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Fremont is charged with the hellions offence
of being a voung inan by 'his political tiPpo
mints. it is, true he is not so old as to be
childish, nor yet so far advanced in yeare as
to entitle - him to theliobriquet ,of " cue/Can
..zed Welfogy." Mr. - Fremont is 43
_yetFs, of
age-;just in the prime of physical and Intel
leotual vigor. On what, authority, we would
/ know, is he pronounced to young ?
The oonstitutfon , of the United States fixes the
honors and resiionsibilities, and Mr Fremont
has passed that age eight yours since. For
evidence . of this,consult.the record , ofhis birth;
and for evidence of his intellectual vigor and
activity consult 'his writings—the record of
his scientific explorati'ons In . view of this
Ohirgp of youth against Fremont, we , have
taken thetrouble to ascertain the ages'ofsome
of the men of mars in theivorld. -
In Juno, 1775, when the colonies of, North
Americo ha 4 determined on resistance to Bri
dish oppression,_they, looked anxiously_about•
_for_some_one_to take_cotnmand of their forces.
The choice finally fell ;"upon - a - youth of - 43,
whose name was George Washington: - After
a struggle of a year, under the most averse
circumstances, the colonies decided io secede
from the mother country, 4tnd for this pur-,
pose a " Declaration" must be made which
. would electrify the- world, -and tell Great
. tain Ait
-in-un tn isto:k able terms-the t-they- W ere
dettrininetr to lie free. A youth of 83, Thos.
f JeffertAfrwrate that gloriotiCtlocument, and
.Fdrty7cne of the fifty six signers of the beciara-
Lion were youths under 50 years of.: aye.. When
J'efferson was 42 ho represented our republic,
at the French Court, - and tour - years inter lie .
was appointOd Secretary of State. • •
Whein by the itesistanoo of these youths tho
Colonies were successful in the war of Jude
pet:Klemm they concluded to frame a Constitu
tion. "Here, asbefore, a youtheame-to--their.
relief. Jamesilndison, a youth of" 36, "-more
than-any other cite assisted to forin our Lou.
'atifution. :Among-itie.most activo tu .advoca
the adoption - of., the. Constitution was a
youth of 31, an, aid de camp and confidant of
Gen. Washington, the author of many of those
admirable es:says'on the Constitution, in the
• '• Federalist ;"—We aikido to Alexander Ham-
Mon Oue year afterwards 6o was appoint
ed geiliotary of the Treasury, and at the
youthful a Igild 32, Its...sueneede-Washington
as Cotnotander-iNphief of the Aituiy.
The great exponent of Democracy, John C.
Calhoun, was but 35 years of age when be
was appointed Secretary of War under Mon
roe, and 43 when he was*ected Vice Presi
dent with Jackson in 1828.
John Q. Adams was but 42 when• ho was
sent as Minister to Russia; and Oen Jaokson
won the battle of New Orleans at the youthful
. ,
age of 45.
. this country to assist in our revolytionary.
War, yet hie, opinions are. quoted in certain
quarters as if they were the opinions of a Sol
. pxnon, " .
Wm. Pitt wAs.nmdt,E.rime Minieter'of Eng--
land at the age of 21, and for 17 years, dur-
lug the stormiest period of English history he
was eo successful in the conduct of affairs
that be-received the title - of "the pilot that
weathered the storm." John Hampden was
bat 49 when-he died, yet he made the British
_ tremble in his_lifctime by the p_ower- of his
liberal ideas. But we need not multiply 11-
The truths.of the following thrilling tale 'of
adventure is for 'to tui by.a person
who heard it from the lips of one of the party:
Partxot . three men started from Sacra
mento on a` prospecting tour, and being well
supplied with provisions, they penetrated
much farther into the mountains than any.
other,party," without meeting with any success.
'tieing men' of , ,great , perseverance, however,
they determined to pursue their course still
farther, although they had nearly reached a
a point, Where it was believed the' foot of a
white man never`trod before. The party be-
_ gan to feel. sotaewhatdiscouragedots luck.op._
-- pearettim have abandoned them. They were
many — n - 31W from any habitation, and their'
provisions were getting very low. A melan
choly feeling prevaded the whole three, but
4... they kept on till they come to a deep guloh.--
- After making a thorough examination, they re:.
turned to BaciameAto for.ropes -and provisions.
