Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, May 21, 1856, Image 2

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=_= . = Does =~e-~Lotke T - me,-, ;.;:.~, -
. `Pt•sitly robin, ` at ntY WiadoW,'
Wolcaming.the day ; ' '
!With thy Wild and liquid .piping, r ,.
• . Rend tay riddle, pray.; • ",
'I hay's> 'conned it,. 'waking, eltephig,
• Vexed the more _ for nye .0
, Thou'rt wizard, pretty rOln,
I/oea ho levo Arie,,eay •
blooming - Meekly •
. 'By the - brooklet free, '
-- -Bending low thygentle-forebead,-.-- 7
•All,its grace to seer'
turn thou from the lisening water,
'Whisper low, 1 praY, " • ;
..:.For.the winds might hear my secret,
goes he love isitcsay ?,
Star,' - thitit en t time
Watches . ove'r• him, •
.:Write. it itith thy golden Peatil . , '":
~ On My casement dim.'..
Thou art skilled in Love's Cabalai
Tell me the'n, I pray, • '
Ano, so nOnelmt "may read it, , •
_Doeslie love me, say? _
. _ •
• , `[From oe; Boston Evottlniaitz-dtej
.Ill' 11. RIC 11.
Jacob Tree was a queeryann. We nee - the
• adjective - , f‘ queer' in this connection,
it hi : worth a Falstaff regiment of its compa
"-triots. Jacob ,• Tree •was also •an Unmarried
• man. His native village had known it for
years, and the WidoW McShim had been:
-thinking of it ever .'sines she put on her
weeds and apPeared churoti - so.,beccirningly;
7 - 4:lthriingly &eased, the Sunday:4er the rat
Ling of tha gravel upon the coffin of _her late
lesser half or 01h:121ml:414
But then, es we- sic" said, it was no;aearet
- • Tree-was - pot . married; the whole
'plague — of
And this iierti,'this unconquerable l ', perver:.
.2.!4.1y," seemed' to hint emnipresenl,—it WAEL
anywhere and everywhere. .At churth,,wben•
eier he cast bid eyes,towards the nosy, Velvet;
:2' cushioned pow, occupied solely by'the widow,
every careless linglet, every softened:feature, -
even the last new bewitching-frill on her dain•
ty bonnet, Seemed to 'ogle him, and utter ire
" ploritigly -the- I'dagger--Painted-`--interrogation
",Why ?",- EVer, soboolbey,whoseruddy fate
was upturned. Innocently to bits, `leveiY, romp
ling, laughing, suany-hearted girl, toe, seeracd ,
to say; " Why, Jacob Tree, why
• oThi'sweet violet, that l he met, springing
lonely by the readside,,.in the glad"spring,
time, seemed to him'a companion, not because
he was 4hrier'-like 'or siender—his average
weight, reader, was two hundred pounds—
but he was alone, and the busy stream of life•
flowed by hie door, as it Went unconcernedly
by, the temple-of•the violet. It 'bibtrue,. Mr.
Tree had_ahouselteeper r is- no-- inore-a-wife'
than a stack of wood is a;oheerful fir', or n a
--sun-flowei-- a
•• doubters. • - - • •
To resume—this why" was anueviiiipirit.
It gFew and - flourished--more, - - in tenee - itt--.lta
:character, more phatitona'.llke in its visits to .
It had ::wings,,. that mere bleak,-
cold shadows; they, put out his sunlieht with
their coldness, oraMped eCergies, weak.:
ened the backbone of hie Manbood, .and dark
enid'the light of his evening fire ; playing all
the while the most fantastic !tricks) Open his
imaginatioti and feelingtl. The :flames , that .
flickeed aud;balkoil, each other.* .the
faithiofied fireplace seemed to make wry faces,'
• and, point their fingers at him as•het elfin his
-lonely. atrinthaie ; and they, ` -too, 7 mute, is
true, but none the leis distinotry traced. out
ontbe wtdi the oininous end dismal 4 , Why ?"
no'reepeot, for his feelings—that tire;
Mated no , reverence in its:tio'ul, though he had
` built tit' With his own halide, . and lent Own
PrPPIR,PP.Preatb to,kindicit late existence... 7
It, cracked and panted,
„and flashed' too, Mi..
