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Wednesday, February 91141539
Harrisburg 111otulay Jam 31. 7 - 11,41 i I !MISTS
met at. 3 o'clock P. M lu the St'llilloq immt
her of private bills Rene passed:
In the house. several 1)1115 5' re: reported
from . theStatidingCommitlees, Ilitrpra
ceedings.were-not-of much. tnport
Tuesday Feb'. 1.--tltt the Senate, !lte:llcutse
bill authory.inga new eentraet - I(1 he entered
jute for printing the Legislative Iterortj..vrts
taken up, tiiid after eentAtierable
• wtts rel'erred to a cotinnitt es of three by a
- unanimous vole, • -
In the !Ouse, n resolution of inquiry WAN ,
adopted directing thpt the : Afiditor llenernl
fiirnish .the. h be amount. or
capital of hanks and brokers, and the amount
ofiai paid . by.• etich:• A ntinaer of private
bills, were pa'ssed, finally—one of theta author
izes the Aeriff.of Philadelphia county to ad
vertise the Sberilrs sales in three daily papers.
Shaeffer read, in place a hill for the titore.offec- 1
teal milifiye!odon of counterfoitjog. - Tlic,:pro•
vilotio of illio. - . 1)ill aro lo offer a, F t al) (1 i n . .u - re
'ward lo officer's,ortweniy.-live dollarsfor the '
•arrest of tiny' Person pm.sing or offering . to
pass'a counterfeit note: and one hitndred.del....
lain for the arrest •and conviction of any,OIM
engaged in the ontannla . ctine ol Bank not Cs. '
Thi: second section provides that the•llanks
and brokers ' sliall stamp ell
. spurious no tes
"PPMilcrfeit, 7 offcrod..toAdmi_ler_tedctliPtio _.
or examination: •
In the House. Kt , m;pgi . offered a .
lutioji that. the Jullieinfy Committee he in•
fitrucledin enquire • into the expediency of
passing a Registry Law for tliebet t erProven
lien- of frauds nt
iffier being c.istetttlt d to telex 10. Cot.ttiiitee
en /TA( ettetl lliatii it IA 118
I\ lost 'cif tbe ally WHO rrtnpird in 1?..
It vas fully .beldyl to hint 100 e'ouics al,
every bill of'tlii= 1.1l 4
101:( !Ir. Hod not to' net on
Elia bills vatil tl i.y Were so ',hilted'.
'lltursdity Feb. 8 - - --In the Fetutte, fovoroble
reix.rts I%et.e-ntittle'on bills • relal
then ; to nine the scssions of the uplunc
Court pernotnent o,...lllrrit.htug; to ostottlit
tiriefieral-bnitilnd luw ;,'give Deg:olive reports
on, the bills reloti‘e to 111 bitrations, rind to 1111-
11furizp tel filitd et pies of lie 'rceot (Is 'of Insu
donee cowponies to . 1m natoit fed ns evidence:
The supplement to the Gut ninntoll n l'ossenger
Ititilivny bill iros tletat«l on sCYund retling.
In the House, the Cl,ll.llllike on the 01111-
',Via county corltet-tetl elceiitu CI rrpotteil
Ihnt Ilichni (1.1 huntllt , ot, J Futilely!, oils
uniitl«l to. his rent, and he - 1% tn: neeoulingly
he bill Pt est nt o'
the or the Cl touw nliealtli, pi °Midis
loons or 1/i!reyll.l ' S 1'N( . 1,1.1 1 y direction 14 the
Section 2. r«itiiresinli toitintee to be
rept if till jiri et ti . lities.
the e,gtnditute if ill ttionies, 'lulu's 'nevi:
misty appropriated hy the Directors, ..ect ion
4, retoPiresthe President and enshier to pre.
-- sent vanmils iti detail. nt every meeting of.
the Minn), verified ninth or II f1)1 motion.
Feb. 4..ln—tile EI Mlle the Truett dings
were tinimportlint.
In the llouse: the_Conanittee on Ways and
Means reported as committed, o res'olution ex
lending the time and ronlinuring the snlnry 01
'the editor of the Colonial Beemds; and anoth
• cc relative to the paiiitimt of certain motley
into the State Ti'cast4t by the Manufactur
ers Mid Mechanics' Punk of Philadelphia The.
judiciary Committee reported acts increasing
the salaries of the Judges oflhe Court of Com
mon Pleas of Philadelphia; to abolish the
Board of Ilevenne Commissioners ; relative to
the collection of taxes, ttuthorising the Sheriff
of Philadelphia to advertise the sale of real
estate in dace daily papers, one of which
must be printed in Get !ran ; for the registrie
lion of births, Mullin-get; and deaths inPhiln
delphin; relative to the fees of aldermen and
constables in criminal cases, in Philadelphia
concerning certain climbable corporations;
about nieehnnie's limns; to abolish the Phila
delphia Board of Health. - The Committee on
Banks reported an act to incorporate the Mit'.
tlin County Bank. The Committee on c0rp0..4 In thyllouse, 1I r. Taylor of LimiOana,tried
rations reported an act .to incorporate the ineft •dually"tu get leave to illikiduCe a bill
.American Improvement Loan Company.- ; for the purchase of Cuba. In Committee of
Ihe Whole the legislative, judicial, and execn-
I live appropriation bill was discussed,
.and af
ter some di bate, the clause appropriating
,:$20,000 for the mileage perquisites of the
members of Congress . was stricken out.
Feb. the Si nate the Judiciary Corn
mil tee reported adversely to the claims of
Messrs Lane and McCarthy as Senators from •
The present Congress is within three weeks
of the end of the Session, andwith a large rip
cumulation of business ,on .the files of both
louses, the members are procrastinating anil
"staving off,"-,tho consideration of measures
of vast the country, with seem
ing indilTdrenco to tin; wants of the nation,and
their'own convictions of duly. One of otiQx
„changes, in speaking oft Ito discussion of the
Pacific Railroad in,the SentiFesnys:—
• It is strung out in eongrestlonaldisquisitioh
like an everlasting clothes line upon which
every inenther'n.ny hang up 00111 C little bit of
his•wardrobe he has wished • out. in 801111.• ore
tional or perional puddle, to dry in sight or
the nation. . . .-,
TuesdarFt , b. t 159, .wante, the bill
donating, land to
,Agricultahl-:Colleges was
discussed, but no. decided actioirwas taken
upon it.—ln the House, Mr. Grcw's
stead Bill was passed by of 120 yeas to
76 nays. It pi ovideii that any fierion'iNtis
the head of a family, over twentr:one years
of age, and a citizen of the Uitited States, or
who has.filed -his intention to become-such.
according to the naturalization - laws, shall be
entitled to enter a quarter section of any vo
cal-4 or unappropriated land, and bold-Jhe
same on .condition. of actual settlemenr-aiid
cultivation. The House Committee on Ter
ritories agreed to report a bill tar the estab
lishment of a territorial government called
Jefferson; embracing the gold country of
Pike's Peak. The Freitch spoliation bill was
also called up in the House, and aft Sean in
effectual effort to table it—which motion failed
by a vote of 76 to 106—the Speaker decided
that it must go to-the Committee of the Whole
in consequence of its maltingon appropriation
end it was so sent. This is considered to be
conclusive evidence of its defeat,
The Democratic nuti protection members of
lha calicos in felatitai to the
yariff, Cochran, of New York officiated' ns
About fifty members Were present,' prinei
pally from_the send'. ' Of the north, two were
from New York, two from Minnes , ta, one &tun
Ohio, and five from Illinois:
"Mr(Slillson, of Virginhi, Judd he was un
willing to be bound by the 'action of the eau
.....cus—The House of Representatives - Wasflie
propel , piece for action- fie offered a series'
'of resolutions,...declaring it-to be inexpedient
to diSturb' the prosenttoriT, and dgainst -pro-.
tection.or specific duties. •
- Mr. Phelps, of Missouri, was opposed to
Specific duties and any forni,hot
was in_fotooor.o, nfoditicatien.. o o l M..tar,itrlox
revenue purposes, to sheet the'demands QE limo
Treasury. He ,reintirked• that Hiere.should bo
. a retienobinebt of expenditures. ' . • ,
, A
Mr Blitkalllll3, of lilississippi,,iyas 5
to nll'dutios. iie fnvo d rree undo And di-.
rdot. taxrition ' - ,
Mr. Miles, of South Can:tibia, spoke to Alio
. ,
Mr. Stewart of Mnryland,,Alid not know
whether lie Wll ' 9 ' properly present• under, the
call i !as favor of a jff ty,
' for - revenuepurposes. dio.thought the pres
ent tariff was not per ,
and that a change
might he made to he advantage.of the 001 ry..
