Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, December 08, 1858, Image 1

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D R. COOVER, Proprietor.
0 L.- MX
ho CARLISLE itaIIAID Is pebilsinal w , ,ekly on a large
at containing twenty eight columns. and furnished
suleirrilmrs at $1.50 l :paid strictly in advance„i
.7'.5 - 11 paid within the year; or $2 in all case.. 9 who?
• meet is ilelayell . untilutfter the expiratio t of the
ar. Na subsetlptiona received fur a hasa period than
menthe. and none discontinued snail all erre:wages
pail. unless aCtlie_olltion of Ilinpnblisher. rnlaerS
LL to subsrribcre lidak nut . of Cumberland county lie paid for in tolvatieu nr the pay moot nxsuuu•d
001110 responsible person living in Cumberland coun
'rhos° terms will be rigidly adberud to in All
il/iirtlimuAiiiiii will Ifii eliarvil .c.1.0c1 [nit' squilre of
Ilse tin., fpriltrite Ingertriiiiii. nod 25 Vi'llts fin. ninth
.pient. I Asert li in. All atilvertAsiiineillA lit loss tlinJi
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ilvortltiitiOlii 'I ingorttottleforo 311Irri:Igeli unit lentils
111 t.,4 1114 . lice . 111,111,t - 111S0111011. rind 4 rents 11,,,
siilii,..itietrt' Insiirtliins. Coin 'catins on imli.
.4 iir Ilnilliiil yr Individual 110 iriist - will ljil—i•Wifgiiil
!ill, per lino. 'rho Pronrintor • will initllo - TlOnlonsi•
iii d..n.'n ,, Air minis, til niliiiirtitiiiiiiiints, Mill nary
Or .Nlorrin ;es not exreiglllig live 4 11:11;s, will 'lin ,
1110.1 ' witio/ut olsoego.
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ant and InostssAronpleteestahllAlnnent in tin...minty
Hvaul - rrn , aes. - andat - lsoners I --varioty malori •
.1 cor.plainand F o wl , n•nrk of eA•sy kind. enal.l. 1 4
0 .1,1.101. printing at th.• Zortest Inane anti 04.731 in
t T . 01,1031110 Petnons In wont.. of
tits or anything In the .I.slobing lin, will find It to
t: • raot to ois.c. Its a rail, l:n•ery varletyrprlllanks
and y on band.
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tech[ ant) tufa 3nrarination
egidellt \\l 1.4 'Nell IN AN.
Pro4l(l,le—iMlN '
•retary. , "lr I Ittorior—.l 50011 l'itfoir,,x,
try of ‘Var—.l , 3llN Ir, fl An.
•reLary lir Navy —I s"ro,l v
I Nt,,,,t4., V. 11110• A N. •
nrovy eht•ral—.l .iitrm I 551 S. 111.51 . 1 r. •
lof.l.Lice 01 llto than , ' Status—R:ll. TANI:Ir
•,110r—IV11.1.1A 11 F.
youily 11r61.4:0-1vli.1.1or 11. ilLisTilt. -
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111 C, scon .199. '
aAnt.4.[•,-.-11,sity.S Mrun ”v.
id' Un, ~ u pretno I'no a —E. I.r.wss, .1. NI• Ait3r.
IV. B. Lo, tin uin-li. W. Am... Jolts M
.sident Juilgo- 7 11on, ..l.i.oles H. tlratuutt.
....Pau Judge,: —lion. ,:ilielinel .., Coeki in, Suitt uel
iliurP. ,
trioA Hornev-..tho. .1. Sitiourer. .
itioitiotury—Philip Quigley.
Aril, .te.—Vdttiel S. Croft.,
toter—S. N.'llitrininger. • ' --- - •
Qt Plierilltolit. SirOirtney: Deputy,. S. Heeperti.
my Trigiutrer-,-Nlos.e. itrieker,. .
lioer,Mit_elti.ll Mrtilelluo:
,ay Connoi,Aioners—Andri .. .w km', Samuel Me•
Natl.:ink! 11. Leitels. Clerk to Conitiiinsionurs,
• Arntutroug. •
,ernes -or the Poor—George Brindle. John C.
1, Samuel Yrltt.. Superiiitoffilent. of Poor Hougt
iph.l...illuelt. .
!flturges.,llllll:un Carl: •
stant. IlurgeNx—t murk Edwin. -
0 Council—J. H. Pallier (Ii eAdent) Johu Cut-
Itobei . i. %Jour°, Jlllll, I.l."Alleu.Maui k'ntueron,
D. (jorgus, Mid-bael 1101.1111. t, Michael Ali
1161.-Tll.. 1). Mahon.
tables—.numb It,etz, nigh ConstAblo; Andrew
and Constable.
ves of the Pruett—A. Stuntslor, David Smith,
I 110IC .111 b, Stephen Keepers.
Presloytorlatt l hur , h, Northwest ittlghtof Cen
are. 1 .. /olully P. Wlog
ittithi) Jiorniug A. M., awl 7 o'...jud,
nl Pre,byterlan Church, corner of South I anorer
nil, cub, Iter. Mr Pastor. Semi •
We at II o'clock, A. M., 'And 7 o'clock I'.
oloo's CI( u ( l'rot. Epio.“(pal) uorlbole.tangle of
;; , 1 nark, li. Mores ' Ito( SCr ieeli
(lock A. M., and :1 (o'clock, P. 1.1.
Ish Lutheran Chu rch, Iledfotd la.t wean Main
utiles . Arcot), Huy. J ANIL Fry, Punter. Servi , u,
code'. 51., and ti!, 31. - ,
:to Itefortnod Church. LolUtilltr, I,mween - Man
streotn. Env. A. I. liround.
At I 11 . " n n't•lock A. M. And o'clock P. M. •
a list I:. Chure4. (1 1,, d On:Argo) ourner 01 Alain and
R. D. I:11.11110r. Paslor. :it:l,lmm At
A. M. old rd.; n'clock I'. M.
°dint it. i'ltur..ll tnomend charge( Bev. A. A.
faster. Services in College Chapel, ut 11
A. M. and .1 o'rlot•k, 1' 31.
Is Cut Indic Church. - l'on, trot-- (ear- East F.1.1 : M . d.
Linden, Pastor. Selces tse llde 'dun bun-
aach mouth.
u Lutheran Chureh cot 111111 poinfrA • akd
ktreet, inc. C. Faun:, Vast., Services at
•k, A. 31., end n'ehalt, P. M.
hcn changes In the abuvu are nereantry thu
unbolts are requested to w.tify us.
Charles Collins, 1). 1)., ereFiliell 1, and Profentior ul
Science. o
1: Jront ii M. Johnson, I). 1)., rrofessor o).f
lingli.l) Literati. 0.
31Arsintll, A. M., Professor of Andiiiit tan-
Vin. L. 11...11, A Xll.. Prof.sor of Nlnthonlieb.
C. %% 111,11,, A. o ,r of-lhat•rAl Goiooe
/.t.or U,. Mul.rum.
tkdor : 4 c/tam, A. NI., l'folesmtr- of Hebrew Old
.ureell, AN., )1 wsktmtt. 111' film 'Jr:tumult' Srhool
• • ~- ~---
er •
11 . Blair. l'ekiJeut. IL SuatToi, , P. Quigley, E.
. C.'r. Li Wuuri,.ll.J. Llutulltuu. beel , tury...Quon
, 'I vusurer. John Splutr, Mtssoil ,, , , r. Meet .01
1011111) . 1.4 eilell Mouth ut S u'elock -" A. M. uL Etl•
I .
COit R A TWNS. ,
LC Dr 1.0411 111;;Itard Parker,
Mil......;1111.111; Clerks; .1. P. 11.;"10r. Newt.
