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ritiPoitrD 4011. TUE .11EB.A.LD11 '
0804111 V., Wodnes* Dnombur 24 1856
FLOUR SutefinO, per 5 . 5,50 .
. do_ E=_#:,:l:,:t do ,
Wiitrz IVuEr . ,.r per bueliel
Co - fix ,
cLOVEIteEp ••• do
WniTEjt tfAt!..T,Ey. do
lu • . 4 1 1 It ST LE 0 VI:FR - 111
UEO. W. 111111WEit, Eag., of Ohninbersburg, will 46.
Hour the Drat lecture tioforethO UNION lints.Coslosss op
• , TIIUItSDAY,.the Bth of Jauunry, 1857 In ,tllO COURT
Sungari Tickets, admitting two persons lb the Course,
• • ft, 00. Benson Tlehots, edmlttlnic ono, 60 coats., Tick
It. 51. Brkvssition,
24 1650,
ANNIVERSARY !—The Fourth 'rug
ular Anulvereery of the Orman 'Reformed Sal.
utu School will to held on 'New Year's Evening, Jam
rary_lat,_lBs7.....Tho exorcises mill consist of Choir and
;elect Exude, soveral addresses, and the regular An.
mat Report of the Superlotondont of the Sehm;l.
ne Church will be open at - ale o'elock,-oxurcisos-witl
venue:lee at halfpast six, and a chiloction will IM ta
;on for the use or Um School. All {swim. Ilioedly•to
41-Moth Schools aro atfoolltmataly invited to attend.
S 11. Kit-WEER.
Assistant Suporintendent.
Doe. 23, 1850
I iAKI'S, FltU ITS AN I) .
subserllfor has Just gocolvoil from philudulphla nod
lamopyrilogan endless variety of
' ultiditu for Alm lippronelauks Ifidfasys. Also always
ohandn.4 viifuty PANOYTAIigS, Prat, Clikes,
oily Cakes, Pound Cakes and ovety other variety,
.Ith n frosh and carefully, solootbd sloth of FItUIT i o
.ThEkIUTIONA lIY, oil of olash will hu Add la somll
Mau. Our frionds tiro particularly Int Dull t giro us
rail 10r1112 the sonsum on Maio Strout. Imar.
- ramposltlitho liollroti Vol t.
Arco-vitEanvisTtow, ni lb 9 .Im4l, quality always on
Due. 24. M •
tt S -
-•fa ho reeriXelat il A antr ; e( l 4 B n f ra T ieti by the Slats
' l'onneylvinala, for-so short u porled he Folio 310NT . 0,
11l interest paid nt the rata or Eive,_pokaii
- um, itod the principal peji bitch at any time after now
arity, without notice. ' . _
interest scones after the expiration of the time epee!.
• al in the tertiticate,.uniess renewed for another given
• wluil_offour montinh.orJonger; In which-ease the
Went "hi gold up 'untirthztline of renewal. ' Bank
lenat ii clock A. 31, and CiOSw at o' ,I'. 31.
y order of the Board o Nee tore.
31. BENTE3T, • .
Cashier. -
Doc 24, 1856
r', AND OCULIBTi from - Pidlndnlphin, informs-the
tizonn of and vicinity, that he has opened
_ ..
om at the WASHINGTON HOUSE, kept by Mr. Burk.
Ader, where he offers fur sale BPE,NAOLES of °Very
Irloty, also and quality. A new invention of Specta,
es, for, distant nt,close riading,iilth Gold,' Silver,
_ ,eel - and Tortoise Shell Frames, an a now ati4 lipproy
' I asslittgoilt of Tortoise - Shell
Ground' flint themes of his
,i i
on manufacture. He would Milcularly call the at."
- • edion-of the public - to-bin 8 ECTACLES- for._lSHAlt .
. MIXED PERSONS, and fo persons who bave-besn
mated upon fir the thitar tof tho Eyo, and Whis
2 --- sW-kind afflatus and Geuservors 04-tho eight, -made
:the beat Flint and AzitraGlasses. -- Good Glasses may
" • > known by their. shape, exact, centre, sharp nod
ikkappollahed surface. The qualities are to be found
- " , his Glasses. s-,_-- r
.MO MX IMPORTANTI—The Tory host ' Thasillian
ebble, no universally; previiitto Bo,far, auporier, to any.
ther glass. Also, nikroseopes, Spy and Quizzing
Wises of ovary size and quality; Telescopes, 'Magnify
anff9pera Glasses with different powers, together
Thievery variety of articles la the optical line not
Off-OPTICAL and other Instruments and Glasses
irefully repairod'at short notice. Ito ran always se
- M Glasses to suit the vision of the parson, as lie COOS
tom, upon the first trial. Ho will remain In this
Mee dating January Court, mid thine, lo want of the
Jove plem give lilt,, a call. Ifs will, if
qulred, go to any retTAMnble house where, his set.
lees may be wanted.
Offic•The very best EYE 7 WATER. always for sale. - nali
her, 24, 1825. - ' ' ••
L E D."'S U'll V R B . A N
Ituate at the West end of the borough of Carlisle, near
;•1 deltindon College, now owned by the Rev. Dr. iti'Clin
‘, mk- The lot upon which, the buildings are erected
Intalns 77 feet In front, on High Struet and- extends
crust the entire square, 480 feet to Louther,Stroet.
-,..... ' THE MANSION. HOUSE is heatiti -
At -71 , fully situhted on about the centre of
-, f, ; 1 ;,,-,...„ the hit, or midway between the .two
: e. ,, d. , 6 •,• streets on on ;dovetail position com•
- ' mending a most delightful view of
. ho town and surrounding country. It is a spacious
ml elegantly finished Building ronstruetedi artly of
ramo, - fough cast, and partly of Brick, cont. Ing on
ho lower floor 'Large Parture. hall, Ltbrar) Dining
.. . hmm, Dantry.and Kitchen.- On the eeeond floor four
Fed roonte; one Dressing Boom and a Bock remit; and
n the third but
three 'Bed Rooms and two StOro
. mots; Tho Buildings consist of a LA 808 STA
:LE and Carriage Rouse, Wood house. Work Shop,
, uter Kitchen, Ice House and other out ifuilditurs.
The tot In covered with:Ornamental and Fruit Trees
every user BtfunTllfe - frvilrlittnrofthellest - qusil
nil in the greatest abundance.
'file buildings are new, and were constructed collo,.
yfrogardloss of expense. The Fences are good, and the
Intire properly in • most excelinnt condition. 'For
forme enquire of A. L. SPONSLEIL '
Bee. 24,'50. - Beal BMA° Ag't and Scrivener. R.,
,A,T Plt IVAT I.; S Al. B .
lilt - int 0`6,,; . 1rat fli.:11 Street In the lanun:lioff'tdlblo.
new, owned nod ...opted by Prof (1:11. Tillie,' 'llm
prnporty in on tlk, North sido.ot the niie..1.41,1 street.
the Int containing:lo feet infront and 210 rdt-ju depth :
aiilir )
....:• TllO 111111r0V01110IltS are a Large Two
5-. g I STOuli 111111211 11,11.;,.11.,. 0 ith a eoinino•
11 i dben, Back ..ituilding of tin' saute" 111:Ite
' I dal. l'he.viitire pnTerly i.i fi nished hi
"... f'.'e ...., .the most elegant manner, with water
o tin lured. and Ulm In every mom In tlie house. Ex
adient Cogent under the entire Buildings. 'Pilo Attie
„0 divided Into Chniiibers, plastered and well hoished.
Phu out Building's aro numerals and convenient.—
there in an excellent largo sTnitiA and car l i,..._
(loose on the foot of the lot, a Green IL mon, .k.e.
'Tito property In in the best possible Ante of unpile,
.Airing been recently Unlitteq,Velpered thr.oijhout.
'Cite lot contains an excelleti ss, L.llOlll, or Fruit, 'to.
;Rutty with Flowers and tihr Lawry of the choicest se.'
Tho nbottt removing front Carlisle, other.
• 'wive the property would sot by disposed of. For terms
— iiiirlifitiviiwillculare; - enquird - of • • • •
I IrAiiilireand-841,0110r.
Doc. 24, 'fib
• • —Notice is hereby given 'that Letters o f Admin.
aNru ion on the estate of J. C. Black, hite of Lower Al
en township, Curelanland county, deed, have' lawn
Wined to the subscriber, residing In said township.
All personsC indebted - to' neld--estate—unr-requested-to
melte Immediate payment, and those having rielms to
present them for sottleniont to D. Ail If LLY,
Doo. 24, 1856. Administrator.
At Is Moreby given that I have applied to the
oart of Common Pleas for the benefit of thu inseivent
Lawn ' 'and that they imve,appointed Ilduday, the 12th
day o f January next for the heariog of me and My Mod:
Hors at the Court House, In the borough of Carlisle.
when and whore you may attend if you think propel.:
' • Dek. 24, '56 . . WILLIAM °WINN. •
have the pleasure of informing the, public that they
have ablest completed the enlarge:fleet of their store,
And are now revolving the largest and most varied as
sortmont of Wallpaper and Window Blinds ever opened
In Carlisle. A call is solicited from thee° wanting Paper
hangings of any kind, as we are confident that all can
be supplied from our mammoth stook. At the old
stand,,Nerth.ilavover street. ' April 9, 1859.
1.7 JOHN' D. CIORGAS would intern the public AMA
ties now on hand et his eatabliehreent, on Main Mt.,
seat door•to Marton - Hall, the largest 'and moat coon.
Tfete assortment of COOK, OFFICE & PAlt-
AM STOVES to bb founA In this toasty,
which will be sold •at the lowest prices: for
• 7:f.c..z. sash or approved credit. Hie stork conelatent
a 'ergo assortment bf now •and highly op
• c•
proved PATENT COOKING STOVES, finished
• in complete mAnnOt, end : calculated for : either
wood Or coal, or both. All the old standard • pattenm
• which hove stood the test of experience, may be (Mind
at bls ea ablishment. Also, si great variety of the most
approve• and beautLul PARLOR •OFTICE Summo n
.)luding .. number, of new styles, possesping, very cape.
• clor advantagetv over those' heretofore HI use. Famlllee
and housekeepers are respectfully invitod,to give him a
mil before purchulug elsewhere. • Stoves delivered to,
' any part of the country and pa up at the shortest no-
lice. He continues to do all kinds of TIN AND SHEET
'I7ItON WARE,tind.Copper Work, and bat constantly on.
',band or. will make to order every, article , required by
bonsekeepers;rirrithent in this . 11no, ' Uhl stock of Tin'
and Copper Ware embAfts every kind of housellold and
sltchen utensil, warfauted equal to the bost•matinfee
—Persons-irk-wantotarticles may=al. ,
ways be aureol,being acirommodated to their satisilictioc
by giving hips • „ meal
RECORD; a' collection of Newspaper Facia and
atistlca, containing a com'piote llpt of papora . In'
th e lj n it e d , E tataa, Canadass and , ',Oniat:Dritat ' , The
inly reliable woricofi ,` y nog
' aa4le asslatant Oa the Edlttr, Book Pubilaber; and Oen,
.Idvertlser. Bvo. 200 pph - $
On rocelpt.of $2; It rot be, pre;nahi per mall,' to any
part of the country. $
- "Publiehers, No, 83 Dock et.," 14 8 1 adolphia."',.
.$ XI-Editors Inserting the'abciYO three.'motiitlia. with:
editoriallrefarence, and sandbut onplen. of 'the:inper'
.'lll - ro.pn1(1”, ,
cU t ip job *.thimahe i . deue here.
Rem. ithoe,rti6ement;
( - 4 00Dg- , FOR: :THE - HOLIDAYS
FANCY - GOODS, GIFT .1100E.S; &a.
