Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, December 01, 1858, Image 4

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    Artnero , _Neptirtinin ;
oiIPASTURES. 7—The ,Ulu attention
inanul'iOg of inoadows has re- umpuldie gouenilly Lb ler'. stiperiti l r n t d itt ' a l l ' ily "43 coal
• •
eently- received seine naive in
,tior col- ,7 1 1 1 "`
ENS VALLEY lirobru, E 14.,•, Stove 111 •Nu
haloes. IVe would noW turnto a; equally t • •
!important question, One, perhaps needing ; and the 4:Ulol.r:ilea Lobbery 'whitefish; broken; Egg
discussion': the liiitna,geuient
_or :Ind Nut Coal. • • •
• • Vitis yard is situated at the oast end of Cal•liski oppo•
intStlil . C:4.• We shall ' , draw . some ill fil B Fit. tad llas 11 . 01.1,5, When , they MI. keep constantly on
4.1 3 .1111 r A : 4' "", I lir" '
though tint con fi ning ourself to t or , uso will fat ISl.lOOlllOd be cusp dolly cuz„,lll4.,wzr..
..1.11 I.;
1 Pastures ohould be unto ely fret: front i nand and at low figures.
LIPIAII.LIMPt.III.I. filfVeLiVilt-VIAAV--4.--.-vooni.o't,l,7,':`,-E•47iAinliiieeurtritioT,ll;TTalittliltiltrt'-
titafi_af_glatil grasses and to prevent.iiiin. o •4_,_
tneet,arutu„r,Nld,n,a,r.inenb shoo., N.rth.....0
to the health of cattle Sill fieep feeding •
•• thereon. •On swampy ground.. drains ,
sbould not Only be )divided lit they ;
should be kept in ordir. - IFC — ve‘;C . Fwell - ! '
such . land may be seeded at how ;
ever Valuable the first crop inay prove,. if ,.
the drains ' became stopped mid water re.,
inMits on the•ground-late in die ..spring, •
the cultivated grasses in time give way to
coarser herbage; water gras,es. flags fold
rushes take their place. fact hits
Comeivithin the observation, a every far- ;
• liter. In ninny eases a Pets .days'
• lnd
. ii
, good systent 'lit surface draining
• 7 eould be provided and kept a stliall-f
•e ; xpetnie_Otaa3 ; _orabh:_sitiatiollS,.:llllder , ..l
drains would be far kre peillianentoind
thorough in. 0pert11 . 1011,741111 hence 1110 TV I
- • bounutoteal in the end.
t. Pustuses sliniuld not he ajli.woil h
• grow Op to Weeds, aild ' yet' It few • there
are which ifre not - wilfully ; disfigured ii
appearance and, lessened in prollud I)) I
• these "pests of the farm. ” Thistles..ii
• ;pariicular, 'multiply with great rapftlit
in rich pastures, for cattle will not folio ;
then.; et'aisequently the
_seed ripen+ and
takes - roclf: L.- .Ther - tiot -- only - destrify 'the
o•rasS b' taking its:place, but Feeent cart
tic fro v in rating it near theirthorny leaves ,
!Pile evil is easily remedied If !most,
with, a scythe a few times during the flOw
ering season, they will eventually disap
pear, besides Cattle bill eat them in a
. withered stale• Nost oilier weeds yield
to tint sante do'so if
it is perseveringly applied, and the pas
,-- titre he same :time _ctienttra,ge.ll,.by.
- seeding and in,luttre, in. -the production of
the grasses.
• 3. OCea,ional •atjention to spreading'
the manure dEpppild •by the cattle and
horses at in inos-t ,eases, prove. ;
advanta , ,o , ons. thedung is left undivi,
. tied. the plants:it •eovors are at first corn
..strfy stilled; but, the following year,
- coarse tufts of glass shoot. up,
whieli the cattte will not touch, 'unless
comirelied by Itunger. If the .manure
• spread, on the contrary, the growthft.o(
vor -is very slightly, if at ullinjuri us.
4. l'astures should never he crowded
with a greateraiuuriber of . eattle than they
eau properly support.. - Heavy :stocking
cheeks vegetation 'The plants have nut
tittle to attain aiiegrowt ' ; the cattle bite t,
'oil their tops, and thentear theta .up,by,;
the roots, The injurious effects of this I .
. -course tie vet.' evident.. For the same
turned into pastures too. early in•the year,
or kept there too late.
5. On the other baud it is -equally . ' in
jurious to a pasture to grazed by too small
a number of cattle or other stock. The
pasture if hot fully used,. will loose the
return it might give, it is also impover
ished by neglect. The herbage . shoots
up luxuriantly, and some grasses cattle re
fuse alter they attain I full growth. These •
.kind consequently increase and strength
en, while the liner kinds of herbage, close.
ly con , toned by stock and crowded by the
stronger plants, decrease and disappear,
Li permanunt pastures, losses inore.fte
• wiently, result from this cause than any
other And from those which, stand for
a few years only, the full benefit is not de
rived. unless. they are fed off with proper
anionnt of stocl in due season. Clover
especially needs some care iii this respect
It should attain a line start in the'spring.
before feeding, and then sufficient stock
should be turned in to consume the Whole -
_product—Then all shoulLbe turned into
oilier fields, and a few. weeks rest Will give
a new, fresh growth to the pasture, which
under a different course of treatment, we
have already found to assume a spotted
appearance, the grass in some parts hav
ing readied mature growth, while in oth
ers was closely consunied, \
\ro have said nothing of seeding and
culture, or of the application of fertilizers . ,
each of these appropriately furnish sub
jects by theinselves, which luivoa and will •
receive due attention in our columns. The
question of changing pastures, and of
the kinds of stock which should graze
-tooether or be kept seperate, remains , for
,di•Mnion. Will correspondents give us
their view; add experience on the whole
subject, of managing' pasture lands •
Rum? Nt.
To MAKI.; YouNO 1 ) .1.3A11, TIIM:Es G ROW.
—I - was afflicted by the sight in my gar
den for four or five years the most !nil'
rient and thrifty-young pear trees, which
would not bear, but all their strength ran
to wood. Vexed at this, resolved to
,the effect of bendin g down the bran
blies so its to check the flow of sap, and
cause tO 10 . 1 mi fruit buds instead of wood
buds. • Accordingly, the first of Decem
ber I tilled my pockets with stolt, twine ;
T droye down sonie small pegs -into the
ground beneath my trees (which had
branched low, so . as to make dwarfigh
heads); I-then tied a string to the end
el every long shoot, and gradually bring:
ing down the_end of the limb till it curv
ed down so - as-to make a= considerable
bend or bow, I fastened it in:that, either
by tying the other end of the string to
the peg, or to another branch, or to a part
of the trunk.
According to toy expectation, the tree
next year changed its, habits of growth,
-and set an abundance of fruit. buds.
Since that, have had pkintitnl crops of
fruit without trouble.—Take good care
pot to let many branches go_ on the up
right-system:Cor Ilort.
Labor and Health. ,
, -MARK, says a sensible man, the labor
in man, who breakfasts at six, and then
walks perhaps two or three miles to his
work. Ile is full of health, and . a stran
ger to doctors. Murk, on the °flier
hand, your clerk, who_ talces tea and toast
at eight, and gets down to the store at
nine or,half past. He is a pale, offend.
nate creature, full of sarsaparilla, and
patent worm Medicines, - and. pills;and
things, , What a pity it is that this class ,
of people do not lay' down the yard-MIA
Martha seissoisoind take, the scythe or
.the flail for ayearortwo. 'By remaini4
in their present occupation they only; help'
to-'dill ußeeMeteries, and that's alma as
miserable a use of huManity, as you can,
This extensive esfablishment Is new in Complete or
'der and supplied with the best machinery for'executhcef
work In every department. The buntlines have alga.
boon greatly enlarged this spring and stocked with the
newest and roast improve& tools for the unnfuhteture
tl Is - aa wed to *order and Turn ished - nt - the - shortest - I or
.L03113E11 !I um 888. WO are fILM.' prepare ,
10 f‘aka nil aled,, and quality of -dry Lumber a
mya Sly r e duced pukes..
t% have, u on.tantly on baud all I Inds and tfunlity white pine. heaths:l:. sheetntu, ooh
Os, all 11i/,110 of %Valuta for .11and.ralls, window
Lintel stuff. ash, poplar oak 111111' 1•111114 all
k 1,1.1.4. of pdlog, plastering halt. al:114011*m lath. broom
It t.olles, worked linoring and weathur•boarding, rough
and slut rah rails. posts, and every artiele 111:11 Call 1..
I:0;11 111 at Imotber yard. Ilavitnt ears Of oar own we ran
at all 110100 111111 !It short uvl 100 supply any 11111010 W 011
11.40 01 111141100 S at lOW 110101',
41011 thilllkrl/1 for past favor; and solielt 0 contlnti
1111011 of public patronage. ,Our motto Is to please.
'611III))1 „11.0PFElt.
• 'Ca rl y 261P5,,
_ ,
- TerSII37III7NN - 1) v TEI :V11711,-
117 N TgR , A .14' !LING E.IiES
r cef - •v,
• . .OF ❑OMMMMSI •-:- ---
011 nod aft, NOS ILA l', OCTOUEIt llth 1658, Passeng
Trait. will run ng viUndaym excepted:)
T.ravo Chalubtalqutrg,
•• Silippotora , r,rg,.
