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dle, Jelin 0. Brown. • 84porintendout Of
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Methodist Church, (first Charge)) corner of Main and
Pitt streets. iteV. Join( M. .irisu, Pastor. Services ut
11 o'clock. A.. M., and 6 . !.6 o'clock, I'. M.— •
Methodigt .1.i., Church, (second Charge) Rev. TnomAs
Pastor, Services iu CollegeOluipel, at 11
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Rey, :totes itiittm, Pastor. Services on the 2titt Sun-,
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bedford streets, Rpv. 1. P. Nasehold, Ilastor. service at
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~),W,lhen changes lu the above are.neeetoeury the pre
pie perOtts are iequested tAI notify us. . • .'
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Mnssolman.. 'Directors, Richard Parker, •John. Zug,
, 4ntli Stuart, Thomas Paxton, R. C. Woodward, Robert
` , llol;rteilottu - Sande'mpon, Ifenry. Logan; Samtud WhinTh
•: .- 11tilitteuumo viLux it, 141T0.t-TT - Voisreir.—Prosidont;
"..zciiedift Watts;, gecrotary aud •Troasurdr; Edward . M.
, : DWI uporintondant, A. F. Smith. Passenger traina
tadatly.. " Esitwint, .osNiiikg Carlisle at 1025 d'clook,
_LJA.At. s :# ' ALT - .S'i3ock, P 'M. •Two_traitts preWday West;
' ward . , liaWag. - Clidisit St 9:43 o'slocic, - A': Miandl.ll,-PAL_
s pi
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nor, floury Glass 1111 1 , ... M..1i1dd10..-(., . .' . . ''' '..'
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-Directors, John S. Sterrett, Wm.' Her, Moleboir linmno.
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),rlittidlilt, -
To the Voters of - Pennsylvania.
At a meeting of the Union State Committee,
held pursuant to a call, at Coverly's Hotel, in
Harrisburg, on Itlesday _October: 7, 3846, at
o'clook--en !station, ROBERT M. PALMER, of
Schuylkill county, was Called' to - the — chair, -
andA—H, Mirrata, otAlltgherty cortn ty,_
appointed Secretary. On motion, it iras
Resolved, That it is desirable that * all the
voters of Penasylvania„,_Oppoied to:Tames Bu•
charms, the. nominee of the Cincinnati Coa•
vention, for,tbe Presidency; .should unite on
khe same Elootoral Ticket on equitable terms,
and thusinsure the defeat of the common eni3-
,my.of Americanism and Republicanism.
Resolved, That we - invite the friends of
FILLMORE RIO FREMONT in Pennsylvania, to
ntestla Maas Convention,-at the Sest,ef Jos
the-ieveral cities mid counties -of the
Commonwealth, on Wednesday, the 15th day
of October next, and choose twice as many
Delegates as. each Citj and County. is entitled
to members of , the legislature, who will , meet
in Convention at Harrisburg: on Tuesday:the
21st day of Ootob - er next . , to form an Electoral
Ticket, to be aupPored by all, the opponents
of James Buchanan. -
Resolved,--That-we_recommenfiro the Con
vention thus assembled the:formation of an
Union Electoral Ticket, upon the following
,Twenty-six Electors shall consist . of the
same names :--- the twenty-seventh elector
the Ftu.sto - netieket stiair - consist of-a--differ
eat name' from the iw.entY-seventh on the
FREMONT. ticket. For . example,: itllttain
rimaeonn and'twenty six other names selected
fteim the several Congreesional districts shall
form ono ticket ;', and Jolts . C.'FREMONT_Stid
the same twenty.sit names above referred to
shall form the other ticket. The twenty-six
Electors 'shall be pledged to oast the Etectut al
'well of the - State for Altmann Ftmatona and
Ann C. FREMONT,. respectively; precisely iu
proportion to the popular votes mist for each
ae indicated by the twenty•seventh Elector '
nu etta • ticket. • For• example, if MILLARD
FILLMORE, (or the twenty-sevyrith Elector
who represents hito,jeeceivea an equal number
of votes with Joint C. Funuonr or his repre.