'. W. I; rod Direi•LitrH. Itichtird l'urker.
}boor s Brivher_,.,,thrahatu hosier, .hret.l,
todwiutl, te‘. 11. Ilullinr;haniulA Wherry ;Lod
II 00:0 1 RAIL ROAD COMPANY.—Prosillent,
L ‘‘,,tts: buerfltary and Treusuror, Eduard 31.
Sliporiuicudeul, u. T. Lull. I . 6kigongor'Lrahis
ay. Cao - LINIo ut 10.6'J o'clock
0011 o'clool, Y. M. 'Two I..nami Ivory in. 3.
d, leaving Carlini° ut 11.50 o'clock A, 31.., mid
tte ; Secretary, Lemuel Todd; Treusurer, 11111.
Dlrectore. F. Waite, Mrherd Perkier,
Wm. M. Ituotmu, henry Br iton. J. \V. I,.by,
Tiorgus, It, C. NVoodwerd. end li. M. Biddle
10,4311, VALLEY BANg.—Preldent. Jotlu 5. t i ter.
11. A. Sturgen; Teller, Jos. C. Hoffer.—
John 8. Sterrett, Wel. lion, Ilclrhalr Brunc
h:awl Wends, John C. Ininlep. Itobt. C. Sterrett,
urgoon, and Captain John .IFunlap.
orla , !. it Ledge No. 197, A: Y. M. meets nt
hall on 2011 nod 4th Tiles&tym ul every
me to N 0.20) A. T. M. Moota:id Thurs
.,'" 140t1th, of Marion Hall.
o Loalo No til 1. 0: tr 0. F. Meets Monduyt
, at, Trouts building. „
tam Flru Company WB . B organized ) 89.
t. Cornman; Viva - President.\Viilbni,f M.
Slicrotary, Theo. enrutnan; Treasurar, P. Mon
lon.y 1110CIX LIAO first Saturday In March, June,
or, and D6ccraber. •
, , •
umberla lid Fire company was Instituted 'Febru-
Proslllent Robert McCartney; Secretary,
Ittle:lay; - 'rreasuruir,.ll.-S. Itltter...The.conmany
n the third Saturday of January, April, July,
end Will nese 6ont2apy iilitilthfed lu IllitraC
resldent. ii. A. St tirecon ; • 1100 Presltlent..laturs
r t,p o y; Secretary, Samuel ii. Gould; Treasurer,
Thu annually mods the second
y of January, April, July. and October. •
.1 on nil lot' °nor one-half nu Ileo * weight or un
iitti pro paid.. except ,fm.Celifernin ort)regon,
10 eon .s prepaid.
o herald"—within tire Comity, free.,
he State la rents per year. !fenny pert_ of tint
triton lei rents Post itge Mi nil 411115101.1. papers
(11111.4 1 10 woigilt. I rent pre-relit or two rents
•Advorlised lettero. to be ointrited with the cost
kino. '
_ll MiALO-4 0 __* J0_ 1 )(C
tiquake,. IYisiu Si
[For t4e [Wahl.] • ,
In. rribeil to Rev. A. a: v d S. R. ,Ilorlcitt, of
Irving I%e:wile College, with' the earneot
' sympathies of the. author. • ,
A bright bird 'parted fitrla ttletirer day."
A nItIO firtrlate--;)earest An n ie Marlutt.'=. .
0, so rdo lo the fare I sit WM: !•
Thou bast left ns In teaff, but, In neared there are
,For a little one gather'd front earth:etl.its
We levgd theq deal Annie! AVe In Is,. thee so In mit—
But. the Hog's household, darling. they say loot much;
_Amp no, from our Vent hearts we slug—Meat hord I
Ile gives, and,lle taken, and, the hood cloth
Thou eatn:si 'wan Its with the bloom of the Sin I rig:
With tire to it or the jind the waplr's ehour ring;
The blue of thine eve. soft es shadows at cowl',"
Was a llnl. Ja thin thaia that buiusid A oilie s t., heaven.
She mitt - is iiilli'tll,l,lnoiti of llto
No lily boil pities slie that wo slog;
0, we did so love her—do you orbiter at that?
Ferri d little In, et - heT, too, haul you Isom n, Allllie Mar
, Litt
tllOllll, bile grow rith tiro flow
Ilu wan joy in her 'itch nr m fill t6e , 4tine show
The h,,,rd .1111111, PITS
4IWII - 11i6 :if play - witll tlitOcatt!N
Him the. ripple grrymo..r.y stonrs
- Or hrt.ol.s, might weliliro toire's g intir tone's: .
But, her lanwit was the. ill ugh of glad IN itt4e,the thrill
. Intense, Of delight, poets drink iii at will. .
Littlit AlllllO 1:11111tt., 7 11 . 114.11:1$1.,Ilk 0.11:1,
two yeers neone. mot thy smooth rherl: did pot,.
flow all" we thou; ht ere'thy third Autumn meow
Woshoohl welt :tt thy ranch rouelng o'er the deeth
A. 41.64411, oh our darlitig—too n11 . 11..1.0rd r torn 11001
Ilush.a.hy. Annie !--thru witkest:to-ntga,—
There'x a glow on thy eliecli—in thine dt p. a strange e
Dark rhaflows are Creeping up over the wall—
Su hushd is.thy breathing, nun'---did birdie call? ,
Than "
.wall;'-6 wad, AI on l - n
14/1110 we Pit by-thy,Old(6l/110f0 co Often we've-out
Wo eoul,l bopelhotilietet bettor—O, would It wee° mine
hid hciico ihese'idoolus /111 d Iri log back . the euuxiduu•
Ali, wearily watching-011r joy awl our IirCIL:L.
Pretty pel of our houseliold— must thou be Death',
holder _
Come, It uill,-but, 0 Father! , to hearts now so bow'd,
Rho uith silver, u•u pray Thee, iii r Welhauglng cloud!
Softly wind of the Autumn, thy hll:thy slog—
There's a_blittht in lb 3 lenves 7 liettngever3 thing:
MQllZglri,-by thy caneh, love, it no vet
A birti.volee it seenid—outl, yet, 'tivax not n bird,—
''fans a r t; the vilu•atinn.of some silver chord •
Tho breezo iced Just loaded In - the land of the Lord!
For, no Imp ever run4—llo earlh•voiro lonce`er sweet
3lluht breath% or, that mellowing echo r. pot
'• COlllO 111[11'—on. away--runty itiPhiiher." It said—
"' We're a city that's gnlden--its streets you nifty trend
We know that they Ins e you—but. at hotter, Ili,
hath said— . little children, 00100 y 0 1111t0 1110!"
LPa ;,p hacr our fancies :—was It strange that a child
ho Ihl be . lured (rum Its earth home by tempter 60
Then perhaps the Inroad purl/do—the sell of tho sky
Was Wfled for Annie, and oho saw ofirk:o high.
The eouling and going of th'bettutlful ours"
That the A ntels have Will nn 1411111; likv , to sons;
And, 0; ONE won there—Jesus' fare humid nu brig Id,
Nu winder shew went, and, Went 4,11 . ,
• And, now, Auk iderlatt—sahited-Annle
: 4 1113 in with MN ~till—tllollol nut just of 118—and, flint
Is something to s.daeu the pain Mal we feel
What time that Ivo mks her from play mid from meal
g.l een be, thy grove I' the filr rig I•Cti Fide! -_.
lout the 111110 A, ILl't baby haF
n thafr /want byllnth nntrod—
!Al t, amother flower blotonr In the garden of God I
So, rest then In peave—ilarllnv Annie lorlatt !
