Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, May 25, 1859, Image 1

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VI MTV t, VLISEDIT • , 1. 1 0 ODE- PI •- N cx,
,„ -
'VO . L. 'Lit..
Austness (arcs
r .
()CTO AIIiNIST.RONO- - fins yemov:
t.q.1,1% rare. to UM South west 'corner of novric
l'ornfrot st where helrrity Ire mins.' ted at ;my hour of the
day or night. Or. A. has had thirty years exiwrionce
iu the irroiesrilon, tire last tour irl : whhill have hero der°.
. to tine study and practice of lionireopathic
i4riy 20,
NO'l.'lol.—Titos. M. .1;EDI) CP:
coatilib,' the, practlen of tbo WY, In 1110 nitler
:formerly oylupind Ly his llttlinr, Wm: M. 1.111.1111 n, Itbni ;
Inl.morn recently. by Ow law firulof Penn). A: Biddle,
.•lb:e. • •
'Attui r mi of at Law.
North Ilanorer street, a four dngrs
Qlh of Mass' natal.. (intrusted to him
will lir pramptly utiyudrd to, ' • .-- [April 15.
• •
. 'AIV NO r[c I ItioloyAL. —W.
11_4 51 . PIINIIO,II-Ironarrial. Inn ram
-0.4k ino non prittipily attend to all
011trIlVted to 11110. •
• A11411,t 19, (657.. • • -
has rosittai. , l tho• prarlire of tlip 0111oe la
(halt, Sqtriro. agt, side, near the - First l'i•enbyterlaa
April 5, 1557. . •
•" qt. S. B. KVP
lEOR . Office in North
yii worur. ,trees Irmo
. . .
stor, hour.. uo i . pn r tiruLurly rl , llll
A. tt..n i l from :1 tiy7.o'clook. ..'
1)11. 0111 . t1 E 13 It ET
.... -.•-
' • ---- V 44* ---11747/1 .
_____,...,.: . .. 2........2. . .
, Having returned tMlarlisle. cures Ids protitsttlontil
sorvitoot to the eltizons generally.
t dire ill North lit st roof, neatly opposite Ma foam,
.lollora Le. I rarliiiti, 341r1•II SIB V•S,
tid• IVO! I,_ab.mnit, until tog Irt
` ,.. ,R7,,;;;;...77„ (1 - 1‘;() Pal -
r-p,74-7- it . /Annul'. Dl:NiTerfrotiillit! - II:d..
.1111,11 - logo -nr Uvu la
t 1,,1111.111,, of his mart - ,11, EaNi.
. trout. throe dein, bolow
. 111:9.4.11 111, IHrie,--ts. . •
r.. ItST [OK, Druggist,
-; • North Ilanover -
l'll),Han's presorfutionsentvfolly roturnuuled
A full sitipply..of fr,lt dru.rm and ch,nll4-qls.
• C. .NF FP respeet
k3l roily -tor iho bolt, aTI)I gentlente'n
-ITY of Carlisle, :9111 rlcildby,.ll,at he has re.
the practice or Death : try, and is prep wed to tons
operations on the teeth and, Runs, belonging
1., id s pr01,, , ,j0n. Mil insert full sots or t.,1 la 011
1....unt teeth, or blodis. as they
may Pcu Ps. Term: SUR - lime thons.
one° In directly opplit!ile the (bomber—
land Vallec
•ir h. N. will bo In Nvwrillki thu Lunt ten ttlym of
evpry infiuth.
1.0. Loomis je y.7 7
Soull.l streut,:""
ney.t door to the Post _—•
1,-I_,) Allllllu alpurat frouri v :Mkio the 'find ton days•of
each moan.
G Eo._w,
_N HOAG)",
_D. :D. S.
1,100 nelllollStilitor ult.mative I)u . lifist; -
y to th . o
naltirnoTo 1:01 - tugo nl'
surg , r•
: - 011ITITTit 108 . reAdenee,
'oprosite Marlon Him, tl est Mae streut, c'arlislorPoun
Nov. 11.1S4:
GO6 dos Market. St.,aboveigilk,
11.,,W. HINKLE, Prrwrlotnr.
tY, per .1:p•. Ju3o'sB.
Korth Western Idtttelettid Cdleetitig Agent,
tatentiott paid to thu Ititt,ltiess of mot.resi
hints, soc•lt .Is buying ttntl srlliug Real ENLIIk,I luring
lotitty oht rout I,tato Fotturititt, Paylittt; Xltti tint
.4:111g tiller the ,corral hitt:rust of nott-t.tttitlitutt+. - t. .
Ref...rote, ttivett,if require , l.
Address, 31ENDUNIIAltlt,
31Iuttenolis, .lintittsottt.
d lily ^_l, IFSS—Iy
1 1 0 TUE(' Ul3 LlC.—The undersign
i_ being well known non writer. would 061 , ilk
ITit!.oB to all requiring Literary obi. Ito will fkroish
iblre,es, Orations. ilosayo ilresethation speeches nod
',plies. Linen for Annum, AeroAleo—peellnro MAL,
or the Pre,h—Obituaries. and write Poetry upon any
objet Ator,,, (post paid)
Ith 171,0,
) 1 , 3 Al, 1 , 3'1' A'l' 1 , 3 :l s :(11 , 3N l; IT, 10E
CON VI:VANCE!: ND : , tn ' t IV EN has
11h.1'eti t 7 11k SOW Mlle° 011 11:1111 titreot. otto door west
f the r0u11.t.0.111.1 Valley Read Deplq.
Ile Is now tterntattently loenteti, and hassos hand nod
br sale a very largo ,Linottitt.or foal I,;;Atti,td.etraslstins%
Farm:, it all slots. improved :111,1 nnitoprtived. Mill
. rops•rl It,. Too, Property_ of ovary daseription,
og bits, o, %Voitern. Lands and Town Lots.. Ho will
iVII his nUeutinu, va IteLtol'ore to the Negotiating ol
.tettet. Writing
nd Sortvening generally.
9:•1. '2S, iw,7.-tr.
CAItf.ISI.I4 PA,. •
'rho Antee"rlber 1 1 •T6'1II.J.j Suereedel 11. llorkbolder iu
is management el this popular note], begs leatu Lo
'sure the t arelllng public, its well as the eilken,3 lit
Iwo And county, that no pains rill ho mooted on his
Itt. to millitaln the ellaracter t elb'thts honse has
tjopotl no . lons, is b.first class tiote .
I•larb •lelrirtnent trl.l Isrunder hi. hunledinte • super-
Sinn :Ind tryst y attention trout tot • emorort in' Ills
jests 11.tring been r:•••••ntly todaeged -Lk °Iwo( the
nst commodious II••tels In trnln, nhil•• In regard to
lite. it is In any. 111;NII.V 01,135.
l'arllsle...kja• "
IV. C. II I lEE' 1
givo sptelal attention to I, llo , tl , ins
not •Lill; ;It:lto—make Investments, tiny and pall
al tlqtato nm. eeenellies.Neaollate home, pay ta.vee,
ate lamt wane nis„Ve., Iterer,to the members of
Cumloaloml Comity liar, zunl to ‘ll prominent eltt•
l'a. A y. •
LIU I•Sillt0114 A Oiln but, of Upp,
it,.,. tOWO'llii). knund by Om Ile.
sir of Cumbnt laud taunts, GUINN DWI'. 1 1, 1 , 1illt!
townAtip. All por..ous hp1e144...1 to NAM
tale are toqulred to InaNn lilllllollllltO paymont, nud
tom, taring dale Will iirn.rot nallement
111011 A 1..131111:11T, Exnrtitur.
Mar. '23; 111.',?5.-.--Ct
FtMoN P. 4N :H,
W. K. 1.1, , FA1tL.0E,. Pormsy
k CI'MK,' lthoLlo Island.
itlcern ointipoislern In Kcal. Eistate,
suuvraru.l. ,
-the Court —Unuoe
nrlislo, Vu. JOHN HAN, ON.
elr COorti leaven dolly for Popertown, Veter.
