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tathlt f)frol,b.
041.ILLISra.le, PA.
Oc earob3t (nth o.,ljeapest Foper
IN CtikltEltbAND COUNTY. 4
• ,
TEWIS =Two Dor..bAlts A YEAR, of t ONI*DOLI
$1 75 'lrr-PAI W TIJIN The YEAR:
STATE ONV-E:1-1.7-T10A[.
• rl&l:W.'*-
Union' far `"the Sake-:of the Union.,
Tho uth:rsigur.ll, 31ontb, , rs of the - T.Ogislitturti of
'loop -sole . rti'd by their
citizens, in tli;T:Qt . e.ot, Kris.;.or tile. Comnimilvealth, : .,to .
: — dentist,a fiLiitAiruntie,t rwtion, by whirh
the trostruct pulley Ittul principles' the Nation:it
A'iliTin'Tscrziihtti . unty eii-opetlfii fit die s:tilit,iiorit State
Picket,-rt•speetfutly 411 whn are in nvor of such et
-moventent;io tissylltblo in City:toil Comity Cool eittions
. '
ON THE 19th or MATZCII T10Nt..1.0 elect, - dologntes equal in
-,, •
.nuntlier tn . thelrrepresentation in the z 4 tate Senatn and
House of Re.presnitatiies, to a Cmiveiitimito lie lo•Id pt.
11 AltitlSlttiltn, •ON 2C/01 uui •iqt: SAW aeireTie, fir
the:pit:)oSe ofliZmilnatin7,4 riiiiiihlatt:a for Auditor (one
. Caput Cosloistio;ter.,:atd uricynr Goueral, to he
suppotiedat:the vhsoing vlectim), mit'd to tat:s stich
other political action as maythe mecessary to the erHs.
- . ••
R. - It. Nt 'cum It,• - tr; nun", • _ •
' ‘ JAME . J. i.r.`wis,
- D.Avw TAnGlwr,
j .J. .G 811UMAN 0
_ L. REED., -
Fa. .1011 DAN,
lit NO' C. ruATT,
K. , HA NEfi,
Harrisburg. Feb: 10, .1556
itx 11IEET1co.—A ineetitw-of
the American party, and nil those . in favor et•
its principles end: ot \I/tots—will he held nt_Edn
ca Doti . Hall :, on SATURDAY EVENING NEXT;
for the purpose of- making arrangeinentS tor
t o spring election MANY CITIZENS.
111.615e . ii : 16Wairegtletonvention for 016
nomination of candidates foe-Canal Cow=
,thiSsioner, Auditor qopwal, and ,urvey--
pr Gqneral, was to meet s 'in
. .
yesterday. • )
itFirlhetonvention y'estertlay appoint
ed ,delegates to the •Cincinnati' Conven
tion' ananipously in favor of-' Buchanan,
and' formed electoral.. ticket. Judge
Stinni . is the delegate frouLthis- 'district.
=Ca. A. K: i‘feelure,
l i pr of the Harrisburg Telegraph, having
eenyeLposed for HO lioniination of -Au
di r General by the Anti .
.I)ieree St to
Convention, states in-his last paper Altai
he is not , ,aeandidate and *mild -•under
circum§tapces_laccept a nomination
StateTpcil wets last sleek 'an - d ratified
the nowinations of Fillnore`_and- Donel-'
_ son. • The Aineriean menibers Of the N.
, Y:begishi-ture also held -a"meeting last
.. Which resolutions . were passed
de.elaring that . Fillmoi.e Was not their.
first choice but acquiescing in the- notni
• natiens; The Old line Whigs of the eity_
of New York Inc( in 'Cousti tution I on
... ..TueSday night last:and' -resolved 'To7lifi'e,
-. one IUT Tired "UTTS i11 .1 101124'41 . 110 . nimii-.
natio of Millard Fillmore. '-..
. • HAS, •SEEN 44 SAII. -i -"The ' question
wh'pthey - 11t!Filhuore . is a member of the
Americana Order•i!s satisfactorily settled - .
