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C:. .R' ASLE •
WOdup's I • y; June - ; 80859%. ,
This body meets, today iriDarrisburg for,
the purpose of norninatilig a 'Sidle. licket to
be supported at the next general election.
• " . : The Stato'will no doubt befully'represent f d .
'and winch interest • his • beenlnanifeSted,ln'
_ the final action of the dontie.titipit;__ln
iott4 as:"Union savers'," .and both are equal:.
. lieve an effort will be made on the part'of
„ - -some Oftbe Delegate's,- firebrand
• into . the Convention, by a 'serieS of resolutions
regityd toqiiiri'residential question . . In -,
• deed a•Philndelphia'Daily ptiPer, that "did' ,
good service" for the Demoerals, - by
. ting to elect Buchanan in 1856, htis already
, uttered a threat,, that unless the State Con•
vantjon shall colt a People's National Con,:
vention the -"people will take_this4natter out
. of the hands. of the demagogues, and they will
• •‘. immediately proceed to call a People's Nation .
. rai cauvelition, and a ect.delegatestO the same,"
aid adds';that•if such an organization is n'et .
effected it will. follow the disorganizing
course it pursued in 185 G; regAllless of ccin•
. sequences, intimating broadly_that it will do•
• . its best in 1860, - as irdid in 1856, togive the
• , Weliope that wiser 'counsels will goVern .
.• • the Convention,- and, that idle threats like
these will. be aisregarded. The State con-,
• vention has been called for a speehilintrpose
—tbat.of nominating a State ticket, and oz:'
•ganizing'the party for the fall campaign. In
doing so, they
_have; in 'the broad
_,grodnd 'of
•opposition to the present .14attonal Adminis;
• tration, idatformovide enongh,- and strong
enough, 'for all' practical purposes; 'leaving
the Presidential question to.take bare . of it
self,'until the proper time arrives for action
° on that subjeet. Consolidate the party fora
triumph in October, tind 'we shall go into the
• • Presidentiril - camPaign of - 1860, with -a de l
, gree of confiddnce that will ensure suocess.,
What Democracy has Accomplished.
,Tbs. Constitution -Laic rice ,argan , of .the
DFnbcratic party, at. Ws:shine - on, has' been
Congratulating its political 'friends, upon the
"entire success of President Buchanan's Ad
: , rninistratioti.
.appends a_ few
additional instauceS,not sef.doWn in the books,
to ' - which we willingly :give circulation. 'lf
they balance - the list, we think they wilt arrive
. at the conclugioii that "honors aro one ."
"Democracy has "succeeded' i lii bairitrupt-
Nng a Treasury - which was pirbd to repletion
when it came into power.
It has "succeeded" in changing a surplus
of twenty millions into a deficiency of thirty.,
It. has "succeeded" in rivaling the extrava
gance monarchical gOveVanienis by, running
the expenditures up to ninety 'millions a year.
It has "succeeded" bringing dishonor
_ upon the country by encouraging . piratical
raids upon - governments with vvilia we are
tit peace. , ' •
It has• "succeeded" in obliterating from the..
Democratic creed the Jetiersoniah territorial'
-policy, and inoorperating upon iE the doctri'ne .
that Shivery has a.cbmititutional existence in
eVery ins of territory in the Union.
Wies"iiheFeedetl' in placing Pennsylva L ,
.nia, Milian and among the
tion State
• : It has "-"succeeded" in rendering, itself so
, odious as to secure an Opposition majority in
the House of Reprosentatives,-,.vi
.d to double
the number of Republicanf Senators of the.
United States ; and finally.
It has "succeeded" in rendering itselfa
laughing stock; and in inducing the prayers
of its own friends. that they may be speedily
delivered from the stupidity, knavery and inv.
.becilitrby which it has been characterized.
It is very seldoth that an Administration has
been so uniformly "successful." That of Ty
ler, perhaps,, came nearest to it. - But, with
that exception, "none but itself can be its
TUE ERIN CANAL-4n the suit of Penrose
vs. the Erie Canal Company, the Supreme
Court has affirmed the judgement of the
Court below against the company for• $OO,
;k „,, 000, but from some informality in' the pro—
ceedings, the matter has been ordered for
re-argitment. The suit was brought by Charleli•
B. Penrose, for the amount of the bonds held
by him; and involves not morel; the $50,000
claimed. but virtually decides several other
similar suits which.ara pending, and if the
decisiOa is adverse to the Company, will, we
are informed, result in the closing of business
• on the canal at once.
TIIF STORM.—We learn from the
Shippansburg Netcs, that . ths storm of thd 27th
WaS vory destructive in the neighborhood
of Roxbury and Newburg. Entire' crops were
" destroyed by the hail, and the high wind, up
' rooted fruit trees, and injured several 'build
ings: A now bank barn belonging to Mr.
. Joseph Doherty, sititated four miles northeast
of Newburg, was blown down and the very
foundation shivered to atoms. Two. carpen- .
toils; Messrs D. Shell and —Smith, .engaged.
' . at the tittle in finishing 'the building, becom-'
ing alarmed at the intensity . of-the storm, got
under a work-hooch near the barn 'and A few
' • minutes thereafter, the barn was blown upon
them. The former bad his leg birloken, - and
it was Willi the greatest difficulty that he was
taken from the'ruins. the latter escaped un
injured. Mr. John. Stoffer- and son at the
time were out-With - a teain; - and • aiiiiivly es
caped with their lives. After the storm had
subsided, they found'themsolges team and all
roadside, where they had been blown, but of
which Mr. 8: was unconecious.. Bisides these
many other lives were imperilled. ,
ANOTHER. STottm.—The Gettysburg Star of
the 80th hist: says : . •
On Monday 'afternoon we were visited by
another violent storm of rain and hail, whip
coritinuell for probably an hour. A consid
erable quhotity of hail fell here, but not being
larger.than a pea, the •damage to the grain
fields and fruit was but trifling. In the neigh-.
borhOod of BenderSville the storm was mu&
heavier, the hail being the, size of hulled wal
nuts: The graving grain in that section of
country is cut to pieces, while the fruit is
greatly infured.—The grain .fleltis r , in the
• --neighborhood of iliinterstown were alsomuefi•
damaged, but the heazies4.,of the storm seems
to.have been. between Oxfor& rind- Hanover.
where it raged fo.a.fearful extent. ' The grain
fields through thatJectionare_lMlledLtathe
-7.edificTraierifill—prep a: total loss. ' The win
I of houses were much broken, and a great'
Ideal of other damage - suiltained The hail fell
- in such quantities that heaps of it 'were state
be seen the next, (Tuesday) evening.. " •
It also raged. with great the
country between Hatioverand BleSherrystown
the effects were abed the same as at Hanover,
At New Oxford the storm was likewise terrific
and did immense damage. breaking glass, de
stroyinggardens, stripping fruit' trees, etc.
There is 'reason for believing' that . the storm
did not extend far: .