,grg, I . sl:iprtncrao•l_lfo . ..lover_filon Your".
• _ •
1V A :11 STJ T - T P I N T.S
hey urn bus bout ; 0.1110.)ES jet ufroroLl to tire public
for tie money.
... • c..y.rirottiswiyAtaTre,
11tfi1l3,5,21";'AIIMSIFlONG,.82 ,
Apra 20.18411 - - - -410 • • • • '
IPO RT AN'r . NO T I.oltl.—T he books
a•N•ounp, of Dr. J. IC. Smith have !woo plarod
1.1•1•111r1 tor 0 , ,11v01100. l'ornoto , aro thureibro ngtl
that'noltr will ho brought, on All aCCOUnt,I4 l'ItIlltlill•
otter thel2th of May;
r!lnle,Apr, k', 1N697-0t MTH.
. IF Yi/LI lis ANT A PltiliFEC r,
mitt a tl upu:•lrf plaurO. gd to Ito' Dokuio.rato
14 3I at!. ttEt... , 10/41 1 .1. new. tho bottther
I:mover ptrootA. Did uu tat not La Yl il uygwluo3ll
r. 311 1 letttP—tot . .• ,
The CARUSLII lIERIIO, .11111PIlithell weekly nn a large
abv.,t containing twenty eight velum., and fUrnished
;to subscribers ,at $1,r.0 i . !add - strictly , in advance:'
$1 71l If 113111 Within the year: or in all eases when
payment is lilll#oll after li a exiiiratin n of the
year. No subsvriptions received hue in less pkriod than
0s temm disrontlnned until all arrearages
.are paid. unless at the option of the publisher. rapers
sant In subsrl'ibers tiring nut of Cumberland county
muht let paid far 'in AliVrilire Or the' paymnnt assunied
- by Millie resllo,lSll/10 11,1 , 1111111i11g in Cumberlandkonn
ty. These terms will be rigidly adhered •to Inn 'all.
A tivealsoinents ,rl,ll he charged $l.(10 pnr-Fqunrno .
linos the Hires a . nti 25 cents
subsequent 11.,erlfon. All ntiverliveinevtti mJtesx than
twelvellne4 emu:Moroi :to n_square•
vPrllsoinvntA,lnFi•rte(l . befortOlarringes und..tteat ho
S retltsrwr line fin. first insurtion.:ind .1 'rots pcn. 114,i'
r soh:l./neut. Insertions. ; ConnnonleationH on Huh.
jut , . or limited will ix, 'charged
nu is pair line. Thv l!roprietor will not be responsl•
I,loln damages 11Fr. (• " 1 . 1 . 61, lu niveill,temonts. Ohitnary
.notl,vo nr 3lorrlaai.s not exvi.eding flcu Iluu., I,IIT Le
Inserted Wlliwnt charge • • '._ .
Carlislo floral,' JOB Pill STING OFFIOIf Is Ilia
laraost and most eompleft. establishment In therou`nty:
Thre. and it general variety of material
1 7 anev wnili !flowery krud..,,,d,r.
O, .1,41! Printing at the shortest Illiil4lolllll 011 PIO
tow , " reasonahlo turns. Persons in want. of Bills,
/11anks . or any thiug till , Joi.hing lii will find It to
Tilts iliteria:t tie call,'
4.jciteraf (mil t,ocaf 3nfornitiliott
. .
- • • .
• •- --- 11. - S. acivErtsmENT.. ...
Priddetit—.l.A l ll , ilren ISA N.. . .
Vivi. Pro.4I.IIE—XMIN - 11.1:111:CKEY1:11.1:,
Slwretary of titote —Goo. lil:wt.l (iA,m.
i . tecoodore of I 0t0r10r,..1 ern) 1' if()VI,4ON..
St.I.11•L:11, orTI,ISIM . y—Ii..IIT.I.I; Cf/ . 1111: .
. Si, : et:lrrOtAl'llr—.lollS 11. ri.01 . 1).
Spi•ri.f, try of Novo-1.411Q d'oevid - .
- Post:U.:Ltd: Ueneral - eeletOtett 1.11d.i,E- __ ....7 ...
Atioroitedietioral—dErt(3lllll S. iII.VIC.
Chief Justice of. tit° United tft,ittts—it....iti_TANitY
. - •
• Ilovernsr—lVli.itAS •
Si•vrt,l4ll'y Or 31. 11,A511,11.
--.4 4 111 . , 1/onsral—,l.lllN ROI% I:.
Fey. JR.. -
'llEusirrer—lHNlCV S. 3i WI:, W.
• - .111.i2;,.11 . 1.I1.1 1111.11 t! l'ourt-I:l.Emki, .1. NI• Ailm•
-I . ltoNt.. W. It. Issue'', (12)%'. AVosowmts..loll,'
()FFICERS. • •
.1 nclges Coeldin, :fain net
,11 ,f. Shenror. .
I/ oidey.
S. IfFift. , _
Demtty, S.
emtlity.'l',..rittrpoNloses Drleker,
, .
Cott. ty Commissioners—Au !vit. Kerr, So
:tow. Nathaniel 11. Keit°ls. Clerk to CoininfitSbniers,
Jo es Armstrong'.
Direvt ors el the Mir—Smoot.] 'l•rltt, Trimble,
A braloilti Flitierlotenilent
I.lOltOUO OFFiCIIC.S.7 , •
chti•r 11.1mr,ess—.1o101
A,.sistant. 110 SlOO-001:01.
Town Cou .. o(.ll—A. It. Shary,.l4ollo IVIIII.OO
.11.007.. Ilartllo.l% T. jt 'l'..4Aup.)o l .1. Worthillt"ur
Ittmty., A. Monestnith, Win, Lueilm
121,rk is Cuunell.-,Thos.
I ugh Constablit—Jolol Spahr,
Antlrunv Martin., .
/ir tho
. I)tiluilor, 'David Smith,
111.:11:teI llolcuntlt, Stephen ICeopers.
First Presbyterian Churdi, Northwest op& of Cen
ire Square. Rev. Conway P. Whig Pastor.—Sery ham
ever. Su olay Meriting at no'ilock,"A. M., and 7 o'clock
Second Presbytorlan Church, corner of son th I puny,
411,1 Pomfret ati eels. 11ev. Mr Malls, Pastor, Services
chunlonce at II o'clock, A. 11., viol 7 o'clock P. M.
. . .
St. John's Church, (Prot. Episcopal) northeast angle of
Centro Suit tre. It. 31orsh. Rector. Services
at II o'clock A. 31., and 3 o'clock, P. M.