Me loved I hee—,tee MISS thee—we mourn thee, but,
T . the Lord ~ocuu•th gnud, Is best—so walk tI,• Land
Willi ILi• viowll on thy head, all& th,t i .h. in thy hand
SVNNY SLUM', Oil. 11,
-Thelir,t time I ever 1411 W Aunt Rachel was '
under painful (Armin's! anceS. Alyywtlferwao
— bur ever - and' my
fat her sent the Aunt Rachel to come and mind
her. She arrived at Ilawilforne hue in the
evening of a bleak November day,. bringing '
comfort, and 'almost - happiness. 1 remember'
her tom, just is she stood' within the dimly
lighted parlor, the ta imson folds of her shawl..
feting around her tall, elegant form; and the
single white feather, turning gracefully over
her bonnet of plain drab.• Everything that
pertained to Aunt ltnchel possessed tt
dhitinet grace—a grace like nothing else in life; '
I was sitting, half hidden by the 'drapery of
it whitlow, weeping bitterly ; for (hey told me
that any mother had, but a little while 6 to live;
and' With . nll a young child's outgushing affec
tion, 1 was nigh heat 1-ht °ken.
Aunt Rachel come towards nut; and drew me
gentirto 'her side. •
. .
• Alary's opiniage," she said, in her low,
nielodiens tones; ,• my child, I sun your nun
tiler's only sister.,-your Aunt Rachel. • Aro
you glad that I
. haveconic?"-
She looked into my eyes with a smile pecu
liarly her own ; I could only tln•ow my arms
around her neck. and murmur over the Ilitll.o.
Which 1 had.s, arcelv learned, but which, from
the very first, hid Amend so very sweet to um.
" Aunt Rachel! Dear Aunt haubel !"
She:kissed me very softly, and then glided
away up stairs to my inother's chamber. I.
saw her no more until the next morning, at ,
breakfast ; and her sail, sweet image daguer
reotype(' itself upon my memory forever.
• • AMU. Rachel was not old—she could not
have been more than twenty-seven. In form,
she was above the medium height in wonten,
slender and graceful. Her complexion was
clear,' almost transparent; mud a shadoW — of
suffering lay darkly upon her forehead, and
lingered far back in the_dopths of. her soft,
hazel oyes:--Her hair_ was 'wreathed around _
her bend in glossy waves of brown; and afuw
stray,looks which had eseapectithm their.con
tinement, fell over her neck in.shining
. -81te - remained wit hous-until my mot her; eon:...
!nary to'the expecthtions of us all, and.
w battler`en; 'AV Cif all danger Wit s'O ire r' •
Aunt. Rootlet wont away to her own home,where`
other duties called her; promising, however,
to come again for n Visit in early summor
Sitting one day in my mother s.chamber,
ooniewhat- abruptly, ' lMother; What
makes Aunt, Rachel so pale and quiet ?
•sho neVerhave any one to love her ?"
itly . ;motheoluttiled—s-lt sad smile—and pas
sing her baud lightly over my hair, she asked.
•• How came you nythink of those things so
: far humid your age, my child 1. Aunt Rachel
is net a gloomy woman."
• (040111 y ? 911 . , - HO, mother; but there in
:uto:thing very -far off' in 11(4 tie r, soft 'es;
Mid thew. iitte - streaks, her vinou:is t -11
iho sufinnerivind in Van low pitietill.ut lea. 4 it
seems sO to toe.'
UK - kit3g ISIE3F L
_— ,__
........ .... . . ,
" Mildred, you have strange fitneies, lunch
like poor Rachel," she Anklet', musingly.—
...Your A till t Itach4l has known sorrow; but it
is all over now, ' and,She is it very happy, holy
woman—just 'such \h women ns t would wish
itt own little darling to becbme." '.:
My - inoi Ler 'turned filmy tit hide the gather
ing moisture in her eyes; nail -1 went down
diairarand out upon life snowy walk, thinking
very solemnly of Aunt Rachel.
Six years wind, by with all dlieir varied
changes, and'in thartime Iliad grown to atoll
.. ,,, :gieLoLdiftecu.......„.L.hatLseeu.....Aunt.ittnatet.hilL
inlet,- 41'1hr—interval °,lser tnether was dead, _
1110 . 1113 , gyallnlIlleeit health needed liar undi
vided attention Ever, in her leve"mi‘eiives
tit my mother, there c , ine for me saute little
to 4 en Of rinninabrance, and these things weri...
held by Me in a sacred Fortier ormy heart, to •'.
. be looked hi only when, oppressed by those
rogue;utcertatin 1114 of - sadness, - . - which have
been toy portion from earliest . youth. '
At length there Caine a letter with it mourn
ing border and IL bluelt • seal ! My mother
' opened - it - witlr tremhling hands ;---andr after
reading it tearfully to the end, she bowed liar
head On her folded aro; and wept.. unrestrain
edly,. [ stole softly up to her, andasked- her
- why she grieved. • '
" Your - grandfather - is deadr—Mildred-I—My
poor father. dead and buried —and hiS eldest'
child not there! Rut 'n toy sorrow:l am un
mindful ot' my sufferink sister. Mildred; Auld
Rachel wishes you to go o her and remain -a
tew months. Tint great. hou.,e is very lonely
WOW. she says. Will you gut ?"
..tto?- tube wire I will! But, mother, can
you spire me so long '!"
. Two day:Plater the . remiption of Aunt Its
- eltel's letter, I wasp!' the way to her residence.
It Wit'i it hillg journey forme to undertake;
r im!. myyoutighoart wasbravo„when I thought
'of Elm" eelnfort: I*. shouild' he to mybereayed re.-
lative - .
Al Ilitrei , l of four's veliing by steam ,
.boat and railway,) was sot down in a grand.
01.1,country village, evident ly once the. abode
of rieue• and taste. A cab took . in! front the
- station, to the .• Fit's." the 11111110 of Aunt 161.-
c:hers estate. Everything along the way was
very fine a'tul turraetive: btu I scarcely tunic.
of it, 8,, alooirbed was I in the Wish of seeing
. 10r the first, tinie, my mother's birtlr-place
• WO a...evioled-a steep bill crowned with stn.-'
(13' maples: and Jow'itt the valley before u...,
the-d r iver pointed out "The (fire'' It was,
even as nly fancy had pietttred it, a place love , .
1-13 , enough for the aliode of enchantment ! A
broad bright yi ',or swept the base 4 the'ldll.-,
soil over it was thrown - a rode lirid g ` e o f white 1
stoner'crossitigthik bridite, and - we were upon '
The domain of toy ancestors. Looming up
dark and sombre - In the approaehing twilight,
the old house-formed-a- inagliitimint—tiontrast
with the background of blue hills, steeped
down in the law golden - glow of snnsel ! Ihe
fir trees, from which the place-took its name,
were yery numerous; and almost gigaut ite -in
t heir growth of 11 century.
At . I he, extremity' of a long. shaded path,
the chaise stopped ; :bid from -its dingy• win . -
dow I saw the,great hall zt how iinclose, lard the
form of . ,4unt Rachel appeared; - Al sight of
Jny •- eager face, slut cattle rapidly down the
walk; and in a moment I (vas folded in her
arms. I dot Old I.olllolllber Willa she said to
me; it was not much in words, but a volume
in tenderness
into the old liaise she took me . ; -- and then,
in the ruddy fire-light, I saw how much she
was changed. Iler -face was almost corpge
like in its extreme pallor; and yet it might
have been 'partially the deep u ua n•uiug which
she worei , Rut she-had the same true, Inuring
heart, I liltew, and so I passed silently over•
her altered looks, and thought lapel' of the
secret grief of Odell toy mother had spoken.