Mr 'Crawford of Georgia, read the call,
which 'invited •to the canons all members ,of
the noose of Representatives who were op ,
posed 10 prlniction and Sneeitic duties, awl
Wile Sighed by many of the gentlemen who are
now present.,. • But the understanding was,
• t all democrats' were invited 'to attend' -
s Malta !nail° ughrdifferen
ly. Ilc-was willing to confer wit h'those only
who were .opposed to IW9leenun and specific
ditties, and he did not care to attend a meeting
01 gentlethen 'entertaining variant eiduiona.fer;
con ferene
Mr Ileitis', of 'lllinois, woofed the Chair:.
tntrOtr-Ways and Meows' (Mr7Phelps-of-Mis
souri.):lo nolwer whether the colontititTe in
tend_ to report • any' tariff bill, find
,so, of
1%l iI C
Ips replied that he could answer for
hpaself: Ile IVIIS di po ed t(i. repo( I.i bill
tz.oditying• the tariff, iu order to Ocrense
re3enue of Hu; country ; hitt be had come to
,ipforin the geldlculen-that the committee had
clinic to a dead lock., • •
1 llr. Garnett. of Virginia: oftppjed the motli
tient-ion of the teeth'. Ile Jillmled- to-the ftiet-'
Ii more, tllOll tweet:Fury. ' Ile eoneitit;red it
e cluiy.of the .1), moo ntie party to inattgur
t.pirit of rem nani, OA 'relot to. Ile
n reacloiion toy 'tile appointment. of
:eontinitl,ve of ti , e, to report on the 50111110 .
which the espent,es the governiltent cony be
..ilea I LectiL......
Mr. Lanier, of Miss., was opposed to speed'.
tic ditties. Ile thought it high lime :for the
denmerntie'pnrty to titline its pobdtion on the
0111.1 allow the present law to hove a lair
It bd.
' der Stephens, of Grorgiii, Fnid ant wl en.
lie int Congress, in 1843, the expen
ses or the got eennrent were only twenty mib
lions per unruly. The country' Lad gone ,
tlu,ongh•nu erpiosive 311xictih war. with .six
iy-three thoprintd soldiers , in the livid. fbr
filly-three,mil , icits. Now, in n Hine ofpenee - ,'
Al(' OA jinni ,
seventy-three - millions.
w holly untie( nod tervfoim woe
• iudis
peusoldy requisite. 'rile that, forty
million). win 1111 rtl.undinive, for the' national
expense. Ile wits, thelefore, opposed to nn
he Intl...gin tl a present receipts.
INIr. Clawl,ld, of Gun gin, n onion
of u:.nlutiol.s: i.s a rubstilute for those (tier.
tdty 1911. 6/1111(1t, Whirl] the hitter Roc( pled
hy,litbt it'relution Avelino) , it inexpedlynt;
Alfrtut lethe 897._•.T1ie beyond +3 0-
tor tbe•-pi - Feb01)1110 -.of n et.» mittee• of
tire to'repoit.tti tleNt meeting of the eau-.
he 'n11 , 111117 , whieli 'Abe c..),perises,ol: , -the
government, evil be edneed " •
1%110 f'rawfoid helloed, rind was advised
to (lint 4.3011 111 il 1 Ti) lily tiepin Mehl ihnt
.the rit a of the 1)1 1,1173' note law
'for one' 111' lull y 1.1.10. 11or1orizipg the reissue
of the nobs lot, to ally fly( n anoint,. which
ore loth t•Mi..ll'.l. 1/ 1 , Ni July, w (add •bo ti.flieienl.
• to relieve the It ein•ttry.
Mr. Taylor (.1 hoof:dam, expreOeed himself
• stioirgly against' nity decided netion . .ol the
present lime. lie I,elievediLto_ be due the
dentecrittic l nt ty, and the cottony, to poi pone
but her prt yettlisps-itnt gestaul meeliagof'
the th Hts 11,e , 11,,0ure could le called to
consider (lie rerolni ions.
Si(lvat I, id Maryland, thadn . nil ins On
WO ',lotion In tulle the resolutions.
Mr. ErfigoO. 11t Phelps, of Ali] neFola; Mr
ige, of Not ('ni °Eon, and (Alters. partici,
paled in the fli bale.
vs were then adopted by ilcar-
. .
st run tihr(
Mr. Gun pt tor. of New Yolk. woo op
posed to 1101 j ttr , « dines ni rhis time. Ile
tentut e, and enlcttlnled to Once
' ventloot.ti 11.1:1be poriiititi helot e the coup
try.- lie - -woo unwilling to bintiliiinself by the
procerdirgs of tLio churns, rept et.totiovits it
did, loon ILin: ore.holl of thedintoeintie cum
bers of the Ili floe.
Ile llttretot I wort trio econsider the cote
by which llie . I.t , olotinllo' were natio ed, With
:the view In lure the motion t otritd, 1..0 flint
they ton'y be (nib d t.p .1 or cow:idyl talon nt the
next 'prolog." '
01. inntitn 61 Mr. net, of litntuthy v , the
caucus adjourn] d till Saturday next.
A pencil]] int haiku it in understood,
in the meantime Fe t xtindcd to all the demo :
era tie inembirs of the House, lo be pilt,ent at
the next meeting.
.11 will he seen front these proceedings, that
there is kat, little hope, of a cecisien of the
tariff, by' the .prt:tni Cengro-s„
Feb. In the resolution was
pt:s'ed asking for the correspondence with
ussin, relative to the icy, Cod unlit.tinent in
the Pt us:ion fumy of per:ottH chinning Afueri
efill protection. lutalnuse_bill for the pun
irlanent of count erleiting . lnnd mnrrontei with
In the House, the Judiciary Committee woe
instiucted to imitate into the 'expediency of
reporting n bill to define and• provide for the .
punishment of polygamy'in the Territories of
the United Stoics, avd to restrain the people
and. out its rein from interference with
the Federal Judiciary.
Ecto. 4.-311 the Semite, the - Committee on
Territories reported bills to organize life lcr•
ritories of Ihicotah and,<lrizona, which were
ordered to be printed.
In the !louse, the Connaittee on Elections
made a report declaningebtipman of Nebraska
eutitlt d to his' Eent RC a delegate, instead of
Ferguson the setting member.