HAVEDSTICK- has Just received from the city
and is now Opening asplendld display of FANCY.GOODS,
sultabfe for the approaching holiday. Season; to which
ho desires 'to call the attention of. his friends and - tho
public. - His assortment in thls line cannot bonurpassed
in novelty and elegance; and both In quality and'prlco
of the articles ' cannot fall to please purchasers. It Would
bo impossible to enumerate his
6 00
which Conajarleaeve' , iartal,yef
row -- s - haw - iirela • •
Nalper'Magbo Octuts.• •• • • -
Elegant alabaster and porcelain ink-statide ;tad trays,
Nancy tvory,peari andybell card cases, •
Ladles' Fanernaskets, •
Yaney':Work - iloxes, with cowing instruments,. .
- Portklonnaietf, ofevery-varietyi .- .
Bold pone sod pencele, Fancy paper weights;
Papotorles, and a ardd variety of itllee.Faucy Station
y. -. • .
3r Mottio smile and nraforg, Silk anitbaid itirsee,
' Ladlee',.eldlng whips; elegantly finished, Ladies' fine
'diary, -'
,Pertitele ltekete!indbme, .
...- , • ' • •
• ' •
1 OU
'Brushes of every kind for the toilet; • ' ,
hoinismrs Perhunes of the verlomekintia, pp
Instrumente, of all kinds and at ell prleml,
together wltliatt innumerable variety of :uncles elegan t•
ly finished and imitable for holllday presente, to' which
_ho_luxitosppoclalottenVp.u.,_ ___
Also, an extensive"n d a elegant eidlectioii 3 Or•
. s, •
vi mprising the various English and American ANNBA IS
for 1367., richly embolished and Bustrated POETICAL
childron'of all ages, than Which nothing can be mire
_appropriate or pleasing as holiday gifts. Ilia asset-Linen t
at School Books and School Stationry is also complete,
and comprises every, thing' Used 1d College_atid_the.
Schools. to call th7l - aartlcular attention
of Families to his elegant
z z;,2 •
. ,
from. the extensive establishments of Cornelius, r her
and others of Philadelphia, comprising every )1 0 14
Parlor, Chamber and Study Lamps, for Mira, tithe
lard sperm or ethereal oil, together with ' ver Vase!
Fancy Screens. Ad. Ills essortnumt hn s line is un
equaled In the I:anvil - I:4h. Also,
sr i nvuti FituVyg, Are, ---
n every variety ab - trat all prices, all of which are pun
and fresh. such as cat be eefdidentiy recommended I
his friends and the la s folks. Ills Etna. ambles,
every thing in the lin if Fancy eltrids. with many otlit
articles - useful to usakeepers which the public a,
esperially. luvil , call and .see during the holiday:3.-
Roalember theOld • Stand, nearly apposite the Bank o
Semis- Ilatioter
dee 13 16511 f.
1 • _ :_ . Now opiq.
And will im at lib; Old !lead irloartors In' North
Hanover street. daring the Christmas toil Now Yoar's
rosilvitios, with ono of i be largPst assortmonts of
. .
livor niforo.l ill- this Mace, ronhigtimt ,In 'Part of Film
Cau•ly Toy.. mot Fruit,.. 1t.., Ilene, (NM
Clioeolon,:nnt Droft4'. nose, Vanlllit. and- iluimt
.Almond,. - yronela add ' oxpli•Jiu;; Also
thu common varieties.
of thu illt.vst Oranges. I.IIIOtIF.
'lsislux. Figs, l'rawls. Currants. Citron: soft :Lod paper
shahs] Aluonnls,.7llbertk. Cresol, Cyroa, and Cit•~uunl
Nuts. lit ~,,tineetion with tho.above th exttoistvo ns
softment of
of eie:ekgapality, and - price. consisting . Iv part of Fine
WtiK, china, crjlng . :tut) other Dolls. Sewing . and
Card liaAkets. Pion or Vases, 3lotto Caps,
'fen Setts. Slaslt, Drums, Guns, Alr Pistols. Accord....
liartnonicans:Truittpete. Chessoten - of bone and.woott, -
Dominoes. Lotto anti other game's. Fancy. Seajle. nitir
Oils and Port Mosaics, Sc. Wu move also n fine lot of
FAMILI - lIROCKILIP.S, such on. IlUll'OriSllll mashed and
brown •Sitgom, of every grade, Cofee, Dhdncers. Starch,
Creel, foul Black Tens, Spices. Water, soda,Sugar, Witter
and other Crackers, cheese, be. ._
The subwriber returns hla iincere thanks to a goner
.cots Publle for the patninaireiteretofore bestowed ori - hint, -
sod hem, by n desire to plisse, to merit no continuance
of thn aunt!. . _ . 3IONYMIL
' - Carlisle, Dec. 10. 1050.
• I
.-1j•-: The store of thereubscriber in in receipt, and' ace
shelves are now supplied with a handsome selection of
. •
line and rich . . •
-• -- -. r V It E'N C
And decoAsted fancy ware, such as Inkstands, Baskets,
Vases Coffee cups, Jewell boxes,,Tox 'fa; anff__Dinnar
- totiST l C hlinThlrs In variety, and a variety of other
Articles all well suited for the coining liollidays. -
In ereryvarlety, frail' and of. hoot quality. hate Suet
Leon added- to ourTormar stock.. •
of very fine quality In small sacks also on hand,
Citron and other goods adapted to the season,
In variety, constantly In store and for salo'by
Carlisle. Dec.lo, 'AO. J. W. icily.
• — place to get thorn lent LEANS CO.'S
• AT GIFT-110GB SALE, 409 Broadway, Noir York:
Fine Gold Jewelry given away to purelmsers of Books.
All books will be sold as low ne can •be • had at other
Stores, ninny of them' for less. New hooks. received
daily. A (lift-varying in value from 25 'cents to $lOO,
given with eneli book at thulium it is sold. Ifaiing on
hand a very large Stock of new nod, valuable .Books,
and es our motto Is • Large Sales and small Prate,' we
are determined to give our customers better bargains
titan can be had elsewhere. Any book published in
Now York oryhlladelphia will bo_promptly Avid,._ gift_
Included, on rocript of publisher's price. Cataleguos of
Books and presents containing full oxplauations will
iWsont free to till pease( the country.
The most liberal inducements aro offered to Agents.
Any.person by sending us an order for ton Bons, with
nionoy enclosed will be entitled to on cobra Book and
All orders for Books containing mnnoy, (to ensure
porrect.saroty,) should bo rerlstered at tiro Post 011ico
whore they are mailed, and directed to Evans & Co.,
lirnadivny, Nan York.
kr, eat:Nom—M. Thomas & Sopa, South Fourth St., ,
; 1. IL Lippincott & Co: Philadelphia; U.
Appleton & Co., Broad way. Now Yor k;' Derby 4 Jack.
son. Noseau St., Now York,
ere• Send for a catalogue. . •
Principal kora, 409 Tlroadway. New York.
Branch Stores at Philadelphia and VYaahlogton, 1). C
1— Dee. 17, 185 d.
I .... a •. , A R.T'IF. ~ -,
•, V 1:./ ll • ED.—A young man booing
boon a Salesman in n Dry, tioods Sloro In Carlisle for
.last eight years, and who look confident that
through his Industry and ft:flirt:laus in tint, hut
fuornlift bur Mao to COllllll/11id it liberal share of I ho public
~..ijarmilivo or Qullkdo and Its vidnity, aisles a partner
LO etunqo with hi.o whir:to fuenkli a 00111 Capital of
froitrit',ool.l to 50.000, to commence but:lnes, to tor.
lisle tut or ;thout ti 11.16:. of A pod, 1 , :f1. 'Ally outfit, Cho
poffscssion of saki suns to int 11,t the Nan..
I l" , titiff'r IS,, hey tioad., or tif . LI., 1,..m....,. i 1 !rs
1.1.411: preiorred.) will Ifearaff 'II Nlllllll' 1.11:11 -01.1_m.
111111' LO hate char.;,e of the im lace., 'Of til'ely,. II lit A
'eed, by calling ea or addressito.: the Edit. r to' this pa
_ .... • Infrikle, iv', . d , U.(rlr. '
1 1 ;El litl 11 I .‘1 .-V.S ~1 NI) -- NEl\'-'
Di' ‘ 1 1 : l'% AUS ` , ''E \ VS-- A verY o ' l ' ...""Pf
efe,ont and unftful goods or Liu of.oest f_ur. p-an pro.
dOctIOOS. 12'. Anl.l St.. /lIPP,I, I oh, ,
. tit WIITTING bESKS. l' Es,
CA SI:ii11;‘) lAbl" warrait tad. matt it tae• Lanai
In our °wit worlothop, trout lu:declaim .act-aitte , l to stilt.
the climate. 12. a Arch St.. ulr, t o ill it.
FRY'S DltlltrSlNO CASES of wood or leather. for
triielllng or home une, are all fitted with articles of
coal uglify and trarrailea-Cullory, the largeFt
'Went ht the city to actor[
—Fil - VS - UttbnarSatelielsrPortmonalet . ,-Trav`olling - Itan .
Etonis Cases, Siitegoin in easeii, - I . netthlios, t , egar
do,. as low au filutilur goods can Itn-ionrchnEed in the
United States. • 128 Arch rt.
Doc. 3, 1850. r • •
ECONI) TAM 01" THE 0001)
kj_WILIOIOSE_CinIeANY, nt_lidlicatien,46ll 4 rout
maiming bee. 24, and ending Ja 0 . 1, ROW. open Eveur
NIUUT, and Christmas lOW Now Year's_ day. ''croons
_dOSII7,UN Of purchasing ClunarmAs and Mar Tr.ait's
I'IIf.dENTO are fuspectrully lnvltud to attend: no they
will find Toys, Lulls, and Fancy articles of Itvory des,
caption. Refreshments served In every style.
All persons havieutarticies to present to this Compa
ny will please - leave them tho residence of Miss
Helgly, In West Pomfret Street.
Season Tiekets, admitting one person,
Single 'Wickets,
Dee. 17. 1856.
• •
on Tuesday the :Rid Inst., and continue in suselon aD
least four days. • The friendi of education ore earnest
-ty solicited to ettend. The Reiland Company will is
sue excursion tickets at.half the regular tore.
A few teachers ha•e expressed a willingness to bring
classes of seholars to exhibit their modes of tearhittg;
it woe hoped that tho re; illations or the Railroad Com
petry would snow them to pass thee° scholars over the
mad gretls; this, however, Atill not be . douef yet It
should by no means deter those teachers from exhib
iting their classes. The parents of the scholars wllleno
doubt, gratify their children ..hy_freely • set ding them,
an Itis confidently believed the cause of edge:Mon will
be greetly_bonelitted Icy their presourif In the exhibi
tion of classes, the following order - will be observed- 7
Newville, Hopewell, Mifflin, Frankford, N. - Middleton,
S. Middleton, Dickinson, West Ponnsboro', Newton and
Southampton, on Wednesday; N. Cumberland, 'N.
Denusboro', Lower. Allen, Hampden, .bfechaulcsbuyg
and SliveT:pring, on Thm . sday; thlpponsburg, Upper
Allen, Carlisle and Monroe, on• Itridayr , ,
• Distinguished gentlemen from, the &hoot DePartc
moot, and•otherplaces are expected to be present.:
Dee. 17;180.6. a • c • • - commirma
• . .
E W GOO D 8 •• A A N 1
eve just returned from the city and= now open
ing & large" assortment of elegant, fashionable, new,
'styles, Paney and Staple DRY NOUNS, to which I would
respectfully call the attention of all purchasers, and'
the Ladles Itf particular. • .