I had spent several weeks with Aunt Rachel,
weeks of sweet communion with her gifted re
fined nature, when she was taken ill The
physician sail' it was slow consumption; but
I know• it was only the I
dear). pressure
row—a lingering Waq gradually
wasting liwnyJier lire, Through all the long.
hs'the'window of — hp -
Ilona!, and looked out on the green
thinking, it twoinol to line, lit the Land
where tine noontide or glory - i n never
She would not Hermit inn ill lellA e her,
and-indeed I did not wish tit. She laid devo
ted NerVanlS Wh.) lucr d Itor deeply: but their
e.ire_attultl_net_he_raelititted by :lie silo
love itiol'respeet I felt tar li a r. Ms mother' s
ni , initeltltlttlies at haute atimitletaly precluded
the ides altar visiting .lunt Rachel, even for
11 1 11'101 . my aunt. ever unmindful
of self, wound, not allow• me, in my letters to
my mother, to speak of her IS 110111!!, eat''
Autumn brought no healing: to my Ann) Ra..
(Mel. Very slowly she faded, Ike the wither
ing sr a lenft be dying away of n star before
the coining day. l'could not think her near
the dim portals; but her vision—sharpened :to
it approached the allures of - eternity— e r e l o n g
discorned the Unknown, riving iu the future!
Once, in tho moonlit midnight, oho called
mu to IMr bodAitlo,
"Si( down. Nrthlretl," shtesaid, "luta I.will
tell yott•thebistory 31'0 blighted heayt. You
Het!. .1. will-tell you .why. It is In 4 u briof
story ;- but its Inuirning hug cost nio .much of.
what men call sorrow stud suffering! The last
net in Ilte.draull is tut hand; i stpl the curtain
will full. to rise in another world! The morn-
hie light 'Which enters these widows,
will shin,e upon a corpse! - 13ut 'there is an
hereafter r'
4 Fol: 0 moment Aunt .Itnehel - seemed to lose
herself' o'ooo or silent ecstitcy: then. drop_
ping lice eyes front their fixed gaze liTion fhb
purple slcy or night, and taking my trendiling
hand in hers, so cold and nerveless, she con
Early in illy life I was betrothed to ono
noble and good —one before whom my wltolo
being bowed thiwtriii homage Erne,t Ilia•
coartwaiof s prowl boldly; but I was wealthy,
and his parents Aid not oppose tlto choieo of
their son. Inn let of bliss onr lives lied
on We were too happy to break the charm
of assuming even a dearer relationship, and
we hail been en g aged four years without once
talking seriously of the marriage day. One`
*ai`i•ernoon, a servant•brought me It card, bear
ing the iiitine of my friend, Isabella Courtney.
I sprang - quiekly down tho • stairri. and was
locked in the embrace of toy dearetelsabolla.
Nlihired. I loved that. girl as I have loved but
few: at solmol,,she was my emu/dun/a, toy best
Mend: - in after years she lied made me hley_
sed with her warm, true love: We talked to
gether, as all girls :will. of old friends. old as
soeiations and vanished joys; and after a time
spoke . of the present. Isabella's (tither, she
said, had heard so much of the salubrity of
our air that he had been Mooed to come tot
our village for a brief suinfirnt and anew Isa
bella to visit her old friend ; . 'tithe courdo of
our conversation, shoinquirml for Ernest Har
_and I learnetijoi t ilte_first limo, that
he Was a' friend lot hers a college companion
of her only brother. Sho blushed when
it.— spolco'his name; but 1 secretly noticed it.—
Ectiest..wasrtbove suspicion. .1
exerted all my ,
poweri of persua.4on, and at last succeeded in
inducing•lsabellit•to. promise' that
make her home at," The Firs.^ while site to
it - mined . in town; and immediately I despatched
a servant to bring up her baggage. and inform
Ifr Courtney of the change. Too soon.
tcid tiar]. 1 (Biwa verecl fatal secret
whole eneegrit-udat.liiingth of her lire, Isahcllti
Courtney loved Ilri'eat Harcourt! Ji!very foe
lierlieing wee, itli+erbeil intl. olio dealre
—that, of winning Ilia love, Well knew that
diiiappoirittitent, ttoutt eth a dot - lilt-warrant
of iny"lyiend'it reason tot hereditary in hie
family V711:4 the'Partul eurae oriusanitY!
perieteed.pli,yaleiati•i, who had eianiitied bait
. . .
1)0113.'s /I) )1(11 . VOllfil'
!Me front
rellr IL iiei 11;,pilinptF!.
ILL r lo no diiappuiutniet46 whielA
CARLNLE, ..TA:, , V1TFDNE5P . 4t . 1.1)E.611:16E11,: .. 8,, 1858.
could possibly be ayeld6d. 'lllr4estiliTe vms'
taken, My own happiness was. sacrificed to
!that of my friend! .1 told it to Ernest, and he,
fought against' 'fain with a vela, rebellious
Btrongth. It was a terribP siiuggle—but
conquered hint, and gained Ids' promise to the
sacrifice. They were married. stood quiet
ly bj , liis side and heard him'pronounce, the
words which bound hint to another! The as
surance that I was doing what!. deemed 'my
duty, upheld me. Isabella was made happy,
and my young, strong :life 'battled
lturphniluver4mi , et. "Ip,vt. far...,aws , y from
ale, and in met IVwoo rianoligfiri.s raiieE;Ty;t7
its- memory. Partially I anceeeded. .Four
years had , Ernest been gone away from me--
f9r directly after his marriagelie hail taken
his wife abroad—and one afternobmi, ns I. was
sitting at toy work in the sunlight, a shadow
full upon Praised my eyes! and the form
of I:rneat.:llarcourtetsod before inel_
the shriek that came to my lips, and, rising
from my seat,'stood up beside him. "Rachel,
have come. to you to-die !•' he acid. broken-.
~ A ndisabella P , I asked hrelthlessly.,
" Ibis slept under time sod Uf Italy for seven
mont Its." lie died here, in this , :try 'chamber,
M ,
Mildred, where niy own life waning.' Itf
lily arms he rested, and my kisAat clawed; his
eyes in-their-eternal sleep I" '
Milt the early Morning blush.. Aunt Predict
passed away. We stood by her 'bedside, I and
her.:SoKowing servants and neighbors.,watelt
ing her white her-spirit crossed-the &irk so--
lers. She died even as she said--'!The 111,0111-
ing light shone upon a corpse lint inrflie air .
which stole so softly *rough the faded wood
bine over the lattice I Shucked I could almost:
hear the angels chanting the new song over a
soul borne from eartli'a trials to rest forever
in Paradise! •
TR nom Youn C1111.0 . 1t1:N TO —Lui
Buck, a' 1)4 not. 12 years - of age, was one of
the ntiasengers in the liltriting,stfmtrier Atilt ria
awl saved his life by swimming nearly., an
hour. The brave little fellow is the son of
Mr - S. Buck, of Washington, I). t 7. The narra
tive brilik child appears in the -Wa:-Itintro,
Stu•, and is as intelligible interesting
as the narratives or. the adult. survivors:. lle
1. was tin ler the charge or my aunt, who is
thuut twenty-roue years of age:. ' At the tittle
the live broke out we-were on deck: and the
('aplttin was . asleep, .fool_they waked him up,
,vben.lie rushed upon deck toil .exclainted,
. - thiddreit,.we-. !1).--frite.:1)aptain
(ben sleilq)ed his 1,11:11 and
,jumped over
board. 'There was great. excitement among
Ibe pas9engers, and they tried to gel the Jiv e
linclicts,„hut they could 001. • Its the liticketa•
were all 14.1 ene I and coilld not be got loose -.
