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'_WEDNPADAY, - ITAY . 7, - 18,51
Tha7Catliele - Herald:Oilice - haa
been removed to , ►t'ug's Building,
lipuith-Bast Cor'ne'r of the Public
Square, Third Story. •
- Union=State4=-T=feketr
.P6r (.7 61)C11107!.
15 AVID :WILMOT of:_ilyntlfor4.l Co
, For Jidges.qf .711 e. AS'uprenp;
JAMES VHECIT, of ,F,tiyotte Co. -
JOSEPH LEWIS, of Chester Ca.
— For Canal Commissioner:.
& M." have answered their own ques
tion,.we cannot venture a solutiOn.
We will be able to !hid a " market"
for FRAM{ Oaao in. our npkt, number..
We learn by the Harrisburg Tetilgra'ph,
.that the Legislature adjourn.. d sine die,
on last Friday, after, a protracted session
of one hundred. and ilitrty-seven days:
Eight hundred and siity-threc.bills..pass
'ed the" tWo Mousey, and 'eight hundred
andthirty-se:veli of. the'se have receivo
the Signature of the Governor, and - . •arc_
now the laws of the land..
The members i:oted themselves two.
hundred dollars'cach, eN.tra pay, .on ac
count of the long session. '•
The terms of the,' following i'Senotors,
, .
exPired - with the present session :
• David Taggart, Rep„•Northninberlond Co,
James M. SeHera, Rep., Juniata d.
William B Frazer; Rep., Fayette
. • Francis Jordan, Rep., Bradford
John C Flenniken, Rep.,,Greens
James H.':Walto,p, Dem.; NI on re '
John IV. Killinger, Rep Lebanon
Jacob G. Shnnian;.Rep., — Helawnro
N: B. Browne, Dept _Philadelphia ."
William A. Crabb, Rep., " .
Before tire - close of thb ses.sinn )Ir.
• j'agg4rt formally resignercl -- his seat - ' a-k
Speaker of the Senate, and .an • election
was then held fur his successor ; -which
resnliA in the choice of 1), A: - .Finney,
of Crawford county, the American: R -
.utilican. candidate. 'The Detnocrias
ted-for Mr. Welsh i -of-Tork. -
Mr. Pinney took the_oath of office and
. delivered a short address.
Theloilowing is . the :apportionment
Bill, by.whieh the State is so be govern
ed Selection 4mietobers. of the
. , lendslature for the nex.t . seven years:_
Presuming that "the several districts,
will . vete - as they did at the-la St. election,
the Democrats claim the Senate by a ma
jority of one, and fifty-three. members" of
\the llduse; leaving four doubtful. •
Sometimes however, - -they claim more
than they' get, and ice feel very sure they
will find it so in this•instance.• •
• It will be seen by.this bill, that "
Mother CuMlie - rland." loses one meMbi f i c .
her little " daMdtter Perry," is now tied
to.her apr,M string, mid the two counties
— form-onto-district., siwrding tcrcH . ieinbers..
Well, if it was7riecossary-that-Outwber
„ land should only form par(of•a district,
we are gratified. that the Legislature
" kept it in the family." by joining us . to
our relations, over the mountain.
City of Philadelphia, • 4
Chester and Delaware, •
Montgomery, - 1
Bucks,• 1
Lehigh and Northampton, •
'Berke, •'• 1
Schuylkill, • •
Carbon. Monroe, Pike and Wayne; • 1
Bradford k Susquebanns, Sullivan and Wyom i .
in 4 g• 1
Luzernp, • 1
Tinge, Patter Wlienn and Warren, 1
Clinton ; Lycorning, Centre and - Union, 1
Montofir, Northumberland, Columbia and
Snyder, 1
,Cumberland, Perry, Juniata.and Nlifflin,,•,
Dauphin • abd.,Lebanou,
Lancaster, ..
York, •
Adams, Franklin and Felton,
Somereet,ltedftird find flunting.loll,-,
Blair. Cambria and Clearfield,
Indiana and Armstrong.
Weatmoreland and Fayettn;___
Washington and Greene, _
Allegheny,. n.
Beaver and. Butler, t , ' •
Liwrence. Mercer.att Venkngn,
Erie,upd Crawford, .
%erten, Jefferson, Forest and Elk,
Phila. pity dptilet• l'Cutilierfand . ,t Perry, 2
ed, •17 Adanm,
Detour° county,
Fraoklitt'aitdlfon, 2
Bedlird & Sunturbet, 2
11 itif, • 1
Lehigh•& Carhon, 2,
....klonroutuad_Pike, -1--i
Wayne, - I
Luzerne, . •• 3
Suequphannn, I
Bradfora • 2
Wyoming, 011 live/
Columbia nod Mon
• tour, . • 2
'Lyootliing & ,
tan, 2-
Catlin), 1
• Mifflin, -1
Union, Snyder and
Northumberland, .I
Setiuylklll, . 8
LAnnon, • ' • 1
Lancaeter, 5
York, 2
Indiana. - 1*
etrong, 8
Fayette, • 1
Greene. ' , 1
i Washington,. 2
Allegheny, • ' , 5
Beaver & Lawrenoo, 2
• Butler, , ' 2
Afereer and Venango, 2
- Cleriorranci — Voreet, , 1 .
Jtifferson. 'Clearfield
Elk and M'kenn, 2
Cranford & Warren, 2
Etie, ' • 2
Potter and Ting, 2
Dauphin, 5
Berke, 3
' Total, - - 100
ohilas & Peterson, of Philadelphia, 'an
. notince' that they will soon publish a me
moirOf the-late Dr. Kane,:by Dr. The.
Elder.. This, to very many persons, on
both'sides'pf the Atlantic, must begiatt
- fying neweTand the 'forthcoming work
will douhtlees be looked for liftlilively
interest. •
' The:work will comprise 150 pages,, and
will ble embellished.' with a"full pee por
trait of Dr.'Kane,.engrnied on steel,. as
well as engravings of hid retidence tomb
medals &c. , •
It will equal in eller.*speot,, the''so.
perb, voltam ne •of tho Arctic - Explore.
tionSi"`atidifitelre . ":sTold SR - 1318Crib:er5;
thes.very price ,81.50-
- :Late adviCes froni salt - Lakc city give
an awful account of the unsettled COndi
porlioi of .the
itea'ffee - in to have - every. thing- their own
wily. At the, last session 0f% . , the U. S.
I . l)istriet Court; the Dlorinon Mernhels . `of
the Bar, assisted=hy--tlie=-Dnniles~--woll=
twined, confined Judge Stilesin a private
room, and with a revolver at his head;
forced him to promise to uphold Own itf .
whifLikey_did r and-flSustain-thelJa_ws.zi-
Utch,".tilleging that no one should be
tricil for, offences committed in The Terri,
Cory, except by Territorial Law. On the
opening Of the Court,'an -attorney named
:Ferguson, commenced an abusi:ve. attack
on the Attorney•Gcneral Mr. Burr, then
turned to the'judge, and: told him that
if he l dared to'decio against their laws' lie
could sit on that3bench nolohger, and
thitfr ti k o cOArt,room would -be cleared'
!pick 1"
The' District Attorney followed in a
violent harangue; in' which he accused'
M'r. Burr of trying to set aside the' Mor- ,
mon laws, and that- the Morino'ns ,
• had ;'Submitted ,to • ilentile interference
lenife : nOtgli",lhat they were now going
to have thei'c own way; and hadtgood,du;
thorrty for what-theydid;as as :safe
. backers. The room: Vas .filled at the
titne with arined vultans,, who constituted
„the„(' backers" alluded to. . As soon, 'is
Mr. Burr and Mr. T. S. Williams gpt.up
to reply, the Terracnial Marshal ,Ofticred .
them peremptorily to stop; and immedi
ately the whole audience sprang to their
feet, arid the Danite murderers, who filled'
the Court, threw off, their coats, brand
' inked theirkiiives and revolvers, and'ere•-.
ated so grtidt confnaion That the Judge
was obliged to adjourn the Court at once:
The next morning, the Court opened
amid intense excitement. The whole
Morino') populace Were armed,. and had
been inflamed to slich -a degree by the in
' eendiarys‘pecchesof--Ferguson, Stout and'
others, that.theleast'pretense Would have
— been aV'ailetreif - td - massaore -every Gen
-=tile in the pl'ace; l— .The - mamen . of- Messrs.