Carll , ll. • "
2tI=TFATIT.'" ,
ioI'IIVO iitirrihiillrg • 8.30 A.)l • 1.,101'. ,31.
•• Alerhanksbutg 8.10 " - 1.26
Carlisle 0.811 "
•` Now till°, 10.34 . " 2.47 "
•• 011111ptt.burg, 11!12 " a 2,1 "
Arrive at 1:113111iitTAI(11.g, 11.80 15, 44
Trains leavo Ilarrisburg Fir Plidadelphia. vin Fount
Railroad, at 0.11). A. 31.. 2.15, I'. ‘l.. 5..25. V.
12 uu di night. Reading, yin Lebanon Valley Rai:
Road :it 2.2.8 I'. 31.
d'or Pittsburg, :1.40. A. M., 1.1111, I'. 31.. and 5.10. P. II
For Italtini•o•e. 7. :10.'8. 31, and, 1.48, noon. For Tr4er
t in William:Tort. at 1.00, P. IL, nod 8,18, I'. 31.
Train on 114upl/in Itcoolotf.:10, I'. )1.
'l'o' 0.1 , •St1811 8:118: :;11. all ,Statlona_wlaaa
Ilia Enbersbar2. 0111ppenslitirg•
)lo.•L,nllrehili retloa.ion o'
TrN I'ENTS on each 'ticket will he soot,, to all Passes
tt;os that nrovlde thenistlYves wlth Ticket, belirre e'
tering' Ilse' Cars,
Itallroad Oilier, ChainbersliBrg,l
—diet. 8,1858.
A M I I,A 7
• Tons Lylfer's tare
COAL, !maker and re
• s.fretntl. plop:foal .et
pressly for Inutile uso
and kept usurn etovtat
so that I ea u harithtll it nor and VI .1:1N 01l 5e3.1111, of the .
)e r. I hasp also or '.hand fond for solo thin
DIA MONO COAL, from the Ilalthottre Company 31Ines
"ThISTYiII ifolculattftl lii h VT101101 . 510, ,
'HMI COI:, Furnaces; • alleof 0 hill., I till) toll at stroll
profits fur l'111•11. and deliver to any port nil the brooch.
1 - I.* • r4 l o,Millar •
.1+: COAL
AT TIM END OF I , ‘l.l.lbLE. •
The eul.smlher would retpeetfully call he'allentlon
of Linieluirners_ nud the citizens or 011 . 1iNIV, Mill the
surnunollint country goner:llly, to"hlr NI,AV CV/A I,
YAIt 0. fit fuelled, to Ills re llon,e. ou IVest 11101 rt.,
inhere he keep constantly on lounin large supply.
rf Ille 1,1.411.110 . of I'OA 1.. to wit:
Valley, lute phldlerr t Noe llrov'e and Trove
. .
Egg tmd Onli—herel.lll ., laud dry raid.
o h 1 .1 1 .110 tli Welt at the lowest possllde
ittfeew.. lint quality oc Idoleburner',. and Illoclooolth's
Coal alwny. on '
IPA !ot
.Ltd All orilos left fit the Were Huse, or at 11IF ree
&TM'to No, th Unilever titreet, pill Le ponniitly
,April 14, 'T)S-tf.
AMES' 'FANCY. SHOE - 81'01.0
West Main Striet,
The mil son liners having disposed of their en tire 'stork
of Men's incur, hate replenished their assortment x ith
a large involve of Ladles, Misses and Cinildrenn•s Hoots,
Shoes and (Miters, snorted with gi eat rilbo bola ,tho
most relehra't ed man ufacturers In Philadelphia, and Inn.
rh all,: for style and Workmanship.
The stark 01111.111(Th m ery variety of Ladies Leather'
Morocco and Kid Welt limas, limn hid heel Slippers,.
French lasting Ilniters. M bite Satin do.. fancy Toilet.
Slippers. Misses Chant Welt 'Boots, Monn•re do . and Not.
h.; Halters, oith in general assoitment of ohlldrens
stork olevery quality :Ma nt ell priers.
CUStOllll.l$ nili be united on by a lady, tune is permm
neatly in tine :.tore.
Svp. h,
1 . ) TRADE - • -- -
The sub,ribei respectfully informs the public gener
ally.. that he lulu resumed the nom ulneturing of iIoGTA
AND Slit / E: 4 , in West Main street. a few doors west of
the Railroad and Inn lity, a good assortment
Leather. Ml al woo and Trimmings, and engaged comp,
tent wort:0111, he Is prepared to triakowp to measure,
" every drkirrlption of work to his line.
Ito has als.Vreveleed filen Philadelphia a well selected
--stank-olltOoTS-AND-SHOES. comprising overy-vailety
for Spring and Summer wear, which lie Ours at low
Gentlemen's tine French Cali' Boots,
do. Gaiters, Oxford Ties and Brogans,
Ladies Gaiters, Brads, Buskins, t•lippeiti and dire,
with a large variety of Boys, :,lisses and Childrens
Ito its. ale. etc. Purchasers are requested to call
and examine Ids stork. ROBERT MOORE.
Carlisle, April '21,11538.
• r
do tl. TA V LOH, return their - slum e thanks to
their Customers, for the very liberal patronage extere
lied to lucre, 111341 would rexpocl Wily inform the public
that the., continue to menufart tire CUSTOMLR Work,
at [heir old ktainf. on North Hanover street, two doors
elan e the drug stole of S. W. Havered ,
• With a nund•er or tirnt rate workmen eurpfeyed and
facilities for securing.the best stock to be found In the
market, they are prepared to make up every description
' of 'MOTS AND tiIIOES. for ladles and gentlemen's wear,
In the most, Inshlourible' style, and of w AIIitENTED 111:1
terLds and workman, bill.
- • - 31any - yeamnf - practleal - experience - In - Gm - business
both heir and in Philadelphia justifies them in On, lug,
that they in/ irohire full satisfaction to all thosm
who may leave thrir orders. ,
April 21, MS, tr. • 3. & Si. TAYLOR.
14' 4 It ESIIG It 0 C.l; 1{ 1 .1
S. C. 111.1YErl"S
Shad and Mickel el of different glades,
Salmon, 9ealo FlOt and NVldte
At fall' HIV'S.
Codfish, and Pickled lug,
At 111.;11.3"1"9.
Cbce. and Crackers CUD baThad
Sugar CuKittl.floof and Hams,
A fs esh I.upply of LIQUORS,
'Oils, While Lead, &e.,
Thu sulawrlber has been appointed agent fur
motherland county. for the celebrated 1l reencastle
FA 101 BELL , which tO. Is selling at very low prices;
awarticie which has been odd ail over the State, and
given satlatitellon to all who have tried thent.—Ahn uu
hand uncle of the Bell Metal Farm Bells, Mill everything
riot, in the fanning Ittid Mechanical line. All to he had
at the cheap hard it are uturo of
Carlisle, April' 8, 1858. • East Main Street.
X I, 10 lt 1 3 ICTU It 11; S
j A. R. lIINWOOD \you'd reapeetfully.inform tta
it I,lls of Carlisle Ilnd vicinity that he hob taken room.
in Vaig'm new building, east corner of 51arket Square '
Itsr , llo IS at allalltimes ready to tait'e ANIIOIOTYPEF,
In th e latest and mom approved style. Pictures taken
hi o,iny I,ll‘l chanty weather'. well as clear. and oat
-114.001015 riven or no charges wade, Portraits and
gystrellll - 111.$ rt pied. Miniature Pictures taken for
Loci ,to Ar.. in Anibrotype. -• , •
A tol.rotyprs warrouto to stnutlilm test of time, beta
or water.
Ladles nod (tenth:lncatiro" dn'rdially invited to en
and 11X1t1111110 spocimens.
Pricesimut bets-to $lO.-- A. It. lIENWOOD. ----
.Inn 27, 1878 . -I Y.' Artist.
• o irtilLESllll , lo.
desires to inform Prmersand the pub
lic gutturally that hu now has on hand and Is con
kautly manufacturing Threhing•Machines, with Pier,
pont'i t J'atont Shaker, w Ida are generally acknowl - -
, edge, obe the boot articles now In use.. A lsoa variety
of wVed Clover Iluilets, Corn Stallors, Straw Cut
ters and Plank's Celebrated Plow. Ile also attefids to
I.he repairing of 'Agricultural 'Maphinery in the beat
manner and, on reasonable terms. Alanufactory on
Northilettevor'Street,directly opposite the'resldened
of Ueorgo Motzgor, Eoq.
Sept. 2, . JOHN 'PLANK.
v, SCHOOL.—The'second mix-don of this Instir
lotion will common. In LITY,ItAItY PIALL, Nowsillo,
Pa.. ow TUESDAY, APItIL nth, .IEISB, and continue
ki Vit 'MONTHS. -
An'ablo serpent' Inetructora Lave boon sccured.and
no effort will let spared to rendoir Elio school worthy of
the podtien,it seeks to occupy, and of thdbatronago
respectfully sollrits.. .
For oiroularefeentainintt full particulars address
T, A. Me N N Troa ror..
. .
