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ICO6 earg est (1,0 ciikst,l3 aper .
TERMS:—Two DoLLAuivAltreic,Aai.oNE DoL
The second tTssiod Of tlie•present Con
gress commenced - 04.14'01day
,hest. A
quoruni:ofmemberverns present in mph
branch. The comniii&s sent by each
House to , wait on the Preside - Et reported
that he would send in
,hi*Message - on
Tuesday. In the Prom . , ,the credentials
of Whitfield, :as
• delegate from' Kansas,
were presented by , Mr,..Phelp.s, of Mis
souri, who moved thatlm*be sworn. Mr. .
Grow, orPa., ohjected. A' spirited de
' late:then ,took place bet Ween Messrs.
Grow. and Phelps on' the merits of the
question, after which the.motion to swear
in Mr. •Whi &lel() was rejected, , ayes 97,
noes 104. Mr—Grow then moved to_re
eonsider the vote, - and to lay that motion
on the table. The'opponents thereof en
deavored to defeat This action - by-motioni
for a call of the Hourie 'to
,adjourn, etc.
They had ev i dently been caught in• their.
own net. 'Ne'vertheless time was con
sumed until seven, o'clock, -when the
Horse, krone majority,' adjourned.
.411017. - Po :LOOK 1N '1.1111,11,:pilTLPIIIA
We Jearn from Cho Philadelphia papers
that Gov. - Pollock spent last week In that
pity. • On Thurrhly afternoon- the Oov
the Franklin'lngtituto. In the evening
he attended the anniversary meeting Of
the Philadelphia Bible Society, and de
liyered Jin.eloquent 'and iinpressivO ad
" dress which was listened to with interest
by a late' and: appreciative'audience and
, loudly applauded. • On Friday the
Governor was among the :guests enter
tained•bY.Capt. Wylie h
on• oard the fine
vessey!.City of Waahington,".and in re-_
ofponseitn a ooroplimentary-sentintlnt, be
delivired abinaddreia
The Goi'erifOr :alluded to • the
commerce of Philadelphia and its relation .
to the interior of Pennsylvania, and ex-
pressed, ti4arny syinpathy; iu ' behalf of
the people'Of every part of onr"State, for
the cofiintercial prosperity .of
---The 7 (ilermaetpwrt Telegraph. expresses
its high , appreciation - of the ability and
energy with which this paper is conduc
ted. It - sitys : a penny paper it is un
surpassed ty anyiniblished in the Unit
cd •States. is • handsomely, Prinfed, on
gOodlaper, and is of the largest class.
for the price now isned.'• To all this we
add Our endorsement. The Times
odds the beit penny paper published in
Philadelphia, and furnishes twice the a
: matter of ppy_otllei pa :.
-- ii - erotits olaes. The extraordinary ef
forts of the publi§bers to deserve success
• should, and ;we trust will,•meet with a
bundant reward: . -- • -- - .
grad jury ofYhiladelphia in their .pre-,
ectutrnene on - Thursday hist, called -atten
tion tothe numerous instances of viola
tion of,laihy selling liquor without a li-
oense.•: It was made to appear to the ja
sy . that the records of the Board Of Tay
'Aro Appraisers were dpstroyed or •carried
'away from-their place of deposit. •. That
numbers of faise and fraudulent certifi-
cotes of ioerise have been issueil by some
body. : , That said false certificates seen
to have-the sal of the court attached
end bear other marks-of similarity to the
genuine. That the number of inns or
taverns have not been hi the
oity lon the other hand, they appear to
have IMen iargely augmented. Philadel-
su p
o i tt a hiiii:4s:iiiii:N — ewirork in
strange'dieoldnr'es, have been made in
New York in , eonseqnenee of the flare-up
among, thii....,lolag.ixA
tegulV:#oo:*4lll?)4l.2i4l6inik no,}
:gatiatedAtatween Walker. andthe,.Cubm
,Inntaon : whieh the latter gave the for
mar all illeiraid on . oenditien that who, ,
his 14ianis'gkia, firm][.;
_ .
gebliehecl, he ehonld aid in the Cuba" ,
A - long letter frorn 'Welke
—_-ia-also; übh bed s = iu which he - appears l"
be oppoted;e:to,-.ennealtion to the Uni
ted Sinteepand,to be _eoneerned'in. Both
moveniebt'fok:tvgouthern Cenfederacy.
, _ELV.o.mokioi'Utiriko - STATts SIN
axed the toOnd_ l tnolay-cif.Jounary
Senotor,,butlbe , act
ApriblBi)lB§3, ohangocl•the.tiine to tb,
seoond 4 Pniiality ofTebtua'ry:' ''T • tinitott
• .4Tanuts9,*,',lBs6,'T'OionlOirtliO'fO;t'i v ?f 1F
58 SO ihSiillS . SkaioOOtU.g...§.enot;
will tnlso i .Rl,stip on the geoond Tuesday I
• iTaini4: next, the 13th:: •
LEalsumtittit isAmts Tun Go
aRN O 4:—.- 0 .4040, flout '-
Onrolipti.Legialitop,' the menage of ,
'Clovernortitifairor of. reiOryniiie,
tiad6, l . l whol
ounod the motioe,CO refin;.""
- ikiOhrt„(. l P7'lo,„
project , worn votoa clown by large
Illekthus , thdwiikohe4Agislaturir , to ~
South • • ,
• 1 V7'
The •startlinitivi;ht.tif the last week is.
1.1) ,pohotttion th e
,of 7,e annua l Message 'of
ef . Sioth
in, wliieh
liTsi4e - ritieliiki 644 fri}oesies,'Oe
val of the shade 'trado.! The Goverace,
~~,y l<
Mesaageis in_fact&anoet
tqolitics and Slavery. Ho declarciOtis
'eatisfaCtion at the'election of Buchanan,
but is rather taken 'aback' by the 'gran
demunetraticia made by the . Republicans.
~But the democratic triumphle .fears, af
'ter all; has not given Slavery gloater du-
• rability: Ile remarks •
Considered In .refereami.. to. the vital issue,
between the North and'Soutli, I fear that it
will be ikhayren triamph—that it will prove to
• be, et best; but a brief respite of feVerlsh,.ex-
Imitating excitement, desiined . to,,entl in em•
• ,bittered feeling and distracted counsel tinning
ourselves. Slavery. and Freesollism min never
be reconciled. Our enemies have been defeat:-
'States have declared Spinet the .South, upon
a purely sectional issue, tlie'remainder
of them formidable minorities fiercely contend
ed for victory under the same banner. The
. triumph of thiii 'geographical party, must die
'. Emilie the eonfmleraey, unless we are prepared
to sink down into 'a state of aoktiowledged
feriority. We will actetisely__to--employ the
interval of repose afforded by the late election
in earnest preparation for the inevitable 'eon .
Sid.. The Southern Snites have never dm
' 'mended - Moro than equality nail security.—
' Theiy cannot, submit to less, and remain in the
• Union, With Out dishonor and ultimate ruin.