• man'ilike enjoying its 'brief bour,OrVll
ite'red bands, spit; and goat - .as
t tli!4,lo Wituldtte;ii - and buret the aide of e
old, Mack chimney:
Now and Oen the flames would i!FitT out,
in T,t!ie'i:ii l *; !P/ils l og qra o 4 o 9 fie4P B and can
der into the hovom of. the suffering • geforet
be4t4rAfilikeer•Jiob Tiee. )'What 'did' 'they
avaraata'coilita *hfalit l 94,. l 4, 4 :81qrgi;
business 4,(.1; thaaft 4l "
Puf44ii4 eyieje,tie ever staring them: , oat . of
eonntenaned Week v
eat irb.nder' thof 'get Med;
• anWiplieitiff'lliefit•3tiedr 11447444.
wiK` andolt(wpttbetrooM;witbitle crass eyes witik.'
ingand tblinkingl to' Ihtitigh„lbey - 'luid': beat'
shoed too iii i iitilii iiA e; t ;If
It •-•
had haaA a1h.141:4 6 y, 40). , 4114.,421
other, Aprii. days, sunny and showery, like a
woman. Pear-trea rr tized, 64-evening, drew
p 4o7o o 4a ir jgoe,siikooVier, earner. and , : fell
aeleep; „,'Tl;ere!heeat-,nedding, noddingvlike
a eldp la a,lesiy, see; He did not see; the fire
aei'tbe futcit tad been maltitig
at last,,apparently,vezett at his inattentied,
now occiiirnPly otlOr thk• .4 " Oefn
of .- soineitlinfff 11146 014944 sik;
drawing twpinild eN of as) sea
ITft — oicetrilie - balist — started - -Trouiti:
doie, clumsily kicked over the fire-irons,
..they ,. in, turn , looked 'and scattered -dead 'and
alive coals, - whichrfanned them into: momen
tary as and warmth. Tel; do it;'_ he ,
said,--"I will—l'll be hing - ed if I don 4- and
to-morrow too." He put his heel to the.ileur
- no gentle:way pronounced the word ,
"to,morrbir," . '
"..Aeader, do you.know.what resolved
_to do t Ikierther , do 1.. Let.,us
• . 10pt•ImPs he dreamed , that-night , after hie bead
touched the-pillow.. Yes, he did. Ho ima•
gined hirasel(ika great destirt:' , ' There , was
• i not living,green thing,
iiiiplfilmself 7 -and the- camel They Hired
.Iktnualterms. Sainetimes Ole. was Pstride
of thtiraMels htimp;• and then'tha camel' was,
across his shoulders‘ .The= animal drank , all
the - wate4 and then put out his lips for ,the •
famishdd Man to suCk or.kiss, which sa—dli
gusted the dreamer that he spit, in, hie conk,
_pooh:3ll'l3_ face' and—aioke. -It perhaps,-
% needless to say, that Mr. Tree' bad partaken,
preyb:lns to retiring, .very
w ,very -heartily. of
. oytiter
'pie, salad;creom, ands their accoriei. Be- ,
side; ; he pulled a ve4,tight cork from a very •
dusty bottle which was very.distinotly mark
e&--4•Otard.;.'We do not mention this 'last
~pireamstatice thinking it bad any thing to do
with Ali:. Tree's singular dream. For from
- lle.could not havc toistaken
~the contents_
of tide: very musty, bottle,' for it was &fi
nitely marked in block and white,l best .