Hosing .procured,` these, - an loaded their
mu t es with'as muob' as was thought necessary
_for Abeirirtitoeet_tbey proariedeci the '
tilob. To" get down. this ravine wati,the next
objeot. ahoy tied a rop4 to a_ tree, and by
this means ono after the &her descended to
the bottom, after lowering down •the proyis.
ions and tools. Here they found gold in abnu.
dense, and s abored assiduously to secure their
pile as soon as Posdble, not being pattleular=
ly in lore habitation. By- a •more
accident, after baring been in the ravine for
\ a
_several. weeks, they disc vered that the _-rope_ I
had been out by the Inch ns, or let loose by
some other means,' whioh out off all-hopes of
eeeape. The ledges of rbok were perpendiou
lar for hundreds of_ feet', and elimbing...up-stal_
out of. the question.. -
'Their provisions -rapidly; diminished, and
starvation; stared them in the facie. The gold
wk3ich they had seemed was of no,nsel They
had made up, their mind that their end was
near. Providentially, a party of friendly
diens came hy, and hearing,, the hallooing,
they discovered their whereabouts, and imme
dititely—went to work to release them. Ropes
were-obtained and let diown, when-they.were
drawn Up oneby - one, and their gold also:---
being released from their gold also. Being
released from their prison, tkey liberally re
warded the Indians, and went on their way to
a more sultable location, thankful for,-their
preservation from the awful-fate•with •which
they bad been threatened-.—N...Y. Commercial
Advertiser'. - •
Fon TLIS Mccuri.—'Travelling. some
. time
since by railroad from Columbus to Daltiniore..
I took.y seat immedin'tely in front of a gen
tlernan who was aufferinFnnder a p)liroxysin of_
tO A_degree that I-- had hever. before
witnesseet:' Itt a few minutes a person ap
peared-frornthe end of the car and too i-a-seat
beside bim, when he sai r d.."Sir canyon - tell
me what is good for the hiccups ? I have been
afflicted in thi iiiityou see me slime yesterday
nap, and Itaveitd . no-rest or relief trom - any
physician to wham. I 'smiled for assistance:
lam worn:Oat w,ith suffering." To whom the
person replied, "Sir, I will cure you in less .
than two minutes hr T•our N . vatek. Have con-
:fidence, forl ani sure I can do it, Hold up
high above . your , head two liners of_ your
baud ; lean back open your inotitli
an thronyons to give a free passoigelo your
lungs ;.,breathe Very' low•and softly, and toile
,steadily at-your fingeili. Iu less.than the time
specified.the cure - was performed, one hiccup
only occurred-during-the trial: 'The — patient
could not - express - gratitude, while the praeti.
tioner-only extracted from Writ as a' tee the
'promise that he 'WO - Old — cute:ad the ".knowledge
which he hadimpartad,, as freely as he hail
received it, assuringlidur that he would never
be - Also - pp - Milted in I.lloT43Snli. •-
We were . struck with the fact. : Since then I
have often had_occusion to prantice:pupon pa
'den is iu the same disorder, • iitl never with.
out the most signal success.
Ambition often pute'meu upon tieing
the meanest offices ; Bo climbing is perforniiiil
lu.the slime posture us creeping.
V ALUABLE 'OOB.N.En PR011 3. 737.
at very valuable and well known BUSINESS
STAND situate on the corner of North Hanover and
Louther Streets, in the borough of Carlisle now owned
and occupied by Jacob Fetter, containing 30 feet front
on Hannover street arid 240 feet on Louther street.—
The improvements on 'Hannover street' are' a largo
THREE. STORY HOUSE, with a large brick back build
lirg-tbaliittedlif the elegant - tintint
ii; WicOuliiinlifg - 11 -
rirooms including the store room, besides pantries
and colleen le titcloset arrangements. The STOlt E
ROOM le 22 (call,' depth, fitted up in the last
nosslble manner and one of the most desirable and long'
stabllsheil business locations In our town.
There is a larige two story brick building fronting on
Louther street, with a shop attached, now occupied as
a cabinet maker shop. Also a stable on the foot of the
lot, and other necessary out buildings.' The property
is In excellent order having been recently fitted up by,
the present occupant For terms Lc. enquire of
Real Estate Agent and Scrivener.
sopt 5
1 1"Yf'="7:17 1 •7;i
1 . 11 k) Two new and ehigant Rosewood Pianos 4l and
7 octaves, from the celebrated manufitctory of
Davis •It Co., Roston. These 'lnstruments have Ll_
carefully selected from a largo dock and are - warrants,
to give 'entire satisfaction. 'They will be sold at "
and kept In order by a competent person, for ono year
from date of sale. Those who may wish to examine, or
Co purchase a good Instrument, are invited to call upon
the subscrbdr at his residence In Carlisle.
Also, TOItENT,,twO good second-hand Plano POrtes at
sBpor quarter... , , JOIIN K. ST M
nov. '2B, . •
It is Inhaled and 'Applied (not taken) to. cure Disoaess
No Rbounmtle, Neuralgia, or 'other Pain,. c an oust
where Oliva Tar la applled. • Olive Tar mixed
with Mutton Tallow forma an
Reference is made to the following gentlemen who
. aye - used Olive Tar, Olite Tir. Ointment. .
of the Albany Journal.
Wl4. B. TOWNSEND, New York Express.
JOHN M. BARNARD, Esq., Boston Herald.
