Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, May 21, 1856, Image 3

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K ~.6::::0;:p; ~,:x,':,--:Kjk:l).-..;:_i,s,
G .E'R rff.J.A.l , l; • '• "
• l r
, •
4 I _,'rePlTe4, l o. , , ,
• • JACKSON. PootArmotitlitA.` -
chronic or. Nervous Dohility, Disesses,of the ,Illinoye,
and all ' dtsoasus arialtmg•frent a dlitortioted , • • •-,
• StoriMeli: .• '• •• ' -
i .• • Constipation,, , -
"•-- Inward Piles, bull. •••
news or Blood to the ilead,. • • • ' '• ,
; .• Acidity of the Stomach, Neu- ,
• aim Deep:Amur% Disgust forPood, ,
'ruthless or Weight on the Stomach,,,
Sour itiMetatiotitiNrikingoit'ltitt*lng77 . ''
• . at the' Pit of ithe.Stomach, Swimming of •••
the Ilead, flurried and Ilifilcult Breathing,
-- Fluttering - atthe --Ileart,-Choaking-,orattlloca;---
ting Sensations when in a lying posture, 'Dimness ,
of,Vision, Dots of walk before the Sight, Fever
• - and dull pain in the' Head, DetieletioY
Perspiratien, Iltillowleemf of Skin and •
• Pain „.IW, the Side, Back,,,chest, •
"'"" • - Sudden lliiihes • of
• ' • • Deat,':Burning In the ' • '
and great DO:, • •• •
„. • ,
,presSion of
~ The propritterin 'cal - Ifni; the. attention . of, he Public
to, this proparatien , does so with. a feelingof the 'Wiliest
.eonfidoeco iu Ds . Virtues imil . adiptitten to the diseases
for Which it is reeeinmended. .• - ".-
It Is no. new and untried articlo t but ono that-this
stood - the, test of,ii ten years' trial ,before the Amerfcan
potpie, and its reputatioriiind side unrivalled by
may sitailir proparetione extant. The' testimony in its
fh•or given,hy__the most : . prominent and well. know n -
hyslcleipOind ludlsidiiate, to all: parts of tile country
Is immeuse.
Aro SOUrcoe'ef insanity.' Frani Wsorder or obstruction,
a Morbid action of the itympathetle and other .nerves
follows, and thefinectiona of the brain are impaired and
&angel!: derangement thero- will alio produce diseas
es of.the heart, skin, lungs and kidneys.. It is owing
to•thesaire cause that thousands die .With Cholera,
Ditiothi or Yellow. Pever,•and. that moat baneful disease,
ConsumPtion. '
The general waist of success intreiting • diseases.Of the
liver and stomach, 'has not been,a deficiency of patheke
giCalilimiowledge - of - thetr - functions.-lit: of-a imitable
compound that Would'act the disease and all the
sympathetic affections. That has been gaitied.ip these
-_ I:Otters,: and they Cali be used by peraen , s' with_the
most delicatestemach vitli•Perfat s:mfety—aS 'they at
no time ilehilitate the patient; Mit givo'stremigth and
Increase.the nervous energy.. They can. be taken itt all
thitoKamid. under all eke unistanecs., • No midinary °ape
sure will prevent theta laving a salutary effect, and
no bad effect can, result from an over dose. • .
if patients will persevere in tlip use of this remedy,
and use it strictlyimccording, to directions, It will cure
the foregoliii• disease:: in every.. Instance, y net beyond
the power ofineilleine . : it :has caused many to enjoy
.----theldetisin% of renewed health, anillim many theMorate
and abandoneilsasee, a perlbct and, ridicul cure.
• And feeling the, hand-of,-Time mviiighing
them..with all its attenant ills; will find in the use of
the Bitters an Mixer that will instil new lire into their
-• -velits;.restere, iii a. measure the energy and ardor of
More youthful days; build imp .their-shrunken Mins..
-and , give , rhealth and happiness to their remaining
--It tart well , established feet, that folly tine-half of the
pnrtilm ofeur_ population. are_ seldom In__thesni,
'ljoyment of good health. or to ustAtholeown oxprossioil
"never feel-well." They are languid, - devoid of all (Pe
- ieritir7 -- eitirtimarrlterrroas, and hare no . uppotite:
thia class of invall•ts; these -Bitters are •espe:aally ro
eatntnended. Titerr'lieTilbfe dodicranl invigorating
_properties' renderthein int.:minable in. such Cases. . •
Persons visiting. districts Mira:cies( annually with
NI it A Nil Ali VE, or A,NY- FF7I
----NATURE:',mi-111-11Milliat- by the(Tumefy. ii4O of one or
two-hottles, they will not in-one 'instance take the dl;-
ease; as time Bitters will renovate aMi. strengthen :Cm
system, and the bile off in its natural
°diaundl. -
' Prevention is hotter than cure. • _
Tli AltE !tab VEGET.iIit,E
And frets frit)]. Alcoholic Stliantint, and' all Injurious
Ingredients; are plessout in t.tate'aud smell, mill In
their operation, will exp•l all in irbid secretions from
the body, give broom to the pallid cheek, and health
, and vigor to the flame; - •
l'iriTo i 5 ,tent's per botSia..
Prlncinal I )111,to. So,lld AItCIE street, Ph11 . 1,P4.
SAd by Urn gist:: and Storekeepers in every term
tnd lathe United States and Cioadas,
— all DelyglKUri
TAM gf4. - 'I'CLINTOCK - , 11I.D itte
• • Prof!ss w Anatomy and Surgory in the PLitailel.-
phia Colle,a of Medicine, and Actin: Professor of Mid
.- wifor,; , ; one of the C.insuiting Physicians of the Phil.
adelphin Hospital, illockley; late. itiember of tho Na
Atonal 110 , lical Association; minriber, of the Philadel
phia 11 idical. Society; lumber or the Itedicoßtilrurgi.
• c:tl (lollop of Philadelphia; formerly President and
Professor of Anatomy mid r I kiCastloton-lledt
cal Calle4c, Vermont; and als late Professor of An
.--atomy_andThyaielogy_ln, Berkshire? Medical institu
tion', Pitts:laid, Mass.,
Ac:, Ac. •
lfas lately Introduced in p,pular form, several of hit'
- = - -irorite-prescriptiona for tlo rl diseases of this
clifitate, The name of each article will imply
ease•Cir.Which it is'intended to be used.
De..ThlCUTTia Th frlocirifTimrintai. nor. st'.
'.ThDit.3lol.lLlNtilelL'S COLD AND COUGLI MIXTURE-korcOids,
Roughs, Ac., Price 25 cts: . • ‘.
Dr. Price 50 cts.. • • . •
rifyiug the Blood. Price $l..
hieettneeles Byspoplic Elixir—Forgiving tone
to lite stomach, relieving pains after eating, heartburn,
and all disagraeable syMptoms arising from Indigestion.
Price $l. -
121a.11cf`taxrecs's Thisum.t.rie illtirotinA Purely Va.
getable lteineily, for internal nse,;,
gs, Ac. Price 50 etc. •• •
DlLMeCt.rvrooit'n ANODT NE 3itxr Ons—PorPainsjo,oth:
• ticliii,iteallache-Neuralgia, Ac. Trice SO cts: i ,
Th'Da. - 11CCItisTticit's FEVER' o
NT Arms Simne-4 certain
cure far Alf liitortuittents. Price $l. •
; , 1:)# ; MaCtivrocs'w-Diaanuma Putnam. tan antitank Pte.
tiarri'vk— , Safe Tronedy. • ,
CostiveneSs, lleadache, &c, -Price 23 chi.
Ric 'llooLiwrooit's Arirt•rnitious Pitts—Fer irregularity
in the•Funetiontor the blver and Bowels—the best hie.
Price 23'cts. a box. . i,. •
FOr'sithiliY,Dr.:Jr:3lcCLlNTOCK, at hts Medical Depot, -
N.; W. CornerNPl'li and FILBERT Streets, Phillidel.
phia,,itad sal I)i.uggists. D•mgglsteand Beaters .inided•
cines,wbo. wish to be Agen:s, Will please, liddreSePr.,
DlColltiieek; furnishing _reference, Hartle of Post Qffiee,
criidntj , end State, • •• • • . •
• A4lti by W, A. Kelso, iiiaraitel Elliott, Curllsle; .
Shippensburg: Enuninger*Co.-, L Kau*
man - , 'Mechanicsburg; Joseph 'bairn, Yewillbe: :I. B.'
ThThEitnuternrn, Andersonburg; Melrose A
toWm; I.VEllnk, NoW Bloomfield; „hal - Het ,51. Singer,
' Iketrprirr;• B. F. Gardner, York Springs; A.. 1. Miller end
Nlion,.Chombersburg;..ll. Illentzer,.Wayncifboo4.
Getirge . ' liergnerand D. R Jones k CO; IlarrisbOrg.
' • DD. McCLINTOCK can be consulted, wlthotit:chnrge .
from 10 to 12 o'clock, J. 7d. t a1..)3 1 ! Depot.,
,Xecemberl3,.los4'- I y ,, .. • • ' • r
111 0 ,-;r 4 F A NilT IC E
t , • The underslgqe4 has just rolitenteh
and Is prepariid to supply Ids Id" inis and custountra ivlth
alinost anything required is domestic use,. at prices
indeh' be hopes trill nroye satisfaCtOry. stockeela•
*tit of every variety of goods suitable ,for, town; and
nountry use„.llehas alio on band a generaltuoiortment
4:fr AItDIVATpI, slob as may be,nooded by fail:tm aud
Meelmnics for, oviry day use., Ills stock of -." .
. .
Is large au dembraeosan excellent assortment Of oholo&
gunnies.' All forsale Wholeaalp and. Retail, South East
'corner of Hanover and-Leather streets, Carlisle,
415r7onntry Produce taken In exchange for goods,:
nor. 2L, tiss. . SAMUEL (1 =YETI%
. . ,
ALL PAPER.--Jusi - reaoilied• , :a'
splendid stork ' of Pal)e'r Ilangings,_ Window
Bitadesad gireboard Prints, embracing all the 'newest
i nd m i s t, approved styles: The designs 'are 'neat'and
,chaste, and the prkeet Ruch es cannot fail t give side faotion, We in cite our friends and the pub e Jgenereit;
ly to extl,old ostiniine our assortment bef,irdp irclouting
elsewhorP'. '' ': , • , • AI :0 ,-' :AA , IsT• • •
ra , re lia:i r , . .• r _`,; East Sfain'Eltreet„-Clarlislii
, '.; ~ :W SI UK
'lt Zia been the lot of the ° human ram) to Tio weighed
down by disease an suiterhig: lIOLLOWAY'S . PII4 , s
die Frill - 11Sr
DULICA.Th. and the INFIS3I, of ' all
ellineS, tkes. BOXIMI, nod. constitutions. „ Professor liol lo
way personally imperliitendectho' niiinufactur.o.l l,lB
moditifihslii the United States, and otters them. a
free ,and enlightened people, as the best remedy the
world etier eawl42 , the tieruoval of disease, •,
These famous Plha.are tiaprevely combining. operitee
•on the stomach, the liver, the kldne,ys, the' iiings,..thii
skin, :and the lanyels, rorreethig nny deranpKnuent in
their functions, purlfyhig the blood, the‘4:,ry-fuunttilu
ofollf, - inil thus curing (Molise In ell its forks.' ' . •
.NOarly, Wirth() - liiiutin ' race -, We litti - en — the - if - PI US.
It lies - basal proved in 'all parte of- the 'world, t at no
thing hail been fouhd equal tothOm in cases of ills caeca
of the. livery dyspepola, ttud atomach complaints genii...
'iraly. They Neon give ,n healthy tone to thou organs;
however_ Atuchz.deranged,:and when;all...otherL.rueana
have faileal. ,: • • c , - • - ' , - '
•illrany:of the most despotic Uovernments haveoponed
their Custom:Houses to the intmeductioti of these Pills,
that they may become the Medicine of the .niasses,-
I,eariunir,olleges admiCthrit this medicine Is the bust
remedy ever known for persons of delicate, or where the
system has been Impaired, as its Invigorating properties
never CAI to afford relief. • •
. .
. _
. No Female, young 'or old: should be without. tills
celebrated rifedicine.. It corrects and regulates the
monthly courses at , it 11" periods. acting In many CAS c , fi
i I Ica- .cluirm____lt_is_alsothe_bust_and,safostitnedle4ie
that can be given to Children of alt ogee, and for any
comPlabot; couswiitentlrim family should be with
out it.
Af,tlurrut • Worms of all
llowelijonipludnis Facer and Aguo kinds
Coustits Fe male' Cora- Stint° and Gravel'
gilds • • plaints. 7Secondary Symp..
Chest Disease qleadaelics • r • Loins • •
Costivoll(l6ls 7' Indigestion Jnirtird_Weakttess
Dyspepsia' •Intluousa Liver .Complaints
trrh , nt inflammation - • Lown'sa of Spl r rita
Diropsy, 'Venereal Affictlons l'iles
Sold et.tha Matinfoetoriew of Professor lima-ow/a
8) Maiden Lane, New Vert:, and 214, Strand, London:by
nil respeet thin Dru...vrists, and Dealers., of Medielne
ihronaliont the United States, and the civilized world,
in ho;,es. at 23 cents; 62 1 / 2 cents, and $1 each.'
AZ - There is a.consitferable saving : by taktn( the
larrter sires_ • .
N. 11. - Oireetreits far the luidatice 2c.itxtleuta In ovary_
disur.ler aro affixed to each box. ' •
a particle of Mercury In infallible remedy for
Scrofula, Kltig'a Evil, Ithemnatism,Obstinate Cutaneous
Eruptions,rt.implea ur Pustuliia on the PaCe, Illutches,
RIMS, Chronic ,soro Eyos, 4lng 'Worth or Tetter, Scald
ffead, Enlargoment and Kiln of the Donee and Jollits,l
Stulxirn •Uicere, Syphilitic Disorderly Lumbago, sonar
Ctomplaint:Land a 1 dieases_arlsing from niL.lujudlcluus.
:use of Mercury, imprudence in Life, or impurity of thu
- - -
-- , -*A.,-Tlitsgreat alterative medicine" and Purlflermf the
blood, is now used by. thousands of grateful patients in
all parts of the 'United States,. who 'testify daily to the
reumrkaldo curirs.uerformcd 113 4 410 greatest
_of nidtil•
clues, "O.4.itTLIt'S'SHANISif MIXTURE." Neuralgia;
Ahentnatisei,!_Serefula, ylruptiees
ease, F gre, Ulcers, Old :Slims, Affections of the Kiducys
Diseases of the Throat,
.Female UMnplaints, Penis atliti
Aclfing of the bones and Joints, are very speedily put
to flight by using this groat mid inestimable remedy.'
. For all diseases' )f the .lllood, nothing has yet been
found' to compare to if; It'cleansee the system of ell im
purities, nets gently and efficiently on' the Liverand Kid
neys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to the Stom
ach, makes the skin clear and healthy, and restores the
Corunitutien, enfeebled by disease or broltel down bytha ,
excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and strength:
For the Ladies it is incomparably. betteftlian tin fife
cosmetics everoitsad::.-A• fewo-doses of 'CSR,TEIt'S SPANIB . II
nor:rens will reMOVAIII sallowness of complexitin,brlng
th e roses mantlfpg,to : the cheer, give elasticity to the
step, and impre,Ve the general health in a rentarkublede 7
gym beyond all.the medicines'eter heard of. • .
The largo number of certificates which we have-reedy
ed from from persons from all parts.of the United States,
itithe best - evidence that there hi no humbug about it.