A-QUVER .111DGE.--. The addret.a_of- Judge
IPriee,:of the Baltimore county court, to Mar
' ion Crop, when he passed sentence upon him,
is a very singulnr production, and merits - tr.
place, among . the curiosities of Literature.—
Speaking of reading an article in a newspaper
ou the.murder of Rigdon, he says:
~ 'lied been familiar with the details of
crime of every hue, hut this article rivited my
attention. As I rend I held my breath. I
. telt a thrill through every nerve. My right
arm grew hard and strong. It. was with an
effort that I prevented myself. from springing
to my feet. I Wig never before so moved by the
' recital of a deed of crime. It. was not fear, it
was not 'terror— no, nothing , like it. will
.'frankly tell yoti what it. - was. I felt, that a dark
spirit of vent/came had uninvited entered. my
soul. To be sure, in a moment' it was gone,
I but a shddats was left behind—n dark shadow,
as ft an the wing of a raven; and the happi...'
neStl'and jinit filled my
heart was changed as by the wand of an en
chanter into sadness and gloom."
ttYe va L al %WEI - tinge& in-oriminta•
-prosecutions, the' State Seeks to'vindieale the
law, and protect the rights of her nifizens F rar:
tiler than to' gratify a feciiiik' of vengeance,
and certainly a indge who' occupies' the
Bench—in a case of life and death, should not
have oven the'. shadow" , of it•rt'listing on his
jar Tlio Lebanon Courier, heretofore print
-0 in quarto l'Orm, Jnntcos Ile oppeoratioe this
week; us a .follo, and appearti much. improyod:
liy : lbe change,--The COMisr has entered upon
its 23d volume, nod is yery . obly emodnoled 1,5 1 ,
its enleritrizing worth. r
k ,A•StranieSoana In a Clianroh. •
iPrzt contleneti the following from a late Cio7
,citniati paper: • . •
arecent firehn Cincinnati, nt n phloem - 01-
0d Weston Row. a youthful prostitute:, named
Josephine El icon. Was hunted to deatb.. ' The'
Body Was int.'rred, and afterward dug up by„a,
•yesurrectionist, and sold to one of the Medical.
C0114 , 5.;' it w:lisitla.equently reco'vered'from'
the colege,mml visited by nmittnitert& cent
tezans, who 'that it should Ibis time
be respectively interred They made arrange
ments Kith J. Soards,•undertalcer. to conduct;
the funeral . ceremonies' :They. trete Anxious
further, that the charred body of t!iy unfortu
nate girl should have•the "benefit-of clergy."...
_Th o_sersices .took,place r.St vet , -
- Salist Church --TIMT4Y-Whe-re,tde-din'tlfeliMrse
r_where.Josephine mei. her-death; were dressed
in full mourning. Other - Women of the same
class came in small'parties, on foot. and occu
pied sents'in different partamf the church
Noma hundred of'titent were present: , Two
or three nu
. gantly dit•pinyoLdress,,_but..,
ilio - iest -were plainly attired, and seemed to
appreciate the.solonnity of the occasion.
chitich'. Was about two thirds filled.—
Males rather Predominated. and aninitg them
were numerous men of the '; fast", kind, and
not ti few of the b'hoya; atirticted, we presu
through curiosity.
About half.past nice the splendid he:use-of
Mr. Soards, decorated with white, and con
Mining the body of Josephine, arriVed. Ity
this time a large crowd had assembled itt the
ree.ts,-tin d4hov.indows_O-1 hemei ghhorin
tators.. The body was enbased khandsonic
rosewood coffin, profusely motinted - wiLlt
" .
Soon after, the Ree:lilrr:Flantleiii took n
petition 'beside the coffin and' addressed the
congregation.. lie expressed not onlY,his wil
lingness,,but his gratification, at the opportu 7
pity of officiating, be this . very sad oectudon.
tintrhoped - hig heaters would . hebetedited'hY
the solemn It sons intight, lie proceeded 'to
descant upon the great truths of religion us
believed by Universalism
address, Rev. "Mr..Flon
derli addreiised Ihe tJaone of grace. nppenling
espeelnlly of Ole. parents of. Jose
phine Ellisnti Thai closed the services.
__The undertrther then lilted the lid of the
coffin. and invited nil who wished to view the
corpse, There was quite lirtlikstONVllrd it.—
The courtexons, however, rethnined in their
sents - until - the — resrot — tite - 7cougregation - were
gratitied. • They theli approached the corpim
over'il.sone of them bitterly.
It was a 1-o•ange scene. thai. To behold
tlttn?esbatulottedweraen,_ outcasts. from . tmeie!:
ty. victims of vice, weeping and sobbing* over
the reins ins of one offilicir kind, upon the' al
ter of n church. ins a sight. neverlbefore wit
noised in that city. It WOO tonehing, too, and.
drew !Call, from the eyes of many of flue spec
tators. MI but these women left the church
niter the remains hod' beemviewed. -- ,They "re
sullied. their seats fit the ILeviest of theunder
fakir. „
' The lid replaced; the corpse wait borne, by
selected Mill pearers, out of-the church, nod
placed in the hearse. The undertaker then
called on each' •• as their carriages
drew up. An immense crowd was then gath-,
ered about the church The carriages were,
tilled, and the funeral procession slowly pro •
ceeded to the cemetery,"__-_
From- the tone of the Cincinnati papers it ,
would Teem that the trade of body-snatching ,
is well sustained. by the four medical colleges
of that It„is estimated - Allot during the
session of four moiiths,t hey anmially usefrotu
one hundred to one hundred and twenty-live
bodies-for dissection.. • One of the Professors •
in. his examination stated that the prices paid
to the JestrWrVioni.vlB, varied from 12 tb 18.
dollara,per iiitbject, according to iho •• state of
-the market."• •
it : would be.weld enough hereafier for Ilse
Cincinnati papera'lo introduce this new arti
cle of inerehandize-i r nt-ri4 he Price Current; there
might he-ignw•curiosity to compare thr-price
of 'dead bodies with bacon and lard.
i'AA.-,i'lliS Institsitioit is SO far completed
that they are now ready for• the reception of
stinlents, anewe understand the course of In
struction will continence next week. Until
the s appointinent of a Principal, W3l. G. WAn.
txu. Esq., wi ll 'lake charge of the Institution
its Genertil Superintendent and Professor of
Agriculture and llo . rliculture.
.1. S. WutiNAN, lins been appointed Profes
sor of Natural Science. •
' 8.0117F1. BAIRD, Pntref.SOr of MalLeuwticv.
R. C. ALLISON, Professor ofEualitl Litera-
WILL nun' Do IT ?—A writer in the Wash
ington Union, tithing for granted that'every
patriot iu the, country feels deeply anxious for
the success.of this noble enterprise, advocates
the following: Let the 22d of February, 1859,
he celebrated by the (Wire holders of .the United
States, both Federal and Slate, by each of them
contribution to dhe Xount Vernon' Fund theirpay
for Mot dart ;" and to give form and effect Co
this proposition, moves that the head of each
departatent of the public :Tilde() slMuld take
the necessary steps to have it carried out.—
Will they do jt?
QE" The Pittsburg papers announce the
death of James O'lbu•a Penny, eldest son o!
the lloiti Harmer Penny, deceased. Mr.
Denny was, sonic years ago, a student in
.11iokinson College, and afterwards visited*Eu
rope, in company with the Rev. Dr. Durbin;
be afterwards. took part in the Mexican war,
ns a member of a volunteer corps, from Pitts
burg,. and since his return, has been a real=
dent of that city.
THE " MUBICAL WORLD."—It in with pleas
ure that we notice the growing Popularity:of
this excellent musical and literary 3Marnal,
edited byltichard Stone Willie..n gentleman
of classical and accomplished musical attain- .
ments. II cannot. fail to be . intercsting to' all
who have any taste or love for"the art. It is
published weekly'and contains music in,each
number whichcon be detached for
No family should be without a. tnedlinn of mu
sical intelligence, and we recommend this
journal as ono which will prove highly satis
factory in every respect. Terms,.:s2 per an
num. Address, " Musical World" °thee, 879
Broadway, New York.
Srmrescan.=T. Id. Donovan, - who was Irfed
at flarrisburg, for an assault on J. M Church,
a member of the Legislature from Philadel
phia, has been liontenced by Judge Pearson, to
three months iinprisonment, and a line of two
Ile has since been unconditionally pardoned
by Governor Packer.
M.. Rev. Geo. W. Smily, of Itentucky, for
nterly of Carlisle, hoe been preaching to large:
.congregations at liationaLli all,- Philadelphia,-
for the past ivedi. ifis sermons are said Co
bo very eloquent and impressive.