English Lutheran Church, Iledthrtl between Main
nr strovts. Rev, Jacob Fry, Pastor. Services
at 11 o'cloel, .t. 31,, ,Ind i 17clock 1% M.
tierman Reformed Church, LontlMr, between. Han
/WM'. Mid PM streets. Rev. A,. 11. Kremer. Pastor.—
Sei . vices at 11 O'clock A. laibt . o'clock P. 31.
3letludli3 li. 131iurell, (liratp•h,irir) ri!nlor ot Main aild,
l'itc Strcuts. ltev. al, D. C. 11.0). WA. Pastor. F.urrlceN llt
ll 'o* (.1,,c1; A. 31. awl 7 o'eludi I'. 31
Minhodist E. l'hureli (second charge.) Rev. Alex. D.
((Ibsen nostvr. Seeders in JAnory 31. K Chutell uL l
oletock A. M. ain't i l' •
'St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Pomfret near East st,
Re 1...•1N111NS Services every other
liahliath at lu oVoolt. Vesper tit . •
lii.curm Lutheran Claire': unto •r of liondrtit and
streets. Itev. Castor. Services at
((clerk, A. SI,. lid
Atli-When eininges ill'the alai,e era necessary thil
proper h e rmits are requested to 11"Lify us.
Rev. Charles tlolllus, D. D., President and Professor 111
Mural :ritual, •
Itor. 1: - .irtital M. Jrdmnnn U.U,l'rof:ssurofl'ldloso-
I'lq English I.ltulatittol
Jamos W 311.'0,111. 31., Professor Lan
Ittiv. (Vitt. llosirtill; A. M.. Professor of Matheinallta.
M IVllson. A, M. Prolessor olNattual Sclutice
yud tlintitor of the 31useino.
A lusatitler I , ellent. A. 31., Prorrssor of lit:brew and
Modern I.alig.tottus.
• Samuel P. 11/llnian, PrizOittl of the Grammar
•11. ti id .Issistant 'Ulu Graninotr Srlmul
. ,
il(U111.1 Sellooi...Dl it ECTOIIS.
A 00l 0010 Illalr. President. (I. t'oattin, P. Quigley. G.
c 0..... C. I'. Ilttnisrirli..l. Hamilton, Serrentr,yolasoll
'hration., John Splint.: 3lessootair. 311.0 t on
the IA 31ontlay ut ettrlt Month at $ o'clock A. ii. at 11,1-
Its!mt.-1 , 11,1110:1t, It. M. Iltmdcrston,
Ca..tiior. 11% M. 1.1;i0.i.,A; l:aslttor. .1. P. 11.1er
1:011..Y.; nielorit Parker. Thoimis
It, c, %V D.. Ithcrry'nud
Vptai ni.tta Rota CumPatY.—Pretldent,
I , roderiel, :1,11. Lary and Treaturd; Edward 31.
-111,11110; Sop'riolcntlent, 11. — Pattrnger trains
twice :I day. I.a,tutnd a, ,L a 1.:3111140 nt 10.1.1tEn'elock y .
A. 11, and AM o'clock P. 11. Two UaWls scurf day'
We:Award, km, lag Carlklu at 0.1,u o'clock A, M., and
'1.1511 P.,31.
Ciatito: IVarcu Co,ioaNY.—PresDlent, Fre Jo
tV.ats; rlveretary, I,onund Todd ; Trcattnur,
31, Duatoni; Initat two. F. D'att a. Richard Parker,
t 1 Todd. 31. DooDta, floury Saxton, .1. IV ry,
tVoodlcard, and it, 31, Illdd u
_ COlattn.33la. VALLEY B.l.Slil.—l'rhidoilt, n Eti•r-• - •
rat; Cattaler, 11..1. Sturptanu Teller, Jot. C. llolrer.—
Ultoclorm. John S. Starrett', 11 la. liar, 3lelcholr Brom
num Richard 11'0;014..10ln C. Dunlap, halt. C. Sturrult,
11. A. 13Lurtulon, and Captain John Dunlap.
Cuatherio.•:. Star Lotlire . No. 11 1 7, A. 'V. 11. theotrs at
11ario:t 11:111 on thu 211t1 mat 4th Ttitclio.j . n of every
N 1.11,11. , • • .
.i,dv l s jaa1..,0, No 960 A. V. M. Meets la 'Thula
clay of each laontli, at Marion
01 o ? iu WI 1. U. or U. F. Moan Monday
The Union clre Company Nunnorgunlned 1(1:5,
E, corm . imn; Vire President.
Porter; 'dilrotari, Theo. Cornwall; :tree/utter, P. Mon.
yet . , Company inertii the firet'Saturtley In March, Julie,
September, And Deremlier.• '. • - • •
Caw horlond -Fire Company WON I tistitutott
nry 18,1809, Proiddent, Unhurt Mifiartnoy; &TN:tory,
l'hilip Qtti , tloy; Trentirer, li. i, ilittor. Tho columny
moots on tin, third liaturday of ditoudty, April, July,
and intohor.
'I to 15'111 Host, Comprthy AV/IN illStittlted I 01611.1:,
1555. President. I. A. Si tlrgcnii; Vivo Preslilunt..liinto,
13,,,r; ;:neretars, &mud 11. (imp& Treiteitiritr,
...ill.turtlar of January, Ap1 . 11; duly, nical llogbur,
rostage on all lett etxtef ono-half ounce weight or nil
' .10 . .11 yenta 'pre eild, except to 'California or Oregon,
chleli to ,a,n,r,prepahl.
Portage on the 17 Herald "—within the County, free,
Within the litate i tB eentx per year: Teeny part or tho
United Staten 2e, coots . Ventage on all trattrlen Limper!!
'under a onneett 10 weight, lcent pro-poll" or two mote
Atlveri eed iettvrq'ti be, harged 111th the curt
of tolvertlnltot,. , •
1117R f 1LD ,1011SOIQOK
• • PIN TING .
S. Coy.. of, the Square,Thlttaia ,St.
"&" Fl and bills neatly lexeoutnol
P -P 0 walwafrv--
• For tho 11c,ruld;
All, ale 1 there wee passionate :TULIA
With au eye in; blaek as a Mee, '
Muni, the Leves'lVol.o 011thrOlied: and the graces
'Fan:sale:mod hei•'hesms of New..
Tier film irtkdivine.ns n port's,
tier vot..di'lte the water;
'Site was shilhf In she or love, ..
Per yen ne herself—had-talfght her.
Iti the &morons dime of tlm Orient,
tho'hantis of the Arno - awl Rhino,.
IVltere the only employment was lovo, ,
And old:Mini; the blood of the - vine,
(10 qent her from beaveit to earlh
• .111,4 problem of Angels t' explain, •
And to Kaye to the world what infinite love
(btu ltnteati heart cdu contain'
dropp'd nectar, divinext ;
For lue• soul once unguarded, n'lilss
Hung toady:6ll%ll:9o).h its j:iveetness,_,_
At theTiler6 , red Pralal of Bliss:
yet In the boil, I F 107.01, If,
__3ll.en-LurtiletLthe_glltle.ring toy,
DI vlnity lilloil ine-1 cult like n Oid •
1)ellilons1Y drunk still joy.-
Ilrr eillarlllA—W cst army—wero marsivircl,
• !I , ropt her trim little-P.4 tumor
And Iron., of them tailed to.t.alto captive,
• 'l'hr ogler whirl. 1110 spy . '
NVottill rush to cow• dot itmtp• It.