StrriitO, S. 'M. iTurin,6l•The, lie'vare fr ost
Of Saturday ' in this distrayed the Sul
and potatoes, and itis fearsufilcifie heavyi,data:
age•to the othprl croP B .: ";"
Elatitle fp,•lAtegly.. - •
.St, .rOna, iteninshii
City of Wiis'hington, wsiolt left; Llicrpcol on
tho 25th and bound to' N9w. York, • - has
been intereetited otYthis,point by the Associa-..
ted Press 1:10148 PlChi. •
" Her news is ofgrilitt.iinpoitance, as announ
cing the first luiportatil • Idol in Italy.'
Allied MO' Ainitrian 'forces' hare Inet,. and.the
latter were defeated.
The battle between , the Austrians and: tee.
allieo took place hlonttibeJl6,'tOlVll of
Atiatrinn Italy. The •Austriani*ere 15,000
1 . strong,.and wade the attAelc o , ',After a severe
?engagement,' they were. obliged .to retreat.
The allied avny'likst 700, while the Auetrihns!
loss is estimated at 2hoo •A number of Aus
frians had been captured and, taken prisoners
to Mn.: .Ittt, .
- Rattle of Montebello...
---Titere-aregvio=tovn of-PlonthelloAit-Italy,
as described in the anzetteers; . The dispatch
—does not g i ve:the_position-a-thi-eite-athich
- 'this battle - took place. : -
One of the hlontebellos is a town of Aus
trim' Italy, ten_mile S. W. of.Vicenza,_ttnd is
defended by two otintlee.
' And. the other it village twenty-three miles
L. N.,E.`of Alesttandria, Where the Austrians
were defeated by the French in 1812
. he seen filet the Togs were.ocCupiedbyMar=
steal D'llilliers,-of the French army. By the
previous accounts this"Genend' . was'posted in
the main road from Novi to Genom—Reporter
of the Aesocicited Preea. ,
TiThe bat le'. of Montebello.took jilade on the
21st•of May. •
, The Austrians; who were commanded by
General Stadion, at teckect tlutimsts of Mar
shal Barn gui . ty D' II illiers. _They were driven
blik; by Geh. Foriss' division, after a f4iious'
cornbat,'which_lasted four hours. ,
The Allies . carried 141ontebelle but; did not'
pursue the Austrians: ' • • •
, • Two hundred of the• Austrians , including a
•- ' .Colguelwere-captured. and-taken-to-Marseil
les.-The Austrinfis wer fiftegn thousand strong.
They lost 2900 'men. . • - ' .
The Allies lost 700, among whom were many
officers. ' I l" ' '
• The Austrian account of the'hattle of north,:
-hello simply states th*Generol Stadion push-
eta forward a "reconnoissance. .by a forced
rahrch, towards Seglis and .Montebello, but
_afterivlto(fight with a French force of supe
rior strength, retreated behind the Poin per
feet order . •
Ilia aCtual foroe'of , the French is not stated
repOrted,. however, that it 'numbered six
thousand men, besides a rdgiment ofd6rdiniarr
cavalry. .
Passage_ of ths Saida by the 8ardlolao•
' A.bulletin Issued by the Sardinian govern
ment announces Clint. the extremeieff of the
Sardinian army, under General Baldini,Aind
forced a passage 'over the river Sesia,•putting
the,Austrians to _ -
General Garibaldi lied entered• Gravellona,.
:on the - Pi - odd - to - Kies° side . Offilliggiore,
;with 6000 men, his object being to_crenttlra
revolution. Nis purpose-is to push forward
into Lombardy. • -
Prince Napoleon anti a small force (ties ar
'rived at-Leghorn ; for the purpose probably of
supporting the--Sarditiian authority in Tus••
ReTolution-ip Lombardy-Death of,f,he
,King'of Naples
Revolutionary movements ara:reported
' The Ring of Naples is dead and .Francis
has assumed ihozovernmest of Naples
• england. •
The British admiralty has formally -invited,
tenders for the carriage-of- monthly . mails to
and from Australia, via. Panama.
A general meeting of . the stockholders of thti
Atlantic' Telegraph Company bad been called
to sanction the .agreement with the Aovern
ment, and to-issue £600,000 of new capital.
The Parts'llloniteur announces that France
adheres to the abolition of privateering, -and
the principal that "the .neutral flag covers the
enemy's g00d5.1...
_ -
A,Texoe correspondent informs us sa the
s C a e c)v
IslissoUri Republican) that the Cam n war
has been re-opened with fury. Major AN
Dons:, who on a former occasion distinguished
himself by a disastrous defeat of that tribe,
'line been compelled to repedt his summary
treatment. We annex: the letter:
An extra express has just arrived from Camp
Dadzintinski, (which left there on Friday, the
2.0111,) with the report that four days previous
Mara Van Dorn had a fight with the north
ern Camsnches on a prong of the Arkansas
river, killed forty and took thirty-sit prison
ers. Lient Lee anti Capt. Smith wounded.
Several-soldiers wounded and two killed. The
express leaves for Camp Cupee. •
WM. BURKETT, Postmaster,
F. S. From four to five hundred men from
Jacks, Tarrant, •Parker, and Erath counties
have been encamped for several days fifteen
9,l: 4 ,twenty miles below the Brazos Indian 'Re
serve. Intense excitement prevails. They
threaten to attack the Reserve. W. B.
• THIRTY Houses BLOWN Dowx:=--A severe
storm passed over Doniplian and Atchison, in
Kansas, on Sunday, the 15th ult.- At Doni
plm thirty,bouses were blown down, and at
Lancaster, three miles distant, several build
ings were prostrated among them a church,
by the falling of which one man , was killed
and two others severely wounded. A few
miles from Atchinson a train of twenty end
grAnt wagons was demolished and ono team
ster killed. The same 'sterna extended through
Arnhem . counly o Missouri, causing great da
A teaspoon was recently ploughed up in
Stockbridge, on the farm formerly owned ,by
.Timothy Woodbridge, a Judge of the Common
Pleas Court in 1761, beqing the initials of
,himself and wife. The field had not been
ploughed for one hundred year* but the spoon
`Was as "good as new."
-LOUlS—Death ofifr. Charlcae—The Popular
Excitement Subsiding.—Se., Louis, June 4.---
The victim of the late dastardly assault,..
Joseph Charless;Who was shot on the street,.
yesterday, by G. W. Thornton; in revenge for
having testified against him, died 'at half•past
• seven o'clock this morning. The mob, who•
had threatened to lynch the murderer,. made
no further demonstrationslast night, and this
morning the excitement had subsided. Judge
Clark has been, petitioned' to hold a special
session of the Criminal Court, in order to give
the prisoner a speedy trial.
Itmotoos..—The trial ofJohn McLaughlin
now going on at Chicago, for throwing a train
of cars on the and Chicago lb/Bread
off the traelci las 'disclosed a most daring
and "diabolical gang of villians, both male,
and female. 'fhe.memberswf the gang are
located at Buffalo, Cleveland - and Chicago,
and it seems they are engaged in murders
by, all sorts of devices, such as poisoning,
arson. and railroad obstruction: Several
confidentialletters between two feinule friends
in Buffalo and an accomplice in Chicago, re•
veal the whole matter, and the , entire lan
of operations. .