Tho Governor points out a plan for
stroingthoning, tho " peculiar institution"
as -foiloVis:.
, The outward pressure against the .institu
lion of slavery should prompt us to - da - ttll we
canto fortify it within. Diffusion is strength
--,gencentrntion4weakttess. Our truespolicy is
to diffusethe slave population as much as pos
. Bible, and thus Secure in the whole • communi-,
ty the motive of-self-interest fur its support.
-• I have no doubt of the inherent ability of the'
- institution to melanin itself against el) as
saults ' is'the basis of our political organ•
ism; end it would-bet bpdiffioult. to show that
the poorest white - ufatrethontrAni`is: directly.
Concerned in its preseevation ; but the argu
ment.dfself-interest is easy of comPrebension
and sure of action. - .,'1 recommend the passage_
of a law cam - epilog from, sale (under contracts
_to be - herenfter entered into) at least one
elave, - .Such - an — immunity
every one to exert-WMBOlf to possess his fans.
ily ableust , of a property. in some degree above
the casualties of debt. As you. multiply the
• number who acquire the property, so will you
widen and deepen the determination -tosus-
Min the
, •
The GOvernor nest proceeds to argue
in favor of the re-opening of the 'African
slave trade... We ipiote from this portion
of his•message as f 0110314 1 . .
TUeetroy the Naluo . of slave labor, ned•otithnr.
clpation• foliose' inevitably. - ~
arid hence
systenthtleetre : der e9utnterC 'rts to stliiirilate the•p,roduo
lion Of cotton in tbe.East..—The-auceess-cvliich
-,-- heaants - fainttentletl-titose'effertawill-incite
her to- redouble 'them. The East Indian
- abbunrin fertile' land -and 'blitap
France; too, is encouraging end • stimulating
its growth in Algeria, with' like advantages of
• sell. To maintain oul• present position, we
. most have cheap labor, also. • This can be ob
tained hut in one way—by re opening the alfri
n can slave trade. Until Providence interposes
end changes Hie organism the. African must
continue to ho hewer, of wood end a draw-.
°ref water.' It is a diseased- sentimentality
Which starts back at tho idea.of legalizing the,
• side trade, and,--at-the-some-time, - cOntem
plates, without emotion, the -cruel- servitude
• which capital exacts from labor all the world
over. - There was a time when canting philan
thropists had instilled. into us a belief that above
• ry was wrong: Investigation has changed the"
ones common sentiment on this point. Thu
• Sciuth now-believe that a mysterious Provi•
deuce hue brought the two races together'on
thiunontinent fiv wise purposes, and that' the
existing relation has-been mutually beneficial.
. Southan'eltivery has elevated the Alirican to
- a degree of civilization which the black race
has never attained in any other ege or coon-
try. We see it now in its true light; and ro•
gard it as the most safe an& stable basis for
i free institutions in the world.'.
equilibrium between the North find South
would not have' been destroyed.. The North
has had the Old'lVorld from which to draw
ber'supply of labor, and hence the rapid set
tlement of the Northwest....:Sinco. lBoB,_the.
South•bas supplied her own labor, and hes
necessarily made slower' progress in settling
up the Southwest. If the trade:, were now
- open,.l em persuaded that the South ,would
not consent to close it: and this is, perhaps.
the best answer to the argument derived from
'Vhe mere sentiment that is arrayed against
the proposition. It is apprehended that the
opening of this trade will lessen--the value of
plaVes and ultimately destroy the institution.
It is a sufficient answer to'point to the foot
that unrestricted immigration has not, dimin
ished the value of labor in the Northwestern
confederacy. The 'cry there is; want of labor,
notwithstanding onpitalhas the pauperism of
the Old World to press into its - -grinding nor
vice. If we cannot supply the demand for
slave labor, then we must espeat to be sup
• plied with a ineales of labor we do limit want,
and which is, from thO very nature of things, •
antegonistio to our institutions. It is much
better that our drays should be driven by
steres—that our factories should be worked
by slaves—that'our hotels should be served by
slaves—that our locomotives should be man-'
ned by slaves, than that we should bo expoi'
ed to the introduction, from any-querter, of no
ledudation, and which in the process of, time
~must lead 'to that conflict between_copittil
end labiir, which makes ir.,:so difficult to
maintain free institutions lo all wealthy an
highly civilized nations where•vitudi • loath°,
'thins ne oura.da not exist.. Io all •slavehold
ing,Statts.vrnepoliciy dictates that the sups
riot: taco abeidd direct, and the inferior per
„fortn'all meainl service. Competition bet,wein
the whits and black titan far this service may •
wit disturb Northern sensibility, but 'it. does
not exactly suit our latitude. !' liyesAective.
hoWever, of interest. the act of CongreM declaring
the slave trade pirdcy is a brand upon ue, Wail,
I think it' mportant to remover If the
pirany,,the elavoinuet by plunder; and no
getthity . cap, avoid the logical necessify'of such
" conclusion. .
Hero are. Southern arguments on the
subject of Slavery, tind agrandtle — ign
disclosed for,ii extension end. Perpetui
ty, iihich,Northetri men should rend and
duly ponder._ The Yew,. York,2-Tinzei
~mOnt justly remtrkialtt•four years • aga
• - thorb"wos'acii a journal in time Union tl ad
'idVntiated 'filo' "repeal the IkliQFon.i
„ ComproMiso r ner . tvai:there living a p ti b .
lie uiuq whiff the!? Alr94,ProPose st"
, .Iret .it has been,neeomp,';,b,,
land-is sustained by the Dentoora.i‘ Part v
"ofitho' Union. The 're-opening of de,
Mabe Ticidelvithin the - ndn't loitr,syert
, t is far azin.eirobabli th(in the, ;Tietil of
t4,e hfissouri Oniromise ,was 'bur gears
ago. 'l'4.l ll 4'4@i ulfin of ,the ,Sour
th'pso who control and guide,%its, public
.-.Liseptiment,.taro`r4iclly ?waking :up this
issue for the - direat luid'finlal -- deoishitt of
, m° ll 7q!over:/: Pn
EVI'Vfo 'M.' a - o'p'saiici 'to
• Z• 4 . . • • ,
In2f fePet,PateM;44oo;t4) d'ea fat.
, isalaf 34 2ll4:beutv4o44 QPNitieuay:Poit'„'
„ilOiretid , reseived fer":loniitlitirtitink tutAto
wiJP rit"tftik'fia \ iif P 3 ”'
'anji' = \.- -
'f 2. , ": - Another plander Nailed
• .-
ethe fact that many Repuh-'
lidim:_ptiperslhave annotinced their
.. •
tion support Col'. -Fremont for the
j'resideucy ; iti 1860, the locofoco papers
.ollieourse find , it necessary to portitlnUM
their untlefolcnt assaults and endeavor to
Vtlith:thicend in:
view. the 11 ashington Ltiioit 9
lust, publishes thelollowit). •
, •
• -solarniti-umlo - H-BEIIMD-11E-14;1.19-E1) , -014-
Ttr.cone.-I.t will be recollected that soon after
the October election in Penneylvardir, consitf
erable curiosity was evinced as to the where
nbnuts of Col. Fremont, who about that time
suddenly and mysteriously, disoppeared from
lie pulite gaze—at least frOm.the public and
ii ote Fnzo °lids fellow citizens of New York.