frmative; then thirteen Eletitorat votes. shall'
be given for MILLARD•FILLMORE and thirteen
for Joan C. lonntotl. 0
This will enable every voter to act efficien,t.
ly against JAMES Encnatiatt -without any
sacrifice of principle. The F.!LI.M01111. - men
vote for him alone, the FREMONT men for him
alo'rie, and,yet by associated action they in
crease the chances of each. We think no one
can object to this proposition who is not in
heftrttu favor. of Ikunagan. : _
Resolved, That if the State Executive Com
mittees of the two parties unite on a joint
ticket before the meeting of this Convention,
it be recoMmended by the Convention to rail
iy their action. •
• . Resolved, That no time may be lost after
the Union Ticket shall be formed, we recom-,
mend the Delegates from the different dis
tricts to -agree on" their respective Electors
before they leave home and procure from •
them the following written pledge; .
" Should I be chosen a Presidential Elector
for the State of Pennsylvania, I hereby pledge
myself en to cast the vote of the State, tiint
shall receive Electoral votes equal to the 'pro
portion of popular vote's given to each, as
indicated by the 27th (or - leading) Elector on
each ticket •
Resolved, •Tit'at,kthese proceedings be pub
lished in - all of the papers in the State favora•
ble to an Union Electoral Ticket.
Resolved,' That this Committee dO now ,ad
journ. ? •
R08T.41 1 PALMER., Chairman.
A. Willumtt, Sec;etary,
Union County Convention.
In accordance with the above call, the mem
ben' of the Union COntity Convention of this
11th of-August last, which nominated our re
cent ,Union . Contity Tioitet., are requested to
ro assemble, in Carlisle, on SATURDA.Y, the
18th of October; ' " to appoint two Sonateriill
and four • Representative delegated to the
Union'Mtate Conventiou; which, id to he bold in
Harriabtirg, on the 210t,ipst,, to no:ilium° t o
Uniow,Electoral Ticket. . •
um. The , Kansaa. Aid Committee' in
New Yorle have reeeived' , u contribution'
of oioo Ithis2shoirs that
'there_are' *pie_ l'n , `that Stat 3 Who do not
agree wither BuchananCpoliticians in
regarding freedom as curs's. • . ' •
liu tooofeco paper, line taken down the
names of Buchanan 'and 13reekinridge,
and-Oatne-out for -Freinont-and Dayton.
3t,.....1A-iiiii..,::::,; -- . lt.::: : ,f.i!:itt s ji . ii......:' - eit . l, - .t..;
Atitution vote to :put, .into power titose•arhb
'wish to ”tear that Conatiltiyon trampti i(
under foot?" , Idr., Itochonan - was nominated
to please these men, 'and the' Cincinnati plat.
TEDNE.SD-A-Y.÷ , ..OTQIIETR:::I6:,'--18 . 06.,
Col. Preston B. Biooks, at.the recent •ova.
thin given him by his constituents at Ninety
six, S. C., honor of Ile ruffianly , assault on
Senator Sumner; with Senator Butler, Our.
-Admits, Senator Toombs, &0., among. . the
guest., thus declared himself
"We havejhe Josue upon - us now; and. how
are to meet it! I tell youlellpw•citizens, from
the botton of my heart, that the only mode
whitih I think availablb for meeting it iejueno
tear l the Constitution of the United /Reim.