CiMciuMilli)....brlll:A4d -ocuedi taken df the.
&hiking saloons in- that city; eliowiUg-titotiii
of sixteen. hundred and twenty-eight; what n
third); sot 1
say tha, on the 12th, a tract Of 14 00U ogres of
land, situate in Centre and CleartiOld counties,
on 3loshation Crook, owned , the Maine
Land Company," wits,sold to
.8. Christ, of
Lomat:Mr: •Pa , for $75,600 ilash; illicit is:
Amu ly-0,44,,tin acre. The-land is said. t
. Wild .bitceii detailedly`oontai is
mineral wealth math:lea - to. enrich the par-
:Willi,* le the "Free Nagger rarty; ,,
-1( le usual for democratic editors •and•
stumri , sP.SaliOrs,:to characterise the opPosi
tion,:fui thei" Free Nigger Party" " Aboli•
Bepu r blicanii." Nor is this
pitrfY.2 ‘. .rgiaanagature confined to Buchanan
nlone,lbr sorer Mr. I /Mug] as, in his
.firsti'.Cfnigratillatiiig,.spFech over his triumph
iltinsiii'sPolce of, liis•mppolents, as
The Lonisvpe..lomvial, in expos
itig.tbe.hypocrisy of the 1....(42F0c05iin
tempting to put all the " uifi on the
Bepuhliciiii party, says: • . •
, the only name:
- that - th*tepprisition'Teuviveslranrtire - Bireir; -
' anati- r organs... Let us: test.the question, lind
see how far _the Democratic Orly is
pose& to slavery.- The Democratic - party of
nssethbled in convention on' the lith
of-Jatniary, 18,55,Iiints - Shd the follo . iving rest);
" Resolved, That the people of Ohio, now,
ns . they• !MIK; alwaVs done, look upon . slavery
as an evil. nod nnihydrable , to the develop°.
ment of the spirit and practical benefits of
free institutions ; and that, entertaining these
seuldments, they will. at till times feel it to
be' their duty to use all Tower clearly given.
by. the term's of
. the national compact, to pre
vynt its iocrease, to'initigate, and, finally, to
-credicate the evil.'
Here is amiiiier, adoptediliy_tile_Doinflertiliec
lijartrcpsei.New7Y - mt -- abuut —thy'
snore time
"Resolved. That. while the Demoeraey of
this State will faithfully adhere to nil Abe
coarpropises Of the-Constitution. nod niain•
tain all the reserved rights of the States, they
.diem this tut appropriate ocension to declare
theiifixedhostilify to the:extension Of slavery
into free territory..
" The New Hampshire Democratic Con
vention which met in - 185th after having been
addressed by ex• President Pie: cemnantmons
ly passed the following resolution•
•'llesolved, that we approve of the ville
of our Representative in Congress, in favor
of Mr. Wilmot's ame . ndment to prohibit, Ala.
Jery , in any territory that may be acquired of
Mexico." • .•
In 1840, the following resolutions were a•
brawl by, a DesucT,ratie Convention in. New
-ilnmpHhire.- -They'were-proposed bra - brat h=
er of Franklin Pierce:
" Resolved, That we nre opposed to the ad.
Inission of any new State into the American
.slavery,sbal I. be.
tolerated. -
" Hvsolved,.Tlmt it is the duty of themein
bers of 'our State Legislature, whenever the
subject of slavery shall lie brought before
theta, to give their influence in feyor olifreo•
than. •
"Resolved, That those Demoe'rids %Anse
opinicins do not neeord. witli -the sentiments
otithe precepding resolutions arelot worthy : of_
our Support,, •
"Resolved; That We hope the time is not
far distait when the threars of the Southern
members as our National Legislature,. may
be put to the test in relaltim to the dissolu
tion;of the 'Union by the Wilmot Proviso.
INT ITA 'MOS To R ESIGN.—ThO Washington
cffrespondent of the New York Courier and.,
Entinivr, speaking of the opposition-of Mr.-
Cobb, the Secretary of the Tremmyy, to Mr.-
finchanan's financial policy, iatimirteS' the
propriety of rellevinglhe Department of that
Cobb, andsuggeststhe following, as a•-prop,
er form of a letter of dismissal.
•‘ Ny'D f or Scrrelaig:—LYou are, of course,
_advised of the late . clandestine meeting -of
DeanaT . /11k. Senators in sapport of s'arir fi• .
tianad policy and against mine. This, ion.
cannot faitto perceive, is a conspiracy lignii:st
the Admittitration of which_you are 11 Mem•
her and of %%Idyll i 41111 Mic ..hexid. -. Now, my:
dear sir; this thing — Must: stop, 'You kfioW
the extreme delicacy of m' Position;•tyet the'
occasion jequires candor, ettlididly, my
dear •C,,,...yei-listve fai 1:'-4•Iii , ity-sn'yl
. .ini 4 re
a !bleed Failure.' lou found over -twenty
six millions of dollars i i the Treasury, whieh
yon have spent. You have _singe borrowed
$40,000,000 more, which you ba sis likewise
ylisposed, of. Here is a total balance against
you-enteddered as a finaneial ex"pert moot, of
sixty six Millions of dollars in less than two
years. _You purehased in the public debt with
fiantie eag.ertiess, at lli per cent. 'morainal,
and within two monthA you were in Wall
ist rem shinuitw.fbr meaty like the veriest
slant-boy of thorn all.
But what jouches me more nearly than
anything else in your unreel. is that, you res
olutely resist all measures for the payment.
of the delft you
.have' incurred. lou have
comic to speak of knits ns "ordinury means ..
for the support of Government. This is a
grave error. They are an extraordinary and
i:ery disogreeable resource. Au indetioite
extension of borrowing without a plan of
payment is prospective ref inflation.
In con'elusion I would observe, with seuti•
meats of profound 'personal respect, that a
nod is as good Its it wink to It blind horse "
We received a circular some days ago, di
recting us to change the advertisement of
Dr. Norse's Dalian Root Pills, limm A. J.
White & Co. to B. Lake Judson, No. b 0
Leonard St. We decline td do AO. We rec
ognise A.. 1. 1k bite, No. 10 'Courtland St.
New York, as the sole. Proprietor 'of those
Pills•and-take this opportunity to
,say that
in our busidesS relations, we have found him
prompt and reliable.
AGABA.—'A SIULSEChICIII occurred at Niagara
Falls on Saturday. An adopted Hen of Mr.
Cobbs, foreman of the Paper Mills. neeideritally
fell into the river and was carried over the
American Fells We understand Hint the lad
was on the ice, near the mills, •ivhere men
had been running the drift ice front the llunte
and accit'eatally fell into the swill stream
Ile wall hot seen. to fall, but was seen.some
distance down the'. river, in the nipids, when
beyond the reach of human aid, anti tipeedily
passed over, of course to • rise no more alive.
The child was 12 years old, and.a lad of much
promise. 'Adored 'by hit; adopted parents and
all who knew him. • The calamity caused much
semknion in the village - in which it occurred.
—Rocholcr Union and AdvertiBer. •
• WAsttitorros, ohl citizen gf Wash
ington county, - writing to'tlre editor of the
Examiner, says : •oco morrow (Jan. 22d.) I
will he seventy-five years of age I was boa it
my grandfather's, .(William Huston, where
Mr. David Lang now resides.) My grandfather
was the first inan that built cabins in Wash-
Angion. Ile could see, when he came to Wash
ington. the remains'of the chimney of Catfish's
'Mir It stood on' the bank, immediately ho
hind the old 'Good house, at the foot of Gal
lows hill, opposite P Bryson's. In thii old
French and Indian war, he was taken prison
er at Braddock's defeat, and carried by Or- .
leans lb France, and was exchanged with Eng
land, I believe, in a yea . r. and returned to
Carlisle, where he bad previously lived, and
then came to' the thicket of Washington,where
he lived and died at n good old ago. , -
A Cum ii= LAny's 0 emox OF TIM PiTR
CHARk: OF: CUilik.---Amorican gentleman (play.