At - a, ince ti c). of the - Y. • tata—Coun
oil latw9ek ? "-:a member stated
: that . a
:,-,l!comitiittee-was-appointed- whirsvaitdd—up
❑ hini.and adininistered the oaths at hi's
ro Idence Ho was never council
-ro6in although fuliyiniOat.ed.
sailed . fol. Etn'ope . on .•.Stiturrlity, in "the
steamer Atlantic. accompa=
ny him tO. London. : ,
(•. L lll.,BEqiccit,
8. M(;ult II EA I)i„
,14:1,0I1 MA I'M WU
A. W. mt,twronn,.
0. J
L. B*l, DAV Igi
1)- J'llt:J,J"~
DAVID 1173iA,
JAml s
. 31• sELLEits,
'DA V . 11). 3_llKl. L 'NG Ell,
J. irROWY.
.„. • .
correspondent wishes to,knOW.vilieth-,
1:y cold, allusion.' to. 'the .notnination of
Donelsdn,' TM' , the
- ,1. - 'residenciand Vice Presidency,„ in • our
.last ptperiAs_to-helaken, as,an-indication .
•or our intention not to 'support.' those
candidate. To w)lieh we •answer, no •
If our allUsiou to the nominations seemed we' are free , '•to- confes•
timt.we not feel like
.making . a. hypo-
. _
critical shor of cestacy:and.Fildly
• !!1g up
.our - hat over notnikiatiom; • which
almost every sngacioug . • Opponent of
'Franklin Pierce achuits to 11:!Ve bee i
prematurebr an•oscrp, upon the country.
.We have - no ob'ectiong to mak,: to Messrs.
Fillmore and . DonelsOa: A. 4; Au old
servatie' Whig, whose prey oms—Admitiz,
istriition- of the govei nini ri?
of men of all parties, 'Fillmore is en-
.titled to our heartiest aupliort._ 'What
i it-sighted
• unwisedailiey a : ny . notidnations
at this tithe. If witle.-'spread . party—dis,-
- cord and disaster a \ r.ellot alp snfC.e . onse- -
-quenee none will niore heartily rejoice
than ourself. o -
\Vo feel safe thatAlle uniFersal coirvie
t ion among all tlio.opponenth of Franklin
the North at least—was that
(!ielate - cl thenostpenenienCaf
the Pri.sillential notoinatiops , to a later
.IVidle tlic racket., confusion .and
turbulence ufthe . Philadelphia Gonven
tiun_was at: its height ; the people- ; felt but
little euncern., :They expected the them
-6 rant and rail, .and when they had
"elf;:tuNell tlwir ;duffed hosoins or tho perilous stuff
Which Iveigheti upfut.thout." •
to adjeuim_ and leave "thelJoioli - • saff.t.Y.
The press liad-everywhere.spokbe against.
'raking 'milli nation's—the general feeli
- way agaiast'imminations ; arid, flie d party
expected rio noininatinnit. Manifestly
the true poli.ey was base waited -. anti]
the Anti Pierce feeling of
_the. : eounti'y
had been wore brou , die ton head
plansfor union could'lntv'e been coneert-:
ed—until the. ultraistu or Republicanism
could have been modified and the ohjee
,LtiOnalile seerpt nine,hiner_y_Of___A:Meriean—
Lism d.i'svensed with. The noininaliTi
of a new and fresh man might tins ltakl
beau secured, ripen whoinAinerteans,
Republieatts and Whigs could'hare eor
- mithout any essentiliae
ritiee of opinion or. •ririnciple; , This is,
what-we : felt confident might easily- be
donc4 it is what - we earnestly hoped
would be qlope,.. .But the tominatien of
Fillmore and DopelsOn:Wre fear preeliid6'
the hope'of that, uniolsi - whieh is so'essen
tial - to success. As we before remarked
* . 4.1 lave iia'":tiergotial - to - the
. _
111191. -
If wo,had-they 'would be
.of no
moment and would be our duty as well
as ,our- plehsnre ..ta. yield them to
,general. good, But Our objection .is
-that the genera! g.ti Q d• has not_ been se
riF ugly cared for, andTiliai,
a' mere sectional triumph has been
th e_su ceess _of:111e
-.Tea -- cau - m — r.flfes6 aro our views:.