- Itßld On the 17th tie dwelling of A:
W. Park* iu Oiles county, Tenn., was de
stroyed by lire, and three of his danghters-:
one aged between 18 and , sixteen years, an
other between 12 and 18 years, and the
youngest aged 'about 7 years—perished 'in the
flames: The oldest and the youngest Were en,-
tirely consumed, and the other. was rescued
from the flames by the.father, though so badly
1.,011e4 tank sho
gerrAt•Detroit, recently an ox was killed
because be could not understand the- French
language. The team, consisting of one - En;
glish and one French ox, drawing wheat/
load and driven, by . a French 'driver, wan
crossing the - track 'when the express train
made its appearance. The driVer, in great
,excitement, imatediately . ordered his oxen to
"chuck" (the French word for, •• haw.") . The
French ox understood him, and'turtling off the
trick .eaved himself, but the English ox, never
saving studied the langtfage, presand further
cp,, and was . instantly-killed. _
Dadeviate,, N. , Y.:June ti-Alltere WAS
,beavy frost in this vicinity on Sattirday night,
killing all the garded iegetableth poky and no'
Woes. It is feared thrit,ftuit of all kinds bow
Meteor°legleal Regtoter for the Week
Ending June . Othi 1850 r
18514 Tl!ornici- I Bahl
luo oo
70 00
72 00
'7l 00
152 00
100 00
121 C
•11m degree of heat In the above register is the dully
averaiie of three observations.
. . . . ,
IMPROVEMENTS.,—The limit!, building
• /.
now being erected by .Ittaj. JACOB 'Rup:Em., - Ifilr
soon be.under,roof, and will he, in regard to
its size; as well as the purp - oyes for which ii
is . intended, an important feature ntnong the
improvements of the-town.. It is'well.plannod.
and divided into so many compartments, that
iCwill accommodate a number' of persona in
different kinds of business, and as an evidezioe
that the iniestenent " ill pay,"- we may men
tion titat Mr . Ifflieern has already' refused'it
thousand dollars a year rent 'for' it..'
• The baseinefitis airy' and well ventilated ;
it•will suit for 'Restaurants, Bowling Saloon
aitd.barberehops. The first floor hi ilivi•ded
into four oflioetlf hi front, with two large•robmp
in the rear, which may answer
. for . ,printing
"offices, or ether kinds of business" requiring
space.. The main entrunda opens. into ves
tibule, from which two stairways lend totthe
concert room on the second floor. This room
about,76 by 60 feet, With,nheight„of nearly
18 feet, and will be fitted up with retiring
rooms,st age 'and- ot her-fi ures-ne cesspry'for
exhibitions. It, will seat comfostably a large
- audience, and its central location makes it ac• -
cessible den in the worst weather. , The third
floor will bedivitied into meeting rooms for
Lodges or spcieties; but is Sti / arri-inged that
should a Hotel be built on the frentrt,' of
the lot, these robins - will form part/ of the Ho-
tel,,and be converted in ranges of bd•cham
-.hers for the IMO of the &mils.
.._ In _view_ then, ..of..
Itheetn's building, Uno, of' the Afcessity
exists for additional room to accommodate the
strangers who crowd our hMels during the,
summer; the question forces itself on the
minds of our citizens, t. shun - we - him nllll4o'
Ilotekun this corner l i '• . It is a subject'llud has
beep talkid of time and again, and the project
hat failed avowedly, for want of a proper loca
tion ; but as that obstacle is now removed,
only requires a few men of capital, wills a lit
tle of ItheMn's pluck, to erect a first class ho
tel,. which will be an ,ornament to the town,
and a great publitlonvectien . ce. Nor would
there be any difficulty, we apprehend, in'ear
rying out this idea na etliort of joint stock
and would go into the concern as stock; there
are two bticktnakers in town who have public
spirit enough to hivest-four thousand - dollars
worth of brick in 'The some 'way; and there .
are, doubtless, lumber men and mechanics who
-would be ready to furnish pail . t of, the meter':
ale' and labitr,mnd take stock for it.. On this
plan, the building could be put up, ,with
payment, perhaps, of less than the. one half
of the actual-cost,-in money. ; •
if theses suggestions are wolhyl' of consid
eration, there should be prompt action taken,
as negotiations are now pending for ti sale'of
the lot imseparate parts, wkich, if permitted,t
may be n source of regret hereafter.
Justqui our paper goes to pretts, we learn
that Mr. Rheem has sold his lot in two parts,
to J. B. Bratton and A. L. Sponsler. .
ill.oftE INcEtipiAa.Bm.—On Sunday
evening last, shortly after 10 o'clock, flames
were seen issuing from the barn of Mr. Gra
ham, adjoining the 'public Graveyard. The
fire companies were soon on the ground; but
from the combustible nature of the building,
it was impossible to Save them. A barn, sta
ble and , shed were entirely destrbyed, together
with a rockaway carriage and , a corn•sheller
.which were in the barn, several of the young
trees along the'avenue, and -within the Grave
yard were destroyed by the; heat. The loss
is about 500 dollars, and we learn the prep.erly
was fully insured.
That this fire was the work of an incendiary
there can be no doubt, Mr. Graham is absent
from town, and there was no cause for any of.
the family to be about the barn or •Stable,
especially after dark.
The property of our citizens seems to be'at
the mercy of a set 'of .desperadoes;_and it is
unfortunate that no means can be devised to
ferret them out. Tho reward offered by the
council has had no. effect; perhaps a iiightl,y_
patrol, With authority to arrest all suspicious
persons, might answer a , better purpose It
is certainly time that the citizens, in tionnee-,
tion with the borough authorities, should take 1
.somo action in the Matter.' ' •
ANOTHER FIRE-.—On Sunday morning
last, Zufilti,Paper Mill, on tho creek, about a
mile from Papertown,:Was totally destroyed
by are: The loss will fall heavy on the pro
prietors, as the building and machinery wore a
total loss, on which, there was only , an 'Pour!
once of about " 9000 .dollar's:*
THE 4th OF JULY'—At an adjourned
meeting of the Carlisle.' Artillery Association
Lehi at th_e_Co_urt_House, on Saturday-evening
last, it was Resolved—That Capt. L. Todd,
E. Common, - Jos. ft,: Weibly, Wm. - 11. Weisel
and T. D. Mahon, be a committee to procure
a.-proper'place dt which to hold a oslebration•
of the corning:anniversary of Ameriban Inde
pendence, and ascertain on whet terms a din-.
ner can be provided!Or,,the occlusion Where
upon thelkeeting' adjourned instil : friday ,
evening next, to receive - the report of the.
.—A general meeting of the metabers of the
Carlisle Artillery Association, andell eitie . nii
who desire to unite with them•in celebrating
the 4th 'of July, will be _hold in the Arhitrrt
tion room of'the Court House, on Friday even=
ingnext,.nt 8 o!elOck. - . Purietuid
is required. By orde} of.the
MIWTARY•Si.EOI4O#.... N. Mond ay
last the election ior General, . and Inspector
Of this Brigade took place.