Au_ know, Madam,_ that next-year
Lshnll h;Nre .pleasure _of _ calling—you --a
a fellow4dbien of mine?
Cuban Lady (indignantly)—,Neier I Was
there o'er so a_uationl lEte=
a right to steal it. „ . .
nierierm Gentlema n-Oh,..nci,Mhilami
.We'tlon't' mean' tO"steal it; we, propose to
buy it . • - •' •
tfahan Lady-41a, - Vlnt, 'you bay
Cuba'? • Why; 'you cannot , buy your own
- Melon Vernon y roil.
CtieL, The N. Y. Evening .Post is respotai
the following :!'!, A .sliivwd business
nian,.Who takes little interest in polities, is
reporte4 to';ietnarltetl that the proposi•
thin to lily Cuba . seemed to h!in:liffe an offer
to'givennaerive not got, ftir thi,,g we
,tli4it't want; to. 4 Hat ion; that.would
gon afl Qr,ountg
Ileetenrologlenl'Regleter for the Week
ending F'elbructry - 7tlt, • •
Thermo ' r I Rain. r, Remarks.
rooter.* •
33 30-
'4 00
33 00
- 70
2 00
2 - 3,00 -
; aturday
33 00
26 00
Weekly 3000
degreo of lota In the gdmVe Illgister Is this dolly
drel•ngo 01 throe (d)sorvol long,
On Friday the I Ith of February; John Dilmer
ear tit ievig's Mill will sell valuable,:periional
OfrAl7) -4 ebrunry. 'Samuel
Ore:Non. Will sell ni the Into residence of.W.
Is Lindsay, linrses, cows, young
cattle &e. •
iVednesllify the 28d of Februnry, Jneob
Ensminiter 'lwo miles south of"Shepherdsl own
Will sell horses, cows, farming utensils &c
'On Tuesday the Rtlt of March, David Brandt
Monroe tivp.;:will sell
, harses,' cows. young.
catlls, wagons end a variety of fanning im
POTATO Es.—We cOl the attention ofolin
readers to the advertisement of . Nlr Hakness,
wll4 is prepared tO furnish the best.varielies
of patatoes Ins seed aid family use..
I)ESiTit Veil V r: -- F - 114:—Loss' - TO E
COUNTY:,--Oti Stdnrday night last, ahem 12
elf-luck, a lire broke oat in the harn and sta.
Ides at the l'oor House farm,totally dystroy :
ing the buildings% ancl everything in them.
The tire burned so rapidly, dna" it was fat
possible •to save 'al9 thing :01 consequence;
.and the distance from town was too great
It, allow etingathies to reach place
in time to be of any sKrice., . ,
Tight ht ad of find hoAfes i cstimntedlo be
miso.Crs, five head of
young . eattle and eight sheep were burned,.
together with about thirty tons of Imv, and
large. :that: lilies of Wheat, oats and corm
horselrears, th;eshing, marbine, dnitt
ber of farming.litettsils. There wait Ile in_
sttranee on the property, and the actual loss
to the county eill e.X (1.1 . 11 e 5000
fltrealrishmen (paupers) were
arrested, on inlet-patina made hyldr.Lobach
Steward of - thel s of». House,—ehaiging them
with firing.tbc buildings, mid they - were com
mitted byJustjeeSnitlii,to lake thc.r trim
at the April Term. One of them is a hale,.
stout Man, and ha's been in - the Prr :House
since hist June; when hy:wassznirched,after
his commitmeM, they found ..over fourteen
dollars concealed ii bout his person. •
Tow N CL03,.. 7 15: (11 liappy. to an
,nounce the fact. that our Toriii --- elook, whieh
was ifroy, far some weeks, on account or it
broken wheel, has icsunieil its daily routine
of duties, and people can again tell when to
go. dinner, without waiting for the Fre
. a nt onitory . sytupt ems of starvation.
PosTroNED.— The Lecture .advertised
to take place lat.( evening in Emory
Church, Wile unavoidably post potted, ON lag to
the unexpected illueeo of Mr. Tiffany. The
tits( lecture of . the conise-thet efore, will be do
livered on next Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock;
by• Morton McMichael, Esq., of Philadelphia.
Mr 71leNlichael, is well known es the accidn
'plit.bed editor of the Philadelphia Vorl/ Amer
ican, nn . d is II popular and effective public
Fpeaker,.either, in the Lecture-room, or on the
This society had its stated munittly meeting
in the At bitration Chamber on Tuesday the
istOr February. 1859, William It. Line in the
• The Conpittee appointed at the last meet•
hog to audit the account of the. Treasurer for
the past year made a. detailed report of the
same, by which 'it appeared that the whole
amount of teccipts from all sources during 14
year was 1it3287 40
Leaving a balance now. in the Trea s ury 7114 71
The society then entered upon the discuss
ion of the subject pi oPosed at the last meeting
'.Manure and their uses,'" in ylnich ninny of
the members fully expressed their views and
Fred'lc. Watts, F q., the President of the
Farmers iligh Sdeal was present and gave.
nn interesting account of the operations of the'
School and the organization of its faculty, -
wtterenpatviin motion of George Iv. Sheatfer
and Joseph.. Culver, the following resolution
-was passed
Re:wired, That the Farmers High 'School of
-Pennsylvania is destined to aford-giTat and
lasting benefit to the 4ricultural'eommunity,..:'
and that it be reconimended to the citizens of
Cumberland County to subscribe liberally to
its establishment; •and that each vice-Presi
dent of this society be requested to 'procure
voluntary subscriptions thereto.
The society then fixed the subject for dis-
CUS;41011 at the next monthly meeting, tt
is it
profitable to raise stock in our Trolley ; and if
so what stock is most profitable,"
When the society ndjottracd f toquestlay tho
first day of 'Alava, at 11 o'clock A. M. ,
D: S. CROFT, Secretary
Maysville (Ky.) Eagle, gives the dreadful
particulars of the burning of a negro at Troy,
Kentucky, fur the murder of his muster. It
took place on New Year's day, at the annual
-uegru Hales. ; •
The mob t' the:timber of 600, -- headed by
tuhrUther-in law of the deceased,'forcibly
tered the jail, , atid took their victitn, to the
centre of the yard, where they chained him
-to a-st eke, .a nd- havi htiilt _up _round Mtn
- an abundance of shavings and light - weed,
the torch was applied and he was burned, in
the presence of stnne'lsoo people. •
Toast AN,D.REPLY. — . While rejoicing over a
„political victory, at Lafayette, lnd., a crowd,
wore th•iitking toasts and making speeches iu
an irregular curt bf a way, when ftlf. Attorney
General McDonald. was called up, and made a
heavy, prosy Democratic speech, 9f t Ito
lar stump. patterni coAlutling
,with theitonti
mient , - -"The - Unitati - .Detancrmy- , -t lio - gates"bt
hulk cannot prevail against.thont.."
ma Xer
rell. of the Lafayette Journal,ii -next,
.and rticiarkeit that he-thought McDonald's
sbniimont very appropriate .and just . When
;Gm United Dentocrapy,paestlited themselves
n flint gates iif . hell, t hey . wbuld the
'"gates'' would not only 'pro,iinil Out againitt,
them. but woald give way rind I,t tite i
:crowd right : n. •
Considering the various forms in which this disease .
- detrelopes itself, t may well be culled hydra headed."