N, J w le, I'm
Tly ruder of the Board of Trusteert •
31cUarrouni, Secretary.' • VeNl7, 'so.—tl.
y attended t
2d Train
2.15 P.
8.i5 A.ll
18 "
5 02 4,
70:00 4,
10 II
11463 "
0. N. LULL,. Slipeet.
At II uyETre
£i isccllan n i .
Carlisle roupdry,-
. '
~4 .. ,:i-,..,.:-..-?,
.. -7-.7.---.„.!:!:-_,, ..:?•
~_, . ~..- ' 7-7.,
- ---- , sk • '-- -,0r1:',.1/4.••LY ....".,
AI,O-- ki -7- ,„I'.------'• ~01';'-rq ~ b, , .
------,..---,:i., ii,-, eii, , ,,g4,,r,-.. .;*,-. ~,...
.1, ,;,,,..i. :.,,, /14 i . ' '' , r' '4' , ' - -
4 1 /••,/ . 4.r,'„dig&.;'• , .: '''
41:4=.., i;"'t.'74F. ' '
' :, '5'e .. ...* 7 L0,.._,,._t4.
,5000.Ft_.,,,,111Piti.4' t: .‘ f. - • 4...•
7.... - .. , •ij.'"fl" , .••• '-'3_,..- .
s. ..,._ ;... 7.7 i ''
• - CAlt AND DASD Knornity,
Situtterg, 3lotildings, Brackets and fill 'othot
hinds of Cuipenter .worrk. We Invite' Builders,
pen tem and others to call slid ilVilidso stir tio•i1111os fnr
doing this description of work. The bent, :ilatorials
used and mires as kw as stony °thir establhhnient lu
the County or elsen hero.
- - - •
STEAM HMI I N 110II,T TO 0110011.
and repaired as Inn etofere.loom boor been recent.
ly_built frr W, M. Ihmderson & Von. in I hiri haunt:AL
IL Jl9 tom 4 Co..then.tdmmhip, Abl & Brothers. New .
liaile.& Wetzel, North Middleton. and . rt..sers.,
at whono establiFlitnent they Miky ho Sel.l) Iu daily op
twatiiin.and to whom wo Ain refer for of their
or ivory description. from the somllest "So the jleoviesl
illeees..exteuted at short 110tIel' lor 'every Mud or um,
Two skillful Pitttern makers eoto.tootly employed.—
It EPA 111N11 plymptly attended" to for Doper 31111,
Distilleries. Grist 31111 s, Fertorles. ,Fr. • Turning and
4F.lltillg 31111 Epii,dles„tf, deno 111 the best style,.
- •
- noel] us hush floar Four Ilors9 Poweip, .;41oriznotul
Four and Two llorH, Powel.s. Cur,, 611ellor, leou Boilers. 1'lom:11 cof.t!ngs,.mut btlier ar
ticle:4 fur humours, on hood ur promptly made to order
• •
and repa:red. Our facilities for building Curs are now
11101.11 COIOIIIOO than heretofore and entails us to fur '
;Ash them to transporters on the roil read on ;wrong,
dating tom. unit MAO or the hest toatet lain. Olden ,
solicited and out Ire satklartion gunrantet.l.
l'holong exponent.° in the boxinets of Mu senior
partner of..llot.lirnirntol-the-oonipleteoet.s-irf-our-ma
ohinery iirovory branch-of the estaldßinooet. Warrant
us 111 misuring the het-t, toprit to 1111 wlin favor .11,
with their leders. The continued putronago'cif our Ohl
friends and the public Is resportft.lly noliolted.
May it, ' F. G ARDS Elt: & CO.
, :Vain Street, Carlisle, l'a. •
• ' - s --, 4 - .. -- 1 ... A largo supply oh,
. -'' V ie s" - - i-, '?rb ! ":“ T: ". 1 ' ..1 1 1 ' ;:t v :: 1 I r l'•
4 CI
' ..- ' ..... '' . 7. i , s i
...:! -.-'. -,' :: r e, ' ,,. 011 . 1 invite . at, -
.16. -' \
.) :G. ••,---, • ,tn 7 ,e.
t f
: ''' .'
P r. '' . I \' . . _ ~. li..•t,ft 1 i I n the Ilirl
ai ' s 46ek ol'4lol s Watch
s • , Jr.,, , , - - -.: , ' I I: ... es..leuelr, ilr and
-;--. ' - -, L. , . ' V!.. • ' ' • ',.' ' - -: 4 PLltoll ware in Carlisle
•4- ----- 4-
. -- ' -4- - -:---- ' AVNAUGLE'S.
IVe have a largo as,ortmont of (lnld and Silver Hunt
up and ()pen Casa Wal , hos to suit all Fancies and
At .:AU(illt'S.
'Fine ;tad Cheap .lowidroi . ofery'styla and quality
netts ur, hp tilt pkee as wauted,
Silver nod Plated Waiters, Cake. Fruit, Sugar, and
rd liankets, Sltier, 'Fattlo, Tea, Cream, SUmir, Salt,
- even and Cream •
"Titi4 Chiral;
Mmeale,"Jet Brix bind Glasn - setts cheap -
Diamond liren,tpins and Fingerings,
Onld Hunting Case, Eight Day hovers; Gold Hunt
Unpin ; (told Hunting, Chron iiiii etern,
• • ' AL
Bagley's best or ()old I'eoi•11p; 1/11iOHold
'ells mid Silver Holders, •
• .
Silver and Plato, Tea Smts. cl. , l , lets, Cups, Tonk
101,1, Pitchers, Urns, Tureens, Tea Hells,
At'B. •
Id Nark. Vest. Curb. Fob, and Chattain ChM&
auk] Bracelets, bochels,.Thhobles, Crabs., Charms, '
Freuch Tinto i'leces . tu run three and four weeks,
- At,N AUI7 LE'S.
Ould Sleeve, Test, Collar, and Shirt Studs of all still
and quality,
Plated Forks, Spoons, Knives, Napkin Rings, Sure
Thlinbleh, Shields,
Flutinas, Aeco . rdcomi, Mush, IJOXC A N T, IS N IT
j e ci v i lygt . y,
l'ortnionniey. Pend and LCnther, Phan um
Sane) Traselling Dugs, Ivry nice elyle:..rhuip
If you omit to havo your Watches put In good r
pate and noir:toted, take them to
If you - aunt to get a Cheap Clock, VOU ran, art It
If you want your Silver ware neatly marked at short
notice. call
All goods warranted ns represented, or the nontoy ror
rentuns that want Nitwit:la tiro 'mil tat to call
MEcumucsnuno, PA.
TE.•III It Or MintAL AND NSAfi liAl. KILN et.
A. FOSTER \1111.1.1\,., Mal ben stirs mild Modern
THOMAS S. AB ESE. A. 8., Andent Languagna and
Iligher English.
This Institution baying passed inin new hands. will
, reopened as a Male P!enoid rally. oii Thursday s thin 2tl
tlity of September next. It Is the design or the present
proprietors to make It u strictly firobt.lo. Bost..flog
lehool, for tretiniur.; and fitting boys null youttµ melt
either or business. An' eillrfetit corps of Im
struebirs has been organized, whose personal interests
not identified with the tininess of the Imtltutlinn, and
who sill spar, no pains to 111111.` it wet thy of the confi
dence 1111,11 patronage of Ow public. The Buildings of
the Institute are ample, and welhariangeil for the no.
cummodation of about ninety boar ors. and all students
from a , road are exported to beard with the teachers.—
They will thus enjoy the benefit of constant lush anion
. and super, [slim.
Mechanicsburg Is ,Ittnileil in the centre of tine Ipain•
LIAO Cumberland Valley. nine miles filen Ilarrisburg,
mulls easy.of access_by_ Itallread_fiout.Philatielphla.Balt
tlipore. Or. No lineation cuuld be niere.elleible fur ac
I,IN-1101,1110W healthy or attractive for surd a school.
Pupils from Washington, BaltlnfOre. and
Interibeillate points,.taking the morning train, will
reach 3leclianiesburg by 2 o'oloek. I'. M. As it is the
ileterifilnation 'of the Principal and his to
place the Institute inn a gertitationt'and elm Iltei
tier ' , MPH tor success,
they *appeal with confidence to all wile, have Nnug ant ed•
ucate. . _
The scholastic year mill lai divided 11l to,two sest.ions
of twenty two weeks each, thin first beginning fin the
first Thursday of September, and mulling Oil thin first
Wednesday of Februhry ;.thif second session beginning
on the first Thursday of Fehruary, and ending on the
first IVednebtlay old uly
Board. Washing, Bourn Rout. and Fuel por
• .
Tuition, (Common EnatiFl4) 1 . 2 PO
• o , (Higher English.) - • 15 00
Ancient and Modern Lauttuages,- 15 00
Terms per session payable In lid Vnill e.
Fm further Information apply to Om Principal,
51eiltattleshurg. Pa.
111 A 111 b AND PU R.N
‘l , l,o..awerapor having located himself permanently
In %Vest Mali street, two doors above the Railroad Dm
pal, liesiuht opened his
- • • CABINET WARE-1190MS.
. . .
ithere he Intends, as usual, to manufacture and keep
constautlyen....Vapd every style of ilarlor furniture
and chairs: '
Walnut and Mahogany Dm:fling
Bureaux with marldu Lana. Sofas, 41!*.F... 7 1.1,F1A,
'raid.. and Waelpatantb.