Ameba Long and dquate Shawls, Brarfo, Furs, Hie"
gent Embroideries, 'Splendid Silks, French Merinos,
De 'Leine", Cashmere Plalde, Nibbons,' Taiwan, &a., &c.
A new stmlictol,othe
7 ings.:calft, Ile., In great variety, and very cheap.' •'
Also. mane elegant Now, .Patterns Imperial. and In
•• . , , •
dm now ' racel * in g St 4 - jrcikly and ; aallieg
them off rapldly;at veryrOdueed prime, My old friends
and Customers, and all in want of and baudannlo
goods, Will plearie to extualnu this Block brfore urchas•
In elsewhere. -
hirolee of superior all wool Cothibita.
entlemen's Shawls; Comforts, Cap_es, ViesM
Gaunkleliy&e.. • - " - • GEO.
EAT . CrliTlo( . B
i;l:sffitTitlllt;Oß'W , Putisitt
4 -Ctr.,s,;sths tho.w,lrjd '...-.1,-,;:lyeiopi;'iitm...llVe
.oF$ 40, g*IAL' `.lfor . • ' •
• .•'• , 48610 t. •
rtlole of the . most
...Address, slwttys post pub', • • '
N0:64 South Third :ztreot.
Niunbers smut gratis tu - rtny our, when
1(4).„!1`11 IMITAIIS.—Eilltors lobo Oyu Um above one
limn - lio n. or eondeese prrtlons of It. (the
nothe4 Of new eonti•lllitiunond our 11 . !1100.) for tholr
enlnnnis. shall be entitled to au 0xe1un,,...0 tv
sendlog ft Toorlo.d ..ops'or tale riper_ sontalulnn the
vortlseninfit Irr Itnt are., • I lire. IT. `LII.'•
TS 011,\171-
I r .I I IIK. SEll ' ' E 1) (ER '
has !lOW attained-The itAto•aordinary circulation of OM,
Ilundrell and Ninety Timoil.anot Centel! The. LOOM' le
devoted to 1 , 3),1TF. I.I.TEILITIIIt E. ORIGINAL TALES.
F.S. POETRY. -Essays, flossllinouLtliellurrent
Newet.,and maintains a high moral tone. 1 te,is every
where acknowh,Lted to be tine best Faintly Paper In the
world t• thence Its extraordinary Met unheard orppu•
Inrit v. Mr. BONNER.. the Proprietor Or the LEDUER.
employs the hesttalptitor the ity Aa dot nit
- makes the best - paper. Stich wi Rows nR Van
Sy lennus Cobb. jr. and Emerson Bennet :ow permailentz
ly etigaled It, and hill write.for no othir paper here
after. Mrs. Sl,....eurney al n enlists Of writes roe It
do n Grottier popular authors, including Mrs. Em
ma-D. N. Soutliworth, Alice Carey, Mrs. Vaughan, Mary
- Stanley ilir,son, Clara Sydney rind others. The Lt , dger'
Is beautifully illtistrated every week. • .
Tha' NEW Y.Ottli LEDO ER Is 'hinted "nn. beentiful
while'paper, and is composed or ei 4 la paves, making
the hand,ionest weekly paper in the country. It Is Pub
lished every Saturday, and entd at all thi% OeWe uFll -re
in every city and town throughout the countryi and
lain/tiled P.r subscribers a t.'s2 per. Ton Lit no 4. two copies
,orit Sent _Or ulotaluing °Wit
subscribers at $1 511 each. - (which Is our lowest club
notes,) and sanding us $l2. Will' be °Tattled to note espy
Free. .'forniti Invariably In noirititer. Addre ss all let
lets , . ROBERT - lIONNEIt, .
Putilishei , of "Now, York Ledger,". •
' ''• •--, • 44—knn ritreetoXerr-York.
N. 11. , ---Now Is a good time_tri subscribe. n's iiIIEIIB°N
131•:NNIM1'S Groat Origins] Novel of V/lONTINIt LIFII,,
will - bo commenced on tho first of January.
Dee. 10, 1850: ~ • _. • ••, • , •
GOODS.—TII6 sulhitliber ha§
Li, just opened a variety or Lades' Tahoe& Mocha,
Last nod Square Shawls. Show's, Nerinoes,.
13nsioneres, Mons de bibles. Oftutlettns. (Nimes. Illan•
ke k s, ,te., to which ho Invites theatttetttlon of the La.
dies. E 0 'W.
I - FAL U A 13141. 4 1 - REAL .F.:81.'..A.TE: AT
v PRIVATE SALE, - : • . .
Consisting. of 'rwo,vid.uAßLE LtaIESTONiI FARMS;
B .F N T Z R' 113 lt CI .: _ 5 1i i , t e u: , , ,, t ; ;d 0. .1: , . ,,i . , ,, t it 0 r r .,r e . Sprin gnri 0 totvitsidpithnitherlarl Ca.,
1 I , 011 the frlndle Spri, ~g,,,,d,
FALL AN-D WINTER GOODS. " Ono ofs.ild Ihrins,•witit Improvements, Will he unto to :
LADIES. .. ' ' ethitain froth 120 te, , 150 acres, to suit imrelnistels. with
Tialn Mack Silks. Satin Striped, Mare Antlitu , „ Fancy which will he Oran 10 or 15acresof the hestitualltY of
Silks; ready made Cloth and Plush Mantles, Velvets for Timber Land:. '
Mantles, Habit Cloths; a full assortment of FURS. In. Thu Improvements thereon are a gmid /AO 1101100 a
eluding Stone . Martin, Fitch. hr ,froni $1 to CIO: - -1 -i. , r'o Ranh \nth tlve Thre.shing.
-Merinoes, t!ashnieres, - Cohurgs; Plain - an,tFagey 811.nthot -- - , ..ay ,I- In,. Wagon Shad. Corn (Yin, •miel
De 1,%1110A, Weolen Plaids. A Iparva. llondiaxlne; Brochn. 4* ; - 11: other I >ii Won nil i 111, ! IVO •of lout, rat
Stella and Cadunere Shawls. Fall unit Muter li. "et s • Vl'? I I 0..1. 4 r. and' a ill.° otheg , n-linril of
Rennet Velvets. Satins. Ladies' Skirts. .. 4 ... - • •Ap..1..r. to aloe Ivith .411 - . r trout.
is 4 .V.rilhi . '
The' - I
Flouncing, Trimming, itc., Collars and Trimmings lan .. „t1,,,,....f,„.., w ill ~,,,,i,, a 1 1,,,,
great varlefy. ' " ; ':ln acres: including ale un .15 - 11cres ~r-11,,,,,,,,, Ti,l
GENTLEMEN.. _ raet Is unlinon.mtl, hut has a "heautiful site thr
. ,
Cloths, Cassimeres , Overcoats. Silk find Woolen Under • ...lolling. • .
shirts, Cravats, Collars, Cap,llesiery, Cloves, Sic. : The knees In Toth tracts are In gond condition. ninl
DWI ESTICS. - : the land Is Ina high state of cultivation. For terms,
.. .
1,c.. U.lllll fro of
A full and complete tins Millie lit nr Domosti , ,..lncl noon .
Wool Blankets. Counterpanes, D nnestio and imported
Carpets, Woolen and Gahm Carpet Chain. Wavle,
Tarn. limn Sheen. Loolang Ii lasses. he. , ,
N. 11.-..-Werh•retr 'unite rtvran.,ontnot-I.4iy-Iyhit 6 ll we can
ru.611811/iity gbods4u be bad la the vity at thilie dap.'
._ _
Oct I{,'so:}x' * *.-
NTH I . ] 11` GOO DS : „Gum) 1.-4001)N.! No. 1. Sifiiire nbruit ono.halr i nilo west of the Stone
i 1
~ Ta, ern. on the Walnut Bottom R 11
(load. nletht seven 1110:
, IF Y,./li tI'ANT NEW ( 6)flllµ,i we,t of Car1i..1...
Carlisle, Nov. 26, 1966
4.:0003, 0011 CIIE -
Host 11 i ' or to I:‘;. , l:tuvii ' llit'l; Hotel. and yoti a
largv - as.lttilaott ,oi ...I.6tlirv. s.f -- filavk.
num.A 4.ionou (':Minn. IN
'mines. lie Batzos. Alp:keens. :i..otct
nobs, 8,01 - c:it, 41:tovhustor, I.l . ;,t , in,•eititinhrog •
hams ('oil • •••s Son.s.ll
11..5it47. Elul., A , . &c.
)31.,5:11‘..5.--'.l'(...jii rhinitolS,
TieLinz. and 11.1.011!, I a [1.1: 1•13,
Cilvf if/1w n 0,•.• o.a.
tweLl Carton r Loin,
k and 6131,141.t,W1, h.I I 1-,1
For tiohtkno, 'Are 111 , e Fine Froncli 111:n1, 0.4110,
I'llllo /viol -Ve,L•
Satlnetts. 1 , 41 1,1%i.tu .;‘). JP:111S.
.tn. ,
r Inovt* , , meoetio and elilldron'o Slwes.
we def . , etwm, t -
.11, a very n'itiO'wlow ha f thowerles. elhree.
So ray..
our ntoek 11:1x 110.1 ',knell With the hle3toSlolll,,lrele,
In en, ,a 441 no Wee Elnerlllined oell nt
vary sololl It. Ivm wisiang i1''11111 . 1.11111 , 0 Will
ilnd Our w e :ire selling,as chap—lf not cheaper-111mi
Icily I) on.). lo t-two and limy will ilnd their ntl•
'van to give no it call.
❑uttrr. Eggs, Itags,,Snap and Tided l'ailtlaken'at
N. W. WOODS; Ite't:
Don't forget the place, next door to magiambilw g
- -COrE tr,3Bfin cl
4;11';(7 , 0N - 1 - . ) " -- " - A41:10" - V - A4r — OF — K - Aliir
k. 1 AND WINTER GOODS. • just ieturnedfo r m Ntw York and I
Philadelphia with the igritsest 'assortment nt eleeatit
.WIN'VEII 1;00118 ever budiglit to Carlisle. The ladies
will find n splendid natairtnient of Dress Goode of the
newest style of EMBROIDERIES. tin 11111111'11FL, assort
ni•nt of koedle;Worked Collars. Undrieleel en, Plount,
Inge—llitudkurclilelk,.kr.ory-elegant r aint—the,rhear,
est In Ainerien. • .
AN.D SCARVB.—Stella, - Pioche, and Blau'
•hot 9113W1P, beautiful dad rely cheap.
FEATII4IiB AND Fll)W11118 of every de.
m.11141°11; also, a largo stock of Rennet Ribbons, very
cheep. • •
fresh lot of Cloths, Cassl•
mores and Satincits, cheaper then over.
pAItrETINII AND DI ict:l.OTllB. I luperia I, I, Treln,.
Venitlata and Itag'earpuilug, new, bandeau and very
11°01'8 AND BIiOES.—A nether large invoice of
Floats and Shoes,frool the best nutnufactuters
All in want of cheap and good geode.' are respectfully
Invited to call at the Old Rand, East 3laln street.
Carlisle. CHAS. OOILDY.
' Carlisle, October 20,1850.
GU .cia
101. ZETTLn,
Chairman of Commlituo.
Tho subscriber has- just, returned from the (astern
cities nod is now opening a splendid assortment of
Whloh will hn sold at very low pHeori. •
A large steep of elegant Stella, Thibot, Cashmere,
Praha and Dleinketlikawls• . • '
An immense assortment of the moot elegant Fancy
and Black Silks. veryy, client , ' '
Mous do ',nines, Chnilloc Itiorinoes, Pammottas, and
great variety of Dress Goods, very handserde'and very
••• „ • •
Flannel. Blankets Cassinett4 Jeans, Clothe and Cate
sheer. in great variety, ' ' •
_ BOOTS AND 8110ES—+A large lot mf Boots and Shoes'
I f every description, at,tho loYverd. Prices: -
0/atm:um—AL norr assortment of Imperial, In
grain. Venttlau, and Rag Carpets. " • •
The assortment It. now.very large and complete ' end
all . persons In want . of 'handsome. and cheap goods are
respectfully invited to call nt the Old Stand, East Idain
Street: -
Sop. 10, 1.850.)
