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islarnirrt Viputtuunt.
.T . •
---, , Though-ips4ethitomary_fte.strikesett_
-lands for philiiiilgCrn the forth of a pair
t' .:sllelogram, that is, -both ends of the same
-;itidtti, yet itoftlin happens • that, owing
.".7.to_theirregiflatity. of a lieli, one or more
7 11ands run ankle a point. 'ln such - oases_
itts the universal .practice to plow en
tirely .around Ahem, that is, drive the
.team to the pointed, end and turn round
.' upon the plowed land. Where there are
turningsmany . of this kind there is ne- '
.- eessarily much . tramping of the loosened
aground. .IA my practice, I avoid this as
' aafollews : When going out towards the
point, at a place where- the
s plowed land'
'm still say six feet in -width, I turn the
- ; team round on the unbroken ground and
po back around the wide end. By turn- .
. • mg about thus as often as I reach a place
'in the tilieWand of only six feet wide.
.. Ised the!whole to a • uniform width,
and h e done. all the turning and train
ping 'upon anplozied land? The
. last six
' feet is, of course, finished by furrowS the
','Wholeiength. of it. It will readily be •.
- seen that the turnings arc no - more than
,if taey were made .• . at the same
_places as
•, fast as the land. is run out to a point.
• ~Ilaisidea avoiding packing the loosened '
~ mit,lt-la-titach-easier-for-the-team-to
turn upon solid groped, especially if the .:
soil be mellow and deeply plowed.. •
... . .. - , A MAINE YANKEE.
' ItxmAuxs.—The above is a vat : noble
' tinges:ion. Practical plowtingi will, of
course, understand that "it is necessary to
narrow etch 'jitrrotv to a point before
turning, and also . to strike in on the op- •
posite. side with a narrow cut, otherwise
the' two sides of the six feet wide plot
would be left very rough, or.netched, and
the fir:t through furroits •te finish 3 11 the,
last plot would be very unven, and, at
`''least, show bad. Every one does, or
' should delight in " geeing his - wiak left• i •.
-smooth" and even.—A'nirrjcpia Agriead- .
"arid. '. - 2
4 'A penny saved, is two-pence earned."
Nut less than 850,10 Q worth of valuable
tools; belonging to the readers- of the
American Ayriculturise; (less than $:!
' eauh,) Will be spoiled, or materially in-.
jured, simply 1 . . q. rusting between now
and - neat — Syring; Thu—damage, alma
• will be $50.00 . 0. Look at the plows,
barrows, culOvanifs„ hoei, shovels, forks,
chains, axes, smys,..not to enumerate wa
__gon irons, aruLa_tutitt i tude_of_little-tool • :
that ought to lie provided on or - about
any farni, and- t lien-reckon up how' many
of them will be'left where the combined
effect of air and mOisture will attack their
.ourfaceS and eat away enough to. render
them rough,at least, if not to materhilly,
. depreciite' their ea* iMany bistro-
Taunts are destroyed/fasted' by lying Ole
than they would - he by constant wear.
, .- We will not now- write.a open
and of having every implement stored in •
..14, but give a recipe for an exceedingly
'wimple, Cheap and effective preparation;
one available to all, which will at least
save all metals frotn - losrby - rust- --- . ------- ; -
' Take . about three pounds of lard and
one pound of resin., Melt them together
Ina basin or kettle and rub over all iron or
steel surfaces in ..danger bf being,rus
*ed. It can tie put on with a brush or;
-piece of cloth, and wherever it is - applied
it m -at effectually keeps air and moisture
sway, and ofcourse prevents rust. When
knives and 'forks, or other household at.;
eiC . C9., liable to, become rusted or. spotted
• are to be laid away, rub there over - With
this mixture, and they will come out
„Alright and clean oven years afterwards.
The - Coating may he sot to ho
perceived, and it will _ e effectual.
Let every one keep a dish of this -prepa
fa. tion on hand. .As' , it - does not slioil of
itself it may be kept ready mixed- for.
months or years. -1/ent. Fresh lard,
eontainin ,, no salt, should be used. Re
sin is a cheap article, and may be obtain
. edadmost anywhere for four C.) six cents
per pound.
The head should be long and slender. The
short-headed oz may start tolerably quick
at the whip, but will soon forget
The eye should be sharp hut.p'easant.—
The black-eyed ox is apt to run away.—
For strength he should have a good ho-
scup. For travellin ,, the legs should be
straight and the ankle smaller than the
, foot; the toes should be-directly forward.
If thennimai toe out the knee will bend
in, aid thes' leg as much genitor
Shan .staight one as• a crooked stick is
1• weaker than a straight one for bearing a
weight'plaeed on the tpp of it; with such
a form—the- inside chtw is liable to be
airsieed. • Avoid the fang, peaked hoof.
Let the : back' be .. straight from head to
bail—though from the hips backwards, if
Ls slope a little it is not much l of a fault;
— bat - don't let -him-rise in thaf park-- For
laidihood, the round built or round
• bed ox—one. that is not in danger of
. knocking his hips off in, going through
she woods-=in best. lie should be train
ed to the.yoke quite young. .Three pairs
early put to work. buc'not . 'o verworked,
would do as much liito:.';6lOilr pairs that
are not broken until they have nearly at
tained their--.growth.-,—Chem it Jig . county
republican. - {:- -- '
LOOK - FOR allE BEE Morn.-Those
having bees and wishing . to keep them
sad have "luck," must almost daily. visit
their hives, (early in the morning is the
limpt time,) and set them up on one side
sitd destroy the worms that secrete them
selves under the edges of the hive. Un
ion this is oarefully attended to, don't
*sped to be successful in keeping bees,
On they eiethe great euemy,of the bee.
Cun POR POTATO ROT —ln a recent,
agricultural. meting of the - Massaehm:
ills Legislature, Mr. Sheldon, of Wil
mington, exhibited some eeedlings which
be had eultivited for six ears, coil kept
di em free from rot. lili . beory - is that
i t
light and air tend to de clop the disease,
end if ,the potateeritre kept in the soil
bring the•winter they will not rot. Of
enures they mnst-ae covered deep enough
torevent-the frost from inju ri ng them.
• JThis is precisely what Mr. Roberta of
Iltchigen, proposed to ""disclose" for a
nimbi° consideration in money, some four
rare ago, and has been , familiar to the
potato cultivator for at least half - a centu
ry'. Anthill frost last year penetrated in
Aim latitude , (Germantown) full three
List, and further north and•east a . foot
snore, it would be a . pretty task to aeoom
•__ Pak to. get ikti. patatotaLout..olleaoh LOC.
old Jack. , ..
New eocubs. ,
• • DODDS! Bouts and Brother 'lava just opene&one
nt.the largeitt and hest assortments of Dry floods etcr
biotight to Carlisle. 'Their stock has lawn selected with
`more than usual care front thehesthouses In Now Ytirlt
and Philadelphia, and ovory effort Modulo obtain the
tor themselves they will be able to suit every variety
of theta at prkes as low or lower than they can be.
bodglit hero or in the clty. —
. •
Black Silk Robes, Baroge Robes,' Poplins. '
Fancy Silk Hobos, Lawn Robes, Attention.
• Foulard - Sliks, mail no;
• Bayadero Sliks, Pure Chan, • aingliam Lawn.
Moire Antique, ; Ducal,-
India, °rape Espague Alpaca.'
Mourning, • . All wool do lane
Fancy Silks, Tauotrtine, Cashutore.
A full assortment of white dress goods, Nainsook Mou
lins, Victoria Lawns, Figured' Stviss,.Volvats fur Man
tles, White and Ilia,* Crape Shawls, Stella ThlhetrMode
and 13rucha Shawls, de,' Bonnets. Bonnet Patios, Bile
bons, Flowers, dm., Coronatlon,'Cruvella and Crinoline,
Skirts for 1"1,1101, '
Also, Collars, Undorsleoves, Hand
kerchiefs. in great variety. . . ,
GENTS .111 All.
Clotho, Casslmer.. 'Hap 1101, Callmienuts, Summer Ca
slmares, Cottonados, Silk Undohallits, Linens, linu'dker.
awl, &a •- •
Bleached furl 1141bInarlied Linen and Cotton Shootings,_
Table Linens, Wolon ditto,,PlanuEuver,Counterpanes,
Strew Hats, Plots. LooHinglllasses. .
Shades of all kinds, Umbrellas, :thistles and every va
riety of Dry Goods lii common use. " ,
. We have just laid in a largo steel of • Tapestry,.lngrain,
Imperial, Mixed arid Rag Carpet, (in Clothe. Matting,
Straw Mats. &c., at lorest piices. We respectfully In
vite the public to call - and examine our stock' before gni
chasing. -We have bought our assortment at such
ptices that we cannot be undersold.
Special attention paid to purchasing goods In tho city
per order at shortest notice.
Every effort will he made by the firm to givexatirfac-.
lion to those 'who may favor them with a yell.
' Bwri: s: BROTHER.
1_ • 'PARIS k KNPIIIT, Late of Philadelphia,.
L'aperllmmltignibtwo. Sl,tit. anti Doeotative l'aintern,
Imitators of Wood ao.L Marble, ebnllonge
compete with them -in thu various hninsheri of tile above
• • • •
ITaving fitted*, celeste.. for
P the I.IXeIIOVP sale of, WALL
PA PERS, 11 0 DE It S.l'lll ll
respectfully lovitO the public to an exmination of stir
stock. from which WJI are confident of giving entire sa
tisfaction to all who favour us with a call: Our goods
having been selected withcare from the first teamilike.
tureg In Philadelphia, will be furnished at the leweit
prices. All orders fir Paper • Hanging or Painting
promptly and' personally attended to and executed In a
workmanlike manner.
.1. W. PARIS, Practical Paper Hanger.
11. F. KNIGHT; Practical lion. A Sign Painter.
Smith Ili nover street, next.door•to Ilanuon's Hotel,
Carlisle, Pa. '
kJ The stnre of the subscriber fa to receipt, and the
shelveli are now mtpplied with a handsome selection of
flue'dnd rich - • '
• • • •
and decorited fancy were, ouch as Inkstands. Baskets;
Vases, Coffee eups..lewell - boxes, Toy Tea, and Dinner
setts, China dolls In variety, and a • variety of other
articles all well suited for the C 0111111,4 !LOU . •
in every - variety, fresh and. of best have just
been added to our formr stock.
of very One quality 1n email sacks also on -hand,
Currants, Citron and ethyr g,yrds adapted to thelasison -
In variety, constantly in store and fur role by •
Carlisle. Dee. lU, J ; W. BUY.
HA. - --- --- ---
WAR S. l'
. •
The subscriber has Just returned from the . Eastern
-- cities; and would rail the attention of his friends and
the public gemmilly to the• large and welbseleided as
sortment of If AJIJIMLI•ILLILLeh.Ite-lias-novison - liand:
- CiiiiSiTiTm; --. Rr' --- i part of MU I I.DI St; MATERIALS. sorb as
Salle. Screws, Hinges.-Bolts, Locks. Mass of every de.
scription And unality,such as COllllllOll, IV hit, Pa ISlle,t
Alliql.ll.llll, French, Enamelled and Double thick of all
slxes,•l'alots, Ilie. Varnkites. to.. &v. '
, TOOLS—I neludlng Edge Tools of every flesvrlptipn,
Pairs. l'llllll.R. (trace and Mitts: Angers. SquareS.Ouages,
Files, Rasps. Hammers, VireS, Anvil, Seivr Plates - ,
Blacksmiths Bellows. Are:. &,. • . - : . -
• Sh aocninkers.nd Sad,' lire will find a largo assortment
of Tool, ;I• every des'erlpticn. together with Ladies: and
Oentlenten..' ?learn 1.111104 Binding, Patent , nud
punch Call - Ski:N. Shoo Thread', .1 wls• Wan. Pegs. Laity,
ilarnes.LNionnting, Cellar, llirthing, Whipstock, Deny
hair. : , roldle Trees. ,tc.. Av.
Also. t`acb Mohair Tools anal 'frlounings of all IZlods,
soch as Ifni, Slakes. Velloc.,sll3,lll,,llawss,Elour.fsloll .
' -YurotrtsrtlOTlE7Ran—Crig.- Lace, - Mon:, Alle , l,
Spring Dells: .t.,...te. •
' cabinet Makers WOI il Ilita large as,rtopont or.Var
nhlo.,, t)alc. %Val not.poll Mahogany 'Veneeui, Knobs or
ull , kill, a to!
. .1/ 5 . ... _Muldides. Rivets, Mar Cloth,
Nosh, Curled (lair 'Chair and : , .fa Sp - oni=fe. - AC.: - AC: ' "
- Iloosekevers will 111,e Ilml a lawg, ....sortment of
Duller owl forks. Ilratannla..l lbata and Silver Plated
- . trble-..and-Vou-,Opens, I'all ti lyst ke. Wailers, Shoveln.
dod Tunes. 1, , ..11 and Reaps: lief tics, Pao, Av., together
, Citil . Cedar,. re of all.kinds, soak as Tubs, Muskets,
C100n.. , .,.‘C., h a '. ~• .
Attricolturallinploments.embraelog plocsof all kinds,
eultioltor,, Um., Shandy, Itltiv4, Fp1.140. Clialt., ke.
IRON, a large sin IL eomprising all kinds in Onerttl'
00 Wlll,ll I not sollito at oily wholesale prices.
.. Reniendler the old stand, Kant 3lain street...Carlisle. ,
11. SA TI IN.
NTJ , :w BooKs :crr TI I P., _NV 1101.11,-
Billtyinli, TAILOR & SMITH. •
iVoreester's Dietionary, M.O. *3 50.
Worcester's Aeadolnie do.. 1 :Ni
\l'ullor's Outlines or Universal Ilistory, 1 00
smith', Illsbory of I i l'eere, 8 On
Tent Life In, the Rely Laud, , 121
The St tulunCs.t.ibbon. 1 On
Warlrly, (2 vols. Cloth.) 1 50
Rob Roy, . . 1 50
The tesiiniony of Ihe Rocks—thigh 11111er. 2 25
Wild Western SITUPS—A Narrative of Adventur.
era In thu Western Wilderness. 1,01. 12 nto.
Illustrated, ' . els.—Cluth 1 00
Auto.llio.traphy of g Blind 11inister, - - - 100
Thu tire-t 5 11 esters C..ok Bonk . ' 50
llow'Olo Business, a Poeket Manual of Praett.
~ea‘ l affairs. and I i guercess In Life, en,.
.•bracing Principles 4.1 Business,' Cannes of
Stwess and Failure, &t. &e., only 5O
All the School Books used in the ten u and throtitos
the Outlay, wholesale and retail. . .
Music and Musical Inntrurtlons, for sale by •
Plain and Farley Stationery, at
Sunday School Bunks. at ally prices. at
Blank Books, of all binli and quallt.lott, at 7'l
Sllltl'UCli, TAYLOR k SMITA'S.
UItOCE It - LE S!-
1.. J. W. EIIY.
A choke 5011.4,0011' of Gnworles of every varletY, In•
eluding Splres'and Teas have been edited to our former
nportment, among which may helmd strictly prime
together with a general assortment of
BROWN ,0 S1:11A RS,
Including Cru,lted,,Oranulated, Pulverized, and Clad , '
fled Sugars. Also nloti of New Cheeso, Farelra, OJAI
SlAtell, Maids" Chocolate, Av. Alan Green and illeek
Teas. of Jen klu's select brand.,
For sale at the lowest prices et MARION HALL ORO.
CERY by (Oct 21) • J.. W. EBY.
AT S.C. litiVEl"l"S
Shad and Mnekerot of different grades, -
Salmon, Scaly Ftsla and White Fish,
Codfish, Salt and Plated nerriur„ -
Cheese hod Crackers can lei had .
Drlf•d Fruit, Preverres
•"' At IItIYETT'S.
,Sugar Cured II:Ut nod Hams,
.1111 Y ETI"S.
A flesh supply of LIQUORS, , "
Oils, White Lead, kr., kee
ITO THIS WAY N!—The cheapest
STORESIIOR ln tho cottitty.lthend of nit Comp>
talon. Ladies nod I:entNolen Kill once 25 per remit by
purchoEing their• Boots and Shoes ot—tho.egiswe„,Shoe._
Store SOUTII tho public squaro„
EI8: AgIV.V,(Io itgiiina4l , lOl
~1! , 1.,.,p0tl i.,. g :
I Just received from Philtololulda nu exteusive
mid epleudid nesortelent of.
• which have been selected with care from the best mow
uthetorles, and which he Call recomend for their su.
parlor workmanship a , nd finish, 110 has every thing in
the Boot and Shoe line suitable fur the season.• and
whirlisoW Ito sold very PM' hir cosh. A great variety of
Men's and Boys (loiters, Boots, Shook and Brogans, [A
dios Gaiters, Lice Boob, Buskins, Slippers 'fins, Misses
and Children's Shoes, at the lowest prices..
Purchasers are lexpecttully Invited to call and pa-
Amino out' large and elegant assortment, and they will
find that in price and quality B. will compete with any
shoo store in the place. 4,n_ileparing dime at the
shortest notice. All rior sewed Oratia. IboCt mistake
the place. cheap S. W. Corner of the public square, op.
posits 11. L. Burkliebitirs Hotel. .•n .
May 21, Om. Successor to,al. ',prom
T. B. . KELLEIt'B 11 HA P
. CAI'. 1100 T AND SlitlE STORE.
Wu Invite tho attention of the nubile lo our large
and varied anstortineht of DODDS. which will he sold an
,heap as at any other, establi4hinent In Carlisle. We
for . men, boys and children, made of excellent material
'cud of every grade and price, Also n splendid assort•
neat' of Straw Hats, Caps ' and Infant's lints, ready
tl burned.' All kinds of Cletli and Glazed Caps, from 25
opts upwards. Our stock of HOOTS AND SHOES can.
not; be excelled; and we invite our old friends and cue
Coolers, as well'as others, to cell and iniand no oub stock
is we feel confident Of our ability to please.
All . kindk of Ladles, Misses and Children's GAITERS,
of the best:material, o instantly on hand.
[April 25, 11157.
N'.11:•LkIl yips ibwed gmtle
Patent Self Sealing 'Cans, for preserving Fruits,
Croon Corn,Pens, Vomatoen. &c, &c: Erory Farmer
and kluuse-Keepur should be a purchaser. 'Fornale, at
ray prices, at the Cheap hardware Store of
Aug. 28, '57.1 • • East' Main at.,
ILIMEBCRNAiI RS' C 0 AI .-:-2,000
TONS of If.YkerterValleyNuteialoieuperiorlev•
• receiving And toteale by •
• Auilvin *ORA* • • "MURRAY.
,INa. The subscriber continues to carry on the
above busins., In all its various brauches,in North Ilan.
over street', Cs rl lEI e. two doors North of I,,eouord's cornet
ictiertt he intends keeping , on hand a genera assortment
In trln • limb Consieting.of all kinds of fitshionntile SAD‘
. . Circinglesaud Halters,also TRUNKS,
,traveling and noddle ,
~ bags. Ile nano Mon
,-ufactureg the most tg
S i ' BPA ol
111 11 1 .0. n i t u nti;: ' 2l 3- 41 11u tro .'8 6c " vr e tsiirIVata t i l l ' i .
ovine, durable and pleasant saddle
. • will do willl to roll and see thorn. He
- • also manufacturen Ilarnenn v Erldles,
Collars and - Whips In all their wade
ties, And coiedently believes from the gunerol npproba
Lion of his cdstomers,.that he makes the. neatest and
best gears, in all their.variety of bredtli, that Is wedeln
the country.' Ito also molten all kinds of kintrosses to
order, vin: Straw, Hunk, Curled Hair and Spring ;Hat
ranscs. All the above articles will be mode of the best
material . and workmanship, and with the utmost deed
,patch. . ' • iym,ositonN.,
- 1 . 311EPA.R.141 - FOR WINTERI
The Anbseriber at his did stand on. North Hanover st.;
Carlisle, the Sign of tho "'Mammoth lied Coffee Pot,'! , de-
Ires,to nail the attention of tho'pubile to ; his largo as
ortfneut of STOVES, of the newest and most thshiona
. tde styles, front tholvst mandiartorles in the
.A .l • country, and at alb wlces from s 3 to $l5.
• . Among his PAK LOR. & CH AMBER STOVES
1411113 tllO Mirror ROVOettle . Aretle. Revere, Star,
,2 Persian, Union and ;Etna Air Thrl4,ltigether
with other patterns which he luoi of all alien
fifr parlors or eltambers.and calculated' for burning either
wood or coal. Also, the ;Etna, Globe. Astor, Albany,
Slat-top and Bandbox clr Poor Man's, with other COOK
ING STOVES, comprising the latest improvements in.
kitchen stores, and intended ter either wood or eo:G.—
A1,,,,,he Inning -Room Cooking Store—n new and el.
gaol:article. to whieb he invites tho.particular ittten
thul of funnies. 'llls cooking stoves range in price from
$1 to 55, with the fixture's. complete, MFO. Nino Plate
KA . cos of re riohs pattorns and different prices. .
Ing Stoves, Dross Kettles, &c. Also, every article in the
line of -Tin and Copper. Irare. The public are respect
fu 1 - 3 - rTited to roll as ho Ef — Eatillent with his large
. stock, varietiland oheapnoss, of being Üblo to give en
tire satisfaction to every purchaser. Calf and see.
' 18At. . Si. MORRIS
--iv :
aqua. , FETTER'S FUR
y,9t URE 80031.9..
N OWon hand 'a largo assortment of
' new and 11ishionablo VD lIN rrma: and OW ll 8
Vltinut and-Mahogany Dressing Burnam, with mar.
bin tops. ,
' Sofas, Tables, and Washstands.
Walnut What Net, and Wardrobes. , - . . .
Mahogany and Walnut Tables flail sines. •
French Bedsteads, Mahogany and Plaini Tables, at all
prices. . •
Parlor'and chairs, and Rocking Chairs, with'velvet or
halrcloth Scats and backs.
Mahogany and Walnut Chairs with haircloth or cauo
seats. , - ,
?lain Charm of all kinds:
Call and Fro tills new and orruant nooortmept- at tin
Furniture Booms of the subscriber, corner of North Ito
nover and Lout her st.
May '27.1857
TIM undersigned would Inform the
0 • citizen:: of Carlisle that he has made turfing
moats is duO AS 1 , 117150 and yLumnr.v.; at short no
Elm and on reasonable. terms. Ile hos engaged the ser
vices of a first rate hand from Philadelphia, and hna sup
plied himself with an tixtensive assortment of FINK
whirls - will enable him to till all °Mora promptly
All work will biwarninted. Ills stork_
a - Una Fhlttita
will be found in the room exactly opposite Ills Tinning
establishment on North lianover Street, where he Invitus
a lull.
.k.e.-11e is also prepared to
futalsh r or-tnke• to order, ovary- article-of-TIN-WAR E
used by housekeepers and others. Ito will nbai attend
Thniiktul for the patrnowe with whii , b he haAnireacis
been—fnvorell,ho-reapectfully — lWlNtri — FritifitTitTlifFe o
the name. 0 . .
Carlisle, June 1.4, - • - . -
U 3113 E I: AN I) LTYYT.II: 1 10 - g--
• . m lc "AR ILA N(11;)1EN'r I •
74 . T-1, 1 1 -
11OUlt: 4 ! '
On and after NIONO.t Y..lttnu 29th 1s o, l'assenrer TrrtlnP
will run n. feilun s: (Sundnyr elmted
• 11411.1115111101. ---
int Train . --2d-Traht
4 nO, A. NI. 4.00
•• • • 4.20
New s' 5.00 " 4.54 '•
l'arl ' - 6.30 " 5.3) "
:11,011anirslptirg,' S 4n" - d.Oll
"•• •
.p.:IS.. "
TOP. ClIA3lli EliFill'ltO,
r•Pll e IlprriOntry '
•4 31retukol4rsintrg-_,
C trll,l ,
''s. % 1110.
" 10.50 . 8 (H)
At 11.23 ' " ' 3.35
Prom and after this date. Jim faro from Merltnnirs
burg to Kingston will he D.) coats: from Kingston to
Middlesex, 15 Notts; Konf Nibidleseg to Carlisle, 15 e tg;
(roe, 00011 Hope to Alterton 15 seats.
Trains lea,' larrlsburg for Philadelphia. nt 7,55. A.
M.. 7, P. St.. and 1.15, P. M.. via Columbia. For Pitts
burg. at :3.35, A. 31 12.25 non. and 5.15, P. M. For
imam, at 2.30 A.MTalfff 1.41 b P. M— Trail
on the ibutphin and Susquehanna Ihillroad „kayo liar
ri..burg firr
Fares from liarrisburg, 3lecitaniesburg. Carlisle, Ship.
pelmbnre. 11111) Chantherthont. will bo tea cents less
who, wild for Tickets at the Of than when paid in
the tore. O.N. LULL, Super't -
Railroad Oillre, Chamberquirg,l . . .
Morel, 25, I 557.-3 t. ...
N E W V 1 7 sl K_
L E i)E POSEL' s .
Alexander Dnvidson, James NlcenlifiliSh,• ---
(Merge Rea{ John - Witt:Omer,
IYillinnt fir/trey,' L. 11. Randall,. '
.loon C. Brown, John brassy;
Mathew B. fiord.. . Abraham Urove,_
A tcheson Laughlin, Isaac A. Quigley,
John Burst,. Jr., Jmnea 31clicehno,
Thomak Stough„ John I'.
Thie Bank, doing business in the IMMO of Ref
arsteey & Co.. Is now prepared to do a general hankie,
Business with fidelity and dispatch.
- 3loney received en.deposlt and paid back on doninuu
without notlre.
Ott . SperlnlDeposits, Interest in paid ns - fullows. viz,—
From 2 tii 4 months, '3 per rent. per Annum; ,For 4
loutiD/ and upwards, 5 per cent. per annum, Notes,
'Drafts. Checks &c., collected In any pail of.,the United
'EtitteK •
Partners, Mechanics, and all tdherWiLsiring.:Litafe
depository Mr their money, will bear in nand that the
Proprietors of this Mink ore INDIVIDUALLY LIABLE to the
extent of their several estntes tar all the deposits and
ether obligations of REA, GRACIA & CO.
Banking House in Main ,street. Nowville ra. Beat
tie!a Routs front J A 31., to 3 P. It.
Newville..fune 17, 1857.-3m.t ' Cashier.
Jollh C. Boston', 11. A. STURGEON.
This think, doing lousinesa In the uuwo of Are. Prim
lionmu & Co., is now fully prepared to do a general
Banking Business with promptness and fidelity.•
Money received on deposit dud Paid buck on demand
without notice. Interest paid on specinkleposits. ('Cr.
tificates of deposit bearing Interest at the rote of five
per cent. will be issued fur Its short in purimi as four
mouths. Interest on nll certificates will cense nt
turity. provided, hewev'er, that If said certificates are
renewed at any time ' thereafter for another given pa.
rind, they shall beer the MID' rate - of-in tereot up to the
time of:renewal. -Perticular attention paid to the col
l.:11,4 Or notes, drone, checks, &e., in any put of 4110
United Steles or Canadns. . _—
Itemittancet“intde to England, Ireland, or f he Conti.
The fdtliful and vonfidential exteuilon of all
orders entrusted to them, may be relletrupou. ,
-They call the attention of Fermin b, 3lechonles and
all i there who desire n sale depository for their names,
to the undeniable fact, that the proprietors of hue lhfr Bank
INIIIIII/DALLY (Mlle 10 the extent of their examen for
, all the Depoosts, and Other oblidatlons of liar, Brenne.
umn & CO. y• I
They hive rocently b removod into their new Ittolking,
!louse directly oFpoolte their former stund,,lu West
Main Street, a fen . demo east ,of the Railroad Depot,
_where_they ill all times tiolitepaedte_giye any_in z _!
formation desired - In regard - to money waiters - In gene
thum for business from
B .o'iloek in themorning until '
4 o'clock in the evening.
. 11. A. STPRGION, Cashfer.
Carlisle,'May 241 1957. -
• •
SURANCE COMPANY of CnnOmrland county; Ineorpce
rated, by an act of Aesoutbly, now fully organized, and
in operation under the management of the following
commissioners, vi;: • .
Daniel Bailey, 1 111111ani- -It. Borges, 'Michael Coeklin 4
Melehoir Brenneman, Christian Stayman, John C. Dun
lap, Jaeol, 11. Cmiver, Lewis flyer, Henry Logan, !limp
min 11.. Mueser, , Jacob Mumma, Joseph Wiekershani,
Alexamiet Cathcart.
The rates of insurance are as low and favorable as auy
Company of the kind in the State. Persons wishing to
hccome members are invited to mokSimplication to the
agents of the company, who are' willing to watt upon
, them ut any time. • . .
BENJ. If. MOSSER, President.
111,n'fitY' LOGAN, Via: President. . •
LEWIS LITER, Secretary.
_ SUNN'I'S, • •
CUMBERLAND COD NTY.--Itudelph Martin; N. Ohm
berloud; C. D. Hermon. IClngete*n• notary 7ttting'
Shiremanstown ; Charles Dell, ; Dr. .1. Abl
ChUrtittown Samuul Graham, West Ponnsberolfgh -
James Me• Dowel. PrOnkford; Mode liriffith, South Mid
lloton;, Samuel Co.wer,' Benjonlin Ilaverstick, Mechinn
icsburg; John SherrieE, Lisburn; David Ceover, Shp,
Wolford,-Pronklin; John Smith, Esq., Waslili,stpu; W.
S. Pleltieg, Dover; J. W. Craft, I'a-ailise.
DEARRISIIVIRL—Houser A. Im:hum)).
Members of tho company having policies shout to ex
nircon o hive ' yndhy o ukley oppacoion
_of the liguten.
OTICB. .--.Notio's is hereby given,
that application will be made to the tient Legls•
In ure et •Penunylvania, to altar the charter of the Car
lisle Deposit Hank. located In the Imrouglrof Carlisle,
'Cumberland county, sone to confer upon said bank the
rights and priilleges of a bank of Inoue. and to Change
Its name to the Carlisle Bank. Also, tz inemase the
capital at Mild. bank (which' Wet piesenrseventy-two
thousand dollars )with the privilege of. Increasing the
name under its prevent charter to One Hundred Thou
- sand Dollars).to Tluetriluudtssd - TliOttlatnd•Dollate. — ' —
W. IL MUM,' Cashion
:134313:* idly Iv/fillim.+l N. •
, ,
I xt"r ra In. 2Vriluir.- A:3l. . 12. M) P. M.
9,411 2.110
10.20 6 2.30 4,
gLitit_2,burxtikinento,- ,
YVILLIAM KNAlliir senior partner of the late firm
of Kinthrt; Dolan A. Co.. continues the manufactuie and
the o f
.IiNVID" tt..." - 0O3: at the: old
cstandi-Nos.-10,-frittal4-Newth-EUtait, strt et,- opposite
the Eutaw. House, Baltimore.
• Thankful for the extent:lrd patronage received by the
'lnto firm for the ant fifteen yearn, I respectfully , beg
leave to Inform the poblic, that mince the death of one
of nix partners, Mr. flunky (Mille, by which the part
nership was disolved, 1 have . purchased the entire
large steel: or untininlidd:Planosiluniber, and other
prepared materials belonging to tiW Into firm. I 'filled!
- therefore continue - the - business •nE the old - stet d no -
Ultovo,•and will endeavoi not Only to nustain the well'
established reputation of the late firm, 'but 'to excel
all fanner efferis in perfecting the ('limo Forte.
Since the dissolution of the late firm, I not manufac
turing Planes on a new mud much ',entered ntatie..s-
The first Instrument finished according to-the new dm •
signs, watt deposited in the Fair of the ithirylend Insti
tutu, held October, 11155, nt which It took the highest
bottom of the Institution, having been awarded the
' , Gold Medal Prenilmii." over the unusual &hoped:lon
of fourteen Pisnmeabillited by-'some of the bent - niti ,
kers of Proton, New York and - linltintore.
At the Annual industrial-Pildbitions, held In- Oc
toter, 1855. nod October, 185 G, by the )beeltantes'lnsti
tute of Ilichniond. Virglitia, my 'Pianos were also award
ed the Highest Pretationm.. 1
Again, at the late Fele of the Maryland
.beld October, 1850, niter a most thorough anti an
usually protracted investigation of the merits of. the
eighteen Instruments on exhiltitirat, from the most
nelebrated factories of Baltimore. New.-York and Bus
-ton:my l'lnnonwernitgalo awarded the highest 'multi*
of the Institution, they tiering received the' "Gold
Medal Certillente;' an honor only •adjudged to Articles
of stud; superior merit an lo defy competitimi fur twd
sumssive years.
Aloe, nt the Third }inhibition - of the Metropolitan.
Iffalutnic'n Institute, itt Washington, I 1; C. Mat eh
1857, they. were once store awarded the itighent bolo
With regnril to Ike condition of sty pfnnnn. I cost.
dently refer to the testimottiels 1 nut colmtantly re
%ceiling from 'Professors . soil Amateurs. speaking-for
themselves and others. of• the high nppreriallan
which my instruments are net aye held; and which ellll
be secoMit my Wareronts. And fills is the best and
thoskrelialthtitssinnorij catku.fft , r_tu_ctiattdners.:apar_.
from my , own knowledge of the I osinthients. kind in
nt 14 ., cgtgblIFIlnlent, they itre,guaranteed
the posKtssion of it Plaint. equal, if not impeder, to any:,
made In this country or Europe.
All Pinot. 'milt nt toy Factory have Tull Iron Frames.
being so construtinl ns tee SeCtlre greatitdditiouni.
xtreogth, without affecting the TONE, and tl;erefure will
annul In any climate.
P.lnnos made tom der, of any kind of wood; and with
any style of finish that may be &strut.
- The greatest (lire Is-bestowed upon my work. and the
.stlection of the best Materials; and every I pbtrument
-Wined Ina Or no; factory ran therefore be fully'.
ranted as ',obsessing all the qualities requiblte for'',
gOnd Plano.
All Instruments Or tidy manufacture are n lso guaran:
teed for tlvey•ears from the (NY of Sale
• ,Partleularvattention is. paid to Ihe ',election of 'ln
struments for distant orders. and a 1'1(1%11.10E or, rx•
grar toil at any thne nitbhn six , Months from
the dam' of sale, should such Instrument net gin e entire
salisfaelion. .
trn_llliorg!fr, will their atl*ant
ago to glie me n ^all 'wild.° purclinsinit elseis herd,
Vi. , n:-Uunstuntlyion hand n fine as&ortment of SIEL(
DEtiNS. of the Pest makers, at prices from $45 to $2OO
with single and 'double reeds—nod' also with (1,11114
key tram dry and stops, well adapted fir the use of mai
' 1.1 A NOs exchanged, hired,-or tuned.
r folh4ing - testhoontals from two nt the moat (nut
rent Natiists In. the world, until show bow toy lostru
flouts nee appreMaled by Owes great Performers; win
hare had opportunities for : testlug the best , i'lauen o
Europe and America:
Mn. W. RK.4IIE. Baltimore
• Dye r Sir: I have great pleasure , in rerlifying ( tint 1-
• Ivie . Tried_yohr StitUwe Blanos. - and - tifid train Equal: it,
not - superior to :my In this country. A inoug their great
qualities, which distinguish them, is ihe evenese of
tone; the -- ngreeable - and - oven - touch, and volume of
tune. Wishing you All the success you so highly de
seryr. 1 any sir, yours very truly,
Baltimore, Dec.: ti. IS il. S. 'I'ICALBttitU.
'To Messes. Wm. Itn alto Az Co., Baltimore:
Uonllrnngl :_ Perm it me' to ex piesayuu_liWartilltAny
i•ere-fluinh-iiliTr- the superb (irgnib aME , Tiudre Minos
win -u you have hamett into, and on .whiCb I-hat e per.;
forthed at my eoneerts. 1 cannot but 'etargrat Witte you
up, the iw meme progres.t mid improvements 3 oti row
contin natty:palm on your 'Pianos. which, In my opitt
ii;Wn k nuoirm h oCvery best in this country.
With hearty NIP}ItS f 4 your Mlleel,S Wprosperity. -
wh irb you richly deserve by your en terptisc. energy and
activity. - 1 remain yours. rely truly:
'July ry, TSS7--Iy. Mcit STIZA iSCH.
C. I. tUSH'S.
I/ t.ll
, 1); 0 It 5 t,
Pin rk;t St., tibove 'Eight h,
* itnli m W
, ATCIII.: AND ,I .11:111 , :1,1IY.
V.' • Wholesale - ond lidtalrid — the '. Philadelphla
Watch and .lowelry :: , :tore." No. VU North I , neood Nrreet,
earner of Quarry, Philadelphia, • .
Gold Lever Watehoti, full jewelled, IS carat •
. ..
vases, . $2B 00
(10M 1.01110p. - 10 carats. • • '24 ih)
Oiler Lever, full .14, riled, -. .3'.! 00
- Silver I...pine. jewels, -, il MP.
Superior Quart krt., • 7 00
tiold Spectacles,. .l. .
' 7 00
Flap Sliver do. ~.. , 3 60
_Gold_lloneolefs, . 3 00„
Ladles' G,13 Pencils, . ' 1 Oil
Slier Tea Spoons. set, , . ' 600
Gold l'ens, with pencils and silver holder, 1 00 .
Gold Finger flings Watch Biasses. &r. All goods
warranted to be what they are sold for.
' ' i;TAIIFFEIt ,t; II ARLEV, • '
• )
511 , 4 . C. 4 4 ehr I I. OM roil.
bra - on - bald some Gold and Silver levers and Lepine
•till lower than the above prices.
Nathiot's (igy - .Street Ware-rooms
N. 25 Oay Street, near Fayette,
I Is,Yellt always on hand, or made to order, eve
ry "style Fre..o." TETE•A r TETI,S, In Plash, Ilalr
Cloths or Brit...Mello.
French full htulTand Medallion, Parlor dltll CilAt RS
In•hluslt: IlalxoCl,4ll.' or lirricatellu. •
I F t rauhs F ull
o ff r ( ITro 6
7 . 13 0 1;.A . 111.01t CHAIRS, ln sae
SOFAS; half French 3lnhotrany and Walnut tarlor
CHAIRS, In Hale, Cloth or Plush.
ROCKING CHAIRS--varlous designs, In Hair, Cloth
and flush.' •
Stott' SPritig_lMlNOES—a large assortment always
on hand, orally pattern made or covered with any
goods to order.
CHAMBER SUITS-1n ;Walnut, complete, from $3,
CANE CHAIRS nod Rocking do.tho largest assort
mon trendy-made In the United States—frum $l2 a do
'ten np.
Bar Room, Office and. Dining CHAIRS. n Oak, Wal
nut or Mallogony, with Cane, Wood or nulled Scalli—
on ninon wont embracing over Cal dozen.'
CHAIRS—over 100 dozen.
Feather Beds. hair and !fink Mattresses of every Ca.
.riety. Also, all kinds of Hilt and Plain Frames fur
Looking tiIIINAOS,
A. MATHIOT. 15 North (lay Streeto.
Junr 10, 1057. • Near PayelLi street.
(t) LiN I'B,Y INI CILA N-91' BT.
V The Apple Harvest of 1857 has arrived, •
• And if you wish to make money, pleme your customers
and as, o erttivatr-ing agents - (who eau orator 0110, AM)
0,1,1 even four hundred dollars per month) front sup.
,plying the goods in your town, and county which you
ought tO sell, you two do it by minding tell dollars for
-a sample box containing six of Pratt's Applu-Pearera
(250.000 already sold) and Prat Or Apple Slicer, (a now
article.) and 0110 tllllllFlllld printed circulars to distr.!.
huto ltu your town or county. By no -doing 'you_ will
Und no trottblo in Mitering and selling at a very largo
-profit-len, twenty or evon a hundred dozen 'machines
during the season. -
PHAVI"S APPLE, • PARER was patented in 1853.
Having a loose head or knife carrier so arranged as to
readily adjust itsolf to the inequalilles of the 'nlace
crappies, or other fruit, the working qualities of which
,have proved R 0 excellent and advantageous to the rout
munity, • that . the manufacturers, Messrs. Eargent
Foster, have already been. called ou te supply mere
thrtnlialf a million nmehines. • '
PRAMS APPLE 81,1C131, made to accompany the
Parer. was patented in 1850. It is a small neatly cum
_strueted maid ine,'and like its_rompanlon. (Ito rarer,
does most excellent work, cuttlit.t in about Oro seconds
eachapplo Into twenty.two Nord ports; leaving, with.
out waste, only a small : core to be removed. A child
'can readily work -either Parer or Slicer at a speed, of
about three bushels per hour. • ' "
RETAIL PIIIOE. Oh' EACH. PAO: All -ortlorm by
' meal orbthotwlilo'hbotildilo moot - prompt ettentlorti-be
addrimod to , • , " E. L. PRATT,
01009-4141 , .10 aIIUMN Sift nartteasass Ya
-- . --* - --:-agtittilt(ttilL .
1 1 , A tiME . AND. E I.NICS'
• •• - CARLISLE, PA , r- , .
'North Street, east . of' Glass's lintel
- Tltosubscriber would respeetcUlly. Infornvilte
• In 'general that It., is now prepared to otaitufacturn
all kltule of. Agrlett Implements:. suelt. as Bevel
(leer, Four Ilorne Power, llorixonfal peer, Four.'and
Two •Ilorge . Power, also the latest Improved Hallway
Chain Horse Power:lnd Oyershot Theslters with Solara.
tot, attached.
• . .
Ito Invites particular attention to Itlfe•s Patent . Clrr
'For itullur. and Cleaner. will hull stud
clean Irina three to NiS busliols per hour„auti .roust
dared decidedly, the best row fu lien.
Also, Corn Sinlileks, for hand or ilorso , rower. St . aw• 'Cutters,' Ploughs, Harrows, Cultivators,
Hay Rakes, Grain nuts, Clrrular Saws, Ac., kc.
AND RRA F. cAsTrcro
.of.,erery 450 . Emelt nnTreshlng
I.l , jusanCuritulleller, Cellar Unit., 5.13 Weights: altaT
benutlfully•doulgued Hailing fur Cumutery Lota,,Eneln
' ''"^
P ptly attelidod fo for , Itoaping,,Mowlnn and Trerh
3lnrldnes,. and all kinds of Agricultural Imple
war& •
Carlisle Foundry,
East Mnin.StreSt, CARLISLE
This extensive establishment is now iu Complete or
der and supplied with the best machinery 'for e %el] ling
work in every department. The buildings have also
been greaily,enlarged this spring and steelted with the
newest and most improved tools fer,the nitintalacture
Phutlers, Blinds, 31ouldings, Brackets and nil other
, kinds of Ceipenter worrk. We invite Buildhrs, Car
-1,011 tors and others to call and examine our facilities for
&Bur this description of work. The licit Materials
— used and nriees'as low as at any other esrnblislinient to
.the County t.t.cAdsew here.
and repaired as heretofore: .Engines have been recent.,
ly huilt for W. M. lienderson'A Son, 'Wad; 6urou h.
It. Bryson A Co.
,Allen township. Aid A Brothers, New
vine, Photo NVetzel, North Aliddleton, end 'nt.ters. -
at whose e,tablishment they rainy lm seen,in daily op
'Oration. and to. whom WO rim refer flir`evidiince of their
:_ , TlTriori
of overydeaeription, from tile smallext to the.heavcast
pieces. executed at' short make lor every kind of nix.
ehlnery. A lace variety of mlit castings now on hand.
Tiviraklliful Pattern 'makers ennelsntly rntploved.—
itEP.AitlSU,pronnptivnttended to for Paper Mills. -
liktllierles, (hist 31111 s, netories..te. Turning and
Fitting 'AIM SPlndles. ke. - dolle In the hest
xu• ,
ReVii 13rar Jour Horse Powers. llorl7.ontal
Gear pour and Two Horse Powers.' Corn' Sheller,.
Crugherq, Iron hollers. Ploball.castlnitc'and oilier or,
tl.des for farmers. on ham) or promptly made to order.
Bricni,s CARS BUJ •
and.repzered.. Our Cwilities for building Clot ore 110‘,.."
111,0 011111111140 111,111 heretofore and us Cr; fu r ...,
r. 1.11 them to toinsporterc. 611 the roil road on nvouno•
dating tP1 . 11.1111•1 oldie of the hest materiels. Orders
solicited end entire sciflsfaCtiom gparoutioci.:
• Thebong ea picriveu in the loodnosN 0,0 purdur
partner of the firm, nod the ,complicteWes.s of. our ma
chinery in every brain . ), of the e.lablishimmt w:,rrpnt.-
171 11,SUI9lle floc best work twayall who 'fitvor nn
to of thole order, -- Thut. 111111'11' 11:1troutitz. , of ofir-ohl
friend:, alortlicticiticlic• to Y respertfully•bolivited.
- -L.
NT ENV- AG It IC L'l'lilt AltE-
'rho rtilbgeriben !ovate , ' io the basement of tiro Metho
dist, Clioreh, oroor.lte the Railroad 11174. is now ro
calving a variety . of Farming itopionent.4, sort, on
• Cults
FARM 11011.1115,
Corn a n d rob tirindera fSrott's Glani.i the Crestaoit.
Oraln Mill, Horne Silo, els. REAPERS AND MOW 1•;116
Olanny't. oRh Wood'a linpro‘entoot.) Straw Cotter
hr.. all of which aro of the most lonirirrtel hind and
workinanship, node 111 be tad,' on pm most ISCCOH11110(111,
ting terms. Farmer:rare respeetltilly Invited to pll
and OX:0111110 before pikrelowing.'
For the e.aiVeall`DlT of lartters. Patent
ill be ,old at Shlre111:111MOW11 by IlePjaillilf
CIAO . and at allippenslairg by Christian Long.
An; lust 20, 18103.—1 y.
T. J. (IRA II AM; .1. L. MeDOWELI,, -S. 11. IIA VIBSON
0 KAHAN!, McDOW ELI, &.• CO , •
• Leavenworth City, Ronsaa 7'erritory..
_ .
AReusesllAL boy, Sell, and locate lands in
Reuses and' Nebraska Tort itories, lowa , and
WohLern Missouri. buy and sell lands. loan and int est
money. buy and sell thAlls. give information respecting
the country, anti du a general agency btisinesa.
John 11. liratton._Esq— Carlisle, Pa, _ .. -
Wm. M. !lectern. Banker,
110n..0 U. tirahain, 't
lie,, Iteennotoan A Co., Bankers..Carlisle:
\Vt.. 'Si. Henderson, V. 1.. C“tlisl.•
George Satnit•n '
ent Owl.. Lancaster. Pa. •
Dr..lobt, .1..110, 31. I'., Ne'wville, In.
\l'm. S. Ct•bettn. I:01..
E. W. Clark C. t'o,, Bankers, Philadelphia, ''''
lion. li r ichael Cooklin, Sh i. Pa - .'
ephet dstowt
llettoliteltuan & SO.. MerVinillt S. Baltimore.
E. L. Blake, Esq., CaAtler Ilercantile Bank, Sew York.
Sityder;s. m•F.,..iano. Real Estate Agents, Illutteapolis,
. Min itessota Territory.
Writ. Oileore, Esti., Attorney anti fleal — Eitfiro Agent,
• Stetting. 111
11. W. latet•r, Esq., Henry city. 111.
En-t to •. Joseph Butner. Cumberland county, PA.
E. IV. 'lark A: Co., Bankers. Philadelphia.
Gov. I 'Buck. IlarrlsbuJg, In. ..
• --I.lar li 18, 1857.—1 y.
I i; It .Ikl I's
I ll t S .ii ls ( o 3 o ( K rs ' , ll ! E - .1t1; '..
The subscriber desire:, to Inf or m flrnima and the pub.
11c gunernhly , tint he now bas on hand and Is ton
' staid.; mattufiteturlng Threhlting :Machines with Pier
'P•Ott,' ' Patent Shaker.twhich are ge
se nerally acknoni•
- edge': tobi , lite bust articles now in U, A ieri a variety
of ITOVed Clover II riles,t Corn . Sheller It. Straw Cut
_ tors' lid Plank's Culebrsted Plow. Ile :din attends to
the_rtpairing of Agricultural Ilachfitery in the best
riTifer and tin reasomtide terms. )lanufactory on
Nurtit'llanover Strome, directly opposite the, reeideni•e
(r fTeorg u 3lettgor,7ESq. _.,...... ' ..____._
Sept. '2, 'bi—ly JOHN PLANK.
~ . .
'‘f - - . 10 IIN 4'• LYNE A. SON .
. are now rece i ving their Fall Steel: of Hardware. *Will
~, • 4 1, - unusually 1ar,4 0 . anti fir eonnexion with their for-
I ' , v n l e r r i ert :tin . r s t t Ze h n r tn i Tec i t „ o ff n er e er . t t e ire tl i Xe r T . ll;llT d ' ,'hey
I have every thing -Hut the .Farnter, limo Builder, the
;.; N .Mereltant. tn. the public. unity want in their lines. and
‘4 'which they are selling tat the very lowest prices. 'Piny
volbdt 3 ettil•irolll' i ill, plibifil before making their pur.
__chases. as they feel confident they rah offer inducement,'
that'ffill reward the Int •er for the trouble.,
-Feeling ihrulkful tan COM:LOUR ',UMW f. , r their former
_ltherat patronage. a continuance of Woe same It solicited •
~ At our oltbstAnd In North Hanover Street. CarliAle.
.October 8,1856. .
The subscribers whuld reeertfully 1.11101.111e0 to the
public, that they are note prepared to furnish tho
lowing deserilesi articles 0111 , NiliElt First, Common
and Panne! Pion, and Boards et 111 thictiess Com
mon 'Boards and Plait of white pine; Illindoelt Joke
and Scatitling. of all eltint and lengths; White Pino and
Yellow Tina Flooring, worked; all binds of l'alingtand
Plastering Lillis; Pine And Cyprus Shingles el all.qua
litles t Shingling Loth and ;griping. and' Fencing
Boards '2O feet - long. All timbers sawed to order, by
leaving their I.llle, of all lengths and hives, (pine, oak,
or hemlock.) 011511, Doom, Blinds and 31oultliugs ready
for use. The above trill be furnished an the crest rea
sonable terms, and at the shortent notice.
A wo have constantly on band al
. kinds of
stroll ",,s Lytton:. Val tey, Short Mountain, Treverton, Lo
cifit Nlountain,'Luke Fiddler, Sunbury, Wilkesbarro.
and tho Broad Top thr Blacksmiths; all of which we
will deliver to any part of the town As I.lw as it can bey
bought at oily , yar.l . lll tile tau for cash or country
prrsluce. Cottl all re sereoued and delivered clean. by
ttriet attention to business, see hope to receive a HbAril
share of public patrunago.
You will find our Yard in the eastern end of tho bre
rough, oppoilto the tias Works. Our office hereafter ell!
be opt op pesite Bentz & Brothers store, in Om eflleo
now occupied by.'Squiro Smith. All orders lufrat tho
oflleffOr at either of the subocribera' reeldencoe, uu Wort
Pomfret street, or at East street, will 3u promptly at
tended to
filllto3l & HOFFER.
Carlisle, Juno 3,1057. "
N At - G 0 ODS--J ST, it E CI?, D
IIkINTZ & UltO'S.CheapPtore,
Neri Style Polaluea—Just rorolvod
At I.IIiNTZ oppoalte the Poet Office.
Plain and illgh Colored Stollei'Dorderiihawbust ro•
calved • At BENTZ ilito'l3. Cheap Store:
. .
--Now Styio - Draqs 00oilil.!?11 . deekievrrlaNaletielenr —just
recolved at „ BENTZ & 11110'8.,.
Bel* 9,1617'- - • Ono** Ms Port 011tair.
it no doubt, the most wonderful discovery of this age
of progress, fur It will restorepermanenti,y, grey hair to
ito. original eolo: , cover the. hood of the bald with 0
most luxuriant growth . ; remove at fp:coal' dandruff and
Itching, cure silllfida,auttothercutsueousecuptions,.
scald hoc ltrUter it will cure, ns if by magic,
nervous or peritd cAI. headache; • onto the hair soft,
glossy, and wavyand preseryo the r. or perfectly, and
the hair from falling, to extreme old age. • .'
The following is trout a distingulihed monitor the
medlual profession:
ET -- PA
. January 14 1855
;Malt SIR ;-15uxollelled, I send von 'this certificate.
MO• being nearly., bald for n long time, and having
tried all the hair restoratives extant, and In - Mpg no
faith in any 1 woe induced, on hearing of yours to give
it a trial. I placed myself in the hands of iLlstrbar,
and . Mid my head robbed with a good stiff brusho and
the restorative then applied and well_rAbbed in till Iho
scalp *IIS in aglow. This I repented every morning(and
in three weeks the young hair,,impeared and grew ra
pidly from August last till the PreSent time, and is now
thick, IQnrk,,ptd strang—softand pleasant to the touch
.wherens,liefore, it-was-ha.ll-and-wiry r what little there
was of It, and Abut little was disappearing very rapidly.
lUse your restoriffivr about twice a week, and shall
soon hate a goal and perfect crop of hair. Now, I bad
trod of I hese things—and who has not ? lint have not
sebo. hitherto any case where any person's hair *2lB re
ally bonen tted by any of the hair tonics. etc., of the day:
- avid - It really gives mo pleas - ore to I vcOrd the result of
my experience: I have recommended - your preparation
to others, and it already ban a large and generous .sale,
tliToughout the Territory., The people hero know its
effebtii, haVy roolideurel it it. The supply you sent
us, as whoieisite agents forth° Territory, is nearly ex
hausted, and daily inquiries are Made for it. Yon de.
serve credit for your discovery. and _ for, one. return
'You lay thanlis for the beneht It ban done me, for l' cer
tainly bud despaired long ago of over affecting any such
caul t. .
. Yours linstlly.
• .1. W. BOND,
Firm of Bond & lioll6•,,Druggists, tit. j'
[From the Editor of the Heal Eattnte A drertiFer.]
• DolToy, 27 School Sheet. March 2n.1826.
r DEAR Slit:-1141 . 111g become prematurely
_quite grny;:l
was indueed,some slk weeks shire: to make a trial of
- yhtirltektorntivik7ll:l - Virusintlekirthairtwo lultlr x:
Lot the gray intro lots° all disappeared; and although'
my hale Inns not fully :it taltied its [wilding{ whir yet the
,process of ehannte In grail milly going on, and i non in
great hopes thin( in in short time my link will liens dark
na fortnerly. 1 , haye also been inrush gratified at tine
-healthy moisture mad v leo:. of
hale, which' belhre
was harsh 'rod dry, and it. has erased to come out no for
• Respectfully youre,.
Professor Wood
CAnt.ri.E, 111111(4s, June 19, 1M;
I llnve nsnd Professor Wood's Ilnlr Itentnrntive,.and
.havvilailred Ito ulondorf til elnlet. 31y hair wins 1101,111
hilt, Ins I tlllllllolt pl,llllltOroly gray, b o ts by t r i m us° 0 1
Its Itesiorative," It Ins resound Itx.urigiuul colornthd
I Iwo no doubl t poraunnentl) sn. ,
SIDNPIY 111114:S6,
rifited Straw,
For saln l 0 Carlisle,• by S. \V. 11.1 VERSTICR,_?IA3I I
}:1.1,101"1: - nod 1/ro.4lsts everywhere:'--- , •
InviprEitor, or Liver Remedy-
Is required In ell.: any OUP troubled with 1,1, or COM-
Iniksti Iho most desperate of eases. when . 11,"0
see;unt bottle will with griffre a single thilure, restore
the patient to health and vigor. We WWI to call the
attention of all to these facts, that 'the Invigorator is
compounded lay a physician who has used It in his prac
We Mr the past twenty yearS With a uncross 1111nrSt CM.
fink/US. and that -it is entirely vegetable, being com
posed wholly of gums.
Sudie. Idea el his strength Of these gouts may to
for Med when it is bnown one bottle of the invigorator
contains as touch strength Its one hundred doses of Ca
-Motel without any 01,Ito deleterious effects,
One.bottle Ik o th6 enri•st thing known to entry away
•the.hed teteete of mineral pop,. of any
Only one !meth. is needed to throw out of the syetem
the el - reds of medicine After a•loug sickness.
__One hottlo taken for .111110111C1% remove!, nil yellowneee
or nsinettiral color from the slime.•
Ono. dose after eating'ie sonielent to relieve the stte
' mach itnd prevent the food from rising and scouring. -
Only one dose ink. n bei h retiring, prom' ts
time. •
(Inc! &so taken at nighlirosmin tho boucle kontly
Riltl ourea COSi
. Doe dose taken after -I.Boh meal , 01 , tird1)) , .pop , in.
.I.llle dose 01 two ten-krnonsnill WI/1 01wi3 Mil,.
l'hc !mule taken for female ohSlruetion removes the
rethee Of the :lisp:m:44lnd Inaloot a peef•rt ewe,
• 0111) 4 Ono du.e Innited!alely relleve:4 (ludic.
fho, logo often repented - h: a guru 'tire lee Cheleee
:Mit 11 :are pre, entative ,
"0110dr:04; taken otten will prevent the teenrrenre 0.
billions attarlo, chile It rollers all painful ft . :ell:no.
•41 . 1) - "Inie nr ovo doses taken oreaslonally is Mitt of the
hest thetiedheihe a eold one knon•u.
'24'1,1,1.'S or iolimnulinn arid We4lolool of
the Jonas, hove heen•eured by the Invigo - rator.
{hu• dose token tishort time before eating gives vigor
to the appetite and 111111Z014 food digert, well.
;4111401.4.e often repeated etcres - chronle -
Ils work limply', Willie FllllOlll r
yield almort to the firrt
One or' two dos,•. vim, attat•ks muted by .Weis,
while for worms In children, there is 110 purer. sorer and
speedier remedy In, the world• ns never Gdis.. .
There is 110 exam:m.(l.M in there rtatements. they
are plain ;MAI sober I/wit:Oh/a we .11 give er teepee to
prole, W11110;111 who use it are giving their nuaninulus
terthnony In Ile favor.
We wish nil who ore sirkzl .t itated to try this .
remedy. and test it thorinig , ddid any 0110 ere not
benelitted by Its use - Not/4.mila like to hear from, as 0e
have 3 , ,e to heal Ii rm,.the first person who has used a
bottle of In vlgorator without meets log benefit, for
there are 51111 astonishing niedleal slam,. in it. that
1111, no molter how long they have Isom if their
manplaint 0110 es fruin a (1011Inglal titer, wilt be beneht•
ted if not entirely cored. Ar 4
SANFORD k Co. Proprietor,
3.15 Broadway. Now
0111,1 by S. EI.I,TOTT .11111 S. W. ILA YERSTICK,
Carlisle, and. In uggisls generally.
March :25, ISS.7-41111.
r FRUIT nkilt FAN-P F ht?AtTllr • ` •}6'
I have just reennErtal a fresh Murk of MEDICINES,
PAINTS. GLASS, OILS, me., a Welt halloo Levu
e hnetant ulth great rare •at the hest houses In
I.llAidolphia. 1 van rotiCtleiltly ro,nn nteuil to
and IG , :ALEIIS. UN luring Il en•lt and pp,.
.Grugs, Patent 31e,111 - lnes. Ilnenui,als, 111,0 unnopt,
pure es , nontlalrolls, Ilerhs aunt Extra •Is. Spices ground
until whelo, LssoureO, l'erfunntery,
Cod Harr Oil—l% tire:muted •
]ladders, rtuntatt, Alm, Log
rand l'ain Woods, Oil %Pilot, Copperas. 1.3 c Dye.
PAINTS-111,0mill llrtmtheb's Pure Lead, Chronic
140.1111111 Tato - dell "Brushes. - Jersey
Window Wass. Linseed uli. Turtment o u r Copal and coach
Varnish, and lied Mad. MI of nhirh tt ill be sold at
the very lowest inarbet price.
Also a fresh and splendid assortment of4' A N C
(1 1 / 1 11); Fruitc: l'onfeetionary. and, innitineralac other
articles calculated for use anti 0
.rlllllllelsi which
offermi at the lowest cash priers. rat tinaimatm Drug.
bitch 1111.1 Funny 6 , re 111 the subscriber oil Nortliarc
toter street. -
followinv front that eminent Phyfilehtu of
l'hiladelikthi, Dr. Ih inehlo, added to the teolniony 01r
peoh,see - Hoot h, only eontirins wlut js - trldeueed by
thousands uho hale used Illbetdem
• . (1111.11UU NSW, 1 0 1 l I,TNI T ; ,. rltrI,T,V
DUITIIII , I, 22,1, 4 53.
in regard USW lie. I eau Mato unhesi
alingly. that dokterioUS ingredient.
ml may be used with ENTIIIE sArLiv7ityad with,the UT
11.. D. lilt INCIME:'.II..D.
Are so well and widely hnoon, as Lo it...wile no eulogy
(d' thole merits. It is only Ueeesmry to sny,•thtt the
steady and loeresslog demand, gin es the Leal ovidenee
that that maintalu their ehnrneter Liu• superiority
whivirdlsllnguislied theta when first introduced, years
thdlirs, addressed t) Eh 6 31anulactory. No. 4161t.V01•
FOlilT,I. (old No. l,) Philadelphia, vril
ree.lvo prompt attrollnil by
• • -
• ,•
0 A L.-1 MOO
AI, 11
c • funk Ly hen% Valley
, lA. "rose!)
_and ru•
serboned, prepared es
•. pre,sly tor Mildly use,
wit' kept VNDEI: Ureka,
so that I clin I urim4l it DRS and A; .SIN nil seasons lithe
year: I Lace also on band and lire toile the 114.keli
111 A MOND CUA 1,. from the Halt lucre Company Minos.
This - Coulls — ndinlnilly - kalcillated for - t:.lslcutia Stoves
and Cellar Furnaces; all of which I mill sell nt small
profits.for rash, and deliver to any Tart Of the borough.
;Augusta, 1857. • - V. R. MURRAY.
lane Ruston. A. K. litir.sit.
No , NoE is hereby . given that I have
this day associated with me, Its a partner In the
Forwarding, Commission and Grain Business. my Foil
ALBEire h. 1111 EE3I, and that the above business will
be hereafter conducted under the .uame of J. IZIIKENI
SOS, J. 1111Eliai.
. .
N. 11.—IINItost Cast prices for PRODUCtIo, all ki
FLOUR, .kr. Salt, Plaster. . 1 . ,
always on hand nod for .
Carlisle 31ay.1. t, 1857—tf.
„fr Hand or Horse
e Power,, thp,„„l2est 'in use:- WIIBELLIPS
Horse' PPwtFin'and Threshers, improved
' . Grain Pans; PENNOCIC'S Wheat • Drills;
COOPEL'S Limo and Guano . Spreaders; the lupin ap
proved tiny and Fodder: Cotters; 11OTT'S Sellers.
Hrindstones ready hung . , with a generalassortment of
Agi 'cultural and Horticultural Implements.
implement and Seed Store,
Seventh & Market, Phila.'
August 12, Isl 7
ATATTINGS.—White and Checked
Dlkttlngsjtut rerelred.'at the olusap atom, of
• CIIAItI.W.S 01111.11 Y
DRICE REDUCED.—The sui,scriber
I: ham this day ettonneoced to .11 off Ids erittre
stock of 81131N1ftlt I.IOODB nt greotly reduced prime.
MI who wont horlmino, eall At the atop atom of
enellole, Alfg,,h, PM. , 0/IM9. 01111,11 Y.
_7: 4 I AItIIERS 100 K AT .THIS
I A Nary ouporlor lot of lingo nwrantod to hold •
a bushels at $5 por dozen; 2 bugholo at $4 per dozen,
and bogging muelins, Ac., of tho boot quality ran bo
had at the now cheap store of
J. A.)11.151111011, Jr.
INDO.W 'SHADES 1 . :4-The finest,
elleapeat asaortment . of WlOdow.
Shadeasah be had lit the new store of •
Igikiraill9 Fxintiitg,dous hem
. .-
Ow OPEN •,
ItlllsB. Ii I lq/LE IS COINGI
And will be nt his . Old Mend Quarters in North
r lbulever streetoluring the Christmas-Jui- New Year's
festivities, with one'kir !be •largest Assortments of
Nvir offered in this piaci, consisting In part of -Fin•
Candy' Toys and Fruit', , Jelly Cakes. Bell Runs, Oum
Chocolate and Fruit Drops, Mono,' Vanilla, and Burnt
Almonds, French and exploding. Secrets Sc. • Also all
the coninton varieties, •
of the latest importations such as Oranges, Lemons,
Buisins,Figs, Preens, Currants, Cltecoth.soft an . paper
shelled - Almonds. Filberts, Cream, Cocoa, - and Omund
Nuts. - In conndaion with the above au extensive ant•
sortment of .
of every quality and 'price, consisting in part of Fine
Wei, kid. china, ming and other Dolls. Sewing and
Card Baskets, Fancy Boxes, Flower Vises, alottuCupa,
Ten Setts, Masks, Drums, Guns. Al! Pistol,, Accordeons,
Harmonica.. Trumpets. Ches...neit of bane and wood,
Dominoes. Lotto and other games. Fancy' Fromm. Hain
Oils and. Port Monaies„&e. ,We have also a line lot of
FAMIraIitOCEDIES, such-as-pulverisetirerushed-and
broivn Sugars, of every grade, Coffee, Molasses, Stnieh
Orem] and Black Teas, Spices. Butter, aeda, Sugari Watei
apd'etber Creekers, cheese. be.
The subscriberreturne his sineere thanks to a genlr
ous public for the pationnge heretofore bestowed on him,
and hopes. by n desire to please, , to merit /I erIIItiTIUMKII
of the Komi. I'. MONYEIL '
Carlisle, Dec. 10.1855;' •
Al - i' , ''l l / I t I T IL ( D M F.OIt H ri A oo I ju I LtAi G ric I ii i i I 2I I :,ETIAINED
VAI"ONTYPI.iS.. G. C. BRANDON would respeetfully
announce to tho Mize). of Carllalu and the public gen.
erelly..l tat he lies taken the Deeuerreen Gallery in
I).arlon 11n11, (lately orenpirAl by A. (I, Beet.) Haring
sernred the serylees of Mr. I). C. Neagly, he to prepared
t o 1,1,011,11)0,06 all thol, who desire GOOD PICTURES
of themselves or fanilllee.„ ,
; ,drp•These 'looms hove been P lltted up In a superior
style on the 2nd Instead or the ad floor no heretofore,
and are Intended to lie n pe,ntanent- location. rook°.
quontle none but-Perreet Pletures . ,will be allowed to
Inure the Gallery•. ,
All pictures riot perfectly nntlsfneterr, tvill he retaken
free of charge.
! ___ lll c_tures_miled_fruoLuld_lhiguarentxpexor_rurtralts;-
, alsa,luNetted In Lockets, Ittenstplun, Pingerrlogn.
.476 - INI±TIerf`TION , S Oven on t'ealtonultle tering;
All me Uirit.lli to all Midi OXOIIII,IO our specimens
nod then judge for iliemselven
July :ht. 1567---310.
h Unnorer Street tw•o (1110114 North of Bentrle. Urn's
Ruin. • Ibis Dint rettrried Irvin l'lsiludelpLfe, witb
full kora(}isntmrrro,Ve+4lnas Ar, do. suite
able for Spring nod Sufinuer 0 ear, which be Is ',rope ed
to make up to order promptly, and on reasonable
c. 37. nurp,
Ingotloer wilh stocks, collars, handkerchiefs and other
articles .usually foUIIII In n llentletnaus Furnishing
Clootis bought elsewhere will also be mnpe to : Aimesure
MI I.llli.
Al'l have 'Just received from New York a 1.4 e
tupt‘lN of (101 l and silver - floating NVetehis, of the
latest st)les, and tern find gold fo)), vest, curb, and
nick ehalus,_tnedallons, +tr. In short, errery article
kept by Irate]) makers; also new supply nf Ihntley'•
Go'd Pens. all rises. The publioSii ratpvl fully hallted
to call and 1,4111i11U for themselves.
0 Aug - . 213, ISoif V. I). A.'9AII(IT,E.
I).LACKS3I . ITIJS' CQA L 10,090
11nalrels of Illtuudnous Coal-from- the-celebrated
• - .l.ernon"4llltes, reeel•ing and for sale by -
August 5, IWe'; - W. 11. MU:HAY.
, .
11 . 1 ( 1 )QPI3 nrce snrtrA'\ Fine 4.° l t ! he
Morrovolionts 1111li SIIOII, 316SeS and l'hil•
dren'A Minds nod , Gum Cvershoem arid 'Buffalo
,orkx. at very low. prices.' '
rlhe tilistu• Hier has juAt received frotri
,-- _—ehitadorbt.- 1 ...ww , --cnikof,„—bhken. i tskt,ti ng
And I,lher goods bultitt , in h' hh,o ~,,,,,In.
July . 2_,11137.' . . GEL) Ir. lIITNICIO
This Institution, 'designed for theliberal education
.of Young 1.,M11014, has been operation one year With
the moat grati6 big results. It Is now established on •
lion basis. and Hi. patronage already extends over nine
sister ntateS.
1/111 . 1114! tun last winter., kt wan. created n college pro- .
per, I.i, the lft.gislature of.pennsvivanlin with power-to
confer .I.4eoes, and endowed avian all the rights and'
priudegespf the most favored Female Institutions.
It is located on the Cued erland Valley Railroad mid
way bi,taveen Hart !ninon and Carlisle. ins, the most 'fee
tip. and beatatilul portion of the valley, AIM IS in close
- proximity tlfe•ntostmiral: healthY,lind enter
miffing tow nifiu the State. •
It is retinal, and rosy or arress. Students leaving
Washington, Baltimore, or Philadelphia In tlie morning
train lit. Harrisburg, will arrive at Mechnitlenhurg .-
time ror dinner.
The. edifice is largo and eammodionn, uurrsuaded by
doublet ermitf., find will nevolontodate abtrut . pue lino
this' boarder+. In its construction, It CMIII , IM•S all the
modern infprovenfet,ts for the promotion of health, iota'.
flirt, and vonvellience.: In these 'respects physicians
pronounce it unrivalled.
,The Chan:l:era are large and
'neatly furnished. • Each has Its registers fir heal and
ventilation. 1151, Tuff slcui.yra M.CUPY Till SAME ;MOIL
The Bath moms, are at all (Lilies supplied with warm
and cold nat...
The 111,111Ille are maple. and well arranged for rierea- '
tIOII, and the various calitallenie exercises -so
1.41 health. graceful movetiient and ny nom trxx of fornf.
Thu Faculty of Instruction is efficient land experi
I a the Cottfaitaflf DFP.IIITMENT the course of study is .
al a high grade, rout inebeff.ling all the stildects belong
ing to a Classiod. Polite nll.l Chi Isaiah Education, •
In the l'iu.raftsroiti DIMAIII tine pupils will be care
fully Instructed in branches feinting the basin of
a thorough English Education.
Seastuan.—First Session—From Ist..September to the
211)(1.1 . January.
• Reond c.f.:salon—from - Ist February to Sim
VACATION- 1 / 1 1116g JUISIII3I.I August,
Boarding, Washing, Furnished - Rooms, Fuel and
$llO 01.
.TerrioN—Collegiste lirpartmrnt, - • - 20 00"
Prep:nut. ry Department, - - 18 00'
• First Class 12 00
eXtrlCilinrge for Aneient Languages.
31Csle—Planufaiul Guitar,.- • - 20 00
Vocal NI ≤ • • - 200
31mIerw lamminges. - • .; - 10 GU
Painting. Ilrawiniand other Ornamental Branches,
at The usual rates.
, Text•books furnished at City prices. . •
' For 1 nailer particulars address.
Bev. A. H. MARLATT, A. M.,
Tina FilenHy of Dick! Iron College, Carlisle, Pa.
Rev. R. I). Chaniberh, Carlisle, Pa.
William It. Molten. Esq., •
Rev. Dr. 'l'. Daugherty, o
*Rev. C. ltraliem • Bloomfield.
William 11. Alien. President of Girard College, Phil., ,
James 11. 31cColloy, hsq.
Clement Flu k. Esq.
Andrew Nlll.lllll.
0 .1.000 R. Graham. thobenann. Pa.
*ger. C. F. Stoeior, 3locheniesburg, Pa.
*lra Day, 11. IL,
P. H. L0ng...31: D.,
•I .Zug, Esq., - • ••
*John Riegel. Esq.,
John Vatidereer. D. D., Eastop,pa.
elias Id Coos or, Esq., Shepherdstown, Pa.
°surge W. Meek, Pine , ,,ve 311111 i. ht. °
I.mi Merkel. Esq , Hirreutanstown, Pa. - • '
•J, 11: Hurst. Esq., Dillsburg. Pa. .
0 11111 A. Smith. Esq., Pittsburg, Pa. • -
John Vandeveer, D. D., Easton. Pa.
111 x Exectiviley, Peter F. Cawley ' 3/llford, Del.
It. Lotland Secretory of Stela,, o •
- ,
elleorge S. Adkins, Esq. 11.
*Samuel Fhn, p. Esq.
,Thiv. E. Sadler, Wilmington. `•
-tunnel 31. Herrington. Dover, • "
Hon. C. S. Layton, Georgettinii,
William Marshall, 31. D.'
llon..lohn It. Sttiller. Ilrbigevllte,",
.Wllliant S. lloslitt, Esq.. Federalsburg, Md.
Rev. John A. Orre, Ihltlmure, 3ld.
*.Ta;ol, Short. Esq.. Lancaster . , Ohio,
~ * tleorge 11, Evens. Esq.. 31orga town. Tn..
Alexander Burgess. DIY:, Portialid, Maine.
John Eduards, D. D., Rochester,
-Sullivan .11 , ebton,11.
S. Baird, Suslthso•ian Institute, Washington
Jacob Ittinley, Esq., Lockport. Illinois.
• TRUSTEES OF THE . 001.1,Ef1E.
„*lra Day, 31.. D., 31ocludilesbuii, Pa,
P. 11. Long, 31. D.; "
*Solomon I'. Horgan, Esq.
*Ep• relot fug. Val.,
*John Relgel, Esq.,
John Brandt. Esq.,
Rolort Bryson, Esq.,
J. It. Corer. Esq.,
*David Cooler. Esq.,
*Col. 44. S. Adkins,
• Pe rore of the College.
June 2a.-3moa.
ki The no scholastic year of thie,F.eminaryorill--.".
commence on Tuesday, t.epteinber let.
The Seminary is Aisne - Ming and day school conducted
by experienced and competoit teachtirti. it is retired,
healthy and pleasant. and ilie retiree of instruction
emlintcathe elementary and higher Engliiih, together
with the.tnetent and modern language., tamale, •nsall._
and hintrumental and the ration, ornamental branch.
"es Vacation during July at d August.
For thither information apply •tb - the Minipill;
HR., at the Seminary in Went Louther St. •
near the German - liellirmed Caurch.
• • .. _ _
• •
Rev. W: W. EELI.S.,* Ray. J. B. MORBB,*
Roy. A. 11. KREMER,' , Rev. JACOB WRY. •
J. 8..11,'A K E • ItR ICHARD PARKER, En.*
CARY W. All LEFq.*
Patron...4th. seminary,
• .IALE AND FEMALE, WADI m.d rpla011; WO pgir tear.
Term opens f• , eptember 1801. . neollemen hutrustora
I n pi,,,,,,, Musk, ',Mellor and Modern languages. Ad.
dress the Pev. Alonzo Pluk, .K.. M.. prlne/pal: ~ •..
Aug. 26, 1887.-2 mo. ' • "..
s iiy MUSIC.
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,i.he Piano, Guitar and Melodeon, and
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Harrisburg, Pc,
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Milford. Doi
[Aug. 5-6 t