Maul ut What:nuts" and Ward.
PAltl,Olt and ROCKING chairs with velvet or
hair cloth scats and backs,
. - Mahogany and walnut chairs with 'hair cloth
or ratio Hants.
Plnin chairs of oil kinds and stuffed spring IA VNU ES
Curled bah' and husk M myricA,..s Es o usury variety,
togetlua with all other articles usually round In his
lino of business..
I'd alcular +Moulton pald,to 1 up:tiring and varnltildng
Yornlturo of all kind.
Ruing prop with an oxeulltlf, DEA 01 , 31 C,
propOred to lilt all orders fur FUNERALB In lawn or
J. 0. 1858.=fy
'FARMERS !—Nov is the thee to get
• a now THRESHING MAME E and 11 olt 8 E
POWER. Wu have a number of well made Maehines
unw ou harid, at the Carlisle Foundry nod. Machine
Shop, - which we wllrnbli on, the most reasonable terms.
They combine all, the latest Improvements and are
warranted to be of goad material and workmanship.
Also, CORN SMELLER • of the most improved con ,
"structlon, which do their work rapidly uniTtheroughly.
Per sale at low Micas by • ' F. GARDNER k UQ.
July 21, 1858
Ifulawba of Illtumbro:s Coal. 11.ontAb e coNbvttoi
"bemon - 41111.84. rdrelvlog and for solo by
oluuKt 5. 1857. , " W. B. 1111.111.1145 V
DOW BtIAI)ES 1-Pilo finest,.
larrest. and Cheapest assortment of Window
shades the new atr A or mimitimi,
DIG 111.1,),.4 . —1:113N TONS cm 1 .
IIttIS, for ado at tlt; . W i t l ollvt i r i ta y f
Nithiot's Pay' Street Warejtooms,. - '
Erten(ling from Gag to.Pr&iericli Street, horing
10 fret front, 171)jeq deep, and 6 storiep high.
Wlttirt, IF kept ill wt)n eli i am!, or made to order. eve.
.1" y of French TE I,+: A in Plush, ;lair
;lulls gin 16 erad~lle.
1 rencitFull' :Anti and' *'ediillioy, A 11.31
CI IA IllS 11411,1.1 limos Will,
Iruilch Ft,ll troll ved-PAltLvi: CIIAI4B, In nets
nithll.ll*ll. Bair. or lotellr. ' • •
C11A1467 loth 0r,1 , 11111.
, I,i INU (111 A hAlsll,HlFll F. 111 Hair,
, .
on hand, or tiny pattern rondo or colyred• with nay
goods to intler.
(1111011;1in SUITS—In laltsut, es, sopleto; from Z.J.
CAVE Crl A I lIS and 1114 Inv de..L.t Ise largest nr,sert.•
meld sersdpnatde la she Lilted Stwl es—fi um $l2 is doe•
en up, . ,
trp. Room, nud.ldu I s: CIIA 1115, In el.
nutta.ll!:l)soginsy. Is Ills Co u•. Ws 0/1 or :stuffed .Sentt
-1111 lIRNOI . I.IIII.IIat 1.171,11. g 1/11T SO lit YAM.
Wood Fret CHAIRS ond SEUTEE:S nod 110C1fIMI
CHAIRS-01'1 101 l 110./.011.
Feather 11141, Hair wld Ilusk of every va
riety. Alro. fill kinds of bilk nod ('lain Futons lor
Looking (Ilasset,
' A. Ninuticer A soN.
1,5 r)tfi Gay Hreet, non. Fa3elle rti cot. .
W 1 N . Oll E'S T,E It & 0 0
Patent,Shuulder Seani_Slkirt M 11111110 Ury
7011, Che.stti tit Si 'Tel, l'hdtrd, .
• 1,1111.0,111.: VIE. tl A,111N1:10N
A. NCI! EST s. ill Fier. on Ihv.•t fore. 61n per•
no sop, VlSioll or ow
parlmehils. (Oilers tor Ills 4.4•14.1.i105il stylti oh :shirt1.111:11
Voila 1i11,,1 iiti.lie-sliollOstototii.e. •
t•mnous denirinc tii rnlOr Shll Is. rap
It,, 101111111 a liIIIIIIII3IIIIIIIIIIIIIIt. 011 1111151ii•Ii1I1 If Iy -
Constoot con 111111.1. n V:11 lot :u.J se:el t stock or !Iv,
thous:ll's Furnishing If Oils.
orderl i 'hujiiille,l
•Sep. 8,
1t..111.1N1, 1.31)011 ELI. & ,
a h:\I:I1A1. LAND AGLNTs,
leopenworth ( ity, litinAta lrn dory.,
bll, and lurato lauds in
\ e .
311smitirl, Lus and sell In lids:loan and Bites!
money. Lny and sell di .10, gin elolortinition respeetriig
tinrentip try, mid a agency. t,urfussx. ,
:Thu B. Illation, Esq.. l7u lisle, Pa. .
J: IL 4;1116111.
Her, Bret, it ti k CO.. Bankers, cnrlinln., ,"•
IVin. M. Henderson. Esq., Cuilixln. ,
George Sanderson ' Esq.. Larri.ashir. Pa.
r. Jl/1111 A. AB]. AI. C., Newrille,
.1% in. S. - Cavan, 1,3 i.,/„
E., W. Cliti.k Co., Ilanliers. 4
nn.n.,llcll.l.Coekllll, Shi.pliviiisioe 5, Pa,
Henry Beituan X SUBS. 511.1141:11itr. 1131111110 r, •
E. L. Blake, Esq., Cashier Merratitile Bank, Nen; York.
Snyder 31'F:triune. Entitle Agents, 3111111.1,0 in,
Aitorney and Beal Estate Agent,
Sterling, 111
IL W. ithiteer. liri t.. lleney city. 111.
Ex.llov..losepli Either. i•sonty, Va.,
" ;On. l'ollt/rk. Ptt. •
7.larelt I/3.1857.-Ig.
11 S .11 - A R. It 1 V AL!
. ClOOl/8 FOR . TIIL liemd DAYS!! •
8. W. 11AVERSTI12K has just received front the city
dal is now Open log a so/undid display 01 FANCY (10018:3;
oltable th.uppeearhing Holiday -Season. Lo-which
o deAres to rail the attention of his friends 1111E1 the
1111,11... Ilia asnortment in 0414111 m cannot be surpassed
n novelty 111111 elegance, and blab 111 quality nod, price
,f the articles. cannot fall to please purchasers. It would
impon,ible to enutnenite Ids
1101,I1L1Y FANCY GtniDS.
eqpn prise 4,1 ery riety at fancy m tide of the most
Molll,ll.lte 11111,1 t sto h 314.
Caplet , Meet., Bunts.
Elegant alitha st nod porroln la-gland:, and troyc
Fancy y. peat I and shell cord Case,
Ladies' Paltry haskels.
• Fano Work BoXeS. with seniug Instruments,
Pori N14,1111:11., of ariety.
Alold pv,int and pen, its. Jitney paper nelehte,
1'111101 { 1.11,;1111 . 11 a large %rslet) nt ladnr: (alley 81111101
'Motto seols :tud waters. Fill, in:rime:ld purses:
ladles' riding whips, eloguicsly finished, La.rem` flue
Perfame baskets and I ags, , . _
Brushes el every kind ti,i• the toilet. •
ant.tiod'h id the I:ilium , hinds:
.Muslud Imddlunents. ul dull hinds and at all prim-es,
together u Ith {MIMI erahle variety of articieselegant.
ly tlnishell and suitable for holimlay presents, to shirt,
Ito (elites I attrt ton..
Also, ones tensill and' elegant collection •
" 1101.11:AY (+lry Itut
- rotaprlsing tin:varlet. Englishatiol Americo: _ANN UA I.F
for 185 E, richly tool :dished nod Illusttated . POE't ICA 1.
ait h CHILI/it lA'S PICT:MIA!. 11001i1. 4 , for
eldhiten of all ages, than a hich nothing eon be more
4m:copulate or pleasing as holiday Oft, Illsnsumni.ryp7enr
of 6eiesoll Boot. 113 , d Scheel btatiouttry is also complete,
and comprises everything used iu CO !nee end the
Ite also desires to call the particular atteu
lion of Famllles to Iris Oen:ant assortment of
hh 311'15PM HA N HOLES, Ac.,
from the extensive estaddishun , hts el Cornelius, A i cher
And Mlle's of l'hiludelphia, comprising et coy style ot
Parlor. and study Lamps. for hurtling either
Litrd. Sperm or Etherlal oil, togetherulth Flea er Vanes,
Fancy Seines, &e. Ills ass.: twent In this lino Is uto
equaled It: the is:rough. Also,
SERVED. Fictliu..,
In every variety and at all priers. all of yrlll.-11 are pure
and (midi such ins can be conlidently'recennoeuded to
his friends !tall the falls. 111 s stock nitres es
ever) ding in the line of Faticrllloods, a lilt maw ochre
artirles useful to housekeepers which the public ore es. •
ileelallS hit ited to call turd sot, dun log the holitloys.--
Iturnember-tht , Old - Slur:di nearly opposite the - flank - on '
North 11u:rover street.