'flog;, :IIfIM LOV)I'S St:Wilp Was 011S(.81011;..
al.dHI had wo malty stult ;littuks,
I".nrt.ll tcoold mean rll • si:ut
• •
I invorti that, my 1555 arils elertialr
by von tig abe:qhis— . • - •
Theil"l!iivorti by uII the 1•IXI:0 Stun,
glory. unspeakable filled
1 - I• my head oil her lirearsit.
• And silently thought i twonid Lo liaptnro to die
When .in.:litho land of the blest. •
Vet tN'T look down tho dint vista, • •
The dew drop Torts oye,
Alit I think of - what Jeu.wa'S
And Ivlnt, she will a sigh,
Nov •IL'LT f1e101164 Dorras,''
And Jul.! t weartTraTall brit, -
And .Itl.l,drinlis tea ❑n• 1i..,
And RAJA nurses—it eat. •
And Jui.ik!slialr . l•4 ill ~fnllnii~
Yet she says she•do'Cr - re a fig,
.111,13 when she says iao
For \YII.B it wl4. •
Yet .1171.1VM teeth are quite lilt unit,
-Still they seem ilo with Pearl
In fart tin:•dentibt a;sured niS
"Thi!tnost natural that over he mailo.
— AI! .It:Lis now Is a spinster, •
. Of youth and bounty beret C.
T thought aa'sho. waah'd up The
Nut mueh urthe Ansel woo left;_
For. JULIA'S charms aro now purrTniaed.
....Atiyahn.unes•that hangsn
OLD .Inut, with all of her. efforts
C:111 ne'er,he VOUNII JULIA again.
May, 1809.
• For the Horol
"Ohl yo who !toe trult Ana flowers—the penteCul
Kilo, a nd lice
Yield up a prayer for those who dare the perils of Ulu
Receiving a note from a formerpupil—a
young widow of a southern planter--that she
wits_ on the eve of matrimony, I am induced
to some reflection. Richly endbwed with
wealth and a magnificent heauty, many were
attracted to her presencel"With a mind- cidb
tivated by the study of art and tIM admiration
lof the bountiful, she held firmly the; friend•
ships she had formed. During the yetis• she
was under my.tuition, she was alatost con
staidly in our little circle, where we read
poems and painted pictures, noronly in the
present, but fin•med inane a fitiry simile in
the flitere. ' 0 may that
• future he as then
Im:dieted—Omit] and serene as , the smiling
landscape, m•. the flea wli n.f•-the storms. are
over atiNtg?ne I'' May real " castles" of' en
during strength stand. I'll sunny slopes,
mightier. IM.. than the feudal piles of Albion's
isle that we then dreamed of ; shall yet
inhabit; castles of' a prosperous life tit
minds Minified in calm neljel, with snore than '
adamantine walls, bidding defiance to all th's
evils of life!
Alter she had left us, one winter found her
amid, the gaieties of a southern city. "The
rich and innverful" sought her side, but true
to thee instincts , of her W(11111111 nature, she,
wilted from. them all tai one, a wanderer of
the deep,,a ge . 'nerott and intel*eift-being,
nature's own nobleman—muster ora ship,
he oil went '‘do‘vit to see the great waters ;"
that in their " wild waves' play," had taught•
him freedom of Apirii, and wheqe i rett •• •
had lent itself to his genial nature. ' And she
equld stiVall this in lliW= coshl see the li lierfiiip a ressress of the oeeammitrur there I—and
li'j'ih(itiglit too it our.frequent—converse on
the things of nitture—of that dim wood•land
and its " haunted spriug,tl We gather
ed one st u nner's, eve—of the sunset we had
so often watched, burning Over the Schu t t-f- :
_aviailing waive—ani) whether we gad':
crud in that room or alder the old
whispering' onliqt•ces,, we _ traesd lines._ of
character trout the inanimate tu the aninntte,'
tun' from the physical to the mental and,
spiritual, a true philosophy of universal na- ,
tore. There are-few natures in this life that
can assimilate—" to everything there: As it
time, and it season to every parpose under
heaven"—all uneasiness, therefore, on 'the
subject of matrimony,- wilibe - dispensed with
by the- true-minded man or W 01110.1 17 (mind, I I
do not say bogs and .gir/s1) TO.y who are
titte to their own noble • nature, that heaven-I
has given them to Si utlY and receive wisdom
from, will by their instinct see the one mad
'know the time.' Trust not'to " tip'pearancee'
so called by " the world," fur '
" You know not mulles conlight up oyes, IMO sun eet's
Fonno cold strtnpuUldell burin; LIAIT e t %111110 MI rwie
LARK e1:1,0w,-7 . . , • .
That nit LIIVOI Mummer pen, great Pottltgu down, widlo
notnogrivit cult!,
'Sell up At YLCTION'eI . LIVING 00111:T, and BIM their lorofor
Thei•efore, 0 child:en or an*ious ionginglv
to know nn• uncertain future understand
that your happiness lies .nnWtin you, and
th'ere 'alone I—that Mere lies thefinC, nude of
things that must discriminate between, that
w hi c h inereVentecuil/ and perishable', and
that which . is tiolde,,ereative and ire inortal—
bolo:mot that Whick in •" of earth, etirthy,,"
and lhativltici, 'can creat " gold and'sit cur Y
lid the (11/st,'? .tutd hold it (4 "dael.". •
reit of ,lleaven
. .
"Itliteril'tbyen.lf;t n tert iithr anted
' To !ti.gabo on tby bulb?'
01AbtiYttlititta, N. Y., 12th Ably, 150 U,
dei: n touristtd'
e " •
l lr6i „r C .ete "'4 r"
u euotni:
No—come what ‘rill, • thyatoarlflist truth I'll Floss;
In youth, In ago, tpino,ovra-,-forover thine.. .
[Atstuo:A. 'WATTS.
As 'round soma hontoidoad's reload wall
' Tho ivy clings with clasp ainbraco,
'Clone—all thatAntvo It'llght' and grew; , 1`
two doth hope In oUrtlarkost
When friends 110alta, and, joy is lied, ,
Enfold us In Iteriliclos bright, , •
And point to to fulmortal dead I •
Still greenabout 'the mouldering slono
`''fito • genereuslty'budn and !Aeolus—
•A.truthful nionutnentalone ° •
1t braves the trreA'of thrones and tombe.
And thus, again, k said, though tate,
. Sem green thought in some gunqous
When I.leivo pasead the outer gate,
May garnituro pty grave, and bled . .
Althot thy detiolatitplgtee ot rest •
Some into therleuto, not will toll ~
.of-lovu..stl II linttoilritt
llved.letyoild the lest farewell; ••
• Tlntt . did not perlsp.wlth the day— - • .
'Chat tlld Itot,weep.ilutt otrier3 molt,
Hut only bade my ejdrlt stay—
"•. And &Noe,' orthe when Other!: ,
O ivy green t that.beighter grows,
- As time recodes—de6rog Time,..