But while holding , these .views we can
-1---assure-mm.correspoifent-we-I nive — nt,' - iv,::, —
'ten ti on .of iwa gi ng-wa r..against. the -A meri.H
can canal ates. '_ We stil) hope the Wit):„.
irtil' .::: ' '
ay b eopened - foi.,.n. union 'of a eIC
' no.
, ...
t, i -Mere 6' ' eletni.fits in' the Lapproachin
. ...,. . .
fates reports
from - Kanzas indicate the danger of hos- 1
tile collision as again exceedingly itnini- 7
neat._ The . new State government was
to be brgenized•this week.
. _
• ,
"' •-tc4. ; ,Our acknowledgements are due to
the H00'.."14, - 1 7 otld', of the IT, House
of Representativel, and to ; Messrs. Son
, ators Wheriy and
~ W elsh of our, State
LegislatUre for public dacuthetits. - • •
the'Monic of La Tralipi, who,
• it will lib recollected , figured in Lanoaster - and
other cities, ,
certain " awful 'disclosures,"
. and who was .afterwards impriSoned• for life
in Wisconsin for thurdering the paramour of
his wife, ORS repented, recanted and confessed'
his desire to return_ to. Illother!Cliurch. • -
. . . '
. .
.Xtge.The t he till%
'fieulty with :Ugland. Yippreliensionp.
war'are diesiputeti. . . • • • • •
(otinti) lltatters.
P.oFt-iimsfer Genernl has re-established the
postf-,diico: Tilotint _Rock, a - nd__ appiliked
Cn t:Geo.-Miller_psst,niaster:
DR. "
. . .
provoker of mirth haS again. come among us,
and announces' one' o r f . racy entertainments ; •
or the lovers of fun find all viho would "latigh
and grew fat," for this'eVening,,the sth inst.
;Tlie,Pr. z has - a , ivorrd-wide rep - Oittion, and the
:bare announcement is euffidient to draw. a
crowded Rouse . He. holdi_ forth in :Educa
tion Halt at o'clock. . - •
, F.t.MAT , II:SE.MINARY.We . are glad. to
'.earn that .a projectis on toot nusler_favorable
aispfen's 'for:the
.establishmeitt' of a Female.
Seminary in our berougli: 4o An institution
ind.has long been needed here atilt :can
scarcely fail. to be suciies,sful. The new:Sem
ttery.,.ttlitzrohably,he openedlh the month
'of .-Apriror charge of nligentle
man of high reputation, end experience. ..-
_ .
SlxTH_LEC.rartt..-=,-,The sixth. and. final
lecture of.the course before the Union Fire
GoutPany-is-announced'for ThlirsdnyLevening;
the • Gth inst.,..hY 11. M. Jpn.NsoN,'D.,D: : The,
suhject-;-a'review or thawatlitz—with the Pro
fessors reputation ns inn orator, will no , doubt
draw a crowded house, to' -the painful
accide'nt 7 in . Mr. Ehy.'s fnntily, *Marion Hall
has not been engaged, a'nd•the lecture will -he;Ftd in the Courl
"Ilousr. The ' Carlisle
Biliss 'rand' will vrry. the entertainment by
theie• appearance'in public.'• ,
LI K.E. Aa ret- jrlay , came
itClikefilion" on Saturday last. Snow 'con
-t mett-fattlM,g--AV , . d - d-on -S otid fir
wenthiT thouglttlear was cold and blustery.
Btit thoughwititerstill lingers, hi;} • icy reign
musttoori:be over:, - , By end by. 'in the : lan:
gunge of a contemporary, witl : bruin forth n
sun that-shall burst the chain of the . rivers,
- and seta theni upon their -- Oppointe;l - : - Oourse - ,
• with a fUller tide than ever, and turiitheisnow
upon the Jnountaini into-. torrents that shall
swell the brooks into thighty v e . treamst• mut
_ -
then will spring up • i - theetnerald grass and the
little flowers that ought to temper " the winds
of March with heauty!.! is no v the Sp - ring's
rightful time, and Winter will 'he compelled to
wrap his white robes:about him; and . Majesti
.......... . ..... •-
snowballishly anti ielonlat:t
terrible as has beoi his r . ule,,,,he rill satin
be ainiiitv. the things' that, were."
• litiswAT., QoNvENTlo.—Prots."°A. N.