. •
011.01 1 1-11aving - closed' opr 'busi
• loons, -wo •wilth to notify our euntomers or tini,
not, nd rognost nil who ore •indobted to the fi rm. to
not e
07010 14.7141 make rettlooldnt. and for : tne co ,,,i on ie nco of ,
nych We will meet thorn nl,the storo•rooin•on•-3Vednys 7
do,gtearh , week, Utltilket ," let otJuintry, •
or: ID, infidl , ..' ; ' ', ' STAnY3IAN ..t•SONS. ,
Dool.'s, 'A I) - . ,SHOES.- - -Another
largwassortinnut of ;tten'it nuirso and Flue Bopts.
torrnoo Boots and' Shoes. Mlssea and ChM'
Soots.and Shles. Punt Cvnrshoes'and, 'Buffa lo Sachs, at4pey Sow prices,
\l A[TLi . i=Farmary"i dro.:(u9Rod to call At illerdner i s
Foundry and one • the Ginfrution
.of Colotnau'eAznerlou
9rultk.Mll!. 910 .v ? r auk by • _ •
00919 ‘..i ' ''J. dRMBtRONG.
. .
, . .
riONW.4 irs ,, ;(ll4)4ll:llsjE ITCINEY
Pthi'M Nbaoll.l.l)lfra supply tit tloaa
tartly oNaallo%t lust tuoiverl -tualf,a , r &Oa, al
,Wll/1;1.A..\11 , :' lf.. l .. , lll,lLQl:l.lliaiaaOlgtlu Strata; .
; .., ; 14 00 16 a P l . o */.ga 145 ;....- • , • .
pco s
Established August 4th, 1831. . .
Tho publishers of Otto old and firmly estabilsited pt.
per take pleasure In calling the ationllon of the puble
to their progntmtno for the coming. yeti. Bnrfeitt
with politics, the elalins of literature will be more the
ever' appreciated by, the rending world. : We have
therefore, already made arraugomoute. with the folloo
in; brilliant list of writers
"IA UAL',"
We design commoncliiOn the first number to gar
uary next, the following ortnitint Nevoid :
Tallingetta, tile Splatter's home, ••.
- - . •
anitior !,f• Mirll llfu In-England
'lliothoti or tiIO Pooto.' /Cm, ttc.
This - in a story of Australian life; Mr. ilowitt havio
'visited Atultralla expressly with the ollject'of acquain
ing himself with the novel and romantic aspects on&
which natiinfind soeietypresont themsel , es, in thi
singular region. •
' The following Nnvehitirwlll ;then he given : 7 •gi
probably not in the oid rher.kinentigned:
The Story ,f a Country Oirk .by 41 Carey.
An original Nnvelet, wiltte r eutikaressly fly ho Pest.
The Withered . pear , An o . omal .Sovolel •
Written esfressly for the . S. - Aril-tun
Ltght ilnuse NantlirkOrrYingl Novelet
the • niittitir of •Mi . Confe Or: tine Child'
Medium.' kr. / •
,Quaker'el" lege, An Original Novelel
by 'Mrs.:diary A j ki mison, author ofd Mark, the . Sex
ton." Homo P res,
• 'The Rai fittrquntly, A.;--Tatel:f the Side. ,
Cantonal'. n Original Novelette, by Augustine Du •
ganne;" uthor el • The Lost of the tic,. •
)Vi. tats also the promise — a n short. mut' condensed
z Nocelet. by Mos. SOUTIWORTII, to run through about
six or right numbers of thn.Post. • .
oddition to the above. list of contributions.
lee design continuing Elio usual amount of nudge
Letters, Orlginol Sketches. Short Selections from "al
sources, Agricultural Articles, General News, Hume,
,ois Anecdotes. View of the Prodwe and Stock Markets
The Philadelphia Retail Markets, Dank Note List, MI.
trials; our object being to give a complete re.•
cord. as 'for as will admit, of the 'Great.
_lWorld. . •
liNtlitAVlNClS.—fn the way of Hogrivlnt,..n. Ira gen.
raTs s ent two weekly—nno -of an InKtruetlve, the
ntbor of a h timorous elle red er. •
• Tlio . p.taxe on the I . N5t to any tort . nf tho United
States. p.thl nonrterly or yearly In talvane, nt the of
where it Is rewired, Is gniy :hi cents a year.
T El: NIS, (Cash In advanc4)--Slngle.. copy,_ ;2 a your.
-I envies. • 1.
8 " (and 610 to got ton . up of the Club,) lu
1:: • ' r 1
20 " - •
Stbres ant) :SOops.
131:NTZ EIVi-
~C UAS 0041,11 Y.
111.A11 .
C,ll-TORCIT , ;BUIL 1)ING F 011•
V 1 -b-The undersidood; appointed a .Committe .by the
Doan' IlTrtiSteen gf the M. '1: Church, with instruc-
Hone from'ttio -Board to sell the ChitrSh Edifice, encode
on the corner of High and Pitt. Streets, now offer' the
said building at, private sale. if not sold'Prirsitely it
ho offered at L'ablie Selo, on THURSDAY, .the 16th
of January, 1857,1 at 11 o'clock; a. un on the, proutlees. ,
E. 1400ItE, Corolteey
dcw 10
• • -
GH-b-Y-14in -E-D -4yEL,.
filtuato two miles no,rth•of Carlisle, on the Conedo- "
guittet - Oreek. adjoin BODO Carlisle Water Works, •
iti• the highs. state of cullivation,apdf xinder. pod .
,fence, marl • 11,0 f which - Is past and rall-and-w ire.
. --.• ' The Impraveureirts are a, Twwstory
-e,', " PLASTERED, „HOUSE, a largo Bank'
• ::1Y'111•1111 " Barn, with . , other convenient Out
," :%. '`lli II buildings, a fine Orchard of Apples,'
,„ together with other and a'Well of •
• Water at the door.:
The location Is an, eligible ono, owing to its proximity
to the Water Works, from which the entire . farni can be
conveniently supplied with water. ." ' • •
- For terms, Sc., enquire of
_Bop. 21,,18.50,,,,,;, : 1ea1.E5tate Agent and Scrivener.
.1+,31t SALE.
he sae: s criber offers at private solo the property on
which .110 non lives, situate In Loather street, In this
borough, nearly opposite Dickinson Colleho. .The pro
perty consists of .
and_Ult.l.PL...GrollnstLefintalning. °NEL,
~ . 4''ll - 11 I — A — CR IN, more or less. 'he house is new' •
' and excellent order, and tins a cote.
modious hack building, Stribling and
• '-'-et other outehouses attached, with a well
of water anti pump, Thu grounds are weir cultivated,
comprising flower plots shrubbery and shade trees, and
:the lot Is amply. filled with the choicest variMies of
fruit, comprising eight kinds of fall and winter apples,
et least twenty varieties of peaches. halfa dam, eerie.
ties of plums,•togelhor with cherries, apricots,' Pears,
rnspberrles.. CuilMits. 'gooseberries, almond and' fig,
trenste.. In adundance, all of Whielfritro lo
law log rondition. It Is in every respect n. dcsiraLic
property. Pm ,0111,1 lIISIII.IIO, to purchase aro refiltested ,
to call and 1, sulfite.
septi,:m4q• • cuAltixs MUIGIAY.
vut us L lo property IM shunted 114 Monroe InwnAblp,
Cumberland romity. About 8 1111101 east .of Corl . l4dei 611
tbo Ilrembes Creek:And to known nn the • .
, •-. A'M WILLIAMS' FARM.'! • .
. .
. . . .
. . .
t Cet.litm,,s ..tio Actzt.:B or the best quality of LUNE
STONE 1,1. \U. aboot '2O of whfelt are edver d will,
good Timber. in addithtnl to which a large quantity of
loot Isar ming.. and the residue lit .the highest pea
slide slate of cultivation. .' -. : - ' '
The ham, isotonts are a Iarao • TWOoSTOBY MUCK
MANSION !MUSH, with a.„. Mirk
.1 1 ,1,X . 2"")
,Back ,tuns
. 40110, Mouse, •
ki . -p•z.A nod dint!. convenient foitt . builolitoes .
Largo cotonte•ltAh4,olAlt:os, With two ,
• T r titre4dtog. floors. Waggon ;lied, Corn
licit', II t, I l.alon. tlarrl,oeo ko. There- IS n -largo
liorsoronawino” permanently fixed to Elio. loom.,
A 1,.,,, lergooToioostory Ira ono Tenant I fousesiolastered,
and to FiO1114! Barn. A good:Orchard of Apjriea, unit
ilev..ry .1. :ripthon A net stream of we ler.risetiowl
30 of the ionise. mantylitholooto the said 'creek
_litionedlooteltio_front ofot.int_housemnil ham ,
property - possessoca'•auperlor :advantages, anal
al ors rare looolitcoments to )1111 . 0111501,1.
are moat deliditfolly situated cm the banks afoli
fel stream of „Inman.. the TidlOw_iireeelirs Creole, and ,
sullielmotiSo elevated to milie ti, scenery ntraorikissod
oy'any - place tn , the enitntr37 - --School-lcousico urn In.tim
rininicollate Chiefly and achurch -at 1/111siourgo. three
miles distant, with at pfood rood leatilihi to tim •
Also :1 ~01.4 sittintiod ion the YollaW firceelomo matt'
,toil fora , on thoo, ohlioitoint6primiorty.: The location is . "
lint hely Instltloy, Mod dirlbju In every - point 'of view.,
For trans. to., 611 , 011cl:hi' '
v• Al! •Plti V.VEE'EA . •
Tint very Vale&lae. and --knoirn TIUSINNES
- STAND !OW t,iornor et North .Ei,ariker -,,
:I;eiitlier • StEcintir';lir hererigh eeCririjclo , tinn• (Its 04 •
and occupied by Jam!. Fetter. containing 80 feet front
on Ila niloyer blandt and feet 011 , benther. street...,
tiro ,c .-Alsituirrer. stone; -
. L FLEE V. 110 INN, with lirich:liark ild-!
hys . it lio linint!illegani his inter, _containing 111:
, e ,e, roams Including the store. roolil, besides pantries:
, nudeonVenient eleSuf nreangenients:l' The
"10)034 ix 33,feet In• deptli,fitted up i • it • the
uossiLlo~nannerand ono or the ritiest desirable and long
'• ktrtl.llphe'd nesielyeations In oar town: -' •
The,6 is large ttro story brick 7iti1114 4 treuithui tin •
I,nuther streetorith a shnp Attached,. lionyernuided- 118
rabinet maker shrift. Lso It idable viz the fuet,et the
lot, and other necessary not buildings: The . pronerty
Is in excellent order having beton' eecontly HUE - N.l'llp
11.0 prosoutnveupant Ear toms Ae..enn [tire of • ,
!real 'l:stet-6,r A lion t inul *rri rimer, - •
.Sep. 10, 1.851}—(:w.) Itlllll.7Fta A to .Agoot ,
culairATED LimEsToNE 'FARMS.
itunto In Dickinson s as, (Annl orl.n tl con
-,- ------ tiii'v - TA - r:INg t'AITiliT ''..iiili-Argr.4. -- ----. - ' •
'I A nr ,vt,:..11 it.• :. wort.l 1111111;0A TlttiLeCanti the ttvi•
tine I. in a hi ii ...te t te el eultly,tti, t , N _
'the Itinti;tittntints are 14 lartredoultloiT,rivittery Frame
• 11, , 0. tilled In it ith
„brie:. iced •
1 ~/,',.., ...7"..., 11 weathertitenhled: I.ltAtitti at:lo.lo.d.