-0-t-a r=d:' If the render supposet ,othCiWise;
the supposition is altogether grapitous „op:
Ids or her part. We hive said -he
The sun was pee tag through the window
- CU - twits.- M . Ousing himself , ho shook hie
recollectionof his. adventure. in the , desert,
• went out iatotha morning alr. The birds
sang to. bitnr, - tttnytitMe
golden 'palm's; but - his.aye' 'wag _-instantly
_eaught„hysAlic_ bobbing_ up . and down of a neat
_dimity-cap beyond the - fencerwhieh -- separst4
his'premises,from three or the wieow,_ Mrs. '
VeSlanr.. beart - _ - dettt a double
timed pit-a-pat, his •throatewas fulf ny, full
of that same old' g why';' it' Clung to him as
closely as the camel of hislast night's dielm.
-Ilowever;he7Aucceeile.4 in choking dositn,.
anktlin ghost that had haunted him' for fearti
was at last defunct; never to torture biro
again, - unless there bevel' a thing as a Ow
eta ghost,. • He•feltnnterror in!:apprbiebing
the fence, notlie;.. his., nerves-were 'Suddenly .
`braced. „Fear---iCvras mit now, in his diOtion
ary, unabridged or otherttise. ,
Sure enough, terhe was, the widow, as be
peeped over the fence, looking as bricbt as a
queen hee, and chirping like ,a young , robin. .
If her form !oohed ic him rounder and' more
ethereal-like than evef c bseTore; -if she seemed
at that momest like e s , wild rooe,'justopening,
and blushing-into blooni, what business:: is it
of tourer. Nye may suppose it was owing to the
- lazy menziolVit - tlifilf - Lot - tATtt Alf. Tree-h-ti-d
,hie,glasaes at home, '
'on the loft • arm 'of
cite early Ohalr. -- 7-7':
No doubt he ibought her t peg , above Mt
map; for _ liie wtdok_ot first
pit-a•pat, ,, -4tow L swung' and' thumped , and
thumped ancrthwacked, backward and for•
ward, like the pendulp i p old Dutob
cloak tbatstood so firm In. . . the corner of . his
".Mrs. MoSlata.", he said , nervaielY ; his
lips twitching in, spite of hie teeth, ;hie voice
~ A ying away in !chop ;nheard,•and, c twee
unanevrered by the la y..
.** : Mrs.,McSfam,'! he ventured again. This
• ' time , the tub which` be ,had mounted' suddenlY
-*gave out,- and . Ur. Tree-wris-:precipitated mt. -
happily to, the ground, a great deal quicker
than ecoorded with his ideas of propriety.
Mrs' MoSlani-hnd heard his hot . Call,' and
as,iiport lookinifirotind, oatild, - , - ii6r pereiOe
any one, She rather suappieldy harried, is What
is the 'matter V No' , inswer. ~,The - widoi
crept to the fence cautipitsly_and looked 'Oier.,_
i L 2 ' 944110 9 her, face ,flush e d, with ,otypripif.46i7:,
row, andidiegist 7 (if the, three ever , mingle).
If mankind in general, and. - Mr. Tree, of
, : Crabville, in Particul ra iratehed over; or
'litken7, way , governedi,by good and evil: stars - ,
the latter !Witch fresh.* overithe destinies ,of .
the ,
,aforesaid Jacob. must have had *a - 4f, eye
pealed',' and advanced to ,ita full, poWe; and
:zenith,, just es,,the, rosy widow peeped over
, ;that identleallence: The? Irsacherenir teti.
I 4 whiob by tlitilr6,,f. , was the 'firli - ii i ila'in,' lh#
, , * ) „ , ~ , • ~, 0 ,11
stub's life that it was ' not Rtpuili#&4'„Af,Ar,R,
`, - ,b440, 1 F 1 , 01dAttatt!leckithe:40 - Ortimato:'.