trample it under ' foot, and form a Southern
Confederacy, every State - of ywhich - will — .bea
slaveholding States_pioud and 'prolonged
cheers. 3 I believilt ataTiffiliditi - thtftwe'ot
my maker—l 'believe it on my responsibili
ty to you as your hondred representative, that
the only hope of the South is in the South, end"
the only available means of making that hope
effective is to cut- asunder the honds.. Wbich
tie us to.gether, And fake our separate posi
tion in the family of nations. These are my
opinions. The) have always been my 'Opin
ions. They have always been-my-opinions.—
I have beeh a Disunionist' from the tune I
could think,' •- • •
—Here you see exposed -the ultiity of the
pretense that the Republican movement and
party are.the cause of this Disunion fertrient
at the South. They 'are but the pretexts
seized upon by those Who Levi been-Disunion
fats all along, arid steadily watching fur op:Por
tunities and excusets„for trehollion. It we
should tamely_ surrender all the territories to
Slavery, they might—wait till they have gained_
st,bure holtcon--therm; ; _._hut—they would find
some other pretextAr disunion the .day After.
Brooks is going the whole hog for Ilholtaii
au, thouglf lie preferred - Pierce - or.-Douglas;
but he plays, his gaute.on the true ;Southern._
principle—if you . win, -- take ;' if you fuse, fight.
If Buchanan is elected, Iteil - .Tvilling 'to g,t) on
awhilti; if not; - be isfer rebelliiin at Once. Ap,
"Now, renew-citizen!. I . want the South to
corni•equareSup to Mr. Buchanan.. Let us do
our whole duty. •Let'its test the OXierittrent
of our, friends, and if it fails,.tht we can with
the more grade ask thew to adopt our -count.
eels for the future. I tell you that the, issue
Must be made. I- am by no means' confident
of the election ofJaines Buchanan. I think it
probable tont John C. 'Fremont may be. the
pelt President. . With the platform upon
which be goes into power, with.' $80,000.000
I at his control, with the Army and Ntivy at his
1 command, what is to be done to you When all
these elements of jioivir are in the hands of a
dangerous, binfruan? • Now fellow-citizens, I
1'134 this myself and, my friends. I
have got Jriends here between whose opinions
on_politics there is a shade of difference, and
a decided shade., I- am not going to canifinit
them: lam not the -State vt .
South Carolina . lam not going• to commit
my Congressional District. I speak as a man
—as a private geutlernaM—as a slave holder;
and I tell you that our hone is alone in the
South, and the only -, mode of 'making. that.
hope available is for the Smith breome act' to
effect the dissolution of - the' American Uniim.
And Lilly this', that if john C. Fremont is e
iected,President,of the United States, our peo
ple ought4o.have sense enough to knoiy" that
the issue is . upou time, and cannot be avoided.
When that difficulty is upon yon—and I be
lieve you will 'avoid the very verge of
honor—and you are compelled to-meet it, take
the philosophy of Shakspoaro, and, ' , from the
nettle, danger, pluck the flower, safety.' Ud
and meet it halt-way,-and you rob it of its ter:
vers. And, as_this dissolution is
,to come, I
think .you ought : as sensible tnee., take a
running etarvand bit the first blow. • Now,
fellow-citizens, Ido not care what may bo
the effect itt the'North, we have good friends
there: There are goad men there whom
MIT - and respect—men who are patriots; but
tdayou they are but white spot, on, the
pavement of blaek,—lnit au oasis in the desert.
I speak on My individual responsibility: -if
Fremont be .elected President of the 'United
States,,/ am for the - people In their'majesty
rising above the law, and leaders, taking 'the
power intu their own hands, going by.concert
or not by concert, and lay4ng. the strong urm
of Southern freemen upon the treasury and
Aiehives'ef,the, government [Applause].