The ful.serlher has just returned front the Eastern
'eales. And would call the attention of his friends nail
ltGe public generally to the large and well t.elet tett lis.
sortment of HARI/WARE w tibia he hue how on heed;
consisting In part 4;111111.1H7N1,1 31ATLIZIALS, such an
Nails. Screws, 'lllngeg, Bolts, 'Lurks. Glass of ovely de
serlntlon and q ty, such lt4 lilt O. )3011:410d
American, French, Enamelled and Double thick of all
Palate, 014.. Varhishes.,te,, do.
TOOI4-4slcluding Edge Tools of every description,
Sara. Planes. Brace and Mitts ; Angel s.Snu S a; es. (lunges.
Hasps, Hammers, Sites, Ant 11, crew Plates.
Illacksulillis Bellows. Sc.,
ShocOal.ers and Saddlers u.III find a large assortment
of ToolA of every deserildien. togethei e Ith Lailies'lllll.l
Ocutlecteu•' Morocco Lining. Moiling, Patent and
French t'alf Skins, Shoe Thread. An II ax. Pegs. Lasts,
41.11rnesS Mounting, COlllll I, Birthing. \t hipstock, Mer.
hair, Saddle Trees, Ae., Ae.
Also Coach Make, s Tads and Ti iimolngs Mall kinds
'such as I'M. Spokes. Felker. Shrifts Mows. Moor Cloth,
Canvas. Cloth, 1).111111fik, lei 110, Liter, Miss, Axles.
Spring Belts Ac, Ay.
Cabinet linkers will find a large nssorfoleot of Var..
nishes. Oak, IVillout, and Mahogany Veneers, Knobs of
all kinds and sizes. Mouldings: Rivets. hair Cloth.
Plush. turleil Ilair Chair and. Sofa Sponge, Ae„ Ac.
Housekeepers will also 11141 n Atli gli I t.ortment of
IC nitres nod Forks, Brittannia. Aillita and Silver Plated
Table and Tea Spoons; Candlesticks: Waiters, Shovels ;
od Tonga, Iron and Brass Bottles; Pans, Fe., together
ith Coda, ware of all kinds, such as Buckets,
' horns. Ac , kn. .
Agricultural imploolents.entbracing Plowsofall kinds,
4ltivators. lines, Shovels,'llakes, Forks, Chains, Ac,
IRON, a largo sto- k, cnmprlSing all kinds 1 - 11 goncral
:so which I inn boiling at elty.tholtisalo prices.
Remainig- the Gld stand, 'East Main 'drool, Carl's'
April 1.1858. 11. SAXTON
•ni, of Ruporlor quallty,which'they, will sell at river
icon. ,Alpo, a largo lot of Cherry and-Walnut, from
inch to 3 inches thlck..whleh they will soll whole.
_'omit low,.__Also, a pair'of May_ Brales s . which
ill ho sold low. Moo, a now Thranhing Machine to
1 tacit vio Invite the attentio:i of fanners, as we fold din
~ned to give a' bargain:. All kinds of Lumber and Coal
autly onloind low for mph, ' - •
. 01111.031-4-IIOFFER.
. _
Carll;lu,,Jt;l4e 27, '2P
A - 15.1. ERIVA N. WATCH H vin grq
calved the nouncy for the onlo of the Ansertrat •
atch,from thu Boston Nl'atelt Compan), I would re;
wetfully Inforw my old Mends and thu public Ironer
ly, that I Imre a 'One aseortmeut now 'opening and
tdy for solo. In gold:told silver easell and very flue
- yles, and with - man' to thou they-can't be lasat, to
.eve that flirt. It is only necessary to give them a trial.
mons In want•of a correct thee-place, are respectfully
vlted•te call and aeo ourwatches, • .
W. 11, A: NAUGLE. •
'Main Atreet. f:nrlislo, I'n.
Im. 311.
A AARE. (,)11.41.24 OF, FO It 4 IW
MITAIta: 811114011bei, for
viite,' whirli can be iperronally explained. of
x for pd. btl.t lin boat liharel ti-tax, the ohtlm stock
' Hirai& Stathinery.'elo., (Including the good will) be
-40n4,, to Eliryork, Taylor & tiniith, In the atiol o on the
ith vast career of the liquor°, oprOatto
• , • FltEnit, 8111T11.
neatly executed
Plf 11. A 1) LPII 1 A . •
• •
A Benevolent Institution, established by special on
downient fur the relief of the !del: aril
afflicted with Virulent and I:pidelnic diseases. •.
To all poisons afilieted with Sex nal' Diseases, such as
SPI.III 31 ATORRIIIYA. BE3I IN Al, WilAliNil:,l3, • 1 311'0.
ThiNtlE, DONOR It li(UA, ill E 3T. MT, 1 I LIS, the Vice
Thl, 11 gvntto ASBOCIATION, In slew of the awful.
destruction of Inman life, caused by SeXual diseases,
and the deceptions practised upon the unfortunate Vic
tims Of Quaoks, several year ago di;
rested fuels olutOmltllig Surgeon,. a (.I,IIA RITA 111,Ic
AC'r worthy of
their Inure, 10011011 a Disp .
ensary for tit •
treatment of this ,ios3"l . dim,m,,, In all theirlorm -
—told-to-give - MNDICA Fr - Al/VICK 17, RATISTio -- itl I , ear
(n.ol, Oeelipatitl,liallita 411-11 re; Ate.,) and 111 eaSOS_Cd ec
• • , . lerret, to FLI-It - ,}lS - 11-M-NOICH4ES--F-11.14'.-151-
• (MAMIE., It la needless to add -tont the Association
remmilnds the highest:llo.ll(Al ktkill of hell age, nod will
I famish the neiht approv .1 modern treatment.
The Directors, ott a reVieW or ow 1.04. feel assured
that their labors In this sphere of ' benevolent . effort
have boon of great benefit to the afflicted. especially to
-- the youitz. and-thin-have-ren , tlv6,l Iti -,loVoto -11i1,111-
NOV., With rialelWall teal, L.I tithe -Very ilailertallt but
11111141.10Spigeri cause.
JUSt lallilliNiael by Ole AinNalititialt. a Rep . ort on Sper
m neer'lu t. oe Seminal Weakties4.• the fire of °giantism,
3Lodurbatlon or :mil-Abuse, alai other Distaste+ of the,
Sexual 'lrgatm, by theiloosulting Surgeon, which will
be sent by mall, kin a Neale , ' letter envelope,) FILEN OF
ell.tilliN, on receipt orllVi I S'PA M PS for postage
All.h•ers, for Report or treatment. Ili.. (/ EOll2ll It.
QA.1,11./11N,C11111$111011g SOP, Howard 'lotion,
N 0.2 South °Moth ~ t reet, Philadelphia, Pa.
"•' • . 0 Ily order of the Direetilre.
. .
- - '
till C A D. II.:A wrwm.t. Presid , nt
CI li). FAIRCHILD, Secretary. ' . . . '
ljee. 2, IRri7.l . ... .
s • % - ird - -""_,. 4e--t.
k[(c cnn. I)onsc,
Itlairkti St., above Wagitth,
. - •%„,,,;---..-_-,."-.:: "'" - --;
.. ` ~- _ I
„--•*-J--,!..:.-,';_,;zz,._.i.:i7:,..!.1,4,0,,>„ ..
„';';‘,.:• ....,,
"" : i „: I % /' ' i ' ' ."‘:,.11:.'5. '' \\ ~,„”‘ e \
)4 ,t ,, ini;,,:,,7,, r i r o' c ' ° : •
(1..4.TE AYH'S 1 CV4i4EI.IIFRIII4)
53 _ 01[1 1. 11 it IGII4II- 3 . 1` R. Et; LC T,
, 11E1.4)W A 114.711. (OLD NO. ' l9 )
" •
Combining nil owl r Ittwout I mprov tiniunls—the DI v 'dud
Org:111. Melodeon, dr., de.
(Tho Divided Swell C:111 only be obtained to 3lelocleo.
ur our Maisulueture.)
G EO. A. Pill NC E & CO
Illinkitincturers, Buffolo,'New Vox*,
IVII , 111.:: 4 A DEpoT:
87 - Fedion X 1 1, 110 hake of. Chiral/0, 111,
ISIEOI4EgAI,II t EXTS—ltus , ell k Itichurdson,
0011. urn, • 0 .;-
IVeber l it. Lotth .
, l'h. IVerleill, New Orleans.
The M 011141411. omouroctored by fria r s A.. Co, and
for sale al S 7 Fult.ok tdreef. cure the best In OM' wikrld.
%Ye have tried them. and Chore? we SlMali tuillOestand of their merits. They are .iltorded at u very mud.
orate coat. •
oet:o, ttelo to ustkokillog from Cto C. ..... .0 45
mil a lI:AVON:ave. do. C to
tetave Mjladeoa. do.
thiublo root, do. • • Fto F 150
1 nr
Fly° °I
Toro llAuks of, K.vs. Vivo SON of ItinlX, Etalit Stop,/ I
0110 It Oetuvo Foot PetlalN, One Sot of Reeds, in
PO 1111 - 1111,ri 111110 . 1 , 011dOilt. • $3.50
Five Out ive 1101..11.0n, extending from F to F $lOO
Six o.sllVir ' do. Fto F 130
Fivii . Outoro doublii reed. do. ,F to F 1i()
VITO OdoVr, Two Uouka of ICOys ' 'llOO
Our W . . for ingunfliet wh' are 111,11Tt, All! (I'oll
our long oxperiegee In the business. havln ' . ihnisito
god sold over TWON'i • Y•Two THOUSAND M ELUDE
ONS, confident of giving sAtisfgetion.