We -it front the most 'unquestionnble au•
thnrity,ihnt the Black Republican candidate
64 th e Presidency. disisppenred niysterictielY
frinu New York to nypear as - . Mysteriously
PlMdelphin, and that for severnlqnys between
the 14fli of .oitober and the l et of November, he
renutined incog in the house of Mr. Jenne It.
Davie' in the last named -city • rind,; further
--nroro;qtwwildo-iin-inmatn_of-ily.-Dationti -
he had .one,- if not several interviews .with Mr,
Isaac Newton, who resides in Delaware 'coun
ty, Pennsylvania, and tifliCat [flat time, wan
onndidate for Presidential Mentor:on the Fill
more ticket. During thceie interviews, Colonel
Fremont made use of the, strongest personal
appeals and the Most dishonorable orePosil,
lions, with the view of seducing Mr. Newton
into his support, and thereby • to betray -the
treat reposed in Mr. N,- by his political • asso
'bui-withnut success.. For the truth. of.
this statement, we refer, although not autho
rind so to do. to Mr. Newton himself. Ile is
alMost ns well known to the citizens of Wash
ington as he is to the citizens of Philadelphia,
and Oil who enjoy the Menisci'', of Ails acquain
tance; will cheerfully bear testimony_ to hie
',diameter as axentletenn erthe strictest honor
and veracity."
• The truth or-falsity-of such e'story
readily ascertained ; and the - Philadelphia
.Arth•th; A inci•ican,aDd• Sus . have .Iffreadj ,
put-an effectual extinguisher upon the
miserable - slander...,.. The'-.NUrtit Ameri
can, of Saturday, sayS; we -have made
inquiry in the pioper quarters, and :are
prepared - to - say - that it
. is catitely false
false in the, general impression, it is -in
tended to convey, and false in the spe
icial -facts-it undertakee-te - assert - rand - 16 -
-cal l-upon- theVashingtom-Union-td,-.-pro- ;
duce slim most unquestionable - autheri:.
ty" upon which it has ventured to make
Such a gross and :seandilleus- assertion.
tlol..Frecriont hearnot been at all in Phil
adelphia or its vicinity„an4 particularly
has not-been al the house oflsaice -R.
Davis; since -the incctieg4of Republi.
canTonvention which nominated him Air
,the Presidency; and-holms'bed no in
lbranurse, such es that described, . with
_and,,least_ r of all, with Isaac
Newton, who is Qiunlit: en ilk peif fOrVia'rd
as the witness' to prove - thiemo'stridicu
loue story., Thd Wholeihing is a :sheer
fabrication•; and w 6 shall-expect the pat:
ties complicated in_._it, including Tsai('
Newton himself, im to prom unce it at the
very first
. opportunity." rm. Mr. New
ton, has since in a public card, given the
allegation a flat denial
apolis, is confirmed, Occurring just af
ter the Presidential and State eleotionSi
in both of which the town Was_carried
by the romo g ats, this is M a Singular re
sult,•showing in . fact, that at the, two
great contes a
,ts, large number of spuri
ous votei• moist have been cast.. The
Germans supported the Republican can
didate for Mayor.
Imatibis.--0t) the Congressional vote,
according- to thcr,offrainhcp'ort - sTtliaClif
a Republican majority of 10,257; In the
. Legislature the same party hada majority
one imtherfousp, and having also elected
the Lieitenatitfpoveinitr, - the Senate
tie, thus giving a Republican majority of
one on joint ballot,
NEW BANKS.—There wil - be irthirtp
two applications for'new"ba ks, re-char
ters and extensions before the next Leg
islature of Pennsylvania. Whether the
failure of the Lancaster Bank will Rare
any influence over the Legislature re
mains to be seett,'.
AN INTELLInENT'VoTtat.—An amusing in
cioent occurred in the town of Oxford on oleo
on day. A voter, wttooe literary qttalifioa
tions were called in question by the Board of
Selmitmen, under the 'rending' law, .lately
passed in this State, undertook to enlighten
their minds by-,tornplying with its provisions.
lie could-spell tolerably, but found it diffic'ult
spelling slowly, the sense was determined,
_untiddhe lost
_word was reached, which was
, Clovernor.! 'The voter came ton full Mop—
dead halt I That word was a 'loosen' . Ile
was requested to' spell it. lie did eq, hut
spelled it wrong. ' lie was them-told to try
ngiiin. lie did so ; but hesitated again.• He
stumbled among thethree syllables for soma
time, and atllitet was requested to, pronounce
•the word 7 A long pause ensued. Ile. was
'encouraged 'to try once more. lie then brae
ed himself up fur the effort, and with deter
initiation in his foes, he said he could not ex
achy soy what the word woo, but he believed
it was yorner.' lie wee then told that lie
- WllB rogornee Itini4eif- 7 hut if he would• stick
to .his spelling book a year more, he probiThly%
would be so far in possession of the legitimate
qualification that he Minh; be made, 'on ales
tor.—New Haven' Palladium.
Xte„„lt is tied Proteetantiam is gaining
ground in France rapidly. The Protestants
dul.lnvaxtuyntier,.,nout.three thousand.., with
;moving population f at , toast.
Vey' lutve-four, soboido,l with foils - butrirpci
Tien churches are itinuffloient and n
tqr.l beibeefeolerto - itdo - oinithtiditte
.1 at. i theitaiin In Ignreoillett: there are five
ihtaein.l.Prutestrint •ohurob ,uttentionts, and
h. . : e .h.pnrimenta, w.herg n few ienre since
t. religion, wee tinknown,'fitiurieh•
iup are now to be found.
Nuie BUILDING' IN brew , -Yoz!x.:—Tlio^bou.
AO given a list.of the ehipe Whiett hove-beet
launched from the New York shin yards eince
the beginning of the year, and ; ull of which
wlll he . launched _ during :the season, The
nrher'launched le 56, of 0.470 aggregate
to tinge'', Tlientiinlieron'l he - Mocks' 'and to:
b i cot Aoki - thin year-lista, 448.000 tonnage.
leunolleit Itt Gre.PLlUllll,9oBrelg;
en I. theyetit tyniuly ehij, y harks mid lighters.
The laignid veenel is Ihe A, trintiii, 'OOO tone.'