speak, for myself; do not any what Ido not
Intend to do: .'lf you, people the Fourth
Congressional District, 50, 100; '1:400, or 1,000
of you, intimate to tne that you Wont we. to go
with you-my life,, my: fortune,
,MY „reputation,
shall be at your 1-,ervice. "' I have oven now
men in my eye who are'soldier4und Vilinltave
been tried. ,I, seelerelC9l.__Gleddert and Ma
jor McCulioni, and' toll their, pat
riotism will riee-eapp - erior.,,lFtibOir pride: If
You'sarYou want me' to go, hunahlt'as I ain,
and as superb:lr as they, aro to 10 E 1 ant reattlYv
and,l,, know their -- .putriotism --- iiill call T un*
them to take if it must be,' a subordinate, cora , l,
mend in doing 'their a - tilY` pond
Can abiding Democrats of the 'North
vote to'sustain these traitors'? Can men 3ith,
love our glorious land and' Our . plataidnas Op . " I
forth was ar r anged to suit their yiews. Can
Democrat, Whig, American or MThHain,
spte 4 infaxor of Mr. Buchsuian.and_hisyWorm!
after reading_these extracts? • •
Philadelphia papers contain-pleasant accounts
of the great fair at- Poweltoof The weather
was propitious, and the attendance on the
first day was immense. The HOD: MARSHALL
Wxxxxa opened the exhibition with .a brief
speech, upon being informed that _the:;caval
°idiot I/IW, horses was ready for the grand
mare. roun the grounds. He congratulatid
the good people of Philadelphia upon the an;
spicing commencement,' and expressed the
hope that its conalasion might beglarious, the
realization of their hopes and the advancement
of American agrioUlture.
i•The remarks , of the President we rereceit! 7
ed with . eheere„the band inside the enclosure'
of the track struck up a national air, and-the,
,word was given fer.the cavalcade
First came_theMarshaLand hie_assistants_on
horseback; then followed led horses, splendid
animals, that pranced and pawed the ground
as if concioue- of their own beauty; then fol
lowed trotting horses, with almost every de:
acription alight vehicle watched; then fam
ily'horses, draught horses, stallion!, ponies,
jacks,, &c. So, splendid an equine display has -
never been witnessed in Philadelphia, "
The - Yidittallers of Philadelphia had an im• •
posing - parade - on the 6th; - -- it was -the - first-.,
general display of that useful, and =gotriforta
-610 and the Evening -
Journal etates that it divided- attention with
the• National" Agricultural Show, and of 'all . '
thaspageants.ever witneased this was the most
- striking: The procession was formally wel
comed by Marehall P, Esq., the Pres
ident of the-Pali, amidst the cheers of 75,000
sneotators. It was an hour in passing a giv
en point, and its progress was - marked by the
most perfect - order and attention-la detail ,
There was a large attendance to the fair to
day, numbering thirty to forty thousand.—
the,racing•on thecourse was spirited and the
grinoipul attraction. ,T he grand banquet came •
oft at half past 2, when eighteen hundred per
suns, ineluding two hundred ladies, eat down.
Among rte invited guests were Bishops Potter,
of Pennsylvania, anditicCloskey, of Michigan,
who pronounced grace and , returned thanks
before and after the meal. The tables filled
the immense tent, and were boautiftilly deco
rated and bounteously supplied. Alter the.
edibles were disposed of President Wilder,
made an address, welcornitigthe guests and
complimenting Philadelphia as• being the most
appropriate place fdr the jubilee, the first ag
ricultural society of the Union having been es
tablished by her citizens. Speeches were al- - -
so made by Gov. Pollook, Mayor Van; Gov.,
Rice, of New Jersey; G. W. P. Curtis of Vir
ginia ; J.osiiih Quincy, of Boston; A. B. Coo
ger, of Noti- York - . and W: M. Meredith.- The
premiums w'ere, then declared. The receipts
will amount in the aggregate to $40,000.