ISAAC V. _FOWLER, Postmaster, New York. •
Capt. EZRA •NYE, late of,ttio Steamer Pacific. t
E. A. BLANDIIOIOI., ChietEngineer 'Pacific R.R.
O. N. BARNEY, Pres:U. 8. press Company.
ELI COOK, Ex-mayor Buffalo, N. Y.
Prof. JAMES P. MAPES, Newark,
GEORGE LAW, sth_Avonue, N. Y.
HENRY RUSSEL, MI South street, N. Y.
' JOB. L:LORD, Mutual Benefit Ins. Co., 11 Wall et.
-0.-Y,WEMPLE, Secretary- Manhattan—Life Ina: Co., •
I,27. l Broadway. •----. • • .
J. W. JUDD, Now England Ins. Co., 29 William at
: W. ENBWOU B TII, Poiwarder, 64• Pearl st. • ,
ELISIIA 'PECK; Banker, 2 Broad pt.
,Rev. WM, JARVIS, Mlddletown,Vonn.
And many other names will be found in our Circulars,
which can be had of oueLocal Agents. , .
OLIVE TAR; - 60 Cents , a BOttle.,
' OINTMENT, - 26 " ;
For Sale by S. W. Haverstielc, only' gent for Carlisle
Pa. Ms& *old at the Company's Depot, No. 10, Stet, -
street, New York and by Druggists generalj) , . .
August 20, 1860;-0m.
_f- ( -2.Y-,F-I'-
- i)h:asi:uii:Lt.thateures= , —
prug •pitoreo..
.I_,, has trioved - hig'store from the former Stand to hi:
lOW buildinklutmediately opposite, and adjoining:lle
C. Inhere Stero Having. mado..every arrangement to
preserve Lis Medicines. fresh and pore.- and having
rep en s - 14 - 111 - 1 - 866ortment - of - tarefully - selectod - drugs,
he agalif prepared to attend to 'business with
are and promptness. 'llls assortment will furnish
almost every thing that may bo called for, either bY the
physician, or the family, fir do - mastic use. ..The greatest
care and pracaution.will be observed in. the tothismnil.-
bog gf prescriptions and dispensing of medicines. ills
assmtmaht of ConfeatiOnaries :and Fancyitiocd.+ls very
general, and will enable purchasers to suit themselves.
.51 ay,2B, 1856. .... - ..
• • WAIL a Splendid-variety of -
Thu undersigned has just, replenished his stock of
,goods: ansLatiltis.Bfaz.littul ChemicalkAntve Tien
looted ,with great care,Tl67lS—peeiFifeetirtilralrortiors
promptly Ills friends may rely upon the genuineness
and purity of every - article.
. Alia stock of CONFECTIONARY Is large and selected
with special . rgtarence to the Ilbliday's. It afford
any variety Liersons may desire in that line,. lie haste
largenssortment of Frei cli, Carman and domestic Fancy ,
Candies, all fresh and of the_vofv best qtuili,V. Ilia as ,
sortnunit of FANCY 000DS is large and embraces al ,
most orrery thing necessary for the Toiletnnd Family.
lie invites special attention to his Fancy Work Boxes,
Ladies' Bags,•COlogde .bottles, Watch, and Card Trays,
Port, Folios,,%ke.
Quick sales, small profits and strict consisteneyein
trade shall characierise our bp.siness. .
'dee. 10, '55.. ' • D. J. KIEFFER.
have Just, received from Philadelphia and
NO York 'very extensive-additions to my'
•• -former stock, embracing nearly every article
" Ne'diCiiie - abw -7 in use,.-together .tvith
• Paints; Oils, Varnfshes, ,Ttfrfaintine, - Pe'tfU ,
I !nary, Soaps, Stationary, Fine. utlery, Fish-
Log Tackle, Brushes of alpiost, every &scrip
lonrw ith-an endless_ varidty2of articlea,..which_l
sin deterinined to sell at the MIA! towcat prices.
All Physicians. Country Merchants, Pedlars and oth
ers, are respectfully requested not to 'peso the OLD
STAND, asthey may rest assured that every article will
besold of a good quality, and upon reasonable terms.. , .
_ 8. kihIAOTT,- -
- .lain street. Carlisles
NI ty 30
PORTANT TU .11D1 A LE.ti !
it - t.TrfftlgENl. - AN'B . lll;‘M =
inc combination of ingredients lie these t ills is the To
„cult of a long'und extdhstre practice; they anc mild
their operation, and certain of restorinc li m,dr e to ,its
proper channel. Ile everydustance have iheSe Pills pro
ved successful. They iorariably open those obstructions
to...which Feniales are liable, mad bring nature into its
proper channel, whereby' health is restored and the pule
and deathly. coun tuna tecechatiged too a healthy ‘iSte. No
female can enjoy good health unless - she is rexular; and
whenever an obstruetion takes place, s•leetiler . frolte ex
posure. cold or any other cause, tile gelieral int
mediately-beginsdaelecline,-and the 'tout 01 cull a rem
edy has been the cause 01 so many c',nestimptionsamPng
puump folikales'; Indies )those health will not-Tomtit
of aii incroasportheir family, these pltls,will prove a sal
-nable-ac.fulsition,as they • will prevent pregnancy.—
Deadetche, palelie-the-side; palpitation of tlm heart,..itop.
thing of Mod, and di Curbed sleep - Alp most .I.Nays arise
from .4110 interruption of maitre; and wheitevi!v that is
thee: l m , , the pills Will' invariably remedy all tliert evlre.