Tim' life loints vivre raw' with the - 11:ts's211-
geu while they were still bangilig lit the ship's
- side, a tai Ow, ropes which held 1 , 11' . 11i wean cut,
which pltnig(.ll 11.0110 :6111 - 0111111) Ihe 01111: Su' I
great was the rush that nay...ollot - nodi Were
separated, :laid a titan by the 11111110 of Pollock I
was Itangitig . to tlte chains of the anehorouid,
Ile enllo , l to mails come,tio him - I: t lieu tried
to reach 111.11,11 of I was hurried oyez the heads
and shoulders' of the throng, who.were lancer-
lain which wayto g 0,,,
.1 slipped down the
chains - and elite : died upon Mr. Pollock't! neck;
and then I held fast for about an hour, when
my shirt caught lire. I wa - 411. the time hold
ing by \lr. Potluck's lodr 'lily shirt
was on lire Mr. Pollock said, ••-any boy, we
must' go." as he plunged into the sea with me
fclinging to 11101, A's we struck the water!
ast my hold, of him, and swam about, for nutty
ly alk hour, When I was to inn lip by the boat
of thtp.Maludee. and Mom( au -hour laud a half
afterwlirds Mr. Pollock was 'deiced up by one
a!' the bunts of th . e . Maurice. Allen l was
clinging to Mr. l'ollook's neck s tile magazine
exploded with VI 111111 1 011.1 , 1 ninny
pers•nis flying in the air. )74
AIC Eotio Sl•rtio lON A isouT Voos,—(lenovl;,
the lovely OHlit'eg Lake, furnishes
the following specimen of ilarliamentary
In tlw fairesi -viltage-of -Western-New
).ark, culled pu•eiroo.' in emulation ut
I heir \quint:ll;l4llml, formed a debating soil
ety. for the purpust''ot' improving their minds
by the tiketOsion of instructive and mit -
10114.8. The deliberations of-the society
were presided over by n venerable ditrhey,
who performed his duties with the uhnn.t dig
nity peculiar .1.1 his color. The subject for
+citssion on the occasion of which we write,
was-• Which 11111 in mudder oh de chicken -
de hen wet 14 de egg, or de hen wet luitches
de chiek?"fliequest ion wits warmly debated.
and litany r . eit'Sens pro and con were urged
and combated by the excited disputants.- -
The;.e in 'favor of the latter proposition acre
evidently in the majority. and the president
•nonle no attempt to conceal that his sympa
i hies-were with the dominant party: At length
un intelligent darkey arose frem the minority
side, and begged, leave to state a proposition
to this effect :--- , Spose,' said he, , dat you sot
one dozen dpck's eggs
,under a hen, and 'they
hatch, .which 11111 de imithler, 77 de duck .or do
hen?' - This wos,s -.poser, was - Area pm. and
nouphissed 'the other s'ide;even staggering
the prc•ident, who. plainly ktIlV the - force of
_the'arguinent, but hail committed himself too
far to yield without a stt•nggle; so, after cu o:
Oiling and scratching his wool 11 few moltient:l,
.bright idea shack hint. Rising 1 . 111111 his
chair iu all the pride of conscious superiOrity,
he answered : ',Ducks am not before de house;
chickens am de question ; therefore •I rule de
docks out !Land du 4 . 110'111(1, to the, complete
overthrow - 61 his opponents."
terprising travelling agent from a well-known
Clevebuid tombstone inn indite( ory, lately-m(10
a business visit to a small town in an,,tuliehtt
Mg' county. Hearing in the village, (lint, a
num in a remote , part of the township had lost
his wife, he thought he would go hnd see
and offer him his consolation. and a grave. -
stone. en the usual reasonable terms. Ile
started. The road wits horribly frightful
011 e, hilt ho agent persevered; and finally ar
nt the bereaved man's house. Ilereni.ed
nian's hired girl told the agent that the he ,
reaved luau . was splitting fence rails over in
the pastur, about, two miles.", The indelitti-.
I gable agent hitched his horse toad Started for
the "past ‘ll . " -And-after falling We all twin
nor of mud hole's, scratching himself with the
briars. and tumbling over decayed logs, the
agent- nt length found the bereaved man.
In a subdued voice, he asked the man if he
had lost his wife. The man said he had. The
agent was very . ..sorry to hear of it, and sym
pathized with the man very deeply in his great
*Notion ; but death, he said, was an insatiate•
archer, and shot-down all of both high anti
low, degree. Informed the man that "what.
-was . his loss was her gain," and would ,be glad
,to, sell..him ii...grave,l3ollo mark_ the spot
where the dear one slept-marble or ,commoa
stone, as he elitist), at prices defying-competi
tion: The be . Ciaved man said there was "
little didieulty, in the. way." Lliaven't 4011
bat your:wirer:inquired the agent. „ Why,
yea,' lititve."'Sitid the - Man, but no grave
stun ain't necessary ; , for you seat the bussed
critter ain't. deal, Seca BCOWedlaill anolher
man!" That new. retired.
With iho
'A Cunioutr'ClunotA•Tho editor all°
Pittsfield Eagle lies been shoWn' " aseotion'!
of, patent safety fuse, (a hollow' cotton cord
tilled with 'a pittfor, gintpoiN;tloir;.eler.,) which
Was taken out. of a lady's skirt, into which it
had 'been sewed as it ettbstitoitti tor crineline,
'Chu skirt was Toned eutook , sonii , paper rags,
and the • fuse is in .perfectlygood•bondition,
going WY when lighted•in :6 lively tt style fie
avlt en-usell-in-ltitisting—uperat
who win's, that skirt wasn't sate (Or a, Inninent •
tinning the sparks, especially the mora.tiety
- 1 - 111.r.CTED - MR - THE fiERALThk
131thr.—prifeleNs treasure—how &Mous to my
'heart; . • •
Ilaw xweut Liao entmolationg its, messages itnitart
11ow vdniforting its promises, blow broad Its precepts •
• nru ; •
11ow bind ltx adn onitirms, Its throutoilings 11ow me-
aniLfhtlionitess tire streams of love. wbleh •
from !! .11o1n1 •
How profound Ito words of wisdom—rho* idousant IR
' tlopiray . .
It iodoto tor out form earth to Itoavon—froni night to
undleos day.' I
Lilco a fain!, along the pathway of erring, man It filii neat
Giving, ktiowh dge, and lii9lUnillg tho darl : ifosa.of all
111111thi :
A IPght-to atthlo—thu w thderer—to 1,1:11 bask Ito
God— -
- To pdlol-hint-to--the Savior, who ruithoalud lam with
O, troll inn ! 111211,0 holy book your coome or nod
*--.- gublo, •
l'imr-companion n o d-advbwr—o er-hoop- It- by-poor-1
side; . _...
. .
l' fl ou,niont ft,1111.1• whimelt Pomielb, avoid %slid It forlddv,
Obey wlom it commands jmn, and Imarl:en ivlmwit
elddos. -.-
It will be a Od t eld In danger. In Norrew It cheer;
In n1111..1(1.1 II will minion, and deliver 'YOu frAlli , fLar;,
Your feet !twill loop from falling, whelk tempt:hi..
It will tarengillen and suatain you when Ilfo and
earth moat fall. ;
lt. ryhrit of benertileurein 01l our avtlons Fhluc
Ite horiu,..kouylll:lo4Singpim and may our purtlohs I,e
'The glary It rerraloth, throughout I.;ternity.
The dean of -the cathedra) of II:o1;110z 'nos- •
sessyl nude learning iritin all doctors nf
Salantatica, Alcala, and Coimbra puited. -
WAS 11000101• of every language living-or dead..