' 0 iiii
•• ,, ,i.c1 letni t itant,t9l bens°. hlledie lute'
i t.,. 1 . .„ . 1rti;r: . „I, ...il1G1;11:1.(.11,11 ( ltikrn..nir.;,l ni1, , ,L,,,
," .. 1 . 1, cri:and t . .riaiette'liit t te e. '1 hen, r
,,',. 'ti t , ti ,.... • . wilt . ; %Volt'. of Iratel:tite..4,l.,tteintitve
:tett 1211. et tintlettit. tntil e I.t:, et-tern. .1; fine. i t,.-
I ;lewd tit' Itepitet . t.,:title.l 1.1.11 1...,/ten..l.‘ al', rherd., ..
_yr:wee...V.v._ ...._
• A line 010 , ley.. rue al, i ii ii., ona into two purls,. . '
, .tee Iv' wl.leh willi Ow ,Ii i''• it.e.•1i..n...1 Istitir. ,,, llltlall •
,ill entltaio 11.1.. e.... 1 holt 1, , a . .e.t•tt. - {ll atlnilf I...tery
11r•µ Ilenve .it.ti."iiii . l7 . I:.•• i Wen pelt,
No. 2. ,it ea to it, Nail t tit itt.lllll Went 01.0 111110 went
of \e, 1„ on lie "lot, 1(0:0 1.....1)1nr from tleltyt.lo.l.e. le
Sew chile anti :Bent midway het 0 yen the 11 41 ilittil ilot• '
teat !toad', inl 1110 .1 . 0rOilik12.;••
• ' CiiNl'.‘l:•.l 'Ail 110 .11.11F.5. . , .
. .
alloot 45 Or whlttli ore ettitered with eavellotitt'llillter;
tlie rivildlie Is in a geed state of rullliatlen nial tinder
good morn. TIP, In. ptu‘vlnellt.l. Hue ~,I,Voly ..,,,y, 'mid •
ronalel of II Fit.l:ll/.. 11'1iATIII.,:liltt)A HD •lii.)USlti, two
etorloe, will, a lenteutent ; a •Krinno Bern. lower part' '
01010. a eintern at the doer: with other improvements.
Thud prepertler. are Inunlttentile eltnated, and Mier .
the greatie.t. iallneeineets in inirvlntinrs. 'file land Intel •
the most prielnetlve,eltaritsttur. and the inentri. deeira•
Ide to every respect. her teethe and further eirtleulars
.tintiiiirit of- -- . t _t__:... • • A. L. SPONSLER.
(let. I 101.5-l:.‘ , ) • Iliad Eatate Agent ,i • '
r r() 11.1 1 1iNTIL BUT' Ilte-KS . ,
&e.-1.1,r und,ri v n,d has been tn.pvinteu on
agent Co. nupplying 110111.1,INCI> tirdny 'design, or l'et
terns,l, buildings, at a inackfies rote than they con
be nude west experienced me
rlnosies, , I Ninrili
4r' x.: 7 —A fall supply of tile . pretaluin Star Corn
l'rom our ion m:wuttetur)i nun
uu lined at whideFale and rotall 111.1.0 f
r6ms Mt.'s. They aro MI4IIIIII fur either
ad or ia Toe piney, and are hallevial in he.tha 2 lieAtu
market. PASCUAL!: 310111tIS h CO.,
Tinpltimeut mid Seed Store.
,Lth and Alarket,,Philadolphia,"
Nor. 20. 10513
n' t 's„ . A G I UIJ'FITIIA.L_IIIITI, E-
A*, MENTS.—lmproved tiny Pressen, . Vprinerie
11 4 - Hollers. Horse Powers andllireshernittridn
Faun. Situnigo Cuttors and Stanters of vs.
rise patterns, improved Pori:4llp •(Iridn
Mills, l'egetrldo.eutiorn, [lay, Stntw find Fodder 'Cut.
tern In grout variety. 1011It1S it Ctl.,
Agrleultiirsl IVaretiounlintid Seed Store. - .
Nov. 26, 10th '7th find 31irrket,,
EU' FALL... GOODS.—The'subscri
bur how Just received n full ussortitiont of French'
'.lerltioes, Cashmere's, Duenls, Mous de 14111{1R, ii)oburgo,
-A Ipaissis, Odicos, tind_ll.uslins, with n variety of }aney
and Stnple Dross Weds adapted to.the spasms. Mao
Iloslur .to
Oct .1, 'fri.]
MAILS ! NAILS am now p
L pored to supply country Norellnntit with ?mile
ananutheturprF pikes. ' ' :• 111.,SAX101.
111- . ,
. ~.
. Tito Mail° Corn and Cob Mill, the beet now In nae.
has 61111 has taken the firsVpromlinn over allothoweat
a numboi of Mu mount Btato and Connty•Pslni.,Nyory
fanner who, foodautock should hayoutmorthoso' mills. -
For sale by
Nov. 6,'60,
• .701 IN P. LYNN
North llatiofor Btroot,'Cor
5An . lbs.,OF-- FRESH• TURNIP
vkiSEED. , consisting of Purplo ‘TOp; Whits
I na, Milo* x Hybrid, Yellow. AberdoonaurploTop Auto
lino, Groan Top do., at wholesale and ratan.. . ".:
' pn§onALL lidglitt7B '
- linplamptit
7th and 3lnikot,
July 80;1858.]
. -
•...... .
uN, NE T'ltll3l3oN.ez - FEA I .egIIRS.
, A full un of Bonnet , ltitiliOris;' Illonii . et
outliers, ;Velvet Itibbous, Strive' Iluttolis,Ae. •''' '- - ..
' 41 c 14 ,'' 5 9•T :. • • :,'.... , ' - ','• ..0p); .iV,•IIITNrn: ' •
figitSiM s 4S).*
tc °pond aloOtotment of Bonnet Feat, ors, •)
lowdro; llonnot )'olveto and t'loshos,..linchosond oth T '
,1111111uory aitodolutt'oFetiod„'.. , . G. W;111210.Elit
Nov; 20.
•AR PWAltlf
OIN .P.',LYNN. t BON, wholOsalo And ' , r • • • ”,vre r
American. Norman mid English Ilardiiaro Cutleiy,',,,
,te.; Invito the ottoullon elm 1 -
public goo orally to our unpinuillS lirto stoFk, rounder} t '
tuut r iy tap' lionlos4too2l# OU Olorek 4/workable !grins than
4ipy,Athlir Loimui in thi a?unt(y.- (432 , 41 1), SO.
1 -1 4 STATIt qf CRANII,, is herpby 4lvon tltat Letters of
Atintiolstintlott on the estate of ISlntehill Crane, Into
or Sit ver'Sprltio township, Cumberland rbunty, deceas
ed:have been granted by ',the Registor of sail County
to Dui stilyscriber, residing la North Middleton town
-Ip.. Ail knowingpersons tlitmisei von itidebtaid'to said
Estate rote required to mime hnunallaie payment. ;nut
those bail fig claims tO preSent Omit for settlement to
- decitl•nd THOMAS U. 011AMID:RS.
STHAY-k; td
fly#,,A . the promises of the sUlmeriber, - litdnion'
y the farm of Untold Nieswangtir, in Monroe
township,Cuutborland county, about the
••s••• 16th of November, EINE 'sllBlil', all
whlto.. Throb of Chain are Ewes, - with horns on&
tail cut olf.• Another one of tkio ewes Is lopMared. _One_
of Dm wethors has small handl.- :rho owner Iv request
ed to count f11,114.t.', prove
,jwnjnnrfy, pay Amps Mid
take - Wenn away,•or they will ho sold stecordinx• to hrw.
•• . r • CONRAD 31• 0 11 Alpf•'
tors restamentary on the estate of John Moines, Into
of %Vest l'ennsbormigh township. CuitilmEland count)'; -
deceased, Imo been granted, by the Rogister of 'sold
county to the subscribers resitting. In the saute town ,
ship. All persoint indebted,to said esta co aril roquemtod
to inal4e !unwell/Ito paymont. and Chow, having clalmS,
intent theni formottletuent to '' • •
EMIG E . itEi las, •
r • DAVID lINIKES, - . •
. Executors.
• --
•EA••Dtc•if:-'4.(yr0.:1,:-Is bli s rebyirlynn Lliatilettera.ot
Adnanistration on the estate Of lalzabet.b...yollc..lstan4
Newton tinrinilitp, Ontitherland. rountyy., - riod'ttrliayer,
been granted by the linepitatof eopbty, _to. _tho, ;
'aubstriber. L .rialtling.jii:Wosl- 7 Ponnaboiounh- tognsldp. -
AI peramis knoaln#2.theinsolves linlyPted—tn_eattes,
tato arp . rertuo - Kt - thi — tY, rnakii•lirninitato: psynint, and'
°lose Imeing elalosa to presont kasen; for sottloinoat to.
' • ' " ; GEC:MON./IRA,
iest3mrintary • on; .tho EstACO ;oT
ol'lilliaheth Derr, lite° thodloniugh
,•earied, llowo beon.dulY. 'signed to tin nobserlbor realdlhg
In Nnltt Borough. All, pqrsotin. banlng s tinhos !wattle,
sxld Estate ivlll•prn4ont thorn n t sottlemont. And ttloso.
ludolitod nill rnitico payment to
• •
tis hereby, giyen
tltaL riPplicatfoo made to tt o neat Loole-
Inturo l'onnayi yenta, to alter the charter - of thi Car •
Hal' ) D.POsit ;think, the Borough of Carlisle;
Cumberland counly,,so its to motor upon sold Bank the
rights flint privileges of n Wink or Wino, change-
Its .nuoi to the Carible ;Link. ' Also to .nereasO the
eapltal of said Bank. (which, le at pregent sevehtrtwo
thl.usand &Marti, with the . prlvilop of inereasing the •
'mew - tithierif - Aprasent charter tonne hundredthousand.
to Three ituntired"Thousintl Donn.. • '
' s 51. BEE:CMG -
Jult. li, 1 5 1504 - ' - Cashier.
citAsfn: ON 'ILOURS!
On and alter 5106 MAY. October 13, '1855, Pe-gooticer i
Truing 'yin 5111111$ ,llows: (Bundeye excepted, . !
4.. ' • lot Train. .. '•••• 3d yraln.--;
I,eavo l'hathersburg' . 3.45, A. 51 ' 2.10,.1'. 3.1..1
" ehippenslierg, '• 0.20, " ' .2.10;• .!'', .;
6ieuvvitle, . 0.45. '. ' 3.20,
••• " " Corligle, ' ' " 10.36, " 3.65, '"
" "51n , Ininiesbitrg, ' 10.55, " ' 4,25. ...
'At ILivrisburg, ' ' ' '11:25. " 4.53, 9 !
- ,•,• .- hit Traln. 2d Trnln:
.mar.‘ 110rrlsburg, 8.45, A. M • 1.40„7'.-51
. ••• • 11..e.10 it 11,1 dad. 9.25, .I ' 270, : 0 ..
1 ts . Carlini, 10.15, ” 2.40, II
" .\oo Mlle, 10.50,-.-' - : 9.•25, I , •••
-- Shlinr•n•lnvg, -, , 11.20; , 1.., l'• 3,50, 4 , ,
At 10.400.crs1AtIr.:, • • 1 1.53, " • 2.28, "'
. . . . ..