Si f are the less atlicacious the, -tire latucurrlata, •
commonly- ilud the— W h .. pil
er betaken during - preg,toine , as they'wt-uld be sure to•
cause a miscarriage. Warr flted purely Vegetable. and
free from anything iniurip is to lild or health. Euiland
explicit dire,lions.accomp ny each box: -
• These OHS arc put up Pit -suntire flat boxes. IlerFeßs
residing where there is no age-levy established. by envie
sing One Dollar in a letter, pre-paid, to hr. 9. L.
M.tSt, No. 267, Bleeciter street, mot ran brave them
soot to their respective wilare,Nlve by
• . .
_um 31 E N S E. .8 1.-1-1.1 GE S S ! 1-
Enevurag,ed by the unpreceilentedAtuccess which this .
popular,Monthly has mot with, and the rapidity with
which it has increased its circulation, ttleprOprietor boo
riso.vol to make It still tnore worthy of the patfOnage
of the public. That this admirable work is
Is admitted by every one, containing, as does. One
Ilundred Pages of reading matter in each number. being '
more than any of the V' Magazine's, and 11.3imilig two
veluiries a par of six. hundred plges oath, or Twelve
Hundred pages of Reading Mottcp per anuut.fer
ONR 1141.1. A
MglitiklY,lg nted - With - WV. ty_pe,_.
open flue, white paper, aid. its matter is capefully com
piled and rranged by the' bands of the editor and pro
prietor, who hag been known to the public its.connected
with the Boston prtis for sixteen years. ts...igigeti con
. .
-.. .
MED'S, ‘. , 11100 ICA NILES, - " '•
WIT AND HUMOR. itc., fie., - •
from the - best - and most. popular writers of this country.
It Is also spiced with a record of the notable e•VelitS of
the times, of peace and War, of discoveries and improve.
milts . occuring in' either hemisphere, forming' an
agrecable•companlon for a leisure moment. or hour, any.
where, at home oiabroad, each number being coutplete
In itself. • . .
No sectarian subjects are Admitted Into its pages;
there are enough contruveresi publications each dc
voted-to its VOCIAHAr Wirt or. clique. _ This work. is, in
tended tot.
.. THE. IMILL1ON; . • .*
north or south, east or west, and is Allied to the , brim
each month with chaste, ,popular antl.graphic •tiscit
luny, just such as
-an y father,' brother or friend would
place in the hands of a family circle. It Is in all Its de
partmeuts. fresh and original, and, what • it.nurports to
be, the cheapest magazine in the world.
Any person enclosing ems nottan to the proprietor; as
below, shall receive the Diagnsitte for one year, or any
person sending US ZlOfir subscribers AIId.SIGHT DOLLARS,
at one tithe shall ready* a copy gratis. • --
Di. DI, BALLOU, Publisher and Proprietor.
• Corner of Ternaont and Bromfield Streets, Boston.
. June 11, 'Db. • . .
ING: . The subscriber continues to carry on - the
above business, In all its variods branches, In North Ban.
over street, Carlhile. two doors North of Leonard's corder
whore ho intends keeping on band's general assortment
In big' linu, oonslstlng of all kinds of fashionable SAD.
• .. .-- Df.,10,r Bridles Martingales, Girthi,
~ , elsclisgbis and halters, also TRUNKS;
\,...... : 2: ..... ,4 ~, ,`. tinveling and saddle - 4 4 : ,.. 1 -ii 4
' .IM." ' ' ags; 'l le also man- ,' :--i..--.t
• • ". 11 tIlle- ' .tillaCtures the most fßil IFIA
: i( \ ' IV i ' , SPa i a a -SaDmrs. ever used In this
, I'li ;• country, and. those wishing fthand
'approved Ets'a'n. t en '
- - ''' i .!'," I ; 'same n,ln.. durable 'and plesaant*ddle
....,- ---if ell to rail and .neahauh"; , l •
1 ' - altojnufacturos Harness, Bridles,
. • Collars and Whips in all their yank. ,
ties, and confidently .believes from the general approba.