Its trolo'follow indigestion, Palo In Stomach, heart
burn, Water Cystiveness,i'ilos, Acidity, Oppres.
tfam after eating, Jaundice, Flatulency, Torpor of the
,elof, Debility , Female • Cconplalots,
'bLtzie of the first mom in our land .hnt•6 "given Choir.
written certificates relative to thecureselTected In their
ottn . pm.sens.bYthe 1./XteONATEO OITTEPB t While keSti•
menials fronfpthr fotrest,, editorial opinions and
tintary expressions from purstns who are hverse to see
'these norms In print, are peefectly Overwhelming.
, Read the following from a highly respectable Clergy
It:tin: . 4 , ', Snow, I k""t",--'
Roin & Snow,
' wr TA LINTON. MitM., Vol,. 11 3 181i9
To the Ellitur.of 11,0 Vortlood -
itiiin & Snow
rOx. - yo trio— For..more than twenty•ifve
'votes I
trying the valence of my faintly physicians In the al•
tooscuseles,s of their vsylotts preserlotions. I have
trlettit great 'Variety of patent 1110 , ikinilt with n similar
result. Through the kindness of my physician, I r ,
roiled last - 31am)]. half u - dezen bottles of tin, the oxv
ossATED to UPC tllem 'without
any hope of deriving help front therm 110 ogdetcroll tied
fn itiVll theta a . falt. trial,! continued .thelr use. but
- tyltlintitao::pervegible benefit, till dune:
Ehned hiss I 'have gradually Improved in health till
T non 0110 0 .0, free front acidity of the steel:telt. and'
from the conseatidttt Ilatuleney, and the awful and al.
neist distractlng'slAn which uhou. T r (tails
togelheri. has wholly unfitted me for study 'llllll for all
Other ininhierial duties, and rendered airs n burden. I
• feel that I 000 It, as an expresgh.n of gratitude. to ,
Messrs Vowle & Co" and also .1111_40 the puLlir, to
tatters. as, In toy retina
thin. a sore remedy that inost trying. most vexing,
'and ..rool hf nli diseases, to whirl' prior litoortirtlesti Is
hair.Atsprpsin., Ihn lug aiiirortiti Ki lonic. sod feted so
oulnielld the Oxygonate'd Bitters , with n confidative fuse
—betters rue, - -Ifmxy - ortha - rdmlßlThrtliil - 31 'Tor are PO
furl ng..l hog of Man (1.! tll/11(13 II trial K.:111334. 1;1:11,1i
•. . •
• No • iii genuine nnle,:i Aboled I:11.1.11fS" on Ow outer
wrapper. •
Preparhtt by SWI II W. k Ctl.. - Boston. not for
• solo' by Samuel Klllott'lind S. IV. Ilaverglck, C111.11F.10;
• Ira Ibly.Meellanksbarvi Rutz Wise, Shirelt11111:401 3 111;
S. it. Wllll. Newvllle: Shoemaker Newburgh
J. C. Albeit. lrillppens,burgt Hurt by appointed agyntt ,
and .baleen In medicine all moor UM country.
11 Positlvely.the moat wonderful thing discovered
in the nineteenth century Is l'rofet.mor WOOD'? 'FAIR
IMSTORATITE. It.tet.tores perfectly gray heir to Its
orhtlital color. malteryt grow on Iho bald and will pre.
serve it perfectly to iitiN•if only used by the young
twirl,n week.Dandr.i f ir rind IitSUM4O um nut exist on 1110
.111,111 ,1 . 1111111 1111//.111- timed. See- elrettl , rrand — we - defy . .
CltrinN.--11,1 — nro of Ivorthiers Im limit-ma. no several
e'alreatly In the market. coifed ttlfler..nt mune.
Into 11.1110 111'111,1 the words (Professor Wood's Hair Ite.
aturatlve, Depot St. I dulls. Nio.,..New , York I. an. blown
In the bottle. 1. 1 11111 by all liroolti!dm 111111 Potent Nl,di.
Moll id He drnlcl o, id/10 ' 1W 4 11, Ftincy and Toilet Goods
dt,tlers 16 tin, United States'and Canada.
IlATA.t!l'§ 7 il A(IICA 1',c17.4 EXTRAC'rOII.—In all
diseases lidiainizialion more or less predomilialos--iniw
to allay itillaininathin Ftrikms nit the root or
i i(fin•tut•. mad nuthiuc nine s/711:1;;:i„
MIN!. !MI make a certain vitro.
— "DA hhErS - 31.1ti1e,11 - I'.llN - BN'rWACTI I II - will . cur,
thr foil/minx 11,1)11111C11, great callilmnie 1,1 'diseases
Burns, Scalds. Cols. Clinics. Fora Nipples, Corns, Ilan
iolic. Bruises, Strains. !Rtes. - Poison. Chilblains, lilies,
Serofulti..l.llcers. lever Sm ro. Felons. Piles,
So ro Eves. (lout. Swellings. Rheumatism. Simi,' (lead.
Salt Rheum. Baldness. Erysipelas. ilingssUrni, Barbers
s Itch. Small I'mq3k:tides; Rash: Re., kr.
- - 'l'., sonit_it_inay_appear.inrcr.itilons that-so many ills- ,
I.llliPs should be , reachisl 1.3%0110 article: such an Into
ts_to_th,lirct_ t hat-tie
-salsa eneli and every
- onoapplyinc - a.;perfilet hti thtntit hiltiroMaklto disorder.
lialley's \hagirnl 1 • /1111 In Its effects is
because the dote is short het 'disease ;mid a
permanent cure: and It Is an extractor. no iLdriINYS ell
diSl,lro 011 t of the alerted pant, having natUre as perfect
as liefortr,tlig luJ dry. It is sosircrly nercssary to say chart
• no house, w..rk shop. OF manufactory should ha ono 1110.
nieut witlintit R.
NIP Pain EV traetor Is genuine tulle, the box lion upon
It], stepl pint.' entrruvlnr., -.with Iho name of Ilrnry
Dalley„ 3blnufrteturer. - •
Far Palo 1,5 . 1111 tlni Druggigtn and patent methelna
dealers tbrouubout the United States undCunadaß.
I'rlnrip:ll Depot, 1115 Cluunberx St., Now York.
Stild by 11. J. KIEFFER, Cnrlixle,,,Pi.•
llAnt DYI-11At :DYE- , ICAIR DYI
Datehelloi , o'llalr Dyes
Tll is OIIIUI\AL AND BEST IN TIM 15"010.1)1
ot here 100' mere imitathele, end should benvolded
- yon wieb to esreuerldienie.
GRAY. TIED, OR RUSTY lI.AItI Dyed Instantly to n
beautiful nod natural Brown or flinch, without the
tenet Injury to llnir or-Skin. • _ -.._ •
awarded lolYro. A. ilatrinoor since over en,
000 opplientions been'inedo' to the Hair of hie pro-
trove or Into Ninon!. Dye.
WM. A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE, produse h color
. . _
not to lw - distingulshed front nature. and is w'arranted
not to injure In. the Nast however long It may ho eon•
meets of had Dye 'retnedied;' - the
Hair invigorated for Life by thfs :41)14.11(11(1 Dye. ,
Made:sold or applied (n 9 private rooms) at the Wig
Factory, '233 Broad Way, Nevi York.
Sold in all titles - and towns of the I.loted States :by
Droggints nod Onte . y Goods Dealers.