Like to the:streonahat onward Howe
Forever, to the gort sublime;
Fit typo they. impito thou (the Immortals)
- ore4hth e tii;it scorns, or rhange, ar time--
d,;ede tint lino Life's portals
,/ith !dooms eteknn I no some gra ed. rhyme!
WARR—Lob*, olMlio (.V.111111.: of Jammer 5,
ia nroad,,llV or Firth mretimi, a ta1.„,,,,q,e0r 111.0. in re.
111,,. The 111,01,0 reword wilt Ira paid to oily site who
will retoro it triter Watt, Or the JOURNAL at, CONSI:ReE.
This, to -Miss Julitt. Lane; wits the most 'itt•
leresting paragraph iti the news.. She read it
over and civet , agaitt.'„ Wits slitoribligeil to be
{ bees that it. referred to. the behtniftil cape
I which her -father liedlburnt itt Clinton Place?
, Very likely the advertisement-Meant turother.
+ People ware losing things continually. Then I
how strange-to—haVelt-returned to the office
of the lottruat of ComMerce! It looke'd very
tench as if !rtline Tie WItS itinkittg capital' of
lost. cap presuming on ilto proltabilitY of at
I levast (um cape _being "105t . ......itt.the length : of
Broadway attibyilllt-Wveune, tronf - thn nuttier
' ous parties in the oPen sleighs. 'rite nnifssiun
of the,connecting ..Clinton Place" confirmed i
ilii.4.suppo,Zon: - No ;T . She was not at all SUN
that this wits the one. She doubted more the
Mors she thought shunt it. - . ... .' . ---, --
-Julia had been positively unhappy for weeks
froti, the want of a for cape. So many-of the
other girls, in" fact almost. everybody, had
them. . She wondered Itow they could. - afford
it; but they had them, nut she hardly. fell.
respectable Vvithottlone .. Her father had told
her thrit - litecottlif net for a moment -think of
making so.g.ltta purehase: He had not reeev
erect front li heavy' losses Inst. Willer a
his-pron igm - i.lilrn a hero support. Be- ,
voted to his professiyud pursuits,.l!.nd enjoy- ,
log, too,2with.kert rqli6b r the society of tliq'r
;cultivated and. literary circle in which Ifej
moved, he could not sympathize with his!
daughter's craving for fur capes. So the sub
ject had been dismissed from their conversa
tion, though not from the mind of the young
lady. She, too, hadhigher tastes, but for the
time they were obscured. She really felt
ashanted to go out wearing, her old, narrow,
faded mink vict ovine. Why could not she
dress as well as other people ?
And now the way be opened. , A
fur cape, handsomer than her qtmost ambi
tion had aspired to, wits brought to her door.
It was asking too much for her to relinquish I
it to such an indefinite demand its that adver
tisement. Besides, reasoned our consistent. 1
young lady, people whi) wear such capes can
or onght, , to afford to lose them. rite loss to
Thee ownerwas prottably but it slight, inconve
nience, while the tinaing, Was to her the grafi
ficatiOn °flier strongest, and ptherwise mint
ainable desire.
i ,_,•
. . . .
Still lower down n the strata of her thoughts
was this: Anna IVillard has just returned
from Europe a rich heiress. George Willard
has been quite attentive to Julia this winter.
, and specially requested that she 'Wouhl call
upon his sister, who was on a visit to her un
cle. She did not-like to ,go. and call upon
those stylish people in that old victorine. The
cape was exactly the thing to make her feel
cent fortable and as good as any body. If she
could only think it right td keep it '.
She pondered the matter all day. She ,had
no mother, poor girl, or perhaps a fur cape
would, b not. have scented of so lunch ituport•
once. Several of her youth friends . cante in
during the duty, almost all of them the happy
posse,surs of capes, sable, mink. or squirrel ;
itotd.not ono-of theta, thought Julia, with self.
Congratulation, not one of them su handsome i
as—rnine. ,
h e ', b een down tt -
Miss Bidwell. " His furs tie so cheap th a t.
mamma said she could not resist the (milliin
tim', and bought one, for Kitty. You have
not got - yeurS yet, have you, diditt ?"
filia.tool—omulor.tall_heertf by ; a uw i n i."
that, in some possible contingency, she might
have a cape ill the course of the winter; and
it hod seemed 0110 step toward realizing her
hopes to - confide them to her friend, Miss Bid..
well. llow_delighted she felt to ho able to
hinklhat I shall have one soon;
with lather about it, this Morning
"To think of that school•girl, Kitty Bid
well, hosing a mink cape! That makes four
fun capes in that. fatuity. I an sure that
coald it es well as Mr. Bidwell.
wkli that father, felt us little more pride
about my looks. ll' I had a mother to tare
for-me f' .And Julia ,burkr into a passion of
tears, whieli she imagined were tears of filial
devotion and regret: . Before she, tame out,. of
it she felt almost: us if Provident:o.llnd taken
her ease in band, and had gratified in it mys
terious way the wish denied . ,hy her unsympa.
thizing father,
"Any advertisement, or that cape?" nelidd
her-tittlsr at, the dinner•table.
." None that !movers to this one. l'sent Tor
the other papers. The LIMO advertisement is
In them all, but it does not Mouton Clinton
tt Where are the papers? Letine seo
They were up stairs, In Julia's room. She
had almost persuaded herself,: but elle:. was
somewhat fearful that her father world not
he so
.pnitily satisfied, He 'was a man o
strictest integrity„ and did not fern momen
ithaglne, that ids tinnglit s er'would not bb 'lade
nitrous as himself , to restore the property to,
ifs - tiWoer.72,lle;ditrnotlttioW the 'plAv'er 'Urn
passion for fur capee. . •
"1 think will adverUtuelt," he said. •
•• ',should think that the.ownee would do
replied Julia.
It was adverthied (though, •ilirciugh a nibs.
take, •net. till „two days-afterwards), and not
called for; 'pxcept ,by,a, • ultowily-di•mised - we
'man, -who. could not descrllio,it aright.; proba...
bly rinolher victim, to.tlle•fatiieup mania: -
„They, were gaing - to R ICCt UEba fey,'
afterward. ', , - • '
1 1 ,11 t It oti, dev, 9.4 cl tpt tit° goo IL"
Julla'ran,up nid..Eioon ounie, (Own
tiFltli the - fur' civer.lior shoulders.;. •
!‘lls it a liantlam*i ono Y° uu.
sophiet!eitted ,
9 . 11 i you.", • ,
~ •
From no N.Y. Cimmtenotion
• "'I it not • too handsome for you to wear?
lot now, Julia, that I sin not You die
no knoW thaf. I ant in debt.,
,and 'it therefore
wo dd proper for you .to wear an ex-`
pet sive 'firticlo."
• People will think that it,is a present:"
, Even that I should not like.. We should
dress according to our circumstances ," ,
"A great' r u nny People, no richer Then
nre; eapes.',...
"1 - knew - tharthefe ai•e - many foolish ,pee
pie. are conscion's of
.having no higher'
claim to respectalohity. 'should be sorry. to'
have my daughter fall back.unon That ground..
I 'that Very. sure. Julia, that no one whose good
opinion ls-of any value, weuld - thinkfierter - -of
you for a dreosing 'expensively. Thih striving
10 - imitafe - others - is - not - consistent — witlClTtie
'dignity and self-respect."'