Tice Press,..hotel-koopers, magistnates, physicians, and
public ulim, well - the.commur.ity, all add..their
testimony tli the wonderful ntroctsof this tilfEAT'litOOD.
Call On tho AGENT, and got a ,Circular and Alumnae,
ami ro~•yt tho wonderful. cures..tills-truly.grildest of all
Medic:llles has performed. . '
, Bono'giMulne unless signod BENNETT & BEERS, Pro.
'prietors, 3, Pearl street,. Richmond, No. to whom all
orders for supplies and agencies must be addressed.
And Cur sale by 8. Elliott,.B. W. llaverstick;Carlisla;
Ira Day, Mechanicsburg; J : 11. Herron, New,lpa; ./. C.
Shippeasburg, and by daalere InmuiclUeinea avery.
vu. Cif
The combination ofingredients in these Pills is the re
sult Of a dung and externive preCtice; they are mild itt
their operation, and certain of restoring nature to its
prdper elstinuel. In every instance hive these Pills pre.
ved successful. They Invariably, Open these obstructions ,
to which Femal l es are liable,, and bring, nature Into its
proper channel, whereby health is restored and the pale
and deathly countenance changed tie healthy 'ode. No
.f ema i o can enjoygoodAteslth unisn; 'she is regular; and
whenever an obstruction takes place, whether from ev
posure, cold or any other cause; the general health lm,.
mediately begins .to decline, and the want of Such rent-,
edy has been the cause of so:raany conatunlititnie among
young females.; , Toladies w,hoso healtli,wili not roma
of ad increase of 'their family, these pills will prove - a val
uable acquisition, as they will prevent' pregnancy,—
Headache, pain in the side, Palpitation of the heart, loa
thing of food, and di turbed sleep do most always ariso
fromehe interruptien of fixture; add whenever that is
the case, the pills will iirrartably remedy all thprt evils.
Nor are'the less efficacious in the cure - of Leueorrlicea,
'ootamotilY. ealied tbe.."Whites.", These pills iihouldilev.
er bo"taken during pregnancy, es
-they would be sure to
mina) a miscarriage. Warranted.purely 'Vegetable and
(roe from anything , inittritins to,lifd,pg health. gulit,pg
explicit directions accompany cacti bo., • ''
abase pills arc put up in square flat boxes. , , Persohs
residing whore there. is nn agency establhdied, by end°.
slug One Dollar in aietter, pro-paid, to Pp e„ is q uota*
Mtn, Nb. 161, 'Stoecker street, New yOric; earths:re Worn
sant to their respective ruldresalve by =ell. • ~
0 1 , 4 , AT,Par- 14 4D, 1)-ttl?4$15:E . , Tlje
--sulgicriber:llAiist rtlvad
sus; k Sp lug oruss aoo'dic."" •
." .. aAOl#4: ~A:c:*A.k
. "E ,RC .11 , 11 3 .1, A T Dyspeps
t.. 4 Jaundice. Chnfinbi"Or Nervous debility, Diesesed,
the. yldneys,, , and all ffisrases , arising -item u dieffrdrso
f icon Or - -titonnich, - Constipation' inward
iulm*.atirlimUstiks) .,
,the:.steinaeh, sour eructations, - 'sinking or °tittering.
the pit of the - stomach; s ,swinuning et - the bead, hiltriej
nod difileOlt - breathing, ilutteringnetholLiehrti;ehekin;
or siilliwating sensations - when in,itlying, posture,.din. -
ness.of vision, dots or webs before the sight; Ewer ant
dull,pain in-the head;'defichniey of perspiratiotiaelion
nose of the skin and eyes, pant In the side, book, chest
&c., sudden flushes of hi3at i burning in the nest
constant Imagining's of evil, and - great depressiorrof'sph
US, can be effectually cured by Da..l.lloorLarm's Ctilt
lIRATND GERMAN I.ll'fTElifi, - prepared W . Da. .C.
A ACKSONi- - NO.. 120_Arch Etreet, Philadelphia. •
. Their power over the above diseases is not excelled,,
iqualled, by - any otherpreparAtlon in the Unitedbtatel
us the cures attest, in many. cases, after skiing phys'
These -
bitters are worthy ,the .attention of invalids.-
Possessing groat virtrics in , the rectilidatioir - of - diseasi
of the Liver
. and lesser glanda, exercising, the, num,
seirehing powers in .WeitkneAs ' and affeetionSof 'the it,:
gestivo. organs, they aro withal safo,,e . prtuip'ang-pleas
ant.. .
J.' D. Spring,-Laceyvillii, Pa.:, April. J, 1854; says, ".
can Mit'you, some god certificates for your ,tiernian. lit t'
tura in this vicinity if you whilithein. - A hilly porches
lug some af it,thia,week, says that it is hydhr the best
medicirmi she ever knew, having done , her mid
daughter Milch good. te. • -
lf, StOrii, - Sodierke Vo); 1'414 - rdific
15,1553, says, "'1 ant' much attached to your (Jarman
Bitters, having used two bottles of it, which '1 procure , '
from S. Kurtz, your agent at Somerset, mid found great
relief from it in° disease:of the Liver. 7 -find it hen
great offectoiktuy lungs t atroirgtheningaudinvlgorf4j . g
them, whirh, as I a pphifc speaker, is a great help to
me." , ,
Newton Hamilton, Pa., May,•losl, said: ."
linve usod myself half kdozen bottlesmf your Ilermar
Bitter& for Liver :Complaint. and' diseases, of a nerves
character, result' ins..froin the sibuie of merenry,. I. wa
palsond and Ml'feted with' spasms the
latter article. The 'ol2llllllil Bitters is the first mato'
faom which I. obtained any:seller 1 have also given
article to many dyspeptics, with the most salutary r .
suits. I think as many. more bottles will cure'me."
I'.. C. Young, Esq.., of.Dauphlii,'Pa., 'writes billy
"1 was Ilinked , Witil General Debility, Intestinal Weal
ticks and Costivenessjor which I used Many Mere.'
remedies without iCilief. - .lnt rout' tistiTyour
tleripan Bitters. I took a few. bottles according to .
met lons, Junt.W.nse•ilillilla telY. haVe_notl.cen._: -
healthy for ten years as 1 have been since I 'took yo.
llittors, whiclVis about ono year ago."
Those ilitbirsave ENTIRat ysorrAnte, - al.waya strengt
ening the 'systeMand never prostrating it.- • •
.Sold by dealers in inodielne .1111(1 storekeepers ever'
where, nod by Samuel pliott, S. W. Ilaverstick and 1. :
W. Cauiftnan. Carlisle: Emlnger et Co.. Mechanic:Mull
.Bnyale's INewburg, and by Dealers inlileclichn
gerieraliv. ;-- -
Nov. 23, 1854-Iy
_ _
. .. . . . , .
•,, c ,„ i. . r ...,k1;.:A581 1 0 r4 .1000 t ' b .,
, 1•0:Ut) ...
•11•FLIC11.1) . •
1 , '") - '4...' 'Nv !.) - *
'• jf q , .,t7,:. , :' ~,
_c_ut_out. and preserve the fl.
'27., ' lowing card, ale particularly
''z-...., --'' ..•... linportant to SXIL AND CNN AND
;,„..% ..-'''._.-..„. ~..-. - „,
i. RAVI:LUNN; to provent 'their,
• , , . buiug by_
the lying broods, thimo promises, and . spurious rocom
mendettionsVrth the dead and unknown) of Porehth
mid Native qu.teks,Of Whom there aro flora iii Phil
adelphia than elsew 110re,Inicamse" of the clemency of th,
laws of the State. Citizens knot autLaVuid them. • ,_. .
'Having; frierVidie hi twenty dollars worth of Quiek,
31ixtures,dixtraets, luvlortiting tAlxirs. Verdials, Bit
ters, ke., without effect—having been' deceived by wire
ropresifiltikraint earvi4crrittrd' aceoupts i , elf-.llruse,
Atet their 03,1150141.511C05, published dur
.Advertlsernarilif,' &c., and misled by false re-,
ceiptaand. wrong_ati vice •contalned therein, purposely
inereasotulferiitl;a, and alarm and frighten the uu
thinf.irig. the
i nert. easily to extort larg9 foes, hichdt
lltolll'ovldent, {lcing sold for less than, cost. of piintini
and advertising)—hawing paid live qinie hundred dol
lava to Foreign and :Cativo Qtyacks
11111101.7f . ,111aliNti
•lin slog anifered roach and long-.—thOugli the time !nal
cannel ho recalled, nor.the niouoy. rocuvered you pair ,
and NT ero.ttotl - aattle , l of, yet you can .be cured, however
bad, long eta - tiding or aillicting your case, by lie. i4131)1
", /IV WiStf. betimes; tXeluyv are dangerous."
n Time is Money . : - film; saved is Money earned."
-Y4)1.1,\ tf,-.)114N-011.-Ort I Hilt.%
married, rw emitemplating marriage, sufferitil
from Self-Abuse or Its consequences, or sugaring from
any other causes, idefeets, or .deseases, and LADIES,
Whatarei their diseases or,rdituttlens, may
. lionomtd, ,
rely -road eenllds in Dr. Leidy's skild and sikeertis, A'
commodatlons; if requiimt with kind and . ofticient.m
!initiative, at Da. LIADY't; VATE UOSPITAL.
Mated the following cauuot Ir coutrudicted,uatnely
that •
• No. 114 NorthYOURTII Street, 20MVe Race.'
la the only regularl'hysieLan residing' ha Pllllll4O,
phis, ratiunte-of_ the_University_of:Pennsylannia, 0.
1153:1, (twunty4wo years) excluslasly engaged in the
treatment of Secret or Delicste, Maths. tsi or both sexes,
SelfrA lasso end its consequentes IVeaknest
and inability; Net volisttess; lirtairulariftetr - itutinthet
d iseasea-or: situstiims'Of - leemalesl - a nil - Whlcli - h44111
cure' in icss tithe and • less restraint, more effectually,
than any,t,ther, under forfeit of
-Dr. LEIDY has more patients. and cures thenatotti
than all advertlcing Doctors, so called or otherwise, in
Philadelphia conibtued, And proudly return to, Profes
sors anti respectable Physicians, tunny of whom consult
hinr Ina critical cases, and respectable Citizens, Aler:
c h ants and hotel Proprietors, as to his known skill, re
putation and umnalittled success.
can have necessary advice and medicine wont them by
mall or otheiwisei to any parrof the 'United 'States,
giving -a description of their cases (enclosing a reason
able the) by letter to • • Dn. N. B. LIIIDY,
N 0.114 NOMA FOURTH, &met, above Race,'
- - - • • .
.4ugustl6, 1665. ' •
0, L. kiedling, of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland
county; Pa., announces to those Afflicted .with Turn ,, rs,
Wens. Cancers, Polypus, Lupus, Moles or Marks, Solar,
ula. King's Evil and all diseases that havg been usually
treated,eith Caustic or Knife, he can remove them with
out cutting, burning or -pain; neither -Chloreform or
Ether is AdminiteteTd, to the patient,. 10 no matter
on what mutt of the biddy they maybe, he can remove
them with perfect, safety, and In a• remarkably ober:
time. No Mideral otVegetablepolson is applied; and n<
money required , until a cum Is perfected.. . • .
Propipsus Uteri, Female' Complaints; Chronic, Irene•
mal and all other diseesep treated with positive enemas
Full particulars can bo obtained by addressing in either
English or German, post 'paid. Patients can be *bond
*nodded with Board on reasonable terms. ' •
'Mechanicsburg is one 'a Zee Prettiest and healthy
towns In this' er.. rtlaY other.. state. It .is .milearom
Harrisburg, on the Combo:fetid :Valley _Bail !toad, and
acceasible from all parts' of the Union. The Doctor will
Visit cases hi any part of the §tllo„When desirOd
reader if yeti know any afflicted telloir ens
ture, delay not to telk theta of this treatment' 0,
E . .TAUSS.I 4 ,S.-7-11erAin or
Reiptitrise,e6sWiltrented,'n l 4 colnityt
by iisa of the elegant 'French Trtlases, imported by the
solsterlber, spdteade to order esprosskylbr hill sales, • ,:-
All•stiffering with ,Thmt,urendlille * lpatificd to 104r4
'that the'oCeasion' note oftent'te Prkaira
big extreme lightness, wilbinese, durability arid correct
coastr*4 the bumbroutO and, uneatorculs:
bid articl usually:sold. estepsivettffortmen always
on band;'adapted to every' Varletf of Rupture in, adults
and Children, and fbi sale at terainie of price t4 i sult.o,
Cost of •Single Trutsien, 831 $3, $4 sad pt. Rouble,44,
$5, sonsand $lO - • . • ' • ,
'Pe al a dbiLince,cari have a bass Oa tOitly.*ll:
dross by reuniting the amount, sending mealatrearnittd
the hips, and stating side ducted: , . 3
For Bale Wholesale and Retail by the importer. •
• • - - , ••041,1418
• B , it. cpr , of Twelfth Race 80., PhlkaielPh*
-DePet for Dr. lltirming'sirtilireVed Patent'lMdkllrlieel
Cltest,Eipanders ami ,grectpc_lirappe; , Pahmt klbonldor
Braies; tispetgory us ages; , Spinal 'Props and Sep.
porta. lhailies'. Roonts,'srith. competent faily , attindant*:
' , , , 3 , emit 11
. . . _ ,...„.....,..„...._
lim '6•PiZt7tilrefli.,uirtineilYii..,ll),,t).i.:*iieiii,:nis iiiih' ngr in :it
(... •- 1 —:~ IL' BANM..
11}ilas ,-, bilviliii-:'----.--:--
. .
. .. _ .
.. -
9, REA .1' , ,; 'EA .01 T , E ME i . 147.-f.
abovzy Seventh, •I'lliiadelphi q , respectfully, infbrnis 'Gm
public that he is prepared to maketlie.folloWing - •
. • • SPLENDID OFFER. .. - , . •',.. '
'1 i ENTYlloflydrattm7Oray& - Ciz.'weelpbra ed - PTANOS,
and TWENTY C. -IV,l'lulc, & Co: a; 1 , 121911.1141 Divi,p-
DEONs ival be placed 'in the hernia. of ti committewof
gentlemen, to be hy,them dialrihnted among thOhtiders •
of ray cUrtifleates. . ' ' ' -.• "
To each „purchaser of myLPopular Music, a eartifientif
Will beliresented. entitlingthohMlier to an'interest in
ONE PIANO end ONE glifoODI:ON.30:bo <lisps.* of by
the Committee P-Alle-tfenefiltef those .holding cortifi--
cotes .whdu ONE WIIOUSANDDOLLARs' worth of.Musle
Shall have been sold, so that each person investing One
Dollar will 'not only receive in, and tho . value Of, money
pithiont, but . will' hLve 'securer to him an Interest, in
common with, other certificate bidders, in the above dis r
trilmtion. .The, sinceeding distributions:Will be con
thruedilnfitiect -to-the-samovregulationiontit:the - 2.
i'lanosand 20 Melodeons are distributed: .-' ' -
.Partie.ular attention is invited to that feature of this
plan which calls for a disposal of, the instruments when
lint 1000 certificates linVo been issued, thus nvolfling the
_delay, and, probable disappotiftment attend
ing certain schemes now botorothe public: - '
Music may be Selected from my entire stock,_which
comprises °rely Catalogue in the United States.. • -•,
• 'Ortlerfi iforwprded .by, mail. will 'be, faithfully and
promptly attended to. • • ... , . ,
• N..D.--.Colistantly OR . han4 a splendid asortment of
PlatioS, from the celebrated manufactories o linaltniaz4.
GhtY & CO.. of Albany;. Jfieo'h Chickering &..A. - W, Ladd
& Co.; of Iloston,; - Ely A Manger, and Infrinett & Co., of
New York. - Also,. C. W. Fisk & Co.'s Premium Melo.
deons,,to be lutd,ettho lowest rotinufaciiturer's prices.
• . .....---..,
[Vend tho following from Oodey's IthislearEditor.]
DORMAN, GRAT & 00:8 PIANO FORTF.7-We are so well
pleaseetwlttrthe - Instrnments - mnde'by - this.firni-that
-we have determined le be instrumental ourselves, that
is. In .rurnishing-nur,subserlhotx-and.. Others' with - -ant
article that we can recommend and warrant. There is
always a difflCulty nttendlng' the
,purchnse' of pianos,
herause persons cannot rely fully upon thti reiniumenda-
Mons they receive from manufacturers, who nre inter
ested, of course, in the sale or their own manufacture.
Now. we arse' not Interested let the matter In any way,
except so far as to acne that those whO patronize-our.
"Book" shall be well served with the best planes made:
.For liAt of prices,sew cover, arwhlch amounts we 141
sendllanosovarranted for one-ye 4, the freight to ho
pekblyis the—persons ordering.. I,Vo annex a letter re.
'celyed froin.e. gentleman in Virghflii - ,10 whom we sent
one Of these Pianos:--
"1,. A, UODET, Eso.—Dear Sir—T have :great pleasure
in acknowledging the receipt of the'Plano Forte..l , •hich
you wares° good as to order for my wife from, lioartiman
& (fray's It good
for some time at Winchester; ' -
but I am happy" to'say that It punt, in excellent condi
tion:- We • are decidedly pleased with the instrument.
The rosewood Is:of a _beautiful.qualityL- - ilte_case Isiaal
•(we like it the better for, it)rthe touch to very easy for
a new instrument, and the tone is firm, clear and sweet.
-- All - Who have tiled it, adinirti it and speak in theldgliest
terms of its mellowness and sweetness of lone. We
deeply regret that we did bot order the ...Attaehutent:!
we must yet; •
: • "We - are deeply indebted to 'you for your agency in -
Procuring Tor us so-good en instrument, Ile pleased to
- receive (Wt. acknowledgmenis. ' Your obi. sesvt.,• ,
pblt. , Incomoratpd by thu State of l'ez4noylyttldn'ln.
1841. _ _ .
Ive pee-cent. Interest Is given, and tholtioneyistel. ,
ways paid back whenever, It is called for, without tho
necessity of giving notice for It beforehand.
Peellie,*he have large sums put' their inuncy o ln this
Saving,lood, on Agent of the superior safety and con
venience It affords, but any sum, large or small, is re.
-ITlON'i3tiving Fund has a very large amount of Mort
gages, Oround Rents - nod other first class investments
for the security of Depositors.. The rules prevent any
Director or Officer from using or borrrvring the money.
--The Offies. Is open to receive and pay inoney - everY
(jay, from 9 o'clock the morning till ro'clock In the
evening, tod-onAtondafand Tfinrsday: , ovenitig,lill 0
- 'People who have put Ip, ere Jilt*Red to call
at the office thr further information. • - • -
• • ' HENRY L. lIIMNER., President.
11.011T.-SELFItIDOE, Vice President.
; • • -•-•• Writ. J. 11.1iP4), Seeretary, • "
October 3;1855.: • , '
iVI.Ng- FUND or TIIE - U.
S. N. Corner Third and Chesnut Streets,
• ' CAPITAL $250,900. , • f'
Abney is received on. deposit daily.,the amount:de
ikwitedis entered a Deposit' Book nd given to the
Depositor, or; if preforred,,a cqtiffeate will be,
Air sures --iritte are 'received, and ihe
amount paid heck on demandoiithont notice.
Interest Is paid' at the'rate_ of rm. Pm ever.; 'eon
menelng from Atie flay of derialf, and l'eaniliK fliurteon"
days previous to the withdrawil of the rnoriey, • °
• flu the first day ofJanuary, in each year, the interest
of each deposit is paid to the depasiter, wadded to the
inelpAl, sJro nuay.prefer.., ' • . • '
Thel)inpany have' nob , tinwa'A's bf 3,500 deresitors-
In the city .of Philadelphia tdone.. ,' • .• -
Any allitionalinfoknation will be given b; aildressing
the Taratenu.s.
Din • ss. , . ••,
Stephen It. Crawford, heft.. - Wm, 11 , Godwin,
Lawrence Johnson, Vico Dt: 1, , aul lt. 0 0 ,10 4 , d .
Ambwkso O. Thompson, • Goo. B.fdi et , ! , 7 ,
IN, Tingley, , • .James Devereu;
Jacob Plorancti,' - • ' • • "'Dust: En_ 0414
• -PLINY •IfISK.; - . &clean' and Trwsprer
Ooklywimitsta. • • • • Teller and Interpeter,
..' • •
raoys to *nth Ilanover,,,streat, arAjc4r4ng E4p 45 7.:1n 0 p.,
niters' Warr:o%ms; Inviteadtentlon tstas - aaloon, , ishere:"
nfhan residue a Own and easy, shave and have
th r iietc lnt and drama:ilia. *ha , most lashlonable and
aWt4 planner: • Ilserkis Insaettdng , Penthiniln
aave if an+ isre`distesed to doubt It, tot ttiern try
meand I wilths4 demoruitnitn the flirt: • :.` • •
6, 180.] • • WILLIJtht
TO ; -941{ , PRITF , 11,8,,
undortAiried has 'l),len
age l 4"" 4n11 4, Y1f4F MOLLOVSGSPIAPT.Oesignkv,iIatr
ten* for 'a m3iell lem rite the I they can
ka te_ge 'bere—eo experieneo rm .
Litterell `as,s4f).] - LUZ iS.I: SAXTON, ,
A good story is told of, t atrareold repro
bate, Colonel EtheriAllen,'iyhOse - services to
his oonnfry•in.the!Ainieit:iltat -men's
vouls,!'`weref.only equilled by life 'during .ap
tiertions of the' opiniop.. on
Quah the ,rainister, ,how does it
happen th'aticmin of such extensive influence
and Information, has.never,seen ithisduty,tn
Jrs in.the Vinyard.: especially, such laborers
as you. Your
_czataple, would tend greatly
to ;strengthen-. ; our, _hands,. and
,fortify__ our_
hearts' age' inst the di p assaults of the evil
birothei:," replied Allen; " I have
often thought as you do about, the business,
sad one day had altnest Made up mylnind,,to
that — night
dream whichLused m'e,to give it up." „.
." !" exclaimed the'minister, "what did
:you &cam '== •
I. Well, I thought I was standing at, the
entranoe'of paradise, and I` Sal! a'man: group
and kaock.'
Who's that ?", asked a iolce - from" within.
" A friend wishing admittance," was the
1 1'41 - 0 dOor Pas opened and '.the keepei.. stoja .
ped out. . •
WoII, sir, wbst-donomiuntiouAlid you be-
long to'dowrryontler.",--
I am an Episeopalian;"_. replied the candi
. . y
date for admilmion. -
• " Go in 'lien and lake a seal near the. door
on the east side."
Just thin another stepped up, hB'). was: a
Preslayiteriae, and-the- guardian directed hint,
to take a "seat; A largo :riumlier were admit
ted and received „directions .where to seat
themselyes. I then stepped up to the en
trance. : • ' '
"Well air, Who ate you?" .asked th'e guar-
" I am nbither lligh *Churolimati, Presby•
terian, Lutheran, Calvinist, Catholic .of Jew,
but I am the_snme old Ethen Allen that :you
have probably - heard of frOm below." - .
•• Whati the man that took Ticonderoga ?"
The samo,~r Lreplied. -
• All right, Ethan," said he, "just step in
d sit doiin whfrever you pion." •7• - • •
RAlLupan Law.—The Engliali hi* goes
tell . further than ours, in protecting Rail=
interests.BUt it is also much more stria
rit in enforcing upon Railroad Companies Ix
ictcompliance with their engagements. The
uotities a eurious_trial in
city, in which dama,gea were recovered
sm a Railroad Company for delay. The ac
in-was brought-by Mr. Gibbs agaihst the
•iicashire and Yorkshire Company. The
lOwing the,F0,1 ) ,44 •
Fcrnly stated the . osse for the plain-
Rolverhampton,, and some time since, hay.
occasion to - go to - Newcastle
It business, be took a ticket at Manchester,
I proceedoil-hythii train:which—left—Man
:ster at b o'clock in - the morning, Which'
advertised in the company's bills, to at...- .
rive at Newcastle at 11/. • It appears there
„wait ess uu,,kime,,l'osh—when the train.reached ,
Northampton, but between there and. York
there was considerably delay, and on getting
to the latter place the Pliintiff found that the
•Newcastle train had left: half au hour, and he
had to reutaiu for the next, which was a slow
train, and did not arrive it Newcastle _before •-
4/ in the afternoon, which wee:too late for the
,plaintiff to trahsadt , the businesa upon , which
he came, and he claimed .R 6 for the 'expenses
of the journey =and
_for loss of time. .Mr.
Cobbett, for the defendants , moutended that:-
'the company were not liable, as it was not 'on'
their line the delay teoh place; but his "Sen
or overruled the f , lbjection on the ground that
th 4 company granted -a ticitet through to New
castle. Dir. Cobbott then addressed the jury
in mitigation of damages, and his Honor bat-
tug Suns medup, theFit7 retired, and innbout
half an hour returne4' with a 'Sardis/ for
tff for 410, the amount clOrned. ' •
--- 114,* The Dayton (0:) Gazette, in a ticent
number, 'told an affecting story of a farmer
who, 'wine aOliitik a load of wheat at a 'dollav:
a bushoLin that city, buret , lute . tears,--"Tha,
cane - ef.the,tnill was touched, and kiltdViii-
cinired the cauee of '6 - 15, -- getec—..-"SimpatliY”
was too udit for him; and titivating into n:tre : • l
mendous ciheoboo,, 'be replied: 4 , My 'sin *
Join. could baie tot a dellar and otiv,entiftve '
cents I bushel foe this verylt eat two Itiontlie
!go- , -. , ~.." , :,
• • , ;.[
46Y" 41sTow, tell me' what the , four, reasons
arc;, said thi teacher tO the heed Of the ihms., ,
PepOeri' muetar4reali
them's what Ma ewer/ imieentidth:'
Go to the bottom of the
r 4 l.
r F t+-•-
' ,1.