•I,nro •!Int014101r,; Sro 1041101o1pIda nl• 7.15 11. IT.,:ntid,
• .1.11, 110 0..10.101:1. - ' •' „,,•: ..::;,.' .'.. ...
bravo 11.,a.i.intr; I' 0. 1.41.14tirg at 8.30'A.m.;12.115 noon,
and 1.0 P. .11..
tnavtFll:l - rrlsburg - lor - 11a11.1rnoro, --- at 8,50 A. '14., .and
51 2.11. 1. • _
.tarn 01'0 itioliln and Sns•inolvinnn. !tall Itond kayo Ilan '
• • 1+4`.!1,-, i'o. Auburn, 11eadlog. &0.. daily. ' ,
4 •At-. 111 sllll9un whom l'irkotm nro s o l.l;Fares nro
'1',1.). l' I; , ii ' S 1,,;, ,, 5 than when paid In Mb Pars.
' 0. N'EXl , l.,..,Szlinqintondont:
Hall l:nad 1•1111 re. Chaulbernbiirg i f
: .0,0;14. 10511.. • • '
. , ..
1.11 C N:SI!tNV,O,R.
PA., biennia
Stores. Morella !Wino, Farm Property, and
Miter buildings, and their eun tents at muderitte rates. TAI. $300,000 11. TIM PtJIPETVA L.
1M 17 . 1 7 --7— lltiii:o7 - 0.•
301. m U. UAL • ••• • T. T. Alm'loB,
eltarliN A, Mayor, • • IL . 1 ../ackutan,
olos . Urint, W. Whito, .
Poter Diebbison, ' • Tbos. Kitebou.
• ILAN. 0. C. HARVEY, Pros.
' T. C. AnUtus, Vico Pros.
TlloMts KlTollo;.9OCruPtrk.
:ilapiitol 11. 1.10 , d,
d. \ V.l:l‘..nkranor
'Mi. A. )11t4;coy,
Info IV. .Ilaysi.d,
11011. Simon Cauturon,
May. 15..5855-1y
Charter Perpetual;'=.s4oe,ooo' Capital paid in. Office
. . .
MASC IN . S:III,LANCi{,eithor permanent °Omit:oil, agairist.
loss or &wive by
.11ru, on minetatrt nits AYFECTii ornvery,
dom.:Option, lo.tcorn or Country, ow tho'inost rouremsbin
tombs. • Applications made Anther porsonallY or by luttor,
wilt be promptly attonthel to. r r. • •
• • I r { r --..---,,--(.4-N.-11ANOLCEli,•Prefete.'
. .
. • .
The subscribor is agent for hie above company for,
'OarSelected Its vicinity. 'All applications for 1.11IIII)co
either by mall or I;Ms mallp will be promptly attondod
to byEIKINSLPit, • '
doe 1 . .11'65. r Real Estato Agent and Soil rimer.
lAN LNS U1t.AN01 4 .1.: TIIE. ALLEN
b RANCR O...),MPANY or Cumberland aounty, IncomP*
rated by an aid, of Actecably; le now. tally obtainiced, aid
In oporatlon ander, tho management of the
commissioners,. "
Dania HAnnY• William R. Gorgtis,- Michael Coeklln,
Malcholr thanneman, Chrletlan Litnyman, John U. Dun
lap; Jacob U. Center, bowie Ryer, !teary- Logan, Benin-
Min 11. Mauer, Jacob Mumma, Joseph Wlckoraham,
- Ale:Cando' Cathcart. • - • - ' '-•
The rates of insumncenre as tow and favorable as any
,Company-of the kind an-the State: "Persons wishing - to
'become members are, invited to make appitentitin to the
agents of.the company, - who, are to wait 'lmola'
them at any time . •• , • • . • -
4 „- BENJ. If. MOSSI - 111,.Preeldent.
LOGAN, Nice President.'" ' •
„ SoOretari:
M7 o llillb CDOKLlN,.Treaeurei;. . • '
•, • .
0175ISSILLANDDOCKTP.—Itudcdph tiaititi,'N.Zutl
hrrlond; .0.-71.: Herman, Kingstown ; ' Henry - Keating,
Shiremanstown •' Charles Bell,: Carlisle ; Dr. - J. - .ethl
.ohurohtowd ; ' Ilemitel.-Graham,- - -West;Penneborou g h •
'James idn,Dowel,./trankford;' , Mode GrifilthiDouth Mid
oileton; Samuel Coover, Beniamin..l7aversticke Meehan,
46gliurg I john Shordck, Lisburn; David - Coover, Shen'
• YOlits. - 01717: 4 1D7 ; ,---John Bowman, Dillsburg;- peter
Welford, Prankllnt•John Smith: EkaPiWAebintitAini-Vr;
8, Pinking; Dower; .1. 19. Omit Paradise. - • • ' •
HARKISBURIL—Houser diSeehman. • ' •
, !Members,etthe,dempanY'havlng,polleled about to Ps.', have them renewed hy- appll'eationr-
kjimorroooiior,i loeorpoili.itor o , or sinowoo. And
-nutitet , A 'Ala° a fliika 4 l4 o itMant br nay,.
;8 ;raw: •d• l'oPlOrilutioro; of Tout. 'dttforant , alto% at
the chant Hardware Eliorept'
July lb; 1866.] ' • ~ • R. aj...liTOlf.
AfItETING:-:-MeMbers• of the Agricultural So•
cloty nil meet at the Court (louse, on Tuesday tbo oth
January, 1857, if 11 o'clock .A. M. Subjefft for
shin—", What is the. true policy of the farmer tesPect-.
lag thif quality and quantity..of fencing?". •
.0 - 0111cors fbr the ensuing year willbo ' elected: .
'21).30. 17; 1850. THOMAS PAXTON; Presl.
COTJR -i ff -Pit a() L 31,A T I
IVberena the lionorablaJasfas lE`OnStiati, Pieeio
dont :Judgenf the several-Courts of Common_lleasin:
- tho'cSUbtlesT um ur and; and.Junlata, and.
.Pennsylvania, nnd Justice of the sinanal Catkin; of Oyer
' and Terminer and' General Jail Delivery. in said • coun
ties, and ilon.Jonx hurt and SAMUEL VyoopnunaJudge.f
'of the . Court of Oyer end. Ten - Oilier. and General Jail
Delivery for the trial of ell capital 'and, other offenders,_- in the sold - county of Cumbarland, hi:their; precepts to
ins directed, hearingilate the 10th lay of Noverdber, 1 8 58
hart, ordered the Courtof Oyer and Terminer and Gene
ral Jail Delivery to be holden at CARLISLE on 51.151-
DAY,' th o 12th of January,. 1857, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, to continue two • . •
NOTICE IS 11litill3Y.GIVEN to the Coroner, Jus,
floes-oltho Peace and Cbnatiblenbf-the geld county e.
Cumberland, that they 'are• by tho cold precept corn.•
mended to•be then and there im their proper persona,
With their rolls,• records, inquisitions, examinations
and all other remembrances, to do those, things which
to their orrice appertain to . be deuo‘end all,Morre that
hy,reeognizinces, in prosecute against the
Pritioners llutt-are or then - shall'hoain illerialt-of said
. aunty, are 'to be then! to prosomte.them as shall be
BIIERITIOB Oche, CAILLIBI,;} , Sheriff. •
Dee.l7, 185 d.
SIIIP.—Tho pertnorshlp heretofOre oxfstle4
tfrectu_tho subscrilArs,-under . -the, firm - of-AD DI 8 - ' , A
PLATIK. hos boon dlssolvod by mutual ,consent. All
persons Indebted or having claims aro requested to can
and milko sottlemont.
• Hoc. ' JOHN PLANK.
.4:-.D . Tho'buaineaS will be continued 'at the Old Stand
by John Plana, who solicits a continuance of public
retinue:go.. : • - •
. -' 0 Olt, Dlto'o,- , -Notieo Is liii•ohy 'Orrin flint Let.
tors of Adtilnistratioll OLI the estate of lEnnah Pflon-
IrGr, laq, of Ole:c4A4 On township, ,Ou abOrlond county,
dose:mud, fiat, bdon granted by thotogister. of - tho
ii Id .ritinty, 'to tho stibsirlbor, roshi rig - In. Newton
rovitishlP.' All ponrins haring chit in s gni nkt sold 'es ,
, tatotro rolitistod to prisont Chum for °Moment, and
thrills indobtod to malco iromeillOto p robot to ; -
Dor , 3, 1850 • ' - ' i Administrator.
Nur. 6.1 R 61
Thos, Bbwman. D. D.,
Win. Vinnterbolt,
FI111.11; • -
Dr. J. 8. Crawford,
A. Uptlegrelf,
lion. Wui.
RIM 01, Agent.
[Carlisle, POrileft,
• .
t„ 10,000.iisholo af' the Cniobratod Broad 'Tap
alk - smitba' Coal receiving and far wile by. •
Sop. 3, 1.856.]":"14. - D. MURRAY, Agora:
r 4 ..A.MILY COAL.-500 .iONS LY
KENS VALLEY' COAL, Drokon and re-ecreonod, ,-
prepared expressirfor family use and kept ORDER COVER,
so that I can furnish nit 'Dar and analt.during tho ,
winter season.- .I have also- on hand and for sale the '
LUKE - PILLER. COAL from the Mines of BoYd, Rimer_
- ,A_Co-IttnantlA-.IIOICIN=-00ALrfrom-the-minen-of:Coeh.
Iran, Peal A" Co., rant which I will sail at entail profits
for eash, , lsud deliver to tiny part of the borough:
nov. 14, '55. ' -
TT COAL CONS •MERS: - - - ---Tho
scribei would respect/ally the attention ol
clti-ens of. Carlisle to his large stock of COAL, of
varieue kinds,' such 'as Lyiesn's Malloy Broken, Egg,
Nut for Lithoburners, firma,* Egg and Nut, Shama.' .
)(in Broken Egg and Nut;. all of_srhich Ise will sell at
reduced prices from loaf year, for malt. Tho Broken,
Egg, and Stove Coal, for family nse, will bo scrothsed.—
By striving 'to plcaso I hope to have a liberal patron
• '•' • • TO BLAC I IOSIITII9. •" "
It • Inm now proparod to supply you with the veobrated
and Top Coal, which is considered tho boot In tho
Rata Como and look at it. I hoes tho Alloalamy
Coalalso an handiall• of which - I will - soll - Joir - fOr cash.
'quick Wes and short Profits is my motth,a alpibleala•
ponco is batter than a Mill chilling. noway glvu no n
call, ono and all. •
ordero left at hie resldonto InEast ntroot, or.
nt Peter Monyer's and Ilenry_Basten'e stores, will to
promptly attended to.• • Vet..l; 1850.
till , • • • PROPIIIETOBS.•' .
• ..TorlN - 13. DuaLsv t i --, • HENRY A. STURGEON.. •
• Thifi Blink;•doing business in. tho name of MBA,
IlitliNblißilAN 4 BOAS nawlully prepared to flo,a gen
eral Banking Business with promptness and fidelity.
' Money received on Deposit and , peld,bacii,on demand
witiond notice: Interest paid on Special Daposits.—'-
Certificates of Deposit, bearing:interest at .the rate. or
MB PIM CiiNT. will be issued for as alior, a period'as
• . .
futorest, on all- certificates , will Otasci ' at' maturity.
prividcdZhowevorct•that If mild certificates aro renoued
at any tinie theroafter Mr another given period, thoy
shall bear the Some rate, of Literegt up to the time , of
ronowal." -Vartiettlne nttontlOO paid to collnatton
of Voted, Drafts, Chocks, Ao.,'ln-any part of Om Unltod
Stator or Canadaa.• • •.- -
Remittances made to England, Ireland hr the Conti;
omit. The faithful and confidential ['scent len of all or
ders'ontrusted to them, may be relied upon. They call
the attention of Earmers, Mechanics, And-all (Altera
'who desire a safe depository for their :money. the
undenitilrio fact, that the Propriottirs:of THIS 11.1. NE.