' " But What are ye to do with it, it Ido not
wear'it ? • It' olive - buying a clbak for sev'... -
esal winters. , See, lather, does it not look
It fits mu exactly.- Some good fairy
nerd it tome, I have no doubt." . • _
"Yes, it is very pretty, but I and very sorry.'
hat we have not found the - owner. You are
sure that it is a suitable one for you to wear?"
_ Boilable! _ It suited her wishes exactly—her
Highest wishes. It was hatiGenfer than afiy
of the other girls'. Now she Would not be
ashamed - arcall open Antat_Willard„ But , she
tlirdita - sny this.
Oh yes, hillier,. it is exactly what I want,"
she said. • '
ll'you'could have 'Seen her. the next day !•
But you have seen hundreds .with - just that --
self-satisfied air, begging admiration , of all
The - passcrs-by. " Lotik atone! lam dressed
.us well as any body!"
She could hardly walk far enough, so de
sirous was site to gratify everybody with -the
'sight of so. intfeli 'elegance She scrutinized
all - the - furs in the street with intense interest.
She hail the satisfaiitioit of hearing ono 'lady
: say - to - shot lier;' - ' ,- .'Pha - t's'a andsome cape
8110 ina Sophia 'Burly, and 'ller 'eapo7 - whieh
last }Meek 'vas nn abject of envy, now loekadj
so Atalby ! ;She saw two or three diatalsond;
than her own, not began to Murmur .at' For=
tni'ie for not. sending her the best while - ahe '
was -- • •
Shan act Catharine Perry. who exclaimed,
" What a splendid cape I. That, 'to be sure,
is worth waiting .Ibr, lint where 'are your
cuffs and Mug'? - Nobody wears a cape alone."
Julia had thought of that; for her hands and
zarno felt the loss of their usual 'protect ors,
which were not esteemed wiirthy uoMpanions:
of The new magnificence.
Op her.way lilime she went bites Shop, and
. it - seemed to her• that site W 10.3 treated with
none attention Ilion nodal. After 'making '
most of her purchases she passed to another
part or 1116 — establishment. and mat (torn, wait-
An , with an air •of patient condescension,'
r_wriile a young woman behind the counter re
' sewed and returned the cordial greet ing,of-a.
plainly dressed lady in dap mourning. (This
haughty air was. not natural to J "Al,
another lime it would have given
_her real .
.pleasure to witness such it meeting. But to
ile), she .was the slave of the cope, and here
' wore two persons who Aid pot acknowledge its
pre-eminent claims. She rose disdainfully to
leave the shop. • -
' 4- Pardon me," said, A
the-top-woman, ' , I
_will intend to yon at once."
.___" — No_inatior,said-Jolia;
,in Note, and
,will not. interrupt yon."
' 1
This was. said with :in air of superiority
whicti 'site thought emiwzntly suited the wearer
of a sable cape.
She returned home feeling a good deal ex
ulted in the ocale of being.
The nex . ttlay she' put on her handsomest
dress and the beloved cape which kept both
body and spirit so comfortable, and paid her
visit to Miss Willard. She was shown into
parlor,' whose costly elegance she painfully
contrasted with her own simple and more
tasteful home. "It is well that I have this
cape!" she thought. "How' ,should have
felt to come here-in my old victorine :"
Presently a lady inoblack entered and ap
proachea her. To hdr great surpi•ise"she rec
ognized in Miss Willattl, the lady whom she
Lad met in the shop' on the previous day.
Miss Willard also remembered Julia.
"I owe , you an apology," sue said, for so
interfering with your shoppingryesterday."
• begged her pot• to mention it. '
"I had heard Ova My old friend, Miss San-
I elle, was there, and went- to see her. Wo
were both affected at seeing each ether. It
'W 3 lts hardly the place for our first meeting af
ter this long separation, which had. brought
skit changes to us both It was net, strange
that she jorgot her duties."
,Julia replied that if she 'could have imag
ined anything of the kind she would not have
interrupted them for it moment.
" I know It I inn sure you would not wil
lingly have given pain. She is a noble girl,
and I admire •her indepetialence in taking a
'situation where she is coatantly exposed to
insult from the heareless among her old ac
quaintance'. Ilex uncle wished to adopt her
her faille:es reverses ; but 'she said it.
was better for herself to be independent, and
she wished, it' 'poksible • to encourage others
by her example. 1 always thought liertnie of
the most cultivated and lovely girls' that I
know, but lAN not give her credit for so
of character
"It is a great mid rare pleasure," continued
:Wks Willard, "to find a person meting out her •-•
• own convictions, and living according to her
' ideal. There is so little individuality among
tot---Ahuwittano--dr.ctts,-atl-furnittlt r -otte-.-1
houses, and live. in a certain way, because our
neighbors do. - without consulting.our'own
cumstatices or even our own tastes. The Eng
lish, with whom I have lived the last year, err
'perhaps on the other exit:2 . )m: but, in so do
ing, they show at least a nelf;respeet' which
vAmericans in general can not boast of"
"Yet," said Julia, •'one does not like to . be
entirely different from other• people. \Ve all
judge of others by those outward things."
my pride would take that direclNfic - 'Whon I
see all these vulgar people striving to be fash
ionable-looking as if they'.carried all (lido
ponessions-on their badkeri-ha.ving• no higher
aim than to have their silks, mid furs, quid
laces as expensive an their neighbors—l feel
like dressing in eerge and hair-cloth. arty soul
is sick of this mean ambition. this paltry van
ity', (his self-indulgence and self-assertion
❑ow little they know of the trtio value of mon
ey-of the true meaning of life!" ,
Julia 14(le a feeble assent, rather bewilder.,
ed. by this tiew viewof things. She was en.
tering Into a sphere in which fur capes %wero
not in the escendant..
"I am afraid, that you will think me very
isevere," continuialMisa Willard, With a sweet
' mulle ; but I feel very deeply on this subject.
On cot»inglionte,_and_looking at_things in-the--
light or a-great sorrow, Ilong a preach
erof faith.'
"Of faith!" echoed Julia.
"Yes; of filth in something nobler and more
satisfying than
. sol f l an d
of faith in a Heavenly 'll'ather, who gives to
; each his pcettliar lot and his peculiar duties I
Why not take charfully whatlle •gives' us,
Without grasping for,what he gives to others?
Why not ho satisfied with , lllp choice for them
and for ourselves? We are spoiling tllibeatity
and.vitritty drills plans by this - rubbing down
.of Our indiVidual life, and shaldtig ourselies
by others." . .
. And this
.wits the visit for Whloli a our)
was no tieoeitsitry 1.•
• will.not any that Julia's feelings worn
not envied; fortito first nwskonlOg of the soul,
to its r own.degretintjon; its own want s,' to rho.
oonstiloosness of being so Dir Off,frotri ,what is
most tiosivable:—suroly.this
tlinn,self-uomplocetit blitWitess I." , ..
wisu truly, young nnti r giftod With all
the means of self-enjoyment ankeelt"-ngrati-
Alzottiont, 0119, who itoultl turn upon *self
. a
, . •
admiring and mivying . eyes,of all the throng
of fashion, yet..spurning fashion and luxury.
beneath her feet! Sorrow had added new
weight to the injunctions of her dying father,:
that she should spend the wealth he left het
'not for herself but for others: Her pure and
simple . tastes were gratified at little expense.