Albany .Eieni4g Journal
fr?itt ooun tioa .In
New York that iber,DemooTnis awl 4,llltaore
onitleaged'on Catigress ntid 'Astiinbly
alti4f , NW 8 tate:, 4 o ,ln ,in any :planet) th e
. tittintitainko p triPketis,rall 19untolgoatv,theion't
4 011 1 1 .440 6, 45affr:in', 00 41 PAlitft;3oo;=
(Emmt anb (fourth) Matters
Thii number
- of aiddentiln College this teatiionle about the'
same as last year , The College; buildings
:have recently undergone . ' very thorough re.
pairs. and : itaprOieMente, The . wood work
has baan entirely re-painted, and Venitinn
eaterior-of-tke - Cidiego tinildiligs haw pCeseats
decidedly Intudaiiina appearance. .Lung
'may the. venerafde inetitution
Vine 'service is temporarily suspnnded in this
Church, the ancient edifice being in the bands
of the carpenters'und , pninters, wyrse-skill is
engaged in (*Cart'. solidly alterations -and
ImproleMetits. The now - wilrll is principally
in-the interior, nnd.iocludes an,alteration, of
the galleries, the 'Painting of the Tills in Woe
co, thcintrodnotirsof the gas, and-the erea
-tion of a furnace fur heating the church. An
organ will, 11'(pe, also be !Wed: These
improvements will not, .only beautify, the
church, hitt nddgtintly t.) the comfort o
Oongregution. , •
• the church rentnins.: closed,. which
will probably ho for . the.ntext month, the pos.
WiUg, prouches. alternately in the
other churches of theborong,h;the pulpits' of
which he has been bind!) , in . v . ile.l to ociitmy.
TAxmit.Mi.—The enumeration 'of taxable cit
itene in the several counties - in' tbe State,
Which, in intraunace.of section .1V of article I
of the Coustitutioh of the Commonwealth, and
the several nets of Assembly, is r'equireil . to
•Ii made every seten Years in prier to furnish
abiteis for-the re apportionment of tlie 'Sint°
iinoSeantorial and Representative districts,-
is now in course of progression by the asses
sors throughout the Seas. The nssessors of.
Cumberlend county have 'not yet' ulnae re... -
turns from all the townships,. but wr, elicit
probably .know. the teen% by neit - week. When
nil are.rege!fed,
be-preparedfor transtats;ion to the State De
-partmont, - • • •
FOWL Titrzymo.--Turkeys and chick
ens we hear nrelliTf altogether enfo in spite of
the electionorStichnnan: - 3'Nifiy - tirthe mean
.er_olnue.a..Detitocintic 'electioneers in : the-lost,
carnpnign, ft in well linatcn,-sprend the 'Clary
that if Fremont Should be elected the "
gore'-'.would beget free in the South, and of
ooureo would rush' pall mell to the North.
ravaging the country, 'stenling the, chicken-
anti comMitting_itsnumerable otheC horrihlo
outrnges.- Well,Fremont is •defented,,,Buch
electetl tint!, tbe Uttictn hns!heen enved, but it
lippnr.9 the chickens are not safe, for - we hear
.frequently 'of extensile hen-roost depredations:.
Isn't - the Sage of,Whesidandbound to sea that
'thesefetriFbinnering expeditions aro put-an
•• -- •
end to
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fully posted in „Legislative proceedings and
political movements. at Harrisburg.' shOuld
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ed with - several important duties. Tho elec
tion of a U. S. Senator, of Sttito Treasurer,
the appointment Of • Senatorial and • Represen
lathe dititriets, &0., will make tho proceed
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of paper,gratin. We will cheerfully for
ward subscriptions for-the Telegraph.
T TllB FATtltt. JOURNAL.— Ito sevenp
* vOlunie of this really valuable agricultural
journal wiTooininence on tli let bf next Jan
uary, with a better standing and brighter
prospects than it ever bad befere.-*-In the vol
nun just closing,' in addition to the past a
mount of original ,and eelented infortnittieu
coniarned in its retidiug'colemne,' on': all 13ub
joule relating to Progressive Agriculture, there
are also upwards of sixty
ted engravings, consisting of newly patented
Agricultural Implements, and portraits of
sonic-of the finest Stock in the country. r -The
publishers any: We feel uniply ; 'encoUrnged
'to redo . uble our aorta, to - itortke the Journal
more and inure nociptiible to our readers;
and shill! giro our - subscribers of 1857 all the
benefit of our post experience, ne to . the Lit
erary Soientifie and 'Proetienl Wants ,of_the_
Farming community,"' Address SAMUEL Est'
LEN & Ca, N T, ootiier of 7111 aind Market
strieta, Phile:lelphia: '
NEW The Heart Ache for
IIoine" and . .
Little May," foe the Titles of
two prett,‘ little pieopzt of Music 1.1 Auguste
Mignon, awl puhlfshpl by Messrs :Beek $t
Lawton. 164 Chosttiut street, Philadelphia
The w.rdita the former piece are by Henry
Mot ford. and the latfer pieoe•by 11., H Stud
deed They thin be l.e tby applyingipt Mr.
Piper's Beck S-utii—p:4
Oknviaingular_bet_witatnatle upon.the_pyasiden
tial elention.hy a Ger man, who - bit:his- tiouse.
lot and wife and-bni* that Feetanut would be
elected, 'Mier hearing tho result, be- took his
deeds, wifaand obildtand- wile a tender of
all in good faith, .I.lut his friend, having one
wife and five olddrenitefused to, korona° his
stook in that tray,•tuld'therefore declined to
take:Abe poor-Tines-family and property, but
guys hint a pieoe.of-advice,-.-took a drink of
beer, and , they parted good friends,
ZeirA mule mermen:o off on Tbureday orttbe
-Centreville Gonne, 1,:1.J0r it puree of $5O;
mile health, beek.tbroale ave.., Four animals
,were entered.; they kldblted theirmettnial.ol.:
letinaoy., Cne - fellow was pitched head over
one mule baulkint, end mini.] not be In
duced to return 'to .the!t rank ;' - entither paid a
visit to.the.;toterier ergo bar,'. and_ emovhed
deeontera Mid glasses.; " kfiello! called znit.
eirq.'cik Iron
.the three last beateiantllhe ri•
der took. the puree.
. k.Nsvr PATllY.—,k , netv ayetem of cure hae
'been luirodueediti* mi.ii. yorlr, t'lintler . the Otte
of ilhieelpathy:' It le ales called tthe movement
.aure,t and ooneinte,Aa,:kiving, the, palette h
geod pUtOttelput,..itthhing,,,, ettetohiog-,und
„tvrietiog.: The platt . waild mai to fie -to unapt
.tte' the dhoirtise by,theehintoal :- . fOroti I - Wei,
r rot :
perhape, i 3 it 18 1 at 0(4 ,way llt to' put - potty
,cogiitte., the' eietemto: tore I' to,health. We
ehoultl,lltialtlt ou , ehkfullible tie , tt.,eurii
-Air liiinssii-4 re yjiiviletit,ditease.,
' in, Packed thodgh it wee, found a true bill
the riiiserenrit Hayes.-
flows that such en offence it) net . bailable,
al yet Jingo I.econinte dared to tultuit
Oyes to hail, and let him run!
nettriouns-w-hat be-ouPlit to b ,
ut tine outrage startled - end incensed' trim,
fo.denouneed the malfeesenee of .the brute
:%eeenpte in fittingterins, end' if
. the s , Glover,.