D I .ip,:4l_ll, /1. - yroot, as4iste4l-441i::i t
.11. :
S : Whitehouse_aud ihiss Hattie Briggs, will
open one of their popular Musical ConYentions
in l l;',4ucqtion Hall oh •Aloicday, • the 10th of
-Morph, at 01. o'clock in the morning, at,whfch
instruction willsbe jb givert in pll, the different
c .
branches of vo • 1- - n rnwkia. \ The convention Will
Continue in_se siofor - flye days, during, which
lime`such it till 441 course of 'lectures and
nittinsucti in will be .given_ as cannot
•lail - to - Ig - Itly.lieneficial and infereS - ting• to':
all' Who will)lttymi. Books Will be furnished
for ihr,use of Itt,., convention, - Pert of ... the_
time Will he set ari,r,t, for 'instruction to' . a
juvenile class. There •• 'Wi„B he three . concerts
divillg_the_COnvention . ,:ofNtkich,slue. potice
will be f.iyf'll.. TlCk,etS to the whole coitrse:iit
eluding concerts, for Ladies . 50 cents ; for .
f.fentlernorf!„dellar; for .children to . .tlieNjuve- . .
le clog's 25 cepts;..fertesingle athnissio<to
the convention or concert 25 cents. ' if _ 1
7 -, - - :FATA - 17':C:VSLr - AL7l'Ys.'- - =:A - ,ll'rOlFg -- tltl - e - Ife'i':- -
sons ltillod . .by the terrible.falling of tlie'exten
:.;ive-grain warohnuse'or : Buzby St Co.. in Vhil
-adoliyhill-olt-T-huySday-lastv-wits l'lr: — Joseph,
70, ?
: Miller bile lurtic6burgovholvrai engaged as
Conduct' on cars!cif-kr, Siiigiier/Of that
Mace —AALLljitititt,jnl;the4r_as ii,--Mr-,TOseph-
I ,
I Milier,with,five others, was engaged in unload-.
' - kg corn from a Car, Ca a Ara - die in it lower sto-
11- Tworif the party,'Miller and a -man
named Donahue, 'were buried up in the ruins,
while•the others a miracle, were able
to escape. The body of Mr. Miller was not'
Ind until, the neat morning,:when on there..
'inoval of - the - Mass of` grain' and " ruhhiSh ho
Vrl9 seen.lying . oa.lbis right side, ,outside of
. car, with hisr i ight hand raised and .a
on of the . Car resting on his arm.' The car was
then hawed a 44 andltie - b6difiimil, His
watch was found - on his person. still, running,:
His body wag, immediately taken in charge by
committee of his Mr sonic brethren of3fe
.chanicsbarg and brought to that place for M
torment - On .Saturday last. The 'deceased was
a respectabie and Wbrthy -young man, about
tWenti-five years' of age,- • I
The terrible 011611'4y 'occurred about ten o'
clock on Thursday morning. The ware house
was 150 feetlong aml 'fouestogiealigh.i More
than half the-warehouse fell, Carrying tai the
ground upwards of 800 - bbls of flour, 4000
bushels of coin and MOO bueltelA of . oats, with
other arti9les. ' .
.VirTbo bill to oliatigo - -the elojetio:n: - .
TOM) Cauncir in; Carlisle_, has. boeii reported in
din Rouse of Itepreseni.atftos - with a riVdlive
, . . .
.„. .
. A - SUGGESTION. , .'-M11;. 'ED :Ip
Wasitin - gton city it is the oustiim 'co hair of a
-summer-eveningponat er - titriti ili — ttio - liTetc,"
the-Marinit iland-to perform on t e groundt3 'of
the'Presidenea mansion, or:some other beau
tiful sp_otOvbere . the ditirens Ilasemble,for_eon,
versation and re Creation. The sante. plan is
adOPfed'in other cities; :And all speak of it
as. calcUlated to protriote sociability And a
pleariiiif evening._
ltave alarge lenelosure s
by the Agricultural *Society, - Wititin_tter_Ve 7 :
rough:capable --of being. Jnade'a haeilsoime
expense; ind what' I. propp . Ae .
i 4 that-it should be thin spring laid-out in
Walks and planted with trees; have a fountain
constructed hit the cen tre,and an orchestra stand
pn.tnp in' a snitable g :' , swit, - "Where l the Band
froth the Barracks can play one-evening, -• and
the new If s and noyrforining-:--anotlier-evening;
and they should each summer week` discourse
• — 17 7 " 'tors: _titre
cents admit•sion would pay all te.cxpenses,
with what might be raisecr by 61.11?
A plan of tliis kind would add much to the
enjoyment both of the _inhabitants - imid - etrang- .
-ere. The fountain, trees, and walks, could be
so arrOlgetli as not to interferO with the ob
jeCtfei which the lot.. was purchased, bt4
contribitie lo 6 the attractions of the'lkig 7
riculttiral fair: . . ' ; - _ '
-- Anotherargutueiitilfilib
phice fur t Sunday SohoCl parties; and Fourth
•of July excursions; if. the. place, was fitted up
_itritlie"Way spoken of, it would •stipply thiti
Want*, iinil save much' frouble in ,carrying
materials Fl ' .; well as children to a distanCer,,in.
•the country; and the-rents reciyed help
on - with the object of the Agricultural Society._
1 4 ;car :- tire — fautital - n a ,Jlltignulia tree should'„ be:
planted, and the place designated !--Mitaso
A"—all which respectfully submitted to
-the.-2managers Of_the - Societr.: -- *
tlie - views and . •ipini ons 6f:Amerimin .4tatesmen
on Foreign die' title of a new'.
work by Julia P. Sanderson, Esq.Elditer of the
..iVes , s,rnoW"iu 'coarse of - Publication- by
bippitmott & " The
snicjems of the volume nre.the laws in relation
• to foreigmenligilition andthe ifaturalization'OT
'aliens. The':opini - ons of leading statesmen
nre liberally . qttoted - ;. the decisidtis-of. our
Charts arc referred to.; and the consequence,
piilicy and testily Of emigration and naturali-,
zittiMi, are diseussedin..a mannerwhicftovi
eare,• industry l antl thought_ won tbo
part of the author. • . -
. fik*r-AVe . would
call .
the attention, of
property 'owners in town and countii;lo7the
. Fire In.ammo Corn
;published in another
column of our paper.- Tle•asSots of tho•cotm . -
piiny are there fairly exhibited, and amount
to the astonishing slim of nearly Two 411s1lions
id Dollars; All_tipplicatious_ fur either _per ;
../(' temporary pollees "add renewals,
rill be promptly. attended to, by calliiig. ; d9on
A. L..Sporisier,ll.le agent for Carlisle and Vi
cinity,,,reeeutly•appointed by dlurcompatly.
PuBLIC . SALEs.--=-13ills for the follow
owing Sales Shock; Farming Utensils,
11(inehol(1 . Pnruitois, &c., have been printaFl
at.thi,sl.4ke viz: • _ •
' i iiaoiiel Lino , in Dickinson twp.,
Sale by Daniel Co m fort, in Silver * Spring
township, on:Monday, Marolt 10. t ,
• Sole by. Allred 11loore, in South Middleton
' township, on FridOy Miti'elt 7th. •
''.slleliy• Jacob Sitwyer, in stiuth Middleton
w n - 4 . 1 on :T li,Ursiluy Ma rch
, Sale a he: late resilience of Wa—ggon
•er.,.in New to township, on Wedneedity *rah
~ - --Saltrofisersonat prvorly - veitillo rcsidence
t,f Wm . ICinehur , inGerii io, on Friday ; March
7th. • •
Sale of Trilyn Lots, in Paper own,' by S. N.
.Diven - , — olr - Satlfrd - tiy, - M*ll 731 - 11.
Salo by Lorjt:§ponsler, SoutliNlliiililo
tou township,-on Friday, March 21st. N
On the 21sLinst, he tbo Rev. $113.1w tIL ' Ibmutnrson;
On tho nth inst., by thg Rov. J. Evans, 'Mr. SAME-,
On tho..l.lth 'lnst., by the sand, Mty LEVI WORST, En
— OO tha same day, tho Jame. Mr, JOIIN.-51..-WAG.
lONER, tip 3.11f0i. CAROLINI: }LOSER:
• Ott tho 23d inst., by the RevrtNekson, Mr. SAMU
EL, RHOADS; to Miss. :frailty MELL, both of Cumber
land.county.. „... .