4 0
J , eloi into ge f—.
tbedle 4 4roess;“ 16634 " o,it
C ',reader . '' 'qviutt f . ' i ' ‘" 9nic i i/ 1 ; " ' ' , Po4lo l l4:i i i l iii
i igeets lia'o‘tiiiir.''''Ttnit: ' 1.14:' Into IC leeie:oi
; .6374 made mortar 1 ' iCelitiplese ylotiikliaid
f' ‘," ~ i wig pc VI (~.f `4 ~,t.lWell W 1.1.;) 1,:,,r2,27 ,
bum tiugti DY iii.. 3oll Ps'n Pr ,T.TTV 14:,
prfp , Opt,' ialda t ' iiiity . '-eeqooo A #" ! 4 ,at
':thimie4roik: i teiteibei,fer:' , 4;4 6 ' bli t t !#.0 1 ,4,t
0000. i'l' 6 4iiiils''F°9 . l4.'o);ti ,4 belief,
, 'NI Ws )0119,M, and; no emeaiitcor,argemeat
can coarlaiie Idm - Otifthiit, niartai.4yee 4 iior . ,-
1 :40.ti 'together"' t.Y othWiiiin .4iiteifild'Y'a'aii;•
le. geralk
.. -... - --,... 4 4,, -i-,--- ----
.... .
r.<!-,kifYik, 44fave been nu - A ,, ~ orteitl etVly4pr ,
ehellf ftliat - inedel in\ptiistetfter slr;
s " . " ' ' . 13 3 - , ,- , t il;
Mire,ll riistevered- hie iieleet lb; cWee - es.
t c)
t...,. -• ~,,...'„.., . • ~ -- --\,-Ir 1, . ,1,,f3 4ti 1 ..,,, ' , l„
X t:10_
. 1n0,4b ~he badl,, etklVe„ n e , Y4)."l , - al
jus ts-naturally .; 4no„hpaspenelibis_nennb,
4,c ' .
he-found:he was loosingihis.equifibrium.
His hang were uplifted,. and and tut they canto
down,.thers We r ra fen
fingers and tnuttiits-- .
they:eould , be• dis incitlyl Obunted4sProwled,
~,,, ', „ \• ~ , f , ..•.1 ii .. :
out, wpion was ,the.: only, toojectiona - • feature
In , the position of the•trSdel: . If a half, smoth
era •oath - escapes fioni": his lips,
1 ,,,k4u0 1- i-tke 1 ;146 ,iii `6 4 ii s i:,ivii. iiiijok - r q
thluk.itivas..teitented..lot,hefero.. it _could: be
iiii - oideilitiltiOßoo k of Books.. ItiiiliiTiliT ,
peculiar aggravatinvoireumstonees of, the
easecwOold.•iP no,,lettvo been pardonable.:?.'",
..._ Dlrs:XeSlant; es bas beenwaitl; wits - te bor.
rorstreek.epeetator of, tlte_teishaPP--Rallylug
her• &tensest - ant• of a
mop and pallor water,she called." Mr. Tree.".
No'enrwei.„.... l f Mr. Tree,'_!.agalii, she, sareauted
"are you hurt ?" , • • .
.: o''
" Yes, sir—ma'am—no—so—tionio-4--tha
--41thnii-- 7 .te." stuttered , the Vieth:it of - tee
, . ,
much motrar; who: was endeavoring, with
_htttzlittle-auccessritilligginTthe ZTWWrid" from his 'ears ; fOrlis bend had 'been
subnierged as. far banit'as his•com a veness...
' A eon . of Erin—the only one
- the vi lage hoai
ted—happening ,by . at that . moment , , compre
hending the '; fix,"- saluted Mr. Tree with a
.broadside. ' l, Bedad,. there'd n . tree wad the
whole side 'covered with fro St. Oath I
be jabers, and it's the biggest stickieg plaster.
lever saw." • —-. . . . .
" - gegen°, you inipUdent - blacititiard," yeti
e'd the, widow in .a voice) scarcely ak, key : note
.helow thunder. ' Pat moved ertb - ut turned just
in season to avoid .a.brickbat 'which the ivro.
thy. widow linriednt his. cranium,
"Come down .I)erji Where :4101" - Oce-zia bro..
i'ken - atid permit mo tO_ help you,':'t l eiii4.llll.B. -
:,NVSI - ani*, , dgentle tone of voice, h a4le -Oh
her lip,,and the pail nad mop atilt 1111 . her
hand, • " •
‘._ Ms was nn Olegant,plightfor n'lover,4o woo
. • ~.;(
_However F -be .t.bonght, lior ,- bafgaiii 'we
e-p leased—tom-corn men cii—may:be--easily
rementecf, After- . ibls joke to himself, which
wtie n-good-sign,-.,be-mred-dovin4o7tile-tiper
ture in the- fence 7L
• Mrs, M'Slafri began'the tasit'-of scrubbing
the unfortunate in g'odd earnest, and after a
few moments-of-assiduous_ application - ler la,
bor•was partially rewarled. -The task was
finally completed ; at least, — as well-aycircum
stalaces would permit, .