,urrAstid were ntricke❑ from:
the lint, of atterp4B,..anq the Courtimule,
iliately adjoerned sine. die. _
TILE CAMPAIQN OF 1857:—From - and
-after the firk of June, fifty thousand
tra copies, of thd Philadelphia Sun,
will be issued to 'aid the eledlion of DA
VID' Wu meh: and the whole State Ticket.
Fifty thousand copies weekly, of a pa
per of forty colur, .devoted tethe cause
Of sountl-Pennt;ylvania doctrines, to the
repudiation of 211 ULTRAISM-i and to the
support„oftlre rosurfoN on the . subject
L ot Slavery and Slavery' exiensiottaken
by those who o - ppoie the principles.of the
National AdptinistratiOniand the CINGT
NATI PJATFOR . M; cannot fail exercise
-a beneficial and salutary influence on the
prospects of the WILMOT STATE TICE.ET.
Each issue will contain forty columns,
, and. tvill be furniaked at the rate,. for the
campaign, of fifty cents, or of five dollars
to clubs of twenty subscribers, or ono
dollar per - thinwttrfut our present weekly.
IJAnnus TYldittrx.--This splendid
paper has non reached' a circulation of
sixty thousand copies. Each- number
containing as much reading_mattor_ tie a
duodecimo--volume--it is put- up -in- a
milliner suitable for binding and contains
a number of fine engraviiTs.
Terms $250 a 3:eaP - it can be had at
Piper's Book store.. •
• HAILROAT). AcninFNT.—Ank.eident
occurred nn the ,Central Rail R i ad alio&
a mile aim e liarrisburg yesterday by
the breaking of an. axle.
We hay.e.noelearned the particulars,
but understand that nine or ten persona
were more•or less injured, none however
31a5 , has just been received. The Pres,
cot number contrin.vivAitilficairgap of
the United States. and Canifdit. - :The;
woik•-comprises a vast amount i d valua
ble infuj•mation... It is published at'S2 a
yeiti Oiglp co_pies 25 cents. Dicsitiore
& Cu. ;Nu 9 Spilled st.o)rew York, a.
[From $ll,, Thtnpn I'nunsulnr,
The Florida
'Two ll'utmded—Five'huniirett Round.' 6f Am•
mtmition taket4.4lthe
Tho rumor publi*liad last nook °fan - attack
by Indians on a party or 'tailors nt 'Palm
Gro'vi, is contra:lncl. Tito particulars are tiff
• Two detachments (numbering In - nll, abotit
twenty men.) freniComponies ' en d' E 5 1 1,
Infantry, under command of a non commie
sinned offieer, were, left in charge of bonts.•
.stores - &c., at Palm 'Grove sub le • toMajn_
body of the troops that liqd boon' operating in
that quarter were withdrawn.
The nearest point froth which water could
: be obtained being about three-quarters of ti
mile, the men were itempolled to convey it in
borrels.,lllVPettficustononry forfour men
to carry arel, while nix others accompia
fied them i gli vele.. i!
On the 20,734 k, whilo approaching the well,
they•were 'elf from the camp and fired on
otlndians. Pri
patty fl, were killed; privates Saul., Company
E, Severely;and Wolf , , Company, I, slightly'
.wounffed. , Three of the remainder threw away
theirtfrms, while thereat modes good retreat.
The camp.was,also fortified by a breastwork
constructed of barrelst I While this V*ark,' woe
'going on, the Indiana showed , themselves, Arid
dared thesoldiers to.fetkielight:::'rhesoldierre
wont out, entkithe Indians retired, to •a . hate.
mock. The savages Were ted'by'a negro. who
was' dressed in' the - full coetutife'- - ef a, Chief.
Its end several others could speak very .good
English, and Were - not very choice in the epi
thets they applied to the whites.. •
Sixteen lnditins'vfere counted, and from' tbe
a'gns it was eupposed'there was akininny alma
. They whooped - around' the 'comp diiring the
night, nftl retired in the morning Of
on discover ng" the approach utddeut, 11111 With
e detachment. •4! The- bodied-of Saler rul.
ringer ; were-496 . nd . and Inrleci„by.
Wandifed,liuni indecently Wm'
, • tiecordetiee' i.t , .sir:tictinne,..ident,
a!arfia and' , delivei,.!:
It •le Al-icl; . wqe the,
rinnie of the man killed, end thnt the Indiana
secured hjq gu and - nhout - G00, . -- niumhr - UfTitirtv7
nauri!tion. SrAsord's horse tieing
eat in tthe potty,•he was Resigned .thik ut'y- of
carrying the. 'ammunition, which..waa being,
conveyed to the Comptinj. ' . •
pursuit of the troll ; also Company. L.. 4th
Artillery, bonta, :tinder command
.„of Major
Capt. A; D.. Johnson, Om' in consequence of
impaired health . , bad obtained , a short •kave,
above' report at this place, end .itrmediately
repaired to,the ',acne :of-action. . We • hove
great hope that the oorahined efforts tb over
-Iml-tiff-savages will be crowned *ith suc'cetis:
Oun COMMON Scnoots. —Ae the
youth of any land ore trained, no will. be the
Ininre welfare of'that Country—thin is a m:c
int freely sdaititled, (but . ttot well. eonsidered
by all persons.) •J,ust in proportion as, the
'mosses nre eductited and mnfle intelligent so
tn i ny e ' xiVect, that. wise sad just laws, will
be Promnlgnted, tatt:i• the true . principles of
government will bo cnrried.otiiinnitingthe nn
tion prosperous and happy,'., To eff ect :this ;
nothin, exerts ti-grenter influence than our.
system of common "selmehi. They ;ore the'
foontenf source, make jt. pore, and the - ,wateh
, • ..
flowing therefrom will . •
We. think .we hove cause to congratOnte
ourselveit upon the prosperity .of the schools
throughput our country. -They certninly at
moving.onward andupward- 7 More interest is
being manifested iii them,, Teachers are pro`
paring themsolves better, and better sal l ittles
are being paid. Institutions of s'lt t ighe'r order.
are springing up - oll.nlong our valley;' and
attention of the people is tat:ping toward the
importance of thorough edue,tion.
3'Le Normal School - now in.suoceriftil
nt Newrille. is. nn indientiOn of the. ad-
vaficetrient of the Contemn school cause. It to
deblgnettfor.thp education tind.proper training
of teachers,.ixtid grill exert a beneficial inflit f .•
ence. ileirg o lalppy to learn that it ism, eqf .
statainineratitution, and that the ninth
.Whie:ll were so liberally subscribed through
the county, to dafrify its. eapdtieca;'ir'ill. not
100 needed - fat- that purpote, and have been
used in purchasing phircsphical apparatus for
for the ue,e,of Itcalt I iOll. :We hope the
School will be well sustained, for it-is a public
benefit, and cite .which will be felt in after
sere nags auger we or our
May r e not • " liecome'weary at well cloipg."
PtPiurowN.--4.17, ny of our !enders
who sonic yenr . eogo,-wse,l io Joni occk
Old Sloce_3_
" Swiftstire" lino of atagesno - dnubtibongra
tulatingllminselyes that they could matte the
journey. of sevolty-two 'miles from . Carlini?, in
µ day and a half, will rordember that about,
five toilea from tiyti' they. passed a stioll clue •
tpr — of - dwelling?, . ritperioum. The
'Ulises - Isere "lying areinul loose," or weran-,
dertd io_the o right and loft promisenously;_every
thing about it I , iokeil quiet and dull;_and on
doubt •the rattling of the , old stage through
-the town was quite a ;.eliel to the monoteni_
of the inhatlinnte. •
An . , this Railroad ago has in azrent.mea:
sure diverted Baltimore traVel'from this route;
ninny persone no doubt suppose,--thatPtOed
town is coj..ying snooie,nnd
will waits up some morning like Rip I'ini , ll7a. ° .
kle, to find herself a quarter of n century be
hind the ago. To correct this impression, me
with to AIM" *-I . T hat Pnpertown really is nt the.
present time—that the energy nri'd tttet of the
busineon men in that section of the county,
aided, by the facilities' which are stforded to'
trade by the CuMberlntni Valley
have placed Papertown inn position - far ahead
of any other portion of the "County, compris
ing the Sallie nmount - of population. Poor
01d../16gs, who was ono of our "institutions'
hcre, for many years, peed to sing a song, the
burden of ,which was,
If nny of our readers will go to Papertewn
he . will find that their whole world le sustained
by pap& alone—that by it they "live,
and have their being." To prove this, .let us
give, die Nets:
First on the list, we will call your attention
to 'titer Paper mill of iy3f. It : Muncie, Esq..