TilEill ESTATES, far 'nil the DEPOSITS and ether i
01if,111,4T10N:3 of !Cm Eronfitunart Co; ' '
They have tecqutly rontovod into their' NEW BANK-
IVO HOUSE. directly Opposite- their thriller stand.• in
West Main Street, a few doors East of the Stoll ithad ,•1
Depot, minus:llloy 'will at all times tat-,pleased to give
any infortuntion desired in regard to money matters itt. .
general. - , .
°von for Inviinoos front 0 o'clock - 41.00 writing. on
II 4 01clocic in tho.ovoitlng..... __II• A:STURGEON,.
Doc: 1,7,18011. Cashier. '
Situreb - r'att4 811upis.-
N 1 V . - -- FrATT • - CAT ) ; AND • SI - (.).111
'rho indeilielber has Joel i*eiled In the storeroom far:.
merry occupied tiy Ore. W. Hltner, ou the Corner of. the -
public squall°, Male etroct, near the Market htouso, nud
adjoitilhg_the _Jewelry Store of Wen. D.' Njinglo r an - on
tleoly - ii.we and splorwild.wortstient of Nall.and Winter '
tloods-.+conipelidng the Intost styps of , •
• - 0 VS, Wins AND • 8110 ES, •
of every variety and Linlahi,'
His Alate conehit. of . ..extra.. fine" 'Moleskin, Denvor; -
Pearl, Claret, Kossuth, Spading nate, ho. Also Steiner: •
lista of all I.llaesellatibarir
Orikford...gords. & Co., and 'otho . .; colebrtedhattorel of.
Ile hstilebio'every - rnrietyvt - hlnermitues' — :
Picture. ATI ChCse goods Ito wlgguatantiw to, Ova onPro
t•••. : •:. - - • - •
Ille...steck.. of Shoos 1 -- slpeto pp - Of every_ varlety_and_—.
etylo.ffiim the did:pelf tJoo the
,h(OETCrtiqo the mar•
kot, and Cannot Tall tolileasd. . ' „ • .
• flit'rdAplictfplly.sblialts: the patronage of :Um plibll6; •
Tooling cohfident that' lie can hell the cheapest and be5t,..;...;
goods InChe coixaty, • .• • • ~•
• • •-• • • • • -^ •
- N . R.() .C.E
A cliOlco -soloctfion 'cif-Btoceilb's of °toll'' , Vadoty,
'AI tiding didens add Toms halia bcon added tdn'tm forum..
itssorßoant, oolong bed strlctlr prime •
RIO, JAYA, I.A.ollyttA & MOOItA cO/1.11.1tE,
' tog - other vltlt A moral'assortmtatt Of ' , •
. • BROWN' & WIILTEr-fdllOAltk: ." I :•, '
Jocludtng .orugliod,. rinulatod, Palvotliqd;ordt Clitri.;
Sugars..llod Also Alot of Wolf. Choosor ?arctic, Corti•
Starch, Mustard, Cliocolgto, Also growl and
Tons; of Jonkfo's select lbrAnde, se.
J'or - sale at tInS lownstprloot MARION -diA'LL Ono-
OERY by - (Oct hi) * 4.. W.-EBY. ''•
r OBACCO.—L- . Of this we:eii;.bilibrliainii .
gnutran4 Cigars; two once now on band n choke'
iicilon.'hinAng Width' are CriVendish.(both plain and -;•
Fig ; cress, Piing. and Finn Twist Tobacco, of,
ehoice-linportatiope,As well as other good brands of '
t 11.0 We—fancy names weof. black wo °Dr at
boost/is quill itliallty, if not better. tlglp any.othar
:isHortmont In the market.! For.sebi abtha4ld eland.
0et.22:1856.' „ • • " 'W. EllY. •
The undersigned Invites t li fittttentlorr of bbi old cue,
ton - furs and the public to-Ills now spa seasonableak•
•sortmodt,of SILIC, NUR and STRAW .IEATS,:eLom
. !APS,A,C.for , kolitteni n f.a. u l slinyslivilar,.otAbo latest,—
:Eyler; and bost - quallty. ThOilinrtinent yin, be - found;
brombraco.evory sort and size Of ante and papa for..
llaSfi -- and Children, from am: cioncnbticst and:.
• , honpost to thelnost' stylish ;andflishionablo, such. as,:
fskford's spring style 0 Egon trantn'R liatir, White,
Ind BroWn, Slouch flats, with Fur Hats of his own man-,
Mart • 110, 'binth caps
tarife - assortment-,ifldon'sfand iloy's straw hati
ffdlfferent quMltics agpl prlcotg, to suit tint,: •kets nf:.7
',ail rich and poor. Feelin confident that every Par
.hasor cai ho anconunodated, fAut his extensive and
curled lufSertment he rordlally — fuvifos ids friends to
roll ang.k.furamina,ati hisnld ectabllshritent nol Main
StAfet. WII. If:TROUT. L .•:
. • • -
0 . .: Js If Itnivsr,
L. • I , 'ur
Tho'subscritieliliteini kurnm.l fainttlinelty.wauld
!dim: atteittdon,of- his -:lLleutis, and
largo and wellsoleided ateurtment; of llardwarowhich he
:hint Just received. consisting in pact of IlUILD11;10 MA. -
;THULA Lti,,tialls,serows, hinges, locks, Imits.;glnss. putty
led it M. ails, &e.;. TOOLS—edgelnals; saws ntyl planes n
i, ery description, with filos,•rasps.:hannnais, anvils, ,to' •
GLASS 'of 'every description. and quality--..rounntm .
aline; of difforopt,brands,..whitu'pollabod
Froneinglosa o all sizes; doubldthlek glass of all slue,'
ground onsinoliyil gloss, &,c..• , •
• A general asidtrtmerit dr STOMIMAKEILS AND SAD':
.1)IAE KS ,TOClnti. togethdrwlth utorpero, lining and bled. •,
Ing skins, slioeihread, wax, fitetidalds, Mimosa monitt.
log. sadilletrees,-,te. •., • e • ' ; • • '; •
COACH diltl3l.3lllM.l—cAnVass. (plain; ennmelled. ;
tired rind embossed,) patent and enamelled lrather,i".'
:tains, springs, hubs, spokes..folloes, aborts, &c., &e.. '
Cabinet Matters will And a large assortment or sorTI.,
mahogany and walntliNenitertuntonlding.rnaettes,
hair cloth, curled hair. ko. ;;
ITC 'POLISH - PAlNT—A.newArtielo forvzialLing n.
1747CoinlldrW,htit74 1 31.4 1 11;ttAVelitilit - Firliiiing,rooms,;
litfLNAL:jarge . tock,"comnripitig , sil kinds In general
• - -ufsit„Ttoviimiber the old stand, Last Ifigls Stront, Cnv
lisle, l'a. • ;,
March 2d, 7.gfiGl.
LliTwo'now and ologant • Rosewood Pianos (11,4 and
7 octaves, from. the celebrated manufartory of linnet,
Davis & Co., Boston. .Theae • Instrumento have boon
carefully. selected from a largo stock, ond are warranted
,to give,oritirif satisfaction. They sold dt
' • T Y P. ItICES
and kept In - order by a competent person, for one year
Rom date of sale. r Those who may wish to examine. or
In prirchaile a good Itudrument, are Invited to call upon
the subserbor-rd.hts-realdeure
Also; TO ItitNT, two gtied second-hand Piano Fortes at
sl3.per quarter. ' - JOON. K. B:CAYMAN.
The Greatest Arrival of Benson' of
The subeerheivr - htul Just returned from thrreity and IS
" 6, " oponing, next door - to Costamagne's Ilotal (late
Ilaglaustilin'lo,- In-North Hanover Street, splendid
assortment - et' ---- • .
NEW ANDICEMAP DP.Y (400b8, • • -••'
rapuptialtig •Alittinoes, Genoa
,Silka Persian ClothS, Do.
Lnines; Do Segos, Sank Flannels, Ribbons, Cloths, Canal
mores, alnithata‘Oalicoes, Hushing, Chucks, Tlcklnks; •
ilsidory, Moves,' white and stapled Carpet Chntu,Ap t
noornerro of all.kinds and boot, qua' '
„Also a large stock of BOOTS AND SIIOES, whith Do
will soil as cheap as any Itouse,lu town. .
Butter, Dggs,lings; Soap, and Dried .Fruit taken
at- Market priest.. ~
' Don't - 11Fgpt. She placq nose :door to,
Oct 2217856.) - ' " ' . -N, Art.
--31iseozioup,d Goutloplou'* kmg, 'olrivps,
Couttortei •.". •
--- • - , - :
tralyal,A!l4 . ll.! sa!e! o calfg .
ROM P,1,4 NI---Thf! titeeniioll"4f the
tha,Pilala a. • IlLickandild particularly fi 14qticiat
4to the laige • .rtment of Bar iind.ltolled,,lron of all
setapd kinds :Wet Of All kinds, Bilea, Rasps, Screw
mom, 'lces, Bellows, and every :0;411W lhatAh6
lackemith Aqua: ,- Iron sold In quantlttaa
holesale ''.4lllltithis warranted.'.•..;:.,_.
-• .7 . 011N, gi mom BON,
04. • • 'N tintar Bt.t 9‘3 4
1. 1 ,,;
doue here, -
,Q,700f., - ljue.,4 ( iii.._,L
40 ;
• •
,of Newville, Cumberland Co ~ P a. -
' Grand and extol:wive solo of •• •
- The proceeds of the sale to ba devoted to liquidating the
Debt of the Institute. •••
Unpamllod Opportunity to buy & valwithe Book,"and .
hisiotne a Shareholder, in mild's:vat/Able property. ,
-- MORMONStat - olilollar par copy—Eloven Books
for Ten Dollare, Gunnison/8 Illetory of the 'Mormons Is
by far the most aceurato and, reliable work-we have of
that doludoil people. In Order-that every person may
become-a Shareholder ; Ihe . price of-a • Book and Certitl-
Lte of Membership of the Association will be only $l.
-Thu Co , tilicetetwill on fists - thwhelder te•au••• interest' in
VALUABLE ,REAL ESTATE; &c.t - . - • •
1 VALUABLE lIIPROVED PARAh -• • _-• #4,500
With all necessary Out-buildings; situated In • ••,.
Cumberland Valley, near Now - ville,containing -•
, 125 acres.
Adjoining the above, containing 125 acres. '
Of 50 acres oach;oltuotod in - Mifflin township,
Oumborlarid county; ' ..... • •
„ .
0(20 acres ;mai.- • -
1 SPLENDID NEW ' BRICK DOUSE,', -'• -2,000
,2 Story and Brick • Building,,adjoinlng the Hall '
on the west, ••• • ..
'8 IiiiIIILY. lIIPROVED -OUT-LOTS,' • 1,500
Of bvor 0 acres each, within half a mile of New- • ,
villa, at #5OO each.
"100 Orders for it.EltiNN'S CELEBRATED WRIT
, INK; at4lo per order.% 1,200
Py _ e _ set t lio _ c o b sbratod,Pactory - of - Wrm - Thegbo - & -----
' CO., Baltimore. . .
1 Superb:W.lE6looam. -- • • 100
2 Splendid Routing Case Gold Lnver Watches, at
• $lOO 'each, • , .