The candidates for Brigadier Generilo'vera
Gen.:Wherry of. New,birg. and J.ll. Allen
of Carlisle.: For Brigade Inspector, • Catit,
'Geo. W. Crop, and Ctipt.Jste lileCartney
of Carlisle, and Jacob BowMa'nof ItlechtiO7
iesburg, We have not seeertaineit',the
milt - Of the election, i r lait matter,of mink
importance. :Utilviee and r ini perfect legiela.
tiou; has brought 'totem:to and'
alti;Vehb, that the atatnir. the little remnant
now abragated, the better,'
'of this time henerell:'lnetitution for the
demical yearziffE9f;fl4loloWbefore the public,
..amfgiyes that ite career
Although euffer
log,l4-piitumeiti*iih,other liteSrzinetitut ions,
6:Qlllhe s p_finen4iiff ihr. limes, Its -presetit'
patronage dompares 'fitterably. with, that of
formai years , andrwilh the of tradp it
will , doubt relialt . a higher doge et pros...
perity than ever.; • -
A detailed bietiiry of Dickinson College_ rota
its corninenpementin 1704,.w0u1d emnPri e
•hietory of the-literature orihe country, for it.
f ie indeed with our existence as
:men ,who taken the, very front rank - in
.. and Bcietiee.l It
possosseti all tha4lements .of prosperity, and
-usefulness-t o-be-dbrived , frihn_its_location_in a
county-fertile add heautitul ; a eliniate unsur
'phsied 'for-health, and among a moral and re
ligious people... The hush - kis affairs of Alio
:institution ; and the hi h positlon it maintains;
withliuP Dilated resourCes, give evidedee of,
the fact that the',President; Dr Q. Colfini,'
possesses administrptive qualities of the; high . ;
cat order, and we, are satisfied that the energy
and ability which marked, ilie long lino of il
• lustrious men who have filled the Professors
Minks, ,in days gone° by,.• is fatly emit dined ib
the present faculty, ,` •
But talent, zeal,lttl•the priatige
nient name are insufficient tOCcomplish great
manly, unlegs sustained by the foltiering care
of uie Churcfi, under, whoso auspices it is con- -
ditch:id. UnliktFmany other Institutions of
..learning;: l -Pickinsoir--.oollegedts 4cceired-put -
Aittle•bedeflt frotn•individual endowment,:and
Jho amount-realizedfrara tinie to time, either . '
'by voluntary diinations, or in the shape of
scholarships, has been entirely inadequate to
Oleo it on that high, -permanent basic, worthy
of the wealth, number' and influence of- the
church within the bounds of the,threo Confer
encss; and to which itis)untly entitled, utile
source from iliyncomiltiiiiiiiigirrafferyearS; -
mciny to.bcar public testimony in the cause of
At is to be hoped that - men mayl6 induced
to think rightly in tbiomatter,and from think
ing, to net promptly, to give. liberally and
timely fromtheablindance with which God has,
blessed, them so that they may see the practi
cal results of their benevolence..before they
are called hence to render an account of theii•
stewardship...- ' ---.. .:.._
-- ,..!Thanuntber of student's in the college this
year are
Preparatory Department
Making a total of
The public exercises of commencement week
will take place no fellows.
Saturday July 9 Oratorical contest for the
Prize Modale,_by the Junior class:
Suieday July" 10 4 Beeenintimate Sermon by
Rev. 11. M. Jolanson, D. D. '
Scream before the Healey of Religious En
quiry by Rev. .1 . ..'1'; .Durbin, D. D.
Monday Julys ll,Apulvereary of l/lo 1/. L
ocioty at M. .
Tuesday July I.2,::AUniversary of the U. P.
Society, at 8 o'clock P. N.
Wednesday .July 13, Oration..before the
General B. L. and U. P. Societies, by G. W.
Carrigan - Esti. at 11 - ro'cloak A: M. , •
Oration-before-7tbi Associated Alumni, by
Prof. W. P. Roe.ntao'Clock P. M.
Thursday July 14, Commencement exercises
at 10
e l
evening last, the 4th inst. the "Junior Ca
dets," Capt. BIEVENSON. assembled 'at their
Armory, and were Inspected by Capt GEORGE
W. CROP, Deputy Brigade Inspect Or. About
thirty-two members were present, and their
marching and evolutions gave perfect satisfac
tion to the Inspector. They were then mus
tered into the service of the State, and the
"Cadets" will hereafter rank as a legal portion
of the Bulwark of the Keystone State. • '
This company is composed entirel, of
youths, and as an independent corps, itlfati
shown itself vigilant and active, and always
evinceil a lautlable ambition tolearn the dis
cipline and t tetics' of a soldiet:. Under its
"new organization, we trust the Cadets will go
on prospering and Co prosper.' .
FREE . CONCERT. 2 :---John H. Rheern . ,
Prof. of Mind° in thepublio Schools, produced
an agreeable surprise, one evening laet week,
by giving an impronOu Concert with part- of
his juvenile classes, in front of the. Episcopal
Church, The little girls sang delightfully.
By the way Mi. Rheam has a lino assortment
of Ikletodedus, at Ewing's Cabinet, Ware
Moms, worthy the aitention of persona desires
ing an instrument of that kind.
THE BAHRACiiB RAND.—As the sum
mer evenings are here, we begin to listen for
the music of the Barracks Band on the square,
which formedsuclf a charming feature jof The
town, last summer. 'Vie hope they will soon
put their nolo in cireidation
SALE OF TOWN LoTs.- 7 We call, the
attetpowpf our roaclera to the eale . of the two
Ifdirding fOle in rear of the College. They
will •be offered" at the Court .House, at 11
o'oroolci on-Etuturtiarnext -
The Ladies of en Ev. Lutheran Church
in' Mechanicsburg. Will;hold a fair in the new
Church on-the eveningsof-the-16th-1-7th-andi
18th of June. Proceeds to be devoted to fur
nishing the 'Church: Allure cordial', invited,
to attend. ' - • .
flobipson's Double Show, Circus and Theatre,
will exhibit at Carlisle' on next Saturday at•
ternoon and evening:, Of course those who
am the chink" wilily..
Monday lent, aa we. learn from 'a
Orrespondent, aa 'dic i er - ening train. passed
hrough New -Market, York" comity, a young
idy attemPte . ti to,drlia aome sheep and, geese
.-rom the traok; in doing whiolt she fell; eh.,
'l•Prting'up linmediatelyebut failed, to ' , got far
bough from. the-ralla +o--esaape the : enklne;- --
/hiolithiew her to the Bide of the traok
a few '
• " .
HEAVY 'Simms/4T . Siesq4s,.—The 8111P
iente,of Speak) on Sittaitlay -164 .Were over
vro millions of dellare','lmalllng the aggregate
, rpm New.. York something over five. foilliolio of
fo/Ara. • This is u greeter aum by a : million
helleve,, 1/IEI was ever borate
.bippedin :the sante,:length- af.timer Thla,
trge.export. limning been • expeine4),- the effect
ate • leas, dleanterons-'thsvil•wtheralee woul4
'4s bees -
a '.be
IghttP h;le'cr:dl3:injuld
Ymvithv ehris.tien- A dv;lndeldc,lolirttal:
... - -:. .. - . • • .