midnight, a fatal affray occurred at 0,0••
ner . of Ninth .tind South Strews, 1;01.w...01 a
party of Moyameasingrowdies
Natives from Baltimore, calleo thu
Baps." It is alleged that a gal.t: ore )01
raer were rushing,to attack the what,
the foremost man, named Iticletyre ' was
promptly knocked down by the '• Rip Raps"
and shot dead. The Baltimore club is. the
same one which' has lately .been in such 80-
' rious riots atlonte. Tt is on alrisit Were
Several p'ersons of the party have been tuTist •
ed, charged frith 'the anurder, and twp of
said.,to be Baltimore policemen, are al
leged to be the perpetrators. of the' bloody
deed. • The story of the Moyamensinp 'party
is, that Mclntyre was killed without provoca.
lion. He is said, however, to have boot a
desperate cbaraCter, I frequentliTbefore the
Court of Quarter Sessions for offences .of all
kinds. :Thirty-threeinembers of the Shiftier.
Hose Company have,been sinci:cortnitted to
prison on the charge of murder Lad riot in
connexion• with the above. '
Tr.---Srentont Alen Mobbed"cind Several Shot,_
00t,.. tneetii4 of the friends
of Fremont and Daytoia was hen' last evening
at yerreetwiliei SehuSrlkilleeuntY. The, aieet
in; was disturbed by a horde , of Ituele tt oan .
rowdies, anti, the, speaker', were o etpned ,and
shot at. ' •
M. Patterson Was atoned - while -on 'the
stand, And just as liCtinti '"the other I speakers
, Nrere leaving, a ball !as Arad itito'the carriage,
which'grazeti the face ,44; Linn [ l3 ,4,4hoismenr,
'aid shot elf the' ciatiV a citiieri ,of Miners-.
, t-Tattersaia-saye. that.ha.millgtrather iti
the, hands of Atehison sold his liorder gulfmns
- *flan In those of these , nochatuto savages of
„Finally, the vallititylrino tiara
called out s ,atia ,they- atteeieededi
fivaoroix nfthe ringlett4era of the riot.' .o,iio
of them in eacap,e, • was shot dead *.
ThOothere &rain , the vtat.oh:;hooe at Miners-
'vile. Several perioali were' donsiderakly in:
t ----- ,
F u* cAupouxe.`
Theittesniehip George Law errired at New
York on Sunday night, with two weeks later
intelligence front California, and nearly two
millions io pia
'The general intelligence from. le:.
unimportant: 'Polities§ occupleci--th-e±pubUss—
mind almost to this exclusion of every. other
subject. In San Francisco there' was a mots:
• ,
went to unite rarione element& in opposition •
to the democrats, who are the bitter.. enemies
:to the Vigilance - COMMitteeks. • The - •
cans Were at worst actively, and a Warm Prim
if:Jenne) contest is expected:
Herbert of Congress froth
1-131e, arrived • at Bab -- Franoisco—by - the - last
steamer. - He was-immeadiately waited upott
by stkieconuttee, who presented him a polities
signed by 2,000 persons, praying him to, del—
the cif of his presence. When the committee
entered hie room, be thought they bore one.
of - .B2's' little order* for his typeranee at the,
..g*iiimityg's room, nod trenebledlikee
lie said he would oonei r dder the sub ject mat:
ter of the petition and return an answer. •
Society :in California continued in a lvery....,
disorganised State, and. murders and robberies
were frequent. The rooms, of the Vigilance
Committee wereclosed, the' arms put away
and the Sentinels removisil. The
generally goed, - mech better than
poted early in. the !season. - -The yield of - v., -
pier, peaches and . .other fruits has • also been
abundant-. Mowers; reapers and other labor'.
saving- machinery-it being-introduced, to the, -
great benefit of the.:farmer. _ • ..