I'M_ The Osundne has the name and address upon
steel plate engraving on four sides of earh Box. of
233 Broadway, New York.
Sold by ernavists In Carlisle. •
WIGS—WHIS—WIGS —Bateholor's Wigs wind Tottp
Ices surpass all. They ire elegant, light, easpand darn
Lie.. Fitting to k thane—no turning up behind—no
shrinking off the head; indeed, this Is the only Extol,.
lisinnent whore these things .10 properly understood
and made. Zia Broads ay, New York. n0r17,58-ly
DR. CIIIiESEM AN'S PILLS,. prepared ,by Cornelius
1,. Cheesentan, M. D., New York City. The combination
of Ingredients In these Pills are the result oft, long and
estensist' practice. They are mild in their operation.
and eertain In correcting all irregularities, Painful
Menstruations, remerhtg all obstructions, whether from
told or otherwise, headache. tain in the side, palpitation
of tho heart, whites, all nervons.atTeethins. hystetirs,
fatigue, pain In the kirk and limbs, /to.. disturbed sleep,
which urine front Interruptions of tut three ""
Tit M ARMED LADIES, De. elleeSelllATl'S elm
Inv:dual.), as they will bring on the monthly period
with regularity ladles who have been disappointed in
the ate Of [A11.'1 . .1411, , 1/1.1C111.110 U 1.111114 I.olllhloll, hi'
Or. Cheesenutnis l'llls doing all that they represent to
IVarranted purely vegetable, and tree from enYiltitte
Injurious. Expllelt directions, which should he read,
11,14111111311). P3CII 110 s. Prise $l. eout by 'Mall An en•
closing $1 to any authorized :Agent. Sold by Oho Drug
gist In every town lit the Dotted Stairs.
HAI. DUTCH' NtIS. Conceal Agent the the United
States, 165 Clunnhers St.. New 'York, to Nillosll. 1111
W 1,01144110 orders should he addressed.
14A9:al:11T A FINNEY, Wholesale and Detail Agents . ,
Ilarrhhurg, t'a, KiliFFEll, Carlisle; Pa.
CAI?. 141 , 31. PRODVCE ➢IAR7{ILT
Reported weekly. for" the Herald by
Woodtriard & Se 1111Ildt.
FLOUR Superfine, per bbl. $ 5.37
JO: Extra, do. 5.62
• do. Family • do. 6,00
RYE ' do. ' ' 3.62
WHITE WHEAT per bushel - - " -- 1,30
MI) du do. 1,20
ItYr. ilo 72
Court . do.
OATS - do. .
Cr.ovututErn . do _ • 637
SPRING 13ARI.EY do, 50 . 10 55.
NVirrkm.BAULEY do. _
60 to 65.
MoNn.kv, February 7, 1t159.
The demand for CLOVERSEEII,Is steady,
buLthe high views of holders check business,
nod oaly some I a 100. bu. have been taken
at $7 a 7 124 frhm first, and $7 a 7 25 frf.lm
second hands. Nothinwdoing-inTimothYiw
There is very little export demand_ for
,F m ica, and the market is dull today, a 6 pre
vious quoted rates; 1000 bhls. extra sidil at
$6 rer hld., and superfine in offered freely at
$5 75, but the inquiry is only to supply the
,trade. at from $5 75 to $5 871 for standard
and.hotter brand; $6 a 6 50 for extra ated
extra thmily flour, and $6 7511'7 50 pei bbl.
for fancy brands, as in quality'. DYE F 1,061
is wanted ut $4 per bbl. but holders gener
ally ask more. Coax NlCAL•continues scarce
and meal is worth $3 50 per bbl.
In there is not touch movement to
notice iu Wutwr;-but, prices are unchanged,
with sales of about 1000 iii small lots,
at $1,99 for good Pctin', mid $1 (1 . 2 for
white. Its dull, and Denten is nearly 19011I
inial at 85c. - .Coax is better, but the demand
is only for prime dry lots, which are scarce
and-wanted to fill up IL yessel, at an advance
qii p - rv.. - Wions_quotaitiOns, and abolit - 5000 - bii;
yellow have been. taken at 80c., in store and
in the cars.. Deers Combine in 'request; and
about 4000 bu...nrime Delaware brought 50e.,
• 'BARLEY., a safe of 2000 Mt. New • York . was
Made at 871 e: per bu.'. and 6000 bu:' do. 'at
-85 e. per bu. • . •
Rend the adyerthiement oP Dn. SAN
thitit's Lie& lart:goralor:
In Dickinson towns)1111 on tho 8d In.tant, by Bor.
Ear:. Mr.. .105r4.11 atekplkNilkii,c, to 3115.'
- - . •
„in :111vbIguit,".111r. 1,14 V.
111111,0;_to ‘11.1% . MARI
31A1.1,.• ,
. ,
I,f tliq bisolog Of omkib jwablbibol by tioi tool
of I.lloiikoi, boiler Oinigrate. r
new ,flbtiertisements
The best and most preilific:ever offered in the•Wcto
• ,' . . York nr
I ain now prepared In fill orders for all kinds of itota:
toes selected and put up expressly for Seetror fatally
uso, Of the - following varieties:
PEACIf 111.008. good. E111 . 1.1' Nome's JUNEN, good.
Titer; " • • ilvegm.tx, pretty "
Worn: ritcsits. Dues " '
MACK 311:netlut good. 1.500.
11 000 SkEDLINGN. CARTER'S, good.
latiNeE AI.IIERTtI. ; .ltouun exit
1,800-PINK EYES: - • ` FIJX - EYES, - ifiY•d:
_ .• _ThitY,Atro_ralsed in New. York and:iiew Jersey-end are--,
The Peach Blows Potatoes yield .front Leh to 3till !turb
id!, to the It ehro. to lo planted 3 1.2 feet apart. two cuts
to I. he it 111, one aye to ttocli'eut and vtueS wilt grow six
bat Inning; 'When boiled" the water 11111 st let floored mf
two., duns or they will slack Ito same as lime. bloomed
Or o.isted is the hest way for cooking. •
Tho Meek_ Mercer. it ields-tho same as -Peach- Blows, --'
and Paiited about the Saul& as ordinary potatoes.
The usual 1041110 culture tt 11l answer for till the early
varieties.. Thal:arty .11ounitsin June are the 1414 In Any
York uteri:et.
l• • For :tole hy
it ~, •
11 . 11 ARKNESS;
Carli•lo. P, 0 )10” .
. , • u.l —2lll
' Foreign and planestle IVlees and I,lquorH,
muldoltorated+fiw - pde - al - wldgisde - antl - i'Vtlii
,inart. gallon. barrel ur larger quantity. '
. , the °nu-4,0 ) ,.
.111.1” 1 / 1 1, Pot: (pore Opor-
NES..•It o. ) liwuut Malaga, of
• '' bust bra
NS. • •
(`ew Engbiltil.
spißprs. ' Pura
1 Plaid ssopper and •
I rgtifi^d; old •
• .
WUS.j 310tionattlicia: obi wheat,
pure plain copper
. • T old! old!! old!!! Jtye, at
• — `reduced pHs,.
--Par.:trailed? unrlell bthry-parpos c e, al "
- B. - . f. — KiEvFER . s
Wholesale and Retail DruC:, CbtanicAl. Confectionary,, •
Fs Wk. Toy, Tobacco. Liquor and variety more
Our pennnnont 10,14100 to 1 4 011(11 If:tooter street:All.
rectly opposite 111111110Wil Hotel. stud suljuisting In
bolCss (11 1 / 4 ...ery More. . .
Feb. t 5,1859. • •
PPEALS:—LTIie Cononissionors •of
„emnlierlanil county lily,. 11 sed upon the-folio, Ing
times and places tor holding the appeals. on the trim,
nlnl :isse.isitient for the s4yeral boron:Aix and tinvoshlpti
in said county.
.roniity rate :1 •
The Me:psi:MS Win 11111ke. their returns respectively, at
the times and places fixed for
Nlolll . olf tow11811i11:11t the public. Loom. of S. dLrb r, 011
Tuesday the Sill of March,
f••••ilser Spring. at the fuililb• house of Peter llartnan,
on Wednesday the ilk of Mol,
Ilmnpdeu and homer A Ilen.Jit - thei'polate hotigerif
. 11. 11—titonit 011 , 111 - 11rstlay , the / 0 tli.Of Ma reli. - • • •
Rust urn' and Yew Pint crime!, t the public
house of It
-- = - Sfeelnolleelnien end Upper et the pittale 'anise
of (1;7,, - sponslef. on Saturday the 12th 0131 arch.