Ile knew all
. scienees, divine as well as human
but unfortnnatidy lie was ignorant of magic.
Ile was 101 d Or a most famous urigician; - who- -
- he..sttburbs-of called_llon_
Torribio ; ITZTordpred his mule to be saddled,
and he set out
,foi Toledo, and alighted at the
door a n' mi,:vp,doe 'mese, where this great
• mad lodged: Sir Inagicidn, said he, as he
chic III) tO•hilll, 1 net dean of Badido7,. The
buirned of Spain db - tne 'the. henor - To - call - tne --
their master, I come to you to request a more
glorious titl e , :that of becoming your disciple.
He kind enough-444406i te.meln the toyst cries
of your art, and reckon that. my gratitude will
Ibe deserving such kindnesi. .
lion Turrildo was not very polite, though •
piqued himself 'on living with the boot emit
pally in-hell. .Ito told thefklill he might seek
another master nt . magic ; that for him lio,was
quite tired uf,it triode where he gained mily
complidinifkind 'Promises. and Ire_
he would '
no longer disgrace the occult sciences by pros. ,
Wilting them upon ingratitude'. "How," cried
the dean, "con it he possible, sigmior Don Tor
ribio. that you have melaith ungrateful per::
somi? I hope you will ao me more ;justice
than to confound me with such monsters."
Ile then detailed a long String of maxima and -
npothegems on gratitude; he harrangued with
the kindest , voice, and with all the appearance
of truth, everything his memory could supply
hint with ; in SIION he spoke so well, that 1110
sorcerer, alter a moment's pause, owned that
lie could refuse nothing to one who knew so
many tine quotations. "ditch)! ha." says hole '
his housekreper, Put two lgeo to the
tire, I hope the doll( will (II) the the honor to
sup with me to night." lie then led Min into
his study, where after having witched his fare.
Ite:1,1, be rept!ateil
. 11tese mystical wordH. 'which
the reader is ent rented not to forget, orm/m/pn,
i,,,,,,',/i..ri savtion;t-then wit hoot further prep
-311:111 ion,-he began te'expiain to him the prole.
gomensis'of magic.
The new disciple was listening with an at
tention that ;4earce - permitted hint to breathe,
when •Jsteintha entered hastily, followed by a
little man, loaded to his middle, and dirty to
his shoulders, who wished to speak to the dean
1111 II matter of the greatest hisportance. -He
was a courier that his uncle, the bishop of.llo
dajoe ta i l sent after him, to inform hint that a
few hours after Isis departure his lordship hail
been seized with an apopleeti6 lit, that he was
very ill, and that the most alarming conse
quences west. to be apprehentfed The dean,
cursed heartily to himself, and without HIM 11-.
dal, the apoplexy, the bishop, and the courier
wheull three bad so badly 0110S011 the (1111 C le
interrupt him. He got rid of the courier by
ordering liar to return directly to Badajoz,
and telling him he would be there as soon as
himself, and then returned to hiS lesson as if
neither uncle nor, apoplexy had existed.
........,Some 4W:A afterwards more news mune from _
Badajoz, but this was 6caree,worth attending
to. The high chanter, and lon of the oldest
colloids came and notified in the dean that his
uncle. the Most reverend' bishop, was gone ro
receive the recompense of Isis virtue in !lustros
unit that the elm p4er, legally assembled. had
Mreted him to till the circuit( seat ;; and they
begged of hincto come and misisole the church_
of Badajoz, hiS mew spouse. Don TOlTibio
MIS present at the harangue of the diqmtiies;
11111.11001{ 1111 vaiitage of it like a clever follow.
Ile called thi; new bishop aside, and alter a
proper compliment on the occasion, told him
he had a son, named Don Benjamin, whit,
with much wit end good inclinations, hail not
the smallest t dSt e or talent tbr the occult scien
ces; that - tilt - ipennt him for the clime's; and
Thanks to heaven, he had succeeded in the
pious design; for he lin& the satisfaction ,of
hearing that his son.acted 'as one of the most "
di'!serving of the clergy of Toledo, therefore he
most humbly entreated his highness, that in 4
would resign 0 Don Benjamin his delusory. of
Itadajo?, whroh lie could not hold with the'
bishopric. "Aloe!" replied the prelate, with .
some confusion, "I shall ever he most happy
when I can do anything you request:: but 'IL
must inform pin I . lMvelt very old relation,
whose heir 1 am, and who is tit. only to be A
dean. Ndw it' . I do not give it to him, 1 shall
have.a quarrel with toy own family. of which
I am fond even to wdegree of Weakness; but, •
added he, "don't you intend IQ COlic'e to Dada
jot? ' You will .not have the cruelty to leave
nie when 1 am beginning to, be of service to'
you ? Believe me, my dear master, let tm set
out together, and only •think of instructing
your pupil.; for 1 will, take upon me the es•
tablishment of Duo Benjamin, and will de
more for him than his father now requ ires. A
paltry delusory in - Flstramadura is not 'a proper'
bonetice' - for - the son of a - elan-like-you." Don .
Torribo'followed his disciple to Badajoz. Un
der the conduct ofett :Wien master, the bishop
inade.very rapid improvements in , the hidden
soiencetu•he gave-himself up to it at first,with„.
aulutemperateardhr„buthy degrees hemode
rated.his passion, so dill not interfere .
with:the duties .of his see. The' learned pre
hate, tilled, all Illtrist ambito '
with the famoof his ,
Merit; end when lie exPee led it leatit, lie sow
himself nominated to the archbishopric, of
CoMpostella. . ...
'The people ands clergy 'of Badajox, its may,
be easily Bungined..latneuted'unit an-event,
as it deprived them' of their worthy pastor : -;
and the cantina 'of the 'cathedral, as the lust
Mark of their reified and attachment, unani
mously desired of lam to:'nemo his suicessor. -
Doti TorrihioAlid not: miinfsogeod an opportu- .
tiitY to advairf MS' 8011 I 110 asked 1110 1111/1101). -
10-41110--001Y-010111/101141p. s nil If 1V 14 Idi I. nil
._the grace imaginable that the • arelddshop re-
Knotal I o him. '•lf e 'had no much veneration
for his 'deur maker I—lie Was so grieved !—so.
muelrashamed - te - refuse - ,whatTappeared
. teaticely n retitle:A ! But. how could he-act
abet. wise'' ,Don Perdinanddq Laraobonata.
Ati of Castile, had asked the bishopric for his
natural son, and though he had never !icon tbe
constable, he was under mui'dt Strong, secret,
on I old obligations to hire, that he'felt it tin
indispensable duly to prefer. the old Lunette.'
tor to the new , oue. Bot if 110 would consider
it would .net appear • so very' harsh: fur ha
wonld sec what . he 'Might with certainty .
pond upon. when his tureoatne,and collie it
soon must." The mtgician had the pulitanim
,TOlptiVfe — alltlitlritYlityinttrilThrittitritTlM - Fr
as.-114.e,nabl_tvitliitS_Laing trlven up to Do u_rer,t_
'di no tid.
'Nothing was thought of now, but the prepi,
rations - for setting out .to take pot:session of •
Coat n i_tl Ala, Alto it wasfie.aree worth -while
consi•lerittg the short time they were to remain
thgre. Achandmrlain front the Popo brought,
a' few j o afterwards, the cardinal's lint,
with it cotu - plimentary brief lyom his Holiness,
who invited hint 'come. and assist him with
his e :tinsels, in governing the Christian world,
he permitted the archbishop to dispose of Ilia
Mitre in favor of who lit Ito 1/111090. 1 Don Tor.
ribio wts not :it tlony,tatella %Oland ho Pope's
ut came there Off- was - on a visit - to:.
son,_whe cant ehm-tinetl a poor curate
to a stfiall parish foletto. hLe goon 1.01111.0.