As some of the Demoorabo Ilolitioians have
attempted to influence the 'eleolion in penneyl
vania by representing that they have triumph
ed iu Coneotiout at the town elections, it icor.
interest to know the. real result. This we
learn from
-the New !laved (Conn.) ialadioni,
whioh-paper: has-returns from 126;
which 76 were carried by the'Premout - party,
and 46 - 1;y the united Fillinarnors and Buchan.
iers. The .latter are publishing; garbled .
embracing only 113 towns, and leading out a
.net gain. • •
The Palladium sap
"The Fremontera havo - a - majority--o!
tOwneln-all that, avethuslar , voted,--.But the -
. best. °falls that, the Buchatianiers are neatly ,
-beaten in- such-strongholds as • CloishireLby
lee, than a dozen votes, and Hamden and
Wallingford by only . a-few - more, - and that, too
in the
,largest town meeting ever held. '••The
fact is that the changes'in this. State to - the:- -
cause of Fremont and Freedom have been hit
moue.), and, the upholderii - of,tho nem des-
The Hartford Evening Press .of the
says :-
••- • -
4 , We have now received information from .
'nearly every town in the State which held its
election on Monday. Our .returna are from
140 towns—of these 81 give Fremont majori
ties, 53 -Buchanan majorities, and. eix:ltre di-
vided. Compared with last fell; the Fremont •
tire have gained in 24 towns, and the Buchats
iers in 10. In 16 of the Fremont towns, and
in 6 of
,tha divided towns, Ingham (Democrat)
last - tpriug bad a 0/040 majority over all oppo.
DUEL PILEVENTpD.;—AB Wail •' ai tioipsted
Messrs B. B. Botts and Pryor, of Richmond,
with their friends, went out early on Tuesday
morning, for the purpos e s oft hostile meeting
near Blair's farm, jest acoroes• the boundary
liae of the District of Columbia. The ground
was selected,:but before their positionliere
taken, all the_parties were arrested, together
with the wet selected for the duel;-pie
tots. They were brought before Justice God
dard, in 'Washington, when the principals
were released on their parole of ',honor, thee
they would return to Riclunend in the even-,
lug' in ddinpany with, the,officer sent froth the
latter city to arrest them.. -
Co ,, peretown (N., Y.) Itopublican •
tttui•Uouwcrut contains a circular, signed by'
flu? huridred and eighty-nine citizensi who have
heretofore 00-operated with the Americas par•, .
ty.~• They say. that having become satisfied
th it an intrigue is on foot to divert the, obli-
abode reitiug on American• from Their le
'gitiroate ends, and being now convinced . that
to'citet a vote for Fillmore le an indirect sup.
port to Ruehanan,. they take this method of
pub icly avowing their determination to
give• to tile Republican party and 'to their
nominees their earnest, active, and mcieLhear
ty ;support. .
A Droncsn VA,IrrY —The New York Daily
Sews, the'orgati of the Ilards," has tout at
the head Oita columns . for Mayor, Mr. Libby_
The 7Liasißook, the'organ of the ' Ralf shelli3,'
ha's put •up Fernand Wood. The News to
VorroteVere upon - the opponents. GCMG Litihy.,
and the Day Rook giros the otter side of the
lrouse •. 'particular fits." New YOrk is lost to
!jr. Mckinnon, and 1 . the leading Democrats
eliero openly akkaowledge it. , ' ' •
'2056,We Lid?lii teleatttilik iliat'attyl a
portfttitit a grent citizens of all '
parties - had gathered at Indiana, Pa., to bear
a challenge debate' on national' politics,"
t . ,
ween' railotis" Republicans and 'Democrat's,
and that - 'the , 'Republioans:tacked : t:ine;-- %to--
learn from the Inclitina Register that tri seat
thing happened.•:!...-No,challengto was merle or
,asceptad beforehand hut . ritt ,two. =nonage
gathered, - the Denieeratidesiringto hate the •
chation of reaching the large cases of Reptibli•
dug, sent -4* Challeititi: The L lrtunthit ineor •
dteired to o restrict the ;debate: tai the subject
of slavery iu territories, and offered to diwa nos •
it the nett tivonitig, Whereupon the.. DOOOll
- ittr4iiti to' meet . the &telt; hisne, lune ad
rtentlytaciost out.