.becense it in' the oldest in the place. It wen
first erecteddn 181 . 2, and for'innny yenta wan'
the only 'hill in the county. It wits burned
down in 1846, rebuilt by the present proprie
tor, the following year; and fitted up with new
mnohinery. Two fears ago additional 'int.
Provements were made, by -which the cope ,
city of the,Mill;wo.s more. than. doubled:. ..The.
amount, of napital now employed in thin mill
is about :IV40,c011; . it producea annually about
SZO7O worth of-panel., consumes 260 tone
of domestic and foreign rage a year, and given
emploiment to twenty-two oper s atires. The
conntantly.eugaged iu tricking printing
paper to order; the paper tined by the State
in matmfactUred at thin mil),
and in evidence of its good
.quality' we .refer
you to the paper on which the Carli2e•lffrall
is 'Printe For 'clenr white printing paper
the 'mills in thin county are not execaeol by
any county in the State.
The nent . paper , mill we notice in owned and
succontrully - cnrrird - On - by . - 11nbert - ntul - Samuel-
Given. Its capacity itsabout the enure en that
of they Mullin PtiPer mill, nhuen described,
producing the entnit amount --of-p'nPer:itinilfg
the same qUatitity
.of etnek and employing
about the same, number of blinds, and their
,paper finds a reedy market in Baltimore and'
Imlnediately below tho (knit named nllll if
the Paper mill of Mr. 'd Zag. Title mill ie
engaged - WM° matiftfrialitre o wrapping pn
kr, principally from etraw. The annual pro
duct froM this mill is from twelve to .fifteen
- thousand dollars, end 'a
good home Marketla
found for a large quantity of its paper. '
Recently a company ban been formed, enn,
sisting'of Messrs Robert Given, Wm B. Mul
lin, Samuel Given, Sanmel.Kempton.:jr., of
lliltiattore„and S.'.l; Megarge of Philadelphia,
WEOfinve purchnenetle Mount Bully Estate,
and created a very large establishment-for the
manufacture of all .the vatqous. (pantie!! of
• cap" and letter paper. Thin mill is now
'nearly completed,'and will lie put into opeit
lion about -the 'first
,of Anguslneit; it will
give employMent,to about eixti betide; and
will turn Out annually ablaut one hundred
thoueand dollare.weilli of paper; adding .this
'to the product of the:other' three mills, the
amouot of trade brotight to-P4:lertown' by the
.agency of paper'llono, will eiatied fwahund,eci
'fhourand, dollar. I •
• ,The: bovrover, do not stop here, on
• .
impulse is given to business of .nli. hinds in
Abe ' neighborhood: %Y Jenne' that .releisihe.•
lenatl'und•Aleinre,',lfove r Oect
oVoint"thiely Sots, which they deteignjo.litig
nvoleunies and osher4,: !lin mop nebele
nud esteshitieh' themselves
. bunineees,'Onit i
there licertainly•'ud:phieU in:thO'sionseix,lbiele•
CrWir , CO
etlllieln to
, ItlegiiartOmitsteratravtlion Key.
inetant, Meat; Johnson. with.slx
jeteii,,inet'and attacked about twenty Indisne.
After suetritninitho loss of ono men; ho with•
. _ . ,
tEouia aitn"
thil world wns qmd+• of PA PTP.
What would we do lon drink?"
holds out grbater inducements to. Mechanics
thointhe tillage of PAPertotin; the Mention is
lt:enithy, tifit,stMnotj , beautiful end. romantic,
aindthelnorsk:intelligentie of the people is
equal to eny portion of ,Penney I Janie. •
dcii-Yeu. bone. tlyit ?" Now if yr u
wirik to encourage borne inrluetry, eubeeril e
of to u - itt..moj-e:itf tjtOti pripee, While your . will
be tryikink n grin& investment,
..nuvre obeli gii e
you tuoreilion worth , of jourineuey.
any, is to be a yqa any in , .carlinle, nail i‘
time to come , to town,.ana finrticipato with tie
on filo occasion.
--For-soirte-rtiontha-past-the-Union Fife C4ll ,
paitilhave.been making Itrrangements to hold
a Fl,Or.irlPestißal and Fair. which. will open On
Toeaday evening, (Tune 231 ) The Union Fire,
'Company, Cumberland : Fire Company,, and
Goad Will ilose Company, pr'opeSe . to itraniu• -,
rate the festivitiee, by n public paraila t on, 9154
day, at 2 o'eloCkiii the afternoon; cn which
OCansion they will bajoitted by.. the" Junior
oadelit," a gallant typo of .• Toitng : America,"
Who will Ora additional interest to die.
. •
Arnintrong Noble, twill officiate snakier
Marshal, which l is nullicient evidence that the
parade will be brilliFint and
lint Saturday .afternoon
our citizen; were hy the ery' or fire.
which' title found to proceed from the reel
dance of- 'Air: .0S11011 . :4:. in North• Itcn
vt . rr etr . ciet, :I'llo.llre origitinteid in th 4 third
rectipio) atin .
,Main C 011.orne, and tens eau! 61 ht' ii tlnid_
lamp paring hien -brought in contact wish the
vapor fret; n hot lo 9,n• Fire-
. .
.men, Aft lINU3!, ivere,prompqy on ihe grrodirl;
lint) the fire 'Wet,p.elll)!llleil: without doing much
danlogi. tn . die bitilding. hut t h e ttorlc. in — the
Gallery wan nenrly nld douroyed. The
Nil,,henvy on our tnterprizing young Artiots,
bra we I' et, n notice in thiejyer, thndthey
will be l'eudy` for : operntion ngnin iew
dnye. • ••
the beginning of July tie...Kt, we hitierstiiiiil,
the meuil;ers - oftite Firitt - Pieshyterinii Church
of : this tieirongh,. will celohrnte their'eentenni
al .Annivet The prograrin`he of Cxe.l'llises
(on the n ee •si., : n id WA fully' coinplefint, hot
sutliniclifts known to
_warrant us in maying,,
that it will be an event of -ithmorbing iiitore.t.
All the Clergymen=wbn have to coy wiy
Bible, be nongregaied here.
discourse-will-he'din verna.illy._ the Dr"
Duffield; for so malty enre the Puler of the'
Cougregation ; there will hied ; prulikhly 6e li
saceril concert in the Church, ailed
the Meeting Holiso Springs, in jwilly
regiirtled nr the old homesleOd
~ 6ft the Citur;:h
in this counly
Aboitt • ihn ye•ir)74o,thePr - eshyterinn9who
had settled slong . the eottcloinionet C;rkelt,
bait s, tog church lit this place laid not A
grave yord ; uonie year:9 later; wlicm ,Curl iele
was laid out and scaled, - the -Congreption
moved to limn, and lioilt_ilio•prea,mt Church
in th'synare, mid although no vestige. now .
remains of the old Churcii, tho' spot ie still
known lif*tho • Meeting 11onee Springs."