”AihOusand :theults,eal *Omni?, a
hotisenci tiinhkii bow ki . pd,i'.ssid the isiphe
or, with .a sigh, as deep almost,,as the bettotn'
lose pit. • '
Mr. Tree began _ • to think of the - eirand which
had resulted halite ludicrous predicament de
'scribed. Ile began, even, to notice the spar
kle of the-widow's eyes, and the little ruffled
cap, which, like an ignusfatutut, bad led him
to mount the" still , ungardoned
thought -to himielf. how would, thejlttie
white hand look:In mine! and • her chair op=
gosite mine intheLoosy corner
, your flowers grow'up finely;
lUcs lirtSlanf!
."-Do you-refer•to those in , the corner, air?"
'S I do."
Those Pre-early-tabbages,--Ddteh : ;--1 . -an3
raising them from seed brought home over
the sea by my late husband ;" and as the Wid•
ow sitid : this,' the smallesti brightest tear int'•
aginable, trembled iit tier uptiirned eye, and
.triakled acrokizzzitcoirld-'n'ot WON' 'down—
her turned up nose, and fell calmir!, to the
earth., Poor soul;, it 'wa's ; evident that her
hesrwwap not with the; cabhages
Ilneoiti4iugjponi her oinetien phe remitted'
--"TheYikattire..earl"--ato you' partial to
cabbages?". "
be eo-bold tte to'-beg
tt plant '
yousshall have ope with the , uttnost pleas?
nre.".. The plant was whisked' out of the
- grotind 7 tad'plataid3n,' - ,theliaoholor'e' ha din'
„ .
' 44, Tilaultopu, it shall always „he worn next
my heart—beg pardon—well watered, tended,
bring forth' hundred fold- haehelni
r a. Y 9r. , ° 04 .1 9 e 4tY /7.p.r,1, moment _ hiP'; 441
*as:anai down, his eyes rested , im ty,„ cab.,
tinge plant which had , already began to with
-40,.400311 thatAllertlglieg he APIA weht , itt
iinagioation, OrnughiAtta intifipittaaterooour.
teheee ef,tite , flugalmosl IPatthtlYi , as. It •Ofer,
*,Mhes,,tlittatt . linsa pr the , pot ..*CP Vre4,l4)
1 1 ,1.WFV,L ilk:. 1,1p.14
i 0 WciniinAti'oni brink if eas'e
A.. ' •
' hen pain" iafl iidtt6leli iirltigi the
fic 1 A ministering angel. thou 1"
4 .l.Wliatvokadot , thit thesi minas:ilia film:VV.
o 44hts
A4E2lx And thiwidoir;
s.‘ ,
frieze Ideirtnientelintnts were- satisfied bi
,pile imp of water; btdrlis"'iiresting fieaisSitY.
Wellldgh exhaubted thewidoioli
, tvliieb, 11141ortip,3e4dif;:ipalii , d , 114
. 1 404, 31111. !! 4 1; 144.4 1° 'C l e°l3 6l • PIS. isys
of are not sone the
selfish conduct says no.'-'- Bahl be was
\ 4,0
AOringl ef4lloly - „*lirJt iv tredl L tilik mAdane
tiiherii_kj -4 , Titi s itli il l ittle nnie of Burs,
i II
• , v„
Mrs $ • 1••.% ~ iq .