Newville and Franhfitrd. nit LI o public house of D. S.
Iniplat. on 31obilny the 14th of 3lai ch.
at the Lemon of U. S. Pthilap, on Tues
day the 18th day of Mareh.
'hie hous9 of John Ford; on Wed
nesibly the I Mb of 3liirch.
tilllppensburg borough and township. at Lien public -'
._bou...ti of S. :neve°, 0111 hursilay the Tit!, of-Mar.b.
Southampton. at the same 0111:0 Oil Friday the lfith.
Nee ton, at the house of C.:Mt:IIW,, on Tues
day the 2211 of March. - . • _
Dickinson, at the public howl, of John Early, on
Wedile..lay the 2811 of 31iireli.
West Peon...hone at the public house of
In ha ugh. nn Tuesday - the 2111 i of )larch.
South' MlLWletnn....nL3-10..Comml".nlonere' Oilier, on
Friday th • - - - - - Y, : -
North 311laletini;at"the rums placo on Seturdey.tho,
or March.
Carlisle; at the FlllllO 111/li . ll on Monday the 28th of
TN the Conrt of Quarter Session's of..
CuinberfiTtid County. 22,1 January; WO.
it °port 'td visitors of the Poor linens for the year 1858.
'rho undersigned committee appointed by the yourt to
visit. examine Into, and relent Opel, the 11111fIngenient
and present eondit ion of the Poor 11011FIVO(11118 001111ty," -.
beg Irene to state that In the discharge of the tlntles an•
.signed -them-they -hove visited the 1 ustlt tiOii at differ- -
mit times during the year, Thew were In the Poor
House nil the Ist day of Jartniiy, 1850, 112, of which
20 were COltire - 11: — Tliere lion hi , en admitted 'shire then •
207, of which 21 were colored. and 4 horn 1n the house,
notidrs, the whole number - provided fur during the year
- 11 - 111rof which 12 died. 7 hound out and 102 discharged,
rhyme the 11111111/Or in the 11011/41 OD 1110 let 11/1y or.inn• ,
navy. Is , " 140. of Vlltivh 54 are entered. - eat
pees, 25. The whole Handier chargeable at tlio end of
the year Is 11i.3. In addition to the abm...1502 tennnienl
paupers have been admitted on short periods and:their
wants sumilled. We are happy to,state that we were
murk pleased nit: eve, V visit we made to the Poor 11011S0
ON We found everything .in good order: all the apart
ments clean and neatly arranged - and all possible rare
was taken to promote the health 111111 eolllfort. Of the
paupers: their clothing, dint and medical attendance are
all good, proper and creditable to the Institution. labor
In provided for those who are able to work. The child.
Fen. no, mn.k, aged and infirm, rt eel ve proper rare at d
Ottefltloll. UllOll the whole yo'or committee arr . per
leetly satlsiled that the institution has bran well and -
faithfully managed during the year Just closed, yet
your committee ennost close without approving of /11/C1
recommending to voile lion Is the opinion expressed by
the committee of 1850, rONfleet1111: n 11,0011 to lot erect
ed separate from the main building which would mate. .
Holly enhance ttnovalue of the
1bl:1,4411111y. kr..
11. L. IfUltiillol,lWit
.10S1•11.11 CUIXEI, Visitors.
.1. Ii..CALLIO & CO.. suerersors to Wm. IL Trout,
would 40110ufwe tn . their ellStednerS and the public
zenerally that thug have just received from Philadel
shin. a large and elegant stuck of goods, in their line of
of every variety, style and quality.
They have en bandit splendid
as..bttileuf uf • •---
of all descriptions, from the eolumon
to the finest 11111 AND i HATS; and at prices
that must suit every 0110 who has an eye to getting, the
won th of !di:looney. their Silk, Mole Skin and Ilmer
Hats, are unsurpmeed DURA
ANU PIN 1 . .11: by those of any other establishment in
the country..
BOY§' IWO of even . denerlption corstantly nn band.
They respectfully Invite oil the old patrons and na
many now onus ns pos,lblo, to give than n
Oei 1.3.18513,1 y
,Vo '241 Jhvlcet Street, Iledadelphio,
Itorgest nod best tootortml stock of CA It
CHAIN, Cotton Ytorsts, Wtodollog . , Cotton Laps,
t'orollet aro, Ilt•tl Cords. VI ash 1.1,155. Hope In
Coils. t4olou Tortoott.. I ittlltto blue Twkt. otiould Lamp,
Ca toll, Ctotooplopote, Lord sod Muhl II kits, to thotClty,
Also, to grunt' StIVILIty of 1 , 15 Nuts a blot, Ito oilers itt
0n,,,, otioct rent' Ittooett cask poi , et.
Feb. it, ISJO-3111
\ - 10 V ICE .-- - Meourse of SIT . Lee
11 tures will be delivered In the . F.Mory eltdreb
during the months of February and March; In phi of
the funds of the church. The Lecturers engaged are,
11ev. 11. 11. Mllhurn, of N. V.: Morton WMl.hael and J.
W, Forney, - Eters.; Ili. hider. of Philadelphia; latv. O.
11. Tiffany. of Baltimore. and_ John IL !...050. sii., of
Vermont. Front the diqlnguislred rerutat lon 01 these
gontlitmen; the praline may rely upon o series of enter.
tahnuonts richly worthy of r tteutlon. _
;rickets for : the cootie. $l. For a single lecture.'2s
cents. - TO be had at the stores of Messrs. Firier, - Lourlon
nod Haver:4ldt, and at the door ol tho church. For
particulars, IMO hand hills
C. COLLINS, Committee
.1. W. 31 AItSIIALL, of
W. C. 1111.80 N, ) errangements.
Feb. 2, 1859—at . . .
10 ''S AL E .
The tthelemigued offers st tutrnel of
laud, sltu , •tu in South Iletou townshlp,l soul a-bitif
miles writ of Carllblo, ou tho Chnutbetsborg.pit,., ta m.
talulug IJ . seres, of which one half Is timber Insuil.
ttq Also, 50 cords of wood for sale
11,1,0 1800—.41t
NUM e C lie — rlan a County
Court Douse. In Carlisle, on MONDAY, the Ist of March,
next, at II o'clock,
Fob. U, Ifi6D,
D:S. CHOFV, Prerptary.
AILS 1 NAILS I-1000 kegs best
quality Nalle. We are 'prepared to sell Nails of
the very best quality at. I lio very lowest price. Persona
In leant of nulls and building materials would do well
to call before purchasing elsewhere.
J. P.
Nor,th4lailever Street.
MAlllOl'l HALL, 1S the' place. to get
good Daguerreotypes, Arobrotypes, illehmlutypea, Stets f .
,reorcopcs. Crifyontypea aid Photographs. - •,-
t'oraonaaisitiog•Carlisla.ulll.ttmittta.rawarci-ihtW-..__ -.
for their trouble to visit this institute.
, D. -,But few, speelluens are exhibited at the dooyp -
and the public are reapectfulle Invited te. rill at the ,
• lalldry. nbore mery variety olpicturcti 'tamable of be
lol.llllduced by the photographic Art can
. and lientlemen call in whether you want plc.
lures or pot, and you zr ill meat lth a cordial reception. -
- , Deapectnally yours,
-- -
TO 7 - ... 311 - E 7.13.U51N ES S
NTEIIOTIANTS and °there Wileildnn'
linens kiioiso to thO public, will find the I' itstv Penal
nt New an excellent nil veil icing meal
, tin. It hoc an eatennlve and rigidly Inerenslng elecge.:
ntlea. Tertian minilenite •
Thn V 0 Stan In published ~
at $l , rel. annum
tid• - • . .
All Onlerieshoulit addresned to the underlinin]. at
surfllle. P - -
NOv. 17,e1tilia.-.lnt