Alen of his customers, that he makes• the neatest and
best gears, In all their variety. of brMlth, that Is Made 1p
ttui country. He. also makes all. kinds of .)latraissee,to
viz: Straw, Rusk Curled Hair and Spring Mat;
resses. All the above articles will be xuado of the best
nuiterlal-and - workmanship, and with the utmost des
patch. - ' - . • ' •' . '.' . , . W3l. OSBORN.
pursuance of an" Order of the Orphatis . Court of
Cumberland county. will be sold at public sale, on
SATUEDAY,",the 27th of September, 1850, the-Front:
sea, in Monree_township, Outaberiand county, on 'the
Lisburn - road; about two miles oast of Churelitown,
more or leas, all under. good fence, and in a' good state
of .cultivatlon. The liriprovemente - ere a story and a
half LOO ijfoUBß, Frame Shop, Darn, Corn
Cilb, Smoke .
MouSe, &c. There is al 4 o a good App a Orchard on the
premises, together with a great :variety of other cholOtr
fruit trees. There Is le nevertalling well of watecoon
vonient to the door of the dwelling. The above de.
scribed property will be sold as belonging to the estate
of Daniel - Kline, deceased. Sale , to commence lit 2
o'clock, I'. M., when terms will be made known by
August 20;1856--t..
Storm.nub SI)opo.
!2 I have now on hdhd and for sale al '•
m y Ugd Walla ou stain Street ; opposite Marion Hall, an '
entirely new and elegant stock of •
Gold Leyer.Watches, hunting and open case, Sliver do.
Silver Leplue and Quarter Watches, a large variety. •
Gold Anehorit for Ladies and Gentlemen.
Medallions, a splendid assortnienf for ladies and genti. .
Bitant Pins of every pattern, and all Prices,' •, • -
Gold.Chaink for vent and fob, gold curb clinine; •
Finger Rings, - CuMping, Studs, Sleeve Buttons.'
Crosses:Hrop and Hoop Eii-Itings, alarge'variety, •
Silver and Plated Forks, Table and Tea Spores, Butter
Knives,&c. of various styles and prices,
Gold arid Siver Thimbles;
.Gold, Silver and Common SPeititcles, a large assortment,
. to suit all ; ges, and to which we invite particular'
attention. • . ,
PortMounales, a laige assortment at every price,
Gold Pens, afthtibestmake_at_Atrions_prites.....—
IfierITOWK - Pat - Riliciii7VEffileiins , Spectacle
Ladles Card Cases, silver and poi], at various prices,
Bracelets, gold and Common Watch Chains ditto. .
Also a large variety of-articles in the Jewelry
410E111 - will sell at the - lowest prices.. All, articlesmar
rauted to be what they aro sold for:
atleutten the REPAIRING OF
WATCHES and all work warranted. • Returning thnnke
to my old friends and customers for former patronage,
I respectfully solicit a continuance of their fart;
The ittihi:ci liters, located in -the 'room lately ocCupled
by i'drs, hoist aq a grocery Store, West of the hail Bond •
Depot. have , t tut opened an entire new stock of HARD
WARE, to welch they would call the attention of their •
frlemt.4 and-tho public-generallyerlitt
large and vane.;, was selected with especial reference to
wau icilirthEl - publICT, and consists in part. : 6l - tlie"
BUILDING HARDWARE of all kinds, such 'no locks,
latches,. hinges, nails, bolts, screws;; Ate., comprising
every article of,. littrtiware used in building and rut
pairing. Also, of,
plitt,V, paints, brushes, tic., of the
most approved quality and on the most reasonable
terms. :
emaNkr MAKERS- 7 The attention of Cabinet
'Milkers is invited ',Mr assortment-of varnishes,
voneers,- k nobly relic - mouldings, Ac., - which - will , be
found equal to any 1 the county, ,
SADDLI:ItS and COAOHMAKERS *lll' find In: thOlt
Rtpartment_all the articles usually required ht their'
line iif-linsiness, such ns steel springs, axles, fie. - • . •
WALL PA PERA-The assortment...Of Wall. Paper em
braces a complete variety a irew and choice pat-erns of
every quality. and 'at such prices as-cannot fail to give
, HOUSE KEEPERS are Initited to call-and examine
our stN-k of cutlery, plated wale. spoons, ladles, coney
mills, candlestick's, snuffers, Wairers, shovels and tongs,
Ruir rode, hollow ward, -brasit slid iron kettles, Sad
irons, &c., which we intend to sell very low.