She shrank flyin every thing - Which attracted
attention -to lierself. Her free and loving
spirit gave .itself forth . to cheer, fo.comfort,
mfd- br help others.. And when she met this
young gild, in whom she knew that her broth
er felt n deep interest, and saw With pain that,
the spoiler had catered her soar and 'was eat
ing up-its treasntes,' her heart Warmed with
pity - and:sorrow,'T - 1141,%brother-had
jnlia as modest and onprotendingi unlike
most New I'o - I.k girls dn. her simple natural-
Mess. - Little did Julia know dm mischief that
the cape, anti the (Init.& (or the cape, had done..
Little did 4113 'think that the first time she
wore it, when she_ entered the lector° room,.
'Mr. Willard's companion whispered to him,
usshenissml;:"lf had Seen that cape yester
day; perhaps I should' not have been so leni
ent to Mr. Lane whendie came to beg a fur
ther extension of our firm. am really sor 7
ry; I thought Imhad more principle, and that
tilicrhad more - sensm" -
After this George, Willard avoided Julia;
'for this even the "fur oape wits nor - sufficient
' But the good work was begun.. The cape
had failed of its great.object —the gaining of
the good opinion of Miss Willard.
_Disappoin :
ted vaolky had - tanght hard hid useful les
son. In the inert ification, the sal f-din;atisfac
lion, the most hopeless longing, Jplia was p,e
teehik the narrow g ate of a 1101/lel'
' Willard. was iplicic to see it ; -an`d norby re
proaches or - contempt, but by- opening new
sources of enjoyment., new spheres ofoction-.‘'-
bYleading her to feel what is true'tubl noble
in books and life—she led lier,•yattng 'friend
t Lop_ 14. ova 60 heliliiialigiiint6Afie - free:
dom of is life forgetting` self, and aspiring to
what, highest.- *-: •
•• "But you are out. to-day without your - fur
cape! Are you not imprudent, dear Julia"?'
This question wins
"asked by Miss one morning. when Julia - called for Ther to'
visit-a poor family, wearing the old mink vie
torine. .
"Can you wait a few minutes, Anna? '
"Cortaioly. For what r
-"While I tell yOu about:that cape." Julia
gave its history, extenentinglninght. "Now,
Annie do you wonder that I do not wish to
wear it again ?"
• Miss Willard listened with the deepest in
terest. "I am glad to hear this, Julia—more
glad than your can imagine,". she said. "
' thought the cape, was not suitable fbr you::
"Arid to think that my Strongest reason for.
_desiring it that. I might gain your favor !
Whitt a rebuke your shople dress was to me!"
I like lb see peole well dressed,". replied'
Miss Willard, 'fiddling; "bid I have resolved
for myself that (here sliallbe- nothing in illy'
appearance to-remind any one of the-poor shift'
which som et i ores separates friends. Oh!
Julia, was um-the way - in which I acquired it
enough to teach me illee little it is worth;' Li
inheriting it I inherited orphanage and sorrow!
Death gave it to me--a death which showed
me, more than anything-else has ever done,
holv_worthless-are-the vanities of this life--
how great and real are the things whiclt liLf
beyond it!"
" I in
' "I am ashamed to tell yeti of one feeling I
had, but I twill. 4,thought, 'She can afford -not
to dress well.'"
"Anti so I can," slid Miss Willard, smiling;
'and so can Anybody who has any thing in
herself ,ythich makes her indifferent to the
opinion of others. For my part, .1 consi , Jdar
great thoughts and great 'objects. a grelir Joy,
a great hope, a great sorrow quite as enohling
as a great fortune."
"But, my dear Julia," shecontinued, "there
is no harm in wearing the cape since you are
done worshiping it. Indeed, it iv imprudent
to leave-it off; and it had best do good to
s sumehody."
, No, I shall never wear it again. It has
only given me pain and mortification since
the first day I saw you. Discontent and pride
and envy are written all over it. The poor
h.ive seemed to reproach me fur wearing it;
and the rich , ' o ridicule me. and my own heart.
eututeninell me. It' I could only find the
owner how Otani:lolyd would restore it!"
Anna kissed her tenderly, and said, after a
poise", "linty() something to yll you, Julia.
That was tin/ cape.
"Yours - :"
."Yes. ' I recoil - 11'A it. at once, when you
came to see me, by us peculiar shape and
fastenings," -
"Oh! Anna. what an angel you have been!
rind Julia hid her weeping face on her friends
shoulder. "But I fun so glad le thud the
owner ! And it will ho well for me rit - see you
wear it; to he reminded of my—"
"No l Julia, I shall never wear it again. I
never liked to wear it. -dt was the gift of my
allele, and I wore it, only for that reason."
"Zloty could you allow me to come into your"
presence How you must have despised me!"
"You might. despise me, Julia, if you knew
my heart. What can any of its do in this life
hut, repent, and strive, and look upward to
One who knew , l ail, and yet deem not coat um
"I do repent—l do sit IN do look up;
ward as my only hope." said Julia, solemnly.
, •Do you not think," said Anna, "that we
. • eihe-sins of which we,...repent_moro thau_
those which itre comparative strangers . to us?
That line back door of penitence leads us, into
the safest places.
"But to return to our cape," she continued
.Xgave it to you lon,Tago. You can wear it
or no<as you please. Do what you Hite with
it. It has caused you great deal of pain ;
perhaps in some way it may give you pleasure.
Ito loss has been a groat gain to me. I have
received far more than its value In exchange,
Now:1 - shall - norrelax . ; Jun firof "
"If yoti will-Insist upon making me a thief,
I shall change the stolen property into some•
thing leSs, liable to be detected."
"Very well ; just ae yoh
"And I shall' wear this horrid old shabby
vietorine fur the rest of the winter, causing
thereby great scandal." -
kind your father 7" nolciy Anna: Will ho
co - riALint? Does be know ilbOut it; •
hint all last night."' . .
'•What did he say 7"
'"lsvery.thing•that was Ikind. It - Seems ns
if you bothloved inc better than ever."
, T.,f1111 sure we do," said Anna, kissing her.
Title•ii - ext morning Julia ewe down stairs
With the eaprdone up iii paper; and handed
it to her father. Not if she had stood before
hint in queenly - attire would Ito have felt such
:Milo - hi - ha. us now, on seeing thls triumph
over self vanity.
"Now I feel like myself„slear father; like
your own Julia,"- -
lirkired her tenderly, "rep havo_jully
Weida 7" ,
"I desire never toped it :again. •Ishall
breathe more freely without it has been
only a • burtlen. , Now, father, will you cler the.
best you can with it, and lame have a little'
!satisfaction out of it qt Inet
We musy not tell
_tier .eeoreti, but ' have
no doubt flint others, too, received conic COM
for!: Poin it,. not.:itnow bow, muck
ble3se4 wal.tho
yon believe that Julia Lane is wearing
that otd Niotoritui again I '%Vbrit.l4 -- you . sup
pose it moans ? - I cannot utOorstaud it," eaid
I; . either," mid Mies Perry.. .. • "
Perhaps George Willitril.uhderstoclr, it, Tor.
le spoilt that whole evening with her. &nil loft
tor with e • decided feeling: .that
•ootilti• afford. not' tO dretufwoll." , . 7..