All Mehrieons of .nor umouthet ore either said by us
or &MP. to gni t of the Patio! States or enneeho
ere iv the iNTI.I , lh bit 111,r0Vi. iu every sespeet. and Moult
any rep,tirq be neeoeory info ll...expiration of oil
frieVhe date orlole - wo - lold burgelves - r
tA mike the same tree of elorgo. provided tin
Injwyds not mused by accident or
Ageatv Fir the pale of our %diode°. may Ito round It
all I Ita . in•lnelpal eines anti towto la thu United State.
and Canada..
At Now It. LINN. I may I tPSB.
B ull E ar ly opie,, , ,— Now JLrnrly
•- It ALIAN - 1.013: -beniolflly-.llltiotrole,l with ,
Moro than ono hundoed olobxlital i1t0,11411, by f/oiloy, m r .
kur• erowy, UuRU:m 1,11)1
310114; 01.1 uegraved Iu the Iluost m
yle bf Wood En.
graving by et/OVER, LINTON. EV A :V, , heo&e.
Solontll,llv but/oil-I'oe° Six lollbiro. A fuw Copleq,
ih Uorucee, Ni no D o nor. the fifteouth edition of
IN rouicroLumcs, 12 nm. muck $4.50, •
Containing the Talon of the llmirsqun and A ntbeNque
Wonderful Stories of the Imagination: All Ills Pool ry
The Story of AYthuY llordun l'y on. and tt complete col:
lealon of all hie contributions to the slnkatlnes. Ed•
Iced by RUFFS %V. DEISM /I,D, D. D., with notices of
103 IJYk b 3 J. It. Linrci.l. Anil N. Wit us.
Sent by man, postage prepaid, eu receipt of price.
.1. S.„ItEDPI ELL), Agent,
'Oct 27'39 2m. L., 31 Beekman St., Now York.,
• ' 664 BROADWAY, New York.
A. splendid assortment of the most Elegant and
selected by our own agent 'in Paris and London, for
Ball and Winter wear, and offered at prices Mow any
other Home in the Trade; alas, a largo assortment of
Felt and Beaver, .11ONN lad: for Loll.' and Mimes'
wear, at the lowest possible prices, wholesale and retail.
Pattern Bonnets always on hand. '
. Bop 15,1858-31 n.
The subscriber has started . a tridrettlily line of
Stages between Carlisle and baudlsburg, leaving. Car
-lisle every Monday; Wednesday - and - Friday, insuiedb
:duly on the arrival ef the afternoon train of cars from
the east. Returning; leaves Landisburg at 810 A.. 61.,
' every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, dtud arrives
at Carlisle at 1.00 P. 11., via. ferry County Warm
Sterrett'S Gap and - Carlbild - Sul
phur Springs. Ott and of June the 161 h, the line will
be run daily for the accommodation of passuogent.golog.
to the Springs.
Fare to lhe several points as fellows: , 1
Carlisle to Sulphur Springs
Sterrett's (lap.
Stternimisdale, . .
, Perry County Warm Springs,
• -•" Landlsburg, -
, .
Lanalsburg to iVnrin Springs,
, • ,Shornuins•lnlo,
. .
Etturrett'a trop,. .. • . . • • ' 7n
" r Sulphur Springs, ... . 1 Oil
- " Carlia,o,• . . , . . . s. -. 100
I ' The above Iluo will iestularly carry Ito MAIL,,to and
front , tho' mayoral polutts Mayo Indhated. •
1 have alao it writ atecliod IsIVILIIY STAPLE from
whirls I ant at all 11111. ready to furnish horses and car
•"rlstane.tu Mow who will fievor too with thoir patrmag...
on tho-nusat reastonabla terms and I it tho tore toot style.
. .
Water, Sugar,' 13ulter Bod.,
y v - citAoar4ps. TonCatka,Currant du.. Juntl.l.
&c., WM, nR . 11..1,KtEFFEIM'
I'. A W - .NOTICE.—Tuos. M. -BIDDLE
Li. continuos. the practice of tho law, in the office
timnorly occupied by hie father, WI n. M. Biddle; .Esq
cod inoro'recoutly, by the law tirni of Ponrosiik Biddle;
now diesolred.
'Dec. 23, W.] •
11 P. U.ll RIC Attorney at Law.
). —M. on 'North' Hanover strew. ti few. doors
south of Ohms' llotel.".All -business entrusted to hint
wlll bi promptly attended to. *. [April 15.
A W NOT IC E.,— REMOVAL. —11 r:
pEN Rom.; has removed his oillee to the room
formerly ovelAded by lihn on Main street a few doors
°opt of the Miltivalist Church where_ho-will-promptly
attend twall-busitiesgitiftrut.ted to him.
August lit, 1857. ' •
FA -W—l
has rAullioilftlea prarthe Of ihe ITatv: — Oilleo in,
Centre Square, west side, near the First Pres'lyterian
Visas. . .
_ S. R. fc E R_Office ip North
Hanover street tiro loom from. Arnold A: Son'is
store. thllro hours. morn particularly from 7 to 9 o'clock •
A. M.. and from sto 7 'o'clock, P. M. •
Fr l C h irO m it
Maim!: wham, ho Inay 6o eonstiltektt ally Itnur ,if the
day nr Dr. A. has had thirty roars experlience
In Old pearesslon. dia last ten of whl+•lm 11 . :1V11 'll.lllll (1,0-
Gil tll t.llO. outdo 11 111 1 , 1,1ct1110 or 110111111.11/114(111C 1110111
111110. May 20, 'Kam. •
\JESS 11. E SEARS., M. D., will
'j I spend the 1 , 1 HSI' nod llt i.• week a each, - .1.0.4Je5,-Kbo.:
may wish to ennsult her prot:essionallv. Offloi; nt
AU ;II 11110.111 .th'f..j. corner of I lanover :Ind I.outher streets.
. li r e ,
11 1 i0. W. NEIECII, n: p, s.-- - 1
',an Dentoost rotor of qperati re Dentistry to the,l
r ... 44
..... 11:0 Upton," College or
„-_-_ .416 V,
__ , iOO ti-Stu,ery.--• -
-- A %IWV . 1, , • gillire at his residence.
opposite Morkai Hall.
. .
Vest. Vale Stroh, Carlisle
,Nov. U, 1857. ,
4 Dtt. i.0.1,0011•S _
Sponi - iinnover strnt, "'"
next door to the Post •
=co. -
u 9.11111 be nbsont from Carllslii the last ton cloys
of each month. (Aug. 1, '5
1 : 1 V,14,1,
lUT t.
iltivlng returned to Carli:i his profinnilonal
sertioos to the citizens gill:orally.
Milo, 10 North I'M Stredl, ur.u•lp npposit,i hix filrinef
re-Mime,' •
Trans-119,11wai0.• lear11411:, )larch 11.'L8.
it - n— WI Ibe tot until the 1.4 id" April vext.
• _ •
RGE- S. S-
L . /lilt:11T. DENTIST. from flu, Bah
••• thoorg. l'ollegt• of Dotard Sur p "erv.
at the resltit.h, Itht mother, East
tart. three 110Drp 1.1114 Butllhrd. C•
Mt 1 1 . 1 .11 IthlBsll--tf.•
1)11. .1. 0. NEFF, ; respeet•
the ladies and gentlemen
of Carlisle and. vicinity; that lie has re.
awned the pray tied of aitey Ilstry . ruinci:ls prop u'rjl7ii per
form nil operations out the teeth and puns. hicionzing
to his pratessititi, Ile will losert!Pall sets ;of teeth on
;gojd ur sllvnr, nich singie anti teeth or iciwics. as they
'roily prefer. Terms moderato. to golf the chops. "
Oniell In 11101 stretit. direetly opp csite the Ouniicrt ,
laud Valley 'Bank.
na-nr. SL will he In Novo/Ile the lAtit ten dopi of
very 111 , 01til. -
Tenders his l'referstp;,_. a"•vhes Co the citizens of
3lount l'oP"rt,w,oo
/Th.- Ills office R d , Is r•sidonre. Moore's'
Aug. 25,258-6 m.,
S. W. II • , • Druggist,
North Item
l'hysklon's.Prescrlptlons rai chilly compounded'
supply of fresh drug and ehenavds.
B. J.• KEFIFFInt., -Dealer in Drugs,
Clicnileals,_ Perfumery, Nancy Articles, Conies,
tionary.• Soutivlinnover Street, Carlisle, t'a.
131 ,1 E . D E &_.)l ENDEN 11 A L L,
North_KoWilt 'hand and Collecting Agents.
Particular Ottlllltloll Irdd to 1310 111151110 SS of 1101,1 1 81-
1101118, 1111011 nn 1111y11111, 1 111111 Se 111111.! Ito:/ ESt1110,1114111111:
11,111oy 1111 'real. estate reettrilles. Tnxes and
hooking niter till, general interest 01 inp•renidontsr
Deference.: given Ifrequlre4.