,ersitits in gird nom out the-feeling which he
iron expressed, ho will a , diffi,rent face on
. • the matters:in Kansas- War , earnestly hope
that John lir.'Genry will, now try.and do full.
free State settlers. If he does,
uOne..will sustain his course, and .render hini
liaise, more eordrally•thrit'the Itopubliotins
•, At the very totem during ',which , •Lecompte
• 'admitted Ilayes•to sehteneed,•twenty
free State men, convicted of manglntighter by
• his peeked he five end 'six years' impris
onment: The . only dime of- ,thesb men
vras, that in pertinence •
Ilf, the suggestion of
Governor y -
't iekedaind broke up . a'relitior'sstrongliold et
Hickory Point, from. whence: raids were mode
on Lavirence! ; In the fight lives were loet,
• and this wasalie manslaughter Meenwhilcr
Clark, the cowardly murderer of
Murderer of Pow, the other savage
mur•lerer of Major lluy t , Emory the mural r
or of Philips,.and scores of other murderers,.
is nut said that it has been granted, So there
'wee ace Pro-Sluvery murderer in mistmly at
~_tlie_last,adviees,..w.ith:a fair prospeef Nut lie
would _be held until trial. The niut al Effect
be immense.throughout the Territory.
grossing quietly; and the , --squatters, whether
free Stale ,tir pro-slavety, Were generally
ding its their claims at the government ap.-
prithinient ; though„ at the same time, un
occupied lands,.eligiblyeiruzitedoverobring,
ing exorbitant ',demi: Atmut_ IWe..thousand
- stratigers.were thelerrifory,-it is Supposed,'
With at least a million and a half of gold;
trineh of which will be brought Iniale . uninvest-_
-ed.. The eettlere have what-is well known in
law--by wide!,
hidderahrultept gitiet until the actual "Occu
pants of the soil arestervedwithall they want.
the fifteenth, we have news_frotn Europe- one'
. Week later than previous .nOvicen. The 'in-_
pect of aKairs was deciOedly—mor6-psoifie
The Emperor Napoleon bad got back to Paris
and upset all the belligerent arrangements 'of
Ids ministers, restored the'English alliance to
its former footing, and no pia a period to the
vriporings of the press on .both sides of the
British Channel. The city of Herat, in Afgh -
anis - tan, had — been taken by .the Persians,
through the aid 'of their 00-religianaries inside.
of the walls, but were soon after driven out
with hedvyjoss. • Another account says .that
the city. lota - been. reduced.- by "famine. The .
" Bank of Englund had raised its discount to ,
seven . per cent. Prince Leinengen, sou of the
Duchess of Kent, and half brother to Queen
Victoria, is dead lifts from Australia says
that Mr. Gem& Oakes, one of the members
of the Sydney Ausethhly i 5008 severely beaten
in the liouse.on the Bth of August. The es
tablishment of Telegraph lines throughout
Australia was attracting much attention. Tiu
and copper mines hove. been discovered, of
grew extent. The gold mines yielded beyond
thd usual average._ had_ Pg.
tirnage - to
theshipping. _ •
CHARM:D.—We learn from the Lancaster. Ex ,
.pressAif Tuesday that since' Friday last. the
'.Lancaster Dank has redeemed about $60,000
of her notes in payment of debts due the
bank, thus discharging her lidbilities . to that
amount. The payments during these, four,
days ran about as follows: On Friday $12;000;
Safurday,sBo,oop; Monday $72,006 ; .
day $6,1100. The Express says: • Tho .•
decrease in -the amount paict• in -on
.TliFsclay is a good indication that the public
have confidence in the limn redemption of the
notes at their par value, as much et those paid
Wiled been bought up at .a discount directly
after the suspension.
In-addition to the shave it is orilculntetthat
ht. .lenut $50,000 ofd the notes inycircutiara
will never'he presented for redemption, hay
hog been lost or_ destroyed • during :rho forty
yea re the hank bus beau- in 'Ter.. lion Pei ,
hops the notes at no other bank were MOre
extensively ctirit7d•ditritiglliat time by travel.,
-lore 011 A(01111111Mlio, So. •
The confidence in the re-organization of the
bank Is daily gaining ground, and the
,heavy .
-stock holders-aril - subs° ribinglllll.l - IF, - yea wit
• tingness,
John U. Wilkium, Adjuinnt, find Lieut. L.' W
,O'Bonnan;regimititni.Querter td in
urrii : it in 1116 city on the 231 hist,
with the non. , Cullllll6.Siulltd Stair, and bond of
(hut regiment. -
,• The hentl•quarters of the 3d infantry are
temporarily transferred to this place, Col.
BonnevilleTetainlng command of his regiment
lot addition to Comiontoliog this department
Lents and 0 Deaan•nue accompanied
by their fomiltes. •
' Lirlt. G., W. ll.mland. of the riflost arrived
here do the 21st inst, he will command
•detueittneht on ditty a' the:department head.
squarters.,...Capt. Liewellen-Jones,of-the-ri
flee, arrived at Fort Union with his._coMpany_
'D on the 17th inst., where be has. been co dec, ;
ed to tithe poet. • -
• DeWitt Gibson, who had been on leave
from thitudeportment for the last live months,
returned with the mail on the 23d inst,.. and
will 4olin bo on duty at • Alburptefqus.—Sart
fa Fe f3azerte , Ocl. 25. • •
Intelligencer states dat a memorial is on foot
among sotiii of tire olergytnew of Washington
tripreffer their ttervioesr the 'plow) of, the
„oltriplains usually appOinted by, Congress. .This
proffer is b-aed en the feet , that, last winter,:
the olergynien. of Washington were .Invitedto
nitetnate in opening the House before Its or
geniXation,and .on. the fret that ; the Bugger:h.
Poo of ti permanent hi - fragernen - ter• this kind
was then made, and only abaudimed fiem the
Otesiderntion that no expression of willingness
of the clergy 'thus to otfudate hid been - given.
It; adds that olergydien, of seven different
,nominations have,nlroady,given their' tupueo
to i •the.proPosilion. •,
ligt.Anotber curious bet! is stated. In e
,pipere.--i &Wee _iron:miter . this ;soh
- milker:lth- an• eight inch 9orn cob in his
Oneuth, from Shad. Lake to' Bath,' :Another
-Frew:inter' in Baritona' stands nil dak with
Lhdrse callar: 'around; bis meek. -Both 'these
hiits wero in . . consequence of the . faiturtot
Yremont tticitiv,y
A correspondent of the . St: Louis Demoseat
ves a graphio account of a scene iu , Gov.
edliee.. It seems that (leery had pro
ved the arrest .of Hayes, - the pro-slavery
tHun viko..murdered Buthuh, n pour. free
rata cripple. Thu (Itiand Jury.. at 'Lecon'ip
rubbers. raviAvni, iiud hoese Burners, gu scot
O'er, and nre hond in glove with. this'some
Lecompte, and oner Tereitorinl nuitioriOes I
if is 'useless to•enla•ge . upon such Diets.