7 / 11 . - SP - Oer - aummirtinnidrvlinite.
- 10200 - if - not - paid in advance.
. ,
• Soloetod fur tho Herald
Ito stood NISI& a cottage lone,
And listened to a lute,
Ono Summer avo, when tin) breezl3 was gnus)
And Oa nigh tlngshi waisauuta I .
'Tho• Moon was watching, on tho hill,
Tho stream wasstald,.and filo maples still;,
To hear a lovar's suit; '
That, half a vow and loan
lepoko loss of hops thou' of despair; •
And rose Info the calm, soft
..As sweet putt low . • • , . ,
had loard--ohiwool-olt; woo -
The flutes Of' angels, long Sgo.l
"By every hnpe that earthward clings,
By faith, that mounts on angel.wings, •
• By dreams that mako,night shadows brigh
And troths that turn
. 010 day to night,
By childhood's ;mile, and manhood's tear,
By j0.,.ur..s day , and sorrow's year,
By,all thu strains that timer !dogs,
And pangs that
.time so surely brings,
For joy or grief—foi• hope or fear,
Vol• all horeatter 7 is ti,r' heir, • "
IRMMUfirstrifo, in.storm_orshiuo,.
My soul Is wedded unto thine!"
. • And far ifs soft and solo reply,
- A murmur. and n 'moot, low sigh, ;
But not a apoken word t
• - And Vet, they made waters start
, Iblo his,whn heard, • • • -
For they.told'of:i most loving heart,
lin a voice like that of a bad l—'
; Of aleart that loved; though it loved tn-valn,
A grieving—and yet, not a maul—
love that took an early root,
And had au early doom,
Übe ineai • thatne - vie grow In fruit , • .
And t:arly . shed their bloinn!
OtvornlsTed hopes and happy
• All,lnet :for evermore; • -
shlp4 that sailed for sunny- Isles,
- Ilut never em4e to chore I
-A lion'or that, In Ito
Preserved Ifs fragrance long ;--, • •
A spitlt that had lost its u9ng,
But still retained its satlgl .
WOMAN'S LOVE. -It is 'the superi..
ority of the- instinctive faculties in .woman
that love commences more promptly iii her
than in man. In the life of the - latter, it is
, said to be only an episode-An her the whole
mortal term ; .and why lk When young she
fondles-'her dolhht maturity attaches herself
.to her husband and children; in old age, when
she can ho longer hope to please man by her
beauty,.devotes herself to God, and heals one
- love .by another, without cveriseing entirely
mired of it. From this it will -be .seen:-that,
women are gifted With tile natural power and
necessity for studying matt-and becoming ac 7
quaintpd with, the details of his character.
hint pursuit of this informatien, she should
not - forget wlint.felates_talerselfia conjunc-'
lion with man. Having acquired and ireasur
ed up'what she had instinctively collected con
corning him,'sho ought - then to examine her
self,' so as-to be able to - conform-herself . his.
disposition, even to the extent of excusing his
DON'T ° SOOIATE!—The editor of n Georgia
)11 per - overheard the following conversation on
lie re-opening of the slave-trade:
I'se tell you, if dey gwino to 'deny
ors to fetch dem 'ported niggers ober dis way
which I hear dey be, dar'll be a fuss in do.
family, sure . 'Spool dey want us to 'dociate
wid dem niggers ou . Neber .do it,
sure." ,
"Sam, dus you raly think dy'lllotch dem
niggers here r.
"For sartin; Clem, I hear mosso, say dare
was live thoniand 'ported stuff in Carolina,
and half of dent now ready in dis State.
tell you, Cleni;if one of dem forin,tuniaCaliied
niggers ealolate to 'sociate wid dis chile, he is
a Loin do Wrong patch. Somethin' will hit
him like a mule kielt7el hits'fer sarten, audit .
bo.ittitairtitAle RderlP
ttErOnce'upq6,ll. time (hero was a certain
Frenchman who 'Owned a fine horse. A neigh
bor saw and admired this horse rho also
pressed his admiration of - the animal to its
owner, who; itt:l'eturn, told the neighbor that,
any time he was desirous of riding the horse
was at his service. Ono day the neighbor
really did want to ride, and he thought of the
Frenchman's kind offer, and ventured to wait
upon the horse-owner and solicit the proffered'
boon. "0, no,"" said the Frenchman, "I ne
volr lend sty horse!" "I called," said ~the
neighbor, "because of your offer to loan him
to me at any !into I might desire " "0, that's
it, is it? Well, you are welcome to do com
pliment, but you cannot have do horse!"
MI- Old Mrs. Cheekerberry says :she thinks
it very droll that the Fourth of July should
so often come on Sunday, or Sunday conic
so often on the Fourth of Julie-she isn't
sure.which- , and she says. that Mr. Buck
Cannon or the Congresshtture ought to do
somethitcg about it. s . In her opinion, it takes
all the old fashioned spark and. In:trick's:a .
out of the Nardi of Independence, -to'llave
it come so—this mixing up of holidays and
holy days '
• this looking at the minister when
your mind is running on malieious''oflicers
with-ferthew-in:-titet v 7 -en-ps-r.add-tryi
sink psalmA when one is all the time , think.
bag of" Yankee
lixowLenac.—Knowledge gives staHon and
commands respect. However poor a man may
be, should lie display any endeavors after self
imprOvemout, lie gains a position iii the es
teem of those who know him and finds that
power orbeing useful in'tlia world isgreat
.ly,increaseth---To-bo-respected for knowledge'
atul - eillbd conduct iafar more gratifying than,
to be looked up to as the-ow'ffee - of a title. A
workman of such a charabter secures the con
fidence affil axprobation of his 'employers, and
has the osportunity of benefiting his follow
laborers by example.
.Foarrnrounirr.--There never line 6, wiser
maxim than that of Franklin: ' , Nothing ,is
'cheap that you do not want." yet how many
persons are perfectly insane on tho suhjeot of
buying.things cheap. •
tell me 'why you hate hiinglit that oast
tiff door plate V' asked a husband of one' of
thus° .notablo bil2rgainers. "Dear me," re•
plied the wife, "you know that it Is alWays
my plan twiny up thiriga against a time of
need. Who knows but you may die, and I .
mayiparry-a-man.of gre.sgmo_natno,ns.that
43n the door plate 1"'•.
rIIINKING Arm theso times.
the 'question most Imbed °oncoming a man is
wltatklan-lie - atvinL ,--
quiry ai to being nblo Co do something with
the hands ; one lhand; iti fact ; can direct a 1 .
great many hundred hands. le it not a plea
suro to be able to - Iliinit oswoli ds - to do? The'
More power of Ivorking Is very greatly-Inerea
sod by•the thinking faoulty.r
Who frlenils that wealth bought, the worship
that, wealth won, che beauty that, Wealth' held
—f9Ale Una , tloek cifjperning citwl aro
gone like iid.raoridng dew. • •
Counnunidoe proeper end fiendish, groop •
and, decline, in just, the, , degree they .:pragthA
the primary'duties, ofjustioo.and humanity.
The man, who carried.
rar lA'a let it, drop., Into pheritrAyae
N~.- - 3 fi