Th - eold grave yard however hi still then, and
it will halm event-of no ordinary interest ; , to
BCC ilia
. 6 1 / 4 ilcfren of Me niter n . hun
dred yearn.have.passed away, making,a pil•
grirnago to the graves Of'their filidoers, and
rencisring their faith over the nahsa of tho.s,
who having " fOught the good fig:ht/I,nd liuish
ed their joy," [taro slept the sleep .
of a coriturr,
THE BOOK row - plif.: -- Trlres
Pttbii.hed, • 'Wells' Illustrated Notional,
Book,' embracing Invaluable liientnents con
fleeted with The Political lli'sitory of Ainorica,
comprßing The Original Articlos 'of Cotife,lo
- I? . eehration of Intleptmdelice, Ordi
n'ance 'of 1781, Constitution of the toitod
States,- - Fortnntion - Of the - 000 tytt A - morinqn
Pnion, Washington's Four moot • Important
'Addresses ' , Misiond C.mpromise, Fugitivo
Slave Law, K. 111335 and N'al , rasktt Act, Popit•
lotion or tlo United Sates at bacon:dal Peri
Mis,'Etectoral Votes rot President and Vice
President, from 1789 to 1857, Intereating In• •
cidonts of eaoh , Administratinn, Ore - ot Sear of
the United' Stiites, with description, ',Seals - of'
the 'Thirty one States ? with .desct i pti no, llio
graphical Sketches of the Presidents, from
Washington to Buchanan, wits Portr,iits of
each, Party Plattorins of 1856, C ingress of
the, United States, Cabinet Otlicere•ninco the
Formation of the , Governnient, with a Coin
plate Chronology of import suit ,Evento in Ame
rican Ilistni7, front the Landing, of the Pit
griiue tide. "
The .work id exnefly--1444.4,t0 the - times,
and.olinuld he in tho rosses . siekor .s. eyney nine
forenco Moue, ft io north mon): time. jts'eo t.
It contains 162 pages, with 47 Illustrations;
is,printed on extra fine paper, antl handsome
ly hound in Ntualin. "price, C . )6 Cent.;
The Book. c,
procured. tlik week 1;y
Agent,,, at 1I4u•
nun's Huta ..1
earWe nvite• kite attention of our
farmers td . theadeerlisement of ••11annys
combinetrinnerer nmilti , hper" This machine,'
has been sell tried, and !Ito list of n , !eion
given. of gentlemen in thin county why tt.nol
it last year in cutting their crop,. aff.ird the
bust evi•lenee of its practicll utility " •
J. Armor-silk is tale ;gent An. tbi4 olunty
who can always be fonn , l al his A'grienit4ral
Ware room in Alter basement of the ,Aletliod
ist.ohurelf. •
lio was el
_firied of'
town last week, ib oonsenittence of •outuring
out'-in white pants, is informed that..ho_
rot,urn with safetY'ne the Wentherhai become
so warm ai to rentlar,light elothingahvolutely
necessary, Thoie whefare not, - Yitt sttpplied
with summer : gawks, by oonsulting our adver
tising oolunins, , oklf find- out exactly, where
they can procure -
..FIRE IN NEW.VIivE. , -- , A - friend, who
was in Newville latit week, laterals us that on
'last Thursday ovenitg, a fire lirike out in the
otakilo of Mrs. Davidson, Which was entirely
destroyed, notwithatanding ,the exertions of
the TheAriiito, no.doubi,she . wesk_
or an ineendiarl, As two Atherlwiltlingi'were
fl e l at. the some thine, in different parts of the
tqwn; but'ircro sxlitgoishol Went
credit ie due 'in • ihS citizens of IlOwrilie for
th?lr liteeisorul•elfdrts•iii saving the ailjviniiig
propeity; 'asperknaed City Firvmln
lotvohrooght.their ettainaiutoservice in belie,.
'ol . yle,• or • used it with 'meta 'effect . .tlinn the
.If,retoen of Newvillef'Op this ore '
13 les-vho - wis4 to procure
ioseirirriAt - 74 - .l4cier's 'Shoo
• Under Iltin . ofiption
,fre Nino.' to. dpioto: n
poVtion of our pntail•;l,lt4
, lien tint) . of such ni'liolos,
ne-arc .to intoro,t,
er pnrtiith -
! • F; years the .Titthlie trenvure' has b'eett , n
—under onntribution-in -the-ereetintr of- Ultiver
iities and Collexes to .tit !nen fur tt,ke :native
duties of life, 'while the etic:Mimi of. %swami,
whitse.hilluence ie tliffmet) IhrMigh every air
.ele, nnii entwined with nil our anti I relatiods,'
-- lin,s — reT , i7llft solely t.Vprivnte entorpri%e, ns
gitnig!irthey were-n -rrwnnl,ery pnrt- ot—tn:en.
lido - . Now, it 43 n•I trio rack the cradle
• the trorld:'.' for it is the ninti;er's inllngnee on
:the infant mind, that potrfts'it in tifter'life;
tor went or"ivee. • .Iforr - •importlint that
those silo :cc a fetv yellr4 ore'
.11 become the
golden and instructors of 'a
,pe‘y geheraiion,
should be propelly fitted for the tack. '•
Itot.stup, young ladies, if y o u have'''read
tidit for, don't ran 4f. with the idea Ihtit 'we
intimd to fill this column hereafter with a col-
Riefler! or (11.3 , piles of morel goy'erern , t ; tvc
desire to Milk° thin iitlifirlineitt nttr.etive end
istrresting, 'wed! (19 .1V1; know
' flint ti , ototto Will . intended to be, o.ltokopital
tis Well tit.; ottel.'o._ltittl„tlraufare, while 'tlC
•nke the oki:1 ? I" litfivts, who are eau
to"nnottibuto , !pelt or
S u : bales no trill to find pleiiiiitry
• 1.
1 1 LI~Illli 111 iii r~rt 'or nn turn. trigfilfle mud rog❑
intc,ymn• lasts sii.l (es, yi.:llllrit •` self
begins -where soloed teleentimi en in,"
we ellen give you elsp roll reports or
001,infortnelionfoe - the toiht, eliplet'e for
tlie_dravini•roonl. for the tee
--enhleyti,wlitelt NYC ei l Inhl rules foe diet-, and
pre4eree tilc lentil end bens
Cry the pe . rAeo, end tinny un;fitl receipls, iu
dev,ilt 01 Imliselp,,piug.
Iu 11113 ITC: . 111ily not reitelt the toorely
nislifounlile 9ntlirr , , who', erijosing n life cif
tail nat, oeit.lier der th.ey
. but the irueipm irt, will-Niel dint Jim intelligent'
thinil•thaken hestuty titortwbenotifill, nod Flatly
et . tptiviitinit luvelineaa over'tlie , whore fenrili•
,etinrnettir. Lnich,_ric dettiente this co_.
locate for the fuctire.•'
Oar en tkr . !sing
,young friend j(lIN
1. flumaten Jr„ has tiroll''mock or iv)ot{.•
ntl , l uhxrges .6pl' thon. to 111
ett&tmogrs, Jni 1 Im . ctirl the energy and
1)104)11.1)C the motto of.":Ten.fyettle,
and '," induce:q him to sell goods
very lair.
tuber of appliotWns foreigA.
- nppointtotttporticolorly fn imumintp.—
e.iiirmes , to increase Ever:',V dny hriottA hi
holt itelividunln and letterh, nitigel
1,C011111101.10t 101'y rir them) offices.
,The Pt on) •
deirt deninrr.l--tre him friends t-t.-thebusi
nes• hrtlnt lv e!, him, portieutorly nn
be entmot grniify one, imysetty. ten of In nit
ptie tots. No •Jotibt tloz nyobinttomits/vrili br
tropte gradoslly, Ire hosing tho'cotire summer
1,,,f0re Morfor tent putlotst.r •
If is r titel .the right-MAO for . the
Gove . r - oordtip. of Utsh, nod still Monte diflienit,,
hosing bond difm, to' Mel Ittm to no•ept
(lint irksome, responsible, nod thlukless posi
,C,innrning': An In‘lintr Sgontet the
IVuyt, ham been tentleeol the Governurehip of
UtAh, bnt - Itn• denlined: _
In order to necommadate the: public mole
satiscetuorily_the Preiblent has set aside two
days ill the: week, Tuesday and .Friday, from
twelve to two (,'clock, for the .ygnier meesions
of the ColdlietC2 , 131»ti extraordinary mesa
siene they will be summoned by special not , ce.
Visitors at the. White noose liee.reeeived
MandnY. • Wednendaye, Thursdays, 1111 A Sete' ,
fleye, freer tiVeiTe to two 0'91(111h Whirl( the
least ceremony. Set h. Kinmoii CiaiToTiiia hooter, hit,vpr
sent id to the President a bockhoi it chair,
Mr Heenan erns introduced bY Urn ,Den
.vere, and made a neat speech, ittformin the
Pitr:idmit that it was tho best piece of (346 i.
net 11.1.1111 ever !Metal/IC.I.