July 21.,1555-,-ly
Fro Tll 1 4 ; • PUI3I,IC.—The iltidersign-
L rd hoo g ',WWII 11,1 writer. would offer his
serrims In all requirio,t Literary. add. Ile will rt.rnish
Orations. Esslys PrerTlltaLloll Ural
replies, Lines fir Alllllltlh. .leiv+lles—preivtre matter
,A r the P1.0..-11leitunries. and write Partly upon any
Meet Address (past lead)
Feb. 17, 1854, • , Baltimore, Jld.
- • -
A_l. _ . SI ? -
ANDRE* 0. Ear.Jr.Fr Viola est)N.
E T OM - RS 0 N
Have opened nuorlletiAt,,St..lnseillt, Mn., for the pur
eltase and sale of having nnd w filling Lunt
Warrauts.toslerlotr Lana an Tun.. Surveying . nnd Mnp
111111..; of 11 . 31 . 1,10t5. tlllll making Invest
ments for non-ret.klents. paying of Taxes, and nil !psi
tress pertaining, ton Oeueral Lniul Agency •In Missouri
Nohraskn. nud lowa.
. .
A.olllro on - Soi.ond - Strati North or A: T. ItoAttlo't
Banking House: • [July 30, tss6.
Au cqN EY A NCER •ft SCIII VEN VII. has re
mused to bin New Office on Maio street. one door west
of tho Cumberland Valley I:ail Crud blip t. -
Ile In dow loertauttently !waled. and bas,oll hood and
liar sale a very large amount of. Estate, consisting
of Farms, of all sises. Improved and unlinprOved. NUM
Proporiles. Town Propeity of every description, Build
log Lots. also, Western 1,11,118 and Town bads. Ile will
give his attention, lo 111310,1,1401.0 to the NITI/illlollg of
Loans. Writing of Unpin, Mortgages, Wills, omteoco,
;nod deli truing ...Tally.
* NV. (: R HEENT,
Jlinnrupnfi ;-ilinnesat+r.-
Sr TI Id. give tneelal agention to eolrealans titmugh
out Chu State. Itialu: Inv...tutelar. buy mut suit
Itteti Estain 1111,1 socurit lee. Sego! late 0:1164. pay true-,
locate land Refer to the Members of
the emulkvi•larld Comity liar, awl to all prominent eiti.
gels of C'urlislo, Pa. [Auk:l'sB-Iy.
South Ihtno; . er Street, the 'Court House,
... •
Ih oprietor.
Ira- Mall Codrt loaves daily fir lapertoo o: ['eters
burg, York .11,rhort. nn4 Ilaaovor from tub flour°.
Blechattlesburg, Pa
Ara" All stylus and p atoms of Blinds made to order,
and OM Blind. repaired Ina neat and substantial man.
nor. and on reasonable tome
Orders from Carlisle and other points abroad re.
sportfully solicited. not promptly at funded to. ,
Shop directly opposite the • Union Hotel.' West Main
tlti at. ,[duly 14, '5B-t. f,.
B[RNBIU3I, Book-binder and
Music Magazines, ,NewSpare..s, 11161 ax, Blank-hooka,
Copy-boolts,4e., kc., are received and re
turned, neatly hound In one weak, at moderate charge
es. Also, imper ruled Wally desired pattern.
Jan, 0, 1658.]
Samoa P. SNyntß, Ohio..
W. IC., Pennsylvania.
L. L• COOK, lt
Musket's and Dealer. In Real Vadat.,
Minnesota Territory.
Juno 3,1857.—1 y.
INVESTMENT. -The subscriber ititeilding to
leave Carßrio, will sell tils entire stock of Huts, Cap
Hoots and. Slates, (which Is now and )ood) on advents
aeons toms; too rospOnsiblo buyer. The business is wel
established:Auld the.,staluttite best_ in, tows.,
satisfaction will be,guarantsed the purchaser and term,
made fair., I would like to cull ai\soon its possible:
. I'. 13.—1 will still keep a first rate s'ssortment of goods' ,
on hand, and sell as cheap as ever till the day of sale.
go 50
. 76
IVERY STARLE.—Htiving put- L chariot from J. IG Nonomakim his :LIVEILY EP.
TABLISIINIENE, I will Mr adwaya ready •to -accommo
dato the public with 110ESES, CAR.
I AGES, and every other ar
dcle In my-litdr.- fly at eirt , attenllon-to
!amines» dud a dairy to ideavo. Iho maborrihor, halms to
rocolya alum of public patromatd.'
• 100
$0 26
. ..
. ' ,01:0Initi 111":01i1..
N• B. Ountihinenni 'on 'beind to nupply thine, who may
he In need of them.. •0. 11.
, Nov. 26, 18iliji , . • •
f I '. 11 i' ' .,joi OM ET ER S I, TR ERMOM NI
A !Mats!! TANK MiitETtiltB,l ll' -:Junt received
the iibnitu nll vices. maker end fin ish nt .. . ,
. .
I ust received fresh BURNING RANO
ty AIA:701101i, st it. K CC.
'Aiusiness tEnrOs
,%weik - xivo‘Ns
Merchants And Trittlers vilY be on their guard and
not be 'mewed obeli by a counterfeit of Mor.e's Indian
Hoot I'lll., signet A. B. Afore. genuine Indian
Hoot him the name and siguatbre of A. J. Inge
Co., on noel, box.
DR. MORtit: tho Inventor of MORSE'S :INMAN_
ROOT PILLS him eent the pre ter port, of bin RN
fri trovollog, loodug vin itod Bump°. Joh, and Africa. on
Well an North Anierlro— how spent three 3rars.nnuov
tho'lndinnx or our Weptern eouutry-At xnn in his ult;
tbot - Ourinritirtroilt - PlllA — VEhrrigrAtFEslll —
Was t Ito nnitilutll In rittlildiali_tith_futkAtiot_aL.
Muses ad. from IMPURITY OF
one strength, health and ❑fe depended upon this vital
fluid. • ••
When the varlettS passitgen become clogged, end do,
not net In portiod lohnithly With the different functions
of tho body, the bbsol loses Its at non, becomes thick:
corrupted nod. diseased t,tiths•catising all- pains.- sick
nuns and distress "of every name: our strength ix an
boosted. our health Wif are deprive d of. and if naturals
nut assisted in throwing off the t.t.t.gnant hunters. tile'
bbitni will hemtne choked and cease, to. net, and thus
I the light of life will forlver i.e b.owts out. flaw
portent then that we should keep rise Various passages ' .
of the hotly free and open.'pleartint to us
; that we hare It 111 t Ur power to put a medicine to your
reach, namely. Morse's Indian bootl'ills, nuinuflictured
Irmo plants end nods w Well grow around the InOtilir.
tuitions cliffs In Nature's.gardett, fie the health and re
covery ordiseitsed mon. Ihie of the roots front which
three fills are tondo ix in Stolotll'e, while), opens the.
pores of the shim, and assists Nature itil,htowlng out .
the finer pills of the eitrruption The second in
a plant which Is tut . I . ,Sueetorant, 'that opens and
cloglethorpane.•errorttrthtrhun,nr" "itittrtliffCtfririftYlithln g •
I mnlier, porlorta Its duty by &hunting off pillow. and
other humors front. I ungs . by Copitamspitting-'kite third
ts - adnUreliCifillela gives ease arid double strength to
the It I,IIIOIN eneouraged. the) draw large amounts •
rf intplirliy front the hL i.d. which Is thou thrown out
bountlndly by the Urinary or tooter passage, and which
could not hove Veen fib:chortled to any other way .The
foul tit Is it Cathartic...l areovepoilvs the other Prep._ .
I tittles of the Pills -while. engaged In purifying the
I blood; -the coin - see portleles of impurity which cannot
pass by the other outlefs are thus taken up and con
-o,ted off ht great quantities by the bowels.
• Front - the al eve, It is shown that lie. Morse's Indian ,
Hoot Ms not only enter the stout/10h. but become
united with the blood, for they fund way to every part,
nod Completely rout out and dissent the xl'xtelll l'neu
all impurity., and the life of the body,-whiclids the -
Mitred. becomes per:feet!y hellthy cons/. inently all
sickness and palit Is &loon front the systet.. fir they
ealinot remain when the body hirrelleare pure and clear.
'floe 101. 1 1 1, 01 1 11.11 re dist/esst . when sick, -
indivlty_so4touty die,- •beca hoe they - der not - got
ntedivine w It huh` s ill 'pose dalytit,-,a114-- •
whirls will 'open the natliral passages for the 111,am, 10
lei earl. nut: hence. a largo quantity of frond and ',other
matter is lodged. and the stout:lilt and intestinefl tire
oriellowlog with the eerrtipted than
litiderridna dlragrerill•lo fi•rinuototitvi. constantly min
ing. with the blood, which Minors the ern rooted Matter ,
diireintlert cry rein niol artery. Until We . Is tat ell feral)
the it. ay imp disease. lir. 31orse's 1'11,1,p 'hare added lto
tittonselves vielAry upon victory. by lesturitig mummies
f the sick to It•rollillig health and letup/net-S. Yes.
thole , ids win hare best, rocked or till Inerited with •
lekneer, lothn and anguish. and Lone f sLlu frames
have leen to.orelted by the !diming tilt intuits of raging
fever. :not who have been !nought. as It were. within n
Step of the silent grave. how stand ready to testify that
' th e y would bale been pombcred.wilh thedead, hall. it - , o - for this urea - rend wonderful medicine. ma se's '
l'llls. After elle or' two dr•Feli had 1,1,1 ta
.ken, they . were :fstotti-hied, nud tag° utely surprised,ln
witnessinz thoh.eltarining Offeids. Net only do they
else immediate ease and strengt h. naal tote away all
sickness..pilin and anguish. but they once go In work
of the dirt:rue, It bleb IN blunt, Tine,
fere. ihwib 14. shewil.oratelally by lime relic nee these
I.lllr that thay trill re Assess and purify. that oisease
—l.llll deadly enenit —will tale Its innd the gosh
of youth I Itillty tell return. and the pros
poet of it long on happy life will eiterlshand brighten .
your days.