'Our lotest'advices from linnetts, sop• the N.
'Y Tribune. weer a brighter aspect than any
we hove previously re ,, eived for months. We
do not noon to be bctgiiyed into premature
ozultiition 1 but it does -certainKi- seem that
Gov. Ochry 11118 halted in mid-career, and re
fused tube longer a tr.erelool , of the Border
ittanehe.- - murder of tin im•ffeusivo Free
elate at IpPle almost before big f.tvii eyes, Anal
'IV cool, btudness like audacity with which
the toutderer • ions bailed and let
. run by
lecompte, "Marshal" - Donaldson
being eee..of the sureties, appear to have robs
ed the Governor's ire, and he not only declar
ed that Hayes, the murderer, should ho re-
urteoteil, but: ho., has had IL done.' " Co
Tiflis wits the Governor's agent effecting
the arrest. Ilaye's• entinsel hail applied to
".Judge" Lecomptifor a habeas corpus, but it
LATER FR . 0"1111* int-OPE.
the,orrivaVat-Now-York Of :the - stenni.
ship -Persia, from Lb/A-pool, with dotes to
Later from Vallfornla
13 the.lffinnis,•which.tirrived 'on- Saturday
with the.Cnlifornia mail of Nov: b, 'we learn
that the aolden43tato has given hee electoral
•voto to-James Buchanan. Returne frinu all'
the counties weru not, of ceuree, received at
the time of the'stenmee's departure from San
Francisco, but sufficient render
UT - ref ty - cerractrolittitlr — BUChanalr - bibl — nl ) -7
- tained'altlurality n Vane; AiX - I housand - vot&r:
Fillmore, stands next in the race, and Freont
Inio far I,eltiod: m
The defeat of the Republi.
cattail' California is attributed to (Ito tut or;
sot eyganizatiory of the party,' and a so to t to
name causes that ineured it's defeat in Penn
sylvania.nnd Indians. If Mr., Fillmore .had
not. been Candidate,. three-fourths of the vote
he received would undoubtedly-have been giv
'en to Col. Fremont..
Dm election passed off-lairly and peaceably.
There were no Hots at' thi„riella andmotallot:
hex stuffing. .0n the third Of / Noveinber, the
'State arms, then in the, poskession of the
yig lance Cominittee, were • handed over • .t.
the• State Custodian, and Governor Johnson
immediately withdrevv . his proclamation of in
surrection, which gaieiliebity; a technically,
legal election. Tn the city' of Son Francisco,
the People's or Itefiirm Ticket. linS been Car
' 'ed_by_aLlarge_usajar_ity ivsaie_wA. -
Fronted .a s an event of even greater importance
than tlie Presideutitd election, as its success
would insure the p6Secution of those meal
urea 'of Reform which were inaugurated
by the late Vigilance Committee, .and would
be a'virtual.indorsement Of its acts. As 'en
illustration Of the . Worms accomplished by
the Vigilance Committee, the fact is noticed
in the papers, that. though aver a' thousand
new voters were made previous to the 4th,!
and though every exertion was made try' each
party to turn out its main strength, yet 'the
Note of the'city was several hipulreds less
than that,pf , last year. It is announced posi
tively dna Charles P. Scott:olo4. C. ArKib
bem Democratic candidates,llial;e been . elect.
ed- to -Oongress.--but- tho- - compleion - :of — the
Logislatore_was_not known
all probability he a Democratic majority.'
A pitched battle had faked place. at Too-
Intone county, between several thousand Chi..
nese—rnaerie - comic affair, In ita origin and'
mode of execution, though. several. Celestials
lost..Sheir fives in . the.fray. The people from
the Gadsden purchase, we learn from the-Los
Angelos'Sfar, had met to take , the necessary
steriVor. the formation of State Covelument
The Territory, which it proposed to . call
Arizona,_has now a pnpoln Hon- of - about - tint
thousand souls. A t, rrible tragedy 'find oc
curred at Nevada. S‘inie of Toni Bell's gang,
escaped from jail; and, .being followed and
overtaken, an micoutiter ensued, in which the "
Slieritrwits.slibt dead andinather pf his par
ty..mortally Minuted: -A confession,
one' ht this same ge_o_g,gives some_curions.re7
volutions concerning crimes and criminals in
California.'• llerhert, .IWe - other...of Don!,
- gress,.left San 'Franciabo on the 6th for ,Wrialt
,ingtoo The'Bulietin - of that city -Makes a
bittee attack on Ili3rbert,..liho- reOlio:4 lit an
address to the peopk, Of:California. From the
-Mexican State-of &horn, ne leakn'that a rev
olutionlMrhicikTniout there, .end that the
aovernor.lir .
al been forced . _lntidligehr.o
froni•Oregoo and -Waahingititi Tervitories is
not imptrtairt. 'flat !Shads 'hue btought in
treasure over $1,800.000.
From Costa. Rion we learn that 'great pre
parations were going'on . for the
oh an aggressive warogainbt
ty-tive thousand dollars bad been-voted to de•
!raj , expenses,_ and large.lre,intereetbents- of
advaderinn4 eralhCritatetualians were pouring
CHICAGO, Nn v. 30.--4cansas -dntra to the
2 . lnt inst., 'note been reeeived. , Judge "Onto
hes refueed the r writ of-habeas-corpus-asked
far in the case -of the murderer, Hayes,— cans
ing'mueb sacitetneht 'among the pro slavery
Later irOm Nicaragua.
Asrmwm,r.; Nov. 20—Evening.—The .Brit
lob mail steamer Dee has just arrived here,
from Greytown. She brings no mivices from
the interior 21Nicaragnasf movements later
than our previous dates.'
Walker - was awaiting the receipt' of provis%
ions and munition, had not reached
him nt latest adviCes.. The full conviction of
all classes at Greytown is tin t, as soon he has
received the aforesaid supplies, and arranged
his forces, he will- proceed to delve all the
allied forces out. Of the , State. Of his iktem
lions thereafter, nothing is known. The al,
lies were very much . divided and quarrelling
among themselves.
The steamers from New York pod New o,r
-leans had not arrived a.t Greytowu when the
Dee left.- - -
Chicago, Dee., I:'—Kanans dotes to the 24th
Italie been received. Thirty-nine Free
prisoners at Lecompton escaped on DO_ night
of-the 22 . (1 - : No ihilinee woe usedby them.
The report that Judge Lecompto bed leaned
a process against . Gov. Geary isnot confirmed.
