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,'1! h Q 0111.11SLE Ilaitato la :published: ar.oeliiy ma a taiga
sheet, containing. Voary 'OOLlThilik, ati.d fdrnished to Sub
riburs at the rata of $1,60,1f. paid .str/etly-Tu advance>
$1.70 if paid , 'within the year;..org_lu.all eases when
.„ _pay Meat i a ... delayed At ntil • after , the , expliatloT a f the
-- yaw. - No , aubacriptiouvreceivettfer - a - losa — perl 1-thatt:
alx. montha,_and:none...lllseentintied,uatil allarr fags
, SPIII, palcii-unlesaattho optlea of the -publisher. 'Vaperi3'
sent to A übseribers -livitta• out of Cumberland , county_
• 'tuust - balatidz.fer:iii'adtanee. or the paynulaTassuniedo
LA/Y_liPtum,Avolguilble_ persom,livingdmOuinburland.coun-_
- - - t .: 4.•.-' These terms will 'bo yigldly itclhordd to in all eases.
. • . •
. . • .
eentB will .be ebarged 'sl. ,
00 per , square
tirelvolines fur - Three, tusertlune, atul 26 cents for °ea
.sulisequent • insertieh. All advartieeirreuts of less nark
nvecniislaurod as ii square 'f he fellowlug rides'
charged ;fur ; 9.uarterly,. llaff Yearly ,and.; Yearly,
Montlts.,ll-Mouths,l2, Menthe.
_ _ .•
1 §(l,ustro,, (12 lines,) $3.00 46.00 " 48.00
2 -,'• ' • r " .1 .! . ; 8.00...: , .12.00
a. 00.„ 12.90 „
! 4 "30.00'
AdyertlsorrotitiinieTteit bofi re M arriages a~ill boat
`B:Ceitt per: ino, fur first InSertion t ifnil 4 - cont4 per lino
, for siitiseq4cut insertions. COnithuilleations on,sultjgets
-- of Iliniteil - or indlvidual - Interest' trill bq tharged fi - cents
pOrlblu if l'roinlotor.wilijiiit : brtfespolislfilo Ott m-'
,fr.errorls itdvertiseinN,44.. (Ibituary notices not
- Oxe4elikin; 'fivo , litios,*lllU'lnsiitiout withont cltargo.'
The etattite Joll' PItrNTINGOFFIcp tho
largest mid most complete . ustablishnimit in tho county.
• Throa• good -Proases, mid a' getrkal 'variety: of material
auitod for 'Plain arid Finley', york ( Of., ovory enables
uy'to do Jcib Printing at the shortest notice and on tho
rraiSt rimsonablifterms, • Persons iii4aat of Itills;ltlailks
or, any, thing iri t t.ho Jobbing lino, will find it their in
; tmyst givotis a call. ltery'Varlaty of 111:ANI.C.8
;'stantty:on'hand.!. • • , • • ' ' •
ika- All letters On business must •he 'Met-paid to So
-Miro ' • • ' •
cusp prlro will be pad by the Carlisi6 Laud, Assa.:
11tirrums: Apply , t4 the Er übscribtall. .
. .
A. -A. 'LINE,
A0T11 . 444; 1851Ns
. . . . . . . . ~
<"- VOT/CE;—The ineuitoars of. the Agri
, .
'cultural iieriety of Cumberland County•
' • tlaw ccifto meat at Lao eourt. Utiiio Iti eLlriltite, VII butt
' 'Urday, Slay 3, - /a3u,'at lu u eiuck, to maau itir:ingenieuts
fur Idle next mil tilubitita,
T11031.3.S i'AXTON .
April 15, 1866--2w.j -. • • l'resident
VO'LICE.--Ilie Stockholders: of the
lkitlisle Gas mut , 11 utor_conital
_u• 111 in eet„ iiPtlie
' iu Carlisle. on .11.1ouday tb-/Ittli
• .I.osefat / 11.,10r 0./S election. et. ii;Presi
--ilent=iiint Five Dlri , ci./.esfor.tne unsuiug ,} ear.
• i .Pl/14/ 11..1.re5, •
4p1:11•23,-1856--ty. - President.
OAN .:WAN TE1,,=52 UvU or $8,00()
w4lAtudb.ryr.ulacp the•"best -Lunt 4.staie ui per
fecurity will bu lVuu. Apply t¢ :
• •• , ;-. 4 , L'ON44;EIt, •
Hoarder a ‘ oniA uie % . 1111 call and ure, and all
ill - thrt lie -futile-before or -April f or
thotr accutliAts w4ll lit. iqit.v/Aft. vill•sun
• •
• 1,Y,; ditiOus
i,todobi o d to tile mi65C11,4131. fur, aLure lot
• -reVosted . tu•c.)l
tie k}4I.IUI/G inUeu
• •
JatL. IWt„ ! _ • C.:O.
1..4 1 4 T5A.TE•
• At.Elt, 11oLteasoci.,' Nt410.44 4preay., that
• a4 . Lilyll4l.lliJ, tat 1.11
' laglaa; istg lic m
tteeok4; Ji , u 1.1a.a 4 •graaiekt 13111,
1; /:,.(v.bkt•it
b r ad t.!:•!tato ary mitaiiitect to make lei awe i 46
awl Lhasa -Luiviike„ taautis wilt prusaut whew mt . twl,L,u
quieut” •
' ApriP23, 18:36-80/..! ' • Atltnifilstramir. ,
1...4 deceased. - "Notl s ci) lerutjr gnat that. Letters
tho , estate; or tiourlo deceased,
lute of Moo Lou to w ustdp, Cuutterlund county, list e tworr
grstn nid ; by thii itogiAtur • iitslit.l u to , t fie 'fitibbt rl;,
bur, rusnlang .10 the sau.o townstiip. .A4l.kursoos. ttuovt=
lug illtllllSOiVeS ludeetuil , to said estate
.." 4 innusinnueratellay MOH Cr •;i6.OIItVALAViIig , 4I444.III:B to .
present them ftfr eettletutpt_to , 2 ,
ti WOLIN LUTZ, 2 .
.1.1k.:\ LLITZ, ,
.4 ' r1115, 1:50-6ve.]
. . ,
1:1 0.14 11 L_E _ D -.11 G
'•- t 1:• - •,„.•, , Y • •
,petridEß,;,Nko. 20 So4t4 6ecoud kitroot,
.I.l3ll:tapl,i4.llo,.lloportria; a 1 Lufttuctuler, anti o.;oloi'in .
4 „ Dit Mr,a).161.N.E8 . (.31.e1.1.0AL5, ACIDS .
,pyo paints, oils, Colors,: Wfilto'Lead, Prwseli and
4.- Mils:lean: Window Li Ws, Blass IVare, 1 ar
• tirushis,:lac tt OpiCl10;'‘Vill)10
.Spico,,u4l.l iti,Lutitqc art),oo4,u);oooy, kept by pruggibi,s,
, , &e.
..-All urettl•ti, 14..A.14,1A_ca: 4,lthurwise promptlyEittonded
f0..,.0,%„,u4try woroKunts hod oxainiie
, , iourptua. boron! yureLabing elsewiturt). 4.4, - tioutts twat.
, u« y ; ut LLu wia4ovos or railfoad s tat lobs:. Pricos Low
twit 4ouLlS-IVarruntoill:
1100rch 20, 33513-Iy.
l'A IVB e'" 0 N. C"1;
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hulesa nudAtetnil r: • -
'• - 76 Sou .egOna •
ht, COrner bt'C'aitor.Dt: -
The establishuient has heen endatged nntiliniprused
midis supplied with the iarguid,,, end, hest Anal lit.ern
lu tue,City, priaripally,,of cwit ihanuhteture, with a
dunce assurtatunt trout the bust Insteril 31nritets; oak
_bravilig,..hadtes;',.tieutS', and Children's • -
• - • ,64)1)1'6, SllJisa AND - LI - AINOST - 777n ,-
of el'ory deserlinion, style nail quality,euxbrathlg,the
- best styles and qualities in thisor atiy other mark&
,This stein .?autet, be. e*celled fur Quality
• Styln and
,Chenpuis;it. ; •
.Eachartinte;.i,s,,.marked at the 'veryl6so,4loeS 'sible
impLyv..tdett . .no .deviatiod
,will „he 7tautle: ' Nu ex.-
, •, ,travagant rtatetuonts witt,bi) nuededinnd:nuiin nuttie to
Ouuttioar's. - .A64 yaritdiC4.. -Puns, - in
scarce lit the niaricet, itiwiiys - Uu - hand.' • The, pub4:l.4
DE,NSLOW-. &T • O •001)1MIS8ION
• ' llikAtalAWA
'l, m e 14,4 W99/12,balU .1100/1011,41.1
t t °REIGN .voSiEsTig, LEAF ~ 1
.1013AC I Cii;
, • ..kilihevykiet:t. Tomoco, • • i 144
t.; 'n * Frblit fitroot:Ttilladelpl46.,,,
'lmpOrtera 'of' Began,- tot - the , choicest
girdivtne •theNfiettftlibadq. thirertnient of
which arei-keiii cf!nalinttis' hand, •urittibt aalo ht a
stauli uffvahte,,On-ceßtliffisipbrt.t.4lol-I''''
- - AksrOensignunnits resi6Atully sulielted, ea whleh
col V t } 4. 4eiputilop4l4 4,o,4l , o 4 o ll,y'' . • " ; ' C
tipoLta ' it initiun given nrfAerslbr 'Par;
' miq,sieu erl'Obieq),-as itts6.everyffesuripiloußf ifferchanot.
Ms° . for acetiant otltitiedilviught'a dtstahee froth
, thfy
_1:4;Solo Agent fir F, A. ijoetie'r celebrated . G'e{mati
I.3u un cifig Tebacen comprising thirty afferent varieties. i
• Akril A1866--- 1 1,y, A : ~ • . ' t
Coinimu, ..
1iA.316 AND SIDP,S,
t't SillouLDEltS,
hAito AND CIikESE.
Constantly on' hand and
for solo by • - : -
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.mar4.oi St. NV hurt;
•• ' .
' 1;185ti--43Eu. ."
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"pttiJtt hut il)eirtintlll etrilt
-361iiiti . kl : ',./,':.(4,4,c4iii:.t.,.
From.tha!l'elin..Adv,ocado and Ptcsa
- 7,7 - No - pan - irr the-United-states-bas turned big
political coax as - Ofteri-as-Japes BuchaUQn.--.
Ho has espoused the principles of eve - 4 party
- thet„ltil
. au .existence Since the . memorable
Ilartforfl..Couvention;; and has been. on — all
sides of political questions. ,
A brief referante to Ms bistory will estab
lish conolusively,our assertions.
lie . orttaretl political 1814:as a rank
Federalist, timlTV' the Fer Nial 'party lie Was
electedto the teglslature' of` , lBl4; defeating Molten.: C.•
Rogers,•the democratic candidate, often : ,
wards. one of the-Stipreine'audgeti of. the State.
Iu TR7o7lii was the Federal candidate_for
Congress,:tindliftis eleoted over Jabob
mau, the'cleniocratio.cautlik ate, by 076 ma
jority.• Iu 1f.522. 116 was re=elected,.. the
sanie.manb; 1313 majority; lo 182' he was.
the Federal candidate for Congreas, and elec.
ted over . Samuel Iluston;*the cleintieFatic eau,
didatp,.hy 519 votes.. •In :1826. he . wits re
eleeted oyer blectimant, the demo
cratic cAudidate, liy 453j,.tOtes. majorl.
ties were becoming satisfy his federal friends of his
toity the' party, lie hit - trto: declare. if
he had drop of democratic blood iu his veins
Le wonld open ,thorn, and let it out."
nalriidtirsits - x - art4isc . •
- •
:.:Two years lifter. this he changed his coat,
itnil twt-aras a hill ,blotiittaLticiticar_at_atiiLtai
tot Coagrest as Ilte' democratic cauditiate,...atid
was olettsd by • 'virtue, of - Geneyal :Jaoltsoa's
popularity::. Ile...was afraitl to run 'a ileoona
Li:Lid-and Le doplined.
-In .1848,in the , Ui'lied States - Senate'
niitde 4 s'peee . ll:_atliocattog. pritteiple • Om
T . eitOetits wee .111Ticieut cuiopeti4aitort:fot
Teit •Co
• • .•
•-:. Ite_beellitso Secretary of State, jut
der ruik's adrainstratiun,. and: cousepted
. .
ilbotic Territory'OT Ord
'tl) gev,i4oznetit, , Otter he had.
•prbventhat the,y:hod but a. spark of ••,litle 'to
. .
• He extoil4 the Federal itdmirMorfifion of
YOII Ado ofe,'•'•Ottil-'eodoised . the • Obatilluible
Alien an - d - Kedilion laws of , :the •federal • reign
f.torror,:; bftterly.denouneed.the,Admirt.
iotrAtion oYhilt piro Dettmoret.,James„ Mad!.
son, .arid ridieule4,what ho termed tiro folliee
of Thothae•Jetrerson: • • •
In lsl tt(eiMectini, iu inocaster; - be re
tiOrted'rese,u ions aNutitn,• auce to the
exiension Of :81tivery,•1 and tlin adinishinii- of
the State of Missouri:as - n - Slavo State.-
7, --- 11 - 8 - 47zholvioto -to the democracy of - Berke -
County, saying that the Missouri Compromise
intd`giVen pence.tO:the Cotintry, and That
stead 'Of repealing &Ale *as 'in favor of its
extensidrunnd maintenance... _
1tt,1850,1n a letter to . ,Cml Forney, rejoicing
(ier the settlement of the Slavery agitation by
the paSsage. Or, the Compromise Measures
'during Fillmere',B administration, and
. hoping
that before' a :dissolution of the • Union'tiiat
he, might. he
~gathered to his fathers and.
never he-permitted to - witom•s the sad Was=
In 1852 he wrote tp'Mr.`Lenice;ef Virginia,
concerning Filmore's Compromise Measures
of 050, which had been passed, by Congress,
and Said "that the volcano has ban extin
guished,' and the man who would apply 'the
tirehrttrid to the , combustible materials stilt
xemniuMg.will produce au eruption that will
overWlteltu the Constitution and the Uoion."
Vol, 11.1. r. Pierce was ; , ""the•tattn" who, at a
later period, with — the,' assistance 'of Dough
faced Douglass, 'disturbed -- these =Compromine'
- measures, - repealed- the-Mistiouri:Comprom leo,
, and ; re-epontl the agitation of, slavery,
.On the 28th of,Decemberi , /860,%about three
nionthkago, Bucki4atip„in a letter to John
of Louisitrint," says•f_. Tlie 1014stmi
Ciatipromist3 rind gotrilfoiefer: ft has'
*parted: , • , Tlie time for it bas4assed ,
and: the beate,nay, the z ouly mode flaw left of
mu/ ifow4 t4O f fanatical and - realtlesa„spirit
of "NOrtliis to adlieretii the milking settle,
u 4lightiTM thought or aplielir
anne'of waytring Mid without reguardiug: any
Storia,whiciA may. be-raisea against,
So - now i'Mr.;, Buchanan ; is , . goiug . to ,',,i,orush
oat" .the spirit, of freidom the :and,
matteiiii dit die to'olti iit - Sentherii slaiehOlders.
We 411411 be end iv see Mr. Ten Cent' tliat
teniparitnent. I Pierce bean at - it•iier ;four
.yearsi'and 14,41ue brokauldown„iu iboat z tempt
t(llte,qounty, PAaleralist
wlintietafini'otiithilt cadres(' that sleeps cm a
icVfeel the strengtli".,pr
freaturties urm, he'May begin immediately ; on
104 return from' the aristocratio, atmosphere
and the despotic fog of
ki agianti, and he will
fled io the cud that the process of &toning
out 'was'ootninenced seine time before the De
claration of independence "by , British 'kings,.
and alibough,renewed in .18igi..Yek it, ,- 1 12 ; 1 0
out of existence about 40 years , age,- ,
iAleshamed,that Pounsylvunia contains
'a statestnan of Lo little political stability„Jis.
James Buchanan, and iu nest November when
. 7 . : ,.:IITEDIE'SP:At'4i - Ar ,- .7., 1.8561.: '
he begins to_pnt-dpvint-:tbe. freemen of the
North; - ,we wilApaylitni.n.full for
cal, miodeeds,, his 'Ore on. cowardice mild . his
think about will in
vain.upon the rticks; Hills and mountains to
hide' him from, the .'" - storms," whiek •he dots
not now"regard. , ~ • •
Ttiesday;"April...29,- 7 -In' the' - Senate,-.
motion to . print4o,ooo extratopies of Captaih
Marcy's report of the expleratidu of.the sone
ces of the Brazos and Witchitaw rivers, was
'rejected - after some . debate.- Tho armament
bill-was tlieti taken up, debated and lititi!over,
SeVeral private biltirwerelissed.:'• Al bill was
introduced to punish forging or cotinterfeiting
lima: 7. lomm VS or - tertificates;: ------- ;!' - , -, t.=
In the House, a joint resolution Was Tossed .
for.eularging the U. ~13uilding et Glevellimi;
ted to inquire into the expediency or exempt:
•ing steaniboats of 150 tons burthen, ! orinss
'from' the operation of the steanibintt inspection
-law- of- 1862, -A- ire so Iu ti —wa tott-de-,
daring Mr. Fuller:of
.Maine, -rightfully end•
tied_ to' his seat. Gen. Quitman 'made a.
lengthy speech in flyer of the repnal . of,-the
Neutrality Laws.- •
. .
_Weiln . e . .lday; April .49, 7 = 7 .1n the Senate, the
hills nniking un approprintir for the iniproye
inent-jf . theherlior:orSheboygan; And -to.erect
'Coltnbui, - liy., into a . Lort ,, of deliyery, , were'
concurred in: .•A resolution was - adopted,„ di•
recting.lhe Gattnittiieonl:inance to aousidttfr
the expediency of . that all nr•
' • " • -uarauftrcture — obtaittif
sively 'fro submerged and .derlict wrecks me„Y:
be admitted tree of -duty ;, antlthat the
retary,ot'the Treasury may be be authorized
to reutit the duties to sihieft sueti.artieles are.
ne":iftsuijegt,:atta,_§enate 'then resumed the
consideratiouef WO action of the Naval Board,
and the debate was continued by Messrs: Biggs
and Adairis., •-: •
• `ln the house, Mr. Watthburuo of Illinois,
front' the Connnittee on CoMunerce,.reported
:1-ip.tubiistring'oellectiou districts, 'designa
ting ports of entry and delivery, and modify . .
log tile revenue IMYI4, r ompriaiitg .350 pages,
whicit pals, 'utter dena.e„pu ? tpuned . outit
the'V.d.Monday iti June. A res‘Aution. Was
adopted'inStructing 'the Committee on "For
eign Affair to report what actiotfwas necessary
to protect thelives and property
,of American
. citizens at Panama: The Indian Appropria7
,don bill was reported to the house.. *. •
Theirsda'y, Nay the Seniite,qt.tesolu-.
;tion 'was offered calling upon the President .
for any' correspondence not 49eetotere sub,.
*bitted, with our Minister to Nicaragua, in re.
gad to the , recognition of the Nicuraguan
'Government. Mr. Weller -spokeo:t. length in
went, uud in vindication of Gen. Walker Au.
interesting detnite'folloviecl, in - which Messrs.
*Seward, Weller, Dciug,ltta and Butler engaged,
anis- 'the resOlutic,m was witbeirs.wn.
'Toombs then n addeesiell ilio - Siluute in .opposi-
Lion to the uction of the Naval Board.; .
lu the:lions(); theludian Appropriatiou Bill
was passed, us was iirso the bill evivinethe
1863, relative. to suspended entries of ,public
lands, and. the act. of 1846, concerning suspua
_tied preemption laud chums. Mr. -.9, Otufau
:introduced u.b111 . .t0 1.4441 coital(' Stations of
'the Neutrality - Laws: • -,. •
Friday, May 2.---In the Senate, Mr—Benja
rum addressed the Senate at length on Kansas
affairs, and also upon party ; politics, taking
his position, With the Deniocpoy.. Mr. Cass
made a speech in vindication of squatter sov,
ereignty. Dlr. , Se tvard repled to Mr Benjamin.
I_Mr Ante oleo repiietlto.a. personal attick made
by Mr. Clay, unwell exciting debate took p_lacir
‘betwceu th4enators.
lu the Utilise; it memorial from Judge Irwin,
of Pittsburg, iu reference to the charge of the
Pittsburg, bar against his official ebudiurt, was
referred to the counnittee.on Judiciary. ' The
House then proceeded,te the consideration of,
'the private calender, and Passed thirteen pri
vete bine. 'l' . '
,- , ...EXTENstvaFoaunittsti,r—Biaglieu P. Davie,
of Wnitlittill,, !Base., lis Absconded, having
,tinnunitted forgeries on Boton and New York
I Pierilletutelp;a leego, 7 amount, necklet) obtain
iug heavy sums of, money froin'hie inunediate
1 neighbors and Mends, His liabilities are'
' tinid 'tetiinontit'to $160;000. 'll.O wits'a prom=
inent.pitizet4i sad , a . detkoon . op the, Baptist
Mourrr:Yittrion,-41m, , Richmand, Inquirer
soya that k
the ,Llectiona mitiletiy, ;and contri-.
47 8 00.
hutiops, made to, tho Blount Vernon
titra,,ar, and adds that, "at...the proper
time Measures, will be taken to open negotia
tions with Ar. Washiniton, and ou full review
of the Whole fiold, we entertain no, doubt that
a. contract wilt by tho' governor with
id, W .4;nd th t ymont Of the $200;000
withio.fiye years, as .provided by the late law,'
the' latter will make a 'deed for "the transfer'
of the Mount" Vernon, .P.lstato to.the State of
. ....: .
I. , . . •
:. .. .
c ...,.!..., ~.,: .....'..-....'...,... '. .'
' . ...
............... .. .
• .
:.. ~..„....„—......,..-_,...,...„,..„-...........,.......---,......÷._.....„.±...,........„,—,..,....—:::::.--,
~ oN.,
. ..
•D ESTairc Ti VII ' CONFLA 0 ti,,,krz oN IN PnitADNI,-
. . .
Prrict:—One elfi) 'Most „dedtruCtive fires2tlial
aver_occurred iti PhiltidelPlia,_brtikelo_ur
the large-rag endpaper warehous.e of Messre
Jessiip_and_Modre; Nos: 24 and 26 , Nerd' at.,:
betiveerf Arch and Market,'•and F,ifth• and
Sixth : streets; on ThursdhY. morning;. between
- rI!.T. - AifdTe'iflook7. — TheF'W irrelieuse had a lare
amirint - of - rags . and - paper in at-the . -time, -
through. which the fire gained,great'-headvrtiY ,,
before . the• - tdarmAsellis - giyen. . '
" - r-Aylicii.4h a firemen reached - ,'Nfirth street,
:. .
which was very soon after 'the 'alarm was
given, 't,he smoke from the burning buildings
_was .seidensellrat they.were uqable. to• ge' j 0 .,,
workAda.manner ealculsted - to do • good "tier- .
rice. . During these..delays' the fire : spread
rapidly and feat fully •6atil it.hurst forth rpm_
the windoWe'aedffiief, when fli6 high etisterly. - .
and north-easteqy wind, which prevailed, bleW .
the-op - arks -and-pieces-of burping -shingles in
- ffivry - dit - tiuion'Ab - O — ut. one o clock-tUi east= ern watt Of this structure fell With a tremen
40seritsh„.entirely destro'ying . a: stable- and
Carriage.hiluee,'_adjulningi and the - tear -.part
-OfilrelietiSti . cif Mr. 'Leary; Dialogue,' Ncy,.4, ,
North street, killing one fireman and injuring
thes. , . •
Westward and southward the fire extended,
qad iiy 2. ifoloelt all the -valuable pioperty•
through".to Market street was in flames: Front
'that hour'tildaftertive o'cleck- it., raged fear.:
luily,.destroying forty fourbuildings, in -Swill
.Commerce; and Market' street;
aniong which - were the linest•and• must costly '
business edifices in-Philadelphia. - - . : -
- There was one fireman kitled,hy the falling
ivAttrilind — fiVe.injured. The man. killed - . .isotis
John It. Groff, a returned Meiican volunt6tir ,
-110-wAtt.-85-years -of-a go r -un married-and-a-Tr-hi
-tar by trade . .
. 'r'ue Lalyertites a.list of the personsw oso
properties were d,estroyed, comprising the
- names of over fifty inerehantg 'and i rtsidents.
is Inc burnt dietriet, The entire lose is eta
ourtineeof, $388,200. ' •The7principal suifer•
eve are Jessup & Moore, Caleb Cupe, Levick, -
ItiiiSia & Co., .C. C. Davies and : Co.; Richard
It. bevick, --- W. - W. Knight, Wilcock, Rogers &
Ifritiley,.Sellers & Pennock,'. Edward. Seinans i
& • Co.; and 31; F. Clark . .. While the fire was .
razing,. another lire, occasioned by falling
'opitrks,`hroke out at the 6orrier of tenth and
-Chertnut; . which =considerably injared • the
Upper stories-0 the buildings in that quarter.
For a time, the violence of the wind,
thin fire assumed. a terrible Aspect, but a cold
ram coming up; Materially assisted the gal
lant•firemen, and prevented the . sparks from •
carrying sparks .to the . neighboring roofs.
Wasistis ImutoitAztox.—The . rusti, West
ward. is without precedent, iu-tho history of .
the country. F) the past. three weeks the ar
aivals over each of the Michigait roads—the
Central ,and Kouthern—haVe -bees-not less
craged two thoustiud , daily .Of these it is es
timated that fully two-thirds are 'emigrants
seeki.o . g huiues"iirtife* Itest,olind . : Of the twcr;
Altirds nine tenths are Americans --hy-birth; --
Mostly from New York , and New, Ragland.—
Only a few days since, and; .amution the
feet to bhow the Character, and eve L a -of the.
movement, one' hundred and fusty vt:y6ous t
from one neighborhood-Au N_ainc, - pitssed
througii-iti company on their way to
- a PA/al:goo rite r [yore to CA/111e,
best estihrattis We have been
ablate make, the West—that is to say. the
State., of Illinois, lowa. and' Wisconsin,, and
the Territories of Minnesota and Kaosas-.. a re
receiving now about 2,000 new, iphabitauts
,every day over the Great Eastern Roads alone,
This estimate 'does not include.the emigre-,
thin froni Indiana and OhiO, by the roadS-tra7
• versing the State laterally, northe'imigration -
arriving. by the Ohio • and Mississippi rivers
from Virginia, PenUsylvania• Ohio,
_Kentucky .
and Tenaiii3cp , which by the way, is larger
than-.everbeforo. We are sitii - 147,sayiiii - th4
the increase front all quarters is.ticit.less'thap
fourthouttand souls a day, and the tide is not'
let it its lieighL—; Chicago
,liibune . -•-
47' '
• . ,
„• .- ,
• .The `recent "statement, thakforgeries
' to the extent of a million acres had been.dis.
. • • . . .
coitiretFat Washington, is now stated to he
wholy - up.founded.' It is true a gang,offorgers
in thesti operations were detected at Newe.Or
llans some time ago who had their,,phitus pro
tilted for largo issues,. -perhaps even to-the ex
tent represented, but the certificates and .ap-
paratim 'Were seized - by the, authorities, and .
_consequently the; Whole scheme~ failed. ,No
doubt frauds s:if tlfis kind have been fretiontly .”
committed, but rarely With , any hiss to tho, ,
gOverninent. : Individualstw ',the principal„.
sufferers front 'forged assignments, - which with,
every precaution - mitt hardly be - prevented.
- liuttonces-of this kind-wfiteinfire- - rmirett,
s oci..,.'f ,
der the Arta acts ten years ago, 1 thatk,t ey iiiit •
'now. The courts, have held that t'h .is no
law for the punishments 'of forger' " of land '.
"wat'tantn, irhich lute encouraged 'this destrip
tion of depredations. ' Mr. McClelland, the
! Secretary of.the _lnterior, has recently recent
inendad •the-passage df arlDant tiioOTCr.thisile,
feet. " The thiverntnent Ili information of
contemplated frauthsorttiett may lead to im- '
portant results. 'The ends - of'justice 'require
silence now as to hicality.
riot of Pinatilft:wriAnoiller
We have hitormnd hlghly.impertantnetvi from
Central Atne'riett. the arrival 'of the stea
mer Empire ,. City at-Nevaorlt, on Weil nosday;
we , lent n .that ti - terrible not ocpurred at pana-
*4; - On'the4StlFintit-Tbetw-rett=the4. - -American=- -
-Tiansit passenliers_frem -.Sam .Francisco..and
is. It is reported that 80 of lice pas-, t -
Seegers. rertililled. ,artillti ts , ..;;litded.' • Al! , '
.the-freight- and baggage- house s ,liere,—rilledy
and a large'quatit4 cif baggage belonging to
the passengers, and the property of the rail--•
road company,•.,were„destroyed., ,Thp treasure
' from Sari I!raticiato 194 hot heed landed, and
it thus esenped.: .• -- - •, ,
The steamer IsabelhatfarriVed at_ Charles•
ton, S. G., with stirring news fret:it - Nicaragua.
On the 7th itit.,'.(len.- Walker captured the -
city of IlivitS, Jailing-600 Costa Means, - and.
_ltuing__ut3o Of, his then. 'lir. Wheeler, U.
S Minister. to Nicaragua, had addressed a let,-
ter to Prisident Mora,- in-regarif-to the shoot
ing of American prisoners:
~ i - .-- ' L
, s The steamship Oriziba nrrited 'at "lkiew,york ,
the:same - evening, from San Jttall;Viriging
- dates to - tha - 21,st - hist: ---- - The' - defeat -- e 3 - C ol - . ----
,Schlessinger'i party is„ r cengrined. :urirfg '
the Court - Mar tial pa---
"relti," l de - snittitl - tethe Costa Rican& .~The de-
NO. '36.
4ails.of the attack on. Rivas by 'Ws : liter have.,
Been received. With. 600 men Walker at -
tacked 2000'Costa Ricans, and after 4 battle
`of Seventeen and a half hours,., Was Compelled
to-withdraw-from• want of ammualtion.• -The .•
Costa Montle Jost.'6oo killed and a-large num ,
"party - between fifty
and silty kipeil "itnd , eighty ; wounded. - On the
10th'Lieut. Green; with - fifteen men;defeated
-2.00-Gos ta -Ricans : 4: Virgirt_Bay4.l.4 _le tern...,
icepted correspondence ,showedthattlio' British .
were aiding - the eneinie,atif Welker. • -The oth•-
dispositiOti toward Nicaragua. -
• By, the arrival of the ,stonmer'Grenada,:at
New Orleans; wohave ihtelligence. from --.
