Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, March 12, 1856, Image 1

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• i3EAT,TI7 2
P PR I AO -1114R
. . .
,ThilVainatu.t; .11.camarf ,wnehlY on a large
-sheet . , neintalning'• whit tiOLUMNS; and' itArsiiBllCii to . ElUtr--
ker.lbora at .tne , rata 4441.0 t/ ii punk strlctl,y In adyailcol
Ifnala . n.witnlu Ana year; 0r.V... in all (awes n . hon
7- E -- yoliar. - ""',Niiiilibiraiptioliir sTel:int! for, a less - periodthan
,six ngathe,and.uottri 'ulitil-rill - arroareges
4arq laid, unlcas ttin option or,the- ;Publisher ; . 'Papers
seat to -euhneribeile •living out of Cuculterlten4, county,
atdvahee;or.the payment atanuned
ky,eolue,respuniable:nirepu.llSing In Ocuberhutcoun
' W. These terms will be iigidly adhetod to . lu alleaues,
TI,S urnig Ai.:
be charged $l.OO Per aquareof
Peaty° !lees fur three -Insui•tious, waif :0 touts fur each
aubeequeut lueertlon. All advertiaemente of less than
twelve Hues *considered awe square. Thu following rates
11111 be atue r ga fur ttuarturly, aud early -
*8 Months: ti'Months. 12 MUntluil
. .
,Soare, $3.00 . $O.OO
'7' -- 6.00 ; 12.00
• • Cuunkn, - - 11.00 11.00 /IWO
- 12.01.1 -20.00 - 00 -
I ' - • - • • ; 40031.).0U -45.00 .•
Ativektisoutents Inserted beferonarriagesand Deaths,
cents per' line. for Unit insertioil,4tud 4 - cents per line
for edtisequentiniortious. reedinuideatious on suldeets
of limited or individtial idterest win be charged e ceota
psi line. The I'roprieter,will not ha rototousiblopkdtun
aes Tor errors lu advertisements. Obituary • nottoos not
'exceeding dye linos,' will-be inserted without charge:
The.Caititeta iIIiALD,..IOII-131l . NTINd OFFICE is the,
largest and must complete i3stablikinnent,hu, the county.
Three. geed Preeses; and a general" virtety of tuaterial
suitedfor Plain and kancy work of oyer,y : khed, enables
uS 6o do . .feb Printhitta the shurfest notice and on the
most reasOnable terms. Yersluain'wailt of
orriiiy thing in the-Jobbing Buz will find it their in
terest to glvo'us ti Calk: Every surety of ilitA.Nif.S eon
statttlS on hand.:
htie All letters on latelnees 'inuat 'pest-paid to sp
ectre attention. — r. . • . ' • •
3tew Abuertisements,
- .
—A-PPEAIS • FOll,----185-6?7 , -The- Cour ,
!--, --- .... - inlssloilors*.of Cumberland mitultfintie lixedriiti
.:-tne following tiules and places for lilidiug the appeals on
the triannual isasessthent for the severaltoWnships - and
hbroughs lit said couutf, • .
, , i . .
. Ceittity tax, dollar rate ItX.inil/s.•
• .
• Stitte-taX dollar ratelt mills. - • . •
The be 1.1111(10 .by the respective usacsors at
• rSho times and places4ixed for the appeals, at which time
the assessere will reta.rn two respectable citizens fur
• 041404ir5,..-,
.. '•• • . . . - .
, . • ,
Monvota,township,:at the publ ic house or Samuel :
Algler,'eti Monday, the timidity - tit March. ' •
Upper Allen and Illechauiesburg at the public house
of (Seiwge'tipon,sier, in' .Mtichtinic.sburg on Tuesday the
4th day. of March.' •' • • - .
Lower. Allen - arrd — Neet Cumberland at S.
house-of ' • 0111 on Wednesday the _Kith -day-of
' alarah. ' . . . .
itast Pennsborough tied llampden at theimblic houge
Benjttudn Clay on Thursday the nth dip of k,rch. -
-Bilver;Spring at the public 'Muse of at aurgu Duey 01l
.. rrlilny tho 7tlOltiy - of :March. - . •
Newlaile and Fraukford at the public. house of ,Ino.