'my deg MrEli*: !Si ti ;l,,"l id h . ',".1 ' 47 .1 7 •
1 ' i .:.V . lt:. e t 7 1.,piiie3 ' Itpiiiit4ent'"i'taiiitd the '
widely, (,ani eilkO'yoU t ?'situatiof-11most as
well. But sToSr67.I not think the fence betvreen
mnr... theitaiity of the landscape t' . '' '
.. •
• "I..wtisjust bathe point -- of 'observing the
same. ,-116 ave
.of! c en wished it away. flow
similar are our ideas, my:dear Mrs. M'Slam!"
And the bachelor, . whose temperament was
wa'rme,d.o - ride'r the 'genial ,iittilei of the
blooming c re ature, was more 'enWorvg that;
, ..
ever,. and! actually..tbrew...'.on.her..,a ..glance;
mingledi'vvitlf4am:elhing - aino a smirlf . - W" .
stlU i shtisqptlOtr r sottened 4 kind,l:, 4 ued t poi ,
haps; -bY n'lr4ernbrenceiof his iedent •Impriiit
in plaster... • - - '--- ---- •
would add to the beauty and ; harmony of the
latidscape?" noted the witto*.
'Mr . , Tree's NC° reddened o tftftd ; • one
could perceive the tdood - 81;i - ending Over hie
cheeks, under the whitetia'sh ;'-heiviiseinbar
rossed, and turned to her its if' be difariid her
to repeat the question. put thVre:"was', no
smile abler lips, -- Wirdancing'spiritnf - mittobief
in her eye; the was in:earnest, he,tbought.,
Which do you prefeer'_ be•efamMered.
ulirhieh'wh'st?" asked slie.ii!iietly;; r.
" rho Bex, tpoy, or girl,',' 4t?. i . epliOrl, -feeling
'as thoughlis gaiters were slumping in a quag•
wire. . I
" Clued gracious, sir, are yetfora4,? Why
do -- y - pu, insult trial s
.'W hat do you mean V,'
hurriedly, hrieked the widoW, while,the'sParit
of-passiotr:kindling—inilfer 7 eyes-completely..
duthb•founded the .bachelor. The blush that
r . nt; over , his 6atures_ at this' juncture 'Uotila
not' be concealed by . . the whitewash pr any
othbr cosmetic. It crept uP , around his eye
brews, bet Weed thayoots of him hair,or wig
rather, doWnward - unileF his cravat, - into his
boots, perhaps. The widow stoodber grotnd,
her ens had begun to flash, "There were
. ,
signs of a storm," as the almanacs say. _
‘ Wen you no—not spe— speaking of chi—
childreiirr;futtered- ' T h e - 'b l ush shone
-out-Arighter, and_seddei_threugh the'_irkitc_
wdsb, a grand triumph of nature rover an. •
ercyls.-saffe,--w h a t-p ut -the dca:lnt
your head ? Children, oh children, inde,ed I"
•and ,ther su'rprised lady . ,sobbed as 0;0136, her
heart was breaking up.' ••
_Trite.was, Torldexed, terrified.; _he bad
heard of - Roman's team , hysterics, swoons,
morbid conditions of the liver; nervous attacks',
&c., And into which tints* . the'
widoisr was plunge inety44.„
Tbinking.ta pacify be - r And extenuate Abe
matier;' be asked *''Did' Si)eak
yo . uiig Tree's 9 9 ' - ' ' '
Mrs M'Sinin answered not, she grew, , ,,pale
ni a blanket, and leaned bank upon the fence,
and °kindlier eyos.
, •
"The crisis bds come," said the `affrighted
wooer, aiscl grasping
_Os pail of wacer. with
which the lad); had washed . ' down,' ho
flooded her from bead -to foot'With the milkY
thieb. -- iocaumbir
o,water, and .the miff -starched .border of the
y dtimiped gratiel, before the
uiower'a eoytb ' e at noonday :: ` Her new 'gide
ham wilted like a rag. Never 4raS'a trsnefor
trilitililti-dre 'ciimplete,;, 7- Thr)so six; theremiiY
have been seven, quarts of water,. bag added
twenty years to her age,L -
From Piit boorMo ' &? 1-3 Vaixaing cdthe
moment preylous, she was changed-to : n long,
lank bundle of wet-clothes.
• Mr. T; could ' tevie!) , credit !*ii Seuses; , and
remained motionless, ,The , wAilow however ;
recovered.hcrself, And seising the mop, raised'
it and broughtit to hear with' b trMeendous
thWabli tier'ess - the AhoulaerS:
,hei -- Wollid : hif- 1 , 1
lover. thump,' thiimp, 'three times it came
before:Mr. Tree recovered his pewee of loco.
motion. He fled—she.,iinranad t -'Around the .
wet) curb; through the garden, OvercAbbiges
and rects, aroUndtha_aettage_they. flew. -.ller
wet dress dangled around hor.foet and imped
ed her progress ; .he hat the . atFiant / 0 . ''and
just as he 74:s cbuckliag.oveitll - :Vpran,., into,
her bee hive, and down went lieec,elive, and
Mr. - Tree's courage:. ' .irifteitinilkute insult
'au honest . le44r;you l 'velgehotitt,,,'Jihe'eald;''
breathless: - '
Scrambling up, ho aterferagabN and mid
ed the apertarcliAlie tenon 'pet Id'
thi;.l l 4 l 4A firfktiseid,l l .MsT. H.
stay his flight until lde,own-dotit was between.!
Aveniil batted and doubly ' , fiCattit ' 1 11tH' eve
.bad no ` idea' s ow "' following ' him b'eyond';l e
. log lomat- Cbe.atpetrid in two bontv air cheat t
'-std captivating as ever. Mr: Tripirvniec i t4
re4Y,w frtfis 1F.4. 1 04 1 49. ,
the; bilAsbiupon MmiareeTailotairoirtheiso#th
kris oidai:art,tieteoopiiilleforiswOutelithat ,
thet " l ih 'ld trfk la ii i' PiV,.: ll t# o ol4lo4: 7 °P.#o : :`,
reelif4cialli t e 44.ii4rnytn. APotii
telk obsytert.D ."
Ant' upon air or bleier. loalllity
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b 7; but interpretedi 1,3 0 themselves to their
ftilleet.extent, and, received accordingly.
'r `, .*~~
ch of t
demo iionndering tin iv; bed. of - mortaiv , atid
on be
,n; trrii
idea of the:bachelor's' - mnnsion.
by twoiemiiii.e_ foririnq
One -le 4reyeil, in 'goo ly garreente, "profusely
flounced, Ste.; . the -other ,leort,
,long. rind un
inritiag:, .'Over' thein 'thee° lettere are boldly ,
written, . 4, before tittl r after the
The worfare s vid at Int= •enerleil beneath
the enere4:r6of of the 'ebeilnh,•'for the ,ridorr
upon opening ber',•hymti • hook' tine gubbathy:
fonittl the following'. sublime eft:l=c';
Ohl "widows are variable, 066110°0 thinly!,
The' the heart's bestdavotion.'yon.briug'eca,..
All, the, love they., possess, id for- fashion> and
dress,—, • ' • '
They idol4e cambric and ginghini? l .
Of course Mr. qe hd to father tliiileaf. •
gaffers remai d - tither quiet'. for - 4 few •
days--oralniiudly quiet-.—the calm -that pre..''; ;
cedes the earthquakes—•_•_:._,_—_i_',„
As Mr. Tree was , qmplacezitly seated in,
dressiuggOWn.iniii slippers in his arra'°hare
one oveuitig, a delicate note' was banded to , ,
_ -
hini,__duly_sceated,end., eealed:__,Sirithoat, ,
slightest suspicion of ita contents, he broke
the seal and read': • , • .
Oh I. man, :woman bows to thee stilly . .
And boils thee her lord .an_ her muster;
But who would bow dothi io ,fruitless old
Or atterish its image=--in, plastei
Mr. Tree read it over twice; hie_lips quiver:"
ered alittle, otherwise he was .calm ; he.thert -
very quietly lit his cigar with thee note; and
leaned-bacljAa-bis-cookfcitrible arta,chair.
Threedays and mcntbspass away. Time,
which heals all thin' , : may core their hatred.,
It is ,possible that they may become reconciled
again, at no - Who !mows'? Let
us hope
_this yin be but a'summer -Cloud, that
the - futhre will, be brighter for it,_sirice .i've re
member Allot " all things ovork together for
good." Selah. • -
We' The Detroit Adverthii relates ti , story '
conceraing'jho novel manner in-which' a
ividow_oured-a-youthfol lovevot-his-pabsion--
ns "follows: , -
..was a - prettt-widow-of-tirenty--
eight, left rich by her husband, a respectable
and wealthy farmerof in tbe'connty
of Oulfituid, who judiciously died about the
ago of fifty: B—, a sighing swain of twen
ty, foil in love with this charming widow du
rings school
. vaeationond
. was thereby dis
tracted from stiidinnd nearly, frantic. His ,
father,' who ' designed him for the
had a peculiar horror for the sweet' widow,
whom Se regarded as little better than one - of
the wieke& - licrblack eyes, her:lteeTing bow:
sem, and her elastie tread, ,wero to .10
, only
the symbols of old 'Nick. He was in • despair,
ho visited the widow, and besought her, if she •
heda iarticle of moray, not to rnin,his .
In vain thewichiw protested that she hadused.:
no arts—bad iinliseen the youth a few time. •
and was entirelyindifferent to him. The . fa--_.
ther still insisted, and the pretty- idow pisom . "
feed s thatirthe boy came agnin t'o7 - eejli
Ahenld tie his sleet% Ntsit. NotAmmTidaya-Wlt-,/,-
ed, when the enamored youtliku ads
Cucuta for • a vitit,! . of which .. the,vitdow . fi ad nod"
!ice; The , sfen - irevionsAnterviewts betneen
them bac iaken circumstaneen
peeuliexty favorable io rontanee . and senti
menti:npon moonlight walks, orin"the parld •
tete w-tetes. This tine the timid youth was
told,. upon his arrival, that Mrs. was
the-barn ; whither be went and found hir
heau4deal,:with skirts knee. high, dressed in
a man's boots, and covered with a inan'S hat_
Aer mouth, :a tiang;of 'eider in 'het ,
'hand, superintending bee meb-==killing host;
never came againit was tikilallifig.'
writes tius.asfellows:—. , I am engaged a 6.,
commercial pursuits, and feel '
!well qualified for--myoitl l 4 . ,
p - artleular, Whinlt Is that I atn Uable t0.061w4
sional errets egretila,l6*; and these !
•simpla a kind as to toakel . ine •aehamed whett , , . /
they are discovered by myself or others. Caw::
'Yon `Ol4 R aniusiance
titosineninti! not un96llon'• • It usuio-;;
Al arises.'uilietelibi:stala of the ner:_,,, -
.Y o 4*Po44l`',4 ll iiraafidliin . .*:' Friktlent
ablutions,; perfect
, 7entilatluff 'fit; hid • room ;
Maid" 41411%6i/4Lnc:ft tired/ air; a
444103:040410,‘,iii4ii.",n0 :Sandal, ia,al
•rentlob e
i!MPAnee" t , ! 4 PC I m°
•-1.1 1614 Uric inlint
Eta Innt:44 , Tbefißlo •
yeller rt , -, Frernan
tiV * , R h at ! XVI gatb.l2.g in „ that viola"
4 .
,F,P O PIPOY.PAY9I I . I 4 ige•4lol* bad Pe
gettb:ig a!Wibl7 4, bnposed titles him duritto,
I lib° '‘iiiiiag.tarepaitaeot; tool:with a leungba.
i 'dy went dwelt& a wool ceremony,' is` 4114
being s e d but ateic,
10 15 1,;litic!uAlk t iOkit
weezdtiktoverettbatitke penoto linanied
lbetw- Wan B.real justro; and the esettittieitlttiz,
knet could not be uptied
:eatieWed'with buffalo; but are eonsidowt
ibly nettled,atitbe thenner
launched upon the'sea of matOroony. . - _