It is stated that lie had gained a writ of ha:.
belts corpus in - thevaSe of Hayes. • • ••
, WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 —lt is understood
that the President will not send in his annual
niessoge before Tuesday. The Whitfield• case
will 'iMine up in the House to morrow, and no
oltjectionw will be immediately raised tehis re
ception as a delegate from Kansas
The appearanotrliere this evening of Messrs.
litinkS, Pryor, Evans, and other Virginians,
with some attending -circumstances. cans% a
suspicion that another dust is on the tupis.
DXl , l.^.ll.lENgli or A * StrItGEWL—In 1788, the
son of an English clergyman attended the
ol.isses at Edinburgh University. and
lived in the third Oat in Briatol ' street, its a
room Which-,oost Itim six shillingland six.
:Renee 'll-week-; after yVat:'s Wien sivaying
the surgical sceptre of Engin:id us Sir Astley.
C . ,oper, hisjirofessimo d incoine. in a single
-ye-sr aniiiiinted to $115,000; and yet, dnring
the first twelve' months dth .settled down in
London, and was working us a lecturer on an
atomy and surgery, his receipts front private
practice awountSd to five guineas
LONG WINDED --A foreign Jourifnl stnien
trumpet;innjor . nnd bnnd•mnster
of the Artillery of the Githrd, was to celebrate
at Berlin hie fiftieth year of continual service,
mid this with imitthred lanys. In honer' of
The occasion there was to ho a monster con
cert ordliestra playing oped4oo.instrit
meats—most of them brass. The ll.ogell blew
the retreat at Jena, and the advance at Ldp.
hie and Whtoilon. Whatever else may he
said of the musical '.yeteritn4 . it is certainly
true that lie
. has blown his own - trumpet',
longer, end with more safoty.'euecess and. re'
flown, than most men who performu aimil.
Ilendsv.-LThe voto of the Greet; Mountain
State for Preeidont foots up 50;760 It to. in
foot, niinore than 'We& polled for Preerdent in
tho Harrison compalgn. The reason is
tinsenough—thein wati'no contest. ThetH!ate
Ints'never been Rarriail
Hampshire ' which has the same population as
Valmont. t he vote poled at the Presidential
elecii•n wis 71000,- ; Had the oh ,lo vote
Vermont been polled. • Protnont's majority
would have reached Inrty thousand at least .
OUROON. —A recent jotter from Oregon/Paten
link the c mdition of thinge connected with the
Indinu triben in Northern Oregon nod Eastern
Watthington Territory, Lave , assumed . to. MO' •
alarming aspect than ever, 'owing to, the : feat
-Vint several of the lergest 'tribes in. Oregon
aurWashington - have joiuml, together an on e
bend to fight the Itnetinni,,NeeperCes, *Anne
Ada Finthende, numberin g tAfteeu 'haw;
dred warriors, wholmialieretofOre taken no
part with the entail betide that have owned en,
much trouble within the last trepan, ia,tiutC
part of the country'..,, • ,•:
• .
llorr A . ' 4 ill h ,Osper
134 i, - 04, 1 grucioue - gueetile far - advanUd-la,
a 000ditioo . whlok` koiolotio; God t o
;wgmei,l'the rOol"famili ' of. England,- sonic.'
,yrdpro.'oboot,itho,:iciontlx, 4 4,l.E4rootry. This
means, yin. English, t hat ' Queen ' 11 .10 112 4
tiii:te:ilioiterbiby:•' -; ",- •..
A great ma4persons speak of Mason's and -
Dixon'd Line without exactly knoivirig the his °.
'tory of that boundary... It is identified with a
dispute, which originated about two centuries."
ago, between the colonies of Pennsylvania and
Maryland. It involved a tract of 0,000 square
• miles, which was claimed,. by the family Of
Lord lialtimore. In the time of King James
IL. the. matter was brought before the Com
mittee of Trade and Plantations, and •after an
the territoryin' that.part between
the river mid-bay orDelaWare..and aline from -
the latitude of Ilenlopon to 'the 40° of N. lati
to his majesty, and thd remainder—now
liatt_tx:the--EitsternLSliore-.:of-Maryland-- r te--::-
Lord Baltimore. hint the order was . ' not acted
on. In. 1732, commissioners ' and 'surveyors
busied, themselves again in the matter, but.
separated without deciding. In 17;5 * the Penn
family took the question into the English Court
of Chancery:, Alter h time, the Nord Chancel
lor ordered a new measurement, which . took ,
;place in 1730, but ended-like' the 'preceding. •
At the end of twelve years more; the respective
preprietaricit agreed to -oniploy Charles Mason
and jerethiali 'Dixon, two geometers, who went
to work, and at last set the
. questionitt rest, by
marking the boundaries between Pennsylvania,
Maryland and Delaware. • It should be aeon ,
ed that .the 'term Mason mid Dixon's Lino is '
only dpplied to that part of the boundary which .
onstil i ittes-therontier-ef-Pelinsylvania,--
It extends to a point about forty miles yes.t. of
'tho.Stisrynoltiinfia, and not the western bounda•
ry of Pennsylvania.' •
NAltlt ' o Staunton (Vn.)
Spectator says that Mt. It. .I Glandy',.of that
county, deals cattle in Penn
sylvonie, had lifty thoustind dollars dep,OSited .
In the Lnucaster in Lancaster
and bearing a rumor that the Bank was no•
anfe,-he proposel to withdraw his money : but
the officers assuring him there.tivue no danger
ho was'un - the point of allowing it to remain:
lie finally concluded, however, to take it out,
and the.-neat morning -the hank was closed,
Losses ON TIIN LAKEW.—The nisasters od
the lakes thiPerasbn far rxe, thestrof for- -
mer years in The.' Chi: —
eago Trilame g.tes i -an imperfect list of . the
tomliy loot ve,sels looking an aggregate of
. steamers, nine propellers; Iwo tugs, five
brioil twenty-sight nthoonern.. At a low,
ea leula tien32.oo lives have been' lost.. Several
of.theyessels. have. disappeared: 'and never
- been heard from.
deiite• of. the Gadsden purr in tso are' taltitig
moosuree to orgoniz`t; that torritory,_which.
they ,propoie to coil • .Arizona_ They have
elected Nailnityl': Cook their delegatZ.To:Cari.
gress,.to which kody they will_formitint me-
Morial signed b.) - 200 tinmeti, '
piayiug fot n di
vision. ofthu Territory of New Mexico, and the
fornintitin of a new Governthent in the (bids.
deli purchase. 'rho eitintaced population *of
the new Territoty, is about 10,000.
John'T: - Walker, of the United
States Navy; conuidtted auioide in - Nerd York
on Tuesday by hanging, while laboring under
temporary derangement. Ile was 'under or
ders foreett, anti about to sail iti the. frigate
IVnbti h: Tifo - dnenied - wwerfivt tv6 - of -
obigan, thirty-five yeare of ago, but resided at.,_
Erie, Pa., where he letiies o wife awl many,.
friends to nuiurn him
jther" . Ati elective Jurlichtry-tvas-ordered
Connecticut" nt the recent' °teeth:in. Teeth.
eighty years-anti no. nertlico after 70. _
. _
fos.„poi. T. A, Cambria county,
who . bas been for several youri_Clerk. of our
Stet° Senil i o, line . been appointed" - Prottiono•
tory of the Supreme Court of Minns._ •
gia,,Rev. D. V..l)lcLean, D. D., hao resign
ed the Presidency of Lafayette College; Boa.
ton, Pa.