The Presirlent's respottae,as %yell us Kitt
matt'a aas 1011111 y applilll.l,l
in s . tried the chamr, the 'President pronounced
it conifirtalde end promised to preserve it as
a choridted la!,I1111.1111/.
Time chair is,Marle front massire buck horn-,,
with tha antlers 111./aelliag Ma Its gracefully
and naturally no if.,the whole thin; grove info
its present ahaps, whole detrign ipt:
'rine and beautiful from its Simple c aistruc.
Kintmai---ls (pike nn olject of inti rent ,in
IVA Ile WAS 1)11,11 ip Unionk Culinty.
Ph., and 111igrAtC.1 to karma llliunie, nod
l , wit respectively. yenrs ago, before tine march
of civilization pift on 110 seven-league bouts.
Finding, himself oromped 'in that regio'n, like
the star of empire, he turned still we•twor I,
crossed the Hooky and brought lip
In California, where he will proloibly etny till
it gets more crowded, ' Setlt embodies the idea
or tli;lt vent. a•lvatice ,g l l4 l lAlebrs the
forest I, colitis:l.les the prairies, unit Vitelids'
the law or practie•l pogroms. There he
life, six lee) hig.ll, with nu
oxplioled chest, well mini dad. s Dewy limbs,
n beavy c n I ill 1111eligkiel t. , 1l lu
too, his neck .free, an I looliing a. pill of n py
iiiii I planted in greatly; with ti
th in his h•ool. wish h g fall live nod twenty
which It. has carried far e seventeen
nn the best rest - unit:o thrtitg•h• lIIc no
cell.celle.l3tWi.te of the West. •
'-..4-3ich 4 tel : the picture of Ode sturdy frontier
ineh-..yrho Ottrice n fu:iture.iu A 41 . 1 ittliii eiViii.
ajOii:>, it eibrjei hie region of Giliforniu;
etol'itetigie - ,io the iiltreuit of mine 14.01 ISear
Vallepioto c2Yrego_o...;
vx•AT C'Etetl4i•A L CODI ni 1..1. E
The Presidek or too late An:clic:ln Itepi
jicAu_Conyenti:to'ime-;.p'point.-tl , 3!)e--fdlowing
Slut , Cent:. 61:11miitPe,
LIMUE:., TODD, Choir nolo.
.Siolon_Canteron...-- : --H- : -J-..sephl:nsey.-m-7-- ---..,
Jahn .1 'Clyde. Gtolte 81911111'1%
.Joint M SIIIIIVI)II, Wi'lollll U. ICelly,
Joseph 11. Abers, I. Al. Selle's.
heir IVllite, , .. James Elwards,
Lindley' Smith, ' :7 B. Lananster,
P. 0. Elbithlcer, .I.lcob L. (ioss'er,
11. L Penner, ' ' Edward C. Koight,
David Newtior.t.. ,', Edward Darlington, 1
Willhrm - IL — Knint. 'lVilizirirCisi.l - '7 --
'Peter 'Martin.. 'l'. J; Worth. •
Peter B, , Miclder, Samuel U Dirnmoelc,.
Tlmma4E Cochran, David 1 . :::..5tna11.,
IC C; -- .Al:3l.Therson, . 'B. Rush Petrilten,
.Iplin Penn Jones, . V. I' Miner,
John Laporte. . L. P., Williston,
D. liillesoe, • C. B. Curtis;
- John N. Porvianoe. l I) hi. Raton,
Robert P. MoDoWell, I) E Finney;
John 11. Wells, -
' l ' 7- JTC 6 RW,' --- ' '= "t = 7 - A -- . -- J -- E - ofler,
John Covode, ,
, • Robt. Ti!. Palmer.' •
• • -nay- DR. SAN FOR D'Srj- IN VIC 0-
%%Ton is recommended to the public, relying fipMt its
intrinsic excellence to secure it theta..
For all lllllrius attaclo, it may be truly nod safely re•
lied upon at being fully capable of rop2ovlng the die
estalstbr which-it Is recommended, and,Ong, ton.)
-end Vigor bf,the generalsystent, • Ttr
have been fully tested., n n lring prim'
lice, by the Propljeter. Through the. urgent solleitit.
tious.of 'many, tthW have
,been Indured to pinta, It re.
fore the labile, ••For MII Derangements. Melt
lisadach: Chronic Dint-Ims, Ilnbßunl tlesthamees, lii
11xus PhalleDyspepsia, Pain in thrirltmottell and. Pete•
ale, Ourientl ' Peitllty, Female Wee:wens, Be. ~ • '
por sale hydruggistet.fetteially. ;...' , , •,
tar. WO 4ye-ftieg twit tly. I Ipllrcl of. tke
tn Iti , tnrx, of hl, Ity
^nArch itroot. 0p0';...n or In. to. urn 1.1 tin.
Itlglttvt nontunistlattlon. mid Ito liinnonlylolloyo tint it
Ix ono or th,
f,r,which it Is Pion
tho and 'ran 1.0.- uintir 'any
- t4.lllcon 'l**,ow tarot *.dolkalo , htontki-lt, 10..1ns for
nild.wldo.:ltiroitottoil In contnnoullto; Iliix,hnnJgei lo
rowdy 00.110, &P. liti)
I.nallOct &roan rd tfilslinnocon , thrn wt. hopn'lt'nini'l,o ery. dinnl , PE/a, hGA 'II" is
llkglSe in' btru, A vl..thni
GENTIINI: PAIN. trptAoT,Oft Will
tittbdnoihojwiltr and infltimntion Iron . ' the severest buint
or nialds, In from one to Wanly, mtnuton—and — that
will 'heal the wounds witluint a ocati: and effectually,
• •
rover the Sales—l'lles—Salt Ithoum—lnflaintentory,
hhotuna red Inflamed Byes—Culft—)Vounds
- - ---Ilrelnen—Old and. Inveterate" Soren—Senld 'read—
Corns ana Ilunionn—Erysipelno—Sprains— , wollhnga
reteus - eltilblolon,ltitelf of I nnOrto'-4-airellod and lure-
:Rein- Weald Son- Nipple,--Eruptlons-r‘and all - Other'
a lullnmmntn ~_'y:olni..entaneouitAllsertses,-where-the . partP
niiii'rEilliWeduloun ahem t the ninny disimnes named
to 'he cured by. only. ono thing—but reflect that the few,:
but tooltive. proportion which the Maley . Salvo alone
omit:des. nod no he'retothre onumerfitetione - to lour=
earl reach tf,L. .t"; • 1.1, I• (AMU - RI JAI
—.--Query.,-Du•not - .ro,trUltiredpi
brtie:lelanspresori be role
mot nivArdly Olrligaron t diseases!
Each hnx nrir.sufst DALLY'R PAIN EXTRACTOR 14114 Up•
°nit Stool Plnte Eligra VOA Lobel nn MI the signature,
or C. V. oidOri i\rlt &propriotam. and .1f EN It Y
If A 1.1. EV. manufacturer. All ntbors ore eau lite r rel t.
All orders oh dllll-1m addressed to C. V. (Aid:ll.r &
Rl Itzirelav strt;k, :COW I b,
• ~ .
- • .
, •
i'VT)Ol;f4 ITA T E•;TOR AT I'VE:--Prof.
wc.A. rotrilii . lied slice curer of Ilm 1141
.111.41t,11 jv.,- NMI 611111111eH 1.11 homir or. the
If Is 1 1 / 1 . , 11 , ,1 ties are xii vet'sajly admitted by the A me
pre4s-tri Ite . far superior to all others Jar reusing
On: hair cpa the - :earl that ins liven Filvored lily many
yo ire t.l ;seine real vv itll'aS tench rigur elni luxuriance
a. whvvrl,io.trd nctnntn}•es'nf yr.tith.
Thera ~•riti In, Tin doubt that di lie iino'nf the greatest
'the ine,ll,l iri:'rld; 'lt :restores perms•
u eel lc chit hair oridatil rob,r
slim., a / , ..310,11 . 111. aid4r texture 1111101 Inns been very.