M. • Woodburn in' Newville on Monday the 10th day of
March, ' r . . .... ..-
• . .)11111.1.n and Nowvill at the same place on Tuesday "Ilse'
lltli day of March. ,' ' . ' "
. ‘. ,litspewell'at , the public /louse of. David .dumpy 'ou -,
Wednesday the 12th. . '
. • iiiiippoissinirst -Boroughs and Township • Tet,the Piablhe'
' Munsti, of '- , A ughinbaugli on Thursday the 12th,_
-,- -ROlithluilptorsitt the Ahnie pliee On iNidily. the 14th. ,•
Blckleatm., at the instate 'hose 6f ;Jacob Itedsecker on
" Satrtrday tile I+stlt , ' -. ',,
1 4 Vt'tiNt Pennsborough at the public . kontai it M t .. Rock.
on,Mondity the 17th. •
- ..NOrtli Middleton at the-Cr.liefilissionensOffituf on Tuts;- I
llay,the BBL, ,e
Bouth--Middielon-aLthin_same_place on WedneAay
. - Carlisle East Ward at the same plaee on Thursday the
,20th. , .
Carlisle West Ward at the same place on Friday the,
21st, -. ,
COmmisdnets Moo, Jart.-24.'511, . - - . .; '
-. lt , }t,.. TheDisquilssiortets,,givy notice
. 4bat they will
require.the jiritteipal :Sod int hatdeSots , to itterist,
tit holding the ippetle.,. .) i - .: : , , ~., ' ,_; : • i
• 'BCOTT i S , ;. LITTLE • GIANT ()UltS
• _ MILL PATENTED. MAY Tern; 1654.
- IdtriX - Ciali'rTthough-but- --- rets' mtly-IntrodamaL
, fri.2ln.theWmr; now, stands rue-EMINENT as the most
Farm MILL of the ago.
• "'Our 34.4420SAMoaits are probably tile 'only tonoaiiithe
• , ,Worl-,7o4,4lwdyclydevoted to junking, !detail.° )iiiis, •
therefore poetess superior advantages in preparing such
infraixturenf Metals, as best • ittlaptod to tusking a
i strong Anti durablo article. ~,,
• The Limb Oin:lf has been awarded the First Icrend. -
.; what the - principle Pairs of the „Nation,. as'. the.,most
complete and.couvonient 51111 now in use. . . .
• Those 'MILLS are not , only guaranteed, superior to all
construction and quality of material,'
'buritithe'amouut and illtiidltY footle theyperform
.witlmtny.given power: pud warranted in all cases' to
ilUit, the purchaio-money refunded on return of the
• „Thoy_are offered to Farmers and the trade complete, -
. • at $2B, $32 and $3O, for No.'l, No. '2 and No: 3', amt $ . 4;
.extra fur sweeps. Warranted to , grind from;B to 15
hypiabls pordwur. according to skit,. ,
SCOTT'S . \N1111.131.41i1 GIt.AIN
This MU.I. la a most cOmplete• and • important article
- i•Jhr PiaMters, Partners and, others, , havitad horfa6lowor
'or other ainvotilences for running a Jolt They can - lie:
•.' Worked advantageously with one, two or 'more, horses,.
'tlitheraver aspOiid of. front four ,tio' six itnudred Tevolu
' tions Per mintito',Citribe obtained upon a I.4inchpulley;
with a 31.4 ineh'halt. , , .. • • •
These Ilitts aroltdepted to any kind of work, grind
In coarse feed from corn, oats, &c., Or line meal dom
sawn,-wheat-or rye linti..Coin St, cubit). the_Most.salls,
factory manner,acid with a vett raVitig of pother over
all other tallishe (lob bang cut with sharp cast-Steel':
. The lirst pronflum was awarded, these 311118 at the
.late Fairs cif New .lersicy,:rennsylvania, and the Indus
', trial...E.shibithol at Boston.
The Nimble Obtut weighs about 300 pounds; Occupy- .
tug a spare of 30 somun. It is peculiarly,shuple,
strong, and thimble; requiringno Skill to run it, or' to ,
keep it in order.
Taoy, are offenek.c*plete r ready for attaching - the.
bolt, at $55; with cast steel cob attachments46s. War-
Tented' to give thelnost perfect satisfaction. '
Bessocall at the Little (limit Works, 'and witnes24
their operation. Mannfacturabv - •
Cor. 17th it-Coates St., Phila.: •
Yob. 13 Orrov-r-pd
are^• 0ir7.4311.-ELLgns. '
aubecriber, having In the hitt few years.'fraraed
upwards of a hundred and forty Corn Shellacs for Iten
ry, Ithoads, wishes to intbroa the Farniers of Cumberland
eountz that ho is prepared to frame them-anew.. 1 will
take' (min or "irek4 in - pay - for; Framing, and - will inw
surd - the machines to rte, well. My shop . Is- at the
.....-.Noith_eud of West itreet.
- ANC 29.7.-720
. .
. . .
• i •• , .-:.-
._,.. ~ tf... : '‘,' 1,:" • •••• ••-• ' l , k .-- :' ,. 1 '' '' t ' ,'.:;- • .
.. .
, a
~. ' t li , 1, , .1 ~ • ,
- 4/
_ • ~ _
. _._._........._..........,.............._
• .
VOL LVI. L . : - ' WEDNESDAY . MARCH 11 1 iS s r6 '' ..
- '' NO
-.. 3 t
„ • . ,
onorer _ , N 4,
•'. . .
. .
i tryv , It': ;{) - i ,:.
_ e _,. .„. , Italianyinter,.yet even i - 1 Italy,' the cold : may ' • * ' .ccicitipEi's,
rt _ u _ __ 7 _,.„_.,
i t tri nr .
.be toineihly felt. i tly one confined -to - hlo room), - ---
. ho permitted •no 'fire' to 'be . kindled in' his . Tuesday ,31hreh .4.—ln the &map
, , ,
„ .
, . -• _,..„..... 7 ......:-.. ' ' • : ' apartment, and added . the 'amount usually bill making an rappropriation of $80,0(
',ble i ; ti tit. Galveston:
beautiful an.ecdotes, concern
ing_ tho charity of tWo.RoMisp Cardinals, are
translations.from tht37. 17,/kiblate, for
City anifVoynty," a German .paPier, devoted
to "insion and aniusement." They lip.,
peared'to the yauelator as beautiful instances
of this noble virtue, and worthy of imitation
by - many :Who Contemplate the progress of
Catholicism,' With an eye ofi suspicion. They
are, however; but single. instances of that
wise system of benevolence, which las .clar
neterizql the_Papil_adherents—
•Protestants:a - tenth - of the zeal .whiph Roden
Catholicshaie had in eieryperiod-ofiheii his-_
tory, there would. be little need of securing
Protestantism against the attacks of Ro s manism .
by Legislative enactments: The way to, con
quer, is to rely hpon our own strength, not
the weakness our enemy..•-••••--6..._-
• "Cardinal 'We'tannin," says our authority_,
" the .author ! ' of the . rettouted controversial
papers, and member of the inquisitorial tribu
int! (b0re:154 : 2, died 16'2 . 1), Wes .personally,
man of great luridness, and ea modest that he
refused . theol,uplignity.tenderedhini on two
: separate
. oecaisions. But the most remarkable
feature of hisiife i Was his great charity. _ A
third part of his income was set apart'flir the
poor; and It id said 'that henever.SUffered -one
to be turned away empty from his door, where,
bread'' es hourly .distributed s to. the needy.
Not only,so; . but he enjoyed himself in the
company of the poor, ho greeted them in a
friendly manner, - beakd them:7lll::greak., pa
tmeived ali t theie petitions. :When!
on one occasion pis servant ° wished ~sead F
away some-beggars,--ilejeb ukedr-h - these:
verde: "-I..seem.to_ime the Lord Jesus'_ Wet
- iu - the flesh; vtheneverl got sight of a • poor
ed b neir sertadt,,who was not yet acquainted
t4l.lftils pittateeiradilinellof ,irikenH , thy
latteethrust - tcrthe - . grontat ita:robtruidve des
gat, .who live/V:1)0101A nil( his .way inta.the Cardi:'
dal's- room, he testoredihefallen'one to his feet
with 'his Ova 'hand',.!and bestowed . rich gifts,
upon, WM,
,but the servant hd reprovetisharply
for his cencluot.r. • : . '
ante of utercy.were' Dot limited to
the iieinity of hie own home.- lib often : Went
in perstin-to%lie•hoines of the poor, visited the
captives in lirieori, ..the sink in the hospital,
and . having 'made: himself acquainted with
their. wants;- ho mating 4 to hr4v assistance
rendered them througErthe intervention of a
third person, in . order that they might not
know whe,nee it came, and whom tch,
God had enirusted to him groat riches; and
tie was, ncoustothed•to saY that it was befitting
him to..he a goad steward thereof, and put it
• in the hands of the needy. • D,uting
to ustir
the brief time he was Archbishop al Capua,
he restored •to their former condition many of
the ancient families of That city, who had. be
come-poor, and in so doing ho made no die.
tinolion between his Mends - and Lie enemies.
One of tile Brett° .whom be extended relief,
was John Barely, whose brother had assailed
- the - Cardinal in , a most malicionit7publication.
" He often deprived himself of that which
he bestowed upon others. There was. a gno
rnon upon his housei_which. was much — worn
by the wind ancl weather, and needed to be
renewed. , Bellarmin had the cost of ',a new
one - ettimated beforehand by a Itmk-smith and l i
artist, and when they demanded two silver
-drowns he relilied4,7lo , Much. money cap be
aPprepristed%Pa baiter • purpose than. for" a
thinrio'little needed. He became afflicted
with a tumor, upon his right leg, °lid the phy 7
*titian directed hitii_to_ wear .a wideistocking„,
"t 3 elluptrin ordered a piece to be set into one
of tiis leather stockings, and although his ser
vant represented to him, thatlki s was no
longer worth repairing, in:re:Oak as ho had al
re)idy worn it eighteen yearsAibliersiettid
his demand.
In the meantime a young man
brought 10-him a supplicatory letter,. wherein
he taisobght alms for his mother fallen - sink
on the way. .Bellarmin presented Min with
t o ducats en the spa. When another begged
of him twelve crowns,. and ho . .hnd-riokwhe. :
With to bestow it upon him, he'drew;his-rlng.
from hie fingefyand_gave ltm thatf directing
bim to pawn it, Promieing , tel redeem it again
"Throughout one whole winter (we met
remintioureelves that we are speaking of 'an
expended•for - wool to 10 alma.; Ifis ta,
was at all' frugal f , ,. ob . & he shared his
'teals and •the poor;' - Fo'r- , Atie
sick anderippled, Whoni he • saw lying in the
For Tlho•lTornld
streets, he provided -a • hospital m is own
.Not unfre'quently he had - such
brought to hitnia his own litter, and'at home
in his bwn' palace, he minietered 'tc their
wants. Finally he . 'disp_ose:cl of one •of his
horses, nni''fromthat titne{orward, only drove
one, in:order that' the amount thus Spared
might be gi , v l i(n to the needy. But'
What - is of moil) weight:than hnd • his
heart as little up - on his gifts and his altns,.:na
upett_his fortune and esfateir;2and dredlilessed,-
notMerely-61r hisigod - d'ivoikis, - Tbut - also for .
. -•• , -
his evangelical labors irithe service of Christ.
"1.411, same. authority .makes Mont' •
another high eolesiastic, Who not only 'di
tingiiislied himself by the richness of Ks alms
but also by-tice peculiar mannet',in_ithici_be.
:was accustomettto bestow them:. It was
Cartlinak'Montaltc, nephew"of-Pope aestus V.
the 'princeple, that the
left hand Might - not_te: z know what ilie r ; right
hand 'tfoit tii! 'On n„c ertntn. ihicthere - earns, to.
him several ecclesiastics wife Aesired a dairn
tion'of orie' 2 hunared crowns for the erection of,
a church.' '-The cardinal" sent -thorn away
harshly,. but'by n strting,er, ho was indaced .
afterwards to -subscribe'
one thousaird crowns for the same purpose.
On a utipulated day he !lad twenty-five mai
'dens:'entiowed for marriage, but Ire -7- did it
undler the varne of another, in drdcr that they
might not be able to raider their thanks •to
.hipiself. A poor wide* at,Rome,of a respect- I
able'family, who - suportiad heraelfauil Baugh
' ter-in,retiremetc by -the labor of ' her s - own
band 8 lyttil
nes . e,_in - consequence of which; she WWI brought
in debt. Oti rho one side, sho saw herself
oppressed' her'orediters; on the other, re•
lief protterett at the frightful sacrifice Of her
tiaeghteirier , inneeetiCte.- 4Hotioos aka',
- tritslitl.ilied by her earifessorie apply
Montalto; who was known to be a man
of.great benevolenie. The poor woaten , had
never begged, yet she- overcame her shame,
and went and east hertWilf at the feet of the.
Cardinal,..begging him for 6 crowns for the
payment of her rent, in order that she might.
retaia.her. home • Vie Cardinal wrote forhar,a
cheek for6o crowns. She Came to the treasurer;
who,eounted down to bet 60 crowns.. She re- .
(used posititively to take it: The treasurer
- showed - her - toe - bill, but slip still-persisted ; —it-
Rustito a mistake, for, she had only asked
him. for 6.Arowne. The paymaster went with
the note to the Cardittel. Show it to me, said
the oardiuel, to be - sure Ws a mistake; and
taking the note he-added another Q,--with r_tho
injunction, that if the modest widow receiv
ed not the 600 crowns, it should be - .taken to
another servant to the astonished and yet hes
itating widow, , who_ was instructed to say to_
her, that Kit& daughter wished to niarry she
should make ready for the dowry.
bills-have-been—referrod_to_the__Co face_ _of_
the Whohrwittiiwthe- last few .d . 8, having
been reported_from the, Outrimittee on Terri
tories by Ali.-'Grow,' - , One-weitt,hill to-annul
those acts of. the Kanse/Legislation which
abridge the freedom ,f -speech and of the
•• •
press, or which presciibe any oath as
ft - cation for - voting er holding. , office, othet
than that.of fidelity, in the , discharge 'of the
duties of oilice..and to support the. Coustitu••
flog of,tbe'UniteiiStlitcs, or which impose
any property or religious test as a_ condition
to the exercise at' sue% ,fight,. or to serving on
juries, or to•giving evidence in any Court., of
--.Mr,--Grow's other bill proposes To
make' all 4he offices filled' by. appointment of
the loaf Legislature ofKantes elective by the
people, to prevent disturbances at' the polls,
and:heep tion-residonts froin,voting at ull:.:--
At-present-thare are no adequate penalties
against eleittion frauds:- It is proposed also
'to fix th° next election In Kansas on tilt same
ilaj , with the Missouri election.
Wirktes's TII)21
ingtpt.ityiion cpfitalOqitho. , Poploo
hair'' - it - is - ri(irOreea - (>f - a ,- n9!tk o crlt, — a B--- ot!4I
e'tli:e_r to advocate. or to oppo*ohe eztenOoti
.f-Slavery.---llOnay—de,thane_or . the, 'c! a
In the exercise of his rightsas' a citizeni-',..ani
riot offend against his . Demooratili -- klealty." If
any body, can invent a. platform 'Which has
more of the eee•eaw about it than thief leehitn
bring along hie tools,: and go to work. , '
;e, .the
)90 for
the new fortifications a:. Texas,
Was passed. The Senate then resumed he
consi*ltion of the Ittifiatrelection cnee. Mr.
Stuart ahtended . ttiat the constitution _ of
nois rendered Mr.lrurnble
seat. Nfessrs. Butler, Tommy and Sowark
dm - virally spoke :to the,effeet that Lye power to
elect a'Senator *as derived from the COnsti
tution of the'United Stotes,•and not - from that
of Iliinois ; and that therefore, the latter had
to_prescribe the, qualifications of a
Senator, nor to. addto nor ditninish,_nor-mod
ify the requirements of the FederalCensti
tutionl. and that-Mr:rTruinbull's claim
seat should be maintained. In the House,'
Mr. Smith: of Ala., introduced a bill to pre
vent the iutiiiduction into theJ;Tnited States of
foreign criminals, paupers, lunatics - and insane,-
persons.. The Senate bill for the construction
of ten sloops-of war was referred to the Com
mittee on Naval Affairs.
Wednesday, Maiah 5 —ln the 'Senate, Mr.
Aflutter reported a bill ;making % nppropriationa '.
Ifor fortifications and . worths work of defenCe, •
tud'elso for the repair of harm cs . and quar.-_,_
tcrs. •: The ,„consideration of the Trumbull
lelec'tien . ease' was. then resumed, and it was
decided that Mr. Trumbull w a s, entitled to his
seat hy a vote of 35 yeas to 8 nayii.: - Then fel-
loWed an exciting . dehate in . regard to Kansas
affairs. Mr. - Butler -defended- - Mr. - :Ate hison ...
from alleged interference in the . affairs of
Kansas. Mr.'Touceytelloweit, taking althilar.'
ground. Mr. 'llale replied; drawing a sketch
of some Near'Efigland politicians, who seemc&d
to think that the Our's° orlginally ; pronounced
upon serpent the: belonged to them, ..namely : -
.shali, thou go r 'and: dust shtilt"..
,thou eatrt--• {Langhter.-]elhus they bow_dewn •
before theslavery power, which,, cliepens'es a'
derge share of the' patronage of the-co'u'ntry; --
making great pretensions; of. devotion 'to - the,
.Cuniititution themselves, - while they accuse
every man of treason who dares to assert hie
manhood and claim-the right to - epeak.for him- -
sem In the House, 'lllr. Hickman, front the
.Committeeon Eleotions; made a report pre
. it lengthy 'ergo went for renewing the
eipanti.thal. the 'Committee shall have au
-7iliorityli-404 0.41'01/11' tditl • eiPeittliiihe -- !
Kansas oentetited eletititai eate,i' 141 t. Stephenti7-
aubtuitted :the , minority; of, the, same
Committee; which, argoes:,at. length against
EA:ttor's claim being taken into coneidere
• , .. Thursday, Marc/16,-4n the Senate,' Senator ..-
41rewni-:of,Miss,i-presented-a-billite-authorise- -
the conetruction• of a railway and telegraph
line from some point on the Mississippi to;th,
-Bay of San 'Francisco. :This biliappropo4s
40,069,000 acres of ,land to those - whC i tion.: •
tiffitetiliaroad, -- theie persons to yi if 50 - dents
per acre until the title is i'esteyn 'them, and
not to start until half a mi lion of.dollars is .
paid down us security for the taith:Ul perfor
mance_ of the contract and the Govreut to
pay litioll .pg'r mile f r the carrying - the mail; -
and such other-'e ins as_ may afterwairs .ho
( 7
agreed upon p • tran•porting troops iind wt.',
nitions of wytr, until' tea years alley the situ. •
•the , Sp"6ial Committee having charge of the
subj9dt: Mr. Weller announced that tho.a_om-,
tulttee Would endeavor' to report' next week:
The Senate then-resumed-the-consideration of
the fortification bill, which was pissed. The
House took up and passed the•Milttary Ma:
piny-.-and Invalid Petnion bills.. , The ouusid.- •
erution of the proposition to send for persens
iiiiii - papeiralittlfc — Katisas - Vett - ton titre," Was
then resumed, and speeches were ni(de against'
the resolution •iii Mr Boyce, and for iE by Mr.