EirThe Blnir County Whig is out for Si
mon Ctuneron for United States Senator.
PIfEMONT, TUE 1111.isvpia OANDIDATZ.—If Col. Fremont
bad as many Moods as the Mustang Liniment, the op;
poidtion Could 'not draw a corporal's
_guard. Mr—Fsee,_.
moot remarked, , in his dispatches to Mr. Fillmore
while tinosportlng horses and cattle over the plains of
"Mexico, "That if the Governmont would sond on a
oral supply of Mustang lAnlmont, it would saw, 2b por
cont. of his Minim". This Is very important for all bar•
mars nod Liverymon to know. Thu Mustang Liniment
Is a wonderful article for man or beast. It should al
ways ho used lot Sores, Swellings, Still Joints, Burns,
Bruises, 'Rheumatic Pains, 9r., and for Golds, Sprains
Spavins, Itinghone,&e., upon horses. Beware of -Imita
tions. Tho Mucking is sold by nil rospectidde dealers
every whero. BARNES 2. PARK,
Oct. 211-Im. Proprietors, Now York.
DR. - ISAAC Tuomi , soN's much-celo-
.bratetiliVE-IYATEIt,-- , lts merits stand-
Tit is old, tried nod invaluable remedy fur all the ilia°
eases of the open, alter hay hrg stood the test of 'over
Fifty Years, and the demand for it Is still increasing,
is now, and has been for the past two yea Ctr. offered for •
sale in an entire hear dross. Each bottle will have a
Reel - Plete - thatrared lluvelopeorith it portialrortlai—
itkeentor, the. Isaac Thompson, Now London, Conn;
ands Me simile of Ids signature, together' with. a foe
simile of the rlgnaluttof the present proprietor, John
Thompson, No. 161 and 143 Etter street, Troy, Low
York, and none other can be genuine.
. The proprietor hawileen compelled to make this °
shange in the style of the wrapper owing to the large
Oil - amity of euttaterfeit which ler the past. few Years
Ims been palmed upon the community, and especially
at the west. , -
Purchasers aro particularly requested to buy none
but dho ilbove'deseribed, and as the red label hereto
fore used has boon called In, any foubd In that terra
the proprietor does not hesitate to_ prouounee counter.
felt. '
For sato by all tho respootablo druggists I , ‘ tin Unl
.d Status and Canada. ,
Kadin, the istlit and Infltionition front the severest hurt
r scalds, In front ono to twenty ininutes—and that it
will heel the within's without a scar; cud effectually
cure Furor SorosTiles--,Salt lihmn—litjhunntatory
Illo , unuttistu—Soin and In flamed Eyes—cu is—Woubds
—llroises—Old and Itivotorate B.ores—Scald Head— -
Corns and Ilunions—Eryslitel.--itraine—s treillage— '
Felona—Chilblains—llites 01'1nm:els—Swelled and Bra
hen Breast—Sore 'Nipples—Erupt ions -,and all 'other
inflammatory and -elltnlletZUS discaros, where the partal
Don't ho I ticredulous,about the tunny diseases named
to be cured by Only one thing—but reflect that the few, -
'bite positive properties which-the Dello) . Salve alone
contains. nod as hemtufore entunerated--one to four—a
ctnuroacp IlUt_y_tilo_tOrthALELltitmod-dlsrmieni-lout----
- 7Query- 7 1)o not regular brad physiciansproscribe rain- :
otel inwardly sor scores of different diltes. I
Each box or Ocauv. DA LTA's PAIN EXTRA( Ton loos up
on It aStmel Plato Engraved Label with th kph:natures •
of C. V. CLICICENEIt & CO., proprlett•ni. and HENRY •
I,LEY, mattuftuAurer. All - utile'e nre counterfeit.
All orders. should be addressed to C. V. Cllekener &
Co., 01 harclay, street. Now Verb. ‘•
ti-y...,„F0r silo by nil Druggists throu,;liont the United
A PERFUMED BEE ITlL—What lady or gontlentan
would remain under thn curse ol a disagreeable breath
who t by using "THE BALM OF A THOUSAND
FLOWERS" as a dentrifico would net only render It
went, but demo the teeth white en alabastort Many,
uersons do not Maur their bteallt to Ind, nod the sub•
joet is an delicate theirtfritnlds wlil never ,ntontiate It.. •
Pour a tingle &op of rains (a, your tooth brush and
wash' tint teeth night atkteurning. -A fifty cent bottle
will last a year. •
A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION nosy easily be acquir
ed by using the italutora Thousand Flowers." It will._ t,
coolly u tau. pimples Mai freebies front the skin, leaving '.
Itsof a soft fool rosoataltua Wotro towel, pour ou 1,0 . 0
.or theta drops, atul•trash the then night and morning. )
tHIAVINti SI'ADE EASY —Wet yotir slum:log brush •
.ist-ettbotwarnt of 'cold water, pour on two or three
.droof "INDY_ gIikI II I9.I.INBALFIP,MON.'I.IIIItiht iterMiLl.
well, it and f6will male at,beautim soft lather, u s ,
-facilitating the operation ofrhavinu. -Miro only 'Pity.
Oolts. llowaro of •Couuterfeits. • None genuine unless
signed is i v. egritum u co.,
'4.k. 1,18513.-13 m) Ftnukiht Square, Now York,
~ . .
''' 0n it T - A - .1 . N. - - 111*A-T Elt lA . L ,'''-
FURNITURE COVERINGS,. &c., &c..'&4•0
. •
• W ALL PAPER.—Justreceived a
splendid stock of Paper Ilanglngs; Window
Shades and rireboard hints, embracing all the newest
and moat apProVed si.glea. The designs aro .neat and
uhasto, and thaviees Buell as 'cannot fitinto'gtlaitatip
Onion. We invite our (lends and the public general:
ly to call and examine our assortment before pureha slug .
elsewhere._ : ' . U. SAXTON, •
mareb2l , , . Paid Main Street. NOW*
MEW,' 'MARBLE', YA/3.De 7 -Now is
the aieeiied n0i,.10 the 47 1 b
Yaril,Snele, Pa. Mao:lron...Rail .
, , „
.win 10 - -
penedaa usual on TUESDAY, the' 4tb!'ot. November
and:continue Ova moothe.,. The termer Prinelpil t
W.' haying retired - from - th e employment of --
4 tmehlog, the School will be corked on under the
trdendance and-direction of the eubscriber, who wi ; •
-into dud dllikeu6e, to .edranee tbe best interestref
'penile committed to his care.
TEEM fl--100 TuttiOn, -Boarding and 'Lodging,' - per
Oct • ROSEB.,T 11cOACHBAbi.