On the 21st by the Rev. A'Sharpe, Mr. N. 11,74-
SON WOODS, of Warren county, Illinois,' formerly of
this county, to 3liss. SARAH MATILDA, claughlor b /
Samuel Huston, of Dickinson township, Dumb. co. •
On the Stli ult.,'"by the ltev. A. IL Kromer, 3 r.
both of the vicinity of Churchtown, this co.
• titi the same day, by the same, Mr. J 9,91.1111 Ifoo
VIM, to Miss.. P.IIEBE :ZIMMER, both .of Neuritis
- this — county,
, . .
..On the 21st inst., by tho Rey: Chas'. A. Uay, 31r. JA
pOI lIKEMILIt, of altupliht county, to ,MAR(IARIT,
dougltter of Thteld Wolf, of .Cntilslo
• -
In Gettysburg, On 6(3 2,1 d ult., Gen. JAMES REED,
aged .15 years, sun ot.t.tip 4ou_. John' Reid, ,Into_.ot Car-
Mle n tlecezimid. ••• , .
1 n ti morn, on Saturday, March Ist, JAM EB.l'. LA M
i.:lll`9*.C, of this place; in the :kith year of tils ago.
. .
J - 110110;1 ttli inst.. at New Cumberland, in thin cowl
! i s , - 1:0111;11T eon of B. F. and . Catharine Lee,
;,45ed.,one year and three motitha. . ,
1111 more being now in Buropeut
..course be semetimo before he learns of nemiriatien • for the Presidency.• Andrew Jacic..
son - DonaldSOni.' Btat: who was nerainated.'for
the Vree'PreSitinneyZWas h i oWever n. member,
of the Convention, and' after „his nomination:
was culled upon for tt speech ,
. •DONALMSON, comingforward •.wa'S "re-
Ceived - With Olefin. He said he
was excesdia;grf gratified at the honor confer.
red upon him, and begged leave „to. say, that
ho accepted. the .nomination tendered with a
proper. sense of We feebleness of. poWers lie
possesee.d.-•" But ho hoped; that ho might here- .
after do more than he bud yet an opportunity
to perform , to`advance the cattle in which — tilr
of thoSe present felt so - deop, an interest. Ho
hairbeen chiefly knowrytO.the Atnericun peo.;
, ple from his connection With GenerarJacksort..-
FrOm-that-great-Inan -be had - learned—the es
sential principles of Americanism . That than
such general sympathy—that America should
become more Americanized. • The speaker had
b6en thirty years with General Jackson; and.
,speeiThes and letters from him by the thous
and. ' • •
. . .
• In 1832, Geri. Jackson had fought the'ene
miss of the Union,- in his own best style,,.
Which•.ho utterly crushed for a time all rul
trarems: The anidThe was - born *in tt,
Southern State., Ile waA.the ()Wirer of, over___
one hundred slaves: He loved the institutions .'
of the South.- Mit he owed a debt of gratitude
i tii - tlits - p - e - orei'of tfre - North - 77 -- Attte - SUrith — thq ---
claimed - nothing that he would not willingly
grant to the North, the East, and the West, -
Ho had left the - Dem'ocratic party. •(A•voide
—the Democratic party lett you!) Yes=thatZs .
(Applause.) I left the' higher law men
of that party. When lie found that Presidens ,
Pierce was disposed to_ build up the' South a . •
the South, and North' as the he had con- -,
eluded, thit the adrn aistration was one Lif - u1-
trtns.- It a combination to obtain pow
er,:xvitluitatcarems regards the administration
of theaffairs of the country. The . Speaker
said that he had been shot -at. (Laughter.)-
- PUlitiCiilly,meant-because be had. joined. -
the America 1 t
party - He had seen that there ~
' was no linpr, of of promoting domestic trail- •'•
quility, or of protecting 'our foreign relations `•
under the administration of Mr. -Pierce, and'
he had joined the .organizatirm in the- hope -
that these objects might be - Tindainplished.— .'