AloArable In ill ages of the Louis 31oruing
At tiorton. ilhl I. mi tlll' I 111 ho tho Bor
neo!, 'Arorrer. Mr.'l t1i131.48 II 1)1•:IMIN sKji,Es
Indhnt, to 3114 "IA It ' , ANN STRICE
I/ IL - of flostoff,--1414: __
Nen) )Ibuertisennnits
• • .
t Yl' I 1 , 3 —The inle'rsiulied,
I their sinoero Ili - oil:9 (ho flint CM
zon, or I 'avii,lo !,onerally Eo• their prompt. ruler ell,
and el vel nal exertion, In ,tin,iiit , lihoz the Orrrue
orre.l •nr:.nt”rdor bod 'nnictlito•obytii log the pro:
'1•11, tiro ori , litotod tbild ctory:ovenpfed
is x It.gtool:ent; (hiller,. by ',obi k Chborne.ptol
0.,,10ed bu. v:, 'Mott 41111 Collodion moo. 0 flold
Tho ho'.; Immediately tilted up, and reltdy
forpor:LLionit mew • "
. '
•- , - . 1 1 V O1 f t . N 4 ”4 5. 13 ?Lll S,
' -
Say 27, 1N;;7.—1t., JAA. It.l/61:1)1VNI:.
' ..• _
' .
‘TEI\ T . li( )()11."S '. Tile Sl;keri ber m hav e
i 1 I , i , t , .‘ , .. , !1‘...1 t 1 tlitlf.wing N V PrIII.ICATItiNS:
Thill, ,, , 1 , .t 2010r:illy kypoiVli—D. A. IVi.i.t.s, 1 25
Anno I...rand Enr..p..—itygori,rci..l
'llll. Anwri 11
cAns in .1,.06.-1 , ,n. l'Erily. - I 2:.
Nlo..tol.t,'s l'A .0.4014.01 noo 1ii..t. , ‘0 i.,11 11,4‘nyg, .75
Lilo orl'• 1W010....--1i,r,111.. 2 lids.. • 1 ;',O
1;tw•ot•.: 1.. nun.. New .01....1.1111 gilt,. • 1 00
A Coq. 0.1... r I. Dtwisi,ng of On. :-.. , :npronn Coort,
,w' I)n. I;nit.mi 5.01..5. 0110 11,.. 11.11,10,,,...0f - --.
th , ..l.lixes in (lie Pled !,..• it- en,e, ' r...,
1:1 l •.,
tin Ill+) 'F..; 01 - 1.1”, Ilnitvri :Onto:. 1 00
Ai.lo..t.on's I:niNay (lii I.• thr Muy. 2:1,.
. .
IItoronnoll': Its l'oilvtoP4ol.l , o o :Tltiorylery . zonarßullzion .
. lIY I'. So•11•01*. 1 , . 10.. - 1 '25
S,•.ll.oil's 1.1;•• :1,1.1'1'0;11 , s-11 ontotroon, . '.lOO
'l'e:4 ion
fly "1 th-olttoe'.A—..llLlooir 3117.1.1:1t, , • 1 f.•. - .
t o ,il: , or o %wt.. V lo•oorn. . 10
1 1 4'iocipl, t , 010t00.--.lloNvo ' I no
l'kt,ttit of li too, lo I, --Pt ,
Ir. tip l'AjOorptions-- Ult. K iNI . , f• iii
Life of IVahli),Nt.,p, I lob,. Hvo.. ti'uo
. ,S 7
. . . •
• 1.; .. cy1.1(111SIC .
1 • ~ , „, P. „ --
...-,;----.,.... 1I .- •••, I- B. 1 , .. ( Tl' .1., I);
. . N0.1.-111.11111na Snug% 25
, --MI lovely Nris! 25
Benu , ien of 'P4
rall.a:nr- ..2.-.11“:t....• h'co, 'lr.
tiiilge•l ro, Ow l'iaitct,
~ . 4.-tail:.. chorus.. 2:,
ity_d_._.%•...thtta• G.—Oh Claotbdied Mii.•
I .
" -
. , . nito•y,
. 1;—In I I:ht IV hiFin•tit2i,
1%11110 Fitod I is.:ll. Polka, May.firl,•...
t. hp J:1111, EC!.
i 1%. :'h. '2O
rnmillo I 1•11,1 _ - . • to
Ih•yel"s lt , q11••I de Melodies. .
Pa 111.: lit:, --Oil's., di, .Segres—ClorTictorn. . To
' , t ido t•olodtholle. . . tl.
'Three Rolla Pedlut," .
In i•si:itii,h• l'olta. • _
.v14tio!!! l'olldt--6.t.:tth, • . , ;;t1
I; inn•l 1'f1 . ..3 do Volk•ent —lV.tit.try. • • •q:,,ion Iloots Idr •I'ldot )lidodeon,..lllllo,
Vitjhl. llohtnt•ilo. etc.. etr. T
11 . 1 - 11 t.. 1.11.1.ra AlsPouilf. I.n
t 4 , ilt pi ,TEA.•)”.:t+. fnin
nun part 0.1.110 votintry.
\S;('6.'l•.\l'l.o2l I nMI'I'II.
(II 11'1 It I.' I) t'l I X' S I(I I A N
. . L. n brine 8.111,iS I , :".life !luxe ni•arly run out o lis.
et/ w bile 311 Ilie`East Impel, ii certain eure I or
l'onstiattition„lFtliat. Itronelittlit, Coughs, Cobb , .
;0.1 II:till - era: Debility. Ttot routed). 'vas ill.icoYereii
' by him when lib, only child. a llaivglilvr. was tii,en
up to ilio. Ile 1,1,1 heard min II of the winnlerfni resit/
1 , . ivwiIIIII IIII . IIIIIir: I wdirl , .$ 1 1,,,,,..a1”.,,,,0
lb.. 1...,t Int*, Moms, and the thotight iii•ourviid In him
Unit Ito might, twilit, a 1110011 for Ills AIM, •Ho Fitt,
dlr.! haril, anti rucotteded in. reitWing Itin.w•lslii.s.. tiro
ellibl was mire& and is note alit.. anti writ. holing
billy, ailtoinirleriiii thit'wonilerliil remedy In :Ilioni.atiols
la: RA:r,lel, 111 all parts of the world. mitt Ito has net or
failed inntal.iig ituthing• (111110esileroly In•itibb'patiii happy.
l‘ I :II 'y to ibt 11,11111011 good 110 Ilt NSibil., hr swill won! t 0
si t itltof big afilit•lit feibtiv-I•oinirs ax-rettnehtt—it,lbitt'rt".--
4.1.1i05., With bill ~..,r Ps plinit ilieue(lottr to r tmt u tt , r it
ail: Illai :•11,,,e4111y 0-log it. Ile roilaire,,neli Mph.'
,ut t vooloso 6frt 0111,11111i114--thIN. I 111 M to' m.
, 111 . 11.1 ~11.1110: ervripu, mul I ill, I'ol,lolllder to
ha Ili/11110i! to Ow paymont of Mitt nakrrllseinout..
per.effs who pretend to prepare roe.
'fif the ...I:.ctreet of Ceonill inat.' Ifr. lI
J.itet,'e Ile •eip, ;11.1. ,tl4 I plort.Sn to ba his mOl-nor. • All
pees , es rireitele , ster.. IT..latnei's sole oljeet
t le,nefit the world. end not to oethe money. - Ile
Trepan. hi. , -of telleloesTroto there.
e•lff.t nd love/ r oil! haritl The hop fftel, elooifr
leako lip the niefli..lnf , the reroi,pr 5 ,, is
f. fit. Illy., t l .; Ting I Int Med. India
[hoop el me Leif ez"tof. grt,ll. 10 admit of n iiernel.try
ap.e eat i 111 In 111.. refootly. The itoitetlons
ate prol.aliTy roof founded nfolus,es and vorni
el, no drug or leo vesting a row rents.
May 27.
Atli, E. 11()Yrf'S 1)1.1)
111,;:4111:1). iquv.t.rEnu rrr.u.