• ,=, -PRORESSOR DAVID B. ctioVisrt
'Died at Triving Female College. in Meehtinierr.
burg, Cumberlaud•Caunty, Pennsilvaida, on
the sth of April; .1859. aged 27. '';',. ' •
•Ih his early yeitll4,9t9 , camp,-meeting, while
walking tn.the'woods he met the eye of Pr. '.I.
T. Peck, theri.President 9f Pi c•o•lt,gemlio'was
i \
so improSeed li)%.this,,,t a Vrilting phrosonaltappear-•
• mice, as indicating m .e OH' ordinary prorn
iseOltough not a word assed between. them,
.that he Inquired for 'his. father., and:desired
G,. th
Mivid might be sent ta - c - oile g e. ' In an'.
swer .to'parental soiegivitigs, the., doctor Paid.
" Go i t; •tiosti.teCto be a useful , . man. . Give
him to me,-and by the bisarting of god I will
return 'him. to ) , ou 'at leftist as' good as. he
crone " Under the Charge of, this 'good. man,
lie embraced religion.: at ;college during • his
..: - -ittotriFyerristirmlB64.aiuLt united...lBlllol.
Methodist E. Church. Ills Senior year 'was
speutat Princeton College, where he gradua
sOtietlone yens at Pia pall imore College;
experienced president', N. C. Brooks. ' ! the
- best, or one of the best -leachers ho ever
• r icnew." n.att engagement was with Rev.
A II Marian, with whom he energetically
• and heartily:oti,operated in ,ereeting.'and eon;
ductingille Irving
_Female 'College, which,
perhaps, no institution in:the third year of•
Ile existent:m.lms ever been•more encouraging . '
ly sustained in its patronage. moredelight fully
sucessful in' its literary achievements, or more
- graciously and ettensively blessed religiously;
and the able faculty accord to Prof. .Ccittver .
hie full meed of praise.
Ile spoke of spirituel condition and pros
. peetti dec idedly and satisfactorily, in repeated
conversations With kids father, and jn the last;
• about two hours befell. he died, be said: ‘• I
am willing and, ready to speak notlretn
reliance..npod itost experience; laying.
his blind upon,his• heart, •• I have . tlie witness
within me. - •
-11a_was-remarkable-for-his-metital develop
ment-and cultivation, for strength of will, and
uncompromising determination in his under
inkings, and also for amiable, 'confiding. filial
submisssion. JOHN A. Genii.
Scares Wonits.--We have received two more
numbers-of the-cheap, edition 0f..1 he— Waircrly
Nov*, now' in course of.publicdtion by T. B.
Peterson and Brothers, of Philadelphia—:‘,Wa•
verly," and " The •Authitiny." , The story of
• Waverly, is wovemin. with ono of the most in
teresting_,portions• of Scottish history ; - the
characters are admirably grown, Well sustain
ed throughout -and the, work abounds with
thrilling incidents, . • , •
"The Antiquary," more perhaps, than any
of Peed Cs_ fictitious triitings„ .makes us. aware
of the vast 'amount of labor and, research. he .
employed, inproducing these graphic pictures'
of human nature ; but aside from , this, the
"Antiquary" carries with'it additional inter
-est, from-the-fact, -.that -many , have - . supposed
that the author drew the character, of Old buck
of A/QOM/ens:Os a portrait of himself. • •. .
- These novels are published complete 'in
weekly numbers at - 26 cents "ectipy orfire dolc
a'. ,
lan', for Jim entire - sett of twenty silt voluniee
post. paid.- We commend the determination
of this enterprising Philadelphia firm, to fur
nish the works - of an author like Walter Scott,
at a priceso reasonable, that all persons wliat
ever may possess a lull set; and direct the
special attention of our !enders. to the-fact,
' advising them to make a remittance of fIN3
.dollars at once and thus socurel'an early copy
of these standard works. .
. , .
This number' is unusually ininreating,atabia
time; as the article on the "•War in Italy,"
discusses the views mid pOsitiop of Austria.
There is also rt4eview of C'arlyti'S Frederick
the Great, and an important paper im Bunsen's
Egypt and the Chronology of the Bible, in which
,the vonclusiiins of that eminent writer are
Submitted to the ordeal of the strictest canons
of historical criticism, and he is conclusively
shown to have admitted in many instances as
historical facts, stat ements resting solely on
traditionary sources.
ThC remaining articles, The Minstrelsy of
Scotland, National (lottery,' Devonshire, George
fif, and rhorles James Fox, and Lord Broug:
ham and Law Reform,.though' not •marked by
any peculiar attractions, afford a welcome va
riety to the number. TWO paper on, Devon
shire, in, particular, adds a valuable chapter to
thode local histories which have fohmecl so
pleasing a feature in some of the recent guar;
terly publications. •
Republished by Leonard Scott & Co., 64
Gold Street:, Now York, who also reprint the
North-British, IVestminister, and Edinburgh
ReriewtCniiil Blackwood's' Magazine; $3 a
year singly, or $lO a year for the ~.whole five
Periodicals. • .
New Musiqz;om Oliver Ditson & Co., Wash
ington St. Boston. ,„ •
"My Delight waltz"—"from Ever Green
Leaves" by Carl Panzer, a brilliant and at
tractive little waltz. •
"In a Lone and Dreary Chamber," words
W...pirhart, Music by L. O. Emersdff:
This ballad, founded upon the touching inci;
dent headed, 'let me kiss him forhis mother"
is full of sweetness and - beauty.
"Youth and c 6 us , for two fe
male voices from" Les llarmYniennes". a
lection of twenty-five pieces from different
atithors; arrenged s„ by - 3.' 'Cencone. - English
and French words Beth given.
"Bonnie Doon" with vartations; fromßish
-4'8...T011e-of Instrumental,
leote . eand arranged by T. Brigham Bishop.
"Dawn Waltz"—from "Twilight' Thoughts"
a collection bf waltzes; marches ec. for Guitar
by T. Brigham Bishop, An excellent piece for
practice, being arranged in the different po
sitions. '
"Gently sighs the Breeze" from "Bouque
• of vocal Duetts" arranged for the. Guitar, 'A
_Oliarming 7 eongapr.Guitar,_full._oL grace_ anti
melody. For sale utPi¢or's.
• DRUBS= & PROCTOR. One of the oldest and
mostiiiimsfieluldishitig houses in'New 'knit;
is that of Dolisser & Proctor, late Stanford 'St
Wieser. • •
• .It was established in 1787, and has passed
'doWn through it succession of partners, until
'it has reached the present proprietors. For
years it was known as the literary exchange
of New York, and has always boen known,
especially to Episcopalians, as the great Prayer
Book House. -We are glad to learn that the
influence and energy of this' ancient house,
are filly sustained in•the persons of the pros
's it flrnt. • • .. •
Vinointa Ecidrrori:--The result s ettle.
election in Virginia,
,slionli,a wonderftiltfall
-4-Inr-Otrfrian 'the — DeineairatUrfatyry. --- 51r
Letelier is elected Governor 'by
,q majority . of
&bent. 4,000; Mr. 11uoliattan'tinuijority,le 1856,
*as 29,000. .
In the .Bth Congressional dietrict, .Ale=. R.
