Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 02, 1856, Image 3

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7 1 3 . 1tebictiti6:-
T ET US R.__
U Y -37 • P - E. AVEI aiost
It ifhs boon the lot ,of the human Tice ito be weighed
k :down - by disease and Ailfriiriug. •. ll.o,LLOWAVS PILLS
. are Speeially adapted .tb' the relidfmf the the.
•' • NE:IO'OMS, the 1)13L1CA.T13,.. and the:INFIRM., of. all
• climes, ages, stiieS, , iend constitritiOnit; PrOfessor
way personally superintends the•muaufacture of his'
medicines in, the United States, and , offers them to a
free and enlightened peOple, as the hest • commit the.
world ever saw for the removal of disease. • .
These famous Pitts are' ettprissly combining, operates
on the ,stoniabh, the Hirer, the kidneys, the lungs, the
• skin, anti the• bowels, correcting,any derangement In
•their funetions, purifying the blood, titeevery fountain,
Of &if, anti thus curing disease In all Its forms. ' •
' • 'Nearly, half the 'human rico-lave taken these Pills.
It hag been proved' to parts of the world, that 4o
• thing has been found equal tothem In eases of disorders
of the ifver, cls;sPepsla, stub Stomach complaints gene
iraly. They : soon give a healthy tone to these organs,
-however much deranged, and 'when all other means
have failed. '
' -110.Ity_of the-most deSptitic Governments have opened
^ their Cifstonf lioness to the intrOduction of thase Pills,
that they may, become' the medicine of the masses.—
. Learned Colleges admit that this medicine is the best
remedy ever known. for persons of delicate. or where the
systent has been impaired, as its Invigorating properties
never ftitto afford relief.
'llO oldi:_sitoilit_be. without this
• idlebrated inedielne. It 'corrects and regulates the
monthly courses at all „periods. acting' in many ,cases
Me"chaim. It is also' the best and Safestinedleine
that 'cin, he given to Children of, all ages, and for any
-complaint; consequently -no .family should he with
out it. ' • .`"'
- 'Asthma 4 .• Debility of an----
Bowel Comptaints FeJer and Ague kind,
Coimns rentals Cole- Stone and Gravel
Colds.:' plaints. sonmdary ..Sympr.
ghost Diseases ' Iloadaohas toms
Costivenesx • Indigestion Iffward Weakriesa
Dyspepsia Iniluanza ' Liver Complaints
-Diareluea • Ir - lamination --Lowress-of • Spirits
Dropsy Venereal Affections Piles • ,
,Seld at,the 51anufacterles of .I'rofessor ifottowav
-. 'SDlMakien bane, New York, and Strand, London,
all respectable Druggists and- Dealers 'of Medicine
thronghout the United States, and the civilized world,
- in bases, at 25 cents,' t 14,4 colas, and $1 each.
• gar There Is a cbnslderablo saying by taking the
larger- of ycc. '
-N. Directions for Wei..talliance of pailonts in every
oct. 24. '55
. . ,
• .
( .
00 . SIOC .
. • ,-----)j,3.,,,,, ' • SIOR.L - H- 1-•- ' ....
w _ L .•:-, .It - • . AFFLIEfED ' '. • '
. . - -;.....:.:. ....:-.4.4
('. i q k
; ,A1„ ; l.! ut bar.Nariiiierl,:illie fol-
ZAls 4- / ..'' lowing - card. lt Is particularly
• ~ '..:>---:-......, -' .....-•% :' Important to STILAUJ:II.S .tau
'''''''"-- -- 7 -- - -"
___ ' - TRAVELLERS,' to prevent . their
- '' -''''''- r ' being misled And dueuiVO',l •by
the lying boasts,. false peoollraqi, • and spurious mom
ons (froth the thi.od,and unlyptivo) of EveelAn
• , ,
!AA AittiVO i/U.Lc.i:ti. of %Vilma thero'ifro more in' elillit-
delphia than elsolviiere, hoeauso tilthe'elealonoy of the
laws - firt - h -- o - S - W.. - 79itizers 7 irrivor - ti t itl a.-colit _ them.
• !diving tried la/13 'to, twenty dollars worth of lAtia-ck
° Mixtures, Extracts, Invigorating Elixirs, Cordials, Bit
ters, Sir., witlioilt elect —having boon :deceived by anis
, represented Mid a :agorae(' avemilits of rielf-Abuse,,
hiecrut Diseases and their convosinence.4,,published in •
'Advertisements, 13 lofts, dic.,--and 'misled by false re
. rely ts - and wrong advice contained therein, purposely
• 01.11i.rtUL40 sufferings, ana alarm and friguten the nu.-
' thiii‘.iiiit. the more easily to extort large tees, (which IS
more 'evident, being sold for lots than cost 'of panting'
and inivertisingi—having paid-five to one hundred dol
lars to Forel in,and Native quacks •..
° WITHOUT BEING 0 1 / 1 1ED;
haying suffered `much and long-- 7 -though the time lost
cannot he'recalle 1. nor the money recovered You paid_
and were defrailded of, yet ybu can be Cured, however
hittlihnig standing or atillbting your case, by Dr. Sail a.
"Be wise, hotlines; Delays um dangerous.", ' _
, "Time - IS - Money; - Time saved La-Mouey fulfil ed."
' Y.OLIMI Mtfli Ott atIIERS,
• Elnvilo,: married,' or contemplating Marriage, suffering
' front golf-Abuse or its eonsr inencos, or Hulferiug.froui
'any other causes, defects, or - (ie . /eases, and %LADIInnawaES,
' whatever their alit:emus. or situations, may hly
slily and confide in Dr. Leidy's skill' and success. Ac
coiumodstions, If-required, with kind and 'olllelont'st
teudanco, at DR. LEL') VS PRIVATE nospiTAL.
Titu 01
Willi IS Mltlilf lir Ailr WILL PREVAIL!
. , TiI.A.JSA.ND DOLLARS L -. ' :
Is waged the.fullowing'cannot be contradicted, namely;
Drt. N. U. LEIDY, •
No. 114 North Potnivit Street, above Ritce, •
Lithe only regmlar.,Plty.siciait residing in Philadel
phia, Uradmitd of the litiliditiftY of Pennsylvonbtoif
1833, (twenty-two-years) engaged in the
treatment ofdecrot or Delicate DitletkOß of 'both lnces;
Self-Abuse add `its consequencea; - 01,, , n1e Weakness
and inability • Ner4ousness; irregularities and other
dlsoaies or slinations of Females; and which
eurti,ln.ks time and loss restraint, more effectually, - -:
• • thdif Ailii . i;ther, under forfeit of
• Dr. LIMAY has more patients. and cures timm toe,than all adrurtls[ng "
Doctortioto'. cidled. or uthe4tisa, tn•
__ S~hilailetp4fa' combiued,,and proudly refers th Profesii
ears addreS'oectable-Physicians,.many of whom consult
hint critical cases, and respoctable'-ettAxedi, - Aler =
chants and ithtotieroprietedS,-asAtiiluLkuown skill, re
, piitAtimrand unparalielettauCcesS, ' •
DISTANT plat ofts -
can have utieqssArk ittivied-and-inedielue' sent them by
- mail or otherwise, to any part of the United States,'
giving a description• of their MHOS (enclosing a reason
able fee) by letter to , • Da. N. B. LVADY,
' No. 114 North FOURTII - Street, above Mace,
. ,
.•N. B.—L9tteiS of Inquiry or Information, mar, (oR- 7 '
oopt frolit Itathipts). to receive attlintiontanuit pontain
ONE DOI.LA It, in consideration 'A tha° trouablo an
swering and information given: • ,
August id, 1805.-
ehe subscribers desire to infers fdriners' and public
kenel ally that they now have On hand and are constant
' ly tu.iitutheturing,Thruslitug .Machines with Plerpont's
Patent tiliaker,;which arc generally acknowledged-to,,he
-- the:bust articles UOll , - In use.-Also a,varlety..of Glover
' L liuilurs, Corn Shelters and Stow. Cutters. They also
, Attend tu the repairing, of Agricultural 'Mach fiery in
the bust manner and on reaSonable terms.
• ~tory on North ilaininver Street, 'directly opp6sito the
resilience of Ueurge Mutsgar, Esq. ,
-NAT - 20.4.4 PAIPEIR,...--Just '.received iv
y - splendid - ,A9Ok .of Paper 'Hangings, Nyindow
Shades and.Firboacd Prints, embracing all.the noiwest
sand rnost 'approved,.styleS. The &Signs 'are neat and'
. 4- . - -- 'abiste, and tins irleAs ouch_ as eannot fail to give Antis..
----rAitylnyrlVoinvite,bur.,friernie and'tbe i'pnblie.generitt
' 'ls li.ealland examine our assortment before purel2oll2g
aaaeithere , ' ' '.' ' - • • . IL ,9AITOX
.Jarci.t2 ' ' r'"ltitetMaln Street, Carlisle
; of you who haveheen . aftlicted forymrs tv, : ‘
110;1;i:into diseaseiltndwho.havii stslignitooot
.every. Nostrum before the public witdoetit rollefi,wo Bey
to you try " KleffeiPA Antillyspeptio'!: and you ivlntoon'
be couvinced of Its great superiority over every other
• preparation: We could give you rushy certificates °rob
orating our asserthns, but ksinglia trial Is worth more
than This remedy is turopared and sold xt thePrug
Store of B. J. Kiln ;Ilanover street a fur
doors south of the eturt.l.tAse,
..iRc u APPINESS . 711APPAENESS 11. "
Y.• • ,CA.N.MAKBI. I I3
~ 1 1APPY1
'llea n's 'whole pliiasurei all the, joys bf.sofise - , -
Lie in.three words - health, Peace,`and COMPotenc e-
- . (Pope.) .
ert_WS_ ve'll tisorfiliction- or=anguishztit
- Vs td
i o i l
!.eases, is not out" p - leastile, our oy, mttl`our Kapp
:thereby Sestroyedi'Why, et our sick folloW•being Suf
fer? Does not Christ say : "With. the same measure ye
.mete, it shall-be measured to you. ugaitil",3lat. 7,
Is'a wise Mali and - endowed With knowledgens.
InOtig you,let him show out of a good coni4rsatiou - his
:works with meektielei and wisdom."—.lames :1 13.
DElti Surgeon and - Physician, :who' is Botanist .
Physiologist, and is Graduate of our best .51edical
gee, and bus made himself acquainted with all the vari
OUH . hystemi of Medical lticieuce,tind' with the recent
discoveries 'And .inipktivements. in the, various. depart.'
moats of the Ifeitling7AlrltUfaithfullY attende•to orders
forSurgieal - and Aiiidicad Afilialul whose medicines are
all made or, composed strictly in accordance. with the
dctenctoi"of Pathelogi,-Botany, Llydrop4thir_aud-Physi:
'ology; and whose medicine:tare all composed of ivliole-•
some rOots, Wants; and hydropathy, good lti aipseaSes,
'andlo whom the afflicted aro invited to app! rely Respectable Neighbors, &cf.
I pyo fletter from the Rey. Leinbach to Mr.
11. ll...Eher, of the.% italrfltril:rggiZ4tte •
low me to introduce to your friendly notice, A/r.• ()sim
nel; of New York. I have Itheitin. C. 14 , six-tech
years,' hishai done business for me with sobriety, hea
-1 esty and with accuracy; therefore I. de 'believe hint to
beperfeetly sober, honest and, trustworthy. Any favors
you may see proper to confer on him, will be highly ap
pm:elated ,b,j , his numerous friends ' and, by none more
highly than your sincere friend and humble servant.
• • • C.. 11. IA.BN.BACII. •
Landisburg, Pa., July 15th, 1851 . . -
Copy. of a letter from George Bpabr, Esq.,CoUntyt
Treasurer.-1 do certify that 'the Medical advice-of Dr.
Cardder hiss surpassed any other which Ihave
.14therto had iu the cute of severe fever in my fatolly.=.!
weuld therefore rifeurnmend-thiS tosuch_persens 1t o
may-be afflicted with aforesaid disease Or otherwise. -
1 .
AUgust 20th, - 1851., , .
DR.. OARDlillit being well - acquainted .'with the - re
omit Preif - ch discoveries, with their bow. and. safe modes
01 treatment, and the speedy and certain remedies and
curasthr Dyspepsia, Liver t,muplaints, Dysentery, libel
erti - Sibitbus and all-COmphithis-or tuokryvela and Stout;'
ach; Superiorltemedles tor the, prevention: anil.'cure
Asiatic tiliolerit.' Itemedles -ter lul the 'defects and dis
eases of . tile Generative organs unti - leiiriiituctive ocents
My in men and women; tienuldies l'ur Insanity i• certain 1
anti timely curorfor al t Cothiumptlons, Impotence, Ster
ility. Sextet' :Abuses, Vedereat Diseases lucid their forms;
Suppressions and other delicate female complaints. All
there remedies etuunah3 from the Most noble of
DoUlily aud.::.llydropathy combined, thut no poison.)-.
'•l teal ' all ulanher to sicsness and nil manner of disease.
New Testament,: -Ills fur healing that Christ contemn
dent the Sattiarliam—loike, Id, 11.1 to 27,.and with coin-
Illtitllllo3ll4. .-!-Vrove all-things, hold- fast, tifitt-wilich- is
good."—lst. Thessaloulaus,.b, 21. "Therefore let debut
ware of laying •up 'what' we. shOuld lay. out fur health,
Ifur there is.thaiscattereth Mid ye), increaseth, and there
is that..witiltuoldeth more ttion is Meet, but It teudeth."
The dilfcreht medicines and their dirertions will be
sent to the
Addressor, P.C. edA auy
It d i ( r\ A ec r t t i i o st n e , b yu m tu a ber l or t u e d x poesns
ty, Pit., post paid, and the fee $1 :Sways accopanying
.tne letter, with the ordei, together m
r with a description u.
the fsnings and the symptoms 01 the complainte 01 the
afflicted inclosed.- is _Lois system: of Medical Selene°
the :sookicand tiro modes of cure .only,. w Welt-Dr.-Card
tieLeini.S.o)...s that allow of medicines entirely ; made or
co :mused of Wir t ilesettio - lhotsi - Platits,hndllyd r op uth y. „ .
good in all diseases, file and which• can make
swetly and• certain reineilles itint cures ter "elitliantier
--J'i--t7feturss_and all Manlier of disease '
" and which/or
prss till other ntedicat ine.ins . poin gotitines , be
-fond all bounds tit-compihislin. GiclelCh South Al: :lover
street, Rost side near au belt: ‘v 't iii4 l l - es by turiaivi.liiireli
Carlisle-, Pa. rchtdolonialS room -nuincrxitlic-pers.ins 4 M
the highest reepectability iu this and the ii4joining
counties', give authentic -evidence of the goodness of
- 1./r. liardder's character, and cam lie seen :it ads toilet..
,N1.11'.. The alit :clad eau receive superior nit:twines and
,the directions for lbUir Use by the brat rot urn of moil or
.express.. -I . f.liiterviews be desired, Or visits rilquetted;
Dr. C. will endeavour to accianiuminte appiliants abler
as he can The Doctor speaks the autltiletier
an_LauguagesitAc.. • , k Jun. 17, 155,5,
31 P CULT AN 11 To :FEN ALES"!
11. et' F. ES 1 , 1 Al A N'S PILLS.
00MbillIttiOEL Of ingtediunts in these tills is the le
mu-It of in long and extensive practicol, they, aro. mild in
their operation, and curtain of restoring nature to its
proper channel.,ln every instance have those Nils pro
ved successful. They inVariably' open those obstructions
to which Itiitualeaare liable, and bring nature into its
proper channel, whereby. health is restored hod thd pale
and deathly countenance changed to a healthy one. No
feande eau, enjoy good health unless she is regular ;,,and
whenever hn Obstruction takes - place, Whether front ox-,
cold or any other cause, the general health - Jut- '
mmiihtely begins to decline, and the want of such arem
etly has been the cause of so many consuuiptiuus among
young females. To ladies whose health will not remit
of an increase of their foully; these pills will prove a val
uabhriequisitioxi,'.as hey—will—pre wout,:pregnancy.'r7
ileadtwhe, pain In the side, palpitation of thu heart, loa
thing of food, and df turbild sleep - do must always :wise
from she luterruptiOtt-of nature; and whenever that is
the case, the pills will Invariably, remedy all thert
Nor are the less mile/Minus iu the cure ot --- Leueurrinea,
Commonly called the hites." , —The:.e.! pills should nev,
or be taken during -pregnancy, as they would be sure to
caused miscarriage. Warranted pinoly VegetabliT7n - nd
True from zmything hihnious to Itill or health. Yulland.
explicit directions a ‘ ccompany each box.
These pills are-put square
. flat hoses. Persons
residing whore there is no agency established, by cock
-slug Ono Dollar in a letter, prepaid, to Dr...C. L. Cutcsk
•il tx, No. illeocker street; New York, emu-bae them
sent to:.their repeetive addressive by •
. ...
The subscriber at, his old stand on North Hanover st.,
Carlisle, the Sign of the" Mammoth Rod Colic.; Vet,". de
ices to call the attonlion of the public to hi* largo-as.
ortinuift of 'STOVES; of 'the newest and-mist fashiona,
-ble styles; .frbl the best iminnfactorics hi the
1 1 1 -.. 'country. and
- at all prices from ~z,3'ff.fen;- ------
t; . Afoonithis VAlll.tilt,..t GUAM II Ell.tiltOVES
wr...,.. '
_ i i i _tri ,,rs il ia ti n i-M u ir i lr l - i S i t a e i l d . c, l i .t h i l i f ,i Az;th r . . 4 l t i i , i r t ig . : t i ii i, l';
with other patterns which ho has of all sizes
for parlors or chatuburs,and'ealeniated tier burning either
' wood or coal. Also; the /Etna, Globe, Astor, Albany,
Flat-tOP and Itinpox or Peer Man's, with other COOK
LNG. STOVES, comprising, the latest iunievements in
- kitchen stoves, and. inteud..d for either •Ivood or coat.—
Also, th,4l)lningltoont"Cooking Stove--a hew' and .1,10.
glint article, to which lie invites the particular attep
tion.of families.. Ms cooking stovekrangolu , Price from
WA° 25, with the fixtures complete-• 'Also,.NlinsTlate
Stoves of various patterns unirdifierent prices. ' '
ing Sttives,,Brass Kettles, A.c . ,. _ Abet, every article in the
line of Thyand (Topper Ware. The public are' respect
fully luyittia to call as hell; confident with his largo
stock, variety and cheapness, of 'being able to give en
Al at. rosatisfaction to uviry purchaser'. 'Cull an
Nl nd sou. ' '
... 25, 1854. OititiS .
. . .. . ~
earner:. ;
stour, 8z Zin;warc.
.1011$ 0011,OAS Would inform the public that
he has now of hand at bis establishment, on Main St.,
'tiost'dbor toMarion Mill, the tar-,eatln Lind most. Co
plots assert - went of COOK, OFFIEE
_•• LOH S'EOVES : . to , be fiiund in this ',sonny,'
whichwft' the lowest prices for'
W"V.4. - i: 'cash or approved credit. Ilia stock consists of
!4i• • • a . _iarp•assorttiteut •of ;1113W• and highiy
proved rit.TEN T COOKIING . STOVES, finished:
in h Most 7cehiplete. manner, and -.ealculat'ed tbr either
wood.or cosh or both.,, +All' thIS old standard patterns
Arblch have stood the est Otexperietice,mity; be 'fqnnd
'at his establisbnient. Also, a great-varlety of tho,most
approved And' heatitiall PARhOlt OFFICE STOVES, In:
eluding a mintier 'of new Etyles,possessing very supe
rior advantages ovOr.these hereto ore iu use. Families
iiii'd'lnumeiteepers ere-irespectfuEy.lncited to' give lilm• a
call before' linruhasing elsewhere.' ''' ''''''''''''''''''''
,part of, the country and put em at the shortest nib'
We. • Ite continueslo kinds of 'TIN AND SIIIIET
IRON'WAittl, and Copper Work, and has constantly on'
hand or will -make to ortref iTvery article required-by
hoilselteopers" or others in this line. Ills stock of Tin
and Copper Ware embraces every hind of household tind
kitchen utensil, warranted equal to the best inanufar.
fared. Persons in want of article:s'ln his line may 'id.
ways aura of being accommodated to their . satisfast ion
by giving lam a call. • [novl-1
•• " •
't.oot - ;:.:,.g 4 :e,t4.14:.,: . ''!::.';. - '
- • -
, *eb(ctites•
••.a• . . • . •
.111 - ELMI3OLIY 8 7 - GENUINE PRE;:.
• ii.A.R.A.Tp:mo.—mw3.lit9pp , s auclinx :6N.1-
tasraltierti) •
For disease of the Bladder:and Kidneys, Secret Diseases,
Strictures,. Weaknesses; and all diseases of the Sexual,
Organ whetheitirMaleor.lennkloT-fronr-whateter_
- 7cause - thetmayttaveorigliatekand - turmatterpf how--
• long standing. . • • •
. If you have .contracted, the. 'terrible
6 . 64 - seated in the flystunt,, will surely go down Boni - One
gsneration - tif another, undermining the constitution
and sapping the,very vital fluidi; of life, do , -not trust
yourself in the hands of Quadra, who start up every day
.in a city like'this, and fill thopapers with glaring-false
hoods; too well calculated to deceive the young, and.
those net acquainted-with their tricks. _Sou cannot be
leo careful in the selection of a remedy in these 'cases. •
. The Fluid 'Extract Buchu dias been pronounced by
eminent physicians the greatest remedy ever known.—
It is a litddlcluo perfectly pleasant in its taste, and very
innocent in its action,nud yot so thoroughthat It awn
hilates eyed , particle of the rank and poisonous virus of.
this dreadful disease; and, unlike other reinedies; does
not dry up the disease in the blood. •
Eonktitutional Debility; brought on by self-abuse, a
most terrible disease, which has - Brought_ thouisinds of,
thelunnau race 'to untimely graves, thus blasting the
brilliant hopes of parents, and'bilghting in the thud the
indent; ambition-of many'a noble' youth, can beeured
4y ts na t e erne. y. , u at'll — fteratrwhic •
must benefit everybody, from the :simply delicate to the
confined and despairing Invalid, no equal is to be found
acting both as allure and' preventivo.
For Purifyiug „the•Illood, removing all diseases mistitg
r.. from excess-of.- Mercury, exposure and Imprudence -in life, ,chronic constitutlonal,disease,-ariSing from an
' impure state of the-Blood, and. the only reliable and
effeetual-known,reruedY for the Cure of "Scrofula, Salt
- Ithpum; 'Scald -Head, Ulcerations of the ThrOat and
. Legs, Paint' and Swellings of- tho• Donee, :Totter, i
Pimples on the Face ; and all Scaly Eruptions of the
diThla article' is now prescribed by some of the mot -
metinguished physicians in the country. and hai proved
'pore efficient in pluctice than any preparation of Sorsa
arilla•yet offered - to the public. Several Cases of Cecon
dary SyPhilis; Mercurial and Serofulous diseiises -have
entirely recovered in the hicurable'ieardsof our Public
Institutions which had for..many_ years reifistaiLevery
mode of treatment that devised. Thesenses'
furnlsfh'idrlking examples of the salutary effects id - this
niedielnes in arrestffig sonie:s of the mu; t -in vetefute
diseases, after the glands.werff dnttrivld. and the bones
Already affected. '
NOTlCE.—Lettc7rs from responsible Physicians and-Pro
fessors of several Medical Colitges, and certificates 0.
cures from pitientswill be found accompanying both
Preparations. •
PmesB, Fluid F-xtract . oißuelm':s'l. per bottle. or - 6
" ','' ".-. ". Sarsiftiarilla i " '' 46 •It
.equal in strength to ono gallon of Syrup of Sarsaparilla.
, Prepared, an„solii b.vLT
I, j1.1.3,3101,1),A0ni5t,*0
Chestnut &rev near the (limit liouse,Phlindelpliin. ,o
To be had of I ruggists and DeUlers everywhere..,
AU letters directed to' the Proprietor or Agent receive
a particle of'Mercury In it...An infallible , remedy Mr
Scrofula, Ming's Evil, Rheurnatisra,Obst Mae Cutamous
Eruptions, Pimples tic,Pustaleit on the nice,lllotches,
Bolls; Chronic Sore- Eyes, Ring Worm or Tatter, Scald,
Head, Enlargement. anti Pain of the Bones and Joints,
Statham 'Ulcers.• Syphilitic Disordurs. lumbago. Spinal
Coniplaints and all diseases arising from an injudicious
use of Mercury, Imprudence in We i or Impurity of the
11.14!„,..This groat:alterative medicine and Purifier of the
Mood, isziow!used by thouF,ands of gratefulpatients in
all parts of the United Stites, who testify daily to the
remarkable cures performed by the greatest of all medi
cines. -CARTER'S WAN'S!. XTUIt.E.!!, Neuralgia,
ilheumattsm Scrofula. Eruptions out the Shin, filverbis- -
ease, Fevers. ' Ulcers, Old Soros, Affections of the Kidneys
'Diseases - of the Throat,' Female Complaints, Paths and
Aching of the 1.9111 es and Joints, are very speedily put
to flight by using this great and ineslifimble,remedy.
For nil diseases of.‘the ltlood, nothing has yet been
found to cianpare to if It cleanses the systenr of all fin
purit*s. nets pally and efficiently on the Liverand Kid.
ucys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to t be-Stons
ach,,makes the skin clear and healthy. and restores the
Constitution, enfeebled digitaati or broken down by the
exeesses of Youth, to its pristine vigor and strength.
Per the Ladies it is - incomparably better than all the
cosmetics ever used. A few _closet; of Caurtfc's SPANISH
MIXTURE tyill remove all sallowness of complexion, bring
the roses.nufntlinglo the' cheek, - give - elasticity to the
step; and improve the general health in a muarkable
gree beyond all the medicines'ever heard of.
The large number of certificates which we have receiv
ed fromfrompersons from Miliaria brill° . United 'States,
Is the bestecidencOltat there is no Humbug about It.
'rite press, hotel-keeperS,'Anaglstrates; physicians, and
public.nten, well known to the community, all add their
testimony to the wotelerfUl effectsof this GREAT BLOW?.
Call ou the AGENT, and got a Circular and Almanac,
and tend the wonderful cures this .truly greatest of all
s Medlclues has pertbrined.
• Soon genuine tiniest . ; signed-REN`zerii „ 4iEEItS. PrO.. j
.prietOrs, No. I, Pearl street, Richmond, Va. to whom all
orders for supplies and agenties must be addressed.
'.And for saleby S. Elliott, S. W. Ilaverstick. Otrlisle!f
Intillayi-Mttelfatileslearg: JteJA,llerron, Newvillef .1, C.
ARM, tildripeusburg, and by dealers In nieclielues every•
C. L.' Bulling, of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland
county; Pis, announeeA to tleise. affilided with tunurs,
Wens. Cancers. Polypus,' Lupus, Medea or Marks, So,if
ulfir - King's Evil autl all disease,t that Dave been usually - ,
treated with Caustic or linife.he Call remove them with
out cutting, burning Or pain; neither Chibroforin of
Ether is administered to the patient. It is no matte'
on what part of ther body they may be, he can remove
them with perfect safety, and in a remarkably shoe
. time. 'No Mineral of Vegetablequlson is applied, and tie
money required.until a curd is perfected,
• Prolapsus. Uteri, Penedo Complaints, Chronic, rene
ried and all other diseaseie treated with.Tibsitive suecess
full part iculan, can be obtained by addeessing-hceitha
English or Centime, post. paid. .Patients can be seem
modeled with Board on reasonablaterms.
- Meeleaniesburg is one -cf. the prettiest and healthy
towe,s in, this or. any °thee titate, it is t miles from
Harrisburg. on. the Cumbemend Valley, ,;all Road, and
accessible from all parts of theDnion,- alto Doctor will
vlalt_cases in any part of the StatewheM desired..
tmliled reader if you know any afflicted fellow"crea
tore. delay-led to tell them of this tieteternSat• , •
. .
T usT .REOEIVED.—A lot of puttent
y Meat Grinders ( a nice article ter Farmers: , or family
... .•
sti: break at '' , • ' • J. P. LY NE'S
. ' 2 - . ni,lloYOr St., Cliat.9lll.
85 - 4 . ATT --IsT T
The Undersigned has just reNonish.,
.edhis bloc (of- - ' ' !,
. ; "011001.11tIES,AND QUSENaWkRIL, .
And Is prepared to supply his felon ds and customers with
almost any t i..hing required in domestic 'tiSo, at prices
11a -,hopes WllVVrove-satisthotory-1 lin stock ton.
41sis of 'every variety ' goods eultublo ter town- and;
:country' Use. IZe has also on hand a general 'assortment
of 11 - AItDWAII!I, such as Moyle needed by fariners zind
piechanirs - for ovary day- use. Jilastock ofL •• • '
Is large and embraeed_an excellent nesortinent of ebOlre
gunnies. All for salelVludesflt+ and South Mast
corner of Ilazioyer and Lonther street A, Carlisle, Pe.
' country Produce tabu., In excli:inge for geode.
/10Y. ' ' . 5A.311.7.111:
Immediate at timit lon
t 31teoicines.
:IMPORteiT::: . TO ',THE
LADIX&Hrti., Geissuer's -celebrated 4ivistati •
Atzu.A.havta±hetur ,- .lOne.tiridLwidairicritrearas - iirvariably ,
certain in removing any stoppage, leregultuity; or.sar
pression offfile 1110111 , m4;" ' • •
In the Female lhaMilais in NleimaiParis;and
theyqurre.entirel,reupereedffitth .),,uke of altothey-rema—
' `because wh ere-a-cum-is-a-nal n abi e 1j ntciliEfgnl
agencies, thus' are certain of success. Their' astOtiffiting.
efficacy would be alinusi, incredible, if not svoilehed. for
by . indubitable testiminty,uunierous itiStance - s - kO : '
dticing returns of the,monthlY parimtafters.all.hopr lied...
beenabntitimed.': .
- In every enstif from whatever alive - -therobstructiou
May arise, rta also to prevent pregnancy viler* the
health net ildinit.of 'increase of family,-they' are
always efficient; for whiclivcatton they must not lie used
during pregnancy, though alWay mild,--healthy, safe .
and certain in their effects. '
Married-ladles find particUl6r Instructions in the
- directions, in which are stated in various syniptoins by,
which the causes of the suppression maybe determined.
Price, One 'Dollar per Ifox, containing. explicit dire, .
..ff.ach box will be signed bYllr. R. 0. GF.ISENIift...
Principal Office, 127 M Liberty Street; New•York'Cit3,
liesponsible.agents will. be appointed for their salon
soon as practiCable. in the Mean time, all Orders aret
be addressed Dr ., It. (11:ISSratt,12736 Liberty btree•
New-York City, or tobox 241.0. N. lust Office, and
136-itivaltif tif'76)lltruilffiltrtirtlagy-irrdlityt-trpilirs
sealed envelopes, and ran be sent with the bitictebt.Dri. '
vacy tnany . .part of the Uniteff , States. _ •
As various not only 'ineffective" but InjurioUs coin
,' pounds urßorting tO be -FEMALE l'uts".underill kinds
nanie p S as "IttiA Plus," ' , W.ittitti
Pitts,!' "Pixtffiumt.t. &c: ire attempted' to .be„,
palmed off upon the' credulous .. or'unwicry, it is only
necessary for ladies to be on their 'guard aaithist the at
tempted imposition. and hi all eases where-there is Di
authorized agent ffir, the !:.ale .o(qht. 6"LISSNER I S 1114;:'
.ISTIWA.III3.B " to order direct from him by mail, by IA
turn of - box Will be sent.
J 4iy. ";il,
. .
_ .AO,ENTS.• : • - •
Morirs. Geor;,t ,lic s, Lebanon; II I'. YffiWr - York; M.
Allennin. IbirrislA r;;; L. B. Jonas. & Co., liiirrisburg;
Burton- Ar. Carron Erie; Sien•art & Sinclair, .t. rie; C.
W eiley, Millbacli{ , - - . . • . ....._,.
, • . - , .
I1: I 'V Y.; R 'COMPLAINT Dyspep
• Jaundice - , Chronic 'Or Nerimusdeldlity, Dies,scd
the fildneYs, and all diseases .11dAtiscAtt
Liter ur 1- , tomach, such as - CenstithitimO '
fulness .of I,Mod to the head, acidity of the,. Iftt•nuo
nausea, hearthurn, disguet f,r ILod. i . ffiness
the elyynaett,; sow v ruetat ions. :sinking or ii Uttering n
theldt tif•the stomach, swininiiMFM the head. hurt ie ,
and dillichlt breathing,'Huttehlim ht the heart: ai - okin
or svtifoeating sonsatlonStwhen in a ly lug, l a:st ure, din
tfehc . of dots or webs lh:fere . the sight. Myer an,
dull pain in the head, deffs,Kney of Terspirat ion, y elloe
Mess id the skin and eyes, pain iu the side, bark, chest
ke.. sudden flushes ot heat. hurt iim in the flesh
roast ant itiinginings of evil. - and great depression of eph
Its,'ean l,u enectually erred by Ds. CELf.
LtIIIkTLD ClEiemAN inrrt:Rt-: prepared ly...ant: C. k
JoeliouN, No. 120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their pone,' over the ittuue diseases is not ezrelled,
equalled. by,anY other prepinitlen In the United State:
ms - the cures attest, In many races after skilful phys
elem. - had failed.
These bitters are-worthy the attention o ui n valio,
Poss,sHilw great, virtues in the rtretilication of disehst
of the. Liver and lesser glands. eii4cieim; the- hal
suarrhing potters ntrertiui s of the
-gostice. Irganc, they:aril *filial safe, certain and picas
, . . .
' - reSTIMCINY FlOlll 'PENNSYLYANI - A - = ----
-3.-1/...,Spring, Laceyville. :Pa.; April :0, if sayS: "
caul get'jyiiu wane good certificates ibr . your German Bit
tors in this V ichilty if you wish them. 'A - linTY - Pittchaft
-lug sonic of it this week. says that it is-by farthe be,`
medicine she ever knew,,' having done her and he
1 ilmighter much - good, Ae;. - , ; -
- S. It. Lawson, Ilonfard's Store, Somerset co, Pa., au;:.
15. 1853, 511,3, "I inn htch.' attaehed . to your 6(.1111111
Bitters, bite-ltig wed twit bottles of it, which I.procure
from. S. Kayla.- your efilllerha, and timed ;Aret .
relief front ;it ha diseßY , i of the Liver. I Mid It li:T
'great eßect on my lub gs, strengths ning and lin lgorat h
thelit, which, as I am a public speaker, Is a great'helpv
me ' "c .
Dr, Gliem,,Newton Hamilton, Pa., May, 1951, said: "
have used- myiudfluilf.a_dozeuttles 'of your flermai
Bittern for Liver Complaint and dliieases of a nervot
character, resulting front, the abuse of mercury. I wi
leisoned and afflicted with spasms from the use of 1.11
ittlir article., The (lermau Itittersis the first tulle:
Joni which I obtained any relief. I have also given tl
artirlolo many dyspeptics, with the most salutary r.
sults. I think as nattly:zunre bottles will cure me.
J. C. Young. Esq.,'of Dauphin. Pa„vvrites - May 5. '6l
"I was afflicted wltßlieneral Debility. Intestinal Weal
moss and Costiveness, fur which 1 used many differer
remedies without relief. lat hid ust:llyour Medan:
German Bitters. 1 took a- fen -- bottles according'to t
rectkins, and was completely cured. 9 have not been
.healthy for ton years as 1 have been' since I twit yo.'
liittersrwhiehls - aboutone - year - ago."
These Bitters and ENTIRELY VFAi}:TAIII.E. always strengt
enitti the system:and never prostrating it.
Soil by cleatloriplu medicine and storekeepers ever'
vrinire,atiff.bY Samuel - ElliottiS: 11%-ilaverstlek ffinil
W. Cnuftman, Carlisle•, EMlngor A Co., Medi:fide:lam
f,inyder A: Mehl, Newburg, and by Dealers in Mediclns
generally. . ' - .
•Nov. 24, 185-V4y - : , .
'cents, by Means of the Wel •
ET ./Ei.:42 (I DAEI CS +l.l. Eveu.
, 4 1 11titb Irty-sile ti-Ellit ion ,w i t
tine hundred ontsravines.filn 1
lug Private Jiiscases and Mn
T1W11141131111'1:1f"t11C - tilirfentt Pt
SysteinTin - every shape at.
form: to which IS added
• Tresit Ise on-the Distfase§ of I ,
_ males, intended for the use
females only, (see page 130)
big of the highest bimodal'
- to married PeoPle, or those eo
toniplat....,.___. Jy.' Wfa.-.Yetlistf,..:ii, D„ - tiradua
.of the Univtisaity of PetnniYlvanfs, Member of the Ito
al College of Burgeon's, Modest, and Iltnonfry Wolin
of the Philadelphia Medical society, The varieue fora
of Beeret ,diseases, Seminal Weakness:, Diseoes of 0
I' - rat e'ilauth - flapoteney. soli ta ry habits of youth; r„
faithfully de:4-61441. and all the reeeipt a given in 11 1
iii - ,
i goage .:l _Th i LcMipremot) - self-alittse-311d-&414i1--
11•eakuess is worthy of isortleular attention, and shot
be read by every one, Young men who have-been .•
fortunate in contrartiv I.IIfc4VISC., 111 , 1A . 10Us to- phio
yourselves miler the care flinty doctor, no Matter wl,
his pretensions may be.get a Copy .-- of this truly vain/0'
. .... ...
Sell Captathis ant . rs'Ku . s going fo - PM' SIIQUIU posse
Dr:- Young's Treatise on Marriage,. tiM.Pocitet ..Esaula)
us, of Every one Ills own Physician. : '
- .13 - 4 - Let no s cather be ashamed to present a copy of t
Miscall - mitts to his child. It may stivehlm from an ea
grave. laieno young man or woman enter into the .
era obligation§ tvf married Illb without reading tiler).
et iEseufsrptma• Let no one suilering from a 1111111i11
C(1101:TH - 1111 in the side: i t estlesa nights, nervous fbelli
~a.vtifftior-Wholo train of Dyspeptic sensations, and 01
up 4 their filtysielatkite another moment witlarut et
suiting the, 2Eseulatilus. 'hive the monied or th
tiblut to lici - married- attY •Itimellii tent, read -this tr ,
'useful Book, as it has been the mDR of saving • tl.
sands of unfirtmude erivitures Peonl4
he very jaws
death. Dpwards of it MILLION eopie f thiseolebra
work has been sold in this country and Europe sines
38, When the first edition wits issued. I
grr . Any person sending TWENTY-FIVE cents .
closed in a letter. will teeeive sine - copy of this boa
^milt or five copies will be' sent fer 8,1. Address
WILLIAM YO.UNO; No, It 2 .9prucestreet,Philtulelpl
Post paid
, r.•• '
tainly, entitles Pr.' Young to the confidence of-the
Acted, and be rafty"ba - consuliod on: any nf the disca
described in his diterent publications, at his ante. , •
-Spfuce street: every day . betwean 9 and do'clock,
days excepted) and Persona at. an,y distance can Tin.:
Dr. Young by letter, ' , owe PAID. • ' • •
GltoC,Fair of..the subscriber, II
thin. ' • • ;
A now 51101 y of rrtsh Water Crackers,
- Staln,,Putter;Pic'Sle and Sugar . • ,
Farina, Corn Starch, Tapioca, Sarl. Pearl Barley,
Extractor Coffee; Rice Flour, Baking Powder,
A nen , let of. superior Tablo 0114-.•• • ...• •
Pickles, Tomato Ketchup, Fronell
; . ItelD. e. 4 J. w:lun
ractice In the rite of Ihi ft e pit
ibEIfEi L IN lAA
(Continued from seeoncl-page,)_ -•- -- 2 -
brought silent regrets, and after while came
-melanoholy complainiugsAy_the tnothersigh
ing fur the embrace of her first; born: These
'soon led to anger sad - oriminxtione ,at home,
u - d-dissipalietts:by - Aliefitther -abroad,—dmss. \-
es came iipowthem,,*grithering the: -
few wofhpy goods •they. possessed, they left
tho prbud• city of their birtb r and settled \live—
years ago, upon land Purchased of the Goy
enuneni in Wiscensin. .11er: brothers; some
older and some younger then herself, one _by
utio btone arooped and died ; and soon the. •
mother, calling in agony upon her long ems' r
filed daughter,ioined her boys in a 'hat444;i"
None 'were left but thelathor and this_ poor
Ho too was humbled nod. :stricken by
that slow and certain diserise which lights up
addirtreirt •'
,o - y of health, even'whea-its victim is on theZ ~•
confmea of.eternity ; he would sit and tell,' tq"
his surviving child the acts of winning love • .
.and•sacrificing-devotioti, which had ;made
Lizzie the 'very of of life... He, would... tall;
of her awpet !miles and her happy difiposition,
ntll memory wouldiend him to the honr'whert'
e had hid her depart and not let him ‘2iiee' her
ice again. His decline wa's rapid, arid ibia
one child - - saw the: first-iflowers--which_the____:
warmth of spring,had called . from the soil. Of
her mothers grave, distributed uprooted and .
!brown aside; that - his ashes might mingle
wi,tit 4 ',theso- - ophompilter of his children.
Af his ilcalltdre.olinrgelt jrh to par-offi-eS.
fji . l i.t4;.sha Might be able, the-•:deb,ts incurred
to prOcure the neceeearies'of _life; the, laud;
which, for want of.cultige, , lnd. not, increased
in value, was sold; and left her buts. few dtl
tars. Thee() she expended in .rearing a . few,
boards to tnark.tbe spot where she litd buried '
one after another, her VelOved kindred. She • ,
had beard of,.Chicttgo...SlM had .h . e,ra . that.
rithis city there. were offices ,where etrangers
wishing employment could find work. She
had on'foot traveled 'many miles, until she
reached .lilwaukie; and thence by the
_kind- ,
11tBE3 f apOor • sailor who had seen her day
oy Any on the dock, watching the steamers
depart, and inquired and ascertained that; she
e, , ,ished_te.catne thither but net'the mono ••
ey: fie bre eilif - kis---tryrn--
vessel c apd had told.her thet . by, crossing trio
hridge she
. could --find ouo, of these places
wher - se -were given-to-worthy
.tve 3 her story. Rlie inidmentiOned no
-• .- •
name except that of father, niotlier, odd the
'end6arihg •a.ppolatioud ;.of brother George,
Willie, :km. 13iith the , wecisen wort crying,
bitterly. • • . •
The fashionably s dresseelady turned her
taco towards the river, that her tears, at such
a crowded and initialler place; might not' 6v
otiberved. She requested us to take her two
boys, George and Willie 'she called 'them, by
the hand to, keep them'from, danger, and then
putting her arm' tirouud . the, neck of the poor,
friendless, wandering cirphati .atranger, said
" - Yew are toyawn - sister: Lam Liizie 1"
These two beings, children of the'satne Pti
rent4,-.low_ilifferenttavebeen their'priths,and
bow deep -their suffering's! We have 'seen
them together in ",Lizzie's"' carriage, dr:vins
along Lake Street. They are doubtless es,
happy as their - bereavements, - relieved only by
the,consciouSuessOf duty faithfully perform
ed, can permit. But while the suffering — of
that fattier and 'Other may be . faintly. known
tram the •stery of the daughter, what' must
have been - the mental agony of that other
fit Ugh te IY:b a [limbed :fret:lC - Ili
er's side, and:driven out into the world' with,
out a father's blessing? What - must. hire
„been her grief, when her letter:s.written frOm
a prosperous city, from' the boleti .o'f_.ber
wealthy and kind itatand, telling thomor,her
success, and the birth - of her childrep,:wore
Unnoticed and tinataswiked T. She must have
'felt, indeed; that. the hearts of 'that father . and
friot - must have
_been hardened against her. Wu wilt say no.
more. Thatsceno will. live in 'our' memory
while we'oau remember the holy_love of lath ,
'er, Mother and kindred. - _ .
if yint want pritne Oincerica,
If you beautiful Queuuswares
It you ‘`ant splimtlid Lamps,
lf 'you - vont tho best Fish;
If sou want Tubs or Baskets,
'lt you want anything' else 'r ads line, • ~
• • • italbert's.
The subscriber has just returned from the city ialtb, a.
lame and choke assettment of Groceries. Glass and
Wore, Fish. salt, Basket's, Tubs, and iiiery thing
in ills line of buAliess, whieh he otters for sale at, the
1 pikes. - Cal and aUnuleaSor yaurnaltes.
nov-.21 "a,
J. p.n4LßErt,
V V • • *ORKS.—Nidge - Arenne,
..' I'InVAIPA. • •
The attontion of the potato la it/vita-Ito the,osteusho
manufactory and ware-room of the ltubserilier,' Who is
prepared to furnish; at the &aorta% n t
otice, IItQN lAI I ,
iNG Of every description for CIII.ETHitIE l'UlfhlC A
Sc., and Other Oruturientea.Tron,Worit,of a • de.s.mxtive
character, alt of which is executed 'with the express
view of pleasing the ;tilde, while they coTobluo all the
'requisites of beady and stebstantlal Construction:
x ere beeers rev . rely on taivlng all articlos, carefttily .
boxed - and shipded to their place of.destinat lon,
.A. book ofdosi ., wll-1 be sont to those who wish ici
maho.a selection. - ,-- •:110nEliT , WOOSD.
. Ridge Mel
nne Glow Spring Oardent, Phila. '
Oot,TOi '55. • .
. , .
• "'• •
. .
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