--W-i-t-h- these-hopes - ho entered' tho -party, arid
ho would do all in his pL7wer until. this IHipe'
should-be' realized . He accepted -this:tomi-
nation, hoping that the result would justify'
tire. confidence . placed him:• jlero' Andrew
Sr •,, rt. arose - an& - -A if f;- .1J
Stewart aroseand- inquired it. ,enerat Jackson
were living where .he would be? Mr:
'-bottelson-replied-With :the - American . party,;;
lle never uttered a single' word adverse do, the
principles - we advocate. - Aye, and not Only__
he, but Clay and. Webster, if living.motild be
with_us.. and...sanction the great principles
embodied kit the American plictfortm___ He-hod----
been present during the session of the• Con=
ventiem,'Whehattempte had been made to die- •
organize the party, ho had been reminded' of
an anecdote of General Jackson.
morning of the battle of the Bth of January
a messenger come to General Jackson with
the inforniatiod that the Legislature was shout
adjourh,'for fear the British would take the
"city.•. Tell' Governor Claiberne,Thaid . Jackson._
to blew it up. And so he (the speaker)Would
say with, regard to the disorganizerk ;who
wanted . to.„diuband the American party. Ito
was no ornt, but whatever he had of energy;
good.4iltaini.devOon--to Ameelean in
tertsts should be given to this. cause, `until'
vintoryperahed upon its banners. The speak
er" then retirethuniq tremendous:chepring. . .
.The bolting delegates 'froin the , American
National:Convention, met on Monday morning
-tit the ,Merchants' Ilolel , and, lifter a spicy
debate - , adopted a brief address announcing.
their opv r osition the platform adopted
the National Couneil,,and calling another Na-
Lionel 'American Convention, to meet •in lvo t y "
York City, on the . l6th of June, to nominate -.
candidates for President mid Vice President,
The aildress_is_as follows . :
- .The undersigned delegates to the Notional
Philadelphia, find thenislves compelled to dis
sent from the.prim.iiples avowed by that body,
atneUiultling ^ tlto-opini~nA-tbop:iln ; that the=-re = '
snit alien of the Missouri .Compramise, demon-= •
ed byijy-of-the-whole people;
dress as an undeniable wrong, and die OteeU•
.tiotrOf it, in spirit at least, indispensable" to
.the--W-ellare-of-tko-countrY, They have ,re=
garded t h e refusal of that .rec
ogroWthe-well detiuml opiniiiu of the country
'and Of the Anrericans . of the Freti - States upon
thia,,wmation, as a denial of. their 'rights and a -
'rebuke-of their sentiments. They..hiive with.
di:aivn from die Nominating Convention, refu
sbig-tojiticipate in the proposed porninatien, • -
and now'address themselves-toile Americana
of theTout4ry, especially of the . States they
refiyeent, - to..mtify and approve their- action. .
And to the' end that 'nomination, eonfortning,tn
this overruling sentiment of the country inthe
great issue-may intregularVand couspicmput
dy. made, the undersignsd_propese_toAtLa,,.__.
Americans in allthe , States to' assetitGle •in •.
their severat ! State organizationklmdeleet tiele
gates to a - .CobTeption to meet in the City' of
elk. York, on Thursday, thell2th-day ofi4une•
next,-for the purp_ose.of ngtninating candidlites
for President and Vice PeOsidtmt,of the ilaited --
• Ford, J. 11. hake, 13
W. , 11. C. Mitolipll, B. T.: Stuytevrint, Q, T.
Flsblufick,. Jacob Tgbut, B. Allison, 11.
Iledg6, L. IL Olds; W. L. Olmikintath_2;_m.o_,
• New.llampshir ;—A. Colby. • -
'G. Pock;',l.E. Dunbar,. IT:" i
GI isvrold; A. Raldwin„-E Purkins, D, Booth.
Rhoda Island-E. J. Nightintalo.' • '• -
T, - JonningS..
-- MassmiliusettsW 7- F. - J,pbnston;'S. - T'Xise,'•
f t. M. Rtllo, T. J. Coffee,,j. IVilliamaon,
_ •
:1 I ielligna—S. 'l.`. Limit Fuller, W. .,;.
'Wood, P. P:iqekiler, J. Itamiltou.- • . _
Wisconsin—l) 10 Gilles, LoCksro,ed Ip.
((;handler; U. . .
Webster. 7 : • ...