continued farors of our Mends and,
customers, Our greatest efforts shall be made toplease
•in the que i \ty of toe arttele solo, he well as lin:nice.
Carliele, June, b1b.1469. - • . . . J,..11r; EDlr...'
111,ItS P }wEl ', with all the leteet improvoniente:—
W,mintedlo thisth add (gnu PO buebein per hour.
-„- ' ' BTIDOtiLIiI6 & 11110,
Agent for cumberlaininiunty.
LOUR AND F subsori-•
. bete haYe puM , ou hapd , andlntendkeeplor,irle..'
ty Orlllour and teed; to which the , public le Iniltek. 7 .,
.U 1 milers warten4 . ed. '.611i4414,1i
' June Wilto. • ± 'Ceziteht ?a t ••.
JOHN D. P161C617,