2 Splend
10 ld'llinitlng palm Gold Lever Watches; at '
$B7 ~' • 'l' ", - • • 175 '"'
6 Splendid Gold Watehes, at,s6(l coin, r ' 250 ,
15 splendid - Ladle? Gold Watches, at $6O each,' - 800
10 hocElleor Lover Watchos, at $25 each, 260
12 , S , :" • • Watchtis, at $2O each, , • 240
16 superior. Parlor Clocks, at,s'B' each, - 120
50 •• Gothic •"; . •"--"•150—
60 " pot Ea*, •" ' 3 160 ••
:1, excellent Family Carriage (latest style), 200
1.• Ilockew g ny, ," • • 175
'1 • Togy.,,. • -.175
1 excellent Sp r u ng`
agon, . . 100
OuPittlerTwunersoljpild Wagon. - - 100 - -
-2 mots Splendid liernetis (illver mounting), 80
2 extra Slinalmh Saddles, ••• 75 2 -
• . suporior - WalnutSotas, ,150
•magnificont:Sofa '
t lfablb 45-
-2 , . ,Deessing llureaus, - , ' .
1 splendid Secretary,: '6O •
4 Dining Tables (extra Cherry), •
4 Bedsteads', j• . ' 50 •
2 sets Chalrm, at $l5 per set, " 50 •
2 imported Carpets, ^td yardaench, $2O per piece, 50
2 liotnovadp 4.larpoDs
. extm, each et $2O per
ForionStores,ni#l6.eb. ' •, - 120
Orileris for'Sults - ar hind: Clothes, At #3o„each, .00
- ; 141Ite Presslm; $:•.0 - 60
8 •-•-"
.• .; -10
10' " Hale, • 6 SU
12. • " ' Boots. ; •
" GoirtionnSlo4 Shots, #3 00 eath, • •42
127' , • ." Gaiters, 400 -CO „
12-- •" -. LadleS , Slows, 200
.100.1iold_Penclls: at $2 each, • 2OO •
£OO-Gold lons, at 51 00 _ • 200, .
- 100/11exos'Aiworted•Perfumory, et $1 00 each, . 100 - •
9,copPs sielLlesundlll Ise/Alan eouirßook u, at $1,60
16 Ladies' Alhume, at' $2 each';' - _ • SO
- Popular •• " 152'
TAls 'Assoclatitni itt Sounded' upon honest •and- J rcir '
money, 11.1159 book, :and on account of the great slumber
gold, hscomos is elosteholdor mesh valuable pro;
puny.", A:reitlficate Will he presenfett tn,oach book pum. •
chaser, ontitling.tliwitelder to an intermit In the above
vaidable pniPorty. As soon as the, books are all, sold,
- rio - ticenrlttibk•girtiti•toth4 stocklugdors, /Wail coition
',thu/will liohl ;the /institute's Hall,
'When a , Cointeittee "56 elsoken,Yo a 150,,, the ° pun
peals/rill •lexxiollvored,:to• . be distributed among the
shareholders., All trio articles that on, will be flYetalbl•
fed' the•lMithrife'ei Fair, on the , 12th of August.
Fenn the very. flattering manner in which this Joint
Stock Association Is ..res'elvod and patronliod, and from
-1 1 1 6- number.oflieltutiCalrleid,v•seltitlt ineOnfldently-bmi :
Resod that the property cap be doltvored Mx the-eller°.
in fertniontbs, PUr.the.elsaroelocof the ", il)13
Srntxa Ltreit*TltramuTs.,. eonnetital irlth
IL We ore - porptitipd referjo the:following ; goat's,
num : •
--, llllll 3 4llVilt t it,
Wm. P. Mu it, ilarris,hurg. • '
Rnalio V ~'llidtinlero. • .
Wm: J. Shwif cr.:Emu:A t•eytCurrib.
Daniel Shelly, Sup. Couttoon•Sinoqle.. . • ,
,lohn l W. Mundt. , . ~ • •
:Boyer & grottier, c ." 1 1, ,, • , o • -
un„.:A.ll bnlerm fOr'llou suit Coilltlcatesol,
should-bo addressed-to ;•`,. '• • 7. :
• . ' c . JAMES , IrelfEEllAN:ls'
"" .. • •:' ' o '. Ego:" Big SPritor Lheraryluillitt.t« •• • •
r ...;•• , ,- • ••,• 'No.w Ylll9, Ihntiherland Do.!,
AIiTiVZSAVANT.O,: , to ova* Tbirn "/V•
the United;Statos, toesbhilisAubmeriptione.,fer jt,
whom ajlbond cortnrilssion will lie given. :All. I•' • I t •
of. lintieikl aessnapanted . Irjr.e,Postage Stamps th •
promptly'aumwerel. • , 1
• ' t. 4 1, OF AGENTE:: "
.. • • • - •
• . •
etnuliel-1 1 10insw,:. doedi rrolki; V. W..Curriden, sni p
.4i/ha Fleld, Shophertietpsen.; Sawi'L , Gaysw,
," Wel t'Bottom ;' Jas.:lf /dn./ is,; Lila Cross ° Roads; W:01.
Matuer, , John 1E; Solt4omanj 111itronlaillitown !IV: SE.
Strock, J. S:llioetothm Ilocittinleshorg;,lyos,Noaltisr, • -
Paportoltuol. Webberto Bolliiit'Springe; D. 13,1"Psys,
' Lecinst 2. pre w ford, sLII/Colutigh,_Nowv,ll4e;
. CriAslrell; Shippouiburg ; & .1. Kunkle/ Oreq•••
Sprlngt.„Potor-Aftinyer;Win. Lyttle, A. .
Co s t-nun:o, Carliel6; F.:4isvoyef, ,Nenvvllle Dewitt El.
" Croft! Leesbitrg: •J 2131. •IL Eekolm, Shenhordstown ,: J. 8:
;Davidion, Plain : Hold; •E.Jotrici, West •11111;
* Citurelstown .. T. a. Williamson, Dickinson; Henry §ny.
der, Mifflin township; J.,V.SitderfolltsOakvillo: C. Nei-.
'•litigor,,lkengtedown; S. MoCuite, 1111ddle Spring"; A;
Erb; Bridgeport; Lowle Eitter. Milllin tbwashlp-
Payitl•Sthohnl,'Now Kingstown: . Conroy' Ahl, Mt. Weak
:ant; 'Sole/Mel Bear,' Oystor's PoittL
FlerrEll, 7 B U. ;
I • i IiOOSIti:"LL—r
It'••()N it Ai 1:1•.D
;:iilecato le;isertaielitof now and fashionable yuitNyruity
• _ " "''
Alahottany bras:tips Itureaue t witl Marble
t i..31:11e. 'ratable. 4oldli • nohatande, • •
',ll`allintlEttotormihreY Wardrobes. :
and iyablits pf all ' •
l'lalti I Tablecat. all
:PIVOS.: • ' • • '
d'arlor .inn (lhaince and itorkinit Chalia,witit velvet or.
J .- hair-cloth orate nod .
lalittiy and !Walnut •Chaire Ith heir :Wirth or cane
', seats.
elaln Chairs oral! kinds, ; • ' •
Call and Noe tide noir and ob.:A.:nib aasortnient l nt the
ltoonis of ti,, onto: 611.0 r,, oitlputher street.
laar tho corner of Ifenover.• . • • • . •
~:JAerip rtirrEit:
cp.% giu2
July 23,13511,
•.1013' Elt.'l`__l3.. SMILEY' , ..CABINET
Lt.: ll A En and UNDERTAKER
North Ilanorer street, next „
Ire rvbuld rimpartfully Inform tho'.
Athens of Cnrlible and the publle generally, that he,
has now on hand n largo and elekantassortment of FUR ,
N I TURB;ronsisti ng in part of VarArobes, Card and nth
or Tables: Sofas, Bureaus, Bedsteads plain and 'fancy
80saingfitantls,.be.. Inning:n:l.o ad o' Bedsteads,
best:note .
. , -
! Alxo q gonoral assoitment of at tin, lan'est •
•WkSITIAN Intros tanda to - aritinynntl trivlring"
prtnnotlj• al:Landed td.'
made at tla, rjunitost notice: and liar- -
Ing a splondid boarso be will utfaud funnrala In town or "
Itetnomber tho stand—next door. toH. (314shi_
. 11. IL SSII hEY.
- i_j —JAmtis It. ivitAvEit Would rosnoefoully rul
tho attlodlon of I looso•kuopersond tho publi
. to hls'oxtonolvo stook of unr , ant PUENVIIIIIE
ineltullog Soths,lVatdrobon7Contre and Tables
Drousho; and_nlolo noccous, and uvuty °thin.
- 41.lit'le In his brawl. of-business. Also now on hand
She larorit assortment of Cl I Alllt3 In Cut.'sle, at
the lowest prlrm AOFFINS made at the short
est notice and a IfeArso prorlded'for fonOrals.•He
solicits a call nt_hloestaldnhniont, on-North Hp-- --
,vnerstrool, near I.:nisi:43's ••• •
tfn - ynruituro hhed out, hy the month ov,year
subscriber 'meat hnnd n lnrge - supply of SEA
EON En 1.1.13111E1t. of nil hinds and suitable for all pur, ;
roses, trldch ho olTern.fbr sale at his Cool . and Lumber
Aarth. tn. near the BAN Works. All order
JACOB promptlyatton—
ed • ' •BREO3I. •:"
'he subseriber at his old Stand on North Ilanover ' ~ 1 74
the Sign of the "Mammoth lied Coffee Pot," do-,
Dos to cull the attention of the, public' to' lila largo as•
ortment of STOVES, of the Inmost and most fashinna.
Me styles, from the boat manntlictorles in the ~
, country, and'at all prices from $540 $l5; a
• lb. are the Mirror Stove, the Aretle, haver,, Star, ' •
Porginn, Union and
,rEtoa Tight, , togsther
with other patterns which - lie has of all alum
for parlors or chambers.and ealctilsted for bunilog oltber ''tl
wood or coal. Also, the rEtna, Globe,
Plat4op and Bandbmt or Poor Man's; wlth - other COQK
IEO the latoit improffenientalu.
-kitcheifidovcs, And Iniend , d for either wood or cuol.,
the Dining:itoom Cooking .Stovo-a•rievr etc-'`?
gent miirle, to which he finites: the particular pttem.f.airi
Donut' f6milios. ' lilt cooking stoves rangeln prico..l4om
$1 to 25,,with the fixtures" completely . Mild; Nine PlOtti 'vr
.roe of 'Arians pat erns and different. prices, .; „ i
Also, ENASLELLED AND- TINNED, W,Altlt for COok- -
log Stoves, Brass 'Kettles, &d.i' 1006101rautitticle
lino of Tin and Copper' Were. • The 'public are reipoot.
fully lifiltod to call as-,-Ite4a-coplident with Jild large
stock,.yariet,y- and- choapness, of being able - to dip enr.'"; ,
satisfaction to'etrotTpurchatir. .Cit(l end see. , •
.'sl.' MOILED) ,
1 144 - 1 1 :0W=-RENT:77 . -.7 71 :
7-411. aLitaniint inv it. the Bollthi,
, es east drtrentsth:le °Dreg tiiit' - telit IMm the let'fr:.
011 next: The MIL *III hot he'reeteill.on the sberite
•r; •• -' Ph'T7lll. :P. 'WE,
PitAit:oo 2 4li;+, 0 1 3RI994p0Oktilalt/Itai
banttittaill!ifiutli 1 . 14
uPv , 24 . ' 6 . 15 . , #24#10A11 . ..' ;;•T'
.QT04x.;,13c511 4 E4 gsgt,..s •
;kisubailfAi:ofteree:flA, tile a ilati.Eltdam toiler; ;a1
een Oat languid thirty inchino • In diamotergwith
ltniftodu 'Exalt' Sue, apply at the Papar' at -Pa ,
- • • mougg: