Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, September 30, 1857, Image 3

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• A lt Alt E ,di'
, P 0 11. 1 2 U Nj;T Y.
The sukeleriber, fleshing in rihnove to the West,.
' offore at private sale, all that valuabili proporty, Mittel'.
on the Nortto-West earner ofthe Public Square, and 41-
soctlylorpo , 4 l . l ) the Carlisle Deposit Bank, In the hero',
' of Carlisle, For a private residence,' or placeoftlusil
• —nese, It ea nnot.behaur.paatte&. -The-BIND Itlalargu anfli s
coutinodious, the lower part of the front house is occw
. , pled by the subscriber as a Felony
~ Grocery and Qu.nswaraStoro. This
- ' '4 -- ' Store Itoom.iellnished in the bostand
1 eti;
mast tonyentord poplar • tielholyz...
......_..„...... Ing being all enclosed with glass coo
ing. The cellar& lorgo, With wails arid' ceiling plaster.
ed, and floor plonked. The second story'of front house..
contains two very.large rooms, with finished attic: The'
BACK BUILDING In entiroly now. forty foot long, (not ,
' includingkitchen) and three stories high, containing
toyed large roome, all papered and in the best , order.
ha-KlTCLlEbtlaanaand a _half stories high. Wain.
in the kitchen - and - hydrant hrifi - o — yard, and Arlargir
brick cistern. The Gas In introduced into ovary Koom.
both front and trek buildings. On the lower end of
~.. the lot. which in .all
,on6losed with high brick ;walls;
there is erected a one and a half story warehouse. t . ,
Any person desirous or securing for tholusilYolll gnus
of the moot lbo-irablo locations its our borough, can do
so on reaSunable terms. by calling on the supserlber at
his store or residence which is the property dencsibed.'..
' Carlisle. Sept. 23,11157. .
Al ,
eREA'S :g ELEBICATL)::••-:
• • . LIQIIILf
• THE ;GREAT tf% .. -
Most nvefulartieje 'vier Invented, for Urine, store .
surimsslng In utility every ;other •
• glue, gum, .inuellago,.. paid. or
..eement evergunvin 4 , •
AiGtenive.o4;-paPor,,cloth,loather,•furnlture, porno.
• . lain, china. Marble Or glass.; • • •
• For manufacturing Fancy Articles. Toys, etc.; it has
up superb* not enty possessing' greater strength than
any other known article, .but, adheres more quickly,
leaving no-stain whore the parts - are joined. Nam
• •
.Within thn last years, upwards of 250,000 hot
' 'ties of this justly celebrated Lltitil U tl Ulf: have been
sold, and the Feat convenience which it hes proved in
- --- every - vasoFhas :deservedly - secured - -fee-It-a-Nuriand
which, the manufacturer : lmi found ,It, at tines,'
.colt QI metal acknowledged by all - Who have need it,
that Its merlts are far ohm any ehullar article or imi
tation ever offered to the public.,
hum in extensively cohntorfeltod-observo
the bible. .• Melten's Celebrated Liquid Ohm; the Great
• . -Adhesive." -Take no other' .
• Manufactured and Sgild. Wholesale and Retail, by '
, . • W3l. C. libiltEA, Stationer,
• No. 907 Chestnut Street:, Philadelphia. -
'IA. Lthoral inducements offdred•to, persons' desirous
aliening tho shore article.
Sept 2.1, 11157 —ly." '
A . 11. - Y - S - 1" C N' S LEGACY
. TO YOLING.IVIEN. \t ' • ,
' . 4 The 'glory of a young man is his strength."'
- (From theSundafPispatch, Ilew.Yerlc, Aug. 2, 'Toi).
Our readers aware that .wo seldom, If over;.ric m.
• mend any medical pnblication. If riniliofseil , hy
very highest antherity.-. As such-an Initiate we may
mention Da Cuiveltwatd.'snew publication on Nervous .
Debility and.citherweaknessen, the result of early in.
discretion. It Is a knell but valuable, pamphlet. Ilk
preparationn the .• Iteasirenwea," and • 4 Niwrxa" are
now considered.the sole and only effectiial. remedies
extant for the cemplainte'Peferied to.
1 -•olll.ol:Lviatcati , e • Seminal. Regenerator and Royal
• Nervine,the.noverrigtrremedles far Seminal Wealtness,
• Saitual • liability, 'lmpotency, - inveluntry, Emisnlons,
Piles,,Arc„ mentor sale by, most of.,the. leading Druggists
In the country. - . `. •
Da. C's Rotrizicr,' as' ether, containing, full advice. ,
for the cure of Spermotorrhen.fte.,.can ho had 'ln a no
eine 'envelope, by enclosing a stamp to Dr.•euxic. .1. C.
• Runs, let Avenuc..corner .19th Street, NEW YORK,
POST Box No. 4.581: -
.the heirs and legal
• representatives of Deter Andrew, Licensed, into of
• last - ,Lampeter "Township, Lancaster County: You are
hereby notified to be,and appear in the.Orphana` Court
of Lancaster Donutk; to be held on tho-twenty•sisilti
tiny of October. A. D. infff, tit 10 o'clock, A. M. to accept
refuse to occopt 'the real estate 0(.14111 deceased pt
the volution thereof made by Ltn-Inquest hell thereon
and coufirmeff. by_ said_ Court, or ohow.rdsuen-whi the
matne.should not be sold according to lair. •
ISEQRar..MARTIN, Sheriff.
Lancaster, Eept. 23, liffff'..:-:ltfrinna o . • '
firitt - KILLS, the beet lu use, Wheeler'n
• 2 •
c' Horse Power and Threshers, Corn Shellacs
; of eariolin slum, Hay, Straw, and Podder
Cutters, Orain Pans, Itootfuttere, Farmers
014,401 amtother Ploughs , Plough Csatinge o
Coim IlasketsT Spain's Atmospheric Churns, &0., whole.
wile and retail, at
—lmplement and Seed Store, 7th and Market Street,
Sept. 30. '6.7. Philadelphia.
(MASS BRED, Oreharddrass Seed,
• Italian Ryo Onus. Americaunnd Eniellah
'Lawn 'Gyula, Kentucky -Blue Grass, dre.,-
, for Bale, at '
-- pAscirALL 3IOItRIB & CO.,
Implement' and Seed Store, fth and Market stresta,
. .
. ExhibifiNphe.heletiti their Fair bound
15th and lUth of October; at which our' friends ore
vited to exhibit their best Stork,products and work
Dormer Mootte, - See'y.' , : [Sept. A.-Ct.
Ilustness 'Carllk
ArfOttliEY AT, LAW, ' •
°Mee formerly occupied by Judi,* Hepburn, on' Snit
etrect All business intrusted to Ma care will ,be
promptly attendid 44. . -
May 26, Iti62. •
. - at Law. Oth. Main
Wirliusluese entrusted . to him will be . proznptly at ,
towled to. Peb,
: UNiltrefli .AtOiney'at Law.
.--offire on North Ifanoyer. street, n kw-doora
south of Glans' Note!, All bunlnen s entrusted blm
will be promptly attended to, JAprll
- _
y AW Nona, .-,:.11 .
', --EMOVAL.,.--;,k
I_l M. PENROSE luts removed his of Wale room
formerly. occupied by him•ou Milo street a few doors
oast of the Methodist oallurch where 'ha will promptly
sttend to oil business entrusted to'bim.
August - 19, 1857..
T •
A line returned the .practleo of the Law. Office In
Centre Square, west side, near the Firet Preebyterian
Church. i
April 8, 1857. ' • •
rve.Offiee oppoelte the Woet end of the Court Itouee
April 23,1856. .. •
It. S. B. ICIIGTFEWOffici3 in North
HanoiOr ktroot two. doors from _A'rdold & Son's
■ oro. 0111od hours, more'pirticularly from 7 to 0 o'clock
A. M., nod from sto 7 o'flock;ri.A4 , 1 ;, • •.• • '
od lila / office to Centro 'Square west ofthe'Ctitirt
use ; where he may bo conitulteAat.sny hour of the
day or night. Dr, A. has ball thirty. years expel:44ND
- in the profession, the last ten of which Turco beso,de!Of.
toA to' the study and, practice of ' Itomosopathip -
May/0, • •
"DitTicelifYOMlS . ovn,
South Hanover street, El Iv o
next door to the beat
OGico.. •
*lO%lll be absepkfrom Carlisle the.isat ten days
Clead, mouth. • '55
litG.E. 'S. SEA
' .I{IGHT; DENTIST, from Sal
t olore'tqlleke • of Dente] aireery.
sa-°"'" at th e t.tillentfigrhio Mother, raihrouthe.
Arcot, three doOrs
belolfiledfoni. ,lieferenee—Dr; Qeo
Z. Bretz.
• t _
W. K. Maine:ix; Permtiy
Coos, !thod... ' .
S N Y,D.E . R; , Tki , VAR.I;AND; AND
COOK, •• • ' •
Nankera and Deskieiti .11a . newt 'nitrite; .
June 3, 1867 —ly
CER.--A. L. SPONt l 4ll . l,3ate Reginter of Cumber
nod county, willestreflilly attend to the trensectlen of
all such business an may be.entrtlettd to hinElueb as
the writing of Deeds, Mortgagee Contracts, de, )de will
also devote ilia Wootton to the roeuriuger Land {Ter
rants, Pentioutcdc. sot well on the purchase andeale .
of Real Estate, negotlatione, ofloans, Arc. V6-oflire on,
West - High Street, f0rP4 0 713 , 95tUp1e4.0 , 1* 41.Tegtitett
Esq. near theltletherthitthureli.",-" • • .
EA Li Figr T ' . 4. Ai 's.l C'Y 4.
AN:AIpha:WK. • taosirsow,
EG N lit - Ix r.a o
. Ilaye opened - au 'lance at' R. aneppli, elo.,for the put ,
chase and sale bf Inial'Eslatel'bni/ng and selling Land
Wirnultst entering CAnd 0, 4 7 4Eue, 41-liveyingand
ping To wne,-.Loriticof 14 'VA/tante. and,ruaklng Invest
=ants (or nob-residenta, paybeg,.of, Taxesond all bust;
nese perteinlbg Wei Genet , r a4 . .!,ap i d '4igi my in uii ;
Kansas, Nebraska, and•l ,
ans.olllee on Second Street,: N . , o'rLIL,. fr i • Lte l a s t s ti o e's
u llanklng Bons°.
„ .
.. . ,
8:L 1 1 % : isi
FOR I ND.O.ITI,tf.OO T X9BB oit.butEr,.,9
•'• or , rnit.antartga..
Charter Perteatual. 1 —$109,0 1 :4;V *Pltg'.li 9. 1
( .•1 1 , 6 84.Chatidststroei: •
• Naas Insuaaner.OltlterPoeuttMon't6"4igii'"
leee.ur dainagel4,l.lo,en rAdlialtfind , lialiictel ? *earl
'doacrlptlon, teniu C.ounrey, on tlidlnUtreaiorbable.
terms. .Applfeetletia ineslll either parenballyee 57 totter; .
bo promptly Atto 6 4odlo.
_ N RAN6KEIt;roet:; :
• "t•I Jo" ; •A•
4 The inbsenlierli • 'meant mitts, abort, teropany for.
Carllele and Its vielulty., 411appllentiona rerineitranee.
.ntther bk:mall or loWroobaliprll'be;Rieb2pqrottobdpd
,Oo by •- ••°
-11•0.12, 4 65. ItralTstaiep , A'• /MA
, . .
teka.an4 done t g ' "" •
7 New Atlne,ritstments.
J 1 4 4 WIIEREAS,Iin and by: an act.of the Cionerel
mouldy of the - Comfaeriviefilth of PerutiPienid, entitled.
•/` Act relating to - .the electidur of this. Common- .!
wealln;!'*.tead :the 2ddaicif.ll.llY; A.D. ;MA levied°
the duty of the Sheriff of every. !Millie 'within thin
Commonwealth, to give 'Outdid, natter', of the • Ueneral.
:.•Electiens, and Sucli netted to enuinerate , • ,
...voleTheollieers &Olio electede , -%!-- , ---"--•—•••••
2. Pesignate the elide at whiebithe 'electron it to be hold
• I, JACOB BOWMAN, nigh SherilLof the county of
Cumberland, do hereby makti known and gliithls pub
lie notice to the °teeters of the bounty of Cumberland,
_that son.TCESDAY,,tthe .13th r dati ; QC-October-next, aezi
election will be hold at - the Wend election districts es
tablished bylaw jn said -county, at which 'tithe they:
wilfeete 'by ballot fee the several officers hereinafter
'ONIIPER,SON for (beadier of the Commonwealth, of
• Pennsylvania. v., •
ONE'PERSON ffir'CanaLCommitsioner of the Common
- Wealtli'of Pennsylvania..
- TWO - PERSCINts . ror Judges et tue frugal - FY-MUM
TWO PLitSONS to represent the 'counties of Cumber
'land and Perry In -the, Como of ItepresentatiVes. of
.'"Pettbsylvaillit. •
-'01 5 1F: PERSON for Prothonotary of Cumberland County.
' ONE PERSONTor - Recorder and Clarkof the Courts of
• Quarter Sednieffs,• Oyer and Terminer and Orphans'
Court of Cantberlaull County.' ' .; ' •
ONE PERSON for Righter of Cumberland County. - -
ONE•PERSON•for Troaeurer of Cumberland County.
, ONE-PERSONTor CommiselaneroLCumberlendCountl._
ONE'PEIISON fl4Dlrector_pl the Poor 'of Cumberland
ONE PERSON.for Atiditai'efOureberhind.CoutitY.' -
r Thdt every person except justices of the Peice who,
shall hold any office or appointment of profit or trust
under the United States or of this State; or any city or
incorporate district, whether n commiseloned officer or
dlierwise, a subordinate - officer or agent, whole or shall
-be employed under the legislative, executive, or Judi-,
darydeivirtnnufle of tlfis Stet.); or the United Statek
or of any city Or of any Indir•pomied dintrietT
that any Mender of Congress and of the State Legisla
ture, and of the Select or Common Council of any city,
or commissioner of any Incorporated district, Is 'by' law
incapable of holding or exerelsingat the same time the
office orappointmentnrjudge, In spector nr clerk of any
elections of this Commonwealth, and that no Inspector,
judge, or other officer of such election shall be eligible
to be there voted for. : • . "
--, 7 t-And-t he said-actol--Ameniblyrentitled -an-act . rob- ,
tint, to the °tedious of this Commonwealth, poised Jul,
- 2; ISab,.furthor provides as-follows, - to wit -
'f That thd Inspectors and judgee shall meat at the
phiee appointeA for holding the abalone of the-district
to-which they respectively belong,. before-nine o'clOck
in the morning of the Second. udelity In October, aid
each-lifedrizi-inapectern shall appoint - . one clerk, Who
shalt be a qualified voter of aald - Alstrlet.
.r. In cane the, person who shall have received therfed
ond highest number of votes - for inspifetor shall not' at
tend on the day of the election ' thou the person who
nhalbhaeo received the second highest uumber.of robes
at the nosepreeteling eleetion, shall act es inspector in
• his olive. And In ease the person who shalt:have re.
calved the - highest fautilber of v. ten for hispector shall
not attend, the pertion elected judge, shall appoint an-
Inspector In his place t. and In cane the person libeled.
judge shall-not attend, then the 'lnspector who receiv
ed the highest number of votes shall appoint a judge In
tileriletee, or if any'vacancy obeli continue In the board
der the space otonahofir after-the time fixed by Ifni for
the opening of the election, the quelifled voters of the
Amy - whip, ward or district for which such officer shell
have been eleotod, present'at the place of election, shall
elect ono of their number to
" If Abell be the duty of the Revered assessors of each
distriette attend at the place of holding every general,
special, or townehip election, during the whole - time'
maid election In kept open, for the purpelso of giving in
formation to the inspect-ern and judges when coiled on,
in relation to the right of any
,pernon assessed by them
to vote at such' lection, or such ether matters in reho
Don to the eesesnments Of voters as the mid inspectors
or either of them 51,511 from time to time require.
" No person shall be permitted to-vote at any election
an Aforesaid, other than a white freeman,of the age bf
twenty-one years or more, who nnall have resided In the
State at least ono year, and in the election district
whore he offers his vote at• lend ten dnys immediately
preceding elicit election, end Witlitn'tvio-yeara..Paiti
.State or county tax, which shill have been noselised
least ton dnyn before the electiOn. But a citizen of the
United Stnteo who has prodldusly been a qtiallfied voter
•of thin State, and rontoved therefrom andreturned, and
who shell have,rosided in the eleetiendistrlet and paid'
taxes as aforesaid, shell be entitled to vote after meld
leg In this - State six mofitbs: Provided, That the
white freemen, citizens of the `United States, between
te, enty,nne and twontrtmo years, who hove resided fit
an election district An aforesaid, shall be entitled to
vote although they shall not. lose - Mild taxes.
"No Person shall be porinittiffi, to vote whose nitmai .
not contained in the lief - of taxable inhatiltante fur
'limbed by the Comudosionern, unless First, he produce.
a receipt for the payment within two years' of a State
.or county tax assessed ageopebly to the Constitution,.
and give oatiofactory evidence, either nn its onth•or at-
&motion, or the oath or affirmntlon of another, that he
has paid much a tax, or on failltrito produce a receipt.
shall make oath to the payment thereof. Sodond, if he
. claim a right to vote by being an elector between the
ago of two:Aye:me and twenty-two years, he. shall de.
ytds on oath or riffirmatinn Met to ham resided in Oda'
ete at least one year next before iris appliention,anA .
• Make such proof of residence In the district as Is requir
ed by thin act, and that he-does twill belied), from the .
-account given him,lhat he to of the ago nfoiendid; and(
such other evidence as is required by thin act, whore-
• upon the nand 'of the person-thus admitted' to vote,
than be leserted In the alphabetic-1011st- by the looped
tors, - and a note Made opposite thereto by writing the
word " tax," if he shall be admitted to vote by. reason
of having paid tax.; nettle word "age," If he shall be
admitted t 9 veto by rention of such age. shall be called'
Out to the clerks, who shall Make the-like notes on the
.11stdof voters kept by them.
"In all Ounce where the name of the e 'person 'defining . {
to - Obis found on the lint furnished by the Crimmie.
stoners and assessor, or his right to inte r whether found
thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen,
it shall bo the duty of the inepectors to examine. such '
, person on oath ne to his qualitications, and if he claims
to have resided within the State for one year or more,
hie oath nhal,li be sufficient prod' thereof. but shall
make proof ,by at lead. one competent • wltneen, who'
shell be a quellited elector, that he has resided in the
nada former° than ten days next immediately pre.
veiling such election, and shall alb himself miler that
his bona' fide residence, in puraunnee of' his lawful call
ing. Is in said district, and that I e did not •;emitee into
said district for the purpose or voting therffin.
" Every person qualified as aforesaid, and who shall
make due proof, if required, of, the 'residence and pay
ment of taxes an afbresaid, elan be admitted to vote in
the towuship, ward or district in which•he shall reside.
" If any person shall prevent or attempt to prevent ,
.Any officer of any electiorLffrlder thitact front hobbit
such election,. or use eititiriffillinefOrkv'eloleuce to any
inch officer, or shall .intiirrupt fir Improperly Interfere
,with him In the execution of his duty, or shall block
up the window, or avenue to 'any window where the
.affuteluay - be - holdlogi-or-shall-riotounly-disturb_the.
peace et such election, or shall use any intimidating
threats, force or violence, withtlesigit to Influence urn'
duly en overawe any elector, or to prevent him from vo,
Ong or to restrain the freedom of choice, such persons
on conviction Obit be tined In any sum not exceeding,
' five hundred dollars, and Imprisoned for anytime net
less than three nor mare than twelve months: and lilt
- ..lialLbe ehown - to CourtierhereMiCtrildnf ettchbffence
shall be had, that the penny no offending% wan not a
resident of the city,' ward, district or township wher e
'the offence wan committed. and trot entitled to vote
therein,•then on conviction he shall be nenteuced to
pay a tine of notiesn than one-hundred nor more than
,one thounand dollars, and be imprisoned not-less than
six montlurnor more than two yearn.
•.n Manyperson or pertionn shall make any let or wa
,ger upon the result of •any election within the Com
monwealth, or nhalboffer to make any Audi bet or n'a
wger either printedb prOrlitmatiOn thereof, or. i nvit e
ritten or p advertisement, challenge nr
any person to mailer such bet or wager, upon eonvlction
thereof he or they hall forfeit and pay three times the
amount so bet or to he bet. • . .
If any person rapt by law. qualified, shall frauds,.
tautly .ura - at ady - election of this Commonwealth, or
being utherwise qualified shall vote' oUt of 'his proper
district, or if any person knowing' the want of such
qualifications, shall old or procure such penou to vote;
the quern offending, shall, ou.conviction be fined In
any.sum-not exceeding two hundred dollars. and-be
imprisoned fir any term not exceeding three months.'
.1f any person dull vote at morp than one election
dletrict, or otherwise fraudulently iota more than once
on the same bitty, or shall fraudulently fold and deliver
td thd`tnppector two tickets together, with the Intent
Illegally to vote, orelutil promo another to •,.he
be they offending, shall on conviction he fined 'ln any
•irdm nth lee. than fftynor more . than-live , hundred
••ticillard. and ho Imprieoned for any' term not teem thin
rthee'e nor more , than twelve months. ' • • •
• "
If any person not qualinekto vote In thin Onienore
wealth.agronabirto ; law,..(exand-thweonn-of-Attalifird
citisens,) shall aptaSar at - an' place' nr - eleetion - lot" the"
. - ..
purpose of influencing tUreitizeare qualified to . vote,
ho thrill On conviction forfeit and pay any gum not ex
. eeeding ono thindred dollars far every loch offence, and
he imprisoned ffirany term not exceeni - glhreenrogallie."
• The said - election will be held throughout the county
•am follower', , . .
The election ifi the elthtion.district composed of the
borogh of Carible and t4tfornehips of North Middle:,
ton,'. South .1111ddlobin, ighthr Dickineon , and .Loirsr,
Afrinkford e will beheld at the Cceirffneingehi;the' bor..
ougli of Cerlislo. • '
The election In the election district composed of Low'
- ar•West ronueborough townshipiyily .. lmbedd%at the:
'ffdibli &IWO Prime in Iffalnfield. - •
- "Theclection,in the election digtrict composed of fill
ver ffprlng•towbehip, will be held at thr public house of
Mame Ithey,in Hogestown in said township. •
''Tile eleetigur its the 'election district compered. of
Ilsrapden towuthip; Will beheld At the' borne oecupled
• by' Henry. Ilickernethin said township.
• The eloctiOnln the, election district comported of the
township of.Uppea7 Alien," will-be held at the publie .
souse occupied by,W, W. Kline,. in Shopberdstown. • •
iii •
',The election the election district composed of the
towtiabli cd Lode". Ailed, will he held •It , the' wdgori
&O'er efigthnf :Yonne Ilunchbarger, on. Slab' 11111. •, •
ligo'clriction InAhe - eleetion district crmpoeed of Eaet
Penueborough , torthship, win ; be. held. at the house
now occupied bill. Clay , 0 , 4"." West end of the Ilarris.
burg'llrldire.‘,s: ; ~.
the election in the eleetion,dleirlat compiled of New'
Oilugheriand,'Wlllhelield. et the house formerly •kept:
'by Wm. 11. now; in the bdrouth of Now. Cumberland.
Oa election in ate election district composed of. the
thirough•of Mechanicsburg, will be held at the public
'lidded ofJarnes Meloyrin said through... ; •,,, . -
T he : o.ct i ug sti the sl4dlon 'district composed 'of
! ,tleritod-tonn'sffli,vrlll, Ape hold at 'the • public - hduse of
blemuelTAigelgr,th Quirchtown,,in mid towuehip. ' •
. : Theeledtlon In tbn eledtbni.k i liZet composed of Up
' per Illekinsbn'towidship,yelltbe. Id at the ininie .now
ocenjoird by John Olirman,,ln geld wnahip. , ' , • '
Mho electiOn in the elution district composed Cr( the
'bdrough•of Venting', and, towns/dna of -Mifflin. Upper
Frenkford, •tipiier • lVeit Perthistioro,-.and thet'ilertrif
.NoWton tOwnehip not 'deluded in the Leesburg elect los
- .gliptitrt, will be bold attheJirick,Schoolllouss ,in the
„borough. at Newsnie, .. ....,.,,: , r,. -,• ..: --
, ',The I plectioti'lk the 'plecildu district- composed of
,Ultheerell toringlith - will .bo held .at. Ole New ,nrielv
School iffmsn r tfihniliont..ifflmilditowrighlp.•. ••• -
The eleetlon intne sleetien dletvirlicomposed •of , thit
bothough of Stipp uiebufg,tittipponsburg township and
that fast of 4 . l .4 ll afilidqn toe nstrip -dot Included in
'.'the ',Minat:mg election district, wtil r be. hold; at. ~ .tbill
(bunch MUMS the bOrmighirtShibenshuth '
'''' T/ 1 " e ct, 1 9 1 04-I•Wtelestkotdlstrlctoompotgeriefirarts'
-br'ffewton atidnentbomptontownships, dibt•• embraced
_ln the.Nnwillin rthil,:.Shlppensburge•dhstriets, , will ba'
.110 d t - theihouggeformerlpciacnpled by iWilhani • Mai.'
- well •Igeetburg s ' ..:___ - -
• A bly to Up provialonief 'the-glitthArst•imitinhi '
illf the id *di - Seery' General and Special iff Wit...RABB
j'e 44,04.4 between'll s e''ilfibVtlid tert'rn th e.
'forenoon; atotshaliconttnne , without intlithuptiqn, or
ernotirinnerituntll toren d'cloek lifibvlgnirth,',when:
the pelts ',ball be' closed.,
- Ang thethdgetot the reiPtetith• districts affwesald,
athlth,seaideet required to MOOS at the"Qourt items.,
.in th 'Winne' of Gathtle4tatthie,thitdfdlthisfted Uhl
,electl n,lbeinffiqblVi OW /P44.IUX 9r P.t9b.,l:ttiin
Mod the , td perfornithe thingsAnqrp4 Of things by. u m .
~ 74t.e,ont Judges. At thq.'nepresentiiitve district,
win ;4 ,,,t,; . 5t cern,* iititieltrat eject by-1aw....-..
-- .
~ ~444.under-mylvaidi 1014)..b6t s tbup,otii, 4,;',,.. j e
bvir, nil. 1 , '"• ' r ''''
4 " • irriTuTfo' '
H •• • ,
• • WEREAS,lliave•b'edri'directert by the Governor td
give notice that )(Ilk resolution, 'prof:ieing rorllin '.",
• amendments to the Consti tutlen of this Cominonwealth,
-Lae been agreed of thomembers ulecb
eft SO each Hone° of the Legislature, at tvid•linceessive "il
'terms of the saute; and that .lf is provided by. the Con. '
Jltifftlllfohat any amendment" so agreed-.upoitc..shall'-'- -
.no.aubmltted to the people the their-approval or', '
,tionL'llliitiefere, for the puritnee'ofl t prtiiiping the "
Demi orcb.'cltlregs of thhi,Voinmottw ICIP7 - F B B B7 ff
therete,J, Jecob .ftliman,lllg7i Sheri )1(1)0- - sountY
•Jot , CuMberland,.“,dore--totice te the
be held lh ea(B•of the townshlps . ,-.WierdWeend . district"
thereli;On'the , SEG9ND TURSDArDV:OCFOItIiIt, A.
D. 1867, foviltek - piliPeire of deeldipg,upon th e adoption
reljection of satdkniendmenti, oinyof t hem; Which'
said election shall be' IMO at theplewer,Und dimmed and
chisedat the thnseatand within which the GeneraLElec
klentiofthli Oomnionwealitraribeld,opeffedand doted;
and it obeli be the•duty_iittgeliifiggsj_inirmemys
- Idorke.ofer - WiiriiiiTniiifiiihips, wards and districts to.
- fecelve at the said election, tiokete either written or; '-
prin,ted i , or partly „wfltten and -partly Minted, from,
• cltielerlt duty qualified to vote for members °film Gen:
oral Assembly, and to deponlt'thetri'lli , 'a lips or boson
to he for that purposeprovided by the proper officers;
which tickets shall be reepectivnly labelled on the Out
side, "First Amendment; " "Second Amendment," '•
-Third Amendment," and" Fourth Akiiendirient," And
those who are favorable to mid Amendmontd or any of.
than, may express their desire by voting each alimony
_sepaitite_wrltten or printed, or `tartly weitten•or print
edballote or ticket', contninimon tlie Inside • thetiiiif —,-
-tho words, "For the Amendmmit," Sod thole 'dui 'are '
opposed to Mich amendment', or any of them' mey en.
; prom theiv:oppotltion by voting each lie Many .separate '
,written or printed ballots or tickets containing onAhe
Inside. thereof the; wore "Ageing the Atnefidment"
And further 1 do hereby give notice, direct etA pro-,
claim, that the eleetion op the, said prOposed Aniend•
monk, thrill be opened and • closed at the 11111110 - time, -
Mid In all respect" to be'conducted, as tile General' ,
Electintffof_thin_CommonveallhACO.notr_condueted. as
.well ea respect" the quelificritlon of voters, the time.„'
end manlier of malsing returns, as in all other partiMize
lace.' Given under my bond and seal, et Carlisle,, this 1
10th, day of SeptemberA. D. 1867 - • • ' •-
Sept. 18, 1857.
Proposing 4inepdtiscitts to the dons( (Intim of
.. 2 •
the •Ctiritnactihoca(th.. ..-• ,
D'ESOLVED bithe Senate pod house
LA, of Repromentatlves of Mos Commonwealth of Penn.
Sylvania in Chimera! Assembly mot: That the following
auiendments are proposed to the Constitution of the
Commonwealth, in accordance with the, provisions of
the tenth articie,therea. . • • '•, •
Thrirahhall be an addltional said constitut
rtiou, to be designated - an artlcle eleven, ad followl•-• • •
.• • .
szerioN 1. The state mriir :emittractyrirrhts, to supply
casual deflcitri Or failures in revenues or to meet expon•
ses oft otherwise molded • foy,;:::Put..the aggregate at,
mount of such debtsidlrcci And motingent, whether
contracted by virtue of one or more acts of the general
assembly, drat diffr , rent periods of time, shall never ex-f
coed seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. and the
money arising Mom the creation of such debts. shall be the purpose for which it nun obtained, or to
repay the debts•so contracted, and to no other putpose
' Stenos 2. In additioh to the above limited power, the
state may contract debts to repel invasion, suppress In.
surrectiou, defend the state in ear. or to redeem the
present outstanding Indebtedness of the state; but the
Money arising from the contracting of each debts, shalt
-be applied to the purpose, foewbich-it was raised. or to
repay. shch o debts,ond to no other pormisti.whatever; -•-
fSteflote-3; kirept the debts above specified. 'in sec.
tionione and two of this article, no debt whatever shall
be created by, oFon behalf of the state.
Elecnott 4. To provide fur the .paymentwf_the present'
'relit;:atid=any addltional-deLLeontmeted as aforesaid,
the legislature Shall. at its" flist session, of or thinsaw
lion of this , antendmeut, create a Sinking fund, which
shall be sufficient to pay the oceruing interest on such
debt, and annually to reduce the priori',/,' therrot by a
sum not less than two bondrOd end fifty thous/hid del. -
lure; Which - Sinking fund shall eboslithftlie net annual
Income s:4 the public works,-from Unto to time owned
- by the elate, or the proceeds 'of the - sale of the acme,-or
l i any part thereof, and of the Meanie or Moceeda of sale
of stooto awned-by the state, together with othor funds,•,
.or resources, that way be demi' noted by law. The Keld
sinking fund may be inereaced, from 1.1m6 to time, by
assigning to It any part of the taxes, or other revenues
of the state, not required tbr the:ordinary and current
expenses of govertimeirt, and unless ft. , c4so of.war, In- .
xasiotror insurrection. no part /Atha said sinking fund
shall be used Or Applied otherwise tlum In - extinguish.
lucid of the public debt, until the ntstornit of such debt -
isrodured below tins sum oilier millions of dollars. '
Ssetios 5. The credit of the commonwealth shall not
In nay manlier, or event, be pi Edged, or lensed to,,atty,
• Individual, company, corporation, or association; nor
_sliall_th_olattamon weal th bon:tailor beton.. njoint owner
or Atockholder, In any company,
, associatlon, or corpo.
ration. _
• grAtcirt it The comm o nwealth tilmll - riot issunte . thp
debt, or,Uuy tact thereof' "01 any county, city, horougb,
.ettywnsialp: nor of Any corporation, or nssociation; tin-
lose each dobt'shall bare been contracted to enable the
state to repel Invasion,suppress dontestiolosurroition,
nomad itself in time o Ivor, assist the Math in tho
discharge of any Pbrtlon..of it-present indebtedness.
. tlierioN 7. Tim legislattift' Aliall not nulhorlie any'
county, eltyLboinugh, township. or incorporated dhe
trict, pry virtue efa, ote of its citizens, or otherwise, to
horning. n stockholder In any"compauy, ossOriatiou. or
Corporationl , nr to obtain _molter for-or.losn-its. credit
to, any corporation, association, Institution, or party;
There Phnll be an itdditinnal article to Paid oonetitu
on, to be designated as article XII, as follows:
No county shall beclividod by itlinic l•tittlog ' nft . °Tat
of e-tenth of its population, a new county
or otborwice,) without the eipross lissiint of such' mum
ty, by a votc.ufttio eloci„Ors thcreof; nor oball any now
county bo cantainlng loss thou four bun
r,c4,t/unroniliero , :
. • .
. - •
. ,
- . From Section two of the fleet article. of thtscouslillsi
Con, strike out the words, "of the city of Philsdelphit - -- -
and of each county respectlielY ;" ' froui section tire,
rain° article, strike ou t the, words, "of Philadelphia and
of the several counties ;" from section seven. same aril.
de, strike out the words, "neither the city Of PhiMei
oreny,nsndjusert In lice thereof the words. 'atnil
no;" and strike out - '9iition ll. - ur, same article, atid,
in lieu thereof insert the renewing: , • •L.
'• Buttes .11 111 rptr,oue tie/mould eight irundrai'
and sixty-four, and in every seventh year thereafter,
represenhttivetrto the number at one hundred, shall be
apportioned and distributed equally, throughout the
state, by dlstricte r in, proportion to the number of tax-
Th the several-parts thereof: except
that any county containing at least three thousand live,
hundred taxablen. may be allowed a separate represeip .
Itation; but no more than three counties shall be joined,
and no county .11411 he divided r in the formation of a
district. Any city containing a sufficient 'number et
taxablen to entitle it to at least two representatives,
shall have a separate represenLal ion assigned It,.and
,shall be divided into moven lent:districts of contiguous
territory. of equal taxable impulation as near as may be,
each of which districts shall elect oue'represeutative." '
At the end of section seven, canto article, insert these
words. " The City of Philadelphia Phan be divided into
single senatorial districts, of contiguous 'territory Or
- as nearly equal In tnanble pod elation as possible; but
no ward shall be divided In the formation thereat".
The Leidslature, it its first session, after the adoption
•of this amendment, iiiml),tiltido the City of Philadel
phia Into senatorial and retiresentative ill/drifts, in the
manner above; provided; such ii,strirts to remain un•
changed until the atiporthuntent in the year one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-four.
I= shall be an additional section to tbb first artb
e of sald'ednotittition, niticlt'Sbrdi be numbered mud
Banton 20.—The legislature shall have the power to
titer, revoke, or an oul,, any ckartei or• incorporation
hereafter conferred by, or finder, any special, Or general'
law, wheniver in their opinion It may be injurious to
the cinema of the Commonwealth; hi 'Nisch manner,
however, that no ininstico shall be done to the corpora
tons: '
In finues,Afuch/7,2867.,
Resolced, That this renolutioe.paie. . On the Ent.
amendment, yean' 24, nays ;•on tue 'second amend
ment, yeas 23, nlyn X; on the third amendment, yeas
24, nays 4; on the fonrili amendment, yenn 22, nays 4.
Pxttfr'atrl I.j ' ZIo.{. It3aZt.6
IN ins Ronne or Earnr.exerslivla,..
April 29, 1897,•
Ilonareed, That this resolution pas.. On the Brat
amendment, yeas 78; nape 12; on tho second amend.
'mentLyeer 87, nays 81;' on thu third entondmont, yew:
12, neye 22: ou the fourth andlud:nent,,yeas 83, nay, 7;
' •. [Extract from the Journal.] . •
Flied in Secretary's 01fletl, May 2;f657.
• , A. O. CURTIN,
Beireterysof.tbe Copononwealtb. ,
nl4O certify that the above and , foregolnit.:lA•ntrue,
and.norrect copy tlfaho 'original "114solutIon propecing
;amendments to the Conntitutlon 'of the Cemmon•
wealth;'' with thin vote In, each brand' of. the MURIA.
'turn upon the baud parsagen thereof, en appears from thee , '
originate on hie to tide office, 0, n: • ;
i 'alimony .w n
hereof have hereunto Insit:
k i p B.J my hood, and Cituned to he affixed the kind of
I . t; Rectetary,a 0111ce, the day and year above written.- --
•, •
• A. O. CURTIN, • ' '
Secretary of the Commonwealth. ' •
• I IN BINAY6, 18a.
• Tbp keitolution prcirosing amendments to the Consti
tution of tlm, Commonwealth Wing under einuildera
Will.the Senate agree to the that amendment 1,
t The yeas end waya were taken agreeably to tho provb,
Moos of Coo Constitution, and were as follow; ale. ...t
yie4g—Messrs.Brewer Browne, Coffey, Elf e BUMP,
Vette', Flenniken, Fraser, Ingram, .lorden, illintef,
Knox,l Laubaeft.•'Arad, Myer, Scofield. Senora, Shuumn,
Steele, Straub,• Weigh, ( It Infos, it right eta Tasirert,
ars—tlesers.,Crabb, Gramme'', Finney, Gregg, Ker.
Tee suit Souther—T.
So t eqUeetlon was deterudded IS the ails unit, ,
ho guretion, -
Will the Senate agree to the eeeond amendment
The year and nays irere •taken agreeably' to ,the
*blow; IV the Constitution, and Were se follow, vie
yiAs. i-Merant. Brewer, Bilnehe;Greeniet, Ely dra an
•Fetter 4 Finney, Flenniken, Ingtabani,'.lordaw, Knee
Laubach. !dye:, Sellerthehuman, Sowther, Elyel ,
Straub, Welsh. Milking, Ve right, Arid Taggalt, Ype
Nale-feblessre. Carey, Grubb, , Friieer, fireggillterr,
sllllnger,:enrose and Sobfleld-8.
So thetri exiled ... was determined in the afilnnatire.
queption,, 1 , 1 T- - I 1,1, 1
Wpl'ettp Senate agree to the trrd, gmenOulipat
- The yeas amd• Days were taken agre*lblY tb thl prF
'ion of the Vonetltutlon, and were als follow, via,:
Ths---)lessre-Brewer..l4unwe,Oyabb,, Gresswell,l y
rPa;f,'lennikea t ,Prasgr,,~ngrapt,•Jprdaue Hpliw :te r t;
teele : r"P
fiotspe.o Stnub,Weleh, tnd a ,W rJ..L{ ; l,.
Nayi*Dfetirs. Coffey, Greggalartle aptt Penrose— .
t ijulatiaitgyaadetietztiliuldlti the affirmatlr
On the guentlon,
Will tin Slut* iqtrai Mehl lateldm•cif
:11Aitaisatina/Jtma, 22, 1887
. . / • • _ . _ ..-
The yeas and nays *ere taken, sgreeebly to the W.;
lilsions *St hie COnstitulion; and Were ile-Wll9'wil .vls: ...,
- ' Vras-Slesisse. .Iliewir„ Browne, Cliffuy; hisnikeren, •
' lily, Evans, Flenniken; Eraser,lngrarsq Killingor, Rua; I
' 'Laubach, Ledld; Mier, Scofloni,Beffers. Shumap, South,
er;Steel, Stinnb,;Wffish. Wlllitvi. *.d . `l'llffilb -2. 1.4 -7j
„, aßrtie-MaigeMzoataßb, Finney, Jordip,and P,onrese•
, illiodho question - Wasdetermilibilli: thq iflirnutilvsi.• ( `
, k 1. , •' ~' ' • • ' is - TM; 'MUSA. OlejteekestaTaYve,ss, *.• 0 '
' * . - .. April 290867. s'
- - :The resolution- proposing aniendffidnis to thd Consti.,: ,
%lon of*the:Commonwealth being un der effintiflohltion:
.. .0s: the question , , • • ' ' ' '' , . . •... •
. ' Will the House agree' to the first amendment! '. ' '• ,
. , The yeas and nays weto taken kgrecably, to tho ProvN
: , ilqns of the Constitution; and were Alfolisur, vii,:
: - .)osVallisisitt:” Abdorgen; - Arthrtr, - Iffulhense;. - nen, -
Beck, Bishop, newer, nrewn/CAlhOust,Caninhell,Chise t
Cleaver, Crawtoni, Diekey, Ent, Sister, tiuseld, [ foster„ GibboneY. Oildea,.. ILaniel; Hefner,' Ileitis, '.lllestand,
,11111.1111logns: Roffman, (Berke,) hftbrio. lnnes, Jacobs: .
' ,Jeukins,'Johns, Johnson,' Kauffman; Ketr, r Kuight,
: Leh:ming, Longaker,. Lovett* Manes, .Mililliler'isrveki,
mont,, !delimit: MoMhead;;Mtimma, Minnialman Nl f
kin, P'ownell,Pureell, - liamseY, (Pblladelphla,),Kanisei,_
(York). Reamer, Reed, Roberts;' Rupp;; Shaw, Sloan,.
Ringth, (Cambria.) Smith, (Centre,)' Stevenson 'Ttilan,
Vail, Vanyoorhis, Vickers, Voeishley, Walter, Westbrook,
Wharton, •Willisto,n, Witherow, Wright, Zimmerman
and Oets: Speaker-48* .* ,'‘ • -' '` ' '' , •' ' , : *
„Ks's-bless:re. Baektni; beinkid, Dock; Iladpilten,4len ,
cock, limns, lloffman, (Lebanon,) Lebo, Struthers; Thorn •
Warnerand Wl:strode-42.- '
. , • - ,
SO the q :Mitten hits determined In - the idlireativo.
,On the'question, , , . ._ . . ,
--,Will-thelldisie agree tokbe.second,antendmentl
:1 The ye:Adana nays woke taken agrooablydo.the prod
along of the Constitutioh, and were as.follow' via.: , '
Yevs.'llossra: Anderson, haekhOnse, 11:111,_ EMI:,
Bower; Calhoun; Campbell, harti, Ent, Fatisold; r Poster,
, Oild'oa, Ilatnel,'llarper, Heins, lliestand,*lllllegas, Hoff-
man,• (Berks.) Housekeeper,. Imbrle,.lnnee, Jenkins'
Johs; Johnson, Knufnium, Knigh4-Lcfsenring, Longa ,
- ker, Lovetk - khinear,3lauglo,llellvaln;ffioorhesd, blus
seitriati, Nichiils, Nicholson, Nnnemacher, lienrscsi, Pe.
tors, Petrikin. Pownall,Purcell, Ramsay, (Philadelphia)
:RaniseyilYtirk;) - Reaniiir;:ltoberia, - KuPP:ShiOli Wean.
'Tobin, Vail, 'Voeghley, 'Walter, Westbrook,„WhartoK
/ Zimmerli:lan, and Gide, Spealter;-.57;, , . : . . • ,
y 6, ./
'Now-c4liissra:Arthur, .Auglistige, , Backus,. iton,
' llisiin, Brown, . Chase, Oleavet, Cnsvel,brd, *ll or; 011 s.
bone,, Ihmliton; Ilaneoek; 11{11; Innen lioffmapi (Lebo
. non, 'Jacobs, Kerr, .Lebe,AlloCalmona-lilummigiteed;
Smith, Ointishrla,) Smith, (Cent. e,)Otevenson, Struith
ers,'Thorn, fanvoorlils,.VidkorsviVagonieller, Warner
- Wintrodd, - Willierpw - affriVrigh34 ---- 7= - 7 --
So the question was determined in the affirmative. :
On the question, , ..,,," • . : - • ' ''
W.ll tho.llouse agre e to the third amendment t
The free and ne,ys were taken agreeably to the pme
. visions of the Constitution, and vvere as follows, vfs : ...
Yeshillossfe. Andersen, Bathhouse, Bali, Beek,
Pennon,. ljukee Brown, Calhoun: ,Campbell, Chasio,Clea
ver; Cmvrford, Wilkey, Ent, 11 - rster, nusold, Posterdlib:
boney:llnmel, harper, ileins, Hiestand, 11111, Hellogns,
Ileffroan; (iforks,),llotiman, (Lebanon,) housekeeper,
4mbrio, Innen, Jacobs, Johns, Johnson, Kauffman;
Kvre, Lebo, Longaker,-Lovett, klarleas, Mangle, Illceal.
- milk, 31Oorimid, Mumma, hishwelmnn, Nichols, Nichol.
eon, Nunemacher, Pearson,Peters, Petrikin, Po wnall,
Purcell, Ramsey, (York,) iesiner,; Reed, Rupp, Shaw,
Sloan, Smith, (flandlrin.) Smith, (Centre,) Stevenson;
Toles, Vail, Vanvoorhle, ticker:, Voeghley, Wagons:eller,
Westbrook. Williston, if ithero*,. Wright, 'Zimmerman
cud Gets, Speake-72, '
' N.frs-Mensrs. Arthur , Augusthse, Backus:, Bishop;
„Carty,Thicff, (Index, Ihunliton,litmcock. Hine, Jenkins
Knight, Leloonring, Alci Iva's:, - Ramsey, (Philadelphia,
uobeits, Struthers, Thorn, Walter, Werner, Whalton,
So the qtiestion we determined in the effirn.intive. -
On the question,
Will the House agree to the fourth amendment?
' Tho yens And nayslitiere taken agreeably to tho prat.
sions.of the Constitution, and were Atl follow, viz.:
• Yarn—Menses Anderson, Arthur, Backhouno,
Reck, Bannon, Bishop, •llower, Brown,. Calhoun, Camp.
bell, Carty, Chose, Clearer, Crawford, - Dickey, Ent, Ityn
ter, nanoid. Foster. Gibboney, Glldea, Harnel, - Ilarper,
Heins, Ilientand,ll, Billow; Holtman (Beim) Hoff
-Man', Vbebniton,) Housekeeper,' Imbrie, Innen, Jambe,
Jenkins, Johns, Johnson, Kauffman, .Kerr, Lebo,•Leb
Refiring, Lopgaker, Lave, Mannar, Mangle, McCahnout,
/11011"1".•lmne, Kichoin. *Nicholson,
Hunemacher; Pearson, Peters, Petrikiii,•Pownall, Pur
cell, Ramsey, (Philadelphia,) Raniney o (York,) Hearne,
Reed, Jtobertfn Rupp, Shaw,, Olean. Smith; (Cambria,)
Sailtrlrentre,) -- Stavennon,Tolan,LEall,..Swnyoorilln
Vickers, Voegldey. IVagonnellet, Malice , Werner, Ives)
brook, Wharton, Williston, Witherow, Zimmerman PO
tietz, Speaker-43 Z
NVYR—Manors. Dock, Hamilton, Hancock, Straiten
Thorn, Whitney and Wright-4.
So the question was determined in the eflirmative
lIRRISPUUO, , JIIne 32, 1867
P ill ttll yrs ANIA, de.:
• .
1 do cortlfy.thitt qui above and foregoing 1t: a true
and correct enpy of the 0 Vese" and "Nays' taken on
the resolution pn.psing nutendments - tO the Conslltto
tfon pf the Commonweelth. no the R3lllA,nitri ears en the
.Jent'fi'sfs of the I.wo Itouses of the tleneml Amen: 07,
or:thist..4mittionwealth hr the Sengintl Ot fitka-,...-, - • ~
- 1 "'ltneett my haM and the seal rf said ale,
rL. S.J this went y•second day et.lutio, one thritutand
.right hundred and Ofty•seven. . A. 9..CUR9'IN,
. Secretary nf the Commonwesith.
Carlisle. July 1. 1851.8ritut." .!-..: , ''
:31caf Ostate—Safis.
.on FRIDAY, thp-thid of OCTORHII, 17537
- - .
•11 . 111 ..lfe , ed Public Sale, nn tlie ifrOtlliM , B..
vrtluabb ?ARM of GEORGE WlllMERT,:dpeeastd, sit
uated in' South Middleton • tinvuship,; , Cuoilierino•l
county, 4 miles sleuth east wile;
_Xorthod'Jilloiling Bpi ing bounded oi4lyrost by ' e
•road leading born the yorlitravitkoqe • IS ' on the
• South, by land'of few" haufman, on the SUFI, by, laud
of Henry Weirbert, and dn the North by land id' Peter
Young, eontaining, 100 ACRER, all of .which
high-state of cultivation. The huprov_etnenta ere a
t wo•story 11011 SR, and kitchen, a twt- 0.17
story atone wash•honse and shop. a •-' -
stone bank-barn. wagon•shod. corn•crib . •
and • the, neeeksery out building/1, an •
Uri ,
7 .
°reliant of choke fruit. and 'a.110,111 , . . 0 • •
failing well of water near the house. . -
Alan. at the same time aud'ilSee a.lll Le egld ' q'truct
of WOODLAND. half a mile north of mid them, bound•
ed by lands of l'eter Young, Jacqb .I.lyers;And others,
containing Id ACRES, which-Will ho told together or
in lota to suit punehasers.- Demme wishing to view ,
the - said firm can do so - by'calting on Jahn, Lininger,
'voiding. on the promisee, er on Henry lreißi•Ott, ono of
the Etecutora enabling at Dulling gyring, by whom the
conditions and terms witi be made known. Pale 'to
commence at 1 o'cloek,.P.,kl.. on said day
Essoutors of George WeNsto t Assessed
August 19,11157..
The subscriber offers for sale the farm on which he
riow-reshieer-sltuated-an-the-flonodoguinet - Creck, - in
tinier Bpring township, Cumberland county, - 3 mike'
north of New Kingston, and about 8 miles nortibraat
of Cdnlldn.. The track consists of :22.8,aicres,, of which
Macros In cleared, and the balance well timbered, in.
eluding • largamatount of thriving locust, sultablo for
rutting into posts. The land le of go • gbideu
part limestone. end about 30 acres of Creek bottom,.
`The improvements are a large two.
story frame house and kitchen, plea- + ,
tered, built last year, a good Double
Bank Barn, with other outhuild.'
logs, pod a well of wens. at the
• A now linte.ltlin has jut been thilthed, and allege
njusnllty of ihneitout near the Wu. .
The loud can be to divided AS to melte two farms.
Parsons wishing to poi-dips° will adieu the milowriber
in the petiole., or address by letter,
• New Kingston, Pe.
August 10, 1857 --ilt.
/ARP If A N'S-00:11RT •SA L E.
By ofnnoilloisof the Orphou'iConrt,ll4
undernignod will expwkejO We on -
_ SI . a.1:111D*408,31:1 diint Ortober, 1457,
tile following valitableltail Rotate , late of7inllnger,
of Hampden township, deed " . ' •
• - •int...... 111 that valuable tract ofiand anon ell In salq.
tcrwsiship, bounded by, lauds Of liiilaibelh Wilt, George
Rupp,' David Ilunioand others, 'avibiliiinil
Ir.::ApiittpalliV . * Alin
, T,_,-_,,,
-'-' -=----.---- ' - ' ,. .. -- ' - iriosei'isieist - ",•Thirlfsietiiefie'ereitilirdi4
. ''''!"; ' . segood TWO 4011.11 - FICAMG MOUSE)
i , - : . -
~ herr Dank'llarebe,WaStoteilhed,AnivOr.
• .7, ~fe' • chard, Asiei thcop is altio.a never-fall:
. ..-
~ -_:, ing.sapring of loiter wear tlie- house
and a stream of water running thrpugh the Timm, ' .:.r.
',2nd-,.-A. track of TIMBER Ilsillill 'partly' •
In Fill ter Spring and partly in ifainpden . ....V: i;:; ~
townships, bounded by lands of. ,W . jilts , ' '!` . .j
idatchet and Others contidnlng Omit fol k ' "
Acres. .. Salo to roussnance at 10 .o'cloa I •
A. Si.. on the-Mansion Tenet, in' Hampden
township.' Terme inadeisnown on the day-of aisle by
„ . 'OWN JAMES.. '
Guardian of Mary A. Singer:
Aug. 28, ' '6T.]
• - -
( - 1 It PI! A I`,l S! - C041•ILV: - .S Al; E.
,r • Ily Virtue or an order the Orphan'a Court, we
will expoeo to• Public Pale on the premises, '
- • ON SATURDAY, the 3d of OCTOBER.. • •,
at 11 o'oloelt 'A. M.; throe LOTS in 'tutarnlngstown,
Dickinaon townehip,• on the Walnut Batton Road, pne
,tulle above the Stone Tavern. ' • .
' N0.•1; has therriin, erected a 'fist}
STORY/ flitlClt 110 USE /10,111 geed
• Stable, With a pla . terp on the same. •
Nk.2. hail a twrixtory log STORE
• .....-•7•-• • UOUSltund a,Btahle them - mar:acted.
No. 3. hale also 'two-story, LOO I.IOUSE and Stable'
theroon'ereet6d.• .
At the atone than and place; we will sell a tract of
land, In SAW 'township, 'bounded by lands of John . 8.
Dunlap, John 8. Nolan, Jacob Ileatem and ',Ahem. eon
tidning,l4l ; aciem•and, 140 '
'peNhas :having a ... •
tillory BRICK 'DOUSE:Stand 'fern and all - iffile
other neroesary , Improrementethereon erected. UV
Vilna wlldbe made known oil the day of toile by
3 •, • ,••• , 3 cpAs:ll. BORN.Sept. 9; 's7Ait.l r Adm'ra. ofJohri,illenerSec'd. ,
UL .' [5
0,11,14'1 4
- will doll aft liUbllc sat..t B t s to.' n r r ift
,f oc o k °
UR DAT. thi33ll:dity t ro j et .3l erj atou :
. 4.
jil t
4: et c
03 sin ti
T h cal at . .. 2iptuilant;
• • .
• • .. •
•.: 14 • -ri: ~ 4 .TIFYrNINfrt APRES , • .. - • ,
iti'9're' Or km, „ t . '..‘ 4 .:.. . , '. •
• • . .:.,.', The ttnlonteidentaaie atwasTony•
, .
...,a, s l -1_ LOU HOUSE and good ST,(Ciff HAHN
, ,• - Coin , Cilb,'. ifagoo , Shed and tenant
IT", - gi,- - i 1 110123 N. There ' Is' 4. joofi ()ram,*
! ..-:-..-;•-,•-• ot.krafted - tyciajaci,d TiO ohm atreana
Abroµgh the preddeis; 'Thedand 11 - ,l**, high ,atate of
c Wily, lion apd . mbekotlt 'eadoaadarjth pod portal:up,
rill and board fence: - 1 ' ' ' . - - '
, The title tdAhe antia , ig"ikeir4i, - 14iIii; the Oriata.a
-'lDaeld.': Willtaina, deed. Thereetilk !woe small to of
~„,n gain Land midi; nib tukelelrfe, ' L , - ' 'i'''' ' .4 '
i EVER limps, - -- ' Moot/4140L8R. J ,
JQPIOII IC - ALLEN,' "ItEmm.}4,..wii.Luati:. , ...
L 2, 1851-!..] 4. . . .114 Int aS,Low • . !
, , BAIAFE T '1 •'r .1"
ftated ott lifeafiEreeti In' the ,110,tough.O.Ontigle i
Proto of iV,llHOhiliffir oh thi North and
b' ht dzig. ;..tittonotazpo.'4.l7..
i m i r .......11011011. Noe further particular:
iso nAul l ra on the proinlsell.• ma ' ampaa.
'WO;esfOte.sOfik',... ~,
••• •• •• • •• • 11113111XIM.P.rt1 , 4VVrf'. • '
• • •
Publie - Srife; 14iiinlies, about 01
iniiti.Weit,OfOltlige on thblernPike road, at 11 Feria. '
A.,M., of Thursday the 22nd of October, 1857, two Sr.:.
rate.LISTESTONB FARSIIS. -• ' • , ,
Noel, Containing about ' 310,, A6rei, of which ,nbor•.•
240 acres are bleared,-cultivated, and well enclosed Wit •
-poet fence, and , the residtiocabent 70 acres, in cover, :
with mitimalifettetof...llmhbeitt:.q.ttallty Tka,,lmprovt•••••
on AMA - tract are t ypod 'ROUSE:BARN, 1)
.CLIARDiand CRIBS; and them has-been about 26., -
bushels of lime and - a 'tome quantity. of barn-yn ,
ninnuro put upoir this' seiseM• •
The farm totoining,Ottoie and lying Oni,
State road to Newville, And bounded by the Climb, t
land Valid italliviid,'zintnining 210 Acres. There Is,
gond'llollSß, BANN, mid pv.po upon this tarns and '
great deal of OM: fence, „, , • , ,ti•• .• • t
'Beek, th e day of sale , these two tr a cts: which lie
;ode body, will •be surveYed and divided into' Otlfie •
more farms of,tillitifit.loo ames .each; and with '4Nms
Sold - all *rah& or In porta, ail wilTbentnvil Blirchalet
• - 1.011 I•Xelf samellay at 2%
. thetiraaso., -•• 1. •
No, That elegant 'ffirtrh'which, is iltuated. with , t.
the 'Borough of Carlisle, on thy Waggoner's,
containingl37aMeit,mere or less, allot which .
ImproVed and under post fence, having
BANK. BARN', lllM.lBE,,and,other improvements the, •
on ere,cted . , • • ; • -
Nor. 4. A" Maid .of 20, Omen, on •
the ,WriggonerNTO:
rood, and adj6ining the farm of ileorge Woigg.46r,4+ 1
'Which - Is - about — on - 4 - 1•1116' - nort.hirest.,ntEarlioloou - [-
'Which Is also limmitone land of the best quality.
.No 6. A, FARM In North Middleton township, bdur • *.
FY fofitlß or:lrvine . * heirs, Johp,,Noble, Abrahr'' rt
Ilettrlck, andthe Coriodogninet creek, containing ,
224' acres, n bilge pert Of twhich is cleared and in age , I
Mete of cultivation, and the residuein thriving ticebt
There id an excellent lIOUSB,BAILN,Pind other volt •
ble irepriir emeriti 'on Ciro farm.
—Nertk : That - valunblellol/13Nand• 1C.T , 0V.01t0131•7 --
60 feet in front, on Mai street, and' 240 feet on 1'
.strebt, Thli rupertylempet,advantogitp,i •
ly Situated for any pub lic` bitsbittath being I.lMilendf
at the depot of! he.Cumberlisid ailroad.oo
• Allihni fine 'fitimilitieti' in North Middle!
townolip. about 14 miles from ea/lisle; on the tipr••
'Odour the C6nod6gulnetereek, immediately oppoe- ,
tho " Allen Farm," and which ,Is bounded by lon
of Peres llownnl, Alex. Cornnisn, and.
n theri, conto: •
lag about, 300 aims of good slate land, oPart •of whl ;
is cleared, and•ti large - part blot - line timber;' before t tv
thfikforre• will-bet divided, and sold In' arts fir al • •
..gether as win get nun. purchasers..
:The proper en No. I-and 2 wilTbe cold on the pre ••
ism No.l, and all the other
: propertioi Will 14 sold •i •
the pretniaee Na. 3. at the hours mentioned; .
The titles to all these properties aro indlipuMble a i I
will be mode to the purchneera Clear of all locum
nieces, and poeeeooien will be given on:the I et of Ap
1858.. Any Information on the sultleht, of the propc, ' •
or titles, can be obtained : by refereinfe to nirederil:
Wetti; ; Efiq.: Carlisle, .
'The terms of Sale, which will be made easy for t 1, 1
purchasers, will be made known on the ;My oriole by .
,JosEru W. •PATTON. ;
•Ati'y In Rid, for Armstrong Noble and Robert Nobler'
,Caribile,. September 21 1467...Lt5, , • „
Ltinenerter Exainltier end • ,itincastor Intelligent r •
publish, till nate and send bile to this office. •
yALUARLI4I'. t'A'R M AT. ;-
.. • - TATE SALE.
Th. Subscriber offers at Privptil Tale, th'e • YAW% -)
which lie now resides, alluated In North sliddlef I y
county, three mills east of
homugh_of Carlisle, on the Turnpike lending to Hai
burg, and.adjOlfllng the celebrated property known' s
the. Middlesex Mills. ,
The. Farm cOntains.l67 Aires and 56 Perches, t .
'measure, ono hundred and thirty-sevin Aeree are cle
covered with thriving yoring Timber, the Whole' um r '
good fences .
The Improreinents are a Two-Stt
• . , BRICK MOLISE, double Ilank•BWl.,
• '1 1 45 twe-Story StonwSpring 'House, It
gtirrithed, Corn Crib and other ne.. ,'
eery outtbnildinge. . . • •
- There Is a thfiving)nung ORCHARD °redre gn ;
od fruit. consisting of Apples. pears, Cherries,, ie.,.
thd farns.'aild one of the finest limestone springs In I
County:rises wlthina feir fret of the house, The tl ' P
in Indliputable;'and the terms. will he made easy to' . ll
good urehanor. 5 •
The subserlher" slew offers for sale with" the
A Osilt; ts
fat ct es of vsluable'CheStnut Timbei Land
tilled in lire township. l'orry ("minty. which t
..6.1.1 Is. b., owner of' the Farm
In supplying nn othundonve ohnntel dal for fencing.
Persons wishing. to view; the premises will, call Its
abase. or adtleees-- .• DAM- '
- :rept. 10, Carlisle P. 0 ''-
fly virttlr of no order of the Orphnos' Court: to -, o
tlirevtetl I will °cis's,. to Polak Enfe,,the Heal Est to
Into of .1.11 . 'II 'VEEN% iler'.l no roli...R:', ,• :
• 411 Fill ()NY. - the -2nl flnv, of 1 94ni!.11eXt )
r.l t •h OW iirentlon•N-T t
sltginloil Ne3i top. VoVnnhili'' ( '‘.. , niterlntlil
hrtuv.uh.,l_tiv_l.olll._a_..l.lathant_tirnvt:% In.lro, 114111 ; n
l'etm Tri tt x 11.1.13111. nllen. qt taint!):
•* , inore . or fes4ith aIiNIdTiVO.STO• ,
.1.011 1101.1511..1., Dam e: There '
o , reeted.-. The land 14 ilme.i mr p
Orr . in fi rst rate order, in about Iht '
fourths of a mile above intkvllle, n j I
directly,tin the'llaibroad
On SATUhliAlr, the lbl day of Otitnll;.r next. at I
lock, P. M.. on the premises, I 11/ Nik. ,
Farm altuatt,l - Mlillin tOwnship. Cumberlandl
hounded by land of Peter Whialor, Mrs. Mei:1111dt) a t I
others, Containing ,
meresr leas, with a TWO.STORY LOG HOUSE,
Log barn &c. thereon eructed, Thla farm Is - of
sl4 - ;
data land, and In first rateorder Attendance
will be given, and terms made known on day '
of sale by
' •
BALE. . •
The subscriber offers for rale that valuable Fa'
situated in Silver Spring township. about seven mi ;
cant of Carliale And two miles north of Kingstown.
the public mad leading to Kerrett . s . (lap, now In , I,r
occupancy of Jonathan Ileagy. The Form contains
six Arres of *ditch li woodhaill - the ,lON,
and in a high state of cultivation. including ale
twenty acres of meadow land. on the Conodoguint t
The Improvements area TWCI.BTO*
Tr Sh e d a n d Corn Crih. t Vi h m. ,
•-•- lug., and e be e ve n r initi ee gre o ll ' f w o .
at the door. Upwards of 3000 bushels of hole have lc
put on the laud within the last two yearn.
. Thin farm possesnee pee:tiller advantages In regard
g having a large' ORCIIAItD of choice
Apples. Peaches, Cheerio!, selected with
great care, and offerings greater variety lu that
r.pect, than auy other farm in the neighbor
Personi desiring to view tho note : will cell on Jo•
then bevy living on the prouder', or on tho subs
her, living one Wile west ot tho nine.
Sept.% Ikilti.--tlt.3 ROBERT tittAGY
. rDit SALE.
Is now ptopered In sell about •
or mimes samosa 11411D0,
In tracts 0 40 acres and upwards, on Long t.redits a i 1
. at Low Rates of interest. .
These lands were granted by the Government to . ; 1
In the construction of this Road; and 'are among t t
richest and moritfertile lu the world. They extend fr
, , orthatit - aml - _ - flarttfit. reptalitlfile Of.l _.
flltilfe,Clitie extreme South, and include every Tani d
ofx-Ilmate and prosluctiou,,found between those pal
. lets of latitude. The Northern portion:ls thieffylstAD,
Inter/Tensed' with fine groves, and Its',Die mithlle s' I
Southern sections timber predominates, alterneiti ;
with beautiful prairie, and openings: ' 'I
'The !titillate le more Healthy, mild and ennoble, th s
any other part. of-the country—the air Is pure 0 I
orating, while living 'etreains and opting, of excelli t
Water Illagmd, , .
Bituminous Coal ittexteismivelypoined.and supplies'
cheap ends dealmble fuel, Iselmf furnished at me
points SPS2 totirper tour--and 'weed can be had at I
same rote per cord. . .
Building- stone of excellent quality altio obour 1
which tog be, procured for little mom that •the expe;
_of, transportation.. -<_...1.- - -
The groat fertility, of these lends, which are a bit
rich mould from two to five feet deep, and gently r
ing,—their contiguity to this Road, by-which every furnished for tmvel and transportation, to t
principal Market/1 North, South, East, West, and I
economy, With which-they con ho cultivated, von;
them the must valuable investment that tan be foul
'and piesouPthe most fisveroble opportunity, for pers.
of industrious habits aud 'dinoll means, to. acquire
qunfbrtable independence In a few years.. ,
~ Cbleago ie, now the greatest grain market Jo, I
world—and Ake' llteillty and cennonty with which I
.products of these lands cars be transported to that ir •
bet, maim them' ninth •More profitable, •t. the prl e
tusked, than those more remote at government rater -
00 additional eost'of trageportation la a permit. I
t i n on the latter. width tnnet'be borne by the prude ~
In the:minted price he receives for Ills grain. ~ , . -.
' Thq ,Tills in Perfect—and when the- ilusi ,payisse - 1 R
eye tottli, Deeds are executed by the Trustees appois I
by the State, and in whom the title Is reefed. to s
purehosors, which convey to them absOlute titles .1
Pep Simple, free and clear of every isfeunsbrance, liens,
mortgage. s . . . .
'Cho Prieoo are from $ll to 4010; Interest only I tier ci i
Twenty per taint.'wlll be deducted from the credit i '
price fisr cash. . .. .
Those who purchns,emi long credits give -notes paye r 0
In Is 3;4, 6 gind.tryeato afrs.l'dats,TOfill'are required. 0
improve orietenth annually ifspfive-years, on an to Is t e
my:their . the laud under tnltirvOrtion r at the end of I,' r A
_.. , .
,Competent Survayore will accompmay w
to ticiipilne these • Lands, free, of 'charge. antt lL
In Tasking selections. • • •• •
The Londe remaining unpold are ap rich and value
.as thowcwhlch have been disposed of
• • • ••!, • , 6e.O7IOIVAL MATS
Will be sent to any one who will enclose'flfty, conic in,
Posta,gelStamps, and ilooks'or‘ Pamphlets, contain ' I
nitharons 'inetatteet of aucCessful fanning,' algued ; y
respectable and.weibknown fittmersilying in the 'tel.' o
.hothead of the Rai road Lando, throughout the that '
oleo !hornet of fencing, price of cattle, expense of '
:vesting,. threshing, etc,icrtor.,any other r infOrmatio: 7
wlll belheerfully given Op appileatlon, either pen '
ally or by letter, In - English, French. or German, drcpagertO - '"" ' ' .1011:CIPILSON,
• ; , Land COmmleilaker 'Maas Central ;Lit. • a.,
• Sal. (Sake 1111q04 CieiAna Itahroad . Depoi,
Illinoir s ° • - • '
.10XECtttOR ' sg' 4 NOTICE. " ... Lett( .1 f;
ekt 4 l . "' Of Uri: 4aria tRe ,
'itnatleced'.,Late orthe'llOrettaket Carlisle; nate been
illYed•tb,thet borough. • Il
IMaCtlie bOinit elatme asalnet the said - estate will 1 o•
sent thew Mr payment. and throw Indebted will n.
&Wt. B, 'ST-4. Izoo. of )tarlab nevem= (*V.
.1 • .1 0 I 4 ,
„ ,311111,4098.
Main 8044i,,Thirliale, Pa., • •
A hula filippty of 3V•tchag, Jewelry; Silver land Meted'
'lVare, to which llU.ito 'tree - floe. , •'
want_to'..elect _from-the—,. itrwe r
largest htock ef'CLOCKA; Watches,:'_ e
Jewelry; Silver arldrlliteflrdre
Cerll,khaitall "
N 41 1 .4 'e.
ifFgeklutsciitiuent of. gold Ind
• ,rocliqs,
At isiAuqx.s: '
Finn and Chimp Jewelry of, every style and qUallti
in setts or by the piece as wanted,
,•Ehlrer, and Plated Walters, Cake, Fruit"' Sugar, and
C.^4 n-akets,—Sllasn e Table,ea,Creanb-Sugasr:Ealtr ,
Dessert and Crean, Spoons,' : . .
'Finn Pearl, Lava, Coral, Carneo,Goldstbne, Mosaic, Flo
rentine NOsaie, Jet Dot and Glaiitatts cheap '
Diamond ItreardpDie aisd Yingerlpgs, • .1 '
. , .
, • At NAUGLE'S.
Gold !bulking Case, .Eight , Dfty Levers t Gold' Mut.
,lug Cup% Duplex Gold Hunting, Chrenometers. , .
. • • . • At NAUGLE'S.
.;Thigis'y's 'best quality ot,Gold renells DO,tct i • Goid
`Pplis and Silver. Holders,. ' • • ;
t L
. . Jt
'6lllTcr and'
Plated 'Tea .Setts Goblets; Cups, Toast
Raab, Pitchers, Urus, Turmas:Teti Bells, ,
• • " • . NAUGLE'S.
Geld Neck, Vest. Curb, Fob, and Chethiln
Gold Bracelets; Lockett, Thlinbles, Cressek Marius',
, . AVNAttiLE'S.
• French Tiniiti * Plices to run , three and four weeks,
Yesti Otidler; and Shirt Studs of all styles
'anti ,• , • ;,. '. •
, •
Plnted•Forks, spoons, IC.nhos; 'Neipkin Rings, tillvei
FintindayAccoideons, Nithda Boits:— . a (Ina vitrioty,
-- At NAUGLIVAF-----
• Ladies' i'oittnonaies, Pearl nhd .Lentbor, Plnla ant
Vntry.Travelfing Raga, veithice styles; cheap
• • • At - NAOLE'S.
It wont to•intao your, Watchen .put In good ro
pair nod warrauted, trite thorn to
If you want to gat a Cheap Clock, you ran get It •
At :I:AMU:I3.:
If you want your Silver ware neatly marked at short
notice, cull
All goods warranted AA represented, or the money re
Peinonn thnt want La..gains nro invited 4(cinars:
GAINS.—The subserihr:r has just
. rrturne.l fn;
Nov York nod Plitholelphis.'wol Is now i.pen . t I 11l
'plonk stock of the luilelsont4t tlll,l cheapest Dry Go
ever. hr. light to thnoberlsod eounty. " .
pltlitili -(1001.i -•- ' ...• '
~ ...
• ,
for the iollci-=p full lltt of mogulfleeht Sllko, Challis
'largo Itubuti;'Ditenlo; Ile. !Aloes. Lawn ,liobes, Mir{
Loon, Lovellno, Ottomon,..Plaltlo; 'c.,,,1c.'
An immonce4.lsortxnorit of elegant Preto.ll arrirliet
Coßark Under. Woven, idandkerchlefe. Flouncing, ELIg
Inge and InKorting.g, brought from the Importers in New
York, and, will ho sold it priiwa to_ defy nll compFtlllon.
A largo stoat of.linanatfipltibboni illN4'Flowers at 1 , 67
law prices. . ,
-A new lot of Chaim and Cassltueres,very handsOnm
• and very thump.. - '.
. .
TiiiiiillieWiMUSlffili:CliTgEWTTlZElMANl , lnenTriscks;
Cottoondes, Pants Stull , for. Men and Boys In great -vti.
rlety, together wltlr all other Mode of goods too tfiline
• :MIR to particululiu. ^ . .„
. All my old Frlentls and enstomets, and the public IA
general are respectfully Invited to call and examine-my
- toelt bef. orenurehaslng,-and they will be certain to get
- quad bargains and'save money, at the Old Stand, East
Meta Street.
Cnrilnlo, April 8, 1857
• IMOD •11E tlOll. GO TO WOODS',
next.door da,:laueltlitCh hate, and , you will Sod a
large ass,rtment nt hadie,.. entedstlng of
F,n r y 14 ,1 I km, ..Ailk n ; ..11enj,14 , 0S, 11.1,1111 Cloth,,. De
_ lollies. De Daum .11paceas, Sent.,.l4„ Plaid:, Sock l'llll
Ilelw Scotch, 'Maiehester..:,:aristipt. Chambrag dug_
• ham's, Calle., Fide Fron,h• ‘t'orldsl Collarn Milhous
hosiery. Illoves.,,te.. .
IMMESTII'S.-11 , o,lint To Wed Flauiddu.
'. Tick ing..llngs ;dui .I,laughtg, Cotton Find. els, thani hergn.
I.lolllili. OW4IIIIII Table Drapur, Checks, whito and not,
grad Carpet Chain, b,n.
'S11.1.4,111111113111(1AP we 1111 ri .111 sorts, Axes and
conditions. ' ,
us For gentleinen we Ti7tet , Fine French Blank Cloths.
Mack and k'hoey Ca...shwa - or, nod Dueskins, Satin
' luFs, Tweedh,,Satinutts, Velyet C , rd, Kentucky Jeans.
AK for mdn's, women'sand - rhildreWs — Boots& Shoes,
wa defy, enrupetition. , • •
Very superior lot 1 Groceries, 011111 as Coffee, -
Illue, .te.
Our stork has heal, selected with the greatest, care as
In !di, tool quality:and we are' determined Co FO!•1..11t
11.ry small advances. Thosa•whitlng •to pureliate will
find that u e aro sellini( at cheap-A(1501 Cheaper—than
any Item, In town: and they .ilLtind it Co their ad.
vantage ti, giro 110 :I.
flutter. Eguft, Rain., Soap and Dried Fruit taken Id
Market prior
Pont forget the plitre, door to 31tiglaueblin'a
Minton's Abridgment of the Dolttr; of Congres4
" Vol. 11 to be complete Is 15 V01,,' .
Cloth, 3,00, Shp., 3,50 per set.
Benton's Thirty Yens in the Senate, . * 5,00
Barth:Ws Narratise.of Exploratlous in Texas, New
Mexico. he.;
Burns' Cy.lopedia of Sermons. . • 2,51)
Laysrd'e Ninoval—New Ed. Complete, . . 4,00
Cyclopedia of Practical Receipts, 1.50
Morse's geocral.Atias of tho World, • • . 6,00
• .
Wrapploir-Paper.for Rile at
• Adminlmtnitor.
Band Boxes for sale at
Pianos,.Meludeon &r., for rale at •
l'orte Folios, Writing Desks. Ac., for sale at
"S a kii'Lllit A SMITH'S.
Pictures and Picture Frames filPonle at
Blank Books of all xis., for Fain at
Bibles, Hymn Books. P uyer ikouius. Ar , for sale at
-AND BED mons,
. t the New Store,Corner of North Hanover and Lou
titer streets,
• 'The undersigned returns thanks for the patronage
Instowed upon him by flue public. and at the stunt, time
respectfully announces-that ho lots just taunted from
Philadelphia, and is now upinting a Now lot-of Summer
DRY GOODS And °Hoek:MKS, consisting; itt part as
follows. and which-he Is detdrtninFd sell'at the low•
not Cash prices..
SILKS, Duval Cloths, t'thrllles, Alpacas, De Minos, De
Rages, Lustros, poplins. Lawns, Rammer, Brilliants,
Skirting, French and Scotch llinghruns, Prints, Glo, es,
Ihllery, Collars, illandkereblefs, A C., 3,C,
... , -811AWLS AND MANTILLAS of evet'y styloand
lity. .
IllioCa E.
simeres, Vestluge, Flannels. :dusting, Tirkings, Stripes
Chocks, Calicoes, Cottonades, Linens, Sheetings '
:Ae, -Nankeens. Drills,' Marseilles Quilts, colored atmi
white Carpet Chain, he., &e. .
opleuditiossortrltent of lios EN TP. ILVT11111)1(V4 /10018 and
• Bum, 4.suPerlor, lot of Fresh
Tette. 6)Mo. Sugar, Mohtssos '
Rico, Spices, Ac., Ac.
• Having selected my entire Meek with the gseatest rare,
and the lowest Casit Prner.s, 1 eon assure my friends and
the mild'. generally, that I will do all In my•istiror to'
make my establishment known as-the t. GLAD-QUAIL
TEIIS FOR BARGAINS." Those who 'wish to purchase
will find it to their advantage to' call and examine my
Mock befwv purchasing.'
I will pay tho highest market pried for - Batter; Eggs
Rags. Soap, and Dried Fruit. ' I I
J. A\ 11U311VICII, Jr. '
. Carlisle, July 1, 1857.
• '
subscriber, from continued ill health. and by the
advice of Ills physicians and frlends,i offers Ills stock cf
DRY 0091n9 C.r vale, that he may thereby ho divested
of all the carer of business. and be• enabled to devote
hls attention entirely to the restoration of his health.
The fixtures 'will also be sold and the store room of.
Toned foe rent. Ti' any one having the uecessary,'capb
tat, and who will devote Ills attention to the business,
this will afford a rare chance. Tito custom:ll already
made, and as the stock has received frequent additions
in May. '.4fly end August. to ,an amount. exceeding
$5OOO, VOW more would then eolopleto It for the Fall
Trade. For particulars enquire of
N. lot of Rooda aultalle•foo the genson •just ree
relied. • '••• • - :10811 2, 1557.
NF A '14'.1, GOODS. —
JUN' ED. an assortment of hainisninn
and cheap PALL GOODS, to which the attention of Idle
ladles to respectfully Willed. ‘.llllederit' Shawls, New
dtyle Dross Ooods; .Enibroideries. 6c. ' ".
Call and see thorn at tin, chimp shoo of
Sept. 23, 18674 , OAS.. 00114 BY.
11DPUFFALO. RUBES! 8000, Nov tin
and for rale by the halo or ring : leHbo, by
• ' (11:011011 F. WoslltAtlf.•
. • 415 ARCII tltreet, above Fourth, (Late of No, 13
North Fourth stroct,TlllLADY.ll'lll.4. •
N. It. Alga, • large alsortmout of LAMS' FANCY
P 11119:: •
•Auguat 19, 1857.-3 m,
. _ . .
T . ANto SRIC./ES.--TAI large and
,j: - complet ~assortntent of lioolit and Shoes of every
,sty a and 4shlon. • Ladles Sae Morocco Skippers,.Boots,
r (tartars, Its.i Misses and, 0111040 W AIM:, Sfentand
'Boy; 111. to Jut swiped and sow opentaig at thee a
s p
? .
• . __ . .. . aiumass oatixi..
BST, 1:,- 7 -Lptiers
llid.'estaii; Of.Joeeph.lannbert,
e of lippor.Alion Awnetdp, dec'd., Lave been.leaned
to the subeuellier;feiddlng in said townahlp. All por
,xons having. elation agalnet the eald ostate will present
thbm for sottleaneut, and those indebted will make pay
ment to . JOAN ii. COOVEIt.
Sept. 2, 11367.—0LJ Aduguletrat f un
. . .
4 •
4 I.;:i)cr
ff ~
t i~liiiS 3-~~~':
.Ffiffabefpljia nub ite,uritirk
„ , ,Per am -Outtlotie.. -
•AlieProirlbtor; 'of the liliffeAl‘i ; tlllVtillfiWould
aespectfulireall,..the. attentlOM merchants, thrillers
nd mecheillos, residing °IWO' this city, to the moder-
I I ate;terrue for a' yearly_ subhcrlptionto...thebuide r being•
aubserlbitis 'CENTS, l'Elt 'ANNUM,.
mak idg it
I ' . UNIT D STATES. • •
The'coluinne of the nide •will contain tho usual
mcd'spleyhrtfelesovrltten not only_
' ln regard to. poligell..the
'ptildo - ivilimaintain an Independent tend, nod will al
waykadvocato menstires on conduelv6 to tile proatest
number. Pohtmastors and others arerespeetfullylni
itueSted to odes agontivfer this paper. to whom wo edit
forwarOspochnen coplestree, , when dashed to do so.'
• • P R 11 . 14‘ , 1 M S .7,
An fm luducemont forpers ons to'lttorost thennalion
to obtran eiubs6rliAldni to . .
. lifl 'MERCANTILE G111D,121 ,
• , ,
, . .
'We offerihefoflowing premiums. Upon the receipt et
I ,p,itnee, paid itradeauce,•iwo will fotward them, by bo.
'press or otherwlse,llf ordered to tho address ot•th so
entitled to them :' ,' •
For 250 subserihore, nosh, *35 00
For 225 qubgeribera, will glee a splendid fioo gold
,watch, ( warratited,), , ' - JO 00
For . 200 subserikere 441'elegent , .guld docket, for, ~•
• glasses; worth 15 00
:Forlbitaublierlhers, ono olEgiint linfeelee, worth - 7.1 00
For antewribors, one gold IT O, chain, worth'. 10 00
For 75 subscribers, a gold pan and holder, hand ;
. comely in:greyed, worth ". ' " R 00 ,
For 55 s
sithseri4ers, ouitgeld•pen and holder worth o,oo'
Wet 40'mi:scribers, omi , gold•pen and holder worth 2 00
For 15 subscribers; onnguld pen and holder worth 2 ( 00:
Forl2 subscribers, one gold pen and holder worth I 50
o.l .. AlNO ' niMiktilfelarollllStlOUlC be aildressediu
-W. lifiAltfiNEy,.
Editor and 1 0 411 ter of tho N.Y. Mercantile Guido,
No..lo36reenyieh St., New rork. ' '
Ara - NoMapapera throughout the Unlan,by publlsblim
the nboia, appropriately dlsplayetlrincludlng tide no.
tice,two mouths, and 'calling, untie° editorially lb trio
'kuilet•aild, mending umtho paper, will la untitled
lia , llPage, arid reecho a gold pun acid holder Morth4sl.2,
• G S 13 AG S!! "B G 8 ! !"!.
Jut • .• - • - AT Tln4
• ' 125 14 127 prom' Street, Now York, .
"Now ready for EA 1,1.-Tlt A lt; Cheap for COdi•
50;0110'pow Doggy •
Z,ooo' " 2 "
75,000 Seiond Iland 2 rim} ilrhne'ordor. d '
37,1/00 . Sk1A3ILF,98 lugs of all the vlwlotwi kinds:
%,'<r. 14, and 1.10 .111,1. Ilag,s,. designed expressly fur'
Weir trade, and manufnetured from our prod!' um glazed
clef liNvrarran ted net to sift Flour4---Thls ik A now ar•
UR° a nd , we rail the partionlnr attention of Millers and
Elonr Dealers. • -, • •, • .
sAvr . FACTORIES nupplled'with 11ure, all slue;
signed expressly at UM.
giJ7A.II orders PXI,I!Ut With neat auks and dlapritalEtt
Sol, 2, '57-:fin.] 11. E. r.71.A -
r TIE TRUTH A 1(_) T
L. Cot., tioarys _Administration in largo
V.:Jun.34.V pages, with a 6,11114,4 e liktory of We/Terri
tory, until Juno, 15(.7. Ltubraling a lull 111:1 . 01111t,
diseovely, Geography, Soil, clintato. Produrts; Ito
organization mr a 'Territory. trdnatirtlons 'and
under Governors Reeder and Shannon. Pollt iPSI Mast:ll
- Personal Roncounters, Eleetion Ft awisf Iluttletr
niul Outrages, with Portraits ofprotninonf vi•torc there- •
In, all fully authenticated by Jots it. :V.
Private Serretary, to Gov. Geary. Caroftilly compiled
from the ORlchil documents on IN in the dOpartment'
of Stan. at. Wlifililugton:trAtrotlii4 imp Ors in OW posses ,
Sion of the Author, with full lirrnunt of The •Iht 1.1011 .
of Kan,. from 314,Souri; the rapture and trentruont
of the Free State' ',rhymers. tin' character and, num,
moots of the Missouri Border Ritlitans,'Phe murder of
Alitifnin.and others. - Thu, eontroyers!, La/Aeon
nor (Nary mid Jutike Lecompte.• Thu prucrudingx of
the-Terrifortai.logislatureiof-,the . Pro.S.laver' coleen
lion, and the organization of. the National livinoeratie: .
Party, with ktlltetelinf Kansan during Rs early trot,•
ides tinder Mora Render and Shannon, its
tlea, - Ontrages hod Murders.
A ropy will he sent to ony part orthe 'United - Sharp,
y moll, free of postage, on the ..ros`elpt of r'etitil
t ilhoral discount to trade. , wftijx.
d t PRICE lo Clpllt 01, Paper, 8 0 Ct. • •
• • , CIIA/thES C. ItIIODES, Publisher.
July ' Inquirer !Wilding, POWn.
• LUDLow , 6 , ..
Thiel Cabl. for present. Fruit.; 'Vegetable.. Ao•
in • perfectly Fresh 61x1e. D regd..). Won, Polder
or Cement, 'ealsrinstantly, and I. mete roily oesled
and opened than any ether Pen or& invented. . AR
kinds of Wax and Cement are equally disagreeable
sad worthless in sealing;
prenenting thl. article to the public, the inventor
ehillenges the world In en infallible, Simple, Elley and
Rapid pro.. of Ifermeticel Peeling. •
Padtieeintrosted In the.* er inf.rior Pone may lry
to derpraciate this article by fel.. staternente• bia all
scientific, nod practleal men who hare examined Reny
It le witboont • feel 1. ' •
/t ta warranted to beep it Deletw pat up sccording
So direction. Try lt , end la all wherein (Altars.
the !eon of the Can the motley will be refunded.
The 'taste L. Pore Usadulleratert Taatelese Guru,
different from the °Penni , ,e n o used by other.
The Peeling fa on . entirely n ew•plan.—the Gasket
lays perfectly BUD, and cannot aerie. or pre. out; a.
Pa. arm o.lrela wmild deo, 407 . Other Can.
The opening le huts anoligh to admit • ibilelzed
peneh,. Then I. no Lem/ about it to deteriorate the
/be rontentei It. Is made eitirdly of Tin.
Thts principle of Sealing beset./ the /eel /or Thrw
LYears, and three who hare tried them will one A
gm oil. Cans.
• iss num ss..x.r.
No. 188 North Second Stroeti below itace, Philadelphia,
' having completed their large assortment of the abode
floods for Spring - and Stintiner 'Trade; would respect
fully Invite the attention of purchasers to the same:
Their stock for beauty, cheapness and variety cannet
be sUrptissed.
They have constantly on bend every description of
hold and Painted Medea, Buff Iloliertdar slot Shade
natures. "Ansil Papers ' Curtains, Fire Board Prints,
Borders, ho.. all of whiell they offer at lower rates than.
can be had 'at any other estribllshment—Call- and-on--
amineA. ISAACS:-
163 Norlh Second ntrocit, be 0.07 Hue
51nrch 4. 1057.-0 mon,
" JOHN FA ItilltA & CO.: (New No.)811: MARKET
tireet,'abeve Eighth,•Philadelithia. Importers. Manu
factures and dealers In. Ladies. Gentlemen and Chlb
drena FANCY FURS, 11 holesaie and Retail. .1. F. cfc
Co., would call the attention of Ds tt.ello and the Public
generally to their homely., Stock of Fancy Furs for.'
Ladies, Gentlemen; and Children; their assortment
embraces every article Itml hied of FANCY FURS, that
a 11l be worn during the season—such as Full Capes,
,half Capes. Quarter Cape., 'Meas. \lam limb Doss,
Muffs 5.: :Iptiateen, from the wiser 11t,11. , ,, ': , :tillf.E•to
the lon eat pike Domestic Furs: - ~
For th.llllolooll the largest moortin um t of Fur Coll:Irs.
'Cloves, Gauntlets. Le.; being the 'direct Importers of
all our Furs and Manufacturers of thou, under our own,
Supervision ' we tel satisfied that we can tiler hotter
Inducements to dealers and the public gemyally Minn
any other honor, having an homelike assortment to•
select from and at the 31anufhet arum; prices. We ONLY.
Act A CALL - JOHN - 'I . -AIa:MA & CO.
No. 31 . 3 \l.llUt ET it, utwve Eighth,
Sept. 3, 1357.—1um05.
(mons.--Evia: & 1..1 :MELT., Fourth and Arch
Sts.. PhillidelPhla, respectfully roatue.t lit to.
11.1111110 a fine Stoek of SI:A:ION AMA; GOODY, adapted
best l'ennkylvania Trade,
EttlLDresa.Uueds. - •
~- - -Nese-designs-of-Fall-ShaWls. •
Mel silks ot Newest Styles. . •
Good Mack Silks of all widths.
4 Case/OaSsorteil./lreneh Morinera.
Caste. NU de.Cherek,- New goods. _
British and American Dark Prints. ,
Satioetts, Cassitners, Cloths and Vr,ct(ogo.
• Muslims,. Linens. Filnitels. lihuiliets, &o.
B.—Aueiton Bargains train Now York and this
City daily. received. Particular Aftoutini, given to
Clinntry orders for dorirable goods—TEßM{ T
Sept '2.
A PRIZE TO . ER Y PUltell AS Ell,
At the Quaker,Cify Publishing House of lloafte
son, Philadelphia. lly buying is book for •l, or more,
yourare at once orogen ted with a - prize, worth - from
dents to sloo,,consisting of Fine Gold Jewelry, Watches, •
All orders Ily mall will bu promptly filled, and the I—
primer prizes will accethpany the' hooks. Our list eon-,
Pains all of the most popular hooks of the day, and
be sold at the tooted retail prices, many Li thorn for
less. Persons wishing any particular book can order at
once, and It will 1, f. wounded with a gift. A catalogue
giving full information; with &list of gifts and books, .
will be sent-post paid, by addressing .-
punNE ItULISOy , f. ;•-•
.NO. 33 S. Third Street, Phlls.
!Sept. 2,
JVir': ' A
• • , TO PUBLISH . '•
The New Tole, by Ike Authoress .of , THE LAMP-
1.1(111T1.111! CUSTMINj Itle. 01.00 for the title or
her new hook the ulnae .r the principal 'lend.; 'the
beautiful add neentupihited
Andlns written a story which; ilw.nleganeenf-dietitin
and thrilling interest, floe tardy - , been equalled by any,
Amerlea.i - lady: The question has been 'repenttlly
asked—Can Miss Colambs write, another book equal'
to Tog LASti.l.lllliTimt" Wo eon answer thisquestion
now, with .perfeet assurance, not only from our owls •
persobal knowledge, but front the unqualified testi—
mony of literary gentlemen of Boston, with hard read
,the work with great race, alto with absiribing
both of whom prontomeo If a superior book to her first,,
and assure that tbo of. The Lamplighter,'
Instead of !using position, will add 'itontensuly to hen ';
previons4 ; well.earned and world-wide reputation... ,
P. JCWHTT-dr CC., Publishers.
2Sil Washington ht., Boston.
Sept. le—bt. .1 , :
_ _
iT INTY , IiIsA.T.I., .= • CO.; NO5. 2&A
' ' 141 &
, , Chesnut street': ((south side, tsnow Water.) Phila.' •••
elptila, (the °plot' .Wookhwarn Ituus,e to the city.) .•
Manulactlirors - mid Wholesalelhutlers 'ln Patent Me. ~
chrneruouto ?Ittilfmtp, Patent , Grooved Cedar-ware. twat ,
•ranted not to shrink;) Wood and Willow-ware, Cords, • .
llrushes, it., of *ll doserlp . thins, Please Call mull ex- -
tfinituf ourntock, . August 5,1557—1 y. - ,
vilrPlb: „Top ; ltutii Brigs, Puri,lif
Bute likton.Yellont Aberdeen, "r
Vale's hybrid, White Norfin. - fililtb
and other fine varieties, Whohnotio and .
Implement And seed Store„
'Seventh st Market, Philo,
August 12, 1867
Cpl, Hwdbil>o neatly execsted,,
i.~'; ~! a