Beteler, Whig, le 'elected. In Theother die .
trims, few independent demomte have beott
elected over tileyegulernemineee ofthe party,:
• ~.PICTRROON. O ~ D ETcerea fir,
• June, eentnine a list of seventeen new (noun
' terielt notes that htivnbson:put In eirenlation
ettree the leg ' !Mina ' : This' work contairielt
vast amount of Information important' to lett-,
Oasis men, and shoOd be generally patron
• .
Dur itafffe
DR.: 11,00FLANDS
• The great standard medicine, of the presetit
age, have acquired aeir griikioputarity only
through yiiiitisg: &jai.
lion is rendered hy them in ail casest, and the
people have pronounced theni worthy. •
4 '
• •
Liver •complain;,:Dysperla, .faundlce,
. • • Diseases of the xrdwo,
and „all aeiang from. a 4 ord ered
liver or weakaesi of ;le atomaeli'and• 'lsliiiir
organ's, are speedily" and i iiimftieniise ear d by_ -
the GEAMAN - BITTERS. ..., :7"-"--
The. Elalaan4c' Cordial hi (revoked a
reputation !nil:passing Mat of any . 40ilar pro,
paration eztant. It will "wre WITHOUT /AIL, -
' Me most severe .and long-atOnding •
Cough, Cold, or llnareeneis,'Bronohltis, In•
--fluenza,Vroup, Pneumonia, Incipient
. Couinufiption, .
and.he's .Prformed the moat astonishing area
ever known of
lk:s9firmed Consumption.
A. few 4108 U will. also at 'once. ?heck and
cure the mat , severe Dlarrham proceeding
• __
These medfcinesart prepared by:ter. C. M.
JAOHtiON & CO., No 418 %•zirdi Street, Phis..
Pa., nnil__necitold_by_cfrnsigisis-nnd---
etealeis in medicines everywhere, 'at 76 cents, '
per bottle., ,The signature of C. M. JAcce9x
will be on the out4de.wrafiper of each 'bode.
iln the silnianac published annually by the
proprietors ; called EVEILTBODII ALMANAC,
pan will find testimony and , commendatory
notices from all parts of the country. These
Almanacs arigivsn away. Lit all our agents.
For sale by S. Elliott , B'. W. linven..ticCar
Nature. lu her great laboratory,hes stored souie reme
dy adapted to every disease which "flesh is heir to."—
hutit r. quires the, investigation and research end,
phitompber to discover this remedy.. Such remarehaod
Investigation has succeeded in disco•ering a remedy for,
that most afflictive dispensation, the
With all Its lesser and'nunierouti t and It may he
nattily wsserted_that until the:appearance of the Oxyits•
inited Bitters, a rose of Dyspeptic cured, was a rare ex.-
perfonee In tnediCal-praetlce, Tow under the Influence
of•thise Bitters the rule is to cone, therere exception,.
failure to cure. - Read Din theitubttCri
lier-requeas us to publieh for the benefit Of the athictn
Az a.gbilurette • ciao Ryspepela Curid•••
by the Oxygenated Bitters
l'ho following - trom rt ger; trethen kuo . eliliftbe
region In which he liven ought to eatlety nil. thooo of
little faith:
• 'llarrarowsr;:i. J.,..7u1y 28, 1838.
- S. W; FOVILC & Coy IlOstOn—Sins: Nine yearn since
Oro attacked hy the curvy of all diseases, Dyspepsia,
which's° /Meted file as to cause great oppression, lull
mess, and bloating or the bowels Immediately ailment
accompanied with _terrible pains In thb....ntolunch
occasioning ratinea r .vomiting, acidity, and bend
together with general &Unity and suffering, al
alter rendering life n burthen.
After, having tried every known remedy without ef•
feet, and despairing of ever regaining my lost_healtli,
was induced to make use of the Oxygenated filtters;the
good effects of 011101 were Immediately visible on my
Health end system.'. Before using a whole Ixdtke I was
&tirely cured; and I feel a pleasure in inducing all
like sufferers es myliqlf to ,make use of tidal remarkable
remedy • • , - ' THEO. CALDWELL -
Prepared by'SETII W. - TO'WLE et CO., lloaton, and for
,salo by, Samuel Elliott and 8. W. liaverstlek, Carlisle;
ra Day,.M echan irebu K uts k Wise, Fla rennin stow n ;
Wild, Newville; Shoemaker k Elliott, Newburg;
. C:Altlck, Shippennburgriind by appointed agents
and dealers in.medicine all over the country..
Patent Champion: '411!
Late fire at Dubuque, lowa
Gents: I aterequeeted by Mr. T. A. C. Cochrane, of.
thin plea, to say to you that on the morning of tit!
4th instant, about I o'clock, his store took tire, and the
entire stock of goods win; destroyed. The beat became
no suddenly intense that none M the goods could Neal.
bly be saved: . but fortunately bin books and papers
which were in one. of your Champion Safes, were all
preserved perfectly. And well they may be culled
Champion, for during the whole conibigratlon there use
one incetsant pouring of flame directly upon the Asia
which Contained them. 'And null; upon opening it,tbe
insidu'was found to be scarcely warm, while the outside
woo most severely scorched. You. truly,
Herring's Patent Champion Fire anti Burglarproof
Safes. with Hall's Patent Powder Proof Locks, afford
the greatest security of any safe In the world. Also
Sideboard and Parlor Safest, of elegant workmanship and
finish. for plate. Sr.
FA MUM, (DOMINO & CO., have removed from 34
Walnut street, to their new store, AL 625 Chestnut at.,
( layne's IlalL) where the largest assortment of Safes In
he world can be found. •
625 Chestnut street, (Jayne's Philadelphia.
Mar. 16, 1819.
O ~The following, from a -customer, shows the de
mend which this groat medicine has created wherever.
it has beau Introduced
Iltossouto, Timm co, 3‘ Ps., March 0. 18dr.."
Mesas. FLEMING illlols.—thtitlenloll—in colliUqUenep
of the great consumption ot your o Specific" la
this place end vichilty,.we have; entirely exhausted our
stfick. e should reel obliged by your forwarding, via
°ruing, N. Y., 20 doe. with your bill, on the receipt of
-which we will remit you the money. •
From the wonderful effecte of said" Specific" In the
neighborhood, there could be sold' annually a large
quantity, if to I& bad (wholosalo and retail) from some
local agent, if you would compensate a person for
trouble and °sponse of vetidlng, I think I could make
It to your advantage to do - so.
Yours respectfully',
, Per W. E. Poarca.
Aar: Purchasers will be careful io ask for Dr. 3Plane's
Celebrated Vennilnge, menufnetured by Fleming Bros.,
oa Pittsburr, Pa. All otherAerndrugoe,jnieompariwm
ate worthless. Dr. 51.,Lano's genuine Vermifuge, also hie
relebtated Liver Pills, ran now be had nt all respectable
drug Mores. None genuine without the eigneture or •
Wm. A. Batakoloes Hair Dyr,
All others are mere Imitations, and should beavolded
you wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, RED, Olt RUSTY HAIR Dyed instantly to a
beautiful -and natural Brown or Black, without tile
least injury to Hair or Skin.
awarded to Wm. A. lititche'or since 1853, and„ over 80,.
WO applications have been made to thallair of hie pi•
trolls of hie famous Dye.'
WM. A. BATCIIELOWS 111.116 DY4produca• color
not to be distinguished from nature, and is warrantesi
not to Injure in the leant, bowimer long It may be ron.
tinned, and the ill effects of Bad Dye remedied; the
pair invigorated for-Life by this Splendid Dye.
•Made; sold or applied Cn 0 private twine) at the Wig
Factory, 233 Broadway, New York.
Sold in all cities and towns of the United States ,by
Druggist. and Fancy Heeds Dealers.
in. The °ermine has the name and address upon a
steel plate engraving on- four Aden of each Box. of .
233 IlmAweiy, New York.
Kir Sold by Druggists in Carlisle.
WlGS—WlOS—WlGS.—Batchnlor's Whin and Toup
ken eurpene nil. They are elegant, ilighti easy and dun,
ble, Fitting to a - eharni—no turning up behind—no
shrinking oft' the head; Mined, this is thn only Kedah.
Belmont where these things am properly 'understood
and made. 233 Broadway, Now York. ' , nor 17,58-ly
diseases inflammation More or loss predomloatea—now
to allay inflammation strikes St the. root of- disease—
hence and immediate core. Dalire's Meal IN
tractor, and nothlng else will. allay In flammation at
once, and snake a certain care. , •
-the ‘' following -isinong,a,great-atbdogua-of,sltseasea;
Burns, Scalds, Can. - Chafes, Sara Nipples, Corns, lion
lons, Bruises,l3traine, Bites, Poison,. L'hllblatos r Bile.,
Scrofula, Ulcents. Serer Sores, Felons, Ear-ache.' Plies.
Es re Byes, Gout, Sirellings, Rheumatism, - Scald Hood,
Sett Rheum, Baldssese, Erysipelas, Ringworm, Barbers
Itch. Small Poxildeneles, Rash, do., be,
.To some it may appear Incredulous that so many die
eakeashould bo reached by ono article; such an Idea
will vanish when reflection points to the fltct, that the
salve le a rombinatiois of ingredlnents, each and every
one aptlyina a perfect autidoteto its opposite - disorder.
-Palley's, Magical Pein Extractor-in - Its effects lemegi- --
'cal:. because / the time le Alert - between disease and
permanent curet and It to an extender, as it drawn all'
disease out of t h e alerted part, having natur es . p er f ec t.
as before the injury, It iv ecarrely necessary loony that;
no house, work t•hop, or manuactory should be one mo:.
- tient without R. ' '
No Palo Netrutor Is genuine unless the box hat uflOh
'lfs steel plat.
.erotrarlukt, with Ibt nolo' of ryeory,
Palley, lanufacturer.... - ;L•• •-• ' • . '
•• For sale by all the Droplet', aod patent modirlor;
dealer) throughout the I/olre4 States and Okoaliall.
Pritialpal DePot,Wohinbers St., New York, •
• O. V. ("HAVE.
PO 1117PE`BrItili b:t4l
• Oft aIiBES.IigANTI PI4S. prepared by'Cornellus •
L. Checaealan, M. D., Sew Toil' City. The combination
of incredienta in these Pills ore the result of ilung and
catensipe prhattce.. They are mild In their - eperation,
and curtain in correcting all- irregularities, • Painful •
litenatruatious, removing all obstructions. - whether from '
• cold or otherwise, headache, pallrin the shin palpitation 1/
'of tido haartorliltes, all netvonn allectiona, hysterics
fatigue, pain to thefasek and liiiiba t &c., dititurbedsloeP
-Which orbit, from Interruptions ofcnature.•
Td` &RUDD LatithS. Dr. Cheesenitinbi Pilli Cr, •.
Invaluable, as they Will • bring on the anon hiy. period
with regularity., Indies who have been disappeintedlit
tile two of other Villa can place the littuost confidence ils•-'• -
- DuCheesetnan's Plihrdidugnll - that they represent to do. ‘.
ti'arianted purely vegetable, and tree from anything
Nablus. Explicit directions. which should be. read,
.accoluinuty ewch box. Price SI. Pont . by. reap on en. to any nuthorlted agent:. Sold by one Drug—
gist In every town-iq' the United Stilton.
It. B. II UTCIIINOS, General 'Agent for the- Untie.,
States, 'lea Chambers" St:, flew York, to which
wholesale °niers should- headdressed.
• aN4uplur-A-J4w4ltyrwtrutmtirfartritErar gen m
' larrlaburgwßaa...4l.....l.4“ll4lE/41trflerlislerfla,,--
- - -
.- • •
We know of no invention - of modern tlmes.thet ' •
Inserven - nrie - duntlireitirroccUpy - 8 - 114glieriiii•lik — hi --- ther
temple of feme,then thediscOrerY or Invention.of the- -
- Vegetable - or Spihipi le Pills,for curing ..V.pllepsyi.or.Fall''
Spiewi. tlrnems, _and ell the various moditi..
erttionsirf nervous dleenne.. Dr. Seth Si. Ildnee. of 108,
lialtiniere St., italtimore, Sid., the Inventor. II; certainly ---
entitied4o the best wishes of Millie lionerolent portion
of mankind, w iniezpecience 4 pleasure by the diet 1411011
of humeri nufferlng When Dr. Hancetlynt prepared •,
"theca Piths. he intended them nolely forlrits, Cramps
and dpnanme ; but sulinehuniit experience satinfactorlly '
premed to him, that in niiiiition to their remarkeble •
nanktlve properties In this chins of dimes . ..they exert
mix 'perfect cent-tot-over-tile enure nArroun system.—o.' -
lielves then Induced to try thete.inienses of Neuralgia,.
Tic lioloreux, Nervotin Headache, Palpitstien Of_the
Hits-C. Incipient Pftnilyels, Hysteria, Shoicular Debility .
ande hoot of ether dineases, eprloglng ifrom it lack of.
nervous °ecru, In all of which his anticipetions were
cmwne'l with the most eanzinine 'commie l'ernons at A
disenne•ii, by v4lling Met sending a reinlttalice to Dr.
Ileum. can have the• medicine forwerded to their poet
oflice xiiiireen. he paying the postegil. s motor
. 0 single hoz. s2,tWo twines si, or $24 per dozen. We.
have given the address eboiro. [tuay2s,'o9
TO FA it it!rg rts. '
Y9olicts underidems.4l,. is: now prepsreil
to firrolsh, hiany quantities; from 100 to 1000 Acres, or
in ;re, good forming nod growing
nuirsiljacent counties,ln western Yirgipin, within 12
or lb hours 'or linitlinore, and 2,4'0f Noir Yin k. " •
.fieland la fertile' and well timbered, the climate .
very healthy, and no mild that sheep VIII be ordinarily
-wintered with very littili feeding, and where A cow can
Le vAlitkl an cheap an a clliciteil le New England. They
will ho sold cheap, And on easy term!, Jr exchanged for
Improved property, or good literal/miler.
Address, With P. 0. stamp, It. Franklin Clarli,llB
Walnut Street, Philadelphia. • [uuty25,1859.
Reported 'weekly for the .Flernld by
Woodward& Schmidt
noun Butirrbue, per bbl..
do. Extra, 'do.
do. - do:
RTE • 110 ;
{YIISAT.per buebel
Rel/ du . do.
June,.6 185
The Flour ;market ipc - eY dull today; there
is little or no inquiry for export,. and. stand
ard-superfine is quoted at $6 7605711 .
most holders asking the latfer rate tor straight
lotarbtet we hear 'Y f no sales except in a smalL
Way to the trade, at from these, figures up to
$7 , 5008 51re bbl. for. superfine extra and
fancy branyfs, as in quality. Ityi
.Flour and
Coen Meal are also quiet; the former is quoted
ai $4 60, and the latter at $4ll bbl for Penna.
Meal. .
there is not much. doing. .owing
to the firmness of holder* and only some 2®
8000 bus. lave been disposed of in small lots, -
at from 162 tolfific. fin' fair to.pritne reds •
170( - 072c. for good mixed, and 171:01766.
for fair western white.. Choice- lots are syarce::::
Rye it coming in slowly, and l'enna. is selling
in a small_way at 02e. Corn is dull and low
er to-day,-, with sales of,sine 9000 bus. prime
yellow to note, part last evening. nt 00®02c.
afloat, closing at the latter rate. Oats move
Off as wanted, tit 22e. for prime Penna.
"""'Holders-of Whiskey are firm to-day, and the
market is more active, Penna. bbls. selling at
270277ic , now held higher; Ohio and Prison
do 280200, and Drudge' at 26ie: Hhds. pro
scarce and high
On the 2d init., by the Rev. Jacob Fry, Dr. allA ULU{
F. SIIEAFER. of York, to., to Mks J. ELLIE, daughter
of Dr. H. W. Caufman, of Bolling Spr Co.Pa .
On the 6th loot.. nj• the Rev. A. IL Kremer, Mr. DA'
Lower Allen, this county. .
On Tuesday eeritnes, Mal' 31st, by the Rev. Thdmaa
W. Macistry. Mr. Itoinar.if. ELLIOTT, to Miss MAO.
GIB It. thISLIN, both of Federalsburg, Md.
[Mechanicsburg Journal please copy.l.
On the 31st ult.. at Old residence ofllam M. Ech
ols, in l±itophonistown, ANNA PIIIFER, aged ntto
mouths and twelve days,
"Our Anna Is gotM." These words were uttered with
deep and heartfelt sorrow, by tedovingapet tut she bent '
In listless illence ova;, the death bed of n ehlrished it.: 7"
font. The dying vtieldeaught the expression and as if
it would tarry a Moment longer; reopened her eyes and
turning them full upod the speaker, took a last fond
look. A beautiful orphan bubo was abut to - die, and
throwing up its tinylands. with a laugh which left It
nulllou everftu death, Its spirit winged Its tight back
the Clod who gem it. Yes; our A ulna le dead. Would
that I had not said dead, but she has gone to meet
her mother ins heaven. horn in a foreign State, when
but a few weeks old she was deprived of mother's love .
Although she came to reside with kind `friends
who took delight in her playful pratlings and the clap! 1
ping of her little hands; who_loved to administer to all
her wlt'uts; who watched het every inurement with
anxious care and loved her with ti love second only to a
motheett yet her stay was.short. Now that she has
gono,dt seem. as though she had made her friends 'a
tole( visit and then returned home. She has gone
Willie, but ifris ton home in nit:tildes. Four little shie r
robed In pure whiter; emblems of purity,- bore•her - bcidy --- -;
away and with their own hands laid It In tha.datk.cold
grave; but our Anna Is - not there. thirough the, atone. •
Meld of Lord and Sitiour Christ; we know - she
Is In heaven. . .
Yea, •• our dear Anna Is gone," and although her body
Ilea burled many when distant from that of her mother
mother and child have agalmbeon united.
' • On 'Friday, June 17th, 1. ettO.
The underagned Assignees of Peter F. Ego. vIll• ex
pose to public sale, on sal& day, at the Carlisle how
11 brim o miles cast Of Carlisle, a largo amount of per property, consisting In past of •
12 Mules, 6 Cauca, 6 Steers, 6 young Heifers,
2 Coma, 1 Bull, 8 ASVics lath pigs,
2 Wagons, 2 Carts, I Grain Drill, 2 TheeShlng Sleeps/
Plows; llortinfs,"Witiii Single and double' ' s,
Mule Gave, a cariety of Chains, ll'hoelbarrows, r .
tinges, 2 Sleighs, Forks. Shovels Orain,CrsidleaCultHa.
tore; lobof Old Irtm, a lot order Iron, Chestnut Rails,
didogics, lion Oro, Charcoal, a lot of Carpenter,
Blieksmith r rosge and Furnace Took., and a large TIM
riety of other articles too numerous to mention. •
Sale to :online.° at 10 o'clock, A. IL, of said day,
when lormswill be made kno*n by
Juno 8. 1880-2 t
OHOOL 'I'AX ..01? .1859.—'1 he tax
' able cltlions of the Borough ofAlarlisle; are liaieby
untitled that tire Treasurer of the 'School District of ‘,
Mid borough, will attend at the ,thrunty Court Anus°,
(Commissioner.' office) ou
THURSDAY;Trus 28th or JULY xxxr,
betWoon the bourn of 9 and 12 in the forenoon, artd
and o'clock In the afternoon of said dny, • for the pisru
pose of collecting and recelylog the SCHOOL TAXES
aseassad forthe present year.,On all taxes paid oh or befora that date, deduction ill be =aloof
FIVE PER •C 141 NT. • _ • •
Peisone wishing to pay' their takes in the mean - - •
thnei - mity• do so, by calling en the Tresiuter at his - -.-
Store Room, In "Merlon " building - •
• 4.-
. . . .
Carlisle Juno 8,1 . 859.
16130 - ."
The MI meeting and'oitAtpn pt the Cumberland'.
.County AgrlculturralSochdp4 wilt be held eh.tbolr own
Fair Oroundi on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY add. •
DAY, the 12th, lath and 14th of OG7011E8,1689: The
gretind of the Society will Le'greatty Improvedoollsty..-
tOlartlelee for. Mthlbltlon'wDLbe under cover; - and Abe . : ,
display Is expected to be much larger then ever. belbre. •: •
MNIBy order of the dochtt;'. ', •
• ' • DAtil.. 8. CROFT, &0...,
Juno 8, 1980.
1) 0 I_'.l;N SLATETiie.:uniiii.."
11,) 'signed boa been appoloted 'agent for the 't Ye *et
eoetko nod hen' wow. , epd!;Will• - tvie
keep on hipd,,meet,the degotrd
bolideitiudo•there: Tht!oplit weeteettottentor
'ele wollid do well to alt at Milo LombOr and, , coat ,
'nue the Qum Home, -• • •
duo. ' •
11'!filk • • • , ' , TAt'OD'itlßOkt•
, . . . • .
c'~~te~ ~~trhEt~
do. ',..1
• $ 6,75
. 7,00
4,25 r.
- 1,55'
4.60 ,