CAUTlON.—ltownrf• Lrrf It N 1 ,4111.11 A..14100re.
All :zoo n. 11
bare Ai.ll. of A.. 1. WurrE nu
..T. - 11 box. Al, t signature or A. 4. White A Cu. All
ethers aie Niourko
_ .
3 tOrso ' n Indian hoot t illo are sold by all dealem
k1:1,11(14 111 . 011111 ted in every town, riling° 1.11111 hnuJot
In - ihuittnl. Port lea let,ltintt the !Igo ney nIII address ee
al,4vi, for tempt'
Prim 25 cents per 1141%, five boxes will be sent on re
ceipt-o 1 ip. stage paid. .• f ju23'sB.
41•1;Y• Per Sale 1,1'01;110o by fr.t.. W. llnverstlek.. • •
11 Ai. 7 rois I BAJNIERIC4N PILLS.
i r o UAW A 4fElf Y.IOIO.IIIOUS.
Otto small lax of Pills cures ninetrnine_cases nut of .
hundnvl• Ni, HAIR:1111, no Memory, 110 odor on Lhe
breath. Ito tear of detention. no small pills a dose;
tastelet.s anal. tortoises as water. Full directions ate
giver., I.otutu-the patient Can cure himself as certain
nl.l wllh the advice or the 1111.4 experienced stirgeon.
And innelt better (IMO o ith the advice of one of littler—
ox perience iu thin clash of till+.llll.
by enclonlng one dollar to IM. b. (LWALTex. No. 154
North Seventh St. below rare 'Philadelphia.: A Lit mil
Viseittnit ti the Trude, -N6ll , genuine without the
written signature of D. (I. Walton. Proprietor
Pr. W's treatnont for Selfabu•o, Weakness, Ac.. la
entirely (litho emit from the usual course 'Fr. W. hue
cured hundreds who have tried tables without benefit
The treatment is toi certain to VIII, as 1.11 a 1•1111 is to
rine. Ettelose a stamp. and address Dr. W. as above,
Ktwititt n full history' of the case and you will bless tha_
day you tootle the effort tu securo lira Is certain-2C
:lan. . .. •
mixTUR H. - =--This is a
power.ul and truly magical rtnuedy for all utter.
nal diseases, either on man or beast.e would ask,
have you the Rheumatism or Corns? Them, nut not
pleasant conlpanions, and we hums. that you would'
Ilho to delver thentaway as quick as possible. Men use
Foutes Mixture.
Would you itaye your sores. swelling', cuts. burns,
spridus. bruises. or 133. y tuber wounds bettled, we repent
It. use Fontes Mixture.
It Is truly a wouderful article.
It' your horse tuts the Netvitt. Itingbone,,PolLEvil,
Fistula. Snatch., (Turkel heels. Chafes, flails. Fen • ahls,.__
We - Kly :Val II and* again. your rentedY - IS itiuta'a
)listen. It rests but tueuty.tite rents to try It.,
Hundreds mho were ruched With 'pains—b.iorep who
wore thought I nettraltb tifilcted. hate, been restored to
111,1101 nod S.1111(111111,', 8114 are nog rijoicing In thin
blessiugs that health hestn•wst mill thus. dear reader,
111.1 s it be with yin. it you are so utiforit mint° AN to be
afflicted it MI any of The ills for which you find thin
I.lllilltellt r•ruunuended, List, it protervingly, use la
faithfully. and we think you will have cause to blest,
the day when you Nieuwe arquitititet/ with Folitia
Mintut it. Prepared by S. A. IV estminster. Md.
For Mitt by e. W. Haversack. Carlisle, Pa., and store•
keepers throughout the eounty generally. Price 25
and fin cents It I 14110.
. ATE Id
Thi. Inn question of 'lt'll Importance and one Whleh/'
lists never been satheneterlly disposed of by the Korea,"
Ours who tenet, the healing art. som e ~,,—gma
trpOl'illily the old gaunt l'hyslelann,that life lives In,
the blond nod therefbre nll Ilseusen orlehmt e In h—
iet mo.lere science rivers that ailments have their
orleinntion In both the non& and lluldn of the body.
That the latter preponder a te, however. Inn fixed fact,
and medical skill lam clearly den 1111 l etmted that at
leant trio thirds 4 the Ills that human ileeh in hei r to,
have their 16,Illees hn on
As, for Instance. In the bu g colologue. ,curb us Serofu ,
Tette, • hurlers [tell,. Pimples. Mobiles. krystrei
Jus._Ulcero,j al Lithcum_ dit.clutrgeX front-the-Eon,Tever
I Sores. ar irruptive 116440.8 of any Mod —These fire as.
eertaltied by well known medical lowa to arise rl,lll I ad
blood—while th biuhet4 theillea) Authorities declare
that most let els ,Igluate in the some unmoor. and
I more yartieulat lr and starlet—the former to.
lug 101 Interco], And the latter an external irruptive
dimiso: :Ind in all persotv]attorl.ed In these unOndles,
the Mood is found to be either coagulated, or of a dock
uolualthx color.
'fa worl nlf :t large mnJ•n lty of diseases. no well no to
CUM a 1111111110 r have alrently Sehed upon tlu sys•
toIII, it is necessary to
THE 111.001%
luiproved Blood Senichei dooc~ not ' clnim to
bo n
for every disease known, but the proprietors claim for
It I hi. power not only of di ainirg out A., Impurities of
the bleed: bit , by the P 0111 1 ,111111.1011 of well 1. sown
eeuetbble remedies. it will v.ure dlvens. nrlvieg (soda
11 deranged state of the liver. drive out dyspepsia, and
dive reoeued lore and vigor to the sVameh That the
111.0011 SE utomit w nil thut In claimed ler it, the proprio•
tore rap prod Lice , - •
It is-only a few years sinro it ions discovered, and yet
it has grown into such a tuckers that a large laboratory
has been built expressly far Its manntheture—a largo
number Of men employed In potting It up. and still the
We ask any candid men, could thin he to. it the Med
trine did not possess ALL the virtues claimed tic 31
Thelit.etins have hundreds of cortiflentes from
men of probity and standing hethiecOnin %%%%% Ity, show.
tug what the medicine is doing daily for the sulfuring
echo ban beer need Ai; good Searcher 'whether toll
Was experienced.
. .
Lot the affileted sloe it a trial—n single tot tle wil
yonvince the most skeptical of its efficacy.
rtn,. For silo In Carlisle by R. W. Ilaverstlrk, S. El
liott, and 11. J. lileffor; Kaulfitan &lion Rleclmuirse
burg; (insweller & Zook, Sitcpborthtown ; sositua CuM,
llogstown ; Jacob Simmons, Cross Roads; .Itttrts &
Wise, Shiremanstown; A. M. Leldielt. Dolling. :prinks ;
Mary W. ltisnol, Cburchtown; Edward James, West
11111; J. C. Fasnatiebt & Ilro., Oakville; Slmenutkor
Elliott. Newburg; Wm. Bratton, Newvillo; J. Hood &
Co.. Sprlngtioldt Russell & L/Ice. Diaillv1)11; Highland
&. Weqiittgor, dacksonvillo; Wm. Clark & Co.. Lees
Ito.ttlst. Wm. IL Eck/es, Sporting 11111; D. Denilimer,
blta ; -J. C.-Altlck,Shippensburg; all of Cumber ,—
bind county, ht.
LINDSEY h LEMON, Proprlefori,
.110111daysb . um Pe
Formerly of the College of Surgeons;
Is now offered to the public for the Cure of all Son
and Painful Diseases; for instance—‘Pain or Soreness In
any parte; the System, Rheumatism.; Pain in the Dark,
'Breast or Sides.. Dialed -Breast.. Neuriihrla. Burns,
Sprains, Headache, Cramp in the Stomach, or any other.
Disease that In StillE AND PAINFUL, and It Ix only
over thin class of DlOllBOB we claim a PERFECT VIC-
We say positively - to.nur•petniiiii: we ran
neva the sufferer 09 times out of 100. W,, would Just
the public, Prof. DU Tali was 25 years In' bring.
leg this medichieffki the roporlorlty It has, over all oth
- '
0n... Price 50 cents per bottle., 331 , / per. rent.. MT to
the trade:
tiet;. All orders must lie addressed to- •
• J.D. SIUNERODit, Solo Vet for U.
Au; P 59. - Lewistenn, Mifflin county, pa.
For eale'hy S. W. Haversack, S. - 111111utt:11.1Cnuffmatr.
Itieffei , and at all' the country ,tures thmughoul
ticti„,:Foxiey Printing done