'Central America. Poiirteen , passeptiers atid •
residents of 'Pennine wore killed in tho
wiTh the natives: Two, miles of the Railroad .
-were•torn up. unit the p4ufsengOrs by the ' 88-110i8
110i8 were'delayed until evening by the repairs
necessary. Three cif-the - tati.ves were - killed
and twelve- wounded. ebl.• Totten
'' the Governor, accusing- him- of
.permitting ;the - seetio - ot ihillsoritnivate
..fourder and shvazliter, .anil2-Iteicling- him - . re--
sponsiblefer the mails and baggage destroy.
weit‘ _royal mail' Steamship, Persia, Capt.
Judkins, arrived .at NewlYerk- on Wednesday
narning;linving made the passage•to the bar
from-Liverpool;in-aine daye c ten:*boursi rind
ti ieeu 7 fF
, .. • .
weekTi late
fromintelligence .
of news, is the - closing of the Peace Congress,
and the. , sep_aration of the Pcnipatentiarles.,
ft is teported.thrit' inovernerits of
-iiiiportatieetss on foot • respecting Italy, the •
ttlfairs of. which are in a deplorabte condition.
A grand banga . e.t had been•given, tO•
. Dal-.
Tae, the Amerldaii.Minister to Greet,* Ilritain,
at the inausion.ef the I;ord Mayor. Gevern
ment officials had' stated . in• PaVlianient .that
the troops and munitions of wait sent to Calla
da were merely' to replaeo those Withdrawn -
during the Buropean war. The preparations
for the :ovabuntion.: . the Crimea- continue.
The,Turkey are halted-with rejoi
cing in .soina of the Eastern conntries; but in
others had Caused eprioult revolts. In India,
Lord Canning had entered upon his duties • as
Governor General.. • ,
The - steamor - Illihois, — from - Aspinwall; - with -
California dates fothe sth instant, ached
New York Thursday, afternoon. She brought
$2,000,000- in-specie.-•-••-The
of California protnise a larger yield 'than dur
ing any previous year. - A 'strong movethent
was in progress for a weekly postal connection
with Missouri. A brisk -trade his sprung up
between San Francisco arid.the 4ussian pos
cesions.„__The indjaus continue ,hostilities in
Oregon - and Waal ington'Terr - iteries . . -- ' They
captured 'the steamboat Mary on—the - eolata.
bit. Various conflicts had occurred, twd - in
•one between the volunteers and ,the.judians, •
40 of the latter were killed, atid• the tentain-*
der. of thee force. rented, The battle took .
.place at Cannell . !l Prairie...•
We have later intelligenco from Kansas.
Sheriff Jones in net dead, but is .ex4ected to
recover. Col. Sumner, with • theU S. troops,
arrived at Lawrence on the .26th. ult., and an
•altereationlied taken place between him and s.
GOP. ItObineon in regard to recent 'events t
that towel. Th Cbairman . ,of the .Congre.s
sional)Conitnittee. of Investigation. bed-refused
a deinand of String - 411440 'to •he talloireil to
produce.testimony;bpfvttis. the Gowpticteq, Mr.
cho,,dan, • ad iqued the .demand.
'rho deputy Sheriff Of'D.ouglati 'county :haw
• ants latsniato the attest of abOtli
ing art . one
hunilred citizens of Lawreace, , ctiargedx'with
the 'commission of crituctil A under. tba territn- ,
rial.laws, the Army, will be, stationed, .at Law.
retitle until all the arreim• have been Made and
the pirtiei sent to Lecoinptoti. ' Sheriff lonqs
was removed frem ‘Laivrencia to Franklin, on
tine 2dth,,noconipanied by : Messrs.' .Sktitigfel
,low and Whitoficld, vim said. they 4144 ire;
remain in Lawrence. ••
.30,.The Con** intehded for :the Weston* .
Rub* are oti bOartl — dieliitoreehip Aupply, at
Pugstoo, for Iridium*, Ton n e.. It *propos
ed to keep .the animals-at dint place tieceral
months - to recruit them Some of the`'inimals
- were presented by the 'Viceroy of Egypt to
our Go/eminent bet most of them -vow.. pre...
etuod .y Alsjor..Wayne „and,_,C,optein;',Rorter;
Roder appropriation sande for the pur pose at
the last sessiotiof Congress. Seine /klub§ no
company them to take care of thein. Ttire
are thirty•iOnti camels in the lot.'