IS 0:111 ,. .0 1 I. I OW B t .t relde, epilpa , 1,1,111.1 . 111) tho
:'yrovalse. h
V., woro o ill introduce to
tj, !loth., or ,vlO,
The Pronell ai stem ”t . eon!. lids class of eonyjnin,ts
coI has MAO such illtollll , l 1.11V11.1 it y, nud the
knowledge he has
Ul' - Ely :11 )D.
of trontmentFralleid alltl In tho
llrsplta!,,i this Zw7irra,,ta lam in saving that
Win° or OM fnrutk Ole iii`iV.l , o IS
iv illrn)t,it
FIVO thousand patients ruled annually. The
oi.doyo,t Dr. ll'. II iv% are li oa front ottencit
51110 I—.vont ain t itter'itry and 1,1 late Ell
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May he eurol at i1' , 1111., l 3,taling their rap., 011•1
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mane and play,
N, 11.—Ladies In tvalit cf n pleasant And safir reirivtly
tn. Irro •,Ustruetioha. dr,. can ..ttaln_
Ifi:UiLA Mt)N'f II hl' PILLS.
atilt' Doctor's office fit the Ilan able .Lunde. 'Alarried
ladles In ('•rtain shoal ti'sns should nit use them. For
.rva ,0 111 1 ,11112 llirortlfula.avlth o.lell—late,-10 . 100-411,01.11t , 1ty -
mil to all narts,l the a or:d: 111. IVnt. E. 411.y1 is the/
only agent In the United States, Also, for hale at tile:
Dactor's idlleo, the SemaleJ'intertlng I list, untei.A.
pre‘enta itltd of Is invaluable ta;'
such nsth.'ugh PRNOral e , dilaritontinn or defor.l
laity aro incarkeitated P r safe reptitetion. (Inlets
front' any pat the, L'Hted States en 1 , 101 3 • t. Mill
:isms the return of thainsteantept. Anal all other In
atruinents of a [Wis.:au nature. far Ilunale uses, - eau he
Lad atilia_Atspd, t Esi jitre L .-Ll.lent ember that I r w.
lido is t 'ad rn
lr loduanftly established and rospoktsi
blaphyslclan lo cot trail-Seer York. that treats prat ale
diseases ;mil his panatirc astatois t kraut th every Sta to
iu the Union. Remember the place—llaitahlo Arend ,
.flilfileahour, - U - A.,‘l. - Sundays front 1 till
Nilson 0 arralitell Or 110 flay,
.tiyrneline, N. 1.
ET our • FE'I'T Elt S
VOW olj hand -J! law; assortment, 0,
L 110 1, 110f.111:111011MINNITuni.Loomunt.5.
Jl'n nn Maltogany OreSslng Bureaus, with mw•
Ito tops.
ofits, rablte3,_antl Wnshkunas•
Walnut What NO, ntld Wardrobes. .
Maltoettuy nud oldnut Tabre'surnil RIZON,
t'rettelt Bedsteads, llahoitatty nllll Plain Tablei,
Parlor and ChaiN. nod Reciting Chairs. ult.), velvet pr
halrelotk scuts and Intel,.
Malto,ploy und Walnut Chairs mitt, hnlreloth or rano
Coil Mai son thir , 110 w 111111 C/07,111)i, assortment at thy
):1 1 .9 1 4.nreAtOttniti_ntlite.sttlisadber,carver Valet)/ Iln.
a.A.cow. 'ETTER:
May 11i, 18G7
• -
TIO Tars WA Y.l I !:--Tbe cheapest
snot: Frany, ie. the reality, ahead or all Ci,1111 , 13.
Ladles and tientlemen .w 11) save 26 per cent by
purchasing their Hoots and Shoes at than CIIVAI. Shoe
Store SOUTIf West Corner of the MI - bile Htluoro,. •
. . _
' . •F TS ItESII .A ItItIVAL lA , 800 and SHOES.
'Trunks, Valises. Carpot Raps, umbrollas ke.
f 1.,.1u5t, recolvaitfrour-Phlludelphla nu •extenalte
• , and splendid sssortutout of - ,
'which b:ire ben saldtiod 'with earn from the• Lest mon
and whlch hu blll eu,,utet,d the th e i r au
junior workmatislibmind Ndnh, lie Lits every 01110:1g,
Lit, unit and $l - 0.0 lion Butt:Oda for the Feasott. 11101
which will le sold very/low for can't.-- -A great f
'Men's and 1 10 ye li/titers, Botta Slums and dirottamt,
.dies ihtiters, Laee Bunts, ltuAllts, ttllpprelt. Ties, MIMIC
mid Child:lan at the 1010001,1.111,e5, •••
I . orelb,sufs are veepoctfully too iced to' call mid ex,
11I1d 110 eur large nod elegant u,,, , rtioent, and thuy .will
find that in bus and itunlity it .1011 e miitadu 101111 . 46 y
nitre mare in the plate, -tt,tl...lh , parlitg. Maio at the ,
01,M•tost o .0: All Om. sowed tiralls; . l7lMret. mistake.
OM elloap'S. ii, Crime of tie puldlc,agtoteu;
r.03,t0 11. L. Burithuldevs -
, • . •
, • ' . ' - •,1AC.)8 81 , 4•71;it,
hog C 2, 6, Ctn. uigeaspr to 111.,1.,'07.; ;.
CARL! V, \redneSillj, 3lny 27,.867 --*prfine, per bbl. $ 7,2
WiIEAT pee butifiel
Oil is
'WINTER- . do -
. . . FOR 16L7, '
• •
IS THE .thost compleie Machine in upe,
.... and tho ono bent: adapted to the wunie of tlio For
lot. Being mode wholly of Iron, it Is more durable
Um tiny ether.
lid 'lt 1x s.ininiplis that any-persbn can really tonnage It
ail. It 'ls on of renvly enthrall huilt, th`tit cannot
0:10113' get nut of repair.
4111. It Is neat and 'compact, occupying leoo opdre
11/Hll HO' VIII,. •
Lth. Thn frame it, tel e'renly, lahthred that.there Is HO
- weight 011 1.1/0 lorors' 1110:11/1. ;
- ..0L11. 'Tern little Fide Jim "
7111. It will old. lo,avy am,l light don eql.. ll v wo n.
it -null 11F., grltss as 1110101 1 1 / 1
Pl' 11/.'..101.11..tur-htrirllo.4,l-14ne4/G the draft • tit
-101,1 one.fourthlit ott.wing.
Tiro horses it iilverlyit ivlth nose in nny
or 1/011,41
..11th. it is the only tintellina with the .riit ter-inr oli•
ieetly upp. Fl'e the snail he di ivlne.wheel.
'clogging luu no- 21 h. The opeltlrid n. mitlitg.lghlado elfeetnnll: Iltnvento
_ •
, lath, Ii rolv* ,,, liiittet: from ti Mower to
14 111. 1 t is the only nutriline nith n rear and shit, de•
livery for groin, _
.'l5lll. It • thelnnrbimb
whirhiglves the iolfer
compl lio ete 0011 /I'ol the grain, both 1/I.ltre and oiler it
reao, pall-I,mm
-1" - 1 . 114 /01101, - 00 - 111;00
, .01110 1 ./:111/000 1 011/0
711,, Spirt: yen., o f . o..yero,praelleal . I.' Join 10111 111010
CI 1 / 12 poe• ntatiri t, es hove pi, on itH 110.0111.0,1.1/11Fool•
oricy, -1 11. - e_itine: It improlie.-will6M.:
1 , 1,11. All llie improvoloon to for 1527, 11000 have loon
praetletilly :111.1
. loth, Eettre tort of the nmehine ,onto by nnloier
workmen. and In Ile 111 o r, 11 01,1 I:11 111110 10. ,
genp Men.- In
rut grow. 111111 .0111111 as well an as d
It can lot "I'l
61 th
keythe Cr cradle:
11 ,00rd, ,
Farmer con
laty without env I ocarina nrriploo,xperionce
proved that It is renlia 1 lo L 1 oil iv, to.
tli lritor,,ond In 3, to. ettlett• tatrly, as the tame ta .s cat.on
Of 1001 hove,.;7. H t e. f a beenr. ,en then, than duuble tb 00
- .1 .
1 , . P.-- :2,unplo Maohins4 may LI, seen fn Carllsle In n
Gar 11335.