. .
request theVolll.lll. areill)Nh9pric. The prelate
ii in out to hint with upon arms: " Nly
I dolt; muler, I 1011 II:410y to Lull you I wopie va3
or gool news install ofone ; your disciple is
It e.trdinal, owl your soilwill shortly he one,
or I have no Itotne. ; I wishel in
I the ipeatitinte to have mode him arelthishilp of
Coalpo , it elle, but„only think how unfortunate
Ile is, or rather I- ant ; lily mother,' whom Ave
hilt ;it Ratlajoto Itasi written to no, duringyour
4a1iP11e...f...11.01 . 11Z51 . .1111(11'. ..Nv Wok has- totally. il is
-1 conderte , l all toy tnoasares. She insilts upon
My ing, as my :iI.I,RICNSI/r.....01 0 11.V01.11.'a
-0011 Or lily ir,,,,u ~. ciiiii,h, Ili, 1i,..,,,i0,0,, r) ,„.•
) , ,,b1.,,,1{, S oiki., li v e0 1 r,,,,,,,,ii iittlill ito
friend; she thre,itet?.; Itti; with her trnitlt, if
Al: loos not obtain wit it-she wishes for 11.. r
dear...ghostly father, tall I have not a doubt.
hut Alto 'will keep her avor , l. M.y tletr , niast er•
pot your:wit% in lily plaint; :than). kill my
niAliiir ?" .
Doti Torribio Was not It than to iTetnitamml
a parricide; he applauded tht:‘110111,11141ion of
1)ott l'ablos, and UM not show that P4111.11:1,31 to.
I•etti unnit'against JIM mother or the prolate,
This mothe.4 ir it 'Must . la kllO l l l .l. W. 14 a
-got . ). i-Stii't . 01 .-- liii-itl.l-Wlittilliz--altt,q, - elriliiim}li'
'W iio lived with her eat• awl InutselteePor,. and
searott ktut.w the name or lie, confessor. Was
it likely that it was she who gave the /1/./A
-111/31101/110 In Don l'altl !. oS ? Wits it - nut rather
IL Doryilerlllll anal Very prot ty Galician widow,
ti !Mar Nilo t ion if the ttreli.kaeou's, - at whose.
home his. lordship . iimsl a+sidttously edified
himself during his .lay at Contpor:tella? How
ever it may be, Don "Turriltin_rollpi'ved his
110 W highness-to-Romp. Scarcely Were they
arrived there when I he. Pope died:,' The con
clave- is opened; 'the - whole named college
unite In I tvor or Lho spin's), cardinal; 1/c is
now Pope ! After the ceremonies of the - exal- !
lotion, I.hri Torribia.,- admitted to a private,
111111 enee. WA II W ll // Joy At+ -hp kissed the. feet ,
or his isopir, -- ivl;.)fil - 1113 SOW fill tlm_puntilipal
I Itriine. with so Much dignity. Ile modestly
represented his long :ol d faithful services; he
reminded his Relines. of his proutiies, invio
lable promises, and whieh had been - renewed I
before he entered the 'conclave; he hinted a
few words ttloottl. the lutti-whielt - lie laid - just - 1
quitted in receiving -the tiara: but instead of 1
asking the hat for ltni Benjamin, he tunkil by t
a trait of moderation scarce to be credited. l
Ile protested he renounced all ambitiollt ex- j
peetat ions ; his 81)11 11101 Ilitll,loll WOlllll be. too
happy if his liolinitsi. with his benediction, :
would have the goo:1111,S to given/P/11a Sl//all I ,
'civil employment ; or an annuity for 'their '.
lives ; that. would be sullieiont fur the moder
ate want of an ecclesiastie and a philosopher.
During this little harangue, the sovereign ,
pontiff was a.king.hin,sof what hu sh o uld do 1
Wills his preceptor—Could-not IteAlo. without--;
11tjm :'Anal did not he know; as much ur magic
int liecarns a Pope'.' ll'ould it tot be improper )
for hint to appear at their nocturnal meetings, 1
and submit to the indecent ceremonial; which
are ob4ervol at them : Every reflection made 1
his Holiness judge that Don TorribM woul.i i
not only be useless, butt even . troublesome to
Lint; a:chide point being decided, he was in
.no Vlioulty what answer to make.. ThiS is i
litlrially . his ansWer :
. .
"We have heard with grief, that littler pro,
' text of the occult seiencet-t, y l tt hold a eorres-
Tendone with the prince tif darkness and of
liars, whieh we not only exhort ;you to expi
ate by it penitence proportionate to the enor
mity of tutelt it crime, but also order you to
quit the territories of the Church within three
days. under pain of being given up to the
seeular arms, and the rigor of the flames."
Don Turribio, without being diseoneerted
,repeated itaekwards the three myst N10(18
words, which . the reader ought to have re
membered, and opening a window, he bawled
out,' as loud as he could, "Jacinths ',..put only
one - partridge - to the tire - , - fur the vlean 'vitt lint
sop hero to-eight'
This IVILS a thunder-clap to The pretended
Pope; he ICC Veyell $.4111110111)• fro a laud of
eseiney, wide!' the three. magical sounds had
first lltritwil Will into; he saw that instead al:
being ill the Vatican. he was still in Toledo
iu tidy of Don Torribio. - Itt hioking
the clock, he found Le had scarcean
Lou• in this fatal study, whore the decants
wero , so delightful. 111 less than an hour he
had fancied himself magician,
Li&hSp, arch
bishop. cardinal, Pope, and found himself, at
last, really a dupe and a knave. Everything
Lad been illusion except his ow•n deceit, and
the'prootWoe -had giv'en ol• his treachery and
badness qt' heart. Ile left the room in silence,
found his mule where he bail lefthint. and re
turned again to Dadajoz, without having learnt.
to (moult nativity
COMPLIMENTS.—The followingcompli
ments were paid to Sheridan, in Norfolk, by
an Irish geriant belonging to Mr. Cooke, who
attended hint, on his shooting excursion, and
which Sheridan re-told with great glee:—Shot
the Ist (the birds all getting away) —" More
power to your honor! Did you see one little
fellow drub his, leg as he went oll? Idol! never
stand onion tin toes again." • Shoplld (ditto )
Tare an'agers, titers they ‘ go Ilut didn't
your honor hear tho shot ntplk tiiitoug tliem
like pose light a windey ? They'll pray nei'er
to see your honor agin .on this side of the
country." Shot 3d (birds all otr again)—
" Mutter nu 'rams I but they've molted it !
(After watching dheip awhile) There's three
wounded, anyhow, for they had hardly stringth
to 11Y over yonder hedge; the divil a wink of
sleep they'll -.get this blessed night." - Shot
phoastint gets away). 7 —. Well; I never
seen - 4 poor - gentlem a n-token-like him -;--- hell
remember your honor many a long day for
that. The spalpcon is carrying away more
shot than would set up an iron-thotigee in I
Skibbereen.P —Shot...sth (a. tin ipe gelo :off. )-
13othor i Yo! yu nuty.6ry evoke. inY tine fol
low—ye nuty take• You're long-hill to the other
world. • You'll wake to-morrow 'Positing with
'a.hunbago e in your sort head." Poor Sheridan
could stand this no longer,,blat gave his coun
tryman a fee for his ingenuity, and proceeded
-ou his-beat alone. - - -
M. A countryman, having purchased a
gallon of mountain dow, for want of a. Mora
business-Ill:6 label, wrote his name, upon LL
common playing card. Which" happened to he
the seven of, clubs, .and Lied it to the handle
of the bottle.- .A wag, coming hy,ohserved,
i•Thilt:ii en, awful - careless' way , to , leave
,thinn t r i y so r 2 ••IVIly
cause 130010 0110 might coluctvit I . rnight of
clideLand! Tons neitinf the 'handle .
mid bolted. • '. -
-'3 ..