RNIERS—For the use cif -Fanners we have an end
-less-variety of all _the articles adapted to their line of
trade, usually found in Hardware Stores, suet' tot plows,
tbrks, spades, slievels, hoes, rakes, Intrues, trarcs,' halter
elialus, , kc., all at the 'very lowest rates, to which yi.e .
call their especial notic/a.-
ECIIANICS, &c.—We Invite the attention of
Mi-elitinies generally to our stock of edge tools. plaii - st
Icveis. saws,.braces, Lifts, augers. hammers, fliespritsps:
which 'we'knoW - Arciaf of a - ktiperior quality. '
IRON and,STEEI, oft•all kinds constantly on Land and
for sale cheap. -
' - 'llfen - cotne, - friencliC -- and - give -us - a d-isx fool io.
our goods; as wold.targo loithing -I o Lin . lll ; and
from a strict attention to ittel nes; and tt'iThe•
commotinte we hope . tc; wont it pat
ago. Don't fi,riet the: phire, :"tivet, nest oi
the Delsc
April 1, 185U---ly.)
it 8 P tea NGI AN I). 8 . I: 31. M r: It
The - undersigned Invites the attention of Me add cus
tomers and the public t 0 his new and seasonable
sortmedtof SILK; FUR .and. STRAW HATS, CLOTH,
C.ll'B.lx. for gentlemen a. it Boys wear, of the latest
styles funtbest quality.. The assortment will lw fennd
to embrace every sort and size. of Hats and Caps for
Merrr-Boys- and --Childrenr-front-tim,echninonest-and
elmapest to the most stylish and fashionable, such as
Oftkford's spring style of gentlemen's nate, White, Black
and Brown, Slouch flats, with Fur Hats of hisl,Wll man.
ufactuco, Boys cloth caps of various colors and prices.
with it large Assortment of Mon's and Boy's straw hats
of different qualities and prices, to'ault the pockets of
both rich and poor. Feeling confident thut every• fine
chaser can be Accommodated froth his &famish'', and
varied assortment hp cordially invites his friends to
call and 'examine at his old ectablishment on Main
Street. • , WM. if. TROUT,
' GR6----- CR I ES' ill . AND VARIETY STORE.
The strl.wriber well d respectfully inform hisfriends and
the'public generally, that he hasjust,sethrned from the
city with a large.and varied assortment of
!_,..,1g- ~_
ARE, 1 - -
FIF 11, A c., &.. which he,offers for sale on tat 14 ' 14 1
most reasenrible.terms, at his Now Ftore, t % 11.0'
corner of North Hanover street and the Put •' ~ ''.-..
, Ile Square, directly opposite the Carlisle Re.
posit Bank. • Ills stock umbrnnes everything usually'
in a Gre..ery and Variety store.
The public are Invit d to call and (•!(it , ir.• his str?elk
before-purchasing el here, as he feels coni 0 1.:11 he trill
sell the host goods at t e lowest prices.
_s_ .l. IL HALBERT.
I' 4....
GRoc E riIEAS..C(PiFr.I., ,
RIES4 x .ri
• _„..,i) ..cril ec has lust
added to his former strArk-n guneri! , el ,, 0- 1, of I IT''it I:
.0 itocEnrEs. al well as all the 'other sot 1.4* . 1 1111 . 11. 1 . 1
1 3 usually kept •in a linicer s'r. re ci. I /11. 11 j 1 i .
14Ntc(1r11:C--mapt ed anderror:—st 1•.: 1 e,.,1 I 4 ~ 1 .1.
442.':11per H._ Orleans. Claritled.(si•ushed in - eir 1 olv. r 1 , •
_ . Sugars..of flue qualities; Ilk. , ;Or' _ 1 ' . 1. 1 . , ' I 1 .11 •
Part. :11114 t r ariety of Eaney-tirtlelss Allc.i. •.. hi-I r.,.' ..
ford at the lowest rlsh prices.' VI .. are Ili:col:NI for 11..
former support given'us, And Invite a fur llii•r call fr cur
our frietrilir And rustoiriers. .1. , Vi . k.IIY. .
litrion HAIL Carlisle. , . . • -
fps "Ming ( ant) Jlincf)iitery.
INO."—The undersigned - would Inform tL
• • ci na of Carlisle that he has untdu nrraul.
1:11011tH to doll A 8 AWING and. PLUMBING at Wiwi,
tiro, and on reasonable terms. He has engaged the to
vices of a first rate hand from Philadelphia, and has Kul
plied himself with an extensive assortment ofYIN
GRES;which will enable Min to fill all Orders proMpt,
All work will bo warranted. Ills stock of Gas Fixtur.
will be found in the room exactly opposite his Thir)
establishment on Wrth Hanover street, where be Inv it
a call.
• TINNING, SPOUTING,. Is ,also prepared
furnish, or make to order, every . article of TIN IV Al
used by housekeepereand others. ' lie will also atte,
Thankful for the_ patronage with which he has Ores('
bean favored, ho cespectfully. solicits a continuance •
the same, • '
R I AND . MACHINE 131101.
The subscriber has the satisfaction of b
;FAIL' ',10211111 forraing his old Monde and patrons tle •
• his establishment is again in active op.
rill( u, new huildings 'saving boon erected since the lei •
dire torus fire and the whole establishment put in con
plate working order. Orders are Moreton') respectful)
solicited for work in his line,..whicla will be done wit
promptness and In the best manner. •
and 'repaired. All kinds of Machinery in Paper Milli
Grist Mills and Factories repaired atehortnotice.}ll
Spindles dressed and turned.
--11011 SE ..powrk_ TIIREKUING - mAcurichti .-
such as Ilevilgattr Four Horse Posrer,.lDirisoutal Gee
roueCorn - She -
tors and emitters, die. 'Petterrus made trfordot. Iron an '
Dress CASTINGS executed to order, if not on hand, a
the shortest notice, such - as Cranks - and Mill Goarini
Spur and Devil Wheels, Gudgeons for Saw Mills, Ploy . Castings, Cutters, Point Shears, Wagon and Coach Do.)
es, Spindle., Car Wheels, Car Chain,do 11 ° has als
on hand a large supply of Philadelphia and Troy COOS
ING STOVES, and Is constantly, making Cooking Stow
of various improved patterns for coal or wood, ton plat
Stoves, Grates, 10. - Repairing done to all kinds of M.
chinery. All kinds of old ,Iron, Brass and Copper take
n-exchange for work. -
sor A v
• o lunel4
.A. NEEDLES; iNlan..tifal
rur of •
Coarse, nidiurn•lind Fine in nieshlarge, tiiddlr•E ••
and atuall in dlamider.
• 5 'CL ' ' WOVEN
di the liest , qualitks.tnito s sizes of mesh, from
ta 80 inclusive, ontl,front one to idic feet in width.
ifliey:atenuinhered so many ' the lineal it
and cut to suit.
Thesubscrlbec also keeps constantly co hand
! .
for coaj, send ore, lime, grain, graiel, guano.
- sugar, salt, hone, coffee, spice, drugs. dye-stuffss
To ether with artasmorment of lt1,1(1lIT 'ANJ)
NLAI,ED MON NVIII.E.' All the, above sold whol, ,
and retail by. - J. A. NI...ULF:3;
54 Front Street,
Juno 4.;
tinf 'l - 141Hi r% sl i t- it k il minr
-21 South Fiont
'reporters of Fine Hermit . ' Segars, of the rhci
growths •of the V uelta.abajo, A-large :isrortmeror
which" lire kept consenttly on hand, and fir sale e
sariallLiVnlP:6 on cost of importation.;
Vir - Consigoments respectfully solicited; on.
literal edranees will he,notde when desired.. ,
• . -
Special attention ..iven orilerr: for purchase on o.
Mission of Tobacco. •F also, every description of Merle I`
dish. thr necpulitc parties living at gt.distaM:e from..
1.1,5010 Ago t rfir F. A. Gootze'fi cdebrttteti (lel 1.
Snu.king 'rely C,romprL•ing thirty dillervnt varh!ti
April2:l;lH • • •
• •
Q EPP - murk:v . AN. 11. AIR LING
o__ -- rfl l e - siil4riThering - Tano . i' -- a to their
No. 2/8 Chestnut Street,, Iburth.door above Teetl.
Are now prepared to offer a large and well seketed
of the follow lug frost and deshable - goods. principal'
tliiir'owii - importntlon, -- or - bought at - nue - tie - m - 1r
they are- able to sell at- the importer's prices. n»rr
- Which they cordially invite tho attention of Ccny
Merchants, Hotel Beepers. and ienriliesgenerally.
Buff, Green and Venltion Window Shading.
.13aruacy and Irish Llucn tihe'eting, 7-4, 9-4, 1
11-4, 124.
Bobner and Pillow Linens of several choice Lievl. ,
and all widths from as to
Itrtl illanke - ti. of-all
and Itradle Blankets.
lied Quilts of the folloWing varieties. viz: Mersei -
Welting. Knotted, Begiste, -Annual): a.. Allendale -
,Lancastor s - Mall the &Kimble - sizes,
Bureau 'Covers, Table CoveriXindoWCui tan
Towels' it nil Toweling of every variety. Damask •
Cloths and- Nanklus, Shirting Linens. and, N
brie ifandkerchiefs. EntlatoiderieS, 4 llosiery -- Br -
tel;Datuaiks. %weer's, Enbroidered Lace at.d MU
Curtains, Gilt Vornices,lraluls, Gimps. Cord. ke. •
' Importers and Dealers in Litton and lione Furci
lug Goods. -‘1
April 110,185 f frrr.'
sal D U B A B'S N
Wholesale and Itut:til
r. . CASH . ROUT AND...SHOE. STORE •. ••
No, 70 Smith Semhtt St., Corner of Carter St.'