Bin hum,
• - ___ -
Friday, March 7.—ln the House of Repre
sentatives; the consideration of the report / of
the.Conomitteeon Elections was resumed 'and
Mi. Oliver of Missouri, nule-oostrong-Speech
in denunciation of tbe Kansa§ 'Endirant
Societies, and in defence of the / Missourians.
the debate was continued in•spirited speeches
by Messrs. Cumback, Cullen, Walker and
the Senate, the
'Raking an app7platicur—of three' 'millions - of,
dollars, for increasing the arms and munitions
Of war, was ordered to be engrossed for a
third, reading, by a vote of=yeas 22; nays 12,
the vote' was. 'afterwards reconsidered and
the 'subject discussed. •
• In the . bourn), Mr. Wheeler offered a resolu
Mon, which was sidopted, instructing 'the Post
office- Connnittee - ;to—enquire -Into the. expo
.Philadelphin„flharlestou andjiew York, suit-,
'ablator Pool offices.and United . Stator Court
rooms, in ace° acme wits t o sugg ations of
the President, Mr. Cainpbell, u 3 I do, re
ported the Consular and Armyl appropriation
bills. The House then resumed .the Kansas
gintested election case, and the debate was
"cifatinuod at length.
. _
4.4-4ioSenafe, bills were
pissed incorPo'rateng 7 the .Pennsylvania ~
Stobkineurance companyf-for the relief of the ,
widow pf Jotieph bliannel, late fireman of the
boinnitia Itailrond;,and relative Co the Hope
t''urnace Company .of Mifflin county: The*
•lionse was not in nession; .. theline of the hall
having been voted fo — thb Democratic -State
Convention foriwo days,
riiy, March 6.—ln thp Mate, hills'
; yererTassed 'Hupp himentiry to the Cdnsolida
- ioriAct; to ineorporaie the the 14ahoning and ;
• ;hamokin Iron• Improvement' Company; and .
o authorize the opening of a rond from Bel-. _
nom. Avedue to'Spriog Mina. No session. •of
thelloune: • ' • .
ray,lfarch 6.—ln the Senate, the bill
appropriating.s2o,ooo to the• Western
eyldaniti Hospital; was taken up. and . passed,
as wee also the' bill to consolidate the Trevar
ton and . Suerynehanfiti.Railroad, and the.Ma 7
honing and Shamokin Improvement
lea. In the House, after the presentation of a
large, number Qrbilie in place, Mr. Wright of
imzerne,' reported, back the bill to. regulate
the sale of liquors, which was taken up and
passed in Conimitiee .
„of • the Whole. One
itmendment proposed authorizing thalidensing
of restaurants, The bill being ou . second
reading, an amendment prevailed . reducing
the minimum price of a license in-'Philadel
phia from. s'loo to $50.: The Senate omend 7.
thQlOl.5 were 2 -then—Oncurred in'. and the bill
returned to the body;
. Friday, 7:—ln the' Semite, the hip
to repeal the - 3d section of the act to .-Incorpo , •
rate the State Agricultural SocletYi, was re
the comnAttee, with "'Ci . :negative 're , -
commendation. The bill 4 i /create permenene
ly tho Ohio of State Printer, was debated un
til. the ,adjournment.
,In the Boost), Mr. •
Morris road .in place a bill to prevent' the ,
_ .
imprisonment of witnesses in certain - cases.—
'rho bill *Bowing Bills of Exception and Write .
of Error in criminal •,cases,,Was debated and •
hiid,over upon third reading._ The bill rela 7
tive to Insurance, Trust.'ond •AnnuitY Cino
panies,.passed Committee of the Whole Tho
bill to authorize the _Delawarc,:Lackawina . •
anal:Western. Railroad. _Company . _ to, bbrrow
utoney, punted finally. . •••• ..• ,
- .grturday, Marih. - B.—ln the Senate; the'
liquor, bill was received-from the House, - and ..
referred to the Comniitieo of Con'ference, con
sisting of,Messrs BrOwn,..Wherry and Gordon;
of ~ t he Senate.- several: . priiate- bills were : . -
missed, 'and the Senetci the& adjourned tinta -
.liitida:v2tifternoon....-t . he House, the'Senate
bill autborizing . bilis of exception and writs of /
error in criminal cases _ passedal.l - y—tiy . —:a„>''
close , vote: • The House insisted upon 1.0
- amendments to bill," and 111e4rs, .
Wright, of Liner - no:Getz and liunsiciter;'werin-' .
appointed, a • Committee of Coriferfitie.,The
Supplement to the, act incor , porofing the Mar- 1
risburg; Illoitiit•Jet and 44 , 9:Mester . Railroad Canon ' '.. 'ante - id pkieed
• Tu] eases in
relatit ___ She left
Liverpooyon the 281 of January, more than
six wets ago, and boa not been beard of mince. •
'Sirehad on-board fort-yfive passetigers, first -
ad seconecabin, to - ther with men and 0f. 4
Geis, amoupting , to o hundred and forty-mne - ,
all told.—Various rum r„ have been - eiroulated
in relation to her ; but all of an improbable
character. -A hope ie atilt indulged of her
safety; but it begins tp gpw fender. She may
have been disabled in mid -ocean, and thus.-be
still struggling on the waters of the-mighty
deep. it sometimes happens that a sailing
vessel occupies from six,ty to .seventy-. (Ilya •
making's voyage from Europe to New 'York
or any 'other of our Atlantic ports. A 'Boston- :
barque recently arrived at', Savannah,frein a
port in the Mediterranean, after a voyage of
- 61 - glityY•fciaedaysTwith - out—being - -reported—or------
halted once ,on the : voyage. • • .
• Within little more than throe years there ,
have tieen 100 in 'the. Attitude and. Pacific' •
oceans, -twelve ntagnifioent steamers, and
twelve_bundred andd-fifty lives. This seems ' - -
•ini immense aggregate; aid yet -the travel -
within the periodnamed,,,,.hati" 'extended . to'
loot in thertlantie were the_ fittnibolt,'"the
San Frincieno, the ' City of Glasgow, - the _
..,Oratillin, the City of Philadelphia, the'Arotie. ' '
Jiiidthe North Carolina._ Onnur_two-of these__
,Were never heard of at all, nor.tias a' vestige
of either been discesered. UK too, Wei the •
case of the President in the likelier history of
ocean steam navigation. • Perhaps ,the most
unfavorable symptom with regard to the Pa.:
cifio is, that several steamers havenince passed
tireetly over the route between Liverpool and
. ow York, without obtaininr_ the alighteg
gl tepee of her. : Her fate Gins far is indeed a .
tn, arery, sincryet, the hope , dint she will reap
ar, may be, indulged (Or severakweekelong-•
r. •
A meeting of - the:Executive Committee of the
traited States Agricultural Society was held
in Philadelphia, on Thuraday, of last week.
The object of the misting was to arrange cer.
min preliminaries for the next AenualEshibi. •
ilea, which has been rized ,to take plaos . ,,,in
PhWelphia, on the Octohercheit:Ytuad
which it is proposed to , oondupt on a scale of
wevampled - liberallkj and - splendor, .11 was
decided to embinci, as °Neat° of the '
Lion, horses and horned oatt • : 'Wine and
..sigr),ou t • imp emeats, IMMA Pad
vegetable, producui, poultri, end szati*e fruit
and wipes., . A &and Banquet, ittirhiclilOdios
willpiaticipate. was also 'oattledt-. tut Tot of
the'progtsmme. and it was; aiiiod to: appio
ristotrom $12.000 to $164090 4k frotnituts,