---- - 5 -
$111 . 5.0 per annunt In advance.
$2 00 if notpaid - liiAiiivanCe.
. .
, .
4 ' For nit TO nett 44 yo barn dons it unto one of the Inset
of thoso my brathrtht yo havo .lonejt unto mo," ' •
Poor ITililddrer'weAryl
Aftltg but n 'nor.] from your blunt.uous gtord;
Il ttogor cod cold attond.; bin plthWay dreary,
•Tlnrd.lK the'lleart . • , •
• That. LOs_tl.3 untodAnpart r.
T,que child Of eorrew
AskeSer hehelterfrum the angrT.hlast;
Wye, and thy Prather will repay temiorrew
Olvo to illl poor ••
. •
It Is inorobla,mid to give tipin to 'hieelve.
(1 drive thew not with, auger front your-door
(Jiro while you tiny. '
• Slott will thy bout] tooux Over call for Theo,
Theo xitlt. thy iihlcomo - thou wilt:hoar - 11bn soy;
did lh unto npl."
The following glowing tleieriplion' of that
Pai.a.list; of the Weit, the gel river of the;
North, from the pen.'of Prof. Hind,. is true to
the life, %to' wo glitaly give Woo insertion.
Of * the' valley of 11. ml river Iliad it impossible
to spellt in ally other terms than those which'
may express asib , pishinent and admiration.
The description which I had read preciously,
tfi - tny - artivaVtltere, cerraifily dia not in any
lily prOpare for .4.11•0 magnificent country'at
present occupied and controlled by those whose
interests, no one seeks to tieq have been op-
1)0:13d to 'settlement or
. 0 , 1111 nunication with
what,m ty be rerlllCll the I.IIIA ,
(li)!ieely concur hi OW 111'11.014C ex.pres
siyo description given to 1110 by au English
s'ettler ou the Assittilmin, that the valfe'y of Iced
ver,iocluding a port ion belonging re
, its grand
atiluent,..,is a p tradise of I:ortility.
'The opinions expresso I at the settlement
by altrovent individuals on thy-NOR, climate
mid - natural productions of, the country; ore
often tint very opposite characier ; 1 found in-
variably•that, descriptions and opinions were
reinarkribly affected by the relation whichthe
individual bore to the ilettorable !Judson Bay
CoDtp•ttly. •
NM: character of the soil in ,Vesiniboin, with
' in the limits ofthe :Lucien t'take ridges, cannot
be_surpassed, ltris a rich black mould ten to
I,Woll.ty inches deep, reposing on a lightish
colored alluvial clay about (hut feet deep,
which again rests upon Incustriao or,drift clay
to the level of the wafer in alf.the rivers and
creeks inspected.
I frequently examined the soil some miles
distant frotn the rivers along my line of route
fl 9 8110Wil On thenap. and invariably found,tho',.
prairie portion to exhibit a uniform utility,
• The area occupied by fertile prairies
led a mds:Civ, certainly en viwd:= 1,500,0U0 acres
and appear from an inspection of the
map of Minnesota, the greater portion of the
rich and available prairie land in the valley of
the Red river lies within British territory,
while the valley Of the Assiniboiu is wholly in
. .
As an agricultural onuntry,'l hare liQ hesi
tation in expressing the strongest, eonvietinn
that it. will one (lay rank among the indSt, dis
tinguished., •
The present state of society and the condi,
, lion of the people in the Satlements, is far
from being'a pleasing or elleolllllging tinbject.
Egri)1113,111 11,11 d C art hall element lurk
' hem gradually diminishing rov . years and the
half breed population is apparently drawing
elftier to the habits and tastes of their Indian
ancestry. Tim, Agriculture and all the situ
pier arts have lamilfiniseouraged. is Imt too_ap
parent.. The interests of the Fur Trade are
necessarily 'opposed to the centralization and
), settlement of the half breetiand Indian lion
! tcrs,, and it is everywhere evidenced IMO these
interests have been so held at a great sacrifice
of means, and by the practice of a farseeing
and policy. Red river has been . settled
WI. forty Years, soil now COllllllllB a population thouisand souls, yet no single branch
of industry, common even in the thinly settled
parts of Canada, is practiced there. What
ever shouts were made in time mtst, and there
have heen twiny, they have c t emanated in fail
ure, and it is difficult to resist the impression
that these failures were designed by HOMO One
in authority. 'Such artifices appear to have
been thought necessary when the controlling
am limit les win's weak, atudlndevl almost pow-
Crlw , s, in the face of a strong but irresolute
and 'uneducated people. The valley of the"
lied river is capable of supplying all the ne
cessaries of at., with the exception of iron fife
some'elf's to come. The most important want'
is fuel, but the're is much probability that on
the Uppe , Asainiboiu and the Little Souris
- river; . 01113 nf its Affinent: ,- , -- tertiary coal br '
cite, will be found in available quantities.
A Panrrr Su lie RETORT --OH Saturday
two young ladies, very genteelly dressed were
ridine along Fifth street in a 'bus. One of
them, whose features were more remarkable
fur on extensive prominence of none than amyl
thing else. exhibited to the Other u daguerree ?
type , of herself, which she said had just been
taken downtown, and ihey . Were - engaged in
disenssing its merits, when an elderly lady
g t into t he''bus t at the corner of ' and
Fifth.— She was evidently one of those in
totkitiye„ yet good natured souls, who take a
deal .1... invent liberty in the world without
thinkinß any Inirm. After.' riding a square
ren ehell out her hand, and said to
the tatty with the picture:, . "Please 'let !Ile
look at it. Her modest request was met with
on indignant' frown, and the reply, as the
(WV was returned to the • hidy's pocket, "It's
none of your business:"
Thu old lady settled back in her seat very
compiacently, when the companion of the one •
with the picture asked; "What do you wish
to du with it ....Oh, nothing," replied the
old holy. • , I only wanted to see hew success
fAy the artist ling put such a nose on so small
a Plate."
The omnibus: , was full, and the shout of
laughter which followed the retort, could havo.-.- -4—.
been heitrd a full square. The lady with Li* •,
dagurreutype covered her thee with her veil,
and dropt the subject during the remainder of,
the ride ....On. .Gaz•riti.-
tras done when it was begun, it was
done when it was half. done, and yet wasn't
done when it. was finished. Now what, was
it Timothy. Johnson courted Susanah Dunn.
It was Dunn when it was begun, it was Dunn
when it was. half done. and yet it wasn't Duns
when finished -.for it was Johnson.
E.O"- 1 jiloti s, 1 ti,s, I renps, I mows! gets
up wood for wintry, 1 digs, I ihoes and Inter
grows. slut for what I knows I'm indebted to
the printer. Ido suppoSe all knowledge flown
right from the Printing' press,'so off I goes in
these 'ereclut Its and settles up—r I guess.
A person Domed Owen Moore once
'BollloWhat unceremoniously,
mpun which a wag •
Owen Moore, bus run , awny,
mere than he Ocultl pay.,
tar Fear Gotl and lavd- 11111 WO6lOll. By
Ging ilius ou will`iLTa`a
i x just arising from his noliesi or tlin girl •
getting squeezed in a polka.
NO. 13,
[For ttio !Lorild
01 - L8 FUT Y.
IST •IDA orAisivooi)
ow not your door.
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