, ,
The establishment bus been- enlitred and iinpro -
and is snmdleci with the largest and best Retail St.
iu ti e I 'ity, prineipully of his own naiittraettiricNir
ehoiee'as t s,s - tutent from the't.est Eaetern .3.1 a rhet.
la-acing Lents,' Gents', and Children's
1,4 orery-cirscriptiorri'dylis=nrid - Runlityoimbracing -.
best :,tylkuk . and - qualities In this or any other mai
This stuck cannot lu excelled for Quality Style :.
elteapnrao:.'- . ,
attleit , is marked _ritLlthe pr tai
price, iron' which no deviation will bo tnatle. No *,
royagan t elatements will be needed, and none math."
effect sales. •
tkoodyear's Gum in all varieties. Pure (hums. • ,
scarce iu the marker, alWaye on baud. The
rekpeetfully Invited to call. [April 1., lara
Rupture succesiTully treated, and emit tbrt incur
by coo of the elegant French Trusses. imported by
subscriber, and unwhi to order expressly for his sales.
All suffering with Ruptiire will be gratified ,to is.
that the occasion now procure a Truss corm .
lug extreme lightness, with ease, durabilityqiiiireMi:
censtruction. In lieu of the euittbrous aud uncmnfir
blo article usually sold. Au extensive Assortmen afire
on hand, adapted t aim variety of Rupture in adt.
and children, and for sale at a rarigt; nf prier to suit s
Cost of Single Trumes, $2, $3, $4 and $5; Double, :
$5, $O, sft and VW.
Persons at a distance can have a Truss Sent to any
dretts by remitting the amount, sending measure arm.
the hips, and stating side affected.
For Sale Wholesale and Retail by the importer.
- 41.„N_SERLES, -
S. W. cor. ofTwelfth it. Race Stk. Philadelphis
. . -
Depot for Dr. Banning's Improved Patent Body
Cht , st Expanders and, Erecter' Braces; i'atent 6h0u1.•
!traces; Suspensory Bandages; tapinal Props and ti
ports. _Ladies • Romps, with compettint lady attendat ,
• april
To all persons afflicted with Sexual diseases. am
ti L ET, :3Y Pll I LIS, &c.,&c.
Cho i[OIVAIII ASSOCIATION •of Philadelphia,
vb. w ..1 the awful destruction of human life and heal::
sexual diseases, and the deceptions which
pi ~..used upon the unfortunate victims of such disco•
have directed their consulting Surgeon, s.
;IA . a s:ABLI: ACT worthy of their name, to
‘i -i, Ai/VICE OILtTld, to all. - persons
ic Cod.. or•Fenattle.) who apply by letter, (pc st-pa
.1 Uoseriptiom of their:condition, (age. occupati.
of life, Sm.,)!Midritt extreme poverty and suffer;
The Howard Association Is a benevolent Institnti
.Ostablisbed by special endosimont, flo the relief of t
sick and distressed, afflicted with "Virulent and 1
demi° diseases," and Its fund; can be used fer no oil
purpoSm It has now a surplus of means, which
Directork have voted 'to advertise the above notice.
is needleas to add that the •Assettation commands
highest Medical skill of the age.
Address, (pest-paid,) Dr. OR O. R. CA LIIODN, Cast.
ag Surgeon, !toward Association Philadelphia, Par
By order of the Directors, • .
GEO, FARKIIILD. Secretary.
april 11
- A
D C .
Located In Filbert Street above Eleventh,
The-Leaures of the regular course will commence
, tho Second Monday of October, and continue until _
Brat of March ensuing.
AmOutiViif fees for a full course of Lectures
(invariably cash),sll 0
Students who have attended two full courses
in other Medical Collages,
• Graduates of other Medical Coll4gen, .
. Matricplatlou Foe, paid only once,
. 'r
Graduation Fee,
WALTER 'WILLIAMSON, MD., Emeritus Professor of CE
eal•Medicine. • .
J. P. Runt, M.. Professor of Mated& Modica
Therupeutles. • •
Aivssi M. D., Professor pf lionuensthic In
• tut(7l:2ology.ind.tlie P. ctice of Medicine.
ISAAC WA ; 141. D.. Profe of Obstetrlts,,Diser
of Wo and Oblkiren,"an ledicelJurisprude , •
BriTintir SAMPAN ; N. D., Prhfes of Okeinktry i
JACOB BRAXLIIT, SI. D.. Professor of Surgery.
WILLIAU A. itsED, M. P. Professor of Physiology.
M.,Professor_ofAnatorny....... __:
• • • OD
N. E.. Corner 11th and i?libert Streets; Phi).
`Angus! 6, 1850, ' •
GARDEN ...tIsIGINES. throwing
stream of water 50 to 80 feet, cast.lron Litt m
Force. Pumps, Darn Door Rollers, Turnip .Drllla:WhiJ.
Drills, with Oats and trans Sowers attached. Plow, .
various pattern and sizes,. Square and - Expandi
'farrows, Gore's premium patent - Rutter Worker.
new article justirecelyed....kleoiall other articles .
their proper seas° . n, fur the
Dim gataell•
PASCUALL .510Ititi8 a CO.,
Implement and Seed Sten -
lib and Market, khila.
July 31,1856.]