- .1
So. >^ Atrl.t.t t.t.,1.010w 7th. North v.cottt.
AuldManufacturers, Itendlog,ltr,..
• JOtIN 1 / 1 - IC, IN the Auther: •
-- , te d i n-y! , r iol
s— c x-pdcri:.-
az, tl Ior 0 r.
- 6 •
. . _ .
!--.• ' A SEMIS -Dr LucTui:Es AT TI18,11ItQAD
• IV R.N_A
. . .
,vlioi.o. for. len'e nights_ .tri,- ever fai 3 Ono
•, 1 ,1,' "h'-'1'!"-4v ereeted him witli - Ituds er Applause,
n ,.-. while he exlill.iteil the manner in which Ceiniti ,
;-"," fellers oTeente their .Fratols. and the Sun:4 WWI
` / t oot lost 31« ns or Deto - ting them. -
. -. Pank Xote E n ,r;trers all,edy Mat he is the .
. ,
i 1 ./ailgt r!! Alper IV:..
ney Lim' v.- '
_ . _.
K Greatest . Discovery of the Present
-- Centuryfor .. .
-4 1eittfiNT o:cunt(crftit `gaillt 41 ottst.
..., , c _ ..,
I.: ' ,- lll , erihilokl:i.stir . :, UllllOlO,ll 1P In Eal,tence. null
,7. a glaneii every Counterfeit in Cl,ll
- lethal !:- Arianpoci oo:nlnihably, that .
0 . No Jodi, to exnuilni,! Ku poses to hunt up:
lint so simplified and ai ran,,ol.l.lmt Olt 31erelmnt,
stud Rusin— 31., Ml ' 000 AT 4LANVO
o •
Thus each may read. the same in
o his own Native Tongue.
htost Perfect Bair 6 l-•Note List Pub
• lished.
Alen, n UFA of All the Private Rankers In Ante.
'lea. A Complete the 1101Ince of LSo-
11:0 nnd Anlel n 11l he inthlb.hed iu ea,I I?
tog..( hop all Important NEWS TII
nI nu OM
0> • • 111 , d-in Cl:., 1::114:: It turnish, Ibo lll .t eomplero In -tiny of (1111ENTA 1.1 LI,
c.," F.:10.111g 1110 Wool Perplexing L l ...aloft:, In width
the Ladies and Gentlt)lnen of that r. , ‘Ditry 1 +, o
no nu. en hannl. These } , thries n 111 continuo
throughout the n bole y Ito. and 0 111 wove the
• nllO4. nut over 11110011 to 1.1311
41)• l'urni,ll.llvkly to-FrOollfilAA.,./nly, it
$1 n year. All let tels most 1 o adthlotool to
.1011 s S. 1/1' E. Nolte,
I'o.ll,ller tool Proprietma, 70 Wall A L, 5. y,
May :!7.-1857,
FEq cmt Fl SHOP, •
uTintl .
klllj.o SASH I , AII'JRY!
Fast Main Ftrect, CARLISI.E.
Till , extol:sive entaldishment is low in Complete or
mippli.4l with the Intl oint•hioury po. o‘mutitur
work ill en ery delmrtmoot. 'rho holitihms (info oho
bolt /rmtlfy volorred Uilt spri Cr, and Willi the
hell not tint wi a 1111111111,d 1.1.18 fur the notoulavture
• I/001:S, WI N 11011 . i i. SA';'ll,
rorq. Illiuila, 51..n1.11nyis, Bra..ltel, and 'nll ntlior
Lind: n• word, Wt. I,All..,Eniltlin,.
pollyrs 11,1 1 1111•1'S 14/ t• 1111 111111 1'X:1111111e 1 ur
d, ius 1.1.1% dr c, 4111011 1.1 . xll6. 1111. 1 4.•1 :11a1,1“1,,
and nrir. , ...nelliW 11N At hilly ,/1111 . 1 . 1,tahti•lam•at In
I.lin_Qouoiv Itl . rinr,v lieu,.
ENWNES 111111.1" W 01:1)1,11.
had topaired ne heretofore. - Engines hale been relent•
114 loth) Ii r Heed. ~on ire. in Ilth hen ugh
Itry'son lu .(Ilea
vllle. tAtatle \Veltel. 311tIttlet,n,
at whir.° they hint I 6 ,et•tt In daily 9.-
erallon.itild to nitwit Wlreall refer for evidence rf
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of eye! y duet it it ion, ill in the gtitallu,t In the fit , nl,lr , t
r,vrtartl nt Awl t uothr for e,ety 1,1‘.11 I ton.
ohltiery: A taro. variety of mitt rastln r , li,lW iu liand
Two sktilftli en.plop d.—
it RING nttet.dett to tor Toper
Furtorirs. &r: Int hing. !Ind
Fitt:tug AT. done In thel,cht
511C11 . Burl] Guar Four , ors, rowels: Itt airman!
Gear' Four awl 'lwo llinaw.aihwers. Citn
('rashers, l'haa.lrysthu, a n d t slat or
W:ItIIEN CAM; 1:1:11:1'
and repa'red. Our raelllti e s fir 1,101111" g Cars are and
,nor e eeinp'ete than herutelere and enai l's us 10 fur , _
I WI them to 11:11 , 9.1t IS oi, the I ail and u, ntirtre
thillne• ( thu I est letlerial, Ci dela ,
sollelted and en! ire,Slll isfartin rtlttrmitee 1. '
. he long expel truer to the' Ipr lr., lqr Of the seeit r •
partner or ihet 111;1h :toll tho rompletent,s 'nr I Ur um
chimer) . In eu ly I.rauch es!al Ifshterr.t warrant
us' in aLQuilnir the I art ,worlt lb all who Sin or 110 •
elite (Vie e a ,l e fe,. I. I riled patronage of our 01l
Mend" and the public Is restlev'tfully euih. led.
May 20, . • r. & Cu.
n.lnWintion designed Ar the Mora?
Nexs . fous,-gl;re - fliontbe eitoh,
- 7 - o,liTi;firTinAFFfAeoll . er
,IFV:Ti.Wkrfls . .
Closing January iluth, Juno an h.
Prindi al
. .
I,RONG,I!nm reninr:
od his office to Centre Square Ivest of tom Couat
lionse; ashore he may be consulted at any hour ut the '
h t i t ly cr night. Dr. A. ban had this ty years experience.
halm pa,l'esslen, the lest ten of which hove seen do-c
-teal lath° study anal preetice of Homeopathic meali
clam; ''`, Aley . 2o; '67—em. ,
' .
- I\TOTIM 7 .i. - o — CTIIIII - CI-111 - UILDERV.. '
1. 1 ""'"lTlans and'specifirations for the Emory Meth
odist rpiecapal Churelittkbe erected on the corner of
West and Pomfret Streets, Carlisle. will be exhibited. --
At the Counting room of .Incokilbeem On Wednesday.' _
the 'Mtla Instant, at whirl' tlaneNcAnditinos and tonne 'a .;',;
will be made known.. The job Is wort! filii - 4 itetitton'
of Blinders. and propriaals for the entree work .will to '
received until tho lath of 'Tune.' '\ ' ..
The foundation soul be. renuired to be lit‘toadtrioos
: , lor the Corner Stone on ilaoth otjuly, • 2•••
. ' C. COLLINS', -
I Builslits
M ...
. • .1. RIEM, -
' R.. A. HILLMAN.. Committee.'
' Carlisle, Mal 16, - IA3I. .' • . • . , •
.• •
• .riety ennsisl - rif Prouty, blinkers,
.j. edge hill. subsoil,. In üblu
and Star Plumbs with wrcuglit
shares, also cop tailing cultti ntoru. 2 nitl,
steel.' nail • ratrn.lblu troth, gr'd aid Aline.
rnl6s, Cast Iran Boller& hay, sting and fodder Cutter
with a Ini:gn, tment : of la/final arid Tnoip, at
admire:llu retail.
, ' morOus &. co. -..
._,Jinetnnei.L4ncl.mud.staro7l,ll/tud NatkOt
'• .
/ARG A bYE.S. 'French:. Lawns 'an4
n r ei Itiil!*l of Iho histeit ilv11; 14 had at
r p1:1111.1iik pri6va the